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Analyses & Situation Update Archive

This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates from our landing page.

October to December inclusive

Update - Dec 31

As no one will be reading our Analysis today, lets say goodbye to 2021 ...

Carol Vorderman, 61 (from here)

..At least someone thought 2021 was Okay. Whatever she is on, we want some of it too..

2021 footnote - La Palma volcano - eruption ended 3 months after started -- That's official folks! As 2021 ends, we would like to say goodbye to La Palma. It is still there and the fools who stifled alarmism about its potential have feasted on their confirmation bias, oblivious to the millions of lives they risked over bigotry.

Ie: Alarmists did not endanger anyone, but perversely, their own bigoted "prediction" of a non-event DID endanger people. We could equally say "Cars never crash" - so why don't we just never wear safety belts?

If there is one thing 2021 has done, it has made those who will listen fully awake.

Analysis 198/ Dec 30 - Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias - like a Belief Bias Reinforcement, Cognitive Dissonance, Gas lighting ... Wiki: Confirmation bias, a phrase coined by English psychologist Peter Wason, is the tendency of people to favor information that confirms or strengthens their beliefs or values, and is difficult to dislodge once affirmed. ... "Congeniality bias" has also been used.

It's an interesting topic and goes a long way to describing how Vaccineophiles seem to be on another planet logically. It would be funny if it was not happening right in front of us.

People believe you need to People are not suspicious when we .. So in essence, these people have been brain trained, with a little help from Media and Big Tech censorship, to be biased against logic and prima facie evidence, then soak up conformation from the biased media and tech brigade. What is truly baffling is that most of these facts are well out in the public domain (eg: masked even though vaxed). THEY WANT TO BELIEVE and the automatically believe the most shiny, authoritative, richest, repeated information. Worse, they placer this belief ABOVE their own logic.

The dichotomy here is that the people who are using their logic are conservatives who are classed as believers. Could this be because to believe in the absence of a metaphysical is less logical than to believe that there is a metaphysical realm?


Analysis 197/ Dec 29 - Booster Leeches, Kinesis update, Lethargy? 

From US Military Voice..
Imagine taking four "vaccines" in one year, still getting that disease, and then thanking those "vaccines" for minor symptoms from that disease, even though 99% of people got minor symptoms before those "vaccines".

Congratulations Big Pharma on hypnotizing a small percentage of the world (mostly just the few who still believe politicians and the corporate media), but the rest of the world is wide awake.

More are waking up everyday and we are not going to let you get away with this.
Kinesis Update - Dec 29:
Very quick mention that Kinesis - the analysis of gravitational interference on the generation of mood changing hormones, and the impact that has on us through leadership and mass hysteria... charts showing change are off the wall today with a triple conjunction culminating in some kind of major progress internationally tomorrow.

Some kind of skirmish is more than likely with a massive lingering marker in the area of challenge, Quintiles (posturing), Trine peeking New Years Eve (international hubris).

Of course all these things are very positive for individuals. For you personally, the conjunctions (today & tomorrow) promise some kind of break through in love, life, fate.Thereafter, the massive hovering trine on the 1st of Jan will bring great confidence and contentment in the areas of life and technology.

Lethargy or Realism? - earlier, Dec 29
War is coming FAST .. we are a little tired, as we are sure you are, of frenetically reposting all the dozens of articles we see detailing the provocations and lies that drive us towards war... Or trying to reason as to why this must happen, with the Cabal cornered, etc.

This is yet another, perhaps prescient article to add to our cannon .. John Bolton: Now Is the Time For NATO To Stand Up To Russia - 19FortyFive -- how insane is this rhetoric?

My son is of fighting age. He will be drafted and he will die, like my Uncle did in Italy in WW2, my mother's only brother, my grandparent's only son. He lies in a grave I am yet to visit in a foreign land. My grandmother is so like my son's mother, my wife. I fear history repeating itself.

It may seem like Yellings is selling fear by inviting chaos - it is the last thing I want. All I have ever sought is to awaken folk and log data for the awoken (so that when we eventually rise up, we have the facts). We have had over 90% of our potential audience obliterated by the almighty Google (blocking us from search results because we dared to critique the veracity of the 2020 election).

It gets to the point where we think... WTF! We soldier on like troops in a blizzard, our rations run dry.

