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Nyquist scenario overview:

- from (this gets updated as we refine our research) -

Yellings.Com 💥 Rise To The Challenge!
🔴The CCP is Transitioning to War- What are We Doing? --
Invasion of America in October approx:

A roundup of evidence and actions:
• The West is deliberately depleting its ammunition & fuel, while starving itself - good analysis HERE.
• The bombshell interview with Nyquist that has really woken people up just a couple of days ago HERE.
• Nyquist on Bannon's War Room (more detail on this leak) HERE.
• The CCP Leak that confirmed Nyquist's worst fears HERE.
• The background interview with Nyquist and Man In America HERE where this theory of a US invasion started.
• The warnings started in 2012 by Nyquist HERE.

The master plan:
Everything that has come before was all part of it...
• debasing western manufacturing
• owning significant shares in western media, big tech, Hollywood
• driving the woke narrative through the education system
• sending gain of function biotechnology to Wuhan
• repeatedly demonizing and attacking Trump
• releasing Covid
• cheating Trump out of an election
• installing cabal puppet Biden
• faking Jan 6
• flooding the US with immigrants Woke apocalypse
• lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates
• throwing away 80 billion in armory in Afghanistan
• Ukraine invasion
• Ukraine weapon loss
• sanctions that will ultimately end up starving and bankrupting the West
• quarter of a billion people in China ruthlessly locked down
• pending gun control
• pending loss of sovereignty to WHO
• pending monkey pox

...Notice how the events are now coming thick and fast? For more info, see this channel's pinned messages. To get alerts, Join and Unmute. We only post the most serious changes.

What can I do?
Spread the word! Waken the Generals. We recommend:
• Bumper stickers, sky writing, laser shows, posters on lampposts
• Start "Wake 'em up" street parties and candle lit vigils outside military facilities, courthouses, etc
• Adopt a simple "mascot" or "symbol" of resistance - we recommend a Yellow Flag, but whatever
• Use Twitter as it is currently uncensored (may change) and full of sleeping liberals just itching for a rational discussion(if they turn nasty, block 'em).
• Don't make it about Trump. Liberals are "hard hypnotized" by all the psychological barbs and there is no getting through to them. Defending Trump will cause them to retaliate with incoherent mockery and abuse which gets us nowhere
• Do point out that Biden is sleep walking us into an invasion and that 2000 Mules, as the visible tip of the iceberg, proves democracy was subverted.
• Get TOR (masked browsing that gets past the bans).
• Start new websites and copy what we and others are saying. Why? As we have been banned by all apple devices, by ISP's (the people you use to bring the internet into your home) and removed from all search queries on google - we cannot afford to keep creating new websites.
• PREPARE! Do not "go bush", as they will find you. You will only survive if you work as one to bring about a Military Takeover or similar to reverse the USA's spiral into self harm. Violence is futile so do it peacefully and legally.

What might a poster read?
Stop Biden sleep walking us into an invasion.
We have Strong Intel - China & Russia want to destroy us NOW!
All media with Chinese share holders are blocking this info.

Some history and analysis ..

Excessively negative, but of academic interest...

To offset the negativity, readers should know that the US is a colossus in terms of superpower fire power. More armory than Russia and China combined (but Russia has more dormant / ancient nukes we hear). However, we share the general concern that success breeds contempt and we feel that the US's latest Woke bullshit is a major parasitic tumor on it's agility. Ps: ..

War News Archive

This is an archive of our selected articles about the war build up. The more serious events are logged in Breaking(here).

11/13 21:56:53 HIGH ALERT- US ARMY TOLD TO GET READY FOR AN INVASION. THE BRITISH PREPARE FOR RUSSIA TO MOVE NOW. - YouTube Ed: 🎥 OK, so this is clickbait as it is only an exercise.

But it makes a perfect lead in to examine the risk in the context of the US midterm elections...

It would seem that the Dem's got control of the Senate.
This is so much more than people think. Too blatant. Desperate Cabal action risking total cabal exposure - to steal the election to buy them time. They (China Russia) are definitely cooking up something nasty for Spring... because if they do nothing, the game is up.
This is like a gambler pushing their last chips on to one last spin of the wheel..
11/08 14:05:47 China will focus on preparing for WAR, Xi Jinping declares - Daily Mail Online U;L🔴 Last month, US Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday warned that China could take Washington and the world by surprise and invade Taiwan as soon as this year ..
We know from earlier CCP leaks band Jeff Nyquist analysis that they are using the word Taiwan euphemistically Germaine to mean America.

Also: China's president Xi Jinping said today that the world "is going through fundamental changes that have not been seen for a century" and emphasized that "the Chinese army must implement the communist party's vision and strengthen itself for the new era".

Apart from anything else, you have to wonder why China is so hellbent on taking more control of Taiwan. Yes, it is a security threat because it has foreign armaments under Taiwan's control, but is that such a problem? They could easily be removed by diplomacy. What is more of a threat perhaps is that Beijing has no control over who Taiwan exports to.
11/05 19:06:20 The Big One is coming and the US Military is not ready for it 🔴 US Flag Officer talks candidly about the fading US deterrent HERE. "China is developing nuclear weapons much faster than the US".

Is that decay by Pentagon design? Is all the LGBTQ Nonsense & forced kill-shots being embraced by many deeply evil treasonous seniors in the Pentagon? Or is it just outrageous negligence?

In terms of an impending attack on US soil, the potential for this happening before the midterms is fading (in the region of 20%). It's looking like the Republicans WILL win control of the house.

The next big red flag date is when the Republicans actually take control in late January. Reps may be unable to shore up our defenses quickly, but they will likely force the dense Pentagon onto Defcon 2 or 1 and replace Milley - thus quickly making an attack far harder.

There was talk by informers of delays to the CCP planned action in October - this was said to be set back to December 2022 but is likely to move into January. At a guess, they would choose Christmas Day.

But even if none of this happens, the Marxist machine is well on its way to crippling the US through economics, wokism and general subversion. All over the West including Britain and Europe, people are about to be cheated out of their houses by incoherent interest rate rises - an economist's tool to prevent inflation caused by too much wealth, but in this case, the inflation is caused by skyrocketing costs (blatantly manufactured or not) such as Biden's shut pipeline and Britain's (alleged) bombing of Europe's gas lines.

So - Now is the time to regroup and reassess. Just about everyone is now awake to how close we are to proper nuclear war, and the Democrat cabal activity that has brought us to this point. We will have to work very quickly to prevent and prepare. More..
β€’ Hillary on Putin "We have to defeat him" - playing chicken with Nukes.
β€’ CCP to Build Its Own Internet - our communications to be eroded?
10/16 22:26:32 On the edge of Armageddon- Why the Ukraine conflict is dangerously similar to the Cuban missile crisis Ed: 🔴 A reminder ... we are not yet out of the woods.

Significant military build ups in Belarus among other shifts are concerning.
10/14 13:44:26 EVERYTHING changes in 3 weeks as Putin amasses biggest force yet - Redacted with Clayton Morris - YouTube 🔴 This is the flipside of the debate - Ukraine is not winning, it never was. Russia is now winning by miles. Ukrainian losses have been 5x those of Russia and has lost 80% of it's original 600,000 troops.

It is rather looking like it was Sun Tsu all along ... Putin appearing weak while strong and sucker punching both Zelensky and the West who are now experiencing a shortage of weaponry (and catastrophic economic downturns).

We would stress this vlog is something of a one sided opinion piece, but even so we too had to side with those sane voices saying the Ukraine cannot win and should make peace. UK has 2 prize dolts in PMs Truss and Boris - they both told Zelensky not to give in and not to negotiate. Why??

Now Zelensky's cred in the West has gone from
Hero to Zero overnight.. But America's press seems to have forgotten that he was standing between Russia and land that the US has great vested interest in (or at least the Biden Cabal does). An increasingly powerful Russia could combine with China to completely de-claw the US.

We would also warn of the remaining potential for great world unrest, especially if NATO starts to get involved. The involvement of WEF in directing NATO (and Brit's Truss, Macron etc - WEF members) remains unclear and WEF may well be Russian oil funded meaning that they are just getting fired up.
10/13 17:48:34 AOC humiliated at a Town Hall - Dems waking up to threat of WW3 Ed: 🔴 This is a Must Watch! This is what needs to be done to stop this madness.

AOC and her Cabal are deeply corrupted by Marxism and thank God these 2 gents, inspired by Tulsi, are ripping into her. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE! This Will Wake Up the Pentagon AND America to this very real threat..
10/12 18:56:36 The Last Chance to Shoot Xi Jinping Down & Who is Xi's Biggest Enemy- - YouTube 🎥 Is THIS the beginning of the end for Xi? The Good news is that all 3 major power centres - Xi, Putin, and the Biden Admin - HAVE MISSED THEIR WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY for a significant attack on the West. The Bad news is ALL 3 are starting to behave like cornered cats. Many international Command centres are estimated to be at the equivalent of Defcon 2.

This week is crucial in terms of risk of nuclear escalation. The following 3 weeks are dicey, but by all estimates, the danger of Armageddon has already passed in that it is still possible, but there is no point. They are no longer in a strategic position to benefit from such an attack. The three major power centres identified above all rely on each other. One falls, they all fall. Hence, from mid November, we may watch as the Marxist Cabal implodes.

In review, this video reveals Xi's problems; Putin is under much pressure with Ukraine openly targeting Russia; and Biden is about to lose the midterms.

(Sadly we still have Marxism to be purged from health, education, economic controls, politics, military, media and supply chains - but these things can be fixed quickly once these 3 power heads are sent rolling).
10/10 12:32:55 Ukraine Calls Russian Terror Bombing 'Dying Convulsions of a Wounded Beast' 🔴 Whilst Ukraine's responses thankfully have sane and so far dispassionate, this one sided "Asymmetric" attack from Russia is insane. Expect a healthy retort from NATO tomorrow or soon.

This (for example) is an outright war crime... Military infrastructure." Russia hit the Kyiv warehouse of a cosmetics company that on Saturday posted a celebratory Instagram story about the Kerch Bridge explosion.

Ukraine may be harbouring Nazis, American biolabs, and worst of all, were indiscriminately shelling ethnically Russian eastern regions, but the above example of shelling warehouses because Putin had his nose put out of joint by an Instagram story is inviting escalation. He then lied by omission to his people: Putin(link): "This morning, Russia launched massive missile strikes from the air, sea, and land against Ukrainian energy, military command, and communications facilities". (Albeit, 11 fatalities @ 14:27 GMT is low).

Russia appears to be so weak at this point, one wonders whether or not NATO will attack them directly -- maybe a punishment raid on Russian infrastructure? It's doubtful to me that Putin could politically survive.

This live video comment by John Bolton is excellent... "it is clear that Putin has always been the 800 pound gorilla in the room", "we must make clear to Putin and his entourage that he will be targeted for assassination if he goes nuclear" (or similar words).

As I type, at 13:52, reports of a new barrage on Kiev. Footnote: We're not judging Putin or Kiev or NATO. Indeed, this might be the deliberate provocation that draws NATO in and then we might see a massive retaliation against the West. Still at Defcon 3..
10/09 06:24:37 Now there is a war between Russia and Ukraine, with the potential death of hundreds of thousands of people. Ed: No comment
10/09 04:57:10 Hal Turner Radio Show - RUSSIA DRIVES TWO NUCLEAR MISSILES AND TANKS IN FRONT OF U.S. EMBASSY IN MOSCOW; Citizens Chant- -NUK Ed: Things take a darker turn .. No sign of a coup against Putin after earlier rumors. Instead, calls for an attack on America.

We are not going to "boost" this story, so don't expect high popularity. I feel if people want truth, they will seek it - and not want to be spoon fed it.

Sadly, we are still looking at Armageddon .. BUT - if we survive this week, my humble prediction (not to be taken seriously) is that we will survive this and prosper.

10/07 10:58:35 Putin's dream of Russian victory slips away in Ukraine - BBC News 🔴 In chess, we'd say Putin is in Check. As his nation's trust in him collapses, and dissent becomes brazen, he has two options..

King Falls?
(He disappears in Kazakhstan on Oct 12)
Queen Nuking? (He starts a catastrophic nuclear war after which Russia will be disarmed and split up, followed by China and NK being disarmed).

What changed? All his other options are now gone. He no longer has sufficient authority or resource to successfully use tactical nukes. By declaring victory with a sham annexation extravaganza, he's embarrassed himself.

In short, he has lost credibility, and thus lost authority, lost control of his critics, lost too much resource (troops, munitions and armour), so his only option left is to go on a killing spree with his Nuke Queen, or he just disappears right now.

Should we celebrate? No, because the cabal is thus winning. Far from being exposed, it looks like the biolab crime's, the child trafficking and the money laundering might all slip back into obscurity along with the Biden regime's shenanigans.

We are also left with economic disaster. Many of us said all along that taking care of our environment and climate is a good thing as long as it doesn't bankrupt us. Well, now it has. That's another goal against us.

China's murky intentions on the West are now out in the open. They want to destroy us. Expect Xi to be removed to demonstrate a new (fake) Chinese Perestroika, but in the background, there convert Marxist campaign of destroying the West from within will continue until the next opportunity.

At least the West has learned a big lesson about independence from an unreliable, treacherous global market. But we won't be able to capitalise on it until US and EU politics have been purged. By the end of November we will know if that will happen.

Two other novel possibilities exist:
β€’ NATO launches a first strike
β€’ Russia uses its superior hypersonics to take out China's nuclear capability, thus swiftly changing sides and restoring a Western alliance.

We are approaching the point of critical mass. Everything to play for!
09/30 21:03:10 Ukraine war- Putin raises stakes in speech full of anti-Western bile - BBC News 🔴 An interesting point made by Amir about Vladimir Putin's speech: "The USA was the first to use nuclear weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki and thus set a precedent" Note the use of the word precedent as if it were an excuse for Russian use of nuclear weapons. (REF)

In reply to this comment from The Final Phase Forum, "Normalcy is gone.... Russia has burnt its bridges... leaving its methane trail behind bubbling out of the Baltic Sea. There's no going back; Russia, China et al are only going Forward to.. WWIII. Thoughts❓"..

My reply: As far as I'm concerned, this speech and the last speech on the 21st are literally declarations of war on America. I state my case for this in more detail HERE.

The fact that the West is still at Defcon 3 ( tells me that Biden is just paving the way for it.

There is an outside chance (that no one seems to be discussing) that the Pentagon is up to speed with things (after all, their lives literally depend on it) and they are planning a first strike or at least are far more prepared than they appear to be. For example, messages telling residents what to do in the event of a nuclear incident have been popping up all over New York in the subways, on bus signs, etc. I know it's unlikely but it is worth considering...

I only wish the West didn't have to depend on 50 year old minuteman silos.. Of course they may have been covertly modernising. Ie: Russia did, so why wouldn't the USA?
There is a body of evidence that Biden is acting in a pattern consistent with being under Marxist control. But everyone in the Pentagon as well?

As for Putin, there is a body of evidence that he (or his handlers) is/are in control of the entire shooting box. The false flag pipeline rupture, Zelensky, Xi, EU, IMF, CIA, Schwab's WEF (ie: Gates, Zuckerberg, Fauci), the lot.

I'm not trying to peddle some weird logic to get brownie points, it's just that when you look at it like that, you see a very real intent and a masterful plan being played out.

Update: Russian Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers stationed at the Olenya air base (N E Russia).

Personally, my main hope lies in the fact that they are rushed and ill prepared. Buckle Up!
09/22 19:43:22 Jeff Nyquist- Putin is Dangerously Close to Using Nukes (And He's Not Bluffing) 🔴 Seriously worth watching if you are not squeamish. This will all kick off on the 26th, Monday morning.

According to this post, , the beginning of the new Jewish year is on September 26th which, if anyone remembers my much earlier posts, this is the day that based on all of my Intel is the day when things are most likely to break loose.

While that is the day that is most likely to mark something big coming, I would stress that I don't know a precise date - but I do see that in general, something major is going to be unleashed between now and November - I only started saying September the 26th because it seems most likely (it follows with the astrology that China also follows), and I was also saying it just to get folk to realise how imminent all this is.

For those who like to follow Q (I don't as I think it is a PsyOp, but I have to note Trump is increasingly in on it), see this which also seems to be saying that we're in for some kind of nuclear WW3. However, Q also seems to be thinking that Putin & NK's Kim are the good guys .. My Intel, which relies heavily on academic analysis (eg:, leaks and defector literature, tells me that you mustn't be fooled by this.

Yellings thinks that Putin is behind all of this insanity - or at least a very big part of it. We think Zelensky is his shill! We know that Klaus Schwab is a Marxist with a bust of Lenin behind him, and we think that Soros and the WEF are fuelled by Russian oil money - with the aim of bringing down the West.

Buckle up folks! Time to donate, assist and
prepare has bee squandered.
09/17 19:08:01 9674 - Jeff Nyquist by OMEGAMAN RADIO 🔴 Main takeaway: Russia is literally LOSING the conventional war to Ukraine, but this is escalating the chance of Russia and China going Nuclear, perhaps an EMP over the US (discussed towards end, about 50m mark).

Podcast includes reports that Russia's missiles are failing (exploding in the gun barrels) and Russia is outsourcing from North Korea. Apparently, the CCP conference and leadership appointment vote has been moved Forward to October 15th.

Right now, anything is possible. It seems both Putin and Xi are in an increasingly desperate situation with Putin under immense domestic pressure and with Xi having burned all his bridges with his economy and his population's respect.

It seems we are on the brink of either winning all our freedoms back or the opposite.
09/13 19:55:05 China is buying up land near U.S. military bases. Is this on the administration's radar(Q). Answer evasic. Ed: Answer evasive." That's "a little out of my swim lane."". Yeah right .. smart arse lingo = total ignorance, total avoidance.
09/13 12:16:19 When it comes to combat in the ideology domain, we don't have any room for compromise or retreat. We must achieve total victory - Xi Ed: The CCP's mission is to gain access to the international system without being changed by it, to gain enough leverage to subvert it, and then to remake that system in the model of its own totalitarian form of government
08/29 19:35:45 Hal Turner Radio Show - British Begin Moving War Planes to CIVILIAN Airports
08/09 10:38:14 PLA extends 'Taiwan Blockade with anti-sub warfare -'drills will not stop until reunification' 🔴China's official media: The PLA on Aug 8 continued military exercises and training activities surrounding the island of Taiwan, marking an extension from the previously announced schedule. Drills like these will not stop and are expected to become routine until reunification..

Make no mistake, Pelosi's visit, covertly ordered by Xi, gave China the excuse to take down Taiwan. Recall that Taiwan is important to western computer supply chains and as such, this complete blockade has already stopped the supply of computer parts from Taiwan. They have thus already won at a stroke.

The Intel that they would begin the blockade on August 1st comes from the same place that says they have made plans and converted civilian ships for a much, much larger invasion. There is no Intel on where that invasion will be except for Jeff Nyquist revealing from Russian defector literature that they, along with China, were planning a full scale invasion of America years and even decades ago. However, given that the Ukraine invasion is going badly, it is anticipated that China will instead invade various Pacific islands and draw America into war, firstly to cancel mid term elections and keep the Democrat Marxist CCP controlled cabal in power.
08/08 17:13:48 There will be 'no UN, able to respond' if nuclear conflict breaks out --secretary-general - World - TASS General Situation Update:
Alert for Red Oct - Some diverse intel and conclusions are different to mine
(EG) and not entirely understood by me. However, it is interesting how much all the perhaps more eclectic intel is converging with more traditional evidence based intel and resulting predictions.
August and September will be months to remember as well as October. It's building. There are chess moves in play and the first major one was Russia in Ukraine. The second was Pelosi in Taiwan. These first two moves were predicted by the Jeff Nyquist intel circuit - the second one predicted down to the day.

The third is due soon - drawing the US into a pacific conflict. The fourth is China attempting to invade America with Russia's help. IMHO, this will fail leading to a full scale collapse and exposure of the CCP and the Soviet old guard behind Davos, WEF, Rockefellers, the purging of US Blackhats, the lot. The third & fourth moves have good intel backing them up. The third is already visibly taking shape.
The final outcome is nearer guesswork, but these failed regimes are on the brink of collapse anyway. China is on the brink of civil war and is already in an economic death spiral. Russia has shown it's conventional warfare capability is derisible - that's the main evidence for their losing this.
Personally, I see the US and EU Marxist purges (Gates, Fauci, Soros, Biden, etc etc) actually driven by the collapse of China and Russia - in other words, these purges may be impossible before at least China is defeated and broken down into smaller countries.

It's almost pointless purging the US/EU of fanatical communists while-ever China (& Russia) is still able to infiltrate.

This is just my humble opinion (little intel to support this), I think the or cabal (for want of better titles) is basically communist Marxism. It seems to underpin China, Davos WEF, Silicon Valley (learnt recently that billions of Chinese money was funnelled by the Clinton presidency into the startups we now know as microsoft, facebook twitter etc)... it's systemically inserted into all our (Western) political and educational bodies worldwide. This comes in part from Nyquist (may be a guess but it has some grit) who claims that Soros is a Russian shill disseminating Russian oil money. He claims Russia and China are far more united than we see, and that there has been systematic PsyOps played out on their enemy America (as the leader of the Western free world) since the fall of the USSR.

Our eyes are open. We see what needs to be done.
08/06 23:13:24 Pelosi 'was China's dream' --Trump Ed: As we said
08/05 11:48:07 China cuts ties with US on critical issues 🔴 Huge overreaction to a simple House Speaker visit even though the US officially not endorsing Taiwan independence(REF). Anyone in the Pentagon waking up to China's real intent yet?

They are so obviously setting up for the PLA to invade America. Of course that's what Jeff Nyquist predicts(REF).. and he got the Ukraine invasion right AND he got the Pelosi thing right - down to the day!! He thinks Russia will invade through Alaska, China through Mexico - between now and end October, more likely sooner than later (before end summer to make Alaska accessible).

Our date was Sept 25th for this but given the speed of events and the Alaska summer imperative, we revise the Alaskan assault on Aug 27th with escalations around Taiwan & Japan involving US fleets being drawn into the west Pacific (for neutralizing), peaking on the week of Aug 15th - this will likely be savage with many sunk ships. Meanwhile, Israel / Iran expected to heat up as well, and started as I write with Gaza Here/now.

Of course "invasion" is barely necessary. Thanks to lazy politicians and greedy globalists, China has taken over our manufacturing profiting so well, they already owns ports and large swathes of land, most near USAF bases probably already surrounded by nukes(REF).

Perhaps someone (esp' in US Army & military) will read this and alert some people who care and can prepare (mil chiefs are totally owned by CCP along with Pelosi who was told to go to Taiwan).

See also
RT Here.
07/31 18:11:59 CNN- Chinese Equipment Could Disrupt U.S. Nukes! 🔴 The U.S. stands idly by, while the Chinese install their telecommunications equipment atop cell phone towers close to sensitive U.S. military bases, including our nuclear missile silos! --Equipment which could possibly intercept launch!

β€’ 03:50 - "What's to stop them putting nuclear bombs in farmland adjacent to our bases and ... with one switch, a hundred nukes go off in our backyard and there's nothing we can do about it."
β€’ 06:50 - they may have technology that "Targets the DNA strands of Americans"
β€’ 10:35 - "Trudeau said there were actual Chinese troops training on Canadian Soil".

So this is how they invade? Their ships, already clustered off the US east coast, will dock at Chinese owned ports in California and simply pour in soldiers? And at the signal, nukes devastate US bases?

Meanwhile, there are wide reports of a possibility of war between Serbia and Kosovo.. This post says it all: "Serbian leader plans to talk to the people. It seems that he has received orders from Putin to attack Kosovo.." - Look at the timing! Aug 1st, anniversary of CCP. This tweet "If Serbia invades Kosovo, we should defend the Kosovars. Ukraine is ready to act.. Russia is trying to start .. war. Precisely according to Putin's method. As I said, Serbia is Putin's Trojan horse in Europe"

This is the plan according to Nyquist - Russia invades Europe while China (with some Russian forces in the North) invades America. Where will Iran and N Korea be? Either that or it is a huge distraction.

Meanwhile reinforcing our notion that Zelensky is Putin's Shill... Sky Oz - Bernardi.

If I be honest, the highest probability is that China will blockade Taiwan this coming week, seize several strategic Pacific & Japanese islands, and threaten America to force concessions. But I would say there is a 20% chance you will see nuclear war this week. That should concern everyone but the US DoD continues to idle at Defcon 3.
07/30 11:12:44 China army has been sending equipment and troops to Fujian province since yesterday 🏮 Updates: (Nothing much at this time). Also reported Here by Hal.

β€’ The Chinese Communist Party has spent decades inciting anti-Japan sentiment, and it's rumored to be its new banner of righteousness to take Taiwan. (we have not mentioned Japan hitherto - that may be a major part of coming events).
β€’ Beijing holds live fire naval drills opposite Taiwan after threatening to SHOOT DOWN US Speaker Nancy Pelosi - Pelosi's threatened visit is all the excuse they needed to lay the groundwork for an onslaught by closing the straight (to air and sea) whether it be on Taiwan or further afield.
-- More --:
β€’ CCP Leak in full: War Mobilization Meeting of PLA (that they currently seem to be following to the letter).
β€’ PsyOps from Russia (timed to start at extract by Yuri Bezmenov where he outlines ideological subversion and states it has been in use against America for decades).
β€’ Don't you understand? We're going to war with America -- Nyquist says it all near end of 3m video.
β€’ Don't say we didn't warn you - China's think tank sends classic, pre-war warning to provocative Pelosi - from China's press.

Conclusion? This will be a momentous week. Breaking Update: Now you REALLY know whose side Google is on.. Google (without quotes) 'jeff nyquist blog'. Nothing. Now Bing 'jeff nyquist blog' ... a SLEW of Nyquist Blog headlines (same for Yellings BTW). Let it be known! GOOGLE WANTS YOU DEAD!
07/28 10:33:12 US aircraft carrier group heads towards Taiwan as tension over Nancy Pelosi's possible visit continues to grow - South China 🔴 WW3 Update: Situation unchanged, we remain on high alert for Monday 1st. This carrier movement was as also reported by Hal this morning. Hal also talks of 6x F-22's sent to a base in East Britain.

BREAKING: Record Container Ship Traffic Jam As Backlog Continues To Build.. Mind blowing!! that fits STAIGHT into the Aug 1st prediction... Those ships may well be full of Chinese soldiers - again not a wild guess but a direct prediction from a CCP leak analysed and much discussed by Nyquist which is currently giving about one interview a day..

If our Intel is correct, Pelosi will go to Taiwan on Monday August 1st (as likely instructed by her CCP handlers) giving the CCP the excuse to attack. The scale of this attack is not known (re: China Naval Drills as Xi Warns Biden Against 'Playing With Fire'). It may range from a air and sea blockade of Taiwan through to an invasion of islands across the pacific and possibly further - ie: America - as follows..

After US forces have been lured into the pacific and likely been nuked on the water, Russia (who are now rejecting discussions and have put many Subs to sea) will invade through Alaska (as revealed by CCP leaks) and China will pour in from Brazil. America cannot nuke itself and so the invasion will be completed possibly by Sept 25 (our original date). In early August, the US may lash out with Nukes at China mainland, but it is clear from the intel that China is prepared for this.

As for Europe (inc UK), the UK premiership has fallen into WEF hands (which we think is controlled by the KGB FSB), and will say strong words but do nothing as Russia covertly tells them to "stay out of it or get nuked".

In the US, there will be fierce US militia hold outs but ultimately, with ruthless lockdown curfews and without communication and supplies, they will retreat to the mountains or be lost.

Extra news pointing to conflagration:
β€’ China's economy is a mess
β€’ Russia's military campaign is failing
β€’ US's Diesel oil and other disruptions
β€’ Biden selling China US's few oil reserves
β€’ Trump set to win Midterms(war to stop it)
β€’ Kim threatens S Korea with nukes
β€’ China's Army posts: Get ready for war!
..Due to Russia & China's weakness, the fear is they will nuke their way out(Nyquist - in this podcast he walks back a bit on his previous reveals... so we shall see!). With this, Wallace - with Putin defying logic, Nuke conflict with Russia - "hard power is needed to send a message", we see another reason for war sooner than later.

CCP leak:

07/27 09:50:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - NYC Emergency Management Now Telling New Yorkers to Have a -Go Bag- and Be Ready to EVACUATE 🔴 Defcon was recently raised from 4 to 3(On June 5 - REF). Frankly, my dear followers, we should be at Defcon 1, and in reality, I believe that is where we are - Pelosi's visit to the island of Taiwan might accelerate a military showdown - Global Times

"Defcon 1 is a white colored alert status and is a maximum readiness condition level that was initially created in 1959 by the joint chiefs of staff. Cocked Pistol means that the United States is currently in a state of war, or that a nuclear threat is either in progress or imminent." - Defcon 1 Or Cocked Pistol Or White Alert Status Level (

Nyquist Update: Here at 44:40 .. Aug 1st still on the table according to Lude Media (45:35). Next segment Here.
07/26 16:18:45 Hal - RUSSIA DECLARES NEW GOAL- OUSTER OF ZELENSKY REGIME FROM UKRAINE Evidence for this is the following line in THIS link: "Russian and Ukrainian people would continue to live together, we will certainly help Ukrainian people to get rid of the regime, which is absolutely anti-people and anti-historical, if you wish" - This is not strong evidence, esp given the "if you wish" postscript.

Indeed, Hal's logic doesn't hold up if you read the article. He seems to be saying that the West will assassinate Zelensky and blame Russia, but now that Russia is going to do it, the West not blame Russia because Russia did it.❓

Our guess is that Zelensky is actually a Russian shill(because he and his friends all got multi $1,000,000 Swiss chalet's gifted them) making life easy for Russia to invade, making the West waste all their weaponry and money on it, and now opening a corridor for heavy weaponry from Russia (as recently posted) to go all the way into NATO countries. Keep in mind that the first batch of tanks that was sent into the Ukraine and quietly obliterated where in fact old stock.
07/17 22:02:14 The Rural Survival Show- Tim Spencer Interviews Jeff -J.R.- Nyquist. The War in Ukraine. Nuclear- - YouTube Unusual interviewer, but these guys have a great rapport and as a result, much of value comes out. There is a natural and positive vibe to this interview - despite the heavy subject matter. Recommended. See THIS for background to imminent nuclear threat.

Relevant Stories..β€’ Canada Returns Repaired Siemens Turbine to Russia - Evidence that fanatically *liberal* Trudeau is in reality under Putin's thumb.
β€’ Hal - Russia Announces Civilian Drills for NUCLEAR ATTACK - the West may preemptively strike given Russia and China's truculence. Or this is Russia threatening they will use Nukes regardless of consequence.
β€’ Abe Assassinated by CCP's Secret Member. 52 People in Taiwan Are on CCP's Assassination List - So China moving ahead with war plans to take Taiwan. But is it just a Ruse? Will they will go for USA?

07/15 19:46:59 A message of hope that the US Army Chiefs are in control 🔴 "Regarding our Military, as someone who served in a psychological operations unit in Afghanistan, I will tell you we are the best. Their[US PsyOps] job is to make us look weak. As long as the enemy perceives us as weak their guards will be down and they will never see the knockout punch coming. It's classic Sun Zu." (also spelled Sun Tzu) ..

This is an interesting exchange best shared from these 3 posts (I am the 2nd one)..

β€’ - The theory that actually, China is under threat from Taiwan.
β€’ - my initial response - where I noted how it would fit so well with what we observe and that the US Chiefs could not be that ignorant of what is going on
β€’ the confirmation (as above) that the US Chiefs have not dropped the ball.

Now of course we should all use discernment, but this seems credible. It just troubles me that we all just assume the military are "not all there" ... but really? Is that a credible thought? Sleep well, I think we are in good hands.
07/13 18:41:16 Jeff Nyquist on Man In America - All HELL is breaking loose 🔴Seth says: "CRITICAL SHOW TOMORROW: Folks, we've got Kissinger coming out on mainstream media warning us of nuclear retaliation by Russia on US soil in August. We've got Russian officials talking nuclear war, we've got a public service announcement in New York instructing people how to respond after a nuclear detonation. It seems like this threat is becoming VERY REAL, or at least they're trying to scare the hell out of everyone[Note!]. So tomorrow I'm bringing Jeff Nyquist onto my show to make sense of it all. We will keep the whole show public so you can ask all your questions. Live at 2pm.".

This promises to be the mother of all vlogs!! This is getting very serious folks. Are the US military chiefs so dumb they do not see this coming? Or are they feigning capitulation to Wokism - and decay and about to launch the first strike? Either way, this is coming to a head!
07/13 18:36:47 Player FM - Internet Radio Done Right U;L Episode 9450 - Jeff Nyquist. Jeff doubles down on his predictions!! Direct Link (downloadable):
07/07 22:21:41 92- Russia, China & Communism w-Jeff R Nyquist - YouTube Ed: 🔴 The best interviewers open up their expert guests and let them run.. This is the first time I have heard Nyquist, a sage, open his mind to the mic. And the result is essential listening, but far from easy listening.
07/07 14:04:31 The most transmissible variant of corona virus yet
07/06 12:09:39 Biolabs in Ukraine getting MSM exposure Ed: ☠ "The Ukrainian Biolabs story is starting to become unavoidable by Western media... Bloomberg had no choice but to report on it due to a US Ambassador directly addressing it". China agrees with Russia that these Biolabs are serious - and that has upset the US.

