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Trump's quick words of encouragement (Apr 21st approx)
. From Just Jodie - Rumble, Youtube, Bitchute

10/25 13:39:03 SITREP 10.24.22 - Mission Overwatch - YouTube Doomsday Plane airborne, Airforce 1 moved, Probable Troop Movements, Dirty Bomb Alert, Court Cancellations.. Many concerning observations.

Doomsday Plane, Airforce 1.
• Troop Movements (thruout)
Dirty Bomb, details: Redacted**
• Court Cancels: SitRep(Thanks To)*
Japan's Big Military Buildup

*Court Cancellations: in this portion of SitRep, M Werx demonstrates court cancellation dates preceded by extra flights going to Guantanamo Bay - the implication of which is there may be very large trials on the way.

More: An American official to the New York Times: "There are new and alarming developments related to Russia's nuclear arsenal." The source refused to provide any details, given the sensitivity of the issue - awaiting verification but source is reliable - Amir also states it "live" Here..

**OpEd: Regarding the nuclear dirty bomb Russia is warning about, claiming the Ukraine intend to let one off and blame Russia - We tend to side with international commentators saying that it is more likely to be a Russian false flag. Think about: How did Russia know about it? Why don't they do something about it? Would Ukraine really let one off in its own territory? Would Ukraine be able or stupid enough to let one off in Russia? It makes sense that Russia wants an excuse to let off Nukes. Anyway, if you want to explore the other side of the coin, Redacted agrees with Russia claiming it will be Ukraine's doing.
10/25 02:49:22 Rishi Sunak declared new UK Conservative leader --party committee head - World - TASS Ed: This cross-eyed spiv is beyond contempt. If an outsider makes it to the top through sheer force of character and skill, that's one thing. No, he got there by cheating and being a snake(not my words). There will be riots!

How this deeply entwined WEF giblet midget
10/04 16:03:10 Former Russian diplomat- Putin's 'situation is growing worse and worse every day' - YouTube Ed: What is going on now is quite hard to decipher. CNN is broadly controlled by Chinese money which in turn is aligned with Russian policy. So why are CNN disparaging Putin this way?

As we see the fading of the credibility of the CCP leaks that predicted a combined Chinese / Russian assault on the US (and on the West in general), the puzzle is getting murkier.

We know that taking America out of a position of strength which solve a lot of the problems that Putin and Xi face (both facing an increasingly severe backlash from their own people). We know that Biden is on the brink of losing control of the Senate and the house and with that, they face exposure of the entire global cabal leading to Xi and the CCP's collapse as we know they are involved. It would also lead to the collapse of the Davos WEF and the Putin regime if they are as involved with Xi as much as we think.

This would be a colossal life changing collapse. We would all enjoy a huge rise in living conditions, right from the poorest to the richest countries. The law would dramatically improve bringing fairness and relative equality inside a system that gives everyone a chance. Near utopia!

So we know they're not going to just commit personal and systemic suicide so there's "go" to be some last minute major events.

Okay then, when and how? It's too late for China to send over thousands of warships disguised as cargo vessels (full of troops and armour) as we heard in a major earlier leak. Russia can't win a conventional war. A nuclear war will be fruitless if he doesn't have Chinese forces on the ground ready to capitalize - and such an act would therefore be the downfall of Putin without a doubt.

So where is China? We've literally been counting ships and we can't see the leaked armada. Not only that, as October slips away, any armada that could get to America before November's midterms would be such a massive armada that it couldn't possibly go unnoticed (which would mean trying they completely lose any element of surprise they had hoped for by disguising their warships).

We can all reasonably conclude that neither Russia nor China will be able to prevent their regimes' collapse by just concluding invasions of Ukraine and Taiwan.

That leaves us with just one possibility. There will be an outrageous terrorist attack in America that will bring on a civil war. Then they won't need surprise to attack... There will be so much chaos in America, they'll be able to just walk in. The outfitting of cargo vessels was not so much to hide them as to hide the capacity to land such an enormous number of troops within 15 days.

Otherwise, we've won and we are witnessing the fall of the cabal.

As the CCP conference is being held around mid / late October, it's hard to imagine what Xi is going to say to be permitted another term having so mistreated his people. Likewise, as it becomes more and more obvious that Russian conscripts and soldiers are losing their confidence in Putin, it's hard to imagine how Putin can survive until then as well.
10/04 12:11:23 Jesse Watters- Meet the alleged Chinese spy who worked for Hunter Biden - YouTube 🎥 The level of corruption at the highest levels in the Democrat party is eye watering... This is about a newly emerged email revealing Hunter Biden's communication with a Chinese spy ....

Is the Cabal losing? Journalists 'lost their mind' at Giorgia Meloni's election - YouTube -- this details three major centrist right European politicians that I'm moving up in the ranks including the new Italian Prime Minister Meloni. As you will see in this clip, the media is having a meltdown and calling them all far right fascists, a warning, etc... Not just telling you what the cabal thinks, but also revealing you just how much journalism is bought off.

Meanwhile, the exponential rise of awakening and the Trump movement in the USA (eg: CNN lawsuit) is unmistakable along with the crumbling of Putin and Xi's position. What's going on?
06/08 13:15:05 President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Accelerate Domestic Manufacturing of Clean Energy - Department of Energy Ed: ❓ Is this Biden handing over power to the military?
05/23 10:45:03 First monkeypox quarantine ordered in EU 🤔RT(Use TOR): Note this cluster was all connected to a gay fetish festival. OpEd: The rumour HERE that it is shingles which a side affect from the vax is IMHO true and false. Shingles is when you get Chickenpox again which may be revisitation of a dormant virus or it may be that you got it from a Chickenpox sufferer. It is not in itself a side effect of the vax but through immune system weakening, catching it may be an accentuated possibility. Smallpox is quite different and more deadly and is rumored to be very similar to Monkeypox. Those who were vaccinated against Smallpox (in the days of a genuine vaccine) thus have low to no risk according to this rumor.
05/23 10:03:41 Aussie Cossack Arrested - Putin's no1 fan in Oz Simeon Boikov is in jail Ed: ⚡ Of interest as he is an ardent freedom fighter. Also a frequent guest on many shows, inc Man In America, where his deep knowledge of Russia is often plumbed. In this case he was charged with breaching a suppression order after allegedly naming an alleged paedophile. So far been denied bail.
04/27 10:25:34 Elon Musk on Twitter- -Truth Social is currently beating Twitter & TikTok on the Apple Store - Twitt Wow!! How humble do you have to be to promote your own opposition in the name of simply being true to free speech? I posted a reply to his earlier post about5 the law and said - Our new super-hero has astonished us by using his great power & influence ethically. Please don your cape to fight abusive laws, eg: the EU who think they exclusively can define "disinformation", inspect your algorithms(and be YOUR boss), and thus crush debate they don't like. I for one would like to see the process by which the EU Digital Services Act magically became law as soon as Elon Musk announced his intentions to own Twitter. That sounds a lot more like a dictators edict than a legal process.
04/26 16:54:41 Democrats Call For Immediate Regulation Of Big Tech - The Babylon Bee Ed: U;L⚠ You can only laugh.. the truth is even funnier than fiction. They did exactly that! This is today's Analysis on
04/26 12:11:36 Elon Musk's Twitter revolution- Rebellious staff claim their new boss is 'dangerous for democracy' - Daily Mail Online Ed: 📢 "Twitter has blocked its developers from making changes to the app to prevent it being sabotaged by left-wing staff angry at Elon Musk's $44billion takeover - amid an outbreak of hysteria among liberal social media personalities who are threatening to quit the social media giant". I've been on it all morning and enjoying watching the flow of freedom of speech with the likes of dr McCullough. etc. Obviously the moderators have all marched out in a huff, or maybe Elon has already sacked them. Complaints by Twitter staff include Elon being a 'danger to democracy' it was reported. How dumb, delusional and intellectually broken do you have to be to believe that they are not the ones that are dangerous to democracy?
04/25 19:06:35 FX and The New York Times Announce Elon Musk Expos Documentary (TV News Roundup) Ed: I still don't know if this is an attack on him and us, or a sudden pasting of truth bombs.
04/19 10:41:12 Elon Musk threatens Twitter board --RT Business News Ed: "board members would expose themselves to a "titanic" legal liability if they breach their fiduciary duty to stockholders" He also said "Board salary will be $0 if my bid succeeds, so that's ~$3M/year saved right there" - That's what I call a Hostile Takeover!
04/17 11:26:37 Cardinal Timothy Dolan's Easter message praises Ukraine's hope Ed: ☘ Scoured press outlets (inc ET & TGP) and this was about the only Easter message I could find. Strange.
04/14 19:21:01 BREAKING- As @elonmusk offers to buy the rest of Twitter U;L🔴"a legal source tells @FoxBusiness that
@SECGov and @TheJusticeDept have launched what he described as a "joint investigation" into a myriad of Musk regulatory issues primarily involving
". They are coming for you Elon!! Take Cover!! Here is another attack -
Black Tesla employees describe a culture of racism.
04/09 22:49:57 What Happened To The Canadian Truckers- - The True Reporter Ed: ❓ Well obviously the media and the public moved on. The Truckers thought they were heroes but the public attention span is zero for people who actually take risks and do stuff. Crack another beer, forward some more viral stickers, and sleep well!

