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Analyses & Situation Update Archive Ctd..

.. This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates from our landing page (see also April 1st and Earlier..)...
  1. Analyses & Situation Update Archive
      1. Analysis for 25th June:
        1. 3/ Hal Turner Radio Show - COVERT INTEL - It starts Next Week . . . June 28 - This is Op Sea Breeze 21 major Military NATO exercises in the Black Sea
      2. Analysis for 24th June:
        1. 1/ We lost a great patriot recently ("I AM Q") thanks to Youtube's distorted censorship -- or at least we lost him to a PAYWALL. Let me explain..
      3. Analysis for 23rd June:
      4. Analysis for 22nd June:
      5. Analysis for 21st June:
      6. Analysis for 20th June:
      7. Analysis for 19th June:
      8. Analysis for 18th June:
      9. Analysis for 17th June:
        1. 1 /- Updated Kinesis Forecast -- With graphs and analysis for 4th June on..
      10. Analysis for 16th June:
        1. 4 Putin Biden Summit:
      11. Analysis for 15th June:
      12. Analysis for 14th June:
      13. Analysis for 13th June:
      14. Analysis for 12th June:
      15. Analysis for 11th June:
      16. Analysis for 10th June:
        1. Must See: Operation Project Mockingbird

      17. Analysis for 9th June:
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      21. Analysis for 5th June:
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        1. The Support and Fight Back resources for Conservatives:
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      60. Analysis for 27th April:
      61. Analysis for 26th April:
      62. Analysis for 25th April:
      63. Kinesis-Forecasting:
        1. What is the science? -- See Kinesis-Forecasting.
      64. Analysis for 24th April:
      65. Analysis for 23rd April:
      66. Analysis for 22nd April:
        1. Russia to pull back troops from Crimea and Ukraine border
      67. Analysis for 21st April:
      68. Analysis for 20th April:
        1. US Strategic Command warns of Nuclear Use
      69. Analysis for 19th April:
      70. Analysis for 18th April:
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      78. Situation Update for 9th April:
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      1. Situation Update for 7th April:
      2. Situation Update for 6th April:
    3. Operation MOSES - Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction
      1. Situation Update for 5th April:
      2. Situation Update for 4th April:
      3. Situation Update for 3rd April:
      4. Situation Update for 2nd April:
    4. Operation MOSES - Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction
  2. April 1st and Earlier below..

Analysis for 25th June:

5/ Hungary 'has no place in the EU anymore,' Dutch leader says - CNN - to be expelled (subject to vote) for banning LGBTQ content in schools. That doesn't sound like a Trade Agreement. Doesn't even sound like political integration (which they snuck into the original trade agreement). That sounds like dictatorship, specifically as you would expect from the EU Cabal. If you have ever read enough philosophy to have the misfortune to come across John Stuart Mills, you will know how trounced Liberty has become. His simple definition of Liberty was that people should be free to do whatever they want to do, so long as it does not impinge on, or is at least weighed against, the Liberty of all others(that's not exactly what he said, but them I didn't agree with everything he exactly said either)). "Government should interfere when it is for the protection of society". Seems like ramming LGBTQ down children's throats is not that.That's not protecting children, it's confusing them.

4/ Biden's 2nd Amendment speech possibly seen by some Americans as threat to use military force against dissidents -- We think Biden was simply saying you will need more than assault rifles(sounds like a challenge!), but aside the overall continued reasonable interpretations is this -- he seems to be admitting that he is "that" unpopular (which means he knows he is illegitimate), that large sections of the populace would even consider such a thing.

It's also a blow for prize traitor Chris Miller (last of Trump's Defense Secretary's who defied Trump's direct order) because Miller's pathetic excuse was he was trying to avoid bloodshed in the streets. But in doing so, he has ushered in the very real possibility that this will happen, by Biden, with a veiled threat Biden will use the Military against political opponents. Even if that was not what Biden meant, it is a strong admission that Miller's cowardice and disobedience has led to a situation that is just as unstable, if not far more so, than the one he sought to quell as his excuse.

3/ Hal Turner Radio Show - COVERT INTEL - It starts Next Week . . . June 28 - This is Op Sea Breeze 21 major Military NATO exercises in the Black Sea

(between Turkey, Ukraine & Crimea) but apparently with a hidden agenda that could start real war. Most of the article is behind a paywall, and ref' yesterday's criticism of patriots putting news you need behind paywalls, we are pleased to note that Hal saw this as important news and did put the most important part out for all to see

As for the covert nature of it, Hal has been accurate in the past. Thankfully, our audience is sufficiently small we cannot do any more damage than Hal has just done, because we're pretty sure the last thing they want is for Russia to know. So from here on we will guess.. or should we say "reason", analyze and "predict".

For our prediction, see(click) our Kinesis Forecast Update below(where we explain the science), which just so happens to also say the 28th is a marker for war. It also says there is a strong marker for desirable change on July 14th and we think that could foretell the return of Trump -- but that is more to do with reason than prediction -- as next.

