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Breaking News Archive

This is an archive of our articles that were selected for our landing page Breaking News area.
Trump... North Carolina GOP Convention June 5th 2021 (19:52 ET)

(it is 9 hrs long - we timed it to start at the speech 7:55:00)
Trump Newsmax Interview May 25th

Whilst we were initially focused on events surrounding the Coup (USA's 2020 election theft), the rumbling threat of war with the Russian build up bordering the Ukraine, and with imminent threat of invasion of Taiwan, Afghanistan, Iraq & Israel (from Iran), and South Korea, we see where one theater starts, the others will follow, and nuclear activity could easily result -- thus most of our Breaking is dedicated to deteriorating events.

Tucker: Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about potential war with Russia

Additional War Event Tracking is here.
01/25 11:55:43 WARNING- USA Surrounded- Russian & China Nuclear Warships & Sub - SHTF - YouTube 🔴 Looks like it's on. A full scale onslaught on the USA within days cannot be ruled out. Treasonous MSM keeping quiet.

Excess Cargo ships heading to the US was highest AFTER Xmas (should be higher before and after xmas, the excess should be leaving). Background (with proofs) of the leaks and analysis is Here:

Once again, we see the Ukraine as a munitions sponge - this from Putin yesterday "Russia annually produces three times more air defense missiles than the U.S., and overall we manufacture about as many surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) as the rest of the world combined." Link to full remarks:

Also from Canadian Prepper: "Everyone's About to Get a HARSH Reality Check."
See recent posts on our channel for more.

If anyone fears an imminent attack on US Soil, don't just yet. IMHO, they will await the loss of these Abrams tanks and more munitions (ie: If they attack right now, all those tanks would be put to use defending the US). Hal Turner Radio Show - VIDEO: Trainload of U.S. Heavy Armor Moving East (Ukraine?). Dates that stand out for military action include Feb 6(minor), March 19(major), May 22(major). These dates are +/- a few days. They are from our AI taking into account tides, sun spots, gravity waves and other mood affecting criteria.
11/21 16:02:05 BREAKING BIG; Motion to remove president - on the US Supreme Court website 🔴 Filed Yesterday "This case uncovers a serious national security breach that is unique and is of first impression, and due to the serious nature of this case it involves the possible removal of a sitting President and Vice President of the United States along with members of the United States Congress, while deeming them unfit from ever holding office [again, ... and] to authorize the swearing in of the legal and rightful heirs for President and Vice President of the United States."..That is in the 2nd paragraph of THIS PDF.

The featured video on Twitter (below) makes a good introduction. The petition was filed about one month ago. It is said to be initially heard in two days time (unchecked).

The petition was apparently dismissed by the lower courts as according to this tweet..
(and of course it is likely to be dismissed again, but it is nonetheless an important appeal).

OpEd: It is quite possibly just a flash in the pan (as they say) but this is all over Twitter and has to be helping to wake people up.
(finder acknowledgement)
11/16 15:38:30 BREAKING- Berlin to Redo Their Fraudulent Elections Following Long Lines, No Ballots, Voter Suppression Berlin High Court Throws out Results!!!!!!!!!!

"Elections in the German capital of Berlin were so fraudulent they will have to be repeated, the Berlin State Supreme Court ruled today. YouTube had threatened to censor any claims of election irregularities and now looks a lot like Fake News."!

This is major news if you think about it. Germany has just set a world president in no less than its capital city, to say the election was fraudulent.

After the rather lame Trump "SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT" which has further rubbed salt into the wounds of tired supporters (Eg: this classic from Scott R "Sorry, but when Trump announces he's giving 'some of the biggest news this country has ever heard', this was a huuuuge letdown. There's no way he didn't know what his fan base would expect with an announcement like that. A real kick in the groin to the movement.").

If I may say, I would urge Americans to pick themselves up and do a Brazil. Rather than try to do a mass protest in Washington DC, which is basically enemy territory and clearly risky for people, I'd suggest mobbing DeSantis's offices and demanding that he does something about the corruption which impedes the powers of all Republicans (because they didn't win the Senate). This will be safer for you, closer to where you live and will achieve another purpose... Stopping DeSantis from being a RINO and dodging the subject of election theft (which he ignores fearing the backlash DT gets). It should also help bring him to his senses over who the true president should be and to use true grit like DT.

If Berlin Can Do It, SO CAN YOU!
10/30 18:55:11 How do the Russians know that the UK blew up the North Stream pipelines in partnership with the US 🔴Because UK PM Truss used her iPhone to send a message to US Sec' Blinken saying "It's done". This isn't a scene in "The Godfather"... This is a moron playing chicken with millions of lives putting the UK at odds with not only Putin but also with the EU who will now freeze .. And the Biden Cabal is complicit. For what?
This is so retarded it's off the charts. This stupid woman and her former stupid boss Boris have dragged the UK into Armageddon.

Image of tweets alleging the above here:
10/27 17:37:15 BREAKING NEWS - Will a Dirty Bomb be Used in Ukraine- - YouTube 🔴🎥 Amir Quote: " Vladimir Putin, today: "The Ukrainians will launch their dirty nuclear bombs using Toshka missiles (SS-21). They have completed the preparations." ".

In addition to my recent analysis where I said We tend to side with commentators saying it is likely a Russian false flag. Think about: How did Russia know about it? Why don't they do something about it? Would Ukraine really let one off in its own territory? Would Ukraine be able or stupid enough to let one off in Russia? It makes sense that Russia wants an excuse to let off Nukes. I want to add something else...

Using absurdum ad infinitum, let's assume Russia is telling the truth.. Now think about the spy leaking this info to Russia.. How could Russia know this level of detail without having a very high profile spy? If they know that detail, they would know where the equipment is being assembled - why not target it? Think also about the risk that spy would be taking. Think about how easy it would be for the Ukrainian army too pinpoint who is giving out info (simply by lying to everyone who knows about it except for the very top about).

This is absurd. This is thus a Russian false flag. This means Russia wants to nuke us. This means Russia is behind everything.
10/23 04:58:59 Xi Jinping elected general secretary of CPC Central Committee- communique - Global Times Also "named" chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission. THIS IS HORRENDOUS NEWS FOR THE WEST AND FOR CHINA.

OpEd: I don't know if there was a gun held to their heads or what, but how such an unpopular, ruthless, harsh leader could be returned to power is beyond me. China has just signed itself into more chaos, more slavery.

There were 3 unlikely scenarios that had to play out to hold the Cabal together.. Putin, Xi and Biden all have to retain power. If any one of them fail, they all unravel. So far, against all the odds, Putin and Xi have done so. What trick does the Biden regime have in store to secure the midterms? War? Martial Law? the assassination of Trump?

Meanwhile, Zelensky says "If Moscow launches a nuclear strike against Kiev, the world should hit Russian decision-makers, the Ukrainian president said". If Zelensky is a Shill for Putin as we suspect, then this is a taunt.

Meanwhile, the master of fearmongering, Mike Adams says that the "USA is down to just 300 land missiles in the entire military inventory" (according to a Heritage Foundation report).. At 6 shells per state, the US has no means of defense against a ground attack. Adams continues: That's compared to over 12,000 missiles in Russia and 14,000 in China.

Right now, the ground attack scenario is looking like a menacing possibility.
10/22 20:59:16 Chinese ex-President Hu Jintao escorted out of party congress 🔴 This looks concerning... Video showed: "a steward repeatedly trying to lift Hu from his seat, drawing concerned looks from officials seated nearby. Hu then put his hand on a sheet of paper placed on Xi's folder but Xi quickly put his hand on the sheet".

At this time, the meaning cannot be determined. But it looks serious. There were certainly those uneasy with Xi's "constitution busting" 3rd term, and given the severe lockdowns and other totalitarianism, that should not surprise anyone.

What was on the paper Hu tried to seize?
10/18 20:02:35 Ukraine war- Mysterious Ben Wallace trip to Washington amid fears of Russian escalation - US News - Sky News 🔴 Quote: The secretive, last-minute nature of the trip and a comment by a second defence minister, James Heappey - who said the conversations that Mr Wallace would be having on Tuesday were "beyond belief" - suggested particularly sensitive and serious issues would be discussed.

This is also echoed by Hal's assessment
HERE. In this, Hal also considers Russia may make a declaration of a state of war with the closing of the borders in Russia tomorrow(19th). Corroborating Source - (Amir - reliable source).

Amir also states Yesterday, the US military detected two Russian Tupolev 95 MS strategic bombers that flew over the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, and passed close to the coast of Alaska.

Yellings believes the UK & US are considering a preemptive nuclear strike(and my telling you this is probably in no one's best interest, but preparedness is key). Whatever - the next 2 or 3 days are likely to be red letter days.
10/17 15:13:48 Things in Kiev are worsening 🔴 WW3 is just hours or days away. Amir: The target of this morning's attack on Kiev was the headquarters of Ukrenergo - an electricity transmission system operator in Ukraine. The Russian aim is very clear: to cut off all electricity to the Ukrainians before the winter. The world is silent.


..Ctd Right after it assumed power, the Biden administration allowed the lifting of the UN Security Council sanctions on Iranian weapons export and now the Ukrainians are paying the price as these are all Iranian made kamikaze drones. Russia will never approve any new UN sanctions on Iranian weapon expiry as it is the beneficiary thereof.

Guess what? Venezuela began to buy those as well. I don't need to tell you what that means to the US.

For Israel this is also a headache as Hezbollah in Lebanon is getting them too

* I am not calling for a first strike but I am starting to see no other way. Of course I was strongly opposed to the invasion, but the way it was handled by the West was criminally negligent. Western leaders were queuing up to meet the new Rockstar president Zelensky and they were actually encouraging him to try to defeat Putin. However, Putin is holding the West to ransom and growing more confident by the day that he can continue to do so (and getaway with it). He's threatening genocide on people in the Ukraine.

NATO has just started a 60 plane joint exercise over the North Sea (nearish Russia).

If you enjoy your philosophy, this online debate 2 days ago, regarding the above situation at present in a philosophical tone, is 1000% recommended:

10/15 15:27:57 SO it begins, U.S. starts INVASION of Haiti with military force - Redacted with Clayton Morris - YouTube 🎥 Could be nothing or, if China or Russia decide to "protect" Haiti, then it might be the tipping point.

Apparently the US is "intervening" in what looks set to be a coup. Interesting discussion and gives real insight into this troubled region. Ps: So far am unable to see this story elsewhere.
10/14 08:31:56 Subpoena of Trump sets stage for dramatic showdown - BBC News Ed: As expected. The next stage, later than expected, is removing Trump. Whilst this is necessary to prevent the Midterms loss, it will probably galvanize opposition to the Demon Democrats. However, is that the real goal? Or is it to remove Trump from any possibility of being Commander In Chief, thereby leaving the USA more vulnerable to attack?
10/08 15:43:01 Arrests of military personnel have begun in Moscow 🟨
Dzerzhinsky operational division - the "elite" of the Russian Guard - entered the city and they are moving to the center together with police units. All military units on the perimeter of Moscow have been put on high alert. 15:42 GMT Oct 8.

This might mean that Putin is doubling down (I didn't know he had any competent military left to arrest), or, given there have already been purges, it might mean a coup against Putin!
10/06 18:15:51 Is Russia About to Lose Putin and Lose the War ;;I PUTIN'S MILITARY FACES RISING CRITICISM FROM THE PRO-WAR CAMP - NYTimes

Clickbait Summary:
• A senior Russian occupation official starkly condemned the country's defense minister, an indication that infighting may be spilling into the open.
• The comments were a remarkable challenge to the authority of Vladimir Putin, who now faces growing dissent in his own camp

This is one of those annoying live tickers that you can't quote because the content changes. Pls just take our word for it, but we've taken the screenshot to prove it (on

We also see this story,
Kremlin-Installed Official in Ukraine Slams Russian Military Leaders Over Mounting Losses - Moscow Times, confirming it, but it is the New York Times summary that says it all.

PUTIN IS NOW IN DEEP TROUBLE. It's starting to look pointless to get nuclear exchanges involved.. If he does now, it will just hastened his fall. Even his own forces will be aghast making it worse for him. What should have been the simplest one sided battle is looking like it's going to be lost, and along with it all of Putin's credibility and most likely his life. This is not Sun Tzu's art of war, "appear weak if you are strong", this is hey completely incompetent overestimation of what his forces were going to do for him. If you treat people like "do as you're told" cannon fodder, don't expect them to be loyal or fight passionately for you.

Putin is both a laughingstock and a national disgrace. His remaining days can be counted on one hand.

Xi and the CCP, along with Biden, North Korea and Iran will be the next to go in short order! The foolish Saudi's with their price fixing in favour of totalitarianism, will live to rue the day that they sided with the wrong side.

Let's just hope the cornered cat doesn't launch itself into a fiery nuclear exit.
10/05 12:28:27 Strange Glow from sky! Something is Happening in Belgorod, Russia! (Oct.04, 2022) - YouTube U;L🔴 It's wide spread in Russia now and is said to be laser satellite dazzling technology. It is said that 50% of all Russian nuclear silos are not invisible to satellites, meaning we can't tell if they're opened or not.

Explanation source:
Hal - **** UPDATED 8:29 PM EDT - NOW URGENT !! (Something is Happening in Belgorod Russia . . . Strange Glow from sky).. We are always seeking extra verification, but it sounds accurate. The system referred to is this: Peresvet (laser weapon) - Wikipedia. The US is developing a similar system but it is unknown whether or not it is yet functional - US plans anti-satellite lasers | New Scientist.

Looking at the urgency needed by Putin (that we explored YESTERDAY), given that his troops are in increasing disarray(also here), this is an alarming development for Europe and America.

Meanwhile, The US is still at Defcon 3 despite obvious signs of imminent threat, Russia and the Saudis are colluding to further significantly cut their oil supplies to the west, and Biden's admin has killed off all local oil supplies meaning it will not be able to internally defend itself if there refineries are targeted. It would seem highly likely now that Putin is about to use WMD's on the Ukraine at least.

Take heart from yesterday's analysis which leads us to believe they are hurried and will not be able to win.
10/03 19:08:46 Putin orders nuclear military train to Ukraine front line - News - The Times Ed: President Putin is set to demonstrate his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction with a nuclear test on Ukraine's borders, defence sources have warned.

We are entering a very decisive phase, and so far, it's actually looking like they are losing! The Cabal, deep state, or whatever we want to call our collective Marxist foes, are teetering on the brink.
• Putin looks desperately feeble and his time may be up;
• There is no sign of Xi's fabled invasion of America (and as the CCP conference approaches, nothing else is going to save him from his incredibly abusive treatment of his subjects);
• Biden looks set to get hammered in the midterms which will lead to all kinds of discoveries, legal and otherwise...

In short, the cabal is falling and if it goes below a certain point, it will be an exponential lightning bolt of retaliation from the citizens of the USA and the world.

The next few days are absolutely pivotal. Will they do something desperate and outrageous? My guess is yes they will, but they are so badly organised and prepared, I will easily be defeated, exposed and routed. Buckle up!

09/30 14:32:49 Putin- United States created nuclear precedent by bombing Japan at end of Second World War - Daily Mail Online It seems very unlikely we, the human race as it stands, will get through October. A Nuclear Exchange is imminent. Is it really worth us endlessly repeating? For your own security, read the free information at CSU - that one fragment of civilized order will become your castle if this unfolds as it looks.

And unfold it will. We are now hours from catastrophe. Around the 2nd or 3rd we will see grave events. This is simply the result of calculating timing from all that we see - it is not prophecy, just the most likely timing given that Putin, Xi and Biden all have deadlines to prepare for.

Reminder: Putin is the puppeteer controlling the Biden NATO Marionettes. It looks like Putin is being baited, but his Davos puppeteers (Schwab etc) and puppets (Biden, Zelensky, Macron, Trudau, UK), bought off by Chinese manufacturing profits and Russian Oil, are all owned and controlled... They will do their jobs as required, and the West will fight to the death or fall.

09/29 18:27:29 Did Putin Just Declare War on US 🔴 Analysis: "Western elites have gone too far.... It is Russia's historical tradition and destiny to stop, by any means necessary, those who seek world domination".

First, note that this is now an older address from the 21st. However, this is the first time we've seen it translated well and not clipped or watered down (like THIS ONE - almost like a different video!).

Rereading the introductory summary, abridged it says: "It is Russia's destiny to stop, by any means necessary, those who seek world domination". In the video, right at the end, he ends by saying "Rest assured we will do it this time as well".

He also says (in the middle of the speech) "we will certainly make use of all weapons systems available to us". Slightly later he says hello "I'll say this again-- by all means available to us".

This is a game changer.. That was a firm warning - not just of using nuclear weaponry, but also saying that he will stop those who seek world domination(with nukes).

This has to mean America - who else is there? NATO? Comes to the same thing.

