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The logic-defying Law..

 We've only just started this section (10 Dec, 2020), so bear with us, but as we see more and more illogical decisions that seem to have little or no basis in law, we decided we need this section!  We are starting to see partisan behavior overtaking precedent, total disregard for the US constitution, evidence being thrown out (along with the case) because it "isn't proven" (just to be clear, it is the courts job to adjudge on the merits of the evidence and counter evidence), and we constantly see prima facie evidence completely ignored.

When a panel of judges decides based on how many judges follow a certain political paradigm, then it seems reasonable to feel the legal system simply is NOT doing it's JOB! It's not supposed to be an extension of parliament where representatives are expected to vote along partisan lines. It's supposed to be based on logic, law, argument, debate, precedent, statutes, integrity, and above all the constitution.
01/08 12:13:02 Non-Partisan- Judge Ordered Cyber Ninjas To Give Up Personal Communications or face 50k fines a day 👇 OK, so at last someone is commenting on Ninjas side of the story. Some good comments on both sides..
Mark Robertson:

What's the mantra, again? Oh yeah.... " if you've got nothing to hide, why are you refusing to turn over the material
?"[This is a very strong point and hard to ignore. What ARE you hiding Logan?]

'common sense' replied to Mark robertson:

Next thing you know, a judge will be ordering YOU to turn over private correspondence and fining you 10k a day while you put up a legal fight to maintain your privacy.

Just to remind, Lin Wood think's C Ninja and its CEO Logan are Scammers.
12/06 11:13:21 Parents of Michigan Teen Shooter Ethan Crumbley Charged with 4 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter Ed: 🏮 "I want to .. send a message that gun owners have a responsibility". Another raving wokefied logically impaired lefty lunatic. This speaks of "set an example", "deterrent", and "punish" - in other words using administrative terrorism to terrify other gun owners by savagely and disproportionately overreacting to anyone they catch. See today's analysis.
10/11 13:22:46 Federal Judge Rules Against Natural Immunity Claim Challenging COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ed: 🔎US Judge says must get Vax despite Natural Immunity to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (Honestly Epoch, great journalism but find someone that can write a less woolly headline!). This is consistent with the ongoing and ethically barbaric abuse of logic in law. The law is breaking itself.
05/08 09:56:26 Huge News In Michigan - YouTube
01/14 14:21:08 Gym owner who defied lockdowns claims state emptied entire bank account - YouTube
12/29 17:19:34 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Overturns Trump Campaign's Win on GOP Observers Case
12/28 23:18:11 Trump Campaign Lawyer Binnall- DOJ Has Double Standard, Should Be Depoliticized
12/21 17:57:14 William Barr - Caricature (47098247912) Barr- 'No Basis' for Federal Government to Seize Voting Machines
12/20 11:56:35 Fear MET DP874345 Former Wisconsin Judge- 'Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated by the Left'
12/16 15:25:46 US is sleepwalking into a lawless future as another George Soros-backed DA takes over in Los Angeles --RT Op-ed
12/14 18:15:59 Day 90 Umbrella Fraud (5720591440) Wisconsin Supreme Court rules against Trump election challenge - Washington Times
12/11 23:48:47 Supreme Court rejects Texas election challenge - Washington Times
12/11 18:04:09 William Barr - Caricature (33891094708) WIlliam Barr hid two Hunter Biden probes from public for months- Report - Washington Times
12/10 20:59:58 Mark Levin warns of 'constitutional crisis' unless SCOTUS addresses Pa. election debacle - Washington Times
12/10 20:54:11 Texas Case Would Get 'Fair Hearing' in Supreme Court- Kevin Freeman(WHY NOT ANY COURT?)
12/10 15:12:25 Powell to Seek Emergency Review After Judge Dismisses Wisconsin Lawsuit
12/10 15:06:16 Cruz Says He's Disappointed SCOTUS Refused to Hear Pennsylvania Election Appeal
12/07 17:49:27 Elections Expert Garland Favorito Not Allowed to Speak at State Hearing --Claims He Has Evidence of Dominion Vote Switching in Georgia - David Harris Jr-
12/06 15:20:58 Protests After Lawmakers find Clerks deleted evidence(why weren't they jailed?)