We are done for. I cannot provide the credibility CSU (or any other plan) needs. I think you and I, dear readers, have done all we can. I so want to help. But like many others in our shoes, the demon of lethargy is too potent to overcome. There is just too many of "them" and too few wealthy conservative really taking up intelligent plans (such as CSU, which I stress is not the only plan, not it is a plan that in anyway benefits Yellings).
Looks like we just have to get used to our new normal.

Analysis 196/ Dec 28 - 🧨The "Big Reveal" refined

Is Putin setting the stage for a TRUMP RETURN❓

We have said this before, but it didn't get much airtime. So we are saying it again (with some upgrades)..

Background: Putin wants peace. He likens NATO's arming of Ukraine to the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this time it is Putin in JFK's shoes. Putin has stated he will remove the threat by force if necessary.

Right now, the Russia Ukraine front is quiet but don't be deceived -  when Putin pounces, there will be no warning... He has been moving anti aircraft missiles to the Ukraine border and training invasions there.

If Putin invades, China will certainly invade Taiwan too. But Putin doesn't want an endless war or apocalypse, so what is he planning?

We think Putin plans to attack then defuse with a "Big Reveal" - by spilling the beans on the Davos Cabal and the extent to which the west is controlled by Satanic Pedophilia -- (remember Putin has already said "The West is controlled by satanic pedophiles" REF in which he threatened to name names). The reason that has not already happened is twofold..

  1. The Cabal controls the media and will suppress it like the last time Putin said it.
  2. Putin and Xi are collaborating to balance out the US. However, Xi is also in the Cabal.
If Putin is looking to make such a reveal, he will want the full attention of the West first so that all media is focused on him when he literally addresses the world. Then he will name names and demand they are removed as well as demanding the reinstatement of the true President. Putin cannot back down - his country is 90% behind him and weakness will spell his end. He will use his "Big Reveal" to stop the conflagration before it gets out of control, but also to put an end to the Cabal, once and for all.

Will this happen? Who knows? But what choice does Putin have? what choice does the Cabal have? They are losing control of the plot as increasingly protests reveal and corruption is exposed.

Such reveals MUST result in the reinstatement of the rightful president of the the USA. Not only is it just, it is the only outcome that exonerates Russia and restores stability.

Analysis 195/ Dec 27 - Covid Madness continues

Covid Madness continues with daily threatening text messages from the UK government such as this..


Every adult over 18 needs a COVID-19 booster vaccine to protect against Omicron.

Get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster. See NHS website for details"
That's a carbon copy, except that we highlighted two words in the 2nd sentence to show the absurd bare faced lies..
The frequency of it is intimidating for a number of reasons.
As you can see, for me it is not such a major issue. My life is not especially important to me at this age and if the boosters do eventually degrade my body through use of graphene oxide etc, then so be it. However, for my young adult children, it is a big concern. I live in hope that our current conservative government (even if in name only) will just drop the stupid coercion in time.
This YouTube video puts it well..
Billions Of People Are Affected By This & They Don't Realize It | Dr. Robert Malone 2021
..On our timeline on Dec 24. Youtube description: "Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, breaks down the "mass formation" phenomenon that makes it difficult to reason with those who have fallen victim to the globalist leader propaganda. Hear what he says is the hope we have before a total takeover.…".
On that basis, IMHO, our dear leader Boris Johnson is simply dopey and confused because he does show signs of being less tyrannical.. Eg: Posted today GMT:
Boris Johnson to resist calls for new Covid restrictions in England The National, Scotland13:05
Boris Johnson not expected to announce further Covid restrictions today after meeting with scientific advisers GB News12:59
Boris Johnson announcement today: PM is NOT expected to make Covid rule changes
No further Covid restrictions expected after Boris Johnson Omicron briefing Coventry Live12:44.

Analysis 194/ Dec 26 - Round up events over Xmas

First - we fixed the HTML that was preventing the video above titled IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE GENOCIDE being played.

On the risk of war, there have been positive and negative developments, so overall we would describe the situation as unchanged, still unstable, but world leadership is showing less signs of taking us to war, or at least less signs of a widespread and/or nuclear war.

