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The link tiles below are only those that could not be easily categorized...

07/13 11:24:34 Dark Origins of Antifa, Exposing Their Aim to Overthrow America, and How the Media Grants Them Legitimacy- Andy Ngo
06/28 09:55:50 2001- Roswell Smoking Gun, the Ramey Memo - Article - Think AboutIts 👇 At Yellings, we don't usually get involved in UFO research, but this is significant. Indeed this may be the most significant evidence we've ever seen because it can be largely verified unlike the plethora of photoshopped blurry rubbish on the web.

Although the image in the article has been highly refined, and we don't know where it came from as none of the images we've seen have sufficient resolution, we were able to verify it by looking at numerous other images on the web and noting that it is definitely from the same source. Bonus curiosity.. Mystery deepens as spacecraft crashes into Moon creating a double crater
06/10 10:02:26 Hal Turner Radio Show - National Guard Placed on Ready-Go Alert for Supreme Court Abortion Ruling
05/03 10:47:04 Demonic leftists outside US Supreme Court with signs saying 'Abortion saves lives' Ed: 🤔 As I wind down my website due to Bans and new Laws, there is a silver lining. I can risk losing viewers by saying uncomfortable truths. After consultations and counseling, and if the foetus is early enough, I must remain true to logical and moral principles. I am thus pro choice (and hence it is none of my business). A baby is not a baby until it is born. Remarkable things happen when a foetus first draws breath and becomes a baby. The brain expands and "awakens" - that is the moment it gains consciousness. Admittedly, it gets closer as the foetus matures - that is why most moderate countries have laws about term lengths. We should indeed discourage abortion.. but! Sorry folks - the more moral position to take is that a woman should be allowed the choice - not us, not men, not the braying crowd. Who are we to impose an illogical law on someone else anymore than anyone should impose a vaccine? Who are we to force them to do something that may destroy their lives, or make the life of the infant hell? Who are we to slanderously call them demonic? Fellow conservatives, this is the kind of liberal mud slinging fascism and totalitarianism we are railing against. Where in the bible does it say "no" to abortion? It is simply a diversion. Why are we taking an illogical "catholic" position on this? I dislike abortion, but before God, I say it is none of my business and it should be none of yours. This discredits us and it does not please God. Thank you for listening and beginning to reconsider this rather archaic belief.
05/02 17:31:13 Brain Surgeon REVEALS How To Heal Trauma & DESTROY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! - Dr. Rahul Jandial - YouTube As we wind down our web presence due to bans and new laws, this is one of many thoughts we would like to leave you with.. start here for best part (IMHO) or click link below for all.
04/18 12:19:47 Donald Trump slams Democrats in Easter Sunday messages - Washington Times
04/17 15:03:32 An Easter Story - Beautiful Catherine from China and a Family's Search for God Ed: ☘ Glad TGP found something in connection with Easter Sunday
04/16 12:06:49 Russia Will Restart Moon Landings, Says Putin - The Moscow Times U;L completely delusional. No one will cooperate with him, he is broke, and he doesn't have the necessary technology. The engineers look terrified... Remind me of The Dictator - pointy rockets - Movieclips HERE.
12/16 20:47:48 Russia to ban crypto --reports --RT Business News Ed: 💸 We are surprised the Ponzi Pyramid scheme called Crypto has gotten this far. Has no one wondered why 3rd world countries push the use of the dollar out and onto the black market? Because if you do not control your currency, you let those others who do profit from you.
12/15 14:04:51 ECHR orders Russia to pay $418,000 to woman after hands cut off by husband --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ❓ As appalling as this is, this raises a far more serious issue - The European Court of Human Rights has engaged in OVERREACH .. Either to further provoke Putin or to convince itself and others that it has some kind of moral or real authority(gaslighting). Imagine if the US did that to Britain or China did that to the EU?
12/13 20:29:38 Crypto = CIA - RonWatkinss Ed: 💸 Qt "Bitcoin/Crypto may lose, for good reasons, all its value, but the hope in a better world came meanwhile from another direction.". This will send chills through Cryptophiles.
12/10 18:52:54 Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner calls for nternational tribunal on torture - TASS Ed: 👇 If you are a person of influence, please help this man with this most noble of goals.
12/07 12:23:03 Biden Plan to Combat Corruption Includes New Real Estate Rules Ed: 🤔 Oxymoron -- a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. "Biden Plan to Combat Corruption").
12/06 11:07:32 Hackers drain nearly $200 million from major crypto exchange --RT Business News Ed: ⚡ Just another reason why we avoid crypto and go for DeFi.
12/05 12:09:00 India won't ban crypto, will just regulate Ed: 💰 This is of interest top us as we see a different "currency" as pivotal to the resistance. We don't believe in crypto - they are just a Ponzi scheme but then one could argue, so is Fiat. However, Fiat currency does have state backing.
11/21 21:02:55 Hal Hal Turner, one of the greatest patriots, and one of our greatest sources, has just had his mother die. Clearly he was very close. He has run a couple of articles on the experience here - one and two. He is angry as the hospital tried to pin Covid on her as well. I hope I speak for all who read this on telegram or yellings in saying Hal, you are in our thoughts.
11/20 12:54:27 Ghislaine Maxwell's jail cell 'smells of raw sewage and has vermin' - Ed: ⚠ She is charged with the most egregious of crimes but common sense tells us to STAY CIVILIZED. Essentially, using Barbarism to punish Barbarism defeats the purpose of our civilization and makes us no better than her. This is our stance on Gitmo (or any) torture as well.
11/13 13:11:57 Vigorous Chinese democracy vs aging Western one- Global Times editorial - Global Times Ed: ❓ Pull the other one - it has bells on it.. Still, any advance in that direction is a good advance.
11/12 10:53:56 Biden Administration Weighs Shutting Another Pipeline, White House Confirms Ed: 🤔Old-ish story but wanted to put it in our timeline of Cabal Infamy.
11/11 20:28:08 Biden refers to baseball legend Satchel Paige as "the great negro at the time Ed: 🔎 CRINGE
11/07 11:19:33 'The public have been led to believe UFOs don't exist. But they do' --RT Op-ed Ed: 🤔 Latest diversion in the info war.
11/02 13:53:40 Ashli Babbitt Was Gunned Down Under Orders Of Lindsay Graham Ed: ⭐ RINO's Kill!
