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What is Globalism?

The clue is in the name. It isn't xenophobia, it isn't racism towards migrants, it isn't any other calculated slur or smear socialists can dream up to condemn thinking people, it's simply the concern that everyone except a very select few corporate "gods" are being denied any sense of self determination because we are all forced to compete with child labor, immigrants whose motivation is hewn from "do or die" dystopias, where we are graded as expensive meat sacks by comparisons determined by soulless global corporations, to be prodded by their soulless Human Resources into performing "role play" and "cognitive tests" before you even get paid. It's the concern that this will end in rampant poverty, the end of western values, and the total collapse of of the human spirit. This is closer to the mythical Zombie Apocalypse than one might imagine .. hungry, empty souls, herded through grinding mindless daily tasks, where dissent and individual thought are not only impossible, they are unthinkable..

From the surprisingly well considered thoughts and research of Russell Brand Here.


Did you know Nigeria, due to the bad actions of some (well, many) scammers, has been almost completely isolated from the international community? There is almost no way of getting money to them excecpt by Bitcoin (the currency of scammers) or Western Union (expensive).

If you live in Nigeria, you can help us fight the cause against this appalling discrimination by donating here.. (Please feel free to try to donate to it from elsewhere, but you will get rejected with a noite saying you can only pay through their website -- which is common liar globalist parlance for saying we won't let you do that and we will not tell yo uthe truth wehich is that we are racist and just don't like Nigerians).


Here's a selected list of stories that give circumstantial evidence of some large play-out going on in the world...

05/20 15:25:07 I Can Barely Watch This 😀 Russell Brand on the worst gaffe by the worst gaffer... GW Bush. Russell makes two interesting points about first, that this was a Freudian slip exposing GW's regret at what turned out to be an unjust war; and secondly, about how we , maybe, misjudging Putin and his dealing with the geopolitical situation in the Ukraine. OpEd: certainly the mass media seems to be perpetrating an obtuse black and white situation and not even stopping to deal with the complexities.
05/20 15:19:26 Elon Musk attacks Democrats as 'party of division and hate' Ed: 🏮 welcome to the twilight zone conservatives have been trying to warn about! When Elon wakes up, everyone wakes up.
05/16 17:12:16 Colorado Law Allows Post-Birth Abortion (Infanticide) - Up to 28 Days Ed: 🤔 As Dem's love their abortion rights so much, perhaps we can debate a law just for them? You can abort Dems right up to ..............
05/09 14:47:20 Warehouse Fires Occurring Nationwide May Be Linked to Lockdown Policy Ed: Story by Jessica "Mao". Didn't think I'd see gaslighting on Epoch.

The more I see, the more I am certain the entire mess that the world is in can be explained by a concerted Marxist Takedown of the West, from the EU, to the US and including the UK (albeit the latter is slightly more free right now).
05/06 09:57:36 Putin issues an apology --Israel --RT World News U;L Why? His statement, prefaced with "I may be mistaken" is reasonable. Lavrov's entire statement, taken wildly out of context, is as follows.. (ref Zelensky refusing to allow denazification): "His argument is: How can there be Nazism in Ukraine if he is a Jew?[Ed: we have video of himself proclaiming this] I may be mistaken but Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood*, too. This means absolutely nothing. The wise Jewish people say that the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews. "Every family has its black sheep," as we say." .. *The facts: Hitler may well have 25% Jewish ancestry but it is unproven - yet. SEE THIS.
05/06 03:16:40 Roe v. Wade Leak 'Betrayal'; Goya Foods CEO Explains the Coming Food Crisis
05/01 21:38:38 Migrant integration has failed and created parallel societies and gang violence, Swedish PM admits - Daily Mail Online
04/30 08:23:07 NATO ready for long-term Ukraine support --Stoltenberg --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: I find this unelected psychopathic bureaucrat deeply disturbing. I have not seen one word of tolerance come out of his head. To be fair, the same goes for Putin, albeit at least Putin had a stab at popularism through the polls.
04/30 08:15:47 Israel put on notice Iran may 'attack directly' --RT World News U;L☠ Anyone who thinks Iran does not already have access to nukes (from Russia, China or North Korea or etc) is likely to be .. schooled. The recent news that Israel is about to have forces active in Ukraine (REF) does not bode well for them.
04/30 08:03:32 UK seeks direct control of ex-colony --RT World News Ed: ❓ This is misleading - they seek UK intervention - the UK would rather turn its back. However, it is an interesting case of a culture, like so many I have encountered, hopelessly ingrained with the personal aspiration for self seeking corruption. It is almost glorified - goodness is considered weak. There seems to be no moral compass, no empathy, no forward thinking, other than "if I can grab it, I will have it". If they are not ripping off someone outside their culture, they are ripping off their own most vulnerable. I have seen this attitude even in "developed" countries such as Australia. Through education, we must instil behavioural patterns that can be passed down and grow.
04/29 10:55:49 Chip Roy blasts DHS Secretary Mayorkas and brings the receipts of Biden's Border Crisis Ed: 🎥Hundreds of thousands of Americans dying from fentanyl overdoses coming through that border
04/28 02:20:32 Third EU state balks at 'ruble payments' for gas --RT Business News I have a reasonable understanding of Macroeconomics, and for the life of me, I don't get this childish pushback against paying in Rubles. Finland can get North Sea Gas but for the rest, I don't get that:
β€’ Europe shut off their nuclear & coal power on the advice of teenage Swedish brat Greta
β€’ Allowed themselves to be dependent on an erratic dictator
β€’ thought they could sanction Russia and still get its gas

The only thing buying in Rubles does is make it more expensive and pump up the integrity of the Ruble which negates some of their sanctioning. Otherwise, the intended collapse of the Ruble would have had the same effect on spiralling gas prices anyway. Russia should never have raped its neighbor while telling the west we had to helplessly watch with his nukes aimed at us, but a spineless Europe weakened by Woke Greta policies was just begging to be whipped.
04/28 02:01:16 Pakistan calls Bill Gates --RT World News Ed: I feel sure Gates had NOTHING to do with the Polio Vaccine roll out except coming rather late to the party and making money out of "booster" programs but call me out if I'm wrong.
β€’ He thinks he saved oodles of lives with Covid and can't understand the disquiet about him.
β€’ Sometimes, he sound so earnest, I too wonder about his motivation.
β€’ I mean surely buying a shit-load of farmland and trialling GMO on it is beneficial to mankind?
β€’ I mean surely happening to be friends with Fauci who pretty much literally invented Covid is just a coincidence right?
β€’ I mean sending a giant grasscutter through millions of careers by suggesting we all become super learned with his tech and then the next day obsoleting the lot of us is "progress" right?
β€’ I mean evil ugly shrew WEF product shitheads are quite lovable right?

04/24 23:01:12 French election- Historic win but Macron has polarised France - BBC News Ed: 🔴 Either the election was rigged (again) OR (as seems more likely the case), the French have shown themselves to again be a bunch of cowardly pigs. Can such cowardice and unthink be forgivable? NON! They had a duty to free people everywhere but instead to reelect the Rothschild Davos WEF shill tadpole .. is absolutely unforgivable. DOWN WITH FRANCE!
04/21 11:02:52 Israel adds Chinese yuan to reserves --RT Business News 💸 A major snub to the US$ which the Biden Cabal has been bashing ever since the coup. NB: Read the story to see that 61% is still in US$ and that only dropped 5.1%.

The reshuffle means the euro's share will fall from 30% to 20%, and the dollar will account for 61%, down from 66.5%.

The yuan will now make up 2% of the holdings, while the Canadian and Australian currencies will have 3.5% each. The share of the British pound will double to 5%, returning to a level last seen in 2011.

