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Ukraine & Biden

First, Hal's Analysis of Ukraine Russia upcoming war .. released "for free" from Hal Turner Radio Show - Home because Hal decided it was too important to have behind his subscriber pay wall. All Q-dos to Hal - we fully recommend him to you.

-Hal's Analysis of Ukraine Russia upcoming war-

..Summary - how we got into this mess and how NATO, US and especially EU provocations have brought us to the brink of WW3. The map below shows the small Russian Exclave (external Russian Territory) of Kaliningrad that Hal mentions - it is orange just atop Poland. Original Audio link here.
About this section of Yellings - Whilst this started off focused on Biden's historical shenanigans as VP (Vice President) in Ukraine, this is now more focused on his posturing and harassment of Russia, our old ally, that nearly brought about WW3 in April 2021 and is looking again to be a danger to world stability at the end of 2021.

This page also serves to highlight Biden's impossible strategic blunders - impossible because the only way anyone could make such catastrophically bad decisions is if they were deliberate.

The Ukraine Coup in 2014, MSM gaslighting, and why late 2021, early 2022 may see Nuclear War

Overview Map of Ukraine and Crimea(red)

This shows their proximity to Moscow / Russia and why Putin has strategic concerns. The Black sea is at the bottom and Russia's Caspian Sea is at the right. For our American friends, this is eastern Europe with France and Germany to the left. By ship, the Black Sea can only be reached via the Mediterranean Sea.

Dispelling MSM Disinformation 

We have to keep correcting the gaslighting - eg: Putin's Ukraine obsession may spark a Major European war .. no, it is not Putin, it is the EU and more specifically the Davos Cabal which controls Biden & NATO!!

It was the EU who started a violent coup in 2014 that exiled a former Russia friendly president

This was because former president Yanukovych would not sign an EU agreement. See Revolution of Dignity - Wikipedia where all is revealed in the first 2 paragraphs.

We copy it here in case someone rewrites Wiki history (as we know happened with the complete erasure of earlier Bilderberg Group revisions)..

The Revolution of Dignity (Ukrainian: Революція гідности, romanized: Revoliutsiia hidnosty), also known as the Maidan revolution[2] (Ukrainian: Українська революція 2013-2014 років, romanized: Ukrainska revoliutsiia 2013-2014 rokiv), took place in Ukraine in February 2014[2][1] at the end of the Euromaidan protests,[1] when a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police, and unknown shooters in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv culminated in the ousting of elected president Viktor Yanukovych, and the overthrow of the Ukrainian government.[1][2]

In November 2013 a wave of large scale protests (known as Euromaidan) erupted in response to president Yanukovych's refusal to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union at a meeting of the Eastern Partnership in Vilnius, Lithuania. These protests continued for months. In February 2014 clashes between the protestors and the riot police became violent, and resulted in the deaths of nearly 130 people, including 18 police officers.[29] On February 21, an agreement between president Yanukovych and the leaders of the parliamentary opposition was signed that called for early elections and the formation of an interim unity government. The following day, Yanukovych fled from the capital ahead of an impeachment vote.[30] The protesters proceeded to take control of the capital buildings. On the same day, the parliament declared that Yanukovych was relieved of duty in a 328-to-0 vote.[31][32][33]

It is as simple as that. Every time you hear about Russian Aggression, Putin doing this and that, Russia annexing the Crimea, etc etc know these facts and know how much the MSM twists and lies, and know how it all links back to the Davos Cabal and the EU Hegemony. The facts:

  1. It was the EU's ambition to essentially Annex the Ukraine started all this
  2. NATO is driven by the EU. The US is the biggest part of NATO, hence the Davos Cabal being the "swamp" that influenced the 2020 US election.
  3. The EU funded the Euromaidan riots that led directly to the Maidan Revolution as cited above.
  4. The revolution was a Coup, not a revolution. Previously elected President Yanukovych was exiled in 2014
    • for balance, some say his election was influenced by Russia (but certainly not by a bloody coup).
  5. Native Russian ethnics in the East of the Ukraine (inc Crimea and Donbass) continue to seek independence as they consider an anti Russian government was imposed on them.
  6. Crimea - a peninsula that is more of an island, is part of this East. They were NOT Annexed by Putin. They organized an Independence Vote (which was allegedly assisted by Russia) and won a 90%+ majority.
    • This is the same style of Independence Vote that the EU have encouraged in Scotland to destroy the UK
    • This is the same style of Independence Vote that the EU & Spain have crushed in Catalonia as it was unwelcome
    • This is the same style of Independence Vote that the UK held to escape the EU hegemony, and that has been creating friction and near war from the EU (esp under warmongering Macron).
  7. It is the Ukrainians who keep attacking the Russian ethnics in the East. Putin is defending them.
  8. This region is critical the Russia's strategic access to Europe for trade and defense.
    • Losing it would be like Russia invading Texas and setting up missile silos within the US.
    • The EU wants the Ukraine to be in NATO (and an EU member). Every time this is mooted, Putin moves more troops to the border.
    • Every time there are joint Ukraine NATO exercises in the Black Sea, Putin sees a threat and moves more troops to the border.
    • Etc.
Do you now see how big the MSM lie is?

There is of course more back history - All the Ukraine was once in the USSR until the end of the cold war. The Ukraine was home to Russia's larger armament factories and nuke stockpiles.

What might Conventional or Nuclear War mean?

First, lets point out that the claim of atomic war has been made by numerous parties, one example being Prelude To Atomic War in April 2021 further down the page here, and all stem from the increased talk of "small theater" use of small strategic nukes, not some global conflagration. That said, if there is a war in the Ukraine, it could easily escalate, especially if China and N Korea see it as an opportunity to also invade Taiwan and S Korea -  people forget N Korea has the largest navy in the world, albeit perhaps nowhere near as modern.