Take away the fluff, and you're left with WESTERN ELITES SEEK WORLD DOMINATION AND I WILL STOP THEM - WITH NUKES. He did add "if necessary", but as it will be necessary (there's no other way his failing forces could achieve it) we might as well ignore the words "if necessary".

And let's not forget the infamous "I'm not bluffing" quip - and yet, here we are STILL at Defcon 3.

Let's not forget the bigger picture in all of this... Putin is hand in hand with China and they are together controlling western media and Biden's administration. He has set up the West to think that he is weak and on the defence. Instead, he's been on the offence all the way through, using the Ukraine as an excuse and an ammunitions sop. Let's not also forget that he has just created a land bridge down to the Black Sea.

The masterplan that Jeff Nyquist has so capably unearthed (with a little tweak given recent developments) is that he will control Europe while China takes America with the leaked nuclear Pearl harbour CCP intention. Why? With the US out of the way, they have complete free reign over the world and China has itself a new breadbasket. Checkmate.
09/27 18:55:23 Denmark views Nord Stream pipeline leaks as deliberate actions - News - DW - 27.09.2022 🔴 This is looking very much like the unofficial start of WW3. No one knows who sabotaged it but there is universal agreement that it was not an accident.

It could easily be a false flag by Russia because it certainly is in their interest to cut off gas, or it could be Biden carrying out an old promise as in this brief video clip HERE. "If Russia invades... then there will be no longer a Nord stream two We will bring an end to it".

Meanwhile, there are multiple reports of mobilisation in several countries in Europe. This from England (three videos of UN troop movements and UN armoured cars in Britain - these are very difficult to corroborate and must be marked as unproven)

"The four provinces in Ukraine where a referendum was held in the last few days have said YES to annexation according to the Russian media."

Hal - Russia To "Declare War" on or about September 30 corroborated elsewhere HERE.
09/24 15:44:10 Rumours of military coup in China and arrest of Xi Jinping turns out to be false 🔴 "Activist and author Jennifer Zeng, who had also made the claim on the 80 km long military convoy to Beijing, tweeted today that the rumour about Xi's arrest is not true" .. Zeng is one of our most credible sources as well.

However, nothing much else adds up. This article also confirms that there has been a massive cancellation of flights over Beijing which is significant in these turbulent times.

The author of this "opindia" article opines "it can't be verified whether the cancellations are linked to the alleged coup in Beijing, or it is due to other reasons. There are some reports claiming that the flights were cancelled due to a military exercise which was announced in advance". A coup,an attempted coup, or even a military exercise over a city that is big enough to have the airspace closed... Even the latter is not a trivial possibility!

Had a military coup actually occurred, this would be a game changer - Biden and Putin would collapse soon after. An attempted coup or any similar trouble would accelerate proceedings, and of course if it was simply a major military exercise, that tells us that proceedings are continuing as they plan.

I'm afraid to say this coming week is still going to be massive. We predicted Monday 26 to be a red letter day, but this was something of a playful prediction based on astrology (something which the Chinese follow), but our main prediction is not playful ... we can see that all three main players will have to act before November -- Xi, Putin and Biden have all painted themselves into a corner and are unlikely to survive the wrath of their people and in the case of Biden, losing the midterms and all that means.

This recent video explains things very well...
Russia's Mobilization Announcement: The Ten Biggest Takeaways - he claims Putin is "gambling for resurrection" - but perhaps this is an understatement? Perhaps Putin and Xi are indeed going to "go for broke" with an attack on the US?

Another look at Russia's failings: Russian Troops Still Falling Back! Ukraine Daily Update 24 September 2022

What might they now do as an act of desperation?
09/23 15:01:14 2022 Current Defcon Level Today - Today's Overall Alert Status Now Europe is finally mobilising for its defence, or for WW3? So why is America still at Defcon 3?

Defcon 1 means imminent. While China has been converting thousands of cargo vessels for troops and hardware, Putin has been actively threatening the UK and Europe with Nukes- How much more imminent do things need to be before the Pentagon drops this nonsense about pronouns?

Consider these three videos taken last night, today...
With that, we see a possibility of a nuclear exchange as early as next week.

Assuming you are not in the cross hairs, to survive you will need to UNITE - this is a CSU Blueprint Link outlining your priorities and how to unite. Please study it and think about it. I profit absolutely nought from this - consider it useful tips from someone who has spent his life planning logistics. They have their little red book, now you have one too.

At this late stage, we recommend folk unite as cells based around your church group or club where there is an already established hierarchy and trust - NOT a company or corporation. Each cell should nominate a communications officer and ensure that you are in contact with other cells. That is the highest priority of all. REMEMBER (in this order of priority)...
• Comms - the highest priority
• Coupons - to ensure you can trade
• Structure - to organize yourselves
• Security - protection from raids etc
Details HERE. Godspeed.

On a side note - full scale revolution in Iran? That was unexpected..
09/21 14:25:07 Ukraine war- Putin's nuclear threat to the West - Daily Mail Online 🔴 today sees a Blizzard of war signals and warnings. One of Putin's close allies has said label first bomb London if WW3 breaks out.

This may be so, but note that we have been warning not just of raised tensions in the Ukraine, but across the globe with China attacking as yet unknown targets around the Pacific, which are several major signals suggesting that could involve an attack or even an invasion of America itself.

Rather than attempt to list these signals and warnings here, we're going to forward as many snippets of information as we can to our
telegram chat channel HERE where we are temporarily stopping external posts and forwards(so this information can be seen and studied in one place).

Reminder: we have been predicting for months that something major will kick off on September 26 (new moon & astrologically significant, something which the Chinese take seriously), or at least sometime around October and the beginning of November. This general date is due to a need to act before the midterms and any fight back against Biden's suicidal policies. Also before Xi's incredibly unpopular and equally suicidal treatment of his own people causes him to be turfed out in the mid-october CCP conference. Finally, it is increasingly obvious that Putin has dug himself into a hole from which he can only nuke himself out of.

We noted that Putin and Z we're going to meet in mid-september end we said then that if that happens, you can expect things to ramp up quickly. And they are. Survival plan HERE.
09/20 16:50:00 Russian Special Military Operation is ending. Reports on biological malfeasance finalized. Putin addressing the nation tonight -- 🔴 to quote Clandestine, Something is going DOWN!

There is no confirmation of these things, but here's another 4 posts ..
Changing Ukraine's Map (by referendum)
Unverified - tomorrow men aged 18 to 65 will be banned from leaving Russia.
If war declared, Belarus will also
Russian paratroopers transferred from Syria to Ukraine.

I'm hearing all this from multiple stories sources. Some of which I cannot elaborate on-- apologies.

Some more respected sources..
Referendum to legally enshrine Donbass as part of Russia, senator says - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS
Hal - Surprise! Tomorrow, Sept 21, Russian Duma to Vote on MOBILIZATION
Hal - Russian Senate to Vote on "MOBILIZATION" Tomorrow; to Address the Russian Nation Tonight

Wait until you see China act in unison. Time to get the popcorn out. Too late for (myself included) to do anything except watch!

Must see - the Russian POV!
09/20 09:10:34 WARNING TO MY VIEWERS. ALASKA ATTACK. GET READY. ARMY ON HIGH ALERT. - YouTube 🎥He starts "we received some active intelligence from armed forces personnel saying that America is prepared to act against Russia if it continues to pose a threat to the USA with war games and other exercises so close to Alaska".

This report unfortunately gives no further citations - but we do know of war games in the east of Russia and of course anyone with armed forces Intel is not going to be able to share details of that source (how convenient you might think) - which leaves us having to use our own discernment depending on how credible you feel this gent is.

Op Ed: Much earlier defector literature suggested that Russia was planning to invade America from the north through Alaska while China invaded from the South. IMHO, that is not a credible scenario in 2022. They would have to do it mighty soon to beat the onslaught of unnegotiable wintry conditions, but when you consider that they would have to traverse Canada's Yukon and British Columbia as well as Alaska, you are looking at something that would make the feat of Hannibal's Elephants pale into insignificance. (Side note: they could skip the Yukon by sticking to the coastal route, but that is mountainous and the roads easily cut off in defence. Either way Russia would be invading Canada as well).

However, it is conceivable that Russia would attack and occupy Alaska mainly as retribution and as a way of stretching Americas forces over 2 fronts if China decided to attack in the Pacific at the same time. It would make more sense if Russia were to take their naval forces directly to Washington State in the northwest - of course, this would have to rely heavily on a corrupt US administration.

Reminder - this is the week when everything comes to a head. If we are still here later next week, then congratulations, we survived and things start to go downhill from there. If we survive October, then we are in a much better position to look optimistically at our new world whether it be financially, politically, or physically rearranged - or all 3.
09/14 02:38:54 Hal Turner Radio Show - Blunt Warnings from Russia Foreign Minister and Federation Council- Nuclear War Coming Ed: 🔴 No Comment.
09/12 14:58:20 FBI raids 50 Trump supporters homes, launches full scale purge on political opposition (Tucker Video) Something is going on. Donald Trump flies into DC still wearing his GOLF SHOES in surprise trip that's sparking questions | Daily Mail Online -- Questions of a "possible indictment" - they go on to say!

Of course it may mean quite the opposite but if it results in some kind of incarceration, or anything that prevents the Pentagon from allowing Trump to resume control, we can be more sure than ever that operation "Red Dawn" (as a declaration of war by China on America is starting to be known), is well underway.

Meanwhile - Ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele says Putin 'can't survive' defeat in Ukraine Online demonstrating yet another imperative as to why Red Dawn is likely to occur soon.
09/06 17:27:20 BREAKING- Putin Cuts Gas to Europe, Mass Starvation Coming - Michael Yon Interview - YouTube 🎥 OK, so you all knew this... but think about the fact gas is an important ingredient of fertilizer.. Not only will we all freeze, we will all starve too.

So Europe is due a couple of years of destitution and hardship, but America isn't? NOT A CHANCE. America is in China's Crosshairs. Their economy is in ruins, their people are revolting, and the CCP itself is under threat - and finally Xi himself is unlikely to be reelected Chairman. They need war!

But it gets worse. America is recovering. Trump is making a huge come back. Even the CNN are reporting that "this raid" (of Trump's residence by the FBI) is NOT alright.

What does this mean? WE ARE WINNING! And they are loosing... A cornered cat is a dangerous thing. This is why we believe China will attack the US, Russia will attack Europe. Nukes will be used. Putin has near doubled his standing army, but they are green and Putin's conventional warfare is failing. Nukes will be used and confrontation is imminent.

Our last 2 posts were about - how Gorbachev is not such an innocent, how he set up the founding Green party in Germany that has spread, thanks to Moron Greta, to become a global phenomenon of woke imbeciles thinking we can trade in our advanced societies for a few more trees. That video is long but highly recommended.

Never has the future been so much in the balance. If China and Russia cannot attack, if we hold the line, we are guaranteed decades of joyous plenty - they will be driven out, exorcised, neutralized, eliminated and punished.

But that is why they are about to unleash all hell on us. Brace, prepare, UNITE!
08/18 15:00:30 Why Is the CCP Most Dangerous Now - YouTube 🎥 Xi is willing to turn the war preparations ... to target the US at any time. Full Extract (auto transcript) from where the video is timed to start..(11:55):

..according to Yang Hongbin the purpose
for Xi to do this is that Xi is ready to turn the war preparation operations around Taiwan into military operations
targeting the US and japan
at any time
and this would enable xi to enact a
military emergency status in china
. This
is the best way to deal with the
potential political crisis Xi Jinping
could face at the CCP's 20th national
surrounding his lifelong
leadership status

As the CCP's 20th is in November, this is thus a NEW Time Imperative to add to my
Last Post allowing us to conclude this will be before November (we think sooner). Albeit the above is hearsay, her sources have been accurate in the past - The evidence is mounting!
08/16 16:42:07 Russia warns of direct military clash with US 🔴 They always warn and give their excuse for proceeding. This worked brilliantly for China in getting Pelosi to go to Taiwan .. They blamed Pelosi for their current smokescreen live ammo exercises ... and unlike Russia who got a lot of criticism and sanctions even before invading, no sanction increases have yet been applied to China.

All the indications are America may well see a joint assault from Russia and China. Background

We are not the only ones be concerned about where this is going. Britain should prepare for a nuclear war (
- he starts by saying "I don't buy the popular scepticism that Vladimir Putin wouldn't resort to using such weapons" .. Neither do we.

A psychological assault on America is already underway but it may not turn "hot" for years. However, with the time imperative of Alaska being impenetrable after summer, and with China's economy collapsing and the CCP losing grip, also the Biden regime wishing to avoid the US Midterms and increasing election fraud revelations (EG-HERE: "Gregg Phillips on Patel Patriot on how China stole our country and are set to do it again"), I sense there is a risk of a Hot exchange coming within weeks.

08/12 17:46:03 FBI Recovered Eleven Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows - WSJ 🔴 Sadly this was completely predictable. They are simply DESPERATE to get trump completely out of the picture.

Whether these were planted or real, declassified or reclassified, it doesn't matter. Their determination is very high and they will not stop, they will never stop, until they have been defeated or they have won.

The timing is not just to impede a re run in 2024, nor to impede his chances of being House Speaker later this year... Both those things could have been achieved in due course, but the reason for doing it right now, assuming that due process will take a fortnight to gaol him, is to ensure that the military and the Pentagon have no alternative leader to turn to in the event of a major attack on the US - the attack that Jeff Nyquist has been warning of for years, the same person who predicted the Ukraine invasion and the launch of Taiwan hostilities. This may be a little bit dramatic and it may be a premature reading of the facts, but we will know when we see Trump in the dock. We will know even better when we see him gaoled. No one will know where he has been gaoled, nor will there be any contact with him. Update:
FBI search warrant shows Trump under investigation for potential obstruction of justice, Espionage Act violations - POLITICO It has begun.
08/09 08:26:22 Hal - FBI RAIDING TRUMP ESTATE -MAR-A-LAGO- in Palm Beach, FL Battle lines have been drawn! Kevin McCarthy GOP Leader: "I've seen enough. The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicisation. When Republicans take back the house, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned. Attorney General Garland: preserve your documents and clear your calendar.".

Fighting talk, but it is clear that the Republicans will not be able to take back the house because the midterms will be cancelled or for whatever reason.

Folks, this is deadly serious. They have stepped up a gear as predicted (simply because they would not go to all the trouble of rigging elections, the Afghanistan debacle, the supply chain screw ups, etc, and then go down without a fight. We saw Trump facing gaol or even assassination to prevent his return).

Our guess is that even though they intend to stop the midterms, they found Trump's popularity and outspoken truths, such as knowing Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was a gift to the Chinese, is too much of a threat. His arrest will follow, They appear to have calculated that the public are still too disillusioned by the PsyOps to rise up even in the face of this extraordinary red flag.

IMHO, they have gone from stealth ops to deliberately visible intimidating ops - they are telling you what your society has become and are trying to draw you into conflict or silence you. A number of other predictions are about to come true. Telegram and a number of websites will go dark. Curfew's incoming. Prep - Get TOR.
08/05 17:12:02 Hal - Russia To Capture Kiev and Odessa over U.S. Biological Laboratories! Ed: 🏮 Hmm. They are getting bolder. Intriguingly, this is not on any other news site but it's not the sort of thing that Hal would get wrong. Could this be another classic case of misdirection aimed at keeping westernise away from what's going on just across the wash from Alaska? Notice also the increasing Russian vitriol towards America - blaming America for these labs. I'd like to remind Russia that it was almost certainly a deliberate release and it was almost certainly from Wuhan. Yes, it was made in America, by Fauci and his cronies including Bill Gates who were all together clearly working on a vaccine. However, a substantial body of evidence suggests all these people are to an extent controlled by Russia. This goes down to a recent revelation by Jeff Nyquist that suggests Russia was even behind the millions that were poured into Silicon Valley in Clinton's time to give us the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, etc.
08/01 16:24:55 UN chief; Humanity is 'one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation' 🔴 UN chief; Humanity is 'one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation'. This as we learn Pelosi will be escorted by fighter jets which is "an act of war" according to China.

Here is the article again on Twitter... A cesspit of lefties who, as America is facing nuclear Armageddon, continue to disbelieve and pump out tweets dripping with snarky gotchas, sarcasm, memes, silly jokes and hate.
08/01 13:43:48 Backlog of container ships growing at Port of Savannah signals a 'shift'- Supply chain expert 🔴 Quick review of marine traffic monitor shows this to be so. Also, a large cargo ship movement is seen through the Panama Canal, most coming from China, and a lesser quantity returning. These are coming back up to Houston (where they are also queuing), New Orleans, and of course Savannah GA.

Those familiar with Jeff Nyquist and my chan will know that a major CCP leak revealed the CCP / PLA was converting domestic ships to carry soldiers and munitions. It was calculated that they had far more all these ships and I needed for Taiwan and through some other clues, they concluded that is ships would be used to invade Pacific islands or quite possibly the American mainland where the Chinese have their own ports end canvas and can thus easily offload anything in the dark of night.

