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Breaking News Archive

This is an archive of our selected articles for our landing page Breaking News picks. At page bottom is an archive of our Situation Updates articles from our landing page.
First, 2/20/2021 .. We are proud to bring you our President Donald J Trump in a recent interview with Newsmax TV, banned by Far Left Commie Youtube!..

cut short at the 11 min mark, but we got the majority of it.

Situation Updates Archive (Latest at top)

This is an archive of our Situation Updates articles from our landing page. Earlier_Live_Updates (prior Jan 20) appear here.

Situation Update 24th & 25th Feb 2021:

We've just updated our Covid analysis on the 25th here.

Some developing revelations we are looking into..
  1. Democrats demanding nuclear codes with Biden to be shared -- all over the web -- eg: here, here and here.
      • And from yesterday...
  2. Did the Rockefeller Foundation consider Covid in 2010? There is an alarming "study" that shows they had analyzed scenarios that have since, a decade later, played out very accurately. See all links and debate here!
  3. Bill Gates and Big Pharma -- We are becoming aware that Mr Gates is "big" in Big Pharma. Huge profits, huge influence over WHO - More here.
  4. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's Mother: 'He Wasn't Hit on the Head' on Jan. 6 -- So where is the autopsy? Who made up this story? Since this means there were zero fatalities among the authorities or general public other than Trump's own supporters, why was this not revealed before the impeachment? Indeed, the only deadly act of violence was that of excessive force used on Ashli Babbitt.
Situation Update 23rd Feb 2021:

Everyone seems down today. Why? The enemy is way out in the open..

About the SCOTUS denials of standing, we at Yellings are almost relieved -- it would have been worse if they had weighed the evidence -- because you know they would have been dishonest -- and then how would anyone have as much time to rebut their judgement? How would anyone have as much time, qualification and access to the evidence to tell us otherwise? This way, we know they are prejudicing the case in a very black and white fashion. A bit like a wolf in sheep's clothing that, when asked, says, yep, I'm a wolf.

So now we know what we have to do. We need to set up an alternate justice system!

Situation Update 22nd Feb 2021:

Things are still rumbling on .. our work on www.M8Y.com, as below, continues. Today, we'd just like to emphasize the military incongruities that may indeed point to something of a bipartisan loyalty to Trump's office as well as the illegitimate "Biden Elect" who seems to be enjoying the office in name only.

Here we have the pointers to corroborate such a claim (remember - we apply observation and logic - no quantum predictions, voodoo, aliens, or Q). Yesterday, we would point you to the Hal Turner Airforce news. Prior, we have mentioned Biden put Flynn's brother in charge of Taiwan and China situation at the Pentagon -- which is really strange for someone supposedly flushing conservatism out of the military. When you think about it, this does support the theory Biden is not in control of the military.

Consider also the abundance of conjecture that Biden was and apparently is not welcome in the Pentagon -- eg: Politico and Businessinsider not to mention the well publicized video of soldiers turning their backs on the Biden motorcade and one does have to wonder!

Situation Update 21st Feb 2021:

We will die fighting. I have no more words. There are 75million Americans who need Trump, who need to keep freedom alive, who need security, good jobs. There is about 1 millionth of them who are able, so far, to donate to stave off the tyranny, the gun control, the poverty, the straight jackets. That's right, about 75 wonderful brave souls, dipping into their pockets, to help the 74,999,925 folk who are unable to help this cause (and we know many cannot, and we are fighting for you). We have put this site together to fight this wrong -- it was originally to be a news chat site but as Nov 3rd slid screaming into history, gouging holes in the constitution, tearing up the freedoms our fathers fought and died for, we donated this site and thousands of hours to help you defeat this evil. Be a proud part of that fightback. You will be entered into the hall of heroes alongside those 75 and honored by name if you so wish! Thank you to those considering this and to those that can't, please give thanks to the heroic 75!!

Situation Update 20th Feb 2021:

False Profits -- https://www.brighteon.com/b38e405c-a76a-4bd5-8671-333fc174b447 -- Who is this suddenly viral Simon Parkes? Well, he's connected to CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6 and the Freemasons and also has sex with aliens, has an 8 foot alien mother, first had sex at the age of 6.... All of which he happily says to any interviewer (and much of which is in that video).

