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All About QAnon

All you ever wanted to know about Q Anon. Narrated by Jerome Robert Corsi
(Earlier, we said "John Cox" because we were stupid enough to believe what someone said on Telegram).
-- Remember, don't assume something is happening - join in and make it happen! --

Video about Q, 2017 approx -- why did Mike Pompeo post this on Telegram? -- We've just learned it was a FAKE CHANNEL.
Why does Telegram allow that? We've called out a few fakes and they did nothing.

..Stealing the most powerful republic in the world is that easy!

Taking the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

If you are here, you took the red pill -- Welcome! (An apt color for America, but the UK naturally does everything differently, with conservative's color being Blue, and the Left party being Red! But that's another story...).

Independent, non MSM News you can trust!

The below tiles show a selection of media outlets that are either neutral or conservative. Our favorite? The Epoch Times! Not too sensational, not afraid of printing a non conservative story if it's something you should know about and, of course, if it is .... true!

Comes to something when we list 2 Russian news sources... sometimes helpful to see a different perspective (The Moscow Times is quite neutral even to the point of being critical of their own motherland).

02/20 14:46:05 UK revives Cold War-era unit to fight 'disinformation' --RT World News Ed: ⚠ That may be the end of our freedom of speech(we're in London). Curfews and Marshal Law to follow(if what we see and say is regulated, then some of it is already in effect). In the US, you may get away from it all for a bit, but it will come. Keep up the liberation efforts of #244/.
01/24 10:44:43 General Flynn - Featured News
01/12 23:28:53 Home - America's Frontline Doctors Ed: AFLDS
01/10 12:10:32 The Expose The Daily Expose UK - NOTICE - Cabal defunds: " PayPal have now decided to defund The Expose because they can no longer support an organisation that brings the public the facts the mainstream refuse to. This means we now need your support more than ever. You can still support The Expose directly via card payment or via crypto. If you had set up a monthly subscription via PayPal this will now no longer be active, you are able to set up a new monthly subscription directly via card payment if you wish to do so and we hope that you do. This can all be done by visiting the following page - Please don't take The Expose for granted, we rely solely on your support to be able to do what we do. Thank you". Reminder - PayPal and Google did the dirty on us at Yellings too.
08/27 17:57:47 Brand New Tube
07/13 12:10:00 Nicholas Veniamin --We The People
07/07 18:09:40 U.S., Allies Vow to Continue Black Sea Military Drills, Russia Sends Warplanes to Defend Borders
07/02 11:46:43 - Tracking The White House YouTube channel Ed: manipulating votes to control the narrative.
06/29 12:04:33 & - Dick Anderson for the Constitution
06/27 09:37:24 Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) - Home - Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)
06/21 20:09:35 Becker News
05/15 18:48:53 Newsmax
05/15 09:47:35 TASS Russian News Agency
05/15 04:27:29 The New York Sun
05/08 02:40:51 CD Media - Honest • In-Depth • Revealing
05/04 22:37:59 Political News and Conservative Analysis About Congress, the President, and the Federal Government - Washington Examiner
05/04 22:03:07 From the Desk of Donald J. Trump - Donald J. Trump
05/04 14:37:56 Lets Fix Stuff - Solutions amidst a world of sound bites
05/04 10:02:51 News --America's Future
04/08 20:42:02 -Monica Matthews - Life, Love and Liberty on Apple Podcasts
02/24 17:58:04 CeFlix
02/09 11:32:35 Why Parler Can't Rebuild a Scalable Cloud Service from Scratch --The New Stack
01/22 16:52:51 The True Defender !
01/15 13:54:38 Washington Times - Politics, Breaking News, US and World News
01/14 14:25:16 Rep. Marjorie Greene Filing To Impeach BIDEN on Jan. 21, 2021! --THE MARSHALL REPORT
01/14 10:09:04 Humans Are Free
01/13 18:42:29 Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2021 - Liberty Nation
01/02 18:51:12 The Donald - America First!
12/28 14:02:34 Brighteon (not recommended as moderates all comments)
12/21 14:01:57 Breitbart News Network
12/21 14:01:05 USSA news
12/20 18:53:30 NTD News - Breaking News, Latest News and Videos
12/16 15:30:11 Russia - The Moscow Times
12/16 15:29:45 Russia Times - RT
12/15 09:58:42 News Archives - The Western Journal
12/07 17:58:13 David Harris Jr-
11/27 15:03:23
11/27 12:59:15 Usa Daily Reports - Breaking News, Top News & Latest News Headlines
11/26 18:11:20 Infowars- There's a War on For Your Mind!
11/26 09:50:23 Conservative News Media & Publisher - Conservative News Today
11/26 00:50:08 Latest News In Canada - The Post Millennial
11/25 23:45:20 Just The News
11/25 10:01:52 Mike Huckabee (Blog style)
11/25 09:32:22
11/24 09:43:32 National File - America's New Choice for Real News
11/23 16:26:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - {paywall sometimes}
11/23 15:21:35 RealClearPolitics - Live Opinion, News, Analysis, Video and Polls {Neutral}
11/23 14:14:47 Legal Insurrection
11/23 11:59:28 Sky News Australia - YouTube
11/23 11:58:16 Sky World News Australia
11/23 11:46:51 Epoch Times - {neutral}{email needed}
11/23 11:41:33 Rumble (strictly unbiased video platform))
11/23 11:40:04 Newsmax TV - YouTube
11/23 11:39:53 Newsmax TV - Live News - Videos - Watch Newsmax TV Live

