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Kinesis Forecasting, Astronomy:

On April 25th, we introduced the Science of Kinesis Forecasting (Kinesis for short)!

Firstly, it may look a little like a form of Kinetic Astrology, but it is neither metaphysical nor or any other non-science. It is based on plausible "scientific" theory (scientific in that it has evidence, reason, and can be tested, proven) surrounding the kinetic effects of gravitational patterns and pull between astronomical bodies, the crisscrossing angles of those forces, and the impact it has on the production of delicate mood changing chemicals, hormones and pheromones.
This is because such delicate chemicals are "complex carbohydrates" with fascinating bond patterns. Some form 5 sided bonds inside a more complex bucky ball for example...
Endohedral fullerene.png
The array of Molecular Geometry combinations in the three-dimensional arrangement of the atoms that constitute a molecule is bewildering...
Why did it become(4/25/2021) a good time to look into this? Whilst it is obvious to thinking people we're in a challenging time, it happens to coincide with 14 months of challenging kinetic activity between Saturn and Uranus. They appear to form a rare dance in the sky as one scoots past the other, then the other pulls out and overtakes again, and the cycle repeats - activity caused by elliptical orbits. As you can see from past events below, it has been stunningly predictive on a global scale.

To cut to the chase, we saw and predicted major influences as follows..
  1. 2020 -Jan 11*** -- 13*** (mania, confrontation -- China reported its first Covid death on 11th)
  2. 2020 - Mar 31**, Apr 5***, June 30****, Nov 11*** (hilited dates of Jupiter's earlier rare "dance" around Pluto - Covid?)
  3. 2020 - Apr 26*** (mania - anyone know of major events then? )
  4. 2020 - May 20*** (challenge - Floyd died on 25th)
  5. 2020 - Oct 31*** (mania, confrontation -- 3 days later the election was stolen)
  6. 2020 - Nov 9***15** (mania -- by now, election fraud signs mounting)
  7. 2020 - Dec 20*** - 23rd**** (mania, confrontation)
  8. Jan 6*** - Jan20***** - - Mar 5th** (We all know what happened on Jan 6 and Jan 20... alleged "insurrection" and wrong inauguration).
  9. March 24* - April 19** (Sun, Venus & Mars overlapping - mania - when we had the build up in the Ukraine)
  10. April 16* - (calm day -- our timeline indicates "China Backs Away as Philippines and U.S. Send Powerful Ships", but otherwise not a good example)
From April 25th?
  1. April 25* - 27* -- mild mania involving money, cooperation and communication
  2. April 30** - May 3rd* Challenging - details to follow.
  3. May 12** -- A positive (but mild) angular combining of forces impacting tech, lessons,  evil, communication, energy. May result in over confidence.
  4. May 18* - Jun 25* (Jupiter's position indicates calm. 26th indicates a peak**). This will be offset by powerful influential bursts as follows..
  5. Signs of Conflict are indicated on June 5/6, 20, July 2, 8, 18/19, and several more peaks that we will analyze nearer the time.
  6. Dec 23***** - Dec 29*** Large overlapping challenges. Will analyze nearer time.
  7. Sept 26th 2022*** -- the last serious rumble between major planets for a decade!!
  8. June 8th 2032****** -- they meet again  (and this time they start with a major bang).
..* -- The number of asterisks denotes strength of influence.

We'll expand on these forecasts in future and look forward to providing brief videos explaining and proving past predictions in order to bring credibility to future ones.

What is the science?

At the theory's core is the postulate that collective gravity is far stronger than Science gives it credit for, and the component of gravity that can be attributed to the curvature of space time is not sufficient to explain gravity. Therefore the amount of gravitational pull between the Earth and Sun to counter the effects of centrifugal force is enormous. To be precise, if there were no such thing as gravity, this centrifugal force would be strong enough to snap a steel rope that is as wide as the planet earth. That's a lot of gravitational force. It is therefore true that an individual standing under the midday sun has an enormous gravitational force passing through you -- to scale that down to "you", the shaft of earth that you are shadowing is ALSO strong enough to snap a steel rope that is as wide as you are.

The moon too creates a crisscrossing pattern of force passing through you at differing angles. We don't feel this enormous pull because the pull is roughly equal and opposite in both directions. However, we certainly see the influence on the tides with billions of tons of water shifting global daily.

So! As the force of collective gravity passes right through you, the theory predicts that it will influence the production of delicate mood changing chemicals, hormones and pheromones such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Glutamate and Norepinephrine. Indeed, Kinesis in biology is the study of cell responses to stimuli such as light intensity(ref here) or, in our case, the crisscrossing gravitational forces of astronomical bodies and their impact on neurons, mood, mass hysteria, and thus global news. This is why we call it Kinesis. Specifically, we call it Kinesis Forecasting because we can calculate with great accuracy the exact intensity of such forces and thus the causes and effect well into the future.

Consider that our neurons (brain cells) are so susceptible, and that these chemical formations are so delicate, it only takes a tiny pill to completely change your mood. Hence we can theorize that intense shifting gravitational forces can also have an effect on mood. It is no coincidence that New Moons and Full Moons are well know to affect moods, periods, preempt mass spawning in the oceans, cause wolves to howl, and tragically, cause seriously mentally ill patients to "kick off". It is also no coincidence conventional astrologers predict good things during trines (crisscrossing at 120 degrees) and bad things during squares (crisscrossing at 90 degrees). Most molecules form atomic patterns that contain either 120 degrees and 60 degrees (honeycomb shapes) and 90 degrees - cuboids. Of course there are myriad other shapes and patterns that atoms form including helix patterns (DNA) and molecular buckyballs (the main ingredient of oil).