That's a buy of $5Bn of UK pounds - total reserves in Israel is $200Bn
04/20 10:22:52 The most likely reason for the lockdowns in Shanghai has nothing to do with COVID 🔴 Xi has opposition and it is based in Shanghai. Why does it take a rather tepid Catholic podcast to reveal this? (highly intellectual and compelling even so). How many countless articles have you or I read to get to the bottom of this and none have? In essence, the opposition has called for Xi to step down, and Xi is dividing and conquering them - flushing them out in a "fine toothed comb" operation. Either that or Xi is simply showing the opposition who is boss. Ps: The podcast also has some stark truths about how Trump would have handled Putin better, and how Biden is simply (deliberately in our view) adding fuel to the fire.
04/19 15:19:55 This Is The End Times - YouTube Ed: Bezos should be in Jail! With a new Amazon worker app designed to ban words like "Union," "Restrooms," and "Pay Raise" - do we need to re-evaluate just how low we think Amazon will go?
04/17 23:03:51 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Refugees in Ireland suffering strange new illness Ed: 👇 "Ireland is a small island which is basically Bankrupt, where they want 80% of the population dead because Brussels took all the pensions, whose population are no longer bright enough or liberty-minded enough to question or challenge what restrictions are imposed upon them, as witnesses with the COVID fraud.
Ireland basically became a zone of locked-down mask zombies doing everything they were told, even though none of the masks or lockdowns had much effect upon the spread of COVID.
In fact, the population of Ireland is now so pathetic, that local councils ORDERED families to take in refugees . . . . into private homes . . . . and the Irish just do as they're told. No fight-for-freedom seems to be left in them at all.
The fact that the population there is so malleable and compliant might make the island an interesting place for a bio-weapon test.".

Loving it! Hal ain't wrong!
04/13 10:11:13 Inflation hits another 40-year high as recession fears loom - Washington Times Ed: "Inflation is killing everything," said Don Schnorr, a 59-year-old construction worker from Milwaukee. "Gas prices are going up, grocery prices are going up, and it doesn't look like it's getting any better." -- It's a car crash caused by illegitimate insurrecting Woke Marxists.
04/13 09:44:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - Large Investor DUMPING Sizeable Amount of Deutsche Bank Stock Ed: Hal Turner Analysis
It appears to me, that this sale is a direct result of the Sanctions being applied against Russia. It strikes me personally that the "investor" sees the writing on the wall as far as Russian gas supplies to Germany, and knows that when the German government sticks to its refusal to pay for Russian gas in Rubles, the gas to Germany will be cut off. Once that takes place, many large operations will end up halting, and ultimately, it is the banks that will take the hit when loans stop being repaid.
04/13 09:43:54 Hal Turner Radio Show - Sri Lanka Defaults Ed: The country of Sri Lanka has officially Defaulted on all its foreign debts, plunging the country into Bankruptcy.
This is the first of what will likely be very many.
04/09 15:06:10 French election- will Emmanuel Macron win again- - The Week UK U;L👇 If so, then the French deserve NO MERCY.. That this spermicidal tadpole should even be anywhere near the front running is an affront to freedom. More.. France's presidential race: a 'rancid', illiberal campaign | The Week UK
04/09 05:34:04 Putin Frees 35,000 Imprisoned Children in Ukraine - Real Raw News Ed: Unconfirmed. Website gives no cites - credible or otherwise.
04/09 05:21:01 Putin Calls Elon Musk a -Trojan Horse- - Real Raw News Credible? Doubt it. Quote: "In short, Putin called Musk a man of questionable morals with unclear allegiances who appears to be playing both sides of the fence. Putin said Musk's a 'Trojan Horse' looking to entrap Trump. Part of this is because Musk has openly supported Volodymyr Zelenskyy even after being informed about his ties to the Biden family, bioweapon labs, and child trafficking rings that were operating in almost plain sight across Ukraine," our source said.
04/07 16:18:00 Russian PM cautions about App Store and Google Play --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ❓ dear Russia, Android is open source! And you certainly do not need Google Play store to deliver Android apps. Perhaps if your clever programmers spent less time trying to hack us and more time writing useful software, you would know this. Better still, stop invading and killing your neighbours and none of this would be a problem.
03/31 13:34:03 France's Macron is a key enabler of NATO's anti-Russian provocations --RT World News Ed: 🔺 he is also a chief irritant of Britain and a global pariah. If you are not in the UK, you would be forgiven for not being aware how much of a troublemaker he is. He's constantly encouraging the EU to "punish" the UK for exiting the EU hegemony. Whilst at least he was a useful idiot and remained in contact with Putin throughout the War, trying to prevent him hitting the red button, Macron is a major export from Schwab's Davos Cabal - from his young global leaders club.
03/30 12:57:21 'New world financial order' is coming --Moscow --RT World News Ed: 💰 View in Edge if Google has blocked it. "No matter if they want it or not, they'll have to negotiate a new financial order," Medvedev said.
03/29 16:42:48 Soros Helped Known Actor-Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky Become President of Ukraine by Brainwashing the Country [VIDEO] - The Li Ed: 🤔 it's time we took a closer look at this...
03/29 13:13:37 'Your dollar will NOT be the same'- Glenn Beck reveals how our ENTIRE global economic system just changed - TheBlaze Ed: 💸 1st, let me assure America this is not a catastrophe. Sure, Putin and Xi were deliberately trying to derail the dollar, which may even have been why Putin invaded. But all that's happened is that the dollar's value is now determined by the free market, which is just the same as the UK pound sterling end the euro. Putin seems pretty sure that he is on a winner by pegging his ruble to the gold standard, who would trust Putin, Ruble or Rubble? Certainly though he has shored up the value of it unless the international community completely embargo his oil and gas.
03/25 13:04:33 Putin warned Zelenskyy two years ago that Russia would dismantle the bioweapon labs in Ukraine if he failed to do so. - SOTN- U;L🤔 this is a cracking read. To avoid confusion, it may be best to quickly read the 4th paragraph first, to get context. The website it came from is THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION - Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds but while the main article linked is just a scrape, it is easier to digest. If you have the time, see the original article as shown.
03/25 12:56:22 NWO Puppet & Ukraine President Zelensky Implicated with CIA-MI-6 in Kazakhstan Coup Operation - SOTN- Alternative News, Analy Ed: 🔎 "Zelensky met with MI6 leadership during his visit to London and agreed to help organize political change in Kazakhstan". This story was originally from Hal Turner - no citations are given.
03/23 15:56:53 Credibility of dollar and euro 'destroyed' --Putin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L💸 a battle Bluster going on here! Seeing as Putin's chief economist has literally just run away to Turkey, see Last Post, I doubt Putin has the experience to make that call. On the same page: Putin wants rubles for Russian gas ( Whether or not you like Putin, you have to admit he lied like a carpetbagger when it comes to saying he wouldn't invade the Ukraine. Not only did he repeatedly lie, but he even scoffed at the West for taking steps against an invasion despite his insistence he would not invade. No currency coupled to an effective LIAR dictatorship is ever going to usurp tried and true international currencies. It's all about trust!
03/23 15:42:49 Joe Rogan calls out U-turn on Ukraine coverage --RT World News Ed: 🤔 very interesting comment "The nation was perceived as the "most corrupt country in Europe" before Russia's attack, the podcaster noted" - was it? It does make you wonder what on earth is going on!
03/19 13:17:18 Agents Working for CCP Were Paid Millions To Spy On, Harass Dissidents in US- Criminal Complaint Ed: 🏮(ref Chinese Dissidents)
03/15 21:15:14 US embassy just REMOVED all their Ukraine BIOWEAPON LAB DOCUMENTS from the website... Here they are... - Strange Sounds U;L🔎🔎 This is BIG. They are running and hiding! Link found by Just Jodie.
03/15 16:21:04 China says it is 'always opposed to using sanctions to solve problems' in latest sign of frustration - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚡ Wow! Hypocrisy supreme! Don't like sanctions says the dictator while sending threatening sorties over Taiwan.
03/15 16:19:13 China's Wealthiest Lose $52 Billion in a Day on Stocks Plunge - Bloomberg Ed: 💸 Sanctions spreading. See next post.
03/15 14:48:06 Russia duped Europe into energy dependence by funding 'rabid environmental groups'- experts - Fox News Ed: 🎯 Well, there you go .. Russia "owns" the Schwab WEF Davos Cabal who in turn give Thurnberg, Soros and all these other cranks a massive platform. It all fits now.
03/15 14:04:43 Insider Paper on Twitter- -BREAKING- Saudi Arabia considers accepting China's Yuan instead of US dollars for Chinese Oil Sale Ed: ⚡WOW! You can imagine how that is going to hit the US Fed!!
03/13 00:48:11 How Did We Miss This- - YouTube Ed: ❓ Russel Brand - Trudeau is as amoral as a rat in a hot soup dish. And Brand exposes its worm tail before we mistake it for spaghetti. If there is anything lower than Trudeau's ethic bar, please let me know so I can readjust my estimation of humanity. His drawling numb nuts speech alone is an insult to thinkers.
03/12 21:42:09 Israel shouldn't exist as Jewish state, human rights watchdog claims --RT World News Ed: 🔎 Amnesty International (A.I.) opining on status or something. Damned stupid! Of course this was immediately interpreted by hot headed Israeli warmonger as calling for the elimination of the nation state of the Jewish people, like AI want another holocaust or something. Maybe they DO? As an aside, this is the same hot headed rhetoric we get from Zelensky (a Russian Jew - yes, RUSSIAN, not Ukrainian).The reason for sharing this ridiculous A.I. gaff is because Israel may be onto something. We've been lamenting A.I. for decades. Millions, probably Billions pumped into a charity that has presided over unabated widespread use of torture. Think about that. They have DONE NOTHING! They have a kind of lefty party attitude to it - "let's throw a fundraiser and invite some A-Listers" .. that's doing ZIP to stop torture, but as the most prominent charity in the field, it sure is sopping up a lot of good donations and sending it NOWHERE. Meanwhile, someone somewhere is begging for the pain to stop, crying and dying in their own excrement after having so much pain administered, they have gone mad. How to ensure you protect a barbaric practice? Set up a charity to "fight it" and use all the donations to self-promote, ensuring no other charity can grow to actually fix the problem, meanwhile do NOTHING. This article suggests we look at whether or not A.I. is in fact evil.
03/10 20:31:19 Hal Turner Radio Show - Gasoline in California- $8.62-gal Regular Ed: Well, it can't go over $9.99 - there ain't enough digits!
03/04 11:48:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - Boom! Russia Returns to the Gold Standard for its Currency!!!!! Ed: 🤔 We checked The Economist, the esteemed Financial Times, several Russian and world news outlets, MSM and honest ones.. ZIP. Suspect a rumor taken out of context.
03/03 11:08:19 Will the Economic Sanctions on Russia Backfire- Ed: 💸 could end America's status as the World's reserve currency.