07/04 09:51:07 Where oil is now shipped & WW3 warning Ed: ❓ Why is most Arabic oil going to China and why is most American oil going to Europe? Tiktok poster answers his own question - prepping for WW3. We'd add and the Dem Cabal is paving the way for China.
07/03 13:36:05 Warmongers argue we must protect Ukraine because it's a "democracy" - YouTube Ed: 🎥 The truth about Zelensky, the Cabal's shill! Tulsi is an odd one.. An anti-Dem democrat and a product of Schwab's Young Global Leaders. Is she a Shill too? Anyway, she says eloquently exactly what I think, so maybe she has earned her reputation as the non GOP darling of the GOP.
07/02 20:15:13 MARIA ZEEE - JEFF NYQUIST - WHERE IS AUSTRALIA HEADED - WorldNews 🔴 This is a very hard hitting truth bomb from start to end. Just the first 2 mins will leave you aghast. This is the truth Writ Large... As Zeee says ... Not enough people are talking about it!

And now we even have MSM BBC and Silly Milley talking about it...
Taiwan: China attack not imminent, but US watching closely, says Gen Milley - BBC News - "China is clearly developing the capability to attack at some point" - Milley (but he just thinks it is Taiwan that will be attacked). If they were so worried about the losing Taiwan's tech, why not "buy" the companies and relocate them tp the US? A: Because they are paving the way for Xi's attack on the US.
06/22 11:42:22 Jeff Nyquist- Fall of Communism Was Staged, We're On The Road To East-West Convergence - YouTube 🎥 28 Jan 2022. More background.
06/21 15:57:27 Kaliningrad- Russia warns Lithuania of consequences over rail transit blockade - BBC News 🔴 When the MSM's BBC picks up on a story like this, you know it's serious. Yes, this is a continuation of our campaign to help alert America (& Europe) about an impending attack on the West, an attack that will become open and possibly nuclear as soon as September 25th, whereby either by Holodomor, Financial Ruin, Nuclear Armageddon, Land Invasion, or likely ALL these things (as the Intel says), the West is about to be eliminated.

Important! This is not our theory, this is the theory of
Jennifer Zeng, Lude Media and Jeff Nyquist, plus numerous others. They are respectively the public face of the gigantic CCP leak that states there is this war is coming, the front for a Chinese defector group, and the geopolitical analyst, who has stitched this all into his own theory that they (China & Russia) are planning this war.

Whatever you believe, the events of the last two years is a perfect storm and is yet to reach its conclusion. More on the history and the playing out of a super conspiracy, HERE.

β€’ 'Casus belli' (cause for war): What Kaliningrad blockade means for Russia
β€’ Russia threatens Lithuania with 'serious' consequences
β€’ Massive Show of Force; China Sends 29 War Planes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone
β€’ Lithuania Warned - in Writing!
β€’ Covert Intel - "Attack against broad swaths of NATO"

Europeans are starting to wake up! 'Stop NATO,' protesters chant at massive rally in heart of EU (VIDEOS) - cannot see this in other MSM. "demonstrators packed the streets of Brussels on Monday... expressing anger at the rising cost of living..., many condemned the US-led NATO alliance and its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict" In otherwords, Biden & NATO are paving the way for this invasion.

What to do? Wake up the US military - the generals. Make & put posters everywhere, start night time laser shows, high powered speakers, skywriting, candlelit vigils - whatever it takes!
06/20 16:20:16 Jeff Nyquist with Paul Adams. Focus- China War With US - YouTube A slightly confusing and messy interview but nonetheless very enlightening. This does a slightly better job of starting at the beginning of the entire theory, how the Soviets have planning all this all along. 13:30 also has a very interesting take on Obama and communist links.
06/20 16:13:45 Jeff Nyquist Interview with Lude Media on China War Plan Against the US - YouTube Ed: Another great review of this "super leak".
06/18 10:58:29 Trump warns of World War III 🔴 Washington's handling of the Ukraine conflict could lead to a global conflict, the former US president has said. "We have a war in Ukraine... and perhaps it's going to lead to World War III because of the way we're handling it," Trump warned... "We just gave $40 billion on top of another $16 billion. So, we're in for $56 billion," he said...". Oddly, this "big" story just fell off the highlighted stories on RT raising concerns that Nyquist is right -- Russia & China are keen to suppress Trump's awareness because they WANT WAR WITH US!!

β€’ Zelensky outlaws more Ukrainian opposition parties - this is not how a democratic "hero" behaves.
β€’ Russian president predicts 'change of elites' in West - See next
β€’ Ukraine reveals huge weapons losses - This is how Putin will bring the "change of elites"? Disarming us first.
β€’ As the bloc faces a looming energy crisis, are EU leaders using potential membership to rein in Ukraine's Zelensky? - the sane ones are trying to rein in the crackhead.
β€’ How Russian and Other Minority Languages are Being Erased in Ukraine - This oppression is the reason Russia started it.
β€’ UK offers major military training program for Ukraine - UK playing with fire.
06/17 15:02:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - US to send heavy guided missiles to Ukraine 🔴 Putin is already goaded... Is Biden trying to invite a nuke over Kiev? Hal has been busy and the globalists' world is starting to turn rather nasty. ...

β€’ Hal Turner Radio Show - Putin: "Previous World Order, Won't Return"



β€’ US to send heavy guided missiles to Ukraine

β€’ Israel informs Assad - "One of your palaces is the IDF's next target"

β€’ European Central Bank Calls Emergency Meeting; EURO Headed to valuation less than $1

β€’ Russia Cuts Natural Gas by 40% to Germany and Italy - Pump failures

β€’ UKRAINE ARMY DEATHS: 70,000 Plus 210,000 Wounded!

β€’ Explosion Rocks Russia's Largest Natural Gas Field. Sabotage?

..These headlines, mostly from just one day, say it all. Here is a gloomy pic from Aryeh Rifkin...

"With consumer confidence at its lowest rate in our lifetimes, skyrocketing inflation and cost of fuel, consumer goods and food, and disruption to the supply chain, we are within months of the most destructive financial crash since the Depression.
Add growing tensions with nuclear giant Russia, the Middle East, etc., the disunity of the United States, mistrust of medical professionals and a politicized legal system.
A tidal wave is visible on the horizon. It is not an exaggeration to say there has never been a time when the world was in as deep a peril as what we are about to face."
06/16 19:05:44 Missiles sent by US sold on Black Market - Sputnik
06/16 12:36:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - China's President Signs Decree- -Special Military Operations- U;L🔴 Carbon Copy of what Russia has done in the Ukraine.

Whilst other media outlets do not confirm this, Global Times (China's media) has run a story saying "Xi, Putin hold phone call, vow mutual support amid global turbulence". So what are they starting?

Sure, Xi starting "Special Military Operations" in Taiwan will likely engage the US (who have promised to intervene), but we also have THIS news...
Hal - Ukraine: DPR Leader Says Will March to Lviv (from the East to the West and there may be no more "Ukraine").

OpEd: Taiwan is just an island. The Western nations of America, Australia and Canada, all rely heavily on Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean technology. Not only that, all Western lands have a colossal amount of space. So why doesn't the West just open the floodgates to allow businesses to relocate (people and plant) to Western lands? This sort of thing happens all the time but perhaps not on the scale that we're looking at here. Instead, we in the West seem obsessed with flooding our countries with people from undeveloped societies. Why do western leaders show so little common sense? May be far too late now anyway.
06/12 13:04:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could -Switch Sides- 🔴 And this is how the West falls? "Machine translation: "...If Putin wins. And the 1.5 million Russian army will be joined by another 500,000 Ukrainian army. Everyone has seen how we can fight. And then where will the amusing American/NATO troops be able to stop this united force, plus Belarus?" This is the plan, as exposed by Jeff Nyquist, to take down NATO while China takes out the USA.
06/12 12:38:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - China to use Civilian Cargo Ships to Stealth Invade Taiwan Ed: 🔴 Seems Hal has just caught up with the Jeff Nyquist brigade, including us, who have seen and heard the leaks saying this is what they are doing, but they're not really aiming at Taiwan, they are aiming at America. Curiously, this is just a propagandized coverage of an exercise so it's not very convert! Is this the Chinese way of dealing with the leaks? Come out with pride and make it as tho' it is the norm?
06/11 13:40:25 'Biden's Betrayal- Destroying Our Military' - LifeSite 🔴 Conference to be called on June 14 (in ~3 days) at 12 Noon ET to discuss how Biden is paving the way for a US Invasion. This will include input from Generals McInerney, Vallely, Bishop etc.

The PDF of this further states: ""We are losing experienced and highly trained service members, reflecting billions in costs from taxpayer funds as well as seeing dramatically impaired military readiness such as pilots who cannot fly, or cannot complete training, and troops who are too ill to carry out duties," Vliet said. "This has drastically weakened national security at time of rising tensions globally - which serves China and globalists' agendas to take America "out of the fight" and take over globally."".

In other words, they accuse Biden of literally committing high treasonous and paving the way for the US to be invaded before the Midterm elections (our date is Sept 27th). This is the first time we've seen this scenario confirmed outside of the Jeff Nyquist (geopolitical expert) circle and his colleagues EG: HERE (The CCP is Transitioning to War) and his most recent Leak Source, Lude Media REF HERE.

Biden has also thrown away billions of kit in Afghanistan, and more recently into the Ukraine - to the extent that we have a serious shortfall of ammo & armaments that could take years to replenish. See recent posts for details about Javelin missiles etc. He has also destroyed supply chains and depleted oil reserves.

Other things pointing to an invasion (apart from the significant leaks revealed by Nyquist) include evidence Ukraine's Zelensky is a Russian SHILL (Ref) and that the Telegram App is still controlled by Russia REF which is further evidenced by shadow banning that we receive when trying to spread this warning.

PDF containing this info and more can be downloaded at
06/10 09:15:56 Hal Turner Radio Show - It Appears the Decision Has Been Made- There won't be a -Ukraine- Anymore Ed: we are not sure how relevant this is as it is just a report on the fact that Russia is offering everyone Russian passports in the Ukraine.
06/09 18:25:18 A large exercise of the Russian Baltic Fleet is taking place in the Baltic Sea - 60 warships, boats and support vessels, more than 40 aircraft and helicopters Ed: 🔴 that's a very big exercise. Time for America to take a deep breath?
06/09 16:30:57 Beijing's War Plan- An Interview with Lude Media --J.R. Nyquist Blog LUDE is the underground resistance in China who leaked the recent CCP Guangdong region war preparation meeting audio. This is principally just as an entry into our timeline. The biggest takeaway here is that they don't see an all out invasion of America that rather: - "According to Lude media sources, China will try to use nuclear blackmail and unrestricted warfare to collapse the United States while forcing Taiwan, Japan and South Korea under Chinese control. Failing this, China and Russia will launch a full-scale war against the United States. The Russian and Chinese fleets will be united - not in the same ocean". That's a pretty wide option list! However, it seems that they will be blockading Taiwan as a first step.
06/07 16:45:12 Why They'll NEVER Be Able to Take Our Guns (Even Though They'll Try) - YouTube I do not share Man In America's optimism on this. I see a monkey pox pandemic from a version that has been hyper weaponized in the Wuhan lab ( we already know for a fact they were working on it ) and I think of Shanghai as a dry run for the massive lockdowns we're about to see - which will make targeted gun seizure easy.

September 27th will see the bombs fly and the US invasion begin.

Here's some fresh links that tell the story...
SNL: W/@Jeff Nyquist strategic analysis, author, & a scholar. We talk War w/ China - YouTube
β€’ Kiev being pressed into concessions to Moscow - Zelensky -- RT - Of course.
β€’ Ukrainian victory not in the cards - former US top official -- RT
β€’ Ukraine trades insults with EU state - RT
β€’ Germany doesn't trust Zelensky - Der Spiegel - RT
β€’ Hungary doubles down on Zelensky remarks -- RT - claimed Ukrainian President Zelensky had a "mental problem" for threatening countries trying to help him. Added: not just Hungary, but Germany as well.
β€’ Famine in 2022 - YouTube - Dr Campbell
β€’ Turkey to help unblock Ukraine grain - media -- RT
β€’ 'World war for bread' underway - Italy - RT
β€’ This is What Happens Next Through September 2022 - YouTube
β€’ Biden declares US energy emergency - RT
β€’ Morale of Biden and his staff plummeting - Politico - RT
β€’ Biden to not suspend tariff on solar panels for China, exempts four other South Asian countries - wionews
β€’ Ukraine war: UK to send Ukraine M270 multiple-launch rocket systems - BBC News
β€’ UK to supply long-range missiles to Ukraine -- RT (as BBC)
β€’ UK to Supply Ukraine With MLRSs Despite Putin's Warning - Sputnik(as BBC)
β€’ Putin warns Ukraine against long-range missiles -- RT
β€’ Biden provokes Putin to strike USA and NATO cities with new long-range weapons - Adams
β€’ Russians launch first strikes on Kyiv in weeks to curb weapons flow - Washington Times
β€’ Foreign fighters in Ukraine complain of arms shortages - media -- RT

My theory is that Zelensky is actually Putin's shill. The West has collectively thrown up to half our strategically important ammunition(like howitzers, anti-tank/aircraft/missile systems) at this black hole called the Ukraine. I read Lockheed will get a large contract to replenish the lost "javelin" missiles but it will take years.

So we are being disarmed from all sides. My guess is that Putin will keep up the aggrieved nice guy act who is always getting provoked until it appears to us in the West that is breaking under pressure angle far off some warning nukes into the ocean up on the Barents Sea at a guess. These will not be warning shots, they will be tests because their Nuke arsenal has not been tested for a long time.
06/05 20:22:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - Putin on TV- If western deliveries of weapons (to Ukraine) continue, We Will strike . . - U;L🔴Links to twit video of him saying this (if subtitles correct). See also Russia will strike West if US rockets hit us, says Putin ally / Twitter but mostly, check out latest -- SNL: W/@Jeff Nyquist strategic analysis, author, & a scholar. We talk War w/ China and communism!! - YouTube
06/04 13:55:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian senator urges missile strikes on U.S. bases in Europe A Russian senator has suggested that his country should attack U.S. military bases in Europe in response to the Biden administration's decision to send rocket systems to Ukraine.

Senator Frants Klintsevich told Russian state TV that Russia should "wreck" American bases using the country's "high-precision long-range weapons" after the U.S. announced it will send Ukraine the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)

Hal's story includes a link to the source Twitter video posted by BBC Monitoring services.
06/03 12:43:04 Hal Turner Radio Show - Uh Oh! Medvedev- -The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are galloping ahead- 🔴"This isn't a forecast, but what's already in play. The horsemen of the apocalypse are galloping ahead and we can only look towards God.". (Medvedev is former president and PM of Russia). I hope you are preparing. Here's a list of latest headlines (you may need TOR to see the RT links)...

Global food crisis a result of policy mistakes by US and EU - RT
β€’ As sanctions fail to work and Russia's advance continues, Western media changes its tune on Ukraine - waking up to insane Ukraine waste of ammo etc
β€’ US sanctions threaten food security - Moscow - US & EU self harming
β€’ Lula slams US billions for Ukraine - and bankrupting ourselves
β€’ Russia ramps up oil output and exports - media - sanctioning oil totally backfired on us
β€’ White House to set date for Covid vaccination of babies - insane and evil.
β€’ Biden challenges Congress on guns - see last post
β€’ China must respond to Musk's Starlink threat - scientists - RT - CCP now planning to shoot these down
β€’ Israel simulates massive strike against Iran with hundreds of aircraft - Hal - This is just another dimension to the chaos developing

For background on WW3 and the leaks proving it is coming in September or October, see

OpEd: Is this a very carefully crafted call for help from Russia's previous president? He knows what Putin is up to and how ruthless he will be.. and he is trying to warn us?
06/03 11:53:20 Joe Biden calls for assault weapons ban, making gun manufacturers liable for shootings - Washington Times Ed: 🔴 Perfect timing. All the signs of an impending US invasion just keep ramping up. I don't know if the shooting was a coincidence that was exploited or something more sinister (especially as the gunman got ushered in and was allowed to carry on unobstructed - do we have any witnesses to the actual shooting of the shooter?), but!

For the aware, we have a West that is depleted its food and fuel, sent about half of it's ammunition stockpiles to the Ukraine where it's wasted, we have unusual lockdowns continuing in both North Korea & China(only relaxed on June 1), and finally we have several leaks, one recently of a CCP planning meet, where China is planning & preparing to invade, going to a wartime economy, and even refitting ships for an invasion... And Biden is making it easy for them by disarming the populace.
06/02 16:25:01 Putin's TV cheerleaders rant that UK and America will 'pay a heavy price' for role in Ukraine war - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 'World War Three has already started' they say.... Tick tock... September / October - the end.
06/01 09:17:13 Ukraine war- Russian state media threatens to wipe out US East Coast with nukes - Daily Mail Online 🔴 Your Daily Dose Of Dread. Remember, there is war coming (it is unlikely to be all out nuclear as they want your land) and there is much you can and must do about this - See HERE. OpEd: If they keep going like this, the US may be the ones to launch a pre-emptive strike.
05/30 21:05:16 J R Nyquist talks to Kalashnikovs- Victor and Marina 1 - YouTube Ed: 2009 .. A little history for you. No, he is not speaking to Kalashnikov rifles. Here, he looks at the historic "soviet" motivation by talking to two well informed dissidents from Russia - two Moscow journalists blacklisted by the state. The Kalashnikovs have interviewed leading political, military and intelligence officials in Russia (especially former Soviet officials).
05/30 17:10:14 Webinar- The CCP is Transitioning to War- What are We Doing- Ed: This is a must watch. Huge takeaways .. US invasion IS coming DANGED SOON! Biden is carrying us to war, we have supply chain and manufacturing dependencies, did nothing to rectify Wuhan, war to come before midterm elections in Nov, and when you see it all, you clearly see China Joe is owned along with Wall Street, Judiciary, Media, etc. The fact that we even have Telegram throttling us tells us we are RIGHT OVER THE TARGET with Russia involvement - see 2 posts ago.
05/30 12:51:42 Webinar- The CCP is Transitioning to War- What are We Doing- --Committee on the Present Danger- China 🔴
Invasion of America in October approx:
A roundup of evidence and actions:
β€’ The West is deliberately depleting its ammunition & fuel, while starving itself - good analysis HERE.
β€’ The bombshell interview with Nyquist that has really woken people up just a couple of days ago HERE.
β€’ Nyquist on Bannon's War Room (more detail on this leak) HERE.
β€’ The background interview with Nyquist and Man In America HERE where this theory of a US invasion started.
β€’ The warnings started in 2012 by Nyquist HERE.

Everything that has come before was all part of the master plan...
β€’ debasing western manufacturing
β€’ owning significant shares in western media, big tech, Hollywood
β€’ driving the woke narrative through the education system
β€’ sending gain of function biotechnology to Wuhan
β€’ repeatedly demonizing and attacking Trump
β€’ releasing Covid
β€’ cheating Trump out of an election
β€’ installing cabal puppet Biden
β€’ faking Jan 6
β€’ flooding the US with immigrants + Woke apocalypse
β€’ lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates
β€’ throwing away 80 billion in armory in Afghanistan
β€’ Ukraine invasion
β€’ Ukraine weapon loss
β€’ sanctions that will ultimately end up starving and bankrupting the West
β€’ quarter of a billion people in China ruthlessly locked down
β€’ pending gun control
β€’ pending loss of sovereignty to WHO
β€’ pending monkey pox

...Notice how the events are now coming thick and fast?

What can I do?
Spread the word! Waken the Generals. We recommend:
β€’ Bumper stickers, sky writing, posters on lampposts
β€’ Start "Wake them up" street parties and candle lit vigils outside military facilities, courthouses. etc
β€’ Adopt a simple "mascot" or "symbol" of resistance - we recommend a Yellow Flag, but whatever
β€’ Join Twitter because it is currently uncensored (that may change) but full of sleeping liberals who you can have rational discussions with (if they turn nasty, block them).
β€’ Don't make it about Trump. My experience on Twitter is that liberals are "hard hypnotized" by all the psychological barbs and there is no getting through to them. Defending Trump will cause them to retaliate with incoherent mockery and cursing abuse which gets us nowhere
β€’ Do point out that Biden is sleep walking us into an invasion and that 2000 Mules, as the visible tip of the iceberg, proves democracy was subverted.
β€’ Get TOR (masked browsing that gets past the bans).
β€’ Start new websites and copy what we and others are saying. Why? As we have been banned by all apple devices, by ISP's (the people you use to bring the internet into your home) and removed from all search queries on google - we cannot afford to keep creating new websites.

What should a poster read?
NOTICE! We have Intel that Biden is sleep walking us into an invasion by China, Russia & NK by October! Any media that has Chinese share holders is blocking this info.
05/26 19:35:50 LEAKED- China's Plan to Attack USA by November & Reason for Shanghai Lockdown (JR Nyquist Interview) - YouTube Ed: 🔴 MUST WATCH!! Suggest discernment.
05/26 11:13:38 'Civilization may not survive this'- George Soros says Russia may have started World War Three - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 says Russia may have started World War Three and the only way to save mankind is to defeat Putin - Beware twisted narratives and deception masquerading as concern. After all, Soros is not well known for his benevolence (betrayed his fellow Jews, nearly bankrupted Britain by effectively shorting the Pound).

If any other significant person said "we must defeat Putin", there would be a significant backlash but note that Soros can say this without such a backlash. This gives credibility to the Nyquist notion that Soros and Schwab are shills for Putin and that this means that Putin is effectively asking for a scrap.
05/25 16:51:22 How Did the Top-Secret War Mobilization Meeting Get Recorded- The Biggest Rebellion in CCP's History - YouTube U;L👇 The inside story with many details regarding this major CCP leak, by the translator.

Of course nothing can be certain - maybe Jennifer Zeng is a shill with misinformation. Maybe she is unwittingly propagating mission information from a deliberate leak. However, it has a ring of authenticity about it and the sheer complexity of it is a credibility uptick. The original audio that she translated is
HERE with a full transcript.

If this is to be believed, America must prepare for a potential nuclear attack and a certain land invasion. Apparently several senior ranking officers including three generals were assassinated over this leak. Apparently Jennifer's YouTube channel was taken down for a fortnight over this.

In the Second World War, Churchill was well known for intercepting critical information and allowing soldiers to die by deliberately ignoring it so as not to tip off the enemy that they were aware of their plans. They would then use the info to greater effect down the line. In this case, for example, allow the CCP to attack and be unaware that we already know. That would wipe out the CCP.

But no, the info is here on Youtube. What does this tell us about this situation?

Either the information is phoney or our Western generals and leaders are corrupt, or they have become incompetent. I tend to favour both the last two!

One thing for sure, if all this is to be believed, plans will be changed. Expect the unexpected.
05/25 10:01:17 Ukraine pledges to enter Crimea 'by end of year' - RT U;L🔴 This is the kind of insane rhetoric that is going to get us all killed. Zelensky, who has been noted as probably taking cocaine in rambling drunken videos of himself, constantly changes objectives and continues the warmongering apace. Hal also has this to say - Hal Turner Radio Show - Madness! Ukraine Gov't Files Bill to allow Officers to KILL Surrendering Ukraine Army Troops. This is the kind of behaviour I would expect from the Sudanese Civil War, not a "Western" culture. Is this more proof that Zelensky is Putin's shill and deliberately stirring trouble?
05/24 13:55:02 Reuters -China and Russia hold first military exercise since Ukraine invasion Ed: 🟨 good to see that America is ever the optimist still holding at defcon 4 even though it should be defcon 2 or even 1. Time to Wake the Sleepers! See Last Post for thorough analysis and suggestions.
05/24 13:39:34 Hal Turner Radio Show - General Miley Tells West Point Graduates Prepare for War with -Great Powers- Ed: 🔥 This is bigger than the title might suggest. "prepare for a 'significant international conflict' with Russia and China" he said
05/23 13:10:44 Biden vows to defend Taiwan in apparent US policy shift - BBC News 🔴 Reinforcing last series of 3 posts and giving good, albeit "main stream", analysis.

Unfortunately for America and Europe that analysis is very myopic, very narrow. In the alternative media, there are those experts who have carefully analysed and concluded that there is a possibility that China is not preparing to invade Taiwan, but in fact looking to conquer America and Europe between China and Russia and with the help of the increasingly powerful North Korea.

In that case, as China steams towards Taiwan with the flotilla of ships that is currently being fitted out for this, and while the US steams towards Taiwan to defend it, another flotilla of container vessels will be steaming straight past towards the US West Coast and Biden will ignore it because it will look like the backlog of consumer supplies that the US is expecting.

It is not that this is the most probable scenario, the concern is that there is no planning whatsoever to deal with such a scenario. In our humble opinion, the chances of such a scenario, dubbed the Marxist take down of the West, is about 25% probable this year, and probably in the region of 75% probable over the next 5 years. As in the last 3 posts, Nyquist, a geopolitical expert, has studied this and found evidence revealing that this is indeed their "Soviet" ambition.

Yellings too has studied this and found the very real possibility that both Ukraine and Taiwan are foils, designed to distract and confuse.

Putin probably didn't bank on the added bonus of the West depleting it's ammunition stockpiles by throwing them into the Ukraine. We think that Biden is owned by both China and the Davos cabal working in tandem, with the cabal actually funded by and reporting to Putin - meaning that Putin's behaviour at sounding aggrieved (at the West being all over it) is all just an act. In Nyquist's analysis, he refers to research showing that Russia is following the ancient Sun Tzu maxim: "When you are strong, appear weak. When you are weak, appear strong. Hold out bait to entice the enemy, feign disorder, and then crush him".
05/23 11:20:46 US ready to fight China over Taiwan --Biden --RT World News 🔴 3 of 3* Now we have fewer weapons, and now we have strong intel (see recent posts) of China moving to a war footing, this is crazy. We have made ourselves easy pickings for the final Marxist take down of the West as in the #Nyquist Scenario. *Ed: This is a series of 3 posts demonstrating the imminent danger of a final Marxist take down including invasions in Europe and USA. Nyquist and others consider that China is not mobilizing to attack Taiwan, but the US itself, using container ships as trojan horses.
05/23 11:17:53 More US-supplied weapons destroyed in Ukraine --Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔴 2 of 3* this is in addition to last post: EU's weapons stockpile depleted - Borrell - the diplomat insisted: "Now it is clear that Europe is in danger" (as is the USA). Well done NATO. Easy pickings for the final Marxist take down of the West as in the #Nyquist Scenario. *Ed: This is a series of 3 posts demonstrating the imminent danger of a final Marxist take down including invasions in Europe and USA.
05/23 11:08:03 EU's weapons stockpile depleted --Borrell --RT World News 🔴 1 of 3* - the diplomat insisted: "Now it is clear that Europe is in danger". Well done NATO. Ripe for the picking under the final Marxist take down of the West as in the #Nyquist Scenario. *Ed: This is a series of 3 posts demonstrating the imminent danger of a final Marxist take down including invasions in Europe and USA.
05/22 18:02:17 Hal Turner Radio Show - BULLETIN- POLISH TROOPS HAVE ENTERED UKRAINE WAR U;L🔴 OpEd: This is true and has been on the horizon for some time, but their stated aim is as a peace keeping force. Of more concern is Mitt Romney calling out prepare for Nuclear war, given that Romney is "in the club" (Hal quoting from NYT HERE) as Hal says - translated he is from Schwab's "Young Global Leaders School" ref HERE which would suggest something more.
05/21 15:04:10 China preparing "D-Day" INVASION of the United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California 🔴 We don't normally report on Mike Adams' somewhat exaggerated visions, but this is referencing Jeff Nyquist.

Some key evidence Adams refers to other than Nyquist is an
English transcript of a leaked secret audio file from a CCP war mobilization meeting - which appears to be a legitimate, mainly from the bulk of it, but it is only about an assault on Taiwan!! Adams claims retrospectively "we don't know that the target is the US". Well, yes we do - they repeatedly talk about reunification and Taiwan. This is pretty damning for Adams' credibility.

Adams also seems to suggest that they are speaking in code, and really mean the target is the US - but if they were in a secret meet, why would they do that? Is it possible the leak was deliberate to divert attention away from a US invasion?

Hal's take on it is this: CCP Issues 'National Mobilization Order" Instructing "Switch to Wartime Operations" - he agrees with us "This is now a formal preparation to seize Taiwan and fight-off U.S. protection of that island".

OpEd: Where I sort of agree with Mike & Jeff is that China wants us to think they are taking Taiwan, but they may just keep going east.... Of course any US invasion will of course be coordinated with Russian moves on Europe which are likely to go nuclear.

Finally, we note the Trust PsyOps are ramping up with nonsense like this .Judy Byington Intel Update. That may also be a clue that Xi and the RF are up to something very big.
05/20 15:12:08 US admits using white phosphorus in Falluja - World news - The Guardian Ed: although 18 years ago, this is now significant because the West is accusing Russia of using chemical weapons.
05/17 09:01:19 Ukraine Update 17 May - DM Infographic U;L🏮 For a full military update, see DM article HERE. Includes intriguing segment on Putin the 'meddling colonel', Russia killing it's own wounded, and more worryingly: "Video also shows nuclear-capable Iskander missiles moving towards Finland amid growing NATO row"
05/16 20:13:46 John Mearsheimer responds to criticism of his Ukraine theory - YouTube Ed: ☠ As Senator Lindsay Graham said .. there is no off ramp. Video timed to start at the question "how does it end?". This is like two crazed drivers in two 450 Chevy 67's stocked with Nukes playing chicken.. And the person waving the chequered flag is a crackhead (Zelensky).
05/13 16:47:34 Russia accuses Finland of 'pushing above its weight' if it decides to join NATO - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🤔 See second last post. At least this rhetoric does not say "don't, or we will nuke you"... or words to that effect. That is in effect what some of the other Russians have been saying.
05/09 09:19:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - Boris Johnson - -Military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend it.- 🤔 Boris and the G7 (REF - ) is playing with fire. That said, Hal (main story link) is really pouring on the scary worst case scenario. Hal mentions that the Pope said: Russia assured him it would end today (see next post), and the fact of Russia holding a parade.. Hal continues suggesting this might be the moment a Nuke exchange starts.

Yellings does not think this will go nuclear, but it could very well end with an invasion of America (Europe too). Consider our last post suggesting that, on top of the hardware left in Afghanistan, the US's reserves and ammo, vital to defend itself from conventional invasion by CCP and RF, must be dwindling. The so called US Whitehats really need to pull finger.
05/09 09:07:47 US running low on weapons as it arms Ukraine --Congressman --RT World News 👇 "The military industrial complex wants more money to solve the problem".

OpEd: Is this a deliberate plan by the Putin controlled Biden Cabal to disarm America? That will make an invasion under the Jeff Nyquist plot much easier. See last analysis.

Nb: This is from RT via archive org as a citation - please only visit sparingly as archive is overwhelmed ( is banned in Europe)
05/07 12:48:11 They're Going to Get Us All Killed- Biden Regime Helped Ukraine Sink Russian Ship the Moskva - Then Leaked it to Warmongers i Ed: 🔴(in liberal media). They, the Cabal, want this.. depopulation and a fresh start - or more likely just a satanic thrill.
05/06 10:43:25 US STRATCOM chief issues nuclear warning --RT World News ☠"Putin simultaneously invaded a sovereign nation while using thinly veiled nuclear threats to deter US and NATO intervention". Also: Mr Richard has repeatedly warned of the Chinese nuclear buildup
05/04 21:59:58 President Zelensky Insulted By Biden's Offer Of Only $33 Billion In Weapons When He Gave The Taliban $86 Billion - The Babylo Ed: This is not fiction ..
05/04 11:04:19 Hal Turner Radio Show - TRANSCRIPT- Word-for-Word; Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to Italian media Ed: ♦ this is a "must read"! From the point of view of Russians thinking, this allows you to understand what is going on. We absolutely do not endorse what Russia has done, but this explains it. This will be the subject of an upcoming analysis on yelling's in its final days(closing soon).
05/03 12:42:56 Ukraine seeks Russia's total defeat - top officials --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Dangerous Ukrainian Warmongering! Nukes will fly if they do not back off. Alexey Danilov, the head of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), was asked about international security assurances for Kiev and possible peace with Russia.
Danilov replied: "With Russia we can only sign an act of its capitulation. The sooner they do it, the better it will be for their country."
05/03 12:27:58 Pentagon, US companies involved in Ukraine military biolabs --Russia's top investigator --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 "The analysis of the obtained documents allowed us to clearly identify the people involved in the military biological activities in Ukraine, including representatives of the US Department of Defense and American companies with ties to it"

He added that the US had spent more than $224 million on biological programs in Ukraine since 2005. The investigator added that foreign aid was used to equip and upgrade around 30 research centers governed by Ukraine's defense, health and agricultural ministries.

