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Big Pharma

Pharma Fascism

Is any intro needed for this? Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria .. All massive overreactions to Covid that can only be described as totalitarianism with the Left Wing goosestepping in lockstep with Big Pharma.. You shall be vaxed, and boosted!

In support of Australia: Powerful!


Big Pharma Cash Cow

The Pharmaceutical Companies are playing a deadly game with us, hospitals, the US FDA and the US NIH.. All as corrupt as fcuk (there is just no other way to put it, esp when you see stories like this ..

Bill Gates and Big Pharma

We don't know how credible this is, but we release it "as is". In particular the truly devious, nasty, weasel-like behavior under session questioning is a far cry from today's ego stroking "benevolent" creation from his PR Dept. He should have been taken out for contempt of court.

One thing we are starting to become aware of is that Mr Gates is "big" in Big Pharma.

From CeFlix here we bring you..

I think there is enough evidence all around now to establish Gates is a Monster
11/25 16:52:46 Brighteon
11/23 14:10:55 SAGE conflicts of interest --Zoe Harcombe Ed: UK fraud - Scroll down to "Examination of the 20 key influencers on SAGE reveals the following" to see a table of conflicts of interest among those that were advising the UK government on everything from hospital protocols two lockdowns and vaccines.
07/21 13:25:01 76 UK doctors sign open letter to government warning against COVID-19 child vaccine - America's Frontline Doctors WICKED BIG PHARMA

Quote: The letter, posted by world-renowned scientist Dr. Robert Malone, began by saying that the "balance of benefit and risk" in administering the vaccine to small children [as young as 6 months] is "totally inappropriate", citing the very low risk and very high immunity young children have.

Then the physicians attacked Pfizer's documentation used to convince the FDA to allow small children to be vaccinated.
To begin with, "the protocol was changed mid-trial. The original two-dose schedule exhibited poor immunogenicity with efficacy far below the required standard. A third dose was added by which time many of the original placebo recipients had been vaccinated."

OpEd: I'm unsure why it needed to be spearheaded by a US doctor, but my guess is that it is because free speech is so shut down in the UK that doctors could not liaise sufficiently to get the ball rolling. There is virtually no social media here where you can speak your mind freely and start any narrative that opposes the mainstream. Speaking for myself, I've been banned from commenting on the Daily Mail, BBC(where I'm on watch), super-banned by both Google and YouTube, shadow banned by Twitter, and restricted by t'gram here (as I dared to expose their hidden connections to the Kremlin I guess)..
And just recently when I decided to make my views known about Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss being WEF shills, I realised I had no voice whatsoever except for the small voice I have on telegram. That's a very dangerous situation to be in for the UK. GBNews maybe?
07/07 18:08:12 Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects
07/07 17:59:27 Did COVID Vaccines Save Tens of Millions of Lives- Ed: What did the killing was ICU mandates that stopped the use of known good remedies (HCQ, Ivermectin) in favor of more profitable ones. And this story does not even touch on that.
06/26 00:15:34 The Latest Tragedy- Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Story clickbait: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Suddenly SpikesWhat's Really Going On?
06/17 13:22:39 BOMBSHELL- Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children "Parents should be demanding that the decision makers explain themselves"

Found at T'gram Here.

Pfizer Data:

06/15 13:49:43 More compelling evidence that Big Tech, the Biden Administration and the Mainstream Media are colluding with one another to c Ed: Media outlets are reporting sudden adult death syndrome as so serious that those under 40 are now being urged to get their hearts checked. Nevertheless, the covid-19 shots were omitted from all reports.
06/15 13:38:20 FDA Approval of COVID Shots for Youngest Age Group Constitutes Reckless Endangerment, Warns CHD - We the Pundit Ed: In other words, they are risking killing children. But worse than that, we are almost certainly implanting the risk of future harm, disability and life shortening.
06/01 11:48:47 NIH, Wuhan were working on monkeypox - YouTube 🔴 Reading between the lines, Wuhan may well have already spliced the synthesised monkey pox payload into another highly contagious wrapper. This is called Gain Of Function and is essentially what we strongly allege* they did with covid. (*allege: We have on the site what we consider categoric evidence of this but the threat of legal action remains). Tip: We posted a "Hal Turner" story on this Wuhan Pox link back in May 23, so this is fact checking Hal.. and he won!

Tragically, this is more confirmation of the CCP working on invading America in October while Russia takes care of Europe -- see HERE. The UK is again seeing an exponential rise in cases. The timing is such to produce more fear, more lockdowns, then gun confiscation - leading up to a full ground invasion. Ps: If this video is taken down, that's and even stronger sign (we have a copy).

05/30 21:20:02 Spain sounds alarm over mysterious hepatitis in children Ed: 🔴 Yawn.. is this the next one? Worldwide, some 650 cases of acute hepatitis yah yah.. Monkey pox did not have enough traction eh?
05/30 15:47:15 India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death for Misleading Over Ivermectin and Killing Indians - The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25 2021, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin.

Apparently the case was dropped due to lack of jurisdiction.
05/28 11:54:21 International Opposition Grows To Biden Granting WHO Pandemic Powers - ZeroHedge Ed: 🔴 perfect to help the Chinese invade. Canadians woke up and then probably forgot about there gaoled trucker heroes. Americans woke up but most seem to have forgotten their political prisoners too. Australians will love locking themselves indoors while screaming obscenities at anyone who thinks for themselves and resists.
05/25 15:15:33 Monkeypox- Was COVID Just a Test Run- (Dr. David Martin Interview) U;L🔴 Seth Holehouse unravels a potentially bigger conspiracy than covid.


Early Takeaways (analysis ongoing)..
x Predicted 12 months ago
x Virus found in Ukraine Labs
x Moderna already churning out a vaccine

The predictions were made by something called the nuclear institute and it is posited that nuclear alarmism and pandemic alarmism is all coming from the same place. The predictions included some eight more global health outbreaks, one of which is anthrax.
05/21 21:27:27 Bill Gates has a mad scientist vision for global health control - Washington Times
05/20 17:05:52 Policy Division - America's Frontline Doctors Ed: 🔴 "the World Health Assembly, is quietly planning to vote on an amendment to WHO's International Health Regulations in just a few days, on May 22-28, 2022. This amendment, proposed by officials from the Biden Administration, will serve to give away our country's healthcare system, national sovereignty, and personal freedoms to the WHO on a silver platter."
05/20 14:22:35 Researcher- 'We Made a Big Mistake' on COVID-19 Vaccine Ed: They assumed it would stay at the injection site*, but it's toxic and causes clots, attacks the brain and ovaries etc. *Doesn't make sense - how was it ever going to work if it stays in one place?
05/18 19:41:21 Blockbuster Information about Secret Royalty Payments to Dr Fauci - Guest- Dr Maria - Ep 237 - YouTube Ed: 💰 Rudy W. Giuliani exposes kickbacks (or Bungs as we say in the UK).
05/16 20:09:11 Hal Turner Radio Show - Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million In Secret Payments To Fauci, Collins, Others At NIH Ed: 🤔 I think this is worthy of the timeline..
05/14 15:04:35 Are Recombinant Covid Vaccines Causing These Deaths- Ed: "Moderna has a patent from 2015-2016 on the spike protein that was found in covid-19.
That story should be front page news across the world."
- borrowed from comment by "dmarti", but we know this to be true.
05/06 11:54:09 Hal Turner Radio Show - US restricts use of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine over blood clot risk U;L⭐Not widely reported on the MSM, but is also here: FDA moves to curtail use of the J&J COVID-19 vaccine - Washington Times & FDA restricts Covid vaccine - RT
05/01 20:02:49 Rand Paul tears into Dr. Fauci like never before during TENSE hearing Ed: Jan 11 2022 but worth a spot on our timeline.
04/30 16:28:45 Dr. Guy Hatchard on the alarming rise of heart problems Two things of specific importance - (1) NZ has had very little Covid(<1/5th of pop), but everyone is vaxed (2) NZ is covering the rates up.

"We must insist that information be made public because it is being hidden around the world."

"The (UK and New Zealand) governments don't publish data on the number of heart problems."

"One hospital provided information that the number of people hospitalized because of heart problems has increased by 400 percent."
(Ed: Blackpool UK)

"Someone in Palmerston North wrote that they had been referred to a specialist by a general practitioner because of heart problems. (They) wrote back saying I'm so overwhelmed I can't handle it."

