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Prepping and Practical Actions (updated 3/05)

Available topics

  1. Prepping and Practical Actions (updated 3/05)
  2. War
    1. War that could affect food supplies, travel, internet and other free communications, is one blink away.
      1. Why Worry about War?
    2. Prepping
      1. General Self Security Suggestions
      2. Extreme Prepper Suggestions:
    3. Finances
    4. Communications (Abrev Coms or Comms)
      1. Start a New VPN Network
      2. Operating Systems
      3. Extreme Comms
        1. Here's a range of Invisible Coms:
    5. And as a bonus..
      1. Safe News, Commentary & Opinions
      2. Safe(ish) Searches
    6. Protests
      1. Simple Protests:
      2. Drones:
  3. CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Intro
  4. Directory of Censored Sources with Alternate Links
  5. Miscellany
    1. If ever there was a need to ACT NOW..
      1. You are being invaded by a standing army on US Soil RIGHT NOW
    2. Opening Session of the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples Court of Public Opinion
    3. Lin Woods Call to Action 27th Feb 2021
  6. Feeds and Link Tiles that are useful or show Action is urgent...
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CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Full
It is no exaggeration now to say that you have suffered a coup. This website is hosted in the UK but because the name servers are global, we suggest keep the following alternate means of communication...
In the event of Biden inviting Nuclear War(see here and our breaking), see our Extreme Prepper Suggestions just below. Remember - 'Can't sit back': Actor Kevin Sorbo says biggest threat to conservatism is apathy | Just The News
Great Video if not a little idealistic(earlier vid moved)

We ask for you to become a custodian to access our
high quality prepping & survival suggestions.
This requires a very small donation of $10 a month or $100 one off per year.

Being a
custodian gives you special privileges.

But it's not all behind a paywall...
CSU or Charitable Structured Union

We will email ALL the below + updates for just $10 a month for the lot!
We are not in this for profit. We just need a certain amount to live on.
At yellings, we are all engineers and business people -
- we know what you want and need to survive.

Money is no good to you when things go down. It is wisely invested in information.
We are fighting to survive and bring you this information.
Thank you for your understanding and support!
We are a sucker for sad news, so if you cannot afford to, tell us why, and we will send it to you anyway!


War that could affect food supplies, travel, internet and other free communications, is one blink away.

Why Worry about War?

We know it is best to stay positive most of the time, but this is not one of those times. We've been studying the situation and see the writing on the wall "in every direction". Note: We are very confident that cities will not be attacked so no need to stress. That would create an uninhabitable mess, and probably end life on earth as we know it. Not even the evil underbelly of the Cabal wants that. We are also confident however, that unless escalation can be contained, nukes may be used strategically -- especially on armadas, amassed troops, military infrastructure, nuclear ICBM silos.

The Audits are NOT going to save us (not in time at least). They are yet just another delay while China Joe's EU Davos Cabal increases its grip. But also, he will want Distraction War for numerous reasons, but mainly to keep the military completely preoccupied and unable to do anything domestically and to distract from the audits.

We've seen Rudy's career getting wrecked without trial, we see people in jail in DC without charge, we see mass ignorance as to the coup. Between now and July 10th, NATO and Russia are playing "Chicken". NATO has been reported by covert intel (which is not necessarily gospel) to intend to invade Russia's territorial waters (because NATO considers it Ukraine's waters). Not only that, as we just said, China Joe has every motivation. If they do, we predict war. It may not spread, it may not be as expected, but it is right now one blink away.

Knowing all this, you should see that when two powers are confronting each other, when your freedoms are already in peril, we are ALREADY at war. Does it matter if there are people dying or not? They are busy posturing and threatening. The point is that the threat of war is extremely high until spring 2022 and perhaps beyond. Things will calm down, but until this coup is resolved, the threat of war and totalitarianism remains.


See also Communications section below(here). IT(Info tech) will be a huge part of Command and Control for your safety, resistance and freedom. More for just $10 a month!

General Self Security Suggestions

Civilization as we know it is still here but don't bank on it staying.Imagine what the wealthy Jews in Poland and Germany thought in the 30's... Bet they didn't see it coming either. More for just $10 a month!

Extreme Prepper Suggestions:

In the event of a nuclear conflagration, here's some suggestions in case you are near a strike. First point, never look at the flash! As a rule of thumb, if it was so distant you barely feel the effects of the blast wave, you should probably stay put. However, if the blast wave smashes windows, evacuate in the other direction. If the initial flash is so hot you see smoke rising from the curtains or etc, run to your safe room! More for just $10 a month!


Don't buy property or crypto coins. Property requires a function legal system.  Crypto will be the butt of jokes when you try buying food for your children from the back of a truck.. (can you imagine it saying "I can pay in crypto" to a man holding up chicken for sale?). More for just $10 a month!

Communications (Abrev Coms or Comms)

See also #CSU below.

Start a New VPN Network

These are lightweight measures that are useful for video sharing etc but will not work in times of extreme oppression, war, martial law, totalitarianism. VPNs are easily detected and blocked or shut down, or used to pinpoint you. More for just $10 a month!

Operating Systems

Invest in computers with safe non-tracking OS's. This is a complex subject. More for just $10 a month!

Extreme Comms

See also #CSU below. Intel & Comms Tech (ICT) will be a huge part of Command and Control for your resistance and freedom. We have more information than ever on this subject.

If you need a rifle for protection, you are already in the wrong place -- intel ensures you are in the right place. If you need to know where your foe is -- use intel to tell you. If you need force to correct the actions of wayward political or enforcement officials, you are doing it the hard way -- use intel to tell you where they are when they are most reachable.

Everything stems from this.

If you can't afford your needs and what is your rightful share in the world's resources as your birthright, because someone else somehow owns everything, then you need an indie currency that can only be afforded by comms.

If you fear the knock on the door ot forced untested vax on your children, then you need comms to give you a heads up.

If you are hungry, afraid, frustrated, dissatisfied, then you do not have security & liberty and that stems from comms and intel. By using and communicating your intel, using your resources ringfenced by CSU capital, you can find out and act on the truth to achieve security & liberty, whereupon you are enabled to feed yourself, be confident, progress and be satisfied.

Anarchy won't help you do that. A gun won't help you do that. A vehicle with an infinite tank of gas won't help you do that. Risking your life and freedom by uselessly protesting won't help you do that. Riches won't help you do that. CSU, starting with Comms, will.

More for just $10 a month!

Here's a range of Invisible Coms:

Remember, the best form of encryption is invisibility. They can't decrypt a transmission they don't know exists. Most of these are short range and intended to be used in repeated hops or simply for local communities. Most of these are intended for the technically minded and/or programmers, but some are just clever tricks that anyone can implement.. More for just $10 a month!

And as a bonus..

Safe News, Commentary & Opinions

Safe(ish) Searches


Simple Protests:

How to stay safe!




CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Intro

You, especially in America, need an alternative Civil Structure within society. This will allow you reclaim your society. It will ensure you can communicate, organize, protest effectively, stay safe, police through sanctions, trade safely among yourselves.

Nothing illegal. We call it CSU:-- Charitable Structured Union formerly Civil Societal Union. Think of it as a Charitable Corporation.

This is now moved below. Click CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Full

Nothing illegal. We call it CSU:-- Charitable Structured Union formerly Civil Societal Union. Think of it as a Charitable Corporation.
These are the Four Essentials to reclaim your liberty -- 1. intel & comms 2. financial system 3. structure + rules 4. security.

These have since been simplified to 1 Comms, 2 Currency, 3 Structure, 4 Security.
Just look at #20/, #18/, #17/ (click the links for a preview while staying here).

Whatever you wish to be known as -- conservatives, republicans, patriots, etc -- You / we need a safe haven where can promote the values civilization. without fear of being targeted and picked off one by one. They that oppose such a simple aspiration are driving us away from civilization. In short we are the civil, they are the uncivil. Those that cheat and lie to deny truth and democracy, that deliberately repel freedom of speech and choice, that oppress the real principles of liberty, are trying to make us all uncivilized and their ways will lead to individual misery and social ruin. The rest who just go with the flow, spoon fed by the media, they are sadly the Great Unaware, at worst the negligent or lost. Their negligence is our collective downfall and we need to make them start questioning and wake up from their slumber.

In the context of restoring Civility, look at the above Four Essentials and consider this:

Note how these are ordered in the order of importance. Nothing will work without 1 Comms. Nothing can be structured without 2 Currency. Security cannot be achieved without 3 Structure.
We are working to bring you the blueprint for that Charitable Structure. We are working on a database, comms system, and simplified non-crypto DeFi blockchain -- all decentralized and all governed by "we the people" in this International Charity.

Directory of Censored Sources with Alternate Links

Until such time as you instigate your CSU Comms & IT structure, you need information. Here is a Complete Directory Here of Censored Sources with Alternate Links. 


If ever there was a need to ACT NOW..

You are being invaded by a standing army on US Soil RIGHT NOW

See this MUST WATCH video

This is what we've been trying to say all along!! Except she even hits you harder than we do!!
She recorded this in Approx Sep 10 and has said what we have been trying to say. But she says even more than we do..
We've been saying rigged, blah, coup, blah, political prisoners, blah, satanic pedos, blah, invasion, blah, blah (with significant proof for those that are new).. and yes, we're getting tired of hearing our own voice...

But she (in video) has spotted some things we didn't ................
  • The invasion in the south is mostly fighting age young men! And they are disappearing among you!
  • Biden is actually REMOVING the southern border wall so MORE can come in!
  • The supply chain failing and mandates are weakening the US - She says "THESE ARE MILITARY TACTICS"... "They are ATTACKING US"!
  • Biden overturned Trump executive order preventing China from having access to our power grid

What is she leading up to?

It has been said that no nation that has armed citizens has ever succumbed to classic communist takeover tactics. How will they defeat you? BY ARMING THE INVADING MILLIONS OF FIGHTING AGED MEN COMING UP FROM THE SOUTH!

She goes on to say "I see Americans walking around like nothing is happening" and talks about "our house is burning down"

Add to this, we (among others) recently highlighted Major Breaking News - CabalX Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct see Analysis and Details HERE -- and we too are respectfully wondering WTF?