Ironically, the introduction of antimissile technology (eg: Israel's Iron Dome) has made such strategic nuke use more thinkable by military leaders.

More ominously, with Putin and Xi getting closer, they may deliberately launch an attack in all theaters at once. However, that is unlikely given that China is not well set up for war. It's armies have no combat experience. It also has "the 3 Gorges Dam" which makes much of China a sitting duck for a missile attack. Mind you, we in the West have La Palma which could see half our coast lines washed away if they targeted that Island. See Yellings - Climate.

In any event, it may not be nuclear at all. We pointed out in a much earlier analysis (in April) that Putin, being the master chess player, will not start some kind of conventional 18th century offensive charging over the hill, he will just have his special forces parachute straight into Kiev, and then, like the Taliban, the bulk of his army will just saunter in. This will make Kiev into a giant human shield - try bombing an army that is occupying your capital city! To be sure he will start a tit-for-tat skirmish in Donbas to lure out Ukraine's Army.

Biden and The Border Wall, Biden and Kabul

In his first days of presidency, Biden boasted signing 20+ presidential decrees reversing Trump Policies. That created the Southern Border Crisis. It also included unraveling Trump's meticulous plans for a staged withdrawal with Taliban adherence to agreements monitored and confirmed at each step.

Fast forward to Aug 15th 2021, the Taliban invaded Kabul, Afghanistan. Biden decided to not only get all the soldiers out, he decided to tell the Taliban and he withdrew quickly while all our civilians were still there. He decided we don't need to protect them because the well trained Afghan army would - so he pulled out all the contractors that support their hardware.

So Afghan Man ran away. They stood and fought for 0 minutes. The Taliban just drove in on old battered street vehicles like something out of Mad Max. They then proceeded to stone Female pilots to death in Kandahar (reported by Sidney Powell), burn women alive or beat them to death for bad cooking(see Timeline), go house to house capturing anyone who supported the West's Nation Building efforts, even killing one former female police officer with a screw driver through eye or ear to the brain - in front of her family.

Noting their desertion, including tales of them giving US Arms to Taliban, and noting planes full of Afghan Men only, we ran an analysis titled #96/ (Aug 19th) .. Afghan Man.. not worth saving? Well, it's worse than that... Girl in Austria Raped and Murdered by Gang of Afghan Asylum Seekers - MEDIA BLACKOUT - News Punch - as one pundit put it, they treat women and girls like dogs. And STILL the MSM covers for these appalling policy decisions - Anarcho-feminists storm Austrian newspaper over 'racist' reporting in high-profile teen gang-rape & murder case RT World News. Lets keep in mind they produce most of the World's Opium too.

It's not racist to hold such concerns (albeit one wonders) - it is much more to do with their culture, especially their religion. And so it seems 20 years of Nation Building was a good plan. It also meant we had a Western Base in the middle of some not very well behaved, or at least not very friendly, Mideastern countries (Pakistan has allowed use of it's airspace - otherwise we'd have to travel there by moonshot - but no one has allowed us to set up a base closer than the UAE.

But enough of all that said Biden, we're done. And he went. And his intelligence was so woefully inept, we think he should be parachuted in with both Gen Milley and Lloyd Austen.

Biden's Ukraine Manipulation Suppression

Biden's manipulation of the Ukraine is, we feel, the bigger story (as opposed to Hunter's indiscretions), especially when you look at the EU's history of Ukraine manipulation and ask yourself, did the EU funded demonstrations in the Ukraine lead to the coup? Background by the Guardian here, and a more provocative view by TUAEU here.

Undoubtedly had the Media broadcast this story about Biden puppeteering the Ukraine (and that's a very generous interpretation), the outcome of the election would have been very different. We will add definitive links of Hunter Biden's indiscretions as we meet them (mentioned in neutral fashion here), but at the end of the day, this is more about MSM Bias designed to destabilize democracy -- they simply never ran the story!

The following links to videos are often the same video but starting at the point of interest as indicated by the title. This shows Biden in a light you will probably find surprising -- he is not the drippy intellectual lightweight some right leaning commentators would have us believe (albeit he has always struggled to find his words), but rather very direct and focused. This shows Biden manipulating the Ukraine - in a way most Ukrainians would probably find quite unacceptable, and certainly in a way that Putin would find disturbing, given the threat at his close borders by a US manipulated neighbor.

