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Climate and Environment..

  1. Climate and Environment..
    1. La Palma Volcano, The Canaries Islands
      1. Overview:
      2. Live La Palma Seismic Graphs
        1. Links to Live Deformation Dispersion Data etc
    2. Quake Chat Moderators, like Dorsey / Zuck, on a power trip..
    3. News Tiles
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  1. The madness of Science
    1. CO2
      1. Dimming the Sun
      2. Sequestering CO2
    2. Planet Friendly CO2 remedies
      1. A friend posted this article in Sept 2019
    3. La Palma Volcano Ctd..
      1. Advisory: What to do in case of a Tsunami Announcement?
      2. La Palma History Brief
      3. La Palma Images
        1. Copy of 133/ Sep 19th 2021 - And so La Palma erupts.
      4. Recordings
        1. Just Before the Eruption..
          1. Our prediction (written hours before it blew on Sep 19th)
        2. Eruption stops the Quake Swarm
        3. 18th Oct 2021
        4. Irregular Quakes Oct 12 to 18th 2021
        5. Up to Nov 8th 2021
        6. Up to Dec 16th 2021, count of all quakes over 3, showing M5's
      5. Geology of La Palma
        1. Inner Volcanic forces
        2. Side Projection La Palma

La Palma Volcano, The Canaries Islands

The potential..
La Palma Volcano (9/28) Mega "Tsunami Scenario"
This could be the event that changes everything

➖An even more dramatized version (one of many) here - Tsunami visualization - YouTube

We doubt it will calve (like a glacier) but there is some thought that it could - this is a scholarly, peer reviewed, well researched and cited article...
(PDF) Far-Field Tsunami Impact in the North Atlantic Basin from La Palma -- scroll down for the PDF in it's original format (not the messy summary on the first page).

09/25 19:37:19  Lava spews from volcano on Spain's La Palma island as thousands flee 2021-09-25 20-31-15.mp4 U;L🔺 right now - look at that sucker go! the violence of that!



A very brief summary is that La Palma in the Canaries is perched on something akin to an underwater vertical plinth and it is already cracking and sliding. If it calves (like a glacier), a vast chunk of earth the size of Manhattan will plummet near vertically into the sea in a 4km drop to the ocean floor creating a high risk of a Mega Tsunami affecting every shore along the Atlantic, potentially being the largest natural disaster in history. See also Wikipedia.

Use your browser zoom to see more detail (or right click and view in new tab)..

We followed the "quake swarms" and saw the eruption coming. We now turn our focus onto "why were you not warned?". This potential catastrophe has been documented in many studies (including by the BBC - click HERE) as you would expect of a potential catastrophe killing many millions of Americans and many more Africans and Europeans. And yet it would not just stop there. It would reshape the economic balance between East and West and may even encourage the West's foes to take an opportunistic first strike "to seal our fate". Such an event is worthy of great focus from our officials, but none was made - indeed, Spanish officials even played it down and at one stage saying "There is no danger to the local population"(REF).

Live La Palma Seismic Graphs

This is a 24 hr active graph showing current Seismic Swarm.

This is a 7 day active graph for context showing the Seismic Swarm.

This is an 8 day active graph showing size & depth.

This is a 30 day graph from which Trends are visible

(The largest there @ 10/23 was M4.8 just after an M4.5 on 10/19 - 1 day before a full moon)
...The above are all obtained from (linked from) Earthquakes Today: latest earthquakes near La Palma volcano during the past 24 hours on Saturday, October 23, 2021 - list, stats and interactive map / VolcanoDiscovery - (sometimes after a refresh one or two of these are not linked but remain being updated live). Refresh this page (no more than every 5 mins please)

Links to Live Deformation Dispersion Data etc

Quake Chat Moderators, like Dorsey / Zuck, on a power trip..

As with Political Earthquakes (Election fraud), why are the authorities so keen to play down these things? Stopping us from discussing them is a kind of mind control hobby for some. In the case of "Quake Moderators" (not all by any means), it is likely to be only official policy from the local livestream hosts (Canaria TV mostly - ie: nor a government mandated policy) and this in turn simply indicates that the practice of suppression has become habitual and instinctive for some...

"There is no danger"

...3 days later, she blew. 1000's have since been evacuated.
Fortunately, in that instance of misinformation, no one was killed.

How to get shadow banned (itself a very sleazy and nasty way to treat people) and, for no good reason, prevent people discussing information that could save their lives...

L Guaire (me)Why was @richard belho msg deleted?
(mod) Please don't post preliminary earthquake numbers
L Guaire@Isen , "don't post prelim quake numbers"???? seriously? Shall we talk only about the weather? You are suppressing talk about genuine concerns backed by scholarly articles. Blood on your hands if you're wrong.
L Guaire@lsen - so what? I want to hear them

....YT said I was timed outt
(mod)@L Guaire Small earthquakes are a normal consequence of an ongoing eruption. They just indicate lava is rising from the mantle to the crust.
Dirk Landuyt[message deleted] (me: an in-passing example of heavy handed Mods - about every 5th message gets deleted and from experience we know most are totally innocuous)
L Guaire(me)@lsen - Thanks for my timeout, it gave me time to look up this... read it and check the wisdom of what you do. www•researchgate•net/publication/282544564 .. your suppression is endangering lives.
L Guaire(me)@lsen - There are not 1000s here to enjoy pretty lights. We've heard of the albeit tiny percentage of harm the unique geology of LP has. People have a right to discuss it. Please respond.
..There was no response because when I went to another browser with different cookies, I could see my comments simply did not exist. I had been shadow banned.

During this discourse, I was deliberately playing into that outcome (ghosting / shadow banned). I wanted to see how deep their bigotry and arrogance was. By the Way - not all Mod's are like this - this live feed is currently the best and the Mods even welcome free debate (and even posted my link below)!

For the record, the referenced article as above (and HERE) is indeed and in fact a scholarly, researched, peer reviewed scientific paper which discussed the possibility La Palma is headed for a cataclysmic event. They are not only suppressing it, they are even suppressing those scientists who "dared" to publish preliminary quake findings.