What does all this mean?

AMERICA, YOU ARE ABOUT TO FALL! Go join Women Fighting For America - One Voice, One Light, One Truth ( - where this video came from.

We will be hoping to "donate" our #CSU blue print to them because they are going to need it. We doubt even they have grasped how bad this will get and we see no sign of an infrastructure such as CSU to defend and protect them.

Time is up!

Opening Session of the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples Court of Public Opinion

This is Action we wholeheartedly endorse..

A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting criminal investigation modeled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against "leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices" who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

 HERE (Youtube).

Lin Woods Call to Action 27th Feb 2021

Lin Wood, [27.02.21 19:11]
The evidence of illegality of the November 3 election is overwhelming. Fraud vitiates all actions taken pursuant to and subsequent to the unlawful election results.

We The People should demand that the U.S. Military declare the election null and void in order to close the curtain on the fake Bribes administration. Then FEMA can promptly schedule a new national election with paper ballots. Down ballot races could also be conducted.

We would know within days who We The People want as our President.

What do we have to lose? Only the enemy has something to lose.

The game was rigged. We must have a do-over. We are talking about the leader of the free world. The U.S. election must be honest and transparent.

Call me crazy if you wish, but I believe this approach or something very similar is the only way out of the mess created in this country by the enemy.

Arrests of the enemy can follow unless already undertaken or underway.

Enough is enough.

Lin Wood, [27.02.21 19:37]
Another option would be to have U.S. Military and FEMA perform legitimate audits of the lawful ballots cast in each state.

Trump won by a landslide. The result is certain.

However we get there, we need to start working on getting there. In my opinion, efforts to correct the problem in the future are futile unless and until we correct the problem of November 3, 2020.

The country and its citizens are spiraling downward, lost in the confusion and misinformation or disinformation.

We The People spoke with clarity on November 3. The enemy cheated. We need to lift the veil of the fraud and count the legal ballots cast on Election Day.

Perhaps a way to start is state-by-state demanding a legitimate audit of lawful ballots cast on Election Day. After all we are a country of United States. Each state has a voice. So each community in each state has a voice.

Collectively, the voices of our communities and our states represent the voice of We The People.

We have the right to bypass the federal system which we created and fix this community by community, state by state.

We The People control the federal government. It does not control us.

Within the law and with the help of God, We The People can take our country back.

Feeds and Link Tiles that are useful or show Action is urgent...

05/14 09:51:09 PODCAST - CaptainDeplorable45 Ed: Captain Deplorable 45 - A bit of light relief
05/09 12:42:23 Tor Project - Anonymity Online U;L🔴📯 Urgent - install this to be able to see websites blocked by the Cabal. If you really want to know what is going on, do not trust ANY websites in the US or EU, as even the good ones are under attack from legal intimidation. If you go to Russian sites such as , yes you will get Russian bias, but you will also hear a lot of news about America that no one else is telling you.

For your own security, please install it very soon before the tor project website itself is blocked. It's free and acts like a VPN obscuring your searches and browsing so your ISP (Internet Service Providers) can't see where you are browsing. This is much better than "Incognito".

Nb: It is ALSO a really important step towards the Comms Mesh discussed in
Yellings - ActionTime.

Remember, Yellings is closing down soon. Banned, blocked, shadow banned and now legally intimidated, we've done all we can and we will be moving towards prepping technology.

You may think Musk is a knight in shining armor and that 2000 Mules just blew the lid on Nov 2020, but they won't give up on their Major Marxist Takedown of the West for anything. Musk will likely be silenced (or be a PsyOp) and 2000 Mules banned and ignored, just like all the prior reveals. The Ukraine is a diversion to exhaust the West's arms. They won't Nuke, they will invade. Be vigilant!

Telecom will be next to die! Watch.. (Note they have just ceased their Web Preview - for the same reason we are off the Web - legal intimidation).

Tip: With, it looks like someone is playing Whackamole with the routing, so if you find you are still occasionally blocked or getting error 403, click the padlock in the address bar and click the blue button "New circuit for this Site".
04/30 14:53:36 Parallel Economy - A Censor-Resistant Ecosystem Ed: 💰associated with or sponsored by Dan Bongino
03/30 09:28:24 Hal Turner Radio Show - UNLOCKED! What to Do Before-During-After Nuclear Attack Ed: ❓

GET INSIDE the nearest building to avoid radiation. Brick or concrete are best.

Remove contaminated clothing and wipe off or wash unprotected skin if you were outside after the fallout arrived (up to 15 mins later).

Go to the basement or middle of building. Stay away from outer walls and roof.

STAY INSIDE for 24 hours unless local authorities provide other instructions.