"This is a medical emergency affecting a large number of people, related to a disease that is already the leading cause of death."
04/27 15:35:28 Another 2500 Aussie teachers in Victoria to be sacked this week if they refuse to be injected 3 times! Ed: ☠ WTF!
04/25 00:25:42 What Is COVID Injection Fatality Rate-
04/19 16:01:32 British children up to 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot- gov't report - LifeSite Ed: ☠Old article but citing some startling stats. If corroborated, this is murder.
04/19 14:53:24 -These Are Hospital Homicides- - Attorney Todd Callender Explains the Process Published a fortnight ago but worthy of a place in our Cannon of Evidence. We're in favour of trying physicians who used/use Remdesivir. When he started talking about 60GHz bandwidth oxygen and nitrogen separators, as an engineer myself, I had never heard of this. So I did some research and I found this .. (look for "60 GHz"), so I guess this is a thing!
04/17 01:03:31 You Were Right- They Lied. - YouTube Ed: 🎥The FDA is now reportedly ignoring some of its own experts when it comes to authorising vaccine boosters - is this going to help regain public trust in its relationship with Big Pharma?
04/15 18:58:03 Brighteon, Dr Ardis, Snake Venom Ed: 🤔 This is ABSURD! My comment (unpublished of course)... With huge respect, I am struggling with this. So first, Covid was so benign, "you have to be tested to know you've got it", and according to Dr Ardis, it was Remdesivir that was killing everyone. Then it turned out Covid has got Bat viruses and AIDS in it, but now Dr Ardis can reveal Covid is snake Venom. Oh and it is in the water supply and they recycle poo water for your drinking water(anyone got the slightest proof of this?). But wait, they have been poisoning us for decades with Fluoride, which is administered in incredibly low doses to those areas that did not get it naturally to protect teeth (which I know for a fact works as I was in the "control" area that didn't get it, and my teeth are a mess until I started using Fluoride toothpaste). But now Fluoride, advertised as great for teeth, is the devil's juice. What next? Oh yeah .. nanoparticle contact transmission - thanks Mike. That really upped the credibility factor .. NOT. Perhaps Jet Trails? Or Lizard People? I was so glad Dr Ardis could tell us he was led by the Lord.... Welcome folks! Leave your guns and your critical thinking at the door. Do I sound angsty? Yes I DO because I have been swallowing this CARP for over a year, and now I find my sources, the leaders of my logic like "Doctor" Ardis, are dancing to looney tunes. I have been betrayed.
04/13 09:51:31 Bill Gates addresses 'crazy' anti-vax protesters --RT World News Bill Gates said "it's somewhat ironic" that anti-vaccine protesters falsely accuse him of malice through his work on vaccine development when his organization has helped save millions of lives. Org Article Here
04/11 18:14:23 It All Makes Sense Now - YouTube Ed: "What's the truth of the covid origins? A bombshell article by Vanity Fair based on more than 100,000 leaked documents uncovers some damning revelations.". examines deleted files, sequences, gaslighting .. all the stuff we already know but put together in one powerful podcast.
04/10 14:05:14 Hal Turner Radio Show - Australia Senator Confirms- COVID Vax Contains Nanotechnology; self-assembling inside PEOPLE. Calls i Ed: 🤔Calls it genocide. Take with a grain silo of salt.
04/06 03:13:10 Hal Turner Radio Show - Terrifying Morbidity Increases Since COVID VAX Introduced; All Vax'd to be DEAD by 2025- Ed: ☠ Fun Fear Mongering For the Masses...
04/02 16:46:02 Covid vaccines now available for five to 11-year olds in England - BBC News Ed: complete evil insanity!
04/01 15:08:10 The Department of Defense Just Got Caught Lying About Vaccine Injuries 🎯 Attorney Thomas Renz - the DoD altering data about service members vax injuries!

Mr. Renz - the real increases in health issues post-vaccination are the following:
279% SPIKE in Miscarriages. 487% SPIKE in Breast Cancer. 155% SPIKE in Birth Defects. 350% SPIKE in Male Infertility. 369% more Testicular Cancer. *2181%* SPIKE in Hypertension. 664% SPIKE in Malignant Neoplasms. 680% SPIKE in Multiple Sclerosis. 551% SPIKE in Guillain-Barre Syndrome. 468% SPIKE in Pulmonary Embolism. 302% SPIKE in Tachycardia. 452% SPIKE in Migraines. 471% SPIKE in Female Infertility. 437% SPIKE in Ovarian Dysfunction. 269% SPIKE in Myocardial infarction. 291% SPIKE in Bell's palsy. 467% SPIKE in Pulmonary Embolism.

Safe and effective???
04/01 08:52:57 Covid-19- Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial - YouTube Ed: ⚡ This is seriously going main stream media (MSM)

We have taken a copy on our servers should google employees censor it and hence become party to the genocide (which they are already guilty of).
04/01 08:30:06 Fourth vaccine dose - YouTube Ed: 🔺 JUST SAY NO!

We have taken a copy on our servers should google employees censor it and hence become party to the genocide (which they are already guilty of).
03/24 12:22:38 Data Reveal Disturbing Trend From COVID Jab
03/21 13:53:04 Dr. Ryan Cole- Alarming Cancer Trend Suggests COVID-19 Vaccines Alter Natural Immune Response Ed: 🔴 Cancer Uptick
03/20 10:16:22 You're Not Going To Like This - YouTube Ed: 🎥 "Pfizer's CEO has said that a fourth booster shot 'is necessary'. But it's definitely not about profit. The fact that it's the most lucrative medicine in history has nothing to do with it. Don't you even suggest it"
03/19 23:55:40 SHOCKING- Millennials Experienced the -Worst-Ever Excess Mortality in History- - An 84% Increase In Deaths From All Causes Af Ed: 🔴(After Vaccine Mandates Introduced (VIDEO)) This is our job .. to log the lies and corruption. One day we, with your help, will write history in stone in the hope it will not be repeated
03/19 13:22:52 Facts Matter (March 11)- The Pfizer Documents- 158K Adverse Events, 42K Case reports, 1.2K Fatalities in First 3 Months
03/15 16:46:08 Dr. Naomi Wolf Details Unsettling Pfizer Documents, Enlisted 161 Attorneys To Address' Crimes Of Extraordinary Scale' [VIDEO] Ed: 🔴🔴 Lipid Nano Particles are not good for you. Lipid=fatty, Nano=small. This is a means of distributing the spike. These were not supposed to leave the injection site, but they do and they knew it from lab rat tests. This is why we are suffering cognitively, menstrual cycle changes, etc. "Safe and Effective" was a HUGE LIE.
03/15 16:42:07 VACCINES ARE KILLING US - How to access VAERS CDC stats Ed: 🔴 As the narrator says, they don't want to let us know. Sorry, this will only be viewable in T'gram
03/14 12:24:39 Wave of Omicron Infections Prompts Lockdowns in China - The New York Times Ed: 🔎 Odd that even Xi is not letting Omicron just spread and give people autoimmunity. Is this fake news designed to embolden the pharma fascists in Oz etc?
03/11 13:18:33 COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Enhancing Disease- Malone Ed: 🔺 "The data are showing that vaccination can actually increase the risk of being infected with the Omicron version of this virus"
03/11 10:58:04 LIVE- Is the Media PAID TO LIE About Vax Side Effects and Deaths- Ed: 🎥 Good historical record of the MSM LIAR Factory
03/09 22:46:37 The Pfizer documents - YouTube Ed: The LIARS in the woodpile! Summary - Covid kills people, the vax kills people - Big Pharma are LIARS.
03/06 16:08:18 Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 Ed: 🔺
"Worse Than the Disease"

• The first-ever use of PEG in an injection
• The first-ever use of mRNA gene transfer technology against an infectious agent
• The first-ever "vaccine" to make no clear claims about reducing infection, transmissibility or death
• The first-ever coronavirus vaccine ever tested on humans (and previous coronavirus vaccines all failed due to antibody-dependent enhancement, a condition in which the antibodies actually facilitate infection rather than defend against it)
• The first-ever use of genetically modified polynucleotides in the general population
-- An Insanely Reckless Process --
03/06 16:06:03 Fauci Agency Knew Chinese Authorities Were Withholding COVID-19 Data in January 2020, Documents Show
03/06 02:18:43 Wuhan "Lab Leak" Media Cover-Up- - YouTube 🔺 Russel again - this has it all // gaslighting, humor, conflict of interest - funded by that wizard of medical integrity, TADA! Dr Fauci and the Bat Market Saga again (8:39).. Like a cracked record. Cognitive Dissonance anyone?
03/03 12:56:45 Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA- Study And there you have it. We've been poisoned.

Great Comment under this:
michlaw1972 - Ukraine invasion is the "false flag" or "mocking bird." "Look over here!" They are trying to keep us preoccupied with Russia and Ukraine in hopes that we don't see that they have been conspiring to commit genocide on the human race. They have been killing us all on purpose. I don't believe this is going to go over so well with any...human being!