Just a quick reminder to those landing here without background, La Palma is a uniquely steep sided 6km high volcano (4km of which is underwater) and is at risk of calving like a glacier causing a mega tsunami. The vulnerable flank, the size of Manhattan, slid 13 feet during a 1940's eruption. This could easily be the worst natural disaster in recorded history - but, in the minds of certain fools who control chat feeds, we are not allowed to even talk about it! Above, we concentrated on the fact we can not even mention an earthquake (which scientists have already advised), but the bigger censorship is that these moderators are deleting and banning anyone who dares mention Yellowstone or Tsunamis.

I call such people as moderator "lsen" socialist enablers - people with sufficiently low IQ that they are like the Nazi Youth Party members .. on some kind of power-binge auto-pilot laying down edicts that they have not even begun to analyze, let alone understand for themselves.

By preventing people from even discussing the referenced article outlining the dangers the unique geology of La Palma might present, they are potentially consigning millions to a watery grave - potentially millions of whom could be Americans. This is like demanding you say nothing when you see your airplane's wing is on fire. Why? because these zealots have been told all free-thinkers are dangerous and, without stopping to give that edict a second thought, they went gleefully straight to the taser button they were given by their shadowy peers and, in the unquestioning certainty they are morally superior, started pressing the button at random.

The point is that even while we are under the spell of a Machiavellian plot by wickedly ingenious puppeteers, the real criminals are the multitude of unquestioning vacuous enablers who race to be a "someone" in someone else's show, with complete negligent absence of forethought to the dangers to themselves and society at large. A great example is Ruby Freeman (ref Here & Here) who bragged about her family committing fraud to prevent Trump winning on Nov 3rd (obviously believing the propaganda that Trump was sinister and that somehow over half the USA was under his spell).

When you consider how a malevolent coup rendered the US election a laughing stock in 2020, thanks to these enablers everywhere, scanning another ballot, erecting blinds in front of poll watchers, stopping you from talking about it, moderating your thoughts even on a chat, you can see that these enablers are committing treason against the human race through their wholesale intellectual negligence. They must be brought to justice and the penalties must be harsh enough to match the crime - to help future socialist morons understand how dangerously thick their actions are.

News Tiles

See after tiles for more comment.

02/13 21:11:42 Amazon deforestation- Record high destruction of trees in January - BBC News Ed: ☘ And what is being done about it? NOTHING. This story has 2 angles.

First it shows how truly thick liberal eyed loons are "Brazil's vast rainforest absorbs huge amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, acting as what's known as a carbon sink. But the more trees cut down, the less the forest can soak up emissions". That's wrong BBC. It does not "absorb" anything "net" because it releases CO2 at the same rate it absorbs it. However, that is an aside.

Second, the real issue is the loss of bio diversity and the fact they are creating deserts. It interrupts weather patterns and the natural cycle of evaporation and precipitation.