And this is why we love Hal Turner.. a COMPREHENSIVE LIST of all things Q ANON SAID WOULD HAPPEN, THAT CAME TRUE right here!

Another example -- This is so bad, it's hilarious... tom-numbers-and-simon-parkes .. Let me summarize "I bumped into .. Kieth 53, Lemon 45 = independence..  comes to 42, which comes to 2021[how??] ..comes to king, TSB, my innitials, Alien, and 70 wish is Simon, now add Lee,  that comes to 111 .... then add Keith Lemon, Lee Francis, salt, light bulbs, dancing pixies and ... then you add Manhattan ... [Simon says] "why would you add Manhattan?" (said twice) [Yes, at 6:40 -- even Simon cat alien mistress Parkes has a moment of disbelief ... so a reason given, and on we go...] We only made up that bit about dancing pixies. "[]" is us too of course. You may think we rephrased it to sound jumbled, but if you check, you will see it was just as jumbled to begin with. It is all insane! (To be fair, it is so hilarious, I'm on my 3rd viewing)...

Let's be serious! These guys are bringing the truth movement into disrepute. When MSM & Tech shuts down all sane truther voices, you are only left with the insane voices who can, and sadly do, speak for us. Do they not see they are a Psy Op pawns? Everyone is laughing at truthers because of these people!

We wouldn't mind if they stuck to voodoo and even Quantum Economics, but by "pretending" they have a special tap into the info chain, then putting their 4th dimension spin on it, they are turning a very real coup into some kind of deviant aberration. A Psy Ops freak show to make us look .. stupid! To be fair, Parkes & Co obviously do have some connections and occasionally they do have their finger on the pulse (mostly in the mood, not the truth). We feel however that during the lead up to the 20th, their constant "wait" dampened what should have been a full throated rallying cry to embolden the military to take action against the well documented corruption. Now it's (probably) too late -- not that we will ever give up. When listening to the fervor some of their devotees show, especially Tom Numbers, we just wish people would engage their logic chip and step away from the idealist abyss.

As for us, we must fight on. Using protest, civil disobedience (lawfully), systems within systems -- and we hope Yellings can be a help if not a leader in that regard. See also A Cautionary Tale here

Situation Update 19th Feb 2021:

As pointed out by @ClareAnita on Rumble, Biden put Flynn's brother in charge of Taiwan and China situation at the Pentagon -- which is really strange for someone supposedly flushing conservatism out of the military. When you think about it, this does support the theory Biden is not in control of the military.

Consider also the abundance of conjecture that Biden was and apparently is not welcome in the Pentagon -- eg: Politico and Businessinsider not to mention the well publicized video of soldiers turning their backs on the Biden motorcade and one does have to wonder!

We have been openly critical and even scathing of the military for apparently not supporting Trump. It appears Trump did not sign any act that would involve the military, but it is known the military old guard wrote open letters to Trump telling him not to -- so it would take a recklessly brave POTUS to do so under such intimidation. However, that was the old guard (retired chiefs and generals), and even that may have been a smoke screen. Rank and file are strong supporters of Trump which would make senior decisions easy. And yet, the time to act was before the 20th. There was ample evidence of election fraud and foreign interference. A lot of the fraud was prima facie!

Do we really need Biden to "show his hand" and prove how unpopular he would be? (Who can forget the public booing at the super bowl?). One theory we have not seen put forward is that Trump knew Covid was out of control and wanted Biden to take the fall for deeply unpopular decisions. Thus the military were asked to delay acting on the overwhelming abundance of evidence (including Chief Justice John Roberts and VP Pence being "controlled" here) until nearer summer.

Who knows? We've always said we would be first to humbly apologize if it turns out the military were not yellow bellied as have insinuated in the past!

We document and log this coup, the scheming plotting collusion by MSM, Tech, Law. We know someone will act but we all need to do our bit - shout "Fraud" from the rooftops to make it easier for them. Please know your 👉Donation👀 (top left) is the life blood of this crusade to help reverse this barbaric assault on civilization.

Situation Update 18th Feb 2021:

We CANNOT ACCEPT. Flynn hasn't acceptedhere! We STILL NEED ANSWERS. Yes, there was election fraud. No biggy - just investigate it, reassess the tally.

But it's what happened next that started the real jaw dropping. THERE WAS NO REASSESSMENT. There was no real investigation except what Trump could do out of his own war chest -- and then no one in the "LAW" (Lice Awash Weasels) would even look at it, let alone assess it.