SWIFT is not the only game in town. There are -
β€’ CIPS - sponsored by China, for trade-related deals in the Chinese currency with Chinese clearing banks[57]
β€’ SFMS - sponsored by India
β€’ SPFS - sponsored by Russia, mostly composed of Russian banks

02/27 00:52:54 Chinese banks limit financing for Russian purchases --media --RT Business News Ed: 🔎 Oh look Mr Putin, your best friend, Xi, is throwing you under a bus! Time for all poison dwarfs, that's you "Putin the Thick" to retreat under your rock. You blew it dude.
02/26 22:17:38 Ukraine invasion- More countries issue airspace ban on Russian planes - BBC News Ed: ⚠
Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia and Romania said on Saturday they were banning some flights from Russia.

Russia earlier said it would close its airspace to flights from Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic after they issued a ban on Russian jets.
Meanwhile, Russian-owned planes can no longer enter UK airspace.

Hilariously, "Putin The Thick" (certainly not Peter The Great is he), by reciprocally banning planes from those same countries, is imprisoning his people!! It's like "if you punch me, I will punch me too". Dear Vlad - They're not diplomats, they're planes!!
02/26 22:06:38 Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia Ban Russia Aircraft from its Airspace - AviationSource
02/19 21:18:34 Insane- Jewish Conservative Utterly DESTROYS Tyrant Trudeau! Ed: ⚡ D J Trump Jnr .. If you took the two Dumb and Dumber characters and mashed them together, you'd get Trudeau - even down to the embarrassing effeminate hair flick that DTj highlights ... Maybe that was the Zoolander guy coming out.
02/19 20:52:02 Trudeau - Is This Your Liberal Hero- - YouTube U;L⭐ Russell Brand - banging another nail in Trudeau's coffin. This has everything but is only lacking a great point from Kayleigh McEnany torches 'elitist' Justin Trudeau... "The truckers are protesting Government Overreach.. so what do they do? Add way more Government Overreach!" (OWTTE).
02/18 12:58:37 FBI Launches New Virtual Asset Unit Focuses on Blockchain and Seizure of Virtual Assets Including Cryptocurrencies Ed: 👇 So basically, they can steal it from you.
02/15 01:47:05 Hal Turner Radio Show - Canadian Government BLOCKS all Social Media Postings - No information can get out of Canada via Socia U;L⚡ Getting multiple news agency reports of this tyranny. Also getting reports emergency powers denied (eg Here). Canada is on life support.
02/14 16:10:54 Trudeau plans on invoking the Emergencies Act- sources - CBC News This is serious .. it is akin to Marshal Law. Why is he so doggedly determined to oppress the people he serves? Is he blind that he does not see many European states are now relaxing? Hal's take HERE.
02/14 10:21:16 BREAKING- The FED Announces Closed Meeting to be Held Monday Morning Under Expedited Procedures Ed: 💸 This is expected to bring a rate increase in response to inflation. Unfortunately that makes problems worse for those not well off because, while their living costs are going up due to inflation, their wages have not, AND NOW they have to cope with increased interest rates on mortgages etc. We could do an analysis on this alone.
02/11 16:02:48 Declassified document accuses CIA of bulk collection of data on Americans --RT World News
02/10 13:10:05 Wealthy 'puppeteer' behind 'foreign interference start-up', security service says --RT World News 👇 Australia: "The plotters planned to advance the candidates through generous financial support facilitated through the puppeteer's offshore bank account". Sound familiar? "secretly seek out and support candidates in the upcoming election, who were either willing to advance the interests of the foreign power or were "assessed as vulnerable to inducements and cultivation." The 'employee' used existing relationships with politicians, officials, and journalists in Australia to choose potential targets without revealing his true goals.". Tomorrow, Yellings will make a massive reveal about who this likely is and how the world is increasingly under its power - and it's not who you think!! The bottom of the rabbit hole is in sight...
02/09 14:44:59 European banks panicking over Russia-Ukraine crisis --reports --RT Business News
02/07 16:03:16 Mysterious high-intensity blasts rock China before CCP's 6th plenary U;L💥 This is mysterious. The main story here is 3 months old, but serves as a good lead in to the 2 day old video here: China Shocked: Series of huge explosions hit Communist party office in China - YouTube, which in turn comes from here - China Shocked: Series of huge explosions hit Communist party office in China | Conspiracy Daily Update
02/07 13:23:24 Russia, China call for halt to NATO enlargement --POLITICO U;L🏮 China and Russia turn anger on NATO, demanding no more colour revolutions started by CIA and Rich men. - Summary by Simon Parkes here. Parkes is an odd fellow, but certainly eloquent on this occasion.
02/07 12:25:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - I Got a Funny Email - Sharing it Ed: 😀 Irony taken to a new level.
02/02 03:21:20 Petition . 1 million signatures to remove Justin Trudeau, end the lockdown and Covid mandates . Ed: ⭐ C'mon Oz, follow in Canada's footsteps.
02/01 16:58:21 Tucker Carlson names world's 'most fearful despot' --RT World News Ed: 🔎 ... least fearsome!
01/31 10:39:37 Fyodor Lukyanov- Russia has made a breakthrough with NATO --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔎 Story title misleading, but is well written assessment of the political leviathan that NATO has become. Qt: "The cladding fell off the building, revealing its underlying structure - one where at least both sides can see the state of decay for what it is."
01/31 09:15:53 Russia tells Britain what will happen if it sanctions 'oligarchs' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Will cause "not only Russians, but other wealthy foreign nationals, to transfer their assets elsewhere". Not a threat, just a fact. Indeed, that the UK establishment has even considered it is very damaging. Fools going where angels dear to tread.
01/30 14:32:36 Peace with US only possible after 'new world order' --Putin ally --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ☘ Very unfortunate use of words.. Whilst 'new world order' is the last thing we want as that in English implies the Great Reset, we don't think he means that at all. He means what we hope and called for again just this morning - EXPOSING THE CORRUPT WESTERN ELITE. We wrote this on our site (& on Twitter in reply to Lavrov) this morning... The thinking world is waiting for Putin to Wake the West Up and expose the corruption! Peace will only come when the Satanic Pedophiles, as headed by Davos WEF, are exposed and cast out of our media, tech, politics, judiciary, pharma, military, economics.
01/29 15:56:32 By de-cloaking, the demons running the global depopulation campaign just telegraphed their exact plans for 2022 --2024 --Natu Ed: 🏮 By Mike Adams of course. Warning - Adams is a fearmonger. But this article gives some insights as to what is coming.
01/29 13:14:15 FREEDOM CONVOY CANADA 2022 LIVE OTTAWA 28 JANUARY BY NIGHT PARLIAMENT STREET LIVE - YouTube Ed: Sorry about the caps, that was the OP. Canadians being politest people in the world keeping an emergency lane clear and not blocking intersections... Sorry about very low quality, but you get the pic!
01/28 14:35:24 Eden for the Homeless. A retired couple built a community for the homeless - RT Documentary - YouTube Ed: 🎥 We need more of this! Wherever you are in the world, it's the same. Governments shipping in economic slaves, driving down wages, ruining our culture, and burdening social structures. It's a worker drain on the countries they desert as well - it is ruinous for everyone. It can only be evil.