Its existence is of international importance, and Brazil has a duty to look after it, or turn the land over to an international consortium who will. Indeed, if the conflict in Ukraine turns into a nuclear war, the fallout will not be as bad as erasing the Amazon (unless they trash the nuclear power plants). On that basis, Brazil should be militarily FORCED to stop vandalizing it.
01/24 10:16:33 Snow Covers Sahara Desert During Rarest Low Temperature
01/15 16:48:06 'Astonishing' volcanic eruption seen from space triggers US tsunami warning (VIDEOS) --RT World News 🔺 How much CO2 did this just release? Answer, maybe as much as years worth of human made CO2 world wide totally dwarfing anything the Woke could handle. Their solution: We can always tax people more so they have to work harder and generate more CO2..
01/15 15:58:43 Tsunami hits Tonga after giant volcano eruption - BBC News U;L👇 Also caused alarm all around the pacific. See also Hal - Tonga Volcano Triggers Pacific-Wide TSUNAMI - ALERTS ISSUED FOR CALIFORNIA, etc. See in below article for vide. Watch the Waters!
01/10 13:33:14 Tesla owner uses Model 3 to mine for crypto --RT Business News Ed: 🤔 The wider story here is that you can drive up to a charger and get cheap subsidized power for use anywhere on anything. This will eventually lead to a black-market which will cause e-car power prices to rise.
01/06 15:05:08 European air carrier makes thousands of 'ghost' flights --RT Business News Ed: ⚡ This is a COMPLETE SCANDLE. These people should be flogged. What an extraordinary waste of fuel and money, unnec' impact on the environment - a colossal bureaucratic farce of the sort only the EU could organize.
12/31 12:47:56 La Palma volcano update- eruptive episode ended after almost three months - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🍷🔺 That's official folks! As 2021 ends, we would like to say goodbye to La Palma. It is still there and the fools who stifled alarmism about its potential have feasted on their confirmation bias, oblivious to the millions of lives they risked over bigotry. We could equally say "Cars never crash" - so why don't we just never wear safety belts too? If there is one thing 2021 has done, it has made those who will listen fully awake.
12/14 02:51:54 La Palma volcano eruption update- eruption intensifies intermittently - VolcanoDiscovery U;L🍷 "After yesterday's large explosion at noon, the eruption gained in intensity, both explosive and effusive" .. As we approach the next full moon on Sat night (10pm ET, Sun 3AM UTC), we can expect some dying gasps esp' on Friday and Saturday. Generally waning activity has been noted since the new moon, and if it survives this 18th full moon, we shall bid La Palma a Merry Xmas and wish it well. Live feed Here.
12/04 17:38:32 La Palma volcano update- New lava flow - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 More land and houses lost. The land rose 3.2 inches in one day under the pressure of the emerging lava, then fell back 3 inches last night.
12/02 23:22:56 Patriotschat Ed: ❓ Covid Tyranny Southpark Variant .. is it possible the message is going mainstream?
12/02 14:46:10 La Palma volcano update- Tall lava fountains - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 Will the wheels fall off the bus as we approach the new moon on Fri night? Well, they've already started violently wobbling... new vent, quake clusters, .. we shall wait and see!
12/01 01:51:31 La Palma volcano update- Activity remains intense - VolcanoDiscovery U;L🔺Shallow swarming with relatively high seismic bursts and explosive eruptive exhausting.. (just as we thought it was getting quiet). RSAM (internal audible pressure indicator) irregular and high-ish. A New Moon on Friday night will be at one of it's closest elliptical arcs.. Due to its impact on tides, it is likely to be climactic just before the new moon peak. Background - Yellings - Climate. Live stream HERE.
11/29 20:59:47 La Palma volcano update- - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🏮 I'm still here!! Just when you thought it was safe to watch the surf, LP gave us a double whammy this morning of M4.8 and M5 just to let us know she was still bubbling. And a fat New Moon coming on Friday night may yet see more theatrics.
11/21 18:05:54 LP_lava_flows.mp4 Ed: 🔺 La Palma - A very brief show of fast moving lava with a rock the size of a bus being down (mid/left fast shute). Still quieter, but still too many M4+ quakes suggesting yet More lava coming.
11/21 11:40:24 Brazil deforestation- Number of trees cut down in Amazon reaches highest level since 2006 - World News - Sky News Ed: 🔴 If the left are serious about our future and biodiversity, and if Biden wants war, he should flatten Brazil. See today's analysis #168/.
11/20 19:59:14 La Palma volcano eruption update- lava flows cover new land, change of wind forces airport to close - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 Calming down as we knew it would after the full moon, but still getting larger M4+ quakes deep down.
11/16 22:54:15 La Palma volcano eruption update- activity intensifies again - VolcanoDiscovery
11/16 10:45:43 La Palma volcano eruption update- explosive and effusive activity continue at stable levels - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 Quake levels lowering - far fewer small quakes, bigger quakes about the same periodic occurrences.
11/11 14:47:42 La Palma volcano update- Magnitude 5 quake shakes island early in the morning - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 (equal to the largest earthquakes thus far). Otherwise low quake activity.
11/10 10:53:12 La Palma volcano update- incredible video of glowing lava falls overflowing cliff - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 This in itself is quite a view, but also shows an increasing lava rate and coincides with an uptick in Quake Swarm activity since midnight GMT.
11/09 22:30:01 La Palma volcano update- Lava flows reach coast again, enters ocean at Playa Los Guirres - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 Just bubbling along..
11/08 10:11:47 La Palma volcano update- Activity continues to slow down - VolcanoDiscovery 🔺 We've had this before only for it to awaken again. Eg: Two deep 4.6's yesterday. Nov 19, 1000GMT sees the next full moon. This vent, like tides, is susceptible to the full moons, so if it survives that without incident, we will stop following it.
11/05 18:11:18 La_Palma_Volcano_Doom.mp4 Ed: 🔺 MUST WATCH? Seeing as La Palma has calmed down a lot (it always does this before a bigger eruption), time for a humorous interlude... (Incidentally, it has been discussed here and elsewhere that La Palma could be weaponized to destroy US and European economies.. just a single underwater strike in those vertical flanks would do it!).
11/03 11:32:46 La Palma volcano update- Strongest-so-far quake at magnitude 5.1 at only 26 km depth under island - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 Since downgraded to 5 and lowered to the usual magma chamber at around 35km - but clearly this Island is not finished yet.
11/02 17:49:33 La Palma volcano update- Southern lava flow threatens to cut off El Remo and Puerto de Naos - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 News is a bit slow today as is news of La Palma. Quiet for now but expected to kick off again.
11/01 09:28:29 La Palma Quake Time Lapse Ed: 🔎 Just out of interest
11/01 09:17:54 La Palma volcano update- Intense ash emissions continue, bad air quality in the Ariadne Valley - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺"Not much has changed"
10/31 18:40:25 La Palma volcano update- Magnitude 5.0 quake hits the island - VolcanoDiscovery U;L🔺 There is still discrepancy between data vendors, but is sticking with 5 after 50 mins and has so far been the most accurate. Makes it equal biggest. Remember this kind of quake is very large as it is volcanic - neither tectonic nor collapse.
10/31 10:18:44 La Palma volcano eruption update- intense ash emissions, no end in sight despite decrease of quakes - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 No quakes over 3.9 for 24hrs - This looks like a fade out.. but the last time we said that, it suddenly got much worse.
10/30 13:55:12 La Palma volcano update- First quake above magnitude 5 while lava activity is strong - VolcanoDiscovery 🔺 Seismicity still increasing in a gentle but undeniably exponential way (ie: the increase is increasing).
