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Media Selectivity

Biden's Story Suppression

Undoubtedly had the Media broadcast this story about Biden puppeteering the Ukraine (and that's a very generous interpretation), the outcome of the election would have been very different. We will add definitive links of Hunter Biden's indiscretions as we meet them (mentioned in neutral fashion here), but at the end of the day, this is more about MSM Bias designed to destabilize democracy -- they simply never ran the story!

The following links to videos are often the same video but starting at the point of interest as indicated by the title. This shows Biden in a light you will probably find surprising -- he is not the drippy intellectual lightweight some right leaning commentators would have us believe (albeit he has always struggled to find his words), but rather very direct and focused. This shows Biden manipulating the Ukraine - in a way most Ukrainians would probably find quite unacceptable, and certainly in a way that Putin would find disturbing, given the threat at his close borders by a US manipulated neighbor.

The EU's history of Ukraine manipulation

Biden's manipulation of the Ukraine is, we feel, the bigger story (as opposed to Hunter's indiscretions), especially when you look at the EU's history of Ukraine manipulation and ask yourself, did the EU funded demonstrations in the Ukraine lead to the coup? Background by the Guardian here, and a more provocative view by TUAEU here.

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