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The Woke Wake Up

Dedicated to our very confused Wokeries.

On Slavery

The West did not start Slavery, it was the West who ENDED Slavery ! (Ref). This is a SHOCKING exposé of humanity.

Something is wrong.

Maybe it depends on what echo chamber you are in as to whether you see danger or progress in an overdose of political correctness.  But when I see universities and schools indoctrinating kids to hate Trump, hate capitalism and hate conservatism, to even defunding the police, I think the liberal ethic has become distorted.

Add to that the oft seen illiberal usage of violence, intimidation and force, because somehow the ends justify the means, and I think the pendulum has swing far too far from a bygone era of intolerance toward differing people to the other extreme where there is an intolerance to people living a traditional heterosexual monogamous lifestyle.

We have arrived at an age where any length is permitted provided the gods of woke PC are appeased. Even if it means so bankrupting ourselves we can no longer defend ourselves.

And ultimately, this means logical debate is shut down. Certain thoughts are off-limits.

"For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels"

... My Way (
Claude François and Jacques Revaux)

Guys Guy Guys! It's Gender Neutral!

This is just a brief plug for sanity ... Guys IS Gender Neutral and thus "Guy" can be Gender Neutral too!

When I was complimenting a transgender individual,
someone who I rather respected (not going to get into the transgender argument, so am just referring to the guy's overall character), I referred to the guy (in the guy's presence) as a Guy! To be precise, I turned to someone else and said "this guy did a great job!".

Now at the time, I genuinely did not know if the guy was male (as in transvestite, cross dresser) or a completed transexual, and he had a truly unusual name, AND it was not obvious what gender the guy was identifying as - so I was on the spot and in my mind, I thought that if it is OK to refer to a bunch of girls as "you guys", then surely it is OK to say it in the singular...

Apparently not!

So any suggestions on Gender Neutral nouns, verbs, adverbs etc would be most welcome. Ps: I am not going to refer to an individual next to me as "they" as has been suggested -- it's not only weird, it's illogical (why is it not offensive?) and really confusing (people literally looking around to see who I am talking about). I quite like "Ze" as a gender neutral replacement for he or she, but what about him or her?

Whatever rights everyone deserves, may I say that one of them is not confusing the living carp out of people and another is not forcing everyone to re-learn their own language .... sigh!
06/28 17:10:26 NATO chief wants climate-friendly militaries Ed: 🔴 I can't decide whether to laugh or cry at this robotic cretinous Trudeau clone. Looking at him makes me want to slap his face with a large wet catfish attached to the end of a helicopter rotor. As a motorized marionette mouthpiece, his idea of diplomacy is to rattle out contemptuous provocative edicts with zero tolerance and a bigoted inability to listen to any other point of view. He thinks he is God - if he is capable of thinking. He must take a large amount of responsibility for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the Ukraine. His party punch line was "we will expand NATO into Ukraine" and to hell with Russia who he treats like something that got stuck under his shoe. If WW3 results, I hope he is tried and hung.