Then we know the rest -- the media, big tech, even military chiefs played it all down, sought to make Trump look foolish, sought to brand him as someone damaging the election system.

But even that isn't the point. We NEED ANSWERS FROM THE JUDICIARY -- deep, involved answers, as to why they did that. NO MORE F*CKING LIES!

Do NOT ask me to accept this sh*t, do NOT ask me to turn a blind eye, do NOT ask me to disarm.

Without trial, Biden & Harris are ILLEGITIMATE and MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!

Find Roberts, Pence, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates and RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN. Make sure they NEVER enjoy our respect or services again!

- 18 Feb xtra -
Antifa/BLM agitator John Sullivan charged for his participation in the Jan. 6 riots, AND was paid $35,000 apiece from CNN (and NBC?) for his footage inside the Capitol. It's reported that on average, one would earn around $2-5K, but Sullivan was paid $35K with a contract here in place (signed on the same day). Some are alleging this shows that this was a pre-planned CNN ORCHESTRATED EVENT however, we suspect such contracts can be put in place rapidly.
What is disgusting is that someone fueled a riot, a break in, violence, then coldly sold, with a contract, the resulting footage of the brave Patriot dying as she paid the ultimate price (RIP Ashli Babbitt).

Situation Update 17th Feb 2021:

Harris taken over the White House already, calling all the foreign leaders here. Harris, barely American, equal loyalty to India, soon to be POTUS, soon to be sending your boys* to risk life and limb. Military does zip! (*Boys is a non gendered term that includes and gender including trans. Not it isn't, I just made that up).

We have taken it upon ourselves to document and log this massive theft that took the USA like a coup. We know someone will act but we all need to shout "Fraud" from the rooftops to make it easier for them. Please know your Donation💵 is the life blood of this crusade to help reverse these horrific wrongs.

Situation Update 16th Feb 2021:

When you realize all hell is circling above you, YOU can be reassured that YOU are the strong one. You are the SANE one.
  • Prima Facie Election Corruption Occurred
  • Counting rooms were obscured, Votes were counted illegally, the Postal Vote system completely collapsed
  • Worse, Justice Perverted and Denied -- people are left with no recourse against blatant fraud
  • That Fraud Goes Uncontested and You Are Told to Accept or be Branded a Terrorist
  • MSM Threw Away the Biggest Corruption Story Ever
  • Tech Muted POTUS and now Persecute You!
Finally, the military mutinied with thinly veiled threats from hundreds of former chiefs to scare Trump off using them to protect the constitution.

Of course lets be reminded that in Trump's last year he had to contend with a suspicious pandemic and absurdly violent, deadly riots. But now it gets worse..
  • We are confronted with substantial proof here that the Chief Justice who swore in Biden, on the other side of that bible on that grand stage, is controlled by some hideous Pedophile group along with Pence.
  • We find many stories that Gates, who invested billions in vaccines for profit, has been knocking on that same Epstein door (See here & here).
  • We see proven, safe alternative Covid measures silenced, doctors sacked, advocates banned, deplatformed.
  • We see a rising Cabal in Europe, backing the Great Reset (here), calling for humans to be chipped like dogs, under threat of assets and freedom loss for non Covid compliance.
  • We see ridiculously massive fines levied on people already struggling with their businesses burning or starved to death.
  • We see economies collapsing, people suffering, vaccines not working (blamed on new strains we cannot possibly prove).
  • We see a breakdown in the nuclear family with what most consider to be bizarre perversions of equality and sexual diversity.
And still the military chiefs sit on their hands. Even Myanmar is making them look stupid.

Situation Update 15th Feb 2021:

Lin Wood, 14 Feb 2021, 20:10 -- ''Simple truth: Joey "Bribes" Biden did NOT win the November 3 election.  Those that say Biden won are spreading a lie. They need to rethink their position sooner as opposed to later for the sake of their own future. They need to face the truth unpleasant as it may be to them - Trump won.''

Wood is clever. He is essentially defying anyone to take legal action against what on the surface appears to be a libelous falsehood. It puts the shoe on the other foot. Instead of them screeching "you have no proof", they, if they brought an action against Wood, would have to disprove the large volume of prima facie evidence. And if they don't bring an action? We can keep shouting it from the rooftops. THE ELECTION WAS A FRAUD.