We said recently in #188/, from our research at Yellings, we think War will either begin on Sunday 19th to Tuesday 21st or on Xmas day or thereabouts. Well, it didn't and we are more than happy to be proven wrong. We said This is simply based on patterns and observations, including the Iraqi threat made here - Hal Turner Radio Show - Attacks Will Commence Against U.S. Forces after Midnight on December 31 (which is timed to provide the final expulsion of the US military when it is already busy in other theaters). Also, the Cabal will have to act soon as more Covid remedies appear (milder strains inoculating us etc), and as more disquiet and protest is taking place around the world. The Great Reset's Davos Cabal is losing control of the flow of information through it's Media which was in part enabled by Covid fear and lock downs - they are on the back foot but far from just melting away, they are about to act like a cornered cat.

Of course those conditions still exist, including a summit due very soon. Add continuing provocation such as this - Hal Turner Radio Show - NATO Pushes Russia Again; Wants Sweden and Finland to Join. Russia Warns of Military and Political Consequences - and so we must report a continued disturbance around New Years is still on the cards.

On other fronts, Vaccine madness accelerating, including an equal and opposite push back. For a powerful insight into what this all means, we will be exploring this academic but enlightening interview over the coming days (warning it has a mix of left and right thinking)..

*Paul Kingsnorth: Why I changed sides in the vaccine wars*
- See also Why South Africans are refusing the vaccine - The Post ( -

Happy Boxing day.

Analysis 193/ Dec 24 - Xmas Eve Covid Advice

Dr. John Campbell on -- at ~0:50 says all the stuff we should take to bolster our immune systems! 🎄Merry Xmas!🎄

Meanwhile... Omicron was not scary and dangerous enough, so now we have a new "hemorrhagic fever" bio nuke drop from China. It may be a cover up for Vax damage as well given that description. See China's official presser.. - "Multiple unclear transmission chains, hemorrhagic fever highlight necessity of Xi'an lockdown as Winter Olympics approaches". By now we should all know the drill - it's terrorism.
Natural immunity - Dr Rand Paul versus Flat Earth Accuser
I'd be prepared to believe the Pharma Thugs if there were not so many glaring lies and inconsistencies, among which are...
  • Get vaccinated for other's sake. Despite that it actually increases the viral load and thus the spread to all
  • Get vaccinated to stop overloading hospitals - and yet no photographic evidence is ever released of this, visitors are not allowed.
  • Vaccine boosters for what purpose? It doesn't stop you getting Covid. Surely the idea of the original vax is to allow us to get Covid safely and then let our immune
  • Naturally acquired immunity is superior, so it should dominate.
  • The vax prohibits herd immunity.
  • Using organ damaging Remdesivir to treat hospitalized people in thew US (and a similar drug in the UK allegedly).
  • Denying the use of super safe Hydroxychloroquine.
  • Covering up the Vaccine injuries.
  • Using Graphene Oxide - Austrian Dr Andreas Noack beaten to death 8 hrs after releasing last whistleblower video
  • Fauci made the bug, gave it to Wuhan, and yet is still there??

None of these issues has been satisfactorily addressed. The liars just keep on a-lying.

Analysis 192/ Dec 23 - Israel - Good or Bad?

While we await Putin to decide our fate this Christmas, lets look at a prescient topic for the founders of the Christian faith...

Ref Roger Waters: Israel is a ‘terrorist, apartheid, racist regime!’ (E1093) — RT Going Underground

I made the comment "Yes, but are these things bad? Terrorism is, but then that's a nonsense exaggeration. Racism is, but they are the same race. Rename apartheid to "segregation for the sake of peace", and .. is that bad?".

You can imagine that caused a bit of ranker.

