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BREXIT - Britain Riles Liberals for Daring to leave a Trade Union

Breaking - Catty EU wipes UK's access to .EU Domain Names

This morning, 1st Jan 2021, any Briton who had planned to work with, support, trade with countries in the EU, and who had purchased and paid for an EU domain name to represent themselves in European Countries, suddenly and summarily found all their .eu services had vanished. Emails, content held on line, web site data, completely severed and lost forever.

In a meeting with the team that runs yellings.com, we strove hard to find how that act benefits anyone, and we could find no reason whatsoever except this was a spiteful act designed to further alienate and punish Britons. Here's the facts..
  1. The EU were offering this as a "paid for" service
  2. Only pro EU individuals and businesses would have purchased it
  3. The service was considered to provide Europeans with a European identity
  4. Britain is still European. We are still all in NATO and continue to cooperate in many ways
  5. There was agreement that the domains could be kept if there was a deal agreed. There was such a deal, and yet the EU have reneged.
  6. This can only alienate any remaining British EU goodwill.
  7. No offer of a refund has been seen for the prepaid portion (usually billed annually, often purchased in multi-year lumps)
The only possible excuse that they might petulantly provide is that they want an unambiguous situation where people appearing to be in the EU are in-fact in the EU, but this is not the normal way of things in the digital world. International traders procure digital services within the bloc they wish to trade for the purposes of identifying what currency they use and demonstrating their willingness to work within the rules of that bloc. The ruling here means that contrary to past norms, the EU will not allow you trade freely with them unless you own property in the EU.

In Summary, why Leavers Left

Not many know:
  1. The EU acts unaccountably, their pay and pension is much more than UK MPs
  2. The EU funded Ukraine Protesters causing a bloody Revolution
  3. The EU deposed both Italian and Greek MPs
  4. The EU prints for monetary expansion making Greece borrow it
    • This control of the central bank is the main problem for Europe
  5. The EU hugely outweighs UK's fishing in its own waters.
  6. The EU want an army.
  7. All Europe & EU's leaders secretly attend the super wealthy Bilderberg Group
  1. It's not xenophobia when many find pressure on jobs, homes and culture
  2. The EU is taking power by stealth -- it was supposed to be just a trade union.
  3. SMEs are being crushed by red tape - for EU advantage it seems - ie:
    • EU Corporates now dominate UK service and defense industries raising prices to tax payer
  4. Our vote for MEPs seems pointless. Leaders are decided retrospectively.

The UK exits from a Trade Union

Nov 2020 - Yes, Britain is merely exiting from a Trade Agreement. You wouldn't think it was just a Trade Agreement though... The remainer elite poured the kind of hatred on it that the Left liberals reserved for Trump. Leavers were labelled Brextards, Rotten Kippers (ref UKIP), and Gammon - the latter being a term that was endorsed for years by the BBC comment section despite multiple complaints (some by our own team). The remainer elite then crippled the democratic decision by stalling it over 4 years turning euphoria into exasperation, anticipation into antipathy.

So why did we leave anyway? Aside the summary preceding, the UK has been in the grip of a basically unelected quango of bureaucrats, from both the EU and their UK counterparts, that have assumed far more power over us than was ever intended. So we voted to leave in 2016 so we could be free of the excess rules that held us back that seemed to favor corporations shutting out small companies, that favored totalitarianism over individual freedom.

Had the EU reformed even a tiny bit, when Cameron gave them chances in 2016, we'd not be in this position of leaving. The arrogance of Jean-Claude Juncker, the then president of the EU elected by the EU chamber and not the people, was such that he told Cameron to go home (with words to the effect that there will be no more compromise). No democratically elected leader would talk down with such arrogance "to his subjects".

EU Decisions, by people with No Accountability, have been ensuring our farmers, fisheries, and Corporations have been losing viability and hemorrhaging profits. Individual street traders, the self employed and small companies, have been driven to the brink of bankruptcy -- and to the point of madness by the frustration of being forced to cow tow to ludicrously detailed rules with their equally crippling punitive fines.

The so called "trade union" that became the EU now wants "political union" (under them), armies, a superstate, to use red-tape to destroy our SMEs, to start  coups (like they did in the Ukraine), print Euros & make Greece borrow them, scupper our fisheries (literally), have "vote now, president later" democracy, depose PMs, MPs, and usurp our centuries old evolved and tested laws.

Brexit was our ONE CHANCE to fix the EU and make it an union for the people, free of it's hegemony roots.

Brexit tames our EU relationship, gives less red tape (meaning more corporate competition by SMEs, affording EVERY INDIVIDUAL (EU phile or phobe) a fighting chance at a fulfilling job or business in future). Even if an individual is in a high powered corporate job, the EU's crushing of SMEs by red tape means corps' have no competition, so your job satisfaction is affected -- they have no need to compete against the private sector potentially paying you far more, as they have effectively destroyed it.

