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The logic-defying Law..

 We've only just started this section (10 Dec, 2020), so bear with us, but as we see more and more illogical decisions that seem to have little or no basis in law, we decided we need this section!  We are starting to see partisan behavior overtaking precedent, total disregard for the US constitution, evidence being thrown out (along with the case) because it "isn't proven" (just to be clear, it is the courts job to adjudge on the merits of the evidence and counter evidence), and we constantly see prima facie evidence completely ignored.

When a panel of judges decides based on how many judges follow a certain political paradigm, then it seems reasonable to feel the legal system simply is NOT doing it's JOB! It's not supposed to be an extension of parliament where representatives are expected to vote along partisan lines. It's supposed to be based on logic, law, argument, debate, precedent, statutes, integrity, and above all the constitution.
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