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We are grateful to
  1. the resources used for archiving purposes in sub-folder "VideoDownloaderTools" (please access from menu at top )
  2. the Epoch Times "true" election results live -
  3. the icon resources from various providers as attributed below..


October 2020
These icons and stock images are free to distribute, but you must attribute the authors.

We recommend this should mean a link to the author's page, with the author's name visible on the link, be placed near the art you
are using so it is easily found by users of your produce, Or you set up a Help > About menu item that includes Attributions
containing such a link.

Attribution information is correct at time of documenting, 02/Sept/2020.

Please see adjacent links (or URLs below) for your license details.


Generic Icon Set.. Courtesy

At this time, the author Marcis Gasuns can be reached here and his email is gasyoun{{at}} - replacing {{at}} with the appropriate symbol.


Silk Icon Set.. Courtesy

At this time, the author's link states:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. This means you may use it for any purpose, and make any changes you like.
All I ask is that you include a link back to this page in your credits (although a giant link on every page of your website really isn't needed, contact me to discuss specifics).

The icons can also be used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (Hi Debian folks!) with the following requirements:
As an author, I would appreciate a reference to my authorship of the Silk icon set contents within a readme file or
equivalent documentation for the software which includes the set or a subset of the icons contained within.

He also says:
"I also love to hear of my work being used, feel encouraged to send an email with a link or screenshot of the icons in their new home to mjames at gmail dot com."


At this time, these are available from

Attribution is as opening paragraph above and here


At this time, Tango seems to be in some flux.

Ours were downloaded from

But their home site appears to be here, with no downloads.

They can also be found here

Their original homesite, according to the Lazarus IDE, was


By PEXELS & PIXABAY - attributed to & (no attribution essential but is requested - terms apply to prevent abuse). File-Names have more attribution information. Use browser Inspect feature.


All Social Media Share icons are attributed within their file name as well as being from -- we were unable to ascertain their individual creators names from the website, so we thus assume attributing the site itself is required. They use Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0).

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Me (Yellings' Editor)

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This seems to capture all I would want to convey about myself.. that my family would want to take this photo, that it epitomizes the life and adventures I have been blessed with, that I am hairy, that I liked the odd loud shirt! This was taken in Cambodia - but it is one of many exotic locations I have been fortunate enough to witness.