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Latest - April 25, 2021

The latest revelations are that "Virus seems to be airborne and isn't generally transmitted via surfaces, evidence suggests. While catching Covid from surfaces or objects - collectively known in scientific terms as fomites - is theoretically plausible, it just doesn't seem to happen."(here) So were they just making it up as they go along? All that "it lives for 2 weeks on surfaces" was somewhat terrifying ... especially with the pictures of overflowing Italian wards. No one seems capable of a straight answer!

Also - "How 12 times more people are dying from cancer than Covid - as experts warn treatment backlog will become 'collateral damage' of the pandemic"(here).

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Latest - Mar 30, 2021

The latest video revelations of vaccine tyranny are here (end of intro is at 01:50) and in our latest tile added below (Mar 30). The revelations of Dr Carrie Madej are quite radical. However, we ask you to use discernment.

First, while I still campaign strongly against the use of Covid for Control and against the medics like Fauci who have withheld useful  treatments for financial gain, despite this, you should know that I (the editor) have taken the 1st of the Jab pair. I am neither pro nor anti-vax. I'm well traveled and can tell you I've had far worse jabs that this (the Hep C one for example!). My advice is still to hold off getting the vaccine, especially for our youth until we, the older generation, have had a chance to test this on ourselves. Don't martyr yourselves, and don't believe they are trying to kill us -- that's absurd. I give you my full reasoning further below.

The key revelations in the video introduced above are --
    1. The Moderna jab was developed by Bill Gates (he is the key investor) and Moderna has never developed a vaccine prior.
    2. It modifies a fragment of your DNA / RNA in a similar way to GMO. I think we all knew that.
    3. It may be accompanied, at some later point, by a tracking device - you would be chipped like a dog
    4. They may insert nano bots in you which could measure your bio.
She speaks a lot of truth. BUT. At that that last point, I stopped watching because I am an accomplished engineer and I know this is trash talk. No one, I repeat NO ONE has invented a Nano Bot. I've been involved in some seriously miniaturized engineering including DLP Projectors with moving parts at 5 microns in size -- about the same size as a blood cell, a Covid virus, and about 5% of a human hair. But that's just one moving part. You can't make a robot that swims around in humans. We have trouble making a full size autonomous bot. What they are talking about has one tenuous strand connecting it to reality -- our cells do contain truly microscopic motors made from a handful of molecules (themselves just a handful of atoms each) that run around inside our cells zipping and unzipping DNA. They do this to repair and to allow cell division (growth etc). Potentially they could be modified, but never to the extent claimed here. I'm not a doctor, Dr Carrie is not an engineer. We need to be careful not to exaggerate.

However! She does speak truth! (She just seems seriously misguided with her choice of terminology). There does seem to be a march towards chipping humans and monitoring us (but just through our cell phones etc, not some magical nano-scopic robot). There is certainly major concerns about the politicization and financial exploitation of it, about the damage and deaths from the resulting prejudices, including the profound damage this is having on our economy and at some point national security. It is good to protest to demand answers and in particular to demand to know why conventional remedies have been suppressed. It is not good to terrify the bejesus out of people -- something which has been shown to lead to suicides.

My reasoning for taking the Jab

As said, I took the 1st of the AstraZeneca Jabs about 3 weeks ago. Zero side effects for me or 3 of my nearest and dearest. About an equal number I know first hand have had "expected side effects". So what was my reasoning?
  1. I preferred the AstraZeneca as (a) it is cheaper for the UK and doesn't fill Gate's pocket and (b) is more likely to be ethical (developed at Oxford University where they operate as a charity). Indeed, like anyone who opposes Big Pharma with an alternative, they have been roundly abused as here.
  2. I have seen the effects of catching Covid and the long term side effects such as severe heart arrhythmia. Some get it lightly, some really do not get it lightly. Consider the UK Prime Minister who almost died of it. I have spoke at length to a close couple and one was seriously ill (albeit avoided hospital) and the other simply felt poorly and lost sense of smell. I know someone very well who knew a young woman who died of it leaving a child without a mother.
  3. It is clear to me at least that this was a lab accident from a modified SARS virus. To that extent, I see why it is so deadly and also why the vaccine is not (and cannot be) an ordinary one.
  4. I am older (not retired) and have lived a full life, so why shouldn't I be something of a guinea pig for the younger generation?
  5. Because I am older, that makes me more at risk and I am aware my children were terrified of visiting for fear of passing it to their parents.
  6. Some of the most extreme critic claims is that it is used to depopulate. I promise you that if we all start dying, there will be a lot of lynching going on and Gates would be first to the gallows. In short, that's an absurd claim.
In short, yes Covid was a bio-nuke, yes it is being exploited, yes there is massive profiteering, yes the economy has been crushed, yes the silencing of doctors concerns was and is disgusting, but Covid is dangerous, and the vaccine appears not to be. So here I am. Fit and well. Along with the other millions in the UK who have had AZ.

