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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2021 WW3?
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We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

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  1. First, please know we are genuinely throwing our weight behind American Patriots. No one on earth can or should tolerate the level of fraud, oppression and evil seen recently. So if you can help or would like to trade with us, please consider doing so in the spirit of Good Faith. We've been turning down big studio contracts that amount to $3K per week (and far more if we pursued the IPR aspect as we have done in the past) to fight this alongside you. We are able to be a little more bold as we have our base and servers in the UK. It would be nice if we could be helped. Money is just money. Freedom is everything.
  2. If you would like to trade links with us, ie: you promote us by displaying a link, then we would be delighted to reciprocate and promote you. This is not so much a commercial arrangement as just "Patriots helping Patriots" as our friend Just Jodie would say.
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The Link Is


By some coincidence, we read Shock Jock Hal Turner has just had a Security Breach today(as HERE) .. just hours after we too were dealing with what turned out to be a very MINOR breach. More of an attempt really, which we spotted live on our geeky monitor wall and immediately sealed off all our test ports.

Here's the Geolocation for our hacker...
ip: ""
type: "ipv4"
continent_code: "EU"
continent_name: "Europe"
country_code: "IT"
country_name: "Italy"
region_code: "57"
region_name: "The Marches"
city: "Jesi"
zip: 62011
latitude: 43.39542007446289
longitude: 13.21222972869873
And here is what they were trying to inject ...
OPTIONS sip:nm SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP nm;branch=foo
From: <sip:nm@nm>;tag=root
To: <sip:nm2@nm2>
Call-ID: 50000
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0
Contact: <sip:nm@nm>
Accept: application/sdp
..So that last part shows they were trying to upload an application, and then obviously run it. Just another day in the life of a digital freedom fighter ..

PS: this is the shit we are up against. Bloomberg Report on Hacked Hardware. Great move globalists... Make all your local talent jobless, replaced by super-hackers from regimes with ZIL morality because hey, they're cheaper (with a little help from child slave labor). Meanwhile, good brains rot. The welfare queue is full of Einsteins, but the bureaucrats live the easy life having added nothing to progress.

WHO ARE WE? May 22nd 🧐
Apart from my small but great support team, I, the editor, am based in London but am from "somewhere else". If you are really curious, click HERE for a recent featured video from Just Jody - near the end, she mentions where (and gives us a great plug as only Jody can do -- most positive person on the planet and yet educated, switched on, and knows just what is going on and how dark it is.. don't let her deliberately jovial ways fool you! She refuses to get dragged down and she is thus an inspiration to us all!). She says, most kindly, that I am very patriotic considering I'm not American. The reason for that is not just just because I'm nice 😀, not just because this is a global conspiracy reality, but is also because I've traveled everywhere (almost) and have several American friends, but also, my father was in the Airforce in WW2 and fought alongside your fathers, later in the foxholes in Guam and other Pacific Islands when it became solely a ground war (so yes, I was a late baby). My father won a gong for that and was so disgusted by the violence he saw, he marched into the local headquarters and gave it back.

My father has a little message (from beyond the grave) to his American friends... He says he is sorry (I think) for nipping into your camp stores and "lifting" a few cushy mattresses. He was a bit of a rebel! He also says thanks for the grenades which he used for "fishing" (they stun the fish which all float to the surface) but next time, please warn him not to be standing waste deep in the water because those little dangly things men have really don't like it.

Where I'm from, most TV was American and our cultures were very similar and often intertwined. Many moons ago in London, I was talking about immigration to some Brit friends and said it is ruining Brit culture, but as I am not Brit myself, i was asked whose side I would fight for in the event our countries were at loggerheads. My answer? "I'd like to think I would form my own opinion about what side is in the right or wrong and choose the side in the right." That's what I am doing right now.

As soon as I saw D Trump in 2016, at first I was swept up in the TDS foisted on us by the MSM, but quite quickly came to realize that all this criticism was mostly unintelligible hate, mockery and gaslighting. I then started to see the great things he was doing and became a big fan. Indeed, I find him clever and stately. After the terrible way the press treated him on his state visits here (our Muslim Mayor even permitted huge dirigibles to be bandied about with mock trump images -- I can't imagine we'd be allowed to do that with their leaders), I quickly realized that the UK and Europe is "bathed in lies" and that the hypocrisy exhibited by our lefties, especially our so called educated (brainwashed) youth, is an embarrassment to us all.

