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Analyses & Situation Update Archive Ctd...

.. This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates from our landing page (see also April 1st and Earlier..)..

  1. Analyses & Situation Update Archive
      1. Analysis for 15th Aug back to 8th July:
        1. Exclusive - Whistleblower Analysis ...
        2. Is McAfee Right? Are things beginning to move?
        3. To Vax or Not to Vax
        4. Gab's Answer To Google Adsense etc - a new online economy!
        5. CSU Digital Coin
        6. African Leaders versus the WHO Vax..
        7. A Refresher: Why you only need the 4 Essentials of CSU to regain your way of life ...
        8. TECH DEFINITION For 1, Ref 4x Essentials to achieve safety: 1. intel & comms 2. financial system 3. code of conduct 4. security & liberty ...
        9. Civil Societal Unison (CSU)
        10. The path to peace.
        11. The need for peace..
      2. Incremental Analysis up to July 15th:
      3. Analysis for 8th July onwards:
      4. Analysis for 7th July:
        1. Class Action against all 3 major tech-media companies and their CEO's. Wow!
        2. History: When considering the Crimean disputed claims, be reminded
      5. Analysis for 6th July:
      6. Analysis for 5th July:
        1. Nationwide Emergency Alert TEST August 11, 2021 MustangMedic Reporting #shorts - YouTube -
      7. 4th July:
      8. Analysis for 3rd July:
        1. LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots (

      9. Analysis for 2nd July:
        1. 2/ The UFO Juice we all wanted but never got.
      10. Analysis for 1st July:
        1. War that could affect food supplies, travel, internet and other free communications, is one blink away.
      11. Analysis for 30th June:
      12. Analysis for 29th June:
        1. CCP infiltration has compromised the Pentagon, Hollywood, universities, the mainstream media, big banks and consumer goods corporations.
      13. Analysis for 28th June:
      14. Analysis for 27th June:
        1. Massive exercise in Black Sea with US comes after Russia warning
      15. Analysis for 26th June:
.. This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates from our landing page (see also April 1st and Earlier..)...
  1. Analyses & Situation Update Archive
      1. Analysis for 25th June:
        1. 3/ Hal Turner Radio Show - COVERT INTEL - It starts Next Week . . . June 28 - This is Op Sea Breeze 21 major Military NATO exercises in the Black Sea
      2. Analysis for 24th June:
        1. 1/ We lost a great patriot recently ("I AM Q") thanks to Youtube's distorted censorship -- or at least we lost him to a PAYWALL. Let me explain..
      3. Analysis for 23rd June:
      4. Analysis for 22nd June:
      5. Analysis for 21st June:
      6. Analysis for 20th June:
      7. Analysis for 19th June:
      8. Analysis for 18th June:
      9. Analysis for 17th June:
        1. 1 /- Updated Kinesis Forecast -- With graphs and analysis for 4th June on..
      10. Analysis for 16th June:
        1. 4 Putin Biden Summit:
      11. Analysis for 15th June:
      12. Analysis for 14th June:
      13. Analysis for 13th June:
      14. Analysis for 12th June:
      15. Analysis for 11th June:
      16. Analysis for 10th June:
        1. Must See: Operation Project Mockingbird