We live in such treacherous times. The whole shebang is linked like some giant cancerous tumor. Election, Senate, Covid, EU, China... Gates is linked here to the underbelly AND to the "Great Reset" movement. We have video of him boasting he makes a 20 to 1 return on Vaccine investment here. We see doctors getting sacked for administering harmless alternatives here. There was and is hard evidence of election fraud. Why did the media throw away the biggest story they've ever had and why did Big Tech lose billions off their stock market value to silence thousands of people standing up for Covid remedies that work, and to silence Trump and his supporters? Why did Covid happen at the end of Trump's presidency? Why did WHO wait an entire year to investigate the Wuhan Lab? They call this "the great awakening" for good reason!

- 15 Feb xtra -
Finally! We were awarded the badge of honor we bravely fought for... SUSPENDED BY TWITTER!!🕊 more here

Situation Update 14th Feb 2021:

Trump Defense Video Destroys Dems! Doug TenNapel in Exile view here - (parts not easy to watch).

The people who incite violence are those that provocatively, continuously and dementedly persecute the heroic leader of half America -- this impeachment is designed to anger people (if that isn't incitement, what is?). It is simply a baseless, rancid perversion of lawful process.

But worse than this, in the past they have aided, abetted, encouraged and incited untold violence, destruction, misery, injury and bloodshed -- We hold AOC, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi personally responsible for what happened at 5:17 ...  this person was unconscious and kicked so hard in the head his entire body was moved along the ground several inches (ps: the person coming in from the right saved him from further damage and is a hero to have intervened -- thank god there was good to counter that evil). A vicious and vulgar assault stemming from the Hatred that the Liberal Left have been stoking for years -- do we see any kind of similar "hatred stoking" from people on the right? Excerpt, Trump's letter follow up..

Situation Update 13th Feb 2021:

Hope? I hear that people are losing hope! Understandable but we conservatives are strong, we are capable - there is much to do, much to organize. If you want hope, know that the enemy is no longer in the shadows. He is in plain view. Look at the disturbing messages from Lin Wood's whistle blower here. -- this means things will move. They cannot stay still when the world becomes aware.

Certainly the easiest time to act was before Jan 20 and the longer Biden is "President" the harder will be any action, but when you consider the appalling corruption exposed allegedly by James Clapper, someone will act!! Our job, your job, is to make it easier for them to act by shouting from the rooftops.

Situation Update 12th Feb 2021:
Again, please ponder recent revelations (10th and 9th - archived) about the increasingly hard proof of Pedophile rings throughout the US (& world) power strata. That's a months worth of news right there! Consider the child abuse exposure video here by the the brave producer of the Hunger Games.

Finally, a nod to those starting to expose the madness of Bill Gates "Dim The Planet" mad science. We did a brief article on it here.

Today, we have to concentrate on www.M8Y.com. Please know that Donationsare the life blood of this crusade to reverse these horrific wrongs and reverse that election evil. Please remember -- we are under constant threat of attack and even arrest -- if we fall, you will have to go the rest of the journey alone 🤷‍♂️. Note that All Donations,  big or small, give you first opportunity to get started at www.M8Y.com (no need to even confirm your email address). Donations get you a littleℹ more weighted screen time👍 in proportion.

Situation Update 11th Feb 2021:
No new S.U. today - we have to concentrate on www.M8Y.com. However, we would say please ponder yesterdays "news"(below). Think about what it means for you and your life. People used to opine "it's as if they hate America" -- well, part of one's love for a country is a love of our offspring. These evil monsters clearly do not love children. And it now we have hard evidence they are right at the heart of Government. Think how it (allegedly) impacted Chief "Justice" John Roberts as he made the decision to deny standing of election fraud evidence -- based on some errant claptrap about delays that they engineered (and no doubt influenced all the lower courts to do the same). Think about how easily manipulated they are by foreign powers - think about how they could not possibly care less about the US's future.

