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  1. Political Persecution, Purges, Political Prisoners
    1. Vengeance and Persecution
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Political Persecution, Purges, Political Prisoners

How can we possibly ask our soldiers to defend our country when we hold political prisoners? How can we be neglecting our own people in foreign jails on non-existent charges?

How can we permit the appalling harassment of our legal troops (eg: Sidney Powell Summoned to Michigan Court for Sanctions Hearing), our protesters? (eg: Jan. 6 Defendant hit with Little-Used Firearms Charge). Is this a 3rd world country? Do people get sent to jail for protesting? Update - Sidney did not go to jail on this occasion.

In the UK, on 13th June 2019, criminal Theresa May(then PM) and Sajid Javid* (then foreign Secretary) signed an extraordinary extraction order (extradition they call it) for Julian Assange to be sent to CIA torture cells (we know that is what would have happened if he was sent to the US). Thankfully, this was later overturned. Our understanding is that Assange actually tried to notify America (the FBI we think) that some over zealous actors in Wikileaks were intending to leak sensitive diplomatic communications - but of course they no damage limitation because they wanted the excuse the shut down Wikileaks -- and that, to all intents and purposes, they did. One more nail in the coffin of our freedom.

Vengeance and Persecution

For articles about people who have suffered persecution but did not go to jail, see Yellings - Vengeful.

Latest links

08/05 02:29:04 Russia jailing people for using VPN to get past their government Web blocks Using TOR in Russia gets you jailed. If you have followed us, you will know we advocate using TOR.. Eg: is blocked in the UK.

The message here is Putin is not the good guy! He has been lauded by some well meaning folk as weeding out the biolabs etc, but this is a man who will summarily poison or jail people for DECADES for opposing him. (And in horrific conditions at that).

We postulate (with Evidence from Jeff Nyquist) that Schwab's Davos WEF is a front for Putin's Marxist deviance. Marxism, as an ideological framework, is a major problem in the West - one that seeks to stamp out Freedom and bring back-breaking oppression to crush the individual. Millions, even Billions, are already suffering this scourge which must be repelled.
07/16 09:35:40 Lawmakers subpoena Secret Service for January 6 texts 👀🔥 They subpoenaed the Secret Service for text messages that might shed light on the incident, after a government watchdog suggested the agency may have deleted them maliciously.

OpEd: Starting to look like progress after TGP story
Leaked Docs: FBI Infiltrated Proud Boys On Jan 6, Group Did Not Plan 'Insurrection' - pressure is being piled on the actual guilty parties, and when the truth comes out, the public will know there is a 5th column conspiring against America. Heads MUST Roll.

Extract: "..
While the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) inspector general previously suggested the Secret Service had erased those messages - and that it did so only after it was explicitly asked to hand them over - the service later said some texts were deleted as part of a pre-planned "system migration," but that "none of the texts [the inspector general] was seeking had been lost in the migration."
It remains unclear why the messages have not yet been turned over, however, as the Secret Service now claims to possess them."
07/11 13:57:00 Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked to The Gateway Pundit - FBI infiltrated Proud Boys U;L TGP "THEY ALL LIED AND WE HAVE PROOF! Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked to The Gateway Pundit - FBI Confidential Human Source INFILTRATED Proud Boys, Ran FBI Operation on J-6, Reported They Were INNOCENT! — See Texts and Documents IN FULL!!" - Part 2 "Here Are the Proud Boys and Trump Supporters Who Had Their Lives Destroyed Because Chris Wray and FBI Lied About Documented Report by Embedded Operative on Jan. 6"
06/27 04:10:17 Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein Lover and Scapegoat for Billionaire Child Sex Ring, on Suicide Watch
06/24 13:17:06 Assange's wife sounds alarm over his treatment Ed: ⚠ strip searched, thrown in a special bare cell for the weekend while they search his cell for things that he might want to commit suicide with. Awoken hourly in his bare cell. Does that sound like the actions of a civilised country to you? He apparently already suffers from self harm - a condition for which he will no doubt be on medication, which will cease in America. This will result in him literally torturing himself. Having worked with carers for people with self harm, it's widely misunderstood and the reason they caused themselves pain and damage is to alleviate the even worse psychological pain that they feel. The cabal elite have scored a big win with this because you can be assured the intimidation will be felt worldwide... What they have done amounts to saying "screw with us and you'll be tortured too".
06/22 12:51:08 JUST IN- New Metro DC Police Report Confirms Plainclothes -Electronic Surveillance Unit- Operatives Were Embedded in the Crow Ed: Operatives Were Embedded in the Crowd. Of much higher interest would be evidence linking organized Antifa / BLM attendance.
06/21 23:07:18 Mexico will ask Biden to free Assange --president
06/17 09:06:35 House Republicans plan probe of jail conditions, Justice Department treatment of Jan. 6 defendants - Washington Times 🤔 Kagbabe (REF) Comments: "J6 political prisoners are being starved to death, denied cancer treatment and abused by anti-White DC jail warden. Just absolutely disgusting... they were never convicted of a crime, their trials keep getting delayed while they are denied bail and rotting behind bars". This is a massive criminal political crime - along with Assange in the UK (Assange can be extradited - BBC), political prisoners and their appalling treatment seems to have crept into the West with no one able to stop it. Please, whoever or wherever you are, donate to (or otherwise help) any reputable charity trying to reduce their suffering and bring justice against these evil systems. I will be writing (again) to our politicians re Assange. Spread the word!
06/13 11:27:15 Julian Assange- Does Wikileaks founder have a powerful ally in new Australian PM- - BBC News Ed: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has previously spoken against Mr Assange's incarceration, and the activist's family are counting on him to put pressure on the UK as the deadline for a critical deportation decision looms.
06/12 12:00:20 In First Jan. 6 Hearing, Graphic Footage and Stark Testimony Show Depth of Attack - The New York Times 🔴 Brazenly ignoring Prima Facie Evidence:

• Police ushering in and opening doors to Trump supporters
• Buses of activists ushered in
• Antifa smashing windows
• Video of boarding to prevent oversight of the count
• Major swings in vote counts on live TV
• Sometimes violent removal of overseers of the count
• multi ballot recounting on CCTV
• Abuse of drop boxes as found in 2000 Mules
• Millions more votes than ever cast before.

And these are just the things we can see on public video.

They are ruthlessly smearing Trump with Trump Is Depicted as a Would-Be Autocrat Seeking to Hang Onto Power at All Costs ( & bullet point on front page reading: "The Jan. 6 House committee showed clips of former President Trump's aides testifying that his election fraud claims were false". This appears to even include his own daughter openly betraying him.

Folks, this is what happens when you
have institutionalised Marxist bias - from what has been dubbed the swamp including Justice Dep't, FBI and CIA, the Pentagon, etc, against all Americans except for the most cretinous corrupt and career riot vandals.
04/28 15:43:20 CALLING ALL PATRIOTS - URGENT DEVELOPMENT- Donald Trump's Lawyer Asking For YOUR HELP in Locating Videos of January 6th! MAKE Ed: 📯 Hopefully, this will spill over into helping the immorally and probably illegally incarcerated J6 political prisoners.
04/27 21:54:13 Exclusive Letter From a Jan. 6 Prisoner- 'Light Brushfires of Liberty in the Souls of Men' Ed: ❓ WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL IN JAIL? I'm not in the US, but I am starting to get f*cked off with the inaction.. Trump, Flynn, Powell, Rudy, Wood, Pompeo, O'Keefe, Watkins, Rogan, Q .. WTF!!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?? This is the MOST EGREGIOUS FOCUSSED TAGETTING OF CIVILIANS FOR INTIMIDATION I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ANY SO CALLED CIVILIZED COUNTRY! US citizens, you are allow these evil sh*ts to embarrass you. They are winning due to YOUR INACTION!

Oh well, there goes my last 2 faithful US visitors.. you know what? I don't give a f*ck. This is so wrong.
04/26 12:06:07 Images show Russian journalist restrained after she was hauled into court over Mariupol siege story - Daily Mail Online Ed: There is an old expression... When in Rome, do as the Romans do. She must have been surely aware of the Laws? It is tragic, but also a little naive. Martyrdom is not the answer.
04/24 10:33:36 -You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself- - Christina Bobb to Jan 6 Attorneys After Spending 6 Hours Addressing Question Why She Tw Ed: Tweeted an image of Me Gibson.
04/23 22:01:00 ROGER STONE- Please Help Jan 6er Bobby Gieswein - Held in DC Gulag for 15 Months - Never Committed a Crime In His Life Ed: ♦ I am increasingly concerned that Trump is NOT doing his duty by these people. I am sure there are technical reasons why he does nor get involved but somehow there is a moral responsibility that is being avoided. Yes, the police invited the "rioters" in, but Trump also encouraged them. Their treatment is sooo egregious, NO ONE can turn their back on it. (and yet they do).
04/20 12:10:46 Assange extradition order issued by UK court --RT World News Ed: 🔴 "A magistrates court in London has issued a formal order to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the US to face espionage charges there, and a possible effective life imprisonment. Wednesday's ruling may be appealed.". Also, "UK Home Secretary Priti Patel will need to authorize the extradition before it can be executed". We are just going around in circles with this. Why did Trump not Pardon him? For that matter, why did Trump not pardon the Jan 6 political prisoners? Why are such egregious abuses of office and law allowed, in so-called civilized societies, to intimidate, torture and sometimes KILL (by suicide) innocent people? Why are protests which clearly outline public wishes get routinely ignored? What is the difference between Putin, Xi, Biden and Boris? Right now, I do not see any difference.
04/15 09:50:34 -None of Them Should Be in Jail. They Should All Be Out On Bail...It Is an American Gulag- - Judge Napolitano on the DOJ's an Ed: Ref January 6ers. It shows how effective this 2020 coup has been that they can get away with this. There must be investigations and accountability.
04/14 18:14:36 -I Went There for You My Son- - J6 Political Prisoner Chris Quaglin Was Brutally Beaten in Jail and Denied Celiac-Safe Food -
04/13 11:58:32 Capitol Police ALLOW Protesters to Enter Side Door - WILL BE USED IN COURT Ed: 🎥"Dream Team" of Lawyers Including Alan Dershowitz Set to Defend January 6'ers. Over a year has passed. People are dying in jail. When will this crass injustice be resolved?
04/06 18:19:10 Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio pleads not guilty in January 6 conspiracy case. Ed: ⚖ "Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio pleaded not guilty Tuesday to conspiracy charges related to the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Tarrio, 38, was indicted in March along with five previously indicted Proud Boys members. The other men - Ethan Nordin, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl, Charles Donohue and Dominic Pezzola - also pleaded not guilty. All 6 remain in prison.