"The results of said research had been evacuated to Kiev-controlled territory before the start of [Russia's] special military operation"
04/30 15:47:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - CONFIRMED- -U.S. and Allies Preparing for Russian Use of Nuclear Weapons- 🤔 Doubtful it will be on cities, but it is probable they will be used somewhere. OpEd: They (China, Russia and Davos's Marxist WEF) already control the US and most of the West - and yet NATO & Biden keep supplying arms. I suspect Putin is encouraging the West to throw weapons into the Ukraine so we go bankrupt and so they are where he can destroy them. Some, such as Jeff Nyquist, think at that point, invasions will begin so they can take over without leaving scorched nuclear deserts. So don't worry, no nukes, just slavery and extermination. No biggie. We could've stopped it if we wanted to, but aside Musk, Gab, Bongino, no one stood up.
04/30 13:50:45 Ukraine war- Russian state TV says nuclear strike 'more probable' than losing - Daily Mail Online "Vladimir Putin will launch an all-out nuclear war on the West rather than accept defeat in Ukraine, Russia's chief propagandists have declared, in just the latest chilling threat coming from Moscow". OpEd: They (China, Russia and Davos's Marxist WEF) already control the US and most of the West - and yet NATO & Biden keep supplying arms. I suspect Putin has the situation under control.. He's encouraging the West to throw masses of weapons into the Ukraine so we go bankrupt and so they are where he can destroy them. Some, such as Jeff Nyquist, think at that point, invasions will begin so they can take over without leaving nuclear deserts. So don't worry, no nukes, just slavery and extermination. No biggie. We could've stopped it if we wanted to, but aside Gab and Musk, no one stood up.
04/30 12:35:30 Ukraine war- Putin suggest he will use nukes 'if necessary' - Daily Mail Online U;L🔴 Putin suggests he WILL use nukes against anyone who 'interferes' in Ukraine, saying: 'We have tools no-one else can boast of. We don't want to brag about them, we will use them' This is inevitable.

Our next few days will include some truth bombs as we gear up to wind down, due to
β€’ new "dissinfo" laws in the EU
β€’ coming "dissinfo" laws in the US
β€’ Yellings ban on all Apple devices
β€’ A tight Google shadow blackout
β€’ Continued Twitter shadow ban
β€’ Telegram Throttling
β€’ Eventual Telegram ban (already blocked JFK chan and RT chan in UK).

All we did was told truth and we were very careful to define our evidence and not to embellish. We can no longer visit or holiday in the US. It has never been clearer that if we continue, we are in danger. See landing page for truth bombs.
04/28 16:34:13 Here's what I found at the reported 'mass grave' near Mariupol --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: by Eva Bartlett, a Canadian independent journalist, reporting for a Russian funded news site. "What I saw were new, orderly grave plots including some still empty ones - an extension of a cemetery that already exists at the spot. No mass pit" .. You are caught in the crossfire of the misinformation war. It's obvious that what she is saying is true, but how do we know she is filming at the place of the alleged mass grave? (Sorry, you will have to make up your own mind what is true and what isn't).
04/27 15:27:32 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian Army BOMBS Airport Hangar Storing West-Supplied Weapons for Ukraine 🎯That's a great way to burn money fast. Might as well put it all in one place and paint a great big bullseye on the roof.

first from
04/26 21:14:32 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israeli Troops Arrive in Ukraine to FIGHT RUSSIA! Ed: What does this mean? A Russian Jew with more Jews fighting Israeli friendly Russia against Nazis??
04/26 13:26:14 Ukraine war- Russia's Sergei Lavrov warns of nuclear conflict with the West - Daily Mail Online Ed: He means it. His logic is that of NATO are arming Ukraine, then they are fighting NATO.
04/25 15:51:59 'Traitors' will be executed --Ukrainian governor --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ☠ Remind me again why the West is backing these Ukrainian thugs? "..cited the recent killing of a pro-Russian blogger in the city, who was shot dead on April 20, as proof that "Kherson is Ukraine" and that "there are guerrilla fighters there", Whether or not it is Russian or Ukrainian (Kherson a Russian speaking city in the Russian friendly South East region) - that is not the question. It is in essence a civil war of sorts and as with any war, executing people because of what side they are on is a war crime. If you are Ukrainian and not Russian, and then you betray your own, then that is treason. Even that does not warrant war crimes. This thug doesn't seem to understand logic or is just another filthy murderer.
04/23 13:08:21 Russian general hints at broadening war aims - Washington Times OpEd: I doubt it, but who knows. The first thing Putin has to do is slap his military leadership silly until they become a cohesive force .. and that could takes decades and be impossible under the sanctions. Putin is trying hard to make it sound like a success, but the reality is that the invasion was the stupidest thing he has ever done.
04/22 10:48:47 Russia's Tver authorities say six people killed, 27 injured in fire at research facility - Emergencies - TASS Ed: the timing of this would suggest sabotage as a protest against Putin. I imagine it's quite a serious blow for Russia's defence.
04/19 19:18:53 Chechens & Russian Army Battle Azov & Ukraine on Mariupol frontline - YouTube U;L👇 Caution - explicit scenes of death. This video is timed to start where it states that Azov regiment Ukrainians are killing ethnic Russian civilians with Drones. Start HERE to see Russians attempting to distribute aid to civilians.

04/19 10:48:56 Wang Wen- The world has become more dangerous and the chances of WW3 are increasing --RT World News Ed: Hmm
04/19 02:06:45 Russia offers Azovstal final chance to surrender. 'Foreign fighter' trials coming soon. Update 1 - YouTube
04/18 18:11:35 Dutch journalist - from liberated Volnovakha Ukraine Ed: 🤔
"When I was in this park two weeks ago, everything here was in ruins, only Russians were handing out humanitarian aid. And today, I can't believe, everything is clean, people are walking, children are happy. " A propaganda video? This tel channel is affiliated with CNN, so why would they do a pro Russian one? You decide.
04/16 12:31:44 Russia Warns U.S. of 'Consequences' of Ukraine Military Aid- Reports - The Moscow Times Ed: "Russia has formally complained to the United States over its military aid to Ukraine, warning of "unpredictable consequences" if shipments of advanced weaponry go forward, U.S. media reported."
04/16 12:03:49 Russia Shatters Kyiv Calm With Fresh Strikes - The Moscow Times Ed: I don't know how Russia can possibly defend the charge of indiscriminate shelling... Whilst some of it no doubt was targeting a missile factory in the north, most of it just seems intended as retaliation and humiliation.
04/16 12:02:12 Germany involved in 'military biological activities' in Ukraine --Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/15 19:14:15 Russia comments on outcome of Sweden and Finland joining NATO --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Whether or not you think Putin is taking reasonable steps to "decorrupt" Ukraine, nothing excuses the inept sporadic bombing and destruction of an otherwise peaceful nation. What particularly amuses here is the delusional Putin stance of "Sweden and Finland will lose part of their sovereignty while compromising their security if they join NATO, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned on Friday". Sort of weird Walter Mitty gaslighting suggesting that somehow the Dictator really has their interests at heart... Nobody cares what an "out of touch" and isolated madman thinks Mr Putin, but we are glad you have kept your nuclear balls in your pants. Given your erratic and unstable behaviour, we doubt it will be long before you flash us with your nuclear footballs. As there is nothing we can dpo to stop you as you are engaged in this mad game of "chicken" brinksmanship, lets hope your nukes are as well maintained as you flagship cruiser and the 40 generals & colonels you sent to death on the front line, not to mention the 20 you just jailed and your top adviser you just poisoned. Feel the walls closing in on your tiny potato eyes?
04/13 20:08:03 Wife of captured Ukrainian opposition leader pleads to Erdogan --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: Something amiss here. Zelensky dissolving all opposition and now arresting the main opposition leader. Zelensky even issued a statement that someone was responsible for the 5th column in the Ukr, and said he was wanted to beat the truth out of Viktor Medvedchuk .. that's basically an admission of the desire to torture. As for the charge that Viktor is pro Russian, OF COURSE HE IS Zelensky .. like Zelensky and like half of Ulraine, he IS RUSSIAN. Yes, Zelensky is a Russian Jew - is he also a Putin Shill? Something very amiss here.
04/13 10:04:07 Aeroflot Office Raided After Former Executive Calls for 'War Sabotage' --Report - The Moscow Times U;L Meanwhile "Putin vows Russia's 'noble' operation in Ukraine will end in victory - Washington Times" and Biden to send more weapons to Ukraine - RT
04/12 14:07:29 Russia 'unleashes chemical weapons on Mariupol'- Liz Truss vows to hold Putin to account - Daily Mail Online U;L🤔 the fog of war brings many lies.

This has already been debunked by
Hal Turner HERE(scroll down to final update) - it was a false flag by the ASOV battalion who, it would appear, seem happy to kill their own people or whatever it takes to fight dirty and win.
04/10 14:25:36 Oh..So THIS Is Why Ukraine Is Being Attacked - YouTube 🏮 Russell Brand talks to Yanis Varoufakis(a metaphorical political Rockstar) on the way out of the conflict in Ukraine. If you want some straight talking, plain English, highly intelligent commentary on where we are and what sort of person Putin is (flattened Chechnya out of spite 10 years ago), this is excellent. Skip to Yanis's start point here for the real meat (but Russel's lengthy introduction is also very good).
04/10 14:20:26 Ukraine preparing for 'decisive' battle --Zelensky --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔎 Update: Things there are coming to a climax. Russia has totally fluffed its lines and is very much on the backfoot. NATO now expanding way more than they ever were, throwing in arms that Russia cannot reply to. Putin is being punished. Which is not so good given he is a trigger happy old fool with the most nukes on the planet. See next post.
04/09 05:08:44 Putin Beheads Bioweapon Engineers in Ukraine - Real Raw News Ed: ☠ Gorey description. Totally unconfirmed. However, Yellings NEVER censors a viewpoint (we may warn about it's integrity though). This is in contrast to telegram whom we must condemn for repeatedly and increasingly censoring - specifically the eradication of RT from their servers. However, we hope some kind of justice (pref more humane) has been metered out.
04/08 20:07:47 Can Moscow ignore the outrage- Russia rejects mounting evidence of Ukraine war crimes - YouTube ❓⏳ Yellings understands there are mitigating circumstances .. there is corruption, their stance on joining the EU and NATO was truculent, but "Can Moscow ignore the outrage?" seems to perfectly sum up Yellings point of view too.. There can be NO EXCUSE for violently invading a country basically at peace. Eg: Italy has a lot of corruption and access to NATO missiles.. shall we invade it too? This is a great TV debate. Putin seems to have embarked on a personal vendetta with no clear goals in sight.. just punish or exterminate.
04/05 11:54:51 World leaders express horror over alleged massacres near Kyiv - The Times of Israel Ed: U;L❓ War Crimes Report on analysis today. Anyone else comprehensively sick of being lied to? It is war, but doesn't anybody have the slightest compunction to actually tell truth? This particular story headlines the image of a civilian supposedly killed as he rode his bike. He just fell over and died. How convenient. No blood, no sign of death twitches, just calmly fell to one side and died. I'm sure there has been atrocities, but there are so many pictures like this... See today's analysis(no, we will not be publishing images).
04/02 15:58:11 Russians are driven out of Chernobyl - Daily Mail Online Ed: ❓ 'Retreating' Kremlin hands control of nuclear plant back to Ukraine after 'soldiers received heavy doses of radiation digging trenches'. This war was more about spite than trying to clean up a corrupt country. This totally futile "gesture occupation" of a defunct nuclear facility seems to prove not only that it is about trying to humiliate someone who's annoyed you, but it also proves the total ineptitude and immaturity of such a ridiculous goal. More about this in the next post.
04/01 13:35:34 'Ukraine attack helicopters blast oil depot' INSIDE Russia as hero pilots strike back against Putin - YouTube Ed: 🤔 Heroism as a pilot is easy when you are not the ones that will be retaliated against. This is not good news for peace. Probably ASOV fanatics.
03/30 11:51:57 PART 2- Victor Davis Hanson on Russia-Ukraine 'New World Order,' Biolabs, and Other War Messaging--s This a WWIII Moment- Ed: 📽 Definitely worth a listen! Certainly asks the same questions about the weird Ukraine duality that we ask.
03/30 11:48:55 Russia's top negotiator comments on peace-talks outcome --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L☘ Peace? See today's analysis on
03/30 09:40:36 Hegemonic and colonist mentality behind Australia's threats to invade Solomon Islands - Global Times Ed: hypocrisy well noted
03/30 09:38:01 Hal Turner Radio Show - After Missile Strike Cripples Jedah Oil Refinery, Saudis Announce HALT to Yemen Military Operations
03/28 11:29:10 Turkish president Erdogan calls for ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine on phonecall to Putin - Daily Mail Ed: ☘ Also "Ukraine IS willing to accept neutral status in any peace deal with Russia, Zelensky reveals"
03/27 05:13:00 They Don't Want You Looking Into This - YouTube Ed: 🎥 Brand again. Recommended!
03/26 13:53:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian Foreign Minister- -All-Out War Has Been Declared Against Russia- Ed: 🤔 our position has changed a little in that we choose to reduce stress by not publishing predictions etc. However, if you like the worst possible case scenario to be analyzed, by all means visit Hal.
03/25 12:49:39 Experts warned for decades that NATO expansion would lead to war- Why did nobody listen to them- --RT Russia & Former Soviet Ed: 👇 primarily, greed! Also, it is clear that there was an anti Russian agenda. Unfortunately, Russia has just acted foolishly and been too aggressive and has proven the need for NATO expansion, or at least for the world to strictly enforce a two or three term limit on presidents and politicians.
03/23 12:29:41 Putin's offensive in Ukraine 'stuck'- Scholz - KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice Ed: U;L May be sowing seeds of overreaction in Putin's mind. Hmmm... care. See our destress analysis - today on
03/22 12:58:44 How to Make Peace With Putin - Foreign Affairs U;L☘ "The U.S. has admitted the necessity to make peace with Vladimir Putin". This is a quote doing the rounds but unsure where it comes from. Eg:
03/21 16:12:12 The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis Ed: 🤔 Straight after our daily Analysis today warned of the "disconnect" from logic that liberals are feeling, and after our Kinesis too warned of an emotional overload, there seems to be a plethora of related articles coming out. Interesting..
03/21 12:11:03 Historic roots of the Donbass problem explained --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎Worth knowing about, albeit this will be biased to RF's perspective.
03/21 12:09:03 SHOCKING Reports Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion Setting Up Offensive Positions in Civilian Areas and Using Women and Children U;L🔴 as Human shields! Atrocities happening on all fronts. See also Ukrainian frontline medic claims he's ordered castration of all Russian POWs (since withdrawn -i he said it was a misquote of an emotional outburst) - meanwhiole we are getting reports Putin is once again creating subliminal nuke threats.
03/19 23:27:57 Vladimir Putin holds a huge rally in front of thousands of 'Z' flag-waving Russians - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 We are dedicated to Truth - here Putin is clearly triumphant and welcome. And he "bravely" exposes himself to the threat of assassination - it is not comfortable reporting it as it seems to belie everything we know. Is it authentic? I think yes. Is it staged? Possibly not.
03/19 04:53:08 Xi told Biden that a war in Ukraine is not in anyone's interest Ed: 🔴 Biden managed to stay awake for 2 hours of phone call. Biden huffed and puffed and told off Xi. We can all sleep well at night now........
03/16 15:27:15 Zelensky holds talks with 3 European leaders --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 The prime ministers of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia expressed "unequivocal support" for Ukraine on behalf of the EU
03/16 13:29:10 Outlines of potential Ukraine peace deal revealed by Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Sounds doable. Everything is as Zelensky has pretty much already agreed. The only sticking point will probably be denazification. How do you even quantify that? And what about the biolabs? Let's go for peace now and worry about who did what later.
03/15 10:51:02 Putin's forces may only be able to keep up the fight for another 14 days, defence sources say - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 Has Putin made a complete fool of himself? More to the point, how will the cornered rat react?
03/15 10:49:32 Ukraine war- Brave female TV editor wields 'Stop the War' sign on Russian state TV before arrest - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 Brave woman!
03/14 17:09:10 George Soros- United States, European Union Must Remove Putin And Xi From Power 'Before They Can Destroy Our Civilization' Ed: 👇 This is all inside out. How does he propose we do that?

Soros has already helped to destroy the US from the inside by creating a coup against Trump (who I thought he had preciously "considered very dangerous" - hah, look what your Biden did!).

Schwab, his big buddy in the Davos Cabal reared Putin and is openly Marxist (Bust of Marx in his office, advocating "Great Reset" which is just communism by another name).

So now suddenly Soros is embracing Democracy? And suggesting what - a precision cruise missile next time they are seem in public? This is VERY screwed up.
03/12 16:14:56 Putin Calls on Macron, Scholz to Pressure Kiev to Stop Crimes by Nationalist Battalions - 12.03.2022, Sputnik International Ed: 🏮 In his imagination or real? We will be answering that in tomorrows analysis.
03/12 15:34:08 Israeli PM advises Zelensky to accept Putin's demands --media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴RT Russia & Former Soviet Union!
03/12 14:32:11 Zelensky says he is ready to negotiate with Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union The main thing is to stop the destruction and bloodshed - assuming Russia has dropped the idiot demands for "surrender". Putin said if Ze loses Donbass and Crimea, and remains constitutionally neutral, then Putin withdraws. Will he though? Will the sanction tsunami then rip Putin in two? Ps: Links from RT do not open in Google Chrome but they do in Bing and Firefox.
03/12 04:39:50 Beijing calls Putin's Ukraine invasion a war for the first time and refuses to supply airline parts - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 "Is China turning on Russia?"..
β€’ "Ukraine asked Beijing to use its connections and influence with Russia to put an end to the on-going attack"
β€’ "On Saturday, Ukraine said China told them it 'is interested in stopping this war' raising hopes it could step in"
-- As the savagery continues unabated, Putin (or "ol' potato head") must be sweating bricks. In the words of Macron, he sought to humiliate his Ukrainian brothers in some kind of personal vendetta. Surprise! it's not going too well!
03/12 03:37:20 Civilian Targets Hit as Russian Forces Near Kyiv - The Moscow Times Ed: 🔴 An absolute Apocalypse. I fear the West is going to have to man up and confront this bully.
03/11 16:43:59 Google-Owned YouTube Censors 2016 Documentary 'Ukraine on Fire' Featuring Oliver Stone Ed: U;L📽 But we re-found it HERE (description in French, but video in English) Warning - VERY Graphic. Adults only.
03/10 21:06:18 What is Putin's Endgame- Garry Kasparov on Russia's Attack on Ukraine - Amanpour and Company - YouTube Ed: 💥 This is BRILLIANT! I sense this genius is one of the good guys!
03/10 17:10:43 Twitter- -In Ukraine, as well as in Syria, a factory for the production of fakes begins to operate Ed: 🤔 fake patients and fake pregnant victim. Maybe they are faked fakes to discredit Ukraine!
03/10 14:05:47 Concern Rising That Putin Could Use Nuclear Weapons - Defense One Ed: U;L🤔 See today's analysis at
03/10 01:19:17 Zelenskyy Predicts Putin Will Negotiate- "I Think He Sees That We Are Strong" - YouTube Ed: ⚡ In one simple step, Zelensky won. Instead of running, he braved and stayed. In that one step he won the hearts and minds of the world.
03/09 17:55:53 Russia Says It Is Ready To Stop Invasion 'In A Moment' If Ukraine Meets Conditions Ed: 👇 Either he is lying or Russia is coming to its senses and moving the goal posts towards where Ukraine can accept.
03/08 22:19:39 Ukraine has multiple 'biological research' facilities that the U.S. is trying to prevent from falling into the hands of the Russians Ed: ⚡ You heard it here first (days ago). US funded Bionuke labs on Russia's doorstep! Some cockamamie excuse that they were there to contain Russian bioweapons. Yeah sure, then why are we trying to stop them falling into Russian hands? Not excusing Putin's invasion, but it makes you wonder..
03/07 12:48:10 Russia warns it is at war with any country hosting Ukrainian fighter jets - Daily Mail Online Ed:
US gives Poland the 'green light' to give Ukraine MIG fighter jets as Russia warns it is at WAR with ANY country hosting Kyiv's aircraft
β€’ Russia's Defense Ministry has warned neighbouring countries against hosting Ukraine with warplanes
β€’ Ministry spokesman said it 'could be considered as those countries' engagement in the military conflict'
β€’ United States is working with Poland to supply MiG-29 fighter jets that can be used by Ukrainian Air Force
β€’ In return, Poland has asked for F-16 fighter jets to be given to the country as backup in exchange for the MiGs
β€’ Polish government wary of angering Russian President Vladimir Putin, keen for it not to be seen as a NATO act
β€’ Ukrainian air force require Russian fighter aircraft because those are the models they have been trained on
03/07 12:44:02 Ukraine war- Russian invasion grinds to a halt - Daily Mail Online Putin's invasion grinds to a halt: Kyiv claims to have destroyed dozens of Russian helicopters overnight, retaken a city, and killed 11,000 troops while Russians have captured no significant territory sparking hopes Ukraine could win the war
03/07 11:47:23 NATO must help Ukraine with military means to avoid World War --Lithuanian president to Blinken - LRT U;L👇 This is an oxymoron - pouring fuel on a fire will not extinguish it. Maybe the headline is inaccurately reflecting the sentiment which seems to be "for defense". However, we do see that some risk needs to be taken. See today's analysis at

Ps: President Gitanas Nauseda of Lithuania is an unusual man - very tall, speaks excellent English .. And with a name like Git Anus Nausea, he is very memorable.
03/06 15:43:10 Putin's mind, is he mad- - YouTube Ed: 🎥 Vlad Vexler & Dr. John Campbell - very insightful.
03/06 15:24:09 I was wrong about Russia... - YouTube Ed: 🎥 Nigel Farage back on the 25th .. spot on as always. Thankfully, tension has eased due to China and Belarus saying they are natural, but Farage remains correct.
03/06 14:50:35 Nuclear Fears Intensify As Ukraine War Builds. What Is Putin's Threshold- Ed: 👇 Firstly, this is MSM fearmongering bollix - the nuke threat has subsided thanks to China and Belarus declaring neutrality. However (having friends in the Ukraine and having spoken with them) this bowing to fear is appalling cowardice by NATO and will only embolden the bully. A rethink is surely needed!
03/05 02:20:47 There's More To This - YouTube Ed: 🎥 Russel Brand, Ukraine.
03/05 00:28:36 Russian cabinet 'were kept in the dark by Putin over invasion plans and unprepared for sanctions' - Daily Mail Online Ed: 👇 This is the LIAR level of secrecy. At times, secrecy can be honorable. This is dishonorable - MISLEADING and the act of a LIAR. He sought to be like Peter The Great but became Putin The RAT!
03/04 13:05:28 Ukraine war- Putin cannot deny evidence on this scale - Daily Mail Online Ed: 👇 It's farcical for Putin to deny all this. Indeed, he's moved from just denying it to complaining the Ukraine militia are using citizens as a human shield. All that chaos? All those burning and shattered buildings? Maybe they were using buildings as an architectural shield? Bottom line is that if you invade a country, especially a westernized and civil one, no matter what the provocation, how much corruption, you have way overstepped Vlad.
03/04 12:06:33 Ukraine- How might the war end- Five scenarios - BBC News Ed: 🔎 BBC reached same conclusions we have in today's analysis
03/04 03:24:26 Ukraine war- Kyiv convoy has hardly moved in three days - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔎 "Zelensky tells Putin 'sit down with me, I don't bite, I'm a normal bloke' after Russian President's breathtaking address calling Ukrainians 'extreme gangsters' who use civilians as 'human shields' while his forces relentlessly bombard family homes" - Suspicion over Zelensky mounts..
03/03 20:23:13 China says it is willing to mediate between Russia and Ukraine after saying it 'deeply regrets' war - Daily Mail Online Ed: ☘ "in sign that Beijing's support for Putin is wavering" - Putin must be feeling pretty exposed right now. Unless China is lying, this extraordinarily good news for the globe!
03/03 11:30:18 Putin is NOT crazy and the Russian invasion is NOT failing, writes military analyst BILL ROGGIO - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🏮 Spot on. We need to be doing more. A lot more.
03/03 03:23:07 'Wanted- Dead or Alive'- Russian Tycoon Puts $1M Bounty on Putin's Head Ed: ❓ Only $1m ?? Cheapskate. But seriously, this is as was predicted. The bounty will grow. The days of Putin The Rat are numbered!
03/02 21:58:39 'We were told they would welcome us'- Russian soldier moments before his death in Ukraine - World News - Sky News Ed: ☘

"Mama, I'm no longer in Crimea. I'm not in training sessions."

"Where are you then? Papa is asking whether I can send you a parcel."
"Mama, I'm in Ukraine. There is a real war raging here. I'm afraid. We are bombing all of the cities together, even targeting civilians. We were told that they would welcome us and they are falling under our armoured vehicles, throwing themselves under the wheels and not allowing us to pass. They call us fascists. Mama, this is so hard."

Moments later he was dead.
03/02 15:08:42 These Countries Are Loudly Supporting Russia's Ukraine Invasion Ed: 🔎Also includes and even more interesting list of who is Neutral.
03/02 13:36:08 A rat with nuclear weapons... That's why we mustn't drive Vladimir Putin so far into a corner he will do anything to save his own skin Ed: 🎯 Peter the Great he ain't. More like Putin The Rat according to MOL. "right now he is backing himself into a corner - a rat with nuclear weapons that he hints he will not hesitate to use" - I think we need to remind ourselves that Russia has Nukes. Putin doesn't. He had the authority to tell his forces to launch, but he is fast losing the support of those he commands.
03/02 13:27:41 Biden Threatens Russia With 'Full Force' of NATO if Putin Moves West Ed: 🔎 That would be literally WW3. At least Biden the Two Faced (still buying Russian oil, thus financing Putin), has set a line in the sand.
03/02 02:21:24 NATO says no need to boost nuke alert --RT World News Ed: 🤔 ARE THEY INSANE? (or controlled??). Russia, standing in the proverbial wild west of global relations, has drawn its shooters, and we are in the street with our cowboys hats and studs goin.. "nah, he ain't serious".
03/01 17:57:22 Shocking Lessons U.S. Military Leaders Learned by Watching Putin's Invasion Ed: ⚡ The shock is at just how bad they are. Almost hilarious except that tragically he just turned to shock and awe - killing a lot of people.
03/01 14:52:15 Moscow to seek legally binding security guarantees from NATO countries --Lavrov - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: ❓ Odd to be insisting on that at this time ..."Or what?" You'll Nuke us? Frankly, this war is already nuclear - the threat of it IS war. It is not if, but when they are actually used because Russia will be crushed financially and their Nukes is the only thing they can turn to. It is clear that Russia intends to consume its neighbors and expand its sphere of global influence until it was a #1 super power. It has gone about it completely the wrong way and now its words have zero credibility.
03/01 14:30:32 Medvedev Tells Le Maire to 'Watch His Words' After Vow to Wage 'Economic & Financial War' On Russia - 01.03.2022, Sputnik Int Ed: 📢 "Russia will face a collapse of its economy amid the full force of sanctions from the European Union and the United States unleashed against it" - French Finance Minister. "Watch your words, gentlemen! And do not forget that economic wars in the history of mankind often turned into real ones," - replied Medvedev (former RU president) on Twitter.
03/01 13:33:18 Belarus will not join Russian operation --Lukashenko --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Everyone is leaving your side Putin. Earlier in our timeline, you can see China has declared itself Neutral.
02/28 09:38:35 Twitter- Footage of the arrival of the Ukrainian delegation for talks in Belarus U;L🏮 Many things to log, all boring. 1st, Let's hope Zelensky did not go - it's just a walk in firing squad.

Roundup: As we are avoiding fear porn, but we wish to log the events, lets do a very quick roundup - yes, Things are escalating:
Belarus approves Russian Nukes on their soil; Also here;(RU spreads nukes to make targeting them harder)
β€’ What to do if there is a Nuclear Explosion -; (apparently recently added)
β€’ US citizens told to leave Russia 'immediately' - RT;(Hmmm)
β€’ Kyiv Near 'Catastrophe,' Berdyansk Falls, UN Session Called (newsweek) Live(changes).
β€’ Latvia Authorises its Citizens to Fight in Ukraine: Sputnik Dangerous as Putin may call this reason to Nuke Latvia
β€’ White House Responds to Putin Raising Nuclear Alert to "Ready" (epoch)

We are racing to copy all our stories referenced from before it is turned off.

Remember yesterday's Kinesis - it won't happen!
02/27 14:41:46 Ukraine and Russia set to hold negotiations at border with Belarus, says office of President Zelenskyy - World News - Sky New Ed: 🔎 If Zelensky attends, this will end in Murder.
02/27 14:06:20 West agrees to cut Russian banks from Swift payments system - Daily Mail Online U;L👇 This had to come. Putin's assassination is just around the corner. He is getting more desperate - for example Radioactive waste disposal site near Kyiv is hit by Russian airstrike as battle for capital enters third day AND Live LIVEPutin puts nuclear deterrent on 'special alert' ( He is becoming a major concern for us all.
02/27 06:00:17 Germany to Send Anti-Tank Weapons, Missiles to Ukraine in Major Policy Reversal 👇
Berlin: "This is a major reversal of Berlin's longstanding policy of banning weapon exports to battle zones."

