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Bring On The Generals

This video and analysis of US Military General & Chief corruption has been moved to HERE!

Latest Mockery June 5, 2021, ref reinstated trump

As it was reported Trump was going to be reinstated over the last week, a myriad Lefty Loudmouths went full swivel eyed loon at the thought of it, and started using it to further denigrate Trump. We can't find evidence Trump actually said that he expects to be reinstated, but the left are sure making fools out of themselves .. It's at times hilarious to see the childish name calling. Here's a little treasure trove of Woke brained retardation at it's best... (Don't read if you are sensitive).

Earlier(end 2020)

 Google has Shadow Banned Sidney Powell website - see story at page bottom

The Smears & Disrespect..

Trump's "Drain The Swamp" was a brave policy when you consider it just pitted the entire establishment against him, BUT, has anyone ever attracted as much personal and legal attacks as Donald Trump? So much of it should be rebutted with Libel and Slander cases, but the mark of a great man is to gracefully side step and carry on...

The article Here: -- It's Not Him. It's You - re TDS and the enduring Trump-hatred - Frontpagemag -- helps to explain why and how the propaganda and gaslighting against POTUS Trump was and is so effective.

Banned Speech

The banning of GOP press releases, reports, ads etc, are as recorded here, but particularly egregious is the removal of evidence. We started keeping a collection of removed evidence videos here.


These smears are not just out-and-out abuse, but include clever subtle psychological put downs, designed to mock, delegitimize and gaslight, but also include straight out childish journalistic name calling.

The tone of this story from the independent , a supposedly respectable newspaper in the UK, is a good example (copied excerpt) ..

Donald Trump continued his attacks on Georgia's state leadership beyond midnight last night as he raged at officials' refusal to entertain his lies about the US election.

The president tweeted a clip from the faux-news channel OAN, which he has pushed as an alternative to Fox News, while warning the governor, Brian Kemp, that "Georgia is watching". He also attacked lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan as "dumb".

The tantrum came after Georgia re-certified Joe Biden's election victory following two recounts.

" particular, note the red highlighted choice of words, and their gaslighting impact - ie: the labeling of OAN as "faux-news" and POTUS's assertions as lies (note the way such opinions/smears are portrayed as unhesitating, unquestionable fact). The word "tantrum" is just childish. 

Indeed, it seems reasonable draw comparisons with Germany's 1940's propaganda machine that repeatedly portrayed Jewish citizens as vermin, making their disposal an easier pill to swallow. A copy of the above was submitted to archive org here as the page is in a dynamic feed. Editors note - by 2020/12/08 13:42:02 GMT, some 10 minutes later, it had already changed when we did the archive, but the only thing removed from the above original is the OAN smear.

Google has Shadow Banned Sidney Powell website 27-Jan-2021

Scroll Below Tiles.

How can you trust a Search Engine that modifies search results along partisan lines?

Scroll Below Tiles.
06/25 10:32:06 New York shooting - is it fake- Ed: ❓ This compelling footage shows the Buffalo shooting LOOKS FAKE. Please note this video depicts a violent shooting - you may likely find it upsetting.

Our Analysis? 60% likely real. Shooting does not immediately involve bleeding out (depends on bullet type). The lying down person who is shot in the head had a convincing, instant "knee jerk" reaction. The person who fell at the rear of the car may have simply had the reaction to get down - the gunman followed up with direct shots at him later. The woman who was first shot violently hit the pavement head first in a way which would be hard to fake.

However, if it is in anyway contrived, it says all manner of things about what is going on.

The comments added to the video on telegram tell a story in themselves. Stay sharp folks.
05/13 11:30:15 yellings on Twitter - Twitter Deal On HOLD - We said Musk will be silenced Ed: See his official confirmation below the main tweet body. The FDA and FBI are very much harassing him at the moment, and with new "ministry of truth" laws forcing him to censor. This, plus death threats, means it's all unravelling. This is an excuse to back out. At least this will have woken him up and we know what side he is on.
05/10 15:23:45 on Twitter- -NEW - EU Commission is expected to publish the draft law on -chat control- tomorrow. Ed: 📢

Lawmakers seek AI-based checks of all message content & images directly on users' devices.