10/29 17:20:34 Hal Turner Radio Show - Kinzinger OUT! Will not seek re-election
10/27 19:50:05 Twitter -Sen. @tedcruz to AG Garland- -Your son-in-law makes substantial money from a company in CRT Ed: 🤔 Seems Merrick is like a Gimp and just goes from being bashed by one Rep Sen to another. Totally rotten ethically diseased STD bag that gets rogered repeatedly but never goes away. He must enjoy it.
10/26 19:28:39 Joe Biden denounces coup and 'horrific violence' in Myanmar - Times of India Ed: 🔎 The hypocrisy.. And what about the beatings your Biden regime metered out on people via BLM, Antifa, and your jailers?
10/25 21:40:25 US 'alarmed' by reports of apparent military coup in Sudan Ed: ❓ WHY? What is it to the US? And why are they giving Sudan $700m? Could it be the Biden Cabal fear a US military takeover to sort out the Cabal's Coup?
10/25 18:39:46 'Threat to the planet'- Exiled Saudi spymaster claims Mohammed bin Salman is 'KILLER, PSYCHOPATH' in explosive interview --RT Ed: ☠ Call me old fashioned, but I still like to judge character on looks.. and this guy just straight out LOOKS like a cold blooded psycho - white cat on lap, gloating as 007 is fed to sharks.
10/24 00:54:57 WEIRD- Biden Delays Release Of JFK Assassination Files -To Protect Against Identifiable Harm-
10/22 23:36:29 I Wonder How it Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone - Alec Baldwin Ed: 🏮 Totally off topic for Yellings except that for my sins, I have mixed closely with people at and above this level.. Their attitude to safety is gungho and chaotic and the biggest reason I am no longer with them(literally - there were lines crossed and I departed).
10/22 23:29:09 SHOCKING Testimony From An Australian Living in Authoritarian Chaos - YouTube Ed: 🎯 Candace Owens gets it.. Ozzy is a phucked up totalitarian state where more than half are "ooh its good for us - unvaxed are BAD" Socialist Sheep - theor pretence at being free is an embarrassment to thinking folk.
10/22 10:28:13 Why is Colin Powell venerated by liberals despite the fact he's a war criminal- Because he was rude about Trump, of course -- Ed: ❓ The truth will out!
10/19 19:51:17 Bill Gates @leaklive Ed: 🎯 UK to Gates - feel the love DICKHEAD!
10/19 16:53:55 DonaldJTrump 😀Did Trump just posthumously trash Colin Powell's reputation? Quote: "Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media. Hope that happens to me someday. He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!" - About time someone revealed the truth about the disastrous Iraq war?
10/19 16:32:29 'Hilarious' Trump impersonator criticises 'Bare Shelves Biden' - YouTube Ed: 😀 A little light relief..
10/18 11:51:56 Appeals Court Refuses to Stop Maine Vaccine Mandate, Organization Mulls Turning to Supreme Court U;L⚠ It is so abundantly clear that the legal system is riddled with corruption, WE DO NOT KNOW WHY people keep turning to it for justice! (another eg HERE). It's like throwing money at criminals. See our series on CSU for an alternative on our homepage.
10/17 21:52:57 Judge Jeanine reveals who she thinks is running the White House - YouTube Ed: 🏮 Great review
10/17 04:33:50 Telegram- Contact @DismantlingTheCabal Ed: ‼ The Aboriginal people have been especially impacted by the weird fascist bureaucrat infestation of Australia .. I know these people - very hardworking, brave and strong if not oppressed. I know they also have problems like we all do, but the disgusting retarded authoritarian(illegitimate authority) twats that have infested the Oz societal controls have impacted all Oz but impacted these people the most.
10/17 03:25:10 Renegade Marine who slammed Afghanistan exit learns his fate Ed: 🤔 Of course it is unfair, but this dickheaded POS used his 15 seconds of fame to smear Trump and his family. He deserves everything the socialist scum throws at him - just another brainless socialist who hasn't the wit to think his way out of a wet cardboard box. It is telling that there was no one of merit who felt they could come forward from the ranks to call this Afghan debacle out. Tragically, the "partisan" purge in the military has taken its toll.
10/14 23:17:14 Telegram- Contact @Patriotshelping Ed: 🔎 The US Is Sorting Itself Into Red and Blue America
10/14 05:58:49 Father Says Rape of Daughter in School Bathroom Led to Inclusion on School Board's 'Domestic Terrorism' Letter Ed: 🏮 Just beyond belief
10/14 05:29:41 Putin says US itself killing dollar as reserve currency by weaponizing sanctions & uncontrolled money printing, fueling infla Ed: 🔺 The communication king has got it SPOT ON!
10/14 05:25:33 More US soldiers killed themselves in few months than died from Covid-19 since start of pandemic, Pentagon reveals --RT USA N Ed: 🔴 139 total military suicides .. far more than died in action - Biden, you socialist imbecile, what have you done?? TRAGIC!
10/12 12:59:49 WATCH- Trump wishes Ashli Babbitt happy birthday, calls for DOJ to reopen investigation - Breaking911 Ed: 🍷 "Died defending the constitution". That simple statement got us barred from the gateway pundit .. when we enquired, we got told "we have zero tolerance for inciting violence" and thereafter stonewalled. To this day, unable to comment on TGP. Left, right or centrist, the "give a little power to find the true character of a person" has never been truer than with the hate filled moderators all over big tech.
10/12 12:39:47 Aliens 'tampered with nukes' and could spark WW3, warns Airforce officer - Ed: There is simply an unexplained, but well documented and repetitive, "holistic" interference that needs investigating - The sarcastic tone of this article isn't helping ...
10/12 02:45:08 -F--K Joe Biden- Goes Global... Protesters in Rome Chant -F--k Joe Biden- as They Pass US Embassy (VIDEO) Ed: ⭐K Joe Biden Goes Global... Protesters in Rome Chant as They Pass US Embassy (VIDEO) -- Western politicians everywhere including the UK's babbling buffoon Boris's sycophancy MUST BE HELD TO ACCOUNT!
10/09 16:54:43 As crowd chants ''fcuk Joe Biden'', Biden just said ''I can't fix it now because I'm NOT THE PRESIDENT'' 😀 Editing suggests he was about to say "of .." (China? Afghanistan?). From
10/09 10:05:07 Mishap US Sub May Have Been Lurking Near Bottom of South China Sea Ed: 🤔 I know they can't use sonar as that is detectable but to not even use low light cameras or advance probes - that's negligent. What moron designs these things? And who leaked it's status anyway?
10/09 00:35:44 Scotland- Police alerted to 'suspicious activity' on Taliban supporter's farm near nuclear navy submarine base - UK News - Sk Ed: 🏮 What utter madness is this? What kind of perverted woke system *allows* the enemy to just walk up to our backdoor and camp out next to our defense?