LOL .. yeah sure, we know you only manufacture weapons for fun!
WTF else do you make them for? Toy shops?? Germany has gone full liberal eyed loon.
02/27 01:10:48 Musk agrees to help Ukrainian government --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
02/27 00:45:21 Boris Johnson on Twitter- -We have taken decisive action tonight with to eject Russia from SWIFT Ed: 🔺 Yellings applauds this. Er... Where is the nearest bunker please? I am gravely concerned for my offspring, but for myself living near to Heathrow? A prime target? I will go down with this ship hopefully after I have helped some young uns.. Putin MUST GO!
02/26 17:40:41 Ukrainian man offers to tow enemy tank back to Russia after it runs out of fuel - The Independent Ed: 😀 Fantastic spirit!
02/26 17:07:38 Why Putin's '£15BILLION-a-day' invasion ISN'T going to plan - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔎Putin must leave immediately or risk assassination by his own people.
02/26 16:03:51 Vladimir Putin threatens two more countries as Russia invasion of Ukraine raises threat of world war - Irish Mirror Online 👇 This madman has caused a hardening towards Russia that may lead to assassination by his own people. He has completely overplayed his hand. Don't mistake the world's relative silence for inaction. You cannot negotiate with a liar. There is only one response to a despotic nuclear armed liar, and you can be sure there will be no warning given. (Ps: As per today's update on Yellings, we are not war correspondents, we will not be giving live updates. Our main mission is to log the coup and the use of war as a diversion from its unravelling).
02/26 08:47:21 Ukrainian Resistance to Russia Will Make Afghans Look Tame, Schumer Says Ed: 🔎 Whilst this guy is not credible, what he says here is! Afghans' eternally embarrassed themselves in 2021. Not a single fibre of moral dignity and decorum was observed as they lay down their arms, women and children before bandits. If ever there was a "race" that deserves to be reduced to the state of a sub-species, it would have to be this embarrassment to humanity. Their president ran way, their well armed forces ran away, their fighting men deserted to America. PATHETIC. Words cannot describe what this hand choppy, wife beatery, despicable non-people are.. a boil on the backside of humanity. At best.
02/26 07:46:22 Zelensky agreed to talks with Kremlin, venue being discussed --Kiev --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔎 Wow - is peace about to break out? As for Washington offers to evacuate Zelensky, I hope he takes the offer for his family. allies and friends. This article is worth a read. Extract: "We do believe that Israel is the only democratic state in the world that has great relations with both Ukraine and Russia". Op Ed: Personally, I believe that Putin has way overstepped the mark and must be surgically removed right now. Long term peace may require more than detente.
02/25 23:53:33 UK adds Putin and Lavrov to sanctions list --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Putin blew it! Pissed off colleagues queuing up to assassinate.. That's our guess.
02/25 22:08:37 Felix Light on Twitter- -Zelensky posts a video with top aides + his prime minister, apparently from above ground in Kyiv Ed: 🔎 OK, so I have been very anti the shrew Zelensky, but now I am impressed. He may be a better wartime leader than a peacetime one. How absurd that Putin was calling for Zelensky's army to desert him and overthrow him? How misguided is Putin in completely misunderstanding the mind of the free?
02/25 16:04:24 Ukraine needs more than 'advice' from West --Erdogan --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L🎬 This will be the first of many new calls for increased help. Read today's analysis on - Putin has made a brutal threat of nuking anyone who intervenes. This will force NATO to act because if we capitulate in the face of threat, then we've already lost and Putin will just keep going..
02/25 13:31:10 Ukraine ready to discuss neutrality, Zelensky says --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 too little too late. Should have done this earlier. But you have to hand it to the brave little sod, he has stayed in Kiev, he has stayed at the helm, even with parachute regiments dropping in as we speak. This is an "eat humble pie" move but it at least he is doing something.
02/25 11:47:05 Joe Biden announces what the US are going to do in retaliation to Putin and Russia - Irish Mirror Online Ed: 🔎 Gives an excellent situation update from a former US Ambassador to Ukraine in video. It's about as positive as we can be at this sad time. As for Biden's response, "we'll send more troops but they won't fight in Ukraine" - a bit lame, but I'm guessing they are planning hard right now. Today's analysis to follow shortly (we will update here to let you know).
02/24 16:15:26 Russian forces enter Chernobyl to seize nuclear plant amid firefight with Ukrainians - World News - Mirror Online 🔴 What for? Maybe Zelensky's tweet HERE explains it - "Russian occupation forces are trying to seize the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Our defenders are giving their lives so that the tragedy of 1986 will not be repeated.... This is a declaration of war against the whole of Europe". Well, it may be used as a threat but unlikely as it could easily be bombed from just over the border, so it is more likely it is to deny Ukraine access to the radioactive material therein.
02/24 15:32:53 Lithuania's President declares state of emergency --Public Radio of Armenia U;L🔎 says he plans to send the army to defend its borders in response to "possible disturbances and provocations due to large military forces massed in Russia and Belarus". It's spreading already. Yellings thought Russia would go for the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) before Ukraine because they are already in NATO. Indeed, there is considerable NATO build up there right now - 173rd Airborne Brigade battalion heads to Latvia as Ukraine comes under Russian attack. See also Baltic states and Poland move to invoke NATO Article 4
02/24 12:35:35 Brief summary of events so far across Ukraine - Twitter 🏮
*Very* brief summary of events so far: Nick Waters

1. Strikes by long range missile across Ukraine, targeting airports, radars, ammo depots & warehouses
2. Ground pushes towards Kyiv from Belarus, Kharkiv & up from Crimea.
3. Very large Ru air assault on Hostomel air base, just NW of Kyiv.
02/23 16:56:35 'Massive cyberattack' underway, Ukraine reports --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L⚡ Putin really turning up the screws on poor Ukraine. Claims of power outs - Hal - Blackout Hits Kiev; Government and Banking Web Sites under Ddos Attack - and twitter too abuzz with info about bomb scares the lot.
02/23 14:25:12 Hannity- This is madness - YouTube Trump: @ 6:19 "IT CERTAINLY DOESN'T SEEM TO MAKE SENSE THAT THEY[Germany] PAY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO RUSSIA AND THAT WE HAVE TO DEFEND THEM AGAINST RUSSIA". It makes sense if you know that Merkle and Putin were groomed by, and are alumni of, the Young Global Leaders school under Schwab, the chairman of the Davos Summits and WEF(World Economic Forum). On yellings today, you will see Schwab sitting under a bust of Lenin.
02/22 18:36:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Resumes Fighting; Shells Luhansk Despite Presence of Russia Peacekeepers Ed: ♦ We've held this back while trying to verify it. Hal gives us photographic evidence of course, but it seems other MSM media are not willing to touch it. Other than the new spate of shelling, Hal gives a highly recommended analysis of the situation. Seems like hopes for peace were very short lived.
02/22 11:38:18 There will be no war --Ukrainian president --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L☘ Until he changes is mind again and starts threatening to use force. But this is a very good outcome if the fools in NATO stop poking the bear with sanctions(eg: Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 certification - cutting off their own noses to spite their faces and creating an energy crisis in Europe. Puting doesn't care - he's just sending the gas to China).
02/22 09:50:32 Putin's Ukraine Peacekeepers 'Aren't Fooling Anyone,' US Warns 👇 No one seems too bothered in the US - The frontpage headline before you go to this story reads "US: Russian Troops Already in Ukraine's Donbas, No Plans to US Send Forces
As reports emerge of Russian peacekeeping units entering Ukraine's Donbas, a senior administration official said "Russia has occupied these regions since 2014."
". That's our view too. You can't invade your friends. No invasion, indeed, pressure is off - unless US & UK hit RU with dumb sanction bombs.. See today's analysis shortly.
02/21 15:28:44 Biden Agrees to Meet With Putin If Russia Doesn't Invade Ukraine Ed: 🔎 He isn't going to invade we hear. We understand this is all a charade. but who knows. Putin probably will support and arm the Donbass regions who have apparently just now lobbied Putin to recognise them as independent.
02/19 20:17:52 Who's telling the truth on the Ukraine conflict- - Ukraine-Russia crisis - Al Jazeera Ed: 🤔 A very good roundup of events and the 2 opposing viewpoints. The UK guy leans towards Russia's side and tells of the ridiculous damage of insulting, pointless sanctions. The other 2 are Ukrainian - and have some harrowing views on the pressure they are under (in part from Biden, and the West's desertion ... where have we seen that before? Hmmm). They all win, but the UK guy has the edge.
02/18 21:23:08 Ukraine to launch military operation via breakaway Lugansk republic - militia leader --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🥳 Donetsk / Donbas claim Ukraine firing on them, (just what Putin wants as an excuse to boil a few countries off the face of the earth for fun) but Ukraine denying it, now Donbas claiming Ukraine to launch via breakaways .. kind of a political cloaking device... As long as they are all enjoying themselves, Yellings Man says carry on!
02/18 20:35:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - Over-The-Horizon Radar Jamming! (This Radar Detects Inbound Nuke Missiles!) Ed: ⚡ It's been a good life. I'm having a few drams. Is Russia just playing games again? Or am I, living near Heathrow, about to be toast?)
02/18 15:41:13 Hal Turner Radio Show - Fighting in Ukraine -Worst in years- Ed: Strange goings on - quite possibly a Russian False Flag attempt. Heavy fighting (reported in video, today) and yet Ukraine strongly denies they are shooting.
02/18 14:25:03 Breakaway Ukrainian region orders evacuation --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 📢 into Russia! Having had NATO and the US arm Ukraine's troops with all manner of advanced weaponry, they believe Ukraine is set to take back Donbass etc by force. This will have been arranged by Putin and is likely to become his excuse for more activity. Note: At Yellings, we have changed our Policy a little - we are no longer going to fan the flames of war rhetoric or "war dance" drills, but we will report on significant events. We do not think Putin intends to invade but we watch closely.
02/17 13:40:13 Putin Is Sending Troops to Ukraine Border, Not Withdrawing, U.S. Says Ed: ⚡ What Putin says and does are complete opposites.
02/16 19:38:46 Mexican man pleads guilty to acting as a Russian agent in the US - Breaking911 Ed: U;L👇 Very much in the "Nyquist Scenario" - Jeff Nyquist claimed there are already Russian operatives working on US Soil (having hidden WMDs). For more info, see and search the page for Nyquist Scenario
02/15 15:32:38 Ukraine crisis- Room for 'cautious optimism' after Russia removes troops - Daily Mail Online Ed: 👇 Yellings believe this apparent retreat is a cover - he is moving everything alright - into Ukraine. Otherwise, Putin's prevarication lead the Russians to revolt - Putin has to act or he is a dead man walking. See today's analysis.
02/15 13:54:55 WATCH Russia pull back weaponry --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Is Russia running away?
02/14 15:45:56 Russian state media begins propaganda push amid fears Ukraine invasion is imminent - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔎"A pretext for war? Russian TV propagandists claim 'thousands of civilians have been tortured and savagely killed' by Ukraine amid invasion fears - and Moscow threatens to FIRE on US ships in its waters after submarine row"
02/14 10:00:13 Hal Turner Radio Show - Breaking NATO has decided to deploy an -Air Police- mission as 147,800 Russian Troops Deployed Around Ed: ⚡ In Ukraine, 8 Russia-Ukrainian civilians killed. Good analysis by Hal .. inc blood shipped to front line, US economic chaos bringing war as a relief.
02/14 09:55:06 Two more planes carrying U.S. military aid are unloaded at Kyiv's Boryspil airport during the night - Militarnyi Ed: 🤔 Zelensky & Russia - no invasion. Biden NATO - send more weapons. Move along. No provocation to see here!
02/12 15:07:20 Explosion in eastern Ukraine --reports --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 💥 "described as a 'minor stir at the line of contact'."; See also Russia pulls diplomats from Ukraine - RT
02/11 22:02:53 Stalemate in Ukraine 🤔Ukraine Update: So far, no tangible change has been visible. There has clearly been a frustrated response by Russia to the 9 hr Normandy 4 meet that produced only stalemate. Several reports have come to us to suggest Putin has given a green light for an invasion, but no such invasion has been either begun or been authorized by Putin (to our knowledge). From what we see, this appears accurate, and we are now in a "holding pattern" awaiting news of a major event. That may be a while.
02/11 20:44:13 Nick Schifrin -Asked about my earlier reporting, @JakeSullivan46 says the US has not concluded Putin gave the order to invade Ed: 🔴🏮 Important - check the wording. Nick, a reported, 1 hour ago merely said "Putin has decided to invade". He is yet to give the order to invade. Two different things. Jake Sullivan is doing damage limitation to reduce panic. Indeed, there is no need to panic.
02/11 20:29:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING- Claiming -Putin Gave the -Go- Order Ed: 🔴🎬 This is getting confirmed on Twitter already (see last post).
02/10 14:21:25 Russia kicks off huge war games just over Ukraine's border in Belarus - CBS News Ed: 🔎 "for 10 days, after which the Russian forces will leave Belarus and return to Russia".. But will they return to Russia? Or will they just go south? Or north into the Baltics?
02/10 13:29:33 Boris heads to NATO HQ vowing to draw 'line in the snow' over Ukraine threats - Daily Mail Online U;L⚡ "'This is the most dangerous moment for decades': Boris warns the 'stakes are very high'". See also Putin is planning a 'NUCLEAR strategic exercise' as Russian troops begin combat drills with Belarus | Daily Mail Online
02/10 13:18:32 US preparing for mass exodus of refugees --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L🎯(from Ukraine) This is how Russia will install thousands more soldiers onto the US mainland for the Nyquist Scenario to play out (See recent Analysis yesterday, day before, at
02/10 00:31:40 Bernie Sanders issues Russia warning --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 More waking up to this reality
02/09 04:26:03 North Korea issues dire warning to US --RT World News Ed: ☠ China and Russia's Rottweiler .. nothing to lose, just waiting to be let off the leash.
02/08 12:57:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Deploys Nuclear -Kinzhal- Missiles on Fighter Jets to Kaliningrad Ed: U;L🔴
02/08 10:19:51 Russia & France could go to war, Putin warns Macron --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ♦ Meet the new Feisty Putin...
02/07 23:06:32 Do you want a French-Russian war, Putin asks reporter --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 💥 Safe to say it got heated at times...
02/07 14:08:46 China backs Argentina over Falklands, angering Britain --RT World News Ed: ⚡ Wow! China just lit the fuse! Might as well tell Argentina to go to War against Britain. How about Britain backs the Philippines' right to the China Sea and the navy bases China put there? How about Britain backs the sovereignty of Nepal? The Uighurs territories?
02/07 13:39:23 Russia reveals who it thinks is behind Ukraine invasion scare --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
02/06 17:01:45 US comments on 'fighting Russian forces in Ukraine' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🤔 White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan tells @MarthaRaddatz there is a "very distinct" possibility Russia will attack Ukraine at "any time now." "It could happen as soon as tomorrow or it could take some weeks yet." Twit
02/05 18:18:46 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian Embassy BURNS in Philippines - Escalations in Ukraine and elsewhere Ed: 🔴 Hal cites multiple escalations and incursions. He quotes The New York Times as reporting "Along much of Ukraine's border, analysts are seeing what they describe as a near textbook example of a modern military making final preparations for war." He also notes that Putin has already returned from the Olympics in China.🔴Hal - Escalations in Ukraine and Russian Embassy BURNS in Philippines -- Hal cites multiple escalations and incursions. He quotes The New York Times as reporting "Along much of Ukraine's border, analysts are seeing what they describe as a near textbook example of a modern military making final preparations for war." He also notes that Putin has returned early from the Olympics in China.
02/05 18:15:54 Russia sounds alarm over military drones in Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 More sabers being rattled.. Situation red hot.
02/05 17:06:41 Soyuz-2.1a rocket carrying military satellite blasts off from Plesetsk - Science & Space - TASS Ed: 🔎(in Russia) The timing of this is of considerable concern. You can say goodbye to your Sat Navs and maybe your satellite comms if war starts. A worse possibility is space nukes.
02/05 16:59:41 Kremlin spokesman slams Bloomberg's publishing error as dangerous - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 🏮 This is ref their "accidentally" declaring that Russia had begun the invasion. "Dmitry Peskov does not believe that the publication was not a provocation.." Neither do we!
02/04 14:44:04 Now It Makes Sense - YouTube Ed: 🎥 Russel Brand on one of the most illuminating and wide ranging podcasts ever.

He deals with
β€’ The public awakening and switch to uninfected media sources
β€’ The childish MSM push backs on Joe Rogan that show themselves up
β€’ His own awakening to media corruption (brilliantly exampled by the Ivermectin thing)
β€’ The connection between MSM and warmongers
β€’ The increasingly obvious Left push for War in the Ukraine
β€’ WW3
β€’ Media, Gov, Defense suppliers - collusion

..And all this from a former Lefty (in many ways he still is, but an honourable one that espouses the original ethic of Leftism - liberty and fairness). Impressive!
02/03 17:51:12 The COVID Narrative Is Dead--s WW3 Next- - YouTube U;L🔴💥☠🎯 This is the 2nd time of posting about this - THIS IS A MUST WATCH especially for America.. After spending all day analysing this (on home page), the credibility factor of this is way too high to ignore. Yes its Gloomy, terrifying, who wants to know that you are to be EXTERMINATED? Jeff is an expert on this and he has cited evidence of infiltrators in the Afghan and Mexican influx that are planting -- NUCLEAR BOMBS IN THE US! To have any chance of survival, you must know this, then ACT like you've never acted before. AMERICA WILL BE ATTACKED, AND CHINA SEEKS TO RID THE US OF AMERICANS. We still see other outcomes, but the success of other solutions, some that we put forward, is evaporating, vanishingly fast. The conclusion above is a VERY CREDIBLE possibility. Ps: Video starts at 4:50 after ads and intro.
02/02 21:52:27 The COVID Narrative Is Dead - Is WW3 Next- - YouTube U;L🔴💥☠🎯 This is the 2nd time of posting about this - THIS IS A MUST WATCH especially for America.. After spending all day analysing this (on home page), the credibility factor of this is way too high to ignore. Yes its Gloomy, terrifying, who wants to know that you are to be EXTERMINATED? Jeff is an expert on this and he has cited evidence of infiltrators in the Afghan and Mexican influx that are planting -- NUCLEAR BOMBS IN THE US! To have any chance of survival, you must know this, then ACT like you've never acted before. AMERICA WILL BE ATTACKED, AND CHINA SEEKS TO RID THE US OF AMERICANS. We still see other outcomes, but the success of other solutions, some that we put forward, is evaporating, vanishingly fast. The conclusion above is a VERY CREDIBLE possibility. Ps: Video starts at 4:50 after ads and intro.
02/01 16:53:11 Families of US diplomats ordered to leave Belarus --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ♦ The US cited "unusual" Russian military activity in Belarus. Yes, "unusual" is exactly what it would look like if Russia was secretly headed for Latvia etc. This is as we predicted on Jan 30 in #224/ ..they only want us to think they are invading the Ukraine.
01/26 23:51:36 Russia unveils military plans in Cuba & Latin America --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔴 This evening, there are so many signals that war is imminent, it would be futile to handle them separately - so here's a list...
NATO rejects Russia's 'red line'
β€’ Washington tells Russian ambassador he might have to leave
β€’ WATCH Russian Navy kicks off wargames in Arctic
β€’ North Korea fires missile into sea - reports
β€’ Hal Turner Radio Show - FWIW
β€’ For others, see our timeline.

These make the story Russia unveils military plans in Cuba & Latin America seem tame - that may be the least worst option.
01/26 13:59:55 Russia orders warships into Black Sea (VIDEO) --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
01/26 01:27:53 Legislators call for showdown with Russia at sea --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⏳ That lull passed quickly... Kinesis shows this will be a passing quiet patch before the storm. Until we cab neuter the cabal, this will continue.
01/25 16:58:14 US says it will refuse all security concessions proposed by Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ In today's analysis, we said "there will be war" based on a certain line of reasoning. And lookey there, the US is doing the Cabal's bidding by continuing belligerent provocation.
01/24 15:46:31 Ukraine- Boris Johnson warns Russian invasion would be disastrous - BBC News U;L🥳 What a clown. Never have words been used more sagely than "Putin and Russia probably deserve respect" by German Navy chief [who then] resigns over Putin 'respect' comments. None of the western elite clowns showed that level of diplomacy.
01/24 00:14:00 Ukraine- US orders families of embassy staff to leave - BBC News 🎬 Now on the BBC. We covered this 2 days ago. And now it doesn't get more main stream media (MSM) than this. This is real, this is now happening.

After 12 months of repeated warnings, wealthy conservatives who did nothing, despite the rank and file begging them to get off their arses and put some muscle to the wheel, may just pause to think...Frankly, we don't care what you think now. We're all fooked and when you could have stopped it, you didn't. Well done jerk offs.
CSU blue prints.. way too late now. Roast in hell jerk offs.
01/23 05:51:15 Hal - MOSCOW DECLARES IT WILL NOT ALLOW ITS CITIZENS IN DONBAS TO BE KILLED BY LETHAL WEAPONS SENT BY NATO 🏮 Now, Russia has the legal means by which to justify entry into Ukraine with its military: Responsibility To Protect.
01/22 17:33:29 Hal Turner Radio Show - CHINA COLONEL ON TV- Will Sink US Aircraft Carriers, Escalate Immediately to Nuclear War with USA Ed: ⚡ (some colonel getting a bit carried away on TV saying what he will do if US interferes with Taiwan take-down). Hal's response is hilarious.
01/22 14:12:55 Ukrainian troops train for missile launches near Crimea --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 You're in the wrong country lads.
01/22 12:11:29 WATCH- Russian rockets roll toward Belarus --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 One wonders if Putin is aiming to clear NATO out of all the western Balkans. NATO's Estonia and Latvia must also be of considerable security concern as have basically already broken through Russian policy to border north east Russian. One thing for sure is you never know where Putin will strike.
01/22 11:03:27 Zelensky commented on a possible evacuation of US diplomats from Ukraine - CNN - World - TASS U;L♦ As Hal comments (link below), it is very serious when they start evacuating embassies. Ukrainian President said it would be an "overreaction" to the situation around Ukraine. Note that this does not include the Ambassador it would seem. Hal - UPDATED: EVACUATION UNDERWAY ! ! ! ! U.S. Embassy Requests Permission to EVACUATE STAFF and FAMILIES from Ukraine
01/22 10:48:14 Russia demands NATO pullout from Bulgaria, Romania - CGTN Ed: 🔎 We are aware they are in NATO but not that there are foreign NATO troops stationed there. Think about this in terms of constant MSM calling out Russia for moving troops down to the region. These 2 countries are south of Ukraine sharing the Black Sea shoreline.
01/22 10:30:22 US carrier heads to surprise NATO wargames --RT World News Ed: ⚡ (in the Mediterranean). We can be sure it isn't a "game". This is presumably preparedness, sailing up in or near the Aegean Sea, close to the Black Sea, where the troubles are.
01/21 23:42:32 Hal Turner Radio Show - After Failed Geneva Meeting, Military Escalation Happening at Stunning Pace Ed: 🤔 "all this began under Barack Obama when he and the European Union overthrew the Democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich and installed a puppet government in Ukraine" - So true. We studied this. We said it many times.
01/20 18:13:46 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Grants Permission to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania to Send Weapons to Ukraine Ed: 💥 As Hal says - putting out the fire with petrol.
01/20 16:27:01 Putin's battle plans & Ukraine invasion maps as (un)-covered by Western media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 As dreamed up by the MSM would be more apt than covered. This makes an invasion look "not very clever" which is of course what the MSM wants everyone to think. Whatever you think Russia will do, Putin will do the opposite. I'd dust off my anti ICBM kit if I was America's Milley. (We're not trying to create fear - as said, we doubt they will ever Nuke cities, but we do expect an attack on US's war machine - including Naval fleets which are now all out in the open thanks to the Biden / Milley pea brain strategizing).
01/20 14:30:01 Ukraine planning 'false flag' Donbass incident --militia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🎯 More evidence the Cabal is actively trying to GOAD Putin into an attack. On Tuesday, Ukraine started vigorous artillery shelling in Donbass (search artillery in our timeline) and now we have this. The fact that "British-trained saboteurs" are involved is very concerning.
01/19 17:58:58 Ukraine facing 'nightmare scenario' as Russian troops mass along border, British defence chiefs warn - Daily Mail Online ❓🎯 We would be surprised if Russia invades. Remember, Russians love chess. This is a diversion. Footnote: To be honest, we don't like the DM. They can be very 2 faced and will attack anything or demolish anyone's reputation if it suits them, left or right. We suspect the DM are unwittingly aiding Russia with their propaganda diversion.
01/19 16:55:51 Hal Turner Radio Show - US Amphibious Assault Ships to Try Crimea Take-Back from Russia- Ed: ♦ Unlikely to say the least. Hal's last 2 paragraphs make more sense - and this is what we've been saying. Russia and China versus America. However, in our recent analysis, we think this is all about luring fleets into the open where they can be nuked without collateral damage. This will declaw the US and reset the balance of power. After that, we think Putin will expose the corruption in the US swamp and replace Biden's illegitimate admin with one that Putin can do business with.
01/19 13:20:52 Ukraine gets British anti-tank missiles (VIDEO) --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🎥 "will be used exclusively for defense purposes". Sure, we believe you.
01/19 12:18:54 Six Russian landing ships sail past Britain sparking speculation they are bound for Ukraine - Daily Mail Online Ed: U;L⚡ This is why Russia did not react to yesterday's provocative artillery fire from Ukraine. But are they bound for Ukraine? Other destinations include Taiwan... Expect the unexpected! See new analysis on
01/19 11:28:29 Hal Turner Radio Show - WAR Coming Fast; U.S. Navy Sorties 22 Warships, 4 Nuclear Subs in ONE DAY Ed: 🔴 Which is right where Russia wants them and why he did not react to yesterday's provocation. Analysis on Yellings coming soon..
01/18 19:24:26 NATO mounting build-up near Belarus, Russia claims --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🏮 Qt: "Moscow has vowed that it will not turn a blind eye to the US-led military bloc's purported build-up near Belarus"
01/18 14:32:03 Ben Wallace invites Russian counterpart to crunch talks on Ukraine - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔎 UK Equipment flown in to Ukraine. Earlier report said Troops as well, but this appears to have been retracted.
01/18 11:26:36 Russia won't withdraw missiles from Kaliningrad --Kremlin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 No one is backing down! I doubt anyone asked Russia to withdraw, so this is more rhetoric than obstinance, but the resolve is the same - if no one backs down, this is going to be bad.
01/17 22:49:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia expels diplomats and other staff from US embassy Moscow
01/17 15:40:39 NATO troops invited to deploy near Russian border --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🏮 Has Putin painted himself into a corner? He has to start a war now or he will look weak. It looks like Wendy Sherman called his bluff (see also Who is Biden's unblinking chief negotiator on Russia & Ukraine?). We will analyse this tomorrow on
01/16 22:06:23 Russia not going to discuss withdrawal of missiles from Kaliningrad with anyone - Kremlin - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TA
01/16 16:59:44 German politician compares anti-Russian sanctions to atomic bomb --RT Business News Ed: 💥 Fred is not wrong. Doing so will corner Russia and that's when the bombs really will start flying.
01/16 07:02:27 US media launches war propaganda campaign against Russia as CIA prepares to back an "insurgency" in Ukraine - World Socialist Ed: ⚡ Not encouraging. This is by their own admission, the socialist viewpoint .. and thus a great insight into the way the enemy within is thinking.
01/15 19:53:36 You should know- Russian missile divisions are leaving for Crimea
01/15 14:08:21 US to train 'Ukrainian insurgents' in EU --media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 More Provocation
01/15 05:41:40 Hal Turner Radio Show - FREE Audio Archive- Russian Nuclear Sub Off U.S. East Coast over Ukraine Troubles WE CAUSED! Ed: ☠ If depopulation is the Cabal's goal, they seem to be going about it the right way.
01/14 17:42:05 Russia won't be intimidated by 'crippling' sanctions, ambassador to US says - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 👇 Which tells us they intend to up-end everything long before those sanctions can take effect. Russia is playing for keeps - this is not a drill.
01/14 16:20:26 US has intelligence Putin will stage a 'false flag' attack on his troops as a pretext to invade - Daily Mail Online Ed: U;L🎯 This backs up Hal's earlier story(Here)
01/14 16:12:04 Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine- And other questions - BBC News Ed: ❓ Informative graphics if not a bit understated.
01/14 14:51:47 Ukraine cyber-attack- Government and embassy websites targeted - BBC News Ed: ⚡ Goodness! On the BBC!
01/14 14:06:53 Hal Turner Radio Show - URGENT- Lavrov - -Russia's Patience with the West has come to an end . . .- MFA- -World Faces IRREVER "World Faces IRREVERSIBLE Consequences". Yes, Hal adding to what we already know and including uncited reports of extensive hacking by Russia to get military intel. Op Ed: We doubt Russia will wait until Wednesday.
01/14 12:23:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - UH OH - U.S. Gov't Now Talking -False Flag (by Russia)- to Justify Invasion -- Likely means U.S. Goin Qt: Likely means U.S. Going to attack and CALL IT "False Flag by Russia".. Well, it seems a little bit of an over-interpretation, but Hal has reported accurately and cited 2 tweets (Murphy cite is in the date). Our opinion is that as the Cabal's plans unravel, they will indeed push for war and continue to provoke. NATO, EU, UK and US probably can defeat Russia in conventional war, and that's why it will turn to Nukes at the 1st excuse. However, no one will be bombing cities - there is no need, it serves to do nothing in war except waste nukes and poison the planet for us all. Remember earlier rumours that both sides are preparing their bunkers.
01/14 12:11:42 Lavrov Calls For West To Respond Quickly To Kremlin Security Demands Ed: 🔎 Qt "Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow has "run out of patience" with the West and expects a written response to its demands for security guarantees within a week "
01/13 16:56:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Says Talks Have Failed, No Sense in Continuing at this time; Massive Movement of Military Hard 🔴 trains and bombers on the move, including hypersonic "aircraft carrier killer missile" Qt: Russia's rep to OSCE says proposals "should determine whether we will agree on those lines that cannot be crossed, or the situation [that] will follow [is] a scenario that can lead to catastrophic consequences."
01/13 00:45:25 US must prepare for war with Russia, ex-Pentagon official claims --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🎯 It's not going to be conventional, as expected, or merciful. We just hope Putin will break the back of the cabal / swamp. If he is a good man, that will be his objective.
01/12 12:05:44 US demands explanation as Russia begins new exercises near Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Seems a tad silly of Putin to do this during peace talks .. unless he is literally about to invade.
01/11 20:53:09 UAWire - Russia begins large-scale military drills near Ukrainian borders after inconclusive talks with the U.S-
01/11 16:59:32 Russia & China should fight against 'external forces' in Central Asia --Beijing --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔴 See also China, Russia stand together in support of Kazakhstan's dealing with unrest - Global Times - The two countries are talking closely as these 2 stories appeared simultaneously and neither would be approved statements unless Putin and Xi have approved. By External Forces, they mean EU / CIA / MI6! Buckle up!!
01/11 14:52:35 Russia moves additional attack aircraft to Ukraine border
01/10 18:46:10 Americans 'underestimate gravity of situation,' Russia warns after European security talks --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🔴🔴 Qt: "We do not trust the other side, so to speak," Ryabkov said. "It's over, enough is enough.". And on that sad note, kiss your children goodbye. Actually we are not that pessimistic - see today's earlier Analysis on - still relevant.
01/10 11:32:36 Kazakhstan crisis 'attempted coup' --President --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L🏮 Yes, we agree totally. See today's Analysis Update on
01/09 21:20:31 Hal Turner Radio Show - RUSSIA MOVING ALMOST ENTIRE EASTERN MILITARY DISTRICT WEST TOWARD KAZAKHSTAN AND UKRAINE OK Hal, no need to shout... :-D But seriously, worth keeping an eye on this.
01/09 14:42:22 Hal Turner Radio Show - RUMOR- Biden and Harris EVACUATED to Area 51 on Saturday Ed: ⚡ Worth a read. Better to read depressing rumors and stay alive than being happy and dead.
01/09 13:20:30 Russia says it will never make concessions under pressure --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔺 Study the wording and you will see Russia continues to be reasonable (and continues to be provoked).
01/08 20:01:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - Satellites Would Be Attacked First, Then These Radar Stations if WW3 Commences next week Ed: 🔴 A barnstorming analysis of the situation by Hal, better than the one we did, but in complete agreement in principle. Russia are not the bad guys here. Neither is the West - but we are controlled by the Davos Cabal and their Swamp enablers. Their intent seems more about doing evil than gaining power -- like football thugs with nukes. Two new items we were unaware of - "Russia Begins Airlift of "Strategic Supplies" To Doomsday Bunker at Mt. Yamantau in Ural Mountains; Russian Aircraft Capable of Anti-Satellite Launches being fueled and Readied throughout Russia "
01/08 17:55:10 NATO 'never promised' not to expand, US claims --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Well, that's not very encouraging.. Given that Russia sees this as the equal and opposite of the Cuban missile crisis, then War it is? Throughout this affair, one gets the distinct impression The Biden Davos Cabal and the Swamp are deliberately trying to inflame and provoke.
01/05 16:23:33 Internet switched off in Kazakhstan amid unrest --reports --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Except in theory, this is the 1st time it has happened that we know of and should serve as a huge warning🔴 Is this a dry run for what will happen in the US?
01/05 11:18:11 Can Ukraine's Budding Missile Arsenal Run Out Russia's Invasion Clock- Ed: 🔺 We see no sign of NATO backing down their expansion, and no sign of the US etc abating the delivery of hardware, which means Russia must act soon, and as this article says, the clock is ticking.
01/02 16:19:16 Biden in his phone call with Putin said nuclear war can't be started - Kremlin aide - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 👇 So the Cabal has SOME sense?
01/01 14:44:59 Ukraine soldier killed by separatists as tensions with Russia soar Ed: 💥 The spark?
01/01 13:47:49 Biden told to scare Russia with new sanctions --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 📯 This about says it all. More severe provocation .. the swamp wants war.
12/31 12:12:57 Putin warns Biden he will SEVER ties if he imposes new sanctions - Daily Mail Online 👇 Did not go well, new aggressions expected, no war yet though(will wait until China ready).
US president urges Russian leader to 'de-escalate' during high-stakes phone call and says West will 'respond decisively' if he 'further invades' Ukraineβ€’ Both sides threatened consequences if Ukraine crisis is not resolved quickly
β€’ Biden and Putin talked by telephone for 50 minutes on Thursday afternoon
β€’ The Russian president said new sanctions would lead to the complete breakdown in relations between Washington and Moscow, said the Kremlin
β€’ Putin says he wants guarantees that Ukraine will not be admitted to NATO