But THIS Eco story has to take the biscuit.. On what planet does an army start killing people (by the thousand, as NATO has just done) and then declare they are eco friendly? "Stoltenberg vowed on Tuesday to cut the military behemoth's carbon emissions to zero by 2050 and send the soldiers of the future to battlefields in electric vehicles".. Will they be wearing pansies and rainbow coloured camouflage as well?
06/20 23:31:37 Chickens Hold Controversial 'Fox Story Hour' In Chicken Coop - The Babylon Bee Ed: 🎯 The perfect anecdote to this bastardization of our moral fabric - Trans, LGBTQ etc.
06/13 10:56:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - FINLAND Having Second Thoughts about Joining NATO Ed: So in other words, the country is scuppered by woke overreach with it's ridiculous immigration policies. The president said he would not join without Sweden and Sweden has Kurds which Turkey considers to be terrorists and will therefore veto their ascension to NATO.
05/16 17:19:57 Professor Openly Admits Truth About Critical Race Theory And Why It's Being Covertly Used - YouTube Ed: 😀 Brilliant piece of subtle satire. You can see the committee don't know what to make of him...
05/05 12:55:05 Dozens of Navy officers reveal suicidal thoughts to Brandon Caserta charity after 10 sailors died - Daily Mail Online 🤔 Good Comment ..
Joshua369, Clarksville, United States
Welcome to BIDENS Military, their WOKE Liberal AGENDA certainly isn't to take care of the Troops. That's the last thing on their priority list. OpEd: The mealy mouthed "Master Chief Petty Officer Russell Smith" with his "many causes" quip and their "don't kill yourself" PowerPoint training .. just sounds like the ship is run by a psychotic HR department.
05/01 12:08:37 Twitter CEO Talks to 'Angry and Disappointed' Staff About Musk Deal Ed: 📢I'd have told the employees to start the process of shadow banning etc - QUICK SMART! These "children" are so brainwashed, they have no idea that they were ruining free speech. That logical disconnect is shared by that CEO, the insufferable Agrawal, who shows he's very good at walking the tightrope of properness, and parroting out the right answers, but has no passion and nothing to add, unlike Dorsey who turned out to be far more passionate than we thought.
05/01 03:27:31 Twitter staff worried about 'transphobe' Musk --Insider --RT World News Ed: "In an "emergency meeting" on Friday, employees of Twitter reportedly complained to CEO Parag Agrawal and diversity officer Dalana Brand that new owner Elon Musk is allegedly an "open homophobe and transphobe." They also allegedly expressed fears for their futures at the company." .. I so want to see these too rabid Woke goons sent flying out the door with a size 10 boot print up their arses..
04/27 16:10:44 Twitter -Woke journalists accusing Musk of targeting Twitter employees 3x. Here's 80+ death threats to Musk Ed: In full (see image for death threats on Musk).. "Woke journalists are now accusing Elon Musk of targeting Twitter employees for harassment.

They show only 3 screens shots, and say Twitter employees are terrified asking for protection.

Here's >80 death threats sent to Elon Musk today by an actual violent mob

by @ Dataracer117
04/27 09:22:02 Satanic Temple a societal scourge only godly citizens can rout - Washington Times "The Satanic Temple has launched a lawsuit against Northern Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania, after officials there denied the group's request to start an "After School Satan Club" for little kids.
The Satanic Temple has become both a blot on America and a sad commentary on the direction of this nation's moral compass." . OpEd: WTF?
04/24 11:46:31 Matt Walsh leaves bearded transvestite activists speechless - Kaybabe 🎥"I could sit here and say I feel like I'm a tomato plant, but it doesn't actually mean that I am those things .. What you want to do is appropriate womanhood and turn it in to a costume that can be worn."

Another favorite quote from 🎥:

You don't get to have your own pronouns. You can use them yourself, but you don't get to tell me what to use. On your logic, I can demand you use Handsome and Bright whenever you address me or refer to me. (from memory)
04/23 13:53:15 Here's Everything You Need To Know About Ezra Miller's History Of Arrests, Threats, And Concerning Encounters With Fans U;L🤔 SICK! - the actor, 29, identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. Try unravelling these sentences..

In 2011, Ezra Miller won critical acclaim when they burst onto the scene with their breakout role in the thriller We Need To Talk About Kevin.

And from the BBC .. Miller is known for their roles in Perks of a Wallflower, Trainwreck, and the Fantastic Beasts franchise. They are due to star as Flash in DC's upcoming film The Flash, set to be released next year. Apparently it (Miller) has multiple personalities.

