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Don't read this section if you get easily annoyed .. Frankly, the media has so discredited itself, and these fact checks seem so lacking in credible evidence, that you might also be wasting your time.

These points are recorded for balance. Remember, we cannot defeat a problem by ignoring it.

Main argument against Trump:

Rebuttals to counter evidence


04/07 13:30:59 COVID Origin May Be From An Evil Symbol! ''Watch The Water'' [WATCH] - The True Reporter Ed: ❓ Unfortunately, this is credibility damning for Dr Ardis.. (spoiler alert - they are talking about snake venom).

When someone goes off like this, you know you are dealing with a crackpot.

Doctor Ardis is the man behind the Remdesivir conspiracy theory and he has just holed the entire narrative below the waterline by this spectacularly weird interview.
02/07 18:42:24 Corner Wall Coming Apart..-
01/04 15:41:21 Georgia election- Donald Trump's phone call fact-checked - BBC News
12/02 09:37:32 VERIFY- No, the US Army did not raid servers in Germany with proof of election tampering - YouTube
12/02 09:35:40 Historian predicts 2020 election winner as Biden - 9 News Australia - YouTube
12/01 19:41:10 Barr- No evidence of fraud that'd change election outcome (see rebuttal in intro) - Washington Times
12/01 18:26:44 PolitiFact - Pennsylvania poll worker was copying information from a damaged ballot, to ensure it was counted
12/01 18:26:39 Here Are The (Debunked) Voter Fraud Claims Trump And His Supporters Are Spreading
12/01 18:26:34 No, these viral videos do not actually show election fraud - CBS News
12/01 18:26:26 Fact check- Video shows Pennsylvania officials fixing damaged ballots
11/26 16:51:16 Trump election challenge tougher after Pennsylvania dismissal - Washington Times
11/23 18:52:22 Sidney Powell not being on the Trump team is an act to protect Sidney and the Trump team - gateway
11/23 16:42:16 Sidney Powell 'not a member of the Trump Legal Team,' campaign says - Washington Times (BUT - see next)
11/23 16:42:04 Trump campaign cuts ties with attorney Sidney Powell after bizarre election fraud claims - US news - The Guardian
11/16 18:18:40 Fox News Fact-Checks Trump and Own Hosts' Claims of Voter Fraud - Rolling Stone