The astonishing impact this has on our brain during it's explosive initial development (-- immediately after we leave the birth canal, our brains double in size --) allows us to semi-accurately predict personality which is why you will find so much written about birth signs (most of it tripe, but that's another matter).

It is also no coincidence that classic astrology uses the position of the sun (Zodiac signs), the position of the moon(moon signs), and the time of day you were born. Why? because the sun and moon have by far the biggest gravitational influence, and the time of day determines how much of that pull between the sun and earth is passing through you.

The keyword is influence. Kinesis cannot predict anything physically (unless you believe in the metaphysical side of astrology which we find no evidence for) but instead we look for mood influence on mass crowd actions. Tolerance, grievances, calmness, harshness, harmony, mania -- all these things can build to the point they cause wars, sometimes through challenge, misunderstandings and equally through overconfidence and hubris.

However! We would like to draw a major distinction between Kinesis and astrology. We don't see any significant impact on individuals except perhaps with moon cycles. We see that the daily predictions, so familiar in the astrology columns of papers, whilst also based on positions, is actually something of an unwitting con. If you tell someone he(or she) is going to have a great day, they will relax. 2 days later you will see they predict you will have a stressful time -- why? because you let things go 2 days earlier. Then you catch up and you feel good again. So they unwittingly lock you into various mood cycles and to that extent can be self predicting.

Kinesis doesn't do that. The evidence shows that the day to day position of astronomical bodies (planets etc) relative to our birth positions has no significant consistent effect (we've observed that any small effect that may have been observed actually diminishes with age). Only the interaction between astronomical bodies can be used to predict anything with some degree of accuracy. For example, a half moon means it is square to the sun (they are at 90 degrees to each other). Early astrology ignored the 12 signs of the zodiac -- for this reason! Ie: The influence cannot be divided into different daily experiences depending on your birth sign.

Further, Kinesis has observed that Daily Transients (a very quick square or trine between fast moving planets) also seem to have little or no impact. But we have found that the longer the square or trine persists, the more influence it has. This makes sense in that a quick crisscrossing of angles is unlikely to have much influence on molecular activity. Astrology uses these transients to bring you new and exciting predictions daily but we've found there is very little to be predicted from Daily Transients.

All our influence forecasting comes from correlating past gravitation interactions with historic events using the above theory as a guide.

Our main observation is that the longer astronomical bodies form a significant angle, the more influence the crisscrossing angle has. We've observed that larger and closer have a similar impact to smaller and distant objects. We don't know why this is but we suspect the smaller a body(eg: Pluto) is, then the more focused will be it's influence. It's also possible that each body has a signature "spin" to it's gravitation force, or some other uniqueness, which is why classical astrologers gave each astronomical body a different type of influence. That's starting to diverge from the theorized path and we generally don't correlate these astronomical bodies to zodiac signs, but it is possible that galaxies and stars should be considered as more astronomical bodies and that would be an entry point to zodiac inclusion.

Our main aim is to look at how mass mood swings can influence world events. Delays can and do occur between severe aspects when one considers that if leaders develop a mood of confrontational unease, that will likely go into their planning, not into immediate action. However, confidence (trines) can convert to speech and threat a lot faster. Keep in mind, global events take time to filter through the press as well.

As it is not a science that is yet embraced by the various Scientific bodies, we are happy for it to be referred to as "Pseudo Science".

One final point - it is a forecast. Used correctly, it is more accurate than a long rage weather forecast but, as we all know, the exact nature of the weather on the day is very hard to get right. Kinesis is about trends and influences.

It's also a hugely good way to predict compatibility between couples, or provide unique individual forecasts -- but that's for another day.

4/25/2021 - Today's astronomical bodies positions(outer circle) compared to Biden's position (inner circle)

He's probably not having a good day!

Useful resources:

08/02 15:22:41 Andrew Torba Wiki (Gab Founder) Age, Wife, Net worth & Biography
08/02 15:22:41 Andrew Torba Wiki (Gab Founder) Age, Wife, Net worth & Biography
  1. Historic Planetary Gravitational Interaction Graphs...
      1. Mark Zuckerberg born May 14 1984
      2. Andrew Torba born May 2 1986 (Gab CEO)
      3. Jack Dorsey (Twitter Nov 19 1976)
    1. Recent Forecast Graphs

Historic Planetary Gravitational Interaction Graphs...

Each vertical column is a fortnight. Interpretation is an art form, but for global trends, you should be looking at the longer waves.

..From this, you can see clearly the trends building around and after Nov 3rd 2020, especially on the Squares row, and the conjunction on the 20th. The examples of impact shown on each row are for personal use. For global trends, a Square is challenge, a Trine means arrogance, Conjunct means confrontation, Quintile row is aggression (army confrontation), and the Septile Row possibly (yet to be proven) governs security depending on which planets are involved. The big one to watch for? Opposition! That can means Conflict, even war, especially when combined with other signals.

Graph of 2020 showing huge spike at time when Covid was announced. Another big spike as we went into lockdowns.

Graph of late 2020 until now showing election hotspots.

Mark Zuckerberg born May 14 1984