Article Links

05/30 11:33:39 Biden Laptop Emails Ed: 👇 entire database of Hunter's emails made Searchable. As site says, this is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue collar crime and is a useful tool for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering
05/29 18:02:35 Biden's secret call to the Ukrainian president, 2016 two weeks after Trump won the presidency Ed: 🔴 "I in other words, Biden doesn't want Ukraine asking the US for more funds under Trump, because they don't want Trump looking further into it". QDos to Just Jody as per link for uncovering this.
05/13 14:28:35 Vladimir Putin and The Big Steal Ed: the story is simply too record that this publication, The London Economic, considered Putin, back in 2020 (almost exactly 2 two years ago now) to be the world's richest man, richer than Jeff Bezos the then richest person in the world.
05/04 18:19:30 Repairman Who Revealed Hunter Biden Laptop Sues Schiff, CNN, Politico and the Daily Beast U;L "Mac Isaac came to legally own the laptop after Biden's son Hunter dropped it off at his store for repairs in April 2019 and never came back." - I didn't know that, so I think it's worth putting it out there. For Twitter too proclaim that it should suppress information because it was the result of the hack is materially not true (but even if it wasn't in this persons ownership, it still wasn't a hack - besides, what sort of a jumped up claim is that?). Credit to finder - just Jody.
05/03 18:28:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Member of Parliament Declares United States - A threat to the entire world- Ed: Excerpt "Russian Member of Parliament (Duma) .. said publicly today that the U.S. developed coronavirus as a biological weapon!
Chinese media has also begun amplifying Russia's claims about US biolabs in Ukraine and some Russian media outlets are broadcasting the allegations to the Russian citizenry."
05/02 19:40:52 Zelensky - Some people want to speak Russian, leave the alone. I am Jewish Ed: ❓ To quote Reality Leaks, "What may be the price of reversing one's beliefs?"
05/02 13:45:42 Zelensky Does Bizarre Address Drunk or High on Cocaine U;L🔺 Just adding this to our timeline as the Factchecker LIARS are trying to erase it - Ref Tags: Cokehead, Crackhead
05/01 13:37:40 Pelosi makes surprise visit to Kiev --RT World News Ed: ❓ Now you know something screwy is going on. Corrupt inside trader from the body of evidence I have seen, nasty and vicious in her Trump takedown attempts - the witch holding the Biden Cabal together. Pelosi "Mr Zelensky, have you eliminated those labs?"; "Yes"; "Here's more money and weapons then".
04/27 12:47:01 Zelensky has a huge fortune - according to various estimates, it is about 850 million 🔴The Dutch party Forum voor Democratie wondered, "Zelensky has a huge fortune: according to various estimates, it is about 850 million. He received most of this fortune only after he became president. So where does this money come from? And, more importantly, where does it go?". Let we give you one theory that you possibly weren't expecting - from Russia. There is logical evidence to suggest that he is in fact Putin's shill. After all, he is an actor, ethnically Russian, and a Jew(who "helps" Nazi Azov?? No). Curiously, this story comes from a telegram channel that is linked to CNN.
04/25 09:50:24 Putin Drops Peace Deal in Favor of Ukraine Land Grab --FT - The Moscow Times Ed: "There was hope for a deal. Putin was going back and forth," one of the people said.

But talks stalled after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Putin of war crimes in Bucha and Mariupol. The reportedly infuriated Putin signaled peace efforts were at a "dead end" after the sinking of the Moskva missile cruiser.

In other words, Zelensky, who is near as warmongering as Putin, derailed it with his typical, perhaps crackhead driven, posturing.
04/24 13:07:36 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Tells Airlines -Prepare for flights without American GPS- 🤔 Russia has their own - GLONASS I've seen several articles on this subject and no one seems to be aware of that so I thought I'd chime in. Not only do they have their own, most of the mobile phones in the world use it as well as the US GPS - for better faster updates.
04/22 16:44:09 DISGRACEFUL! John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Lumps President Zelensky In With Pack of Election Crooks, Cowards and Liars I Ed: ❓ perhaps the foundation knows something we don't... Perhaps they have also seen the evidence Zelensky is a crack head. It's easy to be brave when you're gambling other peoples lives and high on crack. Now we must issue a caveat... A lot of the apparent behaviour we have seen may be done to exhaustion. However, yesterday in particular, we amassed quite a large amount of evidence that Zelensky is not all he seems. See timeline.
04/22 10:54:38 Zelensky peace plan claims 'raise questions' --Kremlin --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's claims that he has not received a peace proposal from Moscow "raise certain questions," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday." -- more evidence that the Ukrainian president is a crackhead?
04/22 10:42:14 Fate of American Zelensky critic who went missing in Ukraine revealed --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚡ more evidence that the Ukrainian president is just as unhinged is Putin if not worse.
04/21 09:54:52 Is Zelensky A Cokehead- --Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D- Ed: 🔴 Roundup of the crackhead / cocaine evidence. See prior series of posts just now on this Al Pacino wannabe.
04/21 09:31:18 Gravitas Plus- The story of Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky - YouTube 📽Cocaine addict or just exhausted? Multimillionaire corrupt businessman or Charlie Chaplain morphed into Winston Churchill? Gravitas offers an excellent "dry" (you are left to judge) insight into the man.

Yellings was scathing of his bellicose provocations and abuse of Russia prior to the invasion. We recall at one point he allegedly instructed his armed forces to retake Crimea by force. We were blown away by his bravado in facing down the invaders, but we have again increasingly become concerned about his continued warmongering (eg: launching attacks on Russia itself), catalogue of diktats and sackings, leading to his jailing of the leader of the opposition.

More like Al Pacino in Scarface than Churchill spitting drugged darts at a nation with nukes.. What could go wrong?

Or maybe Putin's Shill all along?
04/21 09:22:18 American Hero, Ukraine President Zelensky CLEARLY DRUNK AND ON COKE (NOT COLA) on CNN CONGRESS - YouTube Ed: 🎥 More Cocaine concerns
04/21 09:14:00 Zelensky's Bizarre Address Drunk, High, Or On Cocaine- - The True Defender ! Ed: 🎥 This is the man who just had his opposition leader arrested - because he is pro Russian. But Zelensky himself was born in the Russian speaking East (and identifies as Jewish - strange that he should try to stop denazification). This certainly explains his bellicose bravado .. easy to constantly turn down peace offers from Russia when you are dicing with other peoples lives. "No one would like to have an addict for a president! Especially not in their situation!"
04/21 08:51:30 MEME- Zelensky's COCAINIST behaviour during meeting - YouTube Ed: 🎥"Zelensky shows a typical cocaine-addict's behaviour in all aspects.
And this is the state in which he goes to business and political meetings being head-of-state - the president of the Ukraine!"
04/19 16:08:45 U.S. Bioweapons expert speaks out about US biolabs in Ukraine - LifeSite Ed: "According to bioweapons expert Francis Boyle, Russia's accusation that Ukraine is conducting U.S.-funded bioweapons research appears to be accurate
If true, everyone involved is subject to life in prison under the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989
According to Boyle, the U.S. government and Pentagon have had a "comprehensive policy" to "surround Russia with biological warfare laboratories" and "preposition biological weapons" there for use against them"
04/14 16:26:52 Putin's defence minister Sergei Shoigu has had a 'massive heart attack not from natural causes' - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🎯 Putin is on the ropes. He is lashing out like Stalin now... And soon holes will appear in his inner circle ring of trust. No one can function without trusted delegates, and what delegate is going to trust Putin after he starts poisoning everyone?
04/14 10:52:41 Nazi hunter scolds Canada over Ukraine --RT World News Ed: "Azov fighters are neo-Nazis and Ottawa had to know this"

Israel has condemned Canadian troops for training neo-Nazi fighters in Ukraine, saying it was Ottawa's responsibility to make sure such things did not happen.

