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Just Jodie


Just Jodie with some great news and a Treat For Yellings near end..
See WHO ARE WE? at top of front page for more on Jodie and ourselves.

10/02 18:45:53 KASH PATEL Fires Warning Shot- -Wait Til You See the Acts of Sexual Complicity that the 7th Floor of the FBI was Engaging In- Ed: Is the Cabal finally starting to implode? Call it Cabal or Deep State.. whatever, this is very big.

04/30 14:58:00 Surprising Group Of People Championed Musk's Bid To Take Over Twitter, Trump Suspension Played Role, Report Ed: 📢Among those who encouraged him behind the scenes were former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, investor Peter Thiel, entrepreneur David Sacks and other libertarian leaning big wigs, The Wall Street Journal reported.
04/28 03:45:26 Tucker The Biden administration's allies and media are uniting to defame Elon Musk U;L📢The "Disinformation Panel" is coming ... REF HERE Dear God, these lefthard bastards are like a swarm of locusts. Relentless! This is a fight to the end folks. You want your freedom? You will have to fight, support Musk. TRUMP?? WAKE UP MAN AND GET BACK ON TWITTER! (I cannot believe that the plank said he was not interested in going back - petty much?). I know y'all loves Trump, but sometimes even good men need a kick in the arse. Send him your kick!!
04/28 03:15:26 'Woke left scolds' upset they can no longer 'censor Twitter' - YouTube 🔴 I call on Trump to GET BACK ON TWITTER to accelerate this revolution. If Trump does not, he will confirm the myriad concerns that he is really only out for himself. His "I am not going back" was lame and only deserving of rebuke. This is not a time to think about self, this is a time to reclaim civilization and keep up the Momentum to FREEDOM.

Ps: Go back to truth social afterwards, or even in parallel, but right now, there is no excuse for sabotaging this movement through petty preference. Your call Mr T!
04/25 13:49:06 Elon Musk Twitter Deal on Track as TWTR Finalizes Terms of Transaction - Bloomberg U;LWith thanks to Just Jody, also see conservative brief and inside paper .. See also our next post!
03/30 13:04:57 GOP senators explore Chinese company's $1 million payment to Hunter Biden's firms - Washington Times Ed: ⚠ About time!
03/30 09:47:49 Federal Judge on Donald Trump - He Could Be A Sitting President Again Ed: 🎯 just look at the hysterical, malicious, gaslighting tweets quoted under the story from those terrified of this outcome. Looks like Demonrats still prepared to fight dirty -- this is not going to be an easy battle. He needs to come back sooner while he's still sharp.
02/22 20:59:10 The DIABOLICAL Globalist Agenda (Karen Kingston Interview) - YouTube from Man In America. The objective is FEAR and the DISRUPTION of Reason. We had written an Analysis about exactly this - it was due out today but the Ukraine thing interrupted. And fortunate the interruption was, because the reveals by Karen Kinston of Varitage and MIA are the perfect accompaniment to our analysis on 23rd! (Or is it the other way around?). NB: Youtube censored it.
02/21 10:07:17 Trump launches social media network --RT World News 📯 "expected to be fully operational .. by the end of March. Apple users were able to pre-subscribe while it remained closed in beta". Not mentioned elsewhere. Ps: If you search Google Play for "Truth Social" you will find "MAGA Hub - Truth Social Trump". It is offered by, wait for it, "Google Commerce Ltd". So it appears Google have plagiarized the name to catch searchers - and you can be sure they will be logging your messages for political purposes - against you.
02/15 20:14:19 PM Bennett meets Bahraini Crown Prince at his palace - Israel National News - Arutz Sheva Ed: ☘ Every now and then, we can pause and see real humanity building bridges. In one the more heartwarming stories of the last 2 years, it is nice to see an Israeli prime minister stepping foot into an Islamic country and watching the very warm diplomacy that ensued. (First video is a must watch - in ENGLISH - not the mother tongue of either, and yet so eloquently used). "Blessed Are the Peacemakers"
02/10 14:02:25 Joe Rogan declines $100 million offer --RT World News Ed: 🔎(offer from Rumble) Seems Rogan is an honorable man!

