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Analyses & Situation Update Archive

Note - our Situation-Updates-Archive page has a fault meaning updates prior April do not appear.
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.. This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates from our landing page (see also April 1st and Earlier..)..
  1. Analyses & Situation Update Archive
      1. Incremental Analysis Aug 15th on:
      2. For newcomers to La Palma Quake Swarm Incident
        1. 133/ Sep 19th - And so La Palma erupts.
        2. 132/ Sep 17th -- 💥Boom💥! Trump Hits Them With TRUTH!
        3. 131/ Sep 15th - The Return Of Trump Is Getting A BIG BOOST...
        4. 130/ Sep 15th - Canary Islands Tsunami threat high - Updated 03:30 EDT (08:30 UK)
        5. What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory?
        6. 129/ 🔴 Sep 15th - Canary Islands threat of a Mega Tsunami - Updated 05:45 ET, 10:45 UK
        7. 128/ Latest On Canaria threat of a Mega Tsunami
        8. 127/ - Sep 14th - threat of a Mega Tsunami increases
        9. 126/ Sep 13th - threat of a Mega Tsunami eases (Updated)..
        10. 125/ Sep 13th - Xi's China To Send Ships
        11. 124/ Sep 12 - How to pay respect
        12. 123/ Sep 11 - 911 remembrance
        13. 122/ Sep 10th - Epstein Victims Bought Off, Vaccine Tyranny Spreads
        14. 121/ Sep 9th - Milley Muddle Think
        15. 120/ Sep 9th - McAfee channel an "Inaction" PsyOps?
        16. 119/ Sep 8th Soros attacks the Cabal
        17. 118/ Sep 7th - US Funded Covid Research in Wuhan EXPOSED
        18. 117/ Sep 6th Kabul is an open sore, but the real disease goes deeper
        19. 116/ Sep 5th The Kabul Conspiracy
        20. 115/ Sep 4th The Kabul Conspiracy primer
        21. 114/ Sept 3rd - Will the Woke ever Wake?
        22. 113/ Sept 2nd - Religion v Politics
        23. 112/ Sept 1st - Ready for the next Shit Storm? Taking Stock
        24. 111/ 31st... Afghanistan Gone
        25. 110/ 28th... Suggestion for the White Hats.. New Base in Afghanistan
        26. 109/ 28th... Taiwan Invasion starts?
        27. 108/ 27th... The War Begins, Why are protests not working?
        28. 107/ 26th... Update - "The FDA Approved Vax is NOT Pfizer!!"
        29. 106/ 26th... McAfee back from the Dead?..
        30. 105/ 26th... 6 Situational Updates from Donald J. Trump, [26.08.21 00:26]
        31. 104/ 25th... Covid Origins report Inconclusive, No Vax Approved
        32. BREAKING -- The FDA Approved Vax is NOT Pfizer!!
        33. 103/ (24th) .. Did the Deep State DELIBERATELY Mess Up Kabul❓
        34. 102/ (24th) .. AZ Audit Delayed again, Kamala, Xi
        35. Aggressors Aggressing❓
        36. 101/ (23rd) .. Roundup, Strikes
        37. 100/ (22nd) .. The tiresome Blame Game?
        38. 99/ (21st) .. What Next for Biden?
        39. And so how did the Taliban just walk in?
        40. So, what next for Kabul?
        41. 98/ (21st) .. Kinesis Update..
        42. 97/ (20th) .. Audit time again, Amnesty v Taliban, Covid Tyranny..
        43. 96/ (19th) .. Afghan Man.. not worth saving?
        44. 95/ (18th) .. Taliban leaders used Facebook’s WhatsApp and Twitter
        45. 94/ (18th) .. Follow up to "China declares an INVASION" & Taliban
        46. 93/ (17th) .. BREAKING BIG - 30,000 US in Taiwan - China declares an INVASION
        47. 92/ (17th) .. Who is doing best job of exposing the Cabal?
        48. Is the Cabal losing it's grip?
        49. 91/ (17th) .. Kinesis Update -
        50. Is there a split in the Davos Cabal? Are Soros / Xi breaking ranks?
      3. Yellings Battle Cry!
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  1. Analyses & Situation Update Archive
      1. Analysis for 15th Aug back to 8th July:
        1. Exclusive - Whistleblower Analysis ...
        2. Is McAfee Right? Are things beginning to move?
        3. To Vax or Not to Vax
        4. Gab's Answer To Google Adsense etc - a new online economy!
        5. CSU Digital Coin
        6. African Leaders versus the WHO Vax..
        7. A Refresher: Why you only need the 4 Essentials of CSU to regain your way of life ...
        8. TECH DEFINITION For 1, Ref 4x Essentials to achieve safety: 1. intel & comms 2. financial system 3. code of conduct 4. security & liberty ...
        9. Civil Societal Unison (CSU)
        10. The path to peace.
        11. The need for peace..
      2. Incremental Analysis up to July 15th:
      3. Analysis for 8th July onwards:
      4. Analysis for 7th July:
        1. Class Action against all 3 major tech-media companies and their CEO's. Wow!
        2. History: When considering the Crimean disputed claims, be reminded
      5. Analysis for 6th July:
      6. Analysis for 5th July:
        1. Nationwide Emergency Alert TEST August 11, 2021 MustangMedic Reporting #shorts - YouTube -
      7. 4th July:
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        1. LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots (

