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Situation Updates Archive (April 1st & earlier)

This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates articles from our landing page. Earlier_Live_Updates (prior Jan 20) appear here.

  1. Situation Updates Archive (April 1st & earlier)
      1. Situation Update for 1st April:
      2. Situation Update for 31st Mar 2021:
      3. Situation Update for 30th Mar 2021:
      4. Situation Update for 29th Mar 2021:
      5. Situation Update for 28th Mar 2021:
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      9. Situation Update for 24th Mar 2021:
      10. Situation Update for 23rd Mar 2021:
      11. Situation Update for 22nd Mar 2021:
        1. Get Ready: This Is What "They" Are Coming for Next! Sibel Edmonds, Newsbud..
      12. Situation Update for 21st Mar 2021:
      13. Situation Update for 20th Mar 2021:
      14. Situation Update for 19th Mar 2021:
        1. The Viral Video Of Biden's Hand Over the Mic is NOT a green screen fake!
        2. Hopium is Trust Psy-Ops
      15. Small updates, 18th Mar 10am ET
      16. Situation Update for 17th & 18th Mar 2021:
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      53. Situation Update 7th Feb 2021:
      54. Situation Update 6th Feb 2021:
      55. Situation Update 5th Feb 2021:
      56. Situation Update 4th Feb 2021:
      57. Situation Update 3rd Feb 2021:
      58. Situation Update 2nd Feb 2021:
      59. Situation Update 1st Feb 2021:
      60. Situation Update Jan 21 2021:
  2. Earlier_Live_Updates (prior Jan 20):


Situation Update for 1st April:

My friends, we are going to have to work very quickly on Operation MOSES if we want to keep waking up to new dawns.

How do the so-called white hats see things now? Their inaction over the coup was breathtakingly stupid because it is pretty obvious that Russia and China have just split allied forces into battling on 2 fronts (Taiwan and Ukraine) which they will loose and the white hats will see their families made to till the fields until they die, or just boiled off the face of the earth. All because they did not protect the constitution.
If it's war, then it was started by the EU who funded the riots that led to deposing of a Pro-Russian normally elected president (in a similar way to the way Trump was deposed). The EU, run by the same cabal that deposed Trump, will have started WW3. Operation MOSES will have to reset the EU too.

Just how is it that MSM have virtually said nothing of this? Do they want to keep us quiet so we get boiled off the face of the earth with as little fuss as possible? Or is it so they can keep at bay the obvious solution -- to arrest Biden, Roberts, Harris, Dorsey, Zuckerberg etc and reinstate Trump?

We have our work cut out for ourselves.

In the meantime, if you see a very bright flash, look away. Try to condition yourself to not look at any bright flashes or you will be blinded. See  our prepper page, Action Time.

Our office is in London and I imagine there are some rather large sparklers aimed at us right now.


That was a silly nod to April Fool's but sadly, the Ukraine thing (prior) is very real. 

Situation Update for 31st Mar 2021:

  1. New - Doug TenNapel and his Doug TenNapel in Exile channels have been erased from youtube. When we know where he will pop up again, we will headline this on our ActionTime page here
  2. More escalations of hostilities in Ukraine (see breaking news links above). MSM still silent on the growing threat of "literally" WW3 and nuclear conflagration. France reportedly anticipates as here. Don't worry too much - Hal is a shock jock after all, but there are nonetheless "loud signals" that Biden has lit the tinderbox by insulting both Xing and Putin, along with the EU Cabal who are backing the Ukraine's decision to require their military to "take back" Crimea (which they took from the USSR).
People often ask "who are you?" -- due to the nature of what we do here, we meticulously guard our anonymity. However, if you can take our word for it, we are a well established IT company in the UK that once had a huge information reach here. We were also active in Hollywood (not something to be proud of anymore) and participated in a few blockbusters. Unfortunately we lost virtually all the fortune we accrued due to a series of unfortunate events, and we've been unable to do anything about it in the last 12 months thanks to Wuhan. That has given us the time and opportunity to focus on this campaign (as [a] we love America and [b] we in the UK are already suffering the effects of the same cabal which is largely why we had Brexit and [c] -- we are long standing great allies that should be helping each other out! Did you know that Bitchute, a safe alternate platform to youtube, is also based in the UK?).

We are re-branding Operation OWL (Organize, Withhold, Liberate) as Operation MOSES (Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction). This is because of the existence of something called an Owl God  featured in Bohemian Grove underworld rituals that have some connections with the cabal. Besides, we think the name MOSES speaks for itself. We want you to lead yourselves out of this coup, but someone needs provide the spark to set it in action -- we hope to at least provide a template for a Charter that will do just that.

So here is MOSES..
  1. Marshal -- regroup around a conservative Charter.
  2. Organize -- create an OWL parliament
  3. Secure -- establish our own security grid so we can defeat the divide and conquer coup methods including "night time visits" to disarm you or worse
  4. Empower -- create our own currency and control framework
  5. Sanction -- remove cabal / coup members from that framework and seize their assets
Charter to follow when we no longer have to incessantly fight a rearguard action against loss of funds.

Re, our emerging alternate chat site, we have it running but have not "launched" it (in other words, not many people will see anything people add until we announce and advertise it). We are actively looking at getting celebrity power and reach to help us launch it (and of course we will have to give them majority shares, but that's fine - we are not in it for profit, but of course we need to make a living). We made M8Y to be better than..
Personally, we think Trump & Lindell have bitten off more than they can chew with their aspirations. It's a nice gesture, but what does a Retailer and a President know about these things? Doug TenNapel reckons it will take them 8 months(here). If they've got the wrong team and software, it will take forever. Take Lindell's statement that it will handle a billion users(here)... When a user goes on, the software has to know you, know who you've hidden / blocked, know who you interacted with .. that is potentially a billion database searches every time you look (obviously software guys know how to mitigate that, but nonetheless, it is a factor). If a billion people are looking in each day, that's potentially 1000,000,000,000,000,000 database look ups a day. If each search takes 1/10th of a second, that's  3,168,873,850 years of computing time. Give it 1000 computers and reduce that to 1/10,000th of a second per cross check, that's still 316 years of computer time required per day. Twitter took a decade to crack it. Honestly? We think they have no idea...  Just sayin' :D

Situation Update for 30th Mar 2021:

The latest video revelations of vaccine tyranny are here (end of intro is at 01:50) and in our latest tile added here (Mar 30). The revelations of Dr Carrie Madej are quite radical. However, we ask you to use discernment.

First, while I still campaign strongly against the use of Covid for Control and against the medics like Fauci who have withheld useful  treatments for financial gain, despite this, you should know that I (the editor) have taken the 1st of the Jab pair. I am neither pro nor anti-vax. I'm well traveled and can tell you I've had far worse jabs that this (the Hep C one for example!). My advice is still to hold off getting the vaccine, especially for our youth until we, the older generation, have had a chance to test this on ourselves. Don't martyr yourselves, and don't believe they are trying to kill us -- that's absurd. I give you my full reasoning further below.

The key revelations in the video introduced above are --
She speaks a lot of truth. BUT. At that that last point, I stopped watching because I am an accomplished engineer and I know this is trash talk. No one, I repeat NO ONE has invented a Nano Bot. I've been involved in some seriously miniaturized engineering including DLP Projectors with moving parts at 5 microns in size -- about the same size as a blood cell, a Covid virus, and about 5% of a human hair. But that's just one moving part. You can't make a robot that swims around in humans. We have trouble making a full size autonomous bot. What they are talking about has one tenuous strand connecting it to reality -- our cells do contain truly microscopic motors made from a handful of molecules (themselves just a handful of atoms each) that run around inside our cells zipping and unzipping DNA. They do this to repair and to allow cell division (growth etc). Potentially they could be modified, but never to the extent claimed here. I'm not a doctor, Dr Carrie is not an engineer. We need to be careful not to exaggerate.

However! She does speak truth! (She just seems seriously misguided with her choice of terminology). There does seem to be a march towards chipping humans and monitoring us (but just through our cell phones etc, not some magical nano-scopic robot). There is certainly major concerns about the politicization and financial exploitation of it, about the damage and deaths from the resulting prejudices, including the profound damage this is having on our economy and at some point national security. It is good to protest to demand answers and in particular to demand to know why conventional remedies have been suppressed. It is not good to terrify the bejesus out of people -- something which has been shown to lead to suicides.

My reasoning for taking the Jab

As said, I took the 1st of the AstraZeneca Jabs about 3 weeks ago. Zero side effects for me and 3 of my nearest and dearest. About an equal number I know first hand have had "expected side effects". So what was my reasoning for deciding to take it after reviewing all the scares, side effects, facts?
  1. I preferred the AstraZeneca as (a) it is cheaper for the UK and doesn't fill Gates' pocket and (b) is more likely to be ethical (developed at Oxford University where they operate as a charity). Indeed, like anyone who opposes Big Pharma with an alternative, they have been roundly abused as here.
  2. I have seen the effects of catching Covid and the long term side effects such as severe heart arrhythmia. Some get it lightly, some really do not get it lightly. Consider the UK Prime Minister who almost died of it. I have spoken at length to a close couple and one was seriously ill (albeit avoided hospital) and the other simply felt poorly and lost sense of smell. I know someone very well who knew a young woman who died of it leaving a child without a mother.
  3. It is clear to me at least that this was a lab accident from a modified SARS virus. To that extent, I see why it is so deadly and also why the vaccine is not (and cannot be) an ordinary one.
  4. I am older (not retired) and have lived a full life, so why shouldn't I be something of a guinea pig for the younger generation?
  5. Because I am older, that makes me more at risk and I am aware my children were terrified of visiting for fear of passing it to their parents.
  6. Some of the most extreme critic claims is that it is used to depopulate. I promise you that if we all start dying, there will be a lot of lynching going on and Gates would be first to the gallows. Ie: that's an absurd claim.
In short, yes Covid was a bio-nuke, yes it is being politically exploited, yes there is massive profiteering, yes the economy has been crushed, yes the silencing of doctors was and is disgusting, but Covid is dangerous, and the vaccine appears not to be. So here I am. Fit and well. Along with millions in the UK who have also had AZ.

Let me add -- As well as finding it disturbing that people are being pressured into taking it, I find it equally disturbing, if not more so, that people are being pressured into NOT taking it by disgusting labeling like being called smug vax-holes and scabs (people who break the line). I also find that the anti-vax community are more rude, exaggerative, aggressive, and seem more interested in ratings and fame than in telling truth. This was well exemplified on our Mar 19 update here where we exposed one bit of Hopium and suffered abuse, silencing and blocking at the hands of these False Prophet shills. It is one of those Shills that introduced us to this video.

My advice? (Should you be interested): Push back, delay, protest, choose your vaccine (if you can), but do not martyr yourself and do not be made to feel you have broken some line. Be bold - whatever decisions we take pose risks. Have a laugh and enjoy.

Situation Update for 29th Mar 2021:

We are spear heading Operation OWL (Organize, Withhold, Liberate), seeking to create a decentralized "Open Source" cooperative society that can counter the coup and keep you safe. It will be controlled by YOU, not us. All that we plan to contribute is to create a blue print -- an initial charter -- around which such an organization can grow itself. Where you build a core of good conservative citizens who have committed themselves to a Charter, then that Charter can be grown by you to evolve and expand.

How will it have influence? How will it be funded? In short, we find it somewhat odd that our strongest allies, Powell, Wood, Flynn, Trump himself, are all trying to seek redress within a proven corrupt and broken legal system (as excellent video at foot of this page). How to fix that? It's just a system. Create another one. Declare all decrees from the corrupt one to be obsolete.

So much of it is about language and theater. A man with a funny wig (not so much these days) stands behind a desk made of trees in a tree lined box made of stones and bangs a gavel, a crude hammer that makes a noise, and says "we award damages of 1 billion $ to (eg) Smartmatic to be paid by (eg) Trump". Trump then appeals and so on. Have we really progressed so much from the grass huts of the Serengeti, the land of our distant fathers? It is as if we are all conditioned to think that because the wood is polished and the stones are well hewn, that we must do as the man with the gavel says.

And we do, because we all believe in the rule of law and we have all effectively sworn an oath to uphold it just be being citizens. 

All we have to do is change that oath. Suddenly, we can have our own authority and judiciary - and we award damages to We The People against Smartmatic for a billion. There's your first billion. They can refuse to pay as much as they like but we create what is called Debt Bonds and distribute it among ourselves. $1000 each shared by a million people. We then trade with that Debt Bond. Everytime a Smartmatic employee orders a piza, We The People say "hold on, you owe us". If they continue not to pay, this empowers us to repossess their trade names, their patents, their contracts.

Now that on it's own is not going anywhere, but wait till we award damages against Gates for Crime against Humanity (or whoever was in the American cabal that invested in Wuhan and made Covid). He has land. His right to that land is governed by law. The existing rule of law is now obsolete and we (you!) through our OWL Parliament determines what is law. See where this is heading? He is one man against 75m. Anytime he needs a plumber, mechanic, dentist, carpenter, security ... any practical assistance, guess what Reps do?

But first we need structure, rules, charters, security, oaths, loyalists, OWL parliaments, citizens.

By the way, we don't agree with Texas trying to split off. We think Operation OWL is the better solution. Texans will likely not get a fair share of military tech, so they will struggle. Besides, it's like walking away from a problem rather than fixing it. The US is the leader of the free world. Fix it from within. We'd also like to remind people that feel Texit is linked to Brexit, that Texit is actually more aligned with Scottish Indie. Brexit was only leaving a trade union that was trying to bring political union by stealth (or more to the point were trying to usurp GB sovereignty). Brexit wasn't splitting a country up. Indie is.

So that's why we think OWL is the better solution. Better for everyone, even benign democrats.
For now we are still trading in dollars, not OWL Debt Bonds. Spread the word. We need some good citizens to buy into this. Your donations are all registered and will all translate to fabulous levels of debt bonds one day. No donations, no debt bonds, no plan -- and the OWL dies. So please mention us on other websites and chat-sites. But..
Be of good cheer! OWL is the New Plan. Don't just Trust the Plan, Make the Plan!

Situation Update for 28th Mar 2021:

Slow day - it's a Sunday! Happy Passover.
Two days ago, we gave a talk about "real hope" -- or "keeping it real". We talked about Operation OWL (Organize, Withhold, Liberate) which is a little like an "Open Source Society". We were pleasantly surprised to see how well that was received. So of course we will cautiously continue it.

Unfortunately, yesterday's attempt at "stirring up anger" among the military to try and provoke action, fell very flat. Not many like or liked that. Also, to make our point, it was required that we speak out against the dangers of Hopium. We just hope and pray you will understand that we knew it would dent our ratings, but that is all we can do - is what we have to do - is to be dead honest. This is about stepping back from the abyss, not about ratings. Nonetheless, we need ratings to get the message across.
We see the US military as fallen.
We know there are good people within but it's management has been usurped..

The Lib's secret weapon is to make the Chinese die laughing.
That OWL plan is going to have to be good to deal with a military gone left.
We hope you liked the Anastasia story (yesterday) as we think it takes something positive away from one of the most brutal killings of Russian Monarchy -- it at least remains as a warning of about what happens when Hopium is over used.

Funds so low, we're playing whac-a-mole with our impatient benefactors, including my wife who is missing my once 6 digit earnings and bringing home the bacon on a 4 digit one. Never mind! I sense those that read us are "all given out" (we understand and are grateful for what you did) but the rest of America seems oblivious to what just happened. They cannot imagine what it's like to lose everything and to have to justify their existence daily to some global corp stuffed shirt, probably from East or middle Asia, who 24/7/365 makes you smile while you jump if you don't want to wind up begging on the side of a road - or take a daily beating to help motivate you. Don't worry, you might get lucky and be able to coast along on platitudes and afford a warm apartment on the 17th floor. Your prize possession a notebook with which you can terrorize your neighbors. It will happen if this is not turned around. It will happen. This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is not time to change channel and let reality float off.

If you can't afford anything, join We have about 100 signers but we are not encouraging anyone to start posting because (a) you will expect a bigger audience and (b) something to talk about. We aspire to provide both. Joining automatically enlists you in the OWL Co-op, and right now that offers real hope (as far as we can see, the only real hope).