If you too think the masses deserve what is coming, stick around. We ain't taken prisoners.
04/06 14:17:09 Parag Agrawal on Twitter- -I'm excited to share that we're appointing @elonmusk to our board The twiiter CEO went on a sycophancy spree and continued..

Through conversations with Elon in recent weeks, it became clear to us that he would bring great value to our Board.

twit 2:
He's both a passionate believer and intense critic of the service which is exactly what we need on Twitter, and in the boardroom, to make us stronger in the long-term. Welcome Elon!
04/06 14:12:52 Trump's social truth is in trouble. Yellings only Ed: text..

Trump's social truth is in trouble as financial and technical problems escalate

The Twitter-like app, where posts are called "truth", has booted so low that it has fallen off the App Store charts. The company is losing investors, executives and attention. Devin Nunes, the former California congressman who gave up the seat he held for 19 years to run the company, said the app would be "fully operational" by the end of March. But he was hampered by technical problems, including a waiting list that caused hundreds of thousands of potential users to be blocked in the 1st critical weeks online.

privately resented the slow rollout of the app and contemplated joining other platforms such as Gettr, one of his biggest competitors.
02/24 22:20:23 Canadian truckers are as hypocritical as Justin Trudeau - YouTube Ed: 🤔 I'm no fan of this Ozzie guy, but he says it like it is. I have huge admiration for the Convoys but I have also wondered at the hypocrisy .. Someone is trying to get to work to save his/her business,, Someone is trying to get their child to sleep while the horns go mad. I fall on the side of "yes", they should do it because the crimes against them (and all of us) are HUGE. But! Is there anyone else who thinks truckies sport their diesel powered canons with their ludicrously unsocial horns as intimidation weapons? Who drive atrociously aggressively "allowing" avoidable accidents just because they can? Society lets them loose in these machines, and yet some show no humility or care. I'm glad they did what they did, because the evil they repudiate needs this level of aggression. So I 100% stand by them, but .. have a care. Maybe this is a chance for the public to thank them but ask them to drive with respect for other humans on the road.
02/14 20:25:02 PREMIERS OF ALBERTA, MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN OPPOSE TRUDEAU'S INVOKING EMERGENCY U;L⭐ Trudy is TOAST! More: "Quebec Premier Francois Legault opposes a (federal) state of emergency in Quebec saying: ' We do not wish to have a state of emergency in Quebec. It's not necessary and it's time to bring together not divide'."
02/11 14:37:07 Police Beating of Unconscious Trump Supporter Was 'Objectively Reasonable,' Department Rules Ref Rosanne Boyland, Jan 6 protest. Op Ed: Looks like they are saying it's OK to beat people, even miscreant police officers (who are protecting fraudsters and thus acting against the constitution - read the small print and disclaimer), even after they are on the ground and motionless - of course (small print) only attack the police if you consider it reasonable on the basis of a citizens arrest, where they are resisting arrest or attacking you or otherwise acting lawlessly, and do that only if it can be reasonably shown they are breaking the law by defying the constitution and illegally removing your rights. Spread the word, tell the truckers!
01/31 10:23:13 Australia's biggest warship 'crippled' --RT World News Ed: 😀 Dang it mate, I told you to pack a longer extension lead. ABC said "ship remains "crippled" after days of repair work failed to resolve the power situation" -- That US Oz collaboration off to a flying start then.
01/29 04:33:39 Spotify keeps Joe Rogan, dumps Neil Young in response to COVID ultimatum - Washington Times Ed: 🍷 Brilliant. It seems Yellings is not alone in thinking not that talented, one hit wonder "horse with no name" man is getting ahead of himself.
01/27 21:55:49 Justice is Coming for Covid Tyrants Ed: ☠ Seth Holehouse, Man in America .. Leigh Dundas ,, comment impossible. All the pedo nightmare come tumblind out.
01/21 11:19:06 Tax collectors to demand facial recognition ID --RT World News Ed: 🤔 Your image data will sell well! Lots of scope for tracking you on cameras wherever you go, whenever you protest..
01/20 11:25:03 Donald Trump Jr on the FBI's Corrupt Leadership
01/19 12:43:46 Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49- A State by State Overview Ed: 🤔 Remarkably, this appears worse in Rep areas than in Dem areas. This suggests it is not related to vax uptake or lockdowns (because suicides are largely stable too). On the face of it, these deaths actually appear to be Covid related, but with the number of health industry liars and covid bungs, that is unreliable. The only credible factor so far seems to be drugs, smuggled across the border.... Or just poverty due to covid provoked financial ruin.
01/06 10:33:46 Trump's vaccine support may cost him victory in 2024 --RT Op-ed Ed: 🤔 We are including this in our timeline as it does sum up the concern (which we otherwise have not documented). It underlines the necessity of getting him back NOW, not 2024, as there is no one else capable of finishing the swamp draining.
12/21 00:09:36 Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024
12/13 13:54:02 30 million Americans ready to 'take up arms,' MSNBC claims --RT USA News
12/12 14:31:28 Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly's Tour Begins With Empty Seats in Florida--eport Ed: 🤔 We'd like this MSM to show photos, but it is a sign of patriot impatience tho'. Gen Flynn himself criticised some of the inaction (see Analysis #174/). It's very sad - we need to give Trump more help and guidance .. sadly Trump is probably in a cabal headlock and we need to organize and resist.
12/02 15:26:08 Lights go out at diplomatic meetings with Blinken & Lavrov (VIDEOS) --RT World News Ed: ☘ If I were superstitious, I'd say that was an OMEN... 2 identical light fails on the same day. Maybe someone knows something more than we do and is trying to communicate with us.
11/30 12:32:47 As Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Opens - FAA Accidentally Reveals Over 700 Previous Unknown Jeffrey Epstein Flights Ed: ❓ Unfortunately, passengers are not named.
11/19 16:37:55 Joe Biden hands Kamala Harris presidential powers as he undergoes colonoscopy Ed: 🏮 God help us all!
11/18 11:36:57 Bricks appearing in Kenosha before Kyle Rittenhouse judgement Ed: 🔴Just how sick and perverse is the left? Let's spell it out.. they are inciting and weaponizing riots against society (assuming Kyle is give a lenient sentence).
11/17 12:30:47 Hal Turner Radio Show - Talk on Capital Hill- Study the Process for Confirming NEW VICE PRESIDENT!
11/13 10:15:58 General Flynn on Tucker - The Assaults on Our Freedoms Won't End Soon - Where are the Republican Leaders Ed: ⚠ Flynn does a good job of laying bare the coup and the advancing socialism using communist oppression techniques.
11/06 10:24:23 Hal Turner Radio Show - FBI RAIDS PROJECT VERITAS Ed: ⚡ The persecution continues..
11/02 22:36:59 Hal -QAnon- Proves He Has Been a Complete Fraud for an Entire Year, as he makes fools of Trump Hopium Ed: ⭐ Well, Hal always says it a little stronger and louder than we dare. They are all standing there on the grassy knoll like twats awaiting JFK Junior as Q told them to. We would not be so rude as to say "no donations, no thought, no organization, no enthusiasm, no encouragement..." - but here we are. Other than our faithful donors & supporters, who did YOU last donate to? Encourage? Q?
10/04 18:09:34 What does the clock mean on WhatsApp- Is Facebook down- Here's why FB, Instagram and WhatsApp aren't working - The Scotsman Ed: 🤔 Unfortunately, Google, Youtube and Twitter, the other Luciferian outlets, are still up. It's been nearly 3 hrs now.. People are starting to discover there are other people on their commute..