He is staying with Spotify as they stuck with him.

Also, because Spotify is more MSM and more likely to awaken the sleepers.

And finally, the ongoing attacks by lefty artists has an unexpected twist as it is ALSO awakening the sleepers.
02/06 21:33:04 GoFundMe walks back 'Freedom Convoy' plans --RT World News Ed: ⚡ A welcome victory, but they crossed the line and conservatives everywhere are called upon to pursue them and their enablers relentlessly, and deliver the death penalty for their toxic, anti-human behaviour - with due process.
02/04 16:26:48 Donald Trump could become US President before 2024 says Dr Jan Halper-Hayes - YouTube U;L⚡🥳 This is obviously fantastic news, PROVIDED WE MAKE IT to these mid-terms. Ie: My concern is that the Nyquist Scenario will play out first (imminent attack on US soil, Marshal Law, etc).

My second concern is that Media/Tech will double down on silencing Trump and rigging elections. We posted about how to prevent that in the penultimate paragraph of today's Analysis on
01/16 04:05:50 REPLAY- PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP RALLY LIVE IN FLORENCE, AZ @ 9 ET Ed: 📢 Epic. Hoping this link will work when the live phase is over. We will re=post if not.
01/16 00:27:15 America Needs an Honest Adult Conversation Ed: 🔎 Newt Gingrich .. a shopping list of suggestions and reforms (not startling, but worthy of logging).
01/07 19:41:55 Launch date for Trump's 'TRUTH Social' app revealed --RT World News Ed: 🎬"due to be released on February 21".. Wait what? "is available to pre-order" .. I hope that is a typo as no one is going to be buying airtime when Twitter etc is free. Anyway, sounds like GREAT NEWS
12/19 15:30:41 THOUSANDS Turn Out to See President Trump in Houston -- AMAZING VIDEO! Ed: 🔎AMAZING VIDEO!
11/26 15:41:02 'All Lives Matter,' says Ahmaud Arbery's father after verdict - YouTube Ed: Takes guts and true human nature to say that, given his son was shot dead.
11/18 08:26:21 UK to Pelosi 'The World Knows Trump Won' Ed: 🥳 "The whole world outside the US knows Trump Won." "Go back to Epstein Island". Freedom!
11/16 12:10:53 Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei -In the US - in many ways, you're already in an authoritarian state- U;L🎯 From Twitter summary "Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei: 'In the United many ways, you're already in an authoritarian state. You just don't know it... You think you're purified by certain ideas that you agree with. That is posing dangers to society to an extreme'." - Later he says "Political Correctness is very dangerous". Youtube version has subtitles.
11/12 11:53:02 They Hate Us Because We Don't Need Them --RedState Ed: 👇 "The hateful slurs and edicts that have come vomiting out of the mouths of progressive left-wing media talking heads lately has truly sunk to new lows." - But the author sticks them in the eye with the hard hitting truth.. WE REALLY DO NOT NEED THEIR ALL MOUTH AND NO TROUSERS IMPRACTICAL GIBBERISH - THEY NEED US.
10/02 11:10:28 @McafeeAfterlife Charity Ed: 🍷Congratulations to whoever is running his channel. This sounds heartfelt and productive. But do be wary of fraud. Try and check the charity status.
09/19 04:47:20 Live Trump exposes Biden's crimes in New York. Trump returns to the presidency - YouTube Ed: 🎬 Just a little Gem to remind us who the good guys are!
09/19 03:51:43 @real_DonaldJTrump Ed: 🎯A very powerful and often emotional essay from the master communicator. Well worth studying.
