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Some history and analysis ..

Excessively negative, but of academic interest...

To offset the negativity, readers should know that the US is a colossus in terms of superpower fire power. More armory than Russia and China combined (but Russia has more dormant / ancient nukes we hear). However, we share the general concern that success breeds contempt and we feel that the US's latest Woke bullshit is a major parasitic tumor on it's agility. Ps: ..

War News Archive

This is an archive of our selected articles about the war build up. The more serious events are lodged in Breaking(here).

05/15 16:23:44 Gaza- Al-Jalaa tower, which houses media outlets, destroyed - video, twitter
04/14 11:27:08 Iran- So Many Enemies

US Generals behaving Badly

Video analyzing US Military General & Chief funding corruption. This is what we are up against when it comes to expecting Military Help in defending the Constitution.

"Bring On The Generals"

..All Credit to Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud who predicted the coup early 2020.
Video starts slow, but is much worth watching to end. Sibel is an academic, an ex FBI Translator and has studied the Turkish coup and sees parallels with US 2020 "coup".
More in this series here... link1, link2, link3

..Brief map of contents (with time markers) -
  1. 0:00 Starts slowly with intro to good journalist practice.
  2. 3:00 switches to actual practices.
  3. 5:35 the generals against trump,
  4. 7:50 more gens.
  5. 12:30 bad generals.
  6. 20:55 how they get paid off.
  7. 24:30 Cohen is a pimp.
  8. 27:00 Trump is hitting their profits.
  9. 28:40 Mathias works for Cohen who works for Clinton's.
  10. 34:30 Next general - John Allen ...
  11. 38:45 - the problem with funding.

More about Sibel..
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Also: Trump, General Milley Blew Up at Each Other Over Racial Protest Response, Book Claims - Sputnik International (

Insidious Weapons

Drone flies military grenades over targets - DroneDJ -- This drone is designed to fit into an RPG launcher (rocket propelled grenade launcher). More discussion below image..

..It is notably capable of..
  1. swarming
  2. 20km range
  3. AI for homing in on humans without RC(remote control)
  4. launch by hand or RPGL

War & Humanity

We're not happy with the military chiefs, but we more than appreciate Rank & File..
Here is a super-quick, warm tribute to their sacrifice..

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