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Or as D Trump would say,


Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment. Wikipedia

Of course apart from being a thoroughly good way to demonize political enemies, terrify a populace into giving up freedoms and generally grease up massive lies, the impact has also been to completely misguide the general public into believing even good things are bad, or simply a waste of money, or even worse "didn't happen".

Here is one of the more astonishing examples -- Presser Jen Psaki has no idea what Space Force is here on 3rd Jan 2021. She might as well have said "Wooooww .. ballistic missiles - I'm not sure what they are, but I will find out". Let's face it, Space Force is only a multi-billion $ space defense program instigated by Trump to put the USA in a very safe position, something everyone should agree is a good thing considering China's recent posturing.

Republican Mike Rogers (R-Ala) called for Psaki to apologize. "It's concerning to see the Biden administration's press secretary blatantly diminish an entire branch of our military as the punchline of a joke, which I'm sure China would find funny," Rogers said. "The Space Force was passed with near-unanimous support in Congress, the same type of 'unity' President Biden is supposedly working towards" he added.

Not only does Jen not know what it is, the replies under that tweet show 90% of the public don't know what it is, because either they are illiterate or they live in an MSM gas bubble of Never-Trumpers who would rather do anything than be the mouthpiece for a Trump success. Worse, Biden is talking about discontinuing it (to redirect the budget for "green" policies -- very noble of Biden to make sure there's less pollution for the few that are allowed to survive the Great Reset he seems determined to let China lead us into).

"U.S. secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest"

As preserved here. Archived from the original herein Washington Post on April 3, 2014. Retrieved May 5, 2017...

