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What is Globalism?

The clue is in the name. It isn't xenophobia, it isn't racism towards migrants, it's the concern that everyone except a very select few corporate "gods" are being denied any sense of self determination. It's the concern that this will end in rampant poverty, the end of western values, and the total collapse of motivation. This is closer to the mythical Zombie Apocalypse than one might imagine .. hungry, empty souls, herded through grinding mindless daily tasks, where dissent and individual thought are not only impossible, they are unthinkable..

From the surprisingly well considered thoughts and research of Russell Brand Here.


Here's a selected list of stories that give circumstantial evidence of some large play-out going on in the world...

A Cautionary Tale

The problem with prophets is that (a) they give false hope and (b) they make it sound as easy as sitting on your hands and waiting.

Indeed, Q & others are Still at it!

Example Rumors
  1. Inauguration speech was streamed, at least to Spain, at 7am their time (6am UK time, 1am ET), some 9 hrs early (Charley Ward, 21 Jan 2021 approx). Unsubstantiated and unprovable.
  2. Inauguration Bible had the crosses on upside down. No it didn't - as here.
If you like your theories and to keep your hopes, then why not?
  1. Monkey Werx thinks Trump is now in DC here or here. Jan 23 2021
  2. Others think the White house photos are staged - see bottom of page here.
  3. SpaceX launched another 60 Starlink satellites Jan 20, 2021 here fueling stories of a connection with Mil' activity.
  4. The inauguration was done in a studio ... well, when you see youtube videos as dumb as this here, you might agree! (Clue - look at the sign behind him).
..Sure, we all look at that BUT NEVER ALLOW it to be an excuse for inaction - read on!

Inaction Served by False Prophets - Jan 23rd

Hotly contesting for the top spot of cowardice are Pence, the RINOs, the generals, the chiefs of staff, but then, sad to say, maybe Trump himself (with sympathy and respect) who barricaded himself in from the 10th, refused calls from lawyers and supporters alike, refused to hear ex Generals Flynn and Thomas McInerney practically begging him to sign the Insurrection Act (we hear) despite have received RESOUNDING proof of foreign intervention .. and yet Trump waited and stood down. We say this with sympathy and respect because it would take a brave man, but it is a little galling to think he was saying Pence lacked courage.

We can see a number of good reasons why Trump would do this. Mainly, Biden has so incriminated himself in his first few days of office, doing so many dubious and unpopular actions (like fast tracking impeachment, reversing the pipeline, letting boys into girls' changing rooms, turning off comment and altering votes on his youtube channel, investigating Hill riot as civil unrest, throwing soldiers into a car park), it's hard to see anyone in the Dem's even voting for him again! So we only hope Trump simply isn't finished yet.

That's fine but Never allow that to interfere with appropriate action! Continue to Protest, prepare (see here).

So! Consider these "false profits" and the damage they did - they quite possibly meant well, or maybe they were merely attention seeking, but they led us all into false hope and in doing so prevented us from taking action. The most prominent (in order from minor to major manipulators)
  1. General Flynn -- Well meaning, motivating, correct about the evidence, but ultimately misled us away from our guard posts by predicting with "100% certainty" Trump would stay.
  2. Lin Wood -- his words were quite supportive and his legal action was of great value, but the constant evangelizing was driving people away in masses. To you we say "God helps those who help themselves" and that repeatedly immersing yourself in a Buddhist monk styled chanting prayers (a) embarrasses those who are god fearing moderates, and (b) is not what God wants at all. If you haven't noticed, god doesn't have arms and legs, you do -- he needs you to use them. He's never been known to heal amputees, and if he did jump out of heaven and wave a magic wand, consider the consequences -- you would no longer need belief, you'd have proof. All life would suddenly cease to have meaning. Let that sink in. Mr Wood did great legal works earlier, but this was undone to the extent he would now likely be classified as an unreliable witness in a court of law. He demeaned the legal process and humiliated Trump.
  3. Steve Pieczenik -- an attention seeker? An author seeking to self-promote? He delivered his assertion with such a level of certainly, even we were reconsidering the situation. Again, a false profit who led us away from action.
  4. Simon Parke -- He comes across like a hybrid English Gentleman and Druid Priest. He sounds so magnificently honest and well informed, it comes as a shock when you realize his contacts are not ex MI5's etc but Q-Anon's at best. And then suddenly we get a lecture out of the blue about quantum computers that can see into different dimensions. Again, a false profit who led us away from our battle stations. He now wants you to wait until April. (The purge will be well underway by then!)
  5. Q and Q Anon -- All we can say is they were the ring leaders of leading us away from our battle stations. Stay home, stay away, let the military do their job.... Well, we did, they didn't - we lost an opportunity there.
And you know what? All 4 latter prophets above (excluding Flynn) are STILL at it, proclaiming some kind of delay.

It makes one wonder if it was a deliberate "Trust Psy-Op" like Operation Trust by the Bolsheviks. Great round up here. It's certainly a lesson to discriminate between encouragement and
reality. Incidentally, we did not quote any of the above nor did we include their "predictions" in our earlier conclusions (which were also wrong, so maybe we should add ourselves to the above list except that we did at all time urge caution instead of blind hope).

Then there is this
rumble video here that says "trust the plan for the next 6 months". SIX MONTHS! By then your guns will be gone and you will have had a jab that may make you infertile (we're not anti-vaxer, but we are certainly waiting for more news .. .and we may buy the Russian one).

If we turn out to be doubting Thomas, we will humbly apologize, but in the meantime, WE GIRD UP!

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