      17. Analysis for 9th June:
      18. Analysis for 8th June:
      19. Analysis for 7th June:
      20. Analysis for 6th June:
      21. Analysis for 5th June:
      22. Analysis for 4th June:
      23. Analysis for 3rd June:
      24. Analysis for 2nd June:
      25. Analysis for 1st June:
      26. Analysis for 31st May:
      27. Analysis for 30th May:
      28. Analysis for 29th May:
      29. Analysis Special for 28th May:
      30. Analysis for 27th May:
      31. Analysis for 26th May:
      32. Analysis for 25th May:
        1. The Support and Fight Back resources for Conservatives:
      33. Analysis for 24th May:
      34. Analysis for 23rd May:
      35. Analysis for 22nd May:
      36. Analysis for 21st May:
      37. Analysis for 20th May:
      38. Analysis for 19th May:
      39. Analysis for 18th May:
      40. Analysis for 17th May:
      41. Analysis for 16th May:
      42. Analysis for 15th May:
      43. Analysis for 14th May:
      44. Analysis for 13th May:
      45. Analysis for 12th May:
      46. Analysis for 11th May:
      47. Analysis for 10th May:
      48. Analysis for 9th May:
      49. Analysis for 8th May:
      50. Analysis for 7th May:
      51. Analysis for 6th May:
      52. Analysis for 5th May:
      53. Analysis for 4th May:
      54. Analysis for 3rd May:
      55. Analysis for 2nd May:
      56. Analysis for 1st May:
      57. Analysis for 30th April:
      58. Analysis for 29th April:
      59. Analysis for 28th April:
      60. Analysis for 27th April:
      61. Analysis for 26th April:
      62. Analysis for 25th April:
      63. Kinesis-Forecasting:
        1. What is the science? -- See Kinesis-Forecasting.
      64. Analysis for 24th April:
      65. Analysis for 23rd April:
      66. Analysis for 22nd April:
        1. Russia to pull back troops from Crimea and Ukraine border
      67. Analysis for 21st April:
      68. Analysis for 20th April:
        1. US Strategic Command warns of Nuclear Use
      69. Analysis for 19th April:
      70. Analysis for 18th April:
      71. Analysis for 17th April:
      72. Analysis for 16th April:
      73. Analysis for 15th April:
      74. Analysis for 14th April:
      75. Analysis for 13th April:
      76. Analysis for 11th & 12th April:
      77. Analysis for 10th April:
      78. Situation Update for 9th April:
    1. Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy 2
      1. Situation Update for 8th April:
    2. Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy 1..
        1. The google exposure
        2. Putin and America working in tandem?
      1. Situation Update for 7th April:
      2. Situation Update for 6th April:
    3. Operation MOSES - Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction
      1. Situation Update for 5th April:
      2. Situation Update for 4th April:
      3. Situation Update for 3rd April:
      4. Situation Update for 2nd April:
    4. Operation MOSES - Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction
  2. April 1st and Earlier below..

Analysis for 15th Aug back to 8th July:

80/ (14th Aug) --  Crypto Silliness with John McAfee continued... ... continued from #78/ ...

Again, lets point out McAfee's telegram channel(HERE) seems altruistically focused on stopping child abuse, so it gets at least some respect !!! Here below, we look into it's credibility.

Background - John McAfee had his software on most government computers including the Dominion Voting Machines. He is assumed to have died in a Spanish jail about a month ago and it is said he set 31 Terabytes of information on a dead-mans-handle to automatically release. No such release has taken place but many a time waster has alluded to it being here or there, only to find out (after we had installed software and learned how to use it) that it isn't there or a crucial password is missing. The McAfee telegram channel continues to tease about certain releases..

We noted at that he said this..
The Clown Show
Ends This Week. . .
John McAfee.
..That was on Sunday 8th. It is now Saturday 14th. Can we hope something will happen today?

Are his postings credible? His posts on telegram are 1 of 3 things..
  1. They are Him (as the posts self-profess, meaning that he faked his death)
    • Whilst the poster has gone to much trouble to appear to be John, posting private images and copies of paperwork such as his gun license, the notion that it actually is John is the least credible.
    • If John wanted to prove it was him, a few pictures of him reading today's paper (from different angles to rule out photo-shop) or similar would certainly improve his notion.
  2. They were set in motion by him prior to his death (the infamous dead-mans-handle)
    • This is a little more credible. Perhaps he has left a trusted person in charge as a caretaker, as it would be an amazing program that would roll out all that untested.
    • We noted he edited one of his posts on Aug 10th - so it is not an automated process. Someone managing his estate, a friend or a confidante must be posting manually.
  3. They are the postings of an attention seeker.
    • This is the most credible notion. It would certainly be annoying as it is wasting a  lot of time. Someone leaving cryptic clues to ensure everyone's time is wasted.
Finding proof of the Cabal or exposing the wrongdoing of people in power is obviously a highly desirable ambition, so any notion that someone is deliberately feeding us misinformation is deeply concerning. Indeed, it may even be a psy-op - and we've fallen for it yet again. Whoever is in charge of releasing the 31TB (assuming it even exists) obviously wants us, the public, to filter through it. That is also an odd thing. Surely McAfee's post maker must be aware of some vital evidence -- which is what we thought when we #noted the above.