01/24 19:48:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - Stock Markets Dropping Like Rocks; DOW Down 925 and falling
01/24 17:59:52 Russia set for complete ban on cryptocurrencies --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 💸 This is 4 stories wrapped into one.
Russia to outlaw crypto
That's sent crypto into a nosedive
#3 US fines further demolish crypto
#4 Is this a wise move from Putin?
#1 Well, it would be normal for any country to ban crypto (or anyone else's currency) because you cannot benefit from expanding the money supply (as do the Rothschilds).
#2 & #3 - Crypto has arguably been on the rocks for some time. It has no collateral or even legislation to support it. To be fear, if the crim world is using it to trade, then it has some backing.
#4 But is Russia's timing bad? Trying to cut Russia off from SWIFT is plain evil, but at least crypto might have worked as an alternative.
β€’ Rubles might be a good buy just now.
β€’ Rubles might be a good buy just now.
01/20 12:50:00 US hypocrisy could kill millions in Afghanistan's famine --RT Op-ed Ed: 🔎 Biden left them enough hardware that if sold properly would feed them for years. Their army that was well equipped and trained, ran away into the arms of a bunch of women beating pirates and terrorists. Their greedy selfish workers made any excuse to run off to America. They could now sell mining rights but no one wants it because you can't cut a deal with pirate terrorists. They continue to have themselves only to blame. It is sad that their women and children must now suffer, but sending them MORE money will not fix stupid and they will simply become dependent. Let them sell their rifles, phones and cars for food.
01/20 12:44:41 Macron slammed for turning EU into 'Africa's hotel' & 'Beijing's prey' --RT World News 👇 Macron starts his 6 month EU presidency by getting an earful: Qt "Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally party .. accused Macron of turning Europe into "the backyard of Washington," "the prey of Beijing," "Erdogan's doormat," and "Africa's hotel.". Quite why they are called Far Right no one knows except it is a slur from the left that unfortunately RT has not quelled. If they wore jack boots, did Hitler salutes, and started shooting people who disagreed, then yes, but no, they simply seek to protect borders, jobs and lifestyles. These days, that is far right.
01/19 17:25:34 EU depends on Russia in oil and gas sphere --Macron - Business & Economy - TASS 🤔 So now Moron Macron realizes this? After he's been insulting Putin for years, he now wants to buddy up? And who else can he buddy up to for gas? Oh yeah, the UK, but he's insulted Boris too. We're hoping Putin will expose the near necrophilia practicing shrimp as the nasty piece of Cabal trash he is. Footnote: You'd never guess, but we don't like him at all. His country has ruined my economic outlook TWICE and has done nothing but shit stir in the UK. Come to think of it, I think Russia needs a nice warm grain basket between Germany and Spain..
01/18 11:42:02 European Parliament elects first female president in 20 years --RT World News Ed: 🤔 Take note US friends - THEY ELECT THEIR OWN PRESIDENT! This is why UK left EU - their democracy is a SHAM. Citizens vote for EU MPs that no one has heard of (in elections with very low turnout that no one takes seriously), and then THEY install a president of THEIR choice. What kind of democracy is that???
01/18 11:03:45 Trumps Wall Vandalized by Biden's Troops on Border Ed: 🎥 Video of holes in wall made by imbeciles from Swamp to further destabilize the US. Military - to protect and serve, NOT.
01/16 04:55:17 Lee Camp- The silver bullet to ending poverty that we choose to ignore --RT Op-ed 🤔 We need an adult conversation about this. Qt "This brings me to Universal Basic Income: everybody receiving money from a government simply for being a citizen, no questions asked. It's high time we try it in the US and see whether it works.". It is not about rewarding laziness. Due to mechanization, there simply is not enough legitimate tasks to go around. It is unreasonable to expect people to be telesales cold callers and underpaid toilet cleaners. Musk has also called for this. As said, this needs to be discussed.
01/15 16:23:07 Assets of world's largest investment manager hit record $10trn --RT Business News Ed: 💰 Totally wrong and totally out of control. See Today's Analysis on Yellings
01/13 00:52:53 China allows no chaos or war, and will keep its word- Global Times editorial - Global Times Ed: ❓ Interesting. Does Wang Yi really believe his own face❓ Does he believe Xi, who was raised in labor camps and whose father was tortured before him wants a nice cotton wool embalmed world with rose petals for all? Last name more likely Ker.
01/08 13:30:52 Chinese veteran- Military opposes Xi Jinping, 2022 can be a tough year for CCP - YouTube Ed: 💥 This is BIG news! This means Xi is in trouble. Be in no doubt Xi is still a major World Challenge, but if he does not have the military under his power, then that makes the world safer, and Xi's days potentially short lived.
01/06 14:13:39 Bitcoin dives after Kazakhstan kills internet --RT Business News 💸 Several interesting reveals in this story. Sum up: Kazakhstan is the world's second-largest coin mining hub which stopped when the internet was shut down. Background: a day after the government's decision to remove a cap on energy prices came into effect, LPG doubled. President Tokayev dismissed the government, pledging that lower fuel prices would be restored. However, the announcement had little effect, with rallies spreading across the biggest cities of the former Soviet Union state.
01/05 16:20:53 We Americans are now in a cold civil war --RT Op-ed Ed: RT Op-ed
01/04 11:33:39 Tommy Robinson's Car FIREBOMBED After Release of Documentary Trailer on Grooming Gangs (VIDEO) Ed: 🎥 "British journalist and free speech activist Tommy Robinson's car was firebombed on Sunday, one day after he released a trailer for his upcoming documentary exposing Muslim grooming gangs. ".
01/02 19:53:26 Bizarre neurological illness plagues young Canadians --RT World News Ed: 🔎 Hmm... what could that possibly be?
01/02 02:07:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Brazilians Beat the Hell out of local Mayor over Vax Passports Ed: Qt "THIS is how things may have to be handled elsewhere." ..
01/01 11:25:28 The EU state set for a big fight with Brussels in 2022 --RT Op-ed Ed: ⚡ Poland! Would be good to see them leave and ally with UK.
12/26 14:51:52 EU's Moscow sanctions going up in smoke and Russia eyes crackdown on torture - Press Review - TASS Note: "Russia does not intend to talk with NATO and the European Union, but calls for bilateral negotiations with the United States and European nations". That's important to note because Putin is bypassing those same administrations that Yellings also sees as corrupt (except the Biden Admin, for which he has no choice but to). NB: "crackdown on torture" highly commendable!
12/21 12:19:04 Jack Dorsey names US dollar replacement --RT Business News Ed: 💸 Bitcoin??? If he carries on like this, he'll be dead in days. The Rothschilds will not stand for that!
12/17 23:02:25 EU threatens to cut Russia off SWIFT --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Insanely provocative
12/16 19:18:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - The Masks Come Off; Democrat Senator Blumenthal Attends COMMUNIST PARTY EVENT
12/16 10:18:49 Joe Biden Flying Illegal Aliens, Deported by Trump, Back to U.S- Liberals are a toxic mix of thought fascism, provocation and social vandalism. But it isn't dumb. For the ruthless Left, it does this:
β€’ Buys votes for Dem's
β€’ Undermines the fabric of society
β€’ Makes Dems look virtuous
β€’ Makes Reps look racist
β€’ Prints money through money supply expansion.