      9. Analysis for 2nd July:
        1. 2/ The UFO Juice we all wanted but never got.
      10. Analysis for 1st July:
        1. War that could affect food supplies, travel, internet and other free communications, is one blink away.
      11. Analysis for 30th June:
      12. Analysis for 29th June:
        1. CCP infiltration has compromised the Pentagon, Hollywood, universities, the mainstream media, big banks and consumer goods corporations.
      13. Analysis for 28th June:
      14. Analysis for 27th June:
        1. Massive exercise in Black Sea with US comes after Russia warning
      15. Analysis for 26th June:
.. This is an archive of our Analyses & Situation Updates from our landing page (see also April 1st and Earlier..)...
  1. Analyses & Situation Update Archive
      1. Analysis for 25th June:
        1. 3/ Hal Turner Radio Show - COVERT INTEL - It starts Next Week . . . June 28 - This is Op Sea Breeze 21 major Military NATO exercises in the Black Sea
      2. Analysis for 24th June:
        1. 1/ We lost a great patriot recently ("I AM Q") thanks to Youtube's distorted censorship -- or at least we lost him to a PAYWALL. Let me explain..
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        1. 1 /- Updated Kinesis Forecast -- With graphs and analysis for 4th June on..
      10. Analysis for 16th June:
        1. 4 Putin Biden Summit:
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        1. What is the science? -- See Kinesis-Forecasting.
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        1. Russia to pull back troops from Crimea and Ukraine border
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      78. Situation Update for 9th April:
    1. Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy 2
      1. Situation Update for 8th April:
    2. Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy 1..
        1. The google exposure
        2. Putin and America working in tandem?
      1. Situation Update for 7th April:
      2. Situation Update for 6th April:
    3. Operation MOSES - Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction
      1. Situation Update for 5th April:
      2. Situation Update for 4th April:
      3. Situation Update for 3rd April:
      4. Situation Update for 2nd April:
    4. Operation MOSES - Marshal Organize Secure Empower Sanction
  2. April 1st and Earlier below..

Timeline Latest Peek
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

Incremental Analysis Aug 15th on:

..for earlier, see Situation-Updates-Archive.

For newcomers to La Palma Quake Swarm Incident

La Palma Mega Tsunami Risk Sep 17th. For Intros, see Wikipedia and see(click) #130/ ..

A very brief summary is that La Palma in the Canaries is perched on something akin to an underwater vertical plinth and it is already cracking and sliding. If it calves (like a glacier), a vast chunk of earth the size of Manhattan will plummet near vertically into the sea in a 4km drop to the ocean floor creating a high risk of a Mega Tsunami affecting every shore along the Atlantic, potentially being the largest natural disaster in history. We followed the "quake swarms" and saw the eruption coming. We now turn our focus onto "why were you not warned?".