At least it seems not to be advertising. albeit when you follow the clues, some do end up with crypto currency pages.

By the end of tomorrow, Sunday 15th, we will have our answer. If the channel's curator hasn't delivered on what we #noted above, then either we have been betrayed or John is flawed, or perhaps we have misread the clues (no one has come forward to say they understand it - CodeMonkeyZ Ron Watkins took an interest and then gave up). The thing is McAfee or his confidante has to be extremely careful to release it in such a manner that it is not simply censored or removed. Obviously that would happen if evidence extracts were simply published on his one Telegram channel. Lets hope the curator of his channel has the resources to at least publish it all over telegram in chat channels.

79/ (13th Aug) --  Afghanistan - We came, We saw, We betrayed...

Boris Johnson holds Cobra meeting over deteriorating situation in Afghanistan - LBC -- then comes out with the most illogical betrayal imaginable. "no military solution possible"... And yet that is exactly what is required right now you FOOL! Please explain in detail why that is "not possible".

Ref UK says no 'military solution' in Afghanistan -- Whilst we can all point to the criminally negligent incompetence of the Biden admin, ALL of the West, inc the UK, needs to hold their heads in shame over this. We said trust us then betrayed them to the wolves. Boot licking Gen Milley should be horsewhipped. UK recorded 300+ casualties therein which is believed to be the highest of any country. Blood spilled in vain is blood betrayed, brothers betrayed.

This immorality is translated as "we have no reason for our immoral betrayal except that they have no oil, no strategic value". We do not ask our mil' heroes to die for your financial gain or strategic value, we ask them to protect humanity, which they did, and then those heroes and their wards were BOTH BETRAYED!

78/ (13th Aug) --  Crypto Silliness .. John McAfee is still cryptically babbling away...

Firstly, lets point out McAfee seems focused on stopping child abuse, so he gets 100% of our attention !!! We refer of course to his telegram channel ..

Just for god's sake man, stop babbling! Stop the cryptic nerd nonsense! If you have 31TB of information, give it to someone who can whittle it down (as that amount would take 31 average computers to store). Don't encrypt it - the entire point is to make it readable, not obscure it. STOP PLAYING GAMES MAN!

That said, thank you for what you appear to be trying to do. Lets hope you are who you say and that this will go somewhere.

77/ (13th Aug) -- Aug 11th FEMA test Fizzer and what it means for ...

What are we to make of Aug 11th FEMA emergency broadcast system(EBS) test Fizzers?

Only 12% of people saw any sign of tests. Mike Lindell's 3 day Cyber Symposium sailed on straight through this period without a mention (we were watching expecting people's phones to start going off at the very least).

These figures are not good and are far less than the reach of the MSM (main stream media). Hence, if Trump returned now, so few would be told about the truth about the fraud and corruption, the MSM could easily fuel a "coup" story leading to immediate civil war.

Surely FEMA & EBS should include interrupting internet channels as well? Twitter etc? Far more people are on that than TV. The Military Chiefs and Defense are so incompetent ... it's all about tanks, guns, ICBM's and ships... None of which have been used in matched-force warfare since 1945. They are effective policing machines against savages (Taliban, Iran etc) but not against an equal foe. One Super EMP and they all just stop. They are all just bluster.

