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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2021 WW3?
See Daily Analyses Updates (scroll below or click here)
for ongoing predictions and up to the minute breaking news & analysis.
There was an insurrection - no denying that - it started on Nov 3rd 2020 and completed on Jan 20th 2021.
-- Major Breaking - China Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct see Analysis --
We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

➖We don't agree with it all, but anything that helps ring the "wake up" bell is good!➖
Commercial 🧐
If you would like to help us, or partner us to mutual benefit, here's a number of ways that can be achieved.. (click to expand)..
  1. First, please know we are genuinely throwing our weight behind American Patriots. No one on earth can or should tolerate the level of fraud, oppression and evil seen recently. So if you can help or would like to trade with us, please consider doing so in the spirit of Good Faith. We've been turning down big studio contracts that amount to $3K per week (and far more if we pursued the IPR aspect as we have done in the past) to fight this alongside you. We are able to be a little more bold as we have our base and servers in the UK. It would be nice if we could be helped. Money is just money. Freedom is everything.
  2. If you would like to trade links with us, ie: you promote us by displaying a link, then we would be delighted to reciprocate and promote you. This is not so much a commercial arrangement as just "Patriots helping Patriots" as our friend Just Jodie would say.
  3. If you see an avenue for us promoting your goods and services, please contact us. Our audience is not huge (thanks to google quashing 95% of our visibility) but the number of people that visit and actually read for 10 minutes to an hour would fill a very large church each week. We have a "Quality Audience"(thank you patriots). This is only good for people with a product that has national reach such as a mail order company. We will of course ask you not to make us do a hard sell, nor betray our morals.
  4. If you would like to syndicate our analysis or Kinesis forecasting, we'd be happy to discuss and come to a reasonable, even cheap, deal.
  5. We use very powerful predictive techniques (ie: HERE) which can be applied in other fields including financial. If you are interested, please contact us. We have learned that what we cannot do is invest at the same time as predict. That's a given. We've been around a long time successfully predicting Gold price patterns back in the 80s, but as said, we have learned that absorbing oneself in the technique and investing using the technique are two different pursuits that cannot be easily mixed. It's a matter of teamwork.
  6. If you would like to invest in the internet in general, see next.
Web Names SALE
We are selling premium and .com domain names to assist our funding and keep us going at this vital, exciting and pivotal time. If you want to make a fantastic investment or are looking to start an online presence, please do consider helping us at the same time as we help you...

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Price not negotiable (as these are already heavily discounted below normal). 

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We're Linked up with Telegram
Noticing we have a small but growing following on Telegram, we decided to link all our stories here to also show on there. It kind of acts like a superior timeline.
Coming Soon: We are also planning to echo our daily Analysis there as well, but our major articles will remain firmly rooted to Yellings.
The Link Is


By some coincidence, we read Shock Jock Hal Turner has just had a Security Breach today(as HERE) .. just hours after we too were dealing with what turned out to be a very MINOR breach. More of an attempt really, which we spotted live on our geeky monitor wall and immediately sealed off all our test ports.

Here's the Geolocation for our hacker...
ip: ""
type: "ipv4"
continent_code: "EU"
continent_name: "Europe"
country_code: "IT"
country_name: "Italy"
region_code: "57"
region_name: "The Marches"
city: "Jesi"
zip: 62011
latitude: 43.39542007446289
longitude: 13.21222972869873
And here is what they were trying to inject ...
OPTIONS sip:nm SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP nm;branch=foo
From: <sip:nm@nm>;tag=root
To: <sip:nm2@nm2>
Call-ID: 50000
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0
Contact: <sip:nm@nm>
Accept: application/sdp
..So that last part shows they were trying to upload an application, and then obviously run it. Just another day in the life of a digital freedom fighter ..

PS: this is the shit we are up against. Bloomberg Report on Hacked Hardware. Great move globalists... Make all your local talent jobless, replaced by super-hackers from regimes with ZIL morality because hey, they're cheaper (with a little help from child slave labor). Meanwhile, good brains rot. The welfare queue is full of Einsteins, but the bureaucrats live the easy life having added nothing to progress.

WHO ARE WE? May 22nd 🧐
Apart from my small but great support team, I, the editor, am based in London but am from "somewhere else". If you are really curious, click HERE for a recent featured video from Just Jody - near the end, she mentions where (and gives us a great plug as only Jody can do -- most positive person on the planet and yet educated, switched on, and knows just what is going on and how dark it is.. don't let her deliberately jovial ways fool you! She refuses to get dragged down and she is thus an inspiration to us all!). She says, most kindly, that I am very patriotic considering I'm not American. The reason for that is not just just because I'm nice 😀, not just because this is a global conspiracy reality, but is also because I've traveled everywhere (almost) and have several American friends, but also, my father was in the Airforce in WW2 and fought alongside your fathers, later in the foxholes in Guam and other Pacific Islands when it became solely a ground war (so yes, I was a late baby). My father won a gong for that and was so disgusted by the violence he saw, he marched into the local headquarters and gave it back.