10/30 01:26:28 CNN demands killing healthy trees to save the planet; Evergrande collapse risks global financial chaos Ed: 🏮 And yet BURYING trees WOULD WORK! Mike Adams is a complete fcuking idiot. Albeit impractical, and albeit CNN is indeed twisted MSM mouthpiece, this is logically accurate, and if done properly, would indeed lock away carbon (think about it - we extract oil from the ground, oil is simply refined carbon - this would simply reverse the process.. putting the oil / carbon Back In The Ground). Fantastically, Adams, a trained chemist allegedly, has just displayed a total lack of comprehension of photosynthesis and logic. This fcukwit should be locked up for his own protection.
10/28 11:00:55 Forests have become net carbon emitters, researchers say, blaming human activity and climate change in UNESCO sites study --R Ed: ❓ Who else feels like screaming at the naked dumbness of these dense science retards? By the law of physics, a forest is carbon neutral. If it shrinks, there is less foliage so some has died and returned to CO2. If it expands, then the extra foliage can only COME FROM CO2. If it does neither, it is CO2 neutral - it has trapped CO2 in the past but is not longer doing so. If you want less CO2, expand forests. Comprehend scientists? FFS!
10/27 15:59:06 10-27;1521GMT 🔺The moment a 5.2-magnitude earthquake strikes La Palma - as the seismic activity on the Spanish island increases in strength (continues a consistent and predictable exponential growth in activity). Ps: was since downgraded to M4.8 - the shaking visible is camera shake, not the ground bouncing up and down. This is a concern now and we are upgrading the chance of this creating a significant tsunami to 10%.
10/27 10:49:37 'Chasing net zero to halt 'climate change' is an expensive folly..and COP26 is little more than a photo op for the elite' --R Ed: 👇 Just a reminder that morons have taken over. If we use clean fuel, we only produce CO2 which can be fully offset by reforesting. But that isn't profitable and fun.. they'd rather strip mine minerals to make these contraptions and send us all bankrupt,
10/25 17:50:17 Malta to run a tsunami drill next month Ed: 🔺 They're not saying this is specifically linked to La Palma, but the people there are aware of it.
10/25 08:09:17 La Palma volcano update- Quakes at La Palma are NOT artificial! - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 😀 They're calling out Hal's misinterpretation - same as we did under #160/!
10/24 19:29:30 Yellings_Com Ed: 🔺 volcanic lightning, La Palma
10/24 17:35:02 La Palma volcano update- eruption intensifies, new lava flow to the south - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 In other news, we've heard through word of mouth that Malta are setting up procedures to deal with a potential Tsunami. Time for US bureaucrats to wake up?
10/24 15:02:07 La Palma volcano eruption update- intense ash emissions, strong quakes, but lava flows slowed - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 gradual increased seismicity continues to be Constantly and Undeniably Exponential! We are in for a rough ride.
10/24 00:06:37 Fact Check-Eruption in Canary Islands does not currently pose a tsunami risk for the U.S., experts say - Reuters Ed: 🤔 Who are these experts? Why do they lie in the face of scholarly articles, reputable documentaries (BBC included citing Cambridge professors)? There is albeit a small percentage chance of tsunami, of a level of risk that would be unacceptable to an airplane pilot, and yet a risk they are prepared to filter out of public knowledge even thought many lives could be at risk?
10/23 11:24:52 Hal Turner Radio Show - BULLETIN- EVIDENCE THAT LAPALMA ERUPTION & EARTHQUAKES ARE ARTIFICIAL ATTACK! Ed: U;L La Palma Volcano shows Exponential Rise in Quakes over 1 month. See our analysis 160 (home page). So LaPa is a big threat, but we debunked Hal's reasoning on this occasion - see same in our analysis.
10/22 21:54:04 Hal - Word from LaPalma- Steam on other side Ed: 🏮 Your daily dose of dire from the Master Of Apocalypse. RUN FOR THE HILLS!
10/22 08:59:36 La Palma volcano- Drone video shows new vent spurting hot ash as rivers of lava continue Ed: 🔎 Great video (short). There have been more shallow quakes and less deep quakes today.
10/22 00:12:46 Hal - CANARY GOVERNMENT WARNS TO PREP FOR 6+ QUAKE AND MASSIVE LANDSLIDE Ed: 💥 These are concerns we too have learned from various chat sources and geologists, but .. Watch the Waters!
10/20 11:56:39 La Palma volcano update- M4.8 & Why activity is different at different vents - VolcanoDiscovery U;L🔺Massive M4.8 quake for this fragile island - biggest so far. Shallow M3.8 just now. Full moon may bring more fireworks today.
10/19 20:36:06 Live La Palma Volcano (Multiview) 🔺 As the chat is heavily moderated by lib fascists that don't think you have a right to free speech or even knowledge, this is the most daring comment we could add.. "For the worriers, here is reason to worry less. This is a scholarly article, researched, cited and peer reviewed, that discusses the dangers (if any)." - "worry less" was sarcasm.
10/19 11:17:04 La Palma volcano eruption update- continuing ash emissions to 4000 m altitude causing increasing problems - VolcanoDiscovery U;L☘ Stable today. Quakes & pressure declined a little. Source 1, Source 2
10/18 16:05:50 La Palma Far-Field Tsunami Impact in Atlantic from Flank Collapses of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano Ed: 🔺 This is a scholarly article, researched, cited and peer reviewed (as seen by corrected wave height assessment), that forcefully asserts the dangers to millions in the US, Africa and Europe. It should be an embarrassment to the scientists saying there is no risk at all and the woke fool moderators preventing discussion on it on Youtube. Of course the risk is small - about the same as checking your smartphone while driving. Science has yet again defiled itself through woke bigotry.
10/17 19:44:46 WOW! Just Spectacular - just a few minutes ago! Today's overall trend - quieter. (Ref La Palma - see last posts)
10/17 15:05:25 LIVE- La Palma Volcano Eruption, the Canary Islands (Feed #2) 1012 - YouTube Ed: Still pulsing explosions and plenty of lava, but definitely quieter than the last few days (which saw the largest yet M4.6 quake and 2 fairly shallow M4 quakes).
10/17 04:43:25 The Future Tsunami That Could Destroy the US East Coast - YouTube Ed: 🔺 This is a significantly higher possibility than you dying on your next airline journey - Yet are you even getting a safety briefing?
10/16 22:18:05 Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 4-20 PM SEE BOTTOM- DANGER SIGNAL- SMALL LANDSLIDES BEGIN ON LA PALMA Ed: Maybe small, but the signs are not going well for those who wish to play down the dangers..
10/16 20:48:01 Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide2 - YouTube
10/16 16:57:44 La Palma volcano eruption update- eruption continues at high intensity, threatening La Laguna and airport operations - Volcan Ed: 🔺 Quieter now but was brutal earlier.
10/16 15:11:39 Lava LOUNGE- Vintage Footage of 1971 Teneguia Eruption on La Palma - YouTube Ed: Note that this is the other larger volcano on La Palma. That north end of the island is less fragile (less steep underwater flanks).
10/16 13:25:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - LaPalma Volcano; Big -Puff- Now Much Quieter. People Wondering if -Clogged- Ed: 🔺 Which is the fear now - that with the increasing quakes, it is storing pressure. However, it is venting, but just quietly.
10/16 13:23:40 La Palma volcano update- Eruption now dominantly effusive - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 Quakes gradually getting bigger - M4.6 broke it's own record again, but more worryingly 2 x M4's at a much shallower 13km.
10/15 14:54:51 La Palma volcano update- Earthquakes continue to increase - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 largest-so-far quake at M4.5. It was very deep (reduces its severity) but as we always say, that's a fragile island.
10/14 23:21:45 La Palma Mega - YouTube
10/14 23:21:23 Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide - YouTube
10/14 15:22:14 La Palma volcano eruption update- worrying developments as quakes and ground inflation pick up - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔴 Another cone collapse. At one point, there were explosions followed by a vastly wider constant pluming of lava. The ground at the cone is "rising" (they don't say how much, but if past inflations are to go by, probably 10 to 20cm) which they say suggests a worsening eruption.