09/24 21:01:09 LIVE- Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9-24-21 - YouTube 🤔 I tune in (no rush, obviously going to be boring until we get the summary) and the first thing I see is "Dr Shiva Ayyadurai"... UHGH!! A known conman who tried to claim (and patent) that he invented EMAIL!! You know, the one invented by the US military. Ps: He invented an APP called email that accesses email. WHY ARE WE ASSOCIATING WITH SUCH PEOPLE? Well that's one huge freebie for the Dems to pick up on. Beyond that, we are hearing WAFFLE again. Don't tell us how you did it (this is the umpteenth time we've heard this), tell us the result!!
09/17 21:08:39 What's happening in La Palma(Que) Ed: ❓%0A- People were advised to pack bags with documents and medicines;%0A- There are already shelters with medicine and food; %0A- The Spanish government sent planes for monitoring and rescues;%0A- Alarms underwent maintenance%0A Although the alert is yellow , orange measures were adopted
09/17 20:11:20 Pentagon Admit Drone Mistake Ed: ❓OK, then why did the Pentagon LIE and say there was a larger secondary explosion, so as to mislead us all into thinking it was packed with explosives, and that those explosives were what killed the civilians? WHO MADE THAT UP?
09/16 18:04:19 La Palma Tsunami Threat - Strong Harmonic Tremor - 10 cm Deformation -- Earthquake Swarm - L Ed: 🏮Earthquake Swarm - Hal says it like it is! This link takes you to the latest update (you may have to scroll back a fraction).
09/16 15:30:16 Earthquakes in La Palma Ed: 🔎 Officials have begun to distribute leaflets so the populace knows how to act if an eruption occurs. They seem eager to reassure people there are no cracks or deformations in the houses -- but the problem is it is all sitting atop a near vertical walled plinth 4km high from the seabed.
09/16 09:08:54 Involcan finds magma pool in Mt Cumbre Vieja 🏮 The Institute of Volcanology of the Canary Islands (Involcan) has located in La Palma a "small magmatic reservoir", approx 11 million cubic meters, inside Cumbre Vieja. The magma is concentrated in the same area where most of the earthquakes in the recent swarm are located and at a depth of between 6 and 7 kilometers. Qt: "it cannot be ruled out that the seismicity felt in the coming days will intensify, depending on the evolution of the activity."
09/15 15:38:45 LA PALMA'S LOCAL GOVERNMENT JUST ANNOUNCED EVACUATIONS PLANS ARE BEING READIED --Investment Watch 🔎Not evacuating yet, and also playing down the severity so as not to cause panic - eg: %0Athe operation preparing for a hypothetical eruption. We think that playing down may be as big a mistake as Biden ignoring the Taliban. We are watching live and it is steadily increasing. Regular earthquakes, such as Christchurch, do the opposite. They start with a bang then gradually see reduced aftershocks. This gradual increase spells MAGMA.
09/15 09:29:25 About 80 new tremors on La Palma throughout the night Ed: U;L🔴Among the "swarm" tremors at night, one was 3.1 on the Richter scale - felt by inhabitants and was very shallow of 1km!! - Translations, proof and Analysis on
09/10 10:39:25 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden Threatens to -Remove Governors- Who Oppose His Vaccine Demands; Civil War Now Likely Ed: 🏮Good old Hal has hyped that up .. or has he? Biden going Full Tyrant for sure... obviously the Cabal has used Australia as a testing ground to see if the people will comply. Big tough Ozzies fell like flies.
09/04 10:17:59 Pentagon says no contact made with Taliban, despite HUNDREDS of Americans left behind in Afghanistan - The Post Millennial Ed: ❓Was this how Biden delivers on getting the rest out with diplomacy? Pathetic!
09/03 21:33:41 THEY KNEW ALL ALONG Dinesh D'Souza Podcast Ep 168 Ed: 🔎Really a great round up of all the current issues.
09/03 09:48:19 Just business- Taliban are selling US equipment to Iran Ed: 🏮Biden, you gave the gift that just keeps giving.
09/02 16:30:06 The Troops Deserve Better - by Techno Fog - The Reactionary Ed: 🏮Politics meant the Taliban ran the checkpoints that allowed in the suicide bomber! What in the name of almighty? Article has other post mortem points too.
09/02 16:14:18 Footage emerges of 'Iranian army' moving US military gear - Ed: ⚡Soon they will know where to their weak points are, how to disable the engines with a well aimed bullet, what frequencies they use... Biden, you are owed a debt of gratitude - BY IRAN..
08/29 23:16:35 Afghanistan- Black Hawks and Humvees - military kit now with the Taliban - BBC News Ed: 🤔This makes me feel embarrassed to be Western. I blame Biden but more so the Chiefs. They did this deliberately (no one can be that incompetent and still draw breath). They can't say they were surprised as the Taliban had been taking over everywhere for weeks prior Kabul.
08/29 22:57:34 Turkey poised to recognize Taliban as Afghanistan's govt, expected to sign deal to operate Kabul airport after US exit - repo Ed: 🔎Erdogen (Turkey PM) understands strategic connections. This may also be good news for the remaining stranded. Turkey is moderate.
08/29 12:28:14 Afghans Begin Shake Down of Joe Biden- Offer to Extend Deadline if Biden Will Unfreeze Their Funds Ed: 🔎Well played someone - the Tentheads are on the backfoot. Yell' suspects their Humvees and copters etc are worthless to them, so they will be bought back at VERY cut down rates along with the safe passage of hostages.
08/29 12:14:59 U.S. Winds Down Afghanistan Evacuations As Last Troops Prepare To Withdraw Ed: 🤔Lets hope the dumb bastard Mil' planners have the with to circle the are with jet fighters as the last ones pull out. What a farce.
08/27 12:52:46 US 'blew up military equipment' ahead of troops withdrawal from Afghanistan Ed: 🎯This seems to be buried by all aspects of the media - Biden's regime obviously wanting to limit the criticism, but had to wait for an atrocity so as it did not appear like they were attacking.
08/26 11:42:39 No Americans Have Been Rescued Outside of Kabul- Pentagon Ed: 🏮We just created our own worst enemy - and then armed them!
08/25 16:01:20 Terrifying- Al Qaeda officially taken over Kabul's security Ed: 🔴There goes any last chance for 20K stranded Americans of hoping to leave Afghanistan by conventional commercial airline. Biden, Milley, Austen, CIA, FBI... Is their a brain cell among you? You now know what you have to do - INVADE THEM AGAIN! In no way will the world standby as they are slaughtered. Well done you twats.
08/25 15:53:32 War-Room - Twitter 🔴Usually quiet here but currently alive with a barrage of updates: Ukraine, Israel, interpreter shot on camera, Poles withdrawing from Kabul for security reasons, Tban blocking airport access, Taiwan Japan talks, more China fury, UK alerts over terror attack at Kabul...
08/25 13:51:43 WOW! Joe Biden's G7 Virtual Meeting Lasted Only 7 Minutes - Where He REFUSED Pleas to Extend His Evacuation Deadline Ed: 🔴What on earth is that man up to? Same kind of pig stubborn ignorance that got us here.
08/25 09:45:26 BREAKING- US Military Has Started Withdrawing From Afghanistan - Biden Turns His Back on Thousands of Americans Stranded Behi Ed: 🤔Very grim. One assumes he thinks Americans will not be executed (and can leave of their own accord later) which is why he prioritized West-helping Afghans. Gambler!
08/25 09:33:12 UK's Kabul Airlift to End in 36 Hours, Report Says as Biden Rejects Evacuation Deadline Extension - Sputnik International 🏮preposterous - PS: this is UK, not US. But surely this should be a united effort?
08/25 00:20:08 Biden Fails Border Wall Reset Ed: 📯Qt "failed to show ... was not arbitrary and capricious." - In other words, you screwed America out of Spite Biden
08/24 10:02:33 Ukrainian plane hijacked in Kabul --deputy minister - World - TASS Ed: ⚡Flown to Iran, Ukraine not interested in getting it back, sent another. Farce.
08/24 08:50:18 Hal Turner Radio Show - Arizona -Forensic Audit- - DELAYED . . . Again . . . . . Probably for weeks! Ed: 🔺As predicted. Excuse this time? Covid. Any mention of interim results? Nah. What a joke.
08/23 20:45:32 Taliban captures and executes well-known Afghan comedian - who told jokes as they dragged him away - Daily Mail Online Ed: 🔺Savages have no sense of humor.
08/23 17:25:10 75,000 U.S. military vehicles now in the hands of the Taliban, says watchdog group - KEYE Ed: 🔎Wrap your head around that!!