We reason there will be a return of Trump, because as we have been saying for many moons, when the Mil' chiefs start seeing that Milley's And Lloyd's acceleration of communism is a direct threat to THEIR lives (and putting their families and country in Mortal Danger), then no matter how "controlled" or bought off they are(ref video here), they will be looking for safer leadership. An actual military coup to facilitate this would be a disaster and would both end up like Myanmar AND leave Military resources hopelessly stretched*. That being so, we think you will see sudden support for the Audits and even military protection and assistance.

*One horrible thought -- If the Mil' chiefs are as corrupt as we think, Seth may be right(ref here) and the Chinese may be preparing to invade, so the more Mil' mayhem on the streets, the better in their eyes. Either way, time to see our prepping page. Time to support those that can help YOU defend YOURSELVES.

2/ What is this Woke General Milley on about?

.. This tool of a man is talking about stuff that is straight out of the communist playbook... designed to divide us and pave the way for ethnic cleansing - the ethnicity on this occasion being white people (but don't bet on it) who have ironically fought so hard over the decades to prevent ethnic cleansing. Clearly a clever orator, one would assume you cannot get to that position without being one, this has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. This is a paid stooge enabling the communist-led coup to it's terrible conclusion. "I want to understand White Rage, we have a duty to it" - "I want to see how it enabled Jan 6th". The man is also a depraved, twisted, embarrassing, liar. The only rage we saw was by BLM Antifa FBI shills, and he knows it. And what does it have to do with "White"? Proof, if ever you needed it, that the Military is under attack from within.

1/ The main breaking news for yesterday is the Rudy Giuliani persecution / purge. This is too much. No right minded person, or even left minded person, can sanction such a travesty given that he was just doing his job, what he was paid to do. The offenders who have staged this travesty MUST be brought to justice, and all their ill-gotten earnings over the decades removed. As the US justice system has become so distorted and perverted, it may have to be someone else's justice -- OUR justice.

Analysis for 24th June:

3/ Hal Turner - Biden: "If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons." --Hilarious. For a start, the right to bear arms is about self defense, maybe from rogue organs of government, but mostly from criminals including the likes of BLM whom our illegitimate governments (across the world) inexplicably choose NOT to protect us from. The phrasing Biden used seems to be carefully crafted to gaslight people into thinking arms = insurrection in order to disarm us. Make no mistake, Biden is not the duffer the media portrays him as -- he may be slowing a little as well, but when you examine old videos, he has always had a lisp-like disconnect making it hard to assemble phrases. It's not uncommon, and one of our occasional researchers has the condition. If anything, it masks a significant underlying high speed intellect because most of us "think in English", but such people are not limited by the speed offset of such a way of organizing thought. They think in symbols, concepts and thought objects all in parallel which, when they speak, they have to translate and sequence into speech - hence the difficulty. It also exemplifies the futility of mocking your foe - it becomes a sop that soaks up your ability to analyze their hidden talents.

2/ 📢 While Gen Milley rabbits on about "white rage", the US Navy are sitting ducks out there - Russia says it practiced "destroying the aircraft carrier strike group" while in waters off Hawaii | War Is Boring. To summarize recent analysis, we think the plan is for China to attack Taiwan, luring the US Naval Attack fleet (inc. NATO) closer, then Russia and China will nuke them out of existence. Russia may well take Ukraine for the same reason - to sop up any remaining NATO forces. N Korea may well also go for S Korea. It's a win-win situation for the aggressors. If these outlying territories are not protected, then territories are seized - permanently. If US & NATO try to defend them, then they expose their naval power and overnight the shift of power makes 3 near equal super powers.

1/ We lost a great patriot recently ("I AM Q") thanks to Youtube's distorted censorship -- or at least we lost him to a PAYWALL. Let me explain..

OK, so I googled "Out Of The Darkness. I am Q" to see if I could find if he had popped up elsewhere. Guess what. He has. First, as an aside, surprise! top of the search on Bing was little old "us" because we had published that phrase, his catch phrase, to try and find him. Thank you Bing. Why on earth don't we have more visits then? Sorry... this is a rant free comment....

Guess where "Q" popped up? Behind a paywall!(ref Here). OK, I get it, we were tempted to do all sorts to get some kind of income to help support us.. nothing worked. But one thing I was not prepared to do is to exploit your need for truth BEHIND A PAYWALL! Doesn't that just scream of disingenuous sel-interest? I don't think "I am Q" has thought this through and I do not judge - we don't know his needs. But does superman burst through the clouds, stop the runaway train, then go around holding out his hat demanding a tithe? To quote well known black humor, phuck that shit.

Doug TenNapel did similar. Hal Turner too but less so (and shares 90% without paywall). Dave Waterbury and Richard Citizen Journalist both started blocking people who were not a perfect fit for their narrative. What are we? Mercinaries preying on the weak?

Calling all real Conservatives..
This is not a GAME! We are not here to get rich or feed you chocolates! We are not trying to exploit the public's essential need of information by offering you cheap scares and entertainment behind paywalls. We are trying to help this world Survive and Freedom thrive!! For our Children!

I truly believe that if this trajectory is not turned around, YOUR & MY CHILDREN will suffer agonies, extermination, slavery.