10/13 15:13:26 La Palma volcano eruption update- strongest-so-far quake hits at magnitude 4.4 - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🏮 As you will have heard us say before, that is a big quake for a fragile island that risks a Mega Tsunami.
10/12 18:54:40 La Palma volcano update- Eruption shows no signs of weakening - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🏮 Quieter today, especially after noon. This happened the last time there was a major earthquake in Crete - and yesterday quake in Crete seems to be having the same effect, so there is clearly some kind of magma link, albeit the sites are apparently on different shelves.
10/12 13:54:37 Day 21- North Flank Collapse of the La Palma Volcano - YouTube Ed: 🔎 2 days ago - just a really good video - massive rocks etc.
10/12 13:05:47 RT Ed: We can find no coverage of this except RT's "telegram only" post. Seems to us this could have an impact that should not be ignored.
10/12 02:40:47 Brrr... Last Six Months for Antarctica Coldest on Record - Hey Dopey @AOC Ed: 🎯 Did anyone notice? Climate Liars Exposed!
10/12 01:57:19 La Palma volcano update- Earthquake activity and volcanic tremor remain intense - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺 It has since calmed down a little, despite a major shallower M4.1 just now, so this "harbinger of doom" official report remains as a neither fearmongering nor an evasive warning .. that this thing IS A THREAT!
10/11 11:26:08 La Palma volcano eruption update- high lava effusion rates, new lava arm at the sea, speculation about seismic activity - Vol Ed: 🔺 Qt "Seismic activity shows worrying signs According to a post of a geoscience page VolcanesyScienciaHoy on facebook based in Tenerife" -- They err on the side of understatement. The high energy quake swarms at 10km could herald a violent magma and gassing that has potential to rip & blow the island apart -- it is currently following the same pattern as Krakatoa .. eruptions increasing .. and if it continues as did Krakatoa? Frankly, the dire predictions by the BBC and others on Youtube of a Mega Tsunami may be modest. (Krakatoa is much smaller and has less steep foundations). See for background.
10/11 11:03:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Side Blown Out of LaPalma Volcano Ed: (just another collapse of the new cone - but most spectacular so far - see Hal's video).
10/10 10:42:30 The northern flank of the La Palma volcano collapses Ed: ‼ (cone collapse) 7pm local time yesterday(Oct 9). Massive gush, spectacular video
10/09 21:08:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - FLASH- ISLAND OF LA PALMA - ENTIRE NORTH QUARTER LIFTED 10CM --TODAY-- Ed: Where does Hal get his info from?
10/09 11:40:41 La Palma volcano eruption update- intense ash emissions and continued lava effusion - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: intense quake swarm this morning calmed down 1140GMT - an hour ago.
10/08 13:10:04 La Palma volcano update- Eruption increases, explosions becoming stronger - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺‼ Text commentary is here ... (this video is from that link, but they have a fault in their code)
10/07 10:56:52 The world has 1,500 active volcanoes and 23 of them have erupted in the last two weeks - Spain's News 🔺 Odd that normally we have 70 eruptions a year and when La Palma blew, we had 23 of them in just 2 weeks. NB: Article is 2 weeks old.
10/05 16:45:05 La Palma volcano eruption already biggest on the island in more than 100 years - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔎 That's an understatement - their own figures on lava volume tell us it is far bigger than both eruptions combined!(in the last century). Update - from the web camas we can see things are a little quieter, and the quake swarm is slowing (but there was a M3.6 earlier and a M3.5 just now... large for a fragile island.
10/05 10:50:20 La Palma volcano update- La Palma volcano update- new digital model of active cone - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔎 News is no-change, but remains "UNSTABLE" with Quake Swarms and powerful pulsating ejections. To quote Hal Turner, there will be "no warning" if this thing breaks up and causes a mega-tsunami, of which we rate to be about 5% likely, but that said, it is unlikely to be deadly over the atlantic (but it COULD be).
10/04 14:26:50 La Palma volcano eruption update- voluminous lava flows invade the cone's flanks as crater area partially collapses - Volcano 🔺Qt: "pulsating, very tall lava fountains reaching approx. 500-600".
10/04 02:15:07 Hal Turner Radio Show - West Side of La Palma Volcano Cone HAS COLLAPSED Ed: 🔺 In itself, no biggy - but certainly indicative of a very active volcano.
10/03 12:50:02 La Palma volcano eruption update- eruption continues with vigorous lava fountaining and voluminous lava flows - VolcanoDiscov Ed: U;L🏮 We've done a major new analysis on this... see
10/02 12:01:41 La Palma volcano update- Eruption continues without significant changes - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔎 This report may have been before the Quake Swarm resumption we are seeing now. That certainly indicates high pressure and new magma.
10/01 18:30:59 View of the alignment mouths of emission (1-10-21) Eruption La Palma IGME-CSIC - YouTube
10/01 12:31:09 La Palma volcano eruption update- new cracks open at cone generating new lava flows - VolcanoDiscovery 🔴 Qt: "The cone complex above the original eruptive fissure is showing signs of becoming more and more unstable, as several new effusive vents have been opening up during the past 12 hours or so". This answers our earlier post wondering why the entire cone is smoking.
10/01 10:23:42 La Palma Pyramid(Cone) starts smoking.mp4 Ed: 🤔 Any volcanologist like to tell us why this new volcanic cone has started surface smoking? It's as if it's heated up...
10/01 10:10:21 CENTER OF THE EARTH - 3D - YouTube Ed: 🔎even though in Spanish, this is a great graphic.
10/01 09:55:07 Major magnitude 8.2 quake hits south of Alaska, triggering tsunami warning - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔎 it seems nothing came of this, but it is interesting to note that such a Tsunami is not rare. That said, the world has not seen a Mega Tsunami, as La Palma has the potential for, in recorded history.
09/29 21:59:01 La Palma still going strong.mp4 Ed: 🏮 That may look like 1 jet but it is 2! The main one is above the ball of fire which is a separate vent excreting all the lava going out to sea. The main jet is 3x higher - approx 300m. Buy that boat!
09/29 17:54:22 Hal Turner Radio Show - Lava Reaches the Sea at La Palma; Thick Black -LAZE- of Toxic Gas in the air Ed: 🔴 ignore the trivia, take note of the updates.
09/29 15:03:13 La Palma Pyramid.mp4 Ed: 🔎As the clouds clear, the sun outlines La Palma's new Pyramid -- the new crater cone at the eruption site. Update -- still rigorously gushing, throwing up rocks and lava, but fewer explosions and a little less violent than this morning.
09/29 09:01:35 La_Palma_Volcano_Erupting_violetly_today_SparkVideo.mp4 Ed: 🏮 Main jet partly obscured by ash pluming up to 200 / 300m, smaller but more spectacular vent in foreground about 100m. Lava has reached sea - see earlier post
09/29 08:22:03 La Palma volcano, Canary Islands- lava flows enter Atlantic ocean - VolcanoDiscovery U;L🏮 Violently erupting right now.. See HERE.
09/28 19:02:41 Volcano could be feeding off another lava reservoir Ed: 🏮 This article comes after 3x M3.3+ quakes at over 10km. In Spanish, so use your browser translation. The way we interpret this meandering article is that they "ain't got a f'ing clue" except it seems like there is more going on down there than normal.
09/28 16:16:57 La Palma volcano eruption update- eruption resumes with vigorous lava fountaining and fast-flowing lava flow - VolcanoDiscove 💥Qt: "activity gradually increased, and several vents aligned E-W cutting the main cone's crater became active, ejecting jets of gas mixed with ash and some lava spatter"
09/27 18:25:01 LIVE_ La Palma.mp4 Ed: 🔴 After a quiet patch, this Baby Behemoth has gone back to it's Bitumen Belching, Bladder Bursting, Ballistic behavior..
09/27 18:07:54 La Palma volcano update- Intermittent ash emissions - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🏮 Actually it has gone through several phases today - dormant for 2 hrs at one point, but now gone back to explosive lava bursts.