12/31 03:45:20 Kremlin 'pleased' with Putin-Biden talks, but warns against 'colossal' mistake --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 📢 Is this the break through we hoped for? Qt: "Biden made it clear that the US does not intend to deploy offensive strike weapons in Ukraine," Ushakov said.Er.. they already have surely? Anyway, we should be optimistic.
12/30 12:31:06 'Senior Administration Official' Says Biden Is Going to be Very Strong with Putin on a Call Tomorrow Ed: If so then expect a fiery start to 2022. That talk will be early today in the US by the way.
12/30 12:12:04 Putin seeking compromise with Biden in Thursday call --Kremlin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⏳ That's today folks! We'd guess it is sometime in the morning US time, as that is evening in Moscow. It's doubtful a time has been decided.
12/29 21:44:46 Putin's phone call with Biden scheduled for late Thursday evening --Kremlin - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 🤔 (That's tomorrow .. for our more discerning readers). Tomorrow we learn out fate,,
12/29 12:10:25 Russian Navy announced night sniper exercises in Crimea
12/28 02:31:28 Two American Spy Planes Just Flew Right Over Ukraine. Their Mission- Map the Nearby Russian Army-
12/27 17:16:27 Hal Turner Radio Show - USAF Planes Flying Recon Missions Over eastern Ukraine - Pushing and Poking the Russian Bear
12/26 14:44:05 Putin hints at Russian response if West rejects security deal --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Obviously this contradicts the last post we made on this subject (10K withdraw), so things are, on balance, unstable / unchanged.
12/26 14:37:42 Russia withdraws troops from regions near Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🍷 10,000 troops sent home for xmas! ("..Interfax reporting that forces have finished their "operational coordination" exercise")
12/24 02:11:41 Hal Turner Radio Show - Is this -It-- Russia Announces -Large Scale Attack Drills- At Ukraine Border
12/23 13:47:56 Russia planning nuclear attack, Ukraine claims --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Just one person's view, but this article will give you some excellent background into the relationship of these nations. Just skim the 1st 2 paragraphs!
12/22 14:13:14 The West cannot concede an inch to Vladimir Putin- Marcus Kolga in the Globe and Mail - Macdonald-Laurier Institute Ed: ☘ A very dangerous and foolish quip from this Canadian moron. So if neither side will concede, we all die.. Is that what this lefty moron wants?
12/22 12:16:29 Russia warns of military action as fears mount of Christmas invasion of Ukraine - Washington Times Ed: U;L🤔 This was 2 days ago, and it can be seen in today's updated analysis that Russia is backing away from the brink. Analysis at
12/22 11:21:44 Moscow reveals preparations for possible conflict --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Is Russia backing away from the brink?
12/21 21:13:40 This is how you get an actual civil war, America --RT Op-ed Ed: ☘"The rising, alarmist rhetoric about purges and surveillance needed to root out potential "insurrectionists" in the US military is far less likely to prevent a shooting civil war than to become a self-fulfilling prophecy." - OF COURSE!
12/21 18:09:52 Hal - Russia Warns- Address Our Security Concerns or we will put Nukes in Cuba Ed: ☠ Well, we didn't think of that one! Putin knows how to throw a surprise!
12/21 13:59:58 EU leader urges NATO to move troops to eastern front --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L(of Ukraine). This is it - bloody war is days if not hours away. We are already in a state of war. Media still hiding it which means Xi wants you unprepared. Fully analyzed on today.
12/21 13:42:12 Gazprom halts gas transit to Germany via Yamal pipeline --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚠ Fully analyzed on today.
12/20 16:52:12 Why China won't invade Taiwan and Russia won't attack Ukraine - TheHill Ed: 👇 No, they'll just directly attack America instead, declaw it's army & navy, then they can do as they want. Of course Europe is in their way, so expect RU to neutralize that first. Israel Iran will neutralize themselves, and North Korea will neuter SK and Japan. Taiwan can wait. Finally, China will invade America after pasting US Silos. Job done. (If this sounds mad or MAD, then that's probably as it is. So I suspect TheHill is wrong and Russia will engage in a small theater war. What else can they do?).
12/20 12:16:40 UK- Ukraine will fight alone, we are unlikely to send troops Ed: 🏮 That, along with the US's same stance, shows at least is some sense. Now all we need is to reinstate the former president, ousted by an ongoing bloody coup by the EU, and we would have peace!
12/19 19:09:48 Who is to blame for the Ukraine crisis- --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: "Simply put, those inside the country consider the conflict over Ukraine to be a NATO war." - We agree if you consider that the Davos Cabal controls NATO.
12/19 04:25:09 Almost 800 previously secret US airstrikes in Afghanistan during 2020 and 2021 are revealed, as US military declassifies data. Ed: 🤔 LIARS a keep on LYING. This is an eyewatering account of Pentagoon lies. These may be easily justified, so WHY LIE about it? State backed terrorism - from the Pentagoons.
12/18 21:50:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - VIDEO- NATO (U.S.) Tanks Cross from Greece into Bulgaria heading north toward Ukraine Ed: 🔎 Time to dust off your tin foil hat.
12/18 16:00:22 Kremlin sends list of demands to NATO amid growing fears of Russian invasion Ed: 🏮 This is mainly a roundup of the last few days.
12/18 15:58:30 Belarusian Official Warns Baltics Would Be Wiped Out in Event of European War Ed: ♦ Not in the modern way war is waged. Precision targeting etc - provided they don't go MAD with nuking cities (I don't think that will happen).
12/18 13:18:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - We Are in Danger. US-EU-NATO v. Russia . . Ukraine Ed: U;L🔴 Hal in good form here. We agree and have analysed this deeply today at page top of ..
12/18 01:38:14 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Orders Two Strategic (Nuclear) Missile Complexes to -Combat Duty-; Closes Northern Sea Route i Ed: ☠ Msg to Hal.. Your subscribers gave you a huge bonus to help with your Mother's sudden death. Why do you then continue to hide life saving info behind a paywall? Are people who cannot afford a subscription excluded from your heroics?
12/17 18:23:44 White House responds to Russian security proposals --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: "The US "will not compromise" on NATO expansion.... "We have seen the Russian proposals. We are discussing them with our European allies and partners," White House Press Secretary said". Dumb, naked arrogance - I don't think Putin will be delighted.
12/17 13:20:47 Russia reveals security proposals to West --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 Discussed in today's Analysis 188/ at (top of page).
12/16 20:57:59 NATO promises to keep expanding, despite Russian objections --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 there's your provocation again. WW3 before or on Xmas. Psychopath brain-fused Lefties that Putin & Xi are about to permanently neuter. Where do these sicko fantasist provocative lefties ooze out from? Must be a big rock with fertile manure in it.
12/16 20:38:06 Hal - Classified Info - kinetic, war, with Russia, will commence very soon. Perhaps before Christmas Ed: ☠ Yes, Hal, our analysis leads to the same conclusion, but we do not put it behind a paywall. That said, I respect that you do, because in doing so you get more money and can thus reach a wider audience. I wish it were easier to inform people but it isn't.
12/16 14:35:28 US deploys F-15 fighters closer to Russian borders --RT World News Ed: 🔴 F15s In Romania, Aircraft Carrier in the Med. Sounds like a recipe for peace. NOT.
12/16 14:16:36 World War Three has already begun --Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Quote "A new global conflict is already breaking out in cyberspace, a top Russian defense official has claimed".
12/16 11:02:01 Ukraine's Zelensky calls for sanctions against Russia now --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ♦ Their little EU Shill, President Zelensky, realizing all his Bear Poking (repeatedly threatening to retake Crimea by force for example) is about to have his country vaporized, has started squealing guinea pig. His posturing has got him, and the world, into a dangerous place.
12/16 10:51:38 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Enters Mediterranean Sea Ed: 🔎 Hal notes that the purpose is unknown and that by convention, they cannot enter the black sea. A Christmas present for Putin?
12/15 02:44:07 NATO dismisses Russia's call for moratorium on missile deployment --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴Not good
12/14 15:16:43 Russia says it may be forced to deploy mid-range nuclear missiles in Europe --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
12/13 14:20:54 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia- -If NATO Fails to Give Security Guarantees, Our Response will be Military- U;L🔴(Confirmed by RT) "Lack of progress towards a political and diplomatic solution to this problem will lead to our response being military and technological," Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said(2nd REF).
12/12 14:56:26 Russia edges closer to war as new arms arrive on Ukraine's border - Ukraine - The Guardian Ed: 🏮 Guardian telling Russia what else they need to do to defeat Ukraine..
12/12 12:41:26 Russia Ukraine- Massive consequences if Moscow invades, G7 says - BBC News Ed: Leaving Russia, China, N Korea, Iran, and possibly India no choice but to declaw the lot of the G7. I live near a major airport. Should I worry? YES. If you do too, or you live near silos or military bases, you must take precautions too.
12/11 23:58:45 Israel preparing military option against Iran --media --RT World News Ed: 🎬 A sense of Deja Vu Anyone? Iran so needs it's arse kicking, and Israel is so hooked on arse kicking.. All the these middle eastern goons have had too much sun. But with America and the West imploding, we are not to judge.
12/11 19:10:51 NBC- US holds back additional military aid to Ukraine to avoid tension Ed: 🤔 Someone in the US is rattled.. The military chiefs? There is actually signs that Putin too is rattled.. Neither country wants to preside over ash and bleached skeletons.
12/11 15:46:24 Chinese state-run media says Beijing ready to use force against US --RT World News Ed: ♦ Multi-front war is coming, and NATO & Biden's Cabal, plus Ukraine's EU Puppet Zelensky, has pushed this into something far bigger than it should be. If some wealthy conservatives had been reading the writing on the wall, we would already have an advanced CSU, and Russia would be negotiating with us, not the Cabal.
12/11 13:48:03 Russia faces consequences if Ukraine invaded - Truss - BBC News U;L🔴 This should read "West faces consequences if Russia has to invade Ukraine to protect itself from 'worse than Cuban Missile Crisis' plans by warmongering NATO / Biden Cabal"! This is highly provocative rhetoric (also by US as HERE) and will be ensuring Russia is exploring major moves, such as joining China & N Korea in a combined front invasion on Taiwan etc as well.. or even an attack directly on US Soil.
12/08 21:28:55 Russia Ukraine- Sending US troops not on table - Biden - BBC News U;L🤔 I'll bet that made EU shill Zelensky sweat. The Ukrainian puppet president, Zelensky, has been threatening Russia like a yapping Chiwawa .. "I'll tell my mummy on you" .. what a dickhead. Now he realises Mummy ain't coming, what will he do? A word of advice Ukraine.. Zelensky and the EU are not your friends. Russia is tolerant of your independence - if you stop your shill president sucking up to the EU Davos Cabal. For full background, see Biden-Ukraine (
12/08 14:19:40 Putin-Biden talks- What next for Ukraine- - BBC News U;L🏮 At last the BBC (and so we assume most MSM) is at least starting to tell citizens what is coming. Unfortunately, it still contains the biased rhetoric of Putin seizing and annexing Crimea - a bare faced LIE. For the real truth, see Biden-Ukraine (
12/08 14:12:54 Republican senator brings up nuclear strikes when asked about possible US action against Russia - The Independent Ed: U;L🔴 Just one idiot getting loose with his lips, but obviously it is an option everyone is talking about (except senators who should be more guarded). See for latest analysis on shifting alliances.
12/06 21:25:27 Putin and Xi Working Together to Force Biden into a Two-Front Crisis He Can't Win Ed: ⚡ We have been saying this since April. Milley & Austen could not even see Afghan collapse, much less this. But it's OK, White Rage and Trans Toilets Have BEEN CONQUERED! God help America.
12/05 20:26:36 Defense Minister calls on Britain, Canada and the U.S. to place soldiers on borders of Ukraine - Defense Minister calls on Br Ed: 🤔 This isn't a horde of 3rd world bandits you are trying to repel.. .it's the full might of the 2nd most powerful country in the world. You don't just plop some cannon fodder on your border.
12/04 22:04:43 Why Putin May Go to War In Ukraine - The National Interest U;L❓ This article is so vacuous, it is an embarrassment to journalism -- MSM narrative or just shear incompetence? No mention of the history, no talk of the creeping threat to Russia as a major foe inches closer by the day in a way that America, by contrast, has complete isolation from. Ie: The closest base that Russia or China has to the US is an ocean away. In the case of Russia, 5 minutes flight time of a missile from the Ukraine to the Kremlin - their equivalent of the Whitehouse.
12/04 15:46:26 US intelligence says Russia planning Ukraine offensive involving 175K troops- reports - TheHill Ed: 🏮 Would this be the same intelligence that told us the Taliban were months away? Given the US military + commander-in-chief is NOT on our side, you know how this will end.
12/04 03:11:04 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Blacks-Out Commercial Ship Tracking System; Seizes Servers
12/03 17:18:59 La Palma volcano update- Increasing inflation, moderate volcanic tremor - VolcanoDiscovery U;L🔺 Right now, it looks to be blocked (due to inflation of 8cm since yesterday or 12cm - 6 inches - in last 3 days). We may be in for a spectacular event very soon as the powerfully close new moon @ 8AM UTC (3am US ET) shakes something loose... Dangers explored here.
12/02 11:58:28 'Direct threat aimed at Russia'- Moscow strikes back at Zelensky's remark on Crimea - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS U;L⚡ This is the core issue. See our analysis Yellings - Biden Ukraine.
12/02 11:22:18 Russia warns about 'nightmare scenario' of military confrontation in Europe --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🔴 Russia will do this to protect against EU / NATO. China will help simply by invading Taiwan, and if the US abandons Taiwan, then China will aid RU. N Korea too (with world's largest navy) will retake S K which US must defend as S Korea is where all our chips are made. What is behind all this is a stupendously evil Davos ... the EU, the Davos Great Rest, The Davos Cabal, call it what you will. They simply want war, in part as they see their evil vax Pharma Fascism unravelling, and in part as they see their Nov 3 2020 coup being exposed. Note how BBC / MSM not covering it? More Analysis HERE.
11/28 14:41:57 Taiwan scrambles to see off Chinese air force as Xi meets top brass Ed: 🏮 The world is unstable just now..
11/28 12:41:36 Russia Scales Up Warhead Production Ahead of Alleged Ukraine Offensive Next Year - Ed: U;L⚡ We have just run a major piece on Ukraine Dispelling MSM Disinformation atop our main page at - This is not Putin, it is the EU - please check it out.
11/28 12:06:56 Vladimir Putin's Ukraine obsession could spark a major European war - Atlantic Council 🏮 We have to keep correcting the gaslighting .. It was the EU who started a coup in 2014 that exiled a former Russia friendly president as he would not sign an EU agreement that started all this. See Revolution of Dignity - Wikipedia
11/27 15:55:19 Poking the Bear, US Warns Russia All Options on Table -- Qt "This is the menacing formula of words that Washington usually deploys to mean it is weighing military attack on targeted nations like Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. But to apply such rhetoric to Russia, a major nuclear power, is reckless war hysteria. It is taking aggression to an insane threshold. The warning came from [clearly naοve] Karen Donfried, the Assistant Secretary of State.." So this is why Russia has launched ALL it's nuclear subs on an unknown mission? (REF)
11/27 12:03:52 Russian accuses US of seeking to provoke 'small war' as warships continue to build-up in Black Sea - Morning Star U;L🏮 Yes, that seems to be what the US wants to divert attention. I doubt anyone is looking for a big one. Smug Zelensky (Ukr PM) blames everyone except the EU led coup(WIKI) for the troubles.
11/27 09:53:32 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia has Sortied their ENTIRE Nuclear Submarine Fleet 🔴 Biden screwing with the planet. FYI: Countries by Sub Count -- N Korea 75 China 74 USA 69 Russia 59 Iran 40 Japan 22 India 16 South Korea 15 Turkey 12 Greece 11 .. So yes, NK has the biggest navy too but also the lowest tech.
11/24 10:36:17 U.S., Russian Military Chiefs Speak on the Phone - The Moscow Times Ed: ❓ Well, good to see a discussion that has the chance to deescalate tensions.. Or was Milley just telling Valery all our weakest spots?
11/23 12:13:37 Russia Ramps Up War Rhetoric Against Ukraine as West Fears Imminent Invasion - World Report - US News U;L🏮 See also U.S. 'Escalating' Russia-Ukraine Tensions by Arming Kiev - Moscow Times
11/23 12:12:27 Ukrainian Troops Have Been Firing American-Made Javelin Missiles At Russian-Backed Forces
11/23 12:12:07 Iran nuclear programme- Threat of Israeli strike grows - BBC News
11/20 17:46:50 U.S. patrol boats sent to beef up Ukrainian Navy near Black Sea
11/20 17:45:39 Putin Dispatches Russian Vessels to Shadow U.S. Warships During Flare-Up - WSJ
11/20 10:43:42 US seeks balance as fears grow Russia troop buildup may lead to invasion of Ukraine - Al Arabiya English
11/20 03:47:35 U.S. threatens military response to China in South China Sea dispute - Washington Times
11/19 15:02:28 Top US military official warns of surprise nuclear attack from China Ed: ⚡ And with Biden demolishing our defenses, it starts to make sense too.
11/19 13:06:14 US Army Secretary- National Guard members who refuse vaccine will not 'continue service' - TheHill Ed: 🔴 Biden is pushing for civil war, and he will get it if he keeps pissing off the troops. Either that or he WILL WEAKEN THE US to the point where it is ripe for takeover. You need to organize & change, before it is TOO LATE! - see CSU atop our home page.
11/18 13:05:10 UKRAINE TELLS CITIZENS TO PREPARE FOR NATIONAL RESISTANCE!! - YouTube U;L📢 We chose this Vlogger to headline the general news being reported in numerous places about the rise of tensions here. (A more credible source is HERE)
11/18 11:05:19 Taiwan commissions advanced new F-16 fighter planes as China threat grows U;L👇See also Hal - Biden Throws Taiwan Under the Bus .. Hal gives scant evidence other than his interpretation, but at Yellings, we agree - US's show of support for TW is hollow.
11/17 17:12:33 Russia defends anti-satellite missile test that U.S. called -reckless and dangerous- - CBS News Ed: 🔎 Well .. so they just want to be able to kill our comms sats if nec?
11/15 11:22:59 Fourth batch of US military aid arrives in Ukraine - Ukraine receives fourth batch of US military aid - Ed: ❓ This is NOT the US's fight. The EU started this - Zelenskiy is an EU puppet after the EU funded a coup to remove a pro RU president. This has such a stench, it can only be the work of the Davos Cabal. The UK left the EU to get away from this kind of BS. Why risk US & UK resources for the EU's treachery?
11/14 20:01:16 Chinese diplomat warns Australia faces ARMAGEDDON if it supports US fight protect Taiwan - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 Ozies be like "Armageddon? A'm A Gettin Outa Here!" .. But then Oz bureaucracy and an innate Oz need to impose and obey rules seems to have turned grown men into little girl's blouses.. They'd better cling to Biden's coattails.
11/14 09:41:53 Hal - U.S. Re-Activates -Nuclear Artillery Unit- In Germany; Putting Hyper-Sonic Nukes within Range of Moscow
11/14 09:40:15 Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 2-30 PM SAT (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Moving Tanks, Artillery and Troops Toward Ukraine - Again;
11/13 22:42:05 Hal Turner Radio Show - China THREATENS Australia with a 'heavy attack' Ed: ⚡ I'm sure Oz would welcome the chance to be liberated from its sick twisted overlords.
11/13 13:14:14 US jets engaged by Russia as Moscow complains of 'aggressive military activity in Black Sea region' - Daily Mail Online
11/12 12:43:09 US warns EU that Russia could invade Ukraine Ed: 🔴 EU, the home of the Davos Cabal that ousted Trump, also funded a bloody coup in Ukraine that re[placed a Pro Russian president with Cabal puppet Zelenski. Not many know that thanks to the MSM.
11/08 16:38:34 Capture of Mossad 'secret agents' pushes Israel and Gaza to brink of new war --RT Op-ed 🏮 Old Jews (Palestinians -- ie: Jews who never left) fighting New Jews (Israel)... never ending.
11/06 12:11:32 Joe Biden sent the CIA chief to Moscow to warn the Kremlin 🏮 Warn of what? Another Afghan shambles? US may have more power in air and nukes, but its troops are being Woked into flabbiness (no disrespect to remaining heroes, but hand to hand combat with Russia or China? Nah). ""The build-up (of troops on the border - IF) combined with energy blackmail suggests a more aggressive stance from Russia," Zelenskiy's adviser told CNN.Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Friday: "We continue to observe unusual activity by the Russian military near the border with Ukraine. We continue to consult with allies and partners on this topic," he said."
11/05 10:36:38 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Moving Tanks toward The Donbass; Russia Responds in-kind Ed: U;L🏮 We have not been able to find this in any other news source (but we know about the RU buildup). Is it being hushed?.
11/03 13:30:21 Ukraine must be ready to impose 'martial law' & prepare 'bloodbath' for Russia ig invaded says former army chief Ed: 🔴 Putin will invade if Ukraine joins NATO, but don't expect the master strategist to do anything you expect.
11/02 13:06:32 New satellite images show concentration of Russian troops, hardware on border with Ukraine, - Politico - New satellite images Ed: 🏮 Nothing to see here - you are perfectly safe, go back to sleep - yours truly, MSM.
11/01 15:12:34 Warships on alert, the Americans are -knocking- on the Russians' doors VIDEO - WorldEnglish - on Ed: 🔎 What is Biden doing now?
10/31 19:12:51 As military manoeuvres underway - Coalition jets fly over northern al-Hasakah and launch flares, warning Russian jets against Ed: ⚡ Well, this sounds dodgy! At the Gunboat Diplomacy stage are we?? This isn't some Somali pirates you are warning - it's the second most powerful nation on earth (might be highest soon when the Woke Nuke takes its toll).
10/31 11:53:49 American B-1B bomber flies over Mideast amid Iran tensions - ABC News Ed: ⚡ Hmmm...
10/29 13:09:18 Hal - Two U.S. -SeaWolf- Fast-Attack Subs, show up in San Diego, receive top secret cargos and depart Ed: 🔴 Our friend and patriot Hal isn't always right, but he is often first! This is worth a read -- rumors that things in the China Sea are much worse than the US public has been led to believe.
10/28 11:25:22 Taiwan acknowledged for the first time- This will infuriate China - WorldEnglish - on 🔴 Global Times (Xi's press) Quote: "Tsai confirms US military presence in Taiwan, 'to face consequences for breaking red line'". Tsai - This'll infuriate China..
10/20 17:41:42 China, Russia Navies Sailing in Tsugaru Strait Is Message to Japan, US
10/19 16:25:58 Israel Approves $1.5Bln Budget for Possible Strike Against Iran's Nuclear Facilities - Report - 19.10.2021, Sputnik Internati Ed: ⚡ This is as close to Declaring War as Israel will ever come. More instability...
10/18 11:18:50 'Blow to US strategic superiority'- Chinese media fuels suspense over 'hypersonic missile that circled globe to hit target' Ed: 🏮 Aside Trump who tried to reign in Xi's tech rise, we have all the other swamp presidents to thank for this. Xi will be busy aiming his new hypersonic missiles at US cities and the Silo belt ASAP. It's a matter of time now.. Testing 123 search work say.
10/18 11:01:53 Red line- Ukraine joining NATO would be 'worst-case scenario' for Moscow, response would involve 'active measures,' says Krem Ed: 🔴 So watch Joe go ahead with it. He's been itching to cause a war.
10/12 14:49:25 Chinese army vows to 'CRUSH' Taiwan separatism & 'external interference' after shock troops conduct assault drills --reports Ed: 🏮 Yes yes, we get it... China is about to drop a new bio nuke on us (see prior Breaking post) or maybe bore us to death with all their empty threats.
10/10 15:56:43 China's chilling warning to US troops sparks fears 'World War 3' could break out - World News - Mirror Online Ed: 🔺 still bubbling on but as yet, Xi has not found his trousers.
10/10 15:51:04 New Afghanistan photos show Taliban atrocities - Fox News Video Ed: 🏮 and executions. 7000 Afghan Commando families still stuck(didn't put up much of a fight did they).
10/09 01:19:43 China's mouthpiece calls for airstrikes to kill US 'invaders' in Taiwan - Taiwan News - 2021-10-08 16-43-00 Ed: 😀 The joke of hollow threats from a weak & pathetic "toy maker" country is hilarious. But the fact they have many nukes is not. Xi must be cut down to size now, and their nuke capability neutralized, before China becomes a credible threat.
10/08 15:27:32 China Warships Shadow U.S. and Allied Naval Groups in South China Sea
10/08 03:30:32 China Levies New Threats at Reports of U.S. Commandos in Taiwan - World Report - US News Ed: 👇 THREATS & WAFFLE! SOOOO LAME! "Leaders in China almost immediately expressed outrage Thursday". It is clear that the US has called China's bluff and Xi, knowing his military consists of toys, has been exposed as spouting hot air. IT IS TIME TO ATTACK THIS ANTAGONIST and send Xi back to the stone age (before he gets any serious hardware).
10/07 16:33:18 Revealed - US secretly training Taiwan forces as CIA sets up mission center to deal with China ‼🔴 The question that needs to be asked is: As Xi obviously did not know(as he has been warning the US against it), what will he do now he has found out?
10/06 20:00:55 WW3 fears as China vows to 'use nuclear bombs' in ongoing row with Japan - Daily Star Ed: 🔴 Xi is a madman and must be stopped by all means necessary. In a bizarre way, Biden may be the person to do it.. The best defense against evil is more evil. Preemptive strike from US? I almost hope so. Incinerate their Silos, their cardboard warships, their floating Island in international waters.. with minimal life lost, regime change will result. Xi will be ashes. What a shame we lost cooperation with Russia - or did we?
10/06 12:54:10 China warns World War Three could be triggered 'at any time - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 Xi is full of it. This is yet another hollow threat to intimidate. See 149/ on home page.
10/06 09:31:50 Rising tensions between Azerbaijan and Iran spark fears of a conflict that would be an Israeli-US proxy war against Tehran -- Ed: 🔴 Well, it's not like Iran is well behaved. It nearly has Nukes and it is religiously driven to swear to exterminate us all (Israel first).
10/05 14:16:47 Taiwan Prepares for War as Biden Weakness Provides Little Deterrence Against Chinese Aggression
10/05 12:46:56 China's Xi instructs military to increase pressure near Taiwan - The Japan Times Ed: 🔴The US will not stop them, or if they do it will be botched by CCP Joe.
10/05 12:37:23 The US must avoid war with China over Taiwan at all costs - Lt Col Daniel L Davis (ret) - The Guardian Ed: 🤔 We disagree with this notably socialist rag - Xi needs to be stopped, or at least have his claws removed. We cannot allow his China Rules The World policy. The CCP's invasion into our economic, legal and media structures must be reversed - while we still have the drop on their poor quality military hardware.
10/04 16:05:56 Hal Turner Radio Show - Iran Deploys Tanks, Armor, Artillery to Azerbaijan Border; Turkey Deploys its army in Azerbaijan Ed: 🔴 This looks dangerous...
10/04 15:57:36 China Flies 52x Into Taiwan Airspace - largest incursion yet 🔴 Qt: "the most ever in a single day -- one day after the U.S. issued a warning to Beijing".. Well, I guess that told 'em Joe!
10/04 13:03:23 Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China, asks Australia for help - ABC News U;L🔴 To quote Hal, it's official! As for asking Oz for help, Oz is WAY down the list for defense strength. Oz is also too busy beating up and gassing its own subjects - telling us that Xi has control over Oz too.
10/04 12:56:11 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Massing Troops Along India Border; India Says Responding in-kind with -large deployments- Ed: 🔎 Seems pointless, which means Xi is cooking up something!
10/04 11:10:22 US warns China to stop provoking Taiwan after China sent 100 military planes into their airspace - Daily Mail Online
10/02 17:54:19 Provocation or intentions- China sent 38 warplanes to Taiwan
10/02 11:53:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israel Reportedly Attacks Iran Territory Proper - Missile Strike on Alleged Nuke Facility Ed: 🏮 This could be very significant.
10/02 11:51:10 25 Fighter Jets Enter Into Taiwan's Defense Zone in 1 Day U;L⚡ Hal (HERE) says it is 38 mil' planes.
10/01 00:33:17 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- CHINA FIRES NUCLEAR-CAPABLE MISSILE DIRECTLY OVER SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Ed: ⚡ You really need to read this. WW3 around the corner?
09/21 15:52:53 PLA conducts combat exercise near Taiwan as US warship sails through the Straits - Global Times 🔺 Just waiting for the 1st mistake.. Nb: This is Xi's mouthpiece paper.
09/15 13:04:33 Biden ignored Austin, Blinken warnings on Afghanistan withdrawal- Woodward book - TheHill Ed: 🏮If so, he must be sacked / impeached.
09/10 11:31:46 South China Sea- US Carrier Group Brings More F-35 Stealth Fighters Into Tense Region Ed: 🏮This is some serious cold war sh*t. This could go bang at any minute. This is not just a Carrier, it's a Carrier Group
09/09 09:05:00 Taliban Go Door to Door Seeking Payback on Female Judges Ed: 🏮There is blood on the hands of Biden, Afghan Deserters, Milley & the General Dolts, but most of all on the Savages that the Taliban are. China has said it will judge Taliban by their lack of terrorism. Apparently summary executions of women pilots & police, including the use of screwdrivers in brains, does not qualify as terrorism.
09/08 14:39:26 Exclusive- Armed American Civilians on Private Plane to Afghanistan Arrested in Dubai Ed: ⚡They were to try and help evac. The Cabal appears to want to obstruct the evac in any and every way possible.
09/07 19:23:33 Israel's Army Attacks Hamas Over Prison Break (VIDEO) Ed: ⭐Well well... at it again Israel? We imagine that what you do to those prisoners deserves that we do not condemn them.
09/07 18:27:34 The Taliban declare full control of the province of Panjshir Ed: ❓very tragic if true. At end of article it says "At present, there is only one territory left in Afghanistan that has not been conquered by the Taliban, and that is the province of Panjshir. Anti-Taliban forces and Afghan soldiers have positioned themselves in it. The anti-Taliban coalition is led by Ahmad Massoud." - is that still true? Hoping so.
09/07 18:16:55 Afghanistan Taliban maimed, dismembered killed Salafi priest 🔴Ie: Tortured to death. U;L Does this sound like someone the West should be dealing with? Never has there been a worse regime on Earth in the last 50 years .. And Merkel is already negotiating with them. Given she is from the last worst regime, I guess that makes sense. Ref
09/07 09:20:00 In first rebuke, Iran slams Taliban for Panjshir violence Ed: 🔺What is particularly disgusting is that the last chance the US Biden army had to salvage any reputation was helping these people but did nothing. "two senior figures .. resisting the Taliban were killed.".. Someone has to be held to account!
09/06 10:12:25 US Troops 'Will Be Going Back Into Afghanistan'- Lindsey Graham - Sputnik International Ed: 🏮Also ramping up calls to impeach Biden saying he ignored sound advice. With the Taliban not changing their stripes and actively holding people hostage in planes at Kabul, now is the perfect excuse to do that.
09/06 03:20:09 Report- Taliban Executed Pregnant Female Cop in Front of Her Family Ed: "With screwdrivers". Taliban savages deny it.
09/06 00:15:34 Taliban 'Holding' Americans 'Hostage' at Afghanistan Airport- Top Republican Lawmaker Ed: ⚡FFS..
09/05 19:11:09 Guinea coup attempt- Soldiers claim to seize power from Alpha Condι - BBC News Ed: 🔴said they had taken over because of rampant corruption, mismanagement and poverty.
09/04 18:49:44 Taliban say 4 districts in Panjshir fallen to them so far - Mehr News Agency Ed: 📢Unfortunately this contradicts the earlier breaking "Good News" we reported. Worse, is no one helping them?
09/04 09:53:56 IAF destroyed a Russian-made S-200 missile system in Syria Ed: ⚡Israel heating things up?
09/04 02:13:57 Live Updates- Panjshir Resistance Forces Say 450 Talibs Eliminated - Sputnik International Ed: 🎯HELP THEM BIDEN!
09/04 01:44:28 British soldiers 'ran towards the explosion' at Kabul airport, senior officer says Ed: 🔎he said. "They provided immediate medical succour and support to the Afghan civilians that had been wounded."
09/03 10:24:51 Taliban says it captured key entrance to Panjshir valley, local resistance denies it, as both claim heavy losses on other sid Ed: 🔴Video on Rumble proves the Taliban are using US hardware - Why are we not helping the resistance Biden you Moron and Milley and Austin... WTF? Oh don't tell me, the Taliban have thousands of US as hostages.
08/31 20:12:59 Pentagon Boss, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Under Pressure to Resign Over Afghan 'Debacle' - Sputnik International Ed: 🏮Before that happens, China will strike, or hell will freeze over....
08/31 08:04:29 Biden praises US military for success of Afghanistan airlift, says diplomacy will rescue those left behind --RT USA News Ed: 🔺The END. So not only have we lost war, lost kit, lost pride, we are now negotiating with terrorists?
08/30 19:08:13 Exclusive- Biden Officials at Kabul Airport Warned American Rescue Plane To Turn Back or Be Shot Down › American Greatness 🔴What madness is this? US's generals openly turning traitor, threatening to fire at fellow Americans? Casual Bureaucratic Violence!?! Something to do with runway access I guess, or maybe they are readying to leave a nuke behind at the airport - on a timer. Or they have secrets they want buried. Qt: "Now Americans are reportedly being advised to leave Kabul completely as the the Taliban is expected to start rounding people up". Insane! How are they going to leave? Sneak through the drains?
08/30 14:33:06 China Is an Existential Threat to the U.S. - Opinion Ed: 🔴"People's Daily, the most authoritative publication in China, declared a "people's war" on the US" - 2019! They took over our communications years before. They infiltrated US power structure on Nov 3 2020. The demolished US international standing on Aug 15th 2021. Soon they will be here with whips and jackboots.
08/30 09:26:43 Several rockets target Kabul airport, US military activate missile defenses to repel attack --reports --RT World News Ed: 🔴Hard to imagine what their plan is to evacuate the last plane load. Diversion flares. Leave an old plane behind and make it look like it will be the last to fly out? God speed brave souls.
08/29 12:11:05 PLA on alert, holds drills amid US Taiwan Straits transit of US warships - Global Times Ed: 📢Good ol' Xi - his army must be fed up with all the posturing! Let's hope it is just that...
08/28 10:30:29 Hal Turner Radio Show - CLAIM- China to Invade Taiwan Beginning 02-15 local time, on September . . - Ed: 🔴Bring on the paywall. To be Analysed!
08/27 21:56:45 Obama defense secretary Leon Panetta says US will have to send combat troops back into Afghanistan after the Biden disaster- Ed: 🏮So much for ending it.
08/27 12:38:31 Russia warned Britain that it will fire on their ship again Ed: 🔴(if there is a 2nd territorial violation).. It's all starting to escalate now.
08/27 08:45:16 ISIS Takes Credit for Kabul Attack That Killed U.S. Marines, Taliban Vows to Fight 'Evil' Attackers Ed: 🏮13 US killed, along with over 60 Afghan translators who were destined to leave, along with 100's injured who included Taliban. "The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the bombing of civilians at Kabul airport" a Taliban spokesperson said - an interesting wording that omitted US Marines, who if not fighting, are technically also civilians.
08/26 16:22:42 Explosions Rock Kabul, Causing Multiple Casualties Ed: 🔴At least 13 dead.
08/25 19:28:35 CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans - WSJ Ed: 🏮YAY! 3 Cheers because that is REAL soldiering.. Risk, Grit, Steel..
08/25 09:29:32 Kamala Harris Says U.S. To Combat 'Bullying' by China in South China Sea Ed: 🔴strong words - look out!
08/24 22:40:17 Trump tears into Biden for 'surrendering to terrorists' with plan to get all US troops out in 7 days - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🏮Biden has lost control of public opinion, but to be fair, if he is planning to eject Tent-Heads in much deserved human cannonball retribution, he wouldn't be advertising it. Watch for this as a woman scorned and Milley/Biden have much in common. To be fairer, the grey matter needed to think that through has long since departed.
08/24 22:34:56 Trudeau says Canada prepared to stay in Kabul after Aug. 31 following G7 meeting - CTV News Ed: 🏮Obviously the thing to do but don't forget this CCP shill will have an ulterior motive.
08/24 19:38:00 US Military Has Started Withdrawing From Afghanistan, Reducing Troop Presence - Reports - UrduPoint 🔴They are doing it AGAIN!!! THEY ARE LEAVING AGAIN WHILE THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS REMAIN! What is going on in the heads of the commanders and strategists?? U;L This also from Fox.
08/24 13:36:43 Ed: ⚡Israel pummels Gaza again - MSM entirely overlooked - 2 days, so yeas, we missed it too. Any little bust up like this could escalate.
08/24 13:19:07 Afghanistan- Credible reports of executions by Taliban says UN - BBC News Ed: 🔴More evidence if it were needed. "women's rights are a "fundamental red line" and has called on UN member states to create a dedicated body to monitor"
08/24 10:45:00 U.S. Military Has Sent Helicopters In Deadly Mission Outside Kabul Airport To Rescue Standed Americans- Pentagon Ed: 🏮If one shot down, all hell will break loose. This does not sound like Taliban cooperating.
08/23 11:30:07 The Taliban warned of 'consequences' if the US extends its military presence in Afghanistan beyond the August 31 deadline Ed: 🏮%0A(a) Shut it tent-head. Who are you bandits to tell US what to do?%0A(b) We thought the deadline was Sep 11.%0A(c) News for you pubic-hair - WE'LL BE BACK! (if Trump hasn't invaded your ass before we've left and put you back to the century you are dressed for - why do you think we are scrambling to get ours out?).
08/23 10:55:30 US soldiers engage in deadly dawn firefight at Kabul airport after gunmen attack allied forces - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴Quite a good roundup but just because they are more neutral than some, don't be misled into thinking the D' Mail is anything but another anti-free speech shill for the Cabal.
08/22 16:08:36 Mujahideen v Taliban- Battle for strategic valley looms as anti-Taliban warlord & remnants of Afghan military refuse to surre Ed: 🔴Biden, Austen, Milley -- HELP THEM!! I hope they already are, but secretly.
08/21 23:14:19 Afghanistan- US Pentagon hints at expanded operations in Kabul as evacuations falter - Ed: 🏮mess.
08/21 18:36:56 Wazir Akbar Mohmand on Twitter- -Intel- taliban have sent massive battalion from kunduz to recapture Baghlan. Although they a Ed: 🔴Will Biden send support, arms & air strikes, to the resistance? or just abandon them too?? Now we can see how that might conflict in that attacking the Taliban on one front while begging them to let our people go on another.... dear god, the pentagon imbeciles who let this mess happen need to be flogged.
08/20 15:40:52 China's Xi Jinping is forecasting he will invade Taiwan, the US better listen- Robert O'Brien - Fox Business Ed: 🔴⚡After Taliban, hopefully there will be a lot more thought going on - We can trust the tech and soldiers, but can we trust the lame, corrupt Generals and CIA Intel?
08/20 14:22:44 White House in Damage Control Mode After Biden Says US Would 'Respond' to Chinese Invasion of Taiwan - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴Sounds like distraction war on steroids!
08/20 13:35:49 Telegram- Contact @rtintl Ed: ⚡Biden considers airstrikes in Afghanistan targeting American-made equipment - RT/Reuters. Just this morning, the Woke Independent Paper was scoffing at Trump for saying the same thing. More to the point, WHY would this info be made public????? Those choppers will be on their way to China soon..
08/19 22:59:46 Afghan Who Had Her Eyes Gouged Out By Taliban Says They 'Make Animals Feed' On Women's Bodies - The Daily Caller Ed: 🏮Watch Live Leak of yo udo not believe. Savages. Biden culpable.
08/19 16:15:52 U.S. Fighter Jets Fly Over Kabul - Kabul Airport Evacuation Ed: 🏮WHERE THE FLICK WERE THEY ON SAT/SUNDAY??
08/19 13:00:09 Taliban Execute Four Afghanistan Army and Police Commanders in Kandahar Cricket Stadium Ed: 🏮Butchers & Savages .. and we believe them when they say they will bide by Geneva Conv?
08/19 12:51:46 Breaking- British Para Troops Are Running Vehicle Patrols Through Center of Kabul to Extract Trapped UK Citizens -- While Bid Ed: 🏮While Biden says "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CANNOT ENSURE SAFE PASSAGE TO THE HAMID KARZAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT"
08/18 13:41:11 VIDEO - HORROR IN KABUL- Taliban Begins Home Searches, Public Beatings, Women Scream for Help Outside Airport Gate, Traitors Ed: 🔴They said they would observe Geneva rules - the Taliban are world class LIARS (and "Butchers" in the words of Pompey).
08/18 04:41:03 Update; Senator reveals 30,000 US troops stationed in Taiwan island, equal to declaring war on China if true
08/17 22:09:08 Chinese Military Infringes on US-Backed Territory in Aggressive Provocation Ed: and so it begins...
08/17 22:01:54 Resistance in Afghanistan- A Growing Number of Fighters Join Pledge To Fight From Panjshir Ed: ❓ You mean Some Afghans are not cowardly turncoat deserting barbarian Bandit Pirates? THESE are people we need to support! NUKE THE REST!
08/17 18:01:13 EU foreign policy chief- Taliban 'WON THE WAR,' we'll have to talk to them --and acknowledge mistakes --RT World News Ed: 🔴is that the French waving white flags again? What a betrayal to all US/UK vets.
08/17 13:56:35 Sean Hannity- -Tonight as We Speak There Are Approximately 10,000 Americans That Are Still at Kabul's International Airport- Ed: 🔴That's a higher number than what we've heard.. if so - tragic.
08/16 12:00:01 US 'failure' in Afghanistan handed country to Taliban, Moscow says, claims American 'hegemony' declining as Russia & China on Ed: 🔴Obviously Russia would say that but this is serious..
08/16 11:21:01 Afghanistan conflict- As Kabul falls, Biden backlash grows - BBC News Ed: 🔴It doesn't look good for Biden when the BBC report against him .. Hammer blow exposure! (albeit the add a lame sycophantic lie "But he appears to have the public on his side - for now").. talk about "baseless", that fav Cabal Media slur!
08/15 20:28:13 UK prime minister Boris Johnson releases a statement tonight saying he wants to work with the the Taliban Ed: 🔴Couldn't make it up. Yeah of course we want to work with blood thirsty throat slitting bandits that round up 12 year old girls for sex slaves.
08/15 19:26:27 No Press Conference Has Ever Aged as Badly as Joe Biden's Afghanistan Presser Last Month Ed: 🔴75K bandits in old clunkers took on 300K well-equipped soldiers with an airforce. And embarrassed them. And us.
08/15 17:43:34 'Shelter in Place'- US Embassy in Afghanistan Reports Kabul Airport 'Taking Fire' - Video - Sputnik International
08/15 00:04:55 Taliban closes in on Kabul as US warns of 'swift and strong' military response if interests attacked Ed: 🔴 Should have done that weeks ago. Blaming Trump TOO... What a wet dick.
08/14 22:54:31 Biden- US sending 5,000 troops to Afghanistan to assist with drawdown Ed: 🔴FFS, STAY there you CLOWN!
08/13 22:27:21 McConnell calls for US airstrikes to stop Taliban advance - TheHill Ed: 💥🏮did this inbreeding treasonous piece of puss just say something we agree with? HELL YES!