In Dec 2020, still in the EU, we were imprisoned by the TIMID turncoats like May and Hammond, the lawless Judges (see below).... and the chattering left with their "Extend", "Revoke",  "Lets call it off", rhetoric ... too scared to take this opportunity to fix the EU - so instead, like sheep, the turncoats follow the elites with their snouts in the EU trough. And those in the UK who wanted and needed freedom stood by as the turncoats ripped the British-lion's teeth out, crushing the fervor with which we could have made Brexit work after a soul destroying 4 year delay.

And if Biden gets to be US president, Britain will not have help from America in coming to an agreeable alternative union. That said, the Davos Bilderberg Cabal will then rule the EU and the US with an iron fist more than ever before, and even if it is a struggle, at least we will not be slavishly chained to that - we will be free.

So well done Farage, Boris. Despite your careless wobbles, we can and must stay the course, and we will be free - despite so much damage done by the treasonous bastards (in that they are not of us, do not act as in the customs set out by our civilization) from both the EU hegemony without, and the turncoats within.

Update -- and on Dec 24th, 2020, a deal was done. No one knows why so many were fixated on a deal, and reading through the links below added after this date, we still cannot see the point of a deal. To avoid WTO tariffs? To make European cars cheaper to buy in the UK? We here at Yellings are glad that for whatever reason, those obsessed with this deal may find it easier to sleep at nights, but the main thing is we are now marching towards smaller government and freedom.

The impact on Scotland

PM David Cameron was a fool .. He illogically precedented the act of voting for Indie (independence) by the incumbents of a region, who have access to, and potential command of, a significant portion of the nation's resources .. as if only those Scots living in Scotland, (at a time when oil was plentiful making them think "cool, we'll be rich"), despite the Scots not even being indigenous, despite the oild belonging to "British Petroleum" (since sold off but still not belonging to the Scots) could vote to split off a landmass that they in fact had invaded? (ie: invaded from Ireland, in 500ad, under King Mor).

But no, Cameron allowed it and by the good intentions of broad minded Scots, they stayed in the UK union. Cameron then got cocky and offered the same the the Falklands Islands -- imagine if the Argentinians had simply offered the farmers there incentives? That was possibly even more moronic than Scot's Indie vote, but once again, sensible people stayed in.

As to Brexit, Cameron then went for strike 3 - had ANOTHER indie vote, but this time his side lost. That said, it was only independence from a trade agreement that was morphing into a political merger, completely without the people's consent or even their knowlegdge. Cameron then ran away like a coward .. and in a biblical betrayal, other key players did the same -
(Farage who was a huge advocate, resigned 2 days later, and Boris much later stepped away from leading the Tory party allowing wet wet wet May to stall proceedings for years). It was akin to Moses leading his people out of Egyptian slavery, parting the red sea, and then, halfway across, saying.. "bye!" and letting the sea swallow up the lot of them.

Later, when Boris finally did ascend to power on a landslide (as he promised a swift Brexit re-empopwering the people), Boris showed left wing left wing CINO (conservatives in name only) incompetence. The be fair, Boris appears to be trying to follow through, but as of Dec 20th 2020, the UK is left wondering. The bigger culprit by far for the delays is a cantankerous and and vengeful EU.

So Scotland voted to stay in the EU by a thread, and of course we collectively across the UK including Scotland voted out. This has empowered the nationalists (the Scot Nats) to re-run for Indie.
The Spaniards sent in the army when the nationalist Catalonians tried that.

The fallout continues, and now with the possibility of Left Wing Biden, who is part of the left wing cabal intent on big governance and flattening all dissent.

Left Law Exposed

Somehow, left leaning labor (UK spells it labour - equivalent to US Democrats) law lords are unable to grasp simple logic. When the law lords start overriding democratic parliamentary decisions, you know the cart is before the horse. It is parliamentary acts that dictate law, not the other way around. Here's 2 examples.

  • Boris used a legal quirk called proroguing to prevent parliament debating and push through Brexit. Lady Hale and her overpaid arrogant twerp companions didn't like that, so they started making the law up as they went along.. Supreme Court- Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule - BBC News .. certainly Boris used a legal quirk, and maybe that wasn't particularly wise or ethical, but it WAS LEGAL!(And this was the Scottish Supreme Court - it had nothing to do with them even). Their decision basically comes down to "Suspending Parliament is illegal if we find it annoying" (to compliment their last new law which was in effect "Suspending Parliament is illegal if we find it extreme").
  • In the US, you same to have the same utter disregard for protocol, law and democracy by (as I understand it) democrat law lords ... Fellow DC Federal Judge Signals Emmet Sullivan May Challenge Flynn Pardon - essentially A presidential pardon IS A PARDON. Flynn is not a pawn in some political maneuver perversely described as a legal move. How deranged are these decision makers?
Scroll down for fact checking the fact checkers.