09/27 18:05:51 La Palma, Canary Islands- eruption and seismic crisis Sep 2021 - news and activity updates - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔎A good source if you want to get news direct
09/27 15:55:28 Hand of God reaches out from a volcano...mp4 Ed: 🔎Starts in 3s 😀
09/27 01:30:17 La Palma .. Quiet - no - BANG.mp4 Ed: ⚡ This baby is not going down without a fight!
09/26 18:55:45 Hal Turner Radio Show - Small Landslides Beginning on LaPalma Ed: 🔴It will alright if they stay this small... Also reports of roads cracking.
09/26 10:29:55 Canary Islands Volcano Entering -Explosive Phase- - Flights Suspended (VIDEO) Ed: 🔴Quote "There are concerns if this volcano really blows, the entire [US] Eastern seaboard is at risk." - TGP
09/25 19:37:19 Live Lava spews from volcano on Spain's La Palma island as thousands flee 2021-09-25 20-31-15.mp4 U;L🔺 right now - look at that sucker go! the violence of that! Live stream HERE.
09/25 18:32:20 Hal - Heat Sources Detected off LaPalma Coast; Thousands Flee Ed: 🏮 An underwater vent has opened causing the off coast heat source. This would likely coincide with the several earlier quakes, this time deeper at ~4km (that's still shallow by earthquake standards).
09/25 12:25:38 Spain's La Palma island volcano last night 2021-09-25 03-34-57.mp4 Ed: 🔎beautiful fireworks display
09/25 12:23:32 Spain's La Palma island Today volcano main vent 2021-09-25 12-49-33.mp4 Ed: 🔴Still vigorous!
09/25 12:21:22 Spain's La Palma island - overview today 2021-09-25 12-44-32.mp4 Ed: 🏮See small new vent halfway down flank.
09/24 18:36:50 New Vent gushing on La Palma Ed: 🔎 This is the new vent we showed being "given birth" today in an earlier post. Note a second small new vent to the right.
09/24 18:33:58 Cathedral sized Rocks thrown by Volcano on La Palma.mp4 Ed: 🔺(see video of this explosion, last post) - for size, see small houses well in front!
09/24 18:25:33 La Palma big bang 💥💥look at this baby go! Watch for the flash (shockwave) in 2s followed by all the material thrown out of the main vent behind the new vent(see prev post). This was about 5 mins ago. Each of those blobs is about the size of a small hotel. Ps: We've just lost the live feed.. now switched to a different cam.
09/24 18:10:13 The moment a new vent fissure explodes into life on La Palma (see last 2 posts for context) - just moments ago! Ed: 💥🔎💥about an hour or 2 ago
09/24 15:57:36 Spectacular Moment NEW volcano vent is born on Spain's La Palma Ed: 🔴🔴watch the cursor
09/24 15:48:53 Lava spews from volcano on Spain's La Palma island as thousands flee Ed: 💥Massive shockwave & 4 explosions from violent eruptions today
09/24 14:29:19 La Palma bids us farewell with 4 of the mightiest blasts (with shockwave)
09/22 20:25:22 The possibility of a megatsunami from the eruption is impossible Ed: ⭐ Are scientists now the biggest load of LIARS and charlatans known? We scoffed when they said "no evidence" and we said soon the word "baseless" would be used.. And here it is! Right on Queue! "..not to give fuel to this type of baseless information" - classic gaslighting (just drop in a non-fact as though it is a fact). Somewhere around the birth of Christ, emperor Chin (who gave his name to China) had all the social intellectuals EXECUTED. I start to see his motivation.. Mao the same, Pol Pot too. This is logic being buggered in front of your eyes.
09/22 08:18:54 A new mouth emerges in the Cumbre Vieja volcano as lava reaches the town of Todoque - Spain - COPE Ed: 🔎An update on an otherwise stable situation ...(famous last words?)
09/21 10:16:30 New evacuations in La Palma after appearance of new Vent in volcano 🏮 Not done yet! M3.8 last night. Tip: We are not covering other even more vigorous volcanoes - only ones like this that have life changing potential for us all. Mind you, it would be interesting to see how much CO2 these things just pumped into the atmos.
09/16 09:48:26 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. East Coast Could be SUBMERGED by Tsunami at Canary Islands Volcano Eruption with Landslide! Ed: 🔺We too believe this is a possibility that authorities and MSM seem very lethargic about. Why?
09/13 08:56:45 Hal Turner Radio Show - Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami Ed: ;;H🔴🔴A serious ongoing rise in earthquakes is currently rattling the Island which could seriously impact West Africa, Caribbean, Europe, UK lowlands, US East, Brazil, etc. It has a massive 7KM high mountain which could "disappear" or more likely be halved.
09/03 10:03:44 26 Dead as Footage Shows Significant Flooding in New York and New Jersey Ed: 🤔What the Waters say the neo Q Shaman type pundits..
08/30 17:56:09 Antarctic Sea Ice 'Rebound' Surprises Scientists - MSM Silent - Electroverse
08/27 18:03:57 The Evil Fraud behind the Covid Hoax
08/18 13:27:09 Pacific Gas & Electric Shuts Off Power to 51,000 Customers in 18 Northern California Counties to Prevent Wildfires Ed: ❓What madness is this? Obviously people will START fires to cook etc. In comments, someone says it is due to them being sued. Another example of a legal system hopelessly out of control.
08/04 22:48:44 The Amazon Rainforest Has Reached the Point of No Return - Opinion Ed: 🔎ISABEL SCHATZSCHNEIDER - despite spectacularly stomach churning name (and whatever else is inside her) we agree 100%. Biodiversity is dying. Brazil cannot be left in charge, they are killing us all. They should be invaded and rounded up the good old fashioned way. Wokism prevents us from ripping these dinosaur ignorants to shreds.
07/26 03:43:27 Shanghai cancels flights as Typhoon In-Fa lashes eastern China - Weather News - Al Jazeera Ed: 📯watch the waters
07/14 14:59:01 Moon 'wobble', climate change will create record floods- study Ed: ⚡🤔
07/08 10:21:55 Boris Johnson's green drive to make the UK net zero could add 469BILLION GBP to national debt - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚠🔺
07/05 21:57:58 Russia Says Its Forests Neutralize Billions of Tons of Greenhouse Gases. Scientists Have Their Doubts. - The Moscow Times
07/02 18:07:02 BBC Lists 'Positive' Climate Change Impacts Kids Study Guide
06/22 18:28:52 Revealed- Amazon destroying millions of items of unsold stock in UK every year - Twitter
06/14 22:12:41 New sun-driven cooling period of Earth 'not far off' - YouTube
06/13 13:53:18 David Attenborough Tells G7 Climate Change Decisions 'Most Important in Human History'
06/12 11:37:29 Biden's Climate Change Stance Exposes A Delusional Administration
04/18 17:14:50 The US and China commit to climate cooperation - Taipei Times
04/14 14:20:57 China urges Japan to reconsider Fukushima decision - CGTN
04/14 14:20:39 S. Korea seeks intl litigation on Japan's nuclear wastewater decision - CGTN
04/12 19:00:45 Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch- Satellite data shows up climate forecasts - YouTube
04/11 16:44:38 'Throat of fire' volcano signalling imminent, devastating COLLAPSE --RT World News
04/07 14:45:32 Dumping of Fukushima radioactive water into ocean 'unavoidable', Japanese PM says, as country's fisheries reject plan --RT World News
04/04 20:28:34 Live from Geldingadalir volcano, Iceland - YouTube
04/04 20:28:27 Iceland volcano- Drone footage captures stunning up-close view of eruption - YouTube
03/12 20:11:53 First-ever study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggest the forest is worsening climate change
02/12 09:33:20 Bill Gates Plan to Dim the Sun With Harvard Scientists --Brutal Proof
11/23 16:45:30 environmental legislation threatens fishing in Akutan, Alaska - Washington Times
  1. The madness of Science
    1. CO2
      1. Dimming the Sun
      2. Sequestering CO2
    2. Planet Friendly CO2 remedies
      1. A friend posted this article in Sept 2019
    3. La Palma Volcano Ctd..
      1. Advisory: What to do in case of a Tsunami Announcement?
      2. La Palma History Brief
      3. La Palma Images
        1. Copy of 133/ Sep 19th 2021 - And so La Palma erupts.
      4. Recordings
        1. Just Before the Eruption..
          1. Our prediction (written hours before it blew on Sep 19th)
        2. Eruption stops the Quake Swarm
        3. 18th Oct 2021
        4. Irregular Quakes Oct 12 to 18th 2021
        5. Up to Nov 8th 2021
        6. Up to Dec 16th 2021, count of all quakes over 3, showing M5's
      5. Geology of La Palma
        1. Inner Volcanic forces
        2. Side Projection La Palma