OpEd: Well, the jury is out on that, but certainly it is amazing how quickly the "get the vax" narrative is dissolving - even Gates as backing away.
03/03 12:49:52 Covid- How could the pandemic have affected your brain- - BBC News Ed: ☠ Not a single hint about Vaccine Injury. Of course if you change people RNA or DNA, you can expect our finely balanced systems to be upset.
02/28 13:15:13 Romania's most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, announce a ban on VACCINATED players - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚠ This is essentially MSM (but right leaning). The word is spreading!
02/25 19:57:58 Fresh lab leak fears as study finds genetic code in Covid's spike protein linked to Moderna patent - Daily Mail Online Ed: ♦ More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? How much evidence do we need before we can hang* them? *Only after due process and democratically bringing back the gallows of course.
02/21 11:52:14 Biden Extends US National Emergency Over COVID-19 Ed: ☠ "More than 900,000 people in this Nation have perished from the disease" ?
No, not from the disease, --
they perished because Fauci mandated hospitals to give them Remdesivir, which caused kidney failure, which caused lungs to fill up with water, which looks like pneumonia - Dr Ardis.
02/19 20:28:45 Horowitz- The lies about vaccine efficacy are exposed, so Scotland stops publishing data - TheBlaze Ed: 🔎 The disingenuity of this is off the scale. We commented on these figures ourselves some weeks ago, and noted that they show the more you jab, the more the disease is spread, and the more young recipients die. It just showed that the vaccine was having an inverse effect, but for the fact it *may* reduce serious illness - but even that is in dispute, as it is looking increasingly like those who got ill enough to go to hospital were then poisoned with Remdesivir and so on.
02/18 12:51:09 -What F-cking Research- We Are the F-cking Research- - Grieving Widow After Husband Died with Myocarditis Ed: ☠ Feb 14 - a valentine's card from Big Pharma
02/17 13:56:17 Child covid vaccinations- Your questions answered - BBC News Ed: ☠ "Children aged between five and 11 in England will be offered a low-dose Covid vaccine, the government says". Evil.
02/12 16:15:02 Charges Under Nuremberg Laws and Rome Statute Against Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab, UK's Boris, etc U;L🎯🎯 Bought by the UK, "The International Criminal Court Has Received Charges Under the Nuremberg Laws and the Rome Statute Against British PM Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and other defendants" - Informal summary by Roberts. Formal declaration Feb 5, 2022 - here: Before the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Corona Virus "Vaccines". Nuremberg Code, Crimes against humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression" - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization - "Based on the extensive claims and enclosed documentation, we charge those responsible for numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression in the United Kingdom, but not limited to individuals in these countries."
02/11 17:33:43 Ontario brings in MORE draconian rules to crack down on Freedom Convoy truckers - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚡ Canada doubling down on the pharma fascism while many European states have eased off to the point of nil mandates and restrictions. What the hell is the matter with these lunk heads? Have their logic chips blown? If Covid was so dangerous, all those truckies would be dead by now, but instead they are not even sick!
02/11 16:19:11 'Early version of Covid-19' is discovered in Chinese lab - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔎 It's been pretty much admitted already by Fauci (see timeline), but the more evidence, the better.
02/10 13:56:05 Grand Jury - YouTube U;L Justice for the world against Big Pharma and Covid -

"A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against "leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices" who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic"

Qdos to Just Jodie who first brought this our attention Here: and gave us the rumble link HERE.
02/10 12:01:15 DOD in MAJOR SCANDAL- US Military Severely Manipulate COVID Vaccine Injury Data U;L⭐ Both this and the Blaze original HERE do not get to the point which is this: Doctors visits mainly for ailments "particularly in the neurological, cardiovascular, oncological, and reproductive health categories" were up 10 fold in 2021, so they changed the preceding years to make them 11 fold so 2021 looked normal. We know it wasn't Covid because (a) they are vaxed and (b) these ailments are all in common with vaccine injuries.
02/09 14:28:28 Banned Video of spannish Doctor (removed from youtube).MP4 Qt: "Clinical trials have not shown that 'vaccines' save lives"U;L -- Qt: "The so-called Pfizer and ModeRNA vaccines are not true vaccines. They are drugs based on a technology never used in therapeutics until now. Mass vaccination is a global experiment without precedent in the history of mankind". This is using google translate from HERE. The video was removed by corrupt Youtube but we got it from HERE.
02/07 15:50:24 Freedom Convoy movement spreads across the globe --RT World News
02/07 12:27:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . Netherlands Ed: ⭐ That cannot be a coincidence.
02/06 13:43:14 Navy SEAL candidate dies, another hospitalized after grueling Hell Week training - Washington Times Ed: ☠ Well, if you squirt untested, known hazardous experimental biotech into them, shit like that will happen.
02/05 12:14:23 Fauci Knew About Virus Lab Origin From Secret Teleconference, Pushed Alternate Narrative- Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke Ed: ⭐ Why isn't he in jail then? We already knew this of course, but this adds to the body of evidence.
02/02 12:08:26 Canberra 'You Serve Us' as Protesters CLASH with Police at Parliament
02/02 10:29:16 New Study on Ivermectin 'Should Convince Any Naysayer'- Dr. Pierre Kory Ed: 🔎 We'd like to see a study that shows its result when take AFTER someone contracts Covid.
02/01 11:16:12 Boy refused heart surgery due to unvaxxed parents --RT World News Ed: ⭐ Any last vestige of hope I had that a majority of hospital doctors and surgeons are sentient, caring and intelligent, capable of independent thought, just flew out the window. They should be jailed for failing their Hippocratic oath.
01/31 16:28:35 PM Boris in hot water as Partygate report is published - Daily Mail Ed: 🤔⭐ Media is missing something here. At worst part of lockdown, he parties 4x in parliament halls. Did he know Covid was a SCAM? For most of us, it was "scary". Who else washed their groceries as we were told Covid stayed alive on surfaces for up to a fortnight? Who else watched death rates spiral and could recount close friends who were really ill? The haunting images of people struggling for one last breath in oxygen tents? There were some who would never see relatives again as you couldn't visit a hospital. And yet visibly overweight Boris, an at risk person running a nuclear armed country, was having a laugh and a knees up! WHAT DID HE KNOW??
01/30 11:39:58 Hal Turner Radio Show - Canadian Prime Minister FLEES Capital City as Freedom Convoy of Truckers Arrives for COVID-VAX Protes U;L⭐ Great comment: TheFishhv224 minutes ago Trudy is a stinking, pathetic coward. Can't face criticism and cannot own up to his own mistakes. Look at what he has reduced himself to: hiding away from constituents. He's going away come the next elections.
01/26 08:46:19 Scientists Who Promoted Natural Origin Narrative Received Over $50 Million From Fauci's NIAID Since Start of Pandemic - Truth Ed: 💰 How is Fauci still a free man?
01/25 15:03:37 Pfizer Board Member Suggests End to Mask, Vaccine Mandates Ed: ⭐ As more doctors rise up, and as the major DC rally (22nd?) recently further propelled their dark secrets into the open, Pfizer joins a long list of evil doers that are feeling a tingle in their neck realizing their fraud is EXPOSED. The law will be changed and the NOOSE is coming for you a'holes.
01/25 11:38:40 Proposed bill aims to remove important exemption from vaccine mandate --RT World News Ed: Meanwhile, now many are backing away from pandemic hysteria, California's leftard socialist swivel eyed goons are still insisting on pointlessly poisoning children. Don't forget if you are protesting against this insanity, take placards with the words "How's your Neck? We will change the law so you will HANG". That seems to strike a nerve..
01/24 02:56:07 Thousands of anti-vaccine mandate protesters descend on DC (VIDEOS) --RT World News
01/23 15:33:20 The narrative is collapsing. The handling of Covid has been a catastrophic moral crime. Ed: ⭐ We are winning the information war.
01/22 21:44:28 Withholding vaccine safety data 'morally indefensible,' medical journal says --RT World News
01/22 14:29:15 -I'm Over COVID, What the F--k Is the Use of Boosters-- - Bill Maher Goes Off on Medical Establishment, Experimental Vaccines Ed: ⭐k Is the Use of Boosters - Bill Maher Goes Off on Medical Establishment, Experimental Vaccines -- Yep
01/22 14:10:16 Lab monkeys on the loose present potential infection risk --RT World News U;L☠ Will this be the source(as an excuse) for the next Bio Nuke on the US? We doubt it, but pays to watch. More info from Hal HERE on 23rd.
01/21 14:25:42 Wife Stands Off With Hospital to Keep Her Husband Alive, and Wins U;L⭐ Hospital was going to turn off ventilator. Man transferred elsewhere and now responsive but has some way to go. "The hospital was following a rigid late-treatment COVID protocol that has "very likely killed many people," Holsten said.". See also "'Doctors cannot question the federal government. That's how health care works in the United States right now"
01/20 11:11:19 Researcher Calls Out Censorship After Journal Pulls COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Analysis Ed: The scale of cover up by the "evil authorities" is through the roof.. " VAERS ... over a million reports, including more than 21,000 deaths. Other notable issues include over 11,000 heart attacks, nearly 13,000 cases of Bell's palsy, and over 25,000 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis.". Bring the gallows back into law and HANG them.
01/19 13:00:32 Video- Tory MP accuses scientific covid modelling of 'manipulating fear' - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🎥 The truth is emerging from every crevice now. Bring back the Gallows (by law) and start with HANGING the bastards, especially Australian fascists.
01/18 04:48:26 Pfizer Booster Listed As Cause of Death in 26-Year-Old's Autopsy, Death Certificate After Work-Mandated Jab - American Faith
01/17 17:05:26 In 2017 scientist crossed HIV WITH BIRD FLU Ed: ☠ And HIV with the Common Cold into what is called Chimera viruses. More evidence in the timeline..
01/17 17:01:16 Dr. Fauci Will Be Put Under Investigation, Jordan Says If GOP Wins House in November - Conservative Brief
01/17 13:21:09 Dr Cover-Up- Tedros Adhanom's Controversial Journey To The WHO --OpEd --Eurasia Review 🔴⭐"Gates bribes WHO to inject billions with own vax" - our own allegoric headline to highlight the dodgy relationships between Tedros and Gates. We analyse this in todays post on Yellings.