"The Canadian government didn't do its due diligence" --

This is what happens when your head of state, Trudeau, is a plant from Austrian Schwab's Young Global Leaders.
04/14 00:12:00 Biden Senior in alarming sex act Ed: 🎥 Given his age, does not look appropriate or consensual.
04/03 13:16:14 American unease grows at Joe Biden's conflicts of interest in Ukraine - Washington Times Ed: 🔎 And so it should be a concern. It seems there are shady deals rife throughout politics all over the globe.
03/29 23:47:06 Macron delivers ruble gas payments decision to Putin --media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Putin.. Oh FFS, give me the big red button. "The West will not agree to a Russia request to pay gas bills in rubles, French President Emmanuel Macron has told President Vladimir Putin, according to news agency Reuters." What the hell difference does it make?? I guess there are going to be a lot of cold people in Europe then.
03/29 16:28:50 Is Vladimir Putin set to ditch 'denazification' demand and let Ukraine join EU- - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🤔 that's a lot of pride you're swallowing there Mr Putin. It's a concern that Putin, who is said to have been in Schwab's Davos Cabal "young global leaders" club, and is therefore close to the EU, is allowing this. The EU hegemony is as corrupt as the one that has taken over have the American ruling class and indeed is likely pulling the strings via the Davos cabal.
03/29 14:01:30 Exclusive- Trump calls on Putin to release info on Hunter Biden's dealings with oligarchs - Just The News Ed: 🔴I find myself asking why on earth wasn't this offered by Putin earlier? It would take so much heat off him and obviously it could easily be the first step towards righting wrongs in America.
03/27 04:14:34 Greg Price on Twitter- --For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power,- Biden says of Vladimir Putin. Ed: 🔴 Sad to say, as much as Biden is illegitimate, this is correct. Putin may be on the side of right, but NOTHING permits savagery & butchery (and holding a nuke gun to the West's head). NOTHING! ZERO! He is worse than the Cabal. Even if there are Nazis and Biolabs, Putin sympathisers (of which I am one) must be pragmatic and recognize the bigger evil. Putin violated his own constitution, is a total dictator and is a massive nuclear threat - and must be treated like the rat he likes to consider himself to be.
03/24 15:53:04 Zelensky urged Biden not to sanction oligarch Abramovich- report Ed: ❓ this is highly suspicious and very much deserving of investigation. All Biden was doing was sanctioning abromavich, and Zelensky coming to his aid smacks of collusion between Abromavich, Zelensky and Putin. If Biden does as requested, you can be sure he too is part of that collusion.
03/23 17:13:05 Is President Biden compromised- - Washington Times Ed: 🔴 we know he is but we never tire of reading opinion pieces that helped confirm it.
03/23 15:47:35 Russian economist Chubais resigns as Putin's aide --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: Interesting history - he is now on the run
03/20 11:17:47 Ukraine war- Western agents seek to get inside Putin's head - BBC News Ed: U;L❓ This is the view from Lefty Liberal BBC. If our view is right (see today's analysis), then the BBC is controlled by Putin - keep in mind Gates contributes greatly to it (A state broadcast partly funded by a foreigner? How twisted is THAT?).
03/18 15:31:21 The Times finally admits Hunter Biden's laptop is real Ed: 💥 Or as Trump just put it, "The New York Times just admitted that it participated in an effort to rig the election for Joe Biden."
03/17 11:56:59 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russian President Addresses the World Over Ukraine U;L👇Worth a read for Hal's summary and a more detailed summary HERE from RT. See also today's analysis at
03/15 16:11:14 Roman Abramovich's 1bn superyachts and 49m private jet flee sanctions - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔴 Slimy weasel tried to distance himself Putin. I'd be fascinated to see the next conversation between the two. Very long desk involved I'm sure.
03/13 16:02:42 Turkey reveals Putin's stance on meeting Zelensky --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎RT (view in Edge)
03/13 05:04:24 Leading experts warned NATO expansion would lead to conflict. Why did no one listen- --RT World News Ed: 🏮 GOOD QUESTION! NATO became political, provocative and Anti Russia. There is no doubt in my mind it was intending to provoke and belittle Russia. In many ways, the policy has worked - with Russia well on the way to the financial abyss!
03/12 20:01:53 Ukraine's NATO membership was never 'imminent,' Stoltenberg claims --RT World News Ed: 🤔 Stoltenberg needs to shut right up. It was his bureaucratic dogged inflexible and robotic "We will expand where we like" rhetoric that got is into this mess along with Zelensky's equal warmongering rhetoric.
03/11 21:17:25 So This Is What They've Been Hiding - YouTube Ed: 🔺Russell Brand
"Claims that Ukraine has biological weapons labs have been labelled as conspiracy theory. But with a high-ranking diplomat confirming this week that Ukraine has biological research facilities, does this further raise the need for transparency around this complex war?"
03/11 10:47:38 Exclusive- WHO says it advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health labs to prevent disease spread - Reuters Unbelievable! If there are diseases that might spread, then that's a bioweapon! To quote Kagbabe, Translation: WHO advises Ukraine to destroy bio weapons and the 'conspiracy theorists' were right yet again (So they were biolabs!?!)
03/10 17:46:54 'The invasion of Ukraine is suicide for Putin,' says Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky - YouTube Ed: Very good analysis of one possible outcome - Revolution in Russia! Also discusses chances of Nuclear War.
03/10 17:38:45 Here are the Documents the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Scrubbed on 'Biological Threat Reduction' Labs - Becker News
03/09 21:50:04 You've Been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Began - YouTube 🎥 Complicated! Russel Brand. Thank goodness at least Russel makes it interesting by adding a little humour. Ps: We agree with him.
03/09 14:16:10 Russia not seeking regime change in Ukraine --Foreign Ministry --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 Unfortunately, we now know we can't trust Putin, but I do sense Russia is scaling back it's ambitions, so that is a tiny bit of good news.
03/09 13:03:46 BioLabs- Top State Department official Victoria Nuland confirms Ukraine has multiple biological labs
03/08 11:09:34 'Always respect Russia,' Macron urges --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 White flag non?
• "To combat a brotherly people and to wish to destroy and to humiliate it with the worst means, this is a historic mistake," Macron said.
• "there is no lasting peace if Russia is not engaged in a great architecture of peace on our continent."
• "always respect Russia as a country and Russian people"