08/13 21:20:34 Johnson says there can be no 'military solution' in Afghanistan --video - Politics - The Guardian Ed: 🔴Whilst we can all point to the criminally negligent incompetence of the Biden admin, ALL of the West needs to hold their heads in shame over this. We said trust us then betrayed them to the wolves. Boot licking Gen Milley should be horsewhipped.
08/13 18:16:02 Why the U.S. Is Rushing Thousands of Troops Back to Afghanistan - Ed: 🏮Excellent - EU, UK, your turn too!! Tragically it is too late for so many.. What a fcuk up.
08/13 13:53:18 Taliban near gates of Kabul as embassies prepare for... - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴Power was earlier reported as cut. Biden, Harris, Milley and Austen should all be publicly flogged for allowing this. The EU and UK should also bear responsibility.
08/13 08:47:29 North Korea warns U.S., S. Korea to cancel military exercises Ed: 🏮Oh well, go and buy lots of flat screen TVs because soon you won't be able to get them anymore.
08/13 08:38:43 Kabul evacuations- Echoes of 1975 US exit from Vietnam's Saigon- - Taliban News - Al Jazeera Ed: 🎯Saigon II - Kabul - the Sequel! How embarrassing for ALL the West, UK & EU included. What a disgrace. "Trust us!" we tell them, then we abandon them to slaughter & child rape.
08/13 08:23:07 Biden Sending Troops to Afghanistan to Help Draw Down US Embassy Staff Ed: 🔴Vietnam anyone?
08/12 16:28:38 The Taliban Is Executing Afghan Troops, U.S. Embassy Says Ed: 🔴At least this might encourage Afghan troops to grow some imitative and fight like demons... because whatever else the US Mil' chiefs taught them (how to address trans & LGBTQ's perhaps?) it wasn't how to grow balls and think strategically. They run off and leave all the expensive US kit to the wolves.
08/12 10:12:16 Taliban gain territory in Afghanistan as they 'seize girls to wed' - Metro News Ed: Taliban going door-to-door to 'seize girls as young as 12 for sex slaves' - Biden's way! The West is committing a huge crime here. Criminal Negligence. Trump was and is famed for changing his mind when things turn out wrong - he would never have allowed this.
08/12 10:09:41 Taliban Executions of Surrendering Afghan Troops Could Constitute War Crimes--.S. Embassy
08/12 10:05:13 North Korea issue warning to US, South Korea over 'hostile acts'
08/12 10:05:09 Bombing Afghan cities with B-52s is pointless and brutal --Biden must end this -
08/12 10:03:25 The Big Six- How the Army Is Gearing Up to Fight Russia and China - The National Interest
08/12 10:03:03 U.S. draws line with concessions for North through military drills
08/11 23:10:05 'Hundreds' of Afghan Soldiers Allegedly Surrender to Taliban Outside Kunduz - Sputnik International Ed: 🤔What a disgrace.
08/11 20:34:49 Rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel again. Another game of brinkmanship- - Atlantic Council Ed: 🔴Isn't it about time these hotheads just self-annihilated ? Go atomic hotheads - Wipe yourselves out -- all sides.
08/11 14:58:20 Desperation grows in Washington as fall of Kabul appears increasingly likely in wake of US departure - Washington Examiner Ed: 🔴All of the West should be embarrassed by this. UK, NATO, EU, US... they all led good Afghans to believe in us, then we deserted them, exposing them to slaughter.
08/11 09:44:59 Why is a British Carrier Strike Group Heading to the Indo-Pacific- - War on the Rocks Ed: 🔴Crazy build up of mil hardware..
08/11 08:56:23 US admiral warns China "we have the world's greatest military" - World Socialist Web Site Ed: 🔴Yes, but it is largely untested and heavily reliant on technical innovation. However, makes sense to reduce the chances of a preemptive attack from China, which seems high on the cards right now.
08/10 22:30:18 N. Korea severs inter-Korean communication lines over S. Korea, U.S. joint military drillNews - arirang TV Ed: Rumor is we are at Defcon 1..
08/10 17:47:31 US invited to station troops & rocket systems in Ukraine in potential major escalation of tense standoff across border with R Ed: 🔴 Do these guys ever learn? Looks like the Emergency Broadcast System is gonna get used soon.,,.
08/10 11:38:48 Kim Jong Un's Sister Blasts U.S. Drills as North Korea Vows to Bolster Strike Capabilities Ed: 🔴No explicit threat yet but lets not forget China's recent explicit threat to sink an air craft carrier if they loiter around the S China Sea.
08/10 11:32:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - HISTORIC- Russian Troops Enter China for JOINT EXERCISES. Stated Purpose- -Bring Down American Arroga Ed: 🔴Once again the only one covering this is Hal Turner! This is of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE!
08/09 09:17:07 Lebanon's Maronite patriarch calls on army to confront Hezbollah - The Jerusalem Post Ed: ⭐📯Some good news! Someone who sees sense!
08/08 11:37:40 Iran closes key border crossing with Afghanistan as violence escalates - Catch News Ed: ;;IIt's bad when even Iran takes steps to stay safe. Will it spread to Pakistan?
08/08 11:23:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - Americans Told EVACUATE AFGHANISTAN IMMEDIATELY Ed: 🏮this was yesterday but we want it on our timeline .. what a shameful day for Biden and the Mil Chiefs, UK and all West included.
08/08 11:20:30 IDF hits Hamas base, rocket-launching facility in response to ongoing arson attacks Ed: 🔴Nothing new but we like to chronicle it. Escalation Imminent!
08/07 11:15:25 Taliban capture first provincial capital in Afghanistan - CGTN Ed: 🔴And Biden just let them. It is well known the CCP are backing the Taliban. God help the West.
08/07 11:11:52 Artillery and airstrikes from Israel on Hezbollah and Hamas Ed: That's WAR folks.. When will Iran join? With CCP backing?
08/06 20:01:00 Hezbollah warns it will hit Israel again if IDF strikes, releases attack video - The Times of Israel Ed: Well obviously Israel will strike back, so hotheads will be hotheads .. an embarrassment to the human race. Logic chips so lacking they cannot see that escalation comes from disproportionate responses and an arrogant sense of supremacy. Goes both ways. Hothead frothing hate fest. A mania of delusional lack of self control.
08/06 17:35:28 Angry residents in south Lebanon village seize Hezbollah rocket launcher after Israel strikes Ed: 🔎Not everyone wants constant war. Not everyone is a hothead!
08/06 17:34:09 Hezbollah, Israel rocket fire marks week of dangerous escalation in Lebanon Ed: 🔴This is going on right now. MSM? Crickets!
08/06 17:32:07 Gantz warns Lebanon- Your situation is dire and we can make it even worse - The Times of Israel Ed: 🔴spoken like a true warmongering hothead.
08/06 17:27:52 IDF conducting 'extensive' attacks in Lebanon - Israel National News Ed: 🔴Lebanon isn't the isse. Hezbollah is.
08/06 14:27:37 Hal Turner Radio Show - Military Practices Take-offs-Landings on PUBLIC HIGHWAYS - Planning for Bases to be Destroyed in War Ed: 🔎🎥🤔This is old-ish and at first, we ignored it, but upon a rethink, it is ominous if you consider they are preparing FOR INVASION!
08/05 11:36:17 Hal Turner Radio Show - Iran- -Can Close Strait of Hormuz within minutes; Send Oil to $1,000 Barrel- Ed: 🔴If you think Iran & Russia etc just sat there watching Israel paste Lebanon, think again...
08/05 03:30:54 Could a full-scale war return to Afghanistan- - Politics - Al Jazeera Ed: 🔴Wake up! It already has!
08/04 13:25:36 IDF's artillery targets Lebanon after rockets hit northern Israel --RT World News Ed: 🎯More irresponsible escalation instead of proportionate response from hot heads to hot heads. Are they never embarrassed?
08/03 22:23:55 Russia says U.S. asked 24 of its diplomats to leave by Sept. 3 - Reuters Ed: 🔴Never a peaceful move. WTF is Biden playing at??
08/03 17:26:55 US Navy, Marines to Conduct Biggest Exercise in 40 Years Ed: 🔎Lots of warmongering... Just a matter of time before the kids drop a sparkler on a fuel jerry can..
08/03 14:38:18 Live Updates- Taliban Violence Escalates as Fight for Key Cities Intensifies in Afghanistan Ed: 🔴🔴This is mass murder. US Mil', you cannot just abandon a people to be slaughtered and butchered. Use your heads! No country no god earth will lever welcome you again!
08/03 14:36:07 Israel's Bennett Says Tel Aviv Keeps Option Open to 'Act Alone' Against Iran After Tanker Attack - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴which means not wait for UN !!
08/03 10:40:18 Iran prepares to face Israeli F-35 activated its air defense Ed: 🔴The Israeli's are looking to deliver a major blow to Iran and set back its war machine. Iran just gave them the excuse they needed. Or was the drone / ship attack a false flag? If it was, Iran's usual Walter Mitty warmongering words did not help that view! They are about to get a reality check. (Unless China steps in to defend them).
08/02 22:55:35 Iran Ready To Deliver -Crushing- Military Response After Tanker Attack - Ed: 🔴So much hot air comes out of the East.. Xi, Kim, Iran.. they throw threats instead of bombs. If they meant what they said, the dumbest thing to do is talk about it. They have no brains and no balls. They are a laughing stock. Would love to see them try ... and get flattened.
08/02 13:57:32 Iran warns against retaliation for Mercer Street attack - The Jerusalem Post Ed: 🔴hit by Iranian drone, 2 dead - Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reports "the Israeli army has drawn up a list of Iranian targets"
08/01 21:54:07 US 'Confident' Iran is Behind Mercer Street Tanker Attack, Vows 'Appropriate Response' - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴Things are "not cool" in the mid-east..
07/31 09:09:30 Beijing's Bullying of Taiwan Has Bolstered Resistance Ed: 🔎🤔CCP Bullying Taiwan Has backfired (& bolstered democracy) especially after what we have all seen them do to Hongkong.
07/30 18:45:48 China Says It Can Sink U.S. Aircraft Carriers with Its Specialized Missiles - The National Interest Ed: 🔴Dear Xi, if you could do that, you would shut up about it. As you are bragging about it, you obviously cannot. All talk and no trousers Xi.
07/30 18:42:17 China Stokes War Talk by Practicing Taiwan Invasion - Ed: 🔴all talk and no trousers Xi.
07/30 17:15:52 Hal Turner Radio Show - Retired Taiwan General Releases Video; SURRENDER to China, OVERTHROW Taiwan Gov't Ed: 🔴more alarmingly, he is "urging the nation's military to overthrow the democratically elected government and surrender to China when "D-Day" arrives". when "D-Day" arrives"?? That doesn't sound like "if" ....
07/30 16:44:28 Two-star general warns US military- 'China is on the march' - Fox Business Ed: 🔴Short Sharp Video
07/28 17:50:52 US Should Deploy Tripwire Troops for Taiwan's Defense Ed: 🔴What's wrong with this picture? China put Biden in. Biden is only pretending to defend Taiwan. See today's Analysis
07/28 01:25:05 Could China Surprise the U.S. Military With Pearl Harbor Part II- - The National Interest ❓⚠A: Yes. Predict Biden will pre-emptively strike partly as a distraction and partly because now is the time while China's "toy" army is still amateurish.
07/27 18:24:34 Israel carried out attacks in Syria and Lebanon overnight Ed: 🔺Here we go again ... also Gaza ...
07/27 15:47:41 Thousands Of Ships, Millions Of Troops- China Is Assembling a Huge Fleet For War With Taiwan 💥⚡"Thousands Of Ships, Millions Of Troops- China Is Assembling a Huge Fleet For War With Taiwan". Extract: CCP has "a legal and bureaucratic framework for taking over control of commercial shipping" (as assault ships)!
07/26 12:30:32 UK-led Carrier Strike Group heads for South China Sea - World Socialist Web Site
07/26 12:24:17 US Sending Over Two Dozen F-22 Fighter Jets to the Pacific as a Message to China - Sputnik International
07/24 22:10:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia -Exasperated- With Ongoing Israel Attacks Against Syria Ed: ⭐bye bye Israel? Of course not, don't mean to be flippant. But they keep pushing the limits...
07/22 01:18:01 China is going to attack U.S. and its allies soon - Washington Times Ed: 🔴🔴Slowly slowly, the MSM wakes up. Not just us, not just Mike Adams. YOU are in mortal danger.
07/21 17:12:13 Russia-US relations nearing dangerous confrontational brink --Foreign Ministry - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 🔴Be prepared Netizens.
07/20 17:19:31 WWIII- CCP Threatens to Nuke Japan in -Full Scale- War if They Intervene in Taiwan; -There Will Be No Peace Talks- - VIDEO Ed: 🔴💥we reported this a couple of days ago, but this is an informative extra angle.
07/20 17:15:46 Israel launches air strikes on Lebanon and Syria as part of US-backed shadow war - Morning Star Ed: 💥Hope this isn't the ww3 spark..
07/19 09:13:38 US warships left Black Sea after concluding Sea Breeze 2021 exercise - Sea Breeze 2021- US warships left Black Sea - 112.inte
07/19 02:34:03 US, Taiwan could face sudden blow at any time in Taiwan Straits- Global Times editorial - Global Times
07/19 02:22:03 China Signals End to $2 Trillion U.S. Stock Listing Juggernaut - BNN Bloomberg
07/19 02:12:12 All China Can Do Is Talk - Former Taiwan Official
07/19 01:56:56 Joe Biden Just Condemned America to More Chinese Espionage--nd Worse - The National Interest
07/16 19:29:58 Can China Stop a Revolution in Cuba- - Opinion Ed: ❓🔴Absurd! China is heavily invested in Cuba "as a platform for many of its regional intelligence and security operations".. this f'ing ridiculous! How did the US Mil let THAT happen? Stopped Russia putting Nukes there and let China use Cuba instead!! The last thing US wants now is an aggressor like China right on their doorstep, so why is the US allowing this?
07/16 18:41:11 U.S. Air Force sends F-22s to Western Pacific as message to China - Ed: 💥💥
07/16 17:58:15 EndGameWW3 on Twitter- -US Air Force to send dozens of F-22 fighter jets to the Pacific amid tensions with China Ed: 💥💥
07/15 09:28:44 Russia says fighter jet intercepts U.S. nuclear-capable bombers over Bering Sea
07/15 02:21:48 China Officials Share Viral Video Calling for Atomic Bombing of Japan
07/14 11:23:08 China begins military flights from disputed South China Sea bases - Washington Times Ed: 🔴🔴
07/14 11:20:13 Four Chinese Ships Enter Japan's Territorial Waters Near Disputed Islands, Reports Say - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴🔴
07/14 11:16:07 Hal Turner Radio Show - -----BULLETIN----- Explicit, Verbalized, NUCLEAR ATTACK THREAT Ed: 🔴🔴
07/14 11:13:59 US Senator Cotton Casts Doubt on US Navy's Ability to 'Fight and Defeat' China - Sputnik International Ed: 🔺🤔
07/14 10:31:15 Russia Reserves Right to Use Nuclear Weapons in Response to Aggression, General Staff Says - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴🔴
07/13 14:42:25 Russia against US troops in Central Asia near Afghanistan - Daily Mail Online
07/12 02:52:52 Sun- fear of WWIII amid tension in the Baltic
07/10 16:22:49 Russia Threatens Military Response To U.S. Navy Drills In The Black Sea - Ed: ⚡⚡
07/10 13:47:19 Russia Says U.S., Allies 'Doomed to Failure' if They Try to Test Black Sea Borders Ed: 🏮🏮
07/09 18:40:35 Most Vessels of US-Led Sea Breeze Drills to Remain in Black Sea for Some Time, US Navy Says - Sputnik International
07/09 01:34:39 Russia- The next British ship in the Black Sea may be sunk
07/08 17:14:42 Russia, Iran, and Turkey blast Israel for violating international law with Syria airstrikes --RT World News Ed: ⚡⚡
07/08 08:49:41 Why Iran Is Actively Backing The Taliban For The First Time - Worldcrunch Ed: ;; 🔴🔴
07/08 08:35:59 Russia sent bombers over the Black Sea during NATO exercise Ed: 🔴💥
07/07 18:07:31 U.S., Allies Vow to Continue Black Sea Military Drills, Russia Sends Warplanes to Defend Borders Ed: 🔴🏮
07/07 17:23:22 Water Wars- No One in the Mood for Compromise in the South China Sea - Lawfare Ed: ;;B🔴🔴
07/07 17:03:07 WATCH- Russia scrambles two fighter jets as American P-8 Poseidon plane flies over Black Sea during NATO military exercises --url Ed: ;;R🔴🔴more PROVOCATION!
07/07 10:42:50 Lindsey Graham 'amazed at how badly' Biden's first six months have been - Fox News
07/07 10:41:33 Lindsey Graham- 'Never been more worried' about potential war between Iran, Israel - Fox News
07/07 01:54:23 Biden Seeks Xi's Help with North Korea's Nuclear Weapons, China Asks U.S. to Hear Kim Out Ed: ❓🔴🔴they have nukes! But worse, they have ballistic launchers and subs!
07/07 01:36:11 U.S. warship leads drills in waters contested by Russia - CBS News
07/06 22:14:18 Russia warns provocateurs might 'get clocked in the nose' over 'games' in the Black Sea - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 🔴🔴
07/06 14:38:11 Russia militarizes Crimea - Russia places potential nuclear weapons' carriers in Crimea, - MFA - Ed: 💥💥
07/06 09:39:51 Russia to respond harshly to unfriendly US steps, Lavrov says - World - TASS Ed: 🏮🏮
07/05 17:07:31 Taliban captures Kandahar - The Manila Times
07/05 17:07:01 First we take Tel Aviv... - Tehran Times Ed: 🔴🔴;;
07/05 12:39:54 Russian Warships to Reinforce Black Sea Forces Amid U.S.-Led Drills - The Moscow Times Ed: ⚠💥
07/04 22:53:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - VIDEO- Massive Explosion in Caspian Sea - Unknown Cause Ed: 🔴🔴🔴
07/04 01:59:46 Israel Attacks Gaza Over Incendiary Balloons; Palestinian Killed in West Bank - Voice of America - English
07/03 21:13:01 Japan's Number Two Defense Official Warns That a 'Pearl Harbor' Type Attack Could Come from Russia and China Ed: ⚖🔴🔴
07/03 11:56:18 Russia prepares for Zapad 2021, keeps heavy armed forces close to UkraineEuromaidan Press - News and views from Ukraine
07/02 19:06:14 Satellite captures China 'building 100 missile silos' in desert fuelling nuclear fears - Daily Star Ed: ;;F🔴🔴
07/02 16:24:05 U.S. and Russia Refuse to Back Down as Black Sea Tensions Rise Ed: 🏮🏮
07/02 12:18:30 Powerful Israeli airstrike on weapons workshops in Gaza Ed: ⭐⭐⭐
07/02 09:22:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- China warns US to 'sever all military ties' with Taiwan or face 'war'
07/01 23:07:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Decrees Military Can Block Kerch Strait
07/01 11:30:51 Moscow Not Ruling Out Military Measures in Response to Missile Threats Arising from the West - Sputnik International
07/01 10:06:39 The NATO-Ukraine Sea Breeze exercise could ultimately help create the circumstances for real conflict with Russia in the Blac
07/01 09:33:32 Why the Russian Navy Is Testing the West in the Black Sea and Mediterranean - 19FortyFive
06/29 17:11:06 Gen. Flynn Warns Of A Potential False Flag Coming Ed: ⭐❓
06/29 09:50:24 Russia is testing its S-400 air defense systems in Crimea
06/28 11:58:07 Russia-China Military Alliance Talk Grows to Counter U.S. Pacific Plans Ed: at the expense of Western software careers).
06/28 09:55:39 Large-scale military exercises Sea Breeze 2021 kick off - Multinational Sea Breeze 2021 exercises kick off in Black Sea - 112 Ed: U;L🔎
06/27 10:56:51 US Blackhawks and Apaches train with Russian attack helicopters nearby - Washington Examiner
06/26 19:09:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - PROPAGANDA Begins for war with Russia in About 48 Hours -- British Press Claiming Crimea TORTURE CHAM
06/26 13:16:28 Massive exercise in Black Sea with US comes after Russia warning - The Jerusalem Post
06/26 09:19:56 Record number of nations to participate in Sea Breeze 2021
06/26 09:16:46 Pak Navy to take part in exercise sea breeze 2021 - The Pakistan Daily
06/25 16:34:16 Russia warns UK and U.S. not to tempt fate in Black Sea - Metro US Ed: ☠💥‼❓
06/25 10:40:08 America's Navy Is Preparing For Island Warfare Against China - The National Interest
06/25 10:32:26 Russia accuses Britain, U.S. of fuelling Black Sea row - Metro US
06/25 10:29:56 British destroyer's passage near Crimea- Decision made by Johnson - Decision on British destroyer's passage near Crimea made
06/24 11:47:03 Russia Warplane Drops Bombs to Deter U.K. Ship in First Move of Its Kind Since Cold War
06/24 10:06:07 Russia says it practiced "destroying the aircraft carrier strike group" while in waters off Hawaii - War Is Boring
06/24 09:45:40 Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu says 'we need to prepare' for military conflict with China - CNN
06/24 09:14:43 Russia has conducted a large-scale exercise in the Pacific
06/23 15:06:39 UAWire - Russian fighter jet opens fire on British destroyer in Black Sea
06/23 15:06:01 Attack targets Iran's Atomic Energy Organization - Iranian reports - The Jerusalem Post
06/23 15:02:19 US F-35B fighter jets fly first combat missions off foreign aircraft carrier since World War II - CNN
06/23 12:28:03 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian Navy Fires Warning Shot at British Ship in Black Sea
06/23 12:17:56 Hal Turner Radio Show - While Russia Navy Conducts Missile Drills off Hawaii Coast, U.S. Military Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen
06/23 10:09:40 US Has Created 400,000 Troop-Strong Force in Asia-Pacific, Russian Military Intelligence Warns - Sputnik International
06/20 23:18:26 Australia Is Preparing to Fight a War Alongside the US and on Its Own
06/20 11:40:58 Israel warns 'no choice' but to ready attack plans after Raisi wins Iran elections
06/18 15:27:38 Israel continues violation of Gaza ceasefire --Middle East Monitor
06/17 17:23:14 A Bloodless Air Battle Raged Around Taiwan This Week As U.S. And Chinese Forces Trained For War
06/17 17:22:20 China Targets Taiwan, U.S. As 36 Warplanes Buzz Island in 72 Hours
06/16 18:05:54 Is an invasion coming-- China's growing threat to Taiwan - American Enterprise Institute - AEI
06/16 11:28:06 Israel Attacks Gaza, Hamas Deploys Fire Balloons as Conflict Flares After Netanyahu
06/15 16:45:12 NATO Ramps Up Rhetoric Against China & Russia. Is Biden Leading the U.S. into a New Cold War- - Democracy Now!
06/14 12:41:11 'These are uncertain times' as Taiwan issues Australia warning of Beijing 'grey zone' war - YouTube
06/13 15:02:55 'China is violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty,' Republicans warn world is at risk - The BL
06/10 22:55:38 Geopolitics expert warns China preparing for TOTAL WAR against the United States in "a matter of months" ..cyber attacks, bio
06/09 02:46:17 Explosions over Damascus- Syrian air defenses light up sky in response to 'Israeli aggression' --state media --RT World News
06/08 14:47:07 China says U.S. senators visiting Taiwan on military plane a 'vile provocation' - Metro US
06/07 12:29:04 Anticipating War With China, The U.S. Air Force Is Spreading Across The Pacific
06/06 16:41:19 FarsNews Agency Report- Israel Begged US to Broker Gaza Ceasefire
06/06 14:15:31 Trench warfare- On the eastern Ukraine front line as conflict with Russia rages - Washington Examiner
06/06 14:14:06 Taliban seizes six districts in the past week - FDD's Long War Journal
06/03 08:49:34 Russia Vows to 'React If Necessary' to Increased NATO Activity in Ukraine
06/02 13:24:36 WWIII Watch- Is a Second Russian Invasion of Ukraine Inevitable- - The National Interest
06/02 08:59:05 Zelensky speaks of possible directions of Russian invasion --UNIAN
05/31 11:40:10 Hamas Reportedly Resumes Massive Rocket Production - Sputnik International
05/30 13:46:00 Israel - Palestine - This Needs To Be Heard - YouTube
05/29 17:26:54 Caitlin Johnstone- Israel narrative management is getting incredibly desperate and brazen --RT Op-ed
05/28 19:44:20 IDF preparing for possibility truce will fall apart; Hamas holds victory parade - The Times of Israel
05/27 20:00:49 International Atomic Energy Agency's Leader Sounds the Alarm- -Only Countries Making Nuclear Bombs Enrich Uranium Like Iran..
05/27 19:33:50 China- If There Is a War over Taiwan, Its Because America Started It - The National Interest
05/27 19:20:05 No going back to Open Skies, US tells Russia ahead of Biden-Putin summit --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
05/27 14:39:38 FSB - Russia to pull more border guards to Ukrainian border --UNIAN
05/26 17:01:37 Medvedchuk's prosecution, or is Ukraine looking for a way to end itself- --The Barricade
05/26 16:53:34 Ahead of next month's eagerly awaited Putin-Biden summit, Kremlin warns 'reset' in US-Russian relations unlikely to be on car
05/25 19:01:00 FarsNews Agency Russia- US, NATO Allies Harming Potential Donbass Peace by Giving More Money, Weapons, Support to Ukrainian A
05/24 10:18:39 More is Expected From Ally Russia • MassisPost
05/23 14:30:23 Israel threatens to kill Hamas leaders over rocket fire from Gaza
05/23 14:29:58 Poll- Israel failed to win support of US voters during Gaza massacre - The Electronic Intifada
05/23 11:56:21 Israeli police escort Jewish settlers in visit to al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem - Al Arabiya English
05/23 11:36:10 Jewish extremists storm Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in latest provocation following Gaza ceasefire
05/23 11:21:54 Occupied Crimea - Russian militarization behind lack of water- Ukraine's MFA --UNIAN
05/22 12:06:21 The number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine is not decreasing, --Stoltenberg - UATV
05/21 19:19:59 Russia launches mass production of combat robots
05/21 17:13:07 NATO vigilant on 'disturbing' Russian aggression in Ukraine
05/21 14:00:05 Netanyahu- Any Gaza rocket fire will be met with 'whole new level of force'
05/21 01:17:54 Here's Why Aggressor Learjets Were Making Mock Attack Runs Towards Philly Last Night
05/21 01:17:41 Hal Turner Radio Show - Large Explosion at Cape Cod ICBM Early Warning RADAR Station!
05/20 17:54:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - Muslims - Jews Fighting on Manhattan Streets!
05/20 15:14:35 China plans to hold talks with Israel as well as Russia, EU and UN over conflict in Gaza - South China Morning Post
05/20 10:13:05 OPPOSITES- Israel Warns Gaza Civilians Housing Rocket Launchers Before Blowing Them Up But Hamas Tells No One and Shells Huma
05/19 17:51:43 UK's Warning Tickle to Russia - Sputnik International
05/19 09:28:25 Senior Member of CCP Think Tank Claims China Won Unprecedented Biological War Against the US in 2020 and -Put the US Back in
05/19 09:06:55 All Eyes on Hezbollah as Tensions Rise on Israel Border --The Defense Post
05/18 15:19:46 united states - Why does the US block a UN statement calling for violence to stop in the Palestine-Israel conflict- - Politic
05/18 10:42:58 Biden backs Gaza ceasefire while approving $735 million arms sale to Israel - The National
05/18 09:49:29 Ninety rockets fired at Israel overnight from Gaza Strip - World - TASS
05/17 23:43:08 Egypt to Israel- Do not increase attacks on Gaza Strip - report - The Jerusalem post
05/17 14:59:25 Bloody Sunday as 100 Palestinians killed in Gaza, 13 Israeli soldiers killed - Tajikistan News ASIA-Plus
05/17 12:19:42 Palestine sleeps, wakes up with Soleimani's missiles; Declaration of readiness for direct presence on battlefield against Isr
05/17 12:16:49 Israel's Defenses Tested as Hamas Fires 2,000 Rockets -- Middle East Forum
05/16 16:54:44 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israeli mobs are marking doors of Palestinian homes to attack!
05/16 16:21:21 UN Live United Nations Web TV - Live Now - The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Security Co
05/16 15:45:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - REPORTS- Israel's -Iron Dome- Failing; Saturated and allowing rockets to get through!
05/16 15:45:10 Hal Turner Radio Show - Islamic nations hold emergency summit on Israel-Gaza attacks
05/16 12:58:53 Death toll from Israeli airstrikes on Gaza rises to 181, including 52 children - Al Arabiya English
05/15 16:23:44 Gaza- Al-Jalaa tower, which houses media outlets, destroyed - video, twitter
05/15 09:37:21 Israel launches fresh attacks on Gaza
05/15 09:36:10 Israel accused of tricking major news outlets into reporting a fake Gaza invasion to lure Hamas fighters into tunnels that we
05/15 04:49:28 Israel pounds Gaza in a fifth night of intense air campaign
05/15 03:04:15 Feint by Israel May Have Delivered a Major Blow to Hamas
05/14 19:55:48 'This Is Not Yet Over,' Netanyahu Says, After Israel Hits Urban Areas Of Gaza - NPR
05/14 19:51:03 Vladimir Putin Calls Escalating Israel Conflict a 'Direct Threat' to Russia's Security
05/14 17:04:41 A Powerful Kremlin Ally Faces Treason In Ukraine. Ukraine's President Faces A Political Trip Wire-
05/14 14:32:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - Turkey Foreign Minister- If you Don't Protect Palestinians, we will
05/14 01:22:20 Ground operation- Foreign media confused by IDF statement - Israel National News
05/14 00:52:06 Israel and Palestine conflict- Israel sends troops in; death toll in Gaza grows; airlines cancel flights - NZ Herald
05/13 23:05:44 Here's what it looked like the last time Israeli forces launched a major ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza
05/13 20:21:08 Massive rocket barrage on Ben Gurion Airport, central Israel - Israel National News
05/13 20:14:00 Over 500 residential buildings razed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza Strip - World - TASS
05/13 18:49:46 Israel fires chemical weapons against Gaza, Palestine denounces Ed: never censor like the MSM!
05/13 15:02:29 Hal Turner Radio Show - SHOCKING! Gaza Has Suicide Drones! Attacking Iron Dome and Israeli Military Targets Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum: 'We now have moved from the defense stage to the attack stage'."
05/13 12:53:04 Russia's Armed Forces Test Combat Readiness Close to Ukraine's Border - Jamestown
05/13 09:43:52 Netanyahu rejects Hamas ceasefire plea after nine of their commanders were 'neutralised' - Daily Mail Online
05/12 18:32:02 Gaza- UN warns of full-scale war between Israel and Palestinians
05/12 16:38:19 Israel under fire- Sgt. Omer Tabib killed by Gaza terrorists - Israel National News
05/12 14:23:15 Hal Turner Radio Show - Wednesday 12 May- Fierce Fighting Continues Between Israel and Gaza Strip Factions. Death toll in Gaz
05/12 08:07:59 'This is the beginning of the greatest financial crisis in US history'- Peter Schiff makes dire predictions to Boom Bust --RT
05/12 01:15:35 Amichai Stein on Twitter- -Israel destroys a 13-story building in Gaza - Twitter
05/11 19:52:51 Benjamin Netanyahu vows to 'step up' attacks on Hamas after Gaza rockets kill two Israeli women - Daily Mail Online
05/11 18:11:03 Israel's Iron Dome shoots down rockets from Gaza - World News - Sky News
05/11 16:24:07 'Great deal of evidence' Chinese military discussed coronaviruses as a bio-weapon - YouTube
05/11 15:36:17 Keep One Eye on Xi and the Other on Putin - The Bulwark
05/11 02:18:11 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Navy Fires 30 Shots at Iranian Gunboats in Persian Gulf!
05/10 17:07:51 Jerusalem violence- Rockets fired from Gaza after major clashes - BBC News
05/10 07:59:54 Gordon Chang- Communist China Has Committed 'Mass Murder' of Americans
05/09 19:19:33 China investigated weaponising coronaviruses in 2015- Reports - World News
05/09 14:11:59 Russian Navy shadows U.S. Coast Guard cutter in the Black Sea
05/09 14:09:02 Everyone here in Mariupol has a suitcase packed - DW News
05/09 09:54:31 The US Navy Seized an Arms Shipment Headed to Yemen
05/08 17:39:56 China has been preparing for WW3 with biological weapons for last six years, US investigators say - Daily Mail Online
05/08 17:06:06 The end of strategic ambiguity- America has finally stopped pretending it would risk war with Russia over supposed 'ally' Ukr
05/08 11:52:51 Independence means war- China warns Taiwan as Biden reaffirms US support
05/08 01:53:04 U.S. joins European Union military mobility project -
05/07 16:25:22 Fighting Flares in Eastern Ukraine as Blinken Visits, Pledges US Support
05/07 15:30:36 Russia has more troops at border with Ukraine than at the beginning of escalation, - Stoltenberg - Russia has now more troops
05/07 15:22:17 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. and NATO Exercise -- On Russia Border - with 28,000 Troops
05/07 12:31:34 Russian threat - Putin's ex-advisor suggests direction of possible invasion of Ukraine --UNIAN
05/07 12:22:36 Russian troops still in, around Ukraine- NATO chief
05/07 09:05:12 NATO - Allies to hold major exercises in Europe involving 9,000 forces --UNIAN
05/05 18:35:53 Ukrainian Hospital 'Fired On By Russia-Backed Forces'
05/05 09:36:13 Russian-backed forces open fire at Ukrainian JCCC vehicle near Mariupol
05/05 09:31:08 John Bolton should stop promoting battles -for which he is not to fight- --Responsible Statecraft
05/05 09:25:19 Russian aggression - Russia must uphold commitments under Minsk deal --U.S. --UNIAN
05/05 09:07:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Military Plane Travels SUPERSONIC Over Europe to Middle East, Shuts-Off Transponder; MORE- -Nuke
05/05 09:07:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine- Firing & Explosions around Donetsk
05/04 22:43:18 This U.S. Coast Guard Cutter is Visiting the Black Sea and Russia Doesn't Like It - The National Interest
05/04 22:28:59 Antony Blinken warns China- 'It would be a very serious mistake' to attack Taiwan - Washington Examiner
05/04 22:27:37 US military begins major exercises in Russia's backyard - Washington Examiner
05/04 14:51:58 Report- U.S. spy planes deployed near North Korea -
05/04 14:50:47 Military aid - U.S. should accelerate providing inactivated warships to Ukraine --UNIAN
05/04 14:49:22 Rocket attack, 3rd in 3 days, targets US in Iraq- army - World - Business Recorder
05/04 09:43:52 Nato and its allies need to stand up to Vladimir Putin's posturing
05/03 16:05:26 Message to Russia- U.S. Army kicks off major artillery drills across Europe - Washington Times
05/02 22:03:26 North Korea warns of 'VERY GRAVE SITUATION' for US, says Biden blundered by calling its self-defense efforts 'serious threats
05/02 19:04:03 North Korea warns of 'very grave situation' after Biden called it a security threat
05/01 13:09:02 FarsNews Agency Kissinger Says US-China Doomsday Threat Ramped Up by Hi-Tech Advances
05/01 13:05:05 China news- Taiwan forced to beef up military as China prepare 'military assault' - World - News -
05/01 13:03:07 North Korea news- Kim Jong-un launches 'suicide' drones in new threat to the west - World - News -
05/01 02:00:30 Zakharova erupts in fury over Norway's military deal with the United States - The Independent Barents Observer
04/30 18:36:22 Donbas - No immediate threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine - JFO Commander --UNIAN
04/30 16:59:17 Stay highly vigilant against Japan's recent military moves - China Military
04/30 15:08:27 Russian Navy Conducts First Black Sea Supersonic Cruise Missile Test - The Moscow Times
04/30 15:06:53 Blinken Heads to Ukraine Amid Russia's Recent Military Buildup Along Border - Voice of America - English
04/30 12:28:11 Russia Testing U.S. As Military Flights by Alaska Reach Cold War Levels, Says Commander
04/30 10:54:02 US General Warns China Nuclear Buildup 'On Track to Exceed Previous Projections' - Sputnik International
04/30 10:53:24 Berrier - U.S. defense intelligence chief comments on Russia's military build-up near Ukraine --UNIAN
04/30 10:53:06 FarsNews Agency Beijing Urges US to 'Restrain Frontline Forces' After Spy Flights, FONOPS Spike by 20% Under Biden
04/30 10:21:34 U.S. Embassy to Cut Staff, Most Visas for Russians as Moscow Bans 'Unfriendly' Hiring - The Moscow Times
04/30 10:19:59 NATO Military Exercises Launched in Albania -
04/30 09:33:18 China Condemns 'Vile' U.S. Warship for Disrupting Navy Exercise
04/29 21:51:41 US Army-led NATO military exercises launched in Albania
04/29 19:19:48 China says US is stepping up military activity against it
04/29 14:19:09 US military activity on China's borders has 'sharply increased' since Biden took charge - Morning Star
04/29 00:44:52 'We will defend ourselves to the very end'- Taiwan minister's vow as China 'prepares final assault' - World News - Sky News
04/29 00:40:07 Turkish Military Hints at Prospect of Expulsion of US Troops From Incirlik Base Amid Genocide Spat - Sputnik International
04/28 18:59:52 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ankara- -Incirlik base with all its weapons systems belongs to Turkey-
04/28 18:32:48 Washington rejected Moscow's offer of complete reset in Russia-US relations shortly after inauguration of Biden, FM Lavrov re
04/28 15:39:10 Hal Turner Radio Show - Unprecedented NATO Deployment over Black Sea
04/28 00:57:46 Sleepwalking Into Nuclear War- --OpEd --Eurasia Review
04/27 18:29:39 There is something 'sinister in the air' - YouTube
04/27 17:07:32 Russia holds naval drills as U.S. vessel heads to Black Sea - Reuters
04/27 15:43:21 Iranian and American ships avoid NEAR MISSES in tense Persian Gulf encounter, says US Navy (VIDEO) --RT World News
04/27 07:54:33 Iranian and US warships involved in tense Mideast encounter
04/26 19:16:52 Putin draws a 'red line' on Ukraine, and he means it - TheHill
04/26 15:23:44 US Central Command Downgrades Former War on Terrorism To Confront China, Russia, and Iran - Original
04/26 15:23:29 U.S. Warship to Join U.K. Fleet in Indo-Pacific amid China, Russia Tensions
04/26 11:12:32 China Seeks its -Suez Moment- to Seize the U.S.'s Global Standing - Opinion
04/26 11:00:29 Turkey- We should expel US troops from Incirlik air base
04/24 09:45:59 Pentagon - U.S. seeing some Russian personnel withdrawing from Ukraine's border - UNIAN
04/23 15:14:12 Top secret U-2 spy plane takes off from England - Daily Mail Online
04/23 11:22:53 Baghdad base housing US troops is hit as Iran proxies apply pressure - - AW
04/23 11:14:10 Japan to hold 1st large-scale military drills with US and France amid South China Sea tensions --RT World News
04/23 11:12:23 Ukraine-Russia tensions - U.S. reacts to Russia's statement on withdrawal of troops from Ukraine's borders --UNIAN
04/23 02:02:38 Peace talks - Putin responds to Zelensky's offer to meet in Donbas --UNIAN
04/22 08:43:20 Russia-Ukraine tension - Washington considers more arms shipments to Kyiv amid Russian build-up --media --UNIAN
04/21 18:37:44 Events in Czechia and Belarus Cement Eastern Europe's New Divide - The Moscow Times
04/21 16:28:13 Why is the US concerned about China's naval base in Djibouti-
04/21 16:28:03 Ukraine doesn't provoke the Russian Federation to draw troops to the border, - the US State Department - UATV
04/21 16:03:55 Russian aggression - Full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine unlikely --analysts --UNIAN
04/21 14:59:30 The Western Pacific is Heating Up. Why the Air Force is Putting Down Roots in Tinian - The National Interest
04/21 07:53:36 Russia's Defense Minister Says U.S. Employing 'Provocative Actions' in Black Sea
04/20 21:16:24 US Warns China About Military Action in Taiwan - by Rebeccah L. Heinrichs
04/20 17:27:12 China and Russia Turn Deeper Ties into a Military Challenge for Biden
04/20 17:25:00 Biden Administration Issues Sweeping New Sanctions On Russia In Response To Election Interference, Malicious Cyber Activity, And Other Russian Malfeasance
04/20 16:06:13 US calls Russian plan to close Black Sea 'unprovoked escalation' - Daily Sabah
04/20 09:54:16 NATO - U.S. deploys dozens of fighter jets to Poland as part of drills (Photo) --UNIAN
04/20 01:08:14 Here's A Closer Look At The Heavily Armed F-16 Fighter Jets That Ventured Into The South China Sea
04/20 01:06:25 5 Injured as Rockets Target Balad Air Base in Latest Attack
04/19 16:20:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Details Emerge about FOILED Violent, Bloody Coup Planned for Belarus - Financed and aided by US and Poland Intelligence Agencies
04/18 21:35:51 Russia alleges assassination plot against Belarus leader Lukashenko --POLITICO
04/18 17:11:51 Europe's strategic long-shot- more warships in the Indo-Pacific --POLITICO
04/18 17:03:16 Russian aggression - Western partners to arm Ukraine in case invasion- FM --UNIAN
04/18 16:59:31 Ammo blast - Ukraine backs Czech Republic's decision to expel Russia diplomats --UNIAN Ed: ;;Q🔴🔴
04/18 16:55:07 'Very Dangerous Time'- Beijing Advancing Timeline to Seize Territory in Asian Region, Says Former Navy Intelligence Officer
04/18 16:54:56 Ukraine braces itself for war with Russia - Raam op Rusland
04/18 09:57:36 Hal Turner Radio Show - Slide To War Continues; Diplomats EXPELLED by Multiple Countries; Coup Plot Foiled in Belarus (US INVOLVEMENT) - US & Turkish Troops Now In Ukraine!
04/17 22:34:32 Hong Kong's Fall a Harbinger of Communist China's Takeover of Free World- Epoch Times Hong Kong Director
04/17 22:14:29 Razumkov - No grounds for military emergency in Ukraine yet --Parliament speaker --UNIAN
04/17 18:36:53 Ukraine's Troops 'Ready' for Russian Assault As Tensions Rise Amid Envoy Arrest
04/16 22:14:55 US and NATO warn Russia not to blockade Ukrainian ports - Washington Examiner
04/16 14:37:51 China Backs Away as Philippines and U.S. Send Powerful Ships to West Philippine Sea
04/16 14:37:11 The Russian Military Is Absolutely a Threat to NATO - The National Interest
04/16 14:10:43 Hal Turner Radio Show - Update- Looming War - Ukraine-Russia
04/15 17:48:44 Hal Turner Radio Show - Kerch Strait to be CLOSED Starting Next Week
04/15 14:57:51 Biden signs executive order for sanctions against Russia
04/15 14:44:52 Russia's military build-up - Merkel to join Zelensky-Macron talks --media --UNIAN
04/15 12:21:17 With Taiwan and Ukraine, Joe Biden administration faces global test - The Economic Times
04/15 12:20:30 Taiwan blasts 'self-defeating' China fighter jet incursions - DefenceTalk
04/15 12:18:47 Iraq- Attacks on Western targets - DefenceTalk
04/15 09:13:16 Russian atomic mortars spotted moving toward border with Ukraine
04/15 09:12:43 Russia concerned over emergence of Turkish combat drones in Ukraine
04/15 09:11:05 U.S. and Allies Plan Fight From Afar Against Al Qaeda Once Troops Exit Afghanistan - The New York Times
04/15 09:10:52 US Navy crew of USS Sioux City LCS conducts live-fire qualification exercise
04/14 15:44:59 The U.S. Navy Wants a Fleet for Drone Warships. But There Is a Problem. - The National Interest
04/14 14:25:30 China Has a New Master Plan to Kill U.S. Navy Submarines - The National Interest
04/14 12:57:37 U.S. at OSCE- Russia's military activities near Ukraine not a routine exercise
04/14 11:28:40 Ukraine-Russia tensions - Russia's new offensive may spill into World War 3 --Kravchuk --UNIAN
04/14 11:28:22 Distributed Warfare- How the U.S. Navy Will Win Against China- - The National Interest
04/14 11:27:08 Iran- So Many Enemies
04/14 11:08:36 Russian troops on Ukraine border 'ready to defend country' in event of war says Defense Minister Shoigu, warning of NATO buildup --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/14 01:28:26 Sources in Iraq deny Iran media claims of attack on 'Israelis' - The Jerusalem Post
04/13 20:31:19 Hal Turner Radio Show - Bullion and Cash Being Suddenly WITHDRAWN from UK Territory
04/13 20:31:01 Hal Turner Radio Show - Iran Blows-Up Mossad Base in Iraq; Attacks Ship in Persian Gulf
04/13 17:30:27 US affirms 'unwavering support' for Ukraine in face of Russian aggression - TheHill
04/13 00:06:32 Next stop, the apocalypse- The bumbling Biden administration's claim to fame may be jumpstarting World War III --RT Op-ed
04/12 17:49:14 US Indo-Pacific chief visits Japan as 25 Chinese jets near Taiwan - Nikkei Asia
04/12 13:31:21 Biden Affirms US 'Unwavering Support' for Ukraine in Call - Voice of America - English
04/12 13:29:58 What Does Russia Want with Ukraine- - Voice of America - English
04/12 10:23:43 -If Putin attacks- - Ukraine as springboard for geopolitical games --UNIAN
04/12 09:29:08 Blinken Warns It Would Be 'Serious Mistake' for Beijing to Attack Taiwan
04/12 08:40:06 What Napoleon Can Teach Us About the South China Sea - War on the Rocks
04/12 08:32:40 Ukrainian soldier killed by rebel fire amid rising tensions with Russia
04/10 16:55:17 As Black Sea 'boils,' Ankara tries to strike balance between Russia, US
04/10 16:47:50 Turkey - U.S. warships to deploy in Black Sea until May 4 --UNIAN
04/10 14:27:04 World War III- How the Senkaku Islands Could Spark a U.S.-China War - The National Interest
04/10 14:26:59 North Korea's Secret Weapon to Break America in a War (Not Nukes) - The National Interest
04/10 14:25:56 Is the United States Military Really as Strong as Everyone Says- - The National Interest
04/09 12:27:37 Ukraine conflict- Moscow could 'defend' Russia-backed rebels - BBC News
04/09 12:01:45 America's Dangerous Ukraine Delusion
04/09 10:47:33 Escalation in Donbas - One KIA amid 15 truce violations on April 8 --UNIAN
04/09 10:03:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Sets Up Army FIELD HOSPITAL Near Ukraine; Moves Iskander Missiles and Amphibious Landing Craft from Caspian Sea to Ukraine Coast!
04/09 10:01:48 Zelensky- NATO to stop Donbas War -
04/09 09:58:08 Can the U.S. Army Stand Against Russian Asymmetric Warfare- - The National Interest
04/08 13:27:45 Amidst Russia's loud sabre-rattling, U.S. delivers military hardware to UkraineEuromaidan Press - News and views from Ukraine
04/08 13:18:57 Urgent TCG meeting on Donbas - No ceasefire statement signed over Russia's stance --UNIAN
04/08 12:53:51 REVEALED- China's State Propaganda Group Boasts Control Over Western Think Tanks, 'Election Integrity' Groups, And Even Joe B
04/08 12:48:08 Five states condemn Russian military activity near Ukraine's borders --UNIAN
04/08 12:44:40 Biden Admin Poised to Extend U.S. Troop Presence in Afghanistan - RealClearPolitics
04/08 12:43:17 US cannot replicate 'Eight-Nation Alliance' against China - Global Times
03/15 09:12:33 US Counterintelligence Chief Warns China Poses 'Severe' Threat to US
02/03 19:38:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - Iran Installs Advanced Centrifuges at Nuke Development Sites
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US Generals behaving Badly