Good night!

Situation Update for 27th Mar 2021:

.. As Breaking News links show (or as here and here), idiot Biden and his Cabal is/are taking on China and Russia at the same time. And where are the MSM? My guess is they want to keep the US In the dark. With tanks on the move from Russia towards the Ukraine, and with China actively and visibly gearing up for war, the situation is worse than anything since Vietnam.

As we said in Situation Update for 23rd Mar 2021, If the corrupt or stupid military chiefs seriously think they can hold the line against a combined onslaught by Russia, China, N Korea and Iran etc, they are deluded. These foes don't care about MAD. America, Europe and the UK are sitting ducks! Why do these chiefs think China is so interested in the Ocean? You can't nuke the Ocean! North Korea alone has a higher naval vessel count than the US & UK combined.

Dear military chiefs -- wake the hell up! Your lazy and dishonorable neglect of your oath to the constitution allowed a coup that is going to result in you and your families being wiped from the face of the earth the way things are going. Of course we should address the intelligent chiefs and generals with more respect -- wake the hell up! Your lazy and dishonorable neglect of your oath to the constitution is going to get you all killed.

As they say, all that is needed for evil to win is for good men to sit on their flatulent arses and do nothing. Pondering and dithering is going to get you vaporized.

Action is needed -- not "ooh, we best wait and see if Sidney Powell can single handedly prove foreign intervention so we can limply retrospectively declare the election void" (while we install gender neutral toilets and let Biden lead us to chaos). This situation is not going to lie perpetually fibrillating on the operating table in the theater of life - wake up and do your jobs. The fate of the USA should not have to rest on Rudy, Sidney, Lin, Jenna amd Trump's largely provately funded legal teams. Action is now required by those charged with the duty of care to protect the constitution. The disgusting and perverse undermining of POTUS 45 by so many retired military chiefs who literally told him "don't involve us" demands investigation by YOU! You are called to action! If you are "wisely" aiding the legal battle (which we regard as something of a cop out given how visible interference in the election was, but at least it would be something), then man up and tell the world. Give Powell, Wood and other's highly visible military protection. Make it as plain as the muzzle of your guns that the ongoing legal harassment of Wood etc will not be tolerated. Put your own legal team into the fray and legally take out the ambulance chasing lice ridden scum that attack Wood etc. Circumvent the corrupt court circuit with your own military tribunal courts. America needs functioning courts right now!

In short, stop piddling about. The US Generals and Chiefs are an embarrassment. Another Ukrainian Vietnam is probably the nicest outcome one could hope for right now. There is so much you can and should be doing and you are doing nothing but making a tinder-pot for young Americans to get mutilated and fried in.
You Generals may not care, but parents and Americans sure as hell do.

So my dear readers, you may have noticed we do not buy this horseshit about certain factions in the military doing stuff secretly. That's straight out of the Bolsheviki training manual on "how to defeat a nation with TRUST Psy-Ops" -- the tactic that was used by the communists to defeat the Latvian / Russian royalists. People were told, don't worry, there are loyal factions within the military who will act. There weren't and they didn't. The entire Russian royal family was then arrested, much to their surprise and disbelief history tells us, and then what? All royals, Men, Woman and Children were taken into cellars and shot. The whole lot at once, in each other's arms, in a gruesome blood bath. Remember Disney's Anastasia? She was real. She was one who was rumored to have survived.

So why do we think it is horseshit? Because NONE of the actions shown above, as a minimum of logical steps, are being taken. NONE! As Hal said recently, here's a list of all the corrupt politicians and judges that have been arrested. NONE! End of list. Juan O Savin hasn't even asked for your help -- doesn't that sound fishy? Don't military leaders who do show public resistance like M Flynn and McInerney tell you to do stuff? (Protest, support digital soldiers etc). Why does Savin tell you to wait? We like Savin too and we listen to what he says, not least because it is motivational, but it's important not to be led down the path of inaction by this.

So why do we think there was a coup? If there are people in the military scoffing at the idea the US has been taken down in a coup, then you need to get your heads out of the MSM and look at the facts -- forget about the election fraud, that's almost irrelevant now. HERE is all you need to know -- The evidence of election fraud was laid before the court but they refused to even look at the evidence -- which is exactly what they get paid to do -- to weigh (analyze) evidence. If you are buying the MSM line of "all the court actions were lost", then you only need to skim search the internet (not with Google) to see through those lies - Trump's teams lost nothing -- the court cases were rejected using some legalese "bollix" that translates to "we refused to give it court time". They give more time to your parking tickets than they did to this! Want more evidence? Look at the flight records for Jeffrey Epstein -- all the major players in this coup (MSM, Big Tech, Judges, Politicians) were on his island.

Only the willfully blind can think there was no coup. Only the misguided can think Juan O Savin doesn't at the very least need your help.

What can you do? Support us! Support Hal! Support Sibel Edmonds! She's got some mighty ideas and an education to go with it -- see above/below video and Here. Yell, Scream, abuse the shit out of anyone not doing their jobs and betraying their oaths. Make them angry! Make them see! And by the way, NEVER give away your guns. Arrange to have them "stolen" if you cannot stop the divide and conquer tactics.
Thank you so much to our regular visitors who show their appreciation one way or another. It's noticed!!

Situation Update for 26th Mar 2021:

Today's Situation Update has no update because there is none. Sometimes, it's just a quiet day. We may have to relabel it "Thoughts for the day".

So here's a thought... "Keeping it Real". As in material plans that we can all easily join in. We're building our plan for Operation OWL - Organize, Withhold, Liberate - being the best, easiest, non-violent route back to civilization as we know it. If interested, we started a series on it back in Mar 12th here. Once the plan is complete, we intend to turn it over to anyone and everyone who wants to join in as a Charter. We consider that no one should benefit from leading it, creating it (it will need more than we can give it), nurturing it, etc. Once take up begins, we think it will show exponential growth, not least because it involves literally giving away "money" as in crypto currency. And where will that come from? You will see, you will see... but keep in mind, it will not be controlled by, or to the benefit of, us here. That's important -- it has to be a combined thing. (We hope to make a living out of it, that's all -- we did abandon lucrative contracts for this, but it's worth it). Think of it as an "Open Source Society" .. one of the things that made Open Source so popular is the corrupt abuse of patents meaning the only way to compete with the likes of Microsoft was to create something with no owner - hence the birth if Linux. And so we see this as a way of creating a system to govern, to restore liberty and to seek remedy from the gratuitous evils that are on the increase.

That's about as "keeping it real" as we can do ... a real plan to look forward to, a way we can all effortlessly join forces and reclaim society.

Situation Update for 25th Mar 2021:

Re  "Review of Late Stage Hopes for Reinstatement of Trump"(Situation Update for 23rd Mar 2021, below), there is a pattern emerging. An increasing number of legal cases are gaining traction as for example here and here. The US military continue to stand off. We now wonder if this is positive, calculated and deliberate .. the least disruptive military action on our delicate social fabric is to let the investigations take their course while.... and this was until now not considered by us... while some benign force is ensuring the judiciary tows the line.

This is most certainly a departure from the insidious perversion of law, the "stand away" attitude of the Justice Dept, that we have seen since late last year -- a disgusting interpretation of the duty of the Justice department that frankly could only emanate from the most warped and diseased of minds as we now see evidence that Chief Justice Roberts indeed possesses (surely a man set for the electric chair should the allegations here be confirmed). It is fitting that he swore in the illegitimate regime -- the diseased Dem cabal -- because his involvement decreases Dem legitimacy in spades.

Maybe, just Maybe, the military has chosen a wise action ... to protect the rule of law and simply let it take it's course. It seems the judicial route has got a very long way to go, but if we wished for a peaceful transition, this is the correct way to go about it.

If this is so, we strongly suggest the military chiefs give signals to this effect as currently we see none, and Sidney, Wood, Pulitzer and their supporters all continue to labor under high levels of harassment and prejudice without the degree of state protection or funding their work demands.

Situation Update for 24th Mar 2021:

As it seems ever closer to a Harris presidency (as here), as we predicted many moons ago, we have a Message to the Military Chiefs -- you may be forgiven for acknowledging Biden was your Commander in Chief if you became entranced by the dogmatic repetition of "nothing to see here", and you may have thus been led to ignore the evidence you saw for yourself of election theft on every news channel, but you never swore an oath for some barely American shill from the Cabal. You did however swear an oath to protect the US Constitution.

That's not being racist - she simply has the shallowest roots imaginable to be POTUS. In this respect the rules need to be changed. Lets take race and gender out of the picture. Can you imagine a Russian man who married a Ukrainian woman then setting foot by plane on US soil and giving birth to a baby boy -- and that boy becoming president without a single vote? That is what is happening here. True, Trump's mother was born in Scotland, but at least that is only 1 parent and they are allied to the US.

And so, as Harris sends you and your children to war, potentially over the next 11 years as she sees out at least 2 more full constitutionally sanctioned terms, assured by the unchallenged Smartmatic Dominion systems, can you imagine what loyalty and devotion she has to the US flag or to you and your careers? Can she possibly understand what it meant for your fathers to fight for the flag of freedom alongside my father and grandfathers?

The situation is ridiculous, Obscene even. She literally has the right, and the motive, to send you and your children to your deaths to defend India against Pakistan, just as the US Generals are now drumming up support for assisting the Ukraine to retake Crimea Right Now as Here. She is certainly more than happy to dilute and destroy the social fabric of the USA by opening the borders as we have seen.

As an aside, the UK knows just how ridiculous things are in the Ukraine and Crimea. We watched as first the EU funded unrest (protests they called it) against the duly elected Ukrainian president -- why? because he was Pro Russian. That round of protests became a bloody revolution, the legitimately elected president was ousted, and a pro EU president was installed. As an aside, apart from the bloody bit (a lot of people have died in the Ukraine), you may notice some startling parallels to the US. Keep in mind we consider the EU to be controlled by the same Cabal that just took over the US(eg: note the Soros connection).

The Russian retaliation? The Crimea held independence referendum elections, widely assumed to be funded by Russia, in that highly pro-Russian state. Crimea was then part of the Ukraine but Russian is their first language. This is similar to what has happened in Scotland and may happen in Texas. In the case of Crimea, some 96% voted to be independent and rejoin Russia. This was branded a COUP by the EU. But hypocritically the Scotland Indie election was considered "different" -- because they WOULD have joined the EU!

However, the UK won that referendum, and the Scottish nationalists have been going hammer and tong about how terrible the UK (and Boris Johnson PM) is ever since, trying, with a mute EU blessing, to have another Indie Referendum. (More parallels with the Trump hatred over his last term). This is despite the Scottish having invaded the highlands back in 450AD approx (under the Gael King Mor from Ireland) and them massacring the Picts and Celts - the true Brits - over the centuries after. There was another massive wave of Gael immigration to Scotland during the potato famine.

Why is this relevant? The Crimea has far far more right to be Russian than the Scots(real name "Gaels") have to take "Scotland" (real name "UK Highlands") away from the UK and give it to the EU. And yet now, the war mongering Cabal led by Kamala with her puppet Biden, want to start war with Russia to reclaim the Crimea. The only faction to benefit from that is the Cabal. They would love to pull the Russian Bear's teeth as the Crimea is highly strategic for Russia due to it's location.

One thing for sure - it will not benefit the rank and file in the US Military. Nor will it benefit the Generals and Chiefs of staff when the Cabal finish their plan to purge and domesticate the US.

At some point, the US military commanders and the Rank and File must seize the moment and make your concerns known to each other. Do not do this individually of course, but form a union. Choose a wise leader (perhaps Charles Flynn?). Use discretion and stay safe. But the time to act has now passed and the urgency to act has never been greater, as there will come a tipping point where action is no longer possible. We hope that tipping point has not yet been reached.

If you ever need proof of the coup that just occurred, look no further than this site, it's timeline, it's collated events, the blazingly obvious complicity from Tech and Media. If the Judiciary hadn't simply turned it's back, we might have less confidence, but when they too demonstrate they are controlled, the constitution is in desperate straights and crying out for brave men and women to protect it.

Situation Update for 23rd Mar 2021:

We're going back to Operation OWL later --  Organize, Withhold, Liberate!. We first broached this on March 11th here. In brief, we believe the plan to form a Union of "We The People" with our Own Charter and our Own Currency ("our" currency - strictly not governed by any one individual or group) adjudicated by our Own Court System, is the best way to unitedly and peacefully wrench back power and Control! All the C's coming out there😋.

The best hope we can give you is a concrete plan as above! But before do delve back into OWL, let's look positively at the Hopium plan..

Review of Late Stage Hopes for Reinstatement of Trump

There is some evidence that things are moving slowly towards a legal, constitutional restoration. The best evidence we can give you that something is happening is by applying logic to credible observation.
However, we and many others, continue to get signals that there are factions within the military that have not simply capitulated. Obviously we can't say a danged thing about that, or even give you a shred of proof, which is frustrating. About the only evidence we can give you on this subject is our steadfast adherence to truth, even when it hurts our ratings (eg: Situation Update for 19th Mar here, revealed the Green-Screen fakery was wrongly called and the lie perpetuated by Trust Psy-Ops).

So what can we share? ("Times New Roman font" denotes newly added items)
  1. On Monday March 15th, Shock Jock Hal Turner said there should be some movement - intel he got from his former Intel-community colleagues. Nothing happened, but there was a vast turn out of fire engines and emergency services that attended a large fire atop an adjacent building. This is unusual to say the least -- so we don't know how to interpret it, but no signal should be ignored and this may have been a cover.
  2. We see Sidney Powell has far from given up, and legal activity continues. She revealed a complete list of legal cases and their status here.
  3. General Charles Flynn (M Flynn's brother) continues to wield substantial influence.
  4. We saw unusual flag activity around Capitol Hill and the White House (see Mar 11 archive here for details).
  5. We saw the recent drive to have all DoD reaffirm their Oath to the Constitution.
  6. We see continuing arrests (eg: here) of judges etc over the "Pedo" ring allegations that we exposed alongside others some time ago here.
  7. We see a lot of military activity surrounding the escalating situation in Iran, Ukraine, Russia, China Sea, Taiwan.
  8. Biden committed a most egregious foreign diplomacy faux pas by talking about Putin as a Killer and having no soul -- which led the Kremlin to withdraw their ambassador.
  9. The migrant invasion situation at the southern border is "critical"
  10. Finally, we see that Biden is a complete "shambles" and that, as we suspected, Harris is at the helm.
The bottom line is that there is a developing situation that cannot be tolerated. And we wonder indeed if it is Not being tolerated. Sadly, money talks, and wars mean money. But some of the escalations and deteriorating relations driven by Biden are creating concerns that must even rattle the most treasonous General / Chief of staff.

If they seriously think they can hold the line against a combined onslaught by Russia, China and Iran etc, they are deluded. These foes don't care about MAD. America, Europe and the UK are sitting ducks. Why do you think China is so interested in the Ocean? You can't nuke the ocean.

In any event, it is not so much their military might, but their complete disparity with our ways that make it easier for the Chinese and Iranians etc, in particular, to be brutal (you can forget any pretence at Geneva Conventions), and it is that brutality, combined with their existing levels of Asian and Arabic infiltration in our tech and elsewhere, that could cause a complete rout. Look at how easy the illiberal cabal is finding it to oppress and control Americans now! Even POTUS 45 was silenced.

This is not a time to be asleep at the wheel. That goes for members of the public as well. We hope there are many generals and chiefs of staff who realize this. It is pretty clear this will end very badly if they, and we, do nothing. And the longer they wait, the more we see Biden (or Harris and the Cabal) firming up his grip on control over the military.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Preparations page Action Time.

Situation Update for 22nd Mar 2021:

Latest in series..

Get Ready: This Is What "They" Are Coming for Next! Sibel Edmonds, Newsbud..

(Please see yesterday, just below, for context)..

..All Credit to Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud..
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Situation Update for 21st Mar 2021:

The third in the series by the amazing Sibel Edmonds who basically predicted the stolen election 6 months prior. Having studied and lived through coups, having been a former FBI translator, she simply reasoned the coup was beginning back in May/June (with complete conviction it should be added). How right she was (this was from a live stream in June 2020)...