To someone who called me a Nazi, I replied..
Sorry to be a NAZI, it's just how I feel when I listen to an exceedingly wealthy showman who habitually throws legal grenades at his own bandmates and then starts spouting on about wanting economic equality. It's also the use of words like "Racist" to brand a people as evil - that's always intolerable, but in this instance it is also illogical. Although they are ALL Arabic in that region, Waters is not even right to call them Arabs - as Palestinians, they are the original Israeli people (not to be confused with Jews - which is a religion, not a race). The fact is they have ALL had too much sun in that region and they are ALL an embarrassment to humankind. They have no concept of compromise or tolerance. I once listened to someone explaining that everywhere throughout history there has been imposed integration as opposed to apartheid, the consequences were disastrous for that civilization. So I make the point - why do we push integration and demonize segregation? All Nationalism is Apartheid, but it is accepted because different words are used ... Think about it.
To someone else who said "If your question is - Is what Israel is doing in Gaza is bad? The answer is absolutely YES", I replied..
What is it you allege Israel IS doing in Gaza? I have only seen reprisals, perhaps excessively heavy handed, but not "out of the blue" attacks or random acts of terrorism as we see the other way around. From Hamas, I always see attack and provocation. Israel is trying to work with the Palestinians. Palestine wants Israelis exterminated. See my reply to the Nazi caller just above. (And yes, I know Israel is a heavy handed bunch of arrogant "invaders" that were installed into a part of the world where they ORIGINATED from, but it does not excuse their behavior). It's a bit like all the countless thousand Scots who have emigrated over the centuries coming back and dumping themselves in Scotland and confining all the domicile Scots to Glasgow.
Actually, the metaphor is even better than that because the Scots are actually Irish (invaded under Irish King Mor in around 450AD). But no one calls the Scots "Irish" anymore than Waters should call Palestinians Arabs. Israelis are a complicated lot. They are a kind of "elite Palestinian" people, but also Jewish - a religious distinction that draws from many other bloodlines, not just Palestinian / Arabic.

Op Ed: I am genuinely ambivalent about all of this (albeit I get a bit naughty when I suggest "they" suffer from too much sun). I have debated with staunch anti-Israel folk. I make the point that there will always be some group that comes out on top and becomes more influential than other groups. Whether they be Vikings, Scots, Brits, Spanish, German .. but if one accepts that they are as dominant as is presumed, then one should equally accept that of all these dominating groupings (Vikings, Scots, etc), they have actually been the least violent. We all love the underdog and hate the dominant, but did this dominant get to where it is by doing evil? How rare is that?

When I said "anti-Israel folk" above, I'm sure some were thinking the word "antisemitic", but it is a ridiculous word that seems to have attracted more power to itself than it logically should. A Semite is an ancient tribe from the middle east that is arguably the forefathers of ALL Westerners, Arabs and Caucasians. There is some debate that claims the Semitic tribe is the father to the entire human race (but most think that accolade goes to Africa). Thus, to be anti-Semite, if you are Western, is to be in self denial. Somehow though "antisemitic" is a word that has entered the human psyche as meaning "evil", "pro-holocaust" or "deserving of extermination" and is invariably used without any such basis whatsoever. For example, the purging of antisemitism from the UK Labour Party in the last decade... It is a terribly divisive word that seems to suggest that disliking a cultural way, or an economic collusion at worst, is associated with evil, thereby barring further criticism and allowing the target of such ire to do whatever they please with complete asylum from further accountability. Sorry to say, I prefer justice and equality over allowing any group to get away with being unaccountable, regardless of the hardships they have suffered in the past.
Bottom line? Neutral. Good bad or different - no one can make that call even after years of study and discussion. Are they trying to exterminate Palestinians? No. Are Arabic nations such as Iran trying to exterminate Israelis? Yes. Does that extend to Hamas etc? Very likely. Roger - Lets keep it real.

Update 191c/ Dec 22 - Why is Trump pushing the vaccine?

👉John Podesta’s Walnut Sauce Recipe, [21/12/2021 22:21]
[In reply to Man in America] "Why is Trump pushing the vaccine?"

I really don't think Trump has any real choice here.  The vaccine rollout under EUA was the ONLY option to get people out of being locked down.  His administration accomplished that goal.  He cannot just flip-flop and start telling the world the vaccine is bad.  The real crime is the evil Left who is trying to FORCE people to take it.  It is considered Crimes against Humanity as per the Nuremburg Code to force people to take a vaccine. without their informed consent.  Children cannot legally give thier consent.  Their parents or guardians can.  This was all established and agreed to by the entire world in 1947.  Trump has stated that people must be given the choice.  When all is said and done, the people are going to learn how dangerous these vaccines are to have inside your body.  Those who willingly took it are going to be enraged at the whole system (Big Pharma, Government, Medical Community, etc.).  People need to understand that we are at war.  Protect yourself and your family, especially your children.  The truth will come out, and I believe there will be Nuremburg-type trials held.  The same people responsible for creating and releasing the virus are the ones providing the vaccines.  It is all one in the same.  The world will demand justice.

by @mustard_tiger34 on telegram as Here.

Update 191b/ Dec 22 - Warring Words quieter today

Some signs are appearing that are beginning to show that Russia is backing away from the brink, specifically here: Moscow reveals preparations for possible conflict — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union.

