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MSM News

Just a selection of standard Main Stream Media and other outlets, sources and articles, biased or not, to see what the differing takes are on the election fraud, the war threats, and general news. This includes some conservative leaning titles albeit they are essentially neutral and, in our view, insufficiently focused on the "crime of the century" (election fraud etc) to be valuable to our cause. No conclusion is drawn, nor is there any point being made by this list.

04/16 20:42:43 Trump Reportedly Mulls Joining Gettr Amid Fury At Truth Social Rollout Not an uplifting review, but we must keep it real. Quote:

Well over a million prospective users remain stuck on a waiting list for the app, while new downloads have plummeted some 93% from what they were during the app's Presidents' Day launch week, according to The Wrap.

The heads of technology and product development at Truth Social both recently quit their posts, Reuters reported Monday.
07/30 18:33:18 Gina Carano on GETTR Ed: 😀The obedient mouse that kissed a frog.
05/24 00:42:39 Capitol insurrectionists aren't making plea deals because they believe Trump will swoop in to save them- report - Raw Story -
05/04 09:21:15 Bill and Melinda Gates' 105bn divorce settlement could be the most expensive ever
05/04 08:42:09 At least 23 dead after Mexico City metro overpass collapses
04/28 19:32:35 Watch- Bizarre Biden Says He's 'Really Gonna Be in Trouble' for Taking One Last Question from a Reporter
04/28 18:42:39 SouthFront- Crisis News, World Events, Political Survey
04/24 10:24:36 Michael Flynn - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent
04/17 18:36:08 Latest World News & Archive -
04/08 13:16:53 UNIAN- News of Ukraine this year - the last days in Ukraine
04/07 15:41:17 Construction of Trump's border wall may continue under Biden, administration admits - The Independent
04/06 09:37:51 The Daily Wire
04/06 09:35:20 - Media & Politics News - TV, Print, Online
02/11 16:27:01 Exclusive- Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party - Reuters
11/28 18:34:59 US Election 2020 Results - Epoch Times
11/18 15:32:10
11/14 10:48:51 McConnell- President Trump Is 100% Within His Rights To Look Into Allegations Of Fraud And Weigh His Legal Options - Video - RealClearPolitics
11/12 22:53:52 US - ;Current Election Update- Trump Ahead with Most States, Most EC Votes and Most Legitimate Votes In History - Biden Committing Greatest Fraud Ever
11/11 13:07:33 US Election 2020 U.S. Senate Election - Live NOW Nov 11 - RealClearPolitics
11/10 18:07:48 War Room- Pandemic
11/10 14:41:40 The 10 closest states in the 2020 presidential election - CNNPolitics
11/10 14:35:25 Stock market today- Dow rises more than 100 points, but Nasdaq falls as market rotation out of tech continues
11/10 14:30:11 election results 2020- Nevada judge rejects Republicans' effort to halt vote count - Financial Times
11/10 14:28:59 Election 2020 live results- Biden urges patience as count continues
11/10 14:20:19 GATEWAY PUNDIT! Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump -- Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES -- And Uses Chinese Computer Parts
11/10 14:17:32 Election USA 2020 results LIVE - SUN
11/10 14:17:26 Growing Discomfort at Law Firms Representing Trump in Election Lawsuits - The New York Times
11/10 10:32:16 US Election 2020 Results - BBC News