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Opinion from the Editor:

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    1. 2021 Ukraine & Global War Summary
      1. Two sides:
      2. Motives:
      3. Future:
      4. War Coverage
    2. Election Theft:
      1. That old Chestnut...
      2. Situation Update 20th Jan:
      3. What you can do:
  2. Earlier Opinion from the Editor:
      1. Where is all this heading? (Dec 13, updated Jan)
      2. Prima Facie Evidence (Dec 30)
      3. Summary Opinion (Nov 20)
      4. Something is wrong (Nov 15)
      5. I've lived a long time and seen many strange things, but nothing like an MSM shutdown on this scale.
  3. Links on Political Prelude To War, Military Technology:
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2021 Ukraine & Global War Summary

Tip: below this summary about the War, this page is otherwise mostly dedicated to the 2020 US elect theft, or "coup" as it has become known.

The "War" as of April 16 2021 was "virtually" declared as of Biden's declaration of National Emergency on the 15th eg: here (and in our Timeline). These threats of war and the election theft are tightly interwoven -- see Motives below.

Two sides:

1/ First, we have Russia & China. Apart from moving train loads of armor near the Ukraine, the RU (Russian Union) has been opening nuclear silos in Arctic subs and positioning mobile nuclear launchers around Donbas. They've also been seen berthing and restocking their Pacific navy at Vladivostok (just above Eastern China / Japan) and it has been speculated that this maneuvering almost certainly includes armaments reloading. In another big move, Putin has told cities all over the RU to prepare for significant volumes of civilian deaths. Add to this the ongoing threats by China on Taiwan with multiple sorties over Taiwanese airspace, and you have a combined significant threat rising.

2/ On the other side we have America and NATO that are sworn to protect Ukraine, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Iraq & Afghanistan (less so now). Hong Kong has already been effectively abandoned to China. It is expected that should Russia attack in the Ukraine, China would immediately attack and annex Taiwan unless America can somehow defend it while countering Russia and North Korea (NK). Make no mistake, NK has nuclear bombs (with poor launch mechanisms), a very large army, and the largest navy by vessel count (albeit low tech). NK has sworn to "re-unite" Korea so these actions above will almost certainly spread to there. China wants America controlled South Korean competition neutralized (their absence would leave only Japan competing for world dominance in chip manufacture - so you can guess who would be next on China's bucket list).


The first possibility is that the MSM narrative is somehow true. That Putin is just bad and China wants more territory, that Biden is a nice grandfather figure that seems to have fallen into the thick of it. But we all know the MSM are controlled and have been indulging in a lying frenzy ever since Trump was elected. So after careful analysis, here is our best conclusion..

Biden and the Davos Cabal (home of the WMF and "Great Reset" here) want to deflect attention away from the increasing exposure of election fraud and their darker activities surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's child trafficking. Public opinion clearly interprets this as a Conspiracy Theory too far, but Yellings has amassed a vast wealth of evidence for it on this website, especially under here that stretches to Big Tech, Clinton's, Justices, aristocrats, state departments, at least one Royal, etc. Should all this unravel, which it is likely to do if the election fraud is exposed, the global power shift will be enormous. Putin is well aware of the Dark Underbelly of this Biden Davos Cabal - as Here - and has openly said he will name names if America doesn't clean house. Due to this, Biden and the Davos Cabal via NATO has been goading the RU "Bear" for a very long time, blocking it's gas pipelines, cutting off drinking water to the Crimea, and of course with crippling Sanctions. Add to that, Biden recently openly called Putin a soulless killer and then note an obvious national interest by Putin (needing RU access to the Black Sea and wishing to protect the mostly Russian populace of the far Eastern Ukraine, and we have a tinderbox. The Ukraine government, largely controlled by the US and EU(here), virtually started this by sending official diktats to their army chiefs to secure the East and retake the Crimea by force. The Chinese / Taiwan and Korean tensions need far less explanation.

For a more lurid explanation, see Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy 1 and Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy 2.


This could go either way. It is most likely not to include civilian targets but nothing can be ruled out. It is probable it will escalate into "small theater" conventional wars, possibly involving tactical nukes. Putin has openly threatened this which is why the US "retreated" to the extent of ordering their destroyers to discontinue their journey to the Black Sea.

Our most salacious analysis is that Putin wants to take out NATO while China takes out the US Navy with Nukes at sea. Why? Because as said above, Putin is aware of the Dark Underbelly of the Biden Davos Cabal. China's reasons are obvious enough. Unfortunately, that is not a rosy outcome for the US (and is why we need the US Military Chiefs to come out with the wealth of evidence of Election Fraud, ushering in a new election, whether they like Trump or not)! Of course, this War Mongering, combined with the disastrous equivalent in Myanmar, is all designed to keep the US Military Chiefs too busy and too afraid to consider domestic issues. If the US navy were defeated in this fashion, the US would broadly remain a super power due to (a) it's nuclear stockpiles threatening MAD, and (b) that Russia would be an ally wishing to see a power balance. However, we suspect the US would have to suffer increased economic control from China in a similar way to China's "investment" control of most of Africa.

On the positive side, Putin may settle for annexing the East of the Ukraine and Putin himself may expose the Election Fraud and the Cabal ushering in a new era of peace between Russia and America which would then seek to scissor out the warmongering activities of Xi JinPing (we hear rumors the CCP is not happy with him either).

War Coverage

The War is covered on Yellings in 4 ways..

Election Theft:

That old Chestnut...

One of the most egregious, perverted and disgusting acts of reputational violence we have EVER seen is the baseless Impeachment #2 here of DJ Trump. They are making him a martyr in front of his 80m followers. If they want to provoke a massive backlash, they are certainly going the right way about it. We insist you to be lawful (that iss not necessarily the same as peaceful).

Until they take back this perversion and apologize, they do not deserve your cooperation. They gave you full permission to Protest with Civil Disobedience (lawfully!). Far be it for us to have any idea how that can be done, but the French seem very good at it. It seems to me Pelosi gave you full permission to harbor a grudge (as we know Winter is not an ideal time to protest). Never forgive and never forget.

We think the motivating Q Anon & Deep State "Truth Talkers" eg: Here are (a) "not rooted in reality" and (b) potentially harmful in that they suggest a wait-and-see approach which is inaction. First, let us say that violence and armed aggression is not something we ever advocate. But a more pragmatic look identifies that work can and should be done.

Situation Update 20th Jan:

Bad news First: Biden was sworn in. That happened. The coup was completed. We are now in a war of attrition that should have been avoidable.Stalinist purges are happening -- it's real, it's everywhere. The fraud will take hold and prevent a "people's president" again unless we stop it.

Now the Good News: Pragmatism tells us that Biden can't last long. His left/liberal actions will crash the economy making him deeply unpopular. We're concerned about Harris and where her real allegiance lies, but ultimately she is likely to be less popular than Biden.His international actions combating China are muddled - he speaks of confronting their ways and yet wants to allow them into our internet.

Red Herrings: Hunter Biden - it was minor fraud - forget it. Joe's business dealings with the Chinese -- hell, even we have dealings with them (everyone in tech has). Now the election fraud, then the MSM Tech collusion, then the lawless Law decisions - they are major. But we need to keep our eyes on the ball. Likewise with talk of the Military being in Control - but no one can officially confirm it because it's a secret. Pull the other one. It is possible, but we need Pragmatism -- work with what we have got.

What we do next is as follows..

What you can do:

  1. Continue to Protest, especially digitally -- where you can uptick supportive messages and downtick left brainwashed and left propaganda.
  2. Open up and Create more avenues of free speech
  3. Support existing avenues of Free Speech! Visit them, share links to them, visit their ads, donate.
  4. March when you can and when it is safe to do so (and deescalate any trouble) - take megaphones, transmitters and lights and make the world know your plight.
  5. Prepare yourself for greater conflict (especially Antifa etc) -- see here.
  6. Shop only at conservative supporter outlets
  7. Unionize ourselves. See next..

.."We" are the creatives. "We" are the farmers, builders, service industry. The Left are inherently the eloquent purveyors of "culture", arts, film (which is great when we all get along). So "We" conservatives have got the jump on them - as Long As We UNITE! Conservatives are famous for being independent, and we value our "space" as an expression of our freedom. We have to buck that trend for a time to survive.

Earlier Opinion from the Editor:

Where is all this heading? (Dec 13, updated Jan)

Summary Situation
  1. Covid, Violent Demonstrations
  2. Machine Algorithm Fraud
  3. People Voter Fraud
  4. Media Bias & Gaslighting
  5. Judges practicing partisanship, not law
  6. Erasure of evidence.
Add these up and you can see no possible civil outcome to this election. The implication is that powerful forces are acting in unison to usurp power. Does that mean a coup? Insurrection? Or is it simply that the Left has generated a form of mass hysteria that robs people of their ability to reason and through blind hatred of Trump they are acting as one by coincidence? You decide.

There is 1 of 2 choices now. Either conservatives back down for the sake of the nation or they use the constitution to impose a re-election with military supervision. Marital law & Military courts should be avoided but remain as a threat.

Our guess is Trump is heading for that outcome but was trying the civilian route 1st. It seems to be failing, so we shall see what of the 2 final choices he makes.

Prima Facie Evidence (Dec 30)

"In common law jurisdictions, prima facie denotes evidence that, unless rebutted, would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact." - Wikipedia.

Anyone watching on the night of Nov 3rd saw prima facie evidence of irregularities and the continued outpouring of videos and affidavits showing / confirming unusual activity, including
The above might be considered "normal" cheating but for the scale of it. However, this next list is Prima Facie Evidence that is unheard of in the West..
  1. MSM stonewalling a sitting president and blind to the above facts - see here
  2. MSM acting to penalize dissenters - see here
  3. Law continuously citing a lack of evidence (despite the overwhelming girth of it which is a prime motivation for this website) - see here
  4. SCOTUS & preventing hearings (not rejected on the merits but was rejected on standing .. Rudy Giuliani)
  5. Big Tech censoring conservative opinion (including doctors, lawyers) - see here
That is what we believe elevates this to a genuine conspiracy to usurp power away from the USA public and into the hands of malign players. Think about what it takes for primary news outlets to ignore a gift of a story like this! Think about what it takes for Big Tech to hemorrhage their audience to Parler, Rumble, etc.

Summary Opinion (Nov 20)

We are in the grip of something almost beyond comprehension. Propaganda on such a scale as to cause Blind Hatred, 3rd world Election Fiddling on an industrial scale, politically motivated courts, all mainstream media (MSM) Colluding to deplatform a sitting POTUS -- but there is more .. the gaslighting of the entire planet into believing everything is normal - completely blinding the masses to the allegations, the irregularities. the anomalies, or at the very least pouring ridicule on them.

Powerful foes that I once thought mythical, the machinations of paranoid minds, or simply fictional, are crawling out from underworld vents. I always knew this planet would face more more strife after the great wars, but I did not think I’d see it in my lifetime. And how can we be so sure? Because the current president of the United States is SAYING SO - for anyone with ears to listen, along with ALL his supporters (who, even at a generously negative estimate, number 40% or more of the USA).

But POTUS Trump is ghosted, derided, disenfranchised, delegitimized and hence disbelieved. The gaslighted, the brainwashed, seem to think "oh he's just a washed up, sour, rancorous, has-been" (usually with insults, curses, foul expletives, slurs and animal comparisons ladled on top) -- and all I want to do is say "listen to yourselves". But they cannot be reasoned with. One nasty commentator said he'd been "spewing lies for the last 4 years" - I said name one. He couldn't. And so those in the bubble somehow believe the echoed smears, and so this is how they explain away the extraordinary propaganda control the MSM exhibits.

Something is wrong (Nov 15)

Updated preamble, Dec 12: Think about what it takes to stop a news source from latching onto a juicy story. How juicy could it be to find a coup, indeed a BLM Antifa insurrection, on your doorstep? And then find that the courts are universally suppressing it? What a headline! Even if it had little merit, you'd see the tabloids all over it like cockroaches on a shot albatross. But suddenly they are silent, defending their coy child-like innocence by suddenly coming over all ethical - with decorum oozing out of their typewriters. Oh, they don't wish to see the democratic process maligned with these "seditious" accusations. They feel it their duty to keep such salacious material away from the public eye. To quote an old phrase - Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

I really do not like daft conspiracy theories. HOWEVER! When you see the entire MSM(main stream media) including the venerable BBC, act as one to utterly deplatform and silence a sitting president, then promote Biden as winner before due process is complete, before counting was even complete, and when anyone who watched the election results in real time saw prima facie evidence of anomalous vote counts, THEN you have your eyes opened.

As the count progressed, Trump was easily winning in many states and predictions of a Trump landslide started to materialize. THEN, late in the middle of the night, counting  was inexplicably stopped in some states, THEN there was an astonishing swing, especially in the marginal states, in the order of several percent -- Biden caught up, overtook, started winning by some margin.

Maybe it was just the order in which things were counted. Maybe digital glitches were being exaggerated. Even so, you would expect any reasonable person, candidate, official or journalist would want to investigate, recount, examine.

Not so. Whatever is behind this, probably unintentionally, then opened an even bigger chasm of prima facie evidence by obviously attempting to delegitimize Trump's perfect right to recounts -- their ongoing wilful ignorance of these anomalies, of multiple reports of blocked counting oversight, of counting rooms being obscured to prevent visibility even from outside, of reports of unusual ballots.

MSM gaslighting then spiraled on an epic scale. The media blackout on Trump's investigation, the unreported violence towards Trump followers, the "Surly Trump" narrative and Obama's repeated accusation of Trump sullying the democratic process and joking about POTUS being escorted out by the Navy Seals.  The normalization required to make any gaslighting work was the constant misrepresenting of Biden as "President Elect", Biden contacting other world leaders, Biden chairing Covid committees, even Biden's dogs in the white house..

For me it grew to visceral proportions with the White House Press Secretary being cut off, mid broadcast, even by Fox News, in a move which seemed like ratings-suicide, given their former conservative sympathies.

WHEN YOU SEE THIS (a) you know something is terribly wrong and (b) you know much worse is to follow because they will keep silencing Trump and his legal team .. and you know what that means. He famously said it is YOU they are after ... he is simply in the way.

I've lived a long time and seen many strange things, but nothing like an MSM shutdown on this scale.

They are the facts - the exhibits - the evidence. I reject conclusions based on theory, vagueries, hearsay, guesswork, and yet in all my time I have not witnessed prima facie evidence on this scale. Not just the fiddles, but the cover up. It's like waking up to find your world is the Trueman show or The Matrix.

As yet, we should not draw conclusions, but we can certainly collate and investigate (unlike the US law lords who hide behind subjective judgement6s of what evidence is worthy or not, long before it can even be examined).

Back in 9/11 in 2001, with the fall of the Trade Center towers, I and many others found that experience so shocking, I felt the need to observe, document and collate the minutiae of video and audio evidence for safekeeping and later processing. Now we have a new 911 -- the USA presidential election in 2020. As we watched the unbelievable, nonsensical vote counts, the egregious expulsion of count auditors, the stopping of counts, the lengthy counting past deadlines, it would seem that the need to document, observe and witness is with us once again.

Thank you. Yellings Editor.

Links on Political Prelude To War, Military Technology:

11/04 19:58:51 Newsmax Host Deletes Bonkers Tweet Suggesting Pelosi Staged Attack Ed: 🤔 That's not so bonkers!!

Today has seen some very unusual and eye opening events.

It would appear that speaker Pelosi has been arrested hello there is no official confirmation of this. As this news story suggests, there has been speculation that Nancy attacked her own husband and the story about a gay lovers tiff was a fabrication.

From our own analysis ""

11/01 18:59:20 Vladimir Putin 'DOES have Parkinson's and pancreatic cancer, leaked Kremlin spy documents claim' - Daily Mail Online U;L Comment from Frank Ryan, Limerick, Ireland:

Putin gave a speech the other day with questions and answers lasting four and a half hours. It's on yout.ube. He seemed absolutely fine. What other western leader could sustain that? Certainly not Joe Biden or Su.nak! These 'Putin's just about to die' stories are conc.octed to justify the insane amount of taxpayers money being squandered on Ukraine, as if any replacement Russian leader would have any different policy regarding the Ukraine war.

On the other hand:
Putin's appearance sparks health fears as tell tale sign spotted - black back of hands suggesting they are injecting into those veins as the normal injection sites are hardening.

Well there you have both sides of the argument. Pancreatic cancer has a zero survival rate (or near enough). Apple's Steve Jobs could not stop it despite his billions. So we can expect him dead within months. Or is that what he wants us to believe??
10/19 09:04:22 Xi Jinping will aim to break Western world order with third term in power - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🤔 Xi Jinping will complete his totalitarian spy-state, take on the US and aim to break Western world order if he is given historic third term as leader, experts predict

Well, he's got a good head start. The West seems to be helping him by destroying itself from within. The Ukraine war is just part of the masterplan to topple the West. Our ammo depleted, we lurch on with social disorder maximized my the WEF. In Europe, we're cold and hungry while evictions are gathering pace and our economies are imploding. The media (largely controlled by BRIX & WEF shareholders & donors) makes it so the unprecedented protests across Europe are invisible. The people are subdued.

We thought his leadership would have been announced by now, but all media silent except this.
10/01 09:02:05 Putin's Speech Analysis- Bioweapons and Human Experimentation in Ukraine Reclamation / Annexation Speech, 30th Sep. Is Putin the good guy?

Summary(BC, Abr'): Russia reclaimed land belonging to them a few decades ago; Lambasted US/NATO; Declared war on "Western elites" (BC calls the Deep State) and Liberal-Globalist ideology. Putin highlighted the hypocrisy of Western society and the amoral plague it has brought upon the world (schools teaching perversion, gender fluidity, mutilation etc).

There are those, including BC, who think Putin is being reasonable to "reclaim" territories (even Gorbachev felt the split up was a Western stitch up).

So why do we decry Putin's move? There is another academically backed description of Putin - as the former head of the FSB (was KGB and is like the US CIA), he was a key proponent of the covert spread of Marxist ideologies in western schools, universities and throughout western institutions. That includes liberalism, communism, anti-capitalism, aggressive atheism, and even wokeness in a complex web of subtle brain washing to quote Yuri Bezmenov. When he defected, Yuri said that he was astonished to find that the campaign had worked so well, Americans were passing it on to Americans without direct KGB assistance(REF).

There is a claim that Russian Oil Money is bankrolling the WEF to infiltrate politics and institutions across the western world (Macron, Trudeau, etc). The claim is that one of their key founders, George Soros, could not have become a multi billionaire without help. Soros is involved in many contentious political movements such as the BLM. The CIA too is linked along with investments that started Zuckerberg and Gates. All these factions are bound together by circles of paedophilia (Epstein) or more conventional bribe and compromise methods. China's myriad "investments" in our media is all part of the graft.

So, in a classic act of gaslighting and projecting, Putin is accusing the West of what Russia has turned us into. Why? The answer to that is not good news. He's laying the groundwork for removing America and perhaps NATO countries from power.

This may seem extraordinary to many ears, but Nyquist, who interviewed defectors and studied defector literature for decades, has concluded this is a long Soviet style plot to bring down the West that started even before the breakup of the USSR. The breakup itself was a deception according to make the West relax, a ruse that worked so well we are behind Russia in armaments technology (we only have short range hypersonics). As soon as USSR was broken up, it is known that Gorbachev next set up the International Green Cross arguably helping to launch the entire green movement along with climate change paranoia that we now see impeding the West's ability to grow and defend. Eg: Striving for green energy, Germany became dependent on Russian gas (in hindsight, a colossal mistake). This was done under Merkel, another WEF Young Global Leaders infiltration.

No, Putin is not the nice guy he pretends to be. He's on his 5th term in a 2 term constitution and he routinely incarcerates or poisons his opposition in appalling conditions.

This ARTICLE gives a readable potted history that much explains Putin's thinking and also why he plays the diplomat. He is the dictator that Gorbachev lamented he needed to be to hold the USSR together, but even Putin must strive to keep what's left of the union loyal and united.

The danger for them now is that Putin is on shaky ground, Xi is likely to lose power, Biden will lose control in the midterms. This entire plan will collapse and everyone become exposed if any one of those 3 dangers occur. This is why we predict we October will reveal major events.
09/26 12:09:25 Marxist WEF trying to BREAK us, and this is how! (new Italian Prime Minister) This so called "right wing" new PM is barnstorming with truth.

She keeps referring to "financial speculators" but we know she means the Davos WEF and we now fully understand the Marxist PsyOp of Wokeism.. It is not so much about reducing us to perfect consumers and numbers, as it is about confusing us and debasing our very family values!

She was subject to a vulgar anti-democratic threat from the EU president ..""We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary."". Anyone who doubts where the EU stands on this Marxist uprising just needs to review that (keep in mind the EU has already deposed 1 Italian president and a Greek finance minister). They are all in it together.

If you are viewing this post on the web and you cannot get through to my channel, click this link directly for the video --
09/14 14:59:49 Rogue FBI Uses -Identity Theft- and -Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft- to Justify Mike Lindell Search Warrant Ed: 🔴the vultures are circling... It's now a matter of time before they arrest Trump which we have been saying who will be a massive flag indicating an attack on America is imminent..

But actually, are we now past this milestone? Play me they don't need to actually arrest him to ensure that his reputation is so low that no one in the Pentagon would dare to switch allegiance to MAGA Trump -- which is what we strongly believe is behind this recent spate of harassment with some 50 subpoenas against MAGA followers.