The case, one of the largest brought by the Justice Department, is set to go to trial next month, but prosecutors have asked for a delay in the trial because the indictment could add additional defendants.

In March, prosecutors told a federal judge that they were continuing to investigate the Proud Boys and believed they had found information to support additional charges."


03/15 17:05:55 Prosecutors seek new prison term for Navalny --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴"Russian prosecutor on Tuesday asked a court to sentence opposition figure Alexey Navalny to 13 years in jail and a hefty fine for allegedly defrauding donors of his anti-corruption and political activities". Clearly Putin is just out for revenge and intimidation now. If this is his infamous cornered Rat Story, then he is looking more foolish by the hour.
03/14 20:10:35 Mike Lindell Doubles Down on Conspiracy Claims After Pal Tina Peters Is Arrested
03/10 17:26:48 'Bail of a Murderer!- - Steve Bannon Snaps, Calls For A Crusade!... After Gold Star Mom Tina Peters Jailed with HUGE Bail Ed: ⚡ A bail of 500,000 in CASH which she cannot raise of course. Poor journalism means I had to Bing what she did - she opened up voting machines and published online evidence of malfeasance that she found therein.
02/27 20:03:37 Jan 6th defendant, Matthew Perna has committed suicide @kagbabe He was never accused of violence or vandalism, he simply walked through the doors of the Capitol Building that were open. His family says: "They informed him the other day that they were pursuing additional charges. He couldn't take another day." @kagbabe
02/22 10:48:41 Majority of Canadian Parliament Sides With Trudeau's Tyranny - Vote to UPHOLD Unprecedented Emergencies Act Ed: 🔺 Even AFTER Protesters Beaten and Shackled. Pretty sick stuff. Don't forget Schwab's boast that he has "penetrated" more than half Trudeau's cabinet. See video atop Yellings home page.
02/20 22:53:12 Song by Jordan B Peterson- Wake Up - YouTube 🏮 No comment. See also Jordan Peterson pens a song for Trudeau - RT
02/20 15:18:03 Trudeau's Deputy, Chrystia Freeland, Whose Grandfather Was a Prominent Nazi and Who is Director at the World Economic Forum, U;L☠ Says She Plans to Make Her Emergency Powers Permanent. Pictured here with Soros, and with huge ties to the Davos Cabal, you start to see the problem. Meanwhile, Outraged Citizens Flood Ottawa Police Phone Lines With Complaint Calls About Horrific Treatment of Protesters - OPD Responds by Threatening Callers with Criminal Charges. Too many stories of police brutality to list.
02/19 12:42:37 Breaking- Radical Obama Judge Orders Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Jailed Until July Trial Ed: ⭐ Just like Russia - no sense of Justice, just brazen abuse of power to take out those who come close to exposing their criminality. This judge is aiding and abetting the 2020 coup. Remember to remind these dogs that we will use our vote to bring back the gallows. Remind them what hemp around the neck feels like on your placards.
02/18 13:04:08 Devin Nunes- -They Spied on POTUS When They Didn't Find Anything They Made It Up and Framed a Sitting President Ed: 🔺 Best summary of this dreadful crime seen so far.
02/18 13:00:19 We Just Lost Canada- Ottawa Police Chief Warns Citizens Against Participating in -Unlawful Activities of Engaging in Demonstr Ed: ⚡ Another taking of political prisoners, purging and stealing from them by seizing their assets.
02/17 17:00:03 Trudeau's Justice Minister THREATENS AMERICANS If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who's donating to the convoy, you ought to be worried about your bank account being frozen Ed: 💥 This is getting completely out of control. He's just declared war on Trump supporters. For all those that have an ear to hear, this man is your enemy and he is evil. Arrest him for inciting violence, for breaking Nierenberg Laws on trial drugs, and for political oppression. Then change the law through your vote to bring back hanging. MAKE SURE THIS LEFTY IMBECILE KNOWS HE WILL HANG FOR THIS.
02/16 12:03:05 Patrick Christys- Justin Trudeau is just a weak little man who is way out of his depth Having turned off social media, this "liberal" has turned full illiberal eyed loon! You would think it would be easier to just listen to peoples' concerns. "Trudeau is trying to claim that the protesters are a bunch of dangerous far-right nutters endangering Canada's public health despite the fact that Omicron has proven to be somewhat of a vaccine - a milder, more contagious variant. The only way he can legally prevent people from exercising their democratic right to protest is if he demonises them and makes them out to be a lot worse than they are". Where I come from, such a person is simply called a VVanker.
01/31 15:21:17 Truckers Trapped in Canada - civil war looming Ed: 🔴 This is arguably a declaration of war by the police. Classic divide and conquer by a relatively small police troop. Someone needs to send in the army.
