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The Vengeful, destructive, spiteful bullying Left

It's hard to find words to describe how malignant we find some of the situations we list here are. So full of themselves, the illogical left is running around threatening anything that opposes them in a way that would make Stalin smile.

Perhaps one of the worst we have seen is Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel here threatening to destroy the careers of lawyers for daring to do something about the prima facie evidence that anyone with eyes saw on election night. This punitive targeting of their opposition is as corrupt, degenerate and diseased as pure evil - not only are they threatening people for doing their job legally, but they are suppressing freedom of speech and thought, attacking their duty to the constitution and attacking even the idea behind law - justice! 

Conservatives need to now, more than ever, get organized, to protect ourselves, to protect our way of life, to push back against the overwhelming forces of illogical liberal lefts who, apparently incapable of differentiating right from wrong, have quietly organized themselves to oppress the practical and capable.
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