02/03 12:24:32 Gabby Logan's heart screening call for brother Daniel - BBC News 🔎 Anyone else noticed a surge in these stories? BBC Gaslighting -- normalizing the risk of heart attacks to cover for vaccine injuries. They want you to think heart attacks in young fit players "happen" (true, but not suddenly at 10x the rate of previous years). Footnote: Keep in mind that Bill Gates of Moderna donates heavily to the BBC.
01/28 04:44:01 White House calls CNN report on Russian invasion 'completely false' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 🎂 Epic example of Gaslighting .. implying a truth by denying it, denying something that hitherto did not exist, but now is implanted in your mind..
01/27 16:29:22 Millions of US kids to be told which news is fake --RT World News Ed: The gaslighting and censoring is soon to be multiplied on an industrial scale. Folks, you need to organize and change the world before they corner you in a mulch of lies and distortions, and you end up putting a gun to your own heads.
01/23 15:53:07 Secret of 'microwave weapons' targeting US diplomats revealed --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 👇 The disinformation Campaign against Russia as viewed by an professor in Ottawa, but published by Russian press.
01/19 16:43:28 Russia's top spy makes sensational claim about US plans for Beijing Olympics --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: ⚠ This will be interesting because normally such a story would be quashed by CCP owned MSM, but this pits the US Swamp AGAINST its Chinese allies in the CCP.
01/04 23:04:44 Amazon Sells Fake Kyle Rittenhouse Book Encouraging Violence Against 'Woke Mob' Ed: ⚡ And Newsweek is lefty!!
11/28 14:57:10 How to wage a Psy Op Ed: 📽 The old poem .. "Sticks and Stone will Break My Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt Me" - meant to help children ignore name calling.. This shows it may work as a kid, but not in politics.
11/27 12:23:37 CNN's Up to Its Old Tricks... Lightens Skin Color of Christmas Parade Killer Ed: ⚡ What perverse liars the MSM are.
11/26 20:00:00 Zelensky blames Ukraine's loss of Donbass on Poroshenko - World - TASS
11/12 12:41:07 Youtube is Up to Its Tricks Again - Announces it Will Hide Public 'Dislike' Counts in All Videos After Joe and Kamala Are Con
11/12 11:10:54 Schools 'Actively Engaged' With WH Before 'Domestic Terrorism' Letter to Biden Ed: 📢 In other words, the treason has even seeped into the school board room.. who are complicit in gaslighting and perverting the narrative.
11/10 05:23:28 Biden's new democracy summit seems like a bad joke --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ed: 😀 WTF? Seriously?
11/01 15:18:03 WaPost won't publish full Trump response due to 'unrelated, inflammatory claims' - TheHill Ed: The gaslighting continues.
10/25 20:58:31 Gowdy Slams 'Partisan' SCOTUS Coverage- 'Try To At Least Fake Being Fair' - Conservative Brief Ed: 🤔 The Chinese are very bad at fakes, and since they own the US media (literally - see earlier Seth Holehouse research), you can expect bad and stupid fakery.
10/24 17:06:12 Barack Obama Rips GOP Candidate for New Jersey Gov. Over 'Stop the Steal' Rally Denial Ed: ‼ Classic gaslighting - this evil POS (I can hardly look at him) is the best among the gassers "When you've got a candidate who spoke at a 'Stop the Steal' rally, you can bet he's not going to be a champion of democracy" - Obama just created a subliminal link in the feeble minded between Trump's battle to expose obvious fraud with being anti-democratic. It was cemented in with mockery - increasing division and stoking raw hatred.
09/11 19:08:06 'They are children of the same foul spirit'- George W Ed: 🔴☠WHAT A PIG. What a RANCID foul pig! Just as 911 20th looked to pass of peacefully, this fool had to say that. While not referring to BLM, he refers to peaceful, invited, protesters. He refers to us all. In all, the world's citizens who have been denied true democracy and denied their rights have been remarkably civil and peaceful. I'm fed up with the slander! This is a CRIME.
08/20 10:53:32 Trump rants about 'woke' generals and suggests bombing US military bases in new Afghanistan post - The Independent Ed: Obviously a complete distortion. He meant destroy the bases after we leave. Fortunately, they actually included the Post Verbatim, so people will judge for themselves and they will see just how badly Biden screwed up(& how Trump had planned it better). When we have our day, and we will, the editor or journo who did this gaslighting lie will be fined heavily.
08/13 10:43:11 Plymouth Shooter Jake Davison's Social Media Shows Love for Trump and Guns 🔎U;L The media never miss a chance to denigrate Trump... what the hell has it to do with Trump? I'm sure he commented on dozens of things. Indeed, as this more balanced article shows, he was a depressed Incel Sky-article
08/06 18:23:38 -100 Times Worse Than Nixon-- Historian Warns of Trump's 'Coup' in Damning 2021 Emails - Little Green Footballs 😀Alert: Swivel Eyed Loon on Loose
07/21 16:47:50 -Patriot- Is Hate Speech- MSNBC Warns Viewers to Be on the Lookout for Online Groups That Use the Word -Patriot- Ed: ♦⭐⚡these demonic cabal persecutors are beyond redemption.
07/18 21:25:42 Day of Rage- How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol - Visual Investigations - YouTube
07/18 08:10:45 Families of 9-11 Victims Decry 'Outrageous' Claims that Capitol Riot Was 'Worse' Than The Attack - Sputnik International
07/13 15:34:55 Hervis Rogers Is the Latest Victim of the Republican Party's Phony Campaign Against Voter Fraud - The New Republic
