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Enemies of the people

The links lower down this page don't include the obvious bad actors. These evil, cowardly or reckless actors are prejudicing and persecuting Trump (+ the 75m voters that follow him source ) and are listed as follows..

Social media Trump Bans

  1. Twitter (on his and the official @POTUS account)
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram 
  4. Pinterest banned hashtags related to Trump
  5. TikTok also banned such topics (Trump previously attempted to ban the Chinese-owned site)
  6. Snapchat
  7. YouTube
  8. Twitch

App stores, forums and web hosts purging Trump and his supporters

  1. Google removed Parler
  2. Apple removed Parler
  3. Amazon terminated Parler
  4. Discord banned the server "The Donald"
  5. Reddit

Payments platforms damaging Trump

  1. Shopify
  2. Stripe

Bias and Thought Fascism

  1. Firefox have espoused far left extremist views of censoring the entire internet. See link tiles below
  2. Google (owns youtube) -- See here for their far left monopoly enabled collusion with other internet players and their obvious shadow banning and conservative purging ways.

For alternative resources, please see our list


We examine a lot of sites and occasionally come across a site which is particularly misleading or annoying. So we listed them here!
  • First Prize goes to the "The Gateway Pundit" for banning a passionate conservative FOR LIFE .. (exploiting conservatism with clearly not a conservative bone in them). The 2 comments that caused the offense?
  1. Trump just gave up. IT IS UP TO US NOW PATRIOTS! We need to understand we have been cheated by the LAW itself. We NEED to RISE UP! (Story -- "In Speech at Border Wall Trump Says "Freedom of Speech Is Under Assault" and "Impeachment Is a Hoax" -- Admits Joe Biden Is Taking Over (VIDEO)")
  2. Babbitt Died a Hero Defending the Constitution. DEAREST PATRIOTS - GO TO yellings.com FOR THE BATTLE CRY. SIGN THE INSURRECTION ACT! (Story - "HUGE! Analysis of Video of Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt Death in the Capitol Shows Antifa's Actions Led to Shots Being Fired (VIDEO)")
The reason given us was they "incited violence". Rise up does not mean "attack", it means protest - make yourself heard and known. Besides, look at their salacious headlines! Who is actually inciting violence? We appealed it and they acknowledged, gave that reason, then stonewalled us. You think they are on your side? Just exploitative carpetbaggers.

A complete transcript of all our comments on The Gateway Pundit is at the foot of this page. Note how they went through and maliciously deleted every comment? Even the thoroughly nice ones? They left some, so we know this was done manually. All the scruples of grave digging, copper stealing, ambulance chasing car jackers. When strike breakers broke picket lines in the UK, the strikers had a word for them - SCABS. The Gateway Pundit are SCABS. In America, you might call them SHILLS -- "a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization" .. Wiki.

The Gateway Pundit is perhaps not as bad as the Daily Mail (next) except that it projects itself as your friend with slogans like "Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback" and "We report the truth" whilst showing a tabloidian approach to salaciously report conservative stories. That we don't mind, but they obviously practice a left styled jackboot indiscriminate blocking of commentators without warning or discussion on the thinnest of pretenses at having to "obey the law", revealing a left leaning spineless streak that is most certainly not conservative.