..All Credit to Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud..
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Situation Update for 20th Mar 2021:

Tiny update - even founder and Christian Mike Adams ( etc) moderated out our comment showing the other side of the coin that proves actually the "Hand Over Mic green-screen fail", exposed in our yesterday's situation update, wasn't fake as Mike said here. Mike, we held you in very high esteem -- Lin Wood once said you speak truth. And yet, you too just stifled a truth you don't like, just like Twitter etc, because the narrative didn't suit your channel. My dear American friends, sometimes I despair. Is there anyone you can trust to tell you truth?
Coup Stage 1

All Credit to Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud

This episode, Coup 2, is our favorite (Coup 1 is above).. Sibel successfully predicted the Turkey Coup attempt. Here, she predicted a coup in the USA... BACK IN MAY 2020 - and lo & behold, here we are.. And she tells us what The USA SHOULD HAVE DONE BUT DIDN'T DO!!!

All Credit to Sibel Edmonds of..
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Situation Update for 19th Mar 2021:

The Viral Video Of Biden's Hand Over the Mic is NOT a green screen fake!


See video posted above with 2 different angles and note that the Mic is very large(wind socks on 'shotgun' microphones, mounted on booms), and it is indeed behind his elbow(pops up out of extreme bottom left in first scene showing Biden side on). We've removed controls and made it auto loop so you can study it. The clip is only 5 seconds with only 2 scenes. We got this video from Twitter here where the poster was actually trying to use it to prove Biden is fake but unwittingly gave us all the rock solid proof that it is NOT fake (as the mic popping up was obscured by his controls).

The other thing that is real is False Prophets! You need to please understand TRUST Psy-Ops. This is more commonly called Hopium. It's designed to keep you docile while they continue to turn their plans and machinations into concrete chains that you will never break free of. The longer you buy into this, the more deeply it will break your spirit when you understand what is happening. Listen to Lin Wood if you wish -- he never talks about these prophets.

In this case, the Hopium is "Biden is not really the president, Trump is, and MSM are just faking it". Sounds so absurd when you put it like that and sadly that makes most people initially angry with us. But we trust our audience to rise above that. For what it is worth, we spent some time examining many different versions of this video looking for aliasing artifacts because we know how significant this would be if it were true (albeit when we take stock, we should realize it really doesn't matter wtf Biden is!!).

Remember! It is good to look out for signs! The election was stolen in-front of our eyes, then MSM, Tech, Law, all showed they were complicit! All they needed to do was study the evidence but they refused and turned away the court applications. THAT IS REAL! Just know that some signs are false alarms and we need to use discerment.

We have suffered ENDLESS ABUSE at the hands of these False Prophet shills. They attack, ban, block, lie, malign, mock, delete truth -- and you can see one example of that under our Updates on 18th Mar 10am ET. Now that should tell you the mindset we are dealing with here. Nasty, delusional, more interested in their channel ratings than in you and your truth and welfare, or possibly simply in the pay of G Soros or worse. To put it another way, they are EXPLOITING the situation with the election theft for gain.

Hopium is Trust Psy-Ops

It is designed to destroy your faith, keep you docile.
This video explains..


FYI, the Video that was here re "The Generals" in stage 4 of the coup was moved to 

Small updates, 18th Mar 10am ET

Point #1 -- & **"I'm looking into your eyes, and I don't think you have a soul," Biden recalled telling Putin during a 2011 meeting in the Kremlin, according to the New Yorker magazine. "And he looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, 'We understand one another.' " ** "Biden's latest statements represent a major escalation in the already deteriorating relationship between Russia and the US. On Wednesday evening[yesterday], Moscow recalled its ambassador in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, to discuss the Kremlin's next steps."

Biden recalled this conversation with ABC News host yesterday. This is a serious rupture of international relations. Why isn't this all over MSM? Putin said Biden was "projecting" .. ie: Biden is the soulless one. From our study of the whistleblower here, we think that may be possible! Just to think when Trump first got in, the TDS sufferers thought Trump might cause WW3 among other things. They were talking about the wrong president!

Point #2 -- There is a video doing the rounds claiming Biden was green-screened - I'm afraid it isn't the case as our tweet here shows -- -- As we said on Rumble, here, "So sorry all, but we are dedicated to truth at and actually it is not fake. In the different angle video here you will see it is just a huge mic that is behind Biden (or moreover, Biden stepped into the sea of mics. At the end of this video, you can see the guy who had crawled under the rope to hold the mic get back through the rope and stand up. Don't sh00t the messenger please... Ps: It's good top be skeptical - never forget the electionb was stolen in broad daylight and then the MSM, Tech and Law all showed they were complicit. So I'm not saying it didn't happen - just that this one is a false alarm." and once again, the poster, more interested in misleading you than talking truth, deleted it. It's very very tiresome having to fight a battle against corruption in the Dems, with no funds, when RINO web dwellers seem more intent on considering us competition than us teaming up against a common foe.

Situation Update for 17th & 18th Mar 2021:

The states has The Constitution. For, we developed our own, but for Yellings, we are going to rename it a Charter. We're going to run a small series on this topic over the next few days.

Before we can come up with a Charter, we need to understand what we want, what we are up against and what we need to change.

One word seems to spring to mind when we think about how badly Trump and his supporters have been treated... PREJUDICE.

The hate & TDS seems borne out of a genuine feeling of illogical liberal intellectual superiority. There is a prevalence of thought that we have observed that means the higher educated liberals (education is always good if not liberal biased) feel we "practical types" (conservatives, creatives) are inferior, that their liberal idealism is somehow more civilized, more morally correct, and that Trump and his supporters were somehow bringing the liberal utopia, their liberal dogma, into disrepute. Worse, they have now convinced themselves that we are Dangerous.

Speaking from decades of combined experience, we "practical types" have always viewed these people with some well reasoned disdain long before we ever imagined they would go to the lengths they have to wrench power away by means of a coup from the majority. We were always the Creators. They were always the testers. They didn't understand what we were making, writing, saying, doing, but they could form a well structured (even if usually illogical) sentence and they were more sociable, which made them great team players and more prone to creating power structures.

While we happily toiled away and created stuff, they structured themselves and managed us. For a time, we were happy to let them do that. There was symbiosis, detente. However, as with any such pairing, there are power shifts. If we look at the history of 2 party democracies, it is almost entirely down these lines. Socializing leads to Socialism, Communism. On the other hand, untethered reward for the creators leads to unbridled capitalism, leads to landlords and serfs, Serfdom. The two extremes are surprisingly similar in outcome. Poverty, oppression, hopelessness.

Democracy brought those two extremes back together by giving one person, one vote.

It's easy to see how that can be smashed if the democratic system is broken. But it takes more than a few illogical bigoted morons that go feeding ballots in twice, destroying armed forces votes, putting boards up on windows and disbarring monitors. It takes a systemic approach. And all systems require a belief set, a Charter.

The illiberal left's Charter borrowed into PREJUDICE by adopting an inflated view of superiority which gave them a feeling they were in the right. They patted each other on the back and inflated their egos a little more and eventually, it spiraled out of control to the point where we are now. That's what we have to counter - Prejudice at the core of their Charter or ANY Charter. A good dose of humility always helps too.

More on the 19th.

I know we sound like a cracked record, but we can't run this site if we don't have funds. Top left Donate button - if you can (don't if you can't or if you have already helped here or elsewhere). Otherwise, keep clicking the Up Vote! 

Situation Update for 16th Mar 2021:

I think we need a break. Yesterday ended with great disappointment over the Hal Turner prophecy, albeit we expected that. Nonetheless, with contacts as good as he claims, you would expect something.

On the contrary, we discover that the US military have gone full swivel eyed loon illiberal where they go all flowers and gender bender manic liberal tolerance, and then try to shut down Tucker Carlson to prove their Liberal Lunacy is as hypocritical as Doctor Mengle. On what planet do they think they can keep the USA safe by unleashing Trans Human Resources on everything? Perhaps they'd like to stand on the front line border to North Korea and read out impassioned BLM tolerance essays, install maternity wards and multi-gender toilets in the hope Kim will laugh himself to death? Certainly no need for Kin to fire a shot when the military has their back turned on the enemy and are firing off at the voice of their own employers, the media.

Ted Cruz at least gave the sleepy dopey lefty Military Chiefs both barrels in an open letter -- see Breaking News above (or here). It is however deeply alarming to see how quickly these fool chieftains capitulated to liberal idealism. If we find out they have indeed betrayed the constitution and, by negligence, ignorance, political bias and cowardice, been party to a coup, we will together find each one, end their careers and bring them to justice. If the coup has gone this deep, the entire planet has fallen. And we in the UK are next!

PS: As said yesterday, I am never critical of the Rank & File -- My father fought alongside yours in the foxholes clearing out the islands in the Pacific, and I am both proud of the gong he brought back and I also bear, as I am sure some of you do too, the inter-generational psychological scars of the untreated PTSD that came back with him. We have deep mutual respect and it may be you (in the rank and file) that helps us right this wrong. I used to have deep respect for the US generals and Chiefs too, and I look forward to being corrected and having to apologize if  I am completely wrong. Hope fades of that being so.

On a different topic -- we enjoyed a particularly heavy spate of bile yesterday. We did receive one heartwarming message and some general gratitude, but on the whole, to add to the potential physical risk to family and self, we've been metaphorically spat at, banned, blocked, shadow banned, had subscriptions pulled because "we failed to get Trump back" with sucker-punch messages like "what did I buy?", gone unpaid and generally made to feel unwanted.

It's clear the USA has fallen to a coup that extends from politics to military, and that can only go one way - the Chinese and Russians are massing and you have some wonderfully unspoiled land that you are about to loose control of. The Chinese will enslave you -- at first economically like they already do in Africa and Australia, and later, believe me while you are worrying about the tiniest remaining fleck of racism at home, it is as nothing to the racism you will receive from the Chinese. You and they are completely different. They see us westerners as overgrown, lazy, arrogant. Again, look at Africa. Meanwhile, children continue to be trafficked.

As of right now, there is prejudice, career purging, silencing, harassment, deplatforming, physical violence in the streets, and mockery. Ask Lin Wood! And yet still there is no fight. The Operation Trust Psy-Ops here really worked a treat - hope turns to despair.

I thought we were doing something noble, something to help, but the fight has gone out of America and we can't do it alone. Maybe we need a holiday. We'll regroup around Operation OWL soon (see below).

Ps: We asked people to mention us no social media -- don't do that on Telegram - they have a toxic "Voluntary Administrator" concept which rewards people for blocking you on any flimsy pretext, including the act of "promotion" by including your favorite links. When they block you, you find yourself with zero recourse, lost comments, and limited access. You can't make another account as they run by phone number. Telegram is just another RINO outfit exploiting conservatives and doing more to kill freedom of speech than even Twitter (where you can put any links they like). Indeed, the list of trustworthy chat sites is diminishing by the day -- see here.

Situation Update for 15th Mar 2021:

Got my jab today! I have asked for a keyboard to be put in my coffin. [Update - after 20 hrs, no ill effects at all]. But seriously, I weighed this up at great length, alarmed by the number of vax casualties and so on (which run at 1 in a million when you examine the figures), but I have first hand knowledge of what Covid does. Exploited to steal an election? Of course! Came from a Wuhan Lab? Undoubtedly. Have the Dems invested in Wuhan? Yes, they still are. But that does not make Covid any less real!! The vax is more of an antidote than a vaccine. Common sense tells me they are not trying to kill us as some surmise. The parroting of it "being no worse than 'flu" constantly misses the fact that the spread of 'flu is not controlled. But the spread of Covid is controlled. People make much of Florida having few restrictions, yet there it does not spread. Same in Africa, India, Arabia. What do they have in common? They are hot and the virus has a "fatty membrane" that does not like heat and sunlight. Like Lin Wood, we call on people to use discernment. We may be wrong .. in which case, the next S.U. will come from the grave.

Back to previous subjects... Today is the day of reckoning according to Shock Jock Hal Turner's cryptic message (here). Should we believe him? In 24 hrs we will know... Happy birthday Hal!

And then there is our plan to knock out the Cabal. Operation OWL is very real (see prev' updates). This is open to everyone or, if it is not taken up by the masses, it is how the righteous will reclaim control. You can either be a major part of it, with all the rewards that carries, or you can watch on the sidelines and peacefully regain your security. Either way, this will work. Nb: I stay strictly anonymous for my family's sake (and so I can sleep at night) but believe me when I say I finish what I start. If this works, you will find that out.

To join us, simply Donate! Big or small. Our first major step is to give you a voice -- then we can communicate. Look at our plan unfolding below and prior. If you can't afford to donate, contact us to register and show you are mentioning us on social media. That alone could reap huge rewards for you. Mention us on social media please! Our traffic needs a boost!

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Earlier version for 15th in full below.

Situation Update for 15th Mar 2021:

07:30 est -
Re Today is the day of reckoning according to Shock Jock Hal Turner's cryptic message (here)... Nothing yet except that Ted Cruz has given the sleepy dopey lefty Military Chiefs both barrels in an open letter -- see Breaking News above (or here). But the day is young...

It is however deeply alarming to see how quickly these fool chieftans capitulated to liberal idealism -- on what planet do they think that can keep us safe? Frankly what Ted has said and will do is as NOTHING compared to what we (with your help) will do to their lazy cowardly chiefs if we find out they have indeed betrayed the constitution and, by negligence, ignorance, political bias and cowardice, been party to a coup. Please, I call on you, our must welcome devotees and donors, to be brave and hold the line. If the coup has gone this deep, the entire planet has fallen. And we in the UK are next!

PS: I am never critical of the Rank & File -- My father fought alongside yours in the foxholes clearing out the islands in the Pacific, and I am both proud of the gong he brought back and I also bear, as I am sure some of you do too, the inter-generational psychological scars of the untreated PTSD that came back with him. We have deep mutual respect and it may be you (in the rank and file) that helps us right this wrong. I used to have deep respect for the US generals and Chiefs too, and I look forward to being corrected and having to apologize if  I am completely wrong. Hope fades of that being so.
Noticing a lot of troop withdrawal from DC according to our various sources. Razor fences moved back but not removed. (I've always thought it was dumb to have the fences so far from the W'House. Anyone with a fraction of a military brain will tell you that means the soldiers guarding the fence are stretched further making any point of breach much easier to organize... duh! Maybe they should go back to fitting more toilets for the growing number of gender categories).
WOAH... WHAT'S THIS?????? Flashing lights EVERYWHERE!!!
See above live cam.
White house press briefing.. - nothing unusual there.
11:37 ET
We've made inquiries everywhere and cannot find the reason for all those lights. It may be a visiting dignitary or a small fire, who knows.
12:26 ET
Still no explanation from any media outlet, and yet one can see the flashing lights are increasing.
14:11 ET
Lights gone. As have our hopes. Sorry Hal, you hated false prophets and yet maybe you turned out to be one. It's late here in the UK, so we will have to let fate be the arbiter. Perhaps we will awake to news... good / bad .. anything.
16:43 ET
I think my patience is at an end. You too?
17:25 et
We've been abused, threatened with physical violence, deplatformed, deprived of funds, blocked by idiots on social media and generally left feeling like we are unloved and unwanted. So it is with a heavy heart, we say goodnight.
Got my jab today! I have asked for a keyboard to be put in my coffin. But seriously, I have weighed this up at great length, alarmed by the number of vax casualties and so on, but I have first hand knowledge of what Covid does. Exploited to steal an election? Of course! Came from a Wuhan Lab? Undoubtedly. Have the Dems invested in Wuhan? Yes, they still are. But that does not make Covid any less real!! The vax is more of an antidote than a vaccine. Common sense tells me they are not trying to kill us as some surmise. The parroting of it "being no worse than 'flu" constantly misses the fact that the spread of 'flu is not controlled. But the spread of Covid is controlled. People make much of Florida having few restrictions, yet there it does not spread. Same in Africa, India, Arabia. What do they have in common? They are hot and the virus has a "fatty membrane" that does not like heat and sunlight. Like Lin Wood, we call on people to use discernment. We may be wrong .. in which case, the next S.U. will come from the grave.