Warfare is now about cyber based control. Just tell people what to do via MSM and, if phrased correctly, they will obey. How do we know this? Because that is what is happening RIGHT NOW. Tell them who their president is and they will bow down. Tell them their other choice of president is deplorable, and they will scoff at him.

The CCP have vast financial shares in all the MSM. And the Defense chiefs just proved that the only alternative reach they have is ....... 12%. If the MSM were to tell people to evacuate cities as China is about to strike, they would, and the PLA would just walk in. If you control information, you control everything. If your best information system only reaches 12%, then 88% are controlled by someone else.

76/ (12th Aug) -- Wise Sayings...
Get rid of that government while you can, peacefully, before you have to do so by force.  Because once Communism takes over, you cannot vote your way out of tyranny.
...Hal Turner Radio Show - Canada: Trudeau to Ask for Parliament to be Dissolved; Snap Election for September 20

75/ (12th Aug) -- AI Silliness ...

Ref Pentagon believes AI can predict world events. As an ex-military intelligence analyst is skeptical - RT Op-ed - well, we're guessing all it does is act like an automated Google .. gathering information and alerting to events. We already know the NSA monitor all calls (not in person, but by so called "AI" voice and speech recognition) and of course likewise your emails and internet usage.

However, without specific tip offs, one can only imagine they use a similar system to our Kinesis which is itself literally AI. If we at Yellings had the resources, we could take that to the next level too. As it goes, we think Kinesis is pretty good, but to do it properly you would need to crunch masses of data and see how it fits into sequences of gravitation patterns. It's not just predicting mood but all things related to mood ... time for planning, confidence in plans, putting plans in motion, etc.

Weather also impacts mood, and of course so do circumstance (if there is mass anger, anticipation, sorrow, etc). We know the weather to a good level of accuracy for 5 days, and if we correlated that to the past, and the prevailing mood (following the Gaza skirmish for example), one could certainly make a very good series of predictions.

As for yesterday, we predicted the mood precisely. Unfortunately, we were not able to correlate that to the outcome which was a big ol' "nothing burger".

A quick Kinesis Update (seeing as we are on the subject of predictions) - referring to our last major update and graph at #68/, we are in for a quiet period of 7 days. Today (Thursday) sees us all basking in relaxing mood of positivity with a small marker for posturing which may be a global sequence leading to conflict (yesterday's confrontation + today's hubris + posturing = conflict). But that is not a largely significant sequence and otherwise we see an event-free 7 days with "business as usual" on all fronts until Thursday 19th.

Then we have a storm.. and it is far bigger than yesterday's
. But it is more of a snow storm as it has everything including a truly huge burst of positivity and a major global sequence leading to conflict (as explained above, but this time multiply by 5). This sequence plays out for a week, so buckle up. The positivity however lasts for over a month!!

So if anyone can stomach one more prediction of Trump's reinstatement, that is it -- between Thursday 19th and Sunday 22nd (full moon).

Forward alert - 10th of October -- one of the bigger markers of change and new beginnings. All of December is looking tumultuous too - big change in the air.

74/ (11th Aug) -- Nothing Burger...

Our original timing was right it seems. (Read below, we readjusted our clock as we heard FEMA started at 1400, not 1420, but it seems 1420 was correct and indeed it goes until 1520 perhaps).

Update: 20:25 -- FEMA Test announcements ended. Trump did NOT RETURN. Indeed, nothing happened.

Just Jodie 🇺🇸Patriots Helping Patriots 🇺🇸, [12.08.21 04:14]
[Forwarded from MelQ 🐸 (Mel Q)]
So far only 12% of phones got a test alert. It appears Big Tech is suppressing the alerts. Just one more federal crime on [their] long ass rap sheet. I am sure the White Hat’s took note and tested on purpose.

Who else is at the end of their tether? How many more times must we wait for these goof offs in the Military command to take obvious action where obvious action is needed? How many more times must we watch obvious opportunities lost one after another? How many more times must we read "The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD" only to find the paragraph becomes an ad for Trump Coins? How many more times must we go on Trump's official site at the behest of his emails to "vote" on an issue only to be hit by a pay wall?