08/22 19:04:30 'UK failed to stand up to US over bungled Afghan withdrawal' Ed: 🏮All of our Western leaders need to join the queue for a good horsewhipping. Boris has common sense but is a lefty showing all the leadership of a melon. Easy for us plebs to say? We ALL saw this coming! But not the inbred elite. Now we need to fix this! No more excuses. GET BACK IN THERE AND THRASH THE SAVAGES! Out of principle alone!
08/22 13:31:13 It Begins. Former British Commander in Afghanistan Calls for Joe Biden's Court-Martial (VIDEO)
08/22 12:50:06 Be ready to go back Afghanistan, Russia is already doing it
08/22 12:47:35 US special operations forces race to save former Afghan comrades in jeopardy - ABC News
08/22 12:43:44 Pentagon hints US troops might begin operations OUTSIDE Kabul airport - Daily Mail Online
08/22 05:09:40 Pentagon Confirms Americans Have Been Beaten in Afghanistan
08/20 10:08:00 US Black Hawk Helicopters Captured by Taliban as 'Horrified' Senators Demand DOD Audit
08/19 17:19:50 'Active bomb threat investigation'- Evacuations on Capitol Hill after driver claims to have EXPLOSIVES in truck (WATCH LIVE) Ed: ⚡💥Washington BOMB THREAT livestreamer calls out Biden - "It's on you Joe"%0ARay Roseberry, the self-styled "patriot" threatening to detonate a bomb in his car which he reportedly says would level two blocks of buildings, has levelled his threat at President Biden.%0A"I'm here for a reason, Joe Biden. I'm here for the American people. If you wanna take me out, take me out. ... If you blow my truck up, it's on you Joe."%0ARoseberry had been livestreaming for 30 minutes from his car with FBI and snipers trained on him, but Facebook blocked his account and removed the video. It appears he had been planning the attack since May.%0ARoseberry has also reportedly claimed to be using coins as fragmentation to cause maximum damage, and has sensors on the car windows that will detonate the explosives if breached.
08/18 16:24:32 Exclusive- Space Force Officer, Punished After Denouncing Marxism, to Leave Military
08/18 04:11:01 Democrats to Probe Biden's Afghan Debacle as Republicans Demand Answers on Terrorism
08/16 18:15:11 As Afghanistan finger-pointing begins, Biden blames Trump and US intelligence say 'no one listened' to their warnings --RT US Ed: 💥🎥This is significant. The implication is the Military feels they are being hung out to dry by Biden and that it was literally ALL Biden's fault. Are the military honchos starting to SEE SENSE? The Coup unravels.
08/16 16:28:56 BREAKING- Jen Psaki TAKING NEXT WEEK OFF Amid Afghanistan Fiasco Where ya gonna turn Biden? Ps: WHERE ARE YOU? and WHERE IS Camal Harasser? actual automated response: "I will be out of the office from August 15th-August 22nd" ..
08/13 09:32:48 Mike Lindell PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED Last Night - Following Day 2 Of CYBER SYMPOSIUM
08/11 12:32:10 Brad Barton Citing Anon LEO- Trump Actually Never Left Office. (8-6-2021) --Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D- Ed: 🔎🎯⚡"I find the narrative credible and present them to you as the reader for further review and analysis." Dr Blumenthal
08/11 12:15:34 BREAKING- MIKE LINDELL GOES OFF AT SYMPOSIUM -- WHISTLEBLOWER'S OFFICE RAIDED -- Whistleblower Tina Peters Speaks Out (VIDEO) Ed: 🎯Great patriot!
08/05 17:14:19 Report- Attempted Iranian Hijacking in Gulf of Oman Thwarted by Vessel's Crew - Jewish & Israel News Ed: 😀%0AThey disabled its engines, to prevent diversion to Iran, & the hijackers fled ship on Wednesday as approached by US warships. The crew should be awarded medals. Very brave!
07/26 21:37:08 Joe Biggs letter from jail..--CITIZEN FREE PRESS Ed: ;;J🔴🔴Joe is on right. Ok, the word torture slightly exaggerated, but damn close to it. Crap food, crap bed. 4 hrs sleep a night. Allowed out 3x a month IF GOOD. Otherwise, no visitors, and in a bright white cold room for days (that IS torture). What the fuck is the matter with these sub humans?? Get all their names and put them down for neutering and at the very least the same level of suffering until they rot.
07/23 07:37:09 Porky Pig Cartoon Ending -That's All Folks!- - YouTube Ed: ☘Bye
07/23 04:26:12 Hal Turner Radio Show - U.S. Senate panel votes to make women register for draft Ed: ☘🥳"Those enemy soldiers will be very grateful to have your little girl as a prisoner of war." Hal Turner, you are a very naughty boy. Hal says if you keep voting Dem, that's what you get. We say, no one voted Dem. The cabal is giving the orders.
07/21 18:55:44 McCarthy Pulls All Picks After Pelosi Rejects Two Appointments, Jordan And Banks, To January 6 Commission - Conservative Brie Ed: 🔴The witch is back... WTF? But is this like "I don't like the way you fight, so I am going home". Pelosi's evil grin turns red with glee...
07/18 20:29:52 Active Shooter Outside Washington Nationals Game Causes Chaos Inside Stadium - Fans Take Cover Under Seats (VIDEO)
07/13 18:26:56 BOOM! Steve Bannon- Shot Heard Around the World Will Be Karen Fann's Letter to Maricopa County BOS -I Believe in the Next 10
07/12 02:42:05 UAE to Open Embassy in Israel on Wednesday as Historic Rapprochement Taking Place - Sputnik International Ed: 🔎🏮
07/06 12:22:02 Sexual Harassment Claims Rock Pro-Trump Arizona 'Audit' - Oliver Willis Ed: ❓🔴
07/04 19:26:11 Trump DROPS A BOMB on the Left- -I Wonder What I Will be Proved Right About Next, Perhaps it Will Be the Election-- -- VIDEO Ed: 🎥🎥
07/03 17:27:45 Israeli cargo ship hit by 'unknown weapon' in Indian Ocean - report - The Jerusalem Post Ed: ❓❓
07/01 10:13:11 Arizona election audit moving out of Coliseum, but process will continue -
06/30 16:39:55 Ex-Trump Aide Jason Miller Says Incoming Trump Org Charges 'Politically Terrible' for Dems
06/29 21:00:10 -Joe Biden Illegitimately Took Over- - President Trump's Spokeswoman Liz Harrington
06/25 19:46:00 Biden to Continue Lead US Contrary to Rumors of Trump Takeover, White House Says - Sputnik International
06/23 01:09:28 Trump Says It's 'Up to the Public' to Decide Whether He's Reinstated If Election Audits Prove Massive Fraud American Greatn
06/18 15:45:46 Telegram- Contact @bethmitchellchannel
06/16 18:31:07 Putin points to Jan. 6 Capitol riot when pressed on his widely panned human rights record - Washington Examiner
06/16 16:00:17 Watch LIVE- Pres. Joe Biden holds summit with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin in Geneva (2021) - YouTube
06/16 12:27:00 Political News and Conservative Analysis About Congress, the President, and the Federal Government - Washington Examiner
06/16 12:20:05 Putin arrives in Geneva for talks with Biden - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS
06/14 18:04:33 EARTH SHATTERING NEWS ABOUT JAN 6!!!! - YouTube
06/13 13:46:45 Trump wishes Biden 'good luck' before he meets with Putin - The BL
06/11 09:14:15 Boris Johnson, Former Trump Ally, Calls Joe Biden 'Breath of Fresh Air' Ahead of G7
06/10 08:59:28 Air Force One flies over Wales as President Joe Biden arrives in Cornwall for G7 Summit - Wales Online
06/09 13:38:13 Arizona Audit- Hand Recount Expected to End This Week
06/06 14:11:48 Trump considers 'very interesting' plan to become Speaker and impeach Biden as president - indy100
06/05 21:21:14 Donald Trump 'will rip into embattled Dr Fauci at North Carolina -comeback- rally' - Daily Mail Online
06/05 11:35:41 Trump Eyes Congress Run to Become Speaker and Impeach Biden
06/05 10:11:13 Smugglers Openly Advertise Illegal Border Crossings on Facebook
05/31 21:12:53 Army vet reacts to Kamala Harris taking heat for Memorial Day tweet - YouTube
05/31 11:57:38 Egyptian Officials Accuse Ever Given's Captain of Losing Control of Ship in Suez Canal - WSJ
05/28 16:04:52 US removes Xiaomi from communist Chinese military designation - War Is Boring
05/26 10:23:44 Insider
05/25 14:21:33 TASS Russian News Agency
05/24 12:00:43 Rebel News Reporter Fined $1440 For Reporting on Freedom Rally in Ontario and -Shaking Hands- with Attendees (VIDEO)
05/22 12:09:32 Donald Trump's Arrangement With The Secret Service Is Raising Eyebrows
05/21 01:38:19 Democrats brace for defeat of Jan. 6 commission, eye option of go-it-alone probe - Washington Times