Though I doubt it will be soon, it will Eventually & Ultimately become so while ever we allow this trajectory to continue. We are watching the fall of Rome, but worse. Stalin, installed via communism, directly killed, tortured and starved to death over 20m people (plus an extra 20m sent by Stalin to death stopping Nazis - Ref). Because none of us has seen this kind of thing in our lifetime, it happens. And all the signs are the same tried and true trajectory is happening again. Xi is using it right now(Ref). 
Despite our needs here, it is obvious our small but select audience (whom I often quip would fill a large church and on average show a retention to match sitting through a sermon -- thank you!), are all donated out. We did get a good initial burst of donations and it helped a lot - thank you. You and I know the first priority is to get the message out. To help so that we all thrive. We in the unbiased media cannot thrive without you and vice versa.

In our quest for funding, there were certain things we will not stoop to. Eg: Monetization via Google - those snakes... their advertising portal is a low life car sales jack ass thing designed to make you BET on getting visibility. So if you are a gambler, a gamblaholic, they exploit that ruthlessly. Their auctioneer bidding format is mainly a means to draw you in without realizing how expensive they are. But worse, when we did used to run ads, we found ads in the space we rented behaving badly (trying to cover the page) and trying to sell GAMBLING. Indeed, online gambling ads were by far the best payers. Do I want that on my conscious❓ NO I DO NOT. So we haven't done that since.

As ever, I know our audience has already done what they can, so please just spread the word as much as possible. Love to all (and also to "I am Q" who we think would be mortified if someone helped him realize how he is mixing exploitation into his heroism).

Analysis for 23rd June:

Nb: "Out Of The Darkness. I am Q" discussion moved to "tomorrow" above.

4/ Kinesis Forecast Update -- Global Summary - Arrogance mixes with Abundance now, Deadly Confrontation with Wealth tomorrow + Skirmishes, dropping back a little on Friday & Saturday, heating up again on Monday 28th, then hotter still Fri 2nd July, and again 8th and 11th. Then risk of conflict slows down and big change is in the air on the 14th.(which we recently predicted may even mean the return of Trump). You can set your watch by it 😀.

If you are new, you may be asking "what's this?" Why is an otherwise serious aggregator of events adding astrology into the mix? It's not astrology of course but it is predicting moods based on gravitational patterns, between solar system bodies, and the impact they have on the production of certain delicate substances in the brain. More detail Here.

Is it salacious to try and predict anything? Well yes, frankly it is. But we needed something to prop up our viewing figures which crashed to an all time low when Google, who brought us 95% of our visitors, twigged we are "conservative". That doesn't sit well with the Biden / CCP / EU Cabal that controls them, especially as we have worked out just how deep this cabal goes, so now you will struggle to find us via google or youtube. It also adds levity, not least because we can enjoy the much more positive side of Kinesis when we explore the impact on individuals.

Back to the plot. On a personal level, we are basking in a lovely trine right now -- and indeed there are quite a few good trines coming -- great for individuals, terrible for international affairs because it denotes over-confidence and arrogance.  Tomorrow(Thursday), there is a rather ugly clash between Pluto and Venus (Deadly Confrontation with Wealth). Then, well, it is the most unstable sequence we have seen this year - the same as the sequence that led up to the Israel Gaza skirmish but slightly worse.

Is it accurate? We think so. We're still learning but what we have noted is that it is sequences that count, not simple "today will be bad / good". So if we have the sequence that we lay out in the opening paragraph, we see how one thing leads to another. This sequence is confidence, confrontational change, anger and posturing, all with lingering challenge. We think that means war. It certainly did for Gaza which is easy to see in hindsight, but to be fair we did not predict that so well, albeit what we said on 5th May was right on the money about the Gaza war (becoming confrontational on the 6th and going full scale on the 10th.

An afterthought. We don't usually add in "Septiles" which seem to promote emotion, but we also see an increase in activity there too which personally can be an overdose of love or loss, but globally is likely to foster revenge and prolong any friction. Buckle up!

3/ The world is becoming very unstable right now...  Russian warships approached 'secretly' 18 km from the US.  "Sources claim that this fact was hidden from American citizens initially";! - and it still is! MSM - "zip". Would you guys rather not know that shots were fired between Russia & NATO? That Russia is knocking on your door?

2/ The event of the day yesterday was undoubtedly Man In America's "End Game" -- the then live podcast(here). A chilling prediction of "why" China is about to invade the US. 

Verdict? Too much emphasis on their motivation, not enough on practicality. Otherwise an absolute "must see". Our analysis?

