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I would like to introduce you to BDS ... In the US you have TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, in the UK you have BDS - Boris Disappointment Syndrome (AKA Boris Bashing). With an exception.. perhaps in the UK, the criticism of the current Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, is warranted.

But then, when you get rollicked for not saving lives and rollicked for quashing businesses, and the two are incompatible, that makes it a tough job right?

I'm guessing my distaste for this kind of habitual "bash the top guy" isn't going to be agreeable to everyone. However, it seems the guy on top turns from loved to loathed in the instant he or she actually wins power. My motto is pick the best you have and support and guide him. Avoid criticism that undermines him/her. When it is possible to pick another, if a better exists, then do so, but in the meantime - constructive criticism is my thing. Otherwise, deriding and abusing the top guy is a form of self harm, a home goal, as all it does is make his/her job harder and that makes YOU worse off.

Indeed George, sadly now deceased, has got it in one! (ie: the first one minute is all you need) - George Carlin on Politicians.

What happened to the Conservatism in the Conservatives?

This is the one critique I will level at our PM and the UK Tory (conservative) party - Start acting more like Conservatives and less like Marxists.

What we mean?
  1. Find a more constructive way of garnering Covid cooperation. Some sympathy is due for necessary steps but only contempt can be given for the Marxist anti-social fines and jackboot inspectors (closing restaurants etc).
  2. Find intelligent ways of supporting SMEs and the service sector. The approach so far is fueling anti-social sentiment. As one person said "You try going without a salary for a year locked in with a family you can't support".
  3. Eg: Promote venues with clean air circulation policies. Overrule Congestion-Charge increases (put on by greedy mayor) as private transport is clearly safer that sharing bad air in a bus or train.
  4. Abolish IR35 (anti contractor tax). Albeit the NHS saw contractor abuse, a blanket abolishment stifles freedom and damages the economy. Some people PREFER lack of job security, but they wish to be paid the difference.
  5. In Conclusion - please act like conservatives. Support less law, rules & taxes, promote individualism, freedom, SMEs, job perks.

Put simply, UK conservatives have been disenfranchised since the Thatcher years!

Our lovely multicultural society

First, let me say I enjoy our multicultural society and my friendships with people outside of my ethnicity (which is not English by the way). It can be a warm melting pot of diverse peoples which greatly enriches us and also simply makes us feel good. However, I am concerned about the cultural integrity of the UK being undermined by people being brought into positions of high power without any kind of oath of allegiance, or even the religious ability to swear such an oath.

Eg: Ref UK Minister Warns Brits Could Be Denied Normal Life Without COVID Vaccination -  is a story about a doubtless upstanding politician, reported to be an Iraqi-born British Conservative politician, is requiring of UK citizens something highly contentious (especially when you see the side effects). Understandably, this has drawn the ire of Tommy Robinson -- eg: Parler - they will do their very best to coerce everyone into taking it. As you might expect this has attracted some anti-Iranian (and some anti-Pakistani) comments under Robinson's post.

I don't feel inclined to brand him unfit, but this acrimony is exactly why I have always advocated we need to ensure our politicians have long standing roots here (ie: at least 2 past generations born here) or at the very least in Westernized societies identifying as
Christian (or at least not countries that nurture anti-Christian sentiment). How is it possible UK citizens are being told what to do by someone that potentially doesn't understand our way of life and the passion with which our forefathers defended our freedoms?

Naturally, THE SAME GOES FOR KAMALA HARRIS who has some of the shallowest roots ever seen of a senior politician in the USA (parents arrived by plane from India and Jamaica) and may soon be the US Commander in Chief with the authority to send US citizens to war. I had similar concerns about Sajid Javid who was our chancellor "from a Muslim background" and one step from being PM.

This is why we in Britain need to take a stand with D Trump, because after 4 years of the "Global Bilderberg
Davos Cabal" (to quote a phrase oft repeated) running things with "Kamala Biden" at the helm, NO ONE will be able to stop them from this globalist PC emasculation of Britain again!

Whether or not we are broadly practicing Christians (including Catholics), we identify as such, or at least we are seen as such by other societies. To welcome in people whose religion teaches them to oppose us, and then put them in positions of power (such as Sadiq Khan) on the grounds of political correctness and generosity,  is not sound thinking.

I will proudly be voting for Shaun Bailey as our next London Mayor because he satisfies the standards I try to describe above, and of course because he is Conservative, albeit his admission of early life burglary concerns me.

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