05/20 10:19:19 Biden Annoyed at Lack of Enthusiasm From Coast Guard Cadets- -You Are a Really Dull Class - Come on, Man!- (VIDEO)
05/20 08:58:02 7 Oregon Counties That Voted for Trump Voted to Secede to Idaho
05/17 21:05:29 Telegram- Contact @SidneyPowell
05/17 15:11:49 Trump's Defense Secretary Chris Miller says aim in final days of administration was to avoid 'coup' - Daily Mail Online
05/16 05:59:04 Could Russian Submarines Be Tampering With Undersea Cables- - The National Interest
05/15 04:22:23 Don Lemon Announces Departure From 'CNN Tonight' (Video)
05/09 14:35:21 In January Gateway Pundit Reported on How China was Colluding with Bidens and Sharing Info on How to Defeat Donald Trump -- T
05/09 10:00:57 China says debris from its Long March rocket landed in the ocean
05/08 11:55:47 US military predicts time, place of Chinese rocket debris crash- Report - All you need to know - Hindustan Times
05/06 21:55:01 Biden's DOJ Won't Leave AZ Audit Alone - Doug TenNapel Unleashed - YouTube
05/04 00:54:38 Bill and Melinda Gates Are Divorcing After 27-Year Marriage
05/02 19:40:52 Rudy Giuliani Raid- Trump Allies Living in Fear, Report Says
05/02 14:44:22 Rudy Giuliani joins Tucker for first TV interview since FBI raid - YouTube
04/30 20:59:57 Pentagon cancels border wall construction projects - Daily Mail Online
04/19 20:29:03 Israeli Military Officials Unite in Opposition to Biden Admin's Iran Deal - Washington Free Beacon
04/14 13:02:15 Minnesota Police Arrest 60 for Rioting and Other Crimes in Continued Unrest Following Daunte Wright Shooting
04/13 11:16:16 Daunte Wright shooting- Dozens arrested in fresh unrest in Minnesota - BBC News
04/09 10:54:26 Details of sweeping effort to counter China emerge in U.S. Senate - Reuters
03/27 20:43:21 Remember, Trump stacked the Pentagon with loyalists (1)
03/27 20:43:02 Remember, Trump stacked the Pentagon with loyalists (2)
03/27 20:42:46 Remember, Trump stacked the Pentagon with loyalists (3)
03/18 15:55:11 Milwaukee Judge and President of Drag Queen Story Hour Group Arrested, Charged With Child Pornography - Big League Politics - Big League Politics
03/11 18:28:33 Biden's 1st prime-time speech to reflect on 1 year since pandemic shutdowns, challenges ahead - ABC News
03/10 14:51:39 Navy ordering all sailors to re-swear oath to constitution in extremism stand-down - American Military News
03/10 13:00:58 Hal Turner Radio Show - Massive Cyber-Attack Hits Russia; U.S.A. Suspected
03/09 10:04:54 Biden Admin Officials Had Roles in Probes, Surveillance of Trump Campaign
03/07 22:45:59 Steve Bannon Announces A Transition To A Harris Presidency - Republican Story
03/06 13:27:22 Hal Turner Radio Show - Line Items From COVID -Stimulus Bill- - You could have gotten $6k, but YOU only get $1400; Here's where the rest is going . . -
03/05 18:39:04 Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America (Mexico Border)
03/02 12:17:15 Hal Turner Radio Show - Senator Mitt Romney Displaying Black Eye, Stitches
02/27 15:14:10 A Statement from General Flynn- America First, Election Integrity and Get Involved - UncoverDC
02/23 09:49:22 Joe Biden Iran outreach backfires, pressure builds - Washington Times
02/17 17:26:43 CNN, NBC Paid Antifa Activist for Footage From Capitol Breach
02/10 10:30:15 Brigitte Gabriel on Twitter- -Let's impeach Barack Obama for fun in 2023 -- he lied about Benghazi, spied on Trump's campaign
02/10 09:18:42 Burma Junta Cracks Down on Crowds Defying Protest Ban
02/08 19:38:07 Just In- Republicans Have Gained Another Seat In The House - The True Reporter
02/08 12:16:48 Katie Hopkins- WATCH BIDEN BOO'D AT THE SUPERBOWL - YouTube
02/06 09:54:15 Fox News Cancels Lou Dobbs' Weekday Business Show
02/04 09:48:11 Parler dismisses its CEO, John Matze - YouTube
02/04 09:46:59 Parler - Wikipedia
02/01 12:14:33 Democrats Just Changed Their Minds On COVID-19 Now That Biden Is In Office - YouTube
01/31 10:42:38 Lin Wood Answers- What's Going On with Joe Biden's Executive Orders- - YouTube
01/30 19:46:47 Growing Evidence From January 6th Is DESTROYING "Incitement" Case Against Trump - The True Defender !
01/30 15:43:42 Illinois Governor Sending 500 National Guard Troops to Washington
01/30 10:11:48 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Publishes Statement Addressing the Mob That's Trying to 'Take Her Out'
01/27 17:56:39 Pompeo Calls on Biden to Acknowledge CCP's Role in Pandemic After Memo Release
01/27 12:35:07 Biden raises election meddling with Putin in first phone call - BBC News
01/24 19:51:33 Biden, quit clowning around - Benny Johnson - YouTube
01/22 16:28:40 Trump Continues to 'Have the Ability' to Lead the Republican Party- GOP House Leader - The True Defender !
01/22 11:35:21 Hal Turner Radio Show - It only took 24 Hours- US Sends MAJOR Convoys Into Syria; Russian Moving Convoys to Intercept!
01/19 14:00:36 Rep. Collins explodes, gets standing ovation in impeachment debate - YouTube
01/19 12:59:33 Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz on TRUMP LAW! - YouTube
01/19 11:40:59 Trump's 1776 Commission Calls for National Unity Around America's Founding Values
01/16 22:00:42 Mexican president vows 'proposal' for social media censorship, compares it to Spanish Inquisition
01/16 13:17:28 MyPillow CEO Visits Trump in Oval Office Carrying Mysterious Notes
01/16 04:43:28 Lou Dobbs Tonight Breaking Trump News Jan 15, 2021 - YouTube
01/16 04:33:22 What Happens When a Highly Regarded Prosecutor Joins Trump World - Just Ask John Durham - David X. Sullivan for U.S. Congress
01/16 04:00:47 Situation Update, Jan. 15th, 2021 - DECLASS begins, CNN complicit in capitol raid Ed: Allegations of CNN at Capitol, Declassification mania, US Coast Guard searching for China weapons, Dirty bomb threat.
01/15 23:22:09 Trump team will blame China lab for growing Covid-19 - Daily Mail Online
01/15 19:50:57 See Coronavirus Restrictions and Mask Mandates for All 50 States - The New York Times
01/15 19:45:40 Pentagon Chief- US Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan Reduced to 2,500
01/15 19:43:22 Covid- UK to close all travel corridors from Monday - BBC News
01/15 14:51:19 Hilton- 'Cruel culture of class contempt' something you only see from left - YouTube
01/15 13:42:07 Did Trump commit a crime by exhorting the crowds on Jan. 6- - Washington Times
01/15 13:32:57 Trump impeachment, Democrats' incitement claim undercut by evidence of planned attack on Capitol - Washington Times
01/15 11:11:18 John Sullivan, leftist activist, arrested, charged in Capitol riot - Washington Times
01/13 23:11:13 Patrick Byrne on CCP Election Interference- 'This Was an Act of War' - Focus Talk - YouTube
01/13 18:50:27 Airbnb to Ban People Linked with 'Violent Activities' Ahead of Inauguration
01/13 17:12:33 Rep. Jason Crow- GOP colleagues are scared they'll be killed if they vote for impeachment - Washington Times
01/13 14:04:27 Poof- The day President Trump's entire legacy disappeared forever - Washington Times
01/13 10:16:32 Ep. 1433 A Plan To Preserve Liberty - The Dan Bongino Show - YouTube
01/13 10:04:05 I won't stand for this - Greg Kelly - YouTube
01/13 00:53:22 Supreme Court Won't Fast-Track Remaining Lawsuits Challenging Presidential Election Results
01/12 19:40:55 President Trump speaks before his trip to the Southern Border wall - YouTube
01/12 14:19:06 Trump and Pence Signal President Won't Resign or Be Removed -
01/12 11:59:39 Open Letter to President Donald Trump - Catholic Family News
01/12 11:46:15 Trump Approves Emergency Declaration in Washington
01/12 10:49:43 After frosty few days, Pence, Trump appear to reach dtente Donald Trump President pence Vice President capitol - The Independent
01/12 00:52:32 LINDELL- TRUMP will be PRESIDENT! - YouTube
01/11 22:55:50 Protest Alert Spans All 50 States -
01/11 21:13:23 Supreme Court denies expedited hearings for election challenges by Trump, allies - Fox News
01/11 19:03:17 Republican Blocks House From Bringing up 25th Amendment Resolution
01/11 16:36:42 House impeachment resolution accuses Trump of 'incitement of insurrection' --RT USA News
01/11 16:36:09 Hacker reveals massive Parler data leak- ALL users' messages, location info and even driver's licenses may have been exposed