Back to previous subjects... Today is the day of reckoning according to Shock Jock Hal Turner's cryptic message (here). Should we believe him? In 24 hrs we will know... Happy birthday Hal!

And then there is our plan to knock out the Cabal. Operation OWL is very real (see prev' updates). This is open to everyone or, if it is not taken up by the masses, it is how the righteous will reclaim control. You can either be a major part of it, with all the rewards that carries, or you can watch on the sidelines and peacefully regain your security. Either way, this will work. Nb: I stay strictly anonymous for my family's sake (and so I can sleep at night) but believe me when I say I finish what I start. If this works, you will find that out.

To join us, simply Donate! Big or small. Our first major step is to give you a voice -- then we can communicate. Look at our plan unfolding below and prior. If you can't afford to donate, contact us to register and show you are mentioning us on social media. That alone could reap huge rewards for you. Mention us on social media please! Our traffic needs a boost!

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Situation Update for 14th Mar 2021:

9th Mar 2021, Shock Jock Hal Turner wrote a very cryptic message (here):
Monday 15th - day of Infamy! (From his intel community connections).

Minor update -- see /vUpdates/@legal-activity/ .. Sidney Powell Right Side interview reviewed.

We are running 2 threads just now. 1/ Watching Monday 15th, 2/ Prepping operation OWL.

1/ Operation Hal (re above, his Monday prediction).

Is there to be movement? We're hearing a lot of USAF movement to add to Hal's prediction..

Opinion -- Ctd from the 13th... If the military is thinking of coming out but trying to avoid the Myanmar mess, we would suggest they declare the election compromised, instruct the current administration to rerun the elections in summer when Covid is much reduced so there is zero mail in ballots, and only take military orders from Trump until that happens. What must happen immediately is they announce this NOW and that MSM & big tech must be stripped and CJ Roberts be arrested.

Simply reinstating Trump might end up with massive riots as with Myanmar, and so weaken the US that we have nothing to defend ourselves fro invasion. So we respect the need to tread carefully. That said, the military did swear an oath, and we have seen an unmistakable violation of the constitution. The US has fallen and has much further to fall if our generals and chiefs of staff don't get off their butts real soon! Breaking - Trust in Military and Law Enforcement takes huge fall.

2/ Operation OWL Organize, Withhold, Liberate!.

Plan -- Ctd from the 13th... How will we Levy fines from the super rich?
  1. Right now, they are getting organized and buying land. Their ownership of land is only valid if we recognize their right to it.Otherwise, it is terrain on mother earth that we all share. We get organized, we occupy.
  2. We will change currency. Our COTC (We The People's Court Of The Constitution) will have the power to declare the money of the uber-rich to be null and void. Anyone attempting to use their currency will be treated as though they are trading with counterfeit money. We will only accept our currency. They can exchange their currency, but first they have to pay the Fines and Levies our COTC demands.
Yes, we are talking about Crypto Currencies (CC), but they will be controlled by you for you. No single one is in control, no single one is going to get super rich -- the only reason they will be Crypto is simply to usher in a currency that can be tracked and cannot be counterfeited.

If you want to become part of that, you voluntarily become part of a movement that will not trade with anything else but CC. Gates, Zuckerburg, Dorsey, Bezos -- their money will become quite useful for monopoly games perhaps. We start distributing CC soon!
If you want to join us, Donate! If you can't afford to donate, contact us to register!

Situation Update for 13th Mar 2021:

Ctd from the 12th...
We are running 2 threads just now. 1/ We are watching Monday 15th, 2/ We are prepping and planning the resistance with operation OWL.

1/ The cryptic Hal Turner comment claiming to have Intel (ref here) on Monday 15th is that much more "juicy" in that Hal is highly anti-prophet and he quite possibly does have the good intel he claims, given his reputation (More on that yesterday).

We've done a little research (the military are very secretive, so we can't confirm anything) and as far as we can "guess" (humble apologies, but it is an educated guess), the military should by now have completed their own investigation to check the allegations of foreign election interference. Even though obviously (on so many videos and affidavits) domestic interference is more prevalent, it was specifically foreign interference that Trump famously put into law as a trigger for military action.

It is their duty to uphold the constitution and this is apparently a clear violation of it. So - by now they should have completed their own investigation. And if so, it is time to air the results. If they are not taking this seriously, then we will call their chiefs out and make them pay as per our operation OWL, just like we will all the other illiberals. However, we don't want to insult good intentions even if they are taking the p*ss (as we say in the UK) with the amount of time it is taking them.

The fact Hal's article is still there is not a great thing however. If his intel really does herald in some kind of action, then one should be surprised that Hal was not asked to take it down. The fact that no one else is talking about it (yet) is also not a good omen. Another factor is Myanmar. Their military coup was at first heralded as the pattern for the US military to follow, but after scores of protestors have been shot, that will create more reluctance.

However, we do see a lot of military exercises and activity (as here).

So we wait a little longer. Trust but Verify -- that was Reagan's motto. I would add keep prepping and keep supporting those who organize resistance. As next!

2/ Operation OWL - Organize, Withhold, Liberate!..

Having covered what it means and why it would work(see yesterday's Update for intro and details), we left open a question -- How would we make them pay? (Fines and Levies)?

Answer -- we create our own Legal Circuit. We call it We The People's Court Of The Constitution. COTC. Just as the law used to operate before Epstein's Cabal led by Chief Justice Roberts broke the rule of law into unrecognizable fragments, we will weigh evidence and we will declare appropriate fines and levies.

Those that refuse to pay will have that debt hang over them, expanding as the delayed payment penalties and interest kick in. If they try to request our services, those services will be denied until they pay.

If you have ever tried to push back against a fraudulent traffic ticket (something illiberal bureaucrats seem to excel at), you will know how eventually most of us just crack -- we don't want to go to court, so we just pay. That will the pressure we will now exert on them. They will soon see sense and pay.

How will we Levy fines from the super rich? That's for tomorrow....
If you want to join us, Donate! If you can't afford to donate, contact us!

Situation Update for 12th Mar 2021:

Yesterday, we introduced Operation OWL.

We say if nothing happens from the military on Monday, we will start Plan B -- Operation OWL. -- Organize, Withhold, Liberate!
 -- ie:
Liberals are well defined as being impractical -- they need 75m practicals. They are good at forming teams, making illogical rules and then creating frameworks in which to police those rules, all funded by us of course, but can they make or repair a tractor? Can they grow food, program computers, make cloth?

If we Unite and then Isolate the trouble makers, Disbar them from our services, Levy them heavily for other services, fine them for their misdemeanors against the state and constitution, then their fortunes (that they gained from our labor) will dwindle.

How will we make them pay? 

More on that tomorrow.

Situation Update for 11th Mar 2021:

First, there are some signals that the Military is waking up. Yesterday, we saw a very cryptic message from Hal Turner (here) -- who is a real person, who is well connected (and not just saying he is), and claims to have wind of something coming on Monday 15th. We also note the recent drive to have all DoD reaffirm the Oath to the Constitution, we note Whitehouse flying a second flag (on the right - Link to web cam here) being black and said to regard soldiers missing in action (some sort of cryptic message there), and we note the zero public appearances of Biden for weeks[minor retraction, he just did].

Now onto the reliability of the whistleblower as a witness (to conlude the last 2 days of our opinion). For those who found our recent expose of the Control Ring a bit too much, this very good post from someone identifying as "cwcoty" on rumble here makes a very good counterargument to our contention about the Control we have seen. He is speaking about the Whistleblower and unlike us, he thinks it is not ex DNI Director, James Clapper.
"@Mary1226[see her post HERE], You are right on the money. it's definitely not Clapper though it does sound like him. As you say, the whistleblower is JohnHereToHelp (Ryan Dark White - though that's not his given name either). Anyone with a doubt, just go to (which was recorded a year earlier). In that 2019 podcast, White said that the "the interdimensional machine (he used to move forward and backward in time) can be used to trick people like Pope Francis into thinking they're receiving spiritual messages, or it can cure physical illnesses." White claims that he himself was healed by the device after being tortured by deep state agents, but with a surprising consequence: a permanent change to the color of his eyes, from blue to gray. If people are comfortable with his claims then I would be shocked. White is quite the conman. Six years ago, he pretended to have a disability that required extremely strong opioids. His vaudeville act helped him procure 80,160 doses of Zohydro�"an opioid which was paid for with $142,911 from Medicare. White had already been convicted in 2010 of intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance which raised agents' suspicions further. I'm sure the true believers will ignore White's very checkered past and assume he was railroaded by the deep state. That's the default position among conspiracy theorists. If this is THE guy with whom Wood is relying on, it really ticks me off. I believed that Wood had the goods on Roberts, Pence and Rosenstein. Now, I realize that Wood is a victim of a con. With Wood's past litigation success, I presumed he was better critical thinking skills. He hears what he wants to hear and that's why everything he said would happen post election, didn't. His track record is abysmal because he's relying on these kinds of crackpots. Very sad.".
We feel that it is Clapper and so cwcoty is incorrect, not least because they continue to closely safeguard the Whistleblower's true identity. But it continues to be possible we are wrong and that Lin Wood is thus "not playing with a full deck" as we say in the UK, and that he is not well advised to base his career and everything on some loose cannon dreamer (such as Ryan Dark White appears to be). We continue to assert that we have spent some time examining the video and we find Clapper's mannerisms, throat clearing and body language to be a good match.

So! Are we wrong? If we are, Joe Biden is Q....

Always remember - you might be forgiven for questioning the election itself, but!
There is no mistaking the MSM were sufficiently controlled to turn down the scoop of the century (Election fraud) and no mistaking that Tech (hemorrhaging influence to the raft of new competition rising) and DoJ (violating the sanctity of the Rule Of Law) got in on the act. No mistaking!

And if nothing happens from the military on Monday, we have Plan B -- operation OWL.
Organize, Withhold, Liberate!
More on that tomorrow. All will be well.
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Situation Update for 10th Mar 2021:

First, we never ply uncorroborated claims as serious ones, but note the Hal Turner story (here) in our "Breaking News" today[On 10th. More comment on 11th]. Stay tuned!

Now, on a relatively lighter note, I would like to start by reminding us of this wonderful video of a man who is finding it hard to comprehend what just happened. Trump On The Rigged Election HERE looking a little shell shocked, but still very much in command. That's the theme of today.

It's amazing and a little bit saddening .. but every time we post about Lin Wood's whistleblower (see yesterday), the quality of visitations(the time people spend on our site etc) plummets. Is it because of traffic throttling by some malign unseen actors at the world's web control center?(this is not uncommon as per the mention of Twitter being throttled by in Russia here). Or is it because L Wood evangelizes too much? Or is it because the scenario just sounds too outrageous?

When we started to understand the gravity of it, even we were horrified. These people are doing stuff that would make most of us throw up. But much of it (eg: the Epstein angle) is beyond doubt! We don't know to what extent this Control of our Elite has spread, but we all know it at least occurs. Our contention is that we suspect it is not as wild as some make it out to be (eg: some huge Ring that includes UK royalty), but there is credible evidence that Epstein was the figurehead for some pretty shady stuff (including Roberts, Gates, Zuckerburg, Clintons all being associated). Also, we're convinced Robert's kids were indeed adopted from Wales via Ireland (as the Whistleblower said). Keep in mind the central premise of a shady Control "Ring" was confirmed by Putin!

We are all business savvy here. We know what is important and the information we peddle here is, in our humble opinions, rock solid. The credibility bar we aspire to is whether or not the witness testimonies, the affidavits, the video -- whether or not it would be credible in a court of law and whether or not the witnesses would be considered reliable or judged unfit. That's not to say they are correct, but at least they must meet this bar. We hold that to English Law (not much better), because American Law has just completely taken leave of it's senses (and if it doesn't come back to earth soon, it will be the cause of revolution, not us, not the "right". The logic defying behavior of Chief Justice John Roberts and others have left us feeling as if we have been intellectually violated).

As for the other two possibilities, if it's because Lin Wood evangelizes "far too much", we should cut him some slack because the pressure he is under would cripple most for sure. Finally, we've never posted (at least not seriously) about Q, or echoed Simon Parkes (bless him), so I assume the remaining issue is that this is all just too "heavy" for people to take in.

So let's not use the difficult to swallow words about bad intimate acts and how they blackmail, lets just call it "Control" -- the elite are controlled.

Situation Update for 9th Mar 2021:

What is it that is so convincing about the situation of the last 4 months? "Control"!

Summary - We think the election was fraudulent. Moreover, Media, Tech and Law were complicit. Why? The evidence was prima facie, Media then threw away the dream scoop, and Tech have so embarrassingly silenced a POTUS, they may have holed themselves below the waterline with a raft of new competition springing up world wide. Even the BLM and Antifa riots seemed certainly controlled by an invisible hand. What is so binary it could Control all that?

We know Soros and Zuckerberg funded much of the Dem's onslaught. We know they are organized. But there is another aspect of this Control. Far more sinister.

Lin Wood has a "credible" (as yet unnamed) whistleblower, on tape (we have the videos and transcriptions), confirming a line that Putin has been openly saying for some time -- that America is Controlled. If you are unaware of this, we need to break you into it slowly. On the basis of his credibility, Lin Wood made some astonishing claims that as yet have not been countered by public legal action (only by concerted efforts, sadly moderately successful, to defame him). In particular, he claims Chief Justice John Roberts and former VP Mike Pence are controlled. Now you know how SCOTUS so easily defied logic.

All our analysis is HERE. Please open your mind -- the points made are very unsavory, but we know these things go on. We read novels and watch films about it, but somehow when confronted with the fact it is actually happening, we find it all just a little too much and we understandably back away and tune out. But these are not conspiracy theories - this line of reasoning is sustained with consistent logic and hard core facts. No Prophets, no Aliens, no Quantum. This is what you need to hear and understand if we are to all confront this. That Control has been exposed and ALL your lives will be immeasurably improved once that control has been isolated. We will run a small series on this over the next few days.

Situation Update for 8th Mar 2021:

"Tens of millions of Trump supporters are undoubtedly pulling their hair out and demanding "action" to reverse the fraudulent election and to have President Trump recognized publicly as the President of the United States.

Everyone knows Trump won except the willfully ignorant or those still blinded by their political anti-Trump agenda. The truth is that Trump won bigly.

I believe the military knows it. I am sure the enemy knows it. An increasing number of Americans know it, even some who foolishly supported Joey "Bribes" Biden.

So why the delay?

Why no high profile arrests? Why no use of lawful force? Why are we still twisting slowly in the wind waiting for truth to prevail?

The country is sure getting an increasingly good taste of life under CCP/Globalist/DeepState control. Their goals and tactics are now in public display.

What is going on America?

That is a question worth exploring as from all outward appearances we seem to be living in a communist version of The Twilight Zone."
..Lin Wood. 03/07/2021

Situation Update for 7th Mar 2021:

Escalations in Syria and the Mediterranean between the US and Russia are looking quite ominous. Hal Turner has been doing a series on it. RU Subs, US Carriers, recent strikes on US / Israeli oil depots in Syria. The MSM turning a blind eye for reasons we cannot fathom except that it makes Biden look bad because "he started it". We think this is not a time for preppers to ease off. If China takes the obvious side, the US will struggle and may even fall.

Meanwhile, mutinous treasonous traitorous retired Military Chiefs here LET US DOWN and FAILED TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION -- Instead they undermined a POTUS and crippled his options. These dogs need to be tried. General Mark Milley - 'We Take an Oath to the Constitution, Not an Individual' - YouTube here. Well, come Nov 3, Jan 6, Jan 20, Mar 4, they betrayed that oath. Resoundingly. If we're wrong, as we've said, we'll apologize -- but it's hard tp live in some pretence that they will now act when they let the obvious dates slip by and watch as Harris and the Commie Left increase their grip daily. (That said, the Myanmar debacle has not exactly made the idea of Mil' Intervention more rosy).