Video analyzing US Military General & Chief funding corruption. This is what we are up against when it comes to expecting Military Help in defending the Constitution.

Sibel Edmond's "Bring On The Generals"


..All Credit to Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud who predicted the coup early 2020.
Video starts slow, but is much worth watching to end. Sibel is an academic, an ex FBI Translator and has studied the Turkish coup and sees parallels with US 2020 "coup".
More in this series here... link1, link2, link3

..Brief map of contents (with time markers) -
  1. 0:00 Starts slowly with intro to good journalist practice.
  2. 3:00 switches to actual practices.
  3. 5:35 the generals against trump,
  4. 7:50 more gens.
  5. 12:30 bad generals.
  6. 20:55 how they get paid off.
  7. 24:30 Cohen is a pimp.
  8. 27:00 Trump is hitting their profits.
  9. 28:40 Mathias works for Cohen who works for Clinton's.
  10. 34:30 Next general - John Allen ...
  11. 38:45 - the problem with funding.

More about Sibel..
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Also: Trump, General Milley Blew Up at Each Other Over Racial Protest Response, Book Claims - Sputnik International (

Insidious Weapons

Drone flies military grenades over targets - DroneDJ -- This drone is designed to fit into an RPG launcher (rocket propelled grenade launcher). More discussion below image..

..It is notably capable of..
  1. swarming
  2. 20km range
  3. AI for homing in on humans without RC(remote control)
  4. launch by hand or RPGL

War & Humanity

We're not happy with the military chiefs, but we more than appreciate Rank & File..
Here is a super-quick, warm tribute to their sacrifice..


Jeff Nyquist on WW3

From the Video interview, Seth Holehouse - 👉 - The COVID Narrative Is Dead - Is WW3 Next? - This is a very insightful study of what a strategist thinks will happen regards Ukraine - and why!

Summary - Jeff thinks like us! He sees a joint onslaught from China and Russia on US soil and even goes so far as to cite a conversation where Russia and China have agreed to divide the spoils of their American conquest with Canada and adjacent US territories being handed to Russia, while China takes the remaining 48 States of the US. He even went as far as to say Americans would be exterminated to allow for some 700 million Chinese to re-settle it.

These were the stunning predictions he gave when pushed by Seth to suggest how things will play out in the long run.

However, in the immediate future, he sees an invasion of the Ukraine as inevitable, and claims the mobilization by Russia is much larger than the 100K to 150,000 thus far touted. He makes an interesting point that "mobilization is war", because if you don't counter the mobilization with your own mobilization, you're easy to invade.

Full transcript (Video interview, Seth Holehouse)

Punctuation and capitalization is not provided by Youtube's Auto Transcript render.. We have added some.

Intro Summary: On today's show, I'll be joined by Jeff Nyquist. Jeff has authored multiple books and is an expert on communism and geopolitics two areas that are critical for us to understand right now.
Starting at 4:55 - So, all right, on to today's show again my guest i am so honored to have him on here is Jeff Nyquist who is the perfect person to talk to with everything happening around the world right now so let's go ahead and welcome Jeff Nyquist hi Seth hey Jeff welcome how are you doing? uh I'm doing okay the world's not but um I'm okay for now yeah. i know you're up in Michigan I'm in Ohio and we're buried in about a foot of snow so i can only imagine what life is like up there colder more snow oh good so Jeff I've been trying to follow and understand what's happening and that's not been easy can you just give us an overview of like what are we seeing play out right now with Ukraine and Russia and now xi jinking backing Putin and Biden and NATO how can we make sense of what's happening over there well a brief synopsis at the end of October the us government revealed and i think it was a Washington post that first covered it that Russia was preparing for a major mobilization that this mobilization would very possibly lead to a war uh in Ukraine that there was some kind of plan to invade Ukraine take some part of it but it was a big mobilization um this was picked up in Ukraine. Ukrainian press started discussing it in early November you'll find Ukrainian articles sure enough the mobilization started the Russians started deploying forces you see all these headlines a hundred thousand troops put on the you know of course that's a hundred thousand troops is nothing you can't invade Ukraine with a hundred thousand Ukrainian standing army is 165 and with their militia that they've mobilized you know they got 250 000 maybe close to 300 000 now but they haven't mobilized their 400 000 reservists but the Russian mobilization which kind of began started in November through December now through January now continuing in February it isn't over yet there's still it just got word what was it this morning that uh a helicopter new helicopter units soviet helicopter forces have been moved closer to the border right?

You've got, um, i, just this morning more trains, dozens of trains filled with military equipment and troops moving into Belarus which is north of Ukraine. The deployment gets stronger and stronger - it is like the US intelligence said - they called it - it's true, this deployment is unlike anything we have seen before and of course NATO is nervous. The US is nervous uh the president of Ukraine, Zelensky has told Biden to calm down, it's not a big deal, there's not going to be an invasion in Ukraine except for mobilizing these militias which are not really serious formations in a war with Russian troops. Ukraine is not really mobilizing its reserves.

Uh, meanwhile we're not talking about... we've... it has been identified about 10 Russian armies assembling their forces. If if 10 Russian armies are fully mobilized, an army is, you know, Russian army is roughly 10 divisions uh give or take, so a division is Russian division's over 10 000 at full mobilization - that's one of those armies and fully mobilizations a hundred thousand - that makes a million man mobilization. We're not talking about a hundred thousand mobilization here uh we're talking about something much larger and i think this morning, you may be saw the news items and the last couple days, where the pentagon is saying the forces now on the border are sufficient to overwhelm the Ukrainian, defenders, especially since Ukraine hasn't responded by mobilizing.

This is the normal procedure (by the way) in countries in war is that if your neighbor mobilizes, you have to pretty much if you want to be defended - and that's just accepted in world war one. Um a Russian general very famously said mobilization is war because, at the time, Serbia..... remember the archduke Francis Ferdinand got assassinated by the black hand - the Serbians the Austrians started mobilizing the Serbians mobilized, the Russians started to mobilize to defend the Serbians, the kaiser wrote the "Willy-Nicky" letter saying don't mobilize because we'll have to mobilize and then war will start and the Russians mobilized anyway. The Tsar got talked out of it by his generals because his generals wanted the war - because they thought they could win because they were allied with the french. The french wanted the war because they wanted Alsace and Lorraine back so everybody ended up mobilizing and going to war because mobilization is war and ...

The thing is, is, what's interesting about this is NATO America, [and] even Ukraine, are looking at this mobilization and saying - oh no, it's not a..., there's no threat, he's not really going to do it, so I'm going to let the Russian military go to full mobilization, be completely capable, not only of overrunning Ukraine, but when they get done with that with the blitzkrieg in Ukraine, be in a position then to start dictating to NATO - because they don't have to send those troops home and NATO's not mobilizing.

I mean Biden put 8 500 troops uh on emergency alert, to send to Poland and and Romanian some people said, oh he's going to send him to Ukraine. No he's not and if you look at a military map, yeah yeah why does Russia.........