Critics say this is an attack on the digital privacy of correspondence and leads to mass surveillance.
05/10 09:36:19 SHAMEFUL- FOX News WOULD NOT ALLOW Catherine Engelbrecht to Mention Her Movie -2000 Mules- When She Went on With Tucker Carls Ed: 📢 I made two predictions yesterday - 1/ 2000 Mules would be banned and ignored, has already come true. NewsMax has also blocked it.. 2/ The other prediction, to save you looking it up, is that Musk will be silenced, hopefully not violently. The FDA is currently looking into have the purchase of Twitter... Say no more.
05/06 10:47:59 US states sue Biden over Big Tech 'collusion' --RT World News Ed: "As outlined in our lawsuit, it's clear that top officials in the Biden Administration have colluded with social media companies to censor free speech, and we're working to hold them accountable." - Missouri and Louisiana Attorneys General
05/01 14:28:54 EU warns Elon Musk over Twitter moderation plans - Financial Times
EU approves groundbreaking rules to police Big Tech platformsU;L -- The EU calls it Digital Services Act;
1• Musk makes offer to buy Twitter; 2• Obama & Hillary Clinton give speeches about "For too long, people have been spreading disinformation without accountability. EU is doing something about it";
3• Musk buys
4• EU passes it into law in less than a week.
5• Musk is formally given a warning..
Financial Times - summed up in this Tweet (if paywall interferes)

Only despots can go that fast.
05/01 14:21:57 EU approves groundbreaking rules to police Big Tech platforms - Jnews U;L📢 The EU calls it Digital Services Act;
1• Musk makes offer to buy Twitter; 2• Obama & Hillary Clinton give speeches about "For too long, people have been spreading disinformation without accountability. EU is doing something about it";
3• Musk buys
4• EU passes it into law in less than a week.
5• Musk is formally given a warning..
Financial Times - summed up in this tweet (if paywall interferes)

Only despots can go that fast.
05/01 13:50:48 America flirts with George Orwell '1984' and a Department of Disinformation - Washington Times Ed: 📢 It's no longer news, but this is a good summary.
04/29 12:47:31 Biden staff leads 50-country pledge to 'reclaim' internet Ed: 🔴 Biden's ministry of truth has landed. This is very serious folks. The Marxist take down of the West is accelerating at an unbelievable rate.
04/28 11:36:25 US unveils plans to ramp up censorship --RT World News Ed: it is WAR - cyber warfare, free speech versus WEF's CIA Goons. We need to support Elon any way we can.
04/25 13:53:35 Hillary Clinton, Russia Hoax Mastermind, is Backing a Global Censorship Bill That Would Change the Internet Forever - Becker U;L🔴This is just chilling! Here's what she said.. For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability. The EU is poised to do something about it.

