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The Great Reset to follow Covid Lockdowns?

There is a fear that all the machinations against Trump, Covid and the 2020 Election debacle are culminating towards what is referred to now as the Great Reset. This video here (and below) is especially telling.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab certainly ties it all in together here and was heard to have proclaimed that after economically devastating  lockdowns, people will be begging for the big reset (unfortunately we can't find the link for that, so it is only an allegation) -- ie: a communist redistribution of wealth.

And some may see this redistribution of wealth and the accompanying enforced discipline ushering in a period of peace and security - others might see it as the gateway that will ultimately allow us to be literally enslaved by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) or similar. It certainly doesn't sound like the democratic liberty we all bought into and our fathers fought for.

You decide!

Breaking Revelation -- Evidence that the Rockefeller Foundation was THINKING Covid in 2010!

This is all over the web, as simplified here, and here, and was considered by most, including ourselves, as fringe salacious material. However! This story was given much elevated credibility today by Lin Wood, senior attorney for Trump, today 23rd Feb 2021.

We know Mr Wood evangelizes a lot and that has been used to discredit him, but as his glittering legal career bears testament to, he has always been factual, truthful, sincere and accurate. So when Lin Wood re-posts a simple re-reading here and says he too had read it here before it was erased from the web, then we know we have a live story.

And here is the Rockefeller Think Tank PDF here clearly dated May 2010. (We of course have a copy). Frankly it is bizarre - speaking of events in the future that came true somewhat as predicted. For example, on p39 it states "Identity-verification technologies become a staple of daily life, with some hitchesa database of retina recordings stolen by hackers in 2017 is used to create numerous false identities still "at large" in the mid-2020s." A simple search (not even including the year) reveals a theft acknowledged in that very year -- here. Has the PDF been doctored after the fact? How would we know?

Now it should be said this doesn't mean Rockefeller was a part of a cabal that planned it all. Indeed, their excuse is that it was a prediction, not a plan. And yet it looks suspiciously as though someone was reading this like a script rather than it being a "coincidence".

Lin Wood's words, in case the above link breaks, were "I read the 2010 Rockefeller Institute Think Tank Study a few months ago before it was removed from the Internet. This gentleman read it too. I hope you also had a chance to read it. 🙏" (Ed: if you didn't the link is just above).
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