Progress is too slow. Trump will be as old and doddery as Biden by 2024. The Cabal's MSM and gestapo have us in a vice grip. We need to up our game.

73/ (11th Aug) -- Countdown Ended - Trump running late again...
So these Telegram Channels all claimed something would happen but it didn't...
  1. Dan Scavino "The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD... Soon you will understand everything" followed by Trump Coin Ads
  2. John F. Kennedy Jr. "Exposure is coming." followed by Trump Coin Ads
  3. OfficialMcAfee�...🇺🇸 "Do you have at least the courage to look at yourself and set yourself free?" followed by cryptic, time-wasting gobbledygook.
  4. Us ( "Who else is at the end of their tether?" followed by regrouping and bashing our heads until they bleed
Dang! But lets not be too quick to judge... Trump's last Post was very odd (see top left - "BULLIES NEVER FIGHT!")!

72/ (11th Aug) -- Corrected Countdown Time...

Seems we misread the articles - the test is to take place between 1400 and 1420 ET, not at 1420. Thanks to Hal who clarified that and adds some important points here... Hal Turner Radio Show - TODAY at 2:00 Eastern Time: First Nationwide Test of Emergency Broadcast System - But strange Warning! - Specifically this..
  • You may have to turn off and on again your TV to resume normal watching (we saw that announced somewhere else prior).
    • People are saying this is "insane" blah blah, but as an e-engineer, I'd say this...
      • They may be re-programming your TV - perhaps to ban MSM? Perhaps the other way around?
      • Or it is simply disruptive software and resuming operation has not been fully tested before
  • There has never been such a long test! Read his article for more.
The atmosphere is palpable... will we be FREED? Will our Kinesis be accurate(#68/)? Will TRUMP resume office as below #71/ ? Might JFK Jr still be alive (as also stated in that link)?

On that last subject, here's a little story gem from all those years ago ... Kennedy bodies raised from wreckage | John F Kennedy Jr | The Guardian - no public witnesses. It would be very easy to fake his own death in such circumstances.

Unfortunately, we did not have time and resources to complete our planned emergency comms mesh network. In the event all hell breaks loose, click this link -- Darwin Monitor (Just says "Home" currently) - this bypasses the DNS system so if you have power and your router says connected, you will be able to reach this. The IP number will change automatically in a day or so but we hope to keep it alive long enough to let you know what to do.

71/ (11th Aug) -- Sense of Excitement / Trepidation as Countdown closes in...

We're all looking forward to what the tests (see #Countdown at page top) will bring!

Some are hoping Trump never left office and FEMA will announce this. (linked HERE with Video - Quote: "Disclaimer As far as I am concerned, Joe Biden is president and the chain of command must be followed. That being said, these claims represent an anonymous message with potentially important information - That said, I find the narrative credible and present them to you as the reader for further review and analysis." - Dr Dannielle Blumenthal). The video start at about 7:30 min mark HERE. Sounds like he is describing Dr Jon A McGreevey (see #70/).
Others, such as McAfee, are saying prepare for blackouts and pain...  (link HERE and see live feed at left - excerpt: "As Darkness Falls, I Will Re_Emerge, DARK>LIGHT, BLACKQUT NECESSARY, PAIN IS COMING" - John McAfee). Here's an interesting info bubble... That was message 256. As all programmers know (and we assume McAfee knows programming), 256 is the perfect number in computers - 2^8. It is the maximum count a byte can contain and when it reaches this count, it rolls over into a "carry". The perfect number to preempt McAfee's return?

Or, being rational, reasonable and logical, maybe the test will happen and then that will be that. Some skirmishes somewhere on the far side of the world, more threats, more good news about Audits..

In #68/ you can see we at Yellings are predicting a peculiar double edged sword.. confrontational change versus glorious confidence. The one that wins will likely be the latter as it peaks exactly when the countdown expires.