If it identifies as a hermaphrodite, and quacks like a hermaphrodite, then it is a thing, not a they. What a preposterous, screwy, discombobulating evil they is. (Seriously, that is what this is all about... turning your brain to mush through confusion, making you more compliant).
04/23 13:12:28 Ron DeSantis doubles down on Disney, signs trio of bills reining in 'woke' theme park giant - Washington Times Ed: The astonishing liberal ROT at the heart of this story is eyewatering. Promoting trans, gay, gender fluidity to children is some kind of whole new evil.
04/20 13:55:50 America must fight for the right to pray, no matter what the Supreme Court says - Washington Times Ed: "The crime of praying. In America?". Ref football coach forced from his job after he refused an administrative order to stop praying on the field at the end of games.
04/17 10:54:23 America's colleges are breeding grounds for stupid - Washington Times Ed: 🥳 Universities the world over are infested by liberalism and left money. The "sex Olympics" mentality of many who attend is also creating psychopaths through hatred from rejections and dumpings. This, the topic of many a chattering class dinner party, is worthy of a place in our timeline to help us analyse where the world hopelessly lost it's sense of direction that led to where we are now - a Marxist global coup.
04/04 12:28:47 I'll leave the comments for you folks. Ready, set, go U;L🎥Comments from Hal here. North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson calls the "Trans-Gender" movement "Satanic" and links it to the Anti-Christ
03/31 13:25:11 Video shows runner get sucker-punched at Florida HS track meet Ed: 🤔 This is a hate crime - and it is a direct cause of BLM, mostly funded by hate crime magnate, Soros.
03/30 15:05:43 Leaked videos show Disney employees boasting about forcing LGBT agenda into content - TheBlaze Ed: ⚡ They destroy us from the inside.
03/27 22:30:41 (8) We Should Be Very Worried About This - YouTube Ed: 🤔 Russel Brand again. Zuck getting into education.... yeah right!
03/21 19:51:04 Twitter -Ukrainian women who fled to Sweden say Men keep breaking in
03/19 23:04:44 Canadian Energy Official Says What All of America is Thinking Ed: 🔴 "A Canadian energy official is asking why Biden is purchasing oil from overseas when Canadian oil is right next door. Americans are asking why Biden is preventing the US from drilling".. Well, the answer is very very simply. Biden is an enemy plant. His remit is to destroy America.
03/14 12:27:46 Disney, Big Pharma and media's war on children - Washington Times Ed: 🔎 Good opinion piece. Evil is no longer in the shadows.
02/17 21:22:30 New British rules ban school teachers from 'left-wing brainwashing' students over divisive, racialized topics - Rebel News Ed: 🔎 Something to make me proud of the UK at last!
02/16 19:01:51 BLM Organizer Convicted on 20 Counts of Possessing Child Porn- Ed: ☠ Increasingly, the difference between good and bad is defined by right and left.
02/12 03:16:59 Biden's latest hire has an openly deviant lifestyle. A sign of progress, or moral decay- --RT World News Ed: 🥳 Quote "Brinton, who is a proud drag queen and "pup handler" - in other words, someone who leads gay men dressed in fetish gear around as they pretend to be dogs, before having sex with them - has been appointed to a high-ranking position in the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy" ... I have no words.
02/07 15:22:12 Parents File Lawsuit After 12-Year-Old Girl Attempts Suicide Twice at School After Secret Meetings
02/02 16:11:56 What is Racism- - ADL 🤔⭐ Recently changed to "Racism: The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people." -- Can you believe they accidentally overwrote the description of racism with an example of it? Earlier we were hunting for that link. Now we have it.