See link below for Dr Cover-Up: Tedros Adhanom's Controversial Journey To The WHO - It's a windy article, but the link should take you straight to a highlighted passage about "human rights abuses".,local%20Amhara%20villagers.
01/17 12:41:38 WHO Recommends 2 New Drugs as COVID-19 Treatments from commentor hotsocks42 "Gates is the largest Private Donor at WHO. He's also said Vaccines are 20 to 1 return. He owns 55Million in Pfizer stock. Him and Fauci are calling the shots.". He also owns Moderna outright. Nothing to see here. Move on. No, there's no bribery or massive conflict of interest here at all. Having stock in your competition as well doesn't constitute collusion to defraud at all. Headline should read: "Near Richest man in world bribes WHO to inject billions with his own vax".
01/17 12:37:59 After 28 Days on Ventilator, Family Loses Legal Battle to Try Ivermectin, Other Alternative Treatments, for Dying Father from Epoch Comment: mitch_ziegler "Government single payer healthcare folks! The government agencies are telling the hospitals what they can and can't treat with or they don't get paid and may face punishment. That's why hospitals refuse to try anything different."
01/15 00:51:03 'Pharma Bro' CEO ordered to pay $64 million, barred from industry --RT World News Ed: ⭐ Wow - Real Justice❓ This is the face of a fully certified demonic creep. We urge you not to fantasise about your baseball bat fitting neatly into the fissures of his head, assuming the law is changed to make such a thing legal of course.
01/13 19:10:04 -Premeditated Manslaughter of Millions of People Coordinated at the Highest Levels- - Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone Respond to Pr Ed: 🏮 More on the big reveal - Covid origins and Ivermectin cures CONCEALED.
01/13 01:11:02 Repeat COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Trigger Regulator Warning About Immune-System Risks
01/12 23:41:47 Dr Shankara Chetty- 'Spike protein is poison to kill billions globally, without anyone noticing' - America's Frontline Doctor Ed: ☠ Definitely worth a listen. We've heard this extreme prognosis many times. Don't overreact...
01/12 15:33:06 Here's the Proof that Ivermectin Cures Covid and How to Get It - The Most Revolutionary Act U;L🔎 Worth keeping a note of this. Note that despite it being banned in the West, even Fauci's NIH says it works HERE.
01/12 10:56:32 Hal - Documents in TOP SECRET Folder at DARPA Prove Ivermectin etc CURES COVID Ed: 👇 Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Interferon "Curative" of COVID-19. We revealed yesterday from a number of sources, mainly Project Veritas, but this has the screenshots in a more digestible way. US, your defense is your ENEMY!
01/11 22:22:10 WHO experts criticize 'repeated booster' strategy --RT World News Ed: 🔎 Wow! We are 100% in agreement with Dr WHO.. Who New?
01/11 20:56:16 New documents allege Fauci funded gain-of-function research in China --RT World News
01/11 20:50:06 New FOIA by US Right to Know Reveals Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Attempted to Hide Their role in Covid
01/11 13:45:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - VACCINE DEATH-!-!- PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - -SEVERE DYSFUNCTION OF IMMUNE SYSTEM- U;L🏮 Story with same facts repeated - EU Parliament president dead at 65 - RT World News
01/11 13:25:01 COVID-19 Vaccines Induce Lower Antibodies Against Omicron Variant- Study Ed: 👇 So the AZ actually NEUTRALIZES existing natural immunity and makes us MORE susceptible to Omicron!! This is an older article, but more relevant now!! Essentially, we have been concerned that the vax is DAMAGING our immune systems and pre-existing immunity .. and here is the proof of it.
01/11 13:23:42 Prime Age Mortality up 40 Percent, Majority of Deaths Not From COVID-19
01/11 12:33:03 Pfizer's Clinical Trial data strongly indicates their Covid-19 Vaccine causes the recipient to develop AIDs 🏮 Well researched. Be aware this is not really the same as sexual AIDs, but really just a noticeable reduction in immune system function. NOTE: Like us, this press has been censored and defunded. Do help them and thank them for their diligent research.
01/11 11:45:43 Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath Ed: ‼ Thanks Project Veritas! Let this be the final say in the matter! This has been known and proven through several steps and yet it seems to bounce back as a non-truth due to some perception there is a lack of proof. Well, now there is a mountain of proof. The only thing that remains is to determine if it was done deliberately to kill Americans. Torture is never an option so I don't know if we will ever know.
01/09 22:15:34 Alternate drugs! Ed: ⭐ Suppressed leading to millions of deaths!!
01/09 04:37:21 German MEP on Covid jabs - Telegram Ed: 🎯 Once again, our favorite European politician (MEP), Christine Anderson, hits the bullseye. One of the great truthers whose anti-fascist video we have featured for a month atop our website. Checkout her seminal video!
01/08 20:12:53 NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won't get jabbed - YouTube Ed: ☠ Says natural immunity better. In reply, Health Sec says "Well, we take the very best advice from vaccine experts". Yes, experts who are Big Pharma employees. This is the point when blindness becomes ignorance and eventually bigotry. Either that or Savid Jab-it (real name Savid Javid) is simply a bio warfare criminal. But we suspect he is just thick.
01/08 19:26:41 Trump, Fauci, the swamp Ed: ⭐ Trump wanted to hold a presidential commission to question Fauci about his funding of the Wuhan lab
01/07 13:19:07 As a doctor, I fear our Covid strategy has put young people's long-term health at risk --RT Op-ed Ed: ☠ Keep in mind this is from Russia's RT which have both been pro vaccine (which I among others have oft questioned). Extract "it's important to recognize the potential risks that governments have unwittingly presented to their populations, especially among young people in good health. Myocarditis and pericarditis - inflammation of heart tissue - have been known complications of mRNA vaccines since the therapies' emergence, even prompting some countries to temporarily pull some from the market... .. authorities have known that Covid-19 is a disease that primarily endangers the elderly, the obese, and the chronically ill. Why has there been such an effort expended to convince the young, fit, and healthy that they must take the same preventative precautions..?"
01/07 13:07:38 Judge rules FDA can't keep vaccine docs secret 'until 2096' --RT World News Ed: 🎬 The Judge "accepted an earlier proposal from the FDA for an initial publication of some 12,000 pages by the end of this month". That alone should be interesting.
01/04 22:23:46 -YOU CREATED THE V!RUS- Irritated Rand Paul SHREDS Dr. Fauci In Congress -NEW- - YouTube Ed: ☠ Senator Dr Rand Paul tearing Fauci a new one. Sadly, Dr Paul needs to shut up and not interrupt. But he certainly has the poison dwarf on the ropes. This is a must watch and is further evidence as to how Fuci created, then gave a bioweapon to "the enemy", China.
01/03 20:59:07 Who is Dr Robert Malone(QM) The tangled history of mRNA vaccines Ed: ❓ This is a neutral if not negative article about Malone's claim to have invented the Covid Vaccine. This has of course become pivotal in credibility of the debate about the Covid vax as Malone has criticised it's use in certain spheres, such as youth. Despite it's sometimes negative view of Malone, this highly informative article actually points strongly to a body of evidence that he was highly involved. Of course there were others. That is not the point - Malone came forward.
01/03 19:43:13 Hal - CDC Rule CONFIRMS- SARS-CoV-2 is -Chimeric Virus- made by joining two viruses together, so is man made 🎯 Just in case you don't feel we have enough evidence already that this was man made. Hal is a little behind here because we also have Fauci himself admitting he made the basics for it, then shipped it off to Wuhan for further refinement. Ps: We have checked the links and the story is accurate.
01/03 17:19:55 Covid Tested positive for Common Cold Ed: 🤔 So Covid Test was positive for the Common Cold? WTF?
01/02 21:44:49 Dr. Robert Malone On Mass Formation Psychosis- How Is A Third Of The Population Being Hypnotized- - Video - RealClearPolitics 🎯MFP first mentioned at 06:20 in the video hereunder. Why are Fauci and MSM believed? 08:20 MFP explained.
01/02 13:28:21 Dr. Peter McCullough- Vaccine Mandates Should Be Repealed
01/01 11:15:28 500K deaths in US from blockade of early treatment @kagbabe Ed: ☠ Someone is going to the gallows! Happy New Year Gates, Fauci, your number is up!
12/30 12:35:33 JUST IN- Twitter PERMANENTLY Suspends mRNA Vaccine Inventor Dr. Robert Malone After Tweeting About the mRNA Vaccines - The Da Ed: ⭐ So the inventor obviously thought it a good idea but now he expresses doubts about the way it is used, he is banned. What possible Grounds could Twisted Twitter have? Pure evil.
12/28 21:06:32 Pediatric COVID-19 case rates, hospitalizations 'on fire' amid nation's latest surge - ABC News Ed: 🥳 Do you too feel frustration as to how this twisted midget, Dr Mengele LIAR Fauci, has not yet been apprehended, if not by the corrupted judicial system, then by natural law? Good god, the idea of their being a flood of hospitalizations among children is more fantastic than Mickey, the Sorcerers Apprentice, riding an out of control broom... And yet they keep saying shit so brazenly, people are sucking it up.
