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05/06 21:47:03 Microsoft offers software tools to secure elections
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An interesting point of Note re the "Myanmar" "Smartmatic" elections link..

First discovered here on youtube, it seems possible the military had concerns about voter fraud.


..This tweet visible in the video implies a Smartmatic connection. (Earlier, the video claims a Dominion conhnection, but this is entirely uncorroborated).

Here it is as linked back to Twitter (for the duration before Twitter erases it)..

Myanmar heads to the polls in November. Read some interesting facts about this election which will see many firsts

Smartmatic (@smartmatic) September 26, 2017

The link goes to a story here that has been erased but bore the title "". It is not available on Archive.Org.

So what can we conclude? It seems highly possible there was a connection albeit possibly quite innocent. Certainly, the Myanmar (formerly Burma) military have since blacked out all communications and internet as here and BBC here (..warning - far left media).

Watch out for all the "prophets" claiming this as a dry run for a USA resolution....