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Betrayal Archive

Most Wanted -- the 10 reps voting for impeachment on Jan 13 -- List of THE TRAITORS here

Best Pick:
Mutinous treasonous traitorous retired Military Chiefs here
Undermined a POTUS and crippled his options
These DOGS need to be tried!

This is an archive of selected articles on the topic above..
06/11 20:41:13 Ivanka Trump BETRAYS her own father, Donald senior An unbelievable story of betrayal. I have seen this kind of behaviour too many times before. Someone who through twisted logic ends up not just running away when the chips are down, but betraying their nearest and dearest.

Quote: Cheney plays a clip of Ivanka Trump telling the January 6 committee she accepted Barr's conclusion that the election result wasn't affected by fraud.

It is as if such people are like rabid wasps who cannot handle their own fear and confusion, so they just sting everything in a certain radius even if that means hurting many.

I'm afraid "Ivanka" is just one more traitorous coward.
05/12 12:02:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - We Found All the Baby Formula . . . Biden Admin Sent it all to Southern Border for Illegal Alien babi U;LHal's comment on this tweet Kat Cammack on Twitter: "The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula. The second is from a shelf right here at home. Formula is scarce. This is what "America last" looks like." / Twitter
02/05 10:54:05 Freedom Convoy- GoFundMe seizes funds of Canada 'occupation' - BBC News U;L⚠ Trucker money "Stolen" says Tucker Carlson. $10m was first frozen, then seized, then returned only after forms filled out (passive aggressive), then said to be redistributed to other charities of GoFundMe's choice - according to Tucker, which he says (and we agree) is THEFT. Update - this redistribution is confirmed here Prosecutors gear up as GoFundMe 'redirects' convoy donations RT
01/23 17:18:17 Mysterious 'Patriot Front Group' Has Leaked video Raising Questions of Federal Infiltration Ed: 👇 Seems the article is suggesting that the group is run / funded by the FBI as a false flag to incriminate patriots. But we can't tell as the article is not well written.
01/11 17:28:46 Evidence the FBI has gone rogue and committed HIGH TREASON Ed: 💥 (ref Jan 6) We are herein given undeniable evidence to suggest that (a) a Government Agency has gone rogue and committed @HIGH @TREASON and (b), they deem themselves not answerable to We The People when asked by our elected leaders - she said "I can't answer", not "I don't know" - totally different because instead of lying under oath, she basically said she was unable to admit that YES THE FBI DID RIG J6!
12/10 21:16:48 'F--k him'- Trump rips former ally Netanyahu for disloyalty --RT USA News Ed: ♦k him'- Trump on Netanyahu's disloyalty -- I watched this play out at the time, and also could not believe that Netanyahu could be SO quick to push Trump under a bus after the election - after all Trump had done for Israel and the Mid E. Disgusting little turncoat of a man, reminds me of Captain Schettino. All mouth and runaway chump trousers.
11/21 16:45:48 China celebrates American infrastructure bill claiming it will destroy manufacturing --Patriots Gazette
11/12 17:58:05 TUCKER & DHILLON- DOJ blew 'fed. law, constitution, and civil rights' 'Deepest level of corruption.- Ed: 🎯Let's call it what it is - PURE EVIL! The FBI or the DOJ simply gave Veritas's confidential info to the press. When knowing about the Cabal's perverted control over Chief Justice Roberts, their behaviour is so brazen it is almost as if they are gloating at us, trying to break us.
09/29 22:08:26 Trump Support Drops 20 Points as Ron DeSantis Surges to Tie in New 2024 Poll Ed: ☠ Not while I have breath will DeSantis steal the due of the rightful heir..