Why do we think it's not simply about winning the midterms? Simply because this kind of nonsense is making more followers flock to Trump by the day. However, the hierarchical stranglehold in the Pentagon among people with whose careers are at stake, which will ensure that no one among the generals and the military chiefs will feel they can switch allegiance even in the face of obvious evidence that China Joe is making it easy for an attack.

In short, you can't influence voters but you can influence employees. Make no mistake, an attack is imminent.
09/11 16:58:27 FBI raids 50 Trump supporters homes, launches full scale purge
09/09 12:49:57 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Military Chief Says -Limited- Nuclear War Now Possible Ed: Of course this fits with events.
09/08 16:02:53 Military Training in High Schools, Weakness of Xi Jinping, & Uniqueness of Earthquake in Sichuan - YouTube 🔴 It's all happening. There are SWARMS of ships off China (use to verify, zoom right in between South Korea and Taiwan) all marked "Unspecified" (or Fishing, which many likely are) - many thousands of ships waiting for the word. At any one time, you can see MORE traffic going towards the US than is returning from it.

Where do you think they are going? Yep, Chinese owned or controlled ports off California.

... (video) 35 FBI RAIDS conducted yesterday against members of MAGA. Bannon arrested, Trump soon will be.

And also: Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine Military Chief Says "Limited" Nuclear War Now Possible

NB: The Queen's demise has unlikely anything to do with events but it may make matters worse as the UK now has a new PM and new Monarch.

This is not an ad - I have not set any way you can give me money - See Yellings - ActionTime and learn how to survive. Prepping etc is Not an option. They will find you and pick you off like a turkey shoot.
09/04 00:41:11 Taiwan makes 90% world's military grade processors (real reason West protects them) - Italy & Germany woos Intel to take slice 🤔 The utter stupidity of globalism laid bare... NINETY PERCENT of our military dependent chips MADE IN CHINESE CONTROLLED TERRITORY!! As they say, you can't make this shit up.

Russia Today (RT).

RT: "Countries look to diversify as more than 90% of advanced chips currently come from Taiwan

The world's largest semiconductor foundry is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which produces over 90% of the most advanced semiconductors used in the global industry"

Meanwhile, woke infested washed out wet gimp UK let ARM Processors get sold for 40Bn to America's (ie: China's) Nvidia. ARM is the CPU in your phone and countless other devices. 40Bn is a song. While ever the US is an ally, that's OK, but UK is soooo stupid for letting this go, and the world too for allowing tech to dangerously fall into the hands of an increasingly Marxist controlled America.

These are the real battlegrounds - the control of big tech, AI, Google. And we Westerners are just letting greedy short sighted corporations float off our cerebral commodities to our enemies because we are too lazy to make our bureaucrats uphold the principles of anti monopolism.

People have been sounding the alarm over this for generations. Sanity weeps.
08/29 13:41:32 Hal Turner Radio Show - More Trains Carrying More Russian Armor into Ukraine 🔴 This is among other reports of a considerable uptick in Russian reinforcements - unreported either by MSM or the alternative media...

Noting that the flow of Intel has subsided recently, I will give an update based purely on analysis...

Earlier, we had Trainloads of More Russian Armor Arriving Against Ukraine and Major Air Assault Against Western Ukraine . . . from Belarus - Hal's caustic quip goes as follows... "If one listens to the US and EU mass-media, they would think Ukraine is not only winning the war with Russia, the Russians are running our of equipment, missiles, and ammunition. Of course, all of that is FALSE. Russia is winning... "

It seems everyone is taken in by the appearance of a weak and incompetent Russia. Is this a deliberate ploy by Putin? Is he planning an assault on North Eastern Europe?

A Chinese Intel circuit (that recently proved itself to be credible my forecasting something akin to a blockade on Taiwan starting August 1st) reported that crack Russian troops are over in the East of Russia, north of Vladivostok, waiting for orders to invade Alaska and carry on down through to north America, where China will be invading from the South and West and from within.

This is losing credibility. If one looks on the map, Russia would have to travel approximately 1800 miles (line of sight) across relatively unknown and inhospitable Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia (which means also invading Canada), over terrain that is only passible if roads and infrastructure are maintained (not bombed out as will be the case in the event of an incursion) and only if they do it before autumn and winter makes the terrain completely impossible.

However the threat from China (plus North Korea and Iran) preceded by a nuclear Pearl harbour as other Intel has called it. Remains possible especially if Russia stands guard over Europe and ensures it does not intervene.

Nonetheless, the stated 1000+ Chinese cargo ships that were allegedly converted to carry troops and hardware, must start departing soon. They will take 15 days. Without having the data to analyse, a cursory look at shows basically an even number of ships going in both directions so it's a little hard to imagine how China would pull this off unless they've already been gradually building up troops and supplies in Chinese owned ports on the US West Coast. Of course all this could not possibly go unnoticed unless they are aided and abetted by a corrupt DoD.

Keeping in mind that the CCP are under considerable pressure as in my last pinned post, and keeping in mind that Xi and Putin are about to have an unscheduled meeting on September 16th, it is almost certain that something major is going to happen but it's looking less likely they will directly attack America.

The three things that will change my mind are: Trump neutralised, major new bioweapon, communications blackouts.
08/26 21:03:23 dandelion in the wind ☘Update

Why do we have such high energy & food prices? ..that reason cannot just be the Ukraine war. Indeed it is not.. The reason is that he West has been under siege from Marxist PsyOps for decades. Everything including red tape, wokeism, immigration, education, offshore outsourcing, covid and what's happening in the Ukraine is all in a giant masterplan.

And this is the Nyquist theory. Perhaps the best intro to it is
THIS LINK (timed to start after the usual preamble), and if you just stop listening at the 18 minute mark, you'll get the full message. (American's speak so clearly, I usually double the playback speed - so it's only about a 7 minutes listen and it really is an instant education). Since this interview, Nyquist's intel circle predicted the beginning of China's Taiwan offensive down to the day - Aug 1st - in that this was the day that Pelosi announced she would go there (that's now set the Pacific on fire).
Less than a week ago, a reliable source stated that Xi has commanded his forces be ready to switch focus from Taiwan to the US and Japan "at any moment"(REF HERE, timed to start at the statement, with an explanation as to why - only 1 min). If we project all; the intel forward, it would seem hostilities are most likely to start after September the 16th when Putin and Xi are scheduled to meet.
They have to do this before the US midterms in November (Dem's will lose control of the house) and the CCP party conference in November (Xi likely voted out by his peers). Xi has trashed the economy and his jackboot covid lockdowns have made him too unpopular to continue unless.... he takes America. My personal projection for this surprise attack is September the 25th because that's a new moon and the Chinese like their astrology. I might even be on vacation that day . in case someone targeting London gets itchy fingers!

These are the things that might happen...
Nothing, which may mean the western way of life is restored as the Biden regime and CCP parties collapse.
• But no -- They didn't drop a bionuke on earth, effect a coup on America, infiltrate universities and half the world's governments to get stopped now.
China may just settle for Taiwan, Japan and/or some strategic islands - mainly to entice US troops. But this just kicks the threat down the road.
China will invade America via ports it already owns in California, and Russia will invade through Alaska (where they are practising live fire drills Now and sending over spy planes)..
• If so, it must be done soon before Alaska ices up again, another reason why it might happen soon, even before September 25th.
• If so, they may well nuke the UK & France as well (just to send us a very strong message not to intervene and to honour their many threats).
• If so, they will come for the UK & France eventually.

Signs to look out for that will cement these concerns... Trump will be captured; Another bioweapon will drop; Internet & Comms blackouts.
08/17 11:42:27 Diana West - The January 6th Committee Charade and Trump FBI Raid 🎥 Starting at 4:12 up to 5:05 (53s) delivers one of the best summaries of the present situation, regarding a revolution in the US, I've yet seen.

Towards the end, Diana gives us a hint into the future of the US being in uncharted territory if Trump is arrested.

Diana reveals a scenario where the US Midterm elections are simply cancelled. The likely reason given for that is that the US is at war. An assault on Taiwan, Japanese outlying islands, other strategic Pacific islands, or a Russian attack on a NATO country. It would have to be large enough to justify emergency powers for the Biden administration.

However, small theatres of war do not satisfy the demand for a massive diversion by the CCP to paper over rebellions and economic woes. Thus we see a potential full invasion of America, preceded by another bioweapon, the timing of which needs to come before the midterms so that ongoing vote fraud reveals and Dem's loss of power can be avoided.

Russia, North Korea and Russian allies will join in. This will be abetted by the Biden administration down to the point of slowing any nuclear response and the already seen sabotage of our diesel motor driven infrastructure. Russia, attacking from the north through Alaska, gives another time imperative as it must be before the end of summers heat.

However, because these foes are being rushed due to all these imperatives, and as they've doubtlessly underestimated American resolve, we figure the invaders will lose if we are sufficiently organised.

The next big domino to fall will be the arrest or assassination of Donald Trump. This will demoralize resistance before it has begun and also deprive it of leadership. In the event they realise an invasion would be folly, they still need Trump out of the way to secure the midterms. If the GOP wins the midterms, then the game is up for the entire swamp internationally - Davos, EU, Putin, Xi, Gates etc, Pentagon, Law, Media, NIH, WHO, FBI etc. Countries ruled by Putin's Schwab including UK, France, most of Europe, Canada.. They can not allow defeat.

The FBI Mar-A-Lago raid has demonstrated a hitherto unseen bravado suggesting that Marxist infiltration has reached a tipping point and it is no longer going to suffice to awaken the generals as in the advice we gave

Thus we have new advice... how to organise the resistance. See HERE.
08/13 21:22:34 Kissinger believes US at the edge of war with Russia and China - World - TASS Ed: 🏮 Calm day today. But don't be fooled. Kissinger isn't.
08/11 15:21:36 The United States will run out of ammunition in the event of war with China 🤔 This, along with the as yet unresolved critical shortage of specialist diesel engine oil, tells you what is coming.

"Former U.S. Defense Secretary adviser Douglas McGregor believes that ammunition for high-precision weapons will be quickly exhausted if a conflict between the U.S. and China breaks out.
The U.S. is in this situation because of arms supplies to Ukraine, Douglas McGregor expressed this opinion in his column in The American Conservative."

Now, as the FBI threat of prosecutorial misconduct (bogus charges and jail) appears to fade, it would be easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. However, that threat is far from over and we now know they are capable of hitherto unthinkable behaviour which still has some ways to play out on this occasion or may well simply be repeated in future. Update: See next Breaking story.

Moreover, we still see major weaknesses just inviting an attack - such as the oil and ammo shortage above, the extraordinary reach that Marxism has over everything from the judiciary, to the military chiefs, to law enforcement and the health sector, the potential for knew major bio weapon strikes, the actual shortage of petroleum products as they have been sold off and pipelines cut, and so on.

More: Russian spy planes have been spotted in the Alaskan Air Defense Zone twice in the past two days.

(Main Article is from NY Times affiliated telegram channel, no citations except the "adviser")
07/21 02:35:52 Putin predicts 'revolutionary' changes 🔴 A new epoch of world history is approaching and only "truly sovereign" states will be able to succeed in the changed environment, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

This kind of world is in sharp contrast to the Western-dominated unipolar world order, which, in Putin's opinion, is "becoming a brake on the development of our civilization."

He accused the West of being "racist and neo-colonial," saying that its ideology "is becoming increasingly more like totalitarianism."

As Putin is undoubtedly the driver behind this geopolitical shift (towards communist totalitarianism), he should know.

Gordon Chang warns China 'configuring its military to kill Americans' | Fox News

Reminder - Zelensky is a shill for Putin .. The West is vaporizing our own weapons by sending them to a regime run by a crackhead. One way we know this is logic and observation, another is that after espousing these views, Telegram has shut down our web preview(right click any of our posts, click Copy Post Link .. put it in your browser. It insists you download the app. Try that with any other source... not so). Telegram is not your friend .. it is Russian controlled. When the time comes, the plug will be pulled.
07/20 10:25:08 'Putin's oldest enemy' has advice for Western leaders - YouTube 🎥 Gives a lot of insights into Putin. The advice was "a show of strength is key" meaning that he believes Putin will continue to advance his territorial claims and strategic strengthening while ever the West allows it - a dangerous situation getting worse.

This video shows how ruthless Putin is - while giving a pretence of democracy (at the time in 2003, this pretence was stronger than it is now), as soon as Mikhail Khodorkovsky suggested political reforms, Putin was quick to jail him - for 10 years on tax evasion charges (which, as the video shows, were trumped up). This not only shows ruthlessness, but that even back then Putin and the KGB/FSB had total Soviet-style control over Russia (ie: an idle threat by Putin quickly turned into reality, circumventing all normal parliamentary / legal process).

The conclusion to this analysis is that Nyquist (
ref HERE) was right - that Russia's neo democratic liberal shift in the late 1900's was a charade all along to lull the West into a false sense of security. Now, as Nyquist says, with decades of Woke PsyOps and a 5th column insurgency into our systems and media by Chinese / Russian Marxist shills, we have less technical superiority and firepower than them. (See video: Schwab boasts of penetrations).

The sad fact is that Nyquist is also right to suggest an attack is imminent, not least because China & Russia has painted itself into a corner by allowing the West to see how ruthless they are. Everything we've seen points to this invasion getting more likely, not less. Because evidence at this point is not glaringly obvious, unlike the recent major CCP leak, it's easy for people to drop their guards - this we must not do. Background and remedies here.
07/06 10:35:43 Barry Smith - End Times (Part 1) - YouTube 🎥 Your daily dose of internet oddities! The interview was in the UK, and Barry is from NZ. He gives a very lucid, rapid fire, compelling account of why we are in the End Times. He claims it will all end in ..... 2001, so what's a couple of decades between friends? However, what he said is coming true - NOW! (Some argue that 9/11 in 2001 started it all).

Check out
Man In America with Gen. Robert Spalding. It's not an easy listen, but it sums up "Now" well. He concludes the US will not be invaded. Hal disagrees and gives a "war games" date as early as August.

Smith (who died in 2002) claims the Freemasons are behind it all. These days, people say it is Schwab, Putin, Xi - but all we need know is that something very sinister and organized is coming for our freedom. So we need to keep supporting our white hats and our lions.. More on the background and what we can do HERE.
07/05 08:37:09 GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE - RealYSharp 🎬 Just a reminder of what we've been up against So Far - PsyOps! Kinetic warfare to follow? The date we find most probable for China to invade the pacific and possibly straight into the USA is Sept 25th, but undoubtedly before the US Midterms. Slick video - join
06/23 09:48:03 US could lose new Cold War to Russia and China, says Nobel Prize winner - World - TASS 🔴 A very sage and intelligent article.

Extract: "US leaders' portrayal of the confrontation as one between democracy and authoritarianism fails the smell test, especially at a time when the same leaders are actively courting a systematic human-rights abuser like Saudi Arabia. Such hypocrisy suggests that it is at least partly global hegemony, not values, that is really at stake" - on point so far, but then the article takes a twist towards hard left by suggesting Republicans are the ones who are oppressing voters. That is laughable bigotry when you consider that not just in the USA but around the globe it is the left that has been stripping away human rights and mandating experimental jabs.
06/19 15:25:09 Russia's former president makes grim EU prediction Ed: The European bloc could disappear from the map, Dmitry Medvedev said.
06/10 09:21:55 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine President's Inner Circle Buying Multi-Million $ Mansions in Switzerland! 🔴 This strongly reinforces the theory that Zelensky (& his inner circle) are actually Putin's shills.

Hal Notes(near end of article): "Most of these homes were purchased just BEFORE Russia began its Special Military Operation into Ukraine. Were these homes some sort of Bribe or Payoff to these public officials to get them to sell-out Ukraine by stoking the fires until war broke out? Were these public officials paid-off by someone to get them to help start a war?" BINGO! Why else was Zelensky so full of bravado? Why is he still alive? He's an actor!

This was and is a SETUP! The West has collectively thrown up to half our ammo(like howitzers, anti-tank/aircraft/missile systems) at the Ukraine. Lockheed will take years to replenish the lost "javelin" missiles alone is said. There is also this:
Hal - NATO Just Got The Bad News: European Tank Production Halted, Lack Of Titanium - From Russia

This is all part of the plan to erase America beginning Sept 27 2022. Full Details with citations HERE.
06/09 10:22:52 America is done worrying about COVID-19, but CDC says monkeypox is new reason to fret - Washington Times 🔴 We have Rock Solid Info that monkeypox was also worked on in Wuhan with a high probability it was made more transmissible (gain of function - GOF) - If so this is THE END for USA. If the many hundred cases worldwide continues to rise exponentially, China will be forced to admit GOF but may claim the release was accidental. However, this will confirm the Jeff Nyquist prediction for war on America before November based on multiple CCP leaks. Our date is Sept 26th 2022. Jeff's original "sudden invasion theory" has been changed in the last few days to a "more phased strategy" as China sweeps through the Pacific islands and sets up more bases while negotiating a climbdown by America ref HERE. This may buy time but in this same interview, they discuss how the endgame is still to eliminate Americans as the more dramatic Adams says here: RED ALERT: Russia and China planning simultaneous attack to ELIMINATE the United States and occupy North America - OpEd: We don't think it can be phased as it will hand the advantage back to the US. We wonder if LUDE has been compromised and is giving misinformation to make us relax a little. In the comments under the LUDE interview, RO predicts Nukes will be used. Yellings agrees. China is prepared for some MAD but it needs to hit hard (Silos first) to limit it while Biden holds US still at Defcon 4. See pinned posts on our channel for more. Spread the warning!

Footnote to Chat Mod. If you would prefer I do not use your chat as a basis for our non-profit warnings to try and save the USA (see What Can I Do here), please just reply and say rather than block.
06/05 22:36:18 STOP CASSINI Newsletter #133 -- June 7th, 1999 Is Nyquist Credible? Video of him on a live stream here showed an older man walking through his living space(ref).. Father?(he lives at home?); Gay partner?(not that this is a problem in itself, but there is nothing about his family life or partner on the web). A lot rides on Nyquist (The major leak about CCP war preparations was independent, but we do rely on Nyquist's claim it is credible).
05/31 17:15:14 Kamala Harris demands banning all assault weapons in the US 🔴 "Kamala Harris demands "banning all assault weapons" in the U.S. because they "have no place in civil society"" - Right on Queue. CCP plans invasion - Dems take away guns. Update May 31: Trudeau to freeze all handgun sales in Canada
05/31 09:42:37 Residents welcome normal hustle and bustle as China's top two cities reemerge from epidemic cautiously but steadily - Global Ed: ❓ Ah! Now this is interesting. This doesn't fit the plan at all.

The theory that was surmised by Nyquist and ourselves is that the lockdown is 1/ to keep secret their refitting of domestic cargo ships to carry armoury and infantry, and 2/ so that they had an excuse to keep their ships in port and only when they are ready to send ships, do they stop the lockdown and then send many "Trojan" vessels to appear to be innocently clearing the backlog.

This is a plan change. We have been saying that now the CCP war meeting has been leaked, they will likely have to change their plans. Or is the meeting leak just fake? Or is that what they want us to think?
05/27 23:16:29 Russia turns on Putin- Politicians demand 'immediate withdrawal' from Ukraine - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🤔 Don't know if this is exaggerated, a legitimate outburst, or inverse propaganda in the "appear weak" playbook..
05/26 14:12:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - 'Go f--k yourselves', Zelensky aide tells Western officials Ed: 🤔 This was their reaction to the West suggesting they cede territory to restore peace.

This is to ignore the fact that the only territories being lost are those territories that were already occupied by ethnically Russian people that have been treated very badly with much shelling over the last decade into the Donbass region.

From our perspective, this f**k off looks mighty ungrateful, but the woke Western powers have kind of encouraged this by completely ignoring their Nazi connections, ignoring that the cabal controlled West causing a coup in 2014 that ousted a duly elected pro-Russia president, ignoring the fact that they've spent the last eight years blitzing Russians in Ukraine, and ignoring the fact that the Ukraine is easily the most uncivilised so called western country there is.

No, don't get us wrong, we're never going to endorse Putin's violent invasion, but there is a lot of wrongdoing on both sides and I rather sense that it is in the interests of the Cabal, and indeed Putin himself, to keep us at loggerheads with Russia.
05/24 12:46:47 Hal Turner Radio Show - Lavrov Outlines Russia's Future Geopolitical Strategy Ed: 🤔 Very determined to become independent of the West and western imports. Also determined to continue their mission in the Ukraine.
05/21 03:40:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - In March, 2021, the -Nuclear Threat Initiative- Held a -Drill- for MonkeyPox Terror Attack -- May 15, Ed: 🔴 And NOW WE HAVE ONE .. Think about that. (Covid the same)...These elites are "taking the piss" as we say in the UK.
05/20 15:17:07 Kim Jong-un issues threat during shocking military parade where banned missiles were on display - The BL pivotal to understanding the role North Korea will play in any small theatre or major exchange of nuclear armaments. (nb: This was nearly a month ago on the 27th of April).
05/17 09:14:37 Top oligarch is secretly recorded saying Putin 'has blood cancer' - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚠ This is nonsense and is more likely to be yet another disinformation operation. In the now famous picture with Putin appears to be gripping a table, we can reveal that in fact he was tapping his thumb in a relaxed manner (although the overall pose does look awkward). Moreover, there is no hair loss, no one operates on blood cancer these days(albeit they used to extract / replace marrow through the leg bones), and the "strong man" act that is so common from Western Europe does not involve being seen with a bevvy of doctors behind you. Is this a classic case of baiting the enemy, appearing dishevelled, and then pouncing? For more on that theory, see the Jeff Nyquist video about World War three in our earlier analysis.
05/13 09:56:09 Hal Turner Radio Show - Diplomat- Negotiations for new Iran Nuclear Deal are -dead- Ed: 👇 US will not remove Iran's elite security force from its list of foreign terrorist organizations, so stalled. This is a stance Yellings agrees with. Of all the nuclear nations, none have an ideology as unstable as Iran. Not even N Korea is in perpetual Jihad mode having sworn to take out Israel - and then what? Expect Iran's nuke program to be vaporized by Israel soon.
05/13 09:50:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine BLOCKED in U.S. Senate U;L💸 Sen. Rand Paul explains his reasons for blocking $40 billion Ukraine military aid package:
"My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation. We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy." Qt Ref - See Hal for other points inc appointment of and "inspector general"
05/09 09:46:46 Russia delivered preventive rebuff to aggressor, Putin says The picture of Putin addressing the V Day military parade in Moscow, May 9 tells us many things. Nb: This story is referenced to an archive and may be slow or not update at all. If the pic does not show, see Yellings Landing page, "May 9th, 291/ - Update" near top.