01/30 14:52:36 EXCLUSIVE- Julian Assange's fiancée hoping to marry world's most famous fugitive in jail - Twitter Ed: ☘ We wish them the best and we send a lawful threat to our corrupt judiciary and MPs... If you can't find it in your thick plank brains to use logic and stop the extradition on the simple basis
• that he is clearly unwell
• that the US elite routinely tortures thus voiding all extradition treaties
• that he has no case to answer
• that he has already done time
then, we the people will rise up through the ballot box and bring back HANGING for your treasonous misjustice.
01/28 20:21:40 EXCLUSIVE- Jan 6 Prisoner Jake Lang in DC Gulag Announces Hunger Strike Until Capitol Police Officers Are Arrested for Killin Ed: for Killing Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne-Boyland (She was on the ground and the Capitol Hill police officer beat Rosanne to death - who died in my arms). Jake is only 26! Support him on Feb 23 outside WDC courthouse where he has a hearing.
01/26 11:49:58 Russia Adds Navalny, Top Aides To 'Terrorists and Extremists' Register - The Moscow Times U;L🤔 Poor show from Putin. If Putin does want respect, he needs to stop this intense persecution(eg: his brother being arrested). I know there were monies accepted from foreign powers which escalates this to near treason, but even so.
01/24 10:28:37 Julian Assange- From liberal darling to public enemy no. 1 --RT Op-ed Ed: 🏮 UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning [January 24] about whether to permit Julian Assange to appeal the US extradition decision I am increasingly concerned that my adopted and much loved country, the UK, has been usurped by tyrannical Cabal wankers(sorry, but what else do you call politicians and law purveyors who ignore Assange's clearly delicate psychological state [itself clear grounds to void extradition requests] and try to hand him over to US's prolific torturers?[who need to urgently be brought to justice]).
01/22 10:59:17 Tucker Carlson Today - Framing Michael Flynn - General Flynn Ed: FBI Corruption
01/19 12:30:39 Babbitt Tried to Stop Attack on Capitol Speaker's Lobby, Video Shows Ed: 🔎 Seems as well as telling vandals to stop, she was actually trying to escape and could not get back through the throng behind her.
01/13 21:26:06 Julian Assange allowed to marry partner Stella Moris in jail - Julian Assange - The Guardian Ed: 😀 Seems there is still some just acts in this world. This was 2 months ago, but we only just noticed. Still a long haul to get him prised out of the grip of the Cabal.
01/11 14:15:14 20 years of Gitmo an affront to 'all humanity,' never-charged ex-prisoner tells RT --RT World News Ed: We agree. Some of the tortures used there were beyond barbaric - they were just gratuitously evil. As we often do when confronted with this scale of depravity, we call for a political process to the return of the death penalty and a demand that Gitmo perps, plus their enablers, be HUNG, and that all their earnings be confiscated so their families are driven into poverty. It is only this way that we will stop thinking they can just do such egregious crimes.
01/06 10:59:33 Jan. 6 Detainee at Risk of Dying From Lack of Medical Care, Attorney Says Dear Jailers, Jail Managers and Lawyers persecuting us: Democracy will prevail, the law will change, the gallows will return, and YOU and your enablers guilty of crimes against humanity will be found, and all will HANG. March and say it. Terrify these bastards but always democratically and legally.
01/06 10:46:59 What the Hell's Going on Here- Tucker Carlson SLAMS Ted Cruz for Parroting Liberal Talking Points on Jan. 6 Riots 🏮 TGP's Sum Up is Great (but the video in the Twitter link is Not recommended. Tucker on an annoying burst of sarcastic hubris). TGP's Sum Up: Earlier today Ted Cruz praised the US Capitol Hill Police for their actions on January 6, 2021. Essentially, the video is Tucker berating Cruz. TGP Continues to Sum Up Tucker.. The US Capitol police killed two women that day. They gunned down Ashli Babbitt in cold blood. They gassed, maced, beat and stomped on Rosanne Boyland until she was dead. We have video of both of their deaths. And the police beat the hell out of several other women and seniors that day. That shouldn't be something we celebrate in America.
12/23 22:59:00 Assange appeals his extradition to US --RT World News
12/23 20:03:44 J-6 Attorney Releases Video of Capitol Police Pummeling Female Trump Supporter with Batons Ed: 🎥 Yellings really does not like repeating this kind of thing - it is upsetting to say the least, but we must document all of it, all these crimes.. SO that one day all involved can be brought to trial.
12/22 11:40:29 Purge Continues- Pentagon Crack Down on Domestic and Patriotic -Extremism- Ed: ⚠ The thought police have arrived.