Well, we always report both sides of the story.
03/08 11:02:35 Cryptocurrency platform blocks 25,000 Russian accounts --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
03/07 15:31:01 Mastercard Statement on Suspension of Russian Operations 🔎 Russia, the faster you chase that madman Putin out, the sooner all this can be returned to normal. He is in the Ural Mountains (you can tell by the green screen artifact in this video he is faking - that means all you have to do is set up an alternate government and leave him there.
03/07 13:40:05 China-Backed Bank Halts Lending to Russia, Belarus - The Moscow Times Ed: ⚡ Extremely good news for world peace (if true). When your only pal is Xi, and you no longer get his support, Putin, it is time to crawl back into the sewer where you came from.
03/07 13:36:24 Russian Tech Giant Yandex Says Might Default - The Moscow Times Ed: 🤔 the company, often called the "Russian Google" for its size and breadth of services, was suspended from trading on New York's digital stock exchange. Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange this week halted all listings of Russian companies until they explain how they will be impacted by sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies in the wake of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. (Odd requirement!)
03/05 13:58:58 Ukraine Puts Off Evacuation of Key Port Besieged by Russian Forces - The Moscow Times Ed: 🔎 Raises alarm bells. If Russia is not observing a ceasefire as required to allow it, that's bad. If Ukraine is using the populace as a human shield, that's bad!
03/05 13:55:41 PayPal shuts down operations in Russia --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🤔 Wow! Putin is really getting hammered. Our standard disclaimer - whether or not you think Putin is reasonably cleaning out corruption, NOTHING justifies and invasion.
03/05 12:33:21 There's More To This - YouTube Ed: 📽 The hypocrisy (Russel Brand) - Politicians across the world have been busy expressing their admiration for Russians risking arrest to take part in anti-war marches - but that didn't stop them voting to restrict the right to protest in their own countries.
03/01 14:07:12 Putin's war tests China's nuclear pact with Ukraine - Washington Times Ed: 🤔 Who knew there was such a thing. At the time (2012) China and Russia were not on good terms. Jeff Nyquist, a specialist in these things, believes the disagreement was a ruse to put the West at ease as they armed up. If so, Ukraine you can forget that pact!
02/28 17:46:33 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Twitter- -President @ZelenskyyUa has signed application for the membership of #Ukraine in the Eu U;L🤔 Something is amiss here. This is a dumb moment. The EU is WORSE than Putin. The EU STARTED this in 2014. The EU is the shoulders upon which Schwab's head sits, spouting "great reset", a WORSE communism. And Zelensky did it DURING PEACE TALKS to spite Putin? Just throw some more civilians under the tanks why not? As much as I came to admire Zelensky, this is exactly the kind of populist provocation of Putin we have seen time and again.

Anyone remember why Putin came calling in April 2021? Because Zelensky ORDERED his forces to retake Crimea "by force if necessary".

People in this thread are also
asking why he flirts with danger around such recognizable buildings?

Keep an eye open for very complex chess moves.. Is the reason Z'sky is so brave because he is NOT a target? Is he in fact a Shill for Schwab? Or for Putin? He is an actor after all... And a Russian native (as well as a Jew).
02/28 17:07:23 Ukraine-Russia negotiations have reached 'certain decisions' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union 🏮 (More talks later). Meanwhile, "While the talks were ongoing, Zelensky sent a formal request for Ukraine's EU membership to Brussels". That seems to be what Zelensky is about - twofaced warmonger. Just as bad as Putin. Zelensky .. didn't really believe [it] would succeed, but thought they were "a chance, however small, to de-escalate..". Then he provoked Putin some more with his EU agenda. Why not just sabotage your own peace talks? Throw a few more civilian lives under the bus? Anyway, someone with a brain in the EU rejected it - Ukraine's EU membership 'not on the agenda' - Borrell
02/26 22:09:03 Zelensky- The comedian president who is rising to the moment - BBC News Ed: 🔎 definitely a better war leader, but not such a good peacetime leader, as he has to take responsibility for getting them into this mess too.
02/23 13:01:12 Tucker Carlson Tonight 2-22-22 FULL - UKRAINE February 22, 2022 - YouTube Ed: U;L🎥 A good roundup albeit we think it is too pro Putin. Remember, Putin is in the Cabal - see our new Analysis -248/ today on
02/20 15:06:07 Russian State TV Is So Ridiculous Right Now It Looks Like a Farce U;L🤔 Looks like the West isn't the only ones to be lamenting media liars. A revealing twitter thread from Russians themselves is HERE.
02/09 17:21:00 Hunter Biden tried to broker oil deal between Chinese firm and ex-Kazakh prime minister, emails show - Daily Mail Online
02/06 13:36:52 Repairman Details Work With Hunter Biden's 'Laptop From Hell' U;L🔎 When you get a headline like Russia issues 'metaverse' warning - RT, you know it's a slow news day! An opportunity to log some more interesting observations then, such as this.
02/04 14:05:44 Classified State Department email declared Hunter Biden 'undercut' U.S. efforts in Ukraine - Just The News U;L🔎 This is just an update on our early 2021 analysis of the VP Biden's manipulation of the Ukraine (under Obama). See also: Judge lets convicted Hunter Biden business partner freely roam globe while awaiting sentencing
01/31 13:04:01 Schweizer- 'The Biden Family May Be Compromised' Ed: 🎯☠💰"..the Biden family has received some $31 million from businessmen in China," Schweizer advised. "Each and every one of those businessmen has direct ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.... it's of national security. And I think it raises questions - very serious questions - about the fact that the Biden family may be compromised."
"..this [Chinese] guy is neck-deep in the world of Chinese espionage and spying," he added. "This should be setting off sirens everywhere in Washington, D.C."
01/25 14:53:38 NATO member will withdraw troops in event of war with Russia --president --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union U;L🎯 (Croatia) - Strong words AGAIN from Croatia.