Finally, hoping for Trump to get re-elected and complete his great works, I watched the counts coming in on November 4th and (a) couldn't believe the lies the MSM had spun about how popular Biden was and (b) realized that despite the lies, Trump was on course to win by a landslide. Then impossible things were starting to happen. I watched live in eye popping disbelief as the fabled jumps went from Trump to Biden and then I knew the lies, obstruction and mockery were far more damned serious than just a bit of hate and denigration. Something was very very wrong and I was witnessing Prima Facie Evidence of it. My own eyes do not lie but the media were just going on as if "nothing to see here". So I stopped everything and created this website. Unfortunately, the deeper I dug, the darker the picture became. That level of evil must not be allowed to persist in this world. It is EVERYONE'S duty to fight and fight hard for this because this is the freedom our Fathers fought for and our Uncles died for -- and they are stealing it!!

Britain has only just come out of the EU and the reason I voted out was because I could see back then the EU was provoking Putin over the Ukraine (by funding their coup in 2014), and I wanted for my son never to be commanded by those corrupt arsewipes to have go into armed conflict to help them further their corruption. Then I saw that YOUR children were also at risk of being ordered  to go to war at Kamala Harris's whim -- that was the most perverse injection of foreign intervention you will ever see. The roots of that potential Commander In Chief are not even remotely American and she cannot possibly understand what our fathers fought for and why. She is about as stately as a pole dancer and cerebral as a chiwawa barking "you're racist" at everyone, and yet she is next in line to command your sons and daughters into the slaughter fields --- and it seems her Cabal is trying to start those wars right now.

So that is who we are! Move over America, there are loads of us here in Britain (including one of our contributors, a Scot) and around the world who will do whatever it takes to drive the corruption out of our ruling strata. I remain anonymous as it will slow down the kind of treatment Julian Assange got -- I am prepared to take some risk for this cause but we all need to take care. This is the West losing our values to totalitarianism and tyranny driven by a few fat, rambling elites. Let's lock shoulders and do this together!


..Stealing the most powerful republic in the world is that easy!

Fox News HERE says "Top US Diplomat SIDESTEPPING CLAIM US HAD INTEL on the media building" [that Hamas were in it]. This means the Cabal (and the MSM) was suppressing this to fuel anger against Israel to make the war spread. THE CABAL Wants WAR! For more, see today's Analysis.
May 16th! FLASH about YELLINGS follows..
We at Yellings are under ATTACK.
As of Thursday / Friday, our visitor rates dramatically dropped by 2/3rds.
We're only getting a third of
our usual hits a day. Update Tuesday 18th - up to nearer half what we used to get.

Update: We have to thank our core viewers - yes our hit-rate has slumped, but the 3rd that remains is you, the quality visitor, who sits down and reads things. That is very heartening and we thank you so much for your loyalty.

Back to the "problem"..
This from D Trump..
Donald J. Trump 11:21am May 5, 2021
What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country. Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.

If you type "Yellings" into any search engine (just type that word, no quotes), you will find that, except for Google, we come to the top of every search page (Bing, Yahoo, Duck, Yandex). Google doesn't even have us on the first 5 pages. This can only be deliberate bias.

Regarding global market share(REF), Google have 92%, Bing is second with only 2.1%. With help from you, our precious visitors, and word of mouth, we've done OK even with only 8% visibility -- Until ThursdayThis is 88% in America(REF) -- good to see 4% more Americans have taken the Red Pill.

We can only assume we have suffered further deplatforming, this time by the Domain Name Server network perhaps.
Or you are seeing old pages or finding the connection too slow.

If you do suffer such problems, please advise.

As stated recently, this Google silencing is caused by deliberate search result tampering, illegal because they are not offering the unbiased search facility they imply in their advertising. A politically biased search engine is NOT a search engine. They do the same to Sidney Powell.