This potential catastrophe has been documented in many studies as you would expect of a potential catastrophe killing many millions of Americans and many more Africans and Europeans. And yet it would not just stop there. It would reshape the economic balance between East and West and may even encourage the West's foes to take an opportunistic first strike "to seal our fate". Such an event is worthy of great focus from our officials, but none was made - indeed, Spanish officials even played it down and at one stage saying "There is no danger to the local population"(REF).

Update 1900 Sep/20th(1400ET) - Again checked all cameras and seismic graphs... All Still Quiet. While ever it may not be a global disaster, it is still a catastrophe for those inhabitants in harm's way. A lament for them and their loss of decades of home and life building is HERE (drone footage of lava destruction). This is an interesting snap of the eruption jets along the ridge with lava flow in the foreground..

Update 1630 Sep/20th(1130ET) - Just checked all cameras and seismic graphs... All Quiet. The calm before the storm? Or is episode over? Best current live stream - EN DIRECTO: LAST MINUTE desde LA PALMA y la erupción del VOLÁN CUMBRE VIEJA | Diario AS - YouTube. If it passes quietly, we will be delighted - we will not regret saying there was a 5% chance something catastrophic would happen. Right now, the needle is still at the 4 or 5% chance, not least because a brief lull could even mean pressure is accumulating once more. 
Update 1330 Sep/20th(0830ET) - Quakes at ground level ... while the quake swarm has died back considerably, we have a small cluster of medium to relatively large seismic events AT SEA LEVEL (or just below).. Extract  .. See #130/ for live graph. This is not just vibration from the eruptions, but consistent with land scraping over land (generally the cause of earthquakes) - which means landslide imminent! As said, tonight (20th), at 19:00 ET, 20:00EDT, which is curioously when the lava will hot the coast) or midnight UK, we have a full moon which could trigger an additional event. This is not pseudo science but simply the pull of the Sun and Moon in opposite directions. The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on December 26 2004 was on such a full moon. 24 hrs after this full moon, if the island is still intact and the eruption does not increase / spread, we expect it to remain stable.

Update 1030 Sep/20th(0530ET) - Worsening or easing?
Well, Hal was busy last night -- reported "Things are getting very much WORSE" - Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 10:08 PM EDT *** ERUPTION IN PROGRESS *** -- Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, a Tsunami Could Wipe Out U.S. East Coast. What he wrote above this bookmark (you have to scroll back as it is not bookmarked) is this..
UPDATE 2:28 PM EDT SUNDAY -- UH OH! ... From Geologists and Volcanologists:

"The geometry of this fault system and the timing of its formation in relation to episodes of vent opening during the eruption indicate that it is not the surface expression of a dyke. Instead, it is interpreted as being the first surface rupture along a developing zone of deformation and seaward movement within the western flank of the Cumbre Vieja: the volcano is therefore considered to be at an incipient stage of flank instability". Etc etc.
Certainly last night's eruptions did intensify, but actually, overnight the seismic activity was clearly reduced by the pressure reduction(see #130/ for live graphs).

133/ Sep 19th - And so La Palma erupts.

La Palma erupted a day and a half early from our predictions, which we based on the moon cycle and the impact a full moon has on the earth with stretching, tide movement, etc. However! The full moon is first felt 24 hrs before and after. Besides, eruptions are definitely building, becoming more widespread and more intense. What we see below may be may be just a precursor. The danger is the heat combined with meeting water pockets will cause explosive pressure that could cause the side of the island to break away. As the eruption continues, that risk subsides as pressure is released.

We called. it. Hal Turner called it. Bizarrely, no one else in the media seems interested. Will she "calve" like an iceberg? We predict a 5% chance -- that's a 5% chance of huge loss of life and a massive economic hit right across the West including America. Why is this calving likely? Because the 2km high island we see is perched on a 4km high near-vertical plinth underwater.