Situation Update 10th Feb 2021:
Today's S.U. is very brief and simply mind blowing. We have sufficient hard evidence (as above link) to presume and allege a 99% probability Putin was right when he said America was controlled by Pedophiles as here (at least to the extent that Chief Justice John Roberts, VP Pence, and the Clinton's are implicated among others). If you have followed us to this point, you will know we do not say such things lightly. We strongly hesitate to say it even now because it will undoubtedly bring us into disrepute. We refused point blank to consider the conspiracies at first (we've all heard them) but consider this. We now have hard evidence -- we don't say it is 100%, we work with facts. Sometimes those facts are "grey" but nonetheless we are working with facts and actual events from the very highest echelons. We give our detailed reasoning and detail our sources as above link. As far as the election goes, it hardly needs to be debated any further. If Putin is right, then the election just gets lost in the noise. This is not a conspiracy theory -- this situation is most serious.

PS: As suspected above, we are already getting prejudiced. THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH Q, QANON, PROPHETS, WHITE HATS, ALIENS, OR EVEN HAL TURNER (last bit was a joke - we like him). Please accept the astonishing gravity of this. Buckle up, you just had a hard landing at the bottom of the rabbit hole.
Image result for hand up

Situation Update 9th Feb 2021:
Getting Organized. How do we do that? Yesterday's situation update was a moment of passion -- a reaction to realizing just how serious the situation is, how alarming that such a fraud could be committed, and how the classist elite apparently colluded to close ranks and shut out the popular, legitimate people's president. This cabal is is so breathtaking, so Orwellian, so third world in its reach, it makes you pinch yourself. It is indeed a massive transgression of liberty against We the People.

By being organized, we can monitor, judge, fine and banish those that transgress against logical liberty, those who would seek to exploit us or worse. This is how we can balance the books and claw back the spoils they have taken from us. We looked at how the hard left mindset thinks, and how they gravitate towards bureaucracy and how bureaucracy is the great control mechanism of civilization.

And so there is your answer -- that is how we must Organize ourselves. We take a leaf out of their book. If we want to save this country and this planet from enslavement, we will have to organize ourselves into democratically appointed, structured and united movements. We're going to have to rewrite the rules, hold our own courts, our own arbitration processes, our own elections.

All this must be within civilization's existing laws, as decayed as they are. There are plenty of examples of this. Think about Sports Association Rules, Professional Governance, House Rules, Clubs and Lodges, Shariah Law -- all these things exist within the framework of society and they are encouraged. All of these have their own lawful methods of enforcement. If you are a sportsman, you can be fined, suspended, disbarred. A professional can be struck off. And in the final three, you find bouncers, security guards, and you can be cast out. Even Contract Law has some divergence from the decaying law of the land.

So what next? We hope to take a lead in providing the infrastructure but there is so much to do in the meantime. We need volunteers, finances, spokespersons, programmers, etc. First, let's finish www.M8Y.com and at least that way we can judge what people think, want and are prepared to do.

Do not go gentle into that Dark night, Rage, Rage against the dying of the light. D Thomas

Situation Update 8th Feb 2021:

That's IT! We've Seen Enough! The last evidence (posted 2nd here), well summarized and perfectly fitting with Lindell's evidence. is literally OVERWHELMINGThis Charade is now OVER! This must Stop Here! SPREAD THE WORD - WE ARE COMING FOR YOU IMPOSTERS, YOU MSM LIARS, YOU CORRUPT TECH PLAYERS, YOU DECAYING JUDGES. If this Lilly Livered PATHETIC Military (as we demonstrate in S U 7th here) does NOT ACT IMMEDIATELY, (and Give a FULL EXPLANATION why you allowed 780 retired generals & Chiefs of Staff to UNDERMINE OUR PRESIDENT, and then DO NOTHING), then WE WILL TAKE ACTION - LAWFULLY.

Let it be known to the MSM, Tech, Judges and Chiefs. We WILL Expose you. We WILL take your money off you. We will leave your dynasty's in ruins, your children and relatives paupers, your companies erased from the earth. YOU will be denied access to the services "we the people" deliver. Your money will be NO GOOD with us. Your military careers will end in DISGRACE if you chieftain puff balls are too timid, too comfortable, too ignorant, too far left, to open your eyes and do your jobs. We will ensure the true military, the rank and file, will take you out and throw you on the streets, denied access to the services we the people deliver, homeless. Make NO MISTAKE, as you chiefs FAILED to act when it was easy, "We the People" WILL UPHOLD THE Constitution! Evidence of foreign and local intervention is oozing out of the ground and will wrap itself around your fat jellied ankles and pull you under to hell. How? - we will get organized. We have started already. You cannot black out ALL our communications, you cannot prevent this. There are 75+ million of us, and we're mad as hell (or should we say mad as Hal here?). You far lefties have no idea what strategy and planning is. Your indeterminate gender toilets and sycophancy towards China will not feed or protect you. Your undermining of the police and decadent perversion of the law  will backfire. They are our foot-soldiers - they understand the constitution. We've had it with you and your mealy mouthed lies.