Update - changed again just today - See
02/02 15:57:54 teacher made white kids apologize to black kids Ed: ☠⭐ Parent from Northern Pennsylvania School District says a 5th grade teacher lined up students according to their skin color from lightest to darkest and then made the white kids apologize to the black kids. This kind of behaviour is Marxist psychological warfare.
01/25 02:30:13 Transgender Doctor Tries to OUTSMART Rand Paul, Instantly REGRETS it - YouTube Ed: 🥳 Society is tuti fruiti SICK!
12/22 12:27:52 Elon Musk slams the woke left @kagbabe 🎯 Quote: Elon Musk slams the woke left in new interview with Babylon Bee: "Wokeness basically wants to make comedy illegal, which is not cool... do we want a humorless society that is simply rife with condemnation, and hate? Wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. Basically, it gives mean people a shield to be evil and cruel, armored in false virtue."
12/11 23:52:43 The Salvation Army Responds to Deadly Tornadoes Ed: 🔺 A tragedy and we do not wish to make light of it - But everything the S Army does is now tainted with the memory of their infamous "Please join us in apologizing for being white" crap.
12/08 17:37:16 The Pope's apocalyptic warning for the EU is worth listening to --RT Op-ed Ed: 🎯 The real issue is terrorist emergency powers over the last decades. It has allowed lowly and bureaucratic despot enablers to barricade themselves behind bullet proof tinted glass, tall buildings and gated car parks, so they are immune to criticism, egging, the good old fashioned shouting at .. or a swift punch if they really misbehave, and now they just do whatever the f**k they please. The people are isolated from them. Perfect soil for socialist dogma to take root.
11/25 10:27:04 Salvation Army pays the price for turning woke --RT USA News 👇 (CRT like drive). Critics "insist the Salvation Army shouldn't be taught about racism, as it actually began fighting it decades before the civil rights movement even emerged in the US." Another Qt: "gobsmacked that .. The Salvation Army, whose members are the least racist people across history, has now caved to blaming white people for racism. - Kenny Xu"
11/23 13:44:52 Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs Ed: 🔎 Uni so brainwashes these muppets .. all hell's demons have descended on earth at once.
11/22 20:19:45 Illinois Dem calls Wisconsin Christmas rampage 'karma' Ed: 🔴 Well that about sums it up .. brain damaged is the only academic level she will ever attain.
11/22 08:57:59 2021CF004596 Case Details in Milwaukee - Perp who drove through marching band U;L⚡ 23 taken to hospital, 5+ dead (unconfirmed). Perp is believed to be Darrell Brooks, African American, born Feb 21 1982. SUV - "The car did not slow and appeared to try to hit as many as possible, per witness video seen by CBS58"- Ref. "has posts on his social media in support of BLM causes, George Floyd &" etc - Ref. This was clearly a racially motivated attack. Outrage required. Until we change the lefty narrative of the G Soros funded BLM and Biden Kamala knee taking BS, the hate will continue & this will keep happening. The narrative needs to be "Whites did not Start Slavery, Whites STOPPED IT". We need to stop the vacuous HATE messages (EG Ref) which has incited this. Caution - very violent video Here.
11/21 21:42:17 Touchstone on Twitter- -@TrumpJew2 - Twitter Ed: ‼ re Kyle Rittenhouse - Great informative meme. Retarded Lefties slithering into the culverts trying to reinvent facts.
11/20 12:28:08 Reuters apologizes for 'offensive' tweet --RT World News Ed: 🤔 All about "Monkey-brain study - how a monkey's brain functions at extreme altitude.Reuters(Ultra Woke Canadian) "promoted the story on Twitter with a photo of smiling Chinese soldiers in an oxygen chamber." - Xi's list of sensitivities is growing. He doesn't like Disney as someone compared him to Micky, and now Monkey Brain stories offend the poor lad.
11/20 03:42:50 Kyle Rittenhouse has walked free. Now it's open season on protesters - Cas Mudde - The Guardian Ed: 😀 The swivel eyed loon left are having a melt down over this! (one of many articles on this theme)
11/19 11:57:40 John Cleese blacklists himself from Cambridge Uni event 'in protest' - YouTube Ed: 😀 Hilarious, not a "must watch" but worth a watch