09/12 10:07:52 Trump- 'Magnificent reality' of denuclearized Korea within reach - Washington Times Ed: ❓Not sure this makes sense, but at least he is trying!
09/08 08:28:00 New Jerseyans Call Out Biden On Afghanistan- "You Leave Americans Behind!" - YouTube Ed: 🔺He doesn't care.
09/08 08:24:57 'Outnumbered' rips VP Harris for ignoring Afghanistan - YouTube Ed: 🤔she campaigns for Newsom instead of helping stranded Americans. If I were Newsom I would tell her to get lost to prevent losing ...
09/07 22:09:00 We The People..--Simon Parkes Ed: ⭐We at Yellings are not huge fans of Parkes, but he is a big media presence and an advocate for supporting the victims of child trafficking. Here he is on point.
09/05 16:35:11 Shoutout to these utility workers in Louisiana who turned their back on Joe Biden - YouTube Ed: 😀really bad video, but great disrespect!.
08/29 12:53:30 EXCLUSIVE- Former US Marine Captain Evacuating as Many as Possible as Aug. 31 Deadline Looms Ed: 📯"We gave these people our word, that if they worked with us, we would stand shoulder to shoulder with them." Someone with a brain and amoral compass. Unlike the Pentagon.
08/25 14:55:35 Russia is not a factor the resistance has killed 300 Taliban Ed: 🎯Yay - MORE good news!
08/25 14:53:42 Air corridor supplies weapons to the anti-Taliban resistance Ed: 🎯Been a long time awaiting some good news!
08/17 09:02:35 @McafeeAfterlife Ed: 📯📢Sends 4 Laptops to Media - Let's hope it isn't to CNN or any other MSM - Epoch? Gateway? RT? Trouble is they are small, with only a fractional reach, and easily silenced.
08/12 15:11:19 @www_Yellings_Com Ed: 📽🎥🎬LIVE in 30 mins...
08/04 13:31:11 Start -- The Deep Rig Movie Ed: 🔎🔎now viewable for free (but you have to register)
07/26 13:04:42 Help for US Patriots from Abroad- Conservatives Must Form World Alliance Ed: 😀This is what we need to be doing!
07/25 11:01:35 President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point Action Ed: 📢link is timed to start after half hour or so intro.
07/04 11:33:28 Trump returns to stage in Florida Ed: 🥳⭐⭐
07/01 09:05:54 Sarasota rally will honor Donald Trump's role as America's champion
06/29 04:05:33 Trump lawyer- Manhattan DA won't charge former president - POLITICO
06/14 16:16:50 TRUMP SAYS- Lindell and Giuliani are Heroes - Doug TenNapel - YouTube
06/10 09:37:34 George P. Bush Defends His Support for Donald Trump- 'I'm My Own Man'
06/03 11:23:24 One Of Trump's Worst Enemies Just Got Officially Canceled - The True Defender !
05/25 19:04:51 Defending the Republic - We The People's Legal Defense Fund for the American Republic
05/25 12:27:21 Is a Trump Rally Coming Near You Soon- Four States Announced to Host Rallies Soon
05/25 12:27:12 Flag Officers 4 America
05/25 12:27:05 News --America's Future
05/25 12:26:57 Sidney Powell - Author of the Bestseller Licensed to Lie
05/25 12:26:42 Gary Fielder - Class Action Civil Rights Lawsuit vs Dominion, Facebook, and others - YouTube
05/25 12:26:33 Election Lawsuit - Dominion Class Action
05/25 11:17:35 The America Project
05/25 11:01:32 Citizen's Grand Jury with Prosecutor Larry Klayman --Dr. Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively Testify - YouTube
05/10 19:36:10 Man sets alight to Israeli flag, them sets himself on fire - ''God, save us from your followers https'' says caption
05/08 17:31:20 Left Is 'Stroking Out' After President Trump Announces Return of MAGA Rallies
05/04 14:47:54 Ariz. audit chief says probe of 2020 fraud is gaining momentum - One America News Network
03/01 09:53:07 Trump Hints at 2024 Run, Blasts Biden, Calls for Unified GOP