We need our own conservative network! The technology is fairly easy and cheap, but we need to do this. And sorry to ask, but we need funding! We will have to discontinue most of our services, our Analysis and forecasts
will be scaled back accordingly. The plan we had to monetize this site so we can keep going has now fallen apart -- ie: The viewings are too low to self sustain. 

In the meantime..

How is it that Google still have 92% when half America voted for Trump and Half the World know Google is politically biased? Please remind everyone...

Stop Using Google! Please!
For Now, Please Use Bing or Duck.
Wood, Flynn and Powell have already asked this, as have many - so why is 88% of the USA still using Google?

Sorry but America is on fire and apart from you my dear visitors, too few seem to care and they just keep using the enemy's search weapon, albeit America is doing so much better than the international community at 92% of submission to the Cabal's Google.

We are not paid to say this, but so far we find Bing as good as Google, and yet unbiased. Duck is as yet too immature. We need to start lobbying Epoch and others to get the word out there. We wrote to Trump asking he say Don't Use Google. Reply not expected.

Regards, Ed. Hope to see enough increase in viewings to get back to full speed soon.


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Breaking News

09/14 08:24:14 RTV Canaria on Twitter - -La Palma on yellow alert U;L📢Translated: The scientific committee of #PEVOLCA has activated the yellow traffic light on La Palma due to the increase in seismic movements, which does not imply an increased risk for the population
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

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    1. Breaking
      1. Incremental Analysis Aug 15th on:
        1. 131/ The Return Of Trump Is Getting A BIG BOOST...
        2. 130/ Sep 15th - Canary Islands Tsunami threat high - Updated 03:30 EDT (08:30 UK)
        3. What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory?
        4. 129/ 🔴 Sep 15th - Canary Islands threat of a Mega Tsunami - Updated 05:45 ET, 10:45 UK
        5. 128/ Latest On Canaria threat of a Mega Tsunami
        6. 127/ - Sep 14th - threat of a Mega Tsunami increases
        7. 126/ Sep 13th - threat of a Mega Tsunami eases (Updated)..
        8. 125/ Sep 13th - Xi's China To Send Ships
        9. 124/ Sep 12 - How to pay respect
        10. 123/ Sep 11 - 911 remembrance
        11. 122/ Sep 10th - Epstein Victims Bought Off, Vaccine Tyranny Spreads
        12. 121/ Sep 9th - Milley Muddle Think
        13. 120/ Sep 9th - McAfee channel an "Inaction" PsyOps?
        14. 119/ Sep 8th Soros attacks the Cabal
        15. 118/ Sep 7th - US Funded Covid Research in Wuhan EXPOSED
        16. 117/ Sep 6th Kabul is an open sore, but the real disease goes deeper
        17. 116/ Sep 5th The Kabul Conspiracy
        18. 115/ Sep 4th The Kabul Conspiracy primer
        19. 114/ Sept 3rd - Will the Woke ever Wake?
        20. 113/ Sept 2nd - Religion v Politics
        21. 112/ Sept 1st - Ready for the next Shit Storm? Taking Stock
        22. 111/ 31st... Afghanistan Gone
        23. 110/ 28th... Suggestion for the White Hats.. New Base in Afghanistan
        24. 109/ 28th... Taiwan Invasion starts?
        25. 108/ 27th... The War Begins, Why are protests not working?
        26. 107/ 26th... Update - "The FDA Approved Vax is NOT Pfizer!!"
        27. 106/ 26th... McAfee back from the Dead?..
        28. 105/ 26th... 6 Situational Updates from Donald J. Trump, [26.08.21 00:26]
        29. 104/ 25th... Covid Origins report Inconclusive, No Vax Approved
        30. BREAKING -- The FDA Approved Vax is NOT Pfizer!!
        31. 103/ (24th) .. Did the Deep State DELIBERATELY Mess Up Kabul❓
        32. 102/ (24th) .. AZ Audit Delayed again, Kamala, Xi
        33. Aggressors Aggressing❓
        34. 101/ (23rd) .. Roundup, Strikes
        35. 100/ (22nd) .. The tiresome Blame Game?
        36. 99/ (21st) .. What Next for Biden?
        37. And so how did the Taliban just walk in?
        38. So, what next for Kabul?
        39. 98/ (21st) .. Kinesis Update..
        40. 97/ (20th) .. Audit time again, Amnesty v Taliban, Covid Tyranny..
        41. 96/ (19th) .. Afghan Man.. not worth saving?
        42. 95/ (18th) .. Taliban leaders used Facebook’s WhatsApp and Twitter
        43. 94/ (18th) .. Follow up to "China declares an INVASION" & Taliban
        44. 93/ (17th) .. BREAKING BIG - 30,000 US in Taiwan - China declares an INVASION
        45. 92/ (17th) .. Who is doing best job of exposing the Cabal?
        46. Is the Cabal losing it's grip?
        47. 91/ (17th) .. Kinesis Update -
        48. Is there a split in the Davos Cabal? Are Soros / Xi breaking ranks?
      2. Yellings Battle Cry!
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Earlier Analyses are Archived Here