It is also said (Nyquist in earlier analysis of defector literature) that China is waging a multifaceted war against America using "any and all means".. So it may be just as it looks - which is simply China Joe screwing up the supply chain and wreaking havoc, financial and otherwise. Finder: Kurt.

UPDATES: Amir Tsarfati, [01/08/2022 15:08] Pelosi will visit Taipei tomorrow and stay there overnight. It's gonna be interesting! Adding weight to previous such reports. Anir also says (next post) "The Chinese army will conduct a military exercise in the South China Sea between August 2-6.". (This has been reported Here too) Additionally, Military Events, just said Security alert was announced in Taiwan. All security forces were ordered to provide security for Nancy Pelosi's visit to this country. This has been confirmed by CNN on Twitter.

The CCP wanted to start on 1st Aug, and they have. @TomRtweets tweets
"I can't believe they are leaking the timing". That's because Pelosi's trip has been orchestrated by the CCP as an excuse for God knows what comes next (it this stops at Taiwan, I'll be surprised. It might not even involve Taiwan)!

Final point: I tweeted a few warnings to liberal wokies and of course I awoke to scoffing and mockery ... because it had not all kicked off in the small hours on Aug 1. Well, it's 4pm Aug 1 and it's looking pretty much kicked off from what I can see... So I was prompted to post them this: Yuri Bezmenov on their PsyOps leaving people so confused they believe nothing until they feel the jackboot.

China's Global Times: "Let her go to Taiwan. But pray before departure: wish herself a safe jrny and wish herself not be defined by history as a sinner who starts a spiral of escalation process expanding military frictions to a large-scale war in the Taiwan Strait".
08/01 11:32:28 Tingting Liu on Twitter- -From my sources, Speaker Pelosi is arriving in Taipei tomorrow night 🤔 This just in from Tingting Liu @tingtingliuTVBS, Foreign affairs and military reporter, @tvbs_news.

It is our guess that she is not on Spar19 (callsign for her Jet) and that she skipped off when it landed at Guam and will drop in on some other flight. Either that or she is on her way to Singapore and from there she will change planes (as more flights to Taiwan from Singapore). It is doubtful that Taiwan will announce her presence until after she has departed again (having completed some photo-ops to prove she was there). It's very doubtful she will Avoid Going because doing so would be a major climbdown for the US & Biden.

With the arrival of USS Ronald Reagan in the Philippines, there are now 5 aircraft carriers or large deck ships in the vicinity of the Pacific / Taiwan
[REF]. USS America, Tripoli, Abraham Lincoln, Essex, Ronald Reagan (2 are anchored at Hawaii). Hearing that Nine US air force refueling planes took off from Kadena Air Base, Japan. Further Live Updates HERE or Web HERE.
07/31 21:45:00 At 5;55 am local time, it will be the time of China's attack on Taiwan Ed: ☠ In 10 mins,WW3 starts. Timed to coincide with the declaration of war on Kosovo by Serbia, as controlled by Russia. End transmission.
07/25 16:32:49 Taiwan Air Raid Drill 🔴 "Taiwan did air raid drills today as Pelosi still seems bent on visiting Taiwan. China issued another strong statement:
"We are fully prepared for any eventuality.
The US must assume full responsibility for any severe consequence arising thereof (if she visits).".

Our analysis: This further fits the latest forecast by Jeff Nyquist that China is planning to begin a blockade on Taiwan as soon as August 1st (next Monday) - but obviously they will flex the dates if nec'.

No doubt huge swathes of the Dems are owned by China, esp Pelosi & Biden, so I suspect China themselves have TOLD Pelosi to visit so that in the eyes of the world, it was caused by "yet another" US provocation. More details in my recent posts(Eg: See
THIS). Let's hope this doesn't all go seriously "hot" straight away, but that is possible so PREP!.
07/24 14:14:21 Hal - Trainloads of additional Russian Armor Arriving against Ukraine - Giant Escalation Coming U;L🔴 MAJOR incoming news: I signed off my last post with "We .. will not warn or update further unless there is news incoming." .. We expected days or weeks. No, that was only 2 hours ago.

As yet unconfirmed (but Hal has video evidence), it seems Russia is suddenly TRIPPLING the amount of hardware it has poured into the Ukraine.

The article is worth a read as it contains a lot of intelligent speculation about Russia preparing to invade NATO countries, Zelensky's fate, and dates. Indeed, Hal's dates align precisely with my last post! He also sees the UK and the US at grave risk of being targeted! He also gives sound advice.

Update: poor verification HERE being the origin of the video Hal uses. Titled "NEXT ECHELON OF RUSSIAN EQUIPMENT HEADS TO FRONTLINE" without naming the station, the date etc.. Just kind of dragging the whole community intel thing into disrepute sadly. Extensive search of Twitter (which carries a lot of intel even if it shadow bans all non-liberals) shows no sign this story is accurate sadly. All we can say is that Hal was the first to note the hardware build up around Ukraine well before the invasion.
07/23 23:13:48 Jeff Nyquist on The Hrvoje Moric Show Go to 27:40 - all Russian Subs deployed to sea - that's a mobilization. Ed - this has been reported elsewhere but sorry, I do not recall where. "That's a rare advance ... That's a prewar move" says Nyquist.

Later (37m approx) Nyquist quotes Lude Media as saying the blockade of Taiwan will start on August 1st. He also notes that, assuming earlier leaks and predictions of a full on invasion of America with Russia invading Alaska (from the nearby Cape Dezhnev in Russia) occurs, then it needs to be in summer. August 1 is high summer.

China on the other hand is known to have what Tucker describes as a "beachhead" military build up in North Brazil(
REF) and also owns 140,000+ acres in Texas next to a US Airforce base(REF).

Keep in mind our date was Sept 25th(REF & ACTIONS), not Aug 1. We are busy prepping and so probably will not warn or update further unless there is news incoming.
07/17 12:14:16 Chinese oligarch purchased 140,000 acres of Texas land near Laughlin Air Force Base 🔴 to build a wind farm - or so he claims. Unusually tall (700foot) towers in an area with little wind? Next to critical infrastructure?

Even Dems are seeing the writing on the wall -
World is nearing 'brink' of nuclear war - Tulsi Gabbard not forgetting Hal - President of Serbia: "All Hell is About To Break Loose in Ukraine" - World War 3 is Already happening and WION - Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons. More inbound problems: Is it time for 'the big default'? Dozen countries moving towards economic collapse.

Latter topics in the linked podcast:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Dem's AOC) theorizes that federal law enforcement, including the Capitol Police, aided in the January 6th storming of the Capitol, making the event an inside job. The NIH and the CDC have an employee exodus due to low morale brought on by 'bad science' regarding the Covid vaccine in five-year-olds. After a trip to Ukraine, Malcolm Nance declares that the conservative movement is an insurgency, and that 'we may have to fight' our neighbors.

Buckle Up! There are signs of multiple awakenings (see even AOC above), so this may all start coming to a head this week. See HERE for more on the brewing nuke threat.
07/13 16:29:33 Hal Turner Radio Show - ----- BULLETIN ----- Russian Ministry of Defense- -We are on the verge of an immediate armed conflict 🔴 WITH THE USA! "Clearly, such a confrontation would be fraught with nuclear escalation". There are 2 things to note here..
1/ Their warning us does not smack of a covert plan to attack us (as in the Jeff Nyquist Scenario) - However, the warnings may be a cover for escalating manoeuvres.
2/ Hal reports that Henry Kissinger just said on Fox News that we should expect direct conflict with Russia by mid-August
3/ Sputnik confirms the story
HERE but without the nuclear threats.

Hal goes off on evil Americans HERE. However, we think that America is not the root of all evil as Hal suggests, but the country is under a maturing Marxist attack.

Remember, the date we give for the "kick off" is Sept 25. You know what to do as HERE but if that's too late, then see HERE.
07/09 10:04:49 Hal - BREAKING NEWS- Russia Issues Final Warning to Lithuania- They have only a -few days- to stop blocking rail cargo 🔴 This is where it all kicks off. Lithuania is NATO. The map shows Russia has a small exclave which can only be reached through Lithuania. A railway corridor through Lithuania was protected by treaty.

We suggested Russia would find an excuse to send some live nukes into the Baltic Sea as a warning. We claim Russia has not test fired live nukes for a long time. They will need to before progressing to their wider campaign leaked by China and analysed by Nyquist of threatening America.

Hal - TSA Orders Employees to Undergo "C.O.G" Training "Immediately" - Continuity of Government in the event of disaster, catastrophe, or attack
China Already COLLAPSED!! You Just Haven't Seen It Yet - They have moved to a wartime economy in N irreversible way meaning they have painted themselves into a corner, and this attack will happen and soon.
China scraps vax mandate after 2 days - China is losing control of its people and the only way up for the CCP is to invade somewhere.
US general frets over Chinese weaponry - acquiring weapons five times faster than the US
Tucker: Manufactured disaster - Brazil(video starts at quote) - "why isn't Biden.. doing anything to stop the Chinese military from establishing a threatening new beach head in our hemisphere?[Brazil] They seem to be abetting it.."
What Happens From Now to Sept 2022: Brace Yourselves, YouTube - food shortages and climate disasters
UK Kicks Off 'World Class' Training of 10,000 Ukrainians every 4 months - Fools in NATO think they can beat Putin who replied: You want to defeat Russia on the battlefield? Try it! See next:
Russia hasn't really started anything yet - same story as above, but adds.. "..they had already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation, because its beginning also means the beginning of a complete breakdown of the American world order" Putin.

Folks, this is serious! Biden is Aiding the Marxist overthrow of the US! Still not enough people are talking about this. Time is running out. What to do is HERE.
06/25 11:43:59 Hal Turner Radio Show - Member of Russian Parliament Says -London will be Bombed first- Ed: 🔴 Goodbye from London then. Extract...

"We'll destroy the entire group of enemy's space satellites during the first air operation," said Lt-Gen Gurulyov, a senior commander in the Russian Army who now represents United Russia, the main political party.
"No-one will care if they are American or British, we would see them all as NATO.
"Second, we'll mitigate the entire system of anti-missile defense, everywhere and 100 per cent.
"Third, we certainly won't start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin.
"The first to be hit will be London.
"It's crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons."
"As part of the operation to destroy critically important sites, Western Europe will be cut off from power supplies and immobilized.
"All power supply sites will be destroyed.

We can't help thinking they don't like Moscow much... Reminder to Russia - there is Trident (subs can strike from anywhere). As for power supply sites, have a care ... if enough reactors melt down, the oceans will be poisoned and the earth "will die"
06/22 16:23:38 Russian Doomsday plane (Air Force Tupolev Tu-214PU-SBUS RA-64530) departed Moscow Chkalovskiy. 🔴 This just as Lithuania has been threatened both verbally and in writing by Putin to stop blockading Kaliningrad (to which the reply was Lithuania ready to expand Kaliningrad blockade - president). Looks like WW3 just started in earnest. Maybe our Sept 25 date was not soon enough.

Here's more on today's activities..• Lithuania expands Kaliningrad blockade
Fire at Russian oil refinery after Ukrainian attack (VIDEO)
Kaliningrad governor says blockade of region deliberate, rules out mistake - Business & Economy - TASS
Massive Show of Force; China Sends 29 War Planes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone
Europe told to prepare for Russia turning off gas - BBC News

As an aside, Ukraine threatens to sue Russian gas supplier -- this is the bonkers crackhead leadership Zelensky's Ukraine has. Imagine during the WW2, Churchill threatens to sue Hitler?

And it's still only June.
06/19 10:46:16 Nuke-Warning-Kharkiv-For-Americans-Hal.mp4 🔴⭐ Nuke-Warning from Gonzalo Lira in Kharkiv, Ukraine - an Important Message For Americans-Hal. We particularly draw your attention to Mr Lira's last few sentences. The only difference is We Know Why there is Lethargy in the US (& Europe)... Because it has been at the receiving end of repeated Psychological Operations.

But America, as you are in immediate peril, you must for pity's sake fight your way out of this gloom and awaken the Generals and even the MSM. This is "the final Marxist takedown" and it is WORSE than Lira so eloquently says. Lira gives us the local military situation but he doesn't understand the background. For that, you have to study Nyquist and HIS THEORY about "the end".

It is concisely this: This is ALL being run by a Cabal from the Soviet era that never went away. It's public face is Schwab, WEF, Davos, and "The Great Reset" with its public boast of having infiltrated have political establishments all over the world including Canada, France, Australia, Russia itself and so on. They intend to paralyse the US or even invade and begin genocide Before the US midterms (to prevent "China Joe" losing power). The actual date this begins is most likely Sept 25.

So create posters, stick them everywhere, start night time laser shows, high powered speakers, skywriting, whatever it takes to reveal the truth: that the Biden regime is treasonously paving the way for INVASION and is controlled by a Soviet era cabal. These plans have long been in the making - including Ukraine to partially disarm the West and divert. We will soon see the blockade / invasion of Taiwan along with stock market crashes quite probably within days. They will not stop at Taiwan. Not my theory - review the cites & leaks HERE and the cites they lead to.
05/23 14:04:51 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- Wuhan Lab Did Gain of Function Research on . . . Monkeypox 🔴 This is the last piece of the jigsaw folks.

Hal backs up his news release with a link from science direct HERE. If these minor outbreaks turn out to be more than just a little media overreaction, then China has effectively declared war on the West because there is no hiding what they have done and their intentions.

Not to boast, but to reinforce the soundness of now concerns, we were coming up with scenarios like this months ago... Predicting that an all out assault on America would be preceded by yet another burst of pandemic!
05/19 16:40:16 Three-week-old Biden disinformation task force 'paused' - BBC News U;L⚡ The hold on this "ministry of truth" 1984 outrage may greatly reduce our risk, heralding the possibility of continuing in some form for Yellings. "Critics pilloried the Disinformation Governance Board when it launched three weeks ago, warning it would be used to censor free speech" - that extract about says it all. Its director cited personal attacks and physical threats, but I think this tweet HERE is closer to the truth (ie: has less disinformation).
05/13 10:03:53 MAJOR ESCALLATION! Hal - Finland to Breach 1947 Paris Peace Treaty by Joining NATO - Russia says Military Action Results U;L🔴 This is part of a series of events leading to major Europe war:
Medvedev: NATO Supplying Weapons to Ukraine Risks OPEN CONFLICT with Russia; Maybe Nuclear"
Document Orders Ukraine Border Guards to Allow Entry of 10,000 Polish Troops on May 22-24
UK and US troops join NATO soldiers for war games in signal to Putin after Finland announcement
Why is the MSM not covering this?
05/12 13:44:06 Daily Wire on Twitter- -BREAKING- Feds Open Investigation Into Elon Musk, Report Says https---t.c 🔴 Told you so. FDA also investigating. OpEd: Thank you Elon - you are on our side. You'll need an army to fight these Marxist goons. The left are so gaslit, they have absolutely no idea what is coming. By blindly following the narrative, they are sleep walking into a deadly trap. Bing Jeff Nyquist. (Not corrupt google).
05/08 05:04:04 Putin to transfer power to 'outright villain' as he undergoes cancer surgery - YouTube U;LSky. The temptation for assassination will be VERY high. The fate of the earth very likely hangs on this. The person receiving power is Nikolai Patrushev - nominated as most dangerous man in Russia in this Podcast.
05/07 12:15:52 Access Blocked RT U;L🔴🔴 When I go to Russia's premier press Russian Times, this is what I see: "Sorry, this website is not available through Sky.
We are required by Court order to prevent access to this site in order to help protect against copyright or trademark infringement."

