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How can we possibly ask our soldiers to defend our country when we hold political prisoners?

How can we be neglecting our own people in foreign jails on non-existent charges?

So often, we see the law bucking the will of the people. That's alright as the law is supposed to have no input from public opinion ... oh? That's not strictly true either - the system is that we vote the politicians, and the politicians make the law. But that just isn't happening -
again and again and again and again, political party's either go off on their own, or the legal system starts making stuff up as they go along like the fantastically corrupted decision by the "Supreme Court" ruling that "Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule" when by observation, Johnson's actions were within the law. The BBC story reports a No 10 source said the Supreme Court had "made a serious mistake in extending its reach to these political matters". How can that be??

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