10/05 12:42:09 Priti Patel says government will criminalise protests that interfere with key infrastructure --politics live - Politics - The 🔺 This was due to socialists & Soros funded extinction rebellion sitting on roads - sadly, it has had its intended consequence - we now have one more freedom eroded. Soon our protests will only be legal if we sip tea in a park(and that's what the Cabal WANTS). NB: This is a live stream so the content will change
10/03 14:07:45 US Army backs 'sleeping cap' that monitors brain-cleaning fluid - SlashGear Ed: 🤔 What the hell has the US army got to do with this? Oh right.. another waterboarding torture method? Another means of ensuring your total obedience?
09/23 09:31:00 Lava continues to devastate La Palma but slows down- experts doubt its arrival at sea - Spain - COPE Ed: The Cumbre Vieja volcano has destroyed more than 320 homes and, although the lava advances at 4 meters per hour, the lava flows continue its course and the volcano continues to erupt
09/20 10:10:35 Chinese Regime's Forced Organ Harvesting Could Spread to Other Countries, NGO Director Warns Ed: 🔺We have to stop this people.
09/20 10:04:31 This is how La Palma volcano looks from the air Ed: 🔎Brief informative video (text in Spanish).
09/20 08:36:26 Volcano erupts on Spain's La Palma island, spewing lava and forcing thousands to evacuate - CBS News Ed: 🏮MSM starting to cover it(but no sign of tsunami threat!).
09/19 14:08:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - --- Sunday 9-37 AM EDT --- -- Newspaper- Eruption Could Come TODAY! Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If
09/19 11:47:24 3.8 earthquake wakes up La Palma residents Ed: ⚡Since they wrote it, this was upgraded to M3.8 from 3.6. There is a major SHALLOW QUAKE SWARM in progress right now!
09/18 22:28:34 Tazacorte registers an earthquake of more than three degrees - Tenerife - COPE Ed: ⚡(at SEA LEVEL).. Just a reminder that a Mega Tsunami event is possible, even imminent, and the threat has not abated. We are covering and analysing it at Yellings.
09/18 19:40:18 4.3 magnitude earthquake hits Carson area, rattles SoCal - ABC7 San Francisco Ed: 🔺At 9 miles, (~12km), this would feel much less strong that the M3.2 at La Palma today that was less than 0.5km. This is reported just to remind we don't cover quakes and natural disasters, or any news except that of Political Corruption and the war it can bring. However, a biblical disaster that could make all these things irrelevant, seems like part of our charter.
09/18 10:28:26 Scientific committee indicates no evidence collapse will cause Tsunami 🔺🤔ref La Palma, qt: "The scientific committee indicates that there is no evidence" - Now where have you heard this kind of rhetoric before? This is just a BARE FACED LIE. The evidence is prima facie! Just look at the images on our web page (and follow the updates there) and ask yourself if you would happily live in a village at the foot of the Matterhorn while quakes are going off INSIDE it.. that is the equivalent! Next they will be saying "baseless"..
09/17 10:07:56 Earthquakes on La Palma getting closer to surface Accumulated deformation 10 cm Ed: 🔎In Spanish - extract - seismic activity .. continues to migrate towards the northwest, at depths of around 8 km, registering, in addition, 50 shallow earthquakes between 1-5 km. Remember, at 1km or less, that's well above the sea floor and is inside the underwater sheer walled plinth that the island is perched on.
09/16 09:37:01 'Stabbed in the back'- France 'regrets' AUKUS nuclear submarine deal that scuttled its multi-billion contract with Australia Ed: 🎯A taste of your own medicine France? Macron etc has been stabbing the UK in the back over the EU thing forever(specifically playing hard ball with Irish borders).
09/14 17:39:24 The Government Delegation asks to activate the Copernicus system Ed: 🔺Canary Islands Gov asks to activate the Copernicus system to monitor La Palma "The Copernicus system of the National Emergency Center (CENEM) provides high-resolution cartographic information in the event of any emergency". OpEd - This is progress given that we in the media can't even obtain a functional live stream of data -- not very clever given a situation that could wipe out million s of people at a stroke.
09/14 15:37:02 Bob Menendez Slams 'Fatally Flawed' Afghanistan Withdrawal Ed: 🎯Sen Menendez said he was "very disappointed" that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin chose not to attend the hearing. His decision not to appear before the committee will affect my personal judgment on Department of Defense nominees.
09/14 12:44:14 China Company Reportedly Hoping to Revive Stalled Plans to Mine Vast Afghan Copper Deposit - 14.09.2021, Sputnik Internationa Ed: 🏮More that Biden just gave away.
09/14 09:25:04 Telegram- Contact @McafeeAfterlife Ed: ⚡Here, McAfee seems to have gone Full Q and makes some dramatic predictions about this being "A Week To Remember". This chan has not been the most reliable source, but it happens to align with news, activity and aspects we see, so... We shall see!
09/13 07:16:15 England Drops Vaccine Passport Plan Ed: 📯Interesting that this has been picked up on American News. It will make it harder for Macron to stay the course with his decision to go Full Tyrant too.
09/10 20:11:11 Missouri city police chief 'unexpectedly' resigns along with every single officer Ed: ⚡Woke defund is a cancer.
09/08 17:52:49 Meghan Markle criticised, and told to stick to 'Hollywood gossip' after Afghanistan comments - Worcester News Ed: 🤔Hold on a danged moment, why shouldn't they both speak on it? How rude is it to say "stick to Hollywood gossip"? He was an Afghanistan Vet (even if well protected) - whatever he has to say I am interested in .. and she is his wife, not to be treated like some Taliban baby machine (seen and not heard). He has rescinded his role to play dumb for eternity, so why not? The point is they are both valid voices. This is when the media turns to rudderless peer led prejudice, joins the baying crowd that forgot whose head they are baying for.
09/08 12:50:40 China respects Afghanistan's 'sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity' after formation of Taliban govt --spokesma Ed: ⚡Meanwhile, Chinese Uyghurs are butchered, harvested for body parts, enslaved .. Why? Because they are Muslim. Well done Xi. Anymore hypocrisy and snakes would spontaneously burst out of your head.
09/06 17:27:18 US military knew dozens of Americans were AT THE GATES of Kabul airport but refused entry during evacuation --journalist to R Ed: 🏮Apparently Gen Milley made the decision to not open the gate. The general on the ground was so frustrated he wanted them to ram the gate. 3 private jets we on the tarmac but denied take off - BY THE MILITARY. Must see!
09/06 03:26:54 Donald Trump Says Not Yet Sure Whether He Supports Texas Abortion Law Ed: 🏮Wise man. You may have noticed our own lack of comment on the subject. That is deliberate.