Our comment on Seth's channel...
IMHO, people can be comforted in the knowledge that it will not end in the decimation of cities. It will start with Taiwan. The US will defend it. Russia will take on Ukraine. NATO will defend that. Then Putin and Xi (& Kim NK) will move their chess Queens into a Fork. Naval Armada in Black Sea and China Sea are sitting ducks. Nukes justified, but not on civilian targets. Then balance of power is reversed. Tit for tat will escalate with EMPs over all nations and a thorough pasting of what is called the Nuke Sponge basin (north middle US where the Silos are kept). However, they will not target US cities. Why? Because China wants them. Neutron bombs may kill without wrecking property, but no one would want to move into that level of death. No, later they want to enslave Americans - very literally, chains the lot. We have guilt and Christianity to stop us doing that kind of thing, they don't. Sometimes I despair at the number of times we and many have warned and asked people to prep, to fund people like Seth. The main culprits who got us to this point are the Blackhats in the US Military who did not defend the constitution. Bing-search Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud for how and why they have been controlled. We can win this and I suspect it will start with reinstating Trump when the fool Mil' Chiefs realize their Wokestry and Biden's lame duck leadership is actually putting their own lives and their families in mortal danger. Taiwan will fall in just over a weeks time. Let's see if I'm right.
That was actually written before we watched. One thing that did surprise us was that Russia and China are reluctant set off a "Super EMP" over the US, because it would result in all the nuclear power stations failing and melting down. The combined radio active leakage would be far greater than all the nukes on earth being let off. The result would be so much radiation in the sea, it would "kill the sea".

1/ 🔎 Odd things happening at the Whitehouse(our source) - frantic activity between WH & Capitol Hill. Many helicopters. Visual (only) reports of children being ushered out of the Capitol !!

Analysis for 22nd June:

Is China Preparing to Invade America in 2021? - YouTube -- as you will have seen in the past, we think so. We've been saying this for some time but it will be interesting to hear Seth's POV. For the 1st wave, we predict weeks, not months. That said, we actually think Trump will be reinstated when the Military Chiefs realize their Woke Games (and the outrageous treason of the 10 former sec's of defense as detailed below) are placing themselves and their own families in mortal danger.

Tip: If you got here because we commented on youtube "For more, search yel+lings with Bing", then congratulations and thanks. We've been shadow banned by youtube for even saying "Yellings" and if you type that into Google, we are not there. Every other search engine -- Bing, Duck, Yahoo, Yandex, and we are right at the top. (Sidney Powell is suffering the same discrimination if interested).

10:52 ET - Update to this Analysis -- See Video at End this section.
(We defended POTUS Trump's apparent lethargy - then we found THAT video. We didn't need to).
New US President in the Making? DeSantis Tops Latest Straw Poll, Putting Trump in Second Place - Sputnik International ( - Ron DeSantis is a rising star, but actually we think he would not make a good president, not yet anyway. Born 14 Sep 1978, he is only 42. Besides, the election was stolen from D Trump and the presidency must be returned to D Trump. DeSantis would do well to make that clear to people and then he would rise in our opinion at least.

Whilst Trump is the rightful inheritor of the throne, and lets not forget just how hard he has worked and how much he has done for the US, his ratings are slipping. Certainly his latest post "Happy Father's Day to all, including the Radical Left, RINOs, and other Losers of the world. Hopefully, eventually, everyone will come together!" did nothing to improve his ratings.

Yes, when I first read it, I thought it to be a Gaffe too. All conservatives are losers right now. However, taken in context, he was essentially saying "including the Radical Left, RINOs, and all the other Losers in that category". Ie: He was not just grouping all the losers in the world into one big tar bucket next to the feathers. Or perhaps he was and he didn't think through the insult. Whatever, his star is dimming (eg: Here & Here). Bare with me as we examine why. He just doesn't seem to stand up for the things that matter anymore and keeps simply banging on about stolen elections. We can only assume he is fully aware of the stage 4 coup event that pushed him out of office and that he is playing games by pretending to be "dumb". Here's some examples of what is meant by "playing dumb"..
  1. He never criticizes the military for their lack of keeping the oath and for denying him the right to enact the foreign intervention act.
  2. He never comments on foreign intervention in the election although it was proven. He never speaks of it as a coup.
  3. He doesn't seem to know Chief Justice Roberts and Mike Pence were both named by a significant whistleblower as "controlled" (and that Pence was named as being known to have slept with under aged boys).
  4. He talks about Big Tech like they are just naughty, misled anti-Trump boys rather than colluding(illegal) with each other to sway an election with massive interconnecting shareholdings and links to Epstein and probably the CIA.
  5. He never questions the roots behind the MSM bias -- the now proven CCP share holdings in MSM and Hollywood.

However, on item 1 above, we do know Trump was savagely betrayed by Christopher Miller (Secretary of Defense from Nov 9, 2020, to Jan 20, 2021) in the final days of his presidency by defying a direct presidential decree to bring home soldiers. We also know that Miller himself was "got at" by 10 corrupt retired defense sec's of whom it was said(ref Here) "On January 3, 2021, all ten living former defense secretaries raised alarm in an open letter against a military coup to overturn the election results, warning officials who would participate and specifically naming Miller, that they would face grave consequences if they violated the constitution" when in fact the exact opposite was happening and happened. The 10 caused a violation of the constitution be inhibiting willingness to defend citizens constitutional right to a fair and free elections. Their words twisted what was required of them and were cowardly in the extreme - were they afraid of the little old BLM? Antifa? Or who else did they think were going to riot in the streets? The MSM would have been curtailed, the general public would have been advised, they would have accepted (except BLM), and a re-election would have taken place in certain counties in an orderly fashion as was proposed by Trump. What sort of Military Coup is that? It's a NON-coup. If we overturn this "real" coup that we are now in (thanks top the 10 incontinent CCP stooges), I trust that all involved in that sickening episode will be judged to be in need of front row tickets at the firing squad gala. The entire Pentagon needs to be turned upside down and emptied out, along with the CIA and FBI, and a fresh start made to the US Defense and Agencies power hierarchy. It's a disgrace that they passed over the poisoned chalice of responsibility and kept saying "not me gov, not my job bro, don't even go there mate". They basically said they would rather America Fell and the Cabal be handed unfettered reign within the very doors of our institutions -- than risk a little skirmish in the streets from BLM and Antifa.

