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Video Downloaders we recommend


Y2mate here has been our biggest ally. They only ask we share news about them with our friends which we gladly do here.

We have kept many copies of contentious videos just in case youtube up their censorship which we discuss here.

Retrieving deleted YouTube videos with Y2mate.com

If a video has been freshly deleted by youtube, change it's address from youtube.com to youtubepp.com (while leaving the rest of the address URL intact). If anyone else has recently downloaded it, you will find it is still available. You may have to check all the different sizes one by one to find one that still exists.

We used this technique to resurrect some to Rumble here.

Moreover, y2mate seems to leave the title of the video on their servers perpetually which is very useful for finding out what youtube has been removing!

It's almost unbelievable, but we ask you what other conclusion can you draw other than youtube are collaborators in a treasonous plot to subvert information from you so their puppet leader Biden is safeguarded? Can we really buy the only other credible conclusion - that they are SO THICK that they think it is somehow their duty to safeguard you from a dangerous alternate reality at the expense of free speech? Mind you, maybe they are that thick because deleting videos is like leaving a big red flag as to what they are up to.

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