03/01 09:51:48 President Donald Trump LIVE at CPAC 2021 Final Day COMPLETE LIVE Coverage from Orlando - YouTube
02/16 03:50:27 Farage- Who Else Does GOP Have with His Personality, Energy, Vigor, Charisma, and Courage- - YouTube
02/14 15:27:35 EXCLUSIVE- Ashli Babbitt's Memorial Held in Southern California - Family and Friends Honor a Loving and Passionate American P
02/09 11:27:20 Trump Offered to Deploy 10,000 National Guard Troops in DC Ahead of Jan. 6- Mark Meadows
02/09 10:01:49 BlockNYT, Facebook CRUSHED, Hunter Biden Book Deal - YouTube
02/09 10:00:03 Blocks Take the Lead in Fight Against Disinformation
02/09 00:07:41 The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election - Time
02/06 22:33:46 Lou Dobbs Gets Canned By Big Brother FoxNews - YouTube
02/06 11:43:43 This CANNOT BE LAWFULLY DONE By Executive Order- Immigration Reform - Rudy Giuliani - Ep. 108 - YouTube
02/02 21:00:45 VIDEO NOW- Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells about visit to Iraq - YouTube
02/02 10:07:17 No, America should not 'accept and move on' - Elections News - Al Jazeera
01/31 14:16:13 Trump still a GOP titan- 'A restoration is coming' - Washington Times
01/30 10:13:50 Support for Trump-Hater Liz Cheney Drops Like a Rock in Wyoming - Only 13% Would Vote to Reelect Darling of GOP Elites
01/27 13:22:15 Sidney Powell Launches Super PAC to 'Fight Vigorously for Our Constitutional Rights'
01/26 12:36:03 Trump Creates 'Office of the Former President' to Advance US Interests, Carry on Trump Admin Agenda
01/25 19:59:25 Law Professor responds to WOKE university - YouTube
01/22 16:34:50 OANN- Trump Gives Permission For National Guard Troops To Stay In Trump Hotel DC
01/20 18:19:17 Swamp Watch- Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz - YouTube
01/20 15:31:11 Wow! This is pretty BIG..-
01/20 14:28:09 The Second Civil War is Underway- Armed Demonstrators Gather Outside US State Capitol Buildings - YouTube
01/19 13:57:28 Rep Matt Gaetz- -We Won't Stop!- - YouTube
01/18 11:16:19 KAG BABE Links to hard evidence, infographics and declassified documents
01/17 10:58:37 Obama's day of reckoning - George Papadopoulos - YouTube
01/16 13:54:23 EXCLUSIVE- Giuliani sounds off on McConnell, the Bidens & anti-Trump media - YouTube
01/15 13:52:18 Armed insurrection- Congress votes to overturn the next election - Washington Times
01/15 13:46:01 Big Tech will only be halted by mass boycott - Washington Times
01/14 21:04:36 BREAKING- New Rep. announces IMPEACHMENT mission against Joe Biden - YouTube
01/14 20:34:32 Why the establishment hates Trump - Greg Kelly - YouTube
01/14 16:54:45 The 4 Democrats voting against impeachment - Vox
01/10 12:58:02 TGP Interview with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Reveals Disturbing Experience with Hannity's Producer When He Attempted to Share Sol
01/06 16:14:24 Adam Andrzejewski - The Depth of the Swamp - YouTube
01/04 17:17:13 Republican AGs unveil new initiative to undercut Biden-Harris agenda - Washington Times
01/03 14:12:57 Peter Navarro official photo (cropped) 6-Person Team Briefed Hundreds of State Senators on Election Theft Evidence, Navarro Says
01/02 18:58:16 Fear-final3 BREAKING- 10+ Senators May Join Senate Leader Josh Hawley in Objecting to 2020 Electoral Votes
01/02 12:30:34 REMINDER- Democrats Have Objected To Electoral Certification The Last Three Times A Republican Won
12/30 14:04:11 Hawley at Jackson Egg Farm Josh Hawley becomes first senator to declare he'll object to Biden's electoral votes - Washington Times