Timeline Latest Peek
09/15 19:50:27 BREAKING- Gavin Newsom Will Remain Governor in Golden State as Californians Opt for Decline U;L⚠This is just bullshit. The ballot system is completely broken and they didn't even bother to change the machines. Democracy is some kind of 3rd world sham and they expected people to vote? RIGGED - as said here. But to be honest, they didn't need to rig it because until the core problem is fixed, voting is pointless. So pointless in fact that you may notice this is the first time we have commented on this saga.
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

Incremental Analysis Aug 15th on:

..for earlier, see Situation-Updates-Archive.

La Palma Mega Tsunami Risk Sep 17th. For Intros, see Wikipedia and see(click) #130/ ..

Update 15:45 /17(1045ET): 🤔 Calm before the storm?
Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 9:37 AM (Friday) EDT -- Nuclear Power Plant vs Tsunamis - Strong Harmonic Tremor - 10 cm Deformation -- Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami "Yellow Alert" Declared -- this link takes your browser down near latest update. He has consulted a geologist and reports "His analysis is terrifying". In essence, if it does calve, it will be much worse than the Japanese tsunami (but then it would have to be to reach the US) - worth a quick read.

Moreover, Hal's "bullshitometer" has detected some officialdom double speak. So have we - eg: the mysteriously moved tremors at sea level -- See #They MOVED the Sea Level pings (albeit the last 3 sea level events were not moved), but also their generally overly optimistic "nothing to see here" messages starting to come out. Not only that, but once again, the MSM is ignoring "the scoop of the century" just like they did with the election, with Covid, etc. You only have to see our images (click #where the most shallow quake swarm is  and #3D seabed elevation map) to see just how fragile this 6km tall (of which 4km is submerged) sheer Matterhorn is (and by the way, it is not Granite, it is Magma deposits - much less stable).

One starts to see a conspiracy developing ... is it possible a Russian or Chinese Submarine is nearby? It could take advantage of this situation by launching a torpedo from at least a km away, strike the underwater vertical walls and voila - one torpedo to economically cripple the US and Europe. How would that be achieved? Tell all the US MSM to keep zip. Tick. Manipulate the data. Tick. Tell local officials to play it down. Tick. It should be easy for a geologist to determine the difference between an external explosion and a quake. Apart from different patterns, an external explosion would be very shallow and look like it was at the OUTER EDGE of the horn(the plinth upon which La Palma sits), the other would be deeper and inside the horn. Oh, wait a minute..... Yes, if you study the latest distributions, they are basically on the OUTSIDE EDGE of the horn.