09/04 02:17:00 Watch US Troops Trash Millions in Equipment to Stop It From Falling Into Taliban's Hands Intact - Sputnik International Ed: 🤔Video shows moronic attempts by a command structure that clearly does not understand engineering. If you have an intricate machine with precision moving parts, the interface and control electronics are easily replaced.
09/03 20:50:26 FACT FOCUS- Trump, others wrong on US gear left with Taliban Ed: 🏮We the people declare the word "FACT" in this context, or that of "Check", to be an act of MSM subversion - and we declare the perpetrators to be of Urban Terrorist excretion.
09/03 20:20:46 Afghan evacuation raises concerns about child trafficking Ed: 🏮Seriously?
09/03 09:53:01 One of the ISIS 'Beatles' pleads guilty in US court over torture & execution of 4 American hostages --RT USA News Ed: 🏮Kayla Mueller, an aid worker, was rewarded for her devoted compassion by being given as a sex slave to evil Abu Bakr Al-Baghead and subsequently bludgeoned to death. This is the level of satanic savagery Biden has re-unleashed on the West.
09/03 08:14:19 China Orders Broadcasters to 'Put An End' to 'Sissy Men,' and 'Other Abnormal Esthetics' Ed: 🏮This is China prepping it's nation for war. Ironically, the "Woke Narrative" that our kids and Libs are lapping up is coming from the CCP funded MSM and Hollywood. Will the Woke ever Wake? How obvious can it be? China knows Woke is bad and is using it as a weapon on its enemies.
09/01 20:09:33 Rep. Tlaib refers to Palestinian terrorists as "loving" and "successful" Ed: 🔎someone remind me why we imported all this bollix?
09/01 10:35:52 The Untold Truth Of The Taliban Ed: 🤔Get to know your enemy.
09/01 10:28:46 Crimes by US military must be investigated, Beijing says after reports that American troops fired on civilians after Kabul bo Ed: ❓Geese - how do you take your fried rice sir? With egg please -- and seasoned with enough hypocrisy to gag an elephant.
09/01 09:41:02 Since 9-11, US Muslims Have Gained Unprecedented Political, Cultural Influence Ed: 🤔Bound to upset a few. This was in Newsweek too - MSM. But any imbalance by rival factions needs to be addressed (by change, not aggression).Christianity is among the West's founding principles, has lost all ties with extremism, and does not repel Islam. The reverse cannot be held as even remotely true. Change needed?
08/31 08:39:57 They Openly Mock Us Now- Taliban Hangs -Traitor- by the Throat From US Helicopter in Kandahar Left Behind by Joe Biden (VIDEO Ed: 🔴Not a good start to your diplomacy then Mr Biden.
08/30 18:05:29 Sweden Allegedly Sought to Bomb Afghanistan as Advertisement for Its Fighter Jets, WikiLeaks Reveals - Sputnik International Ed: ☠So lets get this straight. An advertising campaign where real people (no matter how savage) get ripped to shreds and babies disintegrate in their mother's arms? Now I have seen depravity.
08/30 09:36:38 Blinken denies giving Taliban lists of Americans and Afghan allies, but then says US turned over names for busloads of evacue Ed: 🔴Blinken Lies, Kabul Dies. This is the infamous "kill list".. Here Taliban, these are the folk you may want to torture to death. Safest thing they can do now is burn all their papers and swap their homes with someone poor.
08/29 12:50:11 47 Victims Rescued, 102 Arrested in Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation Ed: 🎯Yay!
08/24 19:23:44 Iran's Ahmadinejad Reveals Why Iran Doesn't Need Nukes, Says World Should Know Truth About 9-11 - Sputnik International Ed: 🔎He says some interesting things about 9-11... Clearly he does not believe the narrative. (older story, but recent find)
08/24 11:42:36 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Gov't Paying Farmers to --DESTROY-- Crops in Ground; Threaten to cut-off Farm Subsidies if they 🤔Is this only to prevent surplus destabilizing the market? They do it in all countries when there is a glut (remember France's butter mountains?). Qt: "Even worse, telling us to DUMP any oil reserves onto roads or underground.. to stabilize oil prices".. The video is convincing but the oil segment seems contrived (you'd have to dump lakes full). Anyways, OPEC does this all the time too. The real glut is in cash - they have printed so much of it, they can do this madness, because we all need money. The jury is out. Don't be too worried. But watch this space.
08/23 17:28:36 President Biden Must Oppose the Taliban's Current and Future Crackdown on Human Rights - by Nina Shea Ed: ♦Which is why WE WILL BE BACK!
08/23 12:39:00 MoD looking for British shipyards to build support ships Ed: 🤔DO NOT GIVE TO SCOTLAND!
08/23 09:19:48 US omits Macron's plea for 'moral responsibility' from record of Afghanistan call - Afghanistan - The Guardian Ed: 🤔WHEN WAS THE CALL? Reading the article, it was Thursday because they say they got the transcript on Friday about the call the day before. But the Guardian article was Friday the 20th. So was it Thurs 12th or 19th? If it was the 19th, then this is a non story. If it was the 12th .... well. It would prove Biden knew what he was doing before the Taliban won on the 15th. The Guadrian is such a trash rag - not making it blindingly obvious when the call was.
08/22 03:13:41 There Must Be Accountability for America's Defeat in Afghanistan - The National Interest Ed: 🏮Anyone else tiring of this rhetoric? It is the military chiefs who have stuffed this up. It is the military chiefs who are doing nothing to correct things and did nothing to defend the constitution over the election. That makes it a military coup. The Cabal needs that last level of authority. The military chiefs.
08/21 11:23:51 What a turn- Syria wants US help against Russia - source ❓❓Quote: the envoy may seek not only political but also military support from Washington, as Moscow and Damascus have been unable to figure out how to counter the resurgent uprising in Daraa province for several months.
08/20 14:59:38 Slavoj Zizek- The true enemy for Islamists is not the West's neocolonialism or military aggression, but our 'immoral' culture 🤔No Slavoj: The true enemy for Islamists is THEIR 'immoral' culture, not ours. While ever they really think it moral to kill, maim, beat and oppress - their women and us - then they run the risk of their culture being forcibly extinguished(not amplified like Biden just did). If they could live in peace and less like savages there would be no problem.
08/19 15:42:31 Afghan embassy in Tajikistan demands Interpol ARREST exiled president Ghani over 'treasury theft' --RT World News Ed: 🔎🤔Total embarrassment to the human race -- Afghan Man - a bunch of butchering bandits, petty thieves, wife bearers, girl rapists and uncivilized cowards that jump on planes leaving their families behind.
08/19 14:31:57 Lithium, Gold & Rare Earths- How China May Open the Door to New Business Opportunities for Afghans - Sputnik International Ed: 🏮Look at what you left behind you IDIOT Biden!
08/19 11:03:22 Five promises the Taliban have made in Afghanistan - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔺(terrible rag, suggest don't read, but an interesting record of Tban lies - already executing commanders, torturing journalists and beating women to death)