This picture tells Putin is reasonably healthy; He is not about to launch any Nukes as some have suggested (if he were, he'd be in his bunker in the Urals); He is keeping up the charade - ie: the story title "Russia delivered preventive rebuff to aggressor" suggests he may even declare "job done" and withdraw from the Ukraine.
05/03 16:41:11 Investigation on Vladimir's Putin Health - The Project Ed: "Oncologist-surgeon Evgeny Selivanov is one of the most frequent medical attendants of Putin. Over the course of four years, the doctor has flown to him 35 times and spent a total of 166 days with the head of state. He was present near Putin both during his official stay in Sochi and during the head of state's "disappearances". In August 2017, Putin disappeared from the public eye for a long time, from August 8 to 16. All this time six medics were in Sochi, including otolaryngologist Shcheglov and oncology surgeon Selivanov". Most useful information is in the last quarter of this long doc.
05/03 16:16:52 Putin lives surrounded by doctors - a specialist in thyroid cancer, laura and neurosurgeons - YouTube Spoof or Truth? In Russian so open in Chrome (tested on Google chrome), right click, Translate to English, open Transcript - should be auto translated as well. We have read what appears to be a draft "New York Post" story (may also be a spoof) saying Putin will be operated on soon.
05/02 14:14:49 Israel outrage at Sergei Lavrov's claim that Hitler was part Jewish - BBC News U;LU;L🔴 Right, let's do some digging. WAS HITLER PART JEWISH?

We covered this
earlier today. In addition, years ago it was considered a well know "fact" that his mother was Jewish (or partly so), and he didn't like his mother. That would appear to be false - his mother was Catholic. But the point is it was his partial Jewishness has long been a common myth.

Here is ACTUALY what we know to be TRUE FACTS(REF):
• Hitler's paternal Grandmother Schicklgruber worked as a Chef for Frankenberger - Jews
• Frankenberger junior is though to have impregnated her
• Frank, Hitler's lawyer, alleged that letters between Schicklgruber and Frankenberger Sr corroborated this theory, as Frankenberger had sent money to Schicklgruber for child support.

More HERE.

So there is room for doubt, but not much. For sure, however, over the years the scrubbers have supressed it. Those being scrubbers in chief, Google and Wikipedia (both whose founders are from WEF's, Austrian Schwab's, "Young Global Leaders").

Well, if anyone knows, it is Russia. Consider these 2 articles..
Russia reveals details of Hitler's last hours
75 years after his suicide, piece of German Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler's SKULL exhibited in Moscow all we have to do is run a DNA test on his skull right? A similar DNA test will prove if it is Hitler's skull. Where is Israel going to shriek off to then squealing Antisemitism?

Ps: The weaponized "Antisemitism" means Anti Semite, which means much of the entire middle east and is a large genetic contributor to Caucasians - ie: whites. So Israel - you may have to recharge your nuclear insults. Moral of the story? If you are going to weaponize a word purely to force others to respect you and bury truths, then get your facts straight huh? Or just shut the fuck up like the rest of us. We all have slave traders in our Genes - even black people - so stop with the mud raking.
05/02 13:41:52 Inside the US military bases that are MORE secretive than Area 51 Ed: Interesting! You can be sure the Ural Mountains in Russia has got similar.
05/02 11:59:29 Hal Turner Radio Show - Take Note- They're ALL Laying the groundwork . . . We are in danger 🔴 citizens of earth, Hal would like to serve you up have a nice big fat nuclear holocaust. "a SARMAT missile, with its fifteen nuclear warheads, against Britain! The TV commentator says the UK - their little island - will be wiped out" - see link for video. More: Or " a 100 MEGA-ton nuclear drone torpedo ... will Plunge Britain into the sea by Tsunami" .. Seeing as I live in a tsunami corridor AND near London, I guess that's that then!

No, that isn't that. Hal implies this would be a first strike, but in fact it is discussing a retaliatory strike, and frankly if Britain's Liz Truss & Boris Johnson's careless talk about retaliatory strikes from the UK (note retaliatory again) did turn into actions, then such an all out strike from Moscow on our "tiny island" would definitely trigger mutually assured destruction. Not only that, it would only be two casualties- Britain and Russia. No other country would need to get involved. Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent is a bunch of submarines that roam the world's oceans untracked only to surface on the basis of a dead man's handle and would completely scorch the earth all over Russia. There will be no hesitation, and no stopping the full scale retaliation, No Fear of further reprisals, because in that circumstance, Britain would be no more.

However, we see the possibility of a limited punitive strike as quite high because in those circumstances, the UK may choose to not retaliate in order to preserve the reminder of our island. Were that to be the case, I would foresee a similar limited strike on China because China does not have anywhere near the number of nuclear facilities or highly tested and reliable armaments, and their involvement is the equal and opposite to that of the UK's.

Let's be clear, all this nonsense is hypothetical talk of first strikes. It is possible, but it's highly unlikely.
05/02 11:40:41 How American Elites Were Captured By the Chinese Communist Party- Peter Schweizer 🔴 "Elite capture" is a high-level strategy used by Chinese Communist Party, China's intelligence apparatus, as well as those involved in quasi-private business ventures.
The lead-in continues: The idea is simple: by tempting another country's elite with money, access, and favors, you can move them to see their interests as being either intertwined or even the same as the interests of China.
In order to see how this strategy works in practice, we sat down with Peter Schweizer, a world-renowned author, researcher, investigative journalist, and president of the Government Accountability Institute.
His most recent best-selling book, "Red Handed," goes into great depth to expose the Chinese communist strategy of "elite capture" as it applies to five sectors of America's institutions: big tech, wall street, politics, entertainment, and education.
05/02 11:17:12 'Same Jewish blood'- Russian foreign minister compares Zelenskyy with Hitler - World News Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has compared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with Austrian-born German dictator Adolf Hitler. "Zelensky's Jewishness does not negate his Nazism. Adolf Hitler also had Jewish blood" he said. Israel, keen to defend it's worldcup title of nuclear insults, said "The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of antisemitism" - as cited in the link.

I like Israeli's - I really do (and have relations by marriage), but the next statement certainly highlights the hotheadedness that thrives in their culture (and in all from that region) - Protesting the statements, Israel has now summoned the Russian[sic] in their country to seek an explanation. How will that conversation go? Israel - Your Lavrov said truth. We demand he detracts it. OpEd: For the record, I understand the theory that Hitler had some Jewish ancestry to have been largely discounted, but in a world full of fact checkers and LIARS, so brazenly quick to stamp out truth as shown above, ... who knows!

Update: BBC weighing in - see post later today.
04/22 19:44:13 JUST IN- Putin Appears Bloated, -Grips table- Amid Rumors of Battle With Cancer [VIDEO] Ed: 🎥 The video is worth a watch but are we reading too much into all this patriots? Are we doing a Dr Ardis and getting caught up in the moment? As an aside, it is good to see the Defense Minister in apparently good health after his serious heart attack. The video does smell of being scripted. Putin is getting on, so it is no surprise he looks uncomfortable. If he is currently in the grips of cancer, I would be surprised - he has all his hair! There is no slurring... if you want to see slurring, see the videos of Zelensky. If you like to analyze things to the nth, here is another angle .. Is Putin actually there?? His head looks out of proportion and could so easily be deep fake digitally implanted.. video linked from the Ural Mountains? As always, the question is this.. does it really matter?
04/11 19:04:10 Hal Turner Radio Show - Why Russians Check Men's Tattoos When Exiting Mariupol- NAZIS! 🔴 Quote from Hal: "Now, a lot of you will say, "Ukraine's president Zelensky is a Jew; how can his army have NAZIS in it?" The answer, quite simply, is that Zelensky is a fraudulent Jew. An imposter. You know, a Zionist". We give a different possibility.. Zelensky is also Russian (born in Donbass) so we think Zelensky is a Putin shill.
04/09 15:01:35 EU's Ursula and Josep Borrell arrived in Bucha while UK's Boris in Kiev Ukraine Ed: 🤔 Looks like Ukraine is a hot tourist spot for virtue signalling politicians...
04/02 16:07:37 Putin 'followed by thyroid cancer doctor'- Specialist 'spent 282 days' with Russian President - Daily Mail Online Ed: 👇 this is only speculation by a news source that is widely known for speculation. However, it adds to the body of evidence that things are not well in the cabal. For details, please see analysis today.
03/31 14:23:24 China is a threat to neighbors -- but US can put a stop to it Ed: 👇but US can put a stop to it -- Just a roundup of the other theatre of concern. (By MSM, but good infographic). Also a reminder that China has basically abandoned any short term designs on invading Taiwan due to the calamitous situation in Ukraine and the fear that China may end up in a similar or worse situation.
03/30 10:49:27 Regime change has been the US goal in Russia for years --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 given that Russia and China have effected regime change in America, it seems only fair! There is no doubt that enormous amount of Chinese money is in mainstream media and that Putin is (or certainly was) part of the Davos cabal!
03/29 09:34:57 Russia ditches key demands in Ukraine peace talks --FT --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Welcome peace move.
03/28 14:55:45 Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 10-39 AM EDT -- It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles Ed: 💸 this also has a link to a Putin video where he says (with subtitles) how the US $ has committed suicide in effect.
03/24 11:07:22 Putin Replaced 1,000 Staffers Over Fears They'd Poison Him- Report
03/24 10:56:26 Trudeau forced to listen to Croatian politician label him a Dictator Ed: 🔴 "Trudeau was just forced to sit and listen to Croatian politician who rightfully labeled him a Dictator". Even in a different language, this guy hits the spot! This speaks also to the utter brainlessness and lack of moral fibre & ethical compass of liberals.
03/18 01:05:28 Belarus explains what could derail Russia-Ukraine peace deal --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Again sounds eminently sensible. Surprisingly so for the Belarus dictator who forces down international flights to capture political opponents.
03/17 19:36:00 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- Numerous Russian Air Force Planes Shuttling People OUT of Moscow to . . . Ural Mountai 🤔(their nuke bunkers) Twitter -- "This behaviour happens EVERY DAY"(REF). "In short, I wouldn't run off to your bunker over this". - Evergreen Intel (a source that is cryptic but that I trust).
03/13 14:01:16 What If Everyone Is Wrong About The Russian Military- Ed: 👇 "It's more like a drunken douchebag indiscriminately launching rockets, quite possibly because they lack anything with precision. We can drop a missile down a chimney with the accuracy of Santa Claus, but what if the Russians couldn't even hit a brick in a brick factory?". The author may have forgotten Afghanistan. Interesting comment on China too.
03/11 14:31:53 CCP Seeks New Global Order at 'Expense of All Others'- US Admiral 🔎 If China were to invade Taiwan, surely the time is right now - but they are not - and they are distancing themselves from Putin. Is China to remain semi-neutral? Passionate comment on side of story: "Oscar Garcia - The CCP is NOT a competitor. It is a Genocide, Terrorist, Criminal and War enemy of the USA. The CCP is a transnational terrorist organization hijacking Chinese People. The Stubbornness and abject denial of the Political and Military class is astounding. STOP the 50 year mistake of legitimizing the CCP. STOP delaying the inevitable and recognize the CCP as what it is. A Transnational terror organization, like ISIS, Al Qaeds, et al. The CCP Is the enemy to the human species. Extirpate it .. NOW!". We need to soften it, sure, but as the US hegemony is now totally corrupted elections, law and defense, we cannot show China how good it could be. We haver to fix ourselves first.
03/11 14:15:36 Putin Agrees to Idea of Sending Volunteers to Ukraine Ed: 🔴 This means violent, ruthless Chechen mercenaries or similar. I'm sure they get generous support if not actual pay - at the very least they get to steal what they like. Sounds like we in the West should reciprocate! (I know some volunteers are already there, and UK defense minister Liz Truss encouraged it, but later someone (Boris?) - discouraged it.
03/11 14:14:04 Ukraine's Zelenskiy Says Open to 'Compromise' with Russia on Crimea, Separatist Territories - The Moscow Times Peaceful sensible negotiations. Ps: The Moscow Times appears to be genuinely neutral.
03/11 14:07:57 Borrell admits mistake to have promised Ukraine NATO membership - World - TASS Ed: 👇 EU's head diplomat - "There are moments in which we could have reacted better. For example, we proposed things that we could not guarantee, in particular Ukraine's accession to NATO. This was never realized. I think it was a mistake to make promises that we could not fulfill"
03/11 11:51:43 Former MI6 Chief On the Ukraine & Russia Conflict - Oxford Union - YouTube Ed: 🎥 The Brit Academic view
03/11 11:21:49 Russian news anchor says millions of Russians feel invasion is a catastrophe - YouTube 🔎 This is warped CNN, but seems a bonafide take on what Russians are really thinking. Ie: Split - like the Vax split .. many believe the propaganda, many don't.
03/11 11:14:56 The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev full interview - BBC News - YouTube Ed: Interesting. He supports Putin (wise?). Otherwise some interesting views on the Ukraine war etc.
02/27 16:48:32 China calls USA the biggest threat to the world U;L⚡ This may be it. The Nyquist Scenario is playing out (do a page search on for Nyquist Scenario). We really do not want to upset folks, but this morning's move to DEFCON status for ALL his Nukes will be being met with the same action on our side. We can certainly hope that sense prevails. As Hal muses Here (please do not read it unless you don't mind 10^10 scaremongering with a sympathetic view to Russia that we do not share), Putin has painted himself into a corner - he must either give up or do the unthinkable, and as this story tile shows, he may well have China on his side.

Our hope and prayer is that Russians will see that Putin is endangering them, Generals and all, and declare him a wanted man as he is hiding in the mountains. Just install a new leader - you will find that the people will support you.
02/27 16:04:49 The West considers disconnecting Russia from the world wide web "potentially, if something extraordinary happens, if someone loses their head completely, this can happen". Well, Putin lost his head completely. BEWARE - TELEGRAM IS HOSTED ON RUSSIAN SERVERS You may want to start backing up your data. (Nb: This story is tale of caution from a month ago).
02/27 14:30:23 SIR RODERIC LYNE, Britain's former ambassador to Moscow, paints portrait of Vladimir Putin - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚡ 'I witnessed his eyes flick from charm to sharp pinpricks' - Yellings is increasingly convinced, given the revelation that Putin was in Schwab's Young Global Leaders, this is the man at the top of the Davos Cabal, financially behind Soros & Schwab, operating through China to corrupt America etc.
02/26 18:02:36 PLA Drill Training in South China Sea U;L🤔 If you click this link to Bing Maps, you will find it is well away from Taiwan, so lets not jump to conclusions.
02/24 16:57:57 Taiwan warns off Chinese jets amid rising security fears after Ukraine invasion - The Independent Ed: 🔴 9 isn't much, but a Chinese invasion there is a very sobering and predictable next stage.
02/23 00:49:51 Trump praises Putin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ "Russia's Donbass move 'genius'"
02/22 18:27:05 Leave Putin in no doubt- Russia will be economically crippled --and he may be tried for war crimes - Andriy Zagorodnyuk - The Ed: ⚠ This is the sort of thing we DO NOT NEED. The author is a former Ukrainian defence minister - why are we giving him a voice to spew hate?
02/22 18:20:59 Russia Votes to Use Troops Abroad After Separatist Recognition - The Moscow Times Ed: 🔎 We at Yellings don't know what this means - Surely Russia has been doing that in Syria, Kazakhstan, and globally by way of their Navy. So it looks like a nothing-burger to tempt you into negative thoughts. We said we would stop reporting such news, but this sounds significant. We shall see.
02/22 18:15:03 Severance of diplomatic relations with Ukraine extremely unwelcome --Kremlin - World - TASS Ed: 🤔 We believe it is only under consideration at this moment. Wise words from the Kremlin.. To close down diplomacy, when it is still available, would be petulant and obstructive.
02/18 12:17:06 WW3! So THIS Is Why They Want Russia War - YouTube Ed: U;L☠ Russell Brand argues that it's all about a media feeding frenzy and more money for the military machine. Until Putin actually invades someone, or starts blowing something to bits, instead of just doing endless war dances and p*ssing everyone off, I think Yellings is out of that frenzy (see Yellings,com new analysis).
02/17 13:30:03 Biden should 'blow Putin's mind,' send three Army divisions to Europe- former Pentagon chief - Just The News Ed: 👇 I thought Miller had more brains than this. Oddly, the Biden cabal handled things quite well. The Pentagon did not blink and eventually Putin sulked off back into the shadows (whilst weirdly claiming victory like a petulant child). Of course things are never that simple - Biden was probably doing what he was told - by Putin (via Biden's Chinese handlers). See today's analysis for more.
02/17 13:26:22 With Its Doomsday Clock at 100 Seconds to Midnight, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Calls for Escalating US Aggression Ed: 🔎 Interesting read
02/16 17:08:38 Sweden officially renounces NATO membership - Sweden officially renounces NATO membership - Ed: 🏮 Sweden is sort of close to Russia and is sensibly not wanting to poke the Bear(like the Ukraine has by wanting to join NATO) That said, the Baltics are 3 states that are already in NATO and are just as close as Ukraine.
02/16 17:04:12 John Bolton to Newsmax- Mistake to Think Putin Only Wants Full Invasion - Ed: 🎥 Great video interview.
02/16 12:46:12 Ukraine only 'part' of the problem --Kremlin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L😀 Putin is just looking weaker and more like an annoying little prick than ever. His gutless attempts at eroding world stability got him nowhere except to piss off the entire Western world and harden us against Russia. Any hope that Putin was some kind of hero about to sought out Western corruption has vaporized. We are left with a madman dictator who poisons and jails his opponents and has cheated his own constitution to stay in power. See today's analysis at
02/16 12:36:56 Russian exile issues horror warning about Putin's mentality- 'He will do it'
02/15 20:52:27 Hal Turner Radio Show - ANALYSIS- Russians Giving Strange Signals - Two Hours Left Before 16th in Ukraine Ed: Hal's analysis is of interest. He thinks tomorrow will be significant. I don't think the 16th is going to be significant, why should it be? But who knows. I feel sure, however, that by early March, all hell is likely to break loose.
02/15 19:46:33 Russia won't invade Ukraine via Belarus --Kiev --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ♦ Ah, so that's the plan? "Retreating" to a better attack position?
02/15 18:10:18 Ukrainian elites given ultimatum --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 "Ukrainian officials who fled the country amid fears of a Russian invasion have 24 hours to come home and return to their posts, President Zelensky said". This caustic way of speaking down his nose to people is what has so driven a wedge bet5ween him and Russia, as well as the US and the West. An actor turned president from a Russian area of East Ukraine who has betrayed his own Russianness and offended everyone he comes into contact with. Oh wait, he's Jewish. Not that I would dare say our friends frim the middle east seem to have a certain trait that matches the profile... but if the cap fits...
02/15 14:02:15 'West has been destroyed without a shot fired' --Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 No, it just makes Russia look pathetic and weak - I think Putin just signed his own death warrant as Russians will NOT like this. UNLESS he has something else up his sleeve.
02/15 13:52:10 Russian parliament urges Putin to recognize Donbass --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Donbass etc (East Ukraine) will be thus declared independent, then like Crimea, will likely vote to be part of Russia.
02/15 05:58:15 America is focusing on the wrong enemy - The Strategist Ed: 🤔 Sobering stuff. Not a read for the faint hearted. (Sorry, we are committed to recording history and sometimes that can be unpopular).
02/14 18:32:34 Deploy the long table! Putin keeps own ministers away as Moscow says 'a chance' for progress in Ukraine talks to avoid war Ed: 😀 A time for seriousness and a time to poke fun... What does this titanic table bursting forth from Putin's mighty hips say about compensating for something? And look at the chair! The other guys don't get a chair like that... Do they email each other?
02/14 12:02:12 Ukrainian NATO U-turn would be 'meaningful' step - Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ☘ Ref last Post where Ukraine's Ambassador to UK insinuated this is possible.! I take 'meaningful step' to mean -- Russia will de-escalate. It's a pity Ukraine immediately denied their own Ambassador.
02/14 11:18:35 Ukraine might drop NATO bid --ambassador --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L⚠ Now you might think "ah, at last, sense prevails" - WRONG. Just as you thought things may scale down, Ukraine denies NATO U-turn plan, Ukraine slams it, deliberately scaling back up the warmongering provocation.
02/14 10:18:19 Standoff With Russia Over Ukraine Heads Into Most Tense Week Yet - BNN Bloomberg
02/13 13:50:40 After Biden-Putin Call, U.S. Still Unsure Whether Russia Will Invade Ukraine U;L🤔 Putin has done a lot of damage without firing a shot. Psychological damage on the leaders of the world, psychological damage to the people of the Ukraine. Was this Putin's intention? He says he is not going to invade but then sets up camp fort an entire army 13km away. As Nyquist mused, "mobilization is war". They ALL want War and as the underhanded dealings of the Clinton Biden Cabal are exposed (as last post), we think there will be provocation. (We think Putin won't invade Ukraine as it happens, but rather either the Baltics or ... the US under the #Nyquist Scenario).
02/12 19:14:25 Tucker- Does Biden want war- - YouTube U;L🎯 Highly credible and recommended commentary with Tulsi Gabbard, but it misses one point... They ALL want war. Yes Biden wants war - he is in China's Pocket. China AND Russia are telling Biden not to give in to Putin's demands. WHY? Sorry, but it's the #Nyquist Scenario. Putin isn't interested in Ukraine except as a staging post. Putin wants to declaw America. China wants to eventually invade America. They are slowly building on that plan. The Pentagon is asleep at the helm. Here's a quick read version.
02/12 18:59:55 Putin-Biden call has ended --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ♦ BANAL! "Biden warned Putin that the US and its allies would 'respond decisively and impose swift and severe costs on Russia'". Russia yet to comment. It looks like Russia is winning without even firing a shot. It is proving the USA DoD is not what it was - too much corruption, not enough development of new tech.
02/12 16:33:01 As Russian forces swell, Ukraine's actor president looks out of his depth - The Star Ed: U;L👇 Quite possibly the worst president any country has ever had.. Rode in on a wave of popularity promising economic & political reforms, to calm the ongoing feud started in 2014. Instead he bashed Putin and has brought the country to the verge of Armageddon.
02/12 14:21:21 Biden and Putin to Speak as US Warns Russia Could Attack Ukraine 'any day' - The Moscow Times Ed: U;L👇 Waste of time unless Biden is to announce Ukraine to be neutral. But Biden's agenda is to provoke war. Why? Because his Chinese handlers are telling him to. Why? Because Putin is telling China to. Why? Because the Davos Cabal wants depopulation. How is Putin governed by the Davos Cabal? Putin is IN the Cabal - See yesterdays reveal #236/ on home page - watch Klaus Schwab say exactly that.
02/12 13:10:15 German News Report Claims Russia Will Invade Ukraine Next Wednesday - Ed: 🔎 Not a chance. They will either do it on or before Monday or wait until after next weekend. What would be the point of disrupting Xi's Olympics for the sake of just 3 days?
02/12 03:23:44 US sends message to Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🎂 "US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called his counterpart in Kiev Dmitry Kuleba on Friday with a message of "robust" support.".. 5 minutes of calm and "US Secretary of State Antony Blinken" destroys it. He "called his counterpart in Kiev Dmitry Kuleba on Friday with a message of "robust" support.