03/11 15:15:51 Surviving a Nuclear Explosion - Ed: 🔎 Worth a read! Such an event is more survivable than you might think - if you understand what to do.
02/08 16:30:06 Doomsday Clock - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
02/08 16:21:11 Nine Meals from Anarchy - Doug Casey's International Man Ed: 👇 One pundit was seen saying - 9 meals is 3 days, and in 3 days we have the Satanic Superbowl... Bit of a stretch!
01/29 15:32:46 Russia names alternative to Western 'amorality' --RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Ie: Backing away from WOKE by ringfencing traditional values! Worth a read or even just a quick scan of the italicised quotes. See today's Analysis Update for a veritable Woke Showcase of anti-white bigotry, bias, hate and racism from ADL.
11/20 13:13:58 France has imposed a CURFEW on its overseas territory of Guadeloupe and is sending extra police to the island Ed: ⭐ We told you Curfews are just around the corner. If you, as a reader, know of wealthy people who are concerned about their loss of liberty and yet are DOING NOTHING, berate them!
11/18 15:54:53 Telegram- Contact @maninamerica Ed: 📯 Trouble is that most people reading this will be doing something. It's well-off conservatives I find most reprehensible.
11/15 17:47:57 CSUv1 U;L🎬Just wanted to log on our timeline when we first posted this. Download as PDF if preferred HERE.
11/14 09:38:33 Hal Turner Radio Show - Wake Up Now or Die in Slavery
10/30 14:02:53 Errr... So If THIS Isn't Immoral Then WHAT IS-!! - YouTube 🎯 R Brand again - 1% of the world's population have more wealth than ALL the middle classes combined. At 10:18 he says "We need to Awaken, Organize and Change To World - BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE".. glad it isn't just us saying it!
10/11 14:06:04 Breaking - China Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct
10/02 11:39:06 Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Warn of Worldwide 'System Collapse' Ed: 🔺 Start acting!
09/23 09:26:35 THE ESTABLISHMENT WANT YOU DEAD- Wake Up NOW or DIE!!! - YouTube Ed: 🤔 This is R Brand interviewing Dr Shiva. It sort of loses its way a bit, but still manages to plumb the depths!
09/17 12:46:15 The Gateway Pundit Announces- AMERICAN GULAG - The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners U;L⚖Well done to Gateway, even if the bastards are still blocking Yellings for daring to say Babbitt died defending the constitution. I kid you not. Anyway, see
09/16 10:32:35 What This Senator Just Stated Should Have Every U.S. Citizen Terrified! This Isn't Normal! - YouTube Transcript 00:25 - "look we've all seen this - we saw it as recently as yesterday -somebody in the white house has authority to press the button and stop the president, cut off the president's speaking ability and sound! who is that person?". Video includes examples. Ps: And who was the Chinese guy directly behind Biden at his inauguration?
09/04 09:59:12 FarsNews Agency Ex-Adviser- 'Pretty Clear' Trump Running in 2024 Ed: 🎬So, Biden has another 3 years to wreak havoc, destroy the election system and jail conserves. Lets hope this is just a foil, a "red flag op" to throw the Cabal off the scent.
08/26 16:47:58 Telegram- Contact @RonWatkinss Ed: 🔎How to protest safely, evade cops - Hong Kong Style! This really is how to get organized and how to defeat the divide & conquer official terrorists.
08/20 13:41:19 US cops served over 20,000 'invasive' geofence warrants targeting users by location data in last 3 years, Google report shows Ed: 🏮Take note Preppers!
08/19 19:30:28 TAKE YOUR POWER BACK NOW! - YouTube Ed: 🔎🏮CREATE ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMS .. well well, just exactly what we've been saying.
08/04 16:28:28 Airplane Flies Massive -TRUMP WON, Biden's A Fraud- Banner in New Jersey Ed: 😀💥🏮TRUMP WON, Biden's A Fraud, Audit's Prove it NOW THAT'S THE KIND OF PROTEST WE NEED!! Wow!
08/01 22:33:36 Hal Turner Radio Show - Canada's gov't. proposes 'Digital Safety Commissioner' to shut down websites deemed 'harmful' Ed: ⚡Goodbye
07/31 09:00:35 START RESISTING NOW Ed: 📯🎬a simple message by pray4america who seems to be taking the red pill..
07/30 15:38:42 What's Wrong with Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram, Protonmail, Tutanota- - YouTube Ed: ⚠What's wrong with them? Ron Braxman
07/23 19:20:16 Hal Turner Radio Show - UK Lets Contract for Temporary Dead Body Storage Services -In case of excess deaths event- Ed: 🔴🔴Hal Turner. Quite scary but most likely because we have new bioweapon releases (sorry, I meant new Covid strains) and the locals are getting a bit pissy about lockdowns, which have thus just been lifted.
07/23 14:05:33 Hal Turner Radio Show - STUNNING! IN FRANCE, NO -VAX- NO VOTE Ed: an obvious attack on consvts.. they should make voters sit a basic IQ test too.. then no lib-left would get in either.
07/20 16:58:50 Home --Shopping Different Ed: 🍷🎂📯📢
07/20 16:35:39 Video Shows LAPD Officer Drop Protester With Rubber Bullet At Close Range - Breaking911 Ed: How can you order people to disperse? Not sure protesting has any point anymore. Not going to say what we think will replace it. All we will say is if you can maim someone for life(probably) for not doing something that was ordered without authority, then the signal they are projecting to the public seems to be "use of violent atrocity is OK". That officer needs to be sanctioned to prevent that being the interpretation.
07/19 13:31:27 Pegasus- the spyware technology that threatens democracy - YouTube
07/19 13:09:35 Journos, ministers, Khashoggi's son & a ruler's family on list of 50,000 possible targets for Israeli spyware Pegasus --repor Ed: 🔴This is why we need a new system! the CSU revealed today in Analysis!
07/17 17:36:41 Society IS COLLAPSING- Prepare For OFF-GRID Living! - YouTube
07/13 11:31:25 Biden Regime to Monitor Private Communications, Calls on SMS Carriers to -Dispel Misinformation About Vaccines That is Sent O Ed: ⚡💥
07/11 02:54:18 Capitol Police to use Army surveillance system on Americans to 'identify emerging threat' - Washington Times Ed: ;;C🔴🔴
07/06 17:35:51 Hidden Radios in Home Devices (IOT)! The next Cyberthreat - YouTube
07/02 09:31:08 Facebook Now Sending Messages to Some Users Asking About Potentially 'Extremist' Friends Ed: ☠🏮
06/28 12:55:53 Hal Turner Radio Show - No Longer About Health; Canada To Prevent Large Groups from Gathering -To Prevent Spread of Mis-Infor Ed: 🔎 this is a HUGE warning for us ALL in the West!
06/19 16:11:07 Rep. Nunes- Republicans Shouldn't Talk to Mainstream Media
06/18 08:35:35 Hal Turner Radio Show - OP-ED- Prepping Yet- It's NOT too late . . . until it IS too late
06/01 09:58:14 JUST IN- Ted Cruz GRILLS Vanita Gupta on Equality Act, religious liberty - YouTube
05/22 14:37:36 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-Coins - Buyers Beware, Bullish Sentiment Broken, IRS Weighs In
05/19 22:06:11 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins crash on media panic over China - YouTube
05/16 20:46:26 Space Force officer removed from command following comments on conservative podcast - U.S. - Stripes
05/11 19:06:15 Gas stations run dry and motorists queue for fuel in US, as ransomware attack on pipeline leads to shortages (VIDEOS) --RT US
05/08 10:10:24 Cryptocurrency investors should be prepared to lose all their money --Bank of England --RT Business News
05/01 15:10:00 Turkey tightens control on crypto firms after 2 exchanges collapse --RT Business News
04/15 20:14:48 Hal Turner Radio Show - Electro-Magnetic Pulse from Nuclear Explosion Will Destroy Electronics for a thousand miles - Unless you protect with EMP SHIELD
04/11 10:00:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Police Raid -REBEL NEWS- in Canada
03/31 01:10:32 Hal Turner Radio Show - France Military Document- -Society Must Prepare for War Casualties Not Seen Since WW2-
03/29 19:28:08 REPORT- Biden Admin Presses SCOTUS To Let Police Enter Homes Without A Warrant And Seize Firearms - The True Reporter
03/27 11:37:49 White House Confirms Biden Will Sign Executive Order on Gun Control
03/25 09:57:04 There is NO RIGHT TO CARRY arms in public, US appeals court says in controversial ruling on gun rights case --RT USA News
03/19 11:46:15 'The unblinking eye'- Boris Johnson confirms British citizens are 24-7 targets of government military & intelligence cyber ops --RT Op-ed
03/11 19:15:02 House Passes Gun-Control Bill Expanding Background Checks on Firearm Sales
03/11 13:59:56 Parler app not allowed back on the Apple store after review.- - Twitter
03/07 19:10:12 After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today - A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official's Far Ed: you can be jailed jusat for thinking the election was fraudulent .. do they have a jail that hold 80m people? Or will they just use AOC's camps and some gas?
03/06 18:58:08 Gen. Mark Milley- 'We Take an Oath to the Constitution, Not an Individual' - YouTube
03/04 13:54:40 Hal Turner Radio Show - Colorado Bill Proposes LICENSING Web Sites; Fines of up to $5,000 Per Day for -Fake news, Hate Speech, undermining election integrity-
03/02 12:21:56 Advocates for Democratic China Tell Supreme Court That Protecting Donors' Identities Is 'Life and Death Issue'
03/02 12:19:28 Hal Turner Radio Show - Russia OFFICIALLY Warns Israel; No more attacks on Syria or Russia Will attack back
02/24 23:20:29 'Can't sit back'- Actor Kevin Sorbo says biggest threat to conservatism is apathy - Just The News
02/24 21:49:56 Amazon quietly ends sales of books it labels 'hate speech' - Just The News
02/23 10:09:55 Hal Turner Radio Show - All this week- Has the Time Come to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF the U.S. Federal Government-
02/22 10:52:16 Bill Hemmer says 'canceling American presidents' a harbinger for Bible figures- 'Mark my words' - Washington Times
02/17 14:46:23 Under Biden, military being purged of all conservatives
02/17 13:16:04 Whistleblower- NSA Goal Is 'Total Population Control' - YouTube
02/17 09:54:50 Harris Takes Customary Role Of President by Calling Several Heads of State
02/16 11:16:02 Sweden- Vaccine Passport Will 'Probably be Required' for Shopping, Eating Out, Travel, Meeting Loved Ones
02/16 10:46:14 Aim of Impeachment Was to Paint All Trump Voters as Criminals- Rep. Mike Johnson
02/16 02:14:30 Hal Turner Radio Show - Biden Officially WANTS YOUR GUNS
02/15 10:22:46 ID2020 - German parliament ratifies Agenda ID2020 and Bill Gates' "vaccination package" for global depopulation
02/15 10:22:23 ID2020 - Wikipedia
02/15 10:20:51 Biden Calls on Congress to Restrict Gun Ownership
02/09 12:10:08 Hal Turner Radio Show - -Prepping-
02/07 15:17:40 Ex-MP NORMAN BAKER reveals the day anthrax was released in a tunnel on the Northern Line - Daily Mail Online
02/01 20:16:41 Marjorie Taylor Greene - -on Twitter- -.@ericswalwell was sleeping with a Chinese spy and he still sits on the House Intell
01/31 20:56:42 Brandy Vaughan's Last Video on Vimeo - The intimidation before her death - See adj videos
01/31 20:55:33 Brandy Vaughan Died - Ex Merck rep - YouTube; Background - See adj Links
01/31 20:46:57 Brandy Vaughan Died of Natural Causes, Say Police - LIES. See adj videos
01/30 14:11:22 I'm done with Hollywood - Antonio Sabato Jr. - Newsmax
01/30 10:13:10 Sephora Cuts Ties With Beauty Influencer for Being a Conservative, Says Republicans 'Aren't Aligned' With Their Values
01/30 10:12:02 No More Hard Questions- Biden Team Considers Banning Conservative Media from Press Briefings
01/29 09:23:16 The Coming Show Trial
01/25 15:33:22 Biden Rescinds Trump Order Keeping China Out of American Power Grid - The True Defender !
01/24 20:50:05 Life, Liberty & Levin 1-24-21 FULL - FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 24,21 - YouTube
01/24 18:52:36 Joe Biden FAILING Beyond Everyone's Imagination! He WONT LAST LONG At This Rate.. Disaster.. - YouTube
01/24 15:46:52 The Biden administration has now done something 'you may have missed'- Markson - YouTube
01/24 13:58:45 Hal Turner Radio Show - Democrats Introduce Bill to BAR Trump Supporters from Security Clearances to work in Gov't; What's Next, Gold Stars-
01/24 09:20:47 Republican Rep- $1400 Checks Only for People Who Take Vaccine - The National Pulse
01/23 16:51:59 Freedoms Democrats Take Away Are Not Coming Back
01/23 16:44:59 New tax on number of miles you drive- Incoming Transportation Secretary Buttigieg likes the idea - Just The News ie: tracing your every move.
01/13 10:18:02 Get the Dan Bongino VPN Offer- 15 Months of ExpressVPN
01/12 11:17:32 Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) - Twitter
01/12 11:15:14 (1) Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) - Twitter
01/11 23:33:10 LIVE- President Trump Speaks in Alamo, TX 1-12-21 - YouTube
01/11 21:10:33 FBI internal memo warns of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals ahead of Biden inauguration - Fox News
01/11 19:30:18 White House FLAG LOWERED to HALFMAST
01/11 19:27:06 FBI bulletin claims threat of 'armed protests' and 'huge uprising' if Trump is removed --reports --RT USA News

CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Full

Complete Blueprint! (Draft)

CSU Essay Introduction

This essay is your 🧧"Little Red Book" - a sample plan for you to follow and help with your survival.

You (especially in the US) need an alternative Structure within society to reclaim your liberty and to resist persecution. We drafted what we call CSU -- Charitable Structured Union. Download the latest PDF here! This is for YOU, not for us - it's safe, legal and inhibits any profiting - including our own. YOU collectively manage and control the plan.

In these increasingly dystopian times, where Martial Law, Curfews, Purges, Vax House Arrests (links take you to examples of it already happening) are just around the corner, you will need a plan to ensure you can communicate, organize, protest, stay safe, police through sanctions, trade safely among yourselves. The Four Mainstays are:

    ☎️Comms - the highest priority
    💰Coupons - to ensure you can eat
    🏭Structure - to organize yourselves
    👮‍♂️Security - protection from BLM etc

For those that feel things will not worsen, please know that the US is already well down the path of a communist styled coup and is now in the latter stages of political prisoners, kangaroo courts, censorship, comms outage, marauding paid thugs, supply starvation. Right now (Nov 2021) a new build up between the US and Russia is taking place in the Ukraine, not to mention Xi's belligerence. Biden is looking for any excuse! The Cabal has invested much time and resource into this coup -- they didn't rig an election, control the law and MSM, just to let Trump return and drain their swamp. They will do whatever it takes including wars and more bio weapons.

When curfews etc come, we predict chaos, mafia-esque militias, random violence. On Dec 11 2021, Mike Adams puts it like this.. "People who have seen the dark side of human behavior know that society is perpetually on the verge of total collapse into anarchy and lawlessness... and that such a plunge would unleash the darkest parts of the reptilian psyche in those who are cornered into desperation and fear. The coming cyber attacks and financial disruptions will plunge many cities into the very kind of chaos and mayhem that criminals thrive on." - Full featured articled here.