11/08 23:18:01 Propaganda Takes Hold- An UNBELIEVABLE 30% of Millennials Now Identify as LGBTQ According To New Study - In 2018 It Was Less Ed: ❓ WHAT???? Cannot be true!! That scares the shit out of me.. The West is being perverted on an industrial scale.
11/07 19:33:30 Rod Liddle- University privilege tests are 'double racist' - YouTube Ed: ⭐ UK, but a really good take for all of the West.
11/04 04:56:56 When mob rule dictates that we must all cheer a male homecoming queen, it's clear that society is close to collapse --RT Op-e
10/29 15:54:16 Renowned philosophy professor Kathleen Stock quits Sussex University after harassment by trans activists Ed: ⭐ WHat is society doing about this? These Frankentrans are just disturbed, attention seeking trouble makers - they should not be allowed to bully people out of jobs. Obscene in so many ways.
10/28 12:16:51 Tucker- Barack Obama is a 'heartless monster' - YouTube Ed: ⭐ Whilst I personally used to like him, everything since 2016 is pointing towards Obama being a nasty demonic figure, including his DESCRIBING THE RAPEOF A CHILD HAS PHONY RIGHT WINGOUTRAGE" -
10/28 11:11:56 What a Kock up- Cricket South Africa hold emergency talks over star Quinton De Kock's refusal to take knee at T20 World Cup --url Ed: 🏮 Best comment - Jonathan Knight "One would imagine that if an individual is representing their country that they would respect that country and not make political gestures in support of a pressure group, especially one that advocates the genocide of that person's race as BLM does in the case of white people"
10/27 10:37:30 Facebook in modern slave trade U;L⭐"Apple threatened to pull Facebook & Instagram from app store over abuse of maids in Mideast, leaked papers reveal" - Once again, Woke Morons are attacking Whites who were the original slaves, then stopped slavery, while mid-east people CONTINUE to hold & trade slaves to THIS DAY and do so as if it is a RIGHT!
10/27 10:15:44 South African cricket star De Kock refuses to take knee and pulls out of World Cup match vs West Indies in defiance of author U;L🏮 South African cricket star De Kock HAS PRINCPLES! 1/ Cricket is a sport, not a virtue signalling fest; 2/ Sport is generally a beacon of light against Racism anyway (except where NZ fields an all Maori rugby team) 3/ No one should be made to do a salute that originated with BLM, a violent and vandal ridden mob, in connection to the death of a drug addicted thug.
10/23 09:23:19 Army Recruitment Ads- China vs Russia vs USA - YouTube Ed: 🤔 Honestly? US recruitment's ad is ALL about a woman from gay parents.. Makes "having two mums" sound natural - getting an LGBTQ plug into the mix.
10/21 21:10:28 Joe Biden- -The Violent, Deadly Insurrection on the Capitol 9 Months Ago Was About White Supremacy- (VIDEO) Ed: ⚡ We know he is brain dead but this takes the biscuit. Brainwashing At Level 9! Sadly, this is a ploy for more persecution and no one seems to be stopping it or releasing the political prisoners getting beaten to near death.
10/21 21:02:16 Philippines announces probe into thousands of killings during Duterte's war on drugs Ed: 🔴 A war on drugs is WAR. It wasn't a police relations exercise. Admittedly there must be barriers, but I have been there and it was bad - Everywhere was shuttered, gated, spiked fences. A woman was slashed and her money belt stolen on the bus from the airport (she was lucky to only have scratches).Kids sleeping in wheelbarrows surrounded by syringes. It was hard to walk busy streets without a pickpocket attempt. All this due to drugs.
10/21 20:59:02 'Simply monstrous'- Putin says teaching young children they can easily swap genders is a 'borderline crime against humanity' Ed: 🏮 As ever Putin The Wise calls a spade a piece of metal with a handle.
10/18 22:35:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - We Are Beyond Fucked . . . China has Space Nukes, and WE have this training our Army- Ed: Hal, hell ! Ya forgot the multimillion $ trannie crappers ..
10/18 17:16:46 Substack's @BariWeiss brings common sense to @BrianStelter Ed: 🎯 MUST WATCH VIDEO (even if it is a twit post) - Brutal sense schools CNN! "The world has gone mad"