This is like Groundhog Day.

The world is on the brink of WW3. What should we do? "Let's poke the bear more".. Lashings of ignorant bigotry to ice the cake.
02/11 14:58:22 Olympic invasion possible --US --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🔎 Well, yeah ... Duh! Gee, wish the Pentagon had showed that amount of amazing perception when they entirely misread the Afghan withdrawal debacle. Note also: WATCH US nuclear-capable bombers arrive in UK.
02/11 14:50:42 Pentagon names culprits behind disastrous Afghan withdrawal --RT World News Ed: 🤔 US military points finger at President Joe Biden and other top officials for interfering in evacuation. So instead of Commander in Chief we should call him Interferer In Chief? If he's the f**king commander, he can't "interfere". The real question is WHY DID THE MILITARY ALLOW THIS ILLIGITIMATE USURPER TO HOLD THAT TILTLE? Outrageous display of bigotry and abrogation of responsibility by the mil' chiefs. The military committed treason when they acted against Trump - they also showed a fantastic level of bigoted bias, believing the liberal loony rhetoric instead of doing their own research.
02/11 11:18:10 Biden reveals World War fears --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 "The situation would turn into a "world war" if American forces start fighting with Russians, the president said". Tells Americans in the Ukraine to flee. Throws in weapons galore to calm it down.
02/09 13:16:13 US Facing 'Epic' Nuclear Threat From China and Russia- US General Ed: U;L🎯 Is the US finally "getting it"? Sadly, every time we try to warn of this, our viewer figures fall. Well, good news - today we feature Timeline for the Resistance on and we try to crank up the hope.
02/08 16:27:33 Sergey Karaganov- It's not really about Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔎 It's about .. see last paragraph. Qt: "NATO used to be a defensive bloc, it has degenerated into an aggressive one after bombing what was left of Yugoslavia, the aggression of most of its members against Iraq, aggression against Libya, leaving behind hundreds of thousands dead and entire areas devastated."
02/08 16:23:26 Austria escaped crisis by declaring neutrality. Ukraine could follow that lead. - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Ed: 🔎 Yes, they could and should, but the Cabal wants a fight...
02/08 16:18:26 Russia calls agreement with Macron on Ukraine impossible - Russia calls agreement with Macron on Ukraine impossible - Ed: 🤔 because Macron does not represent NATO.
02/08 14:12:33 Zelensky-Macron Key points Push Towards Normandy Talks This Week Ed: ☘ Too little too late. Biden and the Cabal need a distraction. Putin will again be provoked.

• French President said Zelensky confirmed desire to implement Minsk agreements, Macron described it as best method
• Normandy Format meeting of Russian, Ukrainian, French & German political advisers planned in Berlin for Thursday - Macron
• "France and Germany committed" to mediation efforts to end crisis, Macron hopes to achieve stabilization in coming weeks
• Macron added that Vladimir Putin informed him there would be no provocation or escalation of situation in Ukraine.
02/08 13:07:39 Putin-Macron relations constructive, lengthy talks expected, Kremlin says - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS U;L🤔 That's what they say, but what they do is send nukes to Kaliningrad (last post) and landing craft to black sea(HERE). This is how Russia works .. "Relax", then Thud.
02/07 21:21:52 Putin and Macron reveal outcome of key Ukraine talks --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 👇 I, for what it is worth, saw much diplo-speak, but did not see an accord.

We watched most of both the public debrief speeches and first, it has to be noted that France did at least make the effort to visit Russia.

Putin had his famous dismissive expression, his characteristic sly "not meaningful eye contact" (if at all). Macron had his expressive French Peacock charisma on full display.

This is ongoing as Macron goes into full garlic munching waffle and now question time.

All in all, positive, but weakly so. A respectful agreement to disagree? A mild step in the right direction but is it enough? No.