Thus, organize and be prepared - as Brand says in the 5 second video below, "before it is too late".

(Excerpt from full video HERE)..

As far as we know, this is the first such plan. Take it, copy it, get ideas from it. Be Ready! Be Safe!

CSU Overview

You need an alternative Structure within society in order to reclaim your liberty. It will ensure you can communicate, organize, resist, stay safe, trade safely among yourselves. This essay is our complete Blueprint for YOU to implement as soon as you feel you need to.

Nothing illegal. We call it CSU:-- Charitable Structured Union. Think of it as a Charitable Corporation.

These are the Four Essentials to reclaim your liberty -- 1. intel & comms 2. exchange system 3. structure + rules 4. security.

These have since been simplified to 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security.

Whatever you wish to be known as -- conservatives, republicans, patriots, etc -- You / we need a safe haven where you can promote the values civilization. without fear of being targeted and picked off one by one. They that oppose such a simple aspiration are driving us away from civilization. In short we are the civil, they are the uncivil. Those that cheat and lie to deny truth and democracy, that deliberately repel freedom of speech and choice, that oppress the real principles of liberty, are trying to make us all uncivilized and their ways will lead to individual misery and social ruin. The rest who just go with the flow, spoon fed by the media, they are sadly the Great Unaware, at worst the negligent or lost. Their negligence is our collective downfall and we need to make them start questioning and wake up from their slumber.

In the context of restoring Civility, look at the above Four Essentials and consider this:

  1. intel & comms -- You need to be able to communicate freely and privately, keep ledgers of status etc. See also ICT on yellings.
  2. exchange system -- You need your own medium of exchange mainly to manage yourselves and to prevent control by the super rich.
  3. structure + rules -- You need to organize behind a code of conduct to provide structure, unity and clarity
  4. security systems -- and finally you need to establish your own security systems for your new Charity because you, including anyone we can awaken, will be the custodians of the CSU.
Note how these are ordered by importance. Nothing will work without 1 Comms. Nothing can be structured without 2 Coupons. Security cannot be achieved without 3 Structure.

This is a blueprint or template for that Charitable Structure. It will need YOU to create databases, comms systems, and simplified (minimal crypto) DeFi blockchain -- all decentralized and all governed by "we the people" in this, YOUR, International Charity for Liberty.

It's important to note that it is not exclusive - there can be more than one CSU.. but to qualify as a CSU, their charter must call for a unified response to purges and persecution, and must make inter-trading simple and attractive to and from other Chapters with the same values.

Background to CSU requirement

Before exploring the mechanics of CSU, thanks to Russel bringing a sense of urgency in the below vlog, we will look at where we are going and why. #CSU is a blueprint for "YOU the PEOPLE" to take back control - just as Russel urges you to do above.

Russel says it well in this 5 second excerpt (from full video HERE)..


Power in Wrong Hands

Russel Brand gives a stirring analysis of the giga wealthy in the above link.. albeit he is focusing on "wealth" which is a simple construct without examining the true issue here being "power". He asserts that 1% of people now hold more wealth than all the middle classes combined. However, if you think of it as power instead of wealth, you can better grasp the problem. With so much power they can continue to ensure that they and their dynasties only continue to accrue more power and wealth. This is as evidenced by
  • the 2020 election manipulation,
  • the ongoing suppression of opposing voices (eg: we are completely blocked by google unless you actually type in or full website name),
  • the power of political lobbying,
  • the judiciary (buying a given outcome is simply a matter of covering lawyers in money)
.. in short, they are the ones in charge, not our elected officials.

They have literally subverted the economic system. That's why taxes on the wealthy, aimed at leveling the playing field, have turned upside down - the less well off you are the more tax you pay. That's what government does - it governs, it regulates. But when 1% becomes more powerful than governments, then they just change the tax laws and even change the rules...

How did they get so much wealth?

Short answer, the Fed printed it and dispersed it, mainly as welfare for us "plebs", but the fact these giga wealthy control our systems, supply chains and communications, means that it all ended up in their back pockets.

One Youtube commentator, "CsehCsaba", in the above video link states "The FED printed  1/5 part of all existing dollars in 2020! In 2020-2021 together they printed 1/4 of all existing's more printing than in the last hundred years combined". We should add that they printed about the same amount in 2008 during the credit crunch -- which is when the financial system went through a complete metamorphoses into a print, print, print era by bailing out banks instead of letting them fail. It made sense to the extent we avoided a repeat of the Great Depression.

This printing should have brought about hyper inflation. Why it didn't appears to be because these giga-wealthy 1% seem to have been smart enough to not dump it on the economy - so for you and I, money is kept in short supply. They are holding it as a weapon of power over us, regulating how much we can have so that we are always hungry for it -- and that's how they leverage the power of "their" money.

Money is for trading, a medium of exchange, and a means of reward. It was never intended to be a weapon of power in itself.

How do you change the financial system?

Simple -- Stop using it. Use a different system of credit. See #2 in our 4 CSU mainstays - 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security.

A system of vouchers could operate a little similar to a hybrid of DeFi and Stablecoin systems to allow legitimate trade internally between yourselves and avoid illegitimate trading from the wealthy.

Why not Bitcoin and other Crypto?

Because Bitcoin is unmanaged, becoming increasingly regulated, and it has already fallen into the hands of the giga wealthy. See also Hillary Clinton reveals dark potential of crypto RT Business News You need a MANAGED system of coupon based credit so that everyone has opportunity and so that the giga wealthy can no longer pull your strings.

Notice that not only are we saying forget crypto, we are not calling it a currency or money or even finances. Instead we are calling it a System of Vouchers using Coupons or even Gift Cards. Why? Because Vouchers and Coupons are already in extensive use by all trade outlets large and small, corporate retailers, etc. For this reason, they cannot logically regulate it externally, under the laws of the land (which of course they can if it is deemed to be a currency). Even your mobile phone airtime is a coupon system.

How can that work?

You will need to form and abide by a set of trade rules (that you create and administer) that include a commitment to not using anyone else's currency except as prescribed in your rules. That way, overnight, you have made their riches powerless. These rules are of course #3 in our 4 CSU mainstays - 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security.

McAfee also recognized the need for a commitment to not using anyone else's currency - see The Declaration of Currency Independence | A Team McAfee Project ( - but McAfee made the mistake of embracing Bitcoin and not structuring it in some way that it can be decentralized (#DeFi), unregulated (except by you) and managed.

If this system is properly followed, and if enough people join this charitable structure, sanctions on the giga wealthy will hold great influence -- eventually, they won't be able to travel or even eat until they have paid their dues and shared their wealth.

How can we protect ourselves and ensure those in our system use our system?

Of course you will need security. And that brings us to #4 in our 4 CSU mainstays - 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security. Security will also serve to ensure the unelected powerful do not bypass the structure of your charity, and then intimidate you (through their BLM etc) or pick you off one by one (as they do with their law and enforcement systems - Eg: Hal - FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections - and as recent news of more severe Covid emerges. so will lock downs and purges).

Do you need powerful people?

No! You need powerful positions, not powerful people. Then how will you have the Amazon's, Google's, Microsoft's of the world? By a share system which is governed to prevent excessive wealth pooling. This concept of powerful positions, not powerful people, is why the US constitution demands a maximum of 2 presidential terms. CSU's Structure (for which this blueprint only outlines) will very much allow this system of recycled positions.

Let's Go - where do we start?

We start with #1 in our 4 CSU mainstays - 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security. As we noted prior, none of the latter 3 mainstays will work without it.

CSU - #1 Comms & IT

You need to be able to communicate freely and reliably to operate your own Coupons, Structure, Security. So - Focusing in on point 1 of the 4 mainstays in 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security - lets look on how we suggest YOU implement this.

Communication is everything. It includes all things "IT" (Information Technology) including a reliable means of storing and accessing info. Obviously a credit system cannot function without that. Nor can you organize or be secure without it. But it must be done inclusively and robustly.

Communication is the Imperative 

So, perhaps surprisingly, Secure Communication is the HIGHEST PRIORITY. Nothing else on the #CSU list works without it. Note we have said it does not need to be encrypted - better not to be. Encryption itself attracts attention. It also allows the demon of secrecy to destroy us from within .. Of course some communication and data storage does need to be private - but do not make the mistake of encouraging this.. just encrypt in your own syntax or code what needs to be kept private. People have a right to criticize the use of keeping secrets and that must be made a virtue in CSU's Structure. Keeping secrets is sometimes a necessary evil, but it is an evil - it is a double edged sword - a power for both good and evil.

Getting Started Right Now

The rest of this section will get rather technical, so first of all, some basic points. Note that your trusty mobile phone is wide open to tracking and eavesdropping - and can be shut down at the flick of a button. That said, GAB & Telegram are excellent beginner solutions while ever not targeted.

Go out (now) and buy CB (Citizens Band) Radio equipment or Walkey Talky UHF.

The more powerful vehicle based CB ones are recommended (and are as used by "Truckies" who are very likely to be supportive of this kind of use). Don't overload the networks with gossip, but do use them sparingly and infrequently to get to know them and who else is out there that can help. Don't forget that CB is easily jammed (and monitored) by malevolent authorities.

Standard CB's with whip antennae have a reliable range of around 3 miles, but if you choose your spot with line of sight, can exceed 20 miles.

Unfortunately, handheld versions of CB are rare and large. This is because they use the 27MHz range which requires larger aerials (and the smaller ones therefore are less efficient). Eg: Here. However, their portability and battery power (not dependent on mains) makes them a sound choice.


Perhaps better still then is the more consumer targeting UHF radios using PMR446, FRS462, GMRS. A good beginner article is HERE. The FRS462 seems the best standard. These standards identify not just the frequency (462MHz) but the method of modulation and band splicing. The best thing about these is they are super cheap and portable, but their range is short - 1 to 2km. Example Here. You can buy more powerful ones (more expensive of course) that offer larger transmit ranges. Eg: Here (boasting 60 miles line of sight). You can buy very low cost children's versions which may be OK in emergency, but in our experience the quality is lacking and the frequencies "drift" making the range drop dramatically over time.