12/27 13:23:25 No Supply Issues With Ivermectin- Pharmaceutical Supplying PRINCIPLE Oxford Trial Truth is deep down in the article here "Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the messenger RNA vaccine technology, says that it is unlikely there is a shortage of ivermectin, alleging the Oxford University team was either lying or incompetent." -- Is this a conflict of interest? Oxford made AZ (AstraZeneca). Are they in the Cabal as well? This casts a LONG shadow over the credibility of AZ too.
12/26 15:22:29 Three vaccinated professional football players died of heart attacks in the last 5 days U;L🔎 As repeated in full here. Gaslighting on this subject here. Ps: We don't know these folks we vaxed, but basically they have to be to travel internationally.
12/23 20:08:44 New Zealand Health Authorities Link Death of 26-Year-Old Man Who Suffered Myocarditis to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
12/23 18:52:58 Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing - Columnists - Ed: 🏮 Is there light appearing at the end of the tunnel??
12/21 12:30:45 'Supply Issues' Pause UK Ivermectin Trial as Merck Lands $2.2B US Contract for New Drug - UncoverDC U;L♦ Spot the obvious criminal conflict of interest -- Merck owns Ivermectin, Merck sells expensive jabs, Merck withhold Ivermectin. This was the original fanfare with which the trial started, and this is UK Gov policy to withhold Ivermectin by making doctors culpable.
12/20 14:39:14 Dr. Noack renowned Austrian chemist, dead hours after speaking out about vaccine danger Ed: ⚠ Horrible. Arrested & beaten to death directly after video released. Warning - the video will make you squeamish! (Not the beating but the vaccine details). WARNING! USE DISCERNMENT. We've heard that the spikes in the spike protein causes capillary damage, and now Dr Noack is saying it's the carbon nanoparticles. He says it causes internal bleeding in athletes, but we have all heard they get blood clots and heart attacks. Dr Noack's testimony does not add up to me. I also urge you to know that earlier variants of Covid ARE deadly - I have first hand evidence of this from friends who caught it. It is a bioweapon and it was never meant to be mild, albeit we think Omicron IS mild. Use your judgement.
12/20 00:06:40 Emails reveal Fauci's effort to 'smear' anti-lockdown scientists --RT USA News ⭐"Fauci in October 2020 to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) - a statement that proposes working towards achieving herd immunity through "focused protection" of the most vulnerable."
12/19 15:27:45 Robert Kennedy Jr. on The War Room- US Intelligence Agencies and Military Were Involved With The Wuhan Lab Research (VIDEO)
12/17 12:48:07 Heart inflammation cases confirmed in kids after Pfizer jabs --RT USA News Ed: 🔺 CDC said it had received 14 reports of myocarditis among children aged 5-11 .. just BONKERS!
12/16 15:15:54 CDC Vaccine Advisory Panel to Meet on Severe Condition Linked to J&J's COVID-19 Vaccine
12/16 10:39:36 Twitter Bans Claim that Vaccinated Can Spread Coronavirus Ed: ☠ Evil on several fronts - it proves their agenda to get everyone vaxed, it endangers those that cannot be vaxed, it prevents herd immunity, and of course it is a massive LIE.
12/14 03:29:10 'Hospital death camps'- Attorney says COVID patients are trapped and receiving harmful treatments - LifeSite U;L♦ Qt: Patients may be whisked off into ICU "where they are oftentimes deprived of nutrition [and] given a cocktail of drugs, including Remdesivir that shuts down their kidneys" .. See our study of the Remdesivir poison HERE
12/13 18:46:52 Hal Turner Radio Show - CANADA- Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID Tyranny
12/13 10:42:20 Doctor Says He Was Fired for Trying to Treat COVID-19 Patients With Ivermectin Ed: ☠"after taking several COVID-19 patients off Remdesivir, which is approved by the FDA to treat the virus". Remdesivir was reported to be designed for Ebola but did not get past trial as it killed so many animals & patients. It is said to cause irreversible organ damage within 2 weeks. This is evil Fauci again.
12/09 20:13:27 Top Five Reasons the Pandemic Originated From the Wuhan Lab - Truth Over News Ed: 🤔 Once again, Epoch doing an EXCELLENT job.
12/09 19:21:05 Could Boosters Backfire---r. Paul Alexander on Booster Shots, Natural Immunity, and the Failures of Lockdowns - PART 1 Another measured intellectual telling us vaccines have problems. Specifically (abridged) - Studies show that vaccinated people can have huge viral loads asymptomatically and thus be super spreaders. He reveals 20,000 have died within 7 days of the vaccine - in the US alone!(25:48). He also explains at 30:44 that variations become less toxic and more transmissive. Great reporting by Epoch
12/09 18:02:32 Hal - CLAIM- ROTHSCHILD SPEAKS! Covid -vaccines- are a means to reduce humanity to equality Ed: 📽 Chances are Rothschild did not write that (or if he did, he was using plausible deniability, which comes to the same thing - we will never know). However, there is a 99.999% chance SOMEONE is saying that. In isolation that postulate may attract ridicule, but you only need to review the evidence we have on our site to confirm it is the only postulate that fits. We are in a movie - and it isn't set to end well.
12/09 14:14:07 Ron Johnson Rips Fauci, explains Covid deceit, failings, Pharma Hubris Ed: ♦ This speech has it all, even including the evolution of Covid to a safer more transmissible disease. Powerfully simplified, factually coherent(If Senator Ron's drawl drives you mad too, up the speed by pressing shift+>)
12/09 12:08:59 Hal Turner Radio Show - Pilot Deaths Up 1700% after Vax Mandates Ed: ☠ This is simply murder. 109 deaths in 2021, 6 in 2020, 1 in 2019. This is because Big Pharma have LIED through their teeth, preventing use of alternatives, stopped herd immunity and, because the vax does not work, a vaxed pilot is actually more able to fan the disease (as they get it asymptomatically) than an unvaxed one.
12/09 01:07:19 Dr. Harvey Risch- Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Other Therapeutics Highly Effective in Early COVID Treatment Ed: 🎯 This is a Must Watch .. even though it is long, it spells out the deliberate misinformation, killing millions over the denial of hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin ..
12/08 17:18:44 FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data Ed: ⚠ They need vaccinating .. with an AK47 (after firing squads have been legally brought back in of course). They are being very selfish to avoid the lead vaccine. But seriously, such brazen LIARS!
12/07 14:31:40 A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats- Scott Atlas's Masterpiece on the COVID Disaster Ed: 🏮 Even if the article is an Ad for a book, it is well worth a read.
12/06 20:37:44 "Hang On..Big Pharma Are Doing WHAT Now-" That's CRIMINAL - YouTube Ed: ☠ Fraud survives because of Fraud. There are no words.. Seriously disturbing!
12/05 23:54:32 Senator Ron Johnson Says Many Americans Died From Covid Because Fauci 'Sabotaged Early Treatment Using Cheap, Available, Gene Ed: 🎯 Lets not also forget he made hospital policy to administer Remdesivir which failed safety tests for Ebola and causes organ failure within 2 weeks. But this is missing the point. The US is gripped by a Cabal that doesn't give a toss.
12/04 20:38:10 'What's happening-' Football faces questions over series of player collapses --RT Sport News Ed: ⭐ Of course there is a link. This one quote makes me extremely angry -
A specialist at a UK University said it was "totally irresponsible to make these unsubstantiated comments, as opposed to getting them properly dealt with". I imagine it would be totally irresponsible to bring back firing squads and death penalty laws so we can blow the puss out of LIARS heads with some lead vaccines too. What a retarded prick...
12/04 14:27:56 German Dr Commits Suicide COVID Vaccine Is a Genocide - STESS News U;L🏮 Dr Thomas Jendges, Head of Clinic, claims Vaccine Is a Genocide. We have no idea if this is a credible source, but another source HERE picked this up and included a YT video that was removed which gives it credibility. In a time when you cannot trust any news, this is about as good as it gets
11/27 23:11:06 National Institutes of Health Funding Connected to Chinese Military and Organ Harvesting Ed: 🤔 Fauci's NIH did "this" and funded "that"... Many claims in this article, but you will need to don your sleuth's hat to unravel the connections that apparently prove this to be true. The facts seem to be there with grant references etc, so one assumes this is entirely on point - but difficult to discern on the face of it. If true, (and why wouldn't it be), this is a significant revelation! Fauci is a CCP Shill!!!
11/26 20:30:48 Gibraltar, vaccine failure - YouTube 🔎 Same article as last post, but at 16:45 a different point is made "professor dame Sarah gilbert (one of the leading developers of course of the um oxford AstraZeneca vaccine) actually thinks the jobs may not be necessary - but uh that's not government policy" - ??Gibraltar, vaccine failure -- Same article as last post, but at 16:45 a different point is made "professor dame Sarah gilbert (one of the leading developers of course of the um oxford AstraZeneca vaccine) actually thinks the jobs may not be necessary - but uh that's not government policy" - WHAT??? If the person that MADE the world's most successful vax actually does not recommend further vaxing, why? It seems government policy, everywhere, is to pump money into Pharma Fascism.
