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What is up with the Legal System?

12 Dec, 2020..

Trump: Supreme Court Really Let Us Down

"Basically the courts are saying they want to stay out of this, they don't want to give us a hearing, they don't want the American people to hear the facts" .. "These facts will remain an open sore in our history unless they get resolved. They need to be heard they need to be aired and somebody needs to make a decision on whether they're true or false."... "The case wasn't rejected on the merits the case was rejected on standing" .. Rudy Giuliani.

Anyone with an interest in law, or who read a 1st  year law student book(eg: Radcliffe and Cross), will know that Western law arose as a means of arbitration to prevent constant warring amongst land barons. The law has been usurped. They are now not doing their jobs. If they do not do their jobs, then they must be removed and some alternate means of arbitration must prevail.

Give that they practice Partisanship rather than law, we think SCOTUS is a disgrace and an affront both to logic and the founding principles of law. These people should hold their heads in shame, be re-branded SCROTUS (Supreme Court Reprobates of the United States) and be publicly exposed.

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