UPDATE: During Q & A, Putin got comparatively emotional. "Is war what you want?" he said in reply to his own rhetoric on the NATO intransigence.
02/07 10:32:43 Russia is massing nuclear-capable missiles in Belarus, NATO warns - Daily Mail Online Ed: ⚡ Putin wants the Baltics, not Ukraine! (Belarus separates Russia from them, and has already declared a desire to effectively annex Lithuania) As we said all along, the Baltics are already IN NATO, with Estonia already used as an airbase for US planes that fly down to the Black Sea. The question is this - Is China owned Joe deliberately concentrating on Ukraine so as to offer the Baltics on a platter? It's either that or Joe and the Pentagon are thick as planks to believe the Ukraine diversion.
02/06 12:46:41 Russia Calls U.S. Assessment 'Scaremongering'- Ukraine Update - BNN Bloomberg Ed: 🔎 No change so far today. This is just a round up. The map therein shows the extent of Russian troop activity in Belarus. .
02/05 11:23:01 Hal Turner Radio Show - HUNGARY --BLOCKS-- UKRAINE'S ACCENSION TO NATO -Cyber-Security Group- Ed: 🏮 Assuming this is a Veto, and it is correct, this would mean Putin will have his excuse for an attack nullified.
02/05 06:45:16 Biden grants nuclear sanctions relief to Iran --RT World News Ed: 🔺 How significant is THIS? Russia jams GPS over Israel, now Biden, most likely in cahoots, does this?!?
02/04 11:38:54 China reveals position on NATO expansion --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 👇 Qt: "Xi Jinping .. backed .. call for NATO to halt its plans for further expansion and avoid .. the 'Cold War' mentality". Wise words, and interesting .. if they get what they want, Putin will not have an excuse to invade Ukraine. Perhaps they know they will not get what they want because Biden is controlled.
02/03 11:28:01 Russia & China to discuss 'new era' amid split with West --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: This is all ending rather badly for the West.
02/02 16:23:40 Putin & Xi meeting revealed --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: For this Friday 4th. As said by one commentator "Mr. Goebbels" - Got to hash out the war plans after the Olympics. China=Taiwan, Russia=Ukraine.
02/02 10:56:51 Ukraine crisis- This is all actually going very badly for Vladimir Putin- Ed: 🔎 Yes it is and that's why Putin will have to make a move.
02/02 10:48:38 America is trying to draw Russia into a war in Ukraine, Putin claims - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🏮 Yes, "in order to impose tough sanctions and 'contain' its progress". That's why China and others are likely to band together and attack the US. That's why their HAS to be a reveal about the corruption and coup in the US elite swamp unless we want our skin peeling off. That's why truckies need to advertise this corruption and coup, not just mandates.
02/02 10:33:14 Ukrainian 'Nazis' have taken control of Zelensky, Putin claims --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 We have to disagree on a technicality. Zelensky is Jewish, so no way is he embracing Neo Nazism. However, he is almost certainly thick as thieves with the Davos Cabal , who seem to be plugging for war along with Biden and the Pentagon.
02/01 16:48:18 Brussels is bullying Ukraine --EU leader --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔺 Croatia again carrying the flag for sense in Europe. The EU, a trade union originally, evolved into a Usurping Hegemony taking away state powers and replacing them with their own bureaucratic diktats. So yes, they do bully. That's why the UK left.
02/01 15:39:41 Russia & China may be ready to challenge America's 'Monroe Doctrine' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 As long as that all they going to challenge! (the Monroe Doctrine - asserting a US sphere of influence over Latin America)
02/01 11:23:42 China acting 'more brazen' than ever before --FBI chief --RT World News U;L🏮 Does this signal a split in the Cabal? As Soros calls for regime change in China and as the FBI are part of the Cabal in dethroning Trump, and as Xi used his economic control of MSM through Blackrock to also dethrone Trump, then are we seeing an increasing realization that actually, Xi is not good for anyone? (We think the Russia China friendship is one of convenience, and as soon as it suits Xi, they'll conquer RU too).
02/01 10:07:00 Soros calls for regime change in China --RT World News U;L🔎 A very odd story given they are apparently on the same side. See also - video of his speech.
01/31 13:52:59 World Order On The Line - KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice Ed: 🏮 Qt "The most dramatic gathering of the United Nations Security Council since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis is to begin at 10 am EST today. The United States requested this emergency session to make the case that Russia is an "aggressor state" that should be sanctioned or possibly expelled from the world organization.".
01/31 09:06:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . - U;L🏮 Right where China wants it .. anywhere but in the US. When you add this into the mix, Trump warns Biden about 'invasion', you may see a problem looming..
01/30 20:51:03 Make Ukraine 'neutral' --German MP --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Eminently Sensible!! But it will never happen while the Ukraine is being run by a hot headed Jew. I fully explain that apparently antisemitic statement in my analysis of Jan 28, 223/ titled An unbending clown and a poisoned shrew diplomat worth a read!
01/28 12:13:26 Russia 'moves military medical units to frontline' in ominous sign Ukraine war is close - World News - Mirror Online Ed: ♦ Actually, this is the only sign of impending action we could find today. Is that a good sign or are we in the eye of the storm?
01/27 18:22:45 Russia warns of NATO nuclear threat --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: I'm starting to think NATO is our mortal enemy. It is no longer Russia who have shown great restraint. China is in a weird twilight zone here as it attacks the west with MSM control (and arguably with Covid), but is currently allied to Russia.
01/27 12:22:30 NATO fails to keep its 'non-expansion' promise and closes in on Russian borders --Medvedev - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - T
01/26 12:01:44 Russia will not let West brush its security proposals under the carpet --Lavrov - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: ⚠"There is a distinct trend towards downplaying our proposals and brushing them under the carpet in endless discussions. In particular, this concerns the attempts to dump this issue onto the OSCE and the insistent calls by the European Union for finding a place for it in these discussions. We will not let this happen. We will not let them emasculate our initiative" Lavrov said. That sounds like the EU.
01/26 11:56:03 Russia Navy Trains with China, Considers Ditching U.S. Dollars Over Sanctions Threat 👇 Abandoning the $US makes locking Russia out of SWIFT look REALLY STUPID. At least the EU are starting to realize their peril: EU split over plan for colossal sanctions against Russia - media - for starters, no more gas / oil.
01/26 08:58:50 Russia deploys electronic warfare battalion close to Ukrainian border --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔺 All a big diversion from what is really about to happen..
01/25 14:10:34 Russia may not be poised to invade Ukraine --Pentagon --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: U;L☘ See today's analysis on (incl' Kinesis roundup)
01/25 11:48:13 No threat of immediate Russian attack on Ukraine --EU --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ☘ There! We don't always post messages of gloom & doom!
01/25 11:29:45 No respect for Putin- how a call for cooperation with Russia ended a vice-admiral's career --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🔎 Cancelled for using common sense. "In his view, the West should offer that respect, for three reasons: because it would be easy, because Russia and its leader deserve it, and because Europe needs Moscow as an ally against China". It's also simple diplomacy instead of all the insults that have been hurled at Putin from the hegemonies in US, Britain and the EU, Ukraine(eg: this is typical of Ukraine's ranting & posturing - Germany has 'betrayed' Ukraine - Kiev mayor).
01/24 17:19:29 Russian Navy warships embark on 'long-distance' mission amid NATO tensions (VIDEO) --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🤔 Op Ed: Only 2 ships in this dispatch, so they will be sent to aid the Russian Sub(s) that are known to be in the area off the US East coast (the one that Hal said are armed with 160 nukes). Restocking, rearming, repairing, relieving crew or refueling(mostly nuclear of course)..
01/24 02:54:10 Xi did not ask Putin 'not to invade Ukraine' during Olympics --Chinese officials --RT Sport News
01/24 01:01:57 Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics - The New York Times Ed: 🏮 Cannon fodder?
01/23 19:26:43 Ukrainian general claims to know when Russia will 'invade' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Feb 20 when Xi wraps up his Olympics. We doubt that Xi is worried about his image just now when he is increasingly seen around the globe as an organ harvesting pariah tyrant. Indeed, they probably want the west to THINK that it will be Feb 20 when indeed, they are likely to strike when you least expect it and indeed, they are not likely to strike Ukraine as our homepage today / yesterday analysis suggests.
01/23 15:24:50 German Navy Chief Quits After Saying Putin, Russia Deserve Respect Over Ukraine Ed: 🤔 Same old censorship. No one is allowed an opinion unless it is in line with the sick warped Davos Cabal.
01/23 15:17:43 Russia's embassy calls on London to stop dangerous provocations about Ukraine - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: ⚠ As someone in London, "Not in my name!" - This concerns an unfathomable accusation that Russia wants to remove Zelensky in some kind of coup (which is exactly what the EU did in 2014). We have some bloody nave fools running us, similar to the US of course, that will say anything that comes into their sweet heads. They are all singing from the same hymn book .. the Davos Cabal.
01/23 05:39:08 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine's Zelensky, Poroshenko, And Possibly Turchynov to Be Arrested by Russian Troops for -Crimes A Ed: ⚡ Crimes Against humanity for cutting off water to Crimea! Let's hope so.. this shrill screechy jerkoff EU puppet, constantly threatening acts out of his authority zone, like a child provoking Russia with "I'll tell NATO on you!" is a pointless EU turd. With any luck, Russian law still has capital punishment and he will HANG!
01/23 05:30:02 The Times and Bloomberg tie 'Russian invasion' to Beijing --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ "Bloomberg claimed Xi Jinping asked Putin to hold off his "invasion""
01/23 05:25:27 Russia, China block US attempts at sanctions after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un resumes nuclear missile tests Ed: 🔎 That's a lot of collective resistance to the US!
01/22 17:41:04 Hal Turner Radio Show - Brash! U.S. Asks Russia to KEEP SECRET Its Response to Security Guarantee Treaty Proposals Ed: 🤔 Hal on good form today.
01/22 14:18:41 New Russian hypersonic missile set for delivery --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union This is the state-of-the-art Zircon sea-launched hypersonic cruise missile. US says: "Because of these challenges, our current terrestrial- and space-based sensor architecture may not be sufficient to detect and track these hypersonic missiles" US Navy Admiral said. Also, From RT: "With testing now nearing an end, the high-speed guided projectile is due to be deployed in the near future." Tip: China also has its advanced hyper's whilst US has only low tech equivalents. No wonder Russia is sure of itself.
01/22 14:08:13 UK to accuse Russia of working to install pro-Moscow leader in Ukraine --leak --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 More proof that the UK elites are in with the Davos Cabal. Sad. It will be VERY sad if we are dragged into a war against our old allies.
01/22 12:44:21 US will send Russian-made helicopters to Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Putin will be thinking - thanks. Nice to see you returning our helicopters, but sorry, no refund.
01/22 11:13:58 US thinks it has 'special status' --Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: Quote "Russian-led peacekeeping operation in Kazakhstan is a sign that the US thinks it alone has "special status" to maintain law and order around the world" -- It was pretty creepy the way the Biden Swamp demanded to know why Kazakhstan had called RU and not US. The CIA etc has long since proven the US has no moral high ground.
01/22 11:10:51 US asks Russia to prove no intent to invade Ed: Just an update.
01/21 13:26:43 US ready to respond to Russia's NATO proposals --Lavrov --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Other than our own, this is the first media report about the Geneva talks. The BBC appear to be awaiting Blinken's debrief, but their front page writers appear to have gone on strike, still showing a story about pending talks - hours after they ended.
01/21 13:03:24 Patrick Christys- I believe that Joe Biden is a bigger threat to world peace than Donald Trump - YouTube Ed: 👇 Whilst we strongly agree with the title, we don't agree with the content. It's worth putting in our timeline as a record of how Biden implied a small incursion would not be the same as a big one. Ukraine's Zelensky immediately squealed like a stuck pig and so has Patrick. In defense of balance and keeping out the hysterics, this has been taken out of all proportion. There are ALREADY Russian Mercenaries in the Donbass region. A minor incursion would be just that - possibly a retaliation or as protection for the pro Russian inhabitants (all the Donbass and more) who even now come under frequent Ukrainian fire. Biden did the right thing to not lay down an unreasonable red line, albeit it would have been better if he said nothing on the subject of "minor" infringements. The 2nd half of the video is spot on.
01/21 12:24:49 TALKS OFFER ONLY DELAY - Russia afraid of no one, including US --Deputy Foreign Minister Ed: 📢 We just listened to the entire debrief by Lavrov from today's Geneva talks with Blinken, and it seems the deadline for a Written US Response was put back a week. It was a short cordial meeting and that seems to be the only outcome - stalling behaviour, but at least not aggressive. (This comment is regarding Russia's muted threat to invade Ukraine if it joins NATO etc - the story pinned below is separate).
01/21 10:47:04 Lavrov & Blinken meet for crunch Russia-US talks in Geneva --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 All eyes on this. Either no NATO in Ukraine, or WAR, or stalling.
01/20 18:27:14 Tulsi Gabbard blasts 'warmongers' in White House --RT World News Ed: ☠🎯 She tweets "As warmongers in the White House escalate tensions with Russia, let's be real about what we're dealing with - open conflict between two nuclear armed powers. The only place this conflict can end is the destruction of the world and life as we know it. This is what's at stake." - Story later titled "'Destruction of the world' forecasted amid US-Russia spat escalation". What no one seems to realize is that is what the Cabal wants.
01/20 18:15:53 Moscow gives green light for new showdown with Washington --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🎬 This is how the conversation will go. RU: Did you agree to our terms? US: No. Case opens revealing big red button. RU: We won't bomb your domestic cities & structures if you don't bomb ours. Capiche? US: Wait, What? RU: Call your people. Tell them now. US: Get Milley, I don't care if he's in the middle of a sex change, shut it down now.... Button is plunged. ICBM's take out naval fleets in Black Sea, Mediterranean, open waters. China acts at same time taking out Silos. Tracked NATO / US subs destroyed. RU: See you next week when we tell you our new demands.
01/20 12:40:31 US warns about nukes in Belarus --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 This is the upshot of NATO's belligerent expansionism - less security for all. A new arms race caused by the "Defense Cabal" (EU / US / NATO) ambitious power grabbing.
01/20 11:28:46 Lavrov to hold talks with Blinken in Geneva on January 21, diplomat confirms - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: The Bear meets the Devil for "last chance saloon" talks .. We've commented previously on Blinken's demonic black eyes despite his deceptively docile demeanor, but we should also comment on Lavrov's almost comic big bad bear looks. Weld the door shut, give them each a few gallons of mace, and let the games begin.
01/19 11:25:44 Why Russia's Nuclear War Threats Should Make NATO Sweat - 19FortyFive Ed: 👇 Albeit biased against Russia, this is a great roundup of events demonstrating the seriousness of things.
01/16 16:06:01 Russia- We may send troops to Cuba & Venezuela because of US Ed: 🤔 Maybe, while there, they will invade Guantanamo and hang all the US torturers (and their enablers) for crimes against humanity?
01/16 14:03:49 Kremlin tells CNN about possibility of weapons deployment to Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 For now, this kinder rhetoric is deescalating but what Russia does and what it says are 2 different things.
01/16 06:42:04 Here's the American Gameplan for Nuclear War with Russia - The National Interest Ed: a piss poor article, not shared with telegram. But put on our timeline for posterity.
01/15 20:18:01 This one-two punch from China and Russia marks the end of American adventurism --RT Op-ed Ed: 🤔 How the two squeezed out the US.
01/15 17:37:22 Russia is right- The West promised not to enlarge NATO & these promises were broken --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🎯 Wow! Just how evil IS the Swamp / Cabal / US Hegemony?
01/14 12:35:12 Losing Control- Global Security in the 21st Century --Middle East Monitor Ed: 🎯👇 As we await the inevitable, we would like to share this excellent article exploring to depths we too have explored, and coming to the same conclusion. We call it the Cabal and Swamp, they call it the elite's political hegemony and the dominant neoliberal economic system. They explain that the DoD used the Cold War as the premise for the military-industrial complex. They are doing it again.
01/13 12:43:32 Russia could break off relations if US sanctions Putin --Kremlin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 Sanctions will achieve nothing except more anger. In the short term, sanctions will have no effect - but in the long term they will, so this will just serve to accelerate whatever Putin is planning.
01/13 10:53:49 EU speaks out after US-Russia security talks --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 "Russia wants to portray the European Union as irrelevant" And that they are. They have no army (but want one) except NATO. They are merely the Rothschild / Davos Cabal trying to muscle in on nation states power.
01/12 23:06:16 Competence of White House officials a bad advertisement for quality of US education --Moscow --RT Russia & Former Soviet Unio Ed: 🎯 This wonderfully snide remark amuses but also heralds a noticeable shift from diplomatic politeness to harsh words.
01/12 12:12:15 First meeting of Russia-NATO Council in over two-and-a-half years begins in Brussels - World - TASS
01/12 12:07:12 Ukraine ready for Donbass peace deal --Zelensky --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Dear Mr Zelensky, no one gives a shit what you say. This halfwit EU puppet spends all year spewing threats at Russia as he thinks NATO is on his side, and now he sees the Bear's teeth, he suddenly realizes he might hang and he wants peace❓ Get real.
01/12 10:50:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Aircraft Put on Full Ground Stop After North Korea Launches Hypersonic Missile Ed: ⚡ Mach 10, which is 7672.69 miles per hour! Now all major powers have this tech - except US! We saw this yesterday but chose to consider it outside our remit, but today we noted Hal's excellent extended analysis.
01/11 13:44:31 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Deploying Troops Into Kazakhstan
01/11 13:36:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Army to Begin Formal Training To Fight American Patriots Ed: ⚡ The "training to fight US patriots" is a bit of a leap of imagination IMHO - it is more likely just training for having to fight Guerilla Warfare in Taiwan or etc, but nonetheless, it serves to warn us all that we are in a vice grip between the police and Nat Guards etc and our freedom cannot be won without being well organized (and no by violence either).
01/10 11:17:39 Hal - After US-Russia Preliminary Talks, Russia Says May Deploy Intermediate Range Nukes in Europe Ed: U;L⚡ See todays Analysis on
01/09 04:54:19 US ready to discuss with Russia non-deployment of American missiles in Ukraine - World - TASS Ed: 🔎 This is Monday, tomorrow(GMT). We need these talks to be positive, else we need to invest in bunkers!
01/04 11:27:02 Hal Turner Radio Show - World's Top Nuclear Powers Pledge No Nuclear War 🏮 We have already covered this, but Hal finishes with a TWIST, quotes Bible: "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."
01/03 17:40:01 How We Will Win - Mises Wire Ed: 🔎 Interesting TAME opinion piece - on revolutionary changes in American governance and life. We don't find much we can agree with but at least it is an attempt by someone to wrap their head around things.
01/02 01:54:13 Massive explosions rock Gaza amid Israeli bombing (VIDEOS) --RT World News Ed: ⚡ Happy new year to our Palestinian ancestors .. signed, Israelites.
01/01 11:33:31 Taiwanese leader sends warning to Beijing in New Year's speech --RT World News Ed: ❓ Probably best to shut up - take steps and stay quiet. Why? Because an invasion is imminent, and the chances of the US stepping in are near nil. Evacuation of your tech and people is your only hope.
12/30 22:45:35 Putin and Biden hold phone talks as NATO tensions soar --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔴 White House says Biden's call with Putin ended at 4:25 PM EST. And there was nothing concrete agreed, which means no progress, the tension continues.
12/30 19:08:15 China urges Russia to cooperate against US hegemony --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ Thanks to a twisted cabalistic elite, with its cancerous tentacles entwined through all our Western power strata, we face a greater threat than ever before. Whether it chrysalises now or in the near future, it is clear we must act.
12/30 12:42:25 US academics stand by 'scorched earth' destruction of TSMC assets if China invades Taiwan - Taiwan News - 2021-12-30 12-06-00 Ed: ♦ TSMC = Taiwan's semiconductor Manufacturing. This makes some sense but at the end of the day, why not just start relocating it now to, eg, Australia (which has vast occupiable land resources)? Why not just relocate all of Taiwan, then China can have back a baron island? All the elite can think of is bombing their way out of conflict.
12/29 11:56:44 Russia explains why it publicly revealed US-NATO proposals --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🔎 Answer: Because otherwise MSM will bury the proposals.
12/28 17:33:55 Four Western provocations that led to U.S.-Russia crisis today --Responsible Statecraft
12/23 19:23:59 Putin lambasts West, endorses strong ties with China at yearend press conference - Global Times
12/23 14:06:47 NATO 'cheated' Russia --Putin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
12/22 14:21:41 Russia says security talks with U.S. agreed for start of next year - Reuters Ed: U;L🔺 More signs that things are calming a little .. See our analysis today at
12/22 12:01:40 Will India's new 'China hand' ambassador help fix damaged ties- - Global Times Ed: 🔎 More evidence that India is beginning to betray the West by joining the Russia / China alliance.
12/22 11:30:54 Russia and US agree on security dialogue mechanisms, says foreign minister - Military & Defense - TASS Ed: 📢 Is Russia backing away from the brink?
12/18 14:23:56 Afghan Air Force pilots trapped in Afghanistan plead for evacuation - ABC News Ed: 🤔 I have nothing good to say about Afghans -- bloodthirsty bunch of deserters among which the worst were the pilots. They deliberately, or cowardly, or both, threw away 20yrs and a trillion in support. Now their brothers, who they embraced and gave our Weaponry to, are on a torturing slaughtering spree, and now the dim morons are starving as they haven't even the wit to sell the hardware or mining rights for food.
12/16 14:14:30 Iran releases Israel map with multiple targets marked --RT World News Ed: 🤔 May be a Threat, but it seems dumb to tell your foe what you plan
12/15 20:54:37 No sign that Russian invasion in Ukraine is imminent --official - World - TASS Ed: 🤔 as this is a Russian news site, I'd say the exact opposite is true
12/15 16:43:54 Russia, India and China summit may take place in the near future --presidential aide - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: ⚡ So is this how things are to play out India? The Triangle of Western Destruction. In case you are not aware, China may be our hardware supplier, but India is our s/w supplier (something which annoys me as it takes from local s/w jobs). This is why Satya is Microsoft CEO. Now they betray the West? Or maybe they help Russia liberate the West? You decide!
12/14 03:04:27 Putin reveals what he wants from next meeting with Biden --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ❓ There is a game being played here - and we don't get it. Putin cannot back down now - if he does, his entire tenure turns to putty. Russians play to strength. Weakness leads to overthrow. He has revved up his countrymen to a state of national fervor where they ALL want back the USSR. Is this a nice-cop nasty-cop situation where his foreign diplomats rattle sabers while Putin holds out the olive branch? We're all baffled!!
12/10 18:56:00 Ukraine 'does not rule out' Donbass referendum --president --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 I wouldn't trust Zelensky as far as I could throw him. My understand is that the Minsk agreement already pushes for autonomy for Donbass, a little like Scotland already has, but Pesky Zesky is still trying to regain even the Crimea by force.
12/10 17:58:46 Beware- China's taking the gloves off over Taiwan --RT Op-ed
12/10 17:31:02 Putin says Russian government was swarming with CIA officers --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Now the CIA is attacking it's own country and swarming the elite strata with perverts and pedos.
12/07 13:11:16 Geo Shift- Putin Announces Military Cooperation Between Russia and INDIA Ed: 💥 Hal is right - A Geo Shift. We predicted that Russia / China may only go so deep as Xi is a madman and will eventually take on Russia too, BUT, this may also mean that China, India, Russia are now forming a new alliance against the West. (The India China border rift is just a spat?). Given that N Korea, Pakistan and Iran are already in that Eastern Alliance, this is not good. Time to sack Satya Microsoft. Time for UK to oust Savid Javid and Rishi Sunak. Or is it that the world is gearing up to oust Xi? That makes more sense, after all Russia is impacted by Wuhan like everyone else.. Standby!!
12/06 13:21:43 Kremlin spills beans on Tuesday's Putin-Biden talks --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Don't believe a word he says Putin -- You are just delaying the inevitable. You would do far better to expose the Cabal so the West can mend and resume pacifist ways..
12/05 12:02:05 Pentagon Chief Warns China's Military Sorties Are 'Like Rehearsal' for Future Operations Against Taiwan Ed: 🏮 Some of the comments are hilarious "Geezer46 Excuse me, Mr. former desk driver, Secretary Obvious. Probing sorties have been a part of military operations since the first battles between cavemen. Didn't you learn that at the War College? Or are you just spouting your usual woke pablum bullshit in the attempt to sound serious and intelligent? I suggest you go back to your affirmative action job in the private sector and leave the military decisions to actual, dedicated, Patriotic officers.". I'm sure he didn't include Traitor Milley in the last 3 words.
12/04 16:16:23 Biden and Putin set for talks next week as tensions grow over Ukraine - LBC Ed: 🔎Tues night.
12/03 05:12:36 Opinion - War World III May Arrive Sooner Than You Think - Michael T. Klare Ed: ☠ One of the more bizarre typos I've ever seen. And yes, I missed it at first too. War World 3! Images of Water World & Eternal War mixed together... Hard to take the article seriously after that, but actually an informed read.
12/01 14:29:48 Putin comments on Biden's bid to be president in 2024 --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Qt "lavished praise on his American counterpart Joe Biden's decision to announce he has plans to run for another term" - Of course. Last thing Putin wants is a strong healthy US.
11/30 12:19:45 China-Russia govt heads meeting to enhance synergy in military, energy in response to US hegemony - Global Times Ed: 🤔 Not good for the West at all.
11/30 00:05:55 Pentagon plans stronger US posture toward China, Russia - Daily Mail Online Ed: ♦ Glad Milley hasn't been too abraded by Austen's Tranny Army ambitions.. Nothing like a little posturing to terrify your enemies into submission.
11/28 19:17:21 China Has no Combat Experience. Does that Matter- - The National Interest Ed: 🔎 Well yes it does. There are reports they all ran away when they had to engage India on a border dispute recently. You can see at a glance they have all had their initiative stamped out of them.. Their plastic-doll like posturing sycophancy make them a laughing stock. But sadly, the US's drive towards tranny armies is also have the same effect.
11/25 17:42:18 Twitter- -Uprising against Chinese invasion in SolomonIslands Ed: 🏮 "People of #SolomonIslands have burnt down their national parliament after Govt sever ties with Taiwan in favour of China. Australia sending peace keeping forces to control situation" -- We need more of that spirit! Pity they let in Australia to help... Those thugs are as bad as China.
11/25 10:17:51 CIA warns Russia over 'Havana Syndrome' --report --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Said "inflicting serious brain damage on Americans was beyond the scope of what is permissible for a 'professional intelligence service'.". As an engineer, it seems to me that radiation is VERY easy to detect whether u-wave, ultrasound, x-ray, or even gas. So it makes me wonder what we don't know.
11/20 12:41:50 Russia will not invade Ukraine - Modern Diplomacy Ed: ❓ (An alternate viewpoint). One thing we never tire of adding is that the EU started this - the same Cabal as did Nov 3 2020 started a violent coup to oust then Pro-Russian Ukraine President in 2014.
11/20 03:31:35 We Can Deter a Simultaneous Chinese-Russian Strike
11/17 17:14:25 Biden-Xi summit- Meaningless talk can lead to war - TheHill
11/16 21:20:21 Xi bares 3 principles, 4 priorities in growing ties in new era to Biden in virtual meeting - Global Times Ed: 🏮 Keeping in mind this is Xi's press, and how Biden "took" power, this shows Joe's dazzling Ass Kissing skills.
11/14 20:12:49 How Will Taiwan, the United States, and Japan Respond to a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan- - Ed: 🤔 I don't believe this is how it will play out (basically7 Xi defeats them then US retaliates) - I think it will go straight to a ping pong conventional missile match .. The US will show it's technical superiority and China will back down. Evidence for this is that China has not yet tried it - they know they are seriously outgunned.
11/08 23:33:28 Kremlin reveals Putin spoke to head of CIA --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 "This is unusual for the Russian leader, who typically delegates discussions with other foreign officials, generally preferring only to speak directly to heads of state" .. Well! No need to ask who is really running the US, who pulls Biden's strings. PUTIN WAS SPEAKING TO THE HEAD OF STATE.
11/08 10:30:44 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Builds Missile Targets Shaped Like U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Destroyers in Remote Desert Ed: 🔎 A good well researched article worth a read for those who want to see China's scope of threat (or lack of)
11/07 12:27:56 China triggers growing fears for US military - TheHill Ed: 🏮 We wonder what Xi is up to seeing as this "Hill" rag is part of Xi's paid puppet press. Xi, a seemingly "not very bright" blowhard who has never delivered on any of his promised threats except a bio nuke, is probably threatening again - trying to make the US public deter it's army from acting to save Taiwan.
11/05 12:07:05 Josh Hawley- Milley, Austin need to prepare US troops for real wars, not culture wars - Fox News Ed: 🔎 When will we all wake up and realize the US military is in the grip of satanic woke communist fueled socialism and is deliberately screwing up?
11/05 12:03:57 US Navy sacks commander of submarine that crashed into underwater mountain - The Independent U;L😀 After months of us all asking "how the hell could that happen?"(eg HERE), now we know. Rank stupidity. Probably too busy filling out gender diversity forms as per next article..
11/04 14:43:42 Milley warns US military must ready for China's plan to 'challenge the United States globally' - Just The News Ed: Says he does not expect
11/04 12:14:01 Google determined to win billion-dollar military contract - TechRadar Ed: ☠ This should worry you as we allege Google have demonstrated themselves to be political, socialist, biased, practicing advanced censorship, having senior members involved with Epstein, in the Davos "Great Reset" Cabal, and generally unfit to be considered for defense contracts.
11/03 20:53:26 Hal Turner Radio Show - USS Connecticut Submarine Collided with -Uncharted Seamount- in South China Sea Ed: 🤔 Great photo! Must have really rammed that "unchartered" mountain! Good job water was shallow.. Looks like they brought back several sizable samples for their fireside chats. Folks, as a multi-discipline engineer, I can advise that subs routinely sail blind because sonar / camera lighting / echo locators etc are all easy giveaways to enemy detectors.
11/03 13:42:03 Kremlin responds to claims Russian troops are 'massing' on border with Ukraine --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🤔 Says it is fake news and the satellite images are on the Belarus border, 250km from Ukraine. Op Ed: Well, I guess that is good news for world peace, but always remember the art of war is disinformation and deception.
10/31 14:06:26 Prepare for South Korea and US to expand military alliance, China warned - South China Morning Post Ed: 🔎 "Beijing's worst-case scenario would see the South joining Japan and the US in opposing an attack on Taiwan, but it is not clear if it is willing to do so"
10/29 13:59:20 Retiring top general says US has done 9 tests of hypersonic weapons while China does hundreds - The Independent
10/27 11:04:23 Trump Announces TRUTH SOCIAL Will Challenge Big Tech's Dominance- 'This Is About Saving Our Country' - Counter Globalist News Ed: 🏮 Trump is doing something to help us! We wished more conservatives with influence would do this.
10/27 10:58:58 Tensions Between Biden And China Are Growing - Counter Globalist News Ed: 🔎 Nothing new in this except it is a timely reminder this issue has not gone away. The West needs Taiwan as our elite have handed over all our high tech skills to China. Meanwhile, Xi's military grows along with his ambition to be the #1 superpower. Whoever thought it a good idea to gift a dictatorship trillions in trade?
10/27 10:08:28 Arms race and emerging global military trends Ed: 🤔 A good general analysis but specifically highlighting India's rise and Pakistan's rise - adding 2 more power hubs to compete with US, RU and CN.
10/25 22:04:18 China's Power Is Peaking--s Is Danger for the United States Ed: ‼ China is Willy Wonka's Toy Factory - chocolate helicopters led by Micky Xi. A real US Admin would realise this, and realise Xi is a madman and pre-emptively attack now, sending their warmongers back to the stone age from whence they emerged a few decades ago.
10/25 21:55:50 NATO's plan to fight Russia on the seas, the skies & in space could backfire, igniting nuclear war Ed: 🏮 Is it just us? Or is NATO increasingly irrelevant? Led by Biden disloyalty, with snake bite EU prodding it with evil grin, NATO (who used to include Russia) is a MESS.
10/25 21:26:26 Russia Should Worry About Its Partner China, US Ambassador Pick Says Ed: 🔎 He may be Biden's pick, but he is right on this. China has devastated Russia with its Bio Nuke.
10/25 11:47:35 'We Just Don't Know' How to Defend Against Possible Chinese Hypersonic Missile- US Ambassador Ed: 🤔 Well, I suppose that just brings back in MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction - as the only defense (as was the case in the cold war). Anyway, Xi has already dropped 2 bio nukes and appears to be planning more.
10/23 16:18:22 Biden Claim's He's Ending Forever Wars - The National Interest Ed: ❓ Nope, you can't claim that - that was Trump's initiative (which Joe did VERY badly).
10/22 08:27:29 US has opened door to Ukraine joining NATO military bloc, Putin says, warning West could station rockets 'under Russia's nose Ed: 🔎 Putin described this more recently as a Red Line(See our timeline) - is he now taking a more sombre line? Or is he like Xi - empty threats on the face of it, planning a new bio drop in the background?
10/19 11:29:14 Why didn't the Abraham Accords win the Nobel Peace Prize- - Washington Examiner Link was originally passed on by Trump's telegram feed yesterday approx. Abridged Qt: "The prize should have been shared between Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, Emirati President, Bahraini King, Sudanese Chairman, and Moroccan King. The accords were the first nation-to-nation Middle East peace deals in 25 years. Other countries, including Saudi Arabia, have hinted at joining the accords."
10/18 16:31:50 Analysis- Why we should be wary of the China hypersonic missile revelations Ed: 🔴 This capability has shifted the balance and made the world that much more risky. Xi must go!
10/18 13:11:52 Hal Turner Radio Show - We Just Want to be Left Alone Ed: ‼ Hell Hal, you can't say that!! (It's a short read so read it yourself). Our first instinct was to think that is the problem with us Conservatives.. Hopefully our CSU will kick in long before Hal's Hell descends!
10/17 23:23:15 Mike Pompeo- China engaged in 'deep' subversion of the United States - Washington Times
10/17 17:05:06 Playing for Keeps- China Has Made the Free Market a Fool's Market - The National Interest Ed: ‼ "The godfather of globalization, Thomas Friedman, recently published an op-ed suggesting that actions taken to defend U.S. global economic security and prosperity could lead to war with China". Friedman should be tried and hung! Globalization is the machine that has brought so much despair, pointlessness and job dissatisfaction as well as making filthy rich Gates etc "untouchables" that have so much power they have now destroyed our health, democracy and law.
10/17 14:59:07 Chinese Military Newspaper Rails Against CIA, Calls for 'People's War' to Fight U.S. Spying Ed: 🏮 "people's war" means "make it impossible for spies to operate and hide themselves." In this respect, we have a common foe! The CIA has been against we the people for a very long time. Oddly, this is what we call for with our CSU too comms and security to guard against these threats.
10/14 11:25:52 Putin- 'The arms race has begun, United States is to blame' Ed: 🔺 As China is not in it (neither in spirit nor truth, and is producing nukes by "assembly line" it seems, frankly, we & Russia need more arms.
10/14 04:08:49 Indo-Pacific-Asia 2021- Ongoing Theater Of Cold War 2.0 And Possibly World War III- --Analysis --Eurasia Review Ed: 🔺 Simply more reason that China MUST BE STOPPED. Many of us thinkers have been saying this for decades, watching helplessly as our imbecile socialists surrendered our manufacturing might to them. What we have warned repeatedly is that the race differences will spawn a racism like never seen before - and white AND black will be on the receiving end of it. Evidence? See what Japan did in ww2.
10/14 03:57:30 China Will 'Lose Everything' If It Starts Taiwan War--ormer Marine Colonel Ed: 🔎 It is becoming obvious this is the case with the repeated hollow threats from Xi. Also, a cursory look at some of the hardware they parade is "simply a joke" - their hardware is like their consumer goods - shoddy. This amid rumours they don't even have a source of high precision bearings (essential for aircraft) and frankly it's time to be firm and even take preemptive strikes to neutralize Xi's warmongering. Russia is also in mortal danger from them and should realize this, but while ever Biden is in power, Russia cannot side against Xi.
10/14 03:52:34 Combined Russian and Chinese military power will approach, but not exceed US- report Ed: 🤔 We agree this is an accurate assessment, except we feel the US is too dependent on "gimmicky" high tech - albeit far advanced to anything China has. Not worth reading except to note their continually increasing cooperation.
10/12 15:01:13 'End that son of a b-tch'- Duterte confirms US-Philippines military collaboration agreement is toast --RT World News Ed: 🏮 Well done Biden - made another enemy for the US
10/11 19:17:49 China's Big Problem- Taiwan Likely Has Nuclear Weapons - Ed: 🏮 We doubt it, or it probably has a few US ones, but it doesn't need them. China has the 3 gorges dams. That's like having a huge sign over your Achilles heel saying "bomb here!"
10/11 19:06:03 A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it 'kindergarten level' 🤔 OpEd: This is a lie. I don't know why, but in no way is China miles ahead of US on AI. Certainly corporations stuck in the Microsoft / Sun Systems rut are disadvantaged, but to my knowledge, China doesn't even have its own desktop / server / mobile OS. AI is really in its infancy across the globe with so called Quantum Computers, though super hyped, being no more powerful than a calculator. AI is just a giant machine learning, indexing and averaging algorithm. It is as clear as the telescopic nose on his face that AI is being used by the CIA and FBI to great, often immoral, effect. There is something fishy going on here - he is lying. Why?
10/10 10:30:18 Hal - China President Says Taiwan Reunification ' must happen and will happen.' Taiwan President unveils nasty surprize Ed: 🏮 A missile that can reach the 3 gorges dam. That's same as a nuclear deterrent! Mind you, Xi is probably eyeing up La Palma with evil intent on wiping out half of the West - except that now we know that possibility exists, we won't be fooled like we were with the Wuhan Nuke. The West WILL retaliate (unless the gutless corrupt generals don't remove Biden).
10/09 12:24:19 Has U.S. anticipated consequences of posting troops in Taiwan region- - CGTN 🔺 (from CCP press)..
Ok, but has Xi anticipated the consequences of:
• making 1000's more nukes,