11/26 14:46:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021 Ed: ☠ We've run other articles in our timeline about this as well, but here Hal has the actual stats.
11/26 12:10:01 American government poised to unleash "Angel of Death" smallpox bioweapon to create perpetual crisis Ed: 🎯 A conjectured article from shock jock Mike Adams, but conjecture is good when trying to see what the Big Mengele Pharma under Fauci is about to do next. A lot of dots get joined here - SP vials found, Feds buying SP vax & SP treatments, Gates warning about an SP'demic.
11/25 16:55:09 -A CRAZY MESS-!! Pfizer Whistleblower SLAMS Vaccine Trials - YouTube Ed: Russel Brand makes light of toxic health corporations. Big Pharma has gone full swivel eyed Mengele. Disband the lot of them.
11/25 01:37:25 Norfolk Doctor Filed Lawsuit Against Hospital on Ban of Life-Saving Ivermectin as Treatment for COVID-19 - Judge Denies Docto
11/20 13:56:55 European Medicines Agency Data Shows 1,163,356 Adverse Reactions and 30,551 Fatalities by COVID Vaccines Ed: 🔴 That IS a lot. We live in a time of political depravity.
11/18 01:12:30 Hal - FBI Investigating Smallpox Vials at Philadelphia Lab; just weeks after Bill Gates warned
11/17 00:23:16 Debunking the BBC debunk of ivermectin - YouTube Ed: 🤔Old but worthy of note
11/16 15:14:55 Hal - Michigan Uni Flu Outbreak Signals First Wave of COVID-VAX-INDUCED Immune System Failure Ed: ☠ Some good points - details unverified as yet.
11/15 10:52:27 Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies - The New York Times U;L💰 It's all about the money.. Ron HERE says "Pfizer's business model is [to lie]. Criminal fines are written off as operating expenses when they represent less than 1% of revenue". Nb: An Old Article is about Neurontin, but Ron draws conclusion about Vax "of 21 studies.. 5 were positive and 16 negative, meaning they did not prove the drug was effective".
11/14 22:02:53 "Hang On..Fast Food Does WHAT Now-!" This Is SHOCKING - YouTube Brand: Go to 6:11 - "A cluster fcuk curry of corruption" - referring to how the food industry lobbies (aka Bribes) people, from FDA to bureaucrats, who should be regulating food standards. Ps: Video leading up to 5:43 is a tad slow but certainly warms up at that point.
11/12 13:58:30 kagbabe on Gates - Vax not working! Ed: How many times does China Joe need to hear it?
11/12 12:39:08 Cardiologist Who Said He 'Won't Cry at Funeral' For -Selfish- Unvaccinated Dies in His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd jab
11/10 05:00:16 Hal - Cardiologist tells non-vaxxed "I won't cry at your funeral," dead 2 weeks after 3rd Jab Ed: 🏮 Ignorant inability to think logically is not confined to class or education.
11/09 10:51:07 Hal Turner - California Governor Newsome Reportedly Suffering -Severe- Side-Effects of 2nd Jab 🔎 Hal has no proof, but does a great analysis of the probable causes and the jab history leading up to it. Weird Tweet Here by sidekick is only fueling rumors(even on twitted). Hal's article HERE.
11/08 14:41:28 'Propaganda'- Experts rip CDC study claiming vax offers stronger protection than natural immunity - Just The News Ed: ♦"The new study contradicts a much larger Israeli study this summer" - LIARS. This should have the liars go to jail ... and for any vax hesitant folk, this is all you need to know.
11/07 12:04:15 EXPLOSIVE REPORT ON SCIENTIFIC TREASON- U.S. Traitors, Driven by Greed, are Betting on the Success of China Ed: 🔎 Very revealing.
11/05 12:11:25 Covid-19- Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial - The BMJ U;L🎯 Thanks to Hal (his story here) for bringing this to our attention! (we deferred to the original as it carries more gravitas)
11/04 04:55:34 PURE EVIL- Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They'll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab (VIDEO)
11/03 13:45:49 Whistleblower exposes multiple issues with Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine trial --RT USA News U;L⚡See also CDC approves Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 and Pfizer admits to using aborted fetal tissue in developing its vaccines.
11/02 04:55:34 How Fauci Fooled America - Opinion Ed: ❓"We have known about natural immunity from disease at least since the Athenian Plague in 430 BC. Pilots, truckers and longshoremen know about it, and nurses know it better than anyone. Under Fauci's mandates, hospitals are firing heroic nurses who recovered from COVID they contracted while caring for patients. With their superior immunity, they can safely care for the oldest and frailest patients with even lower transmission risk than the vaccinated."
11/01 14:16:13 Kyle's vaccine complication - YouTube Ed: 🏮 WTF have these evil bastards been pumping into us? Pericarditis after vaccination. 1st hospital LIED to him and sent him to a psychologist.
11/01 13:48:55 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations - Global Ed: ⚡ " data generated in the development of coronavirus vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies show that they may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and Th2 immunopathology, regardless of the vaccine platform and delivery method" Seems Gates and Fauci going to jail then.
11/01 12:04:38 FDA Authorizes Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use in Children Aged 5 to 11 Ed: 🔴Where is the emergency????? If any of them die as a result, this is MURDER!
11/01 11:53:58 Recordings Reveal Lockstep COVID-19 Protocols, Patient Isolation by Hospitals Ed: 🔴 "Violations of human rights", isolation from relatives, forced infusion of dangerous Remdesivir (Fauci backed, expensive, damages kidney and liver - kills in about 2 weeks - src - Dr Ardis. EVIL!
11/01 11:21:44 Err..REALLY-- How Dishonest Can Big Pharma Get-!! - YouTube Ed: 🏮 Brand again. Not his wittiest, but then he is very limited to what he can say. For example, he should have said Fauci made the virus, showed his mates inc Gates (who founded Moderna on this vax alone) then released it (oops, I mean Wuhan accidentally let it go). So Gates and Fauci are crooks and killers we allege.
10/23 21:45:06 NIH Silently REMOVES -Gain of Function- from Website After Report Confirms Directors Fauci and Collins LIED to Congress About Ed: 🏮 More evidence.So once again, They lie, They rebuff, no one does anything about it, they continue. When will those who CAN act, ACT??
10/23 21:15:41 Newly Released Documents Show NIH Funded Gain-of-Function Research in China- Experts Ed: 🏮 We can't get enough of this evidence... Why isn't Fauci in jail??
10/22 18:14:08 Fauci critics say NIH letter debunks 'gain of function' denial - Washington Examiner
10/21 18:44:41 Hal - CAUGHT- NIH -Pull- Report PROVING Covid-vaccines KILLING Kids via Myocarditis Ed: ⚠ Well noticed Mr T. Watch this one .. will they return the article?
10/21 16:35:53 Nebraska AG Says Doctors Can Legally Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ for COVID, Calls Out FDA, CDC, Fauci, Media for 'Fueling Confu Ed: 🔎 Fauci Lied, People Died.
10/20 15:31:53 Remdesivir is POISON -with Dr Ardis 🔴 Remdesivir is a POISON. MUST WATCH! Fauci is a LIAR (again). Fauci has instructed US Hosp "protocol" to not use the normals, but to use Remdesivir which gives kidney and liver failure. They then pump you full of water in ICU and as your kidneys have failed, the water stays in your lungs, and then they can say "look, Covid pneumonia". The 3 drugs that Dr approves of at 17:59 -- I think I heard Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Budecimide(?)
10/18 19:05:29 Uh Oh...The Wuhan Lab-Leak Debate Just Got EVEN MESSIER!!! - YouTube Ed: 🏮 Brand again!
10/13 09:28:57 Hal - How Did Astra-Zeneca Manufacture Covid Vaccine in 2018 Before the Disease Was Even Discovered or Named
We see two possibilities here..
1• An error in the packaging (these vax's have a short shelf life, so there would be no point in making them 2 years early).
2• It is well known Fauci did Gain Of Function experiments years ago on what he considered might be the next pandemic virus so he could infect human cells and then test a vaccine on it - ie: be prepared.
• On 2, It was deeply immoral with huge conflict of interest and vast risks - and the release was either intentional(we know Xi's PLA knew all about it's existence) or negligence on a scale of mass murder, but we mustn't kid ourselves that the virus did not exist before 2020.
10/12 02:34:34 FAUCI'S EVIL- Heartless Doctor's Policies Replicated Globally Cause 10,000 Children Deaths per Month - Drove 97 Million into Ed: 🤔Dr Mengle?
10/12 02:20:40 Critics love Fauci's new documentary, but audience HATE it & accuse Rotten Tomatoes of trying to 'hide' low score --RT USA Ne Ed: ❓ Rotten Tomatoes has been a suspect of lying distortion for a long time - NOW CONFIRMED LIARS!
10/08 15:33:03 US and Chinese scientists were planning to create a brand new coronavirus, leaked proposals show - Daily Mail Online 🔎 In 2018.. We already know this just by the substantial body of evidence on this site alone. Fauci basically admitted it. But this is more evidence. Qt: "such work could explain why a close ancestor for Covid-19 has yet to be found in nature"
