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Evidence Archive

This is an archive of selected articles, videos and evidence in that we ""think"" the material here would be admissible in court.

The Election Fraud is now being overtaken by the Pedophile revelations and the happenings regarding this egregious impeachment.

Extract & Comment from "Ashley" on Telegram... Ref Impeachment, Capitol "Insurrection"

Video shot at Spangler's family restaurant in Jonesville Michigan, Senate Majority Leader MIKE SHIRKEY, mistakenly told the truth on camera by stating the supporters of President Donald Trump were not not at fault by storming of the U.S. Capitol building.

"That's been a hoax from day one." SHIRKEY said, later adding that what occurred was "all staged" and implied Senator Mitch McConnell and other leaders "wanted to have a mess".

Attributed to Ashley here 12th Feb


Shocking New Evidence 1/17/2021

In this extract from Telegram, we see VITAL EVIDENCE (not fully corroborated yet) that China DID meddle in the elections!
..All attributed to Kagbab here. We believe it comes from some of the more recently declassified documents -- see samples here. This has since been fully corroborated here and elsewhere.


Demanding evidence of a malign algorithm is like asking for proof of a thought process - eg: intent, motive. It can be p[roven statistically, but hearing was denied on standing by a broken legal system.

The biggest prejudice we face is that evidence is vague when it is digital. Legal systems around the world have been evasive and negligent regarding digital crimes and hence the internet is like the wild west with fraud, lies, identity theft, phishing, domain name thefts and hacking. Try and get action on a misleading digital advert and you will know! The archive.org way back machine is a charitable service that logs internet activity to help such cheating and yet the NSA is well known to hold vast server farms with such information -- that you are not allowed access to!

In the case of voter fraud, the computers are connected to the internet - sometimes even to WiFi - and they are known to run on Microsoft OS's. Consider how easily an app (a program) can be updated with a modified counting algorithm and then restored to it's original... This can be done multiple times overnight - you will NEVER find hard evidence of that, especially if you destroy or deny access to the ballots so they cannot be analyzed.

Hard Proof?

The hard-proof of massive fraud arrived in Antrim, Michigan, Dec 19 2020 (Ref here). A recount showed they flipped 2,000 votes out of 16,000 - Trump got 9,759 & Biden 5,959 after earlier declaring Biden winner AND Certifying it. (We are told it is human error - as if such a perverted lie could stand!).

This is the single most solid piece of evidence out of the myriad exhibits on this site. However, partisan judges insist we prove there were irregularities on compromised vote count computers which is as paradoxical as time travel (and is why election reruns are essential).

The media AND big tech have all become converts to a higher power that thinks you don't have a right to know ANY of this, "because it's bad for you". For example, if we ran this above story on YouTube, the jackboots would Ban it. Go here to see their BOASTS of heavy handed take-downs.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is epic gaslighting, misdirection, and fraud! For more, scroll down..

US in Middle of "Battle of Good vs. Evil"
Michael Flynn

Great, Succinct Evidence (but less solid than "Hard Evidence")

Time Sorted Evidence Events

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