It would seem the US military will now enjoy their lack of popular support as they try to take on Russia, Syria, Iran, N Korea and China all at once. Bloody fools for allowing the election theft and the loss of a president who (a) supported and glorified them (b) built them up and (c) kept them safe. Now, an Indian Jamaican woman, born on US soil not long after their parents landed, is calling the shots and telling you where to risk your lives. You fools! The rank and file do not deserve the cowardly generals and chiefs of staff they serve under. Sadly, they and the US people will fall with them.

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Situation Update for 6th Mar 2021:

We updated our expose of the gargantuan corruption at the heart of the cover up of election fraud HERE with ongoing detail about the whistleblower etc here (lower down page).

Situation Update for 5th Mar 2021:

POTUS Trump at CPAC 28 Feb 2021 -- BANNED by pitifully thick corporate hubris in Youtube. Removed from 2 places shown - RSBN (who got a 2 week sit on the naughty step suspension) and The UK's Independent (MSM canabilism)!!

C'mon YouTube - what kind of sick phuck mind would ban this? Your logic is that repeating the election was stolen will lead to violence. Well, my logic is that repeating that the election was NOT stolen when it bIoody obviously WAS will CERTAINLY lead to violence, especially when the courts keep unlawfully denying standing -- wake up! YOU Youtube are Guilty of that! Not us. That said, we will be the big boys and tell you we are exploring non violent ways to resolve which is what we all must do.

No other news today except Hal Hates Q here -- oh and this woman HAS to be banned and sent to AOC's prison camps for non conformance! Here.

Situation Update for 4th Mar 2021:

Update to update -- still quiet on the Western Front. Someone says "next the entire military has to reconfirm their oaths to the country and the constitution" here. If true, that is big news. We shall see. Meanwhile, Trump released a statement today here (scroll down near bottom).

It's very early on "real inauguration day" and we will be watching and reporting closely.  See yesterday's and particularly the day before Situation Update below for context.

One thing to update you on is the massive ongoing harassment of Trump's legal team. As something of a fightback, Lin Wood has released the full transcript of his whistleblower report here. We don't know about the name of the Whistle Blower which is stated as being Ryan Dark White (good grief - dark white?). Googling and Ducking (DDGo) shows us he is hard to track down. We cannot find any reputable source about him whatsoever, but this reddit article here at least ventures a profile (widely reproduced on Twitter). He was apparently serving time in jail at one time according to here and here - and is rumored to have been all manner of things on Twitter here and here (sorry, we don't like Twitter but apparently it is the only place some folk will put information. It is repeated here). At one time, we thought the whistleblower was James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence -- certainly there is credible voice analysis and body language to link him to the pixelated whistleblower here. On the other hand, Yahoo (part of the MSM cabal?) ran an article heavily discrediting White here stating he is 52 (which does not match the 70+ year old stature of the whistleblower which in turn does not remotely match the only image of White we can find here) and even linking him to Q Anon operative "JohnHereToHelp" here --- none of which will help Wood's case at all if White is exposed as an unreliable witness. Who knows, but we suspect White is not his real name.

We found this on Wood's "official" channel (the only one they have not yet shut down) on Telegram here. As can be seen on his telegram channel, Wood is being pursued for simply having questioned the election results, and is having his fitness and sanity questioned (when, paradoxically, we find him to be one of the few sane voices on Telegram.. but it is after all a chat site).

Looking at all this, as the rabbit hole broadens out into an oft ludicrous pantomime with reality scattered like Kaleidoscope pieces, we sometimes find ourselves questioning the nature of the truth we hold dear -- the 2020 stolen election. However, we quickly come back to reality when we remember these bullet points...
 ..that will never add up.

Situation Update for 3rd Mar 2021:

More of a footnote while we are Biden our time .. er Biding our time.. pending something happening tomorrow, on March 4th (the date when inauguration usually takes place -- see yesterday's S' Update below). Many including ourselves are almost itching for this date to be over as it is the last mainstay date in the Q Anon / prophet's calendar. Once that is over, there will be no more stalling -- it will be clear -- no one is coming to our aid, we have to right the wrongs and resurrect this great country ourselves.

Now where were we? Ah yes, just Biden our time... So here's a completely different topic.

To all those posters out there - please don't refer to stuff on Twitter, don't embed their twits etc. My personal experience was being banned for criticizing Gates (reasonably politely) and although they say I can go back and remove the offending post, I point-blank refuse to. I suspect people don't realize that if they ban/block/limit you, they don't just lock you out of your own account �" they lock you out of everything! You simply cannot get on Twitter to see anything anymore. Your embedded twets are not expandable, the videos not viewable. As so many news items are on there,  it's like having someone disconnect your TV.  Eg: The Gateway Pundit tends to just scrape Twitter �" I can't use them anymore. Besides, the G Pundit has issues as well.. see here.

...And in case you are wondering, if google does that together with youtube, it's almost like disconnecting the telephone, internet, switching off the lights. No maps, no emails, limited access to the 99% sites that link with Google via cookies(if you don't link them in their page stats, you become "cloaked" -- which is exactly the issue we have, right now, with dwindling visits). So, if you want to live in the digital age, you now have to be careful where you visit and what you post anywhere with a connection to google for fear of them blacklisting you. We're making sure that never happens on

Situation Update for 2nd Mar 2021:

All eyes on 4th of March.. The date when real presidents are normally sworn in. We note POTUS Trump at CPAC called Biden the Chief Executive Officer. We also note that CPAC video (main extract above, original is huge as it contains all the live events) is still up on Youtube. Times are changing?

We noted there are reports that the police have credible evidence(here) of a plot to blow up Biden on the 4th, but we utterly condemn that -- not just because anything else would result on a knock on the door, but because violence really is a horror show (I know what it's like to grow up on both sides of the track). That is not the way we humans behave. Besides we don't need to. 1/ We suspect a false flag -- Cons' don't do that -- and 2/ Jail would be worse...

After the 4th, if we still have a job (if things do not mysteriously fix themselves), we will instigate Project Alternative Admin. More on that to follow..

Situation Update for 1st Mar 2021:

Lin Woods posted an exasperated Call to Action on Telegram, 27th Feb repeated Here. Eg: " The evidence of illegality of the November 3 election is overwhelming" and "We The People should demand that the U.S. Military declare the election null and void in order to close the curtain on the fake Bribes administration. Then FEMA can promptly schedule a new national election with paper ballots".

At we've been saying this (and Lin Wood's prior post) for weeks. We actually think the step we need to take is to declare the justice machine illegitimate and start our own courts. Then use the very same mechanism they use to oppress us... Start fining them. When they don't pay, they see large hikes in penalties and interest. Ban them from conservative services wherever possible until they pay. Eventually, they will see a huge shadow of debt over them. They will know we will seize any opportunity to settle that debt. That will play on their subconscious and their confidence.  (Here's us talking as if Lin Wood (or anyone) is listening...).

We document and log this coup, the scheming plotting collusion by MSM, Tech, Law. We know someone will act but we all need to do our bit - shout "Fraud" from the rooftops to make it easier for them. Please know your 👉Donation👀 (top left) is the life blood of this crusade to help reverse this barbaric assault on civilization.

As we fade out, now actively seeking an alternative vocation that will pay the bills due to the slump in visits mentioned on the 3rd, you will sadly lose another ally. We have no regrets -- the enemy is winning for now, but we feel we played our part in staving off worse defeats that would be irreversible. However, we urge you to do something -- this is the latest Bill attacking Free Speech. Without sounding too silly, we can't understand why people are not queuing up support truthers and free speechers -- if that Bill is passed, no one can help you after that. We did and continue to scream Fraud -- we posted removed videos, we show logic, we tell truth. With the help of all those who did the same, everyone now knows there was fraud, and the corrupt are not sleeping well at night. We had (and still have) significant plans to help, to alter the system, to change things, to protect you, and we see nothing from others coming even close -- everyone on Telegram seems to be selling Trump Coins and chasing Q. Even poor Lin Wood seems swamped by intimidation. So keep plugging for those who have the time and wherewithal. Please think about donating or at least spreading the word -- post about us & M8Y on social. Even clicking Up Vote encourages us as it tells us sentient people are still watching us. Thanks.

Situation Update for 28th Feb 2021:

All eyes on CPAC. Anything happens, you will get first analysis here! A wonderful
startup here.
It's a little difficult to be motivated at this time.. Our viewer rates, donations and quality views (people who read through the site) have dropped off the cliff. Maybe Google and all its digital armies has/have doubled down on it's shadow banning. Or maybe, and I hope not, people are losing hope. They should not. We are very busy with our plan. Communication channels, alternative administrations. We have awoken to a vision .. we see the evil bubbling out of the ground like no one has ever seen before. We have infinite opportunity to make life so much better than it was.

So I, editor, would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all our supporters and contributors. Some of the mail we get is quite touching .. the gratitude is personal and heartfelt. The small donations are so welcome because we know they have taken the time to give what they can. The big donations -- they are wonderful and sometimes I wonder if the giver can really afford it. Every donor received a personal note of thanks.

So perhaps this is a low time, but we here have a plan -- to borrow from a certain well known conspirator, we say "trust the plan" but Never trust a plan that says "wait", "be patient", NEVER sit on your hands and hope without action. Our plan? Communications, Administration, Assertion, Control. We are still in the early stages.. we don't assume any authority or privilege... we want the Cabal to fall. We want to have real hope, the real thrill of success - we want to live in a world where we are not sucker punched by the left, our humble creations crippled and knocked down. This is doable. Trust the Right Plan.

Update for 26th & 27th Feb 2021:

What should we really conclude about SCOTUS again denying standing in respect of election fraud evidence? Is it not their job? If they refuse to weigh the evidence, then it means we must ourselves. Wait - we did! And we found in favor of Trump. That is to say, the only ones that did weigh the evidence were conservatives and Trump's legal teams. Democrats didn't, MSM didn't, Big Tech didn't, Justices didn't. SO our view wins! Be brave -- we won! We now must enforce our win!

There is strong evidence large factions of SCOTUS are controlled by a very unsavory "ring" as here. Can the military not be aware of this? Can they be aware but not carry out the will of We The People under the constitution?

How crystal clear do we need to make this situation? Prima facie election interference (ie: we all saw the results unfold in a highly irregular fashion), MSM and Tech colluding in ways that are financially harmful to themselves to shut out Trump and 75+m voters (pretending to follow a moral code that is completely out of character for them), and now this "beyond Prima Facie" (ie: telling We The People to get lost to our face) evidence that SCOTUS is indeed a swamp creature.

So malign is the situation that we see the crumbling of the rule of law heading towards a complete collapse -- which is one "great reset" we would really like to see. Think about it -- what is the one aspect of society that underpins everything? Law. Of late, it has become some kind of baseless demigod purveyor of illogical edicts. But it's worse than this. When did you last see members of the public benefiting from fair and efficient use of law? When did you last dare to pursue a petty claim? When did you last even successfully challenge a fraudulent parking ticket?

Instead we see burglars suing police while victims are left unsupported, veterans being thanked by being hounded by ambulance chasing scum, petty thieves and rioters owning the streets carrying out grievous assault on video with impunity while anti maskers are being pursued through court.. .the list is endless. We can attest that you can no longer do business because tax is levied at random, compliance (now including new PC & gender laws) and all manner of standards are thrown at western manufacturers like brick bats while China employs children and slave labor to print a dozen conformance stickers on every conceivable electronic gizmo without ever being checked, ... we see infringements of monopolies and government procurement rules going uncontested (we tried), and that old staple of law -- conflict of interest -- is something we see broken daily (Eg: with UK big Pharma chiefs telling government what to do, representatives with shares telling us what to do, and of course the same in the US with Gates crusading his vax).

The law is so broken, companies (eg: kickstarter, indie gogo) are offering investment opportunities with little or no regulation (as is our partner by the way) and completely baseless financial systems are rising (eg: bitcoin which has no basis in law and no state protections) because any regulation comes back to a wieldy, inefficient and illogical legal processes -- and people know and trust businessmen more than they trust the law to get justice, fairness.

The rule of law has so sullied itself that we have been asking people to protest "lawfully" (in the spirit of the law) rather than "legally" because BLM and Antifa broke that logic parsecs ago. And of course Democracy, the mainstay of our civilization, is now frankly dead. This situation cannot continue!

The first step to reclaiming civilization is to rebuild a different and new legal system. And that we will do based on the US constitution!

As said, the institution charged with administering justice refused, repeatedly, to do its job, to weigh the evidence. So WE THE PEOPLE did. And we find the Justice Dept' guilty of negligence, we find the election illegitimate, we find the MSM guilty of collusion. We rule that the military must act under the constitution on the orders of We The People to Reinstate Trump NOW on the lawfully binding evaluation of the evidence made by the appropriately qualified individuals (including Giuliani, Wood, Powell) representing we the people. And if the military does not, we the people will find THEIR LEADERS in contempt and we will do whatever is necessary, including asking the rank and file to stop recognizing their authority, the state to stop paying them -- ie: We will SACK THEM.

We CAN and WILL do this, but not while we see the kind of rising lethargy that for example Hal Turner points out (his and our funding has dried up, and many are walking around with their heads held low, looking to Q and Simon Parkes to rescue us). Now is the time to be bold and reclaim our destiny. Trust the plan! No, not the Q one which involves sitting on your hands, but the plan we just outlined above. The legal system is just a system. We declare it illegitimate and we will start a new one from the ground up -- WITH YOUR HELP and collective action! All we need to do is declare it as truth, because it is truth, and maintain the courage of our convictions!

In the meantime, resist any call to disarm with all your might (lawfully). The founding fathers knew what they were doing in that regard.

PS: We updated our Covid analysis on the 25th here.

Situation Update 24th & 25th Feb 2021:

We've just updated our Covid analysis on the 25th here.

Some developing revelations we are looking into..
  1. Democrats demanding nuclear codes with Biden to be shared -- all over the web -- eg: here, here and here.
      • And from yesterday...
  2. Did the Rockefeller Foundation consider Covid in 2010? There is an alarming "study" that shows they had analyzed scenarios that have since, a decade later, played out very accurately. See all links and debate here!
  3. Bill Gates and Big Pharma -- We are becoming aware that Mr Gates is "big" in Big Pharma. Huge profits, huge influence over WHO - More.
  4. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's Mother: 'He Wasn't Hit on the Head' on Jan. 6 -- So where is the autopsy? Who made up this story? Since this means there were zero fatalities among the authorities or general public other than Trump's own supporters, why was this not revealed before the impeachment? Indeed, the only deadly act of violence was that of excessive force used on Ashli Babbitt.

Situation Update 23rd Feb 2021:

Everyone seems down today. Why? The enemy is way out in the open..

About the SCOTUS denials of standing, we at Yellings are almost relieved -- it would have been worse if they had weighed the evidence -- because you know they would have been dishonest -- and then how would anyone have as much time to rebut their judgement? How would anyone have as much time, qualification and access to the evidence to tell us otherwise? This way, we know they are prejudicing the case in a very black and white fashion. A bit like a wolf in sheep's clothing that, when asked, says, yep, I'm a wolf.

So now we know what we have to do. We need to set up an alternate justice system!

Situation Update 22nd Feb 2021:

Things are still rumbling on .. our work on, as below, continues. Today, we'd just like to emphasize the military incongruities that may indeed point to something of a bipartisan loyalty to Trump's office as well as the illegitimate "Biden Elect" who seems to be enjoying the office in name only.

Here we have the pointers to corroborate such a claim (remember - we apply observation and logic - no quantum predictions, voodoo, aliens, or Q). Yesterday, we would point you to the Hal Turner Airforce news. Prior, we have mentioned Biden put Flynn's brother in charge of Taiwan and China situation at the Pentagon -- which is really strange for someone supposedly flushing conservatism out of the military. When you think about it, this does support the theory Biden is not in control of the military.

Consider also the abundance of conjecture that Biden was and apparently is not welcome in the Pentagon -- eg: Politico and Businessinsider not to mention the well publicized video of soldiers turning their backs on the Biden motorcade and one does have to wonder!