10/05 11:24:24 Francis Collins to step down as NIH director - POLITICO 🏮 To quote KAGBABE on telegram [05.10.21 04:11]%0ABREAKING: Disgraced NIH Director Francis Collins to resign tomorrow amid Wuhan gain-of-function funding scandal (Politico, Fox News)
10/04 10:57:15 @RonWatkinss Ed: We need a LOT MORE of this to happen!
10/03 10:49:55 Former Oz MP Says Pfizer and AstraZeneca Paid Lobbyists to Direct Australia's Leaders to Push Vaccine Ed: 🏮WTF? Who the fut is running Oz? This is of course rife around the globe - Democracy is ruined and Trump, the man who was to drain the swamp, got ejected. (Fut means broken BTW)
09/27 02:20:29 Follow the money - Vandalia School board meeting September 20, 2021.mp4 Ed: 🤔☠ How to face down school board mask / vax corruption. Smoking!
09/23 09:18:51 Wuhan Lab Wanted to Genetically Enhance Bat Viruses to Study Human Risks, Documents Show Ed: 🏮 This "in the name of science" narrative was their excuse all the way through .. Of course this excuse is why Fauci is still there. It's a bit like "Oh we only wanted to see how we could be better prepared for the next pandemic", (so we made one). It is well known that Fauci tipped off Gates with what he was doing and so Gates started Moderna.
09/18 00:37:15 Inquiry launched into European Commission chief's refusal to hand over text messages she exchanged with Pfizer CEO --RT Worl Ed: 🔺 Of course this raises questions, but given that the NSA, GCHQ and undoubtedly many other agencies have records, why rely on records within a lump of solder and plastic in someone's pocket? This sounds CONTRIVED .. "Oh, I lost them!" => "Never mind, we will scold you publicly them lets forget about it eh?".. That's convenient!
09/17 20:18:48 Why didn't doctors listen to women about the link between Covid vaccines and periods- Because doctors these days are bigoted autistic savant socialists who can cram but cannot add 2+2.. but they are arrogant and they have created an education system / class structure that only lets their kind in. Jobs for the retarded? Speaking as a person that was told "if you don't come and get your blood test, we stop your meds"! Ie: they'd hold back essential drugs I have already paid for to force me to conform. Wow I felt so looked after... We are all waking up to this crap.
09/08 15:33:46 Hal Turner Radio Show - Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin; Says Ordering Withdrawal of Medicine KILLE Ed: 💥Big! Imagine what they will do to Dorsey who may've killed a 100,000 Americans with his Negligent decision to defy Common SENSE. If we could all see that Ivermectin was safe and prescribed to millions already, why would he even stop people discussing it? One reason - in Fauci/Gates pocket. Killing people for greed.
09/08 08:58:42 Senator Rand Paul & top Republicans demand Fauci's firing after new docs indicate his agency funded risky Covid studies in Ch Ed: 🏮The scale of fraud and malfeasance is just jaw dropping .. can we now agree Covid was NOT a freak of nature? It was much more likely a bio weapon? Or will the MSM soil the truth again by going back to the Bat mantra?
09/05 20:33:04 The Government and CDC Are Lying About COVID-19 Vaccine and Ivermectin; The Question Is Why- Ed: 🏮This excellent article sums up the duplicity and hypocrisy beautifully but actually fails to answer its own question. So we will answer it - BIG PHARMA. The Cabal is infested with incestuous ties between Media, CDC, Gov, Law - it's all a stitch up.
08/09 09:24:01 Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1-day - The Jerusalem Post Ed: 🔎See #67/ - today's analysis.
08/08 20:03:08 MASSIVE- WORLD RENOWNED DOCTOR BLOWS LID OFF OF COVID VACCINE Ed: 💥⚡See also last in timeline. We are seeing hundreds of Drs warning us.
08/08 20:01:43 Israel's Top Respiratory Doctor Blows Whistle on Vaccine Effectiveness Ed: ⚡See also next in timeline
07/29 13:14:47 Pharma firm Advanz fined after thyroid drug price hike of 6,000% - This is Money Ed: ⚡Big Pharma thyroid drug tyranny - 6,000% price rise. Someone please put the name of all active directors of Advanz on the ledger. We need to bring back firing squads.
07/25 19:24:55 How Corruption is Killing Mankind Ed: ⚖I, Ed, was attracted to the simple honesty of this headline. Ultimately, it is people acting corruptly, commonly aiming at the opposite goal to the aspirations of their office .. the evil some people do is just off the scale. As for the video? Hmm.. drink coffee. Yu may get through it without oxygen.
07/25 09:36:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - COVID VAX- U.S. Supreme Court Case - "new and useful . . . composition of matter," Can Be Patented . Ed: 🏮U.S. Supreme Court Case - "new and useful . . . composition of matter". Patent system has been abused for decades. No logic in law anymore. It was supposed to be the copyright of a process, so as to allow other people to see and understand that process, so as to protect and encourage investment. It does give ownership of a product regardless of how it was made.
07/21 16:34:18 LIAR FAUCI BUSTED- 2018 Video Shows Dr. Fauci REINSTATING Gain-of-Function Research at NIH - Defending Its Use Ed: 🎯What a fool.
07/21 11:57:47 FIREWORKS! Senator Rand Paul Rips Arrogant Fauci- -There Will be Responsibility For Those Who Funded the Lab, Including Yours Ed: ⚡💥"There Will be Responsibility For Those Who Funded the Lab, Including Yourself"
07/21 11:53:36 Is US Big Pharma getting away with murder- RT's Boom Bust investigates --RT Business News Ed: ❓♦RT's Boom Bust investigates
07/21 00:46:05 Slipup- Fauci Calls Original Covid-19 Variants the 'Prototype' Viruses Ed: 🎯more proof of bioweaponry ..
07/20 19:53:04 Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company
07/20 16:31:00 That's retarded! - Gab Social
07/19 19:28:06 Chaos Erupts After Nationals Park Shooting
07/19 18:59:48 George Soros & Bill Gates lead buyout of UK Covid testing company --RT Business News
07/19 02:48:09 Sacha Baron Cohen- Zuckerberg Should Be 'Jailed' For 'Killing People' Through Vaccine Misinformation - Sputnik International Ed: 🔎🤔
07/09 18:57:39 WHAT-! Fauci Partnered With Moderna On Vaccine - Dr. Maria Ryan - Ep. 144 - YouTube Ed: 🏮🏮
07/08 11:29:29 Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on the Bioethics of Experimental Vaccines and the 'Ultimate Gaslighting' Ed: ⚠⚠
07/05 22:13:33 RESEARCHERS DEMAND STOPPAGE - NOW. - 3 min-
07/04 01:28:03 Sudden Shift in COVID-19 Lab Leak Narrative 'Mysterious'- Evolutionary Biologist Ed: 🔴🔴
07/03 10:40:29 LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots
06/29 19:28:59 Robert W Malone, MD on Twitter- -Yes, I have been locked out of Linked In and my account has been shut down. #censorship in t
06/29 13:42:49 The secret monopoly that controls Big Media and Big Pharma is made up of just two companies, says report - The BL
06/22 09:43:31 Ivermectin - Wikipedia
06/22 09:40:11 New Study Links Ivermectin to 'Large Reductions' in COVID-19 Deaths
06/15 11:33:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - DOCUMENTS- U.S. Gov't Sent -mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates- to University Researchers WEEKS BEFO
06/14 19:56:05 Big Pharma Owns The Corporate Media, But Americans Are Waking Up And Fighting Back - The Ring of Fire Network
06/14 18:38:02 "They're Lying To You"- If Science CAUSED COVID - what's next- - YouTube
06/13 16:20:34 Nude parties, prostitutes and pedophiles- Scandalous revelation from Bill Gates' biographer - The BL
06/13 15:55:50 WORLD EXCLUSIVE- Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab - YouTube
06/12 13:57:42 Austin Frisch on Twitter- -Unearthed video of Peter Daszak Describing 'Chinese Colleagues' Developing 'Killer' Coronaviruses.
06/11 10:25:38 Indian Bar Association Threatens to Sue WHO Chief Scientist for Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation
06/11 09:18:37 Bill Gates Rejects COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waivers as Shot-Maker India Buckles Under Second Wave - Sputnik International
06/10 22:31:10 Navarro accuses Fauci and CNN of having 'blood' on their hands after study shows effectiveness of hydroxycholorquine - Washin
06/10 17:18:07 Hydroxychloroquine with zinc could increase COVID-19 survival rates by as much as nearly 200% - Daily Mail Online
05/06 19:41:36 Dr. Fauci is Funding Gruesome University of Pittsburgh Study Skinning Scalps off of Aborted Babies and Growing them on Lab Ra
02/23 22:00:20 India Rejects Bill Gates The Great Reset - YouTube
02/23 21:11:21 Bill Gates - What you were not told - CeFlix
02/16 17:48:20 NYT- Bill Gates Repeatedly Met With Jeffrey Epstein - Velshi & Ruhle - MSNBC - YouTube
02/16 17:45:51 Bill Gates' ties with Jeffrey Epstein 'strengthened AFTER pedophile got out of prison in 2011' - Daily Mail Online
02/16 17:45:18 Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past - The New York Times
12/05 18:02:07 The UN Ignores NGO's Warnings About Mandated Vaccines --David Icke
12/05 18:01:29 Megaphone- A Modern Podcasting Platform (Mike Moore)
12/05 18:00:49 Pandemics Are Over When the Public Decides They're Over - Mises Wire
12/05 18:00:42 Why did the US justice department let Purdue off the hook for the opioid crisis- - Opioids crisis - The Guardian
12/05 17:52:09 Parler - crusade to expose the malpractices of Big Pharma
12/05 17:51:38 Medicines You Should Always Avoid In Pregnancy - A Campaign by Drugwatcher