For this "transgression" we are now almost unable to comment on any site using Disquss (eg: Brighteon -- they take between 3 hours and a day to moderate all our comments, rendering them out of context or the story so blown over no one knows. Disquss are also SCABS -- traitors to free speech, traitors of We The People.
  • Second prize goes to Daily Mail's MailOnline for being Deceitful. They pretend to be conservative and offer freedom of speech but do neither.
We caught the Daily Mail with their pants down shadow banning, manipulating comments (especially delaying their release), pretending to be independent of the more neutral press "Metro" (UK) which turns out to be "moderated" by the same people and owned by Daily Mail's owners. Worse, they will support a cause or person, wait until they are comfortable, then rip into them with all the vigor of a rogue pit-bull -- this they do with presidents, prime ministers, Brexit, or any cause / faction. Case in point over Brexit - this example is the kind of Brexit scaremongering from the MSM narrative that the UK was repeatedly subjected to by the BBC (as next) and is not worthy of the conservative following whom they benefit from. Their principles can be summed up as "pretend to be everyone's friend but betray any creed when you see money in it". Can anyone stand "fake friends" like that?
  • Third prize goes to the far left BBC .. for your daily dose of hypocrisy, see Why you can trust BBC News! This is one of the most biased and epically tainted "state broadcasters" from the main stream media (MSM) cabal you will ever see. So clearly anti-ethic (anti Western ethical framework as established by the churches and faiths that underpin our democracy and law) you might be mistaken for thinking they emanated from the fabled Sodom and Gomorrah of the old testament -- Rigidly so dedicated to LGBT and non-British minority cultures, they seem dedicated to the emasculation of the ordinary men and women who are the backbone of the British culture from which they spawned. Quick eg: "The elite have pushed the people too far. See what's happening in Netherlands? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQKCDNuiZ7w" -- Comment removed. BBC awarded $20m by Gates here - who has of course invested heavily in vaccines - say no more.
  • Fourth prize is "Democracy Watch" (link below in tiles) who somehow managed to obscure the No option for the Notification question we all dread. They did this by coloring the No option white on white. I noticed this little deceit has since been removed but I cannot stand that kind of dishonesty! Can you? The pretence of being your conservative friend but will do anything to self-promote. Friends like that we can do without.
  • Consolation prize goes to "True Pundit" for being the biggest waffler and self-gratification artist (ie: in love with own voice) we've ever heard ... the story linked below (and here) just has everything you don't want in spades. Most of the "facts" pertaining to this example being "Bill Gates negotiated $100 Billion contact tracing deal" is in the podcast as the typed description says. "This one will be one to remember - you will remember this one" .. then seemed to forget his own topic. This after the completely inappropriate musical intro of some of the most irritating metal/folk music ever. At 03:50 he eventually says "I'm not going to fuck around too much with intros" .. and MINUTES LATER he was STILL INTRODUCING with his painful little giggles! Am at the 10:00 min mark and still NOTHING! "I think there is 5 big stories here" .. I'd give my right arm for 1! 11:00, still introducing .. we are hoping the happy cabbage ciggy is burning down by now, but no.. 12:00 "let's jump right into it" .. yay! Sadly, my oxygen supply was then depleted so I was listening to voices that may have been described prior, but I suspect not.. so I was listening to drivel that appeared to have no relationship to the subject matter. At that point, I fell asleep.

At last! Suspended from Twitter!

Finally, we have been awarded a much sought after badge of the true patriot!! We swim among heroes!!
Here's is the email...
Your account, @Yellings_com has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.

Specifically for:

Violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.
We understand that during times of crisis and instability, it is difficult to know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Under this policy, we require the removal of content that may pose a risk to people's health, including content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information.

For more information on COVID-19, as well as guidance from leading global health authorities, please refer to the following links:
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public from the WHO
FAQs about COVID-19 from the WHO


@WiredUK @BillGates A reptile saving his habitat from humans. Gorging himself on our vaccine payments along the way. Thank you Willy. First you cooked millions of careers and incomes by warped obsolescence and ruthless patenting, now you want to throw a spanner in the Sun so we all starve to death.

Please note that repeated violations may lead to a permanent suspension of your account. Proceed to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.
Anyone care to try and detect how we harmed their precious Covid Narrative?

But it's not so funny!

At first we thought it was hilarious but then realized a lot of the sources we get  our information from publish it first on Twitter, then repeat it on Gab, Telegram, personal blogs, etc etc. So we can no longer get the embed codes, which means we can't repeat anything that has anything to do with Twitter. I guess they don't care -- We care about you though, so we continue to bring you news that requires an Twit connection the hard way... We re-type it.

So the real point is this though. How did we let such a vicious monopolistic few individuals control our information feeds?

The Gateway Pundit comments that got us banned for life

See main story above tiles.

In Speech at Border Wall Trump Says "Freedom of Speech Is Under Assault" and "Impeachment Is a Hoax" -- Admit…


Trump just gave up. IT IS UP TO US NOW PATRIOTS! We need to understand we have been cheated by the LAW itself. We NEED to RISE UP! Yellings.com

Analysis of Video of Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt Death in the Capitol Shows Antifa’s Actions Led to Shots Being F…


Babbitt Died a Hero Defending the Constitution



PGA Announces It Will Strip Trump Bedminster Golf Club of 2022 PGA Championship After Capitol Hill Chaos


Is there no end to the swivel eyed loon squeeching of the left? Or is it just rank cowardice by these corporate / sports bodies? Dozens die on the road, dozens died in BLM carry on, but 2 (we don't count the medical emergencies) die at a Trump rally thanks to infiltrators, and their little dozy lefty heads start spinning as projectile verbal vomit sprays the media. They are EMBARRASSING! Pause to remember Babbitt's sacrifice for the constitution.



What utter bollix. This crown bollix, the creepy narrator mega bollix.. Just UGH! How much whacky 'backy was involved? You're giving conspiracy theory a bad name.