08/17 13:22:22 Telegram- Contact @MelGibsonOfficial 🔎📢(OpEd yellings) - there are 2 doing the rounds - and (extra L) - neither authenticated. We at Yellings have not a shred of doubt it is fake after it started to sell Trump Coins AND saying what a great investment they are! If you had millions and fame, would you stoop to selling buttons and frankly lying about their investment value? Some of the stuff said on Mel's chan simply does not add up. Telegram is beset by fakers and the Russian owners seem uninterested in fixing it. Also consider as fake the other "celeb" channels that are promoting Mel (& coins).
08/15 22:27:13 6 US Companies Owned by China That You Didn't Know About
08/14 16:26:29 Judge Orders Biden Administration to Resume 'Remain in Mexico' Policy Ed: 💰The Fed prints approx $1mil for every new person in the country so as to expand the money supply accordingly. For 500,000 migrants, they print $500,000,000,000 (half a trillion💰). And guess what? They give it to their mates. You can be sure Kamal & Biden are well thanked. Just Corruption.
08/14 13:47:34 Buildings damaged & collapsed after Haiti hit with 'major' 7.2 quake --RT World News Ed: 🏮We only cover "the cabal" (war & coup) but this is such a catastrophe .. Worse than the 2010 devastation we hear.
08/13 09:40:26 Employee at Los Angeles Shoe Store Fatally Shot in Broad Daylight Over Sneakers (Graphic Video) Ed: ⚡☠The West did not start Slavery, we ENDED IT. (Slavs from Yugoslavia etc were the original slaves taken by Africans - Thomas Sowell). And with freedom comes responsibility - to act civilized, not like savages killing over pretty boy shoes. Wake up, educate yourselves, get dignity.
08/06 11:46:23 State Sen. Tony Navarrete arrested for suspected sexual conduct with child Ed: ⚡So he's the one they caught? What about the others?
08/03 15:46:54 Pelosi Profits- Are We Being DUPED BY CROOKED POLITICIANS- - YouTube Ed: ⚡And they're going after Trump for not declaring a a meal..
08/03 10:06:05 RT's Boom Bust looks into US government plan to tax crypto to pay for massive spending program --RT Business News Ed: 💸⚠How can you tax a Ponzi scheme? Watch how fast it falls!
08/02 23:11:04 Caitlin Johnstone- How long before we humans are being policed by robots- --RT Op-ed
08/02 14:48:49 UN special rapporteur on torture requests info after video shows German police officer throwing elderly woman to ground --RT Ed: ⚡The protests are still going and the MSM is still shadow banning it.
08/02 03:56:05 WATCH- Last Moments of TikTok Comedian Who Poked Fun at Taliban Chiefs Ed: 🔴Slit throat pirate savages .. no place on planet earth for these Neanderthals. Time to test a few Nukes in Afghanistan, the incubator of atrocity after atrocity - the authors of every possible atrocity and women oppression. These "things" are not human. Time to eradicate.
07/30 19:34:36 OPERATION BREAKING CHAINS- 29 Victims Rescued, 363 Human Trafficking Arrests In Florida - Breaking911 Ed: 🏮GREAT WORK GUYS!!
07/30 10:03:40 NYT Reporter Lambasted After Suggesting Trump Supporters Are 'Enemies of the State' - Sputnik International 🔴U;L and - Here ... We need to seize all China's assets on Western soil and carefully monitor all Chinese people (once we have regained control) until we have the absolute truth on Covid -- they are actively attacking us and we just ignore it.
07/25 19:57:31 Biden races to unite allies against China knowing sooner or later an explosion will occur - Simon Tisdall - The Guardian Ed: ⚡China has dropped a Job Nuke, a Bio Nuke and a Woke Nuke on the West.. how long before the generals wake up? THEY HATE US! Or are starting to wake up at last?
07/23 18:00:57 Back up with even more information. We now know it is a blockchain deadman's switch. - conspiracy
07/16 11:24:55 New footage shows UFOs swarming US Navy ship - Fox News Video Ed: 🤔📢
07/16 10:08:20 Worst to come- Riots 'only the first phase' of plot to destablise SA - report
07/15 10:11:22 'We don't know where to run'- South Africans brace for new wave of 'devastating' riots after ex-president Zuma jailed (VIDEO)
07/14 03:18:25 US diplomat at center of railway sign theft scandal was flown back by Washington to avoid facing charges in Russia, Moscow cl
07/13 22:21:58 Cyberattacks show the risks of digital currencies and centralised control --we need a return to community banking --RT Op-ed
07/13 19:32:01 MyStore Ed: 🏮📯🍷🎂🏮
07/13 11:09:56 Jamaica expected to ask for billions of pounds in reparations over Britain's role in slavery - Ed: 🏮🏮
07/12 13:38:29 China to serve as 'mediator' for regional security on Afghan issue during Wang Yi's visit to Central Asia - Global Times Ed: ❓📽
07/12 13:33:22 'Trump Card' Offers 7-Point Plan to Restore Ex-POTUS in 'Days' by Ousting 'Impostors Biden & Harris' - Sputnik International Ed: 🎬🏮as nice as this sounds, sometimes we wonder if this kind of thing is circulated to discredit us. If "they" control the ballot boxes, Judiciary, MSM.. how on earth is this going to work?
07/12 11:30:04 Security Service uncovers crypto mining farm in Vinnytsia allegedly stealing electricity - KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice
07/11 12:28:34 Governors' races see flood of pro-Trump candidates - TheHill
07/11 11:27:14 Is China Building its Own 'Area 51' to 'Merge' Drones, AI and Sixth-Generation Combat Aircraft- - Sputnik International Ed: ❓❓
07/10 19:15:25 Login - GETTR
07/07 02:30:15 Chinese Scientists Say They Now Have the World's Most Powerful Quantum Computer
07/06 16:23:34 UFOs, Plasma Lasers, And The Pentagon's 'Voice Of God' Weapon Ed: 😀🤔
07/06 15:13:04 Wikipedia Co-founder Warns- 'Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever' Ed: ☘💰🏮
07/05 20:03:25 US slipped out of Bagram at night, didn't tell new commander- Afghan military
07/04 10:57:58 US lawmaker calls on President Biden to declare Tibet an 'independent country' - Phayul
07/03 04:25:05 Why are Chinese troops assembling on the Myanmar border- - East Asia Forum Ed: ;; 🔴🔴
07/02 18:38:30 Trump supporters turn on -cuck- Ron DeSantis after he thanks Joe Biden for help on Surfside disaster -
07/02 11:39:17 I literally wrote the book on the UFO-nuclear connection. Why is the government hiding what it knows- - Washington Examiner Ed: ⭐💥
06/30 15:37:24 JUST IN- Jim Jordan Discusses Tucker Carlson's Claims NSA Spied On Him After Agency's Denial - YouTube
06/29 20:02:32 Trump's Alabama Rally Canceled Over Concerns Event Will Become 'Too Partisan' - Sputnik International
06/29 18:54:04 ARSENIC In BABY FOOD - What The Hell Is Going On-! - YouTube Ed: 🤔❓
06/29 17:56:04 Bitcoin Will Lead the World Into a Greener Future - Opinion
06/29 09:15:19 ''Two Chinese New Zealanders killed on way to a meeting, to warn of dangers of the CCP''- RNZ
06/28 13:49:41 All websites of high courts now have captchas that are disabled-friendly- Law Ministry - The Economic Times