"Not only will we not send the military, but if there is an escalation, we will recall every last Croatian military man," Milanovic said. "This has nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia, it has to do with the dynamics of American domestic politics, Joe Biden and his administration, which I supported".

He should have said it was the EU (but Croatia is in the EU). Nonetheless I'm sure the EU was getting a lot of help from the CIA in starting the 2014 coup which started all this.
01/23 17:06:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - Nuke-War Simulation - 91 Million casualties on day 1 Ed: 🤔 Very gloomy but also full of facts. in particular, Hal near enough proves (with credible links) that the recent Kazakhstan Riot was another attempted coup like the 2014 one in the Ukraine sponsored by the US. Kazakhstan is at least as well strategically placed to nuke Russia's Silos before they could launch - which seems to be what this is all about.
01/09 20:36:06 Hal Turner Radio Show - Ukraine President Zelensky Implicated With MI-6 in Kazakhstan Overthrow Attempt Ed: This looks crazy. No cites, just this "My former colleagues in the Intelligence Community, from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, have conveyed very much more to me about the behind-the-scenes activities surrounding last week's attempt to overthrow the government of Kazakhstan, in order for the West to harm Russia. "
01/01 11:45:28 Ukrainians name 9 oligarchs who dominate country --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔎 including president ZELENSKY! Interesting that this is following the same rot that has invaded almost all western countries.. extreme wealth influencing politics, not being redistributed.
12/16 15:56:51 With Russia Poised to Invade, Joe Biden's Caution Frustrates Ukraine 🏮 Quote
• Kyiv source accuses U.S. of "slow-balling emergency military supplies"
• Senior diplomat fears Ukraine "might become a victim" of U.S.-Russia deal
• "In a way, Putin already achieved what he wanted."