Fightback & Support Resources for Conservatives

A growing list of active fightback and support sites resources..

Please support them as they support you.

The America Project - M Flynn

News - " America's Future ( - M Flynn and friends

Tactical Civics™America's Broken. Let's Fix It. - AmericaAgain from Dick Anderson for the Constitution

Flag Officers 4 America -- The support page of the 200+ retired generals and admirals wrote to Biden questioning his legitimacy and mental fitness (update - Now 165+ at June 1st).

Sidney Powell | Author of the Bestseller Licensed to Lie - hover over "Filings / Evidence".

🇺🇸 Defending the Republic ⋆ We The People's Legal Defense Fund for the American Republic ( - Also Sidney Powell

AUDIT THE VOTE PA -- recommended by Sidney Powell (this list was updated 1st June)
Citizen's Grand Jury with Prosecutor Larry Klayman -- " Dr. Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively Testify - YouTube -- Citizens Fight Back!

Gary Fielder - Class Action Civil Rights Lawsuit vs Dominion, Facebook, and others - YouTube - and Election Lawsuit - Dominion Class Action

And of Course...

Is a Trump Rally Coming Near You Soon? Four States Announced to Host Rallies Soon (  .

About Yellings

WHO ARE WE? May 22nd 2021

Apart from my small but great support team, I, the editor, am based in London but am from "somewhere else".

Click HERE for a recent featured video from Just Jody - near the end, she  gives us a great plug as only Jody can do -- (most positive person on the planet and yet educated, switched on, and knows just what is going on and how dark it is.. don't let her deliberately jovial ways fool you! She refuses to get dragged down and she is thus an inspiration to us all!). She says, most kindly, that I am very patriotic considering I'm not American. The reason for that is not just just because I'm nice 😀, not just because this is a global conspiracy reality, but is also because I've traveled everywhere (almost) and have several American friends, but also, my father was in the Airforce in WW2 and fought alongside your fathers, later in the foxholes in Guam and other Pacific Islands when it became solely a ground war (so yes, I was a late baby). My father won a gong for that and was so disgusted by the violence he saw, he marched into the local headquarters and gave it back.

My father has a little message (from beyond the grave) to his American friends... He says he is sorry (I think) for nipping into your camp stores and "lifting" a few cushy mattresses. He was a bit of a rebel! He also says thanks for the grenades which he used for "fishing" (they stun the fish which all float to the surface) but next time, please warn him not to be standing waste deep in the water because those little dangly things men have really don't like it.

Where I'm from, most TV was American and our cultures were very similar and often intertwined. Many moons ago in London, I was talking about immigration to some British friends and we agreed it is ruining Brit culture, but as I am not Brit myself, I was asked whose side I would fight for in the event our countries were at loggerheads. My answer? "I'd like to think I would form my own opinion about what side is in the right or wrong and choose the side in the right". That's what I am doing right now.

As soon as I saw D Trump in 2016, at first I was swept up in the TDS foisted on us by the MSM, but quite quickly came to realize that all this criticism was mostly unintelligible hate, mockery and gaslighting. I then started to see the great things he was doing and became a big fan. Indeed, I find him clever and stately. After the terrible way the press treated him on his state visits here (our Muslim Mayor even permitted huge dirigibles to be bandied about with mock trump images -- I can't imagine we'd be allowed to do that with their leaders), I quickly realized that the UK and Europe is "bathed in lies" and that the hypocrisy exhibited by our lefty socialists, especially our so called educated (brainwashed) youth, is an embarrassment to us all.

Finally, hoping for Trump to get re-elected and complete his great works, I watched the counts coming in on November 4th and (a) couldn't believe the lies the MSM had spun about how popular Biden was and (b) realized that despite the lies, Trump was on course to win by a landslide. Then impossible things were starting to happen. I watched live in eye popping disbelief as the fabled jumps went from Trump to Biden and then I knew the lies, obstruction and mockery were far more serious than just a bit of hate and denigration. Something was very very wrong and I was witnessing Prima Facie Evidence of it. My own eyes do not lie but the media were just going on as if "nothing to see here". So I stopped everything and created this website. Unfortunately, the deeper I dug, the darker the picture became. That level of evil must not be allowed to persist in this world. It is EVERYONE'S duty to fight and fight hard for this because this is the freedom our Fathers fought for and our Uncles died for -- and they are stealing it!!

