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More analysis and opinion on Election Fraud and the depraved corruption that has facilitated it. 
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    1. Satanism
    2. Tiles linking to uncorroborated articles (hence "opinion")..

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  1. The Lin Wood Whistleblower Revealed?
      1. Updated Info on The Whistleblower - July 2021
      2. Original Info on The Whistleblower - Feb 2021
        1. Updates on confusion between old and new whistleblower
    1. Added circumstantial opined evidence of the Pedo Ring..
      1. Adrenochrome
      2. Circumstantial Adrenochrome Extraction evidence
      3. Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military

Satanic Child Abuse

An unsavory subject, so we will keep it as light as possible. We know there is Satanism - accounts of Bohemian Grove being visited by the elite and politicians(including photos), satanic paraphernalia at Epstein's island (only a few and most are palatable - ie: not grotesque), and quite recently we even saw evidence it was being practiced in the US military among it's seniors. All this is in our timeline and analysis.

Ref this video, JEANETTE ARCHER EXPOSING THE SATANIC QUEEN AT WINDSOR CASTLE, it started well but finished on a simply unbelievable note.

It started with a compelling and credible account of child abuse (I know she is standing next to Windsor Castle as I have been there, and we can all see she believes what she is saying) but by the time it went on to "shape shifting", and the Monarchs being lizard people, it lost almost all credibility.

I say "almost" because Ms Archer says that she was drugged - so with all the abuse, sleep deprivation, brain washing, and terror, we would put that down to a hallucination.

The general idea that the UK Monarchy is into Satanic Child Abuse is not credible at all. I have been within 3m of the queen once for about 15mins - she is just a little old lady that spouts really innocuous small talk. Indeed, we at Yellings have been critical of her inaction and lack of intervention as the leader of the church, law and military.

The only evidence that could possibly support such an allegation is..
  1. Their incredible longevity (Duke died at 99) - but they live a very cossetted life, so it is hardly evidence.
  2. Their is a video of a naked boy or man jumping out of an upper story of Buckingham Palace.
    • Here is some links
    • You can see there are some infowars going on - a deliberate attempt to sabotage the video's credibility? Who knows...

Tiles linking to uncorroborated articles (hence "opinion")..