Might be one of the smarter things Biden has done but not sure the appearance of fighter craft and Carriers reflect this article. Kiev (US: Kyiv) only has itself and the EU to blame.
12/09 12:20:41 No NATO for foreseeable future, Biden to tell Ukraine --media --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 BIDEN BLINKED! This is a total stand down of escalations and, if it continues, is something we can all breath more easily over.
12/08 16:18:16 The plot to kill off the Soviet Union --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
12/01 15:00:03 Half of Ukraine's army has now been deployed to Donbass --Moscow --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🏮 125K troops + much hardware. Zelensky, the EU / Biden puppet shill, is determined to cause trouble.
12/01 13:47:19 Hal - Former Foreign Minister said Ukraine plans to launch missiles at Russian nuclear power plants Ed: 🔴 Outrageous. Not least because it is a home goal for the Ukraine and the entire planet. A single obliterated Nuclear Plant will emit more radioactive matter than a nuclear war and several such attack would be a mass-extinction event (this is from Seth Holehouse research - I think - where no side, China, US, Russia, is planning such a thing as it is too disastrous)
12/01 03:18:20 Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 6-09 PM (SEE BOTTOM) Something Serious is up- Russian President Putin to make -Urgent- Statem Ed: 🔴 Definitely worth a read!
11/30 14:24:24 US, NATO warn Russia over new aggression in Ukraine Ed: 🏮"If some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of Ukraine, the flight time to Moscow will be 5-10 minutes... - just imagine," Putin said. "Creating such threats (in Ukraine) poses red lines for us," he added.
11/28 23:11:24 Hunter Biden agreed to spread Chinese influence for $10 MILLION a year and an $80,000 diamond - Daily Mail Online
09/29 18:01:15 Hunter Colleague Who Arranged China Officials' Meet with Joe Biden in White House Has Connections to Mob Ed: This is a pretty deep rabbit hole if you think about it...
09/23 11:21:55 -You Got Child Pornography on that Hard Drive - The Pictures of the Young Girl with No Clothes On Ed: 🔎Giuliani Speaks Out on Hunter Biden's Laptop
09/22 10:23:53 Politico, which joined MSM chorus dismissing Hunter Biden laptop scoop as 'Russian disinfo,' confirms authenticity of key ema Ed: 🔎 Does this mean another reason to Impeach?
08/23 13:39:24 Girl in Austria Raped and Murdered by Afghan Asylum Seekers --MEDIA BLACKOUT - News Punch Ed: 🏮They treat woman and girls worse than dogs. Is this who we just let overrun Kabul??
08/13 00:43:00 By indulging Ukraine's claims to Crimea, West is encouraging country's 'neo-Nazi' government policy, thunders Russian FM Lavr
08/13 00:42:47 Hunter Biden tells prostitute in video he lost ANOTHER laptop containing 'crazy sex' footage, blames the Russians --media --R
05/26 20:39:37 Did Media CENSOR Joe-Hunter Biden Corruption Report- - YouTube
05/06 20:31:13 Blinken's visit - Corruption eats away at Ukraine's democracy from the inside --UNIAN
05/02 14:26:35 Feds eye Rudy Giuliani ties to ex-Ukrainian top prosecutor
04/29 00:51:34 United States to act firmly in response to Russia's actions that harm them or their allies, partners --diplomat
04/06 10:05:45 Talk of nuclear strike in Ukraine on Russian public television
03/18 21:15:15 BIDEN CAUGHT LEAKED CALL .......-
01/21 12:29:36 Hunter Biden- What was he doing in Ukraine and China- - BBC News
01/17 12:26:58 Biden gone MAD after SHOCKING crimes of Hunter REVEALED to Bill Barr's team - YouTube
01/11 09:42:05 The Latest Hunter Biden Bombshells Are Being CENSORED By Big Tech and Blacked Out By the Media
12/28 12:44:15 How Silicon Valley scions launched 'unprecedented cover-up' in Hunter Biden case - Washington Times
12/27 11:05:20 Jon Ossoff's China ties compound Democratic Party's Hunter Biden, Eric Swalwell woes - Washington Times
12/21 22:50:02 What Is AG Barr Doing- Why Did He Just Say He Won't Appoint A Special Counsel For Hunter Biden- - YouTube
12/21 17:43:39 EXCLUSIVE- Carter Page Was Accused of Doing with Russia Exactly What Hunter Biden Did with China
12/21 13:46:17 Joe Biden's Niece Charged With Serious Crimes - USSA News - The Tea Party's Front Page
12/21 10:32:33 Hunter Biden case turns intelligence professionals into partisan activists - Washington Times
12/13 19:20:22 Twitter bans a second @nypost video about Hunter Biden
12/13 14:31:41 Hunter Biden Called His Father and Chinese Business Partner 'Office Mates' in September 2017 Email
12/13 14:31:24 Trump Suggests Barr Should Have Revealed Hunter Biden Probe Before Election
12/12 07:45:37 Latest Biden leaks over Ukraine ;Parler (Skip to 0345 - Sorry, better more permanent link to follow soon)
12/11 23:32:47 Hunter Biden 'coverup'- Mainstream media under fire for ignoring story before election - Washington Times
12/09 23:22:28 US Attorney's Office in Delaware Is Investigating Hunter Biden's Taxes
12/06 12:16:34 About the Investigation - The Atlantic (neutral)
11/25 16:03:31 Repairman Who Gave Alleged Hunter Biden Data to Giuliani Closes Shop Over Threats- Lawyer
11/24 18:52:39 Biden talking 6 openly with Porachenko 2016, IMF @34;37
11/24 18:47:19 Biden talking 5 openly with Porachenko 2016, @31;01 - Copy
11/24 18:41:15 Biden talking 4 openly with President Porachenko 2016, I never misled you, @28;49
11/24 18:35:44 Biden talking 3 openly with President Porachenko 2016, gets stroppy, @25;20
11/24 18:23:52 Biden AND URKRAINE!! - YouTube
11/24 18:19:29 Biden talking in Ukraine
11/24 18:13:06 Biden talking 2 openly with President Porachenko 2016 - mentions billion dollars for cooperation @22;25
11/24 18:08:29 Biden talking 1 openly with local officials
11/24 18:05:18 interfax MP Derkach conferences - Google Search
11/24 18:04:46 interfax biden conferences - Google Search
11/24 18:04:30 Burisma paid Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying --Ukrainian MP
11/24 17:02:27 Biden AND UKRAINE press conf - Parler
01/24 12:24:43 Giuliani- I can't sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden - YouTube



Prelude To Atomic War in April 2021

For full opinion, see 2021 Ukraine & Global War Summary.

This is an archived video, April 6th, of Russian Officials openly discussing the use of Strategic Nuclear munitions. Transcript is below. Description: "Analysts on Russia's state television suggest dropping nukes in the event of further escalation in Eastern Ukraine ! "That would scare the Americans and give us initiative," he said on the show, among other things. In Russian state TV, experts gladly discuss Russian nuclear strike in case of further escalation in Ukraine. "This will make Americans fear and we will be able to do what we want""

Transcript (Auto by Youtube, translated by Google - some would not translate as can be seen):

Carole on Ukraine Info War, Feb 27, 2022

Preface to a cyber war revellation

Carole Cadwalla

@carolecadwalla - Twitter

Wiki: "British author, investigative journalist and features writer. She is a features writer for The Observer and formerly worked at The Daily Telegraph.[1] Cadwalladr rose to international prominence in 2018 when she exposed the FacebookCambridge Analytica data scandal."

Yellings Op Ed:

We don't agree with it all, especially not the needless Trump barb in tweet #13/ which demonstrates that she is under the same bigoted spell as millions on the left, and somewhat discredits her acumen.

HOWEVER, it demonstrates an overall understanding that we arrived at recently, that Putin is taking us all for fools, manipulating us and elections, and that more importantly, he is coming after all of us, not just the Ukraine (the #Nyquist Scenario).
File:Light-bulb.png - Wikimedia Commons
That lightbulb moment came when for us, just before the invasion, and even before the "peace keeping" romp in the Donbass, when we saw Putin "retreating", or, as his press wanted us to hear, troops started going home. There were videos of trains full of tanks leaving the Crimea, etc.

Somehow that made me, Yellings editor, angry. Because then it became abundantly clear he was psychologically fooling us and tormenting people. Why? Because how could he be so concerned about the Ukraine being in NATO one minute, then just switch off all that passion like "who cares?".

It became clear this was all a show. Worse was to come cementing the idea in place - Putin came back again and built up a bigger force, all the time saying "we will not invade", "we are not going to invade". He even went as far as mocking the West for constantly jumping to conclusions. Then he did invade, wiping out all the credibility of his own word along with all his various long suffering press mouthpieces at a stroke (they must have been angry and confused as they realized they were caught up in the lie, because it is quite clear, some in [eg:] RT actually believed they were being honest and good journalists).