The madness of Science


The earth is overpopulated, and we do have too much CO2 in the atmosphere, but by some marvelous coincidence, that means plant life flourishes. More sun, more CO2, more photosynthesis.

What follows is some catastrophic and some healthy remedies -- if any remedy is needed at all!

Dimming the Sun

Yes, Bill Gates wants to dim the sun
  1. First Bill Gates, gloating that he makes 20 to 1 return on his investment in "Vaccines" (term used loosely), made the African continent dependent on HIV suppressing drugs so they carry on as they were and the entire population now has it bar a few percent. Think about it -- would be much better to change behavior and stop the spread, but this way the create dependency. We don't buy the idea that Gates actually wants them all dead, but if he did, all he would have to do is make a shortage of his drug. Madness.
  2. Then Bill gates wants us all dependent on anti Covid drugs.
  3. Now he wants to dim the sun.
As we said, more sun, more CO2, more photosynthesis. He reverses that and, yes, even a scientist might be able to figure out we start getting hungry. We haven't studied the impact yet, but we are glad some have here - quote..
Eminent scientists have expressed grave concerns about Gates' scheme. United Nations climate policy adviser Janos Pasztor warns, "If you make use of this technology and do it badly or ungoverned, then you can have different kinds of global risks created that can have equal, if not even bigger, challenges to global society than climate change.