12/12 12:53:21 Is France ready to embrace a new revolution- --RT Op-ed Ed: 🔎 Headline means they are moving away from Great Reset Globalist former employee Macron to someone more like Trump. "France has fallen into bed with the US-led Western economic collective suicide [the Cabal] to the point of mimicking the American establishment's worst tendencies, from deindustrialisation and outsourcing of industry to low-cost foreign jurisdictions, to adhering to whatever globalist narratives are cooked up.". Watch for dirt digging, vote rigging.
12/10 17:41:20 'Crash and depression coming' to US --Robert Kiyosaki --RT Business News Ed: 💸 Famed writer and economist Robert Kiyosaki has warned investors that the stock markets are about to crash and the US economy is heading into a "depression." - Very difficult for America, but may declaw the Rothschild Cabal as they rely on the US Fed to keep them in power.
12/09 14:05:08 Vandana Shiva- "People Are Dying Now!!" Is This The Great Reset In Action-!! - YouTube Ed: 🔴 Vandana Shiva and Lets Go Brand on deaths caused by GMO, Arrogance, etc.
12/05 12:15:40 New American Civil War- Some people think it's already begun --RT USA News Ed: 🎯 Maxine Waters is openly inciting violence. It baffles me as to how this witch (inc Pelosi) are not in jail. I abhor violence, but I want to see the return of law-backed firing squads for verminous trolls like this. She wants harassment? She might want to think that one through .. she legitimizes harassment and she might get more than she bargains for.
11/30 20:13:59 "They Must Think We're SUCKERS!!" This Is INSIDIOUS - YouTube Brand On Oz. OpEd: I've lived in Oz, visited numerous times. The problem is in their psyche. I have never met a people so obsessed with rules(we all obey the rules and everything ok, Savvy? if you don't like it, you can *** off), so into thought fascism (if you don't think like us, there is something wrong with you), so lacking compassion (If you have fallen on hard times, it is YOUR fault)("and don't even get me started on those lazy Aborigines" you will hear them say). It seems to be a byproduct of having everything.
11/27 15:13:44 DrainTheSwampNews Ed: ❓👇❓Biden's nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Saule Omarova, who has a history writing about Marxism, [says she] wants the U.S. oil, coal, and gas industries to go bankrupt. Must Watch! Complete, off the scale, batshit crazy. They're so brazen they put our sworn enemy's people, who barely speak English, in top positions who then OPENLY say how they wish to destroy our economy. More proof US elites have surrendered! (first released Nov 11).
11/26 13:08:40 San Francisco's looting 'free for all' is out of control - YouTube Ed: 🔴 This is timed to start precisely at the point where Soros is discussed in connection with this insanity (Soros, openly funded BLM and some social change thing affiliated - "Open Society Foundation").
11/25 11:05:40 WATCH- Police put down mass protests sparked by plummeting currency --RT World News Ed: 🔎 "Turkish lira to record lows, losing as much as 45% of its value this year - around half of which occurred this week". Erdogan defended his "economic war of independence." Good luck to Turkey .. they are being played by the likes of Soros. The Rothschilds etc will not let them out that easily.
11/18 12:47:23 Fake News re Liverpool Car Bomb - Telegram Ed: ⚡ Great Video. Real passion displayed criticising the Woke Washing of a car bomb (sorry, you will need Telegram to watch it) that went off in front of a Children's Hospital - the only death was the felon fortunately - but it is blamed by the vlogger on the massive migrant and Muslim presence in the area.
11/13 12:50:18 Putin warns Belarus of major fallout if it cuts off gas to EU --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 Again Putin showing statesmanship, but all countries involved have political prisoners and routinely engage in atrocities on prisoners - including, perhaps to a lesser extent, the EU.. just mentioned in case you think Yellings is biased.
11/12 12:35:59 Israel warns the world- Threat is ready to take it into 'dark abyss' --RT World News Ed: 🔎 It has been astonishing to note that Israel seems to have no idea that the US suffered a coup, and the Cabal is already well on its way to taking us to that 'dark abyss'.
11/10 15:18:12 Biden Set to Announce a Big Agreement with China's Xi Jinping Ed: ⚡ Will he do this before or after he shuts another gas line?
11/07 16:09:20 History Debunked- Multiculturalism is Not Part of Britain's History -- So Why Do We Pretend It Was- - YouTube Ed: 🏮 UK, but same issue in the US. "It has always ended up in disaster"
11/03 13:25:22 Why does US want strict rules imposed on stablecoins- RT's Boom Bust finds out --RT Business News 🤔 Obviously they (the Rothschild's Fed) want to shut all bitcoins down - if it isn't theirs, it is not allowed. Op Ed: Our focus includes crypto as we believe YOU the People of the US need to use crypto to regain control.
10/27 20:04:52 The Perils and Pitfalls of Multiculturalism - YouTube Ed: 🏮 This is really very enlightening .. multiculturalism has historically always ended in slaughter and war. So why do the cheesehead socialist baboons keep pushing for it? Is it social vandalism? Or are the Lib Lefties really too thick to think?
10/26 09:35:09 US Freezes Aid To Sudan, Condemns Military Coup - Business Times China Ed: 💰 The reason Aid-freezing and sanctions works so well in a globalist world is that we have all been trained to import and export, then specialize. As soon as a country stops being self sufficient, they've got you in their power. When was the last time you bought electronics or clothing made locally? This is also why the Fed is guarding its vice grip on world banking - even thought to be the real reason for Gadhafi's demise.
10/26 09:21:42 New Immigration Numbers Prove Biden Border Crisis Is Worst In History Ed: 🏮 Make no mistake, this is about diluting American pride, destroying patriotism, increasing Biden votes, and globalist's wealth (they print ~$2m per arrival in the name of balancing the money supply).
10/25 21:19:46 If EU 'starts WW3' against Poland by withholding promised funding, Warsaw will defend itself with 'any weapons available' --P Ed: 🎯 This is the EU all over (led by the same Cabal that installed Macron and devoured the US in a coup) - The UK Knows how they backstab and that's why we tried to leave (but Boris has left in name only).
10/18 18:40:12 So... If THIS Isn't Political CORRUPTION Then WHAT IS-!!! - YouTube Ed: 🎯 R Brand is ON FIRE in this one... Pelosi will need an extinguisher! "Polling the youth"... "I don't know if I like the sound of that!". But seriously, NAILS IT. The only thing he misses is that Pelosi etc don't give a shit. They control the media and law, so they just do as they please.
10/16 00:00:36 Sir David Amess killing was terrorist incident, Met Police say - BBC News Ed: 🔴 Well, shock horror.. There is a surprise! Let the underbelly of humanity walk across your borders, in rubber dingys in this case, as has Boris the Dick, and don't expect thanks.
10/08 15:29:13 'Predatory' Chinese Takeover of Ukraine Defense Firm Was Facilitated by a U.S. Law Firm - OCCRP Ed: 🔺 Just Wicked, and basically treasonous "The deal was drafted by global law firm DLA Piper using offshores and proxies, seemingly to avoid antitrust laws. It was financed by huge loans from China Development Bank"
10/07 21:41:06 BREAKING- Hong Kong's Evergrande, With Its Huge China Real Estate Portfolio, Has Trading Halted As Its Debt Crisis Escalates
10/07 21:00:21 Three More Companies Join Evergrande - Unable to Meet Debt Obligations - Total Debt of Nearly Half a Trillion USD Facing Solv
10/05 12:24:23 SOUTH AFRICA'S HIGHEST COURT SET TO FREE THE CONTINENT FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER & THE CENTRAL BANK - American Patriots Forum Ed: ⚡ That's what got Ghaddafi killed (he was setting up a gold standard for Africa - the Arab Spring was just a false flag) so it will be interesting to watch the assassinations spiral from this..
10/04 18:53:31 What You Need to Know About Evergrande Ed: 🔎 Worth a read. Any relation to Evergreen? 😀
10/04 11:26:31 Biden's Pick for Comptroller of the Currency, Saul Omarova, Born In the USSR Is Known for Her Pro-Communist Remarks Ed: 🏮 Not yet nominated, but if she does, US economy starts death spiral.
