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United We Stand

As one of Scot's descent (like many including Trump) and one with great respect for the sensible majority of Scotland, I am furious that Nationalist Scots want to split a country. They claim it is now reasonable as the UK voted for Brexit, but one is splitting a trade union - Indie is splitting a country. In Spain's Catalans, when their Nat's got that carried away, Spain simply sent in the army. Instead, dopey Cameron (PM at the time, and himself of Scot's descent), allowed a vote that, unlike almost any other democratic decision, allowed only those currently residing in the region to vote.

For those unaware, they lost that vote anyway (held before Brexit), but had it been open to ex-pats as is the norm, they would have lost by a landslide. Despite this loss, they continually spoil the political scape in the UK by obstructing and extreme partisanship.

Scots Nationalists are not entitled

Fact is they are not indigenous - they are Gaels that invaded from Ireland in 500AD under king Mor. They massacred many indigenous Picts in 670AD and Celts were driven south to Wales etc. THEY HAVE NO SPECIAL RIGHT TO CLAIM THE NORTH (let alone call it a country and usurp it).

More: BC Britons were made of Picts & Celts. In the south they were joined from Angles (south Denmark), hence the Anglish which later mutated to English. The Anglish were then joined by the Romans, Saxons and Jutes. After this, Gaels (now know as Scots), came from Ireland in 500AD as described above. In the 1800s, a new wave of Irish joined. About half the more ensconced Scots moved south, whilst the remaining Scots were diluted with yet more Irish blood.

"Scots" don't belong in the north! They certainly don't get to vote what happens to it!

Dishing the dirt, it is said that Scottish Nationalists were also Nazi collaborators. I'm not sure how reasonable that charge is, but where there is smoke there is fire. See links below (specifically the twitter one).


Again, for balance, know that my (Editor's) majority Scots descent is not at odds with this. Every nation and creed has it's skeletons, but for the remaining Scots to act like victims is laughable, especially when, like the Irish (who also tend to claim victimization), are among the most successful "races" on earth having such a large influence and input into America and many other countries.

It would be hilarious if they did somehow depart. Putin sends bombers into "their" airspace frequently, and is constantly trying to expand it's water rights. The Chinese too have been arming up and talking expansionism, as well as threatening Australia. Would the Scot's Nat's fly up there on their magic kilts and scare these foreigners away by squeezing a bag of pipes made out of a sheep's bits and tortured wood? We shouldn't mock, and we should respect those who sensibly wish to stay united. But a little disrespect may be worth it to remind the unsure just how daft it is.  

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