06/29 09:33:32 Pelosi unveils Democratic-controlled Jan. 6 committee and teases appointing a Republican - Washington Examiner
06/17 11:22:17 What Were They Thinking About Insurrection- - The Bulwark
06/10 03:03:55 Arizona ballot audit backed by secretive donors linked to Trump's inner circle - US news - The Guardian
06/05 11:42:24 Trump's buildings are slumping in price as residents say it's 'embarrassing' to live there - indy100 Ed: that Coumo and Covid has CRUCIFIED Manhattan's global status as a vibrant trading hub.
05/25 10:51:10 Proverbial 'smoking gun' of Trump camp giving info to Russia seen in unredacted records
05/22 19:01:35 Why Is No One Reading Trump's Blog- - Washington Monthly
05/08 02:02:12 'Do you know how crazy this is-'- Tapper on Arizona election 'audit'
05/08 01:55:12 Why Republicans won't walk away from the 'Big Lie' - CNNPolitics
04/27 07:49:20 Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina 'shot in back of head'
04/22 16:16:36 NBC News Deceptively Edits Bodycam Footage So Viewers Don't See Knife in Ma'Kiyah Bryant's Hand Moments Before Officer Shoots
03/18 14:00:07 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden Calls Putin -Killer- - Moscow RECALLS Ambassador, cites -Irreversible Deterioration- of US Relations
03/18 13:59:54 Putin replies to Biden's insinuation that's he a 'killer'- says US President is talking about himself but 'I wish him good he
02/03 18:32:55 Press Secretary Jen Psaki Gets Destroyed After Mocking The United States Space Force - The True Defender !
02/03 10:17:02 BLM activist charged in Capitol riot - CNN is silent to avoid damaging the left's narrative - The Real News
01/23 18:02:30 Telegram- Contact @patriotsstandstrong
01/22 13:11:27 NY Times cancels editor's contract after she rips Trump 'pettiness' over Biden plane- report - Fox News
01/22 00:18:48 Psy-Op Exposed! Why Are These People Lying To Us-
01/04 13:53:34 nope on Twitter- -re #TrumpTapes to #Raffensperger- -What the hell is wrong with this--- POTUS is telling him the TRUTH but t
01/04 13:50:48 US election- Trump tells Georgia election official to 'find' votes to overturn Biden win - BBC News
12/27 11:09:35 Michael Flynn urges Trump supporters to protest at state capitals when Congress makes loss official - Washington Times
12/22 18:46:15 WOW- YouTube Removes Video of Trump Lawyer's Opening Statement at Senate Committee Hearing (WATCH IT HERE)
12/22 17:03:14 FOX News and FBN Block Attorney Matthew Deperno From Appearing on Hannity and Lou Dobbs after Explosive Antrim County IT Repo
12/20 18:56:11 BANNED - Gen. Flynn- SCOTUS doesn't decide, we decide the election of president of the US - NTD
12/19 16:24:55 72% of Americans saw 'made up news' in election coverage- Pew Research poll - Washington Times
12/19 10:01:36 Sir David Attenborough on Joe Biden, Christmas wrapping... and flamingos - BBC News
12/02 12:22:16 Wikipedia Stating 'elect' before due process has confirmed it -- President-elect of the United States
12/02 12:21:43 Wikipedia Stating 'elect' before due process has confirmed it -- Kamala Harris vice president-elect of the United States
12/02 10:43:04 Twitter Banned Mathematician As He Testified About Election Fraud in Arizona --NewsWars
12/02 09:48:28 Coup in Congress- Schumer Demands Confirmation of Biden Cabinet Picks BEFORE Inauguration
11/30 16:12:58 Watch- FOX's Cavuto Cuts Off Trump Presser (Kayleigh) -- 'I Can't in Good Countenance Continue Showing This'
11/30 12:16:54 WHY CALLING BIDEN IS MISLEADING - President-Elect Not Decided Until Electoral College Votes- Sen. Blunt
11/28 17:38:16 Media 'wilfully misleads' public on Trump's voter fraud claims - YouTube
11/28 17:16:47 Disinformation in the Presidential Election- Latest Updates - The New York Times
11/24C15:10:48 (THE TRUTH{re -A -B})- Trump Pledges To Keep Fighting But Allows 'Initial Protocols' For Transition, Cites Threats And Harassment - TWITTER
11/24B09:45:21 (THE TRUTH{re -A})- Trump Pledges To Keep Fighting But Allows 'Initial Protocols' For Transition, Cites Threats And Harassment - National File
11/24A09:26:40 Trump accepts US presidency transition to Biden must begin (BUT VOWS TO FIGHT ON - see next{re -B}) - BBC News
11/24 09:28:08 Trump's legal battles- How six cases may play out - BBC News
11/24 09:24:02 Things go from bad to worse for Giuliani's anti-Biden gambit (quotes poor story by someone else)
11/10 09:30:35 The White House will have some new residents... meet Champ and Major - CBBC Newsround
11/08 09:34:33 Joe Biden victory- 'Now the world sees our vote matters' - BBC News
11/08 09:31:58 BBC World Service - Global News Podcast, US Election- World leaders react to Biden's win (BEFORE COUNT END)
11/07 09:30:59 US election result- What Biden's victory means for rest of world - BBC News
11/06 17:14:05 Trump stages corrosive attempt to undermine the US election as his path to 270 evaporates - CNNPolitics
06/04 14:27:13 2017 Fake protest staged by CNN film crew at London Bridge terrorist attack scene - Brighteon

The Art Of Deception

The following images are from tweets as attributed but also as analyzed here at the Martial Report. We mean nothing of significance by it, but the Martial guys seem happier to elucidate. We sometimes look at their Report as a guide to what people are thinking, but in general we abstain from reporting anything that would trace back to what most courts would judge to be an "unreliable witness".

This is a set with think to be in Germany....

from tweet here. (Jan 2021)

This is Castle Rock Pictures..

Also from tweet here. (Jan 2021)