Okay, just a conspiracy theory, but with the amount of control over the media and officialdom they displayed in Nov 3 2020 on, you have to wonder. The wise should consider the points we raise at #What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory.
Update 11:38 /17(-5h for ET): 🔎Quakes on La Palma closer to surface Accumulated deformation 10 cm -- (Ref in Spanish) - extract - "seismic activity .. continues to migrate towards the northwest, at depths of around 8 km, registering, in addition, 50 shallow earthquakes between 1-5 km". Remember, at 1km or less, that's well above the sea floor and is inside the underwater sheer walled plinth that the island is perched on. See(click) #where the most shallow quake swarm is  and #3D seabed elevation map (Tip: When you click these tags, you get a RETURN tag that brings you back here). Three live graphs are under #130/.
Update 03:45(22:45 ET): Deadly quiet on La Palma. Two small but shallow quakes - again, literally at the surface (and may be visible as landslides) - chance of calving (chunk the size of Manhattan falling 4km into the ocean and causing a Mega Tsunami) remain high. Nothing quite like a little biblical prediction to take with you.. Especially relevant to those of us who look to Kinesis Forecasting - Luke 21: 25-26 ... 25 "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.". On that note.... Kinesis Update - Wildly positive AND negative .. Wealth and virtue challenge Evil (REF) and Life courts Fate (REF). We are commencing a very special Kinesis period with great positivity with the next highlight being a full moon on Monday evening as said in #130/ but what we did not mention is a spectacular meeting between Communication and Abundance to combat Fate (REF) at the same time as we have the full moon.
Please spread the word about this Tsunami Threat.
For some reason it is getting little or no press. Many lives are in danger!
See our #What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory
Please mention our website. Google is killing our visits and ratings. Thank you.
Op Ed: This is a completely unprecedented danger to humanity in recorded history - and yet it is being ignored. This is serious - this is science being ignored - earthquakes AT SEA LEVEL and on the edge of the VERTICAL SHELF (eg: today HERE) are not natural. And yet authorities and MSM are ignoring it while casualties in the US alone could exceed millions. Sure it's a low risk, but far from 0% - it is more like 5% over the coming days / weeks. The authorities do nothing and so it goes... the MSM (also ignoring it) will follow up with "how did they get it so wrong?" blah blah. For now, this completely overshadows current political and territorial concerns.
Update 16:45(11:45 ET): Another Quake Swarm...  Earthquakes in La Palma (Spanish article here) -- Officials have begun to distribute leaflets "so the populace knows how to act if an eruption occurs". They seem eager to reassure people there are "no cracks or deformations in the houses" -- but the problem is it is all sitting atop a near vertical walled plinth 4km high from the seabed(see #3D seabed elevation map), and another 2k to the peaks. To put that in perspective, that 4K drop is near 10x the height of #1 & #2 World Trade Center - the chunk that might fall up to 4km has towns, farms and hotels on it and is conservatively the size of Manhattan (60km2 - a tenth of the entire Island at about 700km2).

Update 13:56(08:56 ET): Another big quake (comparatively) in the Magma pool of 3.1 and a resumption of "swarm" activity after a quiet phase. Remember, this island is fragile!

Update 12:56(07:56 ET): 2 of 3 Cameras went off... 3rd remaining camera looks normal but the 2 that went off are further inland and one is close to the slope in question. The one closest to the slope is intermittent and very lagging. We don't think the update info is accurate as the image does not change.

Update 11:38(-5h for ET): Another Quake AT SEA LEVEL...

Will they move this one too? (ref #They MOVED the Sea Level pings). Shows as M2 to 3, so is not small. It has remained there for 6 hours through numerous updates, so it is not "noise" or a mistake.

131/ Sep 15th - The Return Of Trump Is Getting A BIG BOOST...

Counter-coup: Deep state swamp moves against disastrous Biden regime -- We predicted this a long time ago. It's not by any means confirmed, nor is it by nature something that can be confirmed. (We'll dig up the refs where we confirmed it later and put it here. Meantime, it is somewhere between here and our Situation Analysis Archive page). Here is Mike Adam's summary from his email which (despite his sometimes edgy claims) on this occasion we thoroughly endorse..
Today's article and podcast focuses on a theory that says the deep state swamp is now turning against the Biden regime (and its traitorous operators like Gen. Milley) after realizing if they don't stop the destruction, they will lose all their power, salaries, benefits and kickbacks as the U.S. empire collapses.

All of a sudden, people deeply embedded in the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA and even the FBI are coming to the realization that the Biden regime really is working for communist China, and the CCP's ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the United States of America (along with the CCP-ordered executions of all the former high-level officials in the US government). [Near Exactly as we put it!]