Situation Update 21st Feb 2021:

We will die fighting. I have no more words. There are 75million Americans who need Trump, who need to keep freedom alive, who need security, good jobs. There is about 1 millionth of them who are able, so far, to donate to stave off the tyranny, the gun control, the poverty, the straight jackets. That's right, about 75 wonderful brave souls, dipping into their pockets, to help the 74,999,925 folk who are unable to help this cause (and we know many cannot, and we are fighting for you). We have put this site together to fight this wrong -- it was originally to be a news chat site but as Nov 3rd slid screaming into history, gouging holes in the constitution, tearing up the freedoms our fathers fought and died for, we donated this site and thousands of hours to help you defeat this evil. Be a proud part of that fightback. You will be entered into the hall of heroes alongside those 75 and honored by name if you so wish! Thank you to those considering this and to those that can't, please give thanks to the heroic 75!!

Situation Update 20th Feb 2021:

False Profits -- -- Who is this suddenly viral Simon Parkes? Well, he's connected to CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6 and the Freemasons and also has sex with aliens, has an 8 foot alien mother, first had sex at the age of 6.... All of which he happily says to any interviewer (and much of which is in that video).

And this is why we love Hal Turner.. a COMPREHENSIVE LIST of all things Q ANON SAID WOULD HAPPEN, THAT CAME TRUE right here!

Another example -- This is so bad, it's hilarious... tom-numbers-and-simon-parkes .. Let me summarize "I bumped into .. Kieth 53, Lemon 45 = independence..  comes to 42, which comes to 2021[how??] ..comes to king, TSB, my innitials, Alien, and 70 wish is Simon, now add Lee,  that comes to 111 .... then add Keith Lemon, Lee Francis, salt, light bulbs, dancing pixies and ... then you add Manhattan ... [Simon says] "why would you add Manhattan?" (said twice) [Yes, at 6:40 -- even Simon cat alien mistress Parkes has a moment of disbelief ... so a reason given, and on we go...] We only made up that bit about dancing pixies. "[]" is us too of course. You may think we rephrased it to sound jumbled, but if you check, you will see it was just as jumbled to begin with. It is all insane! (To be fair, it is so hilarious, I'm on my 3rd viewing)...

Let's be serious! These guys are bringing the truth movement into disrepute. When MSM & Tech shuts down all sane truther voices, you are only left with the insane voices who can, and sadly do, speak for us. Do they not see they are a Psy Op pawns? Everyone is laughing at truthers because of these people!

We wouldn't mind if they stuck to voodoo and even Quantum Economics, but by "pretending" they have a special tap into the info chain, then putting their 4th dimension spin on it, they are turning a very real coup into some kind of deviant aberration. A Psy Ops freak show to make us look .. stupid! To be fair, Parkes & Co obviously do have some connections and occasionally they do have their finger on the pulse (mostly in the mood, not the truth). We feel however that during the lead up to the 20th, their constant "wait" dampened what should have been a full throated rallying cry to embolden the military to take action against the well documented corruption. Now it's (probably) too late -- not that we will ever give up. When listening to the fervor some of their devotees show, especially Tom Numbers, we just wish people would engage their logic chip and step away from the idealist abyss.

As for us, we must fight on. Using protest, civil disobedience (lawfully), systems within systems -- and we hope Yellings can be a help if not a leader in that regard. See also A Cautionary Tale here

Situation Update 19th Feb 2021:

As pointed out by @ClareAnita on Rumble, Biden put Flynn's brother in charge of Taiwan and China situation at the Pentagon -- which is really strange for someone supposedly flushing conservatism out of the military. When you think about it, this does support the theory Biden is not in control of the military.

Consider also the abundance of conjecture that Biden was and apparently is not welcome in the Pentagon -- eg: Politico and Businessinsider not to mention the well publicized video of soldiers turning their backs on the Biden motorcade and one does have to wonder!

We have been openly critical and even scathing of the military for apparently not supporting Trump. It appears Trump did not sign any act that would involve the military, but it is known the military old guard wrote open letters to Trump telling him not to -- so it would take a recklessly brave POTUS to do so under such intimidation. However, that was the old guard (retired chiefs and generals), and even that may have been a smoke screen. Rank and file are strong supporters of Trump which would make senior decisions easy. And yet, the time to act was before the 20th. There was ample evidence of election fraud and foreign interference. A lot of the fraud was prima facie!

Do we really need Biden to "show his hand" and prove how unpopular he would be? (Who can forget the public booing at the super bowl?). One theory we have not seen put forward is that Trump knew Covid was out of control and wanted Biden to take the fall for deeply unpopular decisions. Thus the military were asked to delay acting on the overwhelming abundance of evidence (including Chief Justice John Roberts and VP Pence being "controlled" here) until nearer summer.

Who knows? We've always said we would be first to humbly apologize if it turns out the military were not yellow bellied as have insinuated in the past!

We document and log this coup, the scheming plotting collusion by MSM, Tech, Law. We know someone will act but we all need to do our bit - shout "Fraud" from the rooftops to make it easier for them. Please know your 👉Donation👀 (top left) is the life blood of this crusade to help reverse this barbaric assault on civilization.

Situation Update 18th Feb 2021:

We CANNOT ACCEPT. Flynn hasn't acceptedhere! We STILL NEED ANSWERS. Yes, there was election fraud. No biggy - just investigate it, reassess the tally.

But it's what happened next that started the real jaw dropping. THERE WAS NO REASSESSMENT. There was no real investigation except what Trump could do out of his own war chest -- and then no one in the "LAW" (Lice Awash Weasels) would even look at it, let alone assess it.

Then we know the rest -- the media, big tech, even military chiefs played it all down, sought to make Trump look foolish, sought to brand him as someone damaging the election system.

But even that isn't the point. We NEED ANSWERS FROM THE JUDICIARY -- deep, involved answers, as to why they did that. NO MORE F*CKING LIES!

Do NOT ask me to accept this sh*t, do NOT ask me to turn a blind eye, do NOT ask me to disarm.

Without trial, Biden & Harris are ILLEGITIMATE and MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!

Find Roberts, Pence, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates and RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN. Make sure they NEVER enjoy our respect or services again!

- 18 Feb xtra -
Antifa/BLM agitator John Sullivan charged for his participation in the Jan. 6 riots, AND was paid $35,000 apiece from CNN (and NBC?) for his footage inside the Capitol. It's reported that on average, one would earn around $2-5K, but Sullivan was paid $35K with a contract here in place (signed on the same day). Some are alleging this shows that this was a pre-planned CNN ORCHESTRATED EVENT however, we suspect such contracts can be put in place rapidly.
What is disgusting is that someone fueled a riot, a break in, violence, then coldly sold, with a contract, the resulting footage of the brave Patriot dying as she paid the ultimate price (RIP Ashli Babbitt).

Situation Update 17th Feb 2021:

Harris taken over the White House already, calling all the foreign leaders here. Harris, barely American, equal loyalty to India, soon to be POTUS, soon to be sending your boys* to risk life and limb. Military does zip! (*Boys is a non gendered term that includes and gender including trans. Not it isn't, I just made that up).

We have taken it upon ourselves to document and log this massive theft that took the USA like a coup. We know someone will act but we all need to shout "Fraud" from the rooftops to make it easier for them. Please know your Donation💵 is the life blood of this crusade to help reverse these horrific wrongs.

Situation Update 16th Feb 2021:

When you realize all hell is circling above you, YOU can be reassured that YOU are the strong one. You are the SANE one.
Finally, the military mutinied with thinly veiled threats from hundreds of former chiefs to scare Trump off using them to protect the constitution.

Of course lets be reminded that in Trump's last year he had to contend with a suspicious pandemic and absurdly violent, deadly riots. But now it gets worse..
And still the military chiefs sit on their hands. Even Myanmar is making them look stupid.

Situation Update 15th Feb 2021:

Lin Wood, 14 Feb 2021, 20:10 -- ''Simple truth: Joey "Bribes" Biden did NOT win the November 3 election.  Those that say Biden won are spreading a lie. They need to rethink their position sooner as opposed to later for the sake of their own future. They need to face the truth unpleasant as it may be to them - Trump won.''

Wood is clever. He is essentially defying anyone to take legal action against what on the surface appears to be a libelous falsehood. It puts the shoe on the other foot. Instead of them screeching "you have no proof", they, if they brought an action against Wood, would have to disprove the large volume of prima facie evidence. And if they don't bring an action? We can keep shouting it from the rooftops. THE ELECTION WAS A FRAUD.

We live in such treacherous times. The whole shebang is linked like some giant cancerous tumor. Election, Senate, Covid, EU, China... Gates is linked here to the underbelly AND to the "Great Reset" movement. We have video of him boasting he makes a 20 to 1 return on Vaccine investment here. We see doctors getting sacked for administering harmless alternatives here. There was and is hard evidence of election fraud. Why did the media throw away the biggest story they've ever had and why did Big Tech lose billions off their stock market value to silence thousands of people standing up for Covid remedies that work, and to silence Trump and his supporters? Why did Covid happen at the end of Trump's presidency? Why did WHO wait an entire year to investigate the Wuhan Lab? They call this "the great awakening" for good reason!

- 15 Feb xtra -
Finally! We were awarded the badge of honor we bravely fought for... SUSPENDED BY TWITTER!!🕊 more here

Situation Update 14th Feb 2021:

Trump Defense Video Destroys Dems! Doug TenNapel in Exile view here - (parts not easy to watch).

The people who incite violence are those that provocatively, continuously and dementedly persecute the heroic leader of half America -- this impeachment is designed to anger people (if that isn't incitement, what is?). It is simply a baseless, rancid perversion of lawful process.

But worse than this, in the past they have aided, abetted, encouraged and incited untold violence, destruction, misery, injury and bloodshed -- We hold AOC, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi personally responsible for what happened at 5:17 ...  this person was unconscious and kicked so hard in the head his entire body was moved along the ground several inches (ps: the person coming in from the right saved him from further damage and is a hero to have intervened -- thank god there was good to counter that evil). A vicious and vulgar assault stemming from the Hatred that the Liberal Left have been stoking for years -- do we see any kind of similar "hatred stoking" from people on the right? Excerpt, Trump's letter follow up..

Situation Update 13th Feb 2021:

Hope? I hear that people are losing hope! Understandable but we conservatives are strong, we are capable - there is much to do, much to organize. If you want hope, know that the enemy is no longer in the shadows. He is in plain view. Look at the disturbing messages from Lin Wood's whistle blower here. -- this means things will move. They cannot stay still when the world becomes aware.

Certainly the easiest time to act was before Jan 20 and the longer Biden is "President" the harder will be any action, but when you consider the appalling corruption exposed allegedly by James Clapper, someone will act!! Our job, your job, is to make it easier for them to act by shouting from the rooftops.

Situation Update 12th Feb 2021:

Again, please ponder recent revelations (10th and 9th - archived) about the increasingly hard proof of Pedophile rings throughout the US (& world) power strata. That's a months worth of news right there! Consider the child abuse exposure video here by the the brave producer of the Hunger Games.

Finally, a nod to those starting to expose the madness of Bill Gates "Dim The Planet" mad science. We did a brief article on it here.

Today, we have to concentrate on Please know that Donationsare the life blood of this crusade to reverse these horrific wrongs and reverse that election evil. Please remember -- we are under constant threat of attack and even arrest -- if we fall, you will have to go the rest of the journey alone 🤷‍♂️. Note that All Donations,  big or small, give you first opportunity to get started at (no need to even confirm your email address). Donations get you a little more weighted screen time in proportion.

Situation Update 11th Feb 2021:

No new S.U. today - we have to concentrate on However, we would say please ponder yesterdays "news"(below). Think about what it means for you and your life. People used to opine "it's as if they hate America" -- well, part of one's love for a country is a love of our offspring. These evil monsters clearly do not love children. And it now we have hard evidence they are right at the heart of Government. Think how it (allegedly) impacted Chief "Justice" John Roberts as he made the decision to deny standing of election fraud evidence -- based on some errant claptrap about delays that they engineered (and no doubt influenced all the lower courts to do the same). Think about how easily manipulated they are by foreign powers - think about how they could not possibly care less about the US's future.

Situation Update 10th Feb 2021:

Today's S.U. is very brief and simply mind blowing. We have sufficient hard evidence (as above link) to presume and allege a 99% probability Putin was right when he said America was controlled by Pedophiles as here (at least to the extent that Chief Justice John Roberts, VP Pence, and the Clinton's are implicated among others). If you have followed us to this point, you will know we do not say such things lightly. We strongly hesitate to say it even now because it will undoubtedly bring us into disrepute. We refused point blank to consider the conspiracies at first (we've all heard them) but consider this. We now have hard evidence -- we don't say it is 100%, we work with facts. Sometimes those facts are "grey" but nonetheless we are working with facts and actual events from the very highest echelons. We give our detailed reasoning and detail our sources as above link. As far as the election goes, it hardly needs to be debated any further. If Putin is right, then the election just gets lost in the noise. This is not a conspiracy theory -- this situation is most serious.

PS: As suspected above, we are already getting prejudiced. THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH Q, QANON, PROPHETS, WHITE HATS, ALIENS, OR EVEN HAL TURNER (last bit was a joke - we like him). Please accept the astonishing gravity of this. Buckle up, you just had a hard landing at the bottom of the rabbit hole.
Image result for hand up

Situation Update 9th Feb 2021:

Getting Organized. How do we do that? Yesterday's situation update was a moment of passion -- a reaction to realizing just how serious the situation is, how alarming that such a fraud could be committed, and how the classist elite apparently colluded to close ranks and shut out the popular, legitimate people's president. This cabal is is so breathtaking, so Orwellian, so third world in its reach, it makes you pinch yourself. It is indeed a massive transgression of liberty against We the People.

By being organized, we can monitor, judge, fine and banish those that transgress against logical liberty, those who would seek to exploit us or worse. This is how we can balance the books and claw back the spoils they have taken from us. We looked at how the hard left mindset thinks, and how they gravitate towards bureaucracy and how bureaucracy is the great control mechanism of civilization.

And so there is your answer -- that is how we must Organize ourselves. We take a leaf out of their book. If we want to save this country and this planet from enslavement, we will have to organize ourselves into democratically appointed, structured and united movements. We're going to have to rewrite the rules, hold our own courts, our own arbitration processes, our own elections.

All this must be within civilization's existing laws, as decayed as they are. There are plenty of examples of this. Think about Sports Association Rules, Professional Governance, House Rules, Clubs and Lodges, Shariah Law -- all these things exist within the framework of society and they are encouraged. All of these have their own lawful methods of enforcement. If you are a sportsman, you can be fined, suspended, disbarred. A professional can be struck off. And in the final three, you find bouncers, security guards, and you can be cast out. Even Contract Law has some divergence from the decaying law of the land.

So what next? We hope to take a lead in providing the infrastructure but there is so much to do in the meantime. We need volunteers, finances, spokespersons, programmers, etc. First, let's finish and at least that way we can judge what people think, want and are prepared to do.

Do not go gentle into that Dark night, Rage, Rage against the dying of the light. D Thomas

Situation Update 8th Feb 2021:

That's IT! We've Seen Enough! The last evidence (posted 2nd here), well summarized and perfectly fitting with Lindell's evidence. is literally OVERWHELMINGThis Charade is now OVER! This must Stop Here! SPREAD THE WORD - WE ARE COMING FOR YOU IMPOSTERS, YOU MSM LIARS, YOU CORRUPT TECH PLAYERS, YOU DECAYING JUDGES. If this Lilly Livered PATHETIC Military (as we demonstrate in S U 7th here) does NOT ACT IMMEDIATELY, (and Give a FULL EXPLANATION why you allowed 780 retired generals & Chiefs of Staff to UNDERMINE OUR PRESIDENT, and then DO NOTHING), then WE WILL TAKE ACTION - LAWFULLY.