01/11 16:29:02 Trump Not Resigning, Will 'Not Leave the Public Stage at All-' Gaetz
01/11 16:08:09 Infographic- China's 2020 Election Interference
01/11 15:36:34 There is no longer a free and open social media platform for any American to get on
01/11 15:18:40 Fox's Dan Bongino- "This fight's coming to your door, folks. Get ready. You can't avoid it" - Media Matters for America
01/10 12:09:52 Amazon to take Parler offline - Washington Times
01/10 12:08:00 ACLU raises concerns amid Trump Twitter ban - Washington Times
01/10 11:50:32 Kirstie Alley condemns Twitter for banning Trump in series of tweets - Fox News
01/10 01:31:04 Graham Says He Is 'More Determined' to Roll Back Protections for Big Tech After Twitter Bans Trump
01/10 01:29:52 Texas Attorney General Vows to Fight Big Tech Censorship with Everything He's Got
01/10 01:29:36 Attorney Sidney Powell Now Suspended from Twitter - Joins the Growing List of Trump Supporters Being Silenced
01/10 01:28:27 Trump Campaign Banned From EMAILING Supporters After Being Suspended By Mail Service Provider
01/09 18:07:07 Left-wing Activist Encouraged Intruders Inside Capitol, Urged Police to Leave Post
01/09 17:58:32 Nikki Haley Likens Trump Twitter Ban to Act of Chinese Communist Party
01/09 13:20:26 'Cancel culture has to stop'- CNN journo gets taste of PC mob for daring to recognize Trump took 'different tone' on Capitol
01/09 13:19:17 'We will not be SILENCED!' Trump tweets from official @POTUS account after ban, posts scrubbed within minutes --RT USA News
01/08 18:40:57 BLM activist inside Capitol claims he was 'documenting' riots, once said 'burn it all down' - Fox News
01/06 18:27:04 Pence- Constitution 'Constrains Me' From Rejecting Electoral Votes
01/06 13:34:37 Did a CNN Host Have a Slip of the Tongue Moment Covering the Georgia Runoffs-
01/06 13:31:47 Trump Slams Reports Pence Will Certify Election Results
01/06 13:14:30 WATCH- Trump supporters berate Mitt Romney, brand him 'traitor' on packed flight to DC --RT USA News
01/06 10:57:07 Full List- 77 Representatives, 13 Senators Pledge to Object to Electoral Votes
01/06 10:20:29 Video- What the Constitution Says About the Jan 6 Electoral Votes--nterview With Rick Green
01/06 00:42:39 Mike Pence pressured to reject Electoral College results - Washington Times
01/06 00:40:09 Georgia Senate election- Outcome on knife-edge as polls close - BBC News
01/05 23:43:07 BREAKING EXCLUSIVE- Evidence China Was Colluding with the Bidens and Providing Information on How to Defeat President Trump i
01/05 23:32:59 President Trump Sends Message to Democrats and RINO Republicans- 'Thousands Pouring Into DC Won't Stand for Stolen Election'
01/05 21:30:57 Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Is Doing a Helluva Job Convincing People He's Not Insane
01/05 20:15:58 Georgia senators ask Pence to delay vote count; Biden touts $2,000 checks if Dems win runoff - NTD - YouTube
01/05 19:58:40 Trump- Hillary's real quiet now - YouTube
01/05 18:50:29 Trump- Pence 'Has the Power to Reject Fraudulently Chosen Electors'
01/05 17:37:21 Proud Boys leader to appear in court as DC preps for pro-Trump rallies, Electoral College certification - Fox News
01/05 17:19:16 Georgia Senate runoffs- Stars try to seal the deal - Washington Times
01/05 17:18:25 Josh Hawley blasts 'Antifa scumbags' who held protest at his home with wife, baby inside - Washington Times
01/05 15:48:54 VIOLENT LEFTIST MOB Swarms and Attacks Senator Hawley's DC Home -- Pounding on Door, Screaming Threats -- Terrorizing His Wif
01/05 15:45:06 Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Arrested Leaving D.C. Area Airport on Way to Stop the Steal Rallies ...Update- Charged With
01/05 10:56:05 Trump team responds to leaked GA Sec. State call; Sen. Cotton faces backlash from Trump & supporters - YouTube
01/05 10:39:43 Peter Navarro, Director of the White House National Trade Council, Addresses in the Oval Office before U.S. President Donald Trump Signs Executive Orders Regarding Trade on March 31, 2017 4 Trump- 'I Hope Mike Pence Comes Through for Us'
01/05 10:33:59 Sen. Kelly Loeffler to Object to Electoral College Certification Process
01/05 10:33:52 Georgia State Senators Call on Pence to Delay Jan. 6 Electoral Vote
01/04 19:46:20 Report- White House Planning to Refer Brad Raffensperger to Secret Service for Investigation Under the Espionage Act
01/04 14:07:50 Traitors gate 2008 Seven Days in January- All Living Former Secretaries of Defense Warn Trump Over Election Fight
01/03 23:50:38 IT'S HAPPENING- Arizona GOP Electors File Motion to Intervene in Maricopa Case for FULL Audit - Gab Times
01/03 17:57:06 RSBN Radio By Maximus Ep 005- Cruz Control - YouTube
01/03 17:50:00 Meadows- Over 100 House Members Plan to Object to Electoral Votes
01/03 17:10:49 Jovan Pulitzer's Testimony at Georgia hearing
01/03 17:10:11 Deaths Reported After Taking COVID Vaccine; California Has Worst Virus Spread in US
01/03 17:08:58 Reed on Twitter- -@tedcruz There's been dozens of court cases, audits, recounts, ballot verifications, and more. There has be
01/03 17:06:02 Peter Navarro official photo (cropped) -THE ART OF THE STEAL- - Peter Navarro Goes OFF
01/03 14:07:47 Sidney Powell Releases a KRAKEN STORM! - YouTube
01/03 11:58:43 Pence Welcomes Efforts by Lawmakers to Object to Electoral College Votes on Jan. 6
01/02 13:15:43 Donald Trump (8566717881) 'Massive Amounts of Evidence Will Be Presented' on Jan. 6- Trump
12/30 17:25:00 Explosion-155624 icon Hawley Becomes First Senator Committed to Challenging Electoral College Results
12/29 11:59:57 Kimona - FIRE AT PRINTING COMPANY where they Printed Ballots ... WE'RE TOO BUSY with Nashville
12/24 11:58:49 GNU Christmas card simple 'Patently false'- Pentagon fires back at Joe Biden as fight over transition meetings turns ugly - Washington Times
12/23 18:18:23 Some Republican Senators Are on Board With Electoral College Challenge- Rep. Taylor-Greene
12/22 10:46:09 United States Capitol Building All Eyes on Congress as Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Electoral Votes
12/21 10:30:45 Peter Navarro official photo (cropped) White House adviser Peter Navarro endorses postponing Georgia election - Washington Times
12/20 21:14:52 Michael Flynn (30020745053) Michael Flynn Drops a BOMBSHELL - -Other Countries Were Watching...-
12/20 12:34:27 Donald Trump (8566730507) (2) Trump Praises Navarro Report on Alleged Election Irregularities
12/20 12:34:12 CNN Claims that President Trump is Considering Martial Law, Here's Why He SHOULD
12/20 11:59:26 Lin Wood by Gage Skidmore -Chief Justice John Roberts Is Corrupt and Should Resign Immediately- - Attorney Lin Wood GOES SCORCHED EARTH on SCOTUS Chief
12/20 11:58:51 BREAKING- Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship with Chinese Spy Fang Fang - McCarthy Says Swalwell Should 'Not be on Intel' Commi
12/19 21:23:07 Legal wigs today SCOTUS are showing ''Moral Cowardice''! Newsmax - YouTube
12/19 10:11:37 Tucker Carlson blames George Soros for rapes, murders, prompting fresh call for advertiser boycott - Washington Times
12/18 17:53:19 Joe Biden (48573573437) BREAKING BIG- Pentagon Halts Biden Transition Defense Briefings -- Biden Team Caught Off Guard
12/18 15:52:36 Explosion-155624 icon Recount Confirms Trump Won Michigan County That Reported Biden Win on Election Night
12/15 20:33:37 Joe Biden - Caricature (21949842106) Joe Biden urged to use executive authority to enact agenda - Washington Times
12/15 20:20:45 Donald Trump (25655543042) Michigan Lawyer- Trump Should Take Action After Voting Machine Audit in Antrim County
12/15 13:05:40 Editorial- At This Critical Time, President Trump Should Take Action
12/15 09:49:49 Arizona Senate Judiciary Chair Is Seizing Voting Machines for Forensic Audit
12/14 17:25:54 Security Group That Audited Dominion Voting Machines Declares Them a 'National Security Issue'
12/14 16:05:26 US Cybersecurity Agency Issues Emergency Directive Over SolarWinds Hack
12/12 21:46:23 Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis say Donald Trump 'not finished' after Supreme Court setback - Washington Times
12/12 07:32:56 Rudy Giuliani Trump's Legal Team Considering Alternate Options After Supreme Court Rejects Texas Election Suit