Meanwhile "Ukrainian Hotheads" (a term used in the above link) continue to poke the bear on behalf of the EU. Consider this and this..

In the latter, it just sounds like nasty politics being played out despite that the former showing it is wanted and needed by Germany. Quotes:

Kiev will make the "maximum effort" to stop the project from operating, explaining that Ukrainian efforts had already worked "to delay the completion of this pipeline for more than a year."

The pipeline was completed in September but has yet to begin operating, with German authorities saying that it will take six months or more for the necessary paperwork to be completed.

That's just ridiculous. The EU is cutting off its own nose to spite its face.

Meanwhile, another piece of evidence that Russia is backing away from kinetic war comes from Russia' Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov (quoted from Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia Warns: Address *Our* Security Concerns or we will create them for **You** by Putting Nukes in Venezuela and Cuba!)..

In the event of an escalation, the Russian Federation will declare that it offered to settle the matter peacefully, but the opponents chose war. ...

If, for example, strike weapons appear on the territory of NATO countries that will be able to reach our command centers within a few minutes, then we will be forced to create an equal situation for our "partners. "

In current realities, this means the deployment of short and medium-range missiles with nuclear warheads in Kaliningrad; and the deployment of nuclear weapons in Venezuela and Cuba to "create an adequate situation for partners."
..Although it is a worrying escalation, it is far from a threat of kinetic war and as such is a relatively peaceful move.

Analysis 191/ Dec 21 - WAR SOON, Vaccine Horror

Three warring headlines that should worry you (especially noting the MSM are quiet).
  1.  American mercenaries preparing ‘chemical weapon’ incident in east Ukraine, Russia claims — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
  2.  Gazprom halts gas transit to Germany via Yamal pipeline — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
  3.  US can’t be trusted to honor its promises – Putin — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Of the first one, it doesn't matter if it is a US false flag, an RU false flag or if it is true or false, what matters is that Putin is making this accusation. On the second, that Gas Shutdown is a major signal coming out of Moscow. Of the third, "can't be trusted", that's as close to Russia declaring war because they are no longer asking for something.

Austrian Dr murdered hours after his last Graphene Vaccine whistleblower video released.

We put this story on our timeline yesterday. It's a month old now but is only just gaining a good spread.

Our initial reaction -  Horrible. Arrested & beaten to death directly after video released.

Warning - the video will make you squeamish! (Not the violence, which was not filmed, but the vaccine details).

WARNING! USE DISCERNMENT. What is being said may simply be incorrect.

We've heard that the spikes in the spike protein causes capillary damage (see our Covid page) which frankly sounds like nonsense -- I'm not an expert, but so far as I can see it just does not make sense.

However, I am concerned about the graphene nanoparticles as this is becoming common knowledge. Here's some articles on that..
  1. Recent progress of graphene oxide as a potential vaccine carrier and adjuvant - PubMed ( - Used as a "universal" vaccine delivery mechanism according to the unreliable NIH, but still has considerable credibility (think about it - if Graphene were some kind of diabolical nano knife, then the vaccines would not stop people getting pneumonia - but they do (yes we know they don't stop you catching or spreading covid, but they do seem to stop pneumonia).
  2. Graphene Oxide In Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines? Here Are The Latest Unsupported Claims ( - this is a brain dead lefty article trying to ridicule the claim of graphene - and in doing so is saying the complete opposite of the NIH link prior. It's almost comic to see how deluded these fact checkers are.
Dr Andreas Noack is saying it's these nanoparticles that do the same damage. He says it causes internal bleeding in athletes more so because they pump around the blood faster, but we have all heard they get blood clots and heart attacks - not internal bleeding. Hence, Dr Noack's testimony does not add up. He is also saying they are just added without saying why.

I also urge you to know that earlier variants of Covid ARE deadly - I have first hand evidence of this from friends who caught it. It is a bioweapon and it was never meant to be mild, albeit we think Omicron IS mild.

Dr Noack may be right. Dr Ardis (see Yellings - Covid) may also be right in saying that there is nothing in the vax except poisons, and the deaths are being caused by Remdesivir -- which would mean we are wrong to trust the NIH in the above first link on Graphene.

So use your judgement. Keep demanding TRUTH and the whole story.

