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Conservative Blogs

eg: BANNED (from youtube) - Doug TenNapel - Today's News LIVE!

All rights belong to Doug. We only repeat it here as he asks us to "get his video out there" at end of this video!

Not Banned! This is reproduced by the kind permission of the EMBED button

(Doug did not even attempt to put this on YT - it's a wholesome uncensored rant).

Blogs as opposed to news outlets

This is a small, growing, collection of blogs. We are pretty close to a blog ourselves, so obviously we are drawn to such sites.

More Yellings opinion below!

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What is Conservatism?

We think the clue is in the name.
  1. Just leave us alone to be free and get on with our lives.
  2. We don't want to be radical, we don't want to be a part of anything, we just want to be in charge of our own destiny.
  3. We ask for nothing for free. We are happy to give to the needy, but we don't want to be ruled by them.
  4. Nor do we want to take over, to be greedy, to take charge.
  5. We want to be paid in the same measure in which we work. And we want to keep most of it, or else what is the point?
  6. We want to respect tradition, accept we are. We do not see a need for gender mutability.
  7. And again, we want to live and let live... we respect others will want a different reality, we just don't want that rammed down our throats.
  8. We are peaceful, conservative, co-existing humans. We don't want trouble. But beware if you force our hand.
Does this describe you? Please comment!

What is NOT Conservatism?

We are not far-right. Do not brand us far-right. That is the language of anger and dishonesty. This is what we regard as far right..
  • Trying to take over by force and duplicity -- oh wait, where have we seen that recently?
  • Having extreme views on what is right or wrong -- oh wait, where have we seen that recently?
  • Disregarding constitutions and acting on no legal basis -- oh wait, where have we seen that recently?
  • Ignoring the will of the people -- oh wait, where have we seen that recently?
  • Planting political activists -- oh wait, where have we seen that recently?
  • Controlling mass media -- oh wait, where have we seen that recently?
Many of these things are fascist, but a new more apt term is emerging.. Liberal Fascism. That's an oxymoron of course, but astoundingly, the left do not see this. They demand we act and think like them. They demand we tow the politically correct line. Any tiny push-back to their control, their political correctness, to resisting minority cultures, to questionable religions of bloodshed and hate - these things are heresy!  Ask yourself again, what is Fascism? It's not exclusively right wing as in  Benito Mussolini's Italy, it's the demanding of YOU doing as "THE PEOPLE" dictate! (or at least you doing what a delusional self appointed minority say, with their loosely coordinated militant "banditos" to enforce it). It's totalitarianism, to the point of mind control, of anything that was ever thought of as freedom.

Conservatism is not that.

Enjoy the reasoning of fellow conservatives and be free...
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