So that is just one example of why Trump has to keep his mouth shut and talk in very simplistic terms. However, it is damaging him. Whoever did this straw poll (as above link) is furthering the damage.

Trump was of the people (as much as any president can be) and for the people. We'd like to hear DeSantis confirm that. 

Above all, Trump Won. We'd rather see GOP disbanded than hand the presidency to someone else because Trump made the party and then the party replaced him. That's dishonorable and also stupid because Trump is now seasoned in this dangerous theater of internal war. We'd like to hear DeSantis confirm that too.

..He knows alright, he knows.

Analysis for 21st June:

Small Russian fleet close to Hawaii.. check out Breaking. Only 35 miles away... nothing!

Is America in a death spiral? Well, yes: Without a dramatic change of direction, America's freedom will most certainly fall. Her abundance is the object of other's desires, and the Cabal have infiltrated her military, politics, media, judiciary.

But they, the cabal that brought this coup, have bitten off more than they can chew. They are the hyena pack surrounding America's lions, and there are other lions coming to their aid from within and without. All you have to do is support the lions, and the new lions, like DeSantis, like Nigel Farage running a regular piece in Newsweek, like Hal Turner. Trump is an old Lion who is failing

On the other hand, all you have to do to end up in chains, is nothing! And the US, and the West (including the UK), seems to be doing a lot of "Nothing" just now. Yes, you and your children are heading towards being literally rounded up and evicted, used as "whipped slaves" before the CCP who see you as under-educated, lazy, unfit objects of derision. They despise you. Please forgive us our forthrightness. We need to use shock tactics to get the message out - please spread the word - this evil can be defeated but we, you, need to act. Fund (not us - we've give up asking and realize our UK residency is making it difficult for you to feel we can help, but whoever you find most effective), support, and be vociferous!

Fund the Audits and ask for a speedier and more definite conclusions with more meaningful media releases. Peacefully protest, or help fund other's protesting, outside the Pentagon and ask them what they are waiting for! Don't ask them to act, ask them to act sooner! Make it sound as though it is mandatory. Use your authority over them as "We the People". Remind them who is boss. Take massive banners saying "When are you going to reverse the coup?" Make sure the MSM can't avoid seeing it.

Naftali Bennett, Israels new PM, has an interesting background(REF). Bennett's parents, American-Jewish immigrants, moved to Israel from San Francisco in 1967. No doubt he speaks fluent english. With connections via his mother to family members who were murdered in the Holocaust, he is bound to be motivated and "toughened".

His(Naftali Bennett, Israels new PM) Kinesis natal chart too has many interesting features. Born 25 March 1972, he is naturally direct, active, and has confidence and intellect in abundance with his Moon trine(positive angle) his Sun. But the more interesting characteristic is that his Pluto (birth and death) is loosely trine his Saturn (evil instincts) and Mars (energy and war). This person could be another warmonger, possibly more so than Netanyahu. It can be interpreted as both arrogance and success in these endeavors. To either counter or even augment this, Bennett has a very precise trine between his Sun(Life) and Neptune (dark depths, emotion). That may lead to a crusading instinct, an inclination to base his moves on deep rooted ideologies and grievances.

There are other markers, too numerous to mention in detail, but one which came as an unsurprising find is that his Surprise and Technology planet Uranus opposes his Communication planet Mercury. If anything were to indicate the stupidity of declaring that they have no choice but to attack Iran's nuclear program due to the Iranian election of a hardliner, this would be it. If you have decided to execute a plan to attack your foe, best not to let them know. Another angle of importance is Jupiter(abundance) loosely challenging his Sun(Life) but it is hard to predict how that would play out except to suggest it may push and guide him towards a positive outcome in both these arenas.

Our Kinesis Forecast Update -- We are about to enter a phase of positive emotion (Venus trine Neptune and Sun trine Jupiter) starting today 21st but felt a little later. It peaks Wednesday 24th and drifts out of focus two days later (Friday) when Pluto confronts Venus(birth and death versus wealth and love).

Mercury also ceases retrograde motion suggesting secrets will be revealed, deviance exposed and puzzles resolved. For individuals, trines are great. Globally, trines usually signify nationalism, arrogance leading to mistakes. However, all the planets are positive which mitigates the global negativity.