The issue we have with these UHF radios is complexity and compatibility. Will yours be compatible with your neighbors? What if their complex chipsets are spiked (made inoperable by a remote command)? However, the spike thing is unlikely and the compatibility can be overcome.

Comms Mesh solutions

First a note of caution... You are trying to put together a self-growing system of communication and organization. So lets start with

How not to do it

Gab, in trying to make a "new alternative society" are doing 3 things wrong...
  1. The make it exclusive to christian conservatives (exclusion is never a good ploy over inclusion - it is also ignorant of people's right to seek spiritual guidance [or not] as they see fit and hence just begging for persecution)
  2. They are making a system that is dependent on the internet, and the internet is not in their control - it can EASILY be switched off.
  3. As it is a social broadcast network, it's like putting your microphone in your bedroom - everyone can hear everything you say.
  4. There is an assumption that Gab will be owned by and governed by Gab's founder. Not YOU.
Avoid these pitfalls. It's a community thing. No one should profit from the CSU system itself. It's all for one and one for all - individuals for everyone and everyone for individuals.

How to model your Communication Community

We recommend YOU (not us, but whoever is available after it becomes blindingly obvious you need to regroup) create an "Open Mic" (or more like "Open Texting") Comms Mesh with Moderated Groups, similar to Telegram or Discord, that invites frivolous banter through to serious instruction.

Your technology must be adaptive and there must be an assumption your normal means of communication (web, phone) could be shut down. We will skip this for now and come back to it in #Tier 1 and #Tier 2 below, in the next section.

For the sake of our Blueprint, we will also avoid heavy technical specifications, but we suggest it be modeled on an "open telegraph wire" approach to comms meshing (see tiers below) or like a "Broadcast" from a radio station, but like a radio, there will be different frequencies that you can listen in to. However, unlike a broadcast, anyone can interject and and add. This is synonymous with meetings -- it may be a group in a public hall, or one to one being aware others can drop in and hear you.

For a sample protocol adopting the KISSASS mantra (Keep it sharp, simple; avoid sly secrets), see (click) #CSU Comms Mesh Protocol further below.

Technically, an "open telegraph wire" approach to comms meshing is also more simple. There is little routing .. every message is forwarded. There has to be some routing to prevent ringing (a technician will understand that), but such a system is inherently safeguarded against failure points,and if forwarding is limited, it is inherently private.

Why Open Mic? Because there are already precedents and models around such a structure and its moderation. There is already a well established code of conduct. The best way is to keep it open and NOT encrypted - use old fashioned "code" if you need privacy. Encryption draws unwanted attention. Obviously the Encryption used in the HTTPS protocol is not strong and is broken by agencies ad-lib, so there is no point in complicating your mesh with it.

So instead, like a Telegraph wire, you should expect you ARE being tapped, you can expect your communication is NOT secure, and that way You (the user) all know where you stand right from the outset. Assume you are being tapped and you cannot go wrong.

As it expands, it will need more routing, possibly encryption, more supervisor and broadcast channel management (refer to our later 3 Structure - with how to communally manage such a thing). However, your first priority is to have a communication system - any system, as long as it is fail safe - even beating drums in morse!

Two Tiers of Networking.

Tier 1

Generally, you should be aiming for a Comms Mesh that can allow you begin to organize yourselves without ending up being on a CIA database. Hence, such communications are very two tier. The first tier is where we assume you still have access to electricity and computers. While ever that is the case, you need well conceived simple node to node communications to form a comms mesh so that it is not dependent on easily disabled websites and services (such as Amazon did when it wiped out Parler).

This can take the form of apps and executables that use standard TCP/IP (internet protocols) but has something like our sample #CSU Comms Mesh Protocol piggybacked on top.

The point of a Comms Mesh is that it does not depend on central servers. This means your discussions become private between you and your neighbors (albeit some steps will be needed to prevent basic sniffing techniques).

Here are a couple of tips for techies (needs some investment in time and money to roll out)..
  • It is highly recommended someone writes some very low tech Server Mesh software using WiFi.
    • This will require everyone interested learns how to configure their WiFi router to allow at least one incoming socket and reroutee it to the computer you use for the comms mesh.
    • Houses well spaced apart may need directional high gain WiFi antennae.
  • It is highly recommended you get at least one computer (or Raspberry Pi) in your house that is running a simple version of Linux.
    • This is far less likely to be hacked / spiked by, for example, a Microsoft Update that shuts off all server sockets.
    • This should have WINE on it (a framework that mimic a Microsoft Operating System)

Tier 2

The other tier is much more worrisome. You need to be able to operate under a complete comms blackout. A war could break out and you could find yourselves under Curfews and Marshall Law "overnight" and at any time. Your internet will be switched off, the servers as well as the local exchanges, and petrol will be rationed or stopped (notably, in the long term, disabling any vehicle based comms such as CB Radio).

(As an aside - Some of the less credible "prophets" say "don't worry, a blackout just means the Whitehats are in control - just wait". We are seeing the same PsyOps disinfo from telegram channels including ones professing to be McAfee, Keanu Reeves, John Durham, Mel Gibson, and lately even Sidney Powell - whose channel appears to have been hacked). Well, that is the worst possible advice. If you are suffering blackouts, you will lose your communications and you are easily picked off This 

There is, as we have been lamenting, a total lack of preparedness for such an event. Once they turn off your internet and mobile networks, they can pick you off one by one - armed or not.

Worse, if you rely on software to generate your "comms mesh", be aware they can "brick" or spike your PC (esp Microsoft OS's) and likely have done already - made to fail if not coupled to the internet for long enough (which is what Mandatory W10 updates do already .. which is a warning in itself). They may simply cut all power.

Belt and Braces Emergency Comms

We want to share some "belt and braces" communication methods. Means of warning yourselves if your neighborhood is being invaded for example.

  • Print out Morse Code (print it out in case your computers and phones are bricked - see the simple chart above).
    • If you are technical, consider creating something to interpret the binary of our basic alpha-numeric character set (just from 32 to 95). It is more intuitive, easier to build into computer programs, and if slow enough, can be deciphered by the human ear (as can Morse). Build your device using something that cannot be hacked such as an arduino.
  • Equip yourselves with these methods of communicating..
    • torches (nothing quite like morse over directed light - hard to detect).
    • sound (a simple computer program that generates and "reads" sound).
    • infrared (too technical for this discussion but electronics people will understand)
  • Keep power bricks (batteries) charged in the event you may be able to set up a comms mesh using your mobile phone WiFi
    • (hot spots etc - beyond the scope of this discussion - a programmer will know how, but by the time .
There are many ways of discretely communicating from house to house or road to road. Remember, we are looking for "private" methods. A good shortwave 2 way radio is great but it is also like painting a bullseye on top of your house. Don't forget, there will be those in your neighborhood more than happy to "shop" you (summon patrols and point you out so they can get essential food etc), so aim for one to one.

At some later point, we may share blueprints (that we have already worked on and prepared) for such communications, but in the meantime, be inventive. Think about using the power grid, spark transmitters, even the plumbing grid.

Implementing either Comms Tier.

To ensure there are one to one grids of communication, you need trust. You may have noticed we are thus jumping forward to #3, Structure - you need to identify people who you can trust, find ways of identifying each other which cannot be traced back to YOU. The simplest way is for everyone to adopt pseudonyms, but without management that will easily get out of control, you need some kind of simplified blockchain identity -- see #Identity Key later below.

We at Yellings may devise a simple comms mesh protocol (we have devised many before in our role as engineers), but ultimately it is up to you. We have to eat.
And so you ask yourself - Who will fund all this for you? Who has the time to do this?

Well that's up to YOU, especially in America. We offered to help but there is no enthusiasm. That means there will be a great deal of shock when Marshal Law and the blackouts come. That's mainly why we are doing this blueprint. After this, you may find yourself suddenly wondering why you did nothing while it was easy. After a while, you will see how the buck stops with you.

Remember - DO it Fast and Do it Big! There is no time to waste - we may have already lost much ground but we must try. It's up to YOU now.

CSU - #2: Coupons - a system of credit

This is the second of our mainstays in 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security.

The next part of our #CSU Blueprint is Coupons - a system of credit and a medium of exchange. How can you regulate Structure and Security without it? Your union, your organization, your members, MUST abide by a rule to ONLY use whatever becomes your system of credit, your universally accepted Decentralized Finance credit system, as we have prescribed in detail above - click #set of trade rules. If you have people prepared to step outside of that bond, the system will collapse (such repeat offenders may have to be excluded at least until they show an understanding of the need to unite and respect for union). Without commitment, your charitable mission to liberate will fail. Of course a system of credit as described cannot work without strong, reliable communication and data handling as we described in #1, Comms.

As a union that is sworn to non-violence and operating within the existing legal framework, how else can you manage, restrain, sanction, enforce, reward and push back from wrong? Money is used to moderate and thus allow structure to materialize.

Sample Specification

We have been working on a simplified Coupon template. This must be specifically targeted at trade rather than investment, something that You can use to trade among fellow #CSU union members and a means by which you can unite against the giga wealthy and declaw their monopolies and their vice grip over you and your future.

Coupons will potentially be a good investment as they will be cheap to obtain initially, possibly becoming a stabilized value quite quickly suitable foe trading with rather than being a commodity that is itself traded. Over time, we see the dollar crashing (mainly because China and others are exploring Crypto and a reduced reliance on the dollar) making this a further good investment.

The appointed board (as oversight will be Decentralized) would sell the first of CSU Coupons at low rates to kick off your system of credit, but then will stabilize the Coupon values to match a range of currencies and commodities -- see Stablecoin
Where does the money used to buy Coupons go? It will be held as collateral to give the CSU Coupons "a backbone" reserve. The actual holdings should be distributed among key trustworthy members in accounts that are cross monitored.