That is of course a trumped up charge. This is VERY SERIOUS folks. The only Russian gov site left of note is and when that is gone, our governments will be able to say whatever the hell they like and we reporters will not be able to cross check.
04/29 20:11:14 According to Turkish media, 50 French senior officers are trapped in Azovstal Ed: 🔴 "According to Turkish media, 50 French senior officers are trapped in Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. French soldiers have been on the ground directing the battle, kept under wraps. Marine Le Pen would have won." - Col. Richard Black (Video Clip 15). Also in this clip, they are thought to be the ones who manned the rockets that sunk the Russian warship.
04/25 19:08:37 Twitter accepts Elon Musk's buyout deal Ed: 🔴 It's official! Have they on the board all been sacked yet?
04/25 19:05:42 Breaking911 on Twitter- -BREAKING- Twitter and Elon Musk reach deal on buyout, to be announced shortly - WSJ- - Twitter
04/18 12:50:20 Hal Turner Radio Show - Turkey Begins BOMBING northern Iraq Ed: This has been widely reported but somehow Hal seems to make it clearest.
04/14 22:02:19 Twitter considering poison pill to thwart @elonmusk's offer. They would rather self-immolate than give up censorship 🔴 "This shows you how deeply committed they are to Orwellian control of the narratives and global discourse. Scary." - So predictable. Evil has shown itself. See Kinesis Forecast for Thursday Apr 14 at 17:00 (
04/14 13:12:05 Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $41 billion Ed: 🔴 This is just HUGE! For patriots, for free speech, for freedom. Bad news for the Cabal, for China, for Russia, for Canada, or for anyone who does not like free speech. Due to that, he will be making a lot of enemies and I hope he beefs up his security.
04/05 13:28:11 kagbabe - Hunter Biden Federal Grand Jury asked witness to identify 'the Big Guy'. Chief of Staff Ron Klein also implicated U;L💥 "Hunter Biden Federal Grand Jury asked witness during testimonial to identify "the Big Guy." Biden's Chief of Staff Ron Klein also now implicated in scandal" More on the latter HERE. This is very big news and may be the beginning of the end for the cabal!
04/04 15:52:51 Breaking- Joe Biden Calls Putin a War Criminal - Calls for War Crimes Trial (VIDEO) U;L⚡ Hal says this may accelerate a nuclear conflict - "What Russia is doing in Ukraine is right, proper, and necessary" HERE. We at Yellings disagree with this stance. We know there are some mitigating circumstances, but nothing justifies invading another country especially in such a violent way. More to the point, we need to stand back and look more critically at the situation... Biden taking racketeering money from the Ukraine, bio labs, Zelensky's bizarre background (a Russian Jew, pictured with Mark Zuckerberg,etc). And let's not forget the vast body of evidence we have on this website detailing the election theft, the foreign interference from Davos and Soros including the Schwab controlled big tech and MSM, and ultimately what we describe as a coup d'etat. Where did the money come from for all that? China, and who is China's closest ally? Putin! And who was in Schwab's young global leaders? Yes, Putin. See today's analysis on for more.
04/01 18:27:00 Kinesis Forecast for Saturday Apr 02 at 17-00 Ed: ⭐ Moon in laidback, sensuous, musical Taurus.
04/01 18:26:17 Kinesis Forecast for Friday Apr 01 at 17-00 Ed: ⭐ Tomorrow the 1st is going to be Awesome
03/29 13:30:28 Russia to 'drastically' cut military activity near Ukrainian capital --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ☘ This is extremely good news for the people of Ukraine.
03/24 13:30:55 Hal Turner Radio Show - Arrest Warrant Issued for George Soros
03/21 20:11:18 Kinesis Forecast for Tuesday Mar 22 at 17-00 Ed: Sun & Moon on FIRE
03/14 19:56:07 Julian Assange denied permission to appeal against extradition - BBC News Ed: 🔴 Words fail me☠. This is a big test for the UK Home Office secretary Priti Patel. She is not widely loved but if she sees Justice done, it will shine a new better light on her. It may be that the law followed protocol, but things have changed. The US has been usurped and now has illegitimacy at the helm along with judiciary that is corrupt and a CIA that has no qualms about the use of torture. The UK HAS to review its treaties with such a regime.
03/13 20:45:45 Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement --Russian negotiator --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L🔴 I think we can all agree this is good news. It seems the two presidents will meet in Turkey.
02/28 18:23:02 US official- Russian invasion of Ukraine risks release of dangerous pathogens - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Ed: 💥 This is getting crazier than a bag of cats!!! So the US DOES have Biolabs in Ukraine and they DO have dangerous bioweapons, and .. maybe Putin actually is trying to neutralize them? (I'm sure he is but is he doing it for us as a favor)
02/28 13:50:48 This should change the metric. Indiscriminate artillery on heavily populated urban centers Ed: 🎥

This is in Kharkiv - basically carpet bombing occupied high rise civilian flats.

That's disgusting. The West must lock shoulders and act. Keep in mind it could be a false flag by Ukraine (doubt it tho').

Negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation are over. Updates coming.
02/27 21:20:54 Kinesis Forecast for MondayFeb 28 at 19-00
02/24 20:10:56 More than 150 senior Russian officials sign open letter condemning Putin's invasion of Ukraine - Daily Mail Online Ed: Do not be surprised if Putin is assassinated. He has also deeply hurt the pockets of the mega wealthy there, and they don't truck about.
02/24 05:40:59 Russia has 'no plans' to take over whole of Ukraine --Putin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 Straight from the horse's mouth
02/24 05:35:40 Russia reveals strike targets in Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 Ukrainian military facilities are being hit by Russian precision weapons, the defense ministry said
02/24 04:40:29 'Full-scale invasion of Ukraine underway' --Kiev --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
02/24 03:32:18 Biden -Putin chosen war Ed: 🔴 Multiple Twitter messages of war, explosions, chaos. Yellings predicted no invasion - currently that prediction is in doubt, but no "full scale" invasion evidence so far. And yet huge twitter activity, including an official announcement from Biden, suggests it has begun.
02/21 23:01:13 Putin signs 'immediate' recognition of Donbass regions --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 👇 What's happening you may well ask? Simples... Donbass etc asked Putin to recognize them as independent. Putin did. Russia "invaded" the now supposedly independent East, but called it a peace keeping force. All this in the last few hours. Twitter ablaze with how that will be interpreted. Op Ed: It is not an invasion, but surely to be an annexation. The question is what will happen when Russian forces engage? And how quickly will that escalate? Question 2: How will Russia react to the inevitable sanctions? So predictable. Sleep well.
02/21 21:41:15 Putin orders Russian military to Donbass Republics as peacekeepers --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Nothing to see here! An invasion? What invasion? Don't be silly! Of course not!!!!!! -- Will Biden see it as an invasion and break off his summit which was conditional on "no invasion"? Well, as I sit here in London, I feel grateful that at least the power is still on, the internet still functions, and my curtains have not yet been vaporized. Could be worse! As for "I told you so", I think many of us saw this coming. The storm is coming.
02/19 19:01:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING- NEWLY DISCOVERED DOCUMENT IN UK --PROVES-- NATO PROMISED RUSSIA NO EASTWARD EXPANSION! Ed: ⚡ Well Well... How bizarre. Watch this news from a relatively tiny outlet get ignored and buried.
02/17 17:54:20 Hal Turner Radio Show - UKRAINE EXPLODES INTO BATTLE - BOTH SIDES ENGAGING Ed: 🔴 BREAKING .. before you kiss your children goodbye, keep in mind this is between Ukrainians. Russia is not involved, but is likely to take the bait and get involved to protect Russian friendly Ukrainians. It is thus civil war which has been raging (until a recent ceasefire) since 2014 when the EU funded a coup against a Russian friendly Ukrainian president.
02/17 15:35:17 Russia expels deputy US ambassador --media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Breaking. See also Belarus ready to deploy 'supernuclear' weapons against West - Lukashenko and US warns about nukes in Belarus. Things warming up.
02/17 14:07:51 Global- MilitaryInfo on Twitter- -TASS is reporting that Putin has begun a series of meetings to prepare a message to parliament. Ed: 🔎 Multiple reports of shelling and Putin sending in more troops rather than retreating. "TASS is reporting that Russian President Putin has begun a series of meetings to prepare a message to parliament.
It is unclear what the speech will be about as no additional information was given". This may be it (but may not be)
02/17 11:09:23 Ukraine and Donbass leaders accuse each other of heavy shelling --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ So predictable. Provocations and false flags. Some uncorroborated reports of 2 tactical nukes being exploded.
02/15 17:38:09 Insider Paper on Twitter- -BREAKING- Ukraine in DDOS 🏮 According to Ukraine's cybersecurity centre, the Defense Ministry's, Privatbank's, and Oshadbank's websites are under DDOS attack. It is considered likely any attack would be preceded by Denial Of Service hacking. Also HERE & HERE
02/14 12:06:36 Putin summons top officials to Kremlin amid war fears --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Tense times.
02/11 22:36:41 Putin to speak with Biden --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 📢 RT, This may be one really important phone call.
02/11 21:08:56 U.S. warns threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine is -immediate- - Axios Ed: ⚡⏳ Jake is playing things down to prevent panic, but it is clear that something has changed. "If a Russian attack on Ukraine proceeds, it is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality" ... "A subsequent ground invasion would involve the onslaught of a massive force," he continued. "With virtually no notice, communications to arrange a departure could be severed and commercial transit halted."
02/11 20:20:04 US believes Putin has decided to invade Ukraine, and has communicated that decision to the Russian military, three Western and defense officials tell me Ed: 🔴🎬 AND SO IT BEGINS. We are getting this from multiple sources.
02/11 16:22:32 Normandy Four leaders failed to agree on joint document to ease Ukraine Tensions U;L⚡ Unbelievably, this is NOWHERE in MSM.. an important peacekeeping negotiation FAILS and no one cares?? Despite it likely being the last before hostilities commence??? We first found this on Hal - NINE HOUR Normandy Group Talks on Ukraine -- FAIL .. See Hal for a better analysis.
02/07 17:19:29 Hal - Intense Activities Around Ukraine Prompt US Military Air Shuttles -- DC to Bunkers Ed: 🎬 Did WW3 start today, Feb 7 2022? We'll soon found out. When presidents get sent to bunkers, it's not good.
02/06 21:47:05 Canadian capital declares state of emergency over Freedom Convoy --RT World News Ed: ⭐ Is this a coup? A revolution? Will the corrupted and their enablers be given the death penalty and HANG?
02/04 15:56:23 Billionaire says US on 'classic path' to civil war --RT Business News Ed: 🔴 Quote; "Not knowing what is true because of distortions in the media and propaganda increases as people become more polarized, emotional, and politically motivated", Ray Dalio wrote on LinkedIn.

He pointed to a number of factors that led him to this notion, including large deficits, high taxes, inflation, and wealth disparity that bring about political polarization.

Just on today's Yellings analysis, we said - "DON'T start a revolution because that would just be doing China and Russia's work for them".
02/01 09:34:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- RUSSIA JAMMING G.P.S. IN ISRAELI AIRSPACE - REFUSES TO STOP Ed: 🏮 In order to protect its ally Syria from Israeli attacks. Keep in mind Russia has just allowed Iran to land military hardware in Syria just north of Israel as well. Israel clearly not in Putin's good books or maybe a way of Putin influencing the US via Israel. This is nowhere in the media, not even in our extensive military reporting channels. May be on Twitter.
01/30 13:14:49 Belarus threatens Lithuania - Hal Turner Ed: U;L🏮 See for latest analysis on the very high threat of war in Europe
01/26 21:20:01 Hal - Breaking News - US Delivers Written Response to Russia Treaty Proposals; Russian Senator says... Ed: 🔴 "Washington is heading for direct confrontation and starting global confrontation". We have confirmed this across TASS and RT. Definitely deteriorating.
01/24 16:25:15 NATO announces major new deployment --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 A war that nobody wants and yet it shows us how powerful a tiny Davos Cabal group of elites have over us all. We have called for people to trade quietly using a different currency as the Davos Tumour survives solely on their grip over our finances. Obviously needs someone with clout to set rolling.
01/22 19:33:15 US State Dept orders families of Embassy personnel in Ukraine to begin LEAVING as soon as Monday - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 Hal covered this yesterday. This confirms it.
01/22 18:43:40 Hal Turner Radio Show - SHOT DOWN--- U.S. Military Cargo Plane -Disappears- from Flight Tracking After Leaving Ukraine and Vi Ed: ❓📯 and then Violating RU airspace. Then Russian Fighter "APPEARS" Over Kiev. We are trying to verify this and will update.
01/21 16:21:19 North Korea Says U.S. Hostility Has Reached 'Danger Line,' Can No Longer Be Ignored Ed: ⏳ Further proof that Kim is in Lockstep with Russia (almost the exact same scenario as the Ukraine) and China -- albeit the latter is quiet just now, it has it's eye on Taiwan. Just time now..
01/21 14:58:20 US stance on Russia's NATO demands revealed by Blinken --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union ‼⚡ A big fat NO, Ukraine WILL go into NATO. Russia is playing for time. Quote: "US .. Blinken hinted that Washington will never agree to Russia's proposal to limit NATO expansion" Blinken: "I made clear to Minister Lavrov that there are certain principles that the US, our partners and allies, are committed to defend. That includes those that would impede the sovereign right of the Ukrainian people to write their own future. There is no trade-space there - none". However, "there was room to do a deal over a number of other issues referenced". Judging from Lavrov's debrief, that means a return to limits on missiles etc, scrapped by Trump in 2019. More in today's analysis.
01/19 17:40:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Gives US-NATO 48 Hours to Respond to Treaty Initiative 💥 At yellings, we can't see the point on that - it's like an invitation for the US to stall. "oh all right, we'll meet you half way, let the negotiations begin" (while in the background, the US fixes it's problems with its rubbish hypersonics and anti missile tech, being the only areas where Russia can trounce them. Reminder: We're not for a moment anti-US, but we are literally Wishing Putin would expose the massive swamp corruption.
01/19 13:30:55 Blinken warns Americans about possible Russian invasion --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 "Russian soldiers, tanks, and military hardware could begin pouring over the shared border with Ukraine with little or no warning" -- True, but you might also see missiles heading towards you in DC, devil eyes. Blinken, a deceptively docile diplomat, has been doing nothing to defuse and everything to escalate. He also has curiously demonic eyes.
01/18 15:45:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Army Opens Fire Against Spartak, Donestsk Ed: 🎬☠🔴🔴 Reports flooding in of heavy artillery fire. RUSSIA WILL RESPOND.
01/18 11:30:24 Russia evacuating embassy in Ukraine --media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L👇 The Art of Deception!! Make the enemy think you're going to hit (a) and then strike (b). Russia awaits Response to security proposals (expected this week) and then.. boom. Meanwhile, - Canada deploys special forces to Ukraine - liberal morons!
01/14 23:02:21 NEW! Russia Sends Amphibious Assault Ships Into Baltic Sea Toward Sweden; Ships Are Loaded Ed: 🔴⚡ Anyone who thought they would attack Ukraine is a fool. We knew and said this, but this specific move even took us by surprise. A master Chess move.WW3 has BEGUN!
01/14 16:15:38 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Deploys Fighter Jets & Bombers to Kaliningrad (Europe) Ed: ⚡ Kaliningrad is a part of Russian territory on the other side of Ukraine (not bordering Ukraine, but is bordering Poland and a short hop from Germany.
01/14 16:01:27 NOW - RAM air defense system engaging multiple rockets at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad 💥(Verified HERE) -- And so it begins. (We are unsure the following is a permalink, scroll to the right if necessary)
01/13 16:47:07 Putin briefed on military options in Ukraine --Moscow --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 Breaking! A diplomat said that it is vital to "give diplomacy a chance". He has to say that or it is a declaration of war.
01/12 19:28:47 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS - URGENT- RUSSIA DECLARES NATO TALKS -FAILURE- SAYS WILL USE MILITARY MEANS Ed: 🔴 To quote Hal, things are about to go HOT.
01/12 17:46:32 Russia & NATO fail to find common ground --Moscow --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 I listened to the post meeting debrief given by the Russian diplomat and .. I agree, BUT it did give Russia a good opportunity to express its concerns. It rather seems like NATO and recent anti Russian rhetoric from the US has forced Russia into isolation. Will there be further talks? Will there be capitulation? Watch this space.
01/11 16:11:13 Washington says it won't consider Russian proposal to end NATO expansion --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 Strong warmongering words.
01/11 14:23:00 Russia warns US of possible military response --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔴📯 Carefully note the wording: He insisted that if NATO proceeds toward the deployment of new capabilities in weaponry, "which are being developed very rapidly in the US," the Russian military may reply in a way that "will inevitably and unavoidably damage the security of the US and its European allies." That is a threat for FULL SCALE WAR with the intent to declaw the US & Europe (inc UK). Note our recent news that both sides appear to be prepping their nuke-safe bunkers.
01/10 18:21:59 Hal - US-Russia Meeting in Geneva Did Not Go Well Ed: 🔴 Thanks Hal! First one to respond on this meet. For newcomers, please note we saw the debrief live but could not record it (we recorded it but MS's inept software lost the audio). Frankly, we see no good road out of this except that Biden and the Swamp + Davos Cabal need to be kicked out before they literally destroy the world.
01/10 17:56:26 Russia withstands pressure as talks with US kick off in intensive vibe - Global Times 🔴 Ie: Agreement NOT reached. No one is reporting this(this is the only one we can find - China). Why? We watched the debrief live on RT, but we could not tape it and no one is carrying it. What we heard is something(really bad translator) about tactical military use because just putting missiles closer to Europe was just tit for tat. That doesn't sound good! We also heard a lot about ongoing diplomacy. This is BREAKING And is subject to CORRECTION!
01/10 17:41:54 US-Russia talks- arrival of the cars of the Russian delegation - AFP - YouTube Ed: 🔴 Breaking - Talks did not go well. More news as we get it.
01/07 16:00:54 Cyber Ninjas, company that led Arizona GOP election 'audit,' is shutting down U;L🔴We have been DEFRAUDED by Cyber Ninjas

I'm truly sorry to reveal a huge blow to our endeavors. This will be hard to read, but it is very important we understand what is happening.