That is going to be a huge headache for Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter! Nb: This is the subject of today's analysis on
04/21 10:06:07 YouTube censors Tucker Carlson interview with 'detransitioned' woman exposing dangers of trans lifestyle - LifeSite Ed: 🔴 If you were in any doubt before, now you know who the evil ones are.
04/20 16:53:23 TUCKER The German Government is funding a foreign intelligence operation which harvests American citizens' private Twitter data Ed: 🔴through the 'Prototype Fund' to censor and ban right-wingers who speak out against groomers, transgenderism and immigration
04/18 14:34:12 Jack Dorsey rips Twitter board --RT Business News Ed: 🔎 "Good boards don't create good companies, but a bad board will kill a company every time," one user said.
"Big facts," Dorsey replied.". Infighting in anti-democratic big tech companies is a good thing.
04/18 13:07:27 Sponsored- We're suing Twitter and we need your help Ed: 🔴 Sponsored but such a noble cause we pass it on as news. Personally, I want to see Google and Apple sued much more. We are simply blocked on Apple iPhones and Google have show blocked us from search results. We are not even that vigorous in views, sometimes criticizing the conspiracy theories and even occasionally supporting some of the main stream narratives. However, it seems unless we are good little bowing and scraping sycophants that welcome and worship and dance to whatever mandate is hurled at us, we don't fit. So if you have seen a curtailment of our output, that's why. We also asked many times for support, and got none except from those can't afford it, despite that it is in the interests of the better-off to support independents. Just sayin'. 😀
04/13 12:18:59 Canada PM Justin Trudeau seeking to forcibly silence news outlet - YouTube Ed: 🔴 Tucker on the world's newest fascist dictator. Reporters now to be licensed or will be delisted by Google and Facebook. Trudy must be labelled as an international pariah along with sputum Putin.
04/07 07:24:57 Twitter bans US Marine for questioning Ukraine narrative --RT World News Ed: 🤔 This is why we must jail these retarded liberals... Even with the spectre of Musk breathing down their necks, they exhibit zero logical process other than to hit out at that which they do not understand.
02/23 21:07:58 'I watch RT every day --I've never seen a lie' --Ken Livingstone - YouTube
02/23 17:05:42 Twitter just banned well know Ukrainian Activist Serhii Sternenko @sternenko Seems like Twitter is doing a number on Ukrainians for the Cabal. This message too -- Seems also many OSINT accounts were banned at the exact same minute ... Many believe there is an inside job going on at Twitter. OSINT is Open-source intelligence .. ie: part of an amateur intel gathering group.
02/17 11:38:41 Bombshell- Hillary's spying on Trump called 'whole new level of corruption' U;L💥 Not just spying, but planting false evidence. See also HERE.
01/16 13:38:25 Facebook blocks account of Russia's delegation to military security talks in Vienna - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS Ed: ⚡ Not content with blocking a sitting president, big tech now blocks and entire country who so far have been trying to get the message across that they have been maligned and badly treated. This is a tragic day for peace. Apparently speaking up for yourself is disinformation. Democratically get the gallows back - Zuck for the noose!
01/09 04:01:04 YouTube claims 'mistake' in pulling music video critical of Biden --RT World News Ed: ⭐ It's pretty obvious what is going on here.. This is lefty communist imbecile enablers doing their masters bidding but overstepping into territory their masters do not want to be seen in YET!
01/02 20:24:32 Twitter deplatforms Republican lawmaker over Covid 'misinformation' --RT World News Ed: ⚡ Marjorie Taylor Greene .. and now it is said the be permanent.
12/22 11:27:26 Berlin forces EU satellite operator to take RT's German TV broadcast off air --RT World News Ed: 🏮 More unnecessary provocation!
12/17 14:36:02 Russia demands YouTube restore RT's German broadcast channel --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🔴 These arrogant scum.. I hope if there is a war and that Russia sends guided missiles directly into Google's (& Youtube's) offices around the world... Preferably neutron ones to boil their faces off before melting their internals. But jokes aside, I do hope Russia shows these upstarts whose boss. Big Tech and MSM have done UNTOLD damage to our world. Sadly, this is yet just one more reason why there will be War.
12/04 02:12:59 Instagram account @PopulistGOP has been banned - kagbabe Ed: ⚠ This is still going on FULL STEAM. You could not imagine a more neutral "facts only" reporter than the popular Kagbabe. WHY IS THIS TOLERATED? WHERE IS THE RESISTANCE?