Let me add -- As well as finding it disturbing that people are being pressured into taking it, I find it equally disturbing, if not more so, that people are being pressured into NOT taking it by disgusting labeling like being called smug vax-holes and scabs (people who break the line). I also find that the anti-vax community are more rude, exaggerative, aggressive, and seem more interested on ratings and fame than on telling truth. This was well documented on our Mar 19 update here where we exposed one bit of Hopium and suffered abuse, silencing and blocking at the hands of these False Prophet shills. It is one of those Shills that introduced us to this video.

My advice? (Should you be interested): Push back, delay, protest, choose your vaccine (if you can), but do not martyr yourself and do not be made to feel you have broken some line. Be bold.
Latest - Mar 25, 2021

The latest revelations of big pharma immorality are at page bottom here.

Update 25th Feb & 3rd Mar 2021:

As more evidence comes out, things are taking a decidedly sinister turn. First, please know that Covid is real. Just how real we don't know, but we are not suggesting you should avoid the precautions advised by society. By and large, millions have now been vaccinated, many of whom elderly and vulnerable (and we know some personally) -- they are not dying like flies as some allege.. As we conclude below, we urge discernment, courage, wisdom! Delay your jab or seek advice first?  It's up to you but don't become an anti-vaxer without being informed. If it's any comfort, we (or at least me, Ed) intend to take our Vax, but we are looking to delay a little as a wait and see measure.

Three developing revelations we are looking into..
  1. Did the Rockefeller Foundation have a Covid Crystal Ball in 2010? There is an alarming "study" that shows they had analyzed scenarios that have since, a decade later, played out very accurately. See all links and debate here!
  2. Bill Gates and Big Pharma -- It would seem that Mr Gates is "Mr Big" in Big Pharma. Huge profits, huge influence over WHO.
  3. It would seem the USA, specifically the Democrats, were involved in Wuhan. See here. (We thought that was a theory, but no🤨).
As for the virus itself, we now hear the Covid Vaccine is an mRNA Vaccine (here is a Sept 2020 article about it). This is sounding a little more like an antidote than a vaccine. But whether or not it is a natural virus, a weaponized virus that was spread or accidentally escaped, it doesn't matter. The latter is a political concern. The former is relevant to all of us.

Is Covid as dangerous as is said? We don't know because nowhere has the virus been allowed free reign. In other words, those arguing that the virus kills no more than the 'flu is not comparing apples with apples. Covid is controlled, 'flu isn't. Then we have the debate that Covid was never controlled in hot, undeveloped countries -- and they have a fraction of our mortality. That's true, but the clue is in the word "hot" and the virus is known to survive far less in warm weather. We do know individuals who had Covid and it was serious. One died far too young (in their 30's).

So be cautious, discerning and wise - listen out for developments, stay safe.

Finally, are simpler cheap therapies such as Hydroxychloroquine (with other simple pills, as recommended by hundreds of doctors below) near as effective as the vax? We don't know but we have ample evidence to suggest they are far better than nothing -- and we are scathing of the toxic inhuman bastards that allowed 100s of thousands of people die when there was no Vax -- simply to spite Trump or protect their interests. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Big Pharma, YouTube -- were you really acting on false information? Or do you have blood on your hands? We seek an urgent investigation -- as it seems from the evidence we've seen that the result of their ignorance (we are being kind) led to genocide.

Editors Comment, Dec 2020

The pandemic is one thing, but the rules are creating enormous frustration and very real poverty! Are they justified?

Our take is this - Make the "rules" guidance or warnings at worst - ie: NO FINES. The fines are draconian and especially sickening for hard hit businesses. It is also creating a new tribe of socially divisive jackbooted jobsworths. This is a truly dysfunctional approach to social cohesion.