(We're in the UK, but we have contacts around the world. north and south, willing and waiting to help you get organized. Make no mistake, what is happening on your soil is the same pattern as started in Nazi Germany - you helped us, now we must help you. We will help you organize!).

Situation Update 7th Feb 2021:

Chiefs in Control or Coup Complete? I hope it's the former, but am less hopeful when we see the 780 yellow bellied military retirees come out (10 of whom were prominent and wrote an open letter) and liberally spray us with their lame lefty liberal logic, telling Trump off like he is a child instead of a popular POTUS. They basically told him "don't get any ideas about using the Military". How dare they? That's mutinous, treasonous, and deeply destabilizing for someone trying to defend the constitution. Maybe these liberal lamas were gaslighted in the same way so many others were. One thing we can be sure of - they were left liberals - because anyone with a brain knows better.

So today, Sunday, I want to reflect on what it is to be conservative. 1 word. Logical and Practical. Oops 2. Far Lefties are easy to spot. They are always the ones to talk too much, to make up rules with no deep thought. They hold meetings where the decision goes to the loudest gob, never the brightest. Consequences are never thought through. Soundbites are everything.

To be fair, they are eloquent, scholastic, and they do care. However, they just don't understand things - worse, they think they do! So they write off the 75+m Trump voters as a little thick -- despite that the logical and practical ones are who make the food, package, deliver, build, create art.  The far left mindset makes for great bureaucrats and unfortunately, the administration of most countries is thus peppered with them.

Now you know why the military administration too is peppered with Lefties. Let's hope there were enough coming through from the ranks that demonstrated a real flair for logic and practicality and are still sufficiently dominant in the Generals and Chief's of Staff. OR -- Let's assume nothing and prepare in case.

Situation Update 6th Feb 2021:
Lindell's Absolute Proof evidence video: (Brief today as busy on  www.M8Y.com).. Great video, showing signs of being rushed (understandably). Quickly attacked and twisted by far left media eg here saying the proof had no proof. Firstly, you need to define "proof" - a better title would be "Absolute Evidence" and then a disclaimer would be wise to say that it is a SUMMARY. Do the left really think saying "you have no proof" somehow defeats having "proof"? Do they really expect detailed proof to be provided in a film? It is, after all, a 2 hr video cramming in days of video, tall stacks of affidavits, etc. As a lead-in to those gaslighted by the MSM, it is excellent. (We're considering re-authoring the video with his kind permission to include links and citations). One downer before we finish on a high note, was that Lindell gave airtime to Bogus Dr Shiva  - unfortunately his credibility as a witness is undermined by his constant, disproved, ludicrous claim to have invented the Email. This claim is strongly exaggerated (see para 1 here) and frankly bogus according to here. So skip that part.

Now for the promised high note - we can corroborate the China IP address connection listed at the end of the video to the extent spot checks have validated the IP address origins. We can attest that all the other evidence (even to some extent Shiva's) is based on material we have seen and studied. We have listed some under the video page (as here and here) and the wealth we list on our Evidence page. So, like us, Lindell is not a lawyer. We maybe both have experience of contract law, and we know the need to cite, but overall, like us, he has attempted and succeeded in "scoping" the breadth and width of this gigantic fraud. We will win, and this was an important step!

Pls remember to donate (top left) -- we've only had 4 kind donations since the traumatic 20th and we are under constant threat of attack -- if we fall, you will have to go the rest of the journey alone :)

Situation Update 5th Feb 2021:
Myanmar seems to have done elections in parallel with America. Very similar election timing (Nov 8th), same Smartmatic and Dominion voting equipment we allege (we have it from 3 verbal sources - here is one from Mel K, someone widely said to be well researched) and also benefited from a large IMF injection to assist with "fair" elections. But that is where the similarity ends. The Myanmar Military took the natural and appropriate action that it would seem our Military would not. Why? Whether or not Trump signed the insurrection act (ie: there is ample evidence of foreign interference, eg: here) we do know a number of US Generals and Chiefs Of Staff (mostly retired as here and here) made it clear to Trump they did not want the US military involved signing open letters to that effect. This is a well documented and traitorous (if not mutinous) act, because POTUS would be easily undermined when looking at having to reverse a bent election, as required by the constitution, with military help when the military show signs of mutiny.

