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  1. Vengeance and Persecution
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  1. Persecution Of Trump

Vengeance and Persecution

The Vengeful, destructive, spiteful bullying Left

It's hard to find words to describe how malignant we find some of the situations we list here are. So full of themselves, the illogical left is running around threatening anything that opposes them in a way that would make Stalin smile.

Perhaps one of the worst we have seen is Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel here threatening to destroy the careers of lawyers for daring to do something about the prima facie evidence that anyone with eyes saw on election night. This punitive targeting of their opposition is as corrupt, degenerate and diseased as pure evil - not only are they threatening people for doing their job legally, but they are suppressing freedom of speech and thought, attacking their duty to the constitution and attacking even the idea behind law - justice! 

Conservatives need to now, more than ever, get organized, to protect ourselves, to protect our way of life, to push back against the overwhelming forces of illogical liberal lefts who, apparently incapable of differentiating right from wrong, have quietly organized themselves to oppress the practical and capable.


The articles in this folder are dedicated to lawyers (eg: Rudy Giuliani) and Republican backing Journalists (eg: James O’Keefe’s - founder of Project Veritas) and all who are being persecuted in what can only be described as something beyond political into the territory of sinister and even Stalinist as the US descends further into a communist style totalitarianism.

For information on those who have actually been jailed, see our folder Yellings - Political Prisoners which includes ongoing analysis of Political Prisoners around the globe.