10/03 19:15:25 Secret offshore wealth of world leaders revealed in leak of 12 MILLION files dubbed Pandora Papers - Daily Mail Online Ed: 💸 If you have money, you invest it and get more money. This spirals out of control in what is known is a "feedback" system. That's why we have government - like the governor on a diesel motor, it "governs" and prevents this spiral. Unfortunately, we are now in a spiral so big that governments are controlled by the money growth.. We are in for the mother of all crashes.
09/26 19:16:56 Israel will be 'gone' in 20 years- Ex-US officialAhlulBayt News Agency - ABNA - Shia News Ed: 🔎Collin Powell .. they will self implode..
09/24 21:30:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - Australia Moving toward ACTUAL Revolution - Actual Physical, Kinetic, Revolution!
09/22 17:34:51 @rtintl Ed: 💸Bitcoin PLUNGES 12% as China Sends Global Shudders Down Stock Market - comes amid wider stock market concern over the potential collapse of the China Evergrande Group.
09/21 01:39:37 Rio Grande Valley Bee Attack Separates Illegal Alien Mother From Her 2-Year-Old Daughter - Breaking911 Ed: ♦Despite everything, humanity prevails.
09/20 12:27:41 Hal Turner Radio Show - BLACK MONDAY- China Real Estate Entering FULL COLLAPSE; 28% of their national economy - Expect War - Ed: 🔺Take this in connection with the last article we posted!
09/20 10:41:42 New Photo of Justin Trudeau in Blackface Emerges Night Before Canadian Federal Election Ed: 🏮@ 2001, it's far too recent to hide behind "it used to the norm". The fact of the arrogance and the insight it gives into a potentially satanic socialist regime is what concerns us. Certainly a tyrannical Covidist.
09/17 20:50:16 France RECALLS ambassadors from US and Australia, citing 'exceptional gravity' of AUKUS submarine deal --RT World News Ed: 😀 Pure PETULENCE .. The French are a bizarre bunch at the best of times, with multiple backstabbing betrayals against the UK by their Barnier, but when led by arch globalist ex-Rockefeller employee Macron, YOU'LL NEED YOUR STAB VEST!
09/15 19:56:36 Evergrande Is Collapsing - Will Not Make Its Massive Debt Payments - 5 Times Bigger than Lehman Brothers Ed: 💸Is this big news? Unsure. The markets are certainly headed for a "reality check" but then there is so much fake money (AKA Quantitative Easing) sloshing around, this will probably be resolved by some dark connivance.
09/14 16:58:32 South Africa Farmer Couple Tortured for Four Hours, Survive Ed: 🏮Pure racism and savagery. Every little bit we share helps this situation where the whites who brought so much modernization have had Woke negligently applied without due care, and been abandoned - not so unlike Afghanistan. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of described it as genocide on whites.
09/11 03:21:56 9-11 anniversary- Terrorism failed to undermine our freedom, says PM - BBC News Ed: 🤔Given Kabul 2021, I am inclined to disagree.
09/07 14:28:25 'Tragic Mistake'- George Soros Lambasts BlackRock China Investments Push - 07.09.2021, Sputnik International Ed: 🤔This is a strong sign that the Cabal has Split.
09/04 20:48:18 New Zealand Authorities Reveal Identity of Auckland Mall Terror Suspect Who Injured Seven - Sputnik International Ed: 🤔It seems even little old sleepy NZ has been infested by "Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen" savages..
09/03 18:24:22 Is Pandemic Australia Still a Liberal Democracy- - The Atlantic No. Having visited recently (dying relative) I found it abhorrent... overrun by bureaucrats, "do as you are told" Nazis, lefty libtards who agree with them, and "thought fascism". After my relative died, I needed a cigarette. $35 a packet. I managed to get 100s of dollars in parking fines - obviously not trying. Alcohol, the last resort of the indigenous people, is so taxed, it'd be cheaper to see a drug dealer. It is a jerkoff police state. Ozzies should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this degeneration in the land of abundance and "milk and honey". A disgrace. Ps: "Ron Watkins, [03.09.21 17:49][Forwarded from Elon Musk Info]says: "South Australia is testing an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will text residents at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person. Australia has made headlines in recent days over clashes in Melbourne and Sydney." What happened to liberty in the West?
08/29 12:57:46 Australia Has Fallen Ed: 🔴short video on police brutality .. not even bothering to hide it. Oz was always a cesspit of authoritarianism, largely aided and abetted by lefty liberals who think it is reasonable to oppress people who think. That corrupt cop needs to be identified. Anyone?
08/12 13:47:59 The EU's financial imperialism wins again, pummelling Poland into submission and leaving Hungary's Viktor Orban out on his ow Ed: 🏮The problem here is once again money.. There is so much of it in the wrong hands, they can weaponize its use.
08/05 12:33:21 EU launches legal action against Hungary and Poland for violating rights of LGBTQ+ citizens --RT World News Ed: 🔴🔴older story but related to last one on timeline.
08/05 12:27:20 A new turf war with Strasbourg pushes Warsaw further down the road towards Polexit from the EU --RT Op-ed Ed: 🔴🔴The EU Cabal quietly losing their grip, compounding the Brexit probs. Reminder -- This was started when the Poles got humpy over being told to increase LGBT rights.
07/31 00:06:27 Bipartisan Cold War Weapon Against The CCP; Chinese Reporter Attacked By Local Covering Floods - YouTube Ed: 🔴far more dead drowned in subway than admitted ..Indeed, CCP opened gates that killed them!
07/30 12:30:44 After initial confusion, Israeli-operated ship confirmed to have been attacked off the coast of Oman --RT World News
07/26 12:18:38 Graphic Video Shows Woman in Charlie Hebdo T-Shirt Being Stabbed in London - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴🔴The obviously Islamic fundamentalist sicko tried to stab out her eyes. Any Condemnation by Islamic Community?
07/24 10:15:09 US-Owned Firm's $3.5 Bln Takeover Bid for UK Defence Manufacturer 'Shocks' Ex-Head of Royal Navy - Sputnik International Ed: At least it's not China! But yes, this whole Globalist adoration of any creed, regardless of them being despots or whatever, was never in the national interest and has to stop. To our US friends, while ever Biden is in charge, those secrets will prob go to CCP for $20bn.
07/23 05:39:44 Dramatic video! Craziest Flood in Germany (July 15, 2021) - YouTube Ed: ☠Watch the water
07/23 05:25:05 Apocalypse in China !! Worst flood in Zhengzhou history! - YouTube 🔴💥U;L And yet Xi Dick claims only some 30 fatalities. Pull Xi other one. It has Xi bells on it.
07/21 16:14:13 Update- Death toll reaches 25 from severe flooding in Central China's Henan - Global Times Ed: ☘See our telegram channel for more.
07/21 13:56:27 China floods- 12 dead in Zhengzhou train and thousands evacuated in Henan - BBC News Ed: 📯We suspect many more deaths will emerge sadly. Video on our telegram chan of trapped people is not easy to watch.
07/21 01:10:46 UK Cuts Off Funding to British Chip Factory Acquired by Chinese-Owned Company - Report - Sputnik International Ed: ⚖I should hope so! The sellers should go to jail.
07/17 17:26:54 South Africa looting- I'm struggling to find food - BBC News
07/17 17:26:11 Hal Turner Radio Show - Food Is GONE in Durban, South Africa - 1km+ long line outside only functioning Supermarket
07/17 10:39:30 #UnrestSA- Thabo Mbeki Foundation warns of 'masters of the dark art' - News24
07/16 20:09:39 What The Rubber 'Apocalypse' Means For The U.S. Economy - YouTube Ed: 🤔♦
07/16 17:14:11 'Release Zuma, end lockdown' - #FreeJacobZuma campaign list demands Ed: 🔎🏮
07/15 20:57:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - CAUGHT ON VIDEO- Politician Telling People -Go Into Indian and White Neighborhoods; Kill Them and Bur
07/13 17:32:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - South Africa Collapse - Day 2 - Rioters Shot Dead, Burned Alive, Beaten and Bleeding to Death on stre
07/12 18:01:42 Lithuania refuses to extradite Belarusian opposition leader Tsikhanouskaya - Lithuania refuses to extradite opposition leader Ed: him and his girlfriend will be being systematically tortured, raped and anything the sickos like because no one can help them.
07/05 04:59:50 China Courts US Consumers Through a Familiar Storefront in Amazon