Analysis 190/ Dec 20 - Kinesis Forecast for Xmas Day

Kinesis - the analysis of gravitational interference on the generation of mood changing hormones, and the impact that has on us through leadership and mass hysteria...

Kinesis for Christmas Day:
  • Whilst peaking back on Dec 20th (ie: today as you are reading this), the wonderful elongated trine between Mercury and Uranus as well us the Sun sextile (60 degrees) abundant Jupiter will cast a continued glow over Christmas day.
    • May bring hubris to international affairs peaking on the 22nd.
  • An intense Venus conjunct Pluto (strongest on Xmas day) speaks of a Dynastic focus on the traditional family get together.
    • This is part of a long sequence that will even be felt today (20th) and is a classic marker of love, fate, life and death, with progress in all these matters.
    • On international affairs, it may be a sign of peaceful reflection and bring a desire for reunification.
  • Mars Sextile Saturn on Xmas day - mischievous fun, pranks. Powerful, positive!
  • Mercury Sextile Neptune on Xmas day - heartfelt spiritually warming messages.Perfect for Xmas day!
  • Saturn Square Uranus - intense on Xmas day -- extra care to avoid "taking the bait" should be exercised, but keep in mind such angles foretell progress through challenge.
    • This particular event is more of a marker for international abrasion with it's results felt more 2 days later
  • Moon in thoughtful Virgo on Xmas day creating a series of lovely trines - These are never powerful but help create a relaxed mood.
    • Watch out for over-confidence leading to arguments especially on the global front.
  • Abundant Jupiter is perfectly quintile Technological Uranus on Xmas eve and day -- Antics in the bedroom? Powerfully passionate attraction?
    • This event too is more of a marker for international posturing and saber rattling, with it's results felt immediately.
All in all, a relatively intense day that should not disappoint in it's seasonal celebrations. It's unlikely to be a lazy day! Anyone with difficult family ties will need to watch to ensure there is no overreaction, but the Venus conjunct Pluto will massively dominate bringing loved ones closer together and warm memories of past times. On the international stage, we do expect all these things to bring some kind of conflict, but as said, we also hope the Venus Pluto conjunction will bring a a reminder that respect, love and wealth can heal our fate.

For more on this Pseudo Science, see Kinesis-Forecasting ( Click #Kinesis Storm for overview of this period.

Analysis 189/ Dec 18 - War & La Palma

A Christmas card from La Palma - open in new Window or expand (Analysis Continues below).

Sadly, that is not snow... That is ASH!

Detailed LP background is HERE with videos, images and live graphs.

First, Russia - Hal Turner Radio Show - We Are in Danger. US/EU/NATO v. Russia . . Ukraine - this very much reinforces our viewpoint as analyzed just below, yesterday (click #188/)..
For a full background on why Russia is taking this stance, and how the EU created a coup in 2014 in the Ukraine which has led us here, see Biden / Ukraine.

Please prep and do see our CSU and the limited amount of prepping we put on our Action page, the rest of which we will take out from behind the paywall as soon as time allows.

Please also note -- you will be safe, so don't get too concerned. They will paste the silos, probably with nukes, but not the cities. Nor will they target nuclear power stations because these will cause more radioactive fall out than all the warheads on earth and literally kill the seas and grain basins killing the planet. China knows that if they did that, the West would target the 3 Gorges Damns too. However, infrastructure such as airports and factories may be targeted.

La Palma Volcano has flat-lined but it is still at risk of being used as a Weapon to create a massive Mega-Tsunami creating chaos along the US Eastern Seaboard and Europe / Africa.

There are more points to add as to why this will be war..
  • Putin cannot back down now as doing so will make him look weak - the appearance of strength in Russian politics is everything.
  • We think Putin and China will use this opportunity to take out the EU Davos Cabal, which along with it's friends in the CIA, FBI, Media and Tech are really at the root of all the world's current problems. This includes malign actors in governments & elites around the world including the US (inc the Pentagon), as well as the UK & especially France / Switzerland (home of Davos, Great Reset & Klaus Schwab's WEF).
On that last point, Xi too is part of that cabal which could spell trouble for Russia and the newly emergent "cleansed" US / EU, but then we conclude Xi has been using the Cabal to weaken the West but otherwise probably has no sympathies with it. Xi has already shown a determination to lever the Rothschilds' grip off the world's money supply (the US dollar is essentially owned by the Fed -- which is the Rothschilds. Every time it expands, they print more, and they get it before "loaning it" out).