All CSU members are Stakeholders and All own a portion of this reserve in proportion to the amount of CSU Coupons they hold.
Once stable, the rates for buying into it (buy-in rate) will depend on who you are -- it will be around a dollar per Coupon for people who qualify as #CSU Members. It will be considerably more for those that do not qualify. That is to say..
The CSU's principles will be upheld by ensuring a buy-in price of many multiples for anyone You CSU Members collectively label as harmful* to our union - such as anyone related to or operating within structures set up by Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, senior MSM employees, immoral Dem politicians, etc. And don't forget, the buy-in is redistributed among CSU #Stakeholders - it does not go to any individual or CSU's founders (that would be too dangerous for us and You). *Footnote: "anyone we collectively label as harmful" will be done under a process of arbitration as determined by "3. Structure & Rules" from the Four CSU Mainstays

It must be remembered that constitutionally (according to your Charter), the value of Coupons is NOT as an investment opportunity but is rather, first and foremost, a system of credit and a medium of exchange. As said, it may be a good investment but that is not it's starting point.

All you have to do to uphold the CSU's principles is agree to the #CSU Charter that, wherever possible, you only trade among yourselves with CSU Coupons. This becomes in effect a Sanction against "anyone we collectively label as harmful". However, that Charter is separate to the use of CSU Coupons.

Identity Key

It must be noted that the core of any Finance system (and indeed any Voting system) is Identity. Therefore a system of uniquely identifying each #CSU Member must be put in place in such a way that allows for anonymity. Your CSU Membership is therefore a parallel but divergent identity to that given you by your society.

As yet that #system of uniquely identifying has yet to be defined, but we recommend Your CSU make use of such devices as
  • palm and footprints (avoid fingerprints and face recognition as these are too public and too easily exploited by "the state").
  • use of Hashing(as next) to create a one way cryptic #Identity Key of a persons lineage.


Hashing is a cryptographic term meaning that your identity becomes an unrecognizable "hash up" of the primary data. It is considered "one way" in that if the same data is input each time into a specific hashing algorithm, you will always get the same Identity Key, but you can never reverse engineer the Identity Key to find out what the primary data was. In other words, you can use your Identity Key in a transaction by revealing it to others, but those others cannot "hack" it to find out who you really are.

Of course it is important that should a person lose their #Identity Key, that it can be recreated (else they would lose all Coupons attached to that identity). This hashing concept allows one to be able to recreate it, ie: to prove who they are, by inputting their personal lineage back into the same specific hashing algorithm and it should thus always spew out the same Identity Key.
The simplest way to think of such Hashing Algorithm, and indeed a technique that this CSU Blueprint endorses for simplicity and expediency, is to take a photo of yourself (or preferably your palm / foot print) and then blur it until you cannot identify the person or print in the picture. That is a simple one way hashing. The original images can be submitted to an arbitration board to ensure no duplicity or to prove your identity should the key be lost.

To reiterate - The simplest way to hash an image is to blur it (or shrink it and save it as a naturally blurry JPEG image). Whatever the method used to "hash" is, it must be repeatable, so if you used this method, you would have to set in stone the software used and the parameters (shrink ratio etc) including the operating system, screen resolution. Again, the idea is that you can prove the resulting hash originated from the original ID by repeating the process and obtaining a byte for byte identical hash, but it can be easily seen you can never use the hash to recreate an exact duplicate of the original ID.
This section of the Blueprint is up for debate. We are not crypto experts. Whatever process is used must be transparent and easily understood and replicated by anyone with a modicum of education and analytical skill, not just by a software elite. All software should be open source in as far as it is possible.

And excellent concept worthy of being merged with your Coupons is that of NFT's. This "Non-Fungible Token" also uses art or digital assets as a primary item, copyable but with defects. An excellent layman's intro is here NFTs, play-to-earn games, and why everyone hates them RT Games & Culture.

Keep it KISSASS, downplay it to be like Vouchers 

Two principles: Anything involving money as an instrument of credit and trade is going to need to be 1/ complex enough to be reliable and reasonably abuse-proof. Make that your 1st maxim, but balance it with 2/ the KISSASS mantra (Keep it sharp, simple; avoid sly secrets).
These 2 principles can be found in all walks of life and decision making. When you are debating changes to a system, preferably by text exchanges and not by meetings (as we said earlier), always use these points to moderate the outcome.. Ask yourself -- does it need to be this complicated?
  1. Is it complex enough to be reliable and reasonably abuse-proof?
  2. Is it simple enough to be transparent and manageable?
..The old expression goes something like -- Any fool can complicate the hell out of something, but it takes genius to simplify.
To avoid your Coupons being targeted by the law and financial regulators, it should never be called money but rather be called a System of Vouchers with a view to it having the potential to take on a grander role. When we look around ourselves, we see Vouchers (gifts, perks, rewards), tokens (for meters, lockers, shop trolleys), food stamps, reward points, etc -- all acting outside of financial regulation. That is what we are aiming at to begin with. The time when it should evolve to become something more is when society's normal regulating mechanisms have disintegrated (or at least are worse than the structure that CSU aims to bring).

CSU - #3: Structure & Rules

This is the third of our mainstays in 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security

You will need to, in effect, write yourselves a constitution. Within this structure there must be hierarchy, rules, honor, duty, devotion, a code of conduct. Collectively, we suggest this is called Your CSU Charter. There must be opportunity, transparency, accountability, and turnover (a lack of stagnancy in key positions -- ie: Those appointed to positions of authority must be recycled frequently).
See our #Samples of CSU Role Structure near end of this essay for the type of hierarchical structure we envisage you should adopt for your organization.
Note that we must avoid "law" and legal terminology, simply because your charity can have rules as most do, but it must not word them as laws as that brings it into conflict with the host society, which for all it's ills, must be acknowledged (not respected, not worshiped, just tolerated). Equally, avoid judicial terms and instead use Arbitration and Decision making structures.

In this ideal Structure you MUST hold logic, analysis and reason above all else. Reject those charismatic, attractive people with pearly loud voices who take control of meetings. If necessary, reduce your communication to lettering (electronic text). Do not allow forthright people to dominate meetings. Allow time for decisions to be made - hear the evidence, sleep on it, then as one vote and decide.

Consider this Charter to be an alternate, functional, ethics based system of control and organization that sits lawfully on top of society's decaying rule of law. Within this, you can start judging, fining, tabulating, restricting, disbarring, accounting. Think about Sports Law, Professional rules, Shariah Law(dubious), House Rules -- all these things can and do exist within the framework of society. If you are a sportsman, you can be fined, suspended, even disbarred. In a profession, you can be struck off. Even Contract Law has some divergence.


The central plank of decentralization is to hold votes on all matters including arbitration, reward, retribution etc - in that way there is no one person that can be targeted to intimidate or coerce or wreak vengeance on.

It must be noted that the core of any Voting system (and indeed of any finance system) is Identity. Therefore a system of uniquely identifying each member must be put in place in such a way that allows for anonymity. Your CSU Membership is therefore a parallel but divergent identity to that given you by your society.

As yet that #system of uniquely identifying has yet to be defined, but we recommend Your CSU make use of such devices as
  • palm and footprints (avoid fingerprints and face recognition as these are too public and too easily exploited by "the state").
  • use of hashing* to create a one way cryptic Identity Key of a persons lineage
For more, see #system of uniquely identifying.
It is recommended that voting rights be flexible -- one vote per person is fine when it comes to electing presidents, but does not make much sense when people are voting on the technical details of rules. Thus, a means of distributing voting rights according to knowledge is recommended.

CSU Charter Sample

  • Oath of Commitment

    • I, as a Member of the CSU movement, do swear to uphold this Charter in the spirit of honor, duty, devotion, and to abide by its code of conduct.
      • I understand that the CSU Charter's function is to survive, grow and self govern, safely and without violence or coercion.
      • To this end, I, as a Member of the CSU, do swear to uphold opportunity, transparency, accountability, fairness, and liberty.
    • I accept that the CSU is a Hierarchical structure with grievance procedures.
      • When exercising my authority, I must impart my reasoning and intent and never expect another person (in or out of CSU membership) to act without using their own discernment except as pre-agreed and as necessary for rapid response to security situations.
        • Should such cooperation be withheld, I will use the Charter's Deescalation Clause to remedy🎈
      • When experiencing another person's authority, I will expect of that person the courteous use of explanation as in the foregoing except as pre-agreed.
        • Should such courtesy not be forthcoming, I will use the grievance procedures.
    • When authority given to me permits, in making judgements or creating new rules, I will always ensure that the intent of this Charter is held sacred as near as possible to it's moral and ethical intent.
    • When disseminating information, I promise to be accurate, to cite my knowledge, to speak without Conflict Of Interest (or at least cite your COI) and to use channels in keeping with the channel's priority (eg: no trivia on priority channels).
    • While ever I am a member, I will give welfare and assistance, as well as expect welfare and assistance, in the time of trouble, regardless of whether or not I was negligent (fault is by an independent process of arbitration)
    • As a member a CSU, I acknowledge there can be more than one CSU and will uphold non-exclusivity and non-competitiveness of  other CSU Chapters or other independent Chapters of the CSU movement.
      • As such, where directed by my own Chapter by poll of the relevant hierarchy member, I commit to a reasonable unified response with another Chapter, in the event they are threatened, purged, persecuted, or attacked, physically or through sanctions, fines and theft.
      • However, I understand that for another Chapter to qualify as a CSU, their charter must call for a reciprocal unified response, must have a transparent (sharable, non copyright) charter, and must make inter-trading simple and attractive to and from all other CSU Chapters.
      • This understanding is only valid if the other Chapter is known to us beforehand.
    • I swear an oath before God that I will not scam, steal, coerce, confidence-trick, lie, beg for money on false pretext, or to do anything illegal.
      • Further, I swear I am committed to a non-violent society (inside and outside the CSU) that fully resists physical restraint, painful coercion, and any form of assault or detention unless it is essential for my immediate defense. In the event I am forced to attack as a means of defense, such an attack will be a proportionate response to a threat and that response will immediately cease once the foe is overcome.
  • Limitation of individual Power