Trines can lead to conflict depending the sequences that follow. These trines are part of such a sequence. Although passed it's peak, the Saturn challenge to Uranus is still very strong signifying technical challenges and nasty surprises. Jupiter and Uranus are precisely quintile too suggesting technology and abundance are about to slog it out, or at least do a lot of aggressive posturing.

Finally, on and around Wednesday 14th of July, we see this sequence start to culminate in a marker for positive upheaval, or as we call it "desirable change". This involves energy, wealth and love. It could mean an announcement from trump as it involves more trines including communications and abundance. We shall have to wait and see!

This is one of the most active passages of gravitational kinetics we have seen, so expect the unexpected.Expect change, excitement. For graphs and more, click Here.

Analysis for 20th June:

4/ As it is father's day in the US and UK, let's do a Juan O Savin and be positive. Let's repeat and summarize what we have been saying for weeks..

Trump WILL return SOON. Why? Because he HAS TO. Aside the increasing persecution on him, his friends and family, there is increasing pressure on the US Military to start getting real!

We know most, if not all, rank & file knows the truth. We know many chiefs have been bought off(ref video atop here) but of course there are those that are honorable, with us, in the know (inc Charles Flynn and Retirees HERE). However, even the ones with half a brain, owned by the CCP, and busy securing LGBT rights so our soldiers can fight in drag must be starting to wake up.

Even lefty Gen' Milley said recently ~"China is weaponizing at an exponential rate"~. Even Lloyd Austen, big lad, gendered as a racist BLM lover, must be aware that when the CCP invade (and they most certainly will if we continue to ignore this threat) he will literally be re-enslaved. There is no way they are going to have a huge lump of flesh like that towering over them. Milley will be less lucky - he's a huge slab of meat too, but he looks like he's one beef burger away from a heart attack, so he, and thousands like him, will be shot by a CCP firing squad.

Don't believe us? 130,000 acres of Texas was sold to the CCP and they are rumored to be building a runway on it. America & NATO can easily take out China, but if China, Russia and N Korea team up. It's well known (sadly I don't have a link,but it is mentioned in here) that Xi plans to own America by 2036 -- and he said that to Biden.

China knows their manufacturing might is about 10x that of the US even if their technology is still behind, but they are catching up fast. We know this because before doing this, we were a tech manufacturer. We see how all the specialist circuit board suppliers and assemblers are now outsourcing to China. Cars and trucks are assembled in the West but their components come from China. We in the West barely make our own clothes. The manufacturing might is such that they will have or soon have vast swarms of fossil fueled drone jets - easily enough to take out our Navies if not to overpower our armed forces as well. I understand they have problems manufacturing precision bearings and as such their fighter jets don't last as long. Whoopdedoo! We think we're safe because we (UK & US) have Trident and other subs -- ready to deliver MAD, but as soon as we hit a few Chinese cities, they'll (a) not care and (b) say "game on" and wipe out American cities, probably with more deadly Bio weapons or just Atomic -- it will be habitable again in 10 years. MAD is no longer a deterrent because they dropped a bio nuke on us already (we twice --- see "What do you think this new Covid variant is?"  yesterday) - and we did nothing.

We have no idea when China will invade - may be this year or later this decade, but anyone but for the witless lefty chiefs know what China wants, knows how to get it, and above all knows that US Chiefs are taking the military down a Woke path of self destruction!

So where is the positive part you might be thinking? Very simple.. They really really really will HAVE TO REINSTATE TRUMP TO STOP IT. So much damage is now down (thanks Sleepy Joe) it will be hard for Trump to stop it all, but I can think of strategies that will work. I'm not going to mention them because they should remain secret for fear any and all winning strategies, if announced, become useless. Even so, as yet I don't see Americans doing enough to stop this and to pave the way for Trump. I know you are, because you are here, but we need to do more to spread the word.

Remember that you and I read our preferred publications. The lefties read theirs. We think the Biden tour was a shambles. They think it was a great triumph. Every day that goes by firms up Biden's grip. Every day that goes by makes it more absurd to the World that Trump would return. Now, thanks to the cowardly retarded lefty chiefs, we have to convince not only the US left, but the WORLD that a Trump return is rightful and not a coup. So keep talking to each other, to Trump, to GOPs, keep mentioning website names - put it on billboards (internet useless now).

4B/ Donald J. Trump, [20.06.21 19:03] --
"Happy Father's Day to all, including the Radical Left, RINOs, and other Losers of the world. Hopefully, eventually, everyone will come together!"

Did DT really say this? It doesn't have the level of dignity and decorum I usually find from POTUS Trump. People won't come together if we call them losers my friends...

This is why we should lament the loss of the "From The Desk Of Donald Trump" because how the hell are we to know it really is DT? No one can be perfect I guess... Not even the patriots who obviously repeat what he says with a few extras thrown in.

3/ See Breaking & Israel warns 'no choice' but to ready attack plans after Raisi wins Iran elections ( -- Did Israel just "defacto" declare war on Iran? Usually highly secretive, did they just blurt out the biggest leak known to man? Wow! You can bet Iran, emboldened by the PR disaster home goal that Israel did to itself by overreacting to Gaza, is already talking to Russia and China about arming itself. Think about North Korea - it doesn't have the delivery mechanisms, but it already has nukes. And Iran has the delivery mechanisms, but not the nukes. They are both just sufficiently living outside the box of civility to put their heads together...