12/20 20:50:47 Why is the EU backing Navalny, but ignoring Assange- --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Russia has a point there. Wise words from my parents - TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Both Putin AND Boris should be ashamed. I like Putin a lot more than dozy "Letftard in conservative clothing" Boris, but to be fair, Putin is totally in control of what happens to Navalny. Boris is not an influencer in the Assange thing but he should be. The US command is pulling the strings but they are so corrupt, they should be denied. Putin, what is your excuse? Yes he took foreign money making him a dirty politician, but so have half the US politicians taken from China - ie: your mate Xi! Dear Mr Putin, if you want your legacy to read well, put him in house arrest.
12/14 12:36:15 Husband of Belarusian opposition figure Tikhanovskaya handed 18 years in jail --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚖ Whilst these brutes have destroyed yet another life, there is a sacred rule that keeps getting broken .. She is described as a "Western-backed opposition figure". Zelensky & his EU puppet predecessor are, Navalny was. Whilst the aim may be seen by some as pure, it is essentially Sedition. There is a huge list of people in jail who are basically pawns of the CIA, EU or Davos Cabal. France's Macron is another (ex Rothschild). One could even say Biden is, but he got away with it.
12/12 16:23:33 The US will break its assurances on Assange. Here's why --RT Op-ed Ed: 🎯 Excellent research! Also a truly evil outcome predicted - they will torture Assange.
12/12 13:47:23 Deputy Warden at DC Gulag Where Pro-Trump Prisoners Are Violently Beaten Deletes Twitter Page After She's exposed as Trump-Hater
12/12 13:39:13 Julian Assange Suffers Stroke In British Prison Ed: 🔴 This was over a month ago - only just now picked up by Amnesty. This is low torture - against political opponents - in the UK. We must register all those responsible for this and ensure they receive the full weight of the real law.
12/12 00:11:38 Russia slams British verdict on Assange extradition as 'shameful' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⭐ It comes to something when even Russia sees this affair as perverse.
12/11 15:42:54 Aim of Assange's prosecution is to 'scare others' --Rafael Correa to RT --RT World News Ed: ⚖ Demonic filthy rodent scum in the CIA / FBI etc. You will be sanctioned if wealthy conservatives can get off their butts and start CSU or similar.
12/10 19:19:27 Student in Canada- "Please Help Rescue My Mom" (from China's torturers) Falun Gong persecution - see also
12/10 17:16:26 Julian Assange's extradition battle- What you need to know --RT UK News Ed: ☠ He lost, that's all you need to know. Some dimwitted inbred hooray henry haw hawing judge decided that he should be sent to the US, because he told truth, where their corrupt ruling elite will torture him repeatedly as a warning to others.
11/19 20:35:18 Revealed- The shocking conditions at Belmarsh Prison to which Julian Assange is exposed --RT Op-ed Ed: ⭐ Russia, hardly the bastion of prison ethics, calling our UK. I read stories like this (Assange calling Samaritans near nightly and slashing his thigh or abdomen if he can't) and I wonder if I want to be identified as human anymore.
11/19 18:43:47 RT on Twitter- -Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on ALL CHARGES Rittenhouse has been acquitted by the jury of shooting Ed: 🎥 Poor kid.. just a lad. Lot of pressure.
11/19 16:41:03 Hal Turner Radio Show - FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections Ed: 🔴 THE KGB/FBI PURGE AND INTIMDATION HAS BEGUN.. And America, you have no resistance planned, no warning systems, no way of freeing her, no protection... in fact NOTHING has been done because Trust Psy-Ops keep telling you "wait".. with the latest being Trump is Devolving Power. No he's not. If you are a wealthy conservative, and you have not helped with planning, you are to blame. Everyone needs to now WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING. This is incredible.
11/19 12:49:23 'QAnon Shaman' lawyer to Trump- Take care of 'the jack----s that you f----- up' - TheHill Ed: 🤔 Note that The Hill is another notoriously biased Cabal mouthpiece, but this POV is useful. Indeed, it is one of the reasons we do not think Trump is devolving or doing anything significant - he obviously CAN'T help the so called "jackasses" because the place to start would be to study the evidence that the FBI had shills in the crowd and the police actively encouraging the so called insurrection. Indeed, we are concerned that no one is helping these political prisoners. At least Trump has occasionally voiced support for them.
11/18 15:23:35 Hal - FDA Asks Judge for FIFTY-FIVE-YEAR Extension on Revealing Pfizer COVID-19 Ingredients and Efficacy Data U;L🎯 What a disgrace. FDA is supposed to be (& promised to be) transparent, then says NO to all data requests while illegally squirting it into kids and soldiers against Constitution and Nuremberg treaty. US Gov & DoD is Totally Corrupt. Well, reassuring to hear they think there will still be people around for the next 55 years I guess. See also story at Epoch.
11/18 13:30:50 'QAnon Shaman' sentenced to 41 months for role in Jan. 6 riots Ed: ☠ A true Kangaroo Dem Partisan court designed to INTIMIDATE YOU into "behaving" as they want. This was an FBI / CIA setup and those are the people responsible for this, not protestors. Disgusting.