"Governments need to engage in this discussion and to understand these issues," he added. "They need to understand the risks not just the risks of doing it, but also the risks of not understanding and not knowing."

One clear risk of blotting out the sun is interfering with the process of photosynthesis, without which plant and food crops could not survive and all human and animal life would be endangered.

Sequestering CO2

Sadly, sequestering CO2 was also exposed as dangerous and moronic over the years but they just came back and started doing it again. Why? We want carbon out of the atmosphere - we don't want to remove 2 atoms of oxygen, which were already in the atmosphere. That's foolish and dangerous. Now this -- The earth is cooling itself through a natural reaction to overpopulation. We do need to depopulate, but naturally - not some evil pretend-scientist.

Planet Friendly CO2 remedies

A friend posted this article in Sept 2019

Let's make Greta happy! ALL the planet, not just the Amazon, needs to re-forest.

If the average weight of a tree is 6 tons, and we grow 100 billion trees, then that is 2000 bn tons of CO2 taken out of the atmosphere. We put 40Bn tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. Earth has 3200 bn tons of CO2.

For perspective -- Germany alone has ~90 bn trees (well done!) so 100 bn is not a big target, and we also save tree species.

(so heavy trees reach 10T over ~50 yrs. Less optimistically, a pine reaches over 3T (2000lbs) in 25 years - ref Here) (38Bn tons)
Greta is right - it is so important we stop politicizing the problem, stop silly techno fixes, and start a simple achievable common sense solution.
*NB: the 2000 bn tons CO2 we remove is over 50 years (as trees grow) and so happens to negate the 40 bn tons we put in annually. Double the tree target and we reverse recent years too.
Also must mention the equation is based on 1 ton tree = 1 ton of carbohydrate = 3.66 tons of carbon dioxide. So a 3T tree removes  11T of CO2.
This increase is because photosynthesis releases the safe heavier 2 oxygen atoms back into the atmosphere where they should be.
This is infinitely better than sequestering (burying CO2) and thus losing the O2 forever - a dangerous proposition made by capitalists.
A chemist needs to revise the ratios depending on specific atomic weights etc, but failing that, this is our reasoning and source..
Carbon has an atomic wt of 12, ... and CO2 of 44. Thus, 44 units of CO2 are removed for every 12 units of carbon the tree retains 44/12 = 3.666. Ref Here.
It seems The guardian  agrees with me.. 🙂
More: Another guardian story (similar)

La Palma Volcano Ctd..

Main article at page top.

Advisory: What to do in case of a Tsunami Announcement?

from livecam
We've let them have their say (which is often more than we get from them), so you can leave this page and breath a sigh of relief. Or, if you put "experts" in the same buckets as "climate scientists", then we will tell you this ... we don't know what their game is, but if you had your precious baby in the back seat, wouldn't you want to make them secure and safe? You'd check the tires more often, you'd take no risks right? etc right? But it seems the "experts" as usual are lying through their teeth and are playing fast and loose with millions of lives, most of them Western. The BBC along with a raft of other scientists are on record (see top of page) as saying this is possible. Why would THE BBC lie? (well, yes they often do, mainly over political bias, but not on something like this where there is no point in bias). So back to the "what to do" message...
An announcement would be made via an emergency broadcast network (eg: text messages to all mobiles). You will have between 6 to 9 hours warning in the US, much less in Africa, Portugal. In the ocean, a Tsunami is just a fast moving swell. The water does not travel, only the swell does. As it hits the shallows in the shoreline, this swell rises up like a wave - it can be destructive in it's own right as it's wave-break crashes down, but generally it is just a taller swell, so you can shelter in taller structures. Be aware of the backwash - this is more destructive as it carries fast moving debris.


La Palma History Brief

La Palma's recent eruptions include one in 1949 and one in 1971. In 1949, it is said by Vetfather1 (~20:30 GMT, Fri, 19 November 2021) "​During the eruption on 1 and 2 July 1949, two strong earthquakes with an estimated intensity of VIII on the Modified Mercalli Scale...Wikipedia...My question "VIII" was that a 6.0+?". Parkwood replied ​@vet just over 6 i think. Juanita replied ​VetDad1, according to Wikipedia, that's a 7.0+

Yellings cannot find evidence of this, but that is an almighty quake if so, This is the period when LP developed a 2.5km split and the section that gives cause for concern (the size of Manhattan) dropped 12 feet. Here is La Palma - Wikipedia -- see if you can make any sense of this rambling article and the ones linked to it.

La Palma Images

These were borrowed from our Situation-Updates-Archive ( where we have reduced the size of them to reduce server loading..

Copy of 133/ Sep 19th 2021 - And so La Palma erupts.

La Palma erupted a day and a half early from our predictions, which we based on the moon cycle and the impact a full moon has on the earth with stretching, tide movement, etc. However! The full moon is first felt 24 hrs before and after. Besides, eruptions are definitely building, becoming more widespread and more intense. What we see below may be may be just a precursor. The danger is the heat combined with meeting water pockets will cause explosive pressure that could cause the side of the island to break away. As the eruption continues, that risk subsides as pressure is released. However, the next 2 days are critical.

We called. it. Hal Turner called it. Bizarrely, no one else in the media seems interested. Will she "calve" like an iceberg? We predict a 5% chance -- that's a 5% chance of huge loss of life and a massive economic hit right across the West including America. Why is this calving likely? Because the 2km high island we see is perched on a 4km high near-vertical plinth underwater.

We are told there is no evidence this will happen, but a summary search on youtube will find dozens of documentaries, including from the BBC, that say how fragile the island is, how it is already splitting, and what the consequences might be. We knew this was going to happen, and it did. In the media, our voice was alone with Hal Turner. The Spanish media said there would be no danger to life or property. And now we see houses burning in the path of massive lava flows. And so when we say this calving could happen, you may find you can trust us more than these ridiculous officials.

Any doubts about our prediction the full moon would play a part might be dispelled by this shot..