Article Tiles

11/17 12:25:31 Exclusive --Mike Cernovich- The Left Is Stupid to Hunt Steve Bannon Ed: ⚠ What is scariest about this is that the idea of the left hunting anyone seems almost normalized.
10/12 11:47:52 Hal - London Newspaper Column- -Anti-vaxxers want to kill your babies..These people are terrorists Ed: An "off the charts" hater, inciting violence against people with legitimate concerns. Valuable to see what makes these unthinking bigoted socialist communist enabling morons tick.
10/12 02:58:32 Hal - UK-Anti-vaxxers want to kill your babies. EXTREME INCITEMENT Ed: Very sick woke extremism.
08/12 03:01:40 Dominion Voting Systems' $1.3B Defamation Lawsuits Against Trump Allies Can Proceed- Judge Ed: ⚡This is evil.
07/31 12:54:19 Ted Lieu Weighing Legal Ramifications of Reported Trump Justice Department Call Ed: ⚡this CCP shill shit is a persecuting provocateur and plucking LIAR --- of course Trump called it corrupt - we who had eyes to see saw prima facie evidence of that. Anyone who refutes that is a plucking LIAR. %0A
07/26 13:09:15 Arizona Senate Leader Karen Fann Sent Package Containing White Powder -- Leftists Ramp Up Threats Against Fann AND Her Family Ed: 💥🔺Says she is "burnt out" -- How do we let this happen to our soldiers? Can't someone at least volunteer to filter her emails? (would have to be someone of standing as requires trust).
07/21 16:52:24 Panel chair says Trump will be part of Jan. 6 inquiry - TheHill Ed: 🤔Persecution and lies continue apace. We are not winning. We are not even holding our ground.
07/21 14:47:13 Man linked to Oath Keepers admits joining U.S. Capitol attack - Reuters Ed: 🔴See our analysis 25/ on this today
07/20 17:24:56 Jan. 6th Trump Supporter Sentenced, Will Serve 8 Months in Jail; Peacefully Walked Inside and Took Selfie with -Q Shaman- Ed: 🤔We must swear to avenge these miscarriages of justice and compensate this man millions of pounds out of "their" pockets. The police invited him in! Now the cabal is LIEING to cover that up with the media complicit!
07/14 11:48:22 Activists Call On Congress To Examine DC Prison Where Trump Supporters Are Still Being Held in Inhumane Conditions Ed: 🔎☠
07/11 15:09:13 Giuliani Apparently Facing Disbarment While Convicted ex-FBI Lawyer May Get His License Back Soon - Sputnik International Ed: ♦♦
07/09 16:11:15 Michigan Attorney General, Police to Probe People Who Made Election Fraud Claims
06/29 10:09:59 The Memo- Trump faces legal and political peril - TheHill
06/24 16:16:25 Rudy Giuliani Suspended From Practicing Law in New York
06/05 12:16:57 Trump furious over his massive legal fees as investigators close in- report - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent
05/27 09:22:00 Letitia James, New York AG, taints case with well-documented anti-Trump bias - Washington Times
05/25 15:09:47 Trump's Scottish Golf Courses Face Legal Challenge Seeking Funding Probe
05/19 18:43:28 From the Desk of Donald J. Trump- I have just learned, through leaks in the mainstream me..- Donald J. Trump
05/13 20:38:39 More than 2,000 criminal charges for 411 suspects- The pro-Trump mob that attacked Capitol comes into focus
05/07 02:27:12 'They're coming to kill us'- Canada's Rebel News CANCELED by PayPal without notice, founder says --RT World News
05/04 09:57:05 Alan Dershowitz- Raid On Rudy Giuliani's Home Makes America Look Like A Banana Republic
04/30 19:27:53 Trump Should've Locked Her Up by Larry O'Connor
04/29 19:21:13 Giuliani's Lawyer Accuses DOJ of 'Corrupt Double Standard' in Executing Warrants Against Him
04/29 01:07:11 US officials raid the home and office of Donald Trump's former lawyer Rudy Giuliani
04/28 18:00:28 Federal investigators execute search warrant at NYC apartment of former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani --RT USA News
04/13 11:10:15 Investigations may lead Congress to overturn Trump-ordered Space Command move - Washington Examiner
03/16 16:05:18 Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson Arrested For Attending Jan. 6 Protests --Family's Bank Account Locked Down - The True Rep
03/13 01:36:39 65-Year-Old Oath Keeper Thomas Caldwell to be Released on Bond Due to Deteriorating Health
03/11 18:16:51 Former Navy Chaplin Shares His Horrific and Abusive Experience on the hands of FBI
02/24 10:35:12 Biden eliminates a Trump program aimed at combating child sex trafficking in the US - The BL Ed: If you need any more proof this man is morally corrupt, this is it.
02/14 22:23:51 'Traitor' Painted Outside Chester County Home Of Michael Van Der Veen - YouTube
02/06 15:54:59 Comrade Mad Maxine Waters- Trump Needs To Be Charged With Premeditated Murder - Trumpets for Triumph