11/12 11:48:11 Liberal Effort to Get Rittenhouse Judge Removed Has Hilarious Twist to It --RedState
11/10 12:11:06 Jury Threatening Begins- Judge Schroeder Says Someone Tried to Doxx Jury in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial (VIDEO) Ed: 🏮 These Lefties are INSANE!
11/10 12:06:16 DC Gitmo Political Prisoners Can't Receive Communion but Farrakhan's Nation of Islam Literature Is Widely Available Ed: ⭐ Make them a promise -- When Wrongs are Righted, there will be HELL TO PAY for the jailers, the lawyers, etc. These people must be compensated Millions and it must come from those corrupt institutions. Where are the huge fundraisers lobbying, protesting and fighting the legal battles?
11/09 11:34:27 Jan 6 political prisoners denied access 🔴"Today, Congressman Louie Gohmert and myself were denied entry to visit Louie's constituent & conduct oversight at the DC jail." - It is very serious when our jails refuse to acknowledge their chain of command - "I'm extremely concerned about the treatment of J6 defendants & now ALL inmates being held there. Call the jail to demand oversight & transparency: 202.673.7316" - M Taylor Greene from
11/07 15:50:18 Opinion - She told the truth about Wuhan. Now she is near death in a Chinese prison. - The Washington Post Ed: ☠ "citizen journalist Zhang Zhan [jailed] for her revealing look at Wuhan" - now "near death". This is how Madman Xi deals with people.
10/31 11:48:47 Guantanamo prisoner Majid Khan describes years of torture at CIA black sites - World Socialist Web Site Ed: ⭐ We say it again - What a DISGRACE the CIA is. Torture is the most vulgar & evil of human crimes and the CIA is full of it! There are a lot of names named here .. I hope someone is keeping a record..
10/29 10:54:20 Assange case - Roger Waters says 'If they destroy the free press, they destroy the world,' after UK court adjourns to rule on extradition Ed: 🔎 One of the most sick injustices ever. There is a clear witch hunt from the evil CIA torturing tyranny, and their talons reach across the Atlantic.
10/28 16:35:10 Amnesty says US vows not to torture Assange 'aren't worth paper they're written on' due to Washington's dismal human rights r Ed: 🔴 What a DISGRACE The CIA is. Torture is the most vulgar human crime and the CIA is full of it - If I were in the Judiciary, I'd start dishing out death penalties to everyone involved in the command chain, all who knew, and those who practiced. Disgusting perverted demons all of them. Aside the wrongdoing, it is also bloody stupid - as it motivates our enemies, confuses our troops (who and what ARE we fighting for?) and completely undoes the moral beacon effect the US worked so hard to create. It is simply evil for evil's sake - sadism.
10/27 19:11:59 Assange 'wincing in pain' on court video link as IFJ takes full page ad in Times calling for his 'immediate release' --RT UK Ed: 🔎 IFG = International Federation of Journalists. This entire disgraceful affair has been going on too long. Once again the will of the people has not a jot of leverage. These CIA etc really need to be held to account.
10/27 10:33:21 Accused January 6 rioter, who now 'loathes' Trump and asked solitary to avoid others in jail's 'patriot wing', released home 🔎 Qt: "He was told to stay in therapy and steer clear of Fox News and MSNBC".. This is sick. This is "reprogramming"!
10/25 12:19:28 WikiLeaks Assange Ed: ‼ Subjected to Wiretaps and threats of Assassinations - speaking on build up to Assange extradition hearing.
10/25 08:35:13 Texas Man Faces Longest Sentence in Connection to Jan. 6 So Far for Sending Online Threats to Congress, 'RINOS' Ed: ⭐ Very sad .. this is why no one posts, nor should post, threats of violence. That said, morally we can understand the man's frustration. The evidence shows deliberate acts of treasonous election fraud occurred around and after Nov 3, and as the courts did not act on those then, nor did apparently the court take this into account now, then the sentence is frivolous, negligent, and further adding to the list of misdemeanors of those legal professionals involved in this theft.
10/24 18:54:06 Taxi driver freed from Guantanamo Bay after 17 years of brutal torture with no charges --RT USA News Ed: ☠ This will even be the US Military's shame (and/or CIA). Like any and every torturer across the globe, all in the command chain must be hunted down and they and their progeny scissored out of the human gene pool. Else what did our parents fight for? An evil Cabal?
10/23 22:57:50 Are we all political prisoners Kamala Harris's Video Fail - R Brand Ed: 🎯 Mr Brand on Fire again! Taking propaganda, as funny and embarrassing as it is, even more so!
10/06 09:26:40 America & 44 other countries demand answers from Moscow over 'attempted assassination' of jailed Navalny Ed: 🔺 Our understanding is that the EU funded him at some point elevating him from a simple politician to a foreign plant. That said, his treatment has been appalling and we call on Putin to clarify and improve conditions for all he has jailed - INCLUDING BIDEN'S political prisoners.