Cyber Ninjas are shutting down, sacking all their staff, and slinking off into the night! It appears it was a SCAM right from the get-go!

Lin Wood, Trump's lawyer in 2020 / 2021, appears to have been onto them since Oct 2nd 2021, even accusing Mike Flynn of being involved in the scam!

It appears they lied about the Arizona Audit results, and when all their records were subpoenaed, the would not / could not comply.

I well remember we were increasingly critical of how fantastically long it was taking, and we quipped maybe they are the deep state, deliberately stalling. It turns out it was worse than that ... they just stole the $5m donated to them as well!

We have done a full analysis on just now, complete with cites and timeline.

This is a HUGE hammer blow to our cause. Why is this not all over the Right Wing media? Where is TGP on this?

Don't give up. That's exactly what they want you to do.
01/05 23:41:14 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. & E.U. Can't Grab Ukraine Without a Fight . . . So They're Overthrowing Government of Kazakhstan Ed: 🎯 Hal has pulled off a blinder here .. We pride ourselves on our analytical abilities, but we didn't see this. The cabal is refocussing on a New southern front against Russia. This is a "must read"!
01/05 09:59:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - FEMA To Conduct -Nuclear Detonation Drill- January 6
01/04 14:57:58 Rand Paul quits YouTube over 'despicable' censorship --RT World News Ed: ⚠ A max exodus by Reps will make it clear to the Great Asleep that Youtube etc is in fact a Shill for the Swamp. We need to do more to make everyone know of their evil bias (and just to remind, Yellings viewership is down 90% on what it could be due to a deliberate Google BLOCK on news from us. Use Bing as it is just as good but no bias (yet)).
01/03 13:25:53 Nuclear 5 issue statement on atomic war & arms race --RT World News Ed: 📢 "China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US have released a joint statement affirming their opposition to using their nuclear arsenals for offensive purposes. They also promised to work together on nuclear disarmament." Good news!
01/02 15:08:12 Third of Americans ready to justify violence against government - poll --RT World News Ed: 💥 WOW!! Imagine that! We don't recommend a violent reprisal but we do recommend this - This is what should be on placards for some brave marchers to send a shiver up the spine of the lefty moronic usurpers.. "Bring Back Hanging for Abuse Of Power" -- Do it LEGALLY through democratic and legal process. See today's #200/.
12/27 22:14:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian Defence Ministry- NATO Preparing for Large-Scale High-Intensity Conflict With Moscow Ed: 🔴 Make of this what you will.
12/23 18:56:59 White House says US will 'never' agree to some Russian proposals --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 Well, that's that then. The new few days may be a bit rough..
12/22 13:24:53 Putin Says Russia Can't Retreat In Standoff With U.S. Over Ukraine Ed: U;L👇 See todays' analysis on this on
12/21 13:43:49 American mercenaries preparing 'chemical weapon' incident in east Ukraine, Russia claims --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 📯 Probably a false flag, BUT Russia is taking this VERY seriously. Fully analyzed on today.
12/21 13:37:55 US can't be trusted to honor its promises --Putin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L🎯 This is as near to a declaration of war as you will get. Fully analyzed on today.
12/15 12:27:34 Press review- Putin, Xi to hold video conference call and Kiev readies bomb shelters - Press Review - TASS 🔴 This is gathering pace fast. We don't want to be alarmist but war is inches away - and there is a high chance China will take on Taiwan etc as well. NB: Summit was 1.5hrs and is finished at 12:22 UTC. Only remark of substance so far "12:21 Putin, Xi assess negatively creation of new alliances in Asia-Pacific -- Kremlin aide". Did not translate well, but assume they ALSO discussed Taiwan (in Pacific)
12/14 15:18:08 Russian, Chinese presidents to discuss NATO's belligerent rhetoric, says Kremlin spokesman TASS Ed: 🏮 We have been warning they will act together .. this is that!
12/14 12:21:01 Vatican court judge slams Gates & Soros for using Covid to impose 'total control' --RT World News 👇 This is important because it is this kind of thing that gets seen by the Great Unaware - totally puts the Davos Cabal in the spotlight. Qt: "People, who sit on the throne of their wealth," see an "opportunity to push through their agenda," the cardinal said, naming Gates, Soros and head of Davos Forum, Klaus Schwab, among those behind the alleged global control scheme.. If anyone sees this in MSM, please let us know(on telegram or through "Contact" on Yellings).
12/10 23:59:54 NATO chief rejects Russian demand to deny Ukraine entry - NATO News - Al Jazeera U;L🔴 All hell about to break loose. Why am I having to go to Al Jazeera to confirm what Hal dug up here?(Hal - UPDATED -- Russia Trouble Coming Fast)
12/10 19:00:24 Russia warns of new 'Cuban Missile Crisis' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🔴 This is really coming to a head fast folks. Time to see our Action page again. Christmas is going to be cancelled at this rate. See also Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Trouble Coming Fast - has a very good description of it all.
12/09 18:37:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - US Senator Remarks on TV Trigger Russia Nationwide NUCLEAR ATTACK Exercise Ed: 🔴 and a rush for Russia to send yet MORE troops and hardware to Ukraine's border. It may be that Putin is using this loose lipped Senator as an excuse to rattle his sabre even more wildly.
12/08 21:19:11 Putin & Biden have unfinished business --Kremlin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🏮 This is Putin saying - last chance Biden. Putin is a masterclass in statesmanship. We are not Putinophiles - he has a lot of nasty policies, but we have seen he is measured and popular - he will not go to war until all avenues have been explored. Study the truth here - Biden-Ukraine (
12/08 16:01:23 It would be 'criminal' for Russia to stand by & allow Ukraine to join NATO --Putin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ This is as close to a declaration of war as you will get. Clearly the talks did not go well.
12/02 16:07:51 Russia deploys coastal missile system in Pacific (VIDEO) --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L💥 Putin MASSIVELY upping the rhetoric. This might be it folks. For our daily analysis on this, see Yellings - the scandal of the century
12/02 10:30:36 Russia warns military action in Ukraine highly likely --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 DEVELOPING. The only thing that can be added is Russia doesn't warn, it just does. So if it warns, they don't want to but they also don't want an intolerable situation.
11/26 15:50:39 Growing list of countries with curbs over 'super mutant' strain --RT World News We warned of this on 11th Oct in our timeline - "10/11 14:06:04 Breaking - China Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct" ... They are playing this coup by the numbers. See our Analysis 172/ for more
11/24 10:45:09 Patriotshelping ‼BREAKING: 186 Legislators from 39 states write a letter to the American People calling for a 50 state audit, decertification where appropriate, and possible convening of the US House of Representatives
11/23 15:52:56 Hal Turner Radio Show - Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia - Bottles have Code #'s for Placebo, Vax, or KILL SHOT Ed: 🔴🔴 As Hal says, if Verified, this will rock the world! The whistleblower is a Chief Nurse and said she personally witnessed the vaccination of politicians and tycoons and that they all received the Placebo. As you can expect, the MSM is shutting this story down. See more in a follow up Analysis soon.
11/14 17:45:01 British special forces are put on alert to be deployed to Ukraine as Russian troops mass on border - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 This is NOT the UK's fight. The EU started this - Zelenskiy is an EU puppet after the EU funded a coup to remove a pro RU president. This is so sick and twisted, it can only be the work of the Davos Cabal. The UK left the EU to get away from this kind of BS. Why risk UK soldiers for someone else's treachery?
11/09 16:00:05 Hal - CHINA SENDING MASSES OF MILITARY GEAR TO PORTS OFF TAIWAN U;L🏮 As Hal acknowledges at end his article, China conducts combat readiness patrol as U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan. - Reuters. However, it is a BIG sabre rattle by Xi.
11/04 11:37:18 Russia cuts gas to Europe and amasses military on western borders 🔴"The move has been seen as the Kremlin's latest attempt to ratchet up the pressure on Germany to approve the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline that goes directly to Germany[Ed: Why? if gas already flowing, how is that approval needed?].Meanwhile, US general[Milley] said on Wednesday that US was monitoring significant Russian military movement along the border with Ukraine.." - The Gas Cut as a political move would be a very foolish move (just forces the EU to stop being reliant on Russia) unless Putin is up to something. More on this developing story as we receive it.
10/31 11:55:32 Russian troop movements near Ukraine border prompt concern in US, Europe - Stars and Stripes Ed: 📢 "A renewed buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border has raised concern among some officials in the United States and Europe who are tracking what they consider irregular movements of equipment and personnel on Russia's western flank." -- This is in response to NATO expansion rumors. Biden and the Cabal just keep on poking the bear.
10/28 17:03:58 BREAKING- Racine, Wisconsin County Sheriff's Office to Announce PROOF OF STATE-WIDE ELECTION LAW VIOLATIONS --Thursday at 11 Ed: 💥 (now - see OAN)
10/26 21:33:56 La Palma volcano eruption update- dramatic and rapid ground uplift, while surface activity calms down temporarily - VolcanoDi Ed: 🏮 Ground uplift worse than quakes... It rose about 6 inches!
10/19 22:43:44 Many Top Nuke Scientists Fired From Los Alamos Lab After Vax Mandate Ed: 🔴 Seriously, is there anyone still unconvinced that Biden is a CCP plant?? He & his cabal are KILLING OUR DEFENSE! The law and media are overrun by the little CCP rats making it so - THE TRAITORS ARE AT THE GATE!!!
10/18 13:43:14 Former US secretary of state Colin Powell dies after complications from COVID-19 - Twitter Ed: 🔎 And he was FULLY VACCINATED "according to his family" - as stated on the NBC clip.
10/16 02:46:39 Moscow summons US military attache after Russian Navy 'intercepts' American warship close to country's borders in Sea of Japa Ed: 🏮 Biden's warring ambitions getting bolder? Or Milley (how the hell is Moron Milley still there???) getting DUMBER?
10/11 13:33:07 China Braces for Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak- Leaked CCP Documents Ed: 🔴 Should read CCP Prepares New Bio Attack - That is BY FAR the most logical interpretation of this.
10/07 13:01:06 La Palma volcano update- Strongest-so-far quake at magnitude 4.3 hits 35 km under eastern flank - VolcanoDiscovery Ed: 🔺In this fragile island, even a deep and relatively small quake is a concern - it means more magma, possibly MUCH more which could indicate the island is even less stable than feared (might do a Krakatoa and break the island in two) -- read for yourself
10/04 16:14:44 BREAKING! WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down in a major outage happening right now Ed: ⚡ Is this the big moment? If Twitter goes too.... you will know! Retribution!
10/03 14:14:20 Chinese warplanes fly over Taiwan [Video] Ed: ⚡ 16 today(Sunday) 39 yesterday, 38 on Friday.
09/24 16:17:54 La Palma -Explosions have increased generating shockwaves powerful enough to break glass up to 3 km away ⚡💥NB: This is a changeable feed so we have copied the current status here. "As a reaction to the increase in explosive activity, new evacuations have been ordered for the areas of Tajuya and the remaining parts of Tacande. Fri 24 Sep 2021 15:00. Earlier: Spectacular continuous lava fountains, tall ash emissions, eruption seems stable Update Fri 24 Sep 2021 11:00" - U;L See more analysis on
09/19 15:37:48 VOLCANIC ERUPTION of CUMBRE VIEJA in LA PALMA - (19-09-2021) - YouTube Ed: Watch LIVE! THIS IS FIERCE along a long seam.
09/15 13:18:06 Earthquake of magnitude 3.2 located in La Palma at depth of 7 km 🔴💥La Palma Mega Tsunami U;L-- THIS STORY ALREADY OUT OF DATE - a 3.3 occurred at 13:30. Small, but this island is FRAGILE. A Mega Tsunami could kill millions as far away as the US. Full analysis on landing page,
09/15 11:47:04 La Palma Mega - YouTube Ed: U;L🔴💥(no sound) EARTHQUAKES ARE NOW HAPPENING AT SEA LEVEL. Small, but this is UNPRECEDENTED. Full analysis on landing page,
09/14 08:24:14 RTV Canaria on Twitter - -La Palma on yellow alert U;L📢Translated: The scientific committee of #PEVOLCA has activated the yellow traffic light on La Palma due to the increase in seismic movements, which does not imply an increased risk for the population
09/13 09:54:35 The Scientific Committee meets to analyze the seismic swarm 💥⚡"considered the most important in recent years", "La Palma has continued to increase its activity (this morning)" - released 1 hr ago. Convening now. Elsewhere - "The Scientific Committee has been summoned at 11:00 am to inform the Authorities and the population, raise the traffic light and increase surveillance" - for impact on US, see last 2 posts
09/13 09:10:09 Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide - YouTube Ed: ;;M🔴🔴IMMINENT - All Atlantic Shores threatened This may be about to happen! See last post! And MSM are schtoom (don't want panic)
09/12 13:04:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - China to Send Naval Ships -to within twelve miles- of U.S. Coastline Ed: 🏮Methinks Xi misses the point.. Their "new" Island was in international waters. Biden will be busy evacuating all the troops from the mainland ten I guess!
09/09 15:06:34 Around 200 foreigners, including Americans, fly out of Kabul in first large-scale departure since US ends troop withdrawal --
09/05 22:59:29 19 Chinese military planes enter Taiwan's ADIZ - Focus Taiwan Ed: ⚡and so it begins?
09/05 02:49:55 Taliban crush last pockets of resistance with high-tech artillery in battle for the Panjshir Valley - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴Biden, you are a CNUT. This is worse than 911. This is the LIMIT.. How could you let these nobleman be slaughtered?
09/04 15:01:35 New Text Messages Reveal 2nd Battalion 1st Marines Were Given a Countdown Before Kabul Airport Bombing Ed: ⏳And are now being silenced
09/04 10:23:32 Anti-Taliban resistance with attack, liberates four areas Quote: "Russian sources claim that an air corridor has been built between Tajikistan and the Afghan province of Panjshir to donate weapons to the anti-Taliban resistance"-- Nice! At least someone is helping them even as Biden, Milley and Austin do NOTHING..
08/29 23:52:43 Death- Robert David Steele is dead, Veteran of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) - Memes Random Ed: 📢A hero and more recently a moderate conservative host who brought a pragmatic discipline to his fringe guests.
08/29 16:08:49 US carried out drone strike on vehicle filled with explosives Ed: 🏮Severe secondary explosions (more than were anticipated) caused civilian casualties, but not by drone.
08/27 10:27:47 US bombers are flying to Afghanistan, Taliban seeks UN help Ed: The Trembleban savages regretting allowing IS back in. "We will respond with force and precision in our time, in a place we choose in a manner of our choosing," Biden said. Tali's were in charge of surrounding airport security - they must take responsibility.
08/26 17:21:45 Russia begins evacuations out of Afghanistan as the security situation deteriorates - Twitter Ed: ⚡under orders from Putin himself after choosing to keep the embassy open and do business with the savages. Obviously they read the situation for what it is. However, the Taliban actually condemned the suicide bomb earlier today. Russia obviously thought - not good enough savages.
08/26 13:59:12 Afghanistan live news- explosion outside Kabul airport amid 'most hectic, dangerous phase' of evacuations - World news - The Ed: 🔴Why is no one senior threatening the Taliban to BEHAVE or get WIPED OUT? No more Geneva Convention!
08/25 14:21:28 US Reportedly Has Intel That Daesh Affiliate Plans Attack on Kabul Airport Amid NATO Withdrawal - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴This is a development.. Will they carry it through now it is in the public domain?
08/24 17:17:08 Vax LIE Ed: 💥The FDA Approved Vax is NOT Pfizer!! Biden LIED TO YOU! If you are in the Military, and you do not want the experimental vax (as is your right), DO NOT LET then tip Pfizer in you. Ref Dr on video. The new Vax is not behind a liability shield, so if you take it and it affects you, you can sue them to Hades.%0A
08/22 12:01:44 British Parliament Unloads On Biden- 'Biden May Have Condemned The World To Chinese Domination In Future' - The Daily Wire 💥Quote: "China is increasingly engaged commercially in Afghanistan and has been negotiating with the Taliban. Taken together with Pakistan's increasing reliance on China, this creates a disturbing nexus of power in the region." Condemned 14m women to slavery.
08/20 17:43:37 Chinese H-6 bomber intrudes into Taiwan's ADIZ - Taiwan News - 2021-08-20 13-26-00 Ed: 🔴just saber rattling? Or is this "it"?
08/20 14:05:14 Resistance Forces Regain Control Over Three Regions in Baghlan Province BREAKING: Afghan Army Regains Control of Three Districts in Baghlan Province - Help THEM Biden!
08/20 11:27:40 Biden to Deliver Speech on Afghanistan Evacuation Before Returning to Delaware Ed: ⭐Quote "Biden sat down with ABC ... for an interview midweek, but it was not broadcast live and ABC has withheld most footage from the discussion." IMPEACH HIM! And why is going home??
08/20 10:03:26 Taliban admits to possible return of amputations, stonings and executions- 'It is up to Islamic laws' - The Independent Ed: 🔴"Taliban stoning to death women pilots in the square today" - Sidney Powell, telegram (unable to confirm at this time).
08/19 18:50:39 Capitol bomb threat- Police responding to an -active bomb threat- near the Library of Congress - YouTube Update: Guy Surrendered. For more details on this, background, clip from his FB livestream, see or if you have no telegram s/w,
08/18 21:09:06 Biden IGNORED Milley's request to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🏮"He also dismissed warnings about the stability of the country from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin" - what a screwball. IMPEACH!
08/17 14:59:44 'US Declaring War on China'- Experts Shocked as Senator Reveals 30,000 American Troops Are in Taiwan - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴%0AChinese experts said if this is true, it is a military invasion and occupation of China's Taiwan and equivalent to the US declaring war on China. If the tweet is correct, China could immediately activate Anti-Secession Law to destroy and expel US troops in Taiwan and reunify Taiwan militarily, experts noted.
08/17 14:33:23 We may now know exactly how these Taliban leaders were armed with U.S. military weapons and it's really, really bad --twitchy ❓🏮Answer: US Trainer: "Where is you gun man?" Afghan: "I lost it sir". Trainer: "OK, get yourself another one." UGH! The T'ban have been negotiating Afghan surrender in exchange for GUNS for MONTHS! How DUMB is US Intel????? Did they not even do a stock check???
08/16 20:05:34 LIVE- Biden holds press conference amid Taliban takeover Afghanistan - YouTube
08/16 17:49:43 Biden administration turns into a dumpster fire of blame-evasion - American Thinker 🏮⭐"evidence is mounting that something different is going on: the Biden team is splintering into some kind of internal warfare and trying to conceal its disarray" - See article for the reasoning. And we have felt it too! This may be the moment the Coup Starts to Unravel! We wish it did not have to be on the back of so much Afghanistan fear and bloodshed.
08/15 15:45:27 President Ghani leaves Afghanistan, top official confirms, as US-backed govt relinquishes power to Taliban --RT World News Ed: 🔴Words fail us.
08/15 11:10:44 Taliban Militants Entering Kabul 'From All Sides' as U.S. Evacuates Embassy Ed: 🔴🔴What a tragedy .. These people are so primitive they could have been stopped with a wall, but nothing was done. See bolded Trump statement today (on Yellings left pane) - and see later analysis.
08/12 17:22:45 US embassy calls on all American citizens to leave Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY, right after Taliban claims to capture 2nd largest Ed: 🔴Trump just issued statement saying he would not have done it this way. This is insanity.
08/10 18:35:32 FLASH- Texas Supreme Court Allows for Arrest of Democrats ie: to arrest Democrat lawmakers who have refused to return to the state legislature
08/06 17:39:43 China Threatens U.S. Over Taiwan Arms Sale, War Games- 'Hunting Rifles Ready Against the Wolves' - World Report - US News 🔴⚡Whatever that means, but this is important: officials promise to respond to new U.S.-led exercises in the region with 'aircraft carrier killer' weapons. That is a very specific threat. Is "All Mouth No Trousers Xi" still on a march to being laughed out of power, or is this the real thing?
08/05 20:23:08 Y2mate Officially Shutting Down In Multiple Countries Ed: 📯⚠☠This is a major blow to us and to anyone in need of free speech. When a youtube video was censored, we simply went here and retrieved it. Now it is gone. We have lost another battle. The war is still on, but we need to regroup. USE BITCHUTE peops!
