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Freedom of Speech Dead, Persecution reigns

Shadow banned

If there is anyone that is left in any doubt the America has fallen into a Coup, see this:

  1. Parler, free speech alternative to Twitter, ERASED FROM THE EARTH by Amazon (who were hosting them)
    • The most egregious thing is Amazon, whom Parler presumably entrusted with the domain name Parler.com, are obviously holding the name hostage because it no longer resolves to anything. As any good web engineer will tell you, NEVER gift total control to one service provider. In other words, Parler is unable to even point their name to another server. So unless Parler is incompetent and has not reassigned parler.com, that's out and out THEFT by Amazon (or whoever controls the domain name).
  2. YouTube removing any non-left-narrative (see below)
  3. Facebook, Twitter - SILENT
  4. MSM silent

..the arrogance!

Gaslighting the world

"YouTube - Supporting the 2020 U.S. election" (linked here) 11th, Dec, 2020

That's not a fake title - YouTube wrote that. They announced (again, their words) "we will start removing any piece of content uploaded today (or anytime after) that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election". Main article here.
How can a public be informed if it's monopolized media is simply erasing stuff without reason or merit other than partisanship? Soon their parent company will be manipulating searches (if not already), and finally censoring internet activity itself (if not already).

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What planet is our illiberal media on?

The most insidious thing the global mainstream media (MSM) did in 2020 was to bypass due process and prematurely call Biden the winner. Big Tech (Twitter & Facebook especially) then got in on the action by not just censoring, but completely removing any speech that did not fit the MSM narrative so that no one could even see there was an alternate point of view. This was later improved upon by simply adding a label to the effect that the statement was contested which became almost a "this is true" calling card for conservatives.

"Sidney Powell spoke with Lou Dobbs about the struggles this president is now facing after the stolen election was called by the liberal media." - GatewayPundit.

For example, the president, sitting POTUS Trump, not able to give a mountain of facts in a 250 letter tweet, was having aspersions cast on his character and his message constantly with these little "contested" labels. Think about just how arrogant it is to attempt to assert that a sitting president is a bit dim and cannot be trusted, and not only that but that the half of America who follow him are thus the same.

This brutal act of deception will now likely cause riots and pandemonium, possibly even a movement towards civil war. Not only in America, but also in other countries who have been similarly gaslighted and blighted by digital vote counting shenanigans.

Sidney Powell went on to opine her concerns about the entire establishment with her words (at the end of the interview linked above) "It affects the bedrock of our democratic republic.  It can't be allowed to stand and, frankly, I'm about to think the entire  FBI and the entire Department of Justice need to be hosed out with Clorox and firehoses."

Rinsing the Media

Should we be looking at the power of the media and diminishing it? Should we look for evidence of cartels and / or steerage by the elite giga-wealthy? Certainly a good place to start would be the Bilderberg Group and what has become known as the "Davos Cabal", but that is a whole new subject.

There is a precedent of Big Tech organizations being broken up - AT&T in 1984. Indeed, even left leaning NPR ask "Could The Old AT&T Break-Up Offer Lessons For Big Tech Today?" NPR naively states regulators are taking a close look at "whether they're monopolies" .. Well, that's the understatement of the year. Of course they are. By the very nature of things, user are going to use the best tools, and that will always make the first past the post bigger and better leaving the opposition underfunded and pushed out. There used to be something in the UK called the Monopolies and Mergers Commission - an organization that seems to have to have completely given up on Big Tech, especially Google. How ridiculous that the shop down the road has to pay a foreign corporation if he wants his customers, just a block away, to know he is hosting a wine and cheese evening?

The MSM is however different from Big Tech. They do seem to be fragmented into different entities already - so why do they all act as one?

British Bias Corporation

Even the BBC in the UK (British Broadcasting) has been dutifully towing the MSM line and calling Biden the President Elect, discussing his choices of cabinet, following his conversations with other world leaders, talking about the Biden's dogs in the White House (one of the best examples of gaslighting you will ever see as it subtly normalizes the, as yet uncertified, transition of power).

Even now, after weeks of USA legal battles, the viciously biased BBC is running a story titled Trump presidency's final days: 'In his mind, he will not have lost' in which a deeply offensive cartoon is displayed showing Trump as a boy surrounded by toy missiles with the inscription "Playtime is over Donny" and a pair of Jail overalls next to him. On what planet is that not discrediting POTUS, ignoring the ongoing contest and simply reeking of the most vile bias? Indeed, it is so unbelievable, we think they will likely change it and then pretend it never happened (as they often do) so we have kept a PDF image of the page and put it on the highly esteemed Way Back Machine otherwise known as https://archive.org/web/ whom we would encourage you to donate to.

Is there an answer to MSM collusive behavior?

We will conclude this article by saying "follow the money" but also by noting that there may be no particular collusion except that they all follow each other around like a snake eating it's own tail, buying into each other's liberal gaslighting, listening to their own echo chamber and creating an alternate reality of near-religious fervor.

For example, the BBC has been a leading light, running continuous stories daily on LGBT and BAME (Black And Minority Ethnics) issues. These people possibly need some support, but it is not for a tax payer funded organization to focus on them almost to the exclusion of the vast majority of struggling native Brits.

And this is where to rot starts. This BBC behavior is reinforced by legions of university liberals who join them, becoming part of the establishment, going back to feed universities as lecturers, nurturing liberals, and ultimately creating a social class divide.

It only takes a small hop from there to see how the BBC, along with the MSM, might nurture, quite possibly unintentionally (given the impenetrable nature of their echo chamber), perhaps the biggest fraud the earth has ever seen.
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