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Jolly Good Show this Vaxx Jax What?

We don't know who the original poster was (albeit they have left a name at end) -- if we knew,
we'd acknowledge.
The original posting was reportedly censored! We found this copy on youtube (but don't give them the traffic! ..if it's still even
Right click to save! 2/14/21 THIS JUST IN...


We all went to bed last Sunday at midnight thinking Tom Brady had won the Super Bowl. Now we read on the Internet that the Kansas City Chiefs scored 23 points at 4 am to beat the Tampa Bay Bucs 32-31.

A comment in the article stated:
There is "no evidence" that the 23 points at 4:00 am constituted cheating and even if there were evidence, these points do NOT constitute "widespread" cheating. Further, an elected official in Kansas City "certified" the victory by the Chiefs and the NFL front office went along with that certification. When Brady objected, he was told that he has "no standing" to complain. Then all the media sports writers as a mob did a gang up and pile on and accused Brady of lying, bad sportsmanship, and hurting the NFL and said he should be quiet and go away. Some hot dogs were thrown at the referees, and Brady was accused, but later video was found showing that the hot dogs were thrown by some Chiefs fans. YouTube and Twitter removed all content about Brady and the game. The NFL accused Brady of cheating and further declared that Brady should never play football again.

05/06 11:22:37 Local Carpenter Continues To Spread Disinformation Deemed Harmful By Religious Experts - The Babylon Bee
11/29 15:51:31 China To Build Submarines In Taiwan Ed: 😀 Yes, that is the headline we just read. Probably the worst typo in history. What next? Biden builds Military for Taliban? Oh yeah, he did that.. And gave it to them for free.
11/12 11:18:53 Political Cartoons Ed: 😀 Oi! How dear they make fun of Our Dear Leader's rear-end theatrics?
09/23 12:15:31 @GhostEzra Ed: 😀Ivermectin advert ...
09/20 11:42:52 Photos of Taliban Navy launch shock Milley Ed: 😀⚡Showing off their latest high tech cruiser with bow launcher. Biden is evacuating the US naval fleets and leaving instructions on their aircraft carriers in Afghan after complaints of English Only racist manuals.
08/29 11:59:14 Dinesh D'Souza on GETTR Ed: 🔎"Rumor is the two ISIS-K planners of the suicide attack were CAMELS", clearly Dinesh shares our incredulity that the Pentagon LIARS won't even share the names of the FAKE retaliatory strike they fabricated. D' is a little funnier than us. Dang!
08/06 19:17:23 (20+) Watch - Facebook Ed: 🔺Chinese Captain shuts off autos and forgets thrust reverser, oh and accidentally throttles up just prior to reverse thrust. A catalogue of moronic mistakes, as you would expect from peops who've had every last vestige of imitative belted out of them..
07/20 18:57:10 Beach handball bikini scandal- Authorities blasted for dishing out fine to Norway team after they cover up in protest --RT Sp Ed: 🥳Playing in Burkas next. %0A%0A
07/01 01:57:38 Frustrated Women Demand Trans Women In Public Restrooms Stop Leaving The Toilet Seat Up - The Babylon Bee
07/01 01:41:18 Bidenist Occupational Government Threatens Citizens with Nukes & F-15s, Forcibly Re-Educates Political Prisoners of January 6
06/03 13:46:58 U.S. soldiers mistakenly raid vegetable oil factory in Bulgaria during NATO drill
05/26 00:43:17 The Babylon Bee Guide To Critical Race Theory - The Babylon Bee
05/18 11:34:17 Latest Science Now Says We All Must Wear Masks To Prevent Global Warming - The Babylon Bee
05/14 20:15:45 Biden's White House Economic Advisor Blames Bad April Jobs Report on Easter Being in March This Year - Easter Was on April 4