08/05 03:58:57 Israeli warplanes pound southern Lebanon, as IDF vows to 'continue & intensify' retaliation to rocket fire (VIDEO) --RT World Ed: 💥🔴simple obvious rule. If every hothead overreacts, things escalate exponentially. Whatever happened to civilized proportionate response? Are the hothead region folk Savages?!?
08/04 15:40:55 U.N. Forces Plead for Calm as Israel Strikes Continue on Lebanon After Rocket Attacks 🔴💥They've all just had waaaaaay to much sun. Hot heads. Ps: Is that new Israeli PM looking like Alfred E. Neuman of M.A.D. mag?
08/04 13:05:40 Israel Defense Forces attacking the entire Lebanese border Ed: 💥🔴from the official verified Israel Defense Forces a/c on Twitter - IDF artillery forces now attacking the entire Lebanese border in response to rocket fire
08/03 15:26:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Oil Tanker Hits Naval Mine - Explodes - in Gulf of Oman Ed: ⚡🔴reports of at least one other ship also in trouble.
08/03 15:12:40 Hal Turner Radio Show - Oil Tanker Reporting -Incident Underway- in Gulf of Oman off Iran Coast 🔴🔴last updated 10:36 ET - no further updates yet
08/02 23:37:56 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- Former U.N. Chief Tells Iran President -Security Council Members Have Decided Upon War Ed: 🔴💥⚡Hope ya'all did ya prepping. I'm sure China, N Korea and Russia won't step in to escalate it.
07/30 16:48:53 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israel -We will Block Iranian Oil from Lebanon. Iran- Our Navy will Guard Oil Ships to Lebanon- 🏮obviously the perfect recipe for a war when these 2 hot heads clash. Ps: not yet verified.
07/27 16:35:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - Hospitals in France Now Reserved for Vaccinated Persons Only - Crime Against Humanity Ed: 🔴It shows flawed logic & deliberate ignorance by these liberals, or pure criminal intent. That said, really the fault is that of the MSM as they spread so much disinformation and terrified the simple mined lefties into being irrational and bigoted.
07/23 19:10:50 Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order - YouTube Ed: 🔴🔴"Something is going down" PREP! (take this with a pinch of salt but also heed it as a friendly warning. Analysis #33/ coming shortly).
07/22 16:56:49 Major UK websites down- PlayStation, Amazon, ITV, HSBC, Bank of Scotland down in UK as result of mass outage - The Scotsman Ed: 🔴🔴Wow! Someone is taking McAfee's "dead man's handle" very seriously.
07/22 14:24:41 Madagascar President Survives Reported Assassination Attempt - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴🔴this will be the 4th president associated with warnings from WHO for not rolling out the vaccines, who has died or was meant to die. More today at Analysis #28/
07/21 17:24:38 DVIDS - Webcast - Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs Chairman Hold Press Briefing Ed: (was live.. not interesting, but Silly Milley made to squirm)
07/17 17:50:51 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Tells U.S. and Taiwan- -Prepare for a Blow at any moment- Ed: 😀🎯🔴🔴
07/16 09:28:26 Breaking- Arizona State Senator Demands Biden Electors be Recalled to Arizona and New Election Held Following Thursday's Stun Ed: U;L🏮🎂⭐
07/10 16:40:31 Hal Turner Radio Show - Three Countries on Earth Declined the COVID Vax; All Three of their Presidents are now DEAD Ed: 🏮💥🔴🔴
07/08 17:07:24 US orders amphibious assault ship into Black Sea after Moscow warns tensions escalating dangerously in waters off coast of Ru Ed: 🔴🔴🔴🔴
07/07 15:15:55 Hal Turner Radio Show - President of Haiti Assassinated
07/06 20:48:09 'It will be the talk of the world'- MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell gives exact date for Trump's return to White House Ed: 🔴🔴🏮
07/05 16:30:37 Nationwide Emergency Alert TEST August 11, 2021 MustangMedic Reporting #shorts - YouTube Ed: 🔴🔴
07/03 14:56:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - Chinese state media reveals 'three-stage battle plan' to invade Taiwan Ed: ;; 🔴🔴
07/01 14:12:55 US Forces Retaliate To Alleged Syrian Rocket Attack, Biden Ordered Airstrike - Report
07/01 01:30:40 Japanese official warns US of potential surprise attack on Hawaii -- from Russia and China - Washington Examiner
06/25 10:34:02 Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED - It starts Next Week . . . June 28 Ed: ❓⚠
06/23 21:18:12 Security-software entrepreneur McAfee reportedly found dead in Barcelona jail cell - MarketWatch
06/23 15:49:15 Russia to summon British ambassador over incident where destroyer entered Russian territory in Black Sea, Foreign Ministry re
06/23 10:14:26 Russian warships approached 'secretly' 18 km from the US
06/21 14:38:14 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian Pacific Fleet Now Only 35 MILES from Honolulu - US Lines Up Missile Warning vessels in Pacifi
06/20 11:16:52 Ebrahim Raisi's Victory Gives Israel 'No Choice' But to Attack Iran's Nuclear Programme, Report Says - Sputnik International
06/16 15:11:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - Reports- All Public Buildings in DC -- CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC
06/16 13:17:52 Putin pressures Biden before talks - Daily Mail Online
06/15 15:17:01 Hal Turner Radio Show - FBI Headquarters in Washington DC - Boarded-up, Stairs Chained off - No one in Building
06/15 01:12:17 HUGE MARICOPA AUDIT UPDATE!!! - YouTube
06/11 20:05:32 House lawmakers introduce five bipartisan bills to unwind tech monopolies - PRO Gambler
06/11 19:50:23 Antrim County, Michigan Election Audit - Motion for Reconsideration
06/11 19:03:56 on Twitter- -JUST IN - Attorney General Garland announces Justice Department will scrutinize Audits
06/11 09:52:09 In 2020 Indian Scientists Discovered COVID-19 Was Engineered with AIDS-Like Insertions - Emails Show Fauci Called It -Outland
06/09 13:16:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israel Bombs Damascus, Syria - Again
06/09 13:06:37 Military helicopters landing in Washington, at the Capitol, this morning
06/08 15:58:54 Hal Turner Radio Show - Major Food Service Company CYBER-HACKED; Shut Down
06/06 19:34:53 Hal Turner Radio Show - Obama Lifted Block on "Gain of Function Research" Days Before Trump Took Office
06/06 18:42:52 Trump Declares Republicans Will Take Back The White House 'Sooner Than You Think' - Conservative Brief
06/05 10:21:13 Israel-Gaza- Violence in West Bank during protest over Jewish settlements two weeks after ceasefire - Daily Mail Online
06/04 13:43:26 Mike Lindell Presents- Absolutely 9-0 - Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech
06/02 15:05:49 Telegram- Contact @SidneyPowell -- How the Coronavirus Bioweapon was made!
06/01 14:29:49 Amid shaky Gaza ceasefire, Hamas calls for West Bank 'Day of Rage' on Friday - The Times of Israel
06/01 14:27:17 China confirms first human case of H10N3 bird flu
06/01 14:11:13 Trump expects to be 'reinstated' as president by August- reporter - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalis
06/01 08:26:04 Crenshaw Will Expose Military - Doug TenNapel - YouTube
05/31 12:28:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - Explosion Rocks New York City Office Building
05/29 09:16:01 Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a lab and then tried to cover their tracks, new study claims - Daily Mail Online
05/28 20:38:14 Massive oil tanker BLOCKS Bosphorus after steering controls reportedly malfunction (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) --RT World News Ed: stopping warships entering the Black Sea?
05/28 15:59:50 Hal Turner Radio Show - FAKERY- -VP- Kamala Harris Boards Non-Existent Airplane
05/26 17:06:10 Trump to speak at North Carolina GOP convention on June 5
05/26 16:16:16 Multiple Fatalities, Injuries in Shooting in San Jose, California - Sputnik International
05/24 13:20:46 China warns 'too weak' Australia to stay out of Taiwan or be one of 'first to be hit'
05/24 10:24:15 European outrage as Belarus 'hijacks' Ryanair flight and arrests opposition activist Roman Protasevich - The National
05/21 14:50:49 Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa Mosque with tear gas, stun grenades hours after Gaza ceasefire
05/20 20:39:49 Israel approves unilateral cease-fire in Gaza offensive - Washington Times
05/20 20:37:01 Israel and Hamas agree on Gaza ceasefire to end 11 days of fighting - The Times of Israel
05/20 20:08:49 Jim Jordan blasts Jan. 6 commission as a get-Trump panel- 'Impeachment 3.0' - Washington Times
05/19 20:50:40 Russia Warns Israel It Won't Tolerate More Civilian Casualties in Gaza Conflict
05/18 10:04:56 Israel-Gaza conflict continues to intensify; rockets reported from Lebanon - Fox News
05/17 20:12:40 Israeli warplanes unleash series of heavy airstrikes at several Gaza locations - Telegraph India
05/16 15:43:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - VIDEO- UN Security Council Meeting LIVE from New York City
05/15 15:18:39 China warns US it will be defeated if the two superpowers go to war- Report
05/15 14:43:04 Israeili airstrike destroys building housing Al Jazeera, The Associated Press offices
05/14 17:05:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - Jordan and Israel Armies EXCHANGING GUNFIRE on Jordan Border
05/14 09:00:01 'We Were Ordered to be Prepared'- No Boots on the Ground in Gaza, Israeli Military Says - Sputnik International
05/14 01:20:50 Rockets fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel - Israel National News
05/13 22:59:47 Trump lashes out as more than 150 senior Republicans threaten to form new party if GOP doesn't disown him
05/13 22:55:47 IDF announces Israeli GROUND TROOPS now 'attacking' Gaza Strip amid fears of imminent invasion --RT World News
05/13 19:50:01 Hal Turner Radio Show - BULLETIN- TURKEY -WARNS- ISRAEL SEE UPDATE AT 3-14 PM EDT -- -- Gaza Has Suicide Drones! Attacking Ir
05/12 14:44:52 House Republicans Oust Rep. Liz Cheney as GOP Conference Chairwoman
05/12 14:21:51 Retired Officers Question 2020 Election, Biden's Health in Open Letter Ed: This is a left wing publication but the first time we've seen it... FINALLY! At least the Retired Generals have ACTED!!
05/12 08:06:58 ANOTHER Gaza tower reportedly goes down, Israeli Iron Dome intercepts dozens of missiles in night of tit-for-tat strikes (VID
05/12 00:59:18 35 Palestinians killed in Gaza as Israel targets Hamas with airstrikes; rockets kill 3 in Israel - CBC News
05/11 19:36:13 From the Desk of Donald J. Trump- When I was in office we were known as the Peace Preside..- Donald J. Trump
05/11 18:50:24 Rockets target Tel Aviv after residential tower flattened in Gaza - The National
05/11 18:09:56 Israeli TV reports DIRECT HIT on Tel Aviv building as Palestinians launch 'hundreds' of rockets from Gaza (VIDEO) --RT World
05/11 11:57:54 Russia - Bloody massacre reported at high school in Kazan --UNIAN
05/11 02:33:23 From the Desk of Donald J. Trump- The major Michigan Election Fraud case has just filed a..- Donald J. Trump
05/10 23:45:12 Chinese document discussing weaponising coronaviruses provides 'chilling' information - YouTube
05/10 18:25:23 The Illegality of Targeting Civilians by Way of Belligerent Reprisal- Implications for U.S. Nuclear Doctrine - Just Security
05/10 16:54:11 Hal Turner Radio Show - Bomb Shelters Opened as Rocket Barrages Hit Israel; Kornet Anti-Tank Weapon Destroys IDF Armored Vehi
05/10 13:27:44 Hal Turner Radio Show - USDOT Declares Emergency Over Colonial Pipeline Shutdown - Waives Trucker Hours of Service Rules
05/09 14:28:41 Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski Swarmed by Police and Arrested After Holding -Illegal- Church Service (VIDEO)
05/09 14:13:59 Oil tanker hit by mystery explosion off Syrian coast after Homs oil refinery fire - The National
05/09 10:36:01 Afghanistan- Schoolgirls Targeted in Bomb Carnage That Left 55 Dead Ed: not only do they oppress women, they cowardly attack little girls. We need to declare such perps as vermin and treat them accordingly.
05/09 09:58:54 Chinese newspaper suggests 'long-range' strikes on Australia
05/09 09:44:33 Russian interference in U.S. presidential elections - Russian interference in U.S. elections- Department of Justice secretly
05/07 16:33:58 Bill Gates-Funded Company Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in US
05/06 15:20:58 BREAKING- Biden DOJ to Interfere with State of Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County Ballots ...Update- With DOJ Letter
05/06 15:05:01 80,000 Russian Troops Remain on Ukraine Border
05/05 09:29:50 Thousands of Afghans flee homes as fighting erupts after United States pullout - The Economic Times
05/04 08:56:56 Who is Dave Hunt- Oregon House ex-speaker arrested in undercover sex trafficking sting denies allegations - MEAWW
05/03 20:14:47 Worldwide threat assessment - U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency issues statement on threats from Russia --UNIAN
05/03 15:08:40 'Most severe sexual abuse'- German police bust darknet child-porn platform boasting 400,000 users worldwide --RT World News
05/03 09:53:50 Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays out Plan to Control the Global Internet- Leaked Documents
05/02 19:00:31 US Army arrives in Albania ahead of massive NATO exercises - Mehr News Agency
05/02 11:01:51 Taliban Overrun Afghan Base, Capture Troops as US, NATO Forces Exit - Voice of America - English
05/01 01:18:50 Biden Pentagon cancels construction of border wall using military funds
04/30 20:52:26 Kissinger warns of 'colossal' dangers in US-China tensions - France 24
04/30 18:05:32 Russian aggression - EP resolution proposes switching off SWIFT for Russia if Kremlin invades Ukraine --UNIAN
04/30 15:28:24 Message to U.S. Citizens- U.S. Mission Russia - Reduction of Consular Services - U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Russia
04/29 22:39:02 Top US military intelligence official says Russian military poses an 'existential threat' to the US - CNNPolitics
04/29 14:17:50 China Urges U.S. to Restrain Frontline Forces in Nearby Seas - World News - US News
04/28 12:33:19 7 Italians linked to far-left group detained after decades of terrorizing the country --RT World News
04/28 11:06:07 Another Democrat 'Non-Profit' Has Inserted Itself Into the Maricopa Election Audit, This George Soros Connected Entity Is Onl
04/27 15:56:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - STUNNING- Ukraine Member of Parliament Suggests Missile Attack Against Russia Nuclear Power Plants
04/26 19:05:00 Warnings Posted For A Peculiar French Ballistic Missile Test In The Atlantic
04/26 15:19:33 Zelensky - Ukraine's president instructs chief of staff to arrange meeting with Putin --UNIAN
04/26 15:19:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - BULLETIN- Russia Calls-Up Military Reservists
04/25 21:41:06 Navarro- 50% Chance a Vaccinated Person Can Infect You
04/24 20:20:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks Attack
04/24 19:13:11 Trump demands Arizona governor send state police or National Guard to 2020 election audit - Washington Examiner
04/24 15:49:14 Hal Turner Radio Show - Iran Gets GREEN LIGHT to Return Fire from Syria, against Israel
04/23 22:10:24 BREAKING - HUGE UPDATE IN AZ- Democrats in Arizona Won't Post $1 Million Bond So Election Audit Continues
04/23 20:09:15 Zelensky's office on Putin's answer - Russia can't endlessly raise the stakes --UNIAN
04/23 11:34:33 Arizona Senate's Audit of Maricopa County's 2020 Election Results is Ready to Go - WATCH LIVE from Your iPhone or Home Comput
04/22 16:34:51 Russia to pull troops back from near Ukraine - BBC News
04/22 16:24:38 Russia to pull back troops from Crimea and Ukraine border - Russia - The Guardian
04/22 08:30:18 Belarus increases military activity across the country
04/22 08:29:27 Russia tries to jam signals from U.S. Air Force RQ-4 surveillance drone
04/22 08:28:37 Russia-Ukraine tensions - No response from Putin to Zelensky's offer to meet --Kuleba --UNIAN
04/20 21:12:31 NUKE ALERT- Strategic Command Warns Biden Admin Must Prepare for Nuclear War with Conflicts that Could Escalate Rapidly
04/20 14:51:47 Hal Turner Radio Show - Nuclear War Possible Within Days as Russia-Ukraine situation escalates out of control
04/20 11:38:34 USAF Deploys Major Fighter Component to Poland - The Aviationist
04/20 01:05:46 U.S.-Russia - Talks begin on arrangement for Biden-Putin meeting --UNIAN
04/19 17:50:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - WAR COMING- COUNTRIES TEST ---BLAST DOORS --- IN SUBWAY BOMB SHELTERS - U.S.A. HAS . . . NONE
04/19 16:20:54 Hal Turner Radio Show - RUSSIA ANNOUNCES NO-FLY ZONES IN BLACK SEA NEAR CRIMEA -- -Conga Line- of U.S. F-16's in the air now to Europe
04/19 15:15:17 Russian nuke bombers and fighter jets 'blitz Ukraine' in massive military drills as war fears grow
04/19 15:13:01 Zelensky Visits Russia-Ukraine Border, US Sends Warships to Black Sea - Bringing you Truth, Inspiration, Hope-
04/19 10:28:37 Rockets strike Iraqi air base hosting Americans - News - DW - 18.04.2021
04/19 08:28:33 Russia tells 20 Czech diplomats to leave by Monday night in response to Prague's expulsions --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/18 21:35:36 'US-backed coup plot' involving assassination of Belarusian president, other officials foiled by Minsk & Moscow --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/18 21:35:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - After Assassination Disrupted, Belarus to Merge With Russia! Doubles Border area with NATO; Exposes ALL of Ukraine to Invasion
04/18 16:59:15 Czech ammo blast likely staged by Russia to disrupt arms supply to Ukraine --media --UNIAN
04/18 16:57:33 UK warships to enter the Black Sea in show of support to Ukraine - Ahval
04/17 22:31:52 Hal Turner Radio Show - Slide To War Continues; Diplomats EXPELLED by Multiple Countries; Coup Plot Foiled in Belarus (US INVOLVEMENT) - US & Turkish Troops Now In Ukraine!
04/17 22:29:41 Russia's Military Buildup on Ukraine Border- 'Entirely Possible Putin Is Preparing to Invade'
04/17 17:53:48 'Very Dangerous Time'- Beijing Advancing Timeline to Seize Territory in Asian Region, Says Former Navy Intelligence Officer
04/17 09:47:14 OSINTNEWS on Twitter- -Unconfirmed reports say The expelled #US #ambassador to #Russia before arriving back in the US was tol
04/17 09:46:40 Ukraine President Makes NUCLEAR THREAT Against Russian Crimea - Seemorerocks
04/17 09:46:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine President Makes NUCLEAR THREAT Against Russian Crimea- -Will be an Exclusion Zone like Chernobyl; a Dead Area, WORSE than Chernobyl-
04/16 18:48:44 US and NATO warn Russia not to blockade Ukrainian ports - Washington Examiner
04/16 10:00:17 Russia's military build-up - Biden reiterates U.S. support for Ukraine --UNIAN
04/16 00:46:13 Putin closes off access to Black Sea after Biden blinks
04/15 14:46:20 Biden declares Russia threat 'national emergency,' lobs sanctions; 10 diplomats booted over election meddling
04/15 14:40:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - Putin Rejects Biden Meeting; Russia Paints Invasion Stripes on Military Vehicles, Reports of NUCLEAR Munitions Being moved into Crimea
04/15 12:17:21 US cancels Black Sea deployment of two warships- Turkey - DefenceTalk
04/15 11:10:56 Occupied Donbas - Huge build-up of Russian military hardware spotted by OSCE monitors --UNIAN
04/15 01:55:12 US warships retreat from Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions - Daily Sabah
04/14 19:59:19 US Army base in Erbil targeted - Mehr News Agency
04/14 18:44:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Pacific Fleet Returns to Vladivostok - Missiles & Supplies Being Loaded
04/14 13:41:28 Biden proposes summit with Putin as tensions escalate over Ukraine - CGTN
04/14 12:57:21 FarsNews Agency Beijing- Chinese Military Drills Aimed Against Taiwan's Independence, 'Collusion' with US
04/14 01:32:06 Biden invites Putin to crunch summit amid deteriorating ties between Russia & US, as American warships chart course for Black Sea --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/14 01:24:17 Ukraine-Russia tensions - Russia's new offensive may spill into World War 3 --Kravchuk --UNIAN
04/13 15:51:28 Biden warns Putin the US will 'act firmly' in defense of Ukraine - Daily Mail Online
04/13 15:35:45 Iran fires missile at Israeli-owned ship near UAE - report - The Jerusalem Post
04/13 15:35:36 BREAKING New Army Long-Range Units Head To Germany Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
04/13 11:11:29 Russia warns U.S. warships to steer clear of Crimea 'for their own good' - Reuters
04/13 11:08:06 Donbas war update - One soldier killed on April 12; one killed, two wounded on April 13 --UNIAN
04/12 20:13:38 Hal Turner Radio Show - Troops From Poland and Belarus CLASH Along Border
04/12 17:47:05 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia- -If US Fires Cruise Missiles from Black Sea, U.S. Navy Ships Could Be Destroyed-
04/12 09:05:29 Pentagon scientists invent a microchip which senses COVID-19 in your body before you show symptoms - Daily Mail Online
04/12 08:36:43 Ukrainian soldier killed by rebel fire amid rising tensions with Russia
04/10 10:47:15 World War III- How the Senkaku Islands Could Spark a U.S.-China War - The National Interest
04/09 19:28:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - ------- FLASH --------- UKRAINE SAYS -NO OFFENSIVE-
04/09 12:07:48 Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces - BBC News
04/09 10:10:38 US Marines and Norwegian military conduct exercise Arctic Littoral Strike in northern Norway
04/08 19:23:24 US reportedly considering sending warships to the Black Sea
04/08 19:04:43 Top US national security officials call counterparts as Russia-Ukrainian tensions rise - CNNPolitics