11/04 19:50:28 Is This A JOKE-- -Let's Go Brandon!- Now BANNED-! - YouTube Ed: ❓ A bit of humour - but kind of misses the evil of censorship, esp socialist censorship against conserves. But he uses this as a foil to avoid censorship on his podcast.
10/26 13:36:28 Google Censors Animal Rights Activists' Ad Criticizing Fauci-Backed Experiments Ed: ⚠ Google is now the mouthpiece of Democrats / Big Pharma / Big Gig Government It is NO LONGER a search engine! - Quote "To spread the word, we attempted to run Google search ads so that when people searched for NIH or Fauci or Fauci dogs, they'd see ads about the experiments that are being funded by the NIH," Justin Goodman, the VP of Advocacy and Public Policy at the organization, told me.
But the same day they began running these ads on Google, August 23rd, they were quickly pulled down by the company.
"Not only did they take them down, but they suspended our account. It remains suspended now. And they've refused to provide any information about what was wrong with the ads and why they took them down
10/25 10:49:59 Video- Rapper Speaks Out After YouTube, Instagram Ban His 'Let's Go Brandon' Song How pathetic! Background: At NASCAR.. "The crowd was chanting "F### Joe Biden," but the reporter claimed they were cheering, "Let's go Brandon" for winning driver Brandon Brown. "Let's Go Brandon" immediately trended on social media and ignited a tidal wave of memes. The anti-Biden slogan is the title of two rap songs topping the iTunes chart."
10/13 08:48:35 Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about elites to Americans - YouTube Ed: 🔴 DOJ being turned against us. Terror laws too. Powerful speech by Tulsi.
10/12 16:18:16 Bild roasts YouTube for stifling free speech in Germany after court rules it was wrong to delete Covid-19 interviews --RT Wor Ed: 🏮 The real story is that Google's Youtube is a corrupt arm of the cabal.. why don't some investigative journo's look into this? Oh yeah, they're controlled too.
10/10 09:49:46 Hal Turner Radio Show - Air Traffic Controllers WALK-OUT over Vax Mandate Ed: ⚠ The more intriguing things is the MSM blackout -- sloppy and starting to awaken the great unaware - because you can't hide something this big and have people not seeing the MSM deliberately banning it..
08/21 18:22:07 Ron DeSantis' Press Aide Slams Twitter for Booting Her and Allowing the Taliban Ed: 🔴Just in case you needed reminding you are in the grip of a coup with deep rooted political oppression.
08/19 17:00:37 Fmr. Google employee reveals company changed news algorithm to target President Trump - One America News Network Ed: ⚡Yes, just type in the word yellings into google. We're not there, not even on p5. Type same word into any other search - we're at the top (thanks Bing, Yahoo, Duck, etc). So tell me again how Google has 92% of the market? If all reps and conserves stopped using them, that would drop to under 50%.
07/23 13:40:24 Instagram restores posts issuing DEATH THREATS against Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei, claiming these are in 'public interest' --R Ed: ⚡🤔apparently "public interest" is only served for the less than half Americans who didn't voted Trump.
07/21 16:20:09 WATCH- Joe Biden's pick to lead ATF openly mocks gun owners - The Post Millennial Ed: 🔎that guy goes straight on the ledger!
07/20 14:25:29 LIVE- Marjorie Taylor Greene Banned From Twitter Amid Fake News Row
07/08 16:37:36 HUGE! Trump & Patriots Are Taking On Big Tech. Here's How You Can Help - YouTube Ed: 🏮🏮
07/03 12:57:29 LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots Ed: ⚖🔴🔴
07/01 09:52:07 PolitiFact - In attack on Bill Barr, Trump repeats falsehood about 2020 election
06/20 23:31:13 Maria Bartiromo Vows to 'Keep Telling the Truth'
06/07 14:02:15 Former Deputy PM Turned Facebook Executive Defends 2-Year Trump Suspension
06/05 12:19:55 Trump expects to be 'reinstated' as president by August- reporter - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalis
05/13 15:01:25 INSANE- Twitter IGNORES Violent Tweets, Some Call for Palestine to 'Fight' Israel - Newsbusters
05/13 14:30:35 Facebook Blocks Military Museum Video Chronicling America's WWII Contributions-
05/06 16:03:10 Twitter boots account mimicking Trump's new blog - POLITICO
05/02 12:05:32 Mike Lindell Takes On Jimmy Kimmel In Tense Interview
04/29 13:24:46 California Officials, Biden-Linked Firm Coordinated With Big Tech to Censor Election Posts- Judicial Watch
04/28 01:13:11 Going easy on Joe- WaPo drops presidential fact-checking database they maintained under Trump after Biden's 100 days --RT USA
04/24 20:24:38 Pro-Russian TV channels - YouTube shuts down Medvedchuk's TV channels --UNIAN
04/19 08:24:29 Be careful what you wish for- New York Times celebrates Trump's Twitter ban, but post-Donald ratings aren't looking good --RT Op-ed
04/11 11:53:22 The REAL Reason Edward Snowden Hasn't Been Pardoned - YouTube
04/11 10:13:14 FarsNews Agency 'Clear Capitol'- Pence Pleaded for Military Assistance as Rioters Stormed Congress