06/26 16:12:38 Telegram- Tennis balls with messages of freedom thrown at parliament by protesters.
06/26 15:49:39 E10 petrol- What is it and can my car run it- - BBC News
06/25 17:47:38 REPORT- A Link Between Biden's Plans and George Soros Anti-Gun Group - The True Defender !
06/24 11:45:56 John McAfee 'Q' Instagram Post Sparks Dead Man's Switch Conspiracy
06/23 10:40:39 US Seizes 33 Iranian Websites Including Govt-controlled Media Ahead Nuclear Talks
06/22 12:47:00 DOJ Seized 63.7 Bitcoin from Colonial Pipeline Hackers
06/21 21:01:55 Another day, another Israeli weapons factory shut down - Real Media - The View From Below
06/21 10:30:31 'It's going to come as a big shock'- UFO experts await Pentagon report - UFOs - The Guardian
06/21 10:25:27 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israeli Police Spray RAW SEWAGE at Al-Aqsa Mosque
06/20 18:35:00 Ransomware payment may be tax deductible - The Manila Times
06/18 08:53:54 From Unit 731 to Fort Detrick- What is the U.S. hiding from the world- - CGTN
06/17 02:52:42 Carlson floats conspiracy theory that the FBI orchestrated the Jan. 6 Capitol attack
06/17 02:51:33 Madison Cawthorn Invokes Vietnam to Defend Second Amendment
06/16 11:39:01 FACT SHEET- National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism - The White House so if you coerce (which has unlimited meaning) a change in policy, you are a terrorist. As Beth Michel at says, Proud Patriots will henceforth be referred as “Domestic Terrorists”.
06/15 18:36:04 PUTIN BLAST THE SWAMP OVER JAN 6TH!!! - YouTube
06/13 17:15:27 The Jewish Voice on Twitter- -Joe Biden seems to get lost at the G7 summit in England, Jill comes to the rescue @JoeBiden @G7
06/12 12:27:50 Biden admin dismantles VOICE, Trump office for reporting crimes by immigrants - Fox News
06/12 12:26:41 Federal judge halts Biden's debt-relief program for NON-WHITE farmers in case challenging constitutionality of race-based ben
06/12 11:36:24 McDonald's suffers cyberattack in US, South Korea and Taiwan - TechRepublic
06/11 17:02:08 Hal Turner Radio Show - VIDEO- Sudden Terrifying Communist Police Raids Against 100+ Universities in China - Students being r
06/10 08:37:33 JBS says it paid $11 million in bitcoin in ransomware attack - MarketWatch
06/10 02:58:59 El Salvador wants to power crypto mines with '100% cheap, renewable' VOLCANO energy, after adopting bitcoin as legal tender --url
06/09 18:22:08 Joe Biden to tell PM he has 'very deep' concerns on Brexit - The New European
06/08 02:36:52 China using artificial intelligence to detect UFOs because it can 'think outside the box' - The Independent
06/06 14:09:19 No Aliens But... What US Intel Has Found About UFOs
06/05 11:58:28 UFO investigation report findings released by US Government - Lincolnshire Live
06/05 11:32:40 UFO Report- U.S. Doesn't Rule Out Aliens, But Finds No Evidence
06/04 15:18:37 Bill Gates, Warren Buffett to Launch 'Game-Changing' Nuclear Power Plant in Wyoming
06/04 10:57:20 US military UFO report 'does not confirm or rule out alien activity' - BBC News
05/31 12:01:04 Astrophysicist explains why UFO videos fail to impress him - Fox News
05/31 03:01:00 Are UFOs Obama's Next Manufactured Crisis- He Just Brought It Up - Must Be Fake Fear Porn For Some Agenda - CD Media
05/30 17:23:22 Belarus - Authorities detain another journalist --UNIAN
05/30 15:49:18 Blogger Protasevich is in Belarusian KGB facility - activists - World - TASS
05/30 11:13:26 Putin Defends Belarus President Over Criticism of Activist Arrest
05/30 11:11:10 Bill Gates' carefully curated geek image unravels
05/28 12:26:12 -You Are In Defiance Of Congress-- Rand Paul Grills SBA Administrator About Planned Parenthood - YouTube
05/27 10:45:15 Torture Evidence and the Guantanamo Military Commissions - Just Security
05/27 10:43:58 Nigel Farage Has a Message for the Democratic Party in America
05/27 10:32:12 UFO sightings- Why federal reports probably won't point to aliens
05/26 11:38:50 Surprising New Details Revealed Concerning The Meeting Between Trump And Obama - Conservatives Unity
05/22 15:08:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - Strange Sky Lights in Kazakhstan Last Night - Killed Electric Grid
05/22 12:56:08 UFO Pentagon report ordered by Trump could spark alien 'arms race' claims expert - Weird - News -
05/22 12:52:42 The Pentagon thinks UFOs may exist after all... and the evidence is growing
05/22 12:49:21 UFOs go mainstream, suspense builds ahead of major Pentagon report - Washington Times
05/22 12:46:44 The Pentagon thinks UFOs may exist after all ... and the evidence is growing - NZ Herald
05/21 10:09:50 A Close Look at Air Force One's Visit to Detroit and the Presidential Motorcade. - The Aviationist
05/21 01:58:46 Iran's downing of Flight 752 was intentional act of terrorism, Ontario court rules -
05/17 15:43:34 Trump's Defense Secretary Chris Miller says aim in final days of administration was to avoid 'coup' - Daily Mail Online
05/17 09:35:51 Bill Gates Was Investigated Over an Affair With Staffer- WSJ
05/16 13:29:39 Tucker reacts to footage of 'spherical' UFO captured by Navy - YouTube
05/16 13:25:10 San Diego businesswoman sentenced to 15 years in prison for Ponzi scheme - YouTube
05/16 13:20:37 Stunning Video Reportedly Taken on US Navy Ship Shows 'UFO' Descend Into Pacific Ocean - Sputnik International
05/16 13:19:59 UFOs May Be a 'Threat Observation Programme', Ex-US Navy Officer Suggests - Sputnik International
05/15 18:06:44 Why China - with its massive economy - receives 71m a year in UK foreign aid - The Week UK
05/15 18:04:11 China Lands Spacecraft on Mars -
05/13 17:32:10 Elon Musk & Tesla drop Bitcoin as they bow to climate activist demands - YouTube
05/11 20:29:11 US Capitol riot- Former acting defense secretary Christopher Miller worried about appearance of 'military coup' on January 6
05/11 18:16:17 As the French military attack Macron with SECOND 'civil war' warning, how really likely is an Islamist-fuelled internal confl
05/11 02:25:57 Stranded minke whale calf put to sleep in London's River Thames - Daily Sabah
05/10 21:17:06 Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce talks began in 2019 on Jeffrey Epstein link, Wall Street Journal says
05/10 20:30:27 The Guilty Verdict in the Chauvin Trial Did Not Cure America's Over-policing Problem - Just Security Ed: FFS, that's just manslaughter?). That said, I liked the title "The Guilty Verdict in the Chauvin Trial Did Not Cure America’s Over-policing Problem". This is a western problem. Not just over policing, but over sentencing. The enormously long sentences handed out for time spent in barbaric jails is not something America should be proud of.
05/10 20:06:51 A Drop in the Ocean- A Preliminary Assessment of the Koblenz Trial on Syrian Torture - Just Security
05/10 20:00:18 Zarif- Israel denies vaccination to Palestinians in their occupied homeland - IRNA English
