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Opinion from the Editor:

Something is wrong.

Maybe it depends on what echo chamber you are in as to whether you see danger or progress in an overdose of political correctness.  But when I see universities and schools indoctrinating kids to hate Trump, hate capitalism and hate conservatism, to even defunding the police, I think the liberal ethic has become distorted.

Add to that the oft seen illiberal usage of violence, intimidation and force, because somehow the ends justify the means, and I think the pendulum has swing far too far from a bygone era of intolerance toward differing people to the other extreme where there is an intolerance to people living a traditional heterosexual monogamous lifestyle.

We have arrived at an age where any length is permitted provided the gods of woke PC are appeased. Even if it means so bankrupting ourselves we can no longer defend ourselves.

And ultimately, this means logical debate is shut down. Certain thoughts are off-limits.

"For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels"

... My Way (
Claude Fran├žois and Jacques Revaux)

Guys Guy Guys! It's Gender Neutral!

This is just a brief plug for sanity ... Guys IS Gender Neutral and thus "Guy" can be Gender Neutral too!

When I was complimenting a transgender individual,
someone who I rather respected (not going to get into the transgender argument, so am just referring to the guy's overall character), I referred to the guy (in the guy's presence) as a Guy! To be precise, I turned to someone else and said "this guy did a great job!".

Now at the time, I genuinely did not know if the guy was male (as in transvestite, cross dresser) or a completed transexual, and he had a truly unusual name, AND it was not obvious what gender the guy was identifying as - so I was on the spot and in my mind, I thought that if it is OK to refer to a bunch of girls as "you guys", then surely it is OK to say it in the singular...

Apparently not!

So any suggestions on Gender Neutral nouns, verbs, adverbs etc would be most welcome. Ps: I am not going to refer to an individual next to me as "they" as has been suggested -- it's not only weird, it's illogical (why is it not offensive?) and really confusing (people literally looking around to see who I am talking about). I quite like "Ze" as a gender neutral replacement for he or she, but what about him or her?

Whatever rights everyone deserves, may I say that one of them is not confusing the living carp out of people and another is not forcing everyone to re-learn their own language .... sigh!

Wokies need to Own This