Then I read up about the use of Fear and Cognitive Dissonance and how it is used to manipulate and confuse us, breaking our individual confidence in our own ability to reason, hence a kind of mile hypnosis - where, for example, people can ignore prima facie election fraud, cannot see the illogical hypocrisy in labeling non vaxers as endangering the vaxed, and think nothing of banning free speech for a sitting president. I'll try and find links to these findings later.

Obviously she understands the machinations better than we do. She claims this info / cyber war has been going on since 2014.

Thread from HERE added Feb 28

Mega Thread:

Ok. Deep breath.

I think we may look back on this as the first Great Information War. Except we're already 8 years in.

The first Great Information War began in 2014. The invasion of Ukraine is the latest front. And the idea it doesn't already involve us is fiction, a lie.
10:05 PM Feb 27, 2022Twitter Web App

Carole Cadwalladr

Replying to
It was Putin's fury at the removal of President Yankovych in Feb 2014 that kicked everything off. Information operations were first crucial step in invasion of Crimea & Donbass. A deliberate attempt to warp reality to confuse both Ukrainians & the world.
Carole Cadwalladr

This was not new. The Soviets had practiced "dezinformatsiya" for years. But what was new in 2014 was technology. Social media. It was a transformative moment. "Hybrid warfare" on steroids: a golden Willy Wonka ticket to manipulate hearts & minds. Almost completely invisibly.
Carole Cadwalladr

But it wasn't just Ukraine. We now know Russia began another offensive in Feb 2014. Against the West. Specifically, but not exclusively, America. How do we know this? Because the FBI conducted a forensic, multi-year investigation. That almost no-one paid any attention to.
Carole Cadwalladr

The Mueller Report. You've heard of it. But probably as a headline about how it didn't "prove" collusion between the Kremlin & Trump campaign. We can come back to that. What it did prove - BEYOND ANY DOUBT - was that Russia attacked 2016 US election through multiple routes.
Carole Cadwalladr

And just *one* of the ways Russia attacked 2016 US election was via the tech platforms. Especially: Facebook. This was a military technique, it pioneered in Ukraine in 2014. By 2016, it refined, iterated & supersized these. Most brilliantly of all, they were entirely invisible
Carole Cadwalladr

And it wasn't just Russia. Companies such as Cambridge Analytica. Political operatives such as Manafort. Amoral opportunists such as Cummings. They learned how to exploit a platform that was totally open - anyone could do so. And totally closed - no-one could see how.
Carole Cadwalladr

But also it *was* Russia. That's what the Mueller Report proves. And, again, Ukraine is at centre of it all.(Read
's thread here. Note walk-on role for Arron Banks's business partner & his friend the Russian spy)
Quote Tweet
Tamsin Shaw
  Feb 24
Are there still people out there who think the alarm over GOP-Russia ties in 2016 was cooked up by HRC? It was always about Ukraine. Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Konstantin Kilimnik (Russian intelligence agent) took Trump a plan for Ru taking Eastern Ukraine 1/6
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Carole Cadwalladr

In 2016, we knew none of this. Russia & other bad actors acted with impunity &, in some cases alignment. But now, through the sheer bloody hard work of academics, journalists & FBI, we do know.

But it was complex, messy, difficult. So..We brushed it all under the carpet
Carole Cadwalladr

We failed to acknowledge Russia had staged a military attack on the West. We called it "meddling". We used words like "interference". It wasn't. It was warfare. We've been under military attack for eight years now.
Carole Cadwalladr

This failure is at the heart of what is happening now in Ukraine. Because the first offensive in the Great Information War was from 2014-2022. And Putin won.

And he won by convincing us it wasn't even a war.
Carole Cadwalladr

We fell for it. We said it was "just ads" that "don't work anyhow". And "a bot didn't tell me to vote". Facebook is still an open threat surface. Exploited by authoritarians from Philippines to India to Brazil to Hungary. It's maybe not a world war. But the world is at war.
Carole Cadwalladr

Meanwhile, in Britain, we're a captured state. In America, the institutions of govt worked. Even in spite of Trump. The authorities investigated. Individuals were indicted, charged, jailed. The hostile actions of a foreign state examined & unpicked.
Carole Cadwalladr

(Not that it mattered.) The US media & therefore public failed to understand the real lessons of Mueller Report. And in the UK? We didn't even bother trying. We allowed Johnson's govt to sweep 2016 under the carpet. Nigel Farage. Arron Banks. Facebook. Russia. The lot.
Carole Cadwalladr

But it wasn't 'just ads'. It was war. And it's absolutely crucial that we now understand that Putin's attack on Ukraine & the West was a JOINT attack on both.  

That began at the exact same time.

Across the exact same platforms.
Carole Cadwalladr

And this new front, the invasion of Ukraine, is not just about Ukraine. We are part of the plan. We have always been part of the plan. And Ukraine is not just fighting for Ukraine but for the rest of us too.
Carole Cadwalladr

And maybe that could be why we've failed to understand Putin's strategy in Ukraine? Because it's not just a strategy in Ukraine. It's directed at us too. And that's what makes this such a uniquely perilous moment. Not least, because we still don't understand we're at war.
Carole Cadwalladr

If it helps, the penny dropped for me with Skripal. Planned by the GRU - Russia's military intelligence. As was the weaponised hack-&-leak of Hillary's emails. Military doctrine carried out by military officials in  military operations. Just like the one now in Ukraine.
Carole Cadwalladr

Anyway. You may think this is obvious or simplistic or naive. (It's all 3.) But fuck it. I don't care. Because what I've realised is that I've been an (information) war reporter for last 6 years. And the online equivalent of a thermobaric bomb has sucked the oxygen out of me
Carole Cadwalladr

The story of Arron Banks is intertwined with every single element of the above. That's for another time. What matters now is Ukraine. And the key to helping it is to understand that Putin isn't just coming for us next. He already has.
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