Let it be known to the MSM, Tech, Judges and Chiefs. We WILL Expose you. We WILL take your money off you. We will leave your dynasty's in ruins, your children and relatives paupers, your companies erased from the earth. YOU will be denied access to the services "we the people" deliver. Your money will be NO GOOD with us. Your military careers will end in DISGRACE if you chieftain puff balls are too timid, too comfortable, too ignorant, too far left, to open your eyes and do your jobs. We will ensure the true military, the rank and file, will take you out and throw you on the streets, denied access to the services we the people deliver, homeless. Make NO MISTAKE, as you chiefs FAILED to act when it was easy, "We the People" WILL UPHOLD THE Constitution! Evidence of foreign and local intervention is oozing out of the ground and will wrap itself around your fat jellied ankles and pull you under to hell. How? - we will get organized. We have started already. You cannot black out ALL our communications, you cannot prevent this. There are 75+ million of us, and we're mad as hell (or should we say mad as Hal here?). You far lefties have no idea what strategy and planning is. Your indeterminate gender toilets and sycophancy towards China will not feed or protect you. Your undermining of the police and decadent perversion of the law  will backfire. They are our foot-soldiers - they understand the constitution. We've had it with you and your mealy mouthed lies.

(We're in the UK, but we have contacts around the world. north and south, willing and waiting to help you get organized. Make no mistake, what is happening on your soil is the same pattern as started in Nazi Germany - you helped us, now we must help you. We will help you organize!).

Situation Update 7th Feb 2021:

Chiefs in Control or Coup Complete? I hope it's the former, but am less hopeful when we see the 780 yellow bellied military retirees come out (10 of whom were prominent and wrote an open letter) and liberally spray us with their lame lefty liberal logic, telling Trump off like he is a child instead of a popular POTUS. They basically told him "don't get any ideas about using the Military". How dare they? That's mutinous, treasonous, and deeply destabilizing for someone trying to defend the constitution. Maybe these liberal lamas were gaslighted in the same way so many others were. One thing we can be sure of - they were left liberals - because anyone with a brain knows better.

So today, Sunday, I want to reflect on what it is to be conservative. 1 word. Logical and Practical. Oops 2. Far Lefties are easy to spot. They are always the ones to talk too much, to make up rules with no deep thought. They hold meetings where the decision goes to the loudest gob, never the brightest. Consequences are never thought through. Soundbites are everything.

To be fair, they are eloquent, scholastic, and they do care. However, they just don't understand things - worse, they think they do! So they write off the 75+m Trump voters as a little thick -- despite that the logical and practical ones are who make the food, package, deliver, build, create art.  The far left mindset makes for great bureaucrats and unfortunately, the administration of most countries is thus peppered with them.

Now you know why the military administration too is peppered with Lefties. Let's hope there were enough coming through from the ranks that demonstrated a real flair for logic and practicality and are still sufficiently dominant in the Generals and Chief's of Staff. OR -- Let's assume nothing and prepare in case.

Situation Update 6th Feb 2021:

Lindell's Absolute Proof evidence video: (Brief today as busy on Great video, showing signs of being rushed (understandably). Quickly attacked and twisted by far left media eg here saying the proof had no proof. Firstly, you need to define "proof" - a better title would be "Absolute Evidence" and then a disclaimer would be wise to say that it is a SUMMARY. Do the left really think saying "you have no proof" somehow defeats having "proof"? Do they really expect detailed proof to be provided in a film? It is, after all, a 2 hr video cramming in days of video, tall stacks of affidavits, etc. As a lead-in to those gaslighted by the MSM, it is excellent. (We're considering re-authoring the video with his kind permission to include links and citations). One downer before we finish on a high note, was that Lindell gave airtime to Bogus Dr Shiva  - unfortunately his credibility as a witness is undermined by his constant, disproved, ludicrous claim to have invented the Email. This claim is strongly exaggerated (see para 1 here) and frankly bogus according to here. So skip that part.

Now for the promised high note - we can corroborate the China IP address connection listed at the end of the video to the extent spot checks have validated the IP address origins. We can attest that all the other evidence (even to some extent Shiva's) is based on material we have seen and studied. We have listed some under the video page (as here and here) and the wealth we list on our Evidence page. So, like us, Lindell is not a lawyer. We maybe both have experience of contract law, and we know the need to cite, but overall, like us, he has attempted and succeeded in "scoping" the breadth and width of this gigantic fraud. We will win, and this was an important step!

Pls remember to donate (top left) -- we've only had 4 kind donations since the traumatic 20th and we are under constant threat of attack -- if we fall, you will have to go the rest of the journey alone :)

Situation Update 5th Feb 2021:

Myanmar seems to have done elections in parallel with America. Very similar election timing (Nov 8th), same Smartmatic and Dominion voting equipment we allege (we have it from 3 verbal sources - here is one from Mel K, someone widely said to be well researched) and also benefited from a large IMF injection to assist with "fair" elections. But that is where the similarity ends. The Myanmar Military took the natural and appropriate action that it would seem our Military would not. Why? Whether or not Trump signed the insurrection act (ie: there is ample evidence of foreign interference, eg: here) we do know a number of US Generals and Chiefs Of Staff (mostly retired as here and here) made it clear to Trump they did not want the US military involved signing open letters to that effect. This is a well documented and traitorous (if not mutinous) act, because POTUS would be easily undermined when looking at having to reverse a bent election, as required by the constitution, with military help when the military show signs of mutiny.

It seems Myanmar has shown the Pentagon for the cowardly lot they are. We will dutifully apologize if they are in control as some allege, but the best time to act has clearly passed. The longer Biden controls the military, especially if he acts against the Myanmar Military and moves in Syria, the less able to uphold the constitution these lazy Generals and Chiefs Of Staff become (eg: here). There is one ray of hope - some honorable Generals and Chiefs Of Staff are looking on and seeing tangible evidence of Smartmatic and Dominion interference in Myanmar and seeing the path they need to take (comes to something when humble Myanmar gets to show the US the way). We at Yellings would LOVE to be forced to apologize for the aforementioned doubt. More reading here.

Situation Update 4th Feb 2021:

Hold The Line - and remember this - THEY ARE STILL LYING LYING LYING: If you are asked "This election was not stolen - do you accept that fact?" as was here and here by ABC, you reply that is both gaslighting and a brazen lie.  They CANNOT make you believe the election was not STOLEN because they ILLEGALLY* REFUSED TO HEAR OR JUDGE THE EVIDENCE that We The People brought!
YES, you are sane..
  1. You SAW the election manipulated and counting illegally obscured with your OWN EYES
  2. You were HERE when the MSM ignored this throwing away the Biggest Story EVER..
  3. ..and pretended (a) Biden was President Elect TWO Months early and (b) acted like there was no other point of view
  4. You WITNESSED as court after court illegally* threw out the evidence (as above)!
  5. You now see Big Tech is "with them" carrying out Stalinist purges and now YOU are being PERSECUTED, jobs denied etc
(Nb: you can't believe anything they subsequently rule on -- the evidence has long gone and the judging regime is unchanged). FIGHT ON (lawfully), JUSTICE WILL BE OURS!. Please remember, we are Truth Tellers and as such are biassed out by Google and may be shut down due to lack of funds to protect ourselves in which case you will have to fight on alone (or please consider donating bigly -- we have not had any since Jan 20!). *We allege throwing out evidence of a crime without standing was unlawful and thus illegal.

Situation Update 3rd Feb 2021:

Can we seriously await Lin Wood's Wrath Of God? With the baseless impeachment and now trying to EVICT Trump here , the harassment and debasement of our beloved president and his 75+m followers is like some kind of deranged sadistic medieval scourge where the conquerors rape all the woman to completely emasculate the local population. They accused Trump of inciting violence. They are NOW SURELY GUILTY of INCITING US to VIOLENCE! Can we sit back and let these EVIL TREACHEROUS MORALLY DEFORMED WRETCHED DEMONS just romp in and get away with it? We know the law no longer functions, we know Justice is lost, we know the Pentagon are too yellow bellied to uphold the constitution, so we have to THINK of some other way of getting recourse. For the sake of this website and for your own safety, that must of COURSE be Lawful.

Situation Update 2nd Feb 2021:

2/2/2021: Update from Lin Wood in Action Time here and some intriguing possible connections between Myanmar and America election fraud here.

Situation Update 1st Feb 2021:

One of the most egregious, perverted and disgusting acts of reputational violence you will EVER see is the baseless Impeachment #2 here. The occupiers are martyring Trump in front of his 80m followers. They are inciting violence far more so than they accused Trump of. We insist - stay lawful (not necessarily peaceful) but act (See here - they just gave you permission to leave your moral hat in the hall - but do be lawful (even if the Dems have been perverting justice and playing fast and loose with the law making a mockery of the word lawful).NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET!

Situation Update Jan 21 2021:

Detailed Review of the Bent Inauguration and the Failing To Act here.

Just remember - you are sane
You SAW the election manipulated and hidden with your OWN EYES
You were HERE when the MSM threw away the Biggest Story EVER..
..and pretended there was nothing to see
You WITNESSED as court after court threw out the evidence the people brought!
ou can see how Big Tech is "with them" carrying out Stalinist purges
And now you live under THREAT of being PURGED & PERSECUTED


Earlier_Live_Updates (prior Jan 20):

As can be seen, these are updates before we were archiving things properly. It serves as an interesting record of how shocked we all were, with little or no way of grasping the enormity of it all.


Even Nun's Know what's Coming


➖We don't agree with it all, but anything that helps ring the "wake up" bell is good!➖
(First posted front page, Mid Oct)

Earlier Situation Updates, Latest at top: up to Jan 20th...

And then the unthinkable happened.

Biden was sworn in. I am, speaking for myself, really cross! (That's Brit-Speak for Angry As Hell). I'm cross because now we are in a war of attrition that surely could have been avoided. It is likely, as many have said, that the fraud will "bed in", and there will never be a "people's president" again. (For those wondering why a Brit is so passionate, #1 I am very well traveled and consider myself a citizen of the world and #2 this is now a global conflict). More on the devastating battle lost here.

20th Jan 2021 09:03 ET -- Trump left Joint Base Andrews W.DC on AF1

Trump was then said to be flying to Florida - we can report this: There is NO TRACE of Air Force 1, his plane, on flight radar (we assume this is normal - if anyone else knows more, please contact us).

20th 07:08 EST -- We don't know how true this is - "Broadcast TV Stations Told Prepare for Martial Law - 72 Hour Emergency Alert System Pre-emption" here.

20th 06:05 EST -- Good Morning America!

A quiet night last night -- this is going down to the wire or going into overtime.
We note our General Flynn Bombshell (on landing page) was removed by the seemingly emboldened youtube. We'll restore that shortly. The other observation is that the White House has 3 flagpoles
as seen here. For the last week, the two far ones were half mast and the near one was lowered. Yesterday evening, all 3 were raised but this morning, the near pole is again lowered, flag removed. We also find it fascinating that the two far ones habitually point towards each other which shouldn't be possible unless the White house is in some kind of wind vortex.. (we have captured video but, as it is happening almost continuously, go check out the life stream).

19th Jan. 19:20 EST - It is late here in the UK .. 00:20 GMT

The start of D-Day. We don't know what the 20th will bring. Whilst Trump is exiting, Biden must first walk the long walk of 20,000+ national guards of whom three quarters did not vote for him, of whom all have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution. That's not a walk any traitor should feel comfortable walking.
Let's outline what we predict shortly but first - we know the devious left read Orwell's Animal Farm - control their education, then the media, then the courts, and the jackboot pig's dogs will follow. We had a bastardized election, we had zero justice from a court ruled by a man closely associated with J Epstein (chief justice John Roberts). In a modernized twist to this story, they have elevated talk of election fraud to antisemitism and holocaust denial. Now the purges and persecution...
If our brave defense chiefs have taken the baton handed them by Trump, they will reverse all this tomorrow.
BUT! If our alternatively gutless defense chiefs have thrown the baton aside, they will hang. Not by us, but by the very enemy they think they can ignore.
Tomorrow is the day of reckoning. Here is our prediction. Trump has signed power over to the military. They will thus take the hard and sometimes brutal task of purging the evil within whilst civilian Trump stays on the sideline with love and pity. When the process is complete, "we the people", led by Trump, will start a 1000 year detente. A peace and prosperity that will ignite the world.
And if they don't? Gird up my friends. We have tasted reality as it should be. The left are as brainless and impractical as lemmings and goats. They have not the slightest idea how to really run the machinery of civilization, yet while we innocently toil and silently fulfill that task, they in their idle ocean of spare time dare to attempt to rule and enslave us.
That we will never allow to happen.
(And with that declaration, this website has a lifespan of an intoxicated mayfly -- unless substantial help and donations from YOU materialize ..please donate if you can). In case we are deplatformed, please see

Good night Friends and brothers/sisters in arms.

19th 17:20 EST - All 3 Flags around the White House raised fully!
Link to web cam here.
  1. 1600 - sorry we missed it Trump Speech Here.
  2. 1600 - Simple quick Trump Speech Analysis here.
  3. 1723 - cia-director Gina-Haspel announces resignation here.
  4. Earlier - Chief Justice John Roberts must resign today. Over the past several weeks, Lin Wood has met with a courageous whistleblower who has risked his life to tell you the truth. Jeffrey Epstein arranged for the adoption of Roberts' children Here.
  5. 1819 - is the president sending semaphores? Foreground flag lowered, rest stay raised here.
  6. 1841 - scroll down to very bottom for US Air Force doing some serious scouting..

19th 11:01 EST - US Counterintelligence Chief Warns China Poses 'Severe' Threat to US here. Think about the timing of this - it's BIG.

19th 07:24 EST -- Situation Update to add to our earlier Situational Update Here.. We stick with our analysis. Trump is still the most powerful man on earth for 1 more full day. There was clear, prima facie, interference in an election. There was clear interference by MSM and law in the legal process to remedy. The constitution demands his action. Given that no sane man would chose a lifetime of ignominy and persecution, we reason there is only one cause as to why he would not act - the Chiefs of Staff and Generals have withdrawn their support. That would make them complicit in this coup or narrow minded cowards or both(narrow minded because they sow their own destruction at the hands of whoever is behind this). Or more likely, our wondrous military and defense HAS AND WILL take care of the situation, but in their own time. We cannot conceive of how they will do that after the chain of command has gone to Biden and Harris, so we predict things will shake down today, tonight, or perhaps even as late as tomorrow morning.
  1. 0844 - slightly odd timing - unsealing of materials relevant to Ghislaine Maxwell as here in a Virginia District Court at 10am (1h and 15 mins from now). Why now?
  2. 0942 - relax, what will happen will happen and we here are prepared for any eventuality. But! A credible plan has been seen (we can't comment on it as (a) that has the potential to spoil it and (b) it's not verified) which may see Trump out of the picture for a while before this ends the way it should. All eyes on that podium at high noon tomorrow! (5pm UK time).

19th 05:07 EST -- Good Morning America! - A quiet night last night as predicted. The usual voices of encouragement still very much with us - Lin Wood still encouraging us, and incidental updates still from: Here.We will be concentrating on today, a simplified temp replacement for Parler, in preparedness for what is about to happen. In the meantime, see the posting rules thereon and see if you agree! As ever comments can be posted here via the contact menu above.

18th Jan 19:26 EST --

Whist no further major news today, still many positive signals, Lin Wood still encouraging us, still a wealth of minor updates lining up the goalposts, eg: Here. With that, it is after midnight here in the UK and we must retire. MUCH CAN HAPPEN before the 21st (and much can happen afterward) - Goodnight my friends and comrades!

18th 11:42 EST - "The [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male; and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden ... there are probably not more than 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden" -- from here (taken from CNN interview featured in the post). That's Mr Trump's Support!

18th 07:07 EST - Be encouraged -- Would Trump intend to leave office while promoting a video like this? (also available here - originally posted by Trump on Twitter)
  1. 0729 - Be encouraged .. The Marshall Report - Lions Rising.
  2. 0754 - Vice President Pence visiting US Troops at For Drum (NY state, near Canadian border). This was live - screen shot citation at very bottom  of page. Why? 
  3. 0808 - Michigan Sec. of State ordered to release all communications with Dominion, Big Tech . .potentially more evidence on its way!
  4. 0819 - minor report - usually has several states showing yellow, some orange and even red, but now everything is exceedingly healthy. Conspiracy theorists have been saying all along that "something big" will be accompanied by widespread power  outages -curiously, the opposite is happening. In all the time we have studied this page, this is the cleanest it has been. Does that in itself denote something? Perhaps they have overridden the automated reports? Just a thought...
  5. 0844 - Is this the calm before the storm?  0952 - Still as calm as a millpond. Not even our favorite fringe conspiracy theorists are giving away any clues, so here's a little filler...
China Troops On Borders?