Britain has only just come out of the EU and the reason I voted out was because I could see back then the EU was provoking Putin over the Ukraine (by funding their coup in 2014), and I wanted for my son never to be commanded by those corrupt arsewipes to have go into armed conflict to help them further their corruption. Then I saw that YOUR children were also at risk of being ordered  to go to war at Kamala Harris's whim -- that was the most perverse injection of foreign intervention you will ever see. The roots of that potential Commander In Chief are not even remotely American and she cannot possibly understand what our fathers fought for and why. She is about as stately as a pole dancer and cerebral as a chiwawa barking "you're racist" at everyone, and yet she is next in line to command your sons and daughters into the slaughter fields --- and it seems her Cabal is trying to start those wars right now.

So that is who we are! Move over America, there are loads of us here in Britain (including one of our contributors, a Scot) and around the world who will do whatever it takes to drive the corruption out of our ruling strata. I remain anonymous as it will slow down the kind of treatment Julian Assange got -- I am prepared to take some risk for this cause but we all need to take care. This is the West losing our values to totalitarianism and tyranny driven by a few fat, rambling elites. Let's lock shoulders and do this together!


By some coincidence, we read Shock Jock Hal Turner has just had a Security Breach today(as HERE) .. just hours after we too were dealing with what turned out to be a very MINOR breach. More of an attempt really, which we spotted live on our geeky monitor wall and immediately sealed off all our test ports.

Here's the Geolocation for our hacker...
ip: ""
type: "ipv4"
continent_code: "EU"
continent_name: "Europe"
country_code: "IT"
country_name: "Italy"
region_code: "57"
region_name: "The Marches"
city: "Jesi"
zip: 62011
latitude: 43.39542007446289
longitude: 13.21222972869873
And here is what they were trying to inject ...
OPTIONS sip:nm SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP nm;branch=foo
From: <sip:nm@nm>;tag=root
To: <sip:nm2@nm2>
Call-ID: 50000
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0
Contact: <sip:nm@nm>
Accept: application/sdp
..So that last part shows they were trying to upload an application, and then obviously run it. Just another day in the life of a digital freedom fighter ..

PS: this is the shit we are up against. Bloomberg Report on Hacked Hardware. Great move globalists... Make all your local talent jobless, replaced by super-hackers from regimes with ZIL morality because hey, they're cheaper (with a little help from child slave labor). Meanwhile, good brains rot. The welfare queue is full of Einsteins, but the bureaucrats live the easy life having added nothing to progress.


Ayn Rand -- Predicting when "your society is Doomed"

There was a War. You Lost. Did you Notice?

From Mike Adams... Has the US already fallen to China❓ This(HERE) is quite thought provoking and worth a quick read (of first 3 paragraphs at least🔎). (Ps: We suggest care with Mr Adams - he's a bit of a doom monger and tends to use humor as a means to trade on fear, but obviously here he makes some good points). Extracts:
What used to be America is now a nation under enemy occupation, ruled by authoritarian tyrants who were installed through election fraud and whose loyalty rests with the CCP. The Big Tech corporations all work for China, too....

CCP infiltration has compromised the Pentagon, Hollywood, universities, the mainstream media, big banks and consumer goods corporations.

Tomorrow has been cancelled.

Ron Watkins AKA CodeMonkeyZ

CodeMonkeyZ, like "my mom is an alien" Simon Parkes, provides a reasonable service updating us on the audits and other matters. Or does he?

July 21st, 2021 -  Ron Watkins Magically Spots 'UFO' After Launching UFO Site ( - This guy is increasingly concerning us as an embarrassment to conservatism. Quote "Watkins, who is suspected by many of being behind the QAnon conspiracy theory, appears to have deleted the video's metadata[see link] -- which could have revealed where and when it was taken". Watch(in prior/above link) as the "tictac" UFO goes pixelated as it approaches the building edge... insanely fake!

But is Ron himself just as fake? A self promoting Q wannabe?

This is Ron Cringe Watkins .. or at least who Ron thinks he is(ref)...

Ron speaks in riddles and incomplete cryptic sentences on his multiple social media channels. Apparently this is all it takes to be an internet sensation ... or a "Q". Either that or the CCP cleverly understands how best to undermine conservatism... just promote an imbecile who pretends to stand for them -- a parody of them to ridicule them -- who spouts poetically cryptic garbage to draw in the unhinged. Right up there with "my mom is an alien" Simon Parkes.

Psy-Op Exposed! Why Are These People Lying To Us? - YouTube .. never has such a truth been more true.