• illegally claiming China Sea,
• controlling US Media,
• raping our manufacturing
• stealing our plans
• dropping Bio-nuke
• generally acting as a despot?
OpEd: In our book, those transgressions give the West a right to ensure Taiwan independence. Unfortunately Biden & the CCP colluders will give them Taiwan on a plate.
10/08 11:59:12 US troops' secret presence in Taiwan island 'no real threat,' but could 'bring China's reunification closer' - Global Times Ed: 🤔 Unbelievable - ALL mouth and NO trousers Xi has simply backed down (this is Xi's official mouthpiece press). He's been hammering out the threats and now, this the most obvious incursion, gets ignored. He knows his mil' hardware is toys and cardboard, and so do we. China is industrious but couldn't design its way out of a paper bag due to the way they teach their kids(no room for independent thought) and the fact that Emperor "Chin" 2000yrs ago genocided ALL INTELECTUALS (and everyone related) in an act so overwhelming that it changed the gene pool in the same way we selectively bred non aggressive dogs, cows with huge udders, etc. I guess Xi is the outcome!
10/07 13:57:00 Taipei Says US' Commitment 'Rock Solid' After Cryptic 'Taiwan Agreement' Remark by Biden - 06.10.2021, Sputnik International Ed: 🔴 As China Joe referred to this as reminding Xi to abide by the 'Taiwan Agreement', is this evidence that Biden IS INDEED on CCP's SIDE (but he's so catatonic, he let slip?).
10/07 13:46:08 Air Force General- China is Preparing for High-End Fight with United States - The National Interest Ed: 🔎 So the US is developing a roadmap for a new fighter that China doesn't already know about. Won't do much good if China attacks tomorrow.
10/07 13:42:43 Barrier Reef to Counter China- Nuclear Edition - Modern Diplomacy Ed: 🤔 A badly edited article that doesn't say how the Reef would be used but has a lot of other useful info.
10/04 13:00:12 Why China sent a record number of fighter jets into Taiwan's defence zone over the weekend - ABC News Ed: 🔎 Good background read
10/02 19:00:30 Turkey's Erdogan Meets With Kremlin to Increase -Defense Cooperation Regardless of US Objections- - 02.10.2021, Sputnik Inter U;L🤔 Meanwhile, loser dreamboat Lloyd Austen says he wants to increase US coop with Turkey(SRC)... Go home Austen, you are embarrassing.
10/02 17:07:16 US Heading Towards New Cold War With Chinese Regime Amid Beijing's Rising Aggression- Experts
10/02 11:20:07 '3 Warfares' Doctrine Underpins CCP's Sprawling Campaign to Infiltrate the West- Report Ed: ⭐ This is so wrong, and it is even more wrong that for decades, Woke Morons allowed them to flood in and assume high positions, while soulless corporations used their cheap goods and labour instead of training our own and buying Western, not to mention installing them in our MSM and Hollywood etc.
09/29 08:40:32 FarsNews Agency Top Generals Contradict Biden, Say They Advised Leaving 2,500 Troops in Afghanistan Ed: 🔺 How quickly we all forget and move on from what should have been impeachment.
09/27 20:08:41 Ukraine in NATO would 'cross red lines', Russia and Belarus would act Kremlin says after Putin-Lukashenko summit Ed: 🔺 And from what we've seen, Putin is a man of his word unlike mouthy mouse-head dick Xi.
09/20 12:18:17 China And U.S. Are On the Brink of War - Scoop News Cheesy article defending Xi's POV and blaming Biden. That said, the way unstable Xi has been behaving (threatening Oz, Japan, everyone) would suggest they need to be taken down a peg and pronto - what better way than to take Taiwan off them? Take a leaf out of Crimea's defection to Putin. Thus we get balance of power in the region and also secure our "must have" technology partners (ie: currently, S Korea make most chips and Taiwan make most motherboards).
09/18 00:56:18 Russia Possesses 'Unbelievable Military Power' After Transforming Forces, US General Says - 17.09.2021, Sputnik International U;L🔎 And then Biden gave them Afghanistan(eg: Biden Helps China, Again - Frank Vernuccio ( There is a TRAITOR in our MIDST!
09/16 09:49:57 North Korea Launches Two Ballistic Missiles at Japan Ed: ⚡Should read "near japan". Interesting development to see NK & China closing ranks.
09/15 10:19:56 Chinese Warships Go Into US Economic Zone Ed: 🏮Video
09/14 12:47:05 Superpowers War would 'destroy world' & America must make peace with its Eastern rivals, top US general Ed: 🤔Gen Hyten says the bleeding obvious but omits fact Biden just threw away the perfect outpost for keeping the peace by destroying 20 years of toil and blood in Afghanistan.
09/14 12:17:49 Are Russia & Belarus gearing up for conflict with the West- Hysterical pundits are sounding alarms while ignoring NATO war ga Ed: 💥All getting very silly.
09/14 11:13:20 PLA warships reportedly sail near Alaska, 'display of far-sea capabilities or countermeasure against US provocation' - Global Ed: 🔎this is Xi's press confirming China sent massive flotilla of 🔎4 ships (blink and you will miss it)
09/14 11:04:17 Iran Can Have Enough Uranium For A Nuke In One Month - Report - Iran International Ed: 👇As this is the Iranian press, it seems like Iran is just inviting Israel to nuke them to paste.
09/12 17:18:15 9-11 Families Say Unclassified FBI 'Secrets' Prove Saudi Arabia Involvement Ed: 🤔Apparently highly redacted and lacks "the smoking gun" but reveals concerning links
09/10 03:04:15 'Most Difficult Decision'- Ghani Apologises to Afghan People Over Leaving Kabul - 08.09.2021, Sputnik International Ed: 🔺A greedy cowardly deserter. A stain on humanity. All Afghan men need to wear this shame because they all did it(with the exception of the resistance whom Biden allowed to be exterminated).
09/09 08:47:39 China threatens to send warships inside US territorial waters - Washington Examiner Ed: 🏮But will they? Xi is all mouth and no trousers. As it makes no difference, I guess they will. No impact except to up the risk of someone misfiring.
09/08 21:23:59 Tucker- The rules are different now - YouTube
09/08 18:05:00 China Sees Its Nuclear Arsenal as More Than a Deterrent - by William Schneider Ed: 🤔These guys are going for our throat, and those who think it will never happen should ask Kabul's women and Western allies how that worked out. This is very serious. Expect that the Pentagon has and is considering a preemptive strike. I would -- this is not funny. They will invade and enslave us. Our differing looks and culture will make us stand out as the enemy. Their lack of morals will make us suffer like never before.
09/08 15:40:00 U.S. warship sails near man-made South China Sea islet, flouting new Chinese law - The Japan Times Ed: 🏮Biden really wants mayhem doesn't he.. No sympathy for China tho'.
09/07 18:45:11 The coup in tiny Guinea matters at a geopolitical level. The US-China 'cold war' is a race for strategic dominance of commodi Ed: 🎯Just about any spark in these torrid times could spread like a wildfire...
09/07 18:32:58 U.S. Sees 'Critical' Afghanistan Role for Pakistan Despite Taliban Ties
09/07 08:15:14 Congressman- At Least 500 Americans Stranded in Afghanistan, Contradicting White House Estimates Ed: ⚠Constant stream of LIARS AND LIES from the Biden Regime.
09/05 13:00:55 'Shoot Me Twice in the Head'- What Amrullah Saleh Told His Guard Amid Fears of Taliban Takeover Ed: 🏮recommended reading for background of the resistance and how Kabul fell.
09/04 18:53:36 A China-Taliban Alliance Brewing- - The National Interest Ed: 🏮So Biden just handed Afghanistan over to China. Deliberately? So far, everything points to that.
09/04 01:48:23 -NATO and the United States are completely incompetent- - WorldEnglish - on Ed: 🤔Oddly this may be the best thing to come out of Kabul .. if China is such a big threat, better to learn these lessons now than when they attack. As yet, Milley / Austen still there. Lessons not learned.
09/04 01:42:09 John Bolton Slams 'Two-Faced Pakistan' Over Taliban Support, Proposes Taking Out Country's Nukes - Sputnik International Ed: 🏮I'm beginning to like J Bolton..
09/04 01:40:37 'Probably Going to Have to Go Back'- Ex-Pentagon Chief Predicts New Afghan War Against Al-Qaeda - Sputnik International Ed: ⚡And SOON
09/03 20:56:25 Jewish, Christian groups urge Biden not to withdraw all US troops from Iraq Ed: 🔎Is this the next theatre of shame?? Whose side is Biden on?
09/03 12:43:43 Air Force software is so bad the guy in charge of it is about to quit 🏮A Major security concern! Quote: "future conflicts will be won and lost based on our .. software". Everything works well until the bureaucrats arrive. This is a global problem. BLOAT S/W and battalions of s/w Nazis AKA IT professionals, with dozens of "backdoors" wide open to hackers. The firm behind Yellings warned to Defense industry 15 years ago about this. We ALL depend on consumer grade s/w that has bandaids on bandaids, protocols over protocols. Real problem? PATENTS - no one can compete with alternate operating systems due to Bill Gates myriad Patents.
09/02 13:48:34 Out of Afghan frying pan & into Ukrainian fire- America's empire builders have another pawn to fuel their apocalyptic chess g Ed: 🏮Zelensky is just an EU cabal Puppet. Nothing to see here yet, but for how long?
09/02 13:47:04 Former Israeli Agent and Researcher- -Kabul is Phase One on the Way to Conquering the World- Ed: 🔴Thanks Biden
09/02 12:04:23 China trying to take over abandoned US airbase at Bagram- Nikki Haley - Business Standard News Ed: 🏮"The US needs to closely watch China as it might try to take over the Bagram air force base in Afghanistan" - but we've left! We lost all power over the situation because -- we left!! 2+2=5?
09/01 22:38:30 The fall of Afghanistan explained in 41 seconds Ed: 🤔This is how Woketard Morons train savages. There are no words.
08/30 14:46:46 China Is Preparing To Pounce In A Way We've Never Seen Before Ed: 🏮General Flynn, Aug 27.
08/30 10:37:35 U.N.- Taliban ally Haqqani Network often carried out Kabul attacks claimed by ISIS-K - Washington Times Ed: 🏮Now the truth comes out! So it was the savages all along?
08/30 09:18:57 Robert M. Gates- Poster Child for Bureaucratic Deceit - 🔎Afghanistan: Anatomy of a MESS. (Interesting to see some potted history).
08/29 19:27:32 Green Beret & Congressman Michael Waltz- -Biden Gave All Of Our Bases Away- In Afghanistan - YouTube Ed: 🏮Great general situation update - "we're going to have to smuggle them out". Sadly Trump was going to give our bases away too -- both imagined the 300k army and infrastructure was going to persist. However, it was Biden who did nothing as the Taliban simply "took over" (which they were doing ever since July - so there was plenty of warning).
08/29 12:44:21 Johnnie Moore on the 'Human Rights Catastrophe' in Afghanistan and the China, Taliban, Pakistan Alliance Ed: 🔎if, by pulling out, we make it easier on our real threat, China, then WTF is the point? Oh yeah, Biden works for the CCP.
08/28 13:10:52 What's happening now in Afghanistan- Here's a timeline of major events - National - Ed: 🔎from CCP press - informative but biased
08/27 12:42:40 Travis on Twitter- -Woke soldier says she'll shoot Americans who disobey her if martial law is declared. She must not realize Ed: 🏮Martial Law making this power-tripper salivate already. Be prepared - Biden's regime is planning for just this! Sure most US troops would never do that without severe provocation - the ones that patrol will not be "most US troops".
08/25 22:08:58 A Paradox for the Taliban- Resistance in Afghanistan Appears to Be Growing - DER SPIEGEL
08/24 15:36:01 Did Deep State Purposely Mess Up Afghanistan Withdrawal To Damage Biden Admin- --OpEd --Eurasia Review Ed: ❓No. Exactly the opposite. The Cabal messed it up to screw America. As they mention, the NSA is on everything. How did they miss Terrorists using Twitter & WhatsApp? This is how they hand the US to CCP.
08/24 09:48:21 Dirty secret- We did not train the Afghan army to fight on their own --Responsible Statecraft Ed: 🏮Quote "our partners weren't equipped to win without air support"
08/24 08:31:54 VP Harris says Beijing threatens 'rules-based order' & 'national sovereignty' in broadside on China during Singapore visit -- Ed: 🔎She speaks truth! If you have a personality disorder that annoys everyone, may as well offend a MAD opponent
08/23 20:50:40 Taliban insurgency- Pakistan in control of new 'Great Game' - Telegraph India ⚖Quote: "When the Taliban captured Kabul last week, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said Afghans had broken the "shackles of slavery"" -- right - so we now know what side that shill is on. Millions of Westerners respected and worshipped him for his cricketing gent persona, but to call us slavers when we were trying to liberate these depraved murderous wife beating savages from their cursed culture, especially after trying to help their women, no words -- that Khant is weevil ridden disgusting turd. What a way to thank the West for all the hospitality he received. By the way Muslims, he married a Jew (Jemima Goldsmith). Go tell him what you think of that!
08/23 17:19:38 A Post-Afghanistan Chinese Push Could Impact Relationship With Israel - Breaking Defense Breaking Defense - Defense industry Ed: 🏮basically, yet more nasty countries on Israel's backdoor.
08/23 12:35:24 Royal Navy carrier group 'unleashes hell' in Pacific Ed: 🔎(Exercise) Nothing to see here Xi, Kim, go back to sleep
08/21 17:24:45 Exclusive- Military Troops Now Report Being Forced to Wear 'Arm Bands' to Prove Vaccine Status - Becker News Ed: 🔴More evidence that the cabal is INSIDE the Military and trying to demoralize them.
08/21 17:00:29 Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan may prompt China to value Japan - The Mainichi Ed: 🤔A very interesting take on everything from Japan's press.
08/20 22:15:31 Afghanistan Ed: 🤔🏮Brilliant Afghan Betrayal Summary - Rory Stewart, UK MP -- MUST WATCH!
08/20 15:32:34 Is Biden remark on defending Taiwan muddle-headed or face-saving --China's military despises it- Global Times editorial - Glo Ed: 🤔Global Times (China) Ed-Op - if you like to be secure, you need to know what the foe is thinking - or projecting.
08/19 16:50:42 Western European powers express 'grave concern' over Iran's uranium enrichment - Israel National News Ed: 🔴Next War? Watch for Israel's response.. at least that is one country that doesn't "muck about" with these Muslim fanatics. If it was Biden, he'd just pull out.
08/19 16:21:48 Russia finds worrisome plans for US military buildup in Poland --Zakharova - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: 🤔Dear Russia - don't worry, just invade the Ukraine and they will pull out while ever Bygone Biden and Silly Milley are in charge.
08/19 15:53:14 Son of anti-Soviet mujahideen commander pleads for US to supply weapons & ammo against Taliban --RT World News Ed: 🏮A Good Afghan man?? Quick get him some ammo before the savages butcher & stuff him and put him in a museum as the last human in Afghanistan..
08/19 12:26:53 Pentagon Says Nothing Indicated Collapse of Afghan Government, Army in 11 Days 🤔LIAR! As can be seen from our website time-line, half the world was alarmed by the advances of the Taliban. Didn't they clean the lens's on their spy drones? Eg: 7/13 - Afghan Commandos butchered, 7/8 Iran backing Taliban, 7/5 Kandahar falls, 6/6 Taliban seizes 6 districts, May 6th L Austin hopes Afghan Gov won't fall.. More?
08/19 12:23:02 China, Pakistan enhance coordination on Afghan issues, while India struggles to take stake - Global Times Ed: 🏮and while the US under Biden runs away
08/19 11:13:23 EU Foreign Chief Calls Fall Of Kabul A 'Catastrophe', Criticizes Biden For Withdrawing US Troops Ed: 🔺Words fail ..
08/19 11:08:23 Billions in US weaponry seized by Taliban - TheHill Ed: 🔺On Wednesday, more than two dozen Republican senators demanded a "full accounting" of U.S. military equipment given to Afghan forces over the past 12 months, what's been seized by the Taliban and what plans there are to either recapture or destroy the equipment.
08/19 10:53:08 One of the reasons for Afghan Army's failure against the Taliban- American defense contractors secretly fled the country - Is Ed: 🏮Why were people in such pivotal roles not IN the army?
08/18 19:06:56 The desperate daily phone calls I am getting from abandoned friends in Kabul make me so angry at the West's hollow promises --url
08/18 19:03:10 Biden doubles funding for 'unexpected needs' of Afghan refugees as ex-interpreter abandoned by Pentagon is BEHEADED by Taliba
08/18 19:00:26 Thanks to Joe Biden the Taliban Now Controls 11 Former US Bases, Approxmately 174 Humvees, 10,000 High Explosive Rockets and Ed: ⚡ Anyone think it is time to use an EMP and take these weapons out?
08/18 18:48:06 Taliban are going door-to-door forcibly 'marrying' girls as young as TWELVE - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🏮It's depressing but we must face this. Biden has committed a cardinal sin - and he doesn't care.
08/18 18:07:57 Watch out, America! A crisis on the Korean peninsula might just be up next... --RT Op-ed 🏮Kim: "N Korea condemns US bombing drill on Korean peninsula, warns that the move could spark nuclear war" Check out our Op Ed's - we've been warning of this too.
08/18 18:04:28 Taliban acquires US military biometric devices that can identify Afghans who assisted coalition efforts --reports --RT USA Ne Ed: 🏮presumably so they can execute them or worse. So much for their lies of honoring the Geneva Convention..
08/18 16:42:37 Taliban Beat Woman to Death Who Wouldn't Cook for Them- Daughter - Ed: 🔴Expect more stories of barbarism from the savages - well done Biden, Military Chiefs
08/17 22:29:07 Hal Turner Radio Show - China Tells Taiwan -U.S. Abandoned Afghanistan and Will Abandon You Too- Deploys Warships, ASW Aircra Ed: 🔴a blistering attack on pussy US. We cannot agree with this fearless righteous dynamo - but some need to hear this!
08/17 22:20:43 Taliban promise women's rights and security under Islamic rule, but many Afghans are desperate to flee - Chicago Tribune Ed: ❓BETTER than the coward deserter Afghan army whom the Milley led US Generals embarrassingly sided with..
08/17 22:17:59 Taliban declares 'amnesty' and says it will 'respect women's rights' in Afghanistan - LBC Ed: a liars charter.. better than Biden's "nothing burger".
08/17 18:21:54 -You Will Not Pin this Sh-t on Me- - VP Kamala Harris Refused to Face the Country as Afghanistan Fell Ed: ⭐We often asked "is she actually American?" (as you an I would describe it) -- Answer, SHE RAN AWAY JUST LIKE THE AFGHAN SOLDIERS. She is a DESERTER!
08/17 16:57:08 Rick Scott floats removing Joe Biden via 25th Amendment- 'Has time come-' - Washington Times Ed: ⚡Hope not as then you get Camel Harasser Harris or Witch Pelosi. You know who needs to be there.
08/17 15:44:43 CNN badmouthing of China-Russia military drill shows US elites' anxiety - Global Times Ed: 💥🎬Is the Cabal flying apart? See also #86/
08/17 13:07:04 Collapse of American-backed government in Afghanistan is opportunity for Russia & China 'to fill the vacuum,' EU chiefs claim Ed: 🤔And the trillions in minerals that the US left behind AGAIN.
08/17 09:40:08 Will the next US military airlift be out of Washington DC as the American empire implodes on itself- --RT Op-ed Ed: ❓It's not as satirical as it sounds. China looking at an open goal - invade America has been on the cards after Covid. Written by American journo for RT.
08/16 19:45:18 Don't Let Lying Generals Define the Legacy of the Afghanistan War - In These Times Ed: Overpaid overweight morons interested in the woke investigation of "white rage" ..
08/16 16:23:05 Mike Pompeo on GETTR Ed: 🤔"The Taliban are butchers. We demanded a set of conditions and made clear the costs we would impose if they failed to deliver. They haven't. The deterrence we achieved held during our time. This administration has failed. "
08/16 15:55:39 Afghan abandonment a lesson for Taiwan's DPP- Global Times editorial - Global Times Ed: 🏮Now this is the Global Times - a CCP newspaper - but that was our 1st reaction too. - They must be looking on thinking holy shit.. FLICK THAT! So was this the CCP's grand plan? Install Biden, tell him to screw up, then invade the now terrified Taiwan? Ukraine quaking in boots too..