10/06 02:00:11 Tell Your Son to Stop Tweeting about Me - Scheller Insults Trump and His Family Ed: ❓ Full marks to TGP for exposing this imbecile. Conservatives raised some $2m for this reptilian moral-cannibal's defence. He has since apologized .. waking up fast? Not fast enough for us. Socialists, you can have him. Solitary Brig him as long as you like.
10/05 14:54:15 Coffee or Die Magazine Demands Marines Stop Secret Scheller Hearing Ed: 🔴 If you ever wondered if you are in a socialist head lock as a country, its when they start doing "justice in secret" AND GET AWAY WITH IT. They have been doing this in the UK too - no logic to it, no legal precedence - they just do it.
10/02 08:49:13 Court Denies Bail to Jeremy Brown Until Next Tuesday - Former Green Beret Arrested After Refused to be Plant Ed: 🔺 So now they are coercing cooperation?
09/28 18:20:20 Marine Officer Who Demanded Accountability From Military Leaders For Afghanistan Debacle Has Been Thrown in The Brig › Americ Ed: 🏮 Yet again, politics, injustice, intimidating overreactions to prevent others doing the same.
09/27 17:06:31 Florida Man Dies While Awaiting Trial on Charges Related to Jan. 6 US Capitol Breach Ed: 🔺 What happened to the man who was zip tied and beaten so badly he got brain damage? We have a bunch of evil sadistic brutes in charge and it is time they were cast out!
09/27 03:07:17 CIA was ready to wage gun battle in London streets against Russian operatives to kill or snatch Assange, bombshell report cla Ed: ❓ Pompeo always seemed a little weird to me.. Now this? Is it true? Was Pompeo behind it? If so he must go into the sin list to be tried.
09/27 02:35:04 CIA Was Ready to Start Firefight in London to Prevent Russia From Busting Out Assange, Media Claims - 26.09.2021, Sputnik Int Ed: 🏮 Disgusting
09/17 13:00:17 January 6 Political Prisoner In DC's Gitmo Witnesses Attempted Murder of Fellow Patriot By Capitol Police Ed: 🔴For daring to organize a bible reading, he(obviously a black guy) yelled "I hate ya'll white people and your honky religion" before zip tying his hands and then violently beating him nearly to death. This man is still suffering from a broken jaw, blindness, and brain damage. The jail claims he injured himself. The warden has since been fired. This is NOT America. NOT even the West. WTF? Besides is N***r if off limits, so is H**ky.
09/09 08:56:36 Motion Filed for Reduction of Proud Boys Leader's Sentence, Alleges Politically-Motivated Judge Acted Deeply Inappropriately Ed: 🔺The law has gone completely to the dark side.
09/07 09:33:14 Maria Kolesnikova, a leader of mass protests against Belarus president Lukashenko, is sentenced to 11 years in prison - T Ed: 🔺Belarus's Pres Lukashenko is pathetic along with all those who hold political prisoners.
09/03 18:46:21 MUST READ- Iowa Man Charged in Capitol "Insurrection" Is Sent Back To Jail For Watching Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Ed: 🏮This is not freedom. It is thought fascism. It is tyranny. And still vast percentages of people including conservatives do nothing and carry on like "it will be alright, someone else will fix it".... We despair - do you despair? Biden made the excuse that Afghans would not even fight for their own country. Does this same picture define the US's great unaware, or should we say the great do nothings?
08/31 08:10:12 Alexey Navalny is correct about anti-Russia sanctions- His own situation proves they've achieved nothing & are counterproduct Ed: 🔎Navalny is a POLITICAL PRISONER. Mr Putin, you MUST release him. Even if it is into house arrest. I know he took money from the EU to oppose you making him an EU plant, but then you, Mr Putin, twisted the 2 term constitution to give you 5 terms.
08/28 09:42:42 US Urges Beijing to Release The Epoch Times' Sources Detained for Supplying Information on COVID-19 Ed: 🔎🏮Xi - what a fool - says "not us" (covid origins), mocks US on CCP media for suggesting it was them, gaslights world into wondering if it really was them, then proves it was China by detaining anyone saying otherwise. Home Goal Fool!
08/15 16:18:51 John Pilger- The Stalinist trial of Julian Assange --RT Op-ed Ed: 🏮This must stop. Democracy is not winning. Essentially, this is a corrupt US CIA wanting to get Assange and torture him. This is not the will of the people. This is gov agencies our of control. He has already been incarcerated one way or another so long that his mental health is gone.
08/12 13:43:37 George Galloway- Do Britain and the US secretly want Julian Assange to commit suicide- --RT Op-ed Ed: 🤔We need a complete overhaul of the governing elite strata right across the globe.
08/12 04:11:56 'The revolution is already over'- Activist Roman Protasevich speaks to RT from custody about failed street protests in Belaru Ed: 🔎not tortured, not psychologically abused. Treated better than Assange.