12/28 16:43:39 'The Smartest Man Alive' Is Convinced the 2020 Election Was Stolen and Recommends Another Vote Free From Fraud
12/28 13:24:58 President Trump PLEASE CREATE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER and Have 2020 Ballots and Images Audited in Select States Using Jovan Pulitz
12/26 09:30:37 Sen. Rand Paul- Governors Should Never Have Been Allowed to Become 'Dictators'
12/25 00:16:06 Members of the Rat Swamp - Sebastian Gorka - YouTube
12/24 11:39:11 Newt & Callista Gingrich Newt Gingrich Says He 'Will Not Accept Joe Biden As President'
12/23 14:04:57 Georgia state senator calls special session; Charlie Kirk- I'm not giving up on Trump - NTD - YouTube
12/23 13:40:49 Explosion-155624 icon What Really Happens in January. Sebastian Gorka joins Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax - YouTube
12/23 09:49:12 VIDEO- 'This Is a Precipice' - Tracy Beanz on the 2020 Election, Information Warfare, and Draining the Swamp
12/23 09:48:34 Video- 'We Could've Had a Texas Hero'--ep. Louie Gohmert on How Texas Could Have Changed the Election
12/22 21:48:30 Patriots Storm Oregon Capitol In Protest Of Secret Legislative Session - YouTube
12/21 15:17:31 Donald-trump-secim-840x420 Trump- 'We're Getting Closer and Closer' to Successful Challenge to Election Results
12/21 13:04:22 Arizona State Senator at 'Stop the Steal' Rally- 'We're Not Going to Give Up'
12/21 13:01:34 Trump Said He Spoke With Sen.-Elect Tuberville, Who Has Weighed a Challenge to Electoral Votes
12/21 12:57:58 Trump Is Ill-Served by Advisers Pushing Him to Concede, Former Overstock CEO Says
12/21 10:29:16 President Donald J. Trump walks down the West Colonnade of the White House (cropped) Trump- 'We have to get the support from some politicians' to look into election fraud - Washington Times
12/20 21:50:09 Rep. Matt Gaetz Says He Will Challenge Electoral College Votes on Jan. 6
12/20 12:05:53 REPORT- President Trump Met with Sidney Powell and General Flynn in Oval Office - Discussed Deploying Military, Naming Powell
12/19 23:23:16 TRUMP'S NEW AD CAMPAIGN IS AMAZING!! Sidney Powell, President Trump, MAGA, Trump Ads - YouTube
12/19 22:31:58 Rand Paul rips apart Joe Biden's divisive speech - YouTube
12/19 16:27:27 Trump- Supporters Should Join 'Wild' Protest in DC on Jan. 6
12/19 10:19:57 Military coup or nothing to see here- Pentagon halts cooperation with Biden transition team --report --RT USA News
12/18 10:36:10 The 2020 Election is OFFICIALLY Contested, Democrats are LOSING IT
12/17 20:33:11 DNI John Ratcliffe Says There Was Foreign Interference in November Elections- Report
12/17 10:28:00 2020 Election Fraud is CCP 'Assassin's Mace'- Patrick Byrne
12/16 21:14:51 This is disputed - Twitter's obsessive tagging of Trump election posts spawns meme response - RT USA News
12/16 18:22:52 USEFUL- Georgia Sec of State Unwittingly Provides Legal Basis For Congress To Nullify State's Electoral Votes - National File
12/16 12:34:23 Electors in 7 States Cast Dueling Votes for Trump
12/14 00:25:52 Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano- We're Standing Firm With Trump
12/13 23:49:01 Gen. Flynn- SCOTUS doesn't decide, we decide the election of president of the United States - NTD - YouTube
12/13 20:43:35 List of why Biden cannot get unity
12/13 14:30:17 Trump Flies Over DC Ralliers in Marine One
12/11 17:09:10 Did Biden Just admit they were beat?
12/08 23:19:04 Election Fraud Allegations- Infographic
12/08 10:33:01 mark levin fox, Pensylvania destroying consitution - Parler