Ukraine is obviously not a threat to them, so why is it is this, just you know, kind of a step towards a, you know, global hegemony or what's ..... why does Russia even want to overtake Ukraine? well Putin there's multiple levels to this Putin has always said and he said it for years now that Ukraine is not a sovereign country it's not a real country okay and by the way if we go back to the 1990s i think it was general Gretchev the defense minister of the Russian federation uh went to Brussels in front of the NATO council and basically said all the former soviet republics that directly border on Russia are are near abroad and they're not they don't have normal sovereignty we have the right to send troops into those countries any time we want so that's just been the way it's been and in 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine annexed Crimea started a civil war in eastern Ukraine and in 2008 they invaded Georgia um and annex parts of Georgia you know uh par for parts of what's in gushetia and then there's another enclave along the black sea coast uh basically those enclaves open up the mountain passes so that Georgia is basically defenseless if the Russians decide to go into Georgia it's not defensible the country can't be defended and that was really the purpose of the 2008 um incursion by the Russians was to make sure that they had the position in the future that they could just go in there at any time and they couldn't be stopped if you look at the map of Ukraine by the way if you look at have you seen any of the military maps of the deployments no i haven't um well let me describe it so you have a good idea Ukraine is almost encircled by the Russian forces now uh you know that Bella Russia is in military union with Russia its armed forces which are supposedly engaged in military exercises but they're not in the places they said they would be doing the exercises their military's getting ready the Russians have moved tens of thousands of troops into belarussia railroad cars have been moving into their laying supplies and the foundations for an offensive from that territory um mostly mechanized infantry troops although Russia's elite paratrooper divisions paratroop divisions are deployed almost close to the polish border in deployment maps I've seen so you have all the way in the north and why paratroops over here because paratroops can rapidly be dropped behind Kiev and cut the country off from NATO block the roads and railroads stop supplies and so there's the north and then the east you have the regular Russian deployments there in the east of Ukraine and then a large deployment in Crimea unbelievably large with amphibious vessels brought in so that they could land on the east bank of the nipah river they can land against Odessa and then in Moldova in in the Moldovan supposedly independent former soviet republic there's um an enclave where a Russian mechanized regiment's been deployed and they could beef that up in the next couple weeks because Russia's going to take a couple more weeks of of deploying i believe before they do anything because this is a this is a serious big buildup and they have in previous buildups they haven't moved fuel forward they've been playing a shell game with their fuel they have um been the report you maybe saw they've made preparations our intelligence is detected to move blood for wounded soldiers forward this is not this is not so serious yeah it is it is serious and yet the west this is the attitude you know except for the pentagon who they're the military experts right?

um the president of Ukraine says oh nothing's gonna happen it's just an exercise and and the politicians in Europe have gotten to the point where they really can't / don't want to say anything because any country that says anything ..gets.. Russia says you better shut up or we're going to do something to you right?

we won't say what we're going to do to you but we're going to when when when Sweden and Finland talked about joining NATO here Russia threatened them on specific threats but they threatened them and the Swedish i think it was the Swedish defense minister said uh excuse me Sweden is a sovereign country we can make alliance with whoever we want and we know you're threatening us - your drones have been flying over our nuclear power plant right?

so Sweden should be concerned - they are worried they, they, they, got rid of their military after the end of the cold war and with, with, the 2014 invasion of Ukraine they said oh my gosh the Russians could move on us and they could take us over in a fortnight oh no they could take us over in a few days we have no defense so they started rebuilding same thing with Finland these countries started to realize you know these countries i mean the Baltic states. the Russians make a big thing about the Baltic states join NATO and that threatens us. do you know what the Baltic state militaries are like? they're like infantry brigades that have almost no combat potential in the modern context, right?

the Russians have powerful artillery brigades made up of missile artillery that some of them have a thermobaric bomb warheads that are the equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon these countries couldn't withstand Russia for i mean you you would i mean the Baltic states would be overrun by Russia in a matter of a day or two there would be no defense um Poland Poland what do they got 15 brigades maybe they couldn't they can't defend the Slovakia gap or Ballistock for more than a day or two they did a war game in Poland here recently to see how they would do against a Russian invasion and by the way the Russian forces in Belarus Russia are even greater than that war game depicted what they would be uh what they're going to be uh i think if i remember rightly, in four or five days Warsaw fell and they had to pull and had to surrender so the idea that NATO is a threat to, right, we know i mean if you've read the press the french military which is the the strongest army um in NATO in Europe i mean the strongest army in NATO is the united states but most of our forces are all over the world and the next strongest is turkey but turkey's not in Europe turkey's in you know in uh what we call Asia minor um the french army is not ready for a peer-to-peer war they won't be ready for two three more years they've created initiatives to make their army ready but they've let their army go they don't have the conventional strength uh Germany the German army is a disgrace it's much smaller than the french army and their tank formations they even said we have to pull them out of the line they're not they they would just be wiped out they're not trained properly they don't have the proper logistics their u-boats have been out of order for a couple of years god knows if any of them can go to sea last time i saw a news item on them and it was like they were in a hopeless condition um Italy and Spain.

they have their rapid deployment forces those are pretty good troops but those are light infantry troops and there's not that many of them. what is NATO got the polish, the rapid deployment forces, the french if they can get their act together, the Turks - Turks are going to be defending turkey not Europe. NATO isn't.

And by the way as the Russians promised to get rid of their tactical nuclear forces at the end of the cold war [but] they put them in storage and now they've brought them out again. They have 20 000 tactical nuclear weapons.

[Seth:] So that leads me to, yeah, my next question with this, is that so you and i have talked before and you've said basically they feigned the fall of communism as .. a just to throw everybody off, but actually it was it was out of strength that they pretended to fall and that the Russians and the Chinese have had a long time you know, packed in an agreement to work together to eventually bring down the west. So do you think that that that Ukraine is potentially a strategic place for the west for the united states and NATO to place weapons you know to aim them at you know Russia and that is Russia potentially taking Ukraine and Putin being backed by xi part of a bigger plan to engage the US and start to advance on the overall what i understand from you to be a bigger plan to bring down the west?

[Jeff:] the main target of Russian and Chinese strategy is to just destroy and defeat the united states because if the united states doesn't exist as a major power, all the other countries have to come to terms with Russia and China - that's just a simple that's sort of an abc simple way to look at it, and yeah you you've kind of outlined what I've been saying which is incredible to most people (because most people haven't read the defector literature) they haven't looked at the strategic moves and - I'll try to make it simple - Russia's strategic orientation that is what they want and what they've been acting to get over the last 30 years has been misunderstood and China's strategic orientation has been misunderstood right?

[said sarcastically]China is our economic partner they're our buddies, they're making 50% of our medicines, they're um they're not uh building the world's largest navy anymore.. no oh wait a minute ... they ARE. They have more warships than we do. Russian and Chinese navies now are combined twice as big as ours and they have hypersonic missiles which basically make our aircraft carriers obsolete. That's not an accident, that's policy - that all happened intentionally while we were dealing with Afghanistan where we lost, in Iraq where we lost, because Iraq is going to become a subsidiary of Iran, because they're all Shiite right? We made democracy there so the Shiites ended up .. so they become part of Iran and we paid all those trillions so that those countries could become part of the eastern bloc - that's what we really essentially did because we didn't know what we were doing strategically so these two orientations of Russia and China not been understood.

Now, it's very important to mask your goals strategically because if, if, if the west understood that they were our enemy, and they were been working against us the whole time while pretending to be our friend, and pretending to be more democratic or reforming, we would have taken some more precautions but we didn't because we didn't realize it, and the actual strategy that Russia and China are following was adopted in 1960 after intensive planning in the late 1950s under Khrushchev and with the agreement of Mao Zedong a false split between Russia and China was agreed upon to bring the west in .... to build up China because Russia did not have the economic wherewithal to build up China and was... if [we saw that] China was tied to Russia the u.s would have never gone in there and built up a communist competitor, right? i mean in the 1950s people called China soviet China in the 1960s they call it red China right and so a a false split [was agreed between China and Russia].... and then the other operation thing long-term operation they went on was to convince the west that Russia was no longer run by communists and therefore pose no threat to the west.

And the whole idea being that when the west went to sleep they would build up in in the next decades and overtake the west and then present the west with the fate ([sic:] i comply) of accompli of being so strong that the west has to basically give up or be crushed, um and this this outline of Russian Chinese strategy was first presented publicly in 1984 in a book a very controversial book by a Russian defector named anatoly golitzen the book was called new lies for old was published by dodd and mead and in the book there were 140 falsifiable predictions about Russia what Russia and China would do in the future and the predictions are still coming true because he said they would be aligned that the that their their dispute would be suddenly resolved and they would be allies and it would be one clenched fist which we're seeing now and um if we if you were to read glitzen's book and then look at the documents the evidence the testimony the the other defector since then uh whatever errors glitzin made and people will point out the errors and say he was wrong about everything no he was 94 percent right in 1994 and he's like 97 right now because the one clenched fist he predicted is now emerged so his predictions are right and if you if it sounds incredible that they could have done this deception i challenge everybody read glitzen's book then read Karen dewish's book Putin's kleptocracy and keep in mind the wishes says Russia was took taken over by a mafia under Putin Putin the kgb guy i would submit in a country where criminals have no rights like they do in America the kgb is the ultimate criminal organization and they corralled all the other criminals so the mafia the kgb didn't start working for the mafia the mafia started working for the kgb and the communist structures that were hidden underneath uh and and I've heard a very smart Ukrainian i know said we're not fighting the kgb we're fighting the communist party soviet union underground that still exists still controls Ukraine still controls Russia and this is why Ukraine is not mobilizing because it's essentially still soviet and they want the they want it to be as bloodless as possible when they go in.

So that's why the president of Ukraine is just appearing to lie down yes absolutely and um he was elected basically with Russian money same thing with his predecessor poroshenko who the chocolate his chocolate chops in Moscow never closed so um what i would say you read glitzin and then you read dewisha talks in detail about the changes in Russia and if you look at those details through after reading glitz and how he said the changes would be false and would be controlled all the evidence that dewisha presents and it's massive could be interpreted could actually it it confirms galicia she's just come to the wrong conclusion about who's ultimately behind it and so um that's my overarching analysis that's why this is to me this is much more dangerous what's going on now then even with the pentagon is pentagon's very panicked because military experts when you some of the maps you see about the deployment shows is done in um battalion tactical groups but actually Russia's reaffirmed the division system so uh when you see the names when they've identified the names of armies cores and divisions and brigades are becoming divisions and divisions are becoming course when you begin to when you understand their mobilization system and you look at the maps with the names you go oh no this isn't this isn't a mobilization of 250 000 men it's 500 000 to a million men and it's not over and it's the mobilization's been going on now for 10 weeks and two more so this is and there's no reaction no mobilization in the west what is this what comes and then China's mobilized China's people are speculating that China is going to strike at Taiwan or maybe a wider strike and here i think you maybe you heard the news that um they've been loading tanks on the west coast to be going somewhere across the pacific yeah yeah so what do you i guess what what do you see playing out next I've got some more questions of how this relates to covet and some of the the plans that relate to that because that's you know i guess as i understand what China's original intentions was to release a biological weapon that would weaken America and enable a an easy kinetic war on our soil to claim you know because you know we know that China is uh you know struggling to feed its own people on top of a million other problems that have it really on the the brink of collapse um so how does this all play out and what do you see unfolding well I'm not as optimistic as i was some months ago because more news has come about it turns out that China does not have a deficit in food as many people speculated they think the Chinese liked that speculation uh they the stories that their warehouses were empty and their food was rotted away that was disinformation um now you see recent stories that China has most of the food on the planet that's in storage is in China yeah i saw that come out the past and this is very alarming because why would they stockpile that tremendous amount of food they are doing that because the only reason to do that is in anticipation of a war because their supplies of food in the u.s Canada Australia argentina etc would be cut off in the first months of war and that a biological war which could involve the use of anti-crop biological weapons that we could use on them might make growing problematic and they have to make sure with 1.4 billion people that they're gonna have enough food so that's alarming that's very alarming now the collapse of their economy i maybe i mentioned this on your show earlier i talked to a wall street banker i i guess I'm in the committee on the present danger China and uh i attend their meetings um and uh this banker is very well informed on the economic moves back and forth and he was quite pleased because he said China's making all these terrible mistakes they are collapsing their own economy how are they collapsing it by getting ready for war yeah moving into a war economy which will move into our economy is collapsing their peacetime economy yes and this is rather obvious to him uh that that and this of course going into a war solves a lot of their economic problems because they tell their people we're rationing everything and everything's going to become harder because the americans have been aggressive and they've pushed this to the wall and we have to fight back that's the propaganda in China that's what every totalitarian country blames the countries they're about to invade and attack and bomb they blame their victim that's stalin outlined that years ago that's what you do um and that's what they're doing but the thing is is that yeah they're civilian they're not going to be producing consumer goods for us because they won't be able to ship them here because they're planning something larger uh now you asked about the pandemic yeah I'll frame a little more of that question because like you have it seemed like there was a perfect scenario and if you look back and look at event 201 look at you know lockstep that came out in 2010 that there is a scenario of using the pandemic to introduce this you know global technocracy and using it to you know what we're seeing you know what we're seeing the truckers fight back against in Canada is that we you know have seen their rights completely stripped away and that they're doing that now we also talked about how the first round of the biological attack of covid was supposed to wipe out more people so do you think that the the globalist plan that you think of they think globalist the u.n the award economic forum etc to use the pandemic to bring in these totalitarian measures do you think that that perhaps had failed and now they're having to make to maybe the backup plan which is pushing for a war which we love the globalists love wars because it it fuels it you know fuels their economy fuels their you know fills their coffers um or do you think that and i guess in addition that you know why is it that we now have george soros who's typically you look as being one of the more kind of globalist you know person tied over to Europe you know why is he now coming out attacking she saying that you know the the Olympics or nazi Germany era olympic you know facade of propaganda and that she's inability to contain you know the virus in China is going to lead to his collapse i guess like how do you make sense of that stage well what do you mean by the word globalist when i think of globus i think of the people like the u.n the people that are pushing more towards that the the vision of the build back better the one world government that they've been pushing well the the u.n is the one world government already has been since 1945. it's not much of a government they haven't broken down national sovereignty when you mention george soros george soros came out of communist hungary he was an immigrant i think to the uk initially how does a person as a poor immigrant end up going to a western country and becoming a billionaire you suppose he did it without help he was coming from the communist bloc and if you follow his career.

he's been financing the communist left and of course he makes a big show out of being the enemy of Putin and Russia right of supporting um Ukrainian independence and fighting China he's not to be believed he's i think he's a laundromat for communist overseas money that's what i think he is i mean very hard to prove anything like that but that's if you look at him closely there's no way he can be honest and the show he puts on to be an enemy of Putin he did nothing of the kind he hasn't hurt Putin at all he's hurt the united states by supporting the left here and what is the policy of the left not to rebuild america's nuclear arsenal which is rotting away minuteman threes they were deployed when i was a little boy in the 60s these are old old missiles we got rid of our newer missiles emx we got rid of them under george w bush our our nuclear warheads are actually they're really past their life they've they've had to tone them down to keep them and the head of the strategic command said in 2020 in February in testimony before congress two years ago he said in three years the arsenal will be basically passage shelf life unreliable we're gonna have an unr and we won't have a new nuclear warhead we're trying to build the infrastructure to rebuild them until 2029 Russians have new nuclear wards the Chinese have new nuclear warheads new missiles hypersonic missiles all kinds of new weapons we welfare for the pentagon is not mostly for weapons and as far as the globalist loving war no no money you lose money in war where is destruction it destroys things they're soft bourgeois people and what is a globalist a banker people have this misunderstanding the banks put this person in power you know what the banks gave to both sides in the election either one that gets into power you say no the bay people who are wealthy have to buy insurance political insurance because they can be prosecuted they can be investigated they can be harassed by the government they need the government to be at least listening to them not to go after them you look again all over the we put businessmen in jail all the time and we're a capitalist country right and of course businessmen are perfect and the government governments in the western countries aren't the puppets of businessmen some senators and politicians are bought by them but that's the insurance the businessmen are paying so look at how everybody was pushed into China president trump made this point again and again my friends wish they could invest in America but they invest in China because that's the only investment that pays right because everything was structured that way now i ask you how great or wise or strategically informed are the capitalists all they do is they calculate profit and loss and their communists knew that and they look at the cheap labor in China and they just said China's good come on in do business with us and it was irresistible the the the west could not resist it because capitalism is not like the system in Russia or China which is oriented toward military and political power and dominance the west is oriented toward making money and and making things that make life better for people the standard of living is high in the west if if if this was all a conspiracy to pauperize us and make us poor it's a darn poor conspiracy because we've lived very well for many decades but you look in Russia and China the people don't live so well because they're building weapons because it's all about global dominance uh you know Mao zedong said political power flows out of the barrel of a gun all right well people the globalist it's all about money all right you have all the money we'll have all the guns stick them up now we have all the money and all the guns that's what's going on it's actually playing out right in front of us but i didn't answer your question about covet isn't it interesting that kovid breaks out of China that's their alibi right they got it first it breaks out kovit breaks out in China and then the mobilizations start in China and Russia and we're closer to world war than ever and the look at what the pandemic has done the lockdowns have damaged our economies have ruined the dollar on the evil war what do you need you need money for tanks and weapons we have no money our budgets are all busted we we can't even afford to mobilize because it would break the bank and there's the Russians and Chinese getting and we just have to live in this denial and say nothing here move along it's just you know and the mandates are weakening our military and the mandates i mean you've you've vaccinated a lot of military people and i think as you know it's coming out that the vaccines don't work it's coming out that there are vaccine injuries and this is going to add to the discredit of the western governments because at a war what do you need you need people to believe in the government at the beginning of a war because the government's going to tell them how to be safe and how to fight and yet this government these governments in western Europe and the united states and Canada have bungled so badly in this pandemic that who the most patriotic citizens don't trust their own government yeah i think that the American trust in our government is probably the lowest it's ever been right now oh yeah and then and when the government see the longer they delay in admitting they made a mistake in their policy policies regarding the pandemic and the and also to cover up the fact that it that China released it and that it was a bio weapon and that the Chinese so brilliantly look the Chinese infiltrated are you look at the drug companies they're all in bed with China you look at fauci he's in bed with China they say oh the the global elite and fauci made the weapon no they couldn't make it here because it was illegal because they had some crazy scheme they made it in China and the Chinese released it isn't that perfect the Chinese have an alibi fauci did it blame fauci but look it's part of a coordinated strategic carefully thought out set of moves they have hurt us badly in a giant sabotage you know it's a toxic weapon the spike protein is toxic this bio weapon was a toxic weapon they sabotaged our health system look at nurses doctors quitting all over the place our health system is ready to collapse so when the next weapon maybe hemorrhagic fever is released they'll just be panic nobody will trust the government they won't know what to do if it hasn't been for these doctors these courageous doctors who've risked their licenses and have stood up we wouldn't have a basis for defense our basis for defense is those doctors so and i think we've gotten off light because i think the weapon that the Chinese developed didn't work wasn't as effective as they hoped because it had a high rate of mutation but um but the government's got to admit they've got to admit they've failed they've got to say we were wrong and they've got to recoup their credibility if they don't do it it's look at what's happening and now if they all of all the governments have reacted badly in Ukraine and improperly in the far east Russia and China have shown themselves to be in control internationally.

Look, Putin is going to be meeting with xi on the 4th whether is that friday and not only that the he's going to be meeting with the leaders of france in Germany so he's already got the beginning of splitting NATO if NATO splits and Europe is so frightened it makes a separate deal with Russia we're all alone and it's all then set the stage set for Russia and China to come after us is that what you see playing out i think that's what they've been planning for a long time and i I've talked to defectors colonel Stanislav Lunev was a military defector.

He outlined a lot of this to me years ago they have divided up north America i think I've mentioned this on the program Lunev said that the last time he was at a meeting of the Russian generals this was under the Russian federation not under the soviet union they said the nuclear war plan against America is still on we are going to divide north America as follows Russia gets Alaska and parts of Canada China gets the lower 48. and we know from the secret speech of Qihao Chun they want the lower 48 because they want to exterminate most of the population here they want to colonize it make a second China here because China's overpopulated they need to move about 700 million people somewhere else their land no longer supports them right and to do that it's to avoid getting nuclear retaliation themselves to do it they need to do it in special stages and you know about invading Ukraine uh it's a complicated thing because Ukraine is basically already a soviet country it could be rolled back into the soviet union in a fortnight that's what uh Boris chickolay who wrote a paper on this years ago said that Ukraine was set up after the fall of the soviet union in such a way these are his exact words as to be rolled back into the union in a fortnight okay so will they actually invade it if they do it i predict it will be an ancillary so all you got all these people Andre larianov saying they don't have enough troops Andre is not a military expert and he says the the Ukrainian soldiers will fight i heard from a Ukrainian in eastern Ukraine he says the army is demoralized the generals aren't getting ready they're not they're not doing what they need to to defend against Russia they know if the Russians attack it will be all over in a matter of days so it's it's already set to be a surrender and angelus basically what happened uh to Austria in 1938 the German troops moved in there was no defense there was no fighting they just they just went over and if you look at Ukrainian opinion polls yes in western Ukraine a very virulent anti-mosque out-pocket of opinion maybe 20 to 25 percent of Ukrainian opinion is very hostile to Russia but they even they most of them don't understand it's still the soviet union although you will hear Ukrainians who do understand that but the bulk of Ukrainians say the Russians are our Slavic brothers you know okay if we have to be in union with we'd like to be part of the EU but if America is being bad and Russia is being threatened maybe we have to be part of Russia again i don't think we've understood the Ukrainian system or the Ukrainian people and that this this switch of Ukraine and especially if NATO breaks there could be a negotiation like what happened in Czechoslovakia in 1938 the west just sort of caved and said all right they handed the Sudetenland over and the in the Czech state broke apart Slovakia left Czechoslovakia separated and the Germans just occupied the remainder the the the uh Moravian Bohemia the Czech parts of Czechoslovakia um and it was there was no battle and the Czech fortifications and the Czech military was considered quite good and it was quite inconceivable that the Germans would have an easy time of it but they did and that could be in a very studied way with cooperation from Russia's agents and friends in Ukraine it could be accomplished without you know people say they never do this with this violence well yeah they're willing to take the chance i think and this buildup is very serious very big so of the three world powers united states Russia China we're in a situation where the united states is on its knees. it's crippled by cove it's crippled by Biden - you know in the white house um you know we didn't see these things happening under trump, under the military build-up of him ... we saw that i think that you saw more respect for America under trump whereas now it's just um you know we see what's happening and so we so while we see America crippled we see the two big bullies now strengthening and teaming up together on the the so where's the where's the hope for America where's the uh how can we get through this um where do you see this this going well the united states

I mean first of all, no, united states shouldn't have engaged in the military adventures in here Afghanistan and Iraq - that was a waste of resources. it was uh it was ridiculous nothing was achieved strategically, uh we were lured into there by the 9 11 attack and of course Al-Qaeda. If you look at the testimony of Alexander Litvinenko, Al-Qaeda was completely infiltrated by Russian intelligence and the Russians used la-Qaeda, trained, funded, everything!

Well Ayman Al-Zawari, the head of Al-Qaeda, was trained in you know, after Bin Laden's death, was trained in Russia and many other leaders were, according to Litvinenko, and Litvinenko paid the ultimate price for going public, as a former FSB officer he was poisoned by Putin's agent Lugovoy i think was his name they found the traces of the radioactive polonium on the Lufthansa airplanes that he flew from Moscow into into London and he poisoned the guy and he died a horrible death of radiation poisoning - and he said Putin did it. And why did Putin do it? Because he was telling the truth he said Putin is the terrorist - Putin is behind 9 11. he's behind the whole terror thing and what did it do? it lured us into these these mistaken adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq

So how do we ....the.... the one advantage we have is we're far away from Russia and China - we have oceans between us. Although the Russians and Chinese are moving in to support Cuba in Venezuela, Chile has gone over with a pro-communist politician being elected, Peru's new president is a communist I'm told i was told by the former vice president of Peru i had a conversation with him a couple months back. Um you've got Honduras, Castro is her name, the new president's gonna.... i don't know if the inauguration has happened yet, but i guess vice president Harris is going to be present, right?

So these Latin American countries are going over to communism and they're talking about a like forming a kind of block of countries. Hugo Chavez's chief of air staff - i interviewed him 20 years ago - and he says the whole goal is to create a communist block in in south America Latin America - that was Chavez's dream Chavez was a communist, um a friend of Fidel, right?

So, we're being....., people say NATO surrounded Russia - no we're being surrounded! We're being isolated. it's the other way around and we're not arming and we're not defending and we're not..... and this thing is [sarcasm] "we're a big threat! we're a horrible!" Yeah, Where's your bomb shelter? The Russians and Chinese have bomb shelters they have prepared civil defenses - they have.... Russia's deployed multiple regiments of their new s-500 ABM(Anti-ballistic missile) system. We don't have any real ABMs our ABMs are experimental. Uh hit a rocket with a rocket - there's 50 launchers in uh Alaska and, like what 14 in California - they can't stop a Russian missile they probably can't stop a Chinese missile. Maybe a north Korean missile they can stop. This is not real defense - we don't have real defenses. We haven't been defending. We don't have defenses against biological war as the pandemic shows. We have traitors and corrupt officials who can easily be manipulated and into uh the wrong policies - policies that will make the biological attacks stronger than it otherwise would have been. So that even a a miscarried biological attack would have more effect. So this is what we're we're mulled down, we're full of traitors, we're ideologically divided - how are we a threat to them?

They've prepared this for decades. this is a, no, you know ... the analysis here is very clear - even though people were all distracted by "it's the Jews and the banksters" and all this. The antisemitism and the conspiracy theories and the that it's... - no, you haven't understood.  How many divisions does the pope have? (was Stalin's cynical [quip], you know like, we're gonna we're gonna take over Poland, the pope objects, you know). No. how many divisions does the bank of America have? how many divisions does, you know, any of the globalists have? Or how many missiles or how many nuclear what..........  No. it's like Mao said. Political power flows out of the barrel of a gun and the ultimate gun is a missile with a nuclear warhead or an Ixander missile with a thermobaric bomb warhead.

You can't ... we don't understand. We have not kept up with this and i hear the analysts and i just, i just, grieve. i just grieve at the lack of clarity and how easily they have been misdirected to looking at the wrong things. You gotta look at baseball keep your eye on the ball remember your kid you're playing baseball your dad's shouting keep your eye on the ball we have not kept our eye on the ball it's that simple.

[Seth;] now the ball is coming pretty strongly. Yeah yeah. So what do you see playing out over the course of the next couple of years?

[Jeff;] it's very difficult to predict uh because the Russians and Chinese strategists are so good, and they're so good, at misdirection - they're so good at making you think they're going here and then they go there. They always have surprises - you see, surprise is a basic strategic element. You can only flank or leverage successfully if you surprise, [but] if you prepare flanking action and the enemy sees it in advance, they're there on the flank ready to protect you know so you have to.... every move and of course what i see is we're we're open, and we're not, we're still not getting it.

We're still not understanding their strategy - you have to know the mind of the enemy and so, um, i think what what they want to do is they want to break down NATO - that's the number one objective of Russia so watch these negotiations between Putin and the new German chancellor uh Olef Scholes, and of course the french president Macron. uh watch the meeting between Putin and Xi at the beginning of the Olympics [sarcastically] "the genocide Olympics", right? Um watch that. Watch for further trouble in the far east because.. and then watch for, look uh it was just reported the Russians jammed the GPS over Israel the other day - i don't know if you ... did you see that news item? <Seth: No, I didn't>, that even endangered flights going into Ben Gurion airport in Israel and the Israelis complained and the Russians said - we're defending ourselves, we're having exercises with the Syrian air force and we're we're making sure you're not going to cause us any trouble.

And of course Israel is very concerned that Iran is getting close, that they have to.. yes..., there's indications there could be a war between Iran and Israel and the middle east. Why wouldn't that be a thing? War between Iran and Israel in the middle east? The Russian army fully mobilized and absorbing Ukraine, by whatever means, forcing NATO to come to terms... China ready to go against Taiwan, ready to put Japan under the most horrific pressure you can imagine, and Australia and, if and and..., maybe north Korea - forcing the issue between north and south Korea - and look at who the south Korean president is? i mean the guy is basically just ready to give in to the communists because of his own left-wing view.

So, what have we got? We have a formula for them suddenly advancing to a position of global dominance, very quickly, in a way that we can't counter - and i don't know why they wouldn't do it! why wouldn't they? we have believed falsely in our own strength, which has been partly a myth, all these decades and you can't hardly convince an American that Russia and China aren't enemies, you can't hardly convince an American that we aren't the lone superpower that Russia's just a regional power like Obama used to say. No no no, Russia has a bigger nuclear arsenal than us, more modernized. How can Russia then just be a regional power? Russian and Chinese navies are bigger than us! Their ability to transport troops over bodies of water is greater than us combined, because now the Hong Kong merchant marine is under China, and the Chinese and the Hong Kong merchant marine are bigger than ours, so whatever sea lift capacity we have they have more - and you [can] add Russia's [too]... I'm sorry but Alaska will be under threat the the homeland is under threat.

You watch Mexico, you watch Cuba - are there troops or missiles being moved into the western hemisphere?

[Jeff;] I think that may come next. I think that the united states, and with this administration - you can guarantee they will do the exact wrong thing in response, they will talk a good line and people will go "there's nothing to worry about", that's the way it's been with us always.

[Seth:] So do you think, that..., and we're nearing our hour before we jump over, you know q a, but do you think that China with the economic problems i know they have the food stores, um, but they're also as you've talked about with the grand solar minimum and just mother nature wreaking havoc on there, not to mention the pollution and everything... are they in a position where they have to take action or else they are crippled? As we talked about previously, that they're in this tight spot it's either, you know, risk moving forward the war and uh or just stay stagnant and collapse?

[Jeff;]yeah um i think I've mentioned before i i spoke to a Hong Kong businessman um a few months ago who had been involved in China. He got kicked out of China and he had contacts in Beijing and they said something along these lines - that China had no choice, that the timing is now, that their plan was to come after us in 2035 - that was the original plan, i think that Russia and China had agreed on. Um that's my guess... Because they always like to take it slow because slow is sure.

Our guard is down, we're stupid, they can get their their friends elected here in the west, they can guide our flight, so to speak, towards the crash landing that they need us to crash. Um but they have rushed things now - they're rushing it and it it may indeed be because of the grand solar minimum and the food shortages that are coming.

We already saw um the volcanic eruption in the south pacific - and this is something that happens during grand solar minimums, the reduced electromagnetic activity of the sun correlates with increased volcanic activity - there's some kind of relationship... the uh kind of electromagnetic phenomenon that occurs in the earth is somehow, in.., you know, related to volcanic eruptions and so this giant eruption which put a put uh uh volcanic dust and ash up 150 000 feet, they've already announced there's going to be massive crop losses in the southern hemisphere, because of lowered global temperatures and already grand solar minimum is is causing havoc with a food production. And we're really in a merciful position because the earth is closer to the sun than it usually is in this period so that the effects are mitigated but in the next couple of years starting in 2025 that's going to start to alleviate and the effects of the grand solar minimum are going to be felt in terms of the loss of grain production. it's definitely going to happen, so this could be driving their timing it could be.

[Seth;] And i guess one last question for you is what what do you make of the buses the flights the the shipments of fighting aged men being brought in the united states in Florida and Winchester new York like we're seeing increasingly you know videos coming out of these people and they're not they're not women and children these are uh you know people that are you know 30s you know 20s 30s 40s is that .. do you think that they're .. that's part of this plan?

[Jeff;]if you go back to your interview you did with me last summer, i had gotten information then through some people related to defense work, who had contacts, in in the east in eastern Europe and they, uh it was they were told that uh the Russian special services the the Russian general staff had made agreements with the Mexican cartels to move weapons and Spetsnaz troops across the Mexican border - you may remember i had mentioned this. And i didn't know of any specific movement of people yet they made the agreement and they were Russian officials (pretending to be Ukrainians by the way) on the border being driven around by cartel people, looking at different border crossings. I even was given photographs of some of these folks by some of my sources down on the border. So uh now what's happened.

I've got multiple sources telling me that Russian nationals of military age, single men, are crossing the border in large numbers. And this has been reported up the chain of command and I'm told that so far there's been no reaction - it's sort of a panicked silence. it's like what do we do? how do we react to that? And the reason this is scary is because in advance of a world war not only would you expect a biological attack on the west before the war begins, as a softening up thing which is described in other defector literature, like Victor Suverov's Spetsnaz but you would.... ex.., there was a a six to eight thousand man Spetsnaz deployment to the united states of sabotage Spetsnaz troops to deploy to infiltrate the united states in advance of a war, and on a signal to go to their caches get their uniforms get their weapons these weapons would include chemical toxic biological weapons, even nuclear weapons. Colonel Stanislav Lunev testified before congress on this because he was tasked as the deputy head of the GRU in the US, {misspoke: which fought for}, with finding hiding places for Russian nuclear weapons in the US. So they would smuggle them, in hide them for a few weeks or months, and then the attack / when the assault would begin - we would be attacked from within first, that would be the first indications. And they are taking these steps now, so um this is serious this is very serious.

[Seth;]it is, um, yeah it is, but i i think that it's it's an important conversation to have and i appreciate all of your research and all your your thoughts on this because i think that um you know while i... well for me, you know, when i take a step back, i do believe that God is in control and that's where i have to because i think sometimes when it looks like we're up against the the the edge of a cliff, um that's where i find the strength to kind of keep going, right? And so, but, i also think that with that you know, keep that in mind is that it's important to have these discussions and to look at these things and to look at, you know, actually it's interesting because my Thursday show is all about prepping, so i think it's a very appropriate show to have with this because, um you know, we we have to again hope for the the.... hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

[Jeff;]well faith means that uh if you can't run you walk if you can't walk you crawl and if you can't crawl you wriggle, right? you just keep going because you know, i mean nobody gets out of this life alive, and it's it's doing what's right that matters - sticking by the truth and if we do that eventually things will turn out right but we haven't been very truthful in this country. We've lied to ourselves and that is perhaps the worst kind of lie

[Seth;] yeah i agree yeah i agree. So we're going to transfer over to q a. I'm sure we've got a lot of good questions brewing up until 3 30 we'll do question answers the q a is over on rise TV which you've all heard me talk about by by now if you want to check it out.

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