03/10 19:57:01 Eddie Murphy Telling Jerry Seinfeld - Weird Encounter with Sammy Davis Jr. Worshipping Satan - - YouTube Ed: ⚠ WHAT??
01/04 15:14:52 Sing, Ghislaine Maxwell, Sing 🎬 Dinesh D'Souza on the Epstein Pedo ring. Qt: "Yet there's one aspect of the trial that remains deeply disturbing. The U.S. government decided to keep out of the trial the names of the rich and powerful men that Epstein and Maxwell allegedly supplied with underage girls"
12/06 15:31:52 DEBUNKING false claims about Trump's flight on Epstein's jet --Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) Ed: 👇 This is important folks - up until I had seen this, I had no answer to people who have said he was on the Jet multiple times. It was only once and it was to another airport in the US. This story is not hugely provable or cited either, but we know Trump acknowledged some dealings with JE, but had also rebutted any deeper dealings. Verdict!! This debunking is true and the burden of proof is now on any accuser to say otherwise.
11/29 18:21:40 Lin Wood stressed Ed: 🤔See link for his latest attack on Tucker Carlson
11/21 14:07:16 Beaming Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell blessed by the Pope --showing their all-powerful connections U;L⚡ This is raising lots of questions .. .eg Here.
10/23 10:45:16 Bobby Kotick, Activision-Blizzard CEO, in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book 🏮 Bobby Kotick is CEO of Activision-Blizzard, "an American video game holding company based in Santa Monica, California". Just being in J E's little black book does not signify a misdemeanor.
10/21 16:23:54 Biden Regime Trafficked Children--- - The True Reporter 🏮Allen West Tweet: "@JoeBiden and @GovAbbott @GregAbbott_TX are aiding and abetting human trafficking . . . There are just no other words to describe what is happening. This is highly disturbing." from NY Post Tweet: "Midnight runs: Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY... Planeloads of immigrants are being flown into New York under the cover of darkness in an effort by Biden's administration to quietly resettle them".
09/08 15:56:40 Hollywood Actress Puts Hillary Clinton On Notice- -You represent no flag, no country, no soul. You eat hope, you twist minds. Ed: 🎯 Rose McGowan is on the warpath! H Clinton really is a nasty piece of work, and that isn't even taking into account the rumors that she and Huma "Frazzledripped" (tortured a child to death, drank blood) - we emphasize that is unproven but it is all over the dark web. Huma Abedin, HC's staffer, is a very elegant lady as portrayed by MSM, but if you want a sniff of the reality, simply google her name + "naked". Nothing is as it seems.
05/08 10:18:58 Melinda Gates 'warned' husband Bill about meeting sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, divorce reportedly 'not friendly' --reports --url
05/07 13:47:29 No Supporters Greet 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden as He Arrives in Lake Charles, Louisiana (VIDEO)
05/03 11:11:22 Epstein Scandal Draws in Washington Post Owner, Top Tech Execs - Frontpagemag
05/03 11:11:15 In 2011, Jeffrey Epstein Was A Known Sex Offender. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, And Sergey Brin Shared A Meal With Him Anyway
04/29 01:01:08 Coup d'Etat Revealed- Obama Under Investigation for Election Fraud (updated report) --W G Publishing
04/29 00:59:25 Coup d'Etat Revealed- Obama Under Investigation for Election Fraud (updated report) - Business Game Changers with Sarah Westa
04/10 23:24:01 -I Was Offered $10 Million Not to Do This!- - Jovan Pulitzer on Offer to Walk Away from His Scanning the Ballots Work on 2020
03/17 16:38:21 Three of Obama's Netflix Employees Charged With S-x Crimes Against Kids - The Beltway Report
03/13 01:24:48 Explosive- Biden's Pentagon Chief Overrode His Direct Orders - Republican Story
01/25 10:06:43 Democrats question election results, voting machines - Washington Times
01/18 13:10:32 Clinical insanity- Dems now claim that when Trump calls for PEACE, he secretly means VIOLENCE
01/18 11:01:27 Globalists & Antifa Are Planning Terror Attacks To Blame On Patriots
01/13 17:10:57 President Kennedy Asked the FBI to Look Into Speaker Pelosi's Father for Connections to the Mob - Documents Quietly Released
12/21 23:21:04 Jesse Morgan says he was suspicious of his cargo load of COMPLETED ballots from NY to PA - YouTube
12/21 19:57:29 Nanawellie - Parler Free Speech Social Network
12/14 14:37:05 bennyjohnson - Twitter
12/14 14:32:40 Dominion Moved ;Linda (@Atlantiso1) - nitter
12/12 20:16:29 Party of evil vs. party of stupid ... - Washington Times
12/07 19:03:11 Reported Burst Pipe in Atlanta Ballot Count Was Overflowing Urinal- Investigator (took their time to come up with that pathetic excuse)
12/02 16:12:17 dansiddons4 - twitter ;EWf0jjQQmh
12/02 16:02:48 This maybe part of the Kraken! - donaldtrump
12/02 15:46:28 LLinWood & AntiFashGordon - Twitter ;6ScoYCbERh
12/02 15:42:59 MypartyRed - Jkelljoke ;
11/30 09:59:54 Filling blank ballots - probable spoof but demos what is suspected
11/29 15:07:24 An Illegitimate Election Plunges the Republic into a Crisis - Frontpagemag
11/26 09:54:07 Jon Voight on the evil left, Nov 12

  1. The Lin Wood Whistleblower Revealed?
      1. Updated Info on The Whistleblower - July 2021
      2. Original Info on The Whistleblower - Feb 2021
        1. Updates on confusion between old and new whistleblower
    1. Added circumstantial opined evidence of the Pedo Ring..
      1. Adrenochrome
      2. Circumstantial Adrenochrome Extraction evidence
      3. Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military

The Lin Wood Whistleblower Revealed?