Is Big Pharma Killing Us?

List of unexplained heart related sports deaths

This from Telegram HERE, gleaned from YT Video HERE..
Daniel Fallon, [18/11/2021 15:54]
[In reply to Man in America]
You know .... "the thing" :
33 year old pro dancer Santo Giuliano suffers heart attack 5 days after "you know the thing..."
32 year old Olympic Tennis player Joachim Gerard collapses during match with heart problems
19 year old Football player Jalen Leavey dies at campus after the game
23 year old Baseball player Daniel Brito suffers stroke during game
19 year old Football player Tirrell Williams dies following on-field collapse
21 year old Football player Okafor Kelechi dies during training
29 year old Football player Lee Moses dies during training session
15 year old Footballer Stephen Sylvester collapsed and dies during conditioning practice
18 year old Football player Emmanual Antwi dies after collapsing on the field
13 year old Football player Cajetan Chinoyelum Nsofor dies during practice
15 year old Soccer player Moira Claire Arney died during practice
Junior High School Baseball Pitcher Andrew Roseman died suddenly and unexpectedly, no further information given
17 year old Footballer Nickolas Lawrinas died suddenly and unexpectedly, cause given by media, unclear
17 year old Footballer Miquel Lugo collapsed and died during practice
16 year old Football player Devon DuHart mysteriously died in July 2021
16 year old Footballer Ivan Hicks dies of Cardiovascular Disease during Scrimmage
19 year old Footballer Joe Bradshaw dies mysteriously off campus, not conclusion of death
16 year old Football player Drake Geiger collapses and dies during game
15 year old Football player Joshua Ivory collapses and dies during game
19 year old Football player Quandarius Wilburn collapses during practice and later dies
17 year old Football player Dimitri McKee passes out and dies after practice
28 year old Rugby play Tevita Bryce collapses during game from heart attack
29 year old Rugby player Dave Hyde collapses and dies after match
27 year old Baseball player Yusuke Kinoshita collapses and dies during practice
32 year old Champion Speed Skater Kjeld Nuis suffered Pericarditis after the "you know, the thing."
24 year old Olympic Cyclist Olivia Podmore dies suddenly and mysteriously in her room and during that week another athlete sprinter Cameron Burell also dies mysteriously
23 year old China Olympics Champion Gilbert Kwemoi collapsed in his home and died on the way to hospital
37-year-old former French professional footballer Franck Berrier dead
Germany goalkeeping coach of SV Niederpring suffers heart attack
24 years Bordeaux pro Samuel Kalu suffers cardiac arrest
25 years old Belgian soccer player Jente Van Genechten suffers cardiac arrest
31 years old Fabrice N'Sakala Besiktas Istanbul collapses on the field
29 years old Pedro Obiang Italian first division after "you know, the thing" has myocarditis
30 year old Venezuelan National Marathon Champion Alexaida Guedez dead
29 years old Jos dos Reis (Luxembourg) collapses on the field and has to be resuscitated
Germany C-League Dillenburg a player from Hirzenhain collapses, the game is canceled
16 years old Diego Ferchaud from ASPTT Caen suffers a cardiac arrest
Austria player of ASV Baden collapses on the field and has to be revived
16-year-old unnamed football player in Bergamo suffers cardiac arrest
27 years old Belgian amateur soccer player Jens De Smet dead
13-year-old soccer player from the Janus Nova club collapses on the field with cardiac arrest
17 year old soccer player Dylan Rich dies of a double heart attack during a game
Player from Birati Club Mnster suffers cardiac arrest
24 years old Lucas Surek from BFC Chemie Leipzig suffers from myocarditis
49 years old Ain / France: Frdric Lartillot succumbs to a heart attack in locker room
45 years old Andrea Astolfi, sporting director of Calcio Orsago dead with no previous illness
22 years old Abou Ali collapses with cardiac arrest during a two-tier game in Denmark
19 years old ice hockey player Sebastiaan Bos dead. Passed away suddenly and unexpectedly
40 years old A half marathon runner collapsed during the race and died a little later
Germany Anil Usta from VfB Schwelm breaks on the field with heart problems

Daniel Fallon, [18/11/2021 15:54]
[In reply to Man in America]
33 years old Dimitri Linard from FC Strasbourg collapses with heart problems
37 years old Ex-NFL professional Parys Haralson dies suddenly and unexpectedly
25 years old Kingsley Coman from FC Bayern Munich, operation on the heart after an arrhythmia
25 years old Canadian university football player Francis Perron dead shortly after a match
19 year old FC Nantes soccer player suffers cardiac arrest during training
Germany volleyball trainer Dirk Splisteser from SG Traktor Divitz collapses dead on the sidelines
Austria, 64 years old former goalkeeper Ernst Scherr dead suddenly and unexpectedly
Germany, 42 years old Alexander Siegfried dead suddenly and unexpectedly
A 17-year-old athlete from Colverde collapses while training with cardiac arrest
France, 49 years oldSC Massay player dead of heart attack during the game
Mexico, Caddy Alberto Olguin collapses on the golf course after a heart attack
29 years old Shrewsbury striker Ryan Bowman treated with defibrillator during play with extreme heart problems
Italy, 18 year old soccer player suddenly faints on the field
France, 40 years old A Saint-James player suffers a heart attack after warming up
Italy, 59 years old long-distance runner from Biella dies of heart failure during a race
Germany, Women's League match, a player collapses shortly before the end without any opposing influence
25 years German goalkeeper Lukas Bommer dies suddenly and unexpectedly
Mexico, 16 years old student Hector Manuel Mendoza dies of a heart attack while training
Brazil, 18 years old pro footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira has double heart attack and is fighting for his life
Italy, 27 years old cycling champion Gianni Moscon has to undergo an operation because of severe cardiac arrhythmias
Augsburg referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg game in Emersacker collapses with heart problems
English lineswoman Helen Byrne, heart problems has to be carried off the pitch at world cup
Germany Game abandoned due to cardiac arrest of the referee in a game of Lauber SV
Italy, 20 years old young rider suffers a heart attack
17-year-old soccer player of the JSG High Hagen has revived during game
53-year-old football coach Antonello Campus dead16 years old collapses while playing soccer and dies a little later
Germany Team leader Dietmar Gladow suffers a fatal heart attack before the game
USA a high school football player collapsed during practice and died in the hospital
Germany player collapsed during the A 2 regional league game suffered cardiac arrest
Germany 15 years old goalkeeper Bruno Stein dead
Italy, 53 years old AH footballer suffers a heart attack while training
USA, 14-year-old soccer player Ava Azzopardi collapsed on pitch, is fighting for her life in an artificial coma
France, 54 years old AH player Christophe Ramassamy died of a heart attack during a match
France, 41 years old soccer player collapsed on the field and died due to cardiac arrest
Austria, 26 years old Raphael Dwamena collapsed with severe heart problems
Germany, Hertha BSC co-trainer Selim Levent dies suddenly and unexpectedly
USA, 12 year old Jayson Kidd collapsed during basketball practice and later died
Spain, 33-year-old striker Kun Agero had to be replaced in a game due to heart problems
USA 21 year old Senior student athlete John Stokes suffers with Myocarditis
22 year old Cyclist Greg Luyssen forced to end his career after " know-....."the thing" ......due to heart problems

Daniel Fallon, [18/11/2021 15:54]
[In reply to Man in America]

Daniel Fallon, [18/11/2021 15:55]
[In reply to Man in America]