You may have noticed on our home page we mentioned (in red) Canada is working with China and Chinese Troops are in Mexico. We mentioned that because there is enough evidence to go beyond reasonable doubt that these things are true, albeit both facts are fairly innocent (training etc - links and context on our home page). However! The "fringe" is saying some quite bold things about this. They are claiming there are as many as 250,000 troops on the north and south borders. After a thorough search, we really could not find good evidence of those kind of numbers, but the usually careful Right Side at 12:59 reported the same, this youtube video eludes (only Circumstantial evidence) to the same, and well, this text channel says it with no evidence whatsoever (he refers to plausible events that are not cited) but it is quite convincing. So what to believe? Well, some of it seems true (see home page), so we assume it is ... exaggeration? hyperbole? But it does raise the possibility that China is a greater threat than we think. Food for thought?

18th 04:30 EST - Good morning friends. Relatively quiet night. Order of releases reversed so latest at top (Parler Style).
  1. 0430 - With the CIA having now confirmed they knew about China interference but sat on it as they didn't want to enable Trump's policies, now is a great time to act. But will the US army support Trump to take that chance? If they don't, they should be very concerned because China will reward them by erasing all trace of them and their families when they close in.
  2. 0513 - Lin Wood still posting encouragement here.
  3. 0554 - We changed our front page to include A PLEA to the Joint Chiefs of the USA.

Updates will be a little slow as I organize myself before more events follow.

17th 1900 EST (midnight UK) -- Goodnight my friends. Tomorrow will bring more I am sure!

17th 12:57 EST -- BIG BIG BIG: - USA's CIA China analysts tried to cover for China because they didn't like Trump! See here. That gives STRONG evidence of Foreign Insurrection permitting (indeed requiring) activation of the Insurrection Act. It also implicates to smear campaign by the CIA goes way deeper and amounts to probable treason.

  1. 13:36 - Lin Wood Just posted. -- pretty cryptic and defiant.
  2. 14:21 - Epoch just confirmed what we said about the CIA above here! Now it is officially out there, you will SURELY see some magic in the next 3 days.
  3. 14:40 - a timely overview here. This was posted by Lin Wood.

17th 1141 EST -- BREAKING: President Trump's Facebook and Instagram Accounts Restored! Did those guys just get wind they flew way too close to the sun, or did DT use the act he signed in 2018 to remove their assets?

  1. 1149 - is now showing a page (which means they have wrestled back control of the domain name that we allege Amazon illegally stole from them). Just to let you know, dense Jack Dorsey has still banned ..

17th 0924 EST - We're monitoring air traffic and power outages. For example, right now there is a Hawker Hunter MK.58 flying south to Wilmington. Nothing suspicious at this time.
  1. 0934 - U.S. Soldiers with the Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina National Guard arrive at Maryland - Live.
  2. 1017 - YES, PRESIDENT TRUMP WON - THE NAVARRO REPORT rock solid source - light reading to help you pass the time.
  3. 1036 - Live (almost) in Washington DC - "They can feed you anything they want".
  4. 1101 - U.S. Soldiers AS WELL AS the Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina National Guard arrive at Maryland - Live. These guys are pouring in!
  5. 1120 - Above live coverage of arriving soldiers stopped (vid still available at same addr).

17th 0901 EST - Our legal troopers, Sidney Powell , Lin Wood , are STILL with us and Lin is still tweeting live (Sidney last messaged on the 11th).

17th 0844 EST-- We at Yellings continue to be here mainly collating evidence and events. Please support use by donating (top left).
  1. If things continue as MSM believe, we will be opening a chat-post site on to help plug the gap left by and to help defeat ludicrous censorship here.
  2. If on Jan 21, 2021, things turn out as per the rumors, our websites will be worthless, but we won't care!!

We expect #1 but we have all options covered. More soon...

17th 0801 EST: As said on our home page, we are hearing some disturbing if not exhilarating news. Most of it is uncorroborated or poorly corroborated.

We're Not huge fans of conspiracy here as you may know. SO we assume all is as we see on MSM, BUT! Let's List what we know..
  1. The massive security at Washington DC - 40,000 troops - is far greater than is necessary to protect a "popular" incoming president.
    1. Most states declared Covid related emergencies - see full list here.
    2. Many states have declared emergency over inauguration protest fears here and here. We can't find a list but the Guardian says Michigan and Wisconsin have, and that California said authorities were "on high alert".
  2. We all saw the leak, in some case covered by MSM, of Mike Lindall -- see Here from MSNBC
  3. We have seen the most extraordinary interview of retired  Lt. General Thomas McInerney here -- that was just after the 6th Jan.
  4. The White house flag continues to be flown at half mast - watch live here (and has been since the 7th).

Jan 16 2021 and prior, we did not keep records properly.

Some of our shock and dismay can still be seen on the bottom of our main page.

Other's Opinions

An archive of our selected comments by others..

Jan 9 2021, from here

Common Sense
Jan 9, 2021 at 14:00
Vote up+52Vote down

This is far from over, irrespective of the inauguration date and notwithstanding the fact that 12 days is an eternity.

Rasmussen shows that the President's popularity is RISING. (51% last...)

An inauguration with 50% of the seats vacant and no parade will constitute catastrophic evidence of the usurpation and of the People's disdain. If you are invited and have your doubts on its legitimacy, DO NOT GO.

Constant heckling and booing will, as time goes by, provide further evidence.

The Left's panicked rage to have the President removed is a sure sign of their anguish. They fear him and the future like an existential danger.

Their frantic, illegal and monopolistic attempt at removal of a competing social network, Parler, is a further sure sign of it.

Legislatures in more states than the contested ones are acting in various ways to de-certify the results. Once this sets in with more and more citizens, the inauguration loses all its meaning. It can be undone.

You simply cannot silence and impeach 75 or 80 million people PLUS those who come to realize that things have gone too far.

A coup like this one needs to succeed right away. It hasn't and every day that passes makes its failure more likely.

This is only the beginning.


Jan 9 2021, Bad Prediction. From here

Biden will not be inaugurated on Jan 20th. The Military will be handed control of the country sometime between now and then by President Trump. They will remain in control until the election evidence has been completely sorted out and the government has been stabilized. There will be military tribunals, arrests and even executions. They will help oversee the new elections before handing control back to Donald Trump who will be found to have been the rightful winner of the election. We will all be kept informed via the Presidential Emergency Alert System.

You need to have food and supplies for at least 10 days but preferably 30+ days. Also, stock up on 2nd amendment supplies as well. Avoid most large cities as much as possible and do not abandon your home! Have a plan to defend your home and neighborhood!

Don't panic! Patriots are in control of this country and will remain in control! We are going to win! Never stop praying! God Bless you all and God Bless America!!!

Jan 7 2021, About the Rally on Jan 6. From here

Seventeen Raccoons
4 days ago
I was at the DC rally, first Trump spoke at the Ellipse and at the end of the speech said "Let's all walk down to the Capital" So we all begin walking down Pennsylvania Ave, it was fun, they had a giant American flag that people were holding and we chanted and sang on our way to the Capitol. Thousands of people were gathered on the grass in front of the building. As I approached that area I noticed there were a lot of Antifa guys there, who were not really dressed like trump supporters, many of them wore olive drab military style clothing had helmets and gas masks (when was the last time Trump supporters brought gas masks and helmets to a rally?) They were organized, a guy in his fifties was in charge of the group and were in the process of scaling a wall in order to get behind the police line that were positioned at the steps. The guy in charge was yelling to his guys to scale the wall to get behind the Capitol Hill police line which were to the left blocking the stairs. After a few guys got teargassed that reached the top, the guy in charge had his guys confront the police line at the steps when within a few minutes the police retreated and we all had access to the stairs. At this point hundreds of us went up the stairs to the Capitol building and had gathered, mostly just yelling chants and singing but within a few minutes the Antifa guys began smashing windows. I was screaming at them to stop but there were at least 20-30 antifa guys and they were on a mission to enter the building. Well, they got a window open and few went in, more tear gas, then a Capitol Hill cop appeared inside standing by the door (had a glass window) with a cell phone recording/taking pictures and within a minute or two after he left, the door popped open and now a several antifa guys were there encouraging Trump supporters to enter the building. Well, about 100 people went inside. I saw what was happening and wanted no part of it and exited stage left.

Open Letter Oct 25 2020, From Archbishop who knew what was coming Here ..

to the President of the United States of America
Donald J. Trump

Sunday, October 25, 2020
Solemnity of Christ the King

Mr. President,

Allow me to address you at this hour in which the fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity. I write to you as an Archbishop, as a Successor of the Apostles, as the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. I am writing to you in the midst of the silence of both civil and religious authorities. May you accept these words of mine as the "voice of one crying out in the desert" (Jn 1:23).

As I said when I wrote my letter to you in June, this historical moment sees the forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of Evil that appear powerful and organized as they oppose the children of Light, who are disoriented and disorganized, abandoned by their temporal and spiritual leaders.

Daily we sense the attacks multiplying of those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business. We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency[Covid] that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny.

A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global elite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations. In several nations this plan has already been approved and financed; in others it is still in an early stage. Behind the world leaders who are the accomplices and executors of this infernal project, there are unscrupulous characters who finance the World Economic Forum and Event 201, promoting their agenda.

The purpose of the Great Reset is

          the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the
        imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind
          tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and
          cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions
        from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation

          of private property and adherence to a program of
          vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill
          Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical
        groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that
        motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition
        of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health

          passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact
          tracing of the population of the entire world. Those
          who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention
          camps[this has been publicaly advocated by
          AOC] or placed under house arrest, and all their
          assets will be confiscated

Mr. President, I imagine that you are already aware that in some countries the Great Reset will be activated between the end of this year and the first trimester of 2021. For this purpose, further lockdowns are planned, which will be officially justified by a supposed second and third wave of the pandemic. You are well aware of the means that have been deployed to sow panic and legitimize draconian limitations on individual liberties, artfully provoking a world-wide economic crisis. In the intentions of its architects, this crisis will serve to make the recourse of nations to the Great Reset irreversible, thereby giving the final blow to a world whose existence and very memory they want to completely cancel. But this world, Mr. President, includes people, affections, institutions, faith, culture, traditions, and ideals: people and values that do not act like automatons, who do not obey like machines, because they are endowed with a soul and a heart, because they are tied together by a spiritual bond that draws its strength from above, from that God that our adversaries want to challenge, just as Lucifer did at the beginning of time with his "non serviam."

Many people - as we well know - are annoyed by this reference to the clash between Good and Evil and the use of "apocalyptic" overtones, which according to them exasperates spirits and sharpens divisions[we believe that too]. It is not surprising that the enemy is angered at being discovered just when he believes he has reached the citadel he seeks to conquer undisturbed. What is surprising, however, is that there is no one to sound the alarm. The reaction of the deep state to those who denounce its plan is broken and incoherent, but understandable. Just when the complicity of the mainstream media had succeeded in making the transition to the New World Order almost painless and unnoticed, all sorts of deceptions, scandals and crimes are coming to light.

Until a few months ago, it was easy to smear as "conspiracy theorists" those who denounced these terrible plans, which we now see being carried out down to the smallest detail. No one, up until last February, would ever have thought that, in all of our cities, citizens would be arrested simply for wanting to walk down the street, to breathe, to want to keep their business open, to want to go to church on Sunday. Yet now it is happening all over the world, even in picture-postcard Italy that many Americans consider to be a small enchanted country, with its ancient monuments, its churches, its charming cities, its characteristic villages. And while the politicians are barricaded inside their palaces promulgating decrees like Persian satraps, businesses are failing, shops are closing, and people are prevented from living, traveling, working, and praying. The disastrous psychological consequences of this operation are already being seen, beginning with the suicides of desperate entrepreneurs and of our children, segregated from friends and classmates, told to follow their classes while sitting at home alone in front of a computer.

In Sacred Scripture, Saint Paul speaks to us of "the one who opposes" the manifestation of the mystery of iniquity, the kathkon (2 Thess 2:6-7). In the religious sphere, this obstacle to evil is the Church, and in particular the papacy; in the political sphere, it is those who impede the establishment of the New World Order.

As is now clear, the one who occupies the Chair of Peter[Pope we assume] has betrayed his role from the very beginning in order to defend and promote the globalist ideology, supporting the agenda of the deep church, who chose him from its ranks.

Mr. President, you have clearly stated that you want to defend the nation - One Nation under God, fundamental liberties, and non-negotiable values that are denied and fought against today. It is you, dear President, who are "the one who opposes" the deep state, the final assault of the children of darkness.

For this reason, it is necessary that all people of good will be persuaded of the epochal importance of the imminent election: not so much for the sake of this or that political program, but because of the general inspiration of your action that best embodies - in this particular historical context - that world, our world, which they want to cancel by means of the lockdown. Your adversary is also our adversary: it is the Enemy of the human race, he who is "a murderer from the beginning" (Jn 8:44).

Around you are gathered with faith and courage those who consider you the final garrison against the world dictatorship. The alternative is to vote for a person who is manipulated by the deep state, gravely compromised by scandals and corruption, who will do to the United States what Jorge Mario Bergoglio is doing to the Church, Prime Minister Conte to Italy, President Macron to France, Prime Minster Sanchez to Spain, and so on. The blackmailable nature of Joe Biden - just like that of the prelates of the Vatican's "magic circle" - will expose him to be used unscrupulously, allowing illegitimate powers to interfere in both domestic politics as well as international balances. It is obvious that those who manipulate him already have someone worse than him ready, with whom they will replace him as soon as the opportunity arises.

And yet, in the midst of this bleak picture, this apparently unstoppable advance of the "Invisible Enemy," an element of hope emerges. The adversary does not know how to love, and it does not understand that it is not enough to assure a universal income or to cancel mortgages in order to subjugate the masses and convince them to be branded like cattle. This people, which for too long has endured the abuses of a hateful and tyrannical power, is rediscovering that it has a soul; it is understanding that it is not willing to exchange its freedom for the homogenization and cancellation of its identity; it is beginning to understand the value of familial and social ties, of the bonds of faith and culture that unite honest people. This Great Reset is destined to fail because those who planned it do not understand that there are still people ready to take to the streets to defend their rights, to protect their loved ones, to give a future to their children and grandchildren. The leveling inhumanity of the globalist project will shatter miserably in the face of the firm and courageous opposition of the children of Light. The enemy has Satan on its side, he who only knows how to hate. But on our side, we have the Lord Almighty, the God of armies arrayed for battle, and the Most Holy Virgin, who will crush the head of the ancient Serpent. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Rom 8:31).

Mr. President, you are well aware that, in this crucial hour, the United States of America is considered the defending wall against which the war declared by the advocates of globalism has been unleashed. Place your trust in the Lord, strengthened by the words of the Apostle Paul: "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me" (Phil 4:13). To be an instrument of Divine Providence is a great responsibility, for which you will certainly receive all the graces of state that you need, since they are being fervently implored for you by the many people who support you with their prayers.

With this heavenly hope and the assurance of my prayer for you, for the First Lady, and for your collaborators, with all my heart I send you my blessing.

God bless the United States of America!

+ Carlo Maria Vigan

Tit. Archbishop of Ulpiana
Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America

On the 7th day of 2021, we Mourn


Denied Justice, Prima Facie evidence IGNORED or destroyed,
Terrorists reign (see home page) and now Own MSM, OWN Tech, OWN Dems
GOP Traitors take the knee,
Coward PENCE burns his career & GOP.

To all the enablers, your freedom is LOST FOREVER.
Enjoy your slavery.

PS: I was finally given a twitter badge of respect by my dear friend Jack..

Keep an eye on - The Dan Bongino Show.

On the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th? Watch this space!

Temp pic: Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. speaking with Fox News with pic of Mao Tse Tung on wall behind him.