04/07 14:50:55 'Ready to nuke Twitter'- Justice Thomas blasts 'control' of social media giants, as SCOTUS dismisses lawsuit over Trump account --RT USA News
04/04 02:11:11 YouTube Deleted 2.5 Million 'Dislikes' From Biden White House Videos, Data Indicates
03/11 14:01:17 Parler app not allowed back on the Apple store after review.- - Twitter
02/03 22:49:46 Where Is Alex Jones Banned- Facebook, Apple and These Others Bar Infowars Founder
02/03 10:08:39 Newsmax Host Walks-Off Set During Segment With Mike Lindell - The Last RefugeThe Last Refuge
01/28 23:27:07 YouTube Deletes Videos From Sen. Ron Johnson's Channel
01/27 18:55:57 Producer of "Hunger Games" talks about Hollywood pedophiles - YouTube
01/24 13:23:34 Top Conservative Leader Tom Fitton Is Still Suspended by Twitter 7 Days After a 7 Day Suspension for Tweeting the Truth on HC
01/21 23:40:33 Tucker- Democratic Party is planning a war on half of America - YouTube
01/20 23:06:21 Florida FLIPS for Trump! - YouTube
01/14 19:41:32 White House Trade Adviser- Amazon Suspension of Parler Is 'Chilling'
01/14 13:08:22 Big Tech is a big fraud with its bogus censorship - Washington Times
01/14 13:07:21 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Angela Merkel rip Twitter for Trump ban - Washington Times
01/13 17:11:19 Next Target -- Freedom of the Press- Ocasio-Cortez Says Congress Will Look into Initiatives to -Rein In Media- and Unapproved
01/13 14:25:37 Parler purge just the beginning - Washington Times
01/12 10:20:14 Facebook Removing All Content That Mentions 'Stop the Steal' Ahead of Inauguration Day
01/11 21:24:27 Angela Merkel rips Twitter's 'problematic' Trump ban - Fox News
01/04 00:28:36 Facebook Removes 1.7 MILLION Member Group -Joe Biden Is Not My President- Without Warning -- But Anti-Trump -Not My President
01/03 11:44:41 Facebook Shuts Down Page for GOP Senate Campaigns Just Before Georgia Runoffs
12/30 10:12:17 Maria Bartiromo Targeted for Challenging the Narrative on Election Fraud
12/29 18:17:04 Fact-checking Joe Biden's lies about President Trump - YouTube
12/28 15:33:06 Evil shadows (2447435856) Left gloat after Trump's favorite tabloid tells him to concede, but didn't they dismiss NYP as peddlers of 'Russian propagand
12/28 13:49:57 PHANTOM voters exposed by Bobby Piton This is how Biden got 13 million extra votes - Brighteon
12/28 13:48:06 Shocking interview- Bobby Piton reveals PHANTOM voters, "zombie" voters and how Dems have rigged nearly every election for decades - SGT Report
12/21 23:11:01 Snow job! SolarWinds 'Russian hack' story proves the media writes US foreign policy, not the White House --RT Op-ed
12/08 11:16:50 Infographic- The 4-Year-Long Campaign Against Trump
12/07 13:56:03 Trump presidency's final days_ 'In his mind, he will not have lost' (with shocking smear painting at end) - BBC News
12/06 12:14:44 Trump cared more about investigating Biden than Ukraine, key witness reveals - US news - The Guardian
12/04 20:22:54 Stephen Colbert on Trump's team- 'In awe at the sheer majesty of their stupidity' - Late-night TV roundup - The Guardian
12/04 14:27:12 Watch Bill Gates on Trump's 'dysfunctional' Covid vaccine distribution - The Independent - Copy
12/01 13:37:46 NO DISSENT ALLOWED- Twitter Suspends Arizona GOP Witness Bobby Piton During His Blistering Testimony on Election Fraud - CUZZ
11/30 14:48:09 Twitter BANS Mathematician Who Said He'd 'Rather Resign' Than Certify Fraudulent Arizona Results - National File
11/19 02:01:01 Watch Bill Gates on Trump's 'dysfunctional' Covid vaccine distribution ; direct
11/18 08:59:33 Leaks and lies as the military tries to undermine President Trump
11/12 11:21:28 Donald Trump transition 'trashed' by Dems 2016[i] - Washington Times
11/11 13:09:35 Brennan- Pence Must Invoke 25th Amendment To Stop Trump From -Declassifying Some Type Of Information- - Video - RealClearPolitics
11/10 11:28:28 Trump's firing of Esper was a slap in the face (Esper announced he would NOT do Trump's orders to protect him from Antifa)
11/10 09:42:49 Fox News cuts away from Kayleigh McEnany news conference after she alleges vote fraud with no evidence - The Washington Post
11/09 18:27:05 Steve Hilton- Trump 'defeated a 50-year establishment consensus' - YouTube
10/15 13:46:44 SGT Report - Oct 15, 2020 YouTube terminated SGT Report channels
09/17 15:01:13 It's Not Him. It's You - re TDS and the enduring Trump-hatred - Frontpagemag
01/20 23:37:01 President Donald Trump- Four years of division, chaos and lies in the USA - YouTube
12/00 14:31:58 2019 CNN Field Manager Zucker's 9am Calls 'BS;' ''...Totally Left-Leaning..on't Want to Admit it'' - Brighteon

Google has Shadow Banned Sidney Powell website 27-Jan-2021

This is why you must AVOID Google ... It's pretty obvious that when I type "sidney powell website" that I am looking for .. let's see.. ah YES "sidney powell website" but Google thinks you should not know she exists!
How can you trust a Search Engine that modifies search results along partisan lines??? That is literally insane!