Main story, here.
We are aware of new evidence conflicting with our assertion the Whistleblower is James Clapper (see main story linked above and Updated just below where it is analyzed). We conclude we may be in error about Clapper, but also that if it were Clapper, then "they" (both the white hats and the dark hats) would go "deep fake" to hide it, mainly to protect Clapper.

Will the Real Whistleblower please step forward!
@JohnHeretoHelp of Twitter. Acknowledges he is also Ryan Dark White, now claims to be Dr Jon McGreevey. This is the only picture of him. From Twitter. Searches reveal another Dr Jon McGreevy (note no 2nd "e"). Matching teeth, eyes (smaller due to glasses), chin, smile lines; Similar ears, brows; no bags under eyes. This is the only picture of him (many copies).
Dr Jon A McGreevey(JAM), the most recent reincarnation of @JohnHeretoHelp aka Ryan Dark White, who says he is Ryan Dark White on tape. He is the most recently "confirmed" whistleblower. This was from Here at 3:16 (or 7:02:56, Apr 12 2018 on screen). This is the only picture source for him (inc all videos in the series as below).
The real James Clapper (interesting choice of shirt - see any similarity?). Thousands of pictures. This one is from here.
Consider these points:
  1. The new identity, the discredited Dr Jon McGreevey (see multiple video links further below), was hitherto unheard of and yet was labelled "credible" by those around Lin Wood at the time.
  2. The Dr Jon McGreevey information has only recently come to light (July 2021), well after the whistleblower videos.
    • No one is citing the Dr Jon McGreevey video sources.
  3. The image timestamp is April 2018 but we find no evidence of it being published prior to July 2021.
    • Both google and Bing were used to search for results between 2018 and 2019 - none were found.
  4. The images and videos of Dr Jon McGreevey are all blurred as are all copies of the above videos (eg: Here).
    • They appear to have come off a VCR .. who uses or even supports VCR in 2018?
  5. Dr Jon McGreevey is not as similar to Clapper as the videoed whistleblower
  6. No pictures come up for searches of Dr Jon McGreevey (except the one above being Dr Jon McGreevy - no last "e")
    • Unusual for such a notorious person.
  7. There was a completely different image of Ryan White circulating (above, and HERE below)
Conclusion? We are being led a merry dance by someone.
We can't be sure what is fake about it, but it simply doesn't add up. Our conclusion is deep fake tech was used to take an actor that looks and sounds a bit like the pixelated original (see main story). It may even be Clapper saying contradictory stuff to misdirect with eyes digitally changed and made to look younger. The motivation? (a) discredit the Whistler, (b) protect Clapper. After all, why would Dr JAM continue to appear on shows like the Stew Peters Show as a silhouette if we all know who he is? Some of the stuff JAM comes out with is pretty incredible, so we can assume whoever is JAM these days is not Clapper, unless Clapper is looking to discredit "himself" for self protection. It seems probable there is someone else out there with a similar voice to Clapper, but a similar voice AND similar mannerisms?

Note the odd goatee on McGreevey -- if you watch carefully in the videos linked below, as he talks, it moves a little as if it is loose, or as if the digital tracking is not doing so well. In one of the copies(Here), it almost completely disappears at the 2:12 mark in which it seems to have a circular blur over it.

Note also that in the 4th video under Yellings - Conjectured evidence that whoever the whistleblower is, he is wearing possibly the same shirt! At 1:50, he does a trademark adjustment of his sitting position, where he shifts forward almost out of his seat, and you see he is also wearing short sleeves. What are the chances he is wearing a shirt that is also short sleeved and has the same style of pattern nearly 3 years later? Or moreover, what are the chances someone told to look like him and make a fake interview 3 years earlier thought it would be a good idea to have the same choice of short?

Dr Dannielle Blumenthal

Here's a link to Dr Dannielle Blumenthal's article titled In Defense Of Dr. Jonathan A. McGreevy. In this, [s]he disagrees with us. He or she thinks it IS a Dr McGreevey and that Dr MG has been on the level all the way through and that he is credible.