It seems Myanmar has shown the Pentagon for the cowardly lot they are. We will dutifully apologize if they are in control as some allege, but the best time to act has clearly passed. The longer Biden controls the military, especially if he acts against the Myanmar Military and moves in Syria, the less able to uphold the constitution these lazy Generals and Chiefs Of Staff become (eg: here). There is one ray of hope - some honorable Generals and Chiefs Of Staff are looking on and seeing tangible evidence of Smartmatic and Dominion interference in Myanmar and seeing the path they need to take (comes to something when humble Myanmar gets to show the US the way). We at Yellings would LOVE to be forced to apologize for the aforementioned doubt. More reading here.

Situation Update 4th Feb 2021:
Hold The Line - and remember this -
THEY ARE STILL LYING LYING LYING: If you are asked "This election was not stolen - do you accept that fact?" as was here and here by ABC, you reply that is both gaslighting and a brazen lie.  They CANNOT make you believe the election was not STOLEN because they ILLEGALLY* REFUSED TO HEAR OR JUDGE THE EVIDENCE that We The People brought!
YES, you are sane..
  1. You SAW the election manipulated and counting illegally obscured with your OWN EYES
  2. You were HERE when the MSM ignored this throwing away the Biggest Story EVER..
  3. ..and pretended (a) Biden was President Elect TWO Months early and (b) acted like there was no other point of view
  4. You WITNESSED as court after court illegally* threw out the evidence (as above)!
  5. You now see Big Tech is "with them" carrying out Stalinist purges and now YOU are being PERSECUTED, jobs denied etc
(Nb: you can't believe anything they subsequently rule on -- the evidence has long gone and the judging regime is unchanged). FIGHT ON (lawfully), JUSTICE WILL BE OURS!. Please remember, we are Truth Tellers and as such are biassed out by Google and may be shut down due to lack of funds to protect ourselves in which case you will have to fight on alone (or please consider donating bigly -- we have not had any since Jan 20!). *We allege throwing out evidence of a crime without standing was unlawful and thus illegal.

Situation Update 3rd Feb 2021:
Can we seriously await Lin Wood's Wrath Of God?
With the baseless impeachment and now trying to EVICT Trump here , the harassment and debasement of our beloved president and his 75+m followers is like some kind of deranged sadistic medieval scourge where the conquerors rape all the woman to completely emasculate the local population. They accused Trump of inciting violence. They are NOW SURELY GUILTY of INCITING US to VIOLENCE! Can we sit back and let these EVIL TREACHEROUS MORALLY DEFORMED WRETCHED DEMONS just romp in and get away with it? We know the law no longer functions, we know Justice is lost, we know the Pentagon are too yellow bellied to uphold the constitution, so we have to THINK of some other way of getting recourse. For the sake of this website and for your own safety, that must of COURSE be Lawful.

Situation Update 2nd Feb 2021:
2/2/2021: Update from Lin Wood in Action Time here and some intriguing possible connections between Myanmar and America election fraud here.

Situation Update 1st Feb 2021:
One of the most egregious, perverted and disgusting acts of reputational violence you will EVER see is the baseless Impeachment #2 here. The occupiers are martyring Trump in front of his 80m followers. They are inciting violence far more so than they accused Trump of. We insist - stay lawful (not necessarily peaceful) but act (See here - they just gave you permission to leave your moral hat in the hall - but do be lawful (even if the Dems have been perverting justice and playing fast and loose with the law making a mockery of the word lawful).NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET!

Situation Update Jan 21 2021:

Detailed Review of the Bent Inauguration and the Failing To Act here.

Just remember - you are sane
You SAW the election manipulated and hidden with your OWN EYES
You were HERE when the MSM threw away the Biggest Story EVER..
..and pretended there was nothing to see
You WITNESSED as court after court threw out the evidence the people brought!
ou can see how Big Tech is "with them" carrying out Stalinist purges
And now you live under THREAT of being PURGED & PERSECUTED


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