12/03 16:56:37 University Document Published in September 2019 Details 2020 Election to a Frightening Precision
12/02 10:45:24 Breaking GA - PA Confirm Election Fraud - Move To Overturn Biden HOAX Victory
12/02 10:26:01 Attorney Lin Wood Suggests Trump Declare Martial Law, Hold New Election - Counter Globalist News
12/02 09:21:00 Powell retweeted Insurrection act
12/01 00:00:20 Watch Live- Arizona Lawmakers Hold Election Integrity Hearing with Trump Campaign(V)
11/30 23:53:43 Watch Live- Arizona Lawmakers Hold Election Integrity Hearing with Trump Campaign(V) ;
11/30 23:51:05 Chinese parts, hidden ownership, growing scrutiny- Inside America's biggest maker of voting machines (NBC coming in out of the dark)
11/30 20:59:46 Watch Live- Arizona Lawmakers Hold Election Integrity Hearing with Trump Campaign
11/29 18:16:09 Jon Voight on Twitter- -America @realDonaldTrump - Twitter
11/29 01:07:15 Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling - Spectator USA
11/28 19:44:57 The Candace Owens Show- Katie Hopkins - YouTube
11/28 15:25:20 The 'smartest man in the room' has joined Sidney Powell's team - American Thinker
11/24 13:55:48 Trump Says He Will Never Concede to 'Fake Ballots and Dominion'
11/24 13:31:04 Democrats Planned For This The Whole Time... Let Me Explain - YouTube
11/24 13:28:08 Democrats Planned For This The Whole Time... Let Me Explain
11/24 13:26:31 Trump's -Insurance Policy- against FOREIGN INTERFERENCE in the Election! - finder
11/24 13:02:29 Trump's -Insurance Policy- against FOREIGN INTERFERENCE in the Election! - YouTube
11/23 01:13:28 Liberal law prof calls out Michigan Dem AG for 'abusive use of criminal code' over vote certification drama - TheBlaze
11/22 22:03:30 The 10 Best Anti-Riot Memes - Dan Bongino
11/22 20:20:34 Trump-heavy Pennsylvania county not giving up - YouTube
11/18 19:50:37 Hilton- Trump's foreign policy greatest of any president since WWII - YouTube
11/18 15:47:57 TRUMP - SILENT RUNNING By Justin Bellucci on Vimeo (taken down off youtube)
11/14 10:34:23 Why Democrats Ought Not Celebrate Too Hard - RealClearPolitics
11/12 18:25:21 Biden's America will accelerate forces 'determined to destroy freedoms' - YouTube
11/11 22:52:38 Donald Trump election lawsuits expose evidence of voter fraud, but face high hurdles - Washington Times
11/11 18:41:52 'Fake News' too eager to crown Biden - Greg Kelly - YouTube
11/11 16:52:12 Democrats might not accept election results if Trump wins, 'street battles' could ensue- Atlantic writer - Fox News
11/11 13:13:02 Ted Cruz- Trump Election Fraud Allegations Will Be Resolved In Court, Not By Persuading You Or Me - Video - RealClearPolitics
11/11 13:11:27 Rubio- Media Angry That People Won't Just Take Their Word Biden Won -Need Some Self-Awareness- - Video - RealClearPolitics
11/11 11:33:25 Washington Times - Donald Trump election lawsuits expose evidence of voter fraud, but face high hurdles
11/10 14:02:21 BREAKING EXCLUSIVE- System 'Glitch' Also Uncovered In Wisconsin - Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden
11/09 20:03:51 Until he's the DULY-Elected President... - Carl Higbie - YouTube
11/09 19:25:01 Steve Hilton- Trump 'defeated a 50-year establishment consensus' - YouTube
11/09 18:59:27 Let the recounts begin - Dick Morris - YouTube
11/09 15:31:46 Vernon Jones, Pro-Trump Georgia Democrat, vows to fight - Washington Times

Supporting Better Elections, Less Totalitarianism, Optimism

From Just Jody - using 107 (Juan O Savin) as a voice of hope..

And again, slightly earlier

This video was removed from youtube and is now on Rumble(here).