10/18 16:45:32 While we tie ourselves up in environmental regulations, China is taking advantage Ed: 🏮 We used to say a cleaner environment won't be much use if we run out of money to defend it. But now it is really happening - our Woke Bureaucrats are our enemies and handing our freedom to our foes on a silver platter.
10/18 15:55:29 Diversity Darling Finds Out Her Ancestor Owned Slaves - YouTube 🎯 Very Nice Expose! OpEd: Are you aware "Slave" comes from "Slav"? - being the Slavic countries like former Yuogslavia etc. Source - Black Professor and truther THOMAS SOWELL. Ie: Slaves were named after WHITE PEOPLE rounded up by the Million!!
10/12 02:13:07 Bisexual Superman will 'destroy America,' say outraged conservatives --RT USA News Ed: 🎬 Anyone else want to be a hermit?
10/05 18:02:19 From @kagbabe Ed: 🔺 plan to mobilize FBI against parents who oppose critical race theory ripped into by Hawley.
10/03 19:21:38 Prince William will warn BBC viewers we are at a 'fork in the road' in climate change documentary - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🤔 A silver-spoon woke dickhead with no idea what real troubles the world faces. Clue - Climate change is the least of them.
10/02 18:54:39 Black History Month website deletes article calling white people 'genetically defective mutants' --RT UK News Ed: 🔎 Well, if they are going to talk like that, then the gloves are off ..
10/02 11:35:44 School Boards Ask Biden Admin to Treat Parents' Protests as 'Domestic Terrorism' Ed: 🏮 I've got an idea, why don't you listen to them instead of ignoring them?
10/01 18:07:32 Straights, back of the bus!- German car park ridiculed for rainbow-painted spaces for LGBT and migrants Ed: ⭐ What is really exposed here is how dumb these woke fockers are. Most Migrants come from cultures where LGBT's get hurled off buildings.
09/29 18:06:59 Backlash as students reportedly told wearing second-hand clothes can be 'example of white privilege' in mandatory diversity t Ed: 🤔 Qt "Brit uni students mandated to take diversity course + test which forces them to agree with notions concerning race, including that wearing second-hand clothes can be 'an example of white privilege'." So now being poor is white privilege? Time to stop this nonsense!
09/28 18:23:50 3 Soldiers at 10th Mountain May Have Died by Suicide in 2 Days. The Division Is Trying to Figure Out Why. - Ed: 🔺 Seriously? You ram woke down their throats and then tell them to kill, teach them Satanism, offer them sex changes.. hell!
08/21 10:57:44 Why is the BBC so obsessed with promoting transgender propaganda to young people- --RT Op-ed Ed: 🤔Because they are the devil? Interesting article but doesn't provide answers
08/12 12:06:08 'Unacceptable cruelty'- Teen takes heat after filmed forcing vulnerable quokka to VAPE, could face 5 years in jail --RT World Ed: 🤔☠Listen to the rhetoric "Completely Unacceptable Cruelty & could be lethal" screeches dangerously het up woke woman and "Teen takes heat after filmed forcing vulnerable quokka to VAPE" - I'm sorry, must have missed the forced bit. What the hell is the matter with Australia? Forcing indigenous peoples into poverty and exile is "Completely Unacceptable Cruelty" but gently putting a vape in a cute rodent's mouth is just kids being kids. GROW UP and DON'T YOU DARE DESTROY THAT GIRL'S LIFE over this woke virtue signalling. PATHETIC.
08/05 11:31:10 Strictly Come Dancing- John Whaite to be in first all-male partnership - BBC News U;L🤔Thanks BBC (LGBT's propaganda unit), we get the agenda. Curiously, today we see BBC headline Fake network pushes pro-China propaganda - could they be the BBC by any chance?
08/04 22:21:18 Devin Nunes SUING Rachel Maddow & MSNBC, claim they hold 'extreme bias' and 'ill will' over Russian collusion narrative bust Ed: ⚡inbreeding giraffe neck encephalitis head Madcow needs to learn a lesson...
08/04 21:54:13 It beggars belief that a trans YouTube star, arrested for allegedly raping his own mother, will be jailed with women inmates Ed: 🔺The prob is that NO it DOESN'T beggar belief. These sick perversions need a lobotomy.
08/03 10:12:24 'Celebrating the end of women's sport!' Women boycott Dove over 'virtue-signalling' support of trans athlete Laurel Hubbard --url Ed: 🤔the bastardized logic behind this is making NZ a laughing stock and a disgrace. Whoever thought this is alright is depraved!
07/28 22:35:28 Police horses SPOOKED by LGBT crossing - YouTube Ed: 🎥SMART HORSES!!