    • When called upon to do so by majority rule or by the time a term in a role is set to end..
      • I agree to relinquish my role - if by vote, then by a two thirds majority
      • I agree to relinquish my role if I fail to perform a duty required by it, notwithstanding grey areas such as minor delays, misinterpretations, which can only require me to leave my role through due process and a two thirds majority vote. (The point of this is to invite cooperation and reasonable self resignation).
      • I agree to use "common sense" (what seems reasonable and ethical) where this Charter is incomplete
      • I agree to explain my use of "common sense" when requested to do so
    • I accept the following safeguards to myself and agree to ensure these safeguards for all other members..
      • I cannot be forced into a role, only out of it
      • I expect those hierarchically under my role's authority ..
        • to do as reasonably requested
        • that they do not need to accept a demanding or threatening tone
        • that they can question my authority through the arbitration structure
        • that they can refuse my request in the knowledge that I my role may allow them to be moved to another role without malice
      • I cannot be forced to perform an action required by a role, but I accept that not doing so may bring about my movement to another role
      • That the ultimate sanction against me, of being disbarred from membership, will never be taken lightly or enacted frivolously
      • I will not be targeted in a vengeful, vindictive or penal way for actions I took in a role I have since relinquished (this is not an amnesty but a powerful mitigation that must be taken into account in such an event).
  • Deescalation

    • The rule of Proportionate Response:
      • Any attack or wrongdoing, physical, psychological on person or property, will be met by appropriate levels of resistance and hence will have not be driven by punitive excess.
    • The rule of Deescalation:
      • Any essential retaliation must always be designed to have less impact on the perpetrator than the impact of that person's attack or wrongdoing. This is essential to provide civilized Deescalation without which and disagreement with likely escalate until
    • The use of Kinetic Self Protection:
      • Violence, physical, psychological on person or property, will be considered abhorrent by CSU Members, but knowing that violence can often only be met by Force, then the foregoing rules of Proportionate Response and Deescalation will be adhered to.
    • Tolerance and Moderation:
      • In observing the foregoing rules under Deescalation, Members are asked to use Tolerance and Moderation insofar as sometimes, in the heat of Kinetic Behavior or in response to an egregious act of wrongdoing, sometimes it is not possible to act precisely within these rules. If it can be judged that a person is forced to act outside their ability to make sound judgement, then lenience is called for and regret must be seen as a significant mitigation.
    • Enforcement and Self Protection
      • The main means of Self Protection is by Isolation from any source of malpractice. This Isolation is expected to be financial rather than physical.
  • Code Of Conduct in Coupon Use

    • All members must use CSU Coupons as a medium of exchange between themselves.
    • All members must seek to apply the appropriate exchange rate between CSU Members and Non Members.
      • If approached by a non member for trade, members should seek to find that person on the CSU database before accepting outside currencies.
    • CSU Coupons will be regulated so as to perform a function as a system of credit and a medium of exchange. Other than during it's initial distribution, it will be managed to suppress increase (and decrease) in value except and be stabilized by a variety of currencies and commodities, as determined by CSU Members.
      • There will be built into this rule a tolerance for "inflation" at a rate that is agreed communally, but deflation must be avoided. This rule is to ensure investment, not hoarding -- CSU Coupons should not be a commodity in and of itself.
    • To prevent deflation, in a similar manner to the way central banks operate, it is accepted that the supply of CSU Coupons will be expanded to allow for expansion in CSU Membership. That expansion will go to the Union and be distributed and in that way will become strong enough to be self generating.
  • Code Of Conduct in Communication

      • (i)
        As pointed out in #1 Comms, an "Open Mic" style of transparent communication is called for. This will require standard moderation, supervision and management techniques. The following is a proposed set of rules for such broadcast communications.

        Moderation will be performed by supervisory panels that are elected by YOU.

        Trivia is encouraged on low priority channels as it keeps the comms mesh in a self tested state and makes it harder to monitor by unwanted prying eyes. Low priory channels have automatically lowered relay range depending on available bandwidth.

    • Be Polite! Act and Post with the Christian Values that our Western nations were founded on. Please let that always be your guiding light and moral compass
      • Stay On Topic please. Comms will be broken down into channels and where bandwidth is limited, it will be necessary to define topics and stay within them. Again, this is to guide you if you are unsure about content you intend to post. - the topics might include..
        • communications,  coupons, structure, security -- in short, the components of CSU.
        • command structure changes -- CSU elections, arbitration, adherence to the #CSU Charter.
        • resistance -- protesting, spreading information, welfare, social & security resources.
        • Other more relaxed channels will be added where bandwidth permits.
        • Keep the sarcasm and humor to a minimum unless the nature of the channel is intending such creativity.
    • Post No offensive content, No illegal content, No abuse towards minorities (eg: No Antisemitism)
    • Post No Threats (legal or implied). You can discuss Guns and Weapons provided it is clearly about defense, and not incitement
    • Post Nothing that could be interpreted as inciting violence (that's a quick way to have CSU targeted). Even "rise up" can be misconstrued.
      • Please post no ghoul, gore, nudity(porn etc), salacious, demeaning or accusatory material(eg: "Mrs .. is a man", "Muslims beat...")
      • We ask this because we are not big enough to defend ourselves yet. In future, we may be able to allow some under an adult setting
    • No swearing please! (except mild swear words). Please be aware that under #Tier 1, search engines may blacklist us simply over that
    • We have zero tolerance to any form of bullying or trolling. Replies may be hidden if you call people names or are impolite
    • Please be extra careful if you are posting from a hard left country such as China or America[?] - we sadly cannot protect your freedom of speech
    • Please do not post adverts except links to stories and sites that promote Conservatism and our other values
    • Please do not post fake news, wild claims or falsehoods. If you have news, you must provide a link to it's source. Vague links are OK as long as there is something.
    • Do not post uncorroborated evidence (eg: x is a pedo) unless you add "allegedly" or "I / we think" or some other means of disclaimer. (Posting a link to the source of the evidence of course corroborates it). Please note that you own and are responsible for your content, but regardless, uncorroborated evidence and news may bring down CSU.
    • Do not promote Far Left views. We are not Bipartisan (see below). If Big Tech can ban conservative views, we can play that game too. CSU is not left wing.
    • Please try to "go easy" on Conspiracy Theory. It won't get you banned, but it does bring us into disrepute and some may be seen as incitement to civil unrest or unnecessary fear mongering.
    • Please do not over-moderate your fellow members, and as always, be friendly!

CSU Welfare

Currently, the system of welfare in the US is broken. In other countries it goes too far the other way and is misused.

CSU Arbitration

As part of your Structure, you create your own CSU Arbitration Circuit. You might call it the People's CSU Charter Tribunal where you weigh evidence and declare rates, fines and levies.

This will of course need a structured approach to decision making with frequent role changes.

CSU - #4: Security Systems

This is the fourth of our mainstays in 1 Comms, 2 Coupons, 3 Structure, 4 Security

By security, we mean SECURITY!
  1. Guards who are capable of defending your CSU against those who act outside of the law such as BLM, Antifa, and "protestors" who themselves are breaking the law.
  2. Guards who can protect legal supply routes and supply chains.
  3. Guards who will come out on call to confront individuals making illegal house calls (this is the method they will use to pick you off one by one - you must determine for yourself if they are working within the law or not).
  4. Guards who can stand up to the anticipated wave of mob rule, violent criminals and organized gangs
  5. Guards who are anonymous


  1. A Network of Reserve Security Guards
  2. Lookouts and Checkpoints
  3. Surveillance and Reconnaissance Technology
  4. Lighting, electronic perimeter fencing (cameras and IR beams)
  5. Emergency communication systems
  6. Information


You must train yourselves to

  • Resist forced detention unless it is a legally sanctioned order by a police authority who has gone through the correct procedures.
  • Single out those involved in illegally detaining CSU members
  • Single out those involved in holding political prisoners (unless it is somehow within the law - not some corrupt arbitrarily enacted law which fails due process), and use all legal just means to make them regret their bad deeds such as protesting outside their homes with fireworks and loudspeakers.
  • Single out those involved in tort (from sleep deprivation, through solitary, to actual infliction of systematic physical harm or psychological harm) and focus large reserves of CSU Security on reversing that situation -- all within the law where that law is part of due process without political or other bias.
  • Defend yourselves, but never physically attack. 
  • Defend yourselves against use of excessive force to disperse.
  • Know your rights.

All things done by YOUR security must ensure you are at liberty to perform within the laws of the state, where those laws of satisfied all the tennants of due process right from the US constitution down (or as befits your country).

IT Security Contingent

Whilst largely covered in our first mainstay, 1 Comms, you will also need to have and IT Security Contingent that uses technology for defense. You will need a department of tech savvy guys to develop and administer your defense.

Electronic Isolation

Whilst a little early to be considering actual incarceration, against the worst perpetrators you can isolate them electronically using targeted jamming and hacking to prevent them accessing computers, getting bank records, traveling (or at least booking travel), etc. It's also useful to know that these are techniques that will be used to target you.

More is TBA

Remote Controlled Vehicles

For securing perimeters - More is TBA.


Wear Masks and Dark Glasses!

Use Horns and Lights. Ultra bright torches will attract the attention of the Great Asleep.

Train yourselves to have situational awareness - if you are infiltrated by illegal use of excessive force (or illegal brutality from rival protestors), understand how to group, regroup, watch each other's backs, not get separated.

Continue to Protest, even if you have been asked to disperse unless you know the order to disperse is the result of due process and not an arbitrary illegal diktat.

Don't forget the power of little things like digital protests - mark up or down comments. If you still have twitter, go through and BLOCK all pro Biden (and Dem accounts). We figure that even 100,000 blocks on Biden will break twitter (because every time he posts, Twitter has to scan all the blocks to see whose feed it cannot go to) - imagine what 75 million will do.

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CSU Sample Tech & Structures

This section provides technical information and samples of technology, structures..

Sample CSU Comms Mesh Protocol (CMP)..

To establish some Sample Terminology and provide a simple technical specification for a #Comms Mesh communications protocol, we below introduce a Sample spec. This is necessarily technical but will be understood by most electronics technicians or enthusiasts. Adopt the KISSASS mantra (Keep it sharp, simple; avoid sly secrets). Keep in mind this is a protocol to work over multiple technologies, some slow, others on existing networks, that primarily focuses on short communications.