08/16 12:21:05 Information war is being lost. Until we take it back we are a controlled operation- 🎯U;L largely unreviewed, we share on the basis of the title alone (which we abridged) because we strongly believe this IS FUNDAMENTAL to our push back. (We detail the need for comms and intel as the FIRST STEP here CSU - Yellings).
08/15 22:18:16 Why the US-Trained Afghan National Army Have Been Defeated with Ease by the Taliban - Ed: 🤔Compelling reasoning.. A sick society.
08/15 19:07:04 Afghan Military Collapses Five Weeks After Biden Said He Trusted It Ed: 🔴some of the blame must be laid at the feet of this shower and that wouss president puppet - as they say in the UK, couldn't organize a piss up in a pub.
08/14 15:50:51 Afghanistan's lesson- Fight to win or stay home - Column Ed: 🔺 Well said!
08/14 04:25:10 Mum of Blackpool soldier killed in Afghanistan war says 'too many lives were lost for nothing' amid Taliban resurgence - Blac Ed: 🔴from here on in, this shall be known as The Great Disgrace
08/13 10:21:47 Kabul offers Taliban power-sharing deal to end violence - Telegraph India Ed: 🔺did the West just install a regime in Afghanistan "more wet behind the ears" than children? This is like saying to a bully "you can have half my marbles if you promise not to twist my arm off again". Embarrassing!
08/12 10:04:04 Could America Beat China and Russia in a Two-Front War- - The National Interest
08/12 10:03:46 The Secret Ingredient Is Crime- How China's Industrial Espionage Modernized Its Military - The National Interest
08/10 09:36:25 Demoralized- Why U.S. Military Drone Crews Once Booed Their Commander - The National Interest Ed: 🤔Just an interesting backstory.
08/09 09:08:47 War Between Iran and Israel May Be Inevitable - The American Spectator - USA News and Politics Ed: 🏮Any nation that stones women to death and cuts hands off petty thieves, that has a stone age approach to spirituality, can never be allowed Nukes. It's people have proven to be progressive and at one time, West friendly, but they somehow fell under the spell of totalitarian coup(serves as a warning to US), and frankly need liberating.
08/08 23:31:32 Real Threat- Chinese Commandos Should Terrify U.S. Forces - The National Interest Ed: ☠sorry, but it is hard not to mock these ballistically lobotomized ken dolls .. their fawning poses at their dear leader, like a synchronized dance troupe that forgot their blouses, tells you that initiative, and a sense purpose, is the last thing they possess. Toss them a Rubik's cube and they will be begging for doilies and emoticon embroidery kits before you can say Anime Art!
08/08 11:32:16 Blinken Deeply Concerned About China's Rapidly Growing Nuclear Arsenal Ed: 🔺While the quality of their kit is scrap and their soldier's training so bad (they ran away from India recently), right now is the time to reduce their silo farms and their weapon / ship building facilities, but the US won't as Biden is controlled and has alienated Russia(whom we need on our side).
08/07 15:19:19 Can a China-Russia-Pakistan-Turkey-Iran arrangement counter the Quad- - ORF Ed: ❓Who is the Quad? Obviously from the pics it is US-Japan-Australia-India, but they don't actually say. The level of journalism somedays ..
08/06 17:29:41 Former Intelligence chief- With Biden in office, Iran no longer afraid - Israel National News
08/05 21:30:36 PLA holds large drills amid military threats - Global Times Ed: 🔴 Tinderbox! But one thing for sure, Xi has made a complete fool out of himself for making threats he could not deliver on. Look at the number of times we have said All mouth, No trousers! What a fool.
08/05 16:54:53 Secret documents expose London's plans to infiltrate the Balkans..while undermining Russia --RT Op-ed 🤔Not very secret are they. This is RT of course but does smell like the whole world is doing Psy-Ops. U;L Another headline on same tack.. Leaked files show UK secretly controls both sides of foreign NGOs - Heaven save us from over-powerful 3 letter agencies.
08/05 16:41:11 When should a cyberattack be declared an act of war- - Washington Times Ed: 🤔The real question should be "When should a cyberattack be declared an act of gross stupidity and Negligence?" - As a one time premium supplier of gov software, we once warned the UK defense of the stupidity of being reliant on consumer grade bloatware from another country. They didn't listed of course. Nobody on the planet did. As a result they and we all just played straight into the hands of the hackers. Hi ho!
08/05 03:41:55 Pentagon's Pacific commander feels 'sense of urgency' to deter China - Washington Times Ed: 🔴Where is Gen Charles Flynn? As for China's "alarming rate" of expansion, The expression "no shit Sherlock" springs to mind.
08/05 03:33:38 The Pentagon Is Experimenting With AI That Can Predict Events 'Days in Advance' Ed: 🤔This is all over the web recently ... FAKE NEWS! It's true to the extent they have much intel to help see what is happening - only! Nothing AI about that, just good old fashioned intel gathering. No Simon Parkes Quantum Computers... This link verifies.
08/04 09:21:37 Failure of talks with China ominous - Deccan Herald Ed: 🏮Note adjacent link about India navy now also in S China Sea..
08/04 09:16:26 War By Other Means- China Won't Fight America Like You Expect - The National Interest Ed: ⚠At Yellings com, we think they've started that a long time ago.. Bio Nukes, Woke Assaults & Economic war on our jobs and manufacturing. It's too late now to wake up to what people have been warning for decades.
08/04 09:12:49 India Sends Warships To South China Sea As Part Of Counter-China Plan Ed: 🔎Only India could be hostile to China as well as America (at least only that they got all riled up about US Ships in their waters).
08/04 08:54:20 Russia, China See Eye-to-Eye on Approach to End Israeli-Palestinian Fighting Ed: 🔎which includes aid for the Palestinians and the two-state solution. Great informative article.
08/03 17:29:56 Taliban militant group gets support from 'foreign terrorists,' says Afghan top diplomat - World - TASS Ed: 🎯hope for us yet if this seemingly wise many keeps grasping the nettle. China seems to like the Taliban. Is that who he means?
08/03 10:37:41 Will the annual Korean-US military exercises take place- Ed: ⚠a simple overview of the posturing ..
08/03 10:32:25 Navy's top admiral says defense industry working against military needs - Washington Times Ed: 🔎curiously, that may yet save the US.. The defense industry is one last power band that is barely linked to the Cabal.
08/03 10:25:24 Iran's new president vows to lift 'tyrannical' US sanctions during inauguration speech --RT World News Ed: 😀Hilarious.. these people are the spawn of Walter Mitty.. "Death to the US" they scream, then they say they will somehow force the US to lift sanctions! On another planet...
08/02 22:03:25 As China's Military Might Rises, the US Must Master Change to Prepare for Next War, Milley Says - Air Force Magazine Ed: 😀We say Silly Milley must get Head outa Arse and Cock outa Mouth.. or just out himself as the wretched genderless hermaphrodite troll he changed into. This is what the US military has sunk to. A clown parade.
08/02 14:41:30 Peace or War, make your Choice- President Ghani to Taliban - DID PRESS AGENCYDID PRESS AGENCY Ed: 🤔 Er.. they already did and they've already started. Anyone who knows Monty Python will understand this quip... COME BACK AND I'LL BITE YOU IN THE ANKLES as a way of mocking this rather stupid challenge!
08/02 12:39:23 Afghan president blames 'abrupt' departure of US-led troops for failures in war with Talban --RT World News Ed: 🤔Seems that mealy mouth wokeism is all the US Left them with depriving them of guts and determination.
08/02 04:06:05 Gordon Chang- China 'in No Mood' for 'Meaningful Discussions' -
08/01 22:10:55 Xi Jinping Is War Hungry, at China's Expense Ed: 🔴precisely!!
08/01 02:31:39 New rocket attacks on Israel expected in the coming days Ed: 🔴3 days ago .. relevant?
07/31 17:03:49 Russia-China the Endgame - Sputnik International Ed: 🔎🤔alliance this week spells the endgame for Western imperialism and the never-ending wars -- say they are a "vital source of "stability at a time of increasing geopolitical turbulence""... Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.
07/31 13:52:50 A 'New Cold War' has already started, but Russia & China are winning against a 'weakening' West, says former Kremlin adviser Ed: 🎯Yeah, but China plays dirty .. Bio Nukes.
07/30 02:52:49 Hal Turner Radio Show - Betrayed from Within- U.S. Navy charges sailor with setting fire that destroyed warship Ed: 🔴We the People have the right to understand the motives. That starts with dispelling woke rights of secrecy, and understanding the background (& religion) of the arsonist. You can be sure if the perp was conservative, black or white, you'd have heard by now.
07/28 13:14:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - CAUGHT- China Building 100+ New Nuclear Missile Launch Silos in Desert Ed: 🔴For completeness, we should say the Chinese have claimed these are bases for yet to be completed wind turbine generator, however they are liars and China has been ramping up its military might exponentially..
07/28 13:10:21 Japan's newfound boldness on defending Taiwan - The Japan Times Ed: 📯Well, that's a good thing for keeping China in check, even if CCP has already threatened to nuke Japan.
07/28 11:57:38 America Needs World War II-Style Convoys To Win a Fight With China - The National Interest Ed: ⚡"America Needs World War II-Style Convoys" to carry supplies and troops (but has a shortage of naval escorts)..
07/28 01:22:00 Beijing plays hardball at talks despite U.S. concessions - Washington Times Ed: 🤔Doesn't look good Joe.
07/27 21:24:47 US triggers China's urgency to strengthen nuclear deterrent- Global Times editorial - Global Times Ed: 🔴This is the CCP's version of the BBC. Translation❓ Cold war on steroids.
07/27 14:02:39 'We Will Not Flinch'- Austin Promises U.S. Will Continue to Bolster Taiwan's Self-Defense - Defense One Ed: 🤔Hope you will lead the charge "Sir".
07/27 10:35:50 Press review- Baku outraged at EU for meddling in Karabakh and Belarus opposition tours US - Press Review - TASS Ed: 🔺Baku, capital of Azerbaijan,
07/26 12:57:06 Russia building high-tech replacement for secretive nuclear 'doomsday plane' with boosted range & improved capabilities --rep Ed: 🤔How did we just descend into cold war 2?
07/26 11:28:16 Putin Says NATO Keeps Building Up Military Near Russia's Borders and Continues to Reject Dialogue - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴imagine if Russia & China were building an army in Mexico? Oops, my bad, they are -- no warships though. Did you see that in MSM? Me neither. Very unstable world.
07/25 09:44:43 Report- Russia intends to arm Syria against Israeli strikes 🏮U;L Also Russia "Exasperated" With Ongoing Israel Attacks Against Syria - Hal ... RU believes "move would not encounter stiff opposition from U.S. President Joe Biden's administration" and "thus believes it has the freedom to act more aggressively".
07/24 12:36:59 North Korea's Artillery Is Poised to Rain Hell On Its Enemies - The National Interest Ed: 🏮The National Interest
07/23 11:50:25 China's Military Plan Will Target U.S. Command and Control Systems - The National Interest Ed: 😀;;8Schnell!! .. incoming Ken dolls in flying mobility scooters (with new improved rotor gearboxes designed to last up to 9 seconds).. -- seriously, zoom in on that rotor mechanism .. and by the way, where's the anti tail-spin prop?
07/21 10:37:14 Will America Risk Everything to Take on Chinese Naval Power- - The National Interest Ed: ❓Will US Risk All to Rid CCP Uninhabited Islets❓ - Prob' not. But it is a good question. The CCP's PLA is on a trajectory towards invincibility within a few years and now seems like a good time to stop them while they have inferior planes and ships. But the CCP controls the US through the media, so don't hold your breath.
07/21 10:28:10 Russia is sending troops along the border with Afghanistan Ed: ♦🤔exercises announced by RU Defense. "Exercise" seems to be a Euphemism for confrontation these days.
07/20 17:06:12 Russia claims not to stay aside if Ukraine tries returning Donbas by force - Russia not to stand aside if Ukraine tries to re Ed: 🔴To be fair, this does sound like annexation. Crimea was not annexation, as they were given the Indie vote. The EU controlled Ukraine was not liked in Donbass region but we don't recall an Indie vote. If it's good enough for the EU to encourage Scotland to vote Indie and then join the EU, then is OK for Russia too. The world has gone mad.
07/20 08:06:07 2nd US Military Jet in Taiwan in One Week Ed: 🤔follow up story to our most recent "All mouth & no trousers" story. China being made to realize they are not as strong as their posturing may suggest.
07/19 21:12:47 China Threatens U.S., Allies Following Claims of Cyber Hacks- 'We Will Retaliate' - World Report - US News
07/19 09:48:58 China- Xi Jinping Is About To Make Most Important Strategic Decision Of Our Era --Analysis --Eurasia Review
07/19 09:20:44 Ukraine's Security Service summons Shoigu for questioning - Security Service summons Russian Defense Minister Shoigu for ques
07/19 02:16:32 North Korean Nukes- The U.S. Army Has a Plan to Deal With Them. - The National Interest Ed: 🔴💥
07/18 20:32:36 What's Really Going On with Iran- It Doesn't Look Like the Biden-Obama Administration is Really Interested in Peace in the Mi Ed: 🏮🏮
07/18 08:15:35 US Ships Arrive Offshore Australia For Joint Navy Exercise --Eurasia Review
07/17 17:46:44 China Is Building Warships Faster Than America Can Understand - The National Interest Ed: 💥🤔
07/17 17:44:03 US Air Force to Launch Operation Pacific Iron 2021 in July, Including a Large Fleet of F-22 Raptors Ed: ❓🔴🔴
07/17 10:29:58 Expeditionary Strike Group 7 arrives for Talisman Sabre 21 - Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet - Display
07/17 10:25:31 Kabul will collapse. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is born
07/17 02:41:47 Watch- FSB Releases Full-Length Footage of Russian Vessel Firing Warning Shots at HMS Defender - Sputnik International Ed: ❓🤔
07/16 18:44:39 North Korea Says Cuba Can 'Smash' U.S. Interference, Joining Russia, China, Iran Ed: ⚡💥
07/16 13:33:41 Time to Cut Egypt Off - Foreign Affairs Ed: 🔴🔴
07/16 13:18:11 'His Reichstag Moment'- Mark Milley Reportedly Feared Trump Might Attack Iran to Stay in Power - Sputnik International Ed: ⚡🤔
07/16 09:59:06 There's Risk of Unrest in Afghanistan Spilling Over to Neighbouring Countries, Lavrov Warns - Sputnik International Ed: ❓🤔⚡
07/14 17:08:23 Taliban have warned Turkey that bloody fighting will come Ed: 🔺📢
07/14 16:36:24 Putin's Dangerous Ukraine Narrative by Anders slund - Project Syndicate Ed: 🔴💥
07/14 03:29:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - -----BULLETIN----- Explicit, Verbalized, NUCLEAR ATTACK THREAT
07/13 11:25:47 Japan warns of crisis over Taiwan, growing risks from United States-China rivalry - The Economic Times Ed: 🔴🔴
07/13 10:54:23 Taliban Brutality On Video- Surrendered Afghan Commandos Shot To Death Ed: 🔴U;L
07/13 10:50:30 Russia is worried about losing Cuba and wants to send troops
07/13 10:30:31 Torture in Myanmar- Don't Let the Junta Normalize Cruelty --The Diplomat Ed: ♦👇it is brutality. It is routinely used also by the Taliban, Iran, China (in Hong Kong too) and uses atrocities that would make Satan wince to effectively quell any and all resistance. It relies on our Mil's lack of gumption to do anything about it (largely because they too use it - Gitmo). We, the resistance, must target this and we will show you how in the coming weeks.
07/12 19:07:05 Forced assimilation of Russians in Ukraine comparable to use WMDs, Putin says - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS
07/12 10:12:43 Russian Navy frigates hold drills off Crimea amid NATO's warships in Black Sea - Military & Defense - TASS
07/12 10:07:59 FarsNews Agency Chinese Military- US Warship Illegally Entered Waters in South China Sea Ed: 🔴China has plenty of territory without deciding to it needs to expand into international waters.
07/11 17:46:06 China-Russia-N.Korea ties reinforced on equal footing - Global Times Ed: ⚡💥⚡
07/11 12:50:27 Rick Fawn- The Taliban was, and remains, primeval, violent and, once again, has time on its side - The Sunday Post Ed: 🤔⚡
07/11 11:30:18 Russia's national security strategy's implication with China and U.S. - CGTN
07/10 20:25:37 Pentagon Maintains Afghan Government's Collapse 'Not Inevitable' Despite Rapid Taliban Advance - Sputnik International Ed: 🔴mass murdering, torturing, wife beating gangsters and on the other hand, … numpties. People who are too thick, too busy bickering and raking in their spoils to reason that next week, they may be hanging by a noose after being softened up by baseball bats. Just like all around the world really.
07/10 13:53:25 While Western Leaders Virtue Signal, Xi Jinping's Power Grows - Opinion Ed: ;;F🔴🔴
07/09 16:19:01 Israel razes home of Palestinian-American shooting suspect - Daily Mail Online
07/09 16:16:13 To Moscow in minutes - the US tested a LEO missile warhead
07/09 16:14:01 NATO ships stay in Black Sea because of a Bulgarian exercise
07/09 01:32:09 Bulgarian & International Military and Defence News
07/08 08:46:18 US Military Urges Washington to Heed Warnings on China - Voice of America - English Ed: 📯📢
07/07 16:43:59 China's military prepares for war, while America's military goes 'woke' - TheHill
07/06 18:33:29 Ukraine needs to establish friendly relations with People's Republic of China, MP Rabinovych says - Ukraine, China need to ma Ed: 🔴🔴🔴
07/06 14:47:32 Leadership groups call on China, France, Russia, the UK & US to jointly reaffirm- ''A nuclear war can never be won'' Ed: 🔴🔴🔴
07/06 14:45:10 Russia's Black Sea Buccaneering
07/06 12:17:24 Any China Invasion of Taiwan Could Spark Japan-U.S. Joint Defense- Deputy PM
07/06 12:02:43 Professional US Athlete Jailed in China for 8 Months
07/04 19:48:13 China expands influence as it warns nations of 'broken heads' if they intervene - Fox News
07/04 18:05:45 Russia says any future British warship 'provocation' will elicit a 'tough response'
07/03 16:01:51 Russia warns against US deployments in Central Asia --Afghanistan Times
07/02 11:59:26 Putin holds up Israel as a model of unity for Ukrainians and Russians - The Jerusalem Post
07/02 08:30:10 A United NATO stance on the China-Russia challenge- --RIDDLE Russia
07/01 16:47:44 OODA Loop - Russia's Putin Challenges U.S. Leadership, Asserts Military Might
07/01 15:14:00 US, UK accuse Russian military hackers of battering-ram password attacks against hundreds of targets - CyberScoop
07/01 10:02:52 Xi calls for 'complete reunification' with Taiwan as China celebrates centenary of its Communist Party --RT World News
07/01 09:46:04 Secretive Submarines Are Cropping Up All Over The Place
07/01 01:49:09 Ukraine has surrendered itself to control from West, no point in meeting Zelensky when decisions are made in Washington --Put
06/30 15:21:11 General Milley Needs To Face Military Justice - CD Media
06/30 11:46:09 US media outlets beat war drums while China, Russia move closer - Global Times ;;U🔴🔴ie: encourage Indie votes, then "allow" them to join the EU. That's how hypocritical the EU is. History will surely show Russia to be "in the right" in this sordid affair albeit there are rumors that the original presidential election prior to 2014 may have been tampered with - we don't know.%0A%0AMore Analysis and a Live Ship tracker on Yellings%0A%0A
06/29 10:51:49 With the CCP now controlling everything, Americans are living under foreign ENEMY occupation Ed: 🔎❓
06/29 10:50:15 Joe Biden issues stark warning to Iran during meeting with Israeli president - News - DW - 29.06.2021
06/29 03:49:37 Toyota Donates to Republicans Who Voted Against 2020 Election Results
06/29 03:19:29 India, China and the Quad's defining test - The Strategist
06/28 17:10:14 India 'incredibly important' partner to US in the region and globally- WH - Business Standard Ed: 🤔see adjacent tiles in timeline.
06/28 12:52:44 Why Modi govt is suddenly 'looking west', talking to the Taliban and Pakistan
06/28 12:50:18 China's invasion of Taiwan will be a disaster for Asia. India must draw a red line