08/11 15:04:44 Assange extradition- US allowed to challenge key psychiatric evidence in bid to reverse UK refusal to hand him over --RT USA Ed: ♦Under no circumstance should he be handed over to a corrupt regime. It's a disgrace that here in the UK we also have political prisoners.
08/10 17:44:22 Amnesty International calls on Biden to drop 'politically-motivated' charges against Julian Assange ahead of hearing --RT USA Ed: 🔎🎯Celebration! At last Amnesty International are doing something!
08/07 11:37:41 'It's an act of retaliation'- Jailed hacktivist denied legal calls after publishing article about US prison abuse --wife to R
08/07 04:26:54 Heartbreaking Interview with Father of Jake Lang- He Saved Trump Supporter Philip Anderson's Life on Jan. 6 from Capitol Poli
08/02 20:45:40 Assange Ed: .. video.
08/02 14:23:11 What Rudy Giuliani Just Said About Going To Jail 🔎"I am more than willing to go to jail if they want to put me in jail. And if they do, they're going to suffer the consequences in heaven" (warning: this blog author is trying to be unbiased but sounds a bit liberally brainwashed).
07/28 20:24:47 US drone whistleblower Daniel Hale sentenced to 45 months in prison --RT USA News Ed: 🏮🏮Governments should never have secrets except in extreme necessity for overwhelming security needs - and even then there must be a limit of under a decade. Any group that can forcibly take money off you and then do whatever they like without accountability is not your government, it is your enemy.
07/28 10:37:04 Tipping Point - Julie Kelly- Jan 6th Protesters Speak Out About Abuse In Detention Ed: 🔴🔴Should never be happening in ANY WESTERN COUNTY! What an utter disgrace.
07/14 11:54:06 Assange may never recover from 'torture' at Belmarsh, suicide becoming more likely the longer he stays in prison --doctor to Ed: 🔎☠
07/09 18:22:07 Assange Conviction CORRUPTION- Why This Affects YOU!!! - YouTube Ed: 🔴🔴
07/07 17:27:28 Glenn Greenwald- -Professional jealousy- keeps media -silent on Assange- - TheHill
07/07 09:53:55 US Bans Air Travel to Belarus Over Arrest of Opposition Journalist
06/30 12:55:46 Julian Assange is a 'journalist of distinction' & has to be set free, Jeremy Corbyn tells RT outside UK's Belmarsh Prison --R
06/29 03:10:32 405 Ukrainians being held in concentration camps of Russia - 405 Ukrainians held in concentration camps of Russia and in occu
06/29 02:51:39 Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment - Stundin
06/22 00:34:24 Julian Assange's family speak out on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' - YouTube
06/19 08:44:05 In First, US Hits Jan. 6 Defendant With Little-Used Firearms Charge
06/10 13:52:00 Belarus plane- Sofia Sapega 'not giving in' after arrest - BBC News
06/08 02:41:41 Dramatic Arrest of Journalist by Belarus Highlights Us Targeting of Snowden in 2013 - The Good Men Project
06/04 08:40:29 Protasevich's -interview- - -Confession- and -respect- for Lukashenko --UNIAN
05/25 14:13:09 100 days in prison in Belarus- MP calls for Andrei Aliaksandrau's release - Index on Censorship Index on Censorship
05/25 14:13:03 Hijack, arrest, torture- Belarusian journalists under attack - Index on Censorship Index on Censorship
05/08 19:35:18 Video of BCC News & Azerbaijan President discussing Assange goes VIRAL - YouTube
05/08 19:34:45 Yared Yigezu on Twitter- -Pelegeesi (@UgRwah) Tweeted- The BBC hadn't prepared for this moment and it was beautiful. https---
05/05 09:40:25 Ukraine Claims -War in Europe-; Assange Languishes in Prison as World Celebrates Press Freedom Day - Sputnik International
03/03 13:53:33 Alexei Navalny- 'Psychological torture and self-isolation' inside Putin critic's Russian prison - World News - Sky News
03/03 13:45:21 Alexei Navalny- Russia's vociferous Putin critic - BBC News
03/03 13:43:33 Life in Russia's 'harshest' jail- The prison colony that Alexei Navalny now calls home - The Independent
01/18 12:49:18 Alexei Navalny- EU and US demand release of poisoned Putin critic - BBC News
01/04 18:30:21 UK judge blocks US request for Julian Assange to be extradited to the US for trial - Twitter
12/29 17:27:23 Only we can lock up journalists and get away with it, UK embassy warns China --RT Op-ed
12/29 11:59:21 Saudi women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul is sentenced to nearly six years in jail - Twitter
12/26 10:01:40 Russian 'Wedding Photobomb' Couple Jailed for Treason --Reports - The Moscow Times
12/18 13:05:48 Project Veritas Video- Julian Assange Tried to Warn Clinton State Department of Unredacted Leaks
12/03 15:21:17 Legal Gavel & Open Law Book (27905720280) Hong Kong Court Denies Bail for Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai, Who Will Be Detained Until Next April
11/28 16:45:22 Chelsea Manning - Wikipedia
11/28 16:41:21 Edward Snowden - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent
11/28 16:40:06 Julian Assange's girlfriend asks Donald Trump to pardon the WIkiLeaks founder - Daily Mail Online
11/24 10:09:38 Kylie Moore-Gilbert- British-Australian academic moved to notorious Iran desert prison - UK news - The Guardian
06/13 18:26:55 2019 British Home Secretary signs extradition order to send Julian Assange to US --RT World News