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Live updates from selected sources, latest at top..

The Whistleblower Revealed:

Main story, here.

Lin Wood has released the full transcript of his whistleblower report here. We don't know about the name of the Whistle Blower which is stated as being Ryan Dark White (good grief - dark white?). Googling and Ducking (D D Go) shows us he is hard to track down and most regard this as a pseudonym. The credible Lt. Gen. McInerney confirms Ryan White is not his real name here. Aside that, we cannot find any reputable source about Mr "White" whatsoever, but this reddit article here at least ventures a profile (widely reproduced on Twitter). He was apparently serving time in jail at one time according to here and here - and is rumored to have been all manner of things on Twitter here and here (sorry, we don't like Twitter but apparently it is the only place some folk will put information. It is repeated here). At one time, we thought the whistleblower was James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence -- certainly there is credible voice analysis and body language to link him to the pixelated whistleblower here. On the other hand, Yahoo (part of the MSM cabal?) ran an article heavily discrediting White here stating he is 52 (which does not match the 70+ year old stature of the whistleblower which in turn does not remotely match the only image of White we can find here) and even linking him to Q Anon operative "JohnHereToHelp" here --- none of which will help Wood's case at all if White is exposed as an unreliable witness. Who knows, but we suspect White is not his real name.

We found this on Wood's "official" channel (the only one they have not yet shut down) on Telegram here. As can be seen on his telegram channel, Wood is being pursued for simply having questioned the election results, and is having his fitness and sanity questioned (when, paradoxically, we find him to be one of the few sane voices on Telegram.. but it is after all a chat site).

A final point, if he is this fabled relative "nobody" Ryan Dark White, then why are they still pixelating his videos?

Here is White in the flesh .. we have no proof it is him, but this image is the one mentioned above that is doing the rounds...

In conclusion, we continue to find it highly credible that, as we allege, the voice is indeed one James Clapper, former Director of US National Intelligence, but nothing is certain in life...

Added circumstantial opined evidence of the Pedo Ring..

Main story, here.

JonBenet Ramsey .. an infant model. Brutally Killed as Wiki here.

This picture from here tells us all (how Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly involved)..