02/03 13:50:31 Donald Trump May Soon Be Kicked Out of the Home He Loves - The True Defender !
01/27 20:48:09 Microsoft Will Suspend Donations to Any GOP Lawmakers Who Challenged 2020 Election Results ..pdate- Google Too! - The True De
01/27 13:21:43 Forbes Says It's Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers --Sidney Powell
01/21 17:45:12 Biden's flurry of executive actions is mostly meant as backhand to Trump's legions of supporters
01/19 12:53:03 Katie Couric- Trump Supporters Need to Be -Deprogrammed- (VIDEO)
01/19 12:03:06 Impeachment charade hurts all of America - Washington Times
01/18 08:55:28 Alec Baldwin Has 'Dream' of Noose at Trump's 'Trial for Sedition' on MLK Birthday
01/16 14:42:18 Harvard students push to strip conservatives of diplomas - YouTube
01/15 23:53:50 'A grave error'- Dominion gets victory as American Thinker offers up retraction & apology for election reporting --RT USA New
01/15 13:45:30 Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, in Project Veritas video warns of actions 'much bigger' than Trump ban - Washington Times
01/14 18:00:24 Rabbi Aryeh Spero- -They Not Only Want to Cancel Trump, They Don't Want Us to Come Back -- Like a Reign of Terror During the
01/14 15:58:27 Democrats applaud social media that blacklists, censors and cancels thousands of Americans - Washington Times
01/14 15:56:53 'Progressive purge' decried by Republicans for blacklisting of non-woke speech, figures - Washington Times
01/13 00:57:58 Hillary Clinton Labels Trump Supporters -Domestic Terrorists- Who Need to be Tracked and Surveilled Following Chaos at US Cap
01/11 21:20:24 PURE EVIL- Democrats to Censure Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert in Coming Days for Challenging Election Fraud and Blaming Riots o
01/11 19:01:30 Bennie G. Thompson suggests Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley be placed on no-fly list - Washington Times
01/10 11:46:10 Impeaching Trump would be a 'vindictive act'- Rep. McClintock - Fox News Video
01/10 01:28:01 The Gateway Pundit - Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback
01/09 23:04:08 Trump Campaign Banned From EMAILING Supporters After Being Suspended By Mail Service Provider
01/08 10:25:06 Political Director Of ABC News Talks About 'Cleansing' America Of Trump Supporters
12/28 12:09:24 only 2% of Americans said investigating President Trump is a priority (but they will anyway)
12/27 18:16:44 Michigan Attorney General Wants Sanctions for Lawyers Questioning Election Results
12/24 10:04:29 Weissmann Lashes Out at Trump Over Manafort, Stone Pardons - Cooks Up New Plot to Prosecute Them for Perjury and Obstruction
12/23 15:00:58 Tracy Diaz - Tracy Beanz - Did they burn her house down?
12/22 14:07:27 Evil Queen WDW Firing of Whistleblower Poll Workers 'Deeply Disturbing,' Georgia Commissioners Say
12/21 15:23:36 Cuomo Signs State Law Barring Sale and Display of "Symbols Of Hate" --JONATHAN TURLEY
12/20 22:34:52 EVIL PUBLISHERS - Flickr - Pierre-Selim YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer's Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing
12/18 23:57:39 Georgia Poll Workers Who Raised Election Concerns Get Terminated
12/10 19:36:33 Make Them Pay! Michigan Democrat Cynthia Johnson Issues Threat - Calls Out 'Soldiers' to Take Care of Trumpers (VIDEO)
12/09 14:11:41 Teacher fired over sharing anti-Biden memes sues PA school district - Daily Mail Online
12/07 17:48:48 Civil War 2020 - Twitter Leftists Suggest "Re-education Camps," "Firing Squads," Banning Talk Radio to "Deprogram" 75 Million Trump Supporters - David Harris Jr-
12/06 15:33:26 Explosive Video of Car Crash Killing Boyfriend of Kemp's Daughter Sparks Conspiracy Theories (see Tweet - treat as opinion at best) -
12/05 10:51:29 Dem Judge says Sullivan may challenge Flynn Pardon(A pardon IS A PARDON)
11/30 20:23:44 Sharpton- 'The President and His Cronies Will Be Held Accountable for Their Many Crimes'
11/27 15:05:05 WATCH- Gaetz says Trump should pardon himself to protect against radical left "blood lust"
11/25 15:12:26 Maddow Suggests Trump Officials May Need to ---'Go to Jail---' For Challenging Election
11/24 09:51:48 THIRD WORLD- Michigan AG Seeks Criminal Charges For State Legislators Who Spoke With Trump - National File
11/20 12:46:37 Kamala 50uwbZb2kK ;Fact check- Kamala Harris quote on "vengeance of a nation" fabricated by satire website - Reuters
11/09 17:11:14 They beat me, then Facebook silenced me - Isabella DeLuca - YouTube
11/09 16:04:25 AOC suggests supporters make list of posts from 'Trump sycophants'; faces backlash
11/09 16:00:05 Biden backers to blacklist Trump loyalists with 'Trump Accountability Project' - Washington Times
  1. Persecution Of Trump

Persecution Of Trump