We are told there is no evidence this will happen, but a summary search on youtube will find dozens of documentaries, including from the BBC, that say how fragile the island is, how it is already splitting, and what the consequences might be. We knew this was going to happen, and it did. In the media, our voice was alone with Hal Turner. The Spanish media said there would be no danger to life or property. And now we see houses burning in the path of massive lava flows. And so when we say this calving could happen, you may find you can trust us more than these ridiculous officials.

All images moved to Climate (

Any doubts about our pre

So far cracking and splitting has been reported - see Hal Turner Radio Show - *** ERUPTION IN PROGRESS *** -- FLASH TRAFFIC: LAVA HAS BREACHED SURFACE, FIRES BEGINNING -- DETACHMENT and FRACTURE OF LAND ! Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, a Tsunami Could Wipe Out U.S. East Coast , but as yet, it is still there!! That's good news because even as we see explosions and multiple vents, it will be losing pressure.

Update 1200 /19th(0700ET) - M3.8!
Update: Hal Turner Radio Show - *** Sunday 9:37 AM EDT *** -- Newspaper: Eruption Could Come TODAY! Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, a Tsunami Could Wipe Out US East Coast - Maybe?

The Quake Swarm is in full swing right now. This snippet or if you click and look at the #8 day active graph showing size & depth, you will see an overall trend showing it getting more shallow. Not the heavy swarm of M2+ at 1km.
All images moved to Climate (
Also Note the several at 0km where they protrude above the graph, and note there have now been several 3+ quakes therein (atsea level) and 3km deep. It must be stressed that 3km deep and above is WITHIN the undersea mountain rising 4km from the seabed....

These are ABOVE the small red dot showing #where the most shallow quake swarm is ..
All images moved to Climate (
Click "#where the most shallow quake swarm is" for source and reference.

This volcano is definitely going to do something - see #3 La Palma scenarios. Just a reminder of what we said below at #130/, On Monday 20th, at 19:00 ET, midnight UK, we have a full moon which could trigger an outcome. This is not pseudo science - this is simple physics. A full moon greatly impacts tides and sees the Sun and Moon on either side of the Earth pulling in equal and opposite directions. Full moons are not a hard predictor of such events, but the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on December 26 2004 was on a full moon.

We will monitor the web cams for you and report -- the best one is permanently offline (power out?). See #Local webcams still running.
Update 0600 /19th(0100ET) - Situation Update
Update 2030 /18(1530ET) - Situation Update - The Quake Swarm, or Seismic Swarm, is still very much with us. The center of activity has become much more shallow suggesting that Magma is due to erupt.
Here are the 3 La Palma scenarios that may play out..
  1. It will simply die down and go back to normal. Magma does not seep all the way up from the earths core and simply stop.
  2. It will erupt, the pressure will be released, and all will return to normal. This is the most likely.
  3. It will erupt, the chunk of island the size of Manhattan (that has already moved) will simply "fall off" the sheer walled 4km high underwater plinth it rests on.

We have said all along that there is a 5% chance of #2 whereas #3 is 94% likely, and #1 is 1% likely. These figures are plucked out of reason. Look at the terrain and the structures. Look at the history. Look at the scale of what is happening, the quakes happening WITHIN an underwater "Matterhorn" (see below). So it is only 5% likely to kill millions... Righty then, lets do nothing. Let's keep the MSM quiet. Let's turn on the Cabal's "no evidence" and "baseless" rhetoric until the ears of those with brains bleed. No wonder then we should consider it likely there is a #La Palma conspiracy developing (click to see our theory).

So if you lived in a house where in the next few months there was a 5% chance of carnage, what would you do? You'd expect to make plans with officials guiding you, you'd expect debate, mains stream media analysis. Nope.. not an inch of it.