Fact checking the fact checkers

The big red bus

Ah yes, the big red bus -- that labelled Boris the biggest liar in the eyes of the screaming banshees ever heard of.
Here is one of our staffer's letter to the BBC confronting the lies..
(A similar letter was sent to the fact checking site).
Neither got a response.

Dear Sirs....

In the light of the expose of fake news on Swinson's husband today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-50160148 , and noting your invitation "Have you spotted misleading posts? Is there something the team should be investigating?", I would like you to please consider, in the name of fairness and even-handedness, the below story and research.
I quite understand if you don't consider this a story, or feel you cannot publish it, but it would be good to receive a courtesy reply if not. 
Yours sincerely, 
[name withheld]

Not an Errant Slogan -- In Brief:    
The slogan (re subject and above bus video) was not wrong. The EU actually costs us more.
The only fault of the bus slogan is that it says "send" when it should say "pay" (or more accurately, "the EU costs us £350m a week"
Those claiming it was a "pack of lies" etc are themselves misleading the public.
Main Evidence:      
    • Earlier on this page, it shows "In 2018 the UK's gross contribution to the EU amounted to £20.0 billion; however, this amount of money was never actually transferred to the EU. It is best thought of as a theoretical liability."  

  • Comparing the value in 2018 to 2015 (from which figures the bus slogan was calculated on)
    • See title "The UK contribution over time" ~3/4 way down page).. This graph also shows very approx 15.5b in 2018 v 14.8b in 2015, ie: approx ~ 5% less. 
    • That brings us to 384m a week, which is MORE than the BUS SAYS! (this assumes the theoretical liability was proportional, so if we settle for an error margin of 34m or 10%, it is a reasonable conclusion to note that the bus figure was "basically accurate").
More Research and Detail:      
In my research, I found many notable bodies, such as Full Fact, distorting the figures...

brexit bus campaign -- £350 million EU claim "a clear misuse of official statistics" - Full Fact 

...re  https://fullfact.org/europe/350-million-week-boris-johnson-statistics-authority-misuse/ 
My comment: Why does Full Fact fail to include the rebate? By it's own figures in https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/ , we would pay 17.4B a year, which brings us to £334m, which is much closer. It is my understanding that the Rebate (clue is in the name) was agreed to offset money already paid, mostly by way of our best-in-Europe VAT gathering.

What is the rebate? As next section.

The Bus Claim of costs does not account for the 4.2Bn returned to us by the EU to support various projects and gov departments. However, the bus Slogan is clearly about "taking back control" and money we send is like a tax.... We don't normally discuss tax as less money returned to us by government services, nor should we expect the slogan to.

What is the UK rebate? - RESEARCH sources:  
Is this REBATE because we collect more VAT for the EU?  If so, then we have already paid it. The clue is in the word "rebate", and so the slogan is correct to include it. 

UK rebate

Calculating the size of the UK's annual rebate is complex.[9] Broadly, the UK gets back 66% of the difference between its share of member states' VAT contributions and its share of EU spending in return. The European Commission sets out the detailed calculations in a working document.[10] 
Full Fact"Does the UK pay a fifth of the VAT going into the EU budget?"
The UK pays nearly a fifth of all VAT going into the EU budget.
The UK is behind a significant share of the VAT revenue flowing into the EU budget. But it makes more sense to look at all contributions rather than a small part; VAT was only 12% of EU revenue in 2014.
(So basically, they agree, minus some in the detail).
Lastly, is the BUS CLAIM ambiguous? Maybe, but it's a slogan. All campaign slogans are "sound bites".



My conclusion is that it is not *misleading* unless somehow the fact we don't actually "send" that money but merely "pay" it is anything more than nit-picking. 
Money Sent-Back (4.2bn in 2018) is still a tax that is not in our control. 
Money not included by the accusers is misleading. If the bus said "The EU costs us 253m a week", that would have been misleading to Remain's benefit.
Calculations and PDFs of all main sources available. Figures obtained from graph (described above) were only visually assessed, and error margin included to favour the accusers (as I could not find the original figures). Disclaimer: The evidence supplied needs to be fact checked. No politicians or Media outlets were hurt in the making of this argument. The Tory party is not aware of my research.
All original and/or non-cited material in Yellings.com is copyright and, for avoidance of doubt, should be assumed to be fictional. Our linking to external sources is not an endorsement. See About menu for more information. Thank you!