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Evidence Archive

This is an archive of selected evidence material in terms of articles, videos and witness reports, that we contend should be admissible in court.

It may be noted that the search for Election Fraud has now been overtaken by the Pedophile Ring revelations discussed here. THat is to say - if a country is so controlled, whether by a blackmail ring involving Pedophilia or otherwise, then there is little point in focussing on the evidence surrounding the actual fraud. The blackmail control is the problem that caused the fraud, and removing the day to day fraud will be impossible while the same blackmail ring is controlling the judiciary, the media, and big tech.

However, we leave the evidence here for you to consider.

Ruby Freeman

Ruby was an especially brazen and nototious "cheat" who boasted about her, and her daughter's, roles in rigging the election by stuffing fake ballots into counting machines. When we first encountered this confession, we thought it was a spoof. However, it turned out to be very real and disturbing to think someone with such a low understanding and respect of law could be involved in election handling, and then feel it was a given right (or even a duty) to carry out such an act. This may well say more about the anti-Trump gaslighting and TDS incitement perpetrated by the MSM over the prior 4 years -- they should carry joint responsibility for that factor.

Extract: from Ruby Freeman's post below.. "The ones we used are the special Joe Biden ballots that my baby created for us to win. They scanned excellent and increased Joe Biden numbers and helped him beat Donald Trump. I spoke to Dominion people and they said plan B worked all across the country. Special thanks to Stacey Abrams, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Raphael Warnock. Don't worry Raphael you gonna beat that white bitch because we did it for you and Joe Biden better give us a pardon for it lol."

In full..