Meanwhile, San Francisco experiences an M4.3 .. see our timeline. Just to remind, we don't cover quakes and natural disasters, or any news except that of Political Corruption and the wars that result. However, a biblical disaster that could make all these things irrelevant, seems like part of our charter - hence our reporting on La Palma.
Update 1000 /18(0500ET) - Situation DISTURBING.
Major rumbles, and very shallow. Sorry, slight hold up in middle of writing update..

Time now is 1hr later - situation unchanged. There was a disturbing M3.2 (M=Magnitude on the Richter Scale) occurred 5 hours ago and has started another seismic swarm (ongoing). This is double red circle top right of this preserved screen snap taken from our #8 day active graph showing size & depth (click to scroll to it below). We preserved it because sometimes they alter it.
The depth of this M3.2? Less than half a kilometer which is ABOVE the small red dot showing at #where the most shallow quake swarm is.

To cap it all off, Hal Turner Radio Show - Most Tsunami Warning Buoys OFFLINE or Malfunctioning in Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps you should consider #La Palma conspiracy developing and review #What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory.

More updates may be slower today. Local webcams still running (we are not sharing these links because if we do, and everyone watches, they will crash, and then we will lose this vital info source).
Update 19:40 /17(1240ET) - Deformation is now at 12 cm. Magnitude 2 at surface 0 - may be a small landslide. Web cams still functional.

Update 15:45 /17(1045ET) - 🤔 Calm before the storm?
Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 9:37 AM (Friday) EDT -- Nuclear Power Plant vs Tsunamis - Strong Harmonic Tremor - 10 cm Deformation -- Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami "Yellow Alert" Declared -- this link takes your browser down near latest update. He has consulted a geologist and reports "His analysis is terrifying". In essence, if it does calve, it will be much worse than the Japanese tsunami (but then it would have to be to reach the US) - worth a quick read.

Moreover, Hal's "bullshitometer" has detected some officialdom double speak. So have we - eg: the mysteriously moved tremors at sea level -- See #They MOVED the Sea Level pings (albeit the last 3 sea level events were not moved), but also their generally overly optimistic "nothing to see here" messages starting to come out. Not only that, but once again, the MSM is ignoring "the scoop of the century" just like they did with the election, with Covid, etc. You only have to see our images (click #where the most shallow quake swarm is  and #3D seabed elevation map) to see just how fragile this 6km tall (of which 4km is submerged) sheer Matterhorn is (and by the way, it is not Granite, it is Magma deposits - much less stable).

One starts to see a La Palma conspiracy developing ... is it possible a Russian or Chinese Submarine is nearby? It could take advantage of this situation by launching a torpedo from at least a km away, strike the underwater vertical walls and voila - one torpedo to economically cripple the US and Europe. How would that be achieved? Tell all the US MSM to keep zip. Tick. Manipulate the data. Tick. Tell local officials to play it down. Tick. It should be easy for a geologist to determine the difference between an external explosion and a quake. Apart from different patterns, an external explosion would be very shallow and look like it was at the OUTER EDGE of the horn(the plinth upon which La Palma sits), the other would be deeper and inside the horn. Oh, wait a minute..... Yes, if you study the latest distributions, they are basically on the OUTSIDE EDGE of the horn.

Okay, just a conspiracy theory, but with the amount of control over the media and officialdom they displayed in Nov 3 2020 on, you have to wonder. The wise should consider the points we raise at #What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory.
Update 11:38 /17(-5h for ET): 🔎Quakes on La Palma closer to surface Accumulated deformation 10 cm -- (Ref in Spanish) - extract - "seismic activity .. continues to migrate towards the northwest, at depths of around 8 km, registering, in addition, 50 shallow earthquakes between 1-5 km". Remember, at 1km or less, that's well above the sea floor and is inside the underwater sheer walled plinth that the island is perched on. See(click) #where the most shallow quake swarm is  and #3D seabed elevation map (Tip: When you click these tags, you get a RETURN tag that brings you back here). Three live graphs are under #130/.
👉For earlier updates, click #22:45 ET, Sep 16th.

132/ Sep 17th -- 💥Boom💥! Trump Hits Them With TRUTH!