05/02 14:54:12 Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure; Tucker reacts - YouTube
04/26 16:54:43 Hal Turner Radio Show - New York City- 26 wounded in dozens of shootings over weekend!
04/21 18:32:05 The unravelling of the American empire
04/19 08:39:05 Hitler's Teeth Reveal Nazi Dictator's Cause of Death - HISTORY
04/18 21:27:44 Dutch MP steps down over grooming accusations --POLITICO
04/18 09:56:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - ----- URGENT ----- BANKS TELLING CUSTOMERS -MAY HAVE TO WAIT 95 DAYS TO WITHDRAW CASH-
04/16 00:58:42 Jewish Voice for Peace Action Endorses McCollum Bill Placing Conditions on US Aid to Israel - Common Dreams News
04/15 18:00:15 The Unbelievable Story of Europe's Runaway Nazi
04/13 11:15:07 Hong Kong Epoch Times Forced to Suspend Printing After Violent Attack
04/12 08:25:43 Virginia police officer fired after pepper-spraying US Army lieutenant Caron Nazario during traffic stop - ABC News
04/11 16:45:57 Top 5 countries opting to ditch US dollar & the reasons behind their move --RT Business News
04/11 12:13:32 Stephen Miller- Joe Biden has shut down ICE - YouTube
04/09 09:59:53 Microchip security continues to confound Pentagon - Lexington Herald Leader
04/08 10:03:56 Yanis Varoufakis with Daniel Denvir - YouTube
04/08 09:26:46 Myanmar's ex-UK envoy says military attach has 'occupied' embassy - BBC News
04/08 09:23:57 Navalny- Jailed Putin critic 'losing sensation in legs and hands' - BBC News
04/06 12:06:44 Jeffrey Epstein reportedly hoped to develop super race of humans with his DNA by impregnating women at his New Mexico ranch -
04/02 16:39:33 REVEALED- China's State Propaganda Group Boasts Control Over Western Think Tanks, 'Election Integrity' Groups, And Even Joe B
03/28 02:34:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - 22 Years Ago Today - March 27, 1999
03/12 10:50:28 American astronauts to again use Russian Soyuz rocket to reach ISS as NASA can't rely on 'unstable' US tech --Moscow space chief --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
03/07 13:02:55 Disney loves China - Raya and the Last Dragon- Disney's new heroine representing 670 million people - BBC News
03/02 12:16:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - The Famous Canals of Venice - Emptied Overnight!
02/06 23:22:03 Tommy Robinson's Long Walk - to court and to prison - with Katie Hopkins - YouTube Ed: let these three words echo in the mindless void of bureaucrats everywhere as they meet their just deserts.
02/03 22:02:25 German nuns 'rented' orphaned boys to businessmen for 'gang bangs & orgies' --suppressed report seen by media --RT World News
02/03 19:38:37 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden Says He Might Dismantle Space Force; Use Budget for -Green- projects
02/02 23:06:38 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israel begins pivot towards China! denies US Navy access to port Haifa in favor of China!!!
02/02 16:36:06 Charles Richard, U.S. Strategic Command chief- Nuclear war with China or Russia 'real possibility' - Washington Times
02/02 10:12:54 EXPLAINER- Why did the military stage a coup in Myanmar-
02/02 10:10:28 Myanmar coup- Why did the military stage a coup in Myanmar and detain Aung San Suu Kyi - Explainer
01/31 23:51:26 'This has all the hallmarks of the world's next major military drama' - Sky News Australia
01/29 17:18:32 FedEx is storing thousands of body bags. - YouTube
01/25 10:09:44 Chinese communists cannot be brought into civilized world through trade - Washington Times
01/25 10:08:40 Parler provided freedom from censorship at cost of users' data - Washington Times
01/24 14:13:33 US Marshalls Rescue 33 Missing Children in 'Operation Lost Angels'
01/22 11:27:49 Beijing Building Military Drones to Rival US in War, Leaked File Shows
01/18 10:30:20 China Is Preparing to Start a War with America - American Thinker
01/16 08:25:53 Facebook forces WhatsApp users to share their personal data..or get off the platform --RT World News
01/16 08:25:18 No Signal- App experiencing 'technical difficulties' after gaining 40 MILLION users in a week --RT USA News
01/16 08:21:21 WhatsApp delays privacy policy update as fleeing users voice concerns over Facebook data-sharing with NO opt-out --RT USA New
01/15 13:46:38 Kim Jong-un's threat to bring U.S. 'to its knees' heightens Biden's challenges - Washington Times
01/15 13:32:03 China nuclear weapons arsenal growth alarming, State Department warns - Washington Times
01/15 11:02:37 NASA Researcher Pleads Guilty to Concealing China Ties
01/14 16:34:41 Video- 83 Global Brands Tied to Forced Labor in China--enedict Rogers
01/13 00:27:48 War begins (Jan 13,2021) China Navy fires Missiles to Warn UK Aircraft carrier & US Warships in SCS - YouTube
01/12 19:37:14 Nigel Farage has made a prediction 'we should all take seriously' on China - YouTube
01/06 13:43:57 Hong Kong police arrest over 50 opposition figures, including US lawyer - News Break
01/05 15:42:36 Secretary Pompeo- 'The True Face of the Chinese Communist Party Has Been Exposed'
01/05 15:08:59 OOPS! 4 -Same CCP Expert Di Dongsheng- What Can Biden -Contribute- to China- we didn't take it seriously until we discovered youtube and others have been erasing it (eg: )
01/05 15:06:02 OOPS! 3 -CCP Expert and the Elite of USA
01/05 15:03:46 OOPS! 2 - Tucker exposes and verifies China CCP Expert at 2;20 - Fox News Video
01/05 14:25:13 OOPS! China Brags About Deals With Biden Family - YouTube
01/03 22:02:40 China in Focus (Jan. 1)- US Blocks Beijing in South China Sea
01/03 19:05:00 China's gold-backed crypto looming as 'Pearl Harbor type event' for US dollar in 2020 --Keiser Report --RT Business News
12/25 23:25:59 Texas father sues police after being pepper-sprayed & arrested while filming son being stopped by officers (VIDEO) --RT USA N
12/21 15:41:37 Democratic memo declares 'rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat'
12/21 10:28:16 Enough is enough liberals, America must be open for business - Washington Times
12/20 00:02:50 LIVE- Turning Point USA- Trump Jr, Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, and more to speak--ay 1 - YouTube
12/19 10:04:48 China-based Zoom Executive Charged for Disrupting Meetings About Tiananmen Square Massacre
12/18 21:08:54 Soros with Smartmatic Owner
12/17 21:50:57 New U.S. maritime strategy focuses on China - Washington Times
12/16 15:27:55 Australia pays heavy price for being Uncle Sam's lapdog towards China --RT Op-ed
12/15 13:50:42 China's 'tainted' cotton
12/10 21:16:44 Pelosi Defends Swalwell's Chinese Spy Scandal - Then Deflects by Saying QAnon is a Danger to Congress (VIDEO)
12/10 20:37:13 US Sanctions Chinese Official Over Role in Persecuting Spiritual Practice Falun Gong
12/10 19:34:56 HUGE- After 4 Years of Stonewalling Corrupt FBI Finally Admits They're Holding Seth Rich's Laptop
12/07 23:09:59 China agents in U.S. government helped influence policy, academic says - Washington Times