09/14 19:58:08 The Taliban thanks US for $64m as part of $1.2BILLION international aid package but pleads for more - Daily Mail Online Ed: ❓Biden snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, gives them weapons, then negotiates with terrorists giving them whatever the hell they like. What next? Shall we send them our girls?
09/14 18:39:52 Gen. Mark A. Milley called a Chinese general twice to pledge insider info Ed: ⚡ this is HIGH TREASON - naked betrayal to the enemy in the highest office of the Defense.
07/30 10:44:54 -Formalize Their Departure-- More Republican House Members Call For Cheney & Kinzinger to be Purged From Party Ed: 🔺for Participating in Pelosi's vile Jan 6 Witch Hunt
07/23 05:09:18 House Democrats Block Bipartisan Bill Declassifying COVID-19 Origins Ed: 🔺the essence of pure evil. Everyone wants to know. But the evil cabal obviously doesn't, and yet is so brazen, they will very publicly throw away any last vestige of political plausibility, and, in an act of political suicide, will just happily expose their blood red demon heads to kill truth.
07/20 10:28:34 Pence national security advisor- Milley comments on imagined Trump plot 'seditious,' if true - Just The News 🏮ie: if Gen Milley made said remarks, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chair committed sedition, says retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, former adviser to Pence
07/17 10:07:23 Mike Pence Refused to Leave Capitol During Storming Despite Angry Mob Calling to 'Hang' Him- Book - Sputnik International Ed: 🔎❓
05/20 10:16:18 JUST IN- January 6 Commission Passes 252 - 175 in the House - Here Are the 35 Republicans Who Joined Democrats and Voted in F
05/18 10:48:30 Why did Trump issue this bizarre military memo in the final days of his presidency- - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Ind
05/02 21:28:05 Mitt Romney loudly booed at Utah Republican convention - BBC News
04/27 07:39:31 'This never happened'- John Kerry denies telling Iran FM of Israeli strikes on Syria after GOP demands he resign over leaked
02/10 09:21:43 6 Republican Senators Join Democrats to Vote for Trump Impeachment Trial
02/05 12:05:07 Defense secretaries' letter warning Trump was signed by all in only 2 days - ABC News
01/31 19:56:38 10 GOP Senators Offer Counterproposal on Pandemic Relief Package, Request Meeting With Biden
01/31 12:47:18 South Carolina GOP Censures Rep. Tom Rice Over Trump Impeachment Vote
01/21 20:26:43 Atlas Shrugged- Part 2 TRAILER (2012) - Ayn Rand Movie HD - YouTube
01/21 19:44:41 -This Is Not Consistent With What He Promised Us When He Was Running- - KY Republicans Censure Mitch McConnell After His Outr
01/19 11:39:30 Johnson 'glad' to see Trump go, says ex-Civil Service head Lord Sedwill - BBC News
01/16 23:08:23 Justice With Judge Jeanine 1-16-21- FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 16, 21 - YouTube
01/16 16:45:59 The 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump - US news - The Guardian
01/14 19:26:55 Betrayed him like Judas... - Wayne Allyn Root - YouTube
01/14 16:48:00 Rep. Kevin McCarthy full remarks - Spineless Appeaser according to comments
01/13 18:47:38 Colin Powell Abandons GOP- 'I Can No Longer Call Myself a Republican'
01/12 16:23:02 Freshman GOP Rep. Who Replaced Justin Amash Already Betraying His Voters, Says He's 'Strongly Considering' Voting for Impeach
01/12 10:49:24 Joint Chiefs warn troops against "sedition and insurrection" before Biden inauguration - Vox
01/10 23:16:52 BREAKING- FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed in Georgia - Sends Them Back
01/06 16:33:11 Mitt Romney Berated By Patriot At Airport - Andrew Torba
01/06 13:50:15 Traitors gate 2008 McConnell Told GOP Colleagues He Wouldn't 'Judge' Them for Electoral Objections- Senator
01/06 13:13:47 WATCH- Trump supporters berate Mitt Romney, brand him 'traitor' on packed flight to DC --RT USA News