07/27 10:24:46 'One Loss by Suicide is Too Many'- Pentagon Concerned Over Rise in Cases Among Active-Duty US Troops - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴The Pentagon is Concerned Over Rise in Cases Among Active-Duty US Troops - Sputnik International "One Loss by Suicide is Too Many". Seems CCP operation to humiliate and demoralize a raging success.
07/20 11:38:47 Navy cannot win wars because it focuses too much on 'diversity' says GOP-funded report - The BL Ed: 🎯This is exactly what the CCP want (they invest heavily in SMS, tech, Hollywood, and they drive the wokeness to soften us). Woke is DANGEROUS.
07/19 18:53:11 --As a parent, the speed that Western society and culture is descending into hysterical self-hatred makes me worry for my chi
07/14 13:20:00 US Navy in shambles as leaders prioritize wokeness over combat readiness- report - The Post Millennial Ed: 🔎🎂🤔
07/11 13:19:31 Hal Turner Radio Show - Psychiatrist- Transgender is 'Mental Disorder;' Sex Change 'Biologically Impossible' Ed: 🔺⚡
07/10 11:27:48 School Districts Using Book that Claims White Children Sell Their Souls Ed: ⚠⚡
07/09 01:20:53 US spies DOCTOR diversity report cover to add blind man & woman in wheelchair, get mocked for exceptional photoshop skills --
07/06 17:38:34 Disgusting perverts or just misunderstood- Meet the zoophiles who have sex with animals and want to be embraced by Pride --RT
07/04 19:04:30 Kirstie Alley blasts coming culture of 'pedophilia' - Washington Times
06/27 18:13:46 Rep. Crenshaw begins releasing CRT complaints from service members - Washington Times
06/27 18:10:59 'Please stop talking about Black people and White people' - Washington Times
06/26 21:00:52 Time for Me to Vent Some -Brown Rage- - YouTube
06/25 21:46:20 Tucker Carlson destroys Joint Chiefs chair's 'white rage' focus- 'He's not just a pig. He's stupid!'
06/23 21:04:19 Top US general defends open inquiry to Republicans
06/22 18:35:45 Benny on Twitter- -LEAKED DOCUMENTS from Iowa School System show Teachers are FORCED to classify 'Make America Great Again" a
06/22 13:09:44 All 50 members of the Portland police riot squad resign - YouTube
06/20 23:40:03 The argument for decriminalising all drugs
06/18 11:47:27 Wesley Hunt rips 'woke' reading material in US Navy- 'Extremely damaging' - Fox News Video
06/10 22:46:47 Tucker- Latin Americans tell Kamala Harris to 'buzz off' - YouTube
06/07 17:57:56 Navy spells out new transgender policies
06/02 00:33:32 Environment - Rada bans plastic bags in Ukraine --UNIAN
06/01 09:49:25 -She Has Spent Her Life On The Extreme Left Wing-- Ted Cruz Condemns Asst AG-Nom Kristen Clarke - YouTube Ed: she was celebrating COP KILLERS. And she wants to be in the Justice dept. God help us.
05/31 21:39:11 Denzel Washington AGREES With Thomas Sowell - YouTube
05/30 15:42:35 NYC School Enrages Parents Over Classes on 'Masturbation,' Transgenders, and Consent for First-Graders - Sputnik Internationa
05/26 00:35:38 LEGO Unveils New Genderless Bricks With No Male-Female Connectors - The Babylon Bee
05/21 02:23:26 Racist Lori Lightfoot Won't Talk to White Reporters -- Will She Allow Her White Wife to Talk-
05/21 02:10:55 Radio host storms off after being told to 'shut up' about Demi Lovato pronouns - National -
05/20 00:35:32 This Is Why I HATE Critical Race Theory - YouTube
05/18 01:35:27 GOP blasted for interfering with racist Space Force commander who was fired after right-wing interview - Raw Story - Celebrat
05/15 03:32:58 -I Understand Why You Interrupt Me-- Ted Cruz Snaps At Dick Durbin After Being Told To Stop Talking - YouTube
05/14 02:10:42 Transgender teen Andi shares his journey - BBC News
05/12 02:04:20 BREAKING- Man in critical condition after contracting severe case of whiteness • Genesius Times
05/08 10:48:57 Male Weightlifter to Become First Transgender to Compete at an Olympics in Women's Super Heavyweight Category
05/07 09:01:20 KRUTA- Tucker Was Right About The Military, And The Intentional Perversion Of His Point Endangers Americans - The Daily Calle
05/07 09:00:42 Woke Warriors- US Generals Want More Women And 'Ethnically Diverse' Officers In Combat Roles - The Daily Caller
05/03 13:10:43 Rob Smith- People are over politics influencing every part of life - YouTube
05/03 13:09:47 Pastor arrested after citing Biblical marriage definition a 'vile attack' on freedom of religion - YouTube