Discussion on Brighteon.com  3 comments

What We Are Facing Is Biblical In Proportions - Brighteon


Dear Brighteon - will you please stop moderating all my messages? My only transgression was to post a video that was age rated (because it was about the Babbit shooting). My admin7777 account has been up forever and I even used you for a while on my own websites.. Or are you just intent on being another CNN / Twitter / Youtube?


This is Biblical! Crops failing... stocks showing bad returns.......... cars, tyres... Yeah man, that's BIBLICAL!

Trump did NOT concede… Lin Wood explains “many traitors” to be arrested shortly… final list of confirmed tr…


WHY ARE YOU CENSORING ME? WHAT DID I SAY OR DO? I'll never use Disquss on my websites, that's for sure.. (I used to - it was rubbish then and it's got worse now).


So that's why Broomstick Pelosi wants to impeach and get the Nuke codes? She feels the muzzle's trained on her.

This plan is so masterful, we really must keep it top secret .. oops.

Discussion on The Gateway Pundit  374 comments

Dan Bongino Slams Media And Democrats For Double Standard After Capitol Hill Chaos (VIDEO)


This wonderful man Bongino is currently going through chemo for Hodgkins - and yet he still soldiers on!

President Trump Sends Message to Democrats and RINO Republicans: 'Thousands Pouring Into DC Won't Stand fo…


THat's the point. He is so imperfect but his heart is absolutely perfect. He has never waivered from doing the right thing. You will find thousands like him in the street, sometimes in the gutter, but there is no use being idealistic .. the man with great morals who will get into power will not be a poor man. And to be wealthy and yet STILL retain morals is quite a feat. He is a godsend.

One Take on How President Trump is Rightfully Reelected President Come January 6th


Nothing shocks me anymore. If Neo popped out of the matrix now and said "hey, it's all just a dream" I'd be .. pass me the bear.


We will know tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden Calls a Lid as Democrats Go in For the Steal in Georgia Twin Senate Runoff


The left usurpers have paid off the FBI, MSM, Tech, Law, so they are in too deep to turn back now -- so of course their machines are corrupting the vote. When democracy fails the people, people seek other ways to protect themselves. When the police let groups single us out and attack as, we must group and meet fire with fire.

Seven Days in January? All Living Former Secretaries of Defense Warn Trump Over Election Fight


The correct response is to have a similar letter drafted by past presidents and politicians (that are not in the swamp) saying "don't you even think about doing anything other than exactly what you are told by the people's elected leader".


Rancid pigs!

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Is Finally Figuring Out He Can’t Appease Antifa Rioters (VIDEO)


Soros is bankrolling them. It's well documented. If they stop, he doesn't pay.

One Take on How President Trump is Rightfully Reelected President Come January 6th


Sadly that is what will happen as we now know Pence refuses to get involved -- unless I have misinterpreted. So we have to invoke the insurrection act -- or we just pay the proud boys to sort it out by force, because frankly the police, law, FBI, CIA, and their henchmen MSM and Big Tech, have all proven themselves to be chocolate teapots that must be flushed before we can declare the USA free again.

"This Isn't the Beating of a Drum, This Is the Burning of a City!" - Inventor Jovan Pulitzer Destroys Certification of…


When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when the media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow Passes Away from COVID at 41; Louisiana Republican Was to Be Sworn in Next Week


An absolute tragedy. So disrespectful that folk here are arguing about ventilators etc. Folks it's real, it may be being exploited but it's real - so take care and stop the "won't wear masks" mantra - you only have to wear them in shops. Masks don't take your freedom away - they make it easier to be unrecognised on video so they give you freedom if you think about it.

WOW! Georgia Judge Who Also Is Stacy Abrams’ Sister BLOCKS Elections Officials from Challenging Voters Who…


Was there any basis in law for her to deny progressing this logical, just and legally required task? Or does she practice partisanship rather than law? I guess she got her law degree in a bucket of horse meat.

President Trump Signs Order Giving Durham Authority to Present Classified Information to Grand Jury Investigati…


Excellent - I will give you that! (I've seen other stuff to corroborate what you said as well). Just , please, always include some evidence as there are twits out there who will talk out there backside and bring the whole thing into disrepute.


You just made that up? I just searched Twitter. If not, why no link to the tweet?


Yep. Murphy just made that up. I just searched Twitter.


So that's why Pelosi was so keen to allow Trump his extension from 600 to 2000 to ever US cit'?
Scratch that .. Murphy just made that up. I just searched Twitter.

Joe Biden Asked About His Son Hunter... AGAIN During Press Conference (VIDEO)


Imagine there was a coup in broad daylight.. imagine how much money it would take to supress such a juicy story and push all MSM into silence? This journalist is just saying "Dear Soreos - you need to increase my pay off".

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