12/11 14:16:33 Youtube comment on Yellings - This is OPPRESSION
12/10 23:44:26 Biden inauguration prep rejected by committee; Lawmaker threatens to subpoena Dominion CEO - NTD - YouTube
12/10 16:30:53 Donald Trump tells White House guests he'll win election with help from 'very important people' - Washington Times
12/09 17:14:15 Allen West- Seven States Will Join Texas in SCOTUS Lawsuit Against Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
12/08 23:37:38 Inauguration Committee Fails to Pass Resolution Acknowledging Biden as President-Elect
12/08 23:37:23 BREAKING- Dirty Judge Sullivan Finally Dismisses Case Against General Flynn Following Trump Pardon
12/08 22:51:16 The EMERGENCY APPEAL- Sidney Powell - YouTube
12/08 10:20:31 House to Vote on Dec. 9 on Stopgap Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown - Counter Globalist News
12/07 23:06:38 Mark Levin warns of 'constitutional crisis' unless SCOTUS addresses Pa. election debacle - Washington Times
12/07 17:55:24 Agents Raid Home in Maricopa County in Voter-Data Theft Investigation --Confiscate 8 Hard Drives, 3 Computers and a Bag of USB Sticks - David Harris Jr-
12/07 12:59:14 William Barr - Caricature (47098247912) Jeanine Pirro rips Bill Barr as swamp creature, as U.S. divide grows deeper - Washington Times
12/07 10:33:56 Rudy Giuliani (49276389536) Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted to hospital with Covid-19 - BBC News
12/07 10:09:11 Voter Rights Group Notifies DOJ of Pakistani Link With Nevada Election Email System
12/07 00:55:36 BREAKING- Protest Erupts In Front Of Radical MI Sec of State Jocelyn Benson's Home After Lawmakers Discover All MI County Clerks Were Ordered to Delete All Election Related Data From Computers [VIDEO]
12/06 19:55:34 Joe Biden - Caricature (5598256902) Biden vote fraud claims hit ONE MILLION in five key states, independent investigator says - World - News -
12/06 15:11:31 Leo Terrell Just Watched Trump's GA Rally, and Has a Sobering Message For Dems and RINOs... -
12/06 13:59:59 Breaking- GEORGE SOROS Appoints Lord Mark Malloch Brown - The Former President of Smartmatic - to Lead Open Society Foundation
12/06 13:59:47 WATCH- Multiple Brawls Break Out Between Trump Supporters and Antifa in Olympia, Militant Leftist Puts Out Desperate Call for Backup on Twitter
12/06 13:57:58 Electoral College Deadlines Not 'Set In Stone'- Election Integrity Watchdog
12/06 13:57:53 Trump Says He Will Win Georgia If 'Simple Signature Verification' Conducted
12/06 12:03:00 Trump Proposes 'Landmark Election Reform' and Overhaul of Election Security Systems
12/05 23:19:03 THE KRAKEN- 'We'll be back in court' - YouTube
12/05 21:12:47 What's Going On with the Server Reportedly Obtained in Germany Related to the 2020 Election-
12/04 20:37:39 Voting Machines Are a Totalitarian Tool Dressed in a Coat of Democracy- Ex-intelligence Official
12/04 11:40:15 IT'S GONNA GET REAL - REAL SOON- President Trump Still Has More Paths (13) to Win 2020 Election Than Biden (10)
12/04 11:38:16 -This May Be the Most Important Speech I've Ever Made- - President Trump Gives Address on Fraud Allegations
12/03 23:27:09 Ex-CIA Officer Alleges That Election Irregularities Could Be Part of a Big Scheme
12/03 22:07:21 Donald J. Trump -Statement by the President of the United States - facebook
12/03 21:51:54 Donald J. Trump -Statement by the President of the United States - Twitter
12/03 16:25:50 Giuliani appears with witnesses alleging voter fraud in heated Michigan hearing - Fox News
12/03 15:11:58 LIVE- Georgia Senate Committees Hold Hearings on Election Issues
12/03 10:01:05 Trump Calls for 'Full Forensic Audit' of Mail-In Ballots
12/03 10:00:51 Trump- Election System 'Under Coordinated Assault and Siege'
12/02 21:46:47 DOJ responds to no widespread election fraud claim; Michigan poll challenger speaks about Dominion - YouTube
12/02 21:06:02 This is the 'Red Wave' - Darrell Issa - YouTube
12/02 12:46:49 'Nothing is off the table'- Here's what happens next - Matt Gaetz - YouTube
12/01 20:58:05 Trump Ballots Defaulted and Switched to Biden Votes on Dominion System- Maricopa GOP Chairwoman
12/01 20:57:51 Up to 280,000 Ballots 'Disappeared' After Being Transported From NY to Pennsylvania- Amistad Project Director
12/01 20:57:42 Illegal Money-for-Votes Raffles Conducted in Several States in 2020 Election
12/01 20:54:09 Arizona State Rep Issues Call to Withhold State's Electoral College Votes to Joe Biden Due to Significant Evidence of Fraud
12/01 15:48:11 26 PA House Republicans call for withdrawing certification of presidential electors
11/30 20:38:25 Ex-Trump Campaign Aide Matt Braynard - FBI Has Requested Illegal Ballot Data from him
11/30 20:37:53 Trump on Election Fraud- The DOJ and FBI Are 'Missing in Action'
11/30 20:36:15 Georgia's Fulton County Recount Delayed After Dominion Server Crash
11/29 18:14:09 Michigan Judge Who Tossed Pro-Trump Voter Fraud Suit Caught Releasing Child Molesters
11/28 17:24:26 TRUMP SNAPS AT REPORTER- President Trump SLAMS MEDIA For -Disrespectful- Question - YouTube
11/28 12:28:47 Ohio Elections Chief Certifies Results of 2020 General Election in Favor of Trump
11/28 10:56:11 Dominion software manipulated votes -- 289K in Michigan, 96K in Georgia, lawsuits claim - Washington Times
11/28 10:45:07 Trump slams Twitter 'false' trends and demands repeal of section 230 - Daily Mail Online
11/27 17:05:17 Dominion REFUSED to Testify Before PA House Committee Today -- Lawyered Up Instead
11/27 15:02:56 Levin thanks Lawyers fighting for Trump, blasts "know-nothing legal analysts" smearing them
11/26 00:48:51 Pennsylvania election certification process blocked by federal judge - The Post Millennial
11/26 00:30:45 Pennsylvania Judge Blocks State From Certifying Election Results - gateway
11/25 18:22:46 Hard-to-find 2020 election fraud stories and links - Sharyl Attkisson
11/25 13:20:40 TREASON- GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China in covid supplies kickback and money laundering schemes --source
11/25 13:17:39 The Kraken Will Be Released in Georgia! Lin Wood Says Major Lawsuit Announced Tomorrow-
11/25 09:53:44 Texas still seeing red - Latest News - Mike Huckabee
11/25 09:38:35 BREAKING- Trump and Sidney Powell Issue a Warning That Has Governor Kemp Clutching His Pearls -
11/25 09:30:55 Georgia's Rebel Congresswoman Makes an Announcement on the Recount That'll Have You Cheering -
11/24 14:25:57 Lin Wood Video camera subpeona ;('Water Leak' Used to 'Stop Vote Counting)
11/24 14:21:57 REVEALED- Biden UN, State Dept Picks Are Documented Chinese Communist Party Consultants
11/24 14:21:25 Lin Wood Video camera subpeona
11/24 14:08:45 Breaking- President Trump Scores Two Big Wins - One in Michigan and One in Pennsylvania
11/24 11:50:56 JUST IN- Third Circuit Court of Appeals Grants Expedited Review For Team Trump's Appeal in Pennsylvania
11/24 09:42:05 TWO FRONTS- Ellis Says Sidney Powell Will Build Case Against Dominion While Campaign Exposes Democrat Voter Fraud - National File
11/23 15:23:13 McEnany- We Have To Take Election To The Supreme Court To Expose -Systemic Voter Fraud- - Video - RealClearPolitics
11/23 14:18:58 While You Were Focused on The Kraken, the Senate Continued Confirming Trump Federal Judges
11/23 02:21:58 Pernnsylvania ruling - to the US Supreme Court
11/22 15:39:13 Sidney Powell- It will be BIBLICAL - YouTube
11/22 14:00:31 Trump Lawyers- PA Lawsuit Dismissal Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court
11/22 13:56:22 Never Trumper Jonah Goldberg- Trump 'Is Trying to Steal' the Election
11/21 17:53:17 Law Firm Kirkland and Ellis Withdraws From Representing Pennsylvania Secretary of State After One of its Associates Threatened Trump Attorney
11/21 13:08:11 Christina Bobb- Summary of the current state & Trump's likely court victories - YouTube
11/18 13:39:12 Trump Tweet 1
11/18 08:59:59 Sidney Powell Updates on Developments in Key States..- The Last Refuge
11/13 13:47:29 The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared "National Emergency" that set an Election Day trap for the "un
11/09 17:05:35 IT'S THE CONSTITUTION STUPID! Mark Levin - Kristi Noam School The Media - YouTube
00/00 12:09:12 1000 s MORE....