2/ Hyper inflation is indeed coming as warned by Bank of England warning about the 'beast of inflation. Just checked and we see most New Zealanders are now millionaires, with many now multi millionaires - to quote our source there - "All the money that's been printed is going into real estate with 3% interest making a NZ bubble. There's no connect between wages and prices and governments world over don't want high interest rates. It's all very silly."

If I were a housing investor rather than simply a part owner with my family, I'd sell my house(s) and exchange for commodities that retain their value. Some precious metals, sure, but technical stock (eg: security equipment, power generators - solar etc, comm's equipment, tools), long life foods, certainly not bitcoin, not lumbar, not property (normally a good investment, but not right now).

Speaking of which, if you want a measure of how controlled we are by the cabal, think about the skyrocketing cost of lumbar. That can only happen because it's being fixed by someone with a monopoly. Remember your father saying "Money doesn't grow on trees son!" Well LUMBAR DOES! Great Reset looming.. Quick Summary Here.

1/ Happy father's day all!
Time to share some dad-jokes (my kids used to laugh, but as they got older I used to torment them with it.. they still laugh, but now it's at me rather than with me)... New ones (sincle our last update) are bolded
  1. "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant, I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years." - Mark Twain (that's For dad's! The next lot are From dad's)...
  2. Why did the scarecrow get an award? Because he was out standing in his field!
  3. I was wondering why the Frisbee kept looking bigger and bigger, and then it hit me.
  4. Driving, a bee hits the windscreen. Son: "Wow! I'd love to know the last thing that went through that bee's mind". Dad: "It's backside".
  5. Someone has glued my pack of cards together - I don't know how to deal with it.
  6. Two guys walked into a bar. The third guy ducked.
  7. Why did the old man fall down the well? Because he didn't see that well!
  8. What did the daddy buffalo say to his son when he left for work? Bison!
  9. What did the pirate say on his eightieth birthday? "Aye Matey!"
  10. What do you call a zombie who cooks stir fries? Dead man wok-ing
  11. I was stood behind a customer at an ATM and he turned around and said "could you check my balance?" - so I pushed him. His balance wasn't that great.
  12. Worst Best one? What did the pirate say on his eightieth birthday? "Aye Matey!"
  13. That will do for today! Credit to Sky.

Analysis for 19th June:

4/ Closing thought for today. Don't read This(The Reason Mike Pence Was Booed During A Speech) as it was written by the swivel eyed loons, but if you have a hard skin, it will give you a laugh.

The ferocity and totality of their rhetoric is a dead giveaway that they are peddling lies. Study this phrase in the first paragraph. "The tide turned against Pence in the interim period between the November 2020 election and the inauguration of current President Joe Biden amid baseless and unsubstantiated accusations made by then-President Donald Trump, who spent the final phase of his tenure in the Oval Office claiming that the election had been rigged."

I'm reminded of the scene from Men In Black International where Hemsworth is asked by Thompson -- "remind me again how you brought down the [Bad Guys]"? Hemsworth replies "with just my wits and my series 3 de-atomizer". She says (abbreviated) "you always say that, you never say anything else". He says (abbreviated) "oh yeah, have I been brainwashed?"

"baseless accusations", the most banal lie ever. Like a kid saying "no, I didn't steal the cookies" with chocolate all over their face. To say it is baseless would suggest someone living in a cave who never bothered to check all the videos, affidavits, statistical impossibilities. Or someone who is brain dead with a mind only capable of parroting it's master's lies.

It's laughable. I feel embarrassed for them. This is a "nobody" publication, too small to be noticed by the CCP, let alone be paid off by them, and so too dim to realize they are on a psychological leash, programmed like Pavlov's dog to salivate "Trump Hate" every time his name is mentioned.

We may have to move this to the next level patriots.

3/ Fathers Day here in the UK tomorrow. Might as well celebrate before the world implodes. Just listened to Juan O Savin's latest -- all the same old same old. "We've got this". Yeah right. From where we're sitting, we can see movement alright - in the wrong direction. The persecution is increasing, the MSM are getting bolder, the crackpot theories are getting mixed in with the real ones to the extent it's hard to keep a grip on reality. Yes there was a coup. Yes there was a bio Nuke. No the vax does not contain 5G chips. No, the royal family does not go out on horseback hunting down teens for sacrifice.

Actually, I can't prove that last one, except to say where would they get the time? However, as an engineer, I can prove the 5G absurdity.

But what is very real is the droves of people who were ushered into the Whitehouse, killed nobody, injured no one (except some assaults by agitators that were obviously not Trumpites), and are now political prisoners, held without charge. Equally real is the suppression and silencing of us. Just to remind you, you are one of the 5% that big tech allows us to have. More than 95% find a website through google. Not us. If your politics are conservative and you are driven to state the obvious, that the election was rigged, then you are tagged, banned, not in searches, silenced.