06/22 15:21:17 Study- Richest US Dynasties 'Hoard' Wealth Rather Than Generate It, Exacerbating Inequality - Sputnik International
06/21 11:45:34 Stock market crash! Here's what I'd do if the FTSE 100 falls 20%
06/21 10:16:46 Macron and Le Pen watch out - could France have a new presidential contender-
06/14 08:42:51 Lauren Boebert Suggests 'Clinton Crime Syndicate' Behind Death of TV Anchor Christopher Sign
06/11 09:18:14 G7 Leaders to Hold Summit in Cornwall, UK, Starting Friday - Sputnik International
06/02 13:05:34 Armed Black Supremacists in Tulsa- 'There Will Come a Time When We Will Kill Everything White in Sight' (VIDEO)
05/28 10:29:37 Tucker- Stupid people took control of our country - YouTube
05/27 16:26:34 U.S. Miners on No Domestic Production of Critical Minerals- China Wins
05/27 09:23:44 15 State Treasurers Warn They Will Pull Assets From Banks That Obstruct the Fossil Fuel Industry
05/26 10:32:23 Greta Thunberg's Climate Movement Takes Stance Against Israel- 'Apartheid State' - Sputnik International
05/19 09:22:15 HORROR- 18-Year-Old Man Abducts 4-Year-Old Boy From His Bed, Stabs Him to Death, Dumps His Body on Street Ed: of course I would never dare talk about the magnificent BLM man who has had to spend his entire life on drugs, welfare and crime due to the white guilt of a 4YO boy. Critical Race Theorists? YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.
05/16 21:58:56 Shedding Light
05/16 21:55:28 Chernobyl's nuclear fuel is smoldering again and there's a 'possibility' of another accident, scientists say
05/16 18:49:26 Ex-gangster who did time for murder has landed top job with House Democrats campaign - The BL
05/14 17:50:16 BREAKING EXCLUSIVE- Uncovered - A Direct Link Between the Chinese Military and a Major Pentagon-Funded Virus Research Center
05/14 13:02:56 People Fail To Recognize Factory Farming's Link To Zoonotic Diseases, Study Says - Plant Based News
05/14 09:04:18 Gaetz Associate Joel Greenberg Will Plead Guilty to 6 Felony Counts
05/10 13:00:45 Chinese safari park 'sincerely sorry' for not telling public escaped leopards on the loose - World News - Sky News
05/10 12:52:10 Ever Given- Egypt Cuts Claim Against Owner by $300M, Down to $600M
05/10 08:48:31 Hundreds Hurt In New Jerusalem Clashes Between Israelis, Palestinians
05/10 08:06:16 The BBC's shameful coverage of Israel's apartheid continues - The Canary
05/10 08:02:47 The US has plunged its relations with Israel into crisis
05/09 02:34:37 Jerusalem- Many injured on second night of clashes - BBC News
05/08 21:28:24 Cyber-Attack Shuts Down Biggest Gasoline Pipeline in US--olonial Pipeline
05/08 10:47:40 French Police Find 78% of Unaccompanied Migrant -Children- are Actually Adults
05/08 10:08:27 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israeli Police STORM Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount; Use Stun Grenades-Tear Gas on Worshipers - N
05/07 09:12:15 China sprayed space with 3,000 pieces of junk. US military officials want rules to stop that sort of thing • The Register
05/06 20:58:41 5 charged in human smuggling operation in Houston - One America News Network
05/06 20:44:02 China suspends economic dialogue with Australia 'indefinitely' amid spat over Belt & Road Initiative --RT World News
05/06 16:28:44 Marine Le Pen to French Generals- -Join Me in the Battle for France"
05/06 16:17:26 Pentagon on Watch as Out-of-Control Chinese Rocket Nears Earth Atmosphere Reentry
05/05 09:27:21 Attorney for Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis police officer convicted in George Floyd's death, files motion for new trial -
05/04 14:55:23 Home - Business Recorder
05/04 09:42:12 Chinese rocket to make uncontrolled reentry; unclear where debris will hit- report - Fox News
05/02 03:51:07 Pakistan, China, US, Russia ask Taliban to 'fulfil counterterrorism commitments' - Daily Times
05/01 13:07:34 France chaos as protests erupt across nation --police charge crowds and launch tear gas - World - News -
04/30 21:27:08 Houston police uncover 'disturbing' human smuggling case with more than 90 people trapped in home - Fox News
04/30 17:29:41 Michael Savage proves prophetic on leftist-fueled 'civil war' - Washington Times
04/30 17:23:41 Antifa Terrorists Issue Direct Physical Threat To Portland Mayor- Resign Or Else...-
04/30 09:21:35 18 French active-duty servicemen to face MILITARY COURT over open letter blasting 'Islamist hordes' & looming 'civil war' --R
04/28 00:48:18 Billionaire Reveals His 'Secret' To Beating China At Manufacturing
04/27 14:47:35 A spectre is haunting France --the spectre of a coup d'ιtat - TheArticle
04/27 14:36:26 Hal Turner Radio Show - Retired Generals in FRANCE Call for -Military Rule- to Oust President Macron and protect the nation
04/27 07:47:54 Macron can't ignore furious generals' warning that terror attacks & 'Islamist hordes' are pushing France towards civil war --
04/26 19:45:57 Author of 'The Deficit Myth' weighs in on infrastructure spending debate - TheHill
04/25 20:34:35 Kamala Harris cements her place in Biden's inner circle during a consequential week - CNNPolitics
04/24 02:54:21 Should Russian Banks Be Scared of SWIFT Disconnection- - The Moscow Times
04/20 12:47:36 Hal Turner Radio Show - New Zealand BETRAYS! Leaves -Five Eyes- to join Mordor (China)
04/19 15:09:17 Local uprisings emerge to challenge Myanmar's army - Reuters
04/19 13:26:13 -It's Already Too Late!- - Elon Musk - YouTube
04/19 09:10:49 Inevitable for Germany and Europe to seek break from US dependence - Global Times
04/15 01:53:04 Afghans wonder 'what about me' as US troops prepare to withdraw - NZ Herald
04/15 01:52:48 At least 15 US officers mistook guns for Tasers. Three were convicted - NZ Herald
04/14 15:44:30 Incoming! How Iran's Qiam Missile Destroyed a U.S. Military Base - The National Interest
04/14 01:29:02 Hal Turner Radio Show - Bullion and Cash Being Suddenly WITHDRAWN from UK Territory
04/11 16:42:56 Tensions high ahead of #WhiteLivesMatter rally in California- KKK and BLM expected to show up --RT USA News
04/10 21:11:20 Fears Grow Over HUGE Russian Military Build-Up at Ukraine Border - YouTube
04/10 19:28:35 Daniel Hale Blew the Whistle on the US's Illegal Drone Program. He's a Hero, Not a Criminal-
04/10 16:44:50 Will Turkey annex northern Syria to its territory- There are such signals
04/07 14:44:42 Dumping of Fukushima radioactive water into ocean 'unavoidable', Japanese PM says, as country's fisheries reject plan --RT World News
03/31 11:17:56 Live from Geldingadalir volcano, Iceland - YouTube
03/30 20:04:43 Why the CCP is Actually on the Verge of Collapse - YouTube
03/24 09:45:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - Suez Canal blocked in both directions by mega container ship
03/10 23:57:01 Millions of websites offline after fire at French cloud services firm - Reuters
03/09 09:09:09 Hal Turner Radio Show - REPORT- Congo Immigrant Vomiting Blood on Pittsburgh City Bus -- MAY BE EBOLA VIRUS
02/26 23:26:39 The Great Reset- Is Bill Gates TOO Powerful- - YouTube
02/24 19:26:02 The Great Reset- Bill Gates & Farming - WHAT'S GOING ON- - YouTube
01/22 14:09:45 Google Threatens to Shut Down Its Search Engine in Australia if New Legislation Gets Green Light - Sputnik International
01/21 12:48:40 Inside look at how 25,000 National Guardsmen are arriving in Washington, DC - ABC News
01/21 12:48:00 Estonia's PM resigns over corruption scandal in his party - The San Diego Union-Tribune
01/21 12:47:50 Baron Benjamin de Rothschild Dead- Billionaire Dies at 57 -
01/21 12:47:43 How Malaysia's government collapsed in two years - BBC News
01/21 12:47:34 End of an era- German Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares to step down after 15 years, World News -
01/21 12:47:28 Dutch government resigns over child welfare fraud scandal - CNN
01/21 12:47:22 Who Is Running Government Agencies While Senate Considers Biden's Cabinet Nominees-
01/21 12:47:13 Mongolian prime minister submits resignation after COVID-19 protests
01/21 12:47:08 Kuwait's government quits, deepening political deadlock
01/21 12:47:00 Italian politicians and police among 300 held in mafia bust - Italy - The Guardian
01/21 12:46:54 Russian government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans future - BBC News
01/21 12:46:48 Polish foreign minister resigns --second Cabinet resignation this week - News - DW - 20.08.2020
01/21 12:46:41 Italy's government in crisis after Matteo Renzi's party quits