Now working for their own survival, deep state elements are initiating actions to end the Biden regime and defend America against those trying to destroy it (including those from within).
Link is as above. Note also: our timeline entry - ⚠What Senator Said Should Terrify US Citizens! This Isn't Normal! -- Transcript 00:25 - "look we've all seen this - we saw it as recently as yesterday -somebody in the white house has authority to press the button and stop the president, cut off the president's speaking ability and sound! who is that person?". Video includes examples. Ps: And who was the Chinese guy directly behind Biden at his inauguration?

130/ Sep 15th - Canary Islands Tsunami threat high - Updated 03:30 EDT (08:30 UK)

To update, the situation is stabilizing, but not stable, and whilst activity is decreasing, there is an increase in extremely shallow activity and minor landslides were reported Here yesterday evening.

For newcomers, a very brief summary is that La Palma in the Canaries is perched on something akin to a vertical plinth and it is already cracking and sliding. If it calves (like a glacier), vast amounts of earth will plummet near vertically into the sea in a 4km drop creating a high risk of a Mega Tsunami affecting every shore along the Atlantic, potentially being the largest natural disaster in recorded history.

On Monday 20th, at 19:00 ET, midnight UK, we have a full moon. This is not Kinesis - this is simple physics. A full moon greatly impacts tides and sees the Sun and Moon on either side of the Earth pulling in equal and opposite directions. Full moons are not a hard predictor of such events, but the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on December 26 2004 was on one. If La Palma survives that, we can relax a little. In the meantime, don't rule out a sudden "rapid evolution of the situation" to quote Hal.

.TIP: The next 3 images below will auto update themselves when you "click HERE" at page top.
  This is a 24 hr active graph showing current Seismic Swarm.

This is a 7 day active graph for context showing the Seismic Swarm.

This is an 8 day active graph showing size & depth.

What to do in case of a Tsunami Advisory?

You will have between 6 to 9 hours warning. In the ocean, a Tsunami is just a fast moving swell. The water does not travel, only the swell does. As it hits the shallows in the shoreline, this swell rises up like a wave - it can be destructive in it's own right as it's wave-break crashes down, but generally it is just a taller swell, so you can shelter in taller structures. Be careful of the backwash - this is more destructive as it carries fast moving debris.
  • Shelter in taller, well structured buildings - 3rd floor or higher.
    • If you are prevented from entering, consider it your right to make them let you.
    • Failing that, consider an overpass / flyover road bridge - it must be substantial. Keep to the land-anchored ends.
  • Drive to higher ground. Roads will not be clogged because everyone is going in one direction and no one will stop for accidents. Any slowness or blockages will be met with deliberate bumper shunts.
    • Check relief maps (ASAP) and head for areas at least 5x the height of the predicted tsunami (as it will drive higher as the wave breaks)
    • Gather essentials such as pills and drinking water(ASAP).
    • When driving on motorways, avoid safety lanes - that's obviously going to contain broken down vehicles, and drivers attempting to use it and then moving around blockages will cause bottlenecks
      • If drivers are doing this and you are in the lane nearest, don't let them in and honk long and hard at them. They will soon get the message.
    • If you have no car, walk to the nearest freeway and hitch hike.
    • Truckers should get off the road unless it is your only transport, in which case pick up hitch hikers.
    • If your car is caught by the tsunami, don't panic and stay with the vehicle as long as possible.
      • Don't open the windows. You will not be able to open the doors if the vehicle starts to float. The electrics should still function for a while.
      • When floating, most water gushes in through air vents. Close them and/or make the air circulation internal.
      • Open the windows and escape if the water in the vehicle reaches your mid chest in the deepest seat.
      • Don't wait until the water has reached the rear windows, as opening them will cause water to cascade in making exit difficult and bring about rapid sinking.
      • If the water reaches the rear windows before they have been opened, you may find neither the doors nor windows open due to pressure, in which case do not panic, wait until the vehicle is sufficiently submerged to equalize and keep trying, or kick the window out (beware, vehicle windows are very strong).
  • If you have a boat, go out to sea in it where the tsunami will be felt as nothing more than a swell. Check relief maps and head for deep water, not shallow. Ensure your boat is not side on to the swell.
  • Cruise and cargo ships should allow people on board. If they don't, consider it your right to make them let you.