Today we live in hope. Tomorrow we either celebrate or we get serious.

70/ (10th Aug) --

Exclusive - Whistleblower Analysis ...

We've just dived deep into the murk surrounding Dr Jonathan McGreevey aka Ryan Dark White aka @JohnHeretoHelp. This is a summary of our latest Analysis...

We studied the January 2021 Lin Wood Whistleblower HERE and concluded he is 99% likely to be James Clapper, retired from the DNI. This was a major breakthrough for us all because what the Whistleblower was saying was so extreme(Satanic Pedophile Control Rings at heart of government), that we needed this person to be credible. The Whistleblower was revealed as being Ryan Dark White aka @JohnHeretoHelp (on Twitter) - so we researched that person and from the only photo out there, we could easily see that it was impossible to equate that person with the pixelated whistleblower (4th video down here).

Then video surfaced 6 months later, from nowhere. Surprise! James Clapper it was not. It was a certain Dr Jonathan McGreevey..

This is the Narrative to discredit him.
"Ryan Dark White aka Jonathan McGreevey aka @JohnHeretoHelp surfaced in January as Lin Wood's whistleblower. White is a two time convicted felon. This video (and the parts that follow) was recorded in April 2018 by Attorney Ty Clevenger. Matt Couch and Frank Whalen also were present. The tall tale told by Ryan Dark White in 2018 is very different from what he told Lin Wood in January 2021." - Rumble, IcJohnson - (who? where did this come from?)

Even Gateway was sucked in (or complicit) The True Education and Criminal Record of Fake "Whistleblower" Ryan Dark White ( ... a real hatchet job. We have seen a few things that worry us about Gateway, and this gets added to the barrel.
Se we down-rated our 99% likely to be James Clapper to 95% likely to be James Clapper. But something smelled fishy, and we investigated...

That video of in Gateway (link above) and elsewhere is as FAKE as they come. Pointlessly blurry, blurred dot over goatee, the XRVision logo emblazoned over some copies of the video is from a company specializing in "AI-based Video Content Analytics (VCA) for Security" ............ and from there we just got sucked deeper and deeper into a crazy rabbit hole...

Will the Real Whistleblower please step forward!
@JohnHeretoHelp of Twitter. Acknowledges he is also Ryan Dark White, now claims to be Dr Jon McGreevey. This is the only picture of him. Searches reveal another Dr Jon McGreevy (note no 2nd "e") with matching teeth, eyes (smaller due to glasses), chin, smile lines; Similar ears, brows; no bags under eyes. This is the only picture of him.
Dr Jon A McGreevey (Dr JAM), the most recent reincarnation of @JohnHeretoHelp aka Ryan Dark White, who says he is Ryan Dark White on tape. He is the most recently "confirmed" whistleblower. This was from Here at 3:16 (or 7:02:56, Apr 12 2018 on screen). This is the only picture source for him (inc all videos in the series as below).
The real James Clapper (interesting choice of shirt - see any similarity?). Thousands of pictures. This one is from here.

Our conclusion is deep fake tech was used to take an actor that looks and sounds a bit like the pixelated original (see main story). It may even be Clapper saying contradictory stuff to misdirect with eyes digitally changed and made to look younger. The motivation? (a) discredit the Whistler, (b) protect Clapper.

It all looks decidedly odd - after all, why would Dr JAM continue to appear on shows like the Stew Peters Show as a silhouette if we all know who he is? Some of the stuff JAM comes out with is pretty incredible, so we can assume whoever is JAM these days is not Clapper, unless Clapper is looking to discredit "himself" for self protection, but it does seem there is someone else out there with a similar voice to Clapper. But a similar voice AND similar mannerisms?

69/ (10th Aug) -- McAfee & The 11th is Nigh ...

McAfee, as #66/ just below, isn't sticking to the EMS FEMA test schedule (the countdown at page top, home page), but we think something is going to blow big tomorrow. As ever, we will be covering it live with Instant updates (3s latency) through the