Lets hope this is an opportunity to cleanse the world of the evil Cabal and it's Covid Tyranny. (Remember Putin has already said "The West is controlled by satanic pedophiles" REF in which he threatened to name names). Let's hope too that it is targeted and makes neat incisions around all the diseased and corrupt institutions as above without spilling too much blood.
Next, Mike Adams & La Palma - Copied from his email newsletter..
Flurry of active volcanoes will cause global cooling and crop failures, food inflation galore

Very few people are tracking this, but the number of active volcanoes that are right now spewing particulate matter into the upper atmosphere is extraordinary.

The La Palma volcano (Cumbre Vieja) has been so large that the size of the island on which it sits has expanded by 43 hectares since it began erupting. During this, the volcano has ejected large quantities of particulate matter into the atmosphere.

The more ash plumes take place, the more sunlight gets blocked from reaching the surface of the Earth. This causes global cooling and food crop failures around the world.

It looks like a perfect storm of global famine is rapidly approaching, and Germany is even cutting off Russian gas pipelines that are needed for fertilizer production across Europe. Get the full details in today's feature podcast here.
Good old Mike always manages to find the scariest angle! We think the economic devastation caused by lockdowns is a bugger threat, but combined, there could be less food around. The image above demonstrates just how much particulate-deposit La Palma has generated. As said above, it is in it's death throws now, but there is still a tiny amount of seismic activity suggesting there is enough loosening to have a last cough caused by the full moon as analyzed below (click this -> #187/).

Analysis 188/ Dec 17 - War before Xmas? Is Trump Legit?

War before Xmas?
This Hal Turner Radio Show - SUBSCRIBERS ONLY -- Classified Info Obtained - War was published Yesterday by Hal as a leader to get you to subscribe. We know it is copyright so we will summarize his quite detailed 3 paragraph introduction..
He says he earlier came across info from a former colleague (when he worked with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force). He tried to verify the info and was subsequently buzzed by two government helicopters.

The information includes the movement of tanks,  which "appears" to show "that actual, kinetic, war, with Russia, will commence very soon. Perhaps before Christmas."

Hal concludes with "We've got REAL trouble coming. Fast."

Further details are behind a paywall, in part to prevent panic Hal claims.
We also have a recent RT update - Russia reveals security proposals to West — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union - a demand / ultimatum that we do not see being responded to positively, not least because RT has made the proposals in the form of contracts. We know that the law is completely broken in the West (and everywhere), so this is essentially a statement of red lines over which Russia will declare war. It is in effect right now and does not need to be signed by anyone - either the West is seen to be moving towards the terms of the contract or war begins.

From our research at Yellings, we think War will either begin on Sunday 19th to Tuesday 21st or on Xmas day or thereabouts. This is simply based on patterns and observations, including the Iraqi threat made here - Hal Turner Radio Show - Attacks Will Commence Against U.S. Forces after Midnight on December 31 (which is timed to provide the final expulsion of the US military when it is already busy in other theaters). Also, the Cabal will have to act soon as more Covid remedies appear (milder strains inoculating us etc), and as more disquiet and protest is taking place around the world. The Great Reset's Davos Cabal is losing control of the flow of information through it's Media which was in part enabled by Covid fear and lock downs - they are on the back foot but far from just melting away, they are about to act like a cornered cat.
Is Trump Legit?
First the negative (bear with us) and then the positive (yes, he is Legit but we have to walk through the debate)..
Low rated comment under above This Dr Ardis video (which we analyze here) from "Operator436"...
"For those of you who remember Trump taking Remdesivir, you probably don't know that Trump is part of this entire take over. He is still pushing the vaccine. Don't believe me, yeah it's a hard pill to swallow. He did seem to be doing everything we needed. But, he also did some presidential signings that hurt our liberties in terrible ways. See for yourself:"..

- video largely made by Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai which includes these points...
  1. Trump did not stay with the Jan 6th protesters as he promised,
  2. he needed to be coerced over hours to publicly decry the violence, and
  3. ultimately, he left office without use of his presidential powers in the face of mounting evidence of a coup.
We should add even General Flynn has criticized Trump. We know this because Lin Wood published Flynn's personal message (click #174/ to see it in more context) from Here...