Internet, Crypto And Big Brother


  1. Internet, Crypto And Big Brother
    1. The Fallacy of Crypto
      1. How to Track & Steal Crypto - From CodeMonkeyZ (here & here)
    2. The Fallacy of Hackings
    3. The Fallacy Of Encrypted Communications
The internet (including the mobile network) is bugged, cracked and wide open to Police, Security and Intelligence Agencies -- And foreign actors.

The recent spate of internet crashes (eg: here), hacking and ransom payouts(below), should be a massive warning sign to show just how vulnerable our communications are.

As ever, all these "safeguards", the tracking, the snooping etc, are all great when it's used to stop the "bad guys". The trouble is when your government goes rogue. Presently, the West is unanimously (can't think of any exceptions) run by rogue actors.

Worse, this tech can so easily be turned on YOU, especially if you are deemed a dissident, or even a protester, that it leads to doubts we can recover control. Right now you are only allowed to see what they let you see. You can only communicate what they want you to communicate.

This leads to grave concerns as to whether or not the US Coup can ever be reversed.

The Fallacy of Crypto

  1. As a currency, it has no state backing and thus zero intrinsic value -- except that people will keep buying it, usually for more. It's thus a Ponzi scheme.
  2. Myths:
  3. It's ludicrously technical and to what end?

How to Track & Steal Crypto - From CodeMonkeyZ (here & here)

Regarding the Ransomware attack on the major USA Pipeline in May 2021 (Ref HERE)..

A ransom was paid in Bitcoin. The FBI got most of it back. Here is how..

Code Monkey says
FBI Affidavit explaining how they ended up recovering ransomware bitcoins was released.
The FBI watched the suspects try to launder the bitcoin through different addresses until the bitcoin landed on an exchange (the redacted section is the name of the exchange that the hackers used).

From there, the FBI simply contacted the exchange and asked for the private key to the coins.
Then explains
CodeMonkeyZ, [08.06.21 14:18]
When you put your crypto coins into an exchange, the exchange owns your private key until you withdraw.
Exchanges working closely with law enforcement is the biggest takeaway from this affidavit, but is also common sense.
If the exchange had a strong KYS program, then the thieves will likely be arrested sooner than later. However, many exchanges don't do vigorous KYS, so it is possible the thieves got away with it this time and will know better than putting coins into an exchange next time.
We would add
...if you don't put your crypto money in an exchange, then how can you spend it???

The Fallacy of Hackings

From our Analysis for 7th June 2021:
Hacking -- The recent spate of hacks is aggravating on more than one level. That includes the election. Most recently, Blinken says they will hold countries responsible who harbor hackers(REF).

But this is absurd. If you write stupid software and attach it to the worlds biggest network, then guess what -- you will get hacked. What do we mean by this? Most older programmers will remember a simple world where computers had small memories and only ran one program at a time.Then along came massive memories and multi threaded software (the computer I am writing this on is running 50 background processes -- 50 independent programs that in the past would have required 50 computers). Computers played games better, but none of this makes a spreadsheet work any better, let alone a timer based machine controller.

So along came something called Bloat-Ware. Like doctors, lawyers, and every other profession, the software corporations complicated the hell out of it and started writing new languages that look like Egyptian hieroglyphs (doctors and lawyers are infamous for having their own languages and indecipherable writing). Just making a program add two numbers together and display it involves platforms, device drivers and virtual machines, each a specialist topic of it's own. The new languages seemed to serve no other purpose than to unseat earlier Western developers. Software became so bureaucratic, you had to have the patience of a starving third world sheep herder to write code. And even they spend 10 years learning the new code and 2 days later, it is obsoleted and then they too go back where they began.

And the bankers and corporations love it. Whereas once the programmer was the pivot around which a company spun, and was paid as much or more than the directors, now coders are just sheep, and the brain-dead "do nothing practical" elite are back in the drivers seat. The sheep's software is so poor, server farms are required to run it which require huge water and electricity intakes -- just to cool them.

Very often, the software is free - open source. This was to avoid the Patent Trolls which again put good minds out to pasture. Gates is among the worst of these. And so, to the experts eye, the sheep software looks like a steam driven engine in a junk yard -- made out of buttons and tin cans connected with twine -- and is so buggy and vulnerable to hacking, entire industries have sprung up to test for security flaws and compatibility. Computer hardware was developed to run 1000's of times faster and yet "boot" times got longer.

We've worked in environments handling public transport information that was triple encrypted. WHY? It's PUBLIC we cried! Encryption is great but just like the revolutionary hugely encrypted electronic BMW keys, the thief just went "no problem, we'll smash your house to bits finding the keys" (God help us if they introduce retina scans as you know where that's going). Same with the hackers. They just go a little deeper and collect digital keys. Now there is a black market in passwords.

But will they go back to basics? NO. They deserve to be hacked. It was all about power -- they could not bear to see a humble coder driving a nice car and commanding more income than they. I bet China and Russia don't have these problems (mind you, they have different problems surrounding disregard for discipline and quality -- thankfully -- or the tech race would have been long lost already).

The Fallacy Of Encrypted Communications

Ref Operation Ironside: Hundreds of arrests in 18 countries and 30m seized as 'Operation Ironside' hacks into app used by criminals - & 'Sting of the century': FBI & Australian police trick criminal gangs into using surveilled chat app, make hundreds of arrests RT World News -- a great comment added the latter..

6 hours ago
Secure encryption doesn't exist. There are about 5 people in the world clever enough to invent the mathematical concept and each has been compromised (of course) to insert backdoors in the concept. These concepts are then packaged by professors and students who are unaware of the backdoor (due to their inferior knowledge of the concept - Compared to the inventor). London Bridge terror attack - UK Police had 'Tracked' back Telegram messages to addresses within 30 mins - Because they have the keys to the encryption. Signal? - Funded by the CIA. PGP hacked years ago.
Of course we can't corroborate the validity of these things, but we do know this kind of thing happens a lot!

When you go on to an HTTPS site, (the "S" on the end stands for "Secure") like ours, you are being given two levels of protection.

So in short, not much extra security (but a whack load of extra complexity). And as the articles referenced above say, any number of government agencies can monitor what you are saying.

Don't be tempted to write your own scrambler either. If they detect you are using an unknown algorithm, you will get a knock on the door... We've heard of this but can't confirm it.