129b/ Sep 15th - Canary Islands threat of a Mega Tsunami - Last Updated 1:26 PM EDT
La Palma Volcano "quake swarm" or "seismic swarm" now referred to as a "seismic crisis". Preparation for evacuation ongoing (See timeline). In his latest update - 1:26 PM EDT Here, Hal has found a study (from where we are not told) that indicates a 6cm surface deformation, indeed on the slope of most concern.

Another large 3.5 quake (was upgraded from 3.3) at 7km depth ..
....TIP: The images above & below are now frozen for posterity. Keep in mind that although small, these quakes are repeated in a seismic "swarm" and the island is already poised to "calve" the same way pieces break off glaciers - small quakes is all it would take to trigger a major tsunami.

This is a 7 day graph for context showing the Seismic Swarm. Note the complete absence of prior activity.

129/ 🔴 Sep 15th - Canary Islands threat of a Mega Tsunami - Updated 05:45 ET, 10:45 UK

There has been no significant abatement overnight - if anything the overall trend shows a worsening. Spanish Canaria Press released this About 80 new tremors on La Palma throughout the night -- and played it down. (Translations below).

However, among the "swarm" tremors at night, one was 3.1 on the Richter scale - felt by inhabitants - and many are now very shallow - just 1km (almost unheard of shallowness - most quakes originate between 10 and 100km deep.

Consider this graph..

The top right shows activity AT SEA LEVEL!
Update: They MOVED the Sea Level pings - to avoid panic? The original above is now frozen for posterity.

..and note the new appearance of circles just below the top "sea level" line. So it can be said with some confidence that Magma is rising. However, it is worse - referring to our #3D seabed elevation map below(scroll down or click the # tag), you can see this activity is within the sub-sea vertical-walled portion of the volcano - imagine a quake INSIDE (not under) the Matterhorn, or Scotty's Castle (Mountain in Death Valley), or Mt Thor in Canada. This is happening LIVE, RIGHT NOW with another 3.2 quake (at 8km) under half an hour ago(~05:15 ET).
Translation of About 80 new tremors on La Palma throughout the night:
Seismic movements continue on La Palma
At a quarter past six in the morning on Wednesday there was an earthquake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale and felt by the population on the island of La Palma. During the night there have been about 80 tremors , but there are already more than 700 that have been located under the Cumbre Vieja volcano at depths of between nine and twelve kilometers since a new episode of seismic swarm began last Saturday.

This 3.1 earthquake has been located 9 kilometers away in the municipality of El Paso, in which 59 of the 80 have occurred tonight, during which there have also been seismic movements in Fuencaliente and Tazacorte.

The 10th seismic swarm on the island since 2017 and the most important, according to experts. The National Geographic Institute (IGN) speaks of a cumulative deformation of the island's surface since the beginning of the 1.5-centimeter seismic series.

The Government Delegation in the Canary Islands has requested the activation of the 'Copernicus' system to monitor the island of La Palma in the face of the intense seismic activity registered since Saturday.

Activation of the 'Copernicus' system
The 'Copernicus' system of the National Emergency Center (CENEM) provides high-resolution cartographic information in the event of any emergency. Use satellite observations to help civil protection authorities and, in the event of a disaster, the international humanitarian community, to respond to emergencies

This Wednesday the Scientific Committee meets in Los Llanos de Aridane to analyze the seismic activity that is taking place in Cumbre Vieja.

Peace of mind message
The President of the Government of the Canary Islands,  Ángel Víctor Torres , issued a message of tranquility to the population this Tuesday , and especially to the inhabitants of La Palma, stating that "we are in the hands of experts."

In statements to the media, Torres recalled that this Wednesday the committee for  the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) will meet again , and that scientists and experts are following all events "very closely".

"We are in volcanic lands, this has happened in recent moments in our history and we have to see how it evolves," Torres pointed out, to later ensure that "if decisions have to be made, they will be made for the maximum safety of citizens."

129b/ Earlier Update 23:25 ET, 04:25 UK -