04/30 17:25:09 Oklahoma House Votes to Ban Teaching of Critical Race Theory in Public Schools
04/28 19:26:22 Flashback- The Strikingly Similar Case to George Floyd You Never Heard About - The Man Was White
04/28 11:00:16 Total WAR on FOOD now criminalizing ranchers to outlaw MEAT - Brighteon
04/28 08:48:24 Rose McGowan denounces the Democrat party in FOX News exclusive - YouTube
04/28 00:51:53 Eric Bolling storms off in the middle of a BBC segment, Because I'm white, you think I'm racist- - YouTube
04/27 18:44:38 Why Kamala Harris MUST NOT Become President - Thomas Sowell
04/27 18:41:34 This is what they don't teach you about colonization - Thomas Sowell
04/27 18:23:49 Facts About SLÁVERY They Don't Teach You at School - Thomas Sowell
04/27 08:07:45 Opinion- A Mom's Research (Part 4)- Why Are Many Elites Leftists-
04/27 07:26:22 Largest Confederate monument under scrutiny amid US racial reckoning
04/26 15:22:57 I Left Islam for Liberal Values. Now Woke Liberals Are Embracing a New Religion - Opinion
04/26 15:22:02 Stop Gaslighting Us About 'Justice.' 4 More People of Color Are Dead - Opinion
04/23 01:53:02 'Let them take a knee'- Sports union, German activists promise legal help to athletes sanctioned for protesting at Tokyo Olym
04/22 22:05:59 Parents Organize to Push Back Against Critical Race Theory
04/22 16:19:30 Report- "The Squad" Spent Thousands On Private Security While Demanding Police Be Defunded
04/22 16:18:12 Is This the BLM Prescription for Policing-- Let Blacks Kill Blacks-
04/21 10:45:07 DC Features Trans Beastiality In The Wonder Twins for Kids! - YouTube
04/18 13:10:38 Tucker vs Antifa supporter- Are you really a professor- - YouTube
04/18 13:10:30 College professor placed on leave over 'dead cops' tweet - YouTube
04/11 11:29:11 Prince Philip on royal duty- In his own words - BBC News
04/06 18:45:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - Another New York City Police Officer Kills Himself
04/04 19:19:22 The Rise of Totalitarianism in the West - Lessons from Survivors of Soviet Persecution - YouTube
04/02 20:06:18 Floyd's actions before fatal arrest - YouTube
03/28 23:46:38 BBC Reporter Gets a Rude Awakening - 'FAKE NEWS'. - 26 seconds
03/28 23:36:47 Drag Race UK- Bimini Bon Boulash mural painted over - BBC News Ed: so they can be allowed to aspire to their true destiny .. to be thrown off buildings in a display of true toerance and acceptance of cultural diversity.
03/21 01:12:33 BBC iPlayer - Top Gear - Series 30- Episode 1
03/13 23:54:44 Surviving WW2 Veteran Recounts Harrowing Story Of The Lack Of Trans Representation On D-Day - The Babylon Bee
03/10 09:57:40 Hal Turner Radio Show - -Dumbo- and -Peter Pan- Get the Cancel-Culture Axe by Disney+
01/25 19:42:31 It Is NOT Okay To Be White - Brighteon
01/16 08:34:00 We're saved! Marvel baffles fans as it unveils 'Snowflake' & 'Safespace'..non-binary bully-fighting superheroes - RT USA News
01/16 03:36:23 The Woke Movement is Leninism 4.0- Political Commentator Dr. James Lindsay
01/15 17:52:12 Pentagon sees rising extremist infiltration in ranks - Washington Times
01/05 16:35:44 John Elway Lays Down The Law- 'Kneel On My Field And You're Fired On The Spot' --Mikepuree
01/04 18:30:55 Rep. Guy Reschenthaler on Twitter- -The prayer to open the 117th Congress ended with -amen and a-women.- Amen is Latin for -s
01/02 12:59:57 Jesse Watters Fox via- Facebook -- STORM THE CASTLE (what Woke Left do with your money)
12/28 13:29:15 'Pampered' BBC diversity chief on 75k salary ripped for 'lecturing' poor, white Brits about 'privilege' --RT UK News
12/28 12:05:47 High School Student Sues Over Leftist 'Indoctrination' in Nevada
12/07 23:07:47 Black Lives Matter movement accused of morphing into financial 'racket' at expense of local chapters - Washington Times
12/01 15:48:54 Law Professor Weirdly Advocates Taking Private Property to House the Homeless Because of Covid
11/29 15:09:28 Thomas Sowell on Black Lives Matter - YouTube
11/29 14:59:16 It's Not Him. It's You - re TDS and the enduring Trump-hatred - Frontpagemag
11/29 12:21:02 BBC 'must reflect nation' says new culture secretary Oliver Dowden - BBC News
11/18 15:38:28 Megyn Kelly Yanks Kids Out of NYC School Over Call to Reform White Children - and Now Leaving City - 10ztalk

Wokies need to Own This