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Independent, non MSM News you can trust!

This is a small selection of outlets that are either neutral or conservative. Our favorite? The Epoch Times! Not too sensational, not afraid of printing a non conservative story if it's something you should know about and of course if it is .... true!

Comes to something when we list 2 Russian news sources... sometimes helpful to see a different perspective (The Moscow Times is quite neutral even to the point of being critical of their own motherland).

Taking the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

If you are here, you took the red pill -- Welcome! (An apt color for America, but in the UK, naturally we do everything differently, with conservative's color being Blue, but that's another story).

12/21 14:01:05 USSA news
12/16 15:29:45 Russia Times - RT
12/07 17:58:13 David Harris Jr-
11/25 23:45:20 Just The News
11/25 09:32:22 WayneDupree.com
11/23 14:14:47 Legal Insurrection
11/23 11:40:04 Newsmax TV - YouTube
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