As Julia Hartley-Brewer here says (update - this video was BANNED - which is ridiculous - we are trying to locate it on a free-speech site - if you can help, pls advise -- FOUND HERE), we are adults. We can govern and mitigate our own risk ourselves. However, some of what Julia said needs a little reigning in... It is certainly a lot worse than 'flu and is regularly killing people between 50 & 60 and even occasionally healthy people under 50's (we know of a cases). It's sad to see otherwise intelligent people saying it is roughly no worse than 'flu but failing to realize they are comparing a controlled outbreak against 'flu which is currently uncontrolled. It is crystal clear from the stats that it is way more contagious and, before measures were imposed, it's spread was unmistakably exponential (doubling at the rate of once a week in affected areas, sometimes dramatically more -- see the graph here from a site that is neutral showing some growths at a rate of over 10x that).

But regardless, it has certainly been exploited for the benefit of bureaucrats, ESPECIALLY in the USA during the election (where Biden's voters were told to use mail-in .. as that's easier to rig? That's for you to decide) and we feel a balanced approach is not being struck.

The Tyranny of Tinpot dictators

Everywhere in the West, "scary things" (eg: global warming, disease, pollution, cars, drink, safety, etc) are being used to line the pockets of departments and bureaus, but also scientists, intellectuals and statisticians. These otherwise noble careerists mutate into tyrants with their every word costing others dearly and weakening the West causing another major concern - is saving lives now at the expense of being able to feed ourselves and properly fund our defense and health systems? Could that mean a net "gain" of lives lost in future?

Indeed, coming back to the socially divisive jackbooted jobsworths, the strutting penguins (mostly politicians) in charge never seem to take into account the social impact of fines - especially on our youth. It doesn't teach discipline, it teaches rebellion and disrespect for authority, especially in this day and age when appeals processes are routinely abused, flouted, consist of faceless non-functioning websites, or the "victim" will often be threatened out of appealing (eg: you will be "warned" that if you lose your appeal, your fine will be tripled, plus you have to pay ALL legal expenses, plus, if you don't pay, you will eventually have a visit from the bailiff, and ultimately lose your job, house and go to jail). Worse, it is common to find that the departments who write out the fines directly benefit from the proceeds. If we want our youth to act with social responsibly, this "conflict of interest" and uncaring greed is an appalling example to set them.

And finally there is the psychological impact -- how many people have been fined into a state of passive resistance and simply decided not to proactively engage with society?

A society with less tinpot dictators, otherwise known as "inspectors" (from meter maids to building inspectors with a few speed traps thrown in), with their "you will do as you you are told!" smirking smugness, is certainly a society we want to see. See examples #1 & #2 - also linked below.

Where's the Plan to ease recession?

Economic Armageddon

On this occasion, this pundit, linked here -- KarlthePoet on  13 Dec 2020 has said it so well, we have copied his comment here..

Massive economic collapse is imminent for the US and Europe. When businesses are prevented from operating at normal capacities, it's only a matter of time until it trickles throughout the entire economy. Vacant storefronts will soon lead to millions of foreclosures, which will make property values all over the US fall dramatically. A stock market crash and a bond market crash will follow, leading to a derivatives market implosion. The world is in for a rude awakening. However, Bill Gates will be fine. Happy Holidays


We lament the misinformation -- From killing people to spite Trump (by denigrating the drug hydroxychloroquine as dangerous, which as most travelers will tell you has been in regular use quite safely, just because Trump suggested it), to nonsense about social distancing (ignoring concentrations, wind direction, the efficacy of masks) and exaggerated claims of it living on surfaces for up to 2 weeks, then allowing the public to be ignorant of the very long life it can have on frozen goods .... we live in a very befuddled blur of conflicting and seemingly stupid advice that makes one wonder what universities do to churn out such incompetence.

Great Barrington Declaration

Finally, it is worth noting that some 40,000 doctors have signed a declaration here that can be summarized as follows... "we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection".

Links & Stories..
05/04 15:02:07 Insider

Patents and Big Pharma .. are they the enemy?

  1. Patents and Big Pharma .. are they the enemy?
      1. We stress..
        1. And now for something completely different...
        2. Spot the moron
        3. Beware Psy Ops..
      2. They shut down the economy for this?

We stress..

Use discernment. Neither be bullied into taking the vax, nor be bullied by those anti-vaxers who now call vax-takers vaxholes. I, editor, have taken my vaccination. If I knew it contained fetal / foetal / feotal (all 3 spellings are correct?) material, I don't know. I'm unwilling to judge or discuss - does that make me complicit? One thing I can say is it did not hurt me. Prior to that knowledge (if true), I felt sure the virus was almost certainly weaponized, but nonetheless, real, and that taking the vaccine was a step towards preventing my children losing a parent before it is time.

Disclaimers aside, we think this video is credible..


And now for something completely different...