March To Capitol Hill, Jan 6, 2021

On 12 Jan 2021, Gateway ran this story... Who Is Behind the Planned "Armed March on Capitol Hill" and Is It a Deep State Plot?

And then they referred to this poster for January 17th ..

OK. We get it. No one likes violence. Everyone wants to follow the rule of law as a non-violent arbitration process rooted in centuries of legal precedent. This is all besides the fact there will be fierce armed resistance, so it seems that such a march would lead to a mini civil war.

Our point is this. Don't Americans have a right to bear arms? Don't Americans have a right to ASSEMBLE and to MARCH?

And did the legal route work? NO IT DID NOT!!! In each legal action brought, IT WAS DENIED ON STANDING! The evidence was Prima Facie, statistical, and bursting out of Affidavit folders.

But they did not even LOOK AT IT.


THEY broke the law. Chief Justice John Roberts (whose name coincidentally categorically appears on Jeffrey Epstein's private jet flight logs) and his witless cronies DENIED Justice and in doing so WROTE THEMSELVES OUT of being a part of the legal machine.

"Who says protests have to be peaceful" - Chris Cuomo
"There needs to be unrest in the streets" -  Ayanna Pressley
"Protesters should not give up" - Kamala Harris
"I just don't know why they aren't uprising  all over this country" - Nancy Pelosi
"You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome" Maxine W

Let's face it, the constitution was by "We the people" FOR "We the people". You tell 'em! Chief Justice John Roberts is sacked by "We The People" for making up law as he goes along, deciding to deny standing for no coherent reason. Chief Justice John Roberts has rendered himself illegitimate and is now a nobody.

So should a nation just sit there and take it?

Well we STILL ask for peaceful protest, especially at this time. We hope you do. Soon, from the 20th, you will know what to do.

Jan 20 - The window of opportunity has gone.

With decision time having passed on the 6th Jan, and with "Judas" Pence proving to be a coward, having utterly pulled the plug on a peaceful means of arbitration, nothing is off the table. To those who thought Biden won at the polls, those who we respectfully say are ignorant of the rising challenge to a massively flawed election, you are in a gas-lit bubble of censored, twisted and regulated information.

To those we say, look around you - you are living through the greatest episode of fraud, deceit, and lies ever seen.
Step out of your bubble and take the red pill.

The classic blue pill bubble talk goes like this
"There's been dozens of court cases, audits, recounts, ballot verifications, and more. There has been ZERO evidence of widespread fraud." - linked here. To you we say.. Trump has lost ZERO cases because the law DENIED STANDING in every case, even right up to and including SCOTUS. The Media and Tech have erased or shadow banned all the evidence - they speak as if it never existed. We have reams of it on this site, videos recovered from YouTube erasures, etc. Even the FBI and CIA have given their time to multiple futile investigations of Trump (and none of Biden). You are witnessing perhaps the biggest fraud in history.

Jan 6th

Newsmax reporter during Mayhem on Jan 6th:
"They have been denied a hearing, they have been denied standing, and this is their last resort."
(Or words to that effect)

RIP HERO Ashli Babbitt - died in action to save the constitution

The media, the Tech, the Law, the FBI, the CIA, the RINOs .. have ALL BETRAYED THE PEOPLE.




Jan 6 2021


Jan 20 2021