04/08 19:01:57 US considering sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions - CNNPolitics
04/08 10:36:33 The Bear bares its teeth - Russian Defense Ministry
04/07 15:11:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - Artillery Barrage in Ukraine; Russia TV Talks -Nuclear First-Strike-
04/07 14:46:23 Moscow pledges retaliation to US & UK plans for rocket deployment in range of Russia's borders, sparking new missile crisis fears --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/07 14:40:15 British Army Troops Take Part In Largest Exercise Warfighter For 30 Years
04/07 14:34:24 Heavy Shelling Is Being Reported In Ukraine As Russian Television Discusses A Possible -Nuclear Strike-
04/07 07:44:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Emergency Meeting Called for Ukraine Peace Talks - Ukraine PULLS-OUT. US Asks Russia about Intention for vast Forces Massing, Russia Replies -No more info for you-
04/07 07:38:19 Is Russia About to Launch a Second Invasion of Ukraine- - The National Interest
04/06 18:22:21 Taiwan Strait a 'Powder Keg' That Could Set Off World War, Military Expert Warns
04/06 09:47:02 Moscow holds emergency talks with US over fighting in Donbass as Ukraine says NATO exercises will train troops for war with Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/05 19:32:48 Beijing Accelerating Timeline for Possible Invasion of Taiwan, Expert Warns
04/05 18:17:11 U.S. Navy carrier strike group passes through Suez Canal -
04/05 18:10:27 Russia says it is in high-level contact with U.S. over Ukraine -Ifax - Reuters
04/05 17:54:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Officially Opens its Air Space to NATO Aircraft
04/05 13:39:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - BIDEN REPORTEDLY NEEDS TO BE HOSPITALIZED!!!!!
04/05 12:00:03 'World War could be triggered in Ukraine in four weeks' as Putin sends 4,000 troops and tanks to border Ed: THe world sleeps as imminent destruction begins.
04/03 09:48:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - HEAVY ARTILLERY FIRE HITS LUHANSK -
04/02 17:44:34 U.S. Capitol Police on Twitter- -CRITICAL INCIDENT- USCP is responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Inde
04/01 21:53:19 Hal Turner Radio Show - West Using Navy Ships and Submarines to INTENTIONALLY DAMAGE Russia's Nordstream-2 Pipeline Construction
04/01 17:38:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - CRIMEAN BRIDGE NOW CLOSED
04/01 17:37:11 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine- We Will Launch Offensive to Destroy Separatists - Russia- Start of new war could destroy All Ukraine . . -
03/31 20:29:00 Hal Turner Radio Show - Foreign Press- Ukraine's Army Chief of Staff announced the start of the campaign in Donbass
03/31 10:40:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - Massive Additional Russian Armor Trains into Crimea; War coming fast and large
03/31 10:40:19 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Sends Message to NATO
03/27 04:08:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Sends TWENTY War Planes into Taiwan Air Space after Russia Opens Nuke Missile Hatches on Arctic Submarines
03/27 04:08:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Sends NUCLEAR WARNING to United States . . -
03/26 16:51:43 Special Investigation- Infiltrating the election --Wisconsin Spotlight
03/26 14:06:32 Sidney Powell moves to dismiss Dominion lawsuit - Axios
03/26 13:13:36 One Chinese Admiral's Approach to the U.S- -Bomb Its Carriers at Sea- - The National Interest
03/23 17:38:32 Andrew Kerr on Twitter- -A Facebook page that appears to have belonged to suspected Colorado shooter Ahmad Al Issa was just t
03/23 14:36:59 Boulder grocery store massacre described by witnesses as chaos- He just 'started shooting' - Fox News Ed: "Christopher Wray is staging mass shootings in this country". Hold the line Patriots.. Your guns are next.
03/21 23:41:36 Hal Turner Radio Show - ----- BULLETIN ----- Tanks have now crossed the Border UPDATED 3-27 PM EDT - RUSSIAN NAVY DEPLOYS ENTIRE FLEET- MEDITERRANEAN, CASPIAN, AND BLACK SEA
03/20 11:56:46 Icelandic volcano erupts near Reykjavik - BBC News
03/19 15:31:42 Hal Turner Radio Show - --- BULLETIN 9-49 AM EDT --- UKRAINE OPENS MORTAR FIRE - Russia Deploys S-500 as NATO-US Ships Enter Black Sea
03/18 13:57:48 Putin replies to Biden's insinuation that's he a 'killer'- says US President is talking about himself but 'I wish him good he
03/18 13:46:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden Calls Putin -Killer- - Moscow RECALLS Ambassador, cites -Irreversible Deterioration- of US Relations
03/17 11:06:45 Trump slams Biden, border crisis in new interview - Fox News Video
03/16 21:05:18 Maria Bartiromo to Interview Donald Trump Tonight on Fox News
03/16 17:58:19 Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros' Open Society Foundation
03/16 16:41:05 You Won't Believe What's Happening in Joe's DC "Militarized Zone" Now (Photos) - Republican Story
03/16 14:11:42 Bill Clinton Going to Prison- Top Aide Gives DOJ Hard Evidence! - Republican Story
03/15 12:24:44 Ted Cruz - Under Biden, the military is launching political attacks to intimidate Tucker Carlson & other civilians. Telegram- @kagbabe
03/15 02:54:06 Bill Maher Shocking Declaration- 'China Won' - Republican Story
03/14 09:16:33 China's Master Plan Is Clear to Invade Taiwan- Kill the Tanks - The National Interest
03/13 10:02:57 Air Force Makes Extremely Rare Mention Of Deployment Of RQ-170 Stealth Drones
03/12 18:49:04 Amazon pulled Justice Clarence Thomas documentary as censorship of conservative content continues - Fox News
03/12 11:04:27 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Bases in Dier Ezor, Syria, Being Sighted-in for launch of Rockets and Heavy Missiles by Iranian-Backed Militia's
03/11 10:02:43 Hal Turner Radio Show - HAPPENING NOW- -Intense- Signals Intelligence Aircraft Deployment by Israel
03/10 19:51:31 Hal Turner Radio Show - Largest Data Center in France, BURNS DOWN
03/10 09:59:34 Hal Turner Radio Show - COVERT INTEL - March 15
03/10 01:23:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israeli Military Goes COMPLETELY Dark
03/10 01:22:41 Hal Turner Radio Show - USA and EU Planning Ukraine Attack on Russia - Troops, Tanks, Artillery, Moving
03/08 14:52:45 Hal Turner Radio Show - Blunt- Israel Says Updating Plans To Strike Iran Nuke Sites -- Iran Responds -We will Level Tel Aviv and Haifa if attacked-
03/08 14:52:39 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden OK's Release of $3 BILLION to IRAN by South Korea, Iraq, and Oman; Pays Extortion for Return of Seized Ship
03/07 14:20:40 US bombers deployed to Arctic skies from Norway base - BBC News
03/07 12:55:55 Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 10-08 PM -- Emergency Action Message By US Military; B-52's Airborne Toward Middle East
03/06 13:25:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - RUSSIA & SYRIA BOMB OIL STORAGE FACILITIES BEING USED BY U.S., TURKEY & ISRAEL INSIDE SYRIA!!!! Giant escalation in Syria; could lead to immediate war
03/06 03:10:35 Missile strikes hit oil refineries in northern Syria, killing one
03/04 21:38:01 Judge Orders New Election After 78 Percent of Mail-In Ballots Found Invalid, Notary Arrested
03/03 17:12:55 All Mail - - Gmail
02/28 15:28:46 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israeli Ship -Explosion- Day after US Strikes in Syria . . . Iranian Navy MISSILES Determined to have hit Israeli Ship
02/27 22:07:27 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden Starting SECOND War Front - First Syria, now Ukraine- NATO Mortars being fired at CIVILIANS in Ukraine; Troops and armor moving by train toward Russia Border
02/27 14:48:19 Fear of QAnon violence on March 4 puts National Guard on DC alert
02/26 22:06:59 Hal Turner Radio Show - GLOBAL OUTAGE OF VISA AND MASTERCARD
02/26 12:43:47 US Carries Out Airstrikes Against Iranian-Backed Militia Facilities in Syria- Pentagon -
02/26 05:21:55 Hal Turner Radio Show - US launches airstrikes in Syria
02/24 17:13:23 Iran-John Kerry backchannel talks - Washington Times Ed: think about this... Dems asking Iran to fiddle in elections as has been aleged? To destabilize Trump?
02/22 22:23:56 Supreme Court Dismisses Slew of 2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits
02/22 16:03:04 Supreme Court denies election appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans - CNNPolitics
02/22 15:16:28 SCOTUS denies Cert Lin Wood v Raffensberger(02-22-2021)
02/21 20:06:17 Hal Turner Radio Show - Something Very --VERY-- Big is up . . . F-117 Stealth Fighters Pulled from Mothballs - Upgraded and Reactivated -- B-21 -Raider- Pic Released
02/16 22:56:36 President Biden orders U.S. airstrike in Syria, targeting Iran-backed militia - Tajikistan News ASIA-Plus
02/16 02:10:56 Hal Turner Radio Show - New York Times RETRACTS- Capital Police Officer NOT Killed By Trump Supporter with Fire Extinguisher
02/13 23:01:58 Donald Trump ACQUITTED in impeachment trial vote for second time - YouTube
02/11 22:59:19 HUGE DEVELOPMENT- Hand Recount Finds Dominion Owned Voting Machines Shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN Candidate in Windham, New Hampsh
02/11 10:35:05 Hal Turner Radio Show - CDC Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600%
02/09 12:16:21 James Clapper Interrogation - 2
02/08 02:28:45 Unmasked- Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered-
02/06 19:37:51 Exclusive- The TCF Center Election Fraud --Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal
02/05 23:33:59 WOW! TIME Magazine Admits in Great Detail How 2020 Election Was Rigged Against Trump by Secret Cabal of Wealthy and Political
02/05 15:52:28 Absolute Proof on Vimeo
02/04 09:47:44 Parler dismisses its CEO, John Matze - YouTube
02/02 09:36:43 Hal Turner Radio Show - Goldman Sachs Issues Rare Sunday Warning; Markets Will Collapse if Squeeze Continues (Banks too)
02/01 17:30:19 Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Over Israel-UAE Peace Deal
01/31 10:43:17 Trump Voices Support for Embattled Rep. Marjorie Greene During Call- Report
01/29 09:43:40 Terrorism alert from Homeland Security Department emphasizes domestic extremism threat
01/27 18:13:22 Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, Brother of Michael Flynn, Tapped to Head U.S. Army Pacific
01/27 11:03:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - Israel Publicly Says It WILL ATTACK IRAN if U.S. Eases Sanctions
01/26 20:34:54 Widespread internet outages hit northeast U.S. - ABC News
01/26 14:49:42 Anti-lockdown RIOTS rage on as Netherlands 'heads for civil war' - YouTube
01/26 11:01:24 Trump Creates 'Office of the Former President' to Advance US Interests, Carry on Trump Admin Agenda
01/26 09:38:30 Canadian lawmakers demand Trudeau labels Proud Boys 'TERRORIST entity' in unanimous motion on 'hate groups' --RT World News
01/25 15:33:35 Biden Rescinds Trump Order Keeping China Out of American Power Grid - The True Defender !
01/25 12:44:55
KNOW THE LAW, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - Brighteon Starting 1:45
01/25 10:05:09 President Trump Is Drafting 'Enemies List' of Dirtbag Republicans to Primary -- Is Moving Forward with Plans to Create -Patri
01/24 11:57:05 Joe Biden's First Day Began the End of Girls' Sports - WSJ
01/22 11:31:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden
01/20 12:41:15 White House Issues -CoG-con- Warning
01/20 12:10:56 Broadcast TV Stations Told Prepare for Martial Law - 72 Hour Emergency Alert System Pre-emption -
01/17 09:52:27 Biden inauguration- All 50 US states on alert for armed protests - BBC News
01/14 23:54:25 Peter Navarro Releases New 'Navarro Report' With Proof Trump Won - Populist Press 2021
01/14 23:14:04 Black Lives Matter Activist Who Stormed Capitol on Jan. 6 Arrested, Charged
01/13 23:14:58 Washington Times - Politics, Breaking News, US and World News
01/13 15:56:21 Parler purge just the beginning - Washington Times
01/11 23:09:55 Major leak 'exposes' members and 'lifts the lid' on the Chinese Communist Party - YouTube
01/11 19:18:12 White House FLAG LOWERED to HALFMAST
01/11 14:45:59 Parler goes dark in biggest free speech heist of modern day - Washington Times
01/11 01:50:04 Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1.10.21 - YouTube
01/10 21:59:06 BREAKING... Alan Dershowitz- Democrats Cannot Impeach Trump - Senate Won't Take up a Trial and You Can't Impeach a Private Ci
01/10 12:55:29 Democrats "Recoiling in Fear" and "Quaking in their Boots" that Donald Trump Will Unleash a Bevy of Damning Classified Docume
01/10 12:09:17 Amazon to take Parler offline - Washington Times
01/10 12:08:12 ACLU raises concerns amid Trump Twitter ban - Washington Times
01/09 11:52:53 Trump Responds to Twitter's Permanent Account Suspension
01/09 11:52:46 Trump Campaign Banned From EMAILING Supporters After Being Suspended By Mail Service Provider
01/07 11:57:11 BREAKING- Traitor Mike Pence Certifies Biden's Election 'Victory'
01/06 19:29:32 BREAKING- Patriots Have Made Their Way INSIDE THE CAPITOL --Pence Evacuated, Lawmakers Sheltering in Place
01/06 18:33:02 BREAKING- Patriots Have Stormed the Capitol Building --Masses Breaching Federal Barriers --Cops Losing Control (VIDEOS)
01/06 18:23:41 BREAKING- Pence Releases Statement Ahead of Certification of Electoral College, Says He Will NOT Block Biden's Electors
01/06 17:26:31 Live- NBC News NOW - January 6 - YouTube
01/06 16:03:40 88 State Lawmakers Ask Pence to Delay 'Opening and Counting' Electoral Vote for 10 Days
01/06 11:04:47 Trump Committed to Challenging Election Beyond Joint Session on Jan. 6
01/06 10:25:48 GOP Senators Objecting to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona Electoral Votes- Brooks
01/04 21:03:36 National Guard Activated to Help Support Police During Pro-Trump Protests
01/04 20:07:04 Cruz Pushes Back Against Critics Calling for His Arrest Over Election Audit
01/04 18:50:13 BREAKING- Patriot Jovan Pulitzer's Team Is Being Shot At! - After They Were Given Directive to Identify Fraudulent Ballots in
01/02 18:25:50 11 More GOP Senators to Object to Electoral College Votes
01/02 13:09:19 Jesse Watters Fox via- Facebook -- STORM THE CASTLE (what Woke Left do with your money)
01/01 15:16:50 President Trump Calls For Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to Resign
12/30 17:24:33 Hawley Becomes First Senator Committed to Challenging Electoral College Results
12/29 11:03:21 EXCLUSIVE- Senator Kelly Loeffler to Gateway Pundit- On Jan. 6, -Nothing is Off the Table- (VIDEO)
12/29 10:47:48 As Pence Begins The Electoral Count, We Are Left Wondering What Side He Chose
12/28 12:15:21 Trump Urges Supporters to Gather in DC on Jan. 6
12/27 11:21:12 Trump Urges GOP Senators to 'Step Up and Fight for the Presidency'
12/24 10:00:52 'Think It Over'- Trump Sends Warning to Iran After Rockets Hit US Embassy
12/23 21:51:45 Donald Trump vetoes defense bill, cites failure to address legal protections for Big Tech - Washington Times
12/23 18:18:02 Some Republican Senators Are on Board With Electoral College Challenge- Rep. Taylor-Greene
12/23 09:44:24 Sen. Lindsey Graham- Georgia Now Has 'Credible Process' to Perform Signature Audit of Election
12/22 22:33:10 EXCLUSIVE- Proud Boy Run Over By Black Lives Matter Activist Responds to Prosecutors Declining to Charge His Attacker
12/22 21:02:31 Secretary Of Defense Cuts Off Biden Camp From Pentagon - Free State Daily
12/22 17:02:37 FOX News and FBN Block Attorney Matthew Deperno From Appearing on Hannity and Lou Dobbs after Explosive Antrim County IT Repo
12/22 10:13:34 Meadows- Trump Met With Several Congress Members on Fraud, Will 'Fight Back'
12/21 20:05:11 Beijing 'Substantially Involved' in US 2020 Election, China Analyst Says
12/21 18:55:31 Wisconsin election commissioner reveals Trump lost the state due to fraud and irregularities
12/21 14:25:37 Donald J. Trump on Twitter- -Big news coming out of Pennsylvania. Very big illegal ballot drop that cannot be accounted for
12/21 13:16:16 Trump Calls John Bolton 'to the Mat' Over his Fake News on CNN About Martial Law - USSA News - The Tea Party's Front Page
12/20 12:26:37 CNN Claims that President Trump is Considering Martial Law, Here's Why He SHOULD
12/19 21:10:27 SCOTUS are showing ''Moral Cowardice''! Newsmax - YouTube
12/19 10:20:12 Biden aide says Pentagon DID stop transition meetings, amid speculation Trump is preparing to 'cross the Rubicon' --RT USA Ne
12/18 17:53:49 BREAKING BIG- Pentagon Halts Biden Transition Defense Briefings -- Biden Team Caught Off Guard
12/18 15:49:17 Recount Confirms Trump Won Michigan County - Biden WON 40% LESS
12/18 09:44:59 FBI Was Investigating Trump Earlier Than It Let On, Texts Show
12/17 21:51:59 New U.S. maritime strategy focuses on China - Washington Times
12/17 20:31:07 DNI John Ratcliffe Says There Was Foreign Interference in November Elections- Report
12/17 10:35:25 Catherine Herridge Reports DNI John Ratcliffe Confirmed -There Was Foreign Election Interference by China, Iran, Ru
12/17 10:27:41 2020 Election Fraud is CCP 'Assassin's Mace'- Patrick Byrne
12/16 21:14:03 'Good Evening,' Says President Trump, Drawing Immediate Flurry Of Fact Checks - The Babylon Bee
12/16 18:25:06 CONTINGENT ELECTION- Pence, GOP Senate Can Invalidate Democrat Presidential Electors In AZ, GA, MI, PA, NV - National File
12/16 15:22:36 US is sleepwalking into a lawless future as another George Soros-backed DA takes over in Los Angeles --RT Op-ed
12/16 14:33:39 Trump Campaign Lawyer Urges Probe Into Dominion at Colorado Election Integrity Hearing
12/16 07:56:20 Amanda Chase, Virginia gubernatorial hopeful, urges Donald Trump to declare martial law over defeat - Washington Times
12/15 21:14:53 McEnany- Electoral College Vote 'One Step in Constitutional Process,' Trump Not Giving Up
12/15 14:17:29 BREAKING- President Trump will pardon Julian Assange (Unconfirmed)- - Twitter
12/15 09:48:46 Developing- Arizona Senate Judiciary Chair Is Seizing Voting Machines for Forensic Audit
12/15 01:29:43 Trump on Twitter- -WOW. This report shows massive fraud. Election changing result!- - Twitter
12/15 00:59:02 Forensic auditors find shocking 68% error rate in one Michigan county's votes - Washington Times
12/14 22:45:03 Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona Republican Electors Cast Votes for Trump
12/14 17:21:21 Facebook's independent fact checkers tied to Hillary Clinton, Communist China and George Soros
12/14 17:18:40 GOP concern grows amid revelations of Democrat ties with China
12/14 09:39:13 Bill Gates says bars and restaurants should 'sadly' be closed for 4-6 months, no return to 'normal' until 2022 --RT USA News
12/14 00:26:51 Sidney Powell- Trump Could Trigger 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference
12/13 14:29:44 Powell Asks Supreme Court to Immediately Order States Decertify Election Results
12/12 21:15:10 Attorney- Michigan Vote Flip Happened Due to Computer Program, Not Human Error
12/12 18:28:19 Trump Approves Filing Retooled Texas-Style Election Challenges- Giuliani
12/12 18:21:08 Donald J. Trump on Twitter with Rallying Cry - Twitter
12/12 07:27:45 Trump's Legal Team Considering Alternate Options After Supreme Court Rejects Texas Election Suit
12/11 17:52:49 WIlliam Barr hid two Hunter Biden probes from public for months- Report - Washington Times
12/11 17:13:08 Did Biden Just admit they were beat?
12/10 00:33:51 17 states back Texas, ask Supreme Court to hear election challenge - Washington Times
12/09 21:12:18 YouTube to Delete Content Alleging Presidential Election Fraud
12/09 17:00:57 Trump Says He Will Intervene in Texas' SCOTUS Election Case
12/09 13:43:20 Elementary school principal tells how she was fired over sharing anti-Biden and conservative memes
12/08 23:22:42 BREAKING- Louisiana Joins Texas - Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Trump Losses in Key States!
12/08 20:40:39 Tucker Carlson Delivers a Monologue So Damning That President Trump Shares It, Includes Explosive Hunter Biden News
12/08 16:13:09 Texas Asks Supreme Court to Rule Election in Four Battleground States Unconstitutional
12/08 11:17:44 Trump Campaign Asks Michigan Supreme Court to Declare That Election Process Violated State Constitution
12/07 15:02:00 Director of National Intelligence- Election 'Issues' Need to Be Resolved Before Winner Declared
12/07 12:31:26 Trump Lawyers- PA Lawsuit Dismissal Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court
12/07 12:29:49 Ohio Elections Chief Certifies Results of 2020 General Election in Favor of Trump
12/07 12:29:00 Arizona State Rep Issues Call to Withhold State's Electoral College Votes to Joe Biden Due to Significant Evidence of Fraud
12/07 12:29:00 Giuliani appears with witnesses alleging voter fraud in heated Michigan hearing - Fox News
12/07 12:29:00 Up to 280,000 Ballots 'Disappeared' After Being Transported From NY to Pennsylvania- Amistad Project Director
12/07 12:29:00 Trump- Election System 'Under Coordinated Assault and Siege'
12/07 12:29:00 LIVE- Georgia Senate Committees Hold Hearings on Election Issues
12/07 12:27:55 BREAKING- Trump and Sidney Powell Issue a Warning That Has Governor Kemp Clutching His Pearls -
12/07 12:27:55 The Kraken Will Be Released in Georgia! Lin Wood Says Major Lawsuit Announced Tomorrow-
12/07 12:27:28 JUST IN- Third Circuit Court of Appeals Grants Expedited Review For Team Trump's Appeal in Pennsylvania
12/07 12:27:10 IT'S GONNA GET REAL - REAL SOON- President Trump Still Has More Paths (13) to Win 2020 Election Than Biden (10)
12/07 12:27:10 Sidney Powell Updates on Developments in Key States..- The Last Refuge
12/07 10:33:50 Trump Proposes 'Landmark Election Reform' and Overhaul of Election Security Systems
12/07 10:31:19 Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted to hospital with Covid-19 - BBC News
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