  • SOH (X, 1) - Start Of Header for transmission
    • ..where X = control code (ctrl code or sometimes called an Escape Character). Examples: (bit patterns to avoid confusion with noise):
      • 170 or binary 10101010
      • 234 -> 11101010
      • 245 -> 11110101 .. this is 0xF5 and is one of the "avoid" bytes in UTF-8, so may be the best choice.
      • All use of X within a binary dump in future is "padded" as X,9  (9 -> 00001001). 9 is the tab character.
  • 5 byte UTC Time Stamp doubling as Msg UID.
    • This keeps all devices in the Mesh synced time-wise.
    • If not expired (typically 1 second),all data after this is repeated byte by byte with #2 Byte Latency*.
    • Once expired (typically 1 second), all data after this is ignored to EOM, the abort ctrl code   and message is not relayed.
  • 2 byte type
    • first byte - Channel Priority - Determines distance to hop (how many times relayed) etc.
      • 0 - 127 = reserved
      • 128 = neighboring - message is not relayed by any receiving node. Used for Inquiries and set up as well as some messages. This message is anonymous (last Origin option is not needed) and can be relayed manually - also anonymously).
      • 129 -> 244 (X - 1) ... graded priority according to channel
      • 246 -> 255 = reserved for high priority channels .. 246 relayed to edge of a community boundary, then graded relaying until 255 - relayed until timed out.
        • To prevent hacking and having rogue priority messages inserted, this should be hashed in with the #Optional Hashed Origin.
    • second byte - direction from 0 to 15 -- as this is a bi-directional protocol, (multi-directional), it has to avoid sending it backwards to the original node.
      • As discussed below in Notes, this will be done by nodes supporting up to 16 channels - either different RF carrier frequencies, or different hard wired connections, or a combination of both.
    • type from 0 to 7 (*16 - ie: 4 bit shifted to left). 0 is Text as ASCII (variant ISO-8859-1) Binary. Other reserved types include..
      1. Padded Binary(images etc)
      2. 6 bit unpadded Binary (as used by email)
      3. 7 bit unpadded Binary (the value of X is never reached, so the length of the message is static - ideal for voice)
      4. 7 bit + 1 unpadded 2 byte Binary (the value of X is never reached, but a total of  - ideal for higher quality voice)
      5. Offset Padded Binary (a single padded byte precedes binary data which adds to all byte values in order to reduce the amount of padding. For example, if X = 245, and 245 appears frequently (perhaps a bitmap with that color), then using an offset to target a rarely used byte value will reduce data size.
      6. reserved for UTF-8 (avoid) using #1 Padded Binary
      7. reserved for extended types (another byte follows with many more types including fixed lengths, efficient padding, etc)
  • 5 byte (~500Gig bandwidth) Channel Frequency with Absent X. (ie: Any frequency that has the byte(s) X in it are invalid & skipped).
    • Can be thought of as an address with 500 Billion recipients)
    • This can be truncated by STX (next) or even expanded where more "frequencies" are required.
  • STX (X, 2) - Start of Text
    • Binary or Text field (both X padded).
    • Avoid UTF-8 or any other "mongrel" Unicode. Always assume ASCII(variant ISO-8859-1).
  • ETX (X, 3) - End of Binary or Text field
    • Variable length checksum (always terminated by EOM, and X padded).
      • We recommend that a message is repeated even if corrupt, but that when read, the reader be advised if it is corrupt or not.
  • BEL (X, 7) - Optional Hashed Origin
    • Origin as an encrypted hash UID (variable length)
      • ..To prevent hackers from injecting messages signed as important sources, and to provide a sender with some anonymity, this is a field that should have timestamp based encryption as an option, including it's own obscured checksum (so that random numbers are rejected).
      • The hash must take into account #Channel Priority above so that high priority messages cannot be inserted by hackers.
      • An absence of this field means that the message is neighboring only.
  • EOT (X, 4) - End of Transmission

Notes on #CMP ..

  • This #CMP is perhaps the most flexible of the hundreds of protocols we have worked with over the years.
    • It is efficient and also supports low latency live streaming (eg: voice).
    • It is non encrypted and thus relies on inherently fault tolerant reading (the reader can usually makes sense of a message with minor corruption).
    • The message body is fault tolerant by Not having error correction and Not being packet based.
    • It supports isolated meshes  - a cluster mesh (eg: a rural community) that has no connections to other clusters.
  • *2 Byte Latency.. A comms mesh needs low latency (the message must be relayed as quickly as possible)
    • The above protocol uses an abort code (X, 8) (8 = backspace char) to truncate bad messages.
      • Other methods of cancellation include an out of sequence SOH or a large gap of 1 seconds. This determines the lowest practical baud rate of 128.
    • The above protocol deploys 2 byte latency. That is it buffers 2 bytes in a FIFO, sending our the oldest buffered byte whenever a new byte is received.
      • If a transmission must be aborted, the buffered bytes are changed to the abort code (X, 8). This takes 2 bytes which means
      • If a receiver gets the abort code, it removes both good bytes from the buffer and sends the abort code. This means every time a messages is relayed with an abort code, it becomes 1 byte shorter until eventually the message is erased.
      • Note that because the #abort code is 2 bytes, the last byte in the buffer is always X, hence the overall message is reduced only by 1 byte each time it is relayed. 
    • A 2 byte latency at a typical radio bandwidth supporting 9600 baud (slowest that can contain audible nibble based speech) will thus typically have a latency of 2 ms per hop (relay) which means that over 500 hops, the message will time out (the UTC #UID will have exceeded it's live status). For this reason, hierarchical routing will need to occur... typically 1 msg in 3 relays out. 
  • Broadcast Routing - When a message is received it is relayed or re-broadcast to all connected nodes (or all receiving nodes in the case of radio - RF)
    • As said prior, hierarchical routing will need to occur... typically 1 msg in 3 relays out. Large hops to different clusters This will happen naturally by, for example, hop by short distance radio carrier. The prevention
    • To prevent the same message being received and thus relayed twice, a table of Time Stamps is maintained at each node. If a
  • RF Collision Avoidance
    • Differing radio carrier frequencies will be deployed. Up to 16 carrier frequencies are accommodated at each node.
      • A system of automatic pairing will be necessary.

Sample CSU Role Structure

In our Samples of CSU Role Structure below, each of these roles is for an individual CSU member. This is always expressed Hierarchically but has multiple parallel hierarchies (at least 2) demonstrating the ability of each person to seek recourse if they feel the direct ascendant in the hierarchy has acted in error.

An [s] at end implies plural and in this case means 1 or more members in that role.

Simplified Truncated Hierarchies

  • Arbitration Governor(equivalent of a justice department)
    • Arbitration Judge(Judge / Magistrate)
      • Vote Tabulator Clerk(responsible for tabulating vote counts and balances)
        • Advocates Manager(responsible for allocating advocate roles)
          • Motion receivers, Advocates & Researchers - triple role member position[s]. (Equiv to a lawyer)
          • (ie: multiple member positions acting as above, always guided by the Charter)
  • President
    • Comms Dept HOD
      • ...
    • Coupon Dept HOD
      • ...
    • Structure Dept HOD
      • ...
    • Security Dept HOD
      • ...
  • Allocations Oversight(equivalent to a department for democracy)
    • Clerk[s] (ensure each role is occupied for a limited time as set by Charter)

Sample Comms Department Hierarchy

  • Comms Dept HOD
    • Data Integrity Manager
    • Hardware
      • Manufacturing HOD
        • Fabricator
      • Distribution
        • Packaging
      • Maintenance
        • Technician[s]
      • R & D (Research and Design of new or upgraded tech)
    • Q & A (Quality and Assurance - ensuring that all existing and new designs meet requirements of CSU Charter)
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Version Control

  • v1
    1. Basic Draft [PDF]
    2. Improved Comms Protocol, Improved Intro [PDF]
    3. Quick Start Comms - Getting Started Right Now [PDF n/a]
    4. Electronic perimeter fencing (cameras and IR beams), protection against violent gangs and mob rule[]
    5. NFT's considered / added Jan 17 2022 [PDF TBA].
    6. Jan 27 2022 - Added "not exclusive" - "more than one CSU" is OK.. charter calls for a "unified response to purges and persecution", "make inter-trading simple".
  • TBA (To Be Added)
    1. TBA: Change Checksum to beginning so that rogue mesh nodes that change messages can be detected when same message meets elsewhere in the network
    2. TBA: Security Tech RCVs - Started at IT Security Contingent - more is TBA
    3. TBA: It may be possible to use existing currencies by simply declaring that anyone accepting money from the maleficent ones - eg: Gates and his ilk - are in effect buying a share in the risk that they will in future be found guilty, and so may find themselves assisting to pay the fines and penalties that may follow. This is a risk that can potentially be applied by a CSU chamber.
Note to self - to print PDF with links, open source in Edge or Chrome, then print.

CSU - in conclusion

Put simply it is up to you now. Our suggestion is that you print out this entire section and keep it (or download the PDF linked in the Introduction above -- note that links work best on the web, not in the PDF.

If you are blindsided by a sudden imposition of Martial Law, Curfews etc (see Introduction), the we suggest as a starting point you use this as a framework template to organizing yourself around. For example, in the ensuing chaotic talks, simply keep saying "can this fit into the plan?" - whether that plan be this one or a derivative, or something equally all encompassing.
If it is not this plan, ask yourself if the framework you alternately run with fulfills these benchmark ideals..
  1. Is Democratic and Inclusive, includes a Charter
  2. Has a fair and even distribution of power (Coupons & Roles)
  3. Is Decentralized and thus safe from targeting
  4. Is like a Charity or otherwise flies under the radar to avoid being targeted
  5. Seeks to limit individual duration in roles for a long term future
  6. Can ultimately take back power and assets through sanctions
  7. Has technology, security and structure integrated and avoids violence.
Remember, if "they" can play to Mao's Little Red Book, or the Karl Marx philosophies, then so can you - starting with THIS 🎁🧧Little Red Book for Charitable Structured Union - CSU!
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This "CSU essay" is released under the creative commons license and is thus free to copy and distribute. It's intended purpose is as a prompter for those creating a charity with a voucher system to help people organize and aid each other in challenging times. It must not be interpreted in any way that is illegal or antisocial and where there is doubt in our wording, an interpretation must be applied that makes the intent legal and socially acceptable.