01/06 10:48:12 Sens. Tim Scott, Jim Inhofe Announce They Will Not Object to Electoral College Votes
01/04 10:45:07 Seven Days in January- All Living Former Secretaries of Defense Warn Trump Over Election Fight
01/04 10:43:01 President Trump Files Two Lawsuits Against Dirty Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger for Leaking Confidential Litigation
01/04 10:41:52 Sen. Tom Cotton Says He Will Not Oppose Counting of Electoral College Votes
01/01 15:25:29 Pence Asks Judge to Reject Push to Expand His Powers to Decide Electoral College Votes
12/31 11:15:43 Evil Eye (15834385086) Mitch McConnell digs in against $2,000 checks- 'Senate is not going to be bullied' - Washington Times
12/29 11:14:50 Anti-Trump 'Biden Republicans' backing Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue in Georgia Senate runoffs - Washington Times
12/23 16:11:23 Corrupt Democrats - List of Disgraced Democratic Politicians
12/23 16:08:19 Corrupt Democrats - List of Disgraced Democratic Politicians (Page 2)
12/21 12:59:43 Fear-final3 Fox Airs Segment Debunking Election Fraud Claims Against Smartmatic After Threat of Legal Action
12/20 11:56:22 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil A Conservative Justice in Wisconsin Says He Followed the Law, Not the Politics - The New York Times
12/16 21:17:59 Money From Facebook's Zuckerberg Used to Undermine Election, Violate Law- Report
12/16 18:20:43 Traitors gate 2008 Dominion Lobbyists Paid McConnell Thousands Before He Crushed Election Integrity Bills, Ignored Election Contests - National
12/16 15:26:56 'Too soon to give up'- Trump slams Senator Mitch McConnell for congratulating Biden, urges Republicans to 'learn to fight' --
12/15 20:34:33 Evil shadows (2447435856) McConnell congratulates Biden as president-elect - Washington Times
12/12 18:14:46 Trump criticizes Barr for keeping quiet about Hunter Biden probe before election - Washington Times
12/11 17:53:12 Donald Trump and William Barr WIlliam Barr hid two Hunter Biden probes from public for months- Report - Washington Times(WHAAATTT???)
12/10 16:32:45 Geraldo Rivera- Donald Trump not returning calls amid disagreement about election being over - Washington Times
12/09 14:25:22 State Department kept tabs on anti-Trump dossier, documents show - Washington Times
12/09 14:04:36 As Trump Fights Election Fraud, Most Republicans in Congress Remain Quiet
12/07 17:54:05 Three Brave Black Female Republicans File Charges Against Corrupt Michigan Secretary of State --Facebook Censors Their Video - David Harris Jr-
12/07 10:14:22 FBI Needs More Transparency on Voter Fraud Probes, Ratcliffe Says
12/07 10:12:45 Trump supporter who gave $2.5m to fight election fraud wants money back - US political financing - The Guardian
12/07 10:03:49 Judge Denies Request for Hearing Extension to Allow Experts to Testify
12/06 15:14:11 Republicans Meeting With Soros-Backed Amnesty Group (GOP RINOs) -
12/02 15:19:54 DOJ Not Done Investigating Election Fraud, Spokesperson Says
12/01 20:15:42 See speak hear no evil Paisley Abbey Trump- Judges refuse to look at election fraud evidence - Washington Times
12/01 20:15:21 Barr- No evidence of fraud that'd change election outcome(AS YET) - Washington Times
11/28 11:04:04 Google, Facebook and Twitter fixed the election for Biden over Trump - Washington Times
11/28 11:03:18 'The Plot Against The President'- Twitter suspends account of popular conservative movie - Washington Times
11/28 10:32:14 Netanyahu opens cabinet meeting with congratulations to Biden - The Jerusalem Post
11/24 12:04:49 Rep's who called for Trump to Concede ;(echo for ref)
11/23 02:20:10 Tone Deaf GOP Leader McCarthy ALREADY Willing to Toss President Trump and His 73.8 Million Voters Under the Bus (VIDEO)
11/17 16:34:46 Watch- FOX's Cavuto Cuts Off Trump Presser (Kayleigh) -- 'I Can't in Good Countenance Continue Showing This'