A Cautionary Tale

The problem with prophets is that (a) they give false hope and (b) they make it sound as easy as sitting on your hands and waiting.

Indeed, Q & others are Still at it!

Example Rumors
  1. Inauguration speech was streamed, at least to Spain, at 7am their time (6am UK time, 1am ET), some 9 hrs early (Charley Ward, 21 Jan 2021 approx). Unsubstantiated and unprovable.
  2. Inauguration Bible had the crosses on upside down. No it didn't - as here.
If you like your theories and to keep your hopes, then why not?
  1. Monkey Werx thinks Trump is now in DC here or here. Jan 23 2021
  2. Others think the White house photos are staged - see bottom of page here.
  3. SpaceX launched another 60 Starlink satellites Jan 20, 2021 here fueling stories of a connection with Mil' activity.
  4. The inauguration was done in a studio ... well, when you see youtube videos as dumb as this here, you might agree! (Clue - look at the sign behind him).
..Sure, we all look at that BUT NEVER ALLOW it to be an excuse for inaction - read on!

Inaction Served by False Prophets - Jan 23rd

Hotly contesting for the top spot of cowardice are Pence, the RINOs, the generals, the chiefs of staff, but then, sad to say, maybe Trump himself (with sympathy and respect) who barricaded himself in from the 10th, refused calls from lawyers and supporters alike, refused to hear ex Generals Flynn and Thomas McInerney practically begging him to sign the Insurrection Act (we hear) despite have received RESOUNDING proof of foreign intervention .. and yet Trump waited and stood down. We say this with sympathy and respect because it would take a brave man, but it is a little galling to think he was saying Pence lacked courage.

We can see a number of good reasons why Trump would do this. Mainly, Biden has so incriminated himself in his first few days of office, doing so many dubious and unpopular actions (like fast tracking impeachment, reversing the pipeline, letting boys into girls' changing rooms, turning off comment and altering votes on his youtube channel, investigating Hill riot as civil unrest, throwing soldiers into a car park), it's hard to see anyone in the Dem's even voting for him again! So we only hope Trump simply isn't finished yet.

That's fine but Never allow that to interfere with appropriate action! Continue to Protest, prepare (see here).

So! Consider these "false profits" and the damage they did - they quite possibly meant well, or maybe they were merely attention seeking, but they led us all into false hope and in doing so prevented us from taking action. The most prominent (in order from minor to major manipulators)
  1. General Flynn -- Well meaning, motivating, correct about the evidence, but ultimately misled us away from our guard posts by predicting with "100% certainty" Trump would stay.
  2. Lin Wood -- his words were quite supportive and his legal action was of great value, but the constant evangelizing was driving people away in masses. To you we say "God helps those who help themselves" and that repeatedly immersing yourself in a Buddhist monk styled chanting prayers (a) embarrasses those who are god fearing moderates, and (b) is not what God wants at all. If you haven't noticed, god doesn't have arms and legs, you do -- he needs you to use them. He's never been known to heal amputees, and if he did jump out of heaven and wave a magic wand, consider the consequences -- you would no longer need belief, you'd have proof. All life would suddenly cease to have meaning. Let that sink in. Mr Wood did great legal works earlier, but this was undone to the extent he would now likely be classified as an unreliable witness in a court of law. He demeaned the legal process and humiliated Trump.
  3. Steve Pieczenik -- an attention seeker? An author seeking to self-promote? He delivered his assertion with such a level of certainly, even we were reconsidering the situation. Again, a false profit who led us away from action.
  4. Simon Parke -- He comes across like a hybrid English Gentleman and Druid Priest. He sounds so magnificently honest and well informed, it comes as a shock when you realize his contacts are not ex MI5's etc but Q-Anon's at best. And then suddenly we get a lecture out of the blue about quantum computers that can see into different dimensions. Again, a false profit who led us away from our battle stations. He now wants you to wait until April. (The purge will be well underway by then!)
  5. Q and Q Anon -- All we can say is they were the ring leaders of leading us away from our battle stations. Stay home, stay away, let the military do their job.... Well, we did, they didn't - we lost an opportunity there.
And you know what? All 4 latter prophets above (excluding Flynn) are STILL at it, proclaiming some kind of delay.

It makes one wonder if it was a deliberate "Trust Psy-Op" like Operation Trust by the Bolsheviks. Great round up here. It's certainly a lesson to discriminate between encouragement and
reality. Incidentally, we did not quote any of the above nor did we include their "predictions" in our earlier conclusions (which were also wrong, so maybe we should add ourselves to the above list except that we did at all time urge caution instead of blind hope).

Then there is this
rumble video here that says "trust the plan for the next 6 months". SIX MONTHS! By then your guns will be gone and you will have had a jab that may make you infertile (we're not anti-vaxer, but we are certainly waiting for more news .. .and we may buy the Russian one).

If we turn out to be doubting Thomas, we will humbly apologize, but in the meantime, WE GIRD UP!