Prince Phillip Special Feature, 10 June 1921 -- 9 April 2021

Prince Philip has died. Regardless of what they say about the UK's monarchic democracy, it is a sad and difficult time for the UK as they were and are rock solid cornerstones of our social fabric. His humorous and edgy towering personality made him the only conceivable man who could father a Queen's children.

Trump's Statement:

The world mourns the passing of Prince Philip, a man who embodied the noble soul and proud spirit of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.
Melania and I send our deepest and most profound condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and to the entire Royal Family. We send our most heartfelt sympathies to the British people. This is an irreplaceable loss for Great Britain, and for all who hold dear our civilization.
Prince Philip defined British dignity and grace. He personified the quiet reserve, stern fortitude, and unbending integrity of the United Kingdom.
As a young man, he served Britain honorably and courageously as a naval officer in the Second World War. Aboard battleships in the Mediterranean, he saw combat at sea. He then participated in the pivotal Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. Like so many of his generation, in Britain's darkest hour, he put his life on the line for God, country, and the values of freedom and self-government that forever unite America and the United Kingdom.
For seven decades, Prince Philip brought the same sense of duty and purpose to his role as consort and husband to the Queen. He was admired by his fellow citizens, and respected by everyone around the world. His exceptional example of service, constancy, and patriotism will be his greatest legacy.
Over the past few years, Melania and I were honored to have the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom. We saw firsthand how the Monarchy epitomizes and carries on the virtues of the British People - and no one did so more than Prince Philip.
As we grieve his loss, we celebrate his memory and rededicate ourselves to the values to which he devoted his extraordinary life. He will be greatly missed.

Donald J Trump.

2/20/2021 .. We are proud to bring you our President Donald J Trump in a recent interview with Newsmax TV, banned by Far Left Youtube!..

cut short at the 11 min mark, but we got the majority of it.

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