No the mail in ballots do not explain the sudden jumps. No Covid does not explain why they boarded up counting rooms. Yes, there is no reason why the courts refused to hear evidence. Yes, privately owned companies really did silence a sitting POTUS. No and yes, and etc, etc, just no. I will never let the MSM gaslight me to think we are fooling ourselves -- I will always keep an open mind to any possibility, but the evidence is poring out of every camera lens, every router log, and every time an MSM anchor opens their mouth to muck and denigrate, to prove they have been brainwashed into loathing a politician who actually did very well for the USA.

There will be an Audit revelation. It will be ignored. Then something will happen to make the world "know" there was utter fraud. And then will come the distraction wars.

What do you think this new Covid variant is? Covid was very susceptible to sunlight and heat and hence did very badly in countries like India and Africa (not to mention Florida, or indeed not to mention the global reduction during summer etc). It was susceptible because the virus's "skin" is a fatty membrane only a few atoms thick. The virus is 5nm wide. A thin human hair is 70nm. The "skin" would thus have been less that 0.5nm thick, and as we all know, fats break down in heat. Then suddenly you have a variant that somehow evolved a different skin? Where's the evidence of evolutionary stages? Reasoning and observation tells us they, whoever is creating these bugs, have released a newer deadlier version. Or we're being told more lies.

We may have to move this to the next level patriots.

2/ Political Persecution, Purges, Political Prisoners

How can we permit the appalling harassment of our legal troops (eg: Sidney Powell Summoned to Michigan Court for Sanctions Hearing), our protesters? (eg: Jan. 6 Defendant hit with Little-Used Firearms Charge). Is this a 3rd world country? Do people get sent to jail for protesting?

How can we possibly ask our soldiers to defend our country when we hold political prisoners? How can we be neglecting our own people in foreign jails on non-existent charges?

1/ Kamala Harris - Should 1st generation "Americans" be allowed to stand in High Office?

In the UK, on 13th June 2019, pea brained Theresa May (then PM) and criminally negligent Sajid Javid* (then foreign Secretary) signed an extraordinary extraction order (extradition they call it) for Julian Assange to be sent to CIA torture cells (we know that is what would have happened if he was sent to the US). Thankfully, this was later overturned..

Analysis for 18th June:

3 /- If someone in a ww2 German occupied small village dared to kill a German soldier, Germany would send in more troops and literally slaughter all the men. This was common and one of the reasons I struggle to forgive Germany -- their war crimes were just everywhere. If they were made to retreat, they would hang locals (not by the neck) with a brick tied around their willies, so their bladders would burst and they'd torture themselves to death. I read this in a book called "The White Rabbit" by a veteran who was imprisoned by the Nazis. Now you would think Israel would see a certain immorality there and choose to act differently. Not so.
Palestinians did this , so Israel did this: .. Seriously?

This is like .. Someone went to Manhattan and got mugged, so the USAF sent fighter jets into Harlem! In any event, what started all this was the continuing forced evictions ahead of "settlements". Why do Israelis think they have a right to such a disproportionate response? Or are they just thick? Sun touched? I'm not talking about devout Jews, I'm talking about aggressive Arabs that go by the name "Israeli". We published a video interview of a devout Jewish camp survivor recently.. He was (a) disgusted by the treatment of Gaza and (b) made the point that these were the "old Jewish people" because they always inhabited "Israel". Think about that for a bit.. Do the "homecoming" Israelis have more right to "Israel" that the Palestinians? Or indeed LESS right?

I'll level with you .. I have strong Jewish community connections (no details needed). As a people, they are not defined by race but by religion. I have met Jews from all over the world, even Jewish Iraqis -- think about that! There's quite a lot of them, so I don't think they find it so unusual. They are always stimulating, bright, and somewhat self entitled, but generally open and dedicated to non violence. But continuing to level with you, I also had a close drinking partner (as we call them here). He was British, a lot older than me, but we both liked the same drink. He is now deceased. He was the sole survivor of a UK regiment sent to help establish the "Israel" homeland for the dispossessed Jews after WW2. It was murder. They were not taken prisoners, they were ambushed and slaughtered. My friend survived because he was sick that day. You see, it wasn't the Palestinians that killed them, it was the Militant Guerilla settlers who took it upon themselves to use violence to expedite their right to "Zion" or whatever you would like to call it. I can't judge, we shouldn't judge - I don't know the precise ins and outs.

But Israelis need to be embarrassed by their warmongering, their self entitlement, their disrespect for a people that are closely related to them, their classism (segregation by class).

I'd like to add that all peoples have dark histories. The Germans were horrific, the Japanese were, the British had concentration camps in Africa, and the Scots (closest to my ancestry) invaded the North of Britain and slaughtered the original Picts and Celts. USA enslaved Africans. Africa enslaved Europeans (specifically, "Slavs" from where the name "Slave" was born). Most recently, the CIA, CCP and KGB. We must try to move on from our pasts. The real lesson is tolerance, proportionate responses, education, civility, morality.

2 /- Wanted! "Out Of The Darkness. I am Q"
A true Patriot -- kicked off Youtube by the censors. He was an excellent source of up to the minute breaking news regarding the coup and the ongoing audits. We need him back!