We're happy to live with that possibility. Garrett M. Zeigler also thinks he is credible in the opening image Here. As long as he is credible, there is no need for him to "be James Clapper" or anyone else. The point is that the only reason we want to know his identity is because what he is saying is so extreme, it can only be taken seriously if he is credible!

Dr Dan' not only demonstrates that Jon McGreevey is and was telling the truth, but also that his assertions in the Lin Wood interview in Jan 2021 is also accurate and that certain key figures are controlled by Satanic Pedophiles. Indeed, (s)he goes further and quotes official articles -- see Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military below.
To add further fuel to the flames, why does XRVision , a company specializing in " AI-based Video Content Analytics (VCA) for Security, Safety and Operations" have it's logo emblazoned over one of the copies(Here) of the Jon McGreevey series?  What is there involvement?
This is a part snapshot of XRVision's Linked-In

..This is all way too fishy.

Updated Info on The Whistleblower - July 2021

The true whistleblower may be someone called Doctor Jonathan McGreevey, also known as Dr Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy (note one less "e"). Records suggest a Dr Jon McGreevey is running for a Rep Seat and (both for 2022!).

Ref The True Education and Criminal Record of Fake "Whistleblower" Ryan Dark White ( - see article. This gives an excellent update on the pseudonym history.

From Thread by @FOOL_NELSON on Thread Reader App - Thread Reader App - we get these images and linked videos as follows..

..So this is Not James Clapper, but we still maintain the pixelated interviews for Lin Wood WERE or MAY BE James Clapper! Ie: The Dr's voice and mannerisms do not match the pixelated (but are similar). There is a seriousness in the original pixelated videos that is absent in the above potentially fake interviews. Whatever alibi "he" is using, it sure has managed to confuse a lot of folk!

Op-Ed: Is this a bit of digital deep fakery to throw people off the scent? Note that there are similarities between James Clapper and Doctor Jonathan McGreevey. Note the absurdity of the gent painted by and by this Twitter Article where it is said "Dr. Jonathan McGreevey revealed that he had engineered a virus that would have sterilized up to 95% of males, 35% of females. Fauci and Gates offered a BILLION DOLLARS for the virus, intended to release on world". It seems like someone wants to paint our Whistleblower as an ultra Walter Mitty -- and that leads the suspicious mind to think there is more than meets the eye.

Original Info on The Whistleblower - Feb 2021

Lin Wood has released the full transcript of his whistleblower report here. We don't know about the name of the Whistle Blower which is stated as being Ryan Dark White (good grief - dark white?). Googling and Ducking (D D Go) shows us he is hard to track down and most regard this as a pseudonym. The credible Lt. Gen. McInerney confirms Ryan White is not his real name here. Aside that, we cannot find any reputable source about Mr "White" whatsoever, but this reddit article here at least ventures a profile (widely reproduced on Twitter). He was apparently serving time in jail at one time according to here and here - and is rumored to have been all manner of things on Twitter here and here (sorry, we don't like Twitter but apparently it is the only place some folk will put information. It is repeated here). At one time, we thought the whistleblower was James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence -- certainly there is credible voice analysis and body language to link him to the pixelated whistleblower here. On the other hand, Yahoo (part of the MSM cabal?) ran an article heavily discrediting White here stating he is 52 (which does not match the 70+ year old stature of the whistleblower which in turn does not remotely match the only image of White we can find here) and even linking him to Q Anon operative "JohnHereToHelp" here --- none of which will help Wood's case at all if White is exposed as an unreliable witness. Who knows, but we suspect White is not his real name.

We found this on Wood's "official" channel (the only one they have not yet shut down) on Telegram here. As can be seen on his telegram channel, Wood is being pursued for simply having questioned the election results, and is having his fitness and sanity questioned (when, paradoxically, we find him to be one of the few sane voices on Telegram.. but it is after all a chat site).

A final point, if he is this fabled relative "nobody" Ryan Dark White, then why are they still pixelating his videos?

Here is White in the flesh .. we have no proof it is him, but this image is the one mentioned above that is doing the rounds...