06/28 12:18:39 China does not want war. It's playing the long game
06/28 09:17:32 WATCH- 4 killed in US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Iraq, Syria - The Jerusalem Post
06/28 09:10:15 Hal Turner Radio Show - India Shifts 50,000 Troops to China Border
06/27 12:20:37 Classified Ministry of Defence documents found at bus stop - BBC News
06/26 13:21:38 NATO Official Alarmed by China's 'Shocking' Military Rise, Predicts Beijing to Soon Be 'Moving Troops Around' - Sputnik Inter
06/26 13:17:48 Israel must stay out of the US-China struggle - editorial - The Jerusalem Post
06/25 16:18:43 73 congressional Democrats to Biden- Call Israeli settlements illegal - The Jerusalem Post
06/25 15:09:35 Ex-Marine Once Praised by Biden Facing Military Probe After Warning POTUS of Taiwan War Danger - Sputnik International
06/25 13:57:49 Russian naval ships, aircraft kick off drills in Mediterranean - Military & Defense - TASS
06/24 09:05:29 The Rebalance and Asia-Pacific Security - Foreign Affairs
06/23 18:47:36 Xi Jinping's Race to Consolidate Power in China
06/23 15:38:37 Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say
06/23 09:11:19 Significantly More American Troops, Veterans Of Post-9-11 Wars Died By Suicide Than In Combat- Study - The Daily Caller
06/23 01:01:29 Schumer-Challenger- Israel is "NATO's South-Eastern Flank" - Israel National News
06/21 13:35:49 Russian forces intercept US military convoy in Syria Ed: Hmm.
06/21 00:12:45 Iran nuclear deal- Israel attacks Iran as talks progress - RNZ News
06/19 15:46:30 Hard-line judiciary head wins Iran's presidential election amid low voter turnout - National -
06/19 15:09:07 Only National Conservatism Can Unite The West And Contain China - The Daily Caller
06/18 21:07:08 Will Putin's Hackers Launch a Cyber Pearl Harbor--nd a Shooting War-
06/18 15:24:38 NATO playing perilous game with anti-China declamation - China Military
06/18 13:52:00 5 Places World War III Could Start in 2020 - The National Interest
06/17 17:32:32 Still 'no reason' to remove US from Russia's list of 'unfriendly countries', despite cordial Putin-Biden summit, says Kremlin
06/17 16:47:20 House of Representatives Repeals 2002 Iraq War Powers Authorization
06/17 03:13:02 U.S. pushes NATO to target China, risking new Cold War --People's World
06/17 03:12:49 NATO Got It Wrong- China Is a Bigger Threat Than Russia
06/15 17:07:26 Biden suggests 'autocrat' Putin's Russia might be weaker than it seems --media --UNIAN
06/15 16:48:46 Putin compared his crackdown on dissent to the US prosecution of Capitol rioters and the killing of Ashli Babbitt ahead of hi
06/14 19:24:09 Ukraine to become NATO member state with help of Membership Action Plan --Summit communique --UNIAN
06/13 16:31:53 Netanyahu uses last speech as prime minister to attack Biden on Iran - Rifnote
06/12 09:53:16 Russia's Putin says ties with US lowest in years, recalls Trump as 'talented, extraordinary' man - World News - Hindustan Tim
06/12 09:51:21 Biden's Balkans Test Has Arrived
06/12 09:25:10 Top military officer says U.S. capable of defending Taiwan - Focus Taiwan
06/12 04:02:14 Vladimir Putin laughs off Joe Biden's claim he's a 'killer' while praising Trump as 'extraordinary' - Daily Mail Online
06/11 10:55:28 Russia to provide Iran with advanced satellite, report says --Middle East Monitor
06/10 22:24:22 China tests 'carrier killer' after threatening US over Taiwan contacts - Washington Examiner
06/10 22:16:20 'Hundreds' of Whistleblowers Say Military Forcing 'Anti-American Indoctrination' on Them- Sen. Cotton
06/10 18:37:15 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia To Test-Launch -SARMAT- Hypersonic ICBM Before Putin-Biden Meeting
06/10 15:04:12 Iran sends warships on rare Atlantic mission
06/10 08:45:00 Beijing's Population Control Plans for Uyghurs Are Genocidal
06/10 08:39:29 US military declares China "number one" challenge as Biden rallies Europe for "cold war" - World Socialist Web Site
06/10 02:46:02 Pentagon makes China top priority in new directive as deputy defense chief says $715bn budget will 'deter aggression' by Beij
06/10 02:45:34 Biden warns Russia it faces 'robust' response for harmful actions as he begins European visit - Metro US
06/10 02:35:22 Ukraine set to demand reparations from Russia over aggression --UNIAN
06/09 17:47:13 China calls U.S. bill 'full of Cold War mentality' as it prepares anti-sanctions measures - The Washington Post
06/09 17:46:44 Biden Should End the Expansion of NATO's Membership
06/09 17:45:13 Rapid Construction at Cambodia Base Amid Concern About China Presence
06/09 13:36:43 Cold War should have stayed in past, but US-led NATO bloc is driving return to 1950s-style hostility, top Russian diplomat cl
06/09 13:36:37 'Paranoid delusion'- Beijing fumes as US Senate passes massive anti-China tech bill --RT World News
06/09 02:16:43 Flattened Gaza Media Tower Had Hamas Iron Dome-Jamming Tech Inside, Israeli Diplomat Claims - Sputnik International
06/08 12:11:51 Internal Fight at Pentagon, in Congress Over Moves to Counter China
06/08 02:33:57 China's Growing Military Is Screaming -Pay Attention- - The National Interest
06/07 20:46:02 Putin expects to discuss ways to fix Russia-US relations, disarmament & Covid-19 during first talks with Biden in Geneva --RT
06/07 16:48:49 China Rolls Out One More Stealth Destroyer That 'Dwarfs' US' Zumwalt-Class Ship, Report Says - Sputnik International
06/06 16:13:47 Is the U.S. Navy Preparing to Counter China- - The National Interest
06/05 12:25:26 Taiwan's fate may be decided in Ukraine - TheHill
06/05 11:57:42 Ukraine must show good will if it wants Russian gas transit, Putin says - Reuters
06/04 15:20:53 Pompeo Confirms Intense Opposition to Wuhan Lab Probe From State Department, Intelligence Bureaucracies
06/03 08:51:28 Calling on Russia to immediately cease its aggression against Ukraine and end its occupation of Crimea - GOV.UK
06/02 21:39:04 China war- Beijing media issues warning it must prepare for NUCLEAR 'showdown' with US - World - News -
05/31 12:32:34 France says allegations of US espionage on European leaders are 'extremely serious' & may have 'consequences' --RT World News
05/31 12:12:07 Crimea was not always Russian - Chatham House --International Affairs Think Tank
05/31 11:53:00 Russia and the United States send military reinforcements to their bases in Northeastern Syria
05/31 11:49:07 Three topics may be put to national referendum --media --UNIAN
05/31 03:10:28 General Milley, Why Aren't You Calling Out Communist Extremism In Our Military- - CD Media
05/30 15:51:39 EP President Sassoli calls for tougher sanctions against Russia officials --UNIAN
05/30 15:42:03 US Reportedly Monitoring Iranian Warships Suggested as Destined for Venezuela in 'Provocative Move' - Sputnik International
05/30 15:36:02 Bennett to announce forming gov't coalition with Yair Lapid - The Jerusalem Post
05/29 15:57:38 America Needs Better Military Leaders - The Heritage Foundation
05/27 14:33:53 Beijing Is Social Media Trolling Biden Over Gaza
05/27 14:30:38 Sanctions Deadline Looms Ahead of Biden's Summit With Putin
05/27 14:30:29 It's Time to End the 'Special Relationship' With Israel
05/27 11:05:25 President Biden's War
05/27 10:05:05 EU, US diplomats express concern over developments in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
05/26 16:54:41 Sanctions against Russia just aren't working, says French President Macron, calling for dialogue & review of EU's stance on M
05/26 10:33:08 Israel Proves That Missile Defense, Long Mocked by Left, Works in an Actual War
05/26 10:26:08 Putin Likely Gave Belarus Go-Ahead to Divert Ryanair Plane
05/26 10:19:29 Iranian conservatives preparing for revenge- Consequences for Ukraine and world - Iranian conservatives preparing for revenge
05/26 00:54:31 The U.S. Navy Can't Destroy North Korea, But It Might Not Need To. - The National Interest
05/25 19:03:03 Medvedchuk's prosecution, or is Ukraine looking for a way to end itself- --The Barricade
05/25 15:21:42 US military convoy passes through Czechia - Radio Prague International
05/25 14:24:14 Press review- Minsk's forced plane landing triggers EU and Russia unveils its nukes count - Press Review - TASS
05/25 14:14:59 Biden's Nightmare- North Korea Could Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier in a War - The National Interest
05/25 14:06:35 Over 500 Democratic figures press Biden to 'hold Israel accountable' - Arab News
05/25 12:55:19 All Eyes Turn To Vienna, Where Hush-Hush Talks Resume With Iran Ed: Biden admin making the Tehran regime wealthier, and as they are constitutionally committed to jihad, that's not good.
05/25 12:05:02 Democrat Projectionists - American Thinker
05/25 10:34:27 Minsk incident - Foreign planes massively avoid Belarusian airspace --UNIAN
05/25 10:31:00 'His nose is broken'- Family says Belarusian journalist taken off Ryanair flight has been tortured
05/24 11:09:20 The Good Will Win, Eventually .. MassisPost
05/24 01:01:00 EXCLUSIVE- China has Infiltrated the U.S. Military Biodefense Program at Fort Detrick
05/24 00:38:25 UK Media Calls Chinese Analysts 'Propagandists' For Dubbing Australia's Military 'Weak' - Sputnik International
05/24 00:37:37 The Photo Says It All- China is Determined to Crush the U.S. Military - The National Interest
05/24 00:31:12 Russia has imprisoned the son of the Chernobyl accident liquidator for 7 years (
05/23 18:36:38 Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko uses fighter jet to 'hijack' Ryanair flight
05/23 14:33:41 Putin ready to discuss Crimea with Zelensky in context of border cooperation - Kremlin - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS
05/23 12:28:40 Blockchain, the Core of the CCP's Digital Currency in Its Ambition for Global Hegemony
05/23 12:23:16 Chinese Companies Facing Largest Wave of Dollar Debt Maturities in History
05/22 12:06:42 Exactly How Helpless Is Europe-
05/22 11:43:33 Israel to demand captive troops in return for rebuilding of Gaza
05/22 00:10:48 Many journalists are 'dangerously ignorant' about what is driving the war against Israel- Bolt - YouTube
05/21 01:55:20 Top Palestinian diplomat says Israel cease-fire 'not enough' - National -
05/21 00:57:21 U.S. lunging at the next excuse for conflict with Russia - Washington Times
05/20 20:18:10 Putin- Russia will 'knock out' opponents' teeth - dpa International
05/20 15:20:20 Russia's ongoing violations of human rights in illegally annexed Crimea, Ukraine- UK statement - GOV.UK
05/20 08:54:52 QAnon believers see Trump's mounting legal troubles as part of 'the plan' -
05/20 00:40:54 A pampered Israel carries out violence because it can - Opinion -
05/19 09:42:24 China's Secret Plan To Sink the U.S. Navy Comes From a Century-Old Playbook - The National Interest
05/19 09:17:53 Former AP editor suggests Hamas DID have offices in agency's Gaza building destroyed by Israeli military --RT World News
05/19 09:13:29 Biden to waive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, its CEO - Biden administration to waive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, its CEO
05/19 09:05:16 If this is the real reason why at least one child is injured - then it is terrible - WorldEnglish - on
05/19 08:43:19 World War III Hell- Here's How A U.S.-China War Might Play Out - The National Interest
05/18 13:46:35 China offers to host Afghan peace talks, backs leading role for Ghani-led govt - The Economic Times
05/18 09:49:53 AP pretends it didn't know it was sharing a building with Hamas
05/18 09:48:43 The real 'malign influence'- How America helped destroy democracy & turn Ukraine's Maidan dream into a nightmare for its peop
05/17 15:30:40 China Freaked Out- How the U.S. Navy Surfaced Three Missile Submarines - The National Interest
05/17 15:30:26 America Is Ill-Prepared for a Challenge from China - The National Interest
05/17 15:07:42 Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system explained - Middle East Eye
05/17 15:00:31 Turkey media threatens Israel with 'Libya model' of water grab off Gaza - The Jerusalem Post
05/17 12:18:38 What is Iran's game plan with China amid Israel-Gaza conflict- - The Jerusalem Post
05/17 12:17:21 Eyes on the Iran-Israel standoff- The New Indian Express
05/16 21:53:49 Ukraine has to accept that country is ruled by the United States - MEP- Ukraine has to accept that country is ruled by the Un
05/15 14:58:42 Israeli Media Reveals When to Expect Ceasefire With Gaza - Sputnik International
05/15 09:41:14 G7 scolding of China, Russia sparks Taiwan and Ukraine comparisons - South China Morning Post
05/15 09:38:33 Protesters march in Sydney, Melbourne against Israeli attacks on Gaza - GulfToday
05/14 12:59:47 Biden 'Ashamed' of Israel and Policies Could Spark War, Experts Say -
05/14 12:58:16 By turning blind eye to undemocratic arrest of opposition, West guilty of 'double standards' in Ukraine, top Russian UN envoy
05/14 08:59:41 The Army Has Finally Revealed The Range Of Its New Hypersonic Weapon
05/14 02:16:54 Israeli-Palestinian fighting sparks bitter political battles - Washington Times
05/14 00:53:10 Israelis thought they were safer -
05/13 23:17:09 Rounds and colleagues urge Biden to stand with Israel, reject Iran sanction relief - KNBN NewsCenter1
05/13 23:09:59 'They're Our Enemies'- Joe Lieberman Warns Biden Admin Against Pursuing Iran Nuclear Deal 'At Any Price' - The Daily Caller
05/13 14:58:24 To support Israel, 44 Republicans push Biden to refuse Iran sanctions relief - Fox News
05/13 11:20:45 Donbas - EU says Russia is aiming to 'de facto integrate' eastern Ukraine --Bloomberg --UNIAN
05/12 16:39:14 Is Iran Getting Ready to Attack Israel- - The National Interest
05/12 16:35:50 Half a million Russian tourists flock to Crimea for extended May holidays as Covid-19 restrictions boost appeal of domestic t
05/12 08:17:30 'A big test'- Iran and Turkey lurk behind Israel crisis as power players benefit - Washington Examiner
05/11 14:05:12 U.S. Condemns rocket strikes on Israel as Iran, Turkey, Arabs rally around Palestinians
05/11 12:02:52 file - Content-Disposition Has been blocked - Stack Overflow
05/11 02:28:56 Russian Troops Are Staying at Ukraine's Border--hat Should Washington Do About It- - The National Interest
05/10 23:07:05 American army is predicted to completely collapse
05/10 19:23:24 Ukrainian military shoot down invaders' drones
05/10 12:57:34 Air Defense- Saudis Under Heavy Attack
05/09 14:08:26 Why Russia Isn't Worried About U.S. Hypersonic Missiles - The National Interest
05/09 02:06:09 What Does Biden Really Want in Ukraine- - The National Interest
05/08 17:37:46 The end of strategic ambiguity- America has finally stopped pretending it would risk war with Russia over supposed 'ally' Ukr
05/08 02:07:11 Meet Bishop Garrison- The Pentagon's Hatchet Man In Charge Of Purging MAGA Patriots And Installing Race Theory In The Militar
05/08 01:51:51 Active Duty USAF Lt Col Lohmeier Releases Scholarly Work Warning Of Maoist Revolution In US Military - CD Media
05/07 21:12:22 Russia and the EU- A second Cold War- - Talking Europe
05/07 18:56:59 U.S. joins European Union military mobility project -
05/07 15:43:26 Another two B-52 bombers arrive in region to protect US troops - Ariana News
05/07 09:02:53 Kiev expects easing of tensions on border with Russia after Blinken's visit - minister - World - TASS
05/06 21:05:21 Lloyd Austin 'hopeful' Afghan government won't fall to Taliban - Washington Examiner
05/06 18:53:13 Russian envoy emphasizes Moscow has no commitments in Minsk accords - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS
05/06 18:49:48 White House 'open' to Ukraine joining NATO in jab at Russia
05/06 18:23:56 US and Russia are on a collision course in the Black Sea - Opinion - Stripes
05/06 15:04:19 UAWire - Yeltsin's associate- Ukraine was forced to take Crimea in 1954
05/06 10:33:10 Presence of US troops in Syria illegitimate, Russia says --Syrian Arab News Agency
05/06 10:28:52 FarsNews Agency US Reportedly Set to Join EU Defense Plan for Fast Redeployment of Troops in Europe
05/06 10:28:38 Germany Calls US, Canada, Norway Joining EU Military Mobility Project a 'Quantum Leap' - Sputnik International
05/05 21:50:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - France Negotiating New -Rafale- Fighter Jets for Ukraine . . . -To fight Russia-
05/05 18:40:29 G7 scolds China and Russia over threats, bullying, rights abuses - Reuters
05/05 17:33:05 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia to -Test- Three -Satan-2- ICBM's - 24 Nukes each - U.S. May Only Have TWO MINUTES WARNING if -
05/05 16:28:26 Russian aggression - Blinken, Le Drian and Maas declare support for Ukraine --UNIAN
05/05 14:48:34 US warplanes help Afghan forces fend off Taliban offensive - Daily Mail Online
05/05 09:54:17 Deyneko- Russian troops may begin invasion of Ukraine from Crimea
05/05 09:52:38 Rare access to Ukrainian patrol boat challenging Russian navy
05/05 09:29:41 Theodore Roosevelt CSG begins exercise Northern Edge 2021
05/05 09:26:09 NATO defending Europe is a pipe dream
05/05 09:24:57 Biden-Putin summit - Leaders may meet in Europe --UNIAN
05/04 22:57:35 General discuss military application of Microsoft's HoloLens - MSPoweruser
05/04 17:32:34 Twitter- - Blinken told the German Foreign Minister that the United States is -firmly opposed- to the No
05/04 15:02:48 China urges Philippines to respect China's sovereignty over Huangyan Island - China Military
05/04 14:52:43 A plea to the Pentagon- Don't sacrifice resilience on the altar of innovation - Atlantic Council
05/04 14:38:48 9-11 Research- The Attack on Afghanistan
05/04 00:20:40 Xi Jinping adopts Mao Zedong title 'helmsman,' claims ultimate authority - Washington Times
05/03 20:41:03 'It's an act of war'- Trump's acting Pentagon chief urges Biden to tackle directed-energy attacks - POLITICO
05/03 18:57:11 UNIAN- News of Ukraine this year - the last days in Ukraine
05/03 15:38:36 EU Summons Russian Ambassador Over Retaliatory Sanctions - The Moscow Times
05/03 12:24:42 Red Alert! China is backing Russia! WFS!! - YouTube
05/03 09:31:03 Combined China and Russian Defense Spending Exceeds U.S. Defense Budget - RealClearDefense
05/02 23:41:53 Rockets Fired at Baghdad Airport Base Housing US Troops - Reports - Sputnik International
05/02 22:11:37 Occupied Donbas - Russian passports issued to almost 530,000 local residents --media --UNIAN
05/02 19:05:40 World's largest plane ;Stratolaunch's Roc carrier aircraft flies over Mojave Desert
05/02 15:46:01 Missiles on China's New Nuclear Submarine Can Hit More of US
05/02 12:54:21 Chinese defense spokesperson slams Japan's diplomatic bluebook - China Military
05/01 15:05:52 FarsNews Agency Russian Security Council Chief- US Blames Failures on Others, Builds Policy on Rumors
05/01 15:04:56 US Army Wants to Give Robots Living Muscle Tissue - Army Research
05/01 10:12:28 Taliban protects US bases while 'ramping up attacks' on Afghan civilians, army - The Khaama Press News Agency
05/01 09:58:32 FarsNews Agency Russia Warns Increasing US Military Presence in Arctic Harms Regional Security
04/30 20:47:38 The Iniochos military exercise in Greece is bad news for Iran
04/30 19:30:46 Inside Russia's Robot Army- Rhetoric vs. Reality Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
04/30 18:40:52 Message to Trans Youth as the Trans Military Ban Officially Lifts - GLAAD
04/30 16:57:37 Russia Travel Advisory
04/30 15:02:43 China's space station means lift-off on a new battle for the galaxy..and just like on Earth, Beijing has America worried --RT
04/30 10:19:02 U.S. Navy Destroys Target With Drone Swarm --And Sends A Message To China
04/30 09:33:55 How the Navy Could Send China's New Aircraft Carriers to the Ocean Floor - The National Interest
04/29 22:37:55 The Sad Story Of How This Soviet Aircraft Carrier Ended Up Rotting In A Landlocked Chinese Lagoon
04/29 15:59:05 The U.S. Navy Is Reducing Its Planned Number of Aluminum Ships - The National Interest
04/29 15:28:58 Check out THOR, an anti-drone microwave weapon - Popular Science
04/29 01:21:11 Spike in Russian aircraft intercepts straining Air Force crews in Alaska, three-star says
04/29 01:11:23 Do China's Super-Quiet Subs Spell the End of U.S. Navy Superiority- - The National Interest
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