05/12 19:08:16 Fiendishly Yours, on Twitter- -Oh, shit. #gasshortage- Better pick up a couple extra bags. - Twitter
05/12 01:53:07 BREAKING- Biden denies hacking of 'most secure gas pipeline ever' Genesius Times
05/10 19:56:18 It's a win-win if UK loses war with France - Ed Cumming - The Guardian
05/10 19:18:37 Man sets alight to Israeli flag, them sets himself on fire - ''God, save us from your followers https'' says caption
05/06 10:23:30 Masks, gatherings restricted as Sydney confirms second COVID case
05/04 09:24:50 Chairman of South Korean dairy giant steps down after company claims its yogurt is effective against Covid-19 --RT World News
04/30 10:14:08 Ex-Senator Harry Reid Says Russia Behind Swarms Of UFOs Spotted Recently
04/29 10:08:21 Man spends six years parking in all 211 bays at Sainsbury's to find the best one - The Independent
04/27 17:23:36 The Kamala Harris Pick is Bombing With Black Men - Frontpagemag
04/19 08:28:54 'Did they shake Biden's stairs too-' Russians say LMAO after Salisbury poisoning suspects linked to explosion at Czech ammo depot --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
04/18 19:27:13 New Erectile Dysfunction Startup Sends Ripped, Virile Man Directly To Your Door To Bang Your Spouse - YouTube
04/11 11:28:47 Prince Philip on royal duty- In his own words - BBC News
04/07 19:33:40 Delta Airlines Now Requiring Republicans To Ride In The Overhead Bin - The Babylon Bee
03/21 20:36:23 David Hogg Just Got Totally EMBARRASSED After Trying to Start Pillow Company - YouTube
03/04 22:11:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - Today is March 4; the day that -Q- and their pals claimed Trump would return as President - When it fails to happen, Go get -Q- and Silence him
02/26 16:55:21 Brighteon
02/19 22:22:56 Olbermann Vs. Trump #1- Trump Is A Mass Murderer - YouTube
02/15 10:17:44 Biden Orders Kung Pao Chicken During First Official Call With China via @TheBabylon
02/13 17:51:47 Realtime rainradar UK and Ireland, including lightning and a 3 hour rain forecast -
01/20 15:28:40 Explosion At The Capitol Building Washington DC
01/18 13:10:48 Clinical insanity- Dems now claim that when Trump calls for PEACE, he secretly means VIOLENCE
01/15 23:50:32 'Sounds like a hit show'- Mediaite sets off wave of confusion and mockery for describing CNN's Don Lemon as 'OPENLY BLACK' --
01/15 13:53:51 Political Cartoons - DC Cartoons - Washington Times
01/13 21:34:11 EVIDENCE! 4 More Years of TRUMP- - YouTube
01/13 12:44:03 Supreme Court Revokes Annoying Man's Free Speech Rights (Season 1 Ep- 3 on IFC) - YouTube
01/12 02:57:05 In full- Rowan Atkinson on free speech - YouTube
01/12 02:29:35 Twitter purge- The view from academia. - YouTube
11/28 15:19:43 Greatest Donald Trump Salsa Song Ever- The Latino Trump Anthem by Ruben Obed- Official Music Video - YouTube
11/28 12:24:18 Political Cartoons - Around the World - Make China Great Again - Washington Times
11/16 15:06:38 It's Not Him. It's You - Pro and Con - LibraryThing - LibraryThing en catal
11/10 09:38:47 Opinion - Trump could stay in power even if he doesn't win the election. The Constitution allows it. - The Washington Post
11/09 15:27:45 Joe Biden says .. longer version (goto 32s - YouTube
11/09 15:01:46 Joe Biden says he's built most extensive -voter fraud- org in history - YouTube
11/09 15:00:42 Wrecking ball- the damage Trump could do while still president until January - US news - The Guardian
11/09 14:58:01 Hillary said not to concede under any circumstances. Trump is just taking her advice.-


Feb 10 2021 -- "The film set is falling apart!!" (See crack in corner, dead center)