My father has a little message (from beyond the grave) to his American friends... He says he is sorry (I think) for nipping into your camp stores and "lifting" a few cushy mattresses. He was a bit of a rebel! He also says thanks for the grenades which he used for "fishing" (they stun the fish which all float to the surface) but next time, please warn him not to be standing waste deep in the water because those little dangly things men have really don't like it.

Where I'm from, most TV was American and our cultures were very similar and often intertwined. Many moons ago in London, I was talking about immigration to some Brit friends and said it is ruining Brit culture, but as I am not Brit myself, i was asked whose side I would fight for in the event our countries were at loggerheads. My answer? "I'd like to think I would form my own opinion about what side is in the right or wrong and choose the side in the right." That's what I am doing right now.

As soon as I saw D Trump in 2016, at first I was swept up in the TDS foisted on us by the MSM, but quite quickly came to realize that all this criticism was mostly unintelligible hate, mockery and gaslighting. I then started to see the great things he was doing and became a big fan. Indeed, I find him clever and stately. After the terrible way the press treated him on his state visits here (our Muslim Mayor even permitted huge dirigibles to be bandied about with mock trump images -- I can't imagine we'd be allowed to do that with their leaders), I quickly realized that the UK and Europe is "bathed in lies" and that the hypocrisy exhibited by our lefties, especially our so called educated (brainwashed) youth, is an embarrassment to us all.

Finally, hoping for Trump to get re-elected and complete his great works, I watched the counts coming in on November 4th and (a) couldn't believe the lies the MSM had spun about how popular Biden was and (b) realized that despite the lies, Trump was on course to win by a landslide. Then impossible things were starting to happen. I watched live in eye popping disbelief as the fabled jumps went from Trump to Biden and then I knew the lies, obstruction and mockery were far more damned serious than just a bit of hate and denigration. Something was very very wrong and I was witnessing Prima Facie Evidence of it. My own eyes do not lie but the media were just going on as if "nothing to see here". So I stopped everything and created this website. Unfortunately, the deeper I dug, the darker the picture became. That level of evil must not be allowed to persist in this world. It is EVERYONE'S duty to fight and fight hard for this because this is the freedom our Fathers fought for and our Uncles died for -- and they are stealing it!!

Britain has only just come out of the EU and the reason I voted out was because I could see back then the EU was provoking Putin over the Ukraine (by funding their coup in 2014), and I wanted for my son never to be commanded by those corrupt arsewipes to have go into armed conflict to help them further their corruption. Then I saw that YOUR children were also at risk of being ordered  to go to war at Kamala Harris's whim -- that was the most perverse injection of foreign intervention you will ever see. The roots of that potential Commander In Chief are not even remotely American and she cannot possibly understand what our fathers fought for and why. She is about as stately as a pole dancer and cerebral as a chiwawa barking "you're racist" at everyone, and yet she is next in line to command your sons and daughters into the slaughter fields --- and it seems her Cabal is trying to start those wars right now.

So that is who we are! Move over America, there are loads of us here in Britain (including one of our contributors, a Scot) and around the world who will do whatever it takes to drive the corruption out of our ruling strata. I remain anonymous as it will slow down the kind of treatment Julian Assange got -- I am prepared to take some risk for this cause but we all need to take care. This is the West losing our values to totalitarianism and tyranny driven by a few fat, rambling elites. Let's lock shoulders and do this together!


..Stealing the most powerful republic in the world is that easy!

Fox News HERE says "Top US Diplomat SIDESTEPPING CLAIM US HAD INTEL on the media building" [that Hamas were in it]. This means the Cabal (and the MSM) was suppressing this to fuel anger against Israel to make the war spread. THE CABAL Wants WAR! For more, see today's Analysis.
May 16th! FLASH about YELLINGS follows..
We at Yellings are under ATTACK.
As of Thursday / Friday, our visitor rates dramatically dropped by 2/3rds.
We're only getting a third of
our usual hits a day. Update Tuesday 18th - up to nearer half what we used to get.

Update: We have to thank our core viewers - yes our hit-rate has slumped, but the 3rd that remains is you, the quality visitor, who sits down and reads things. That is very heartening and we thank you so much for your loyalty.

Back to the "problem"..
This from D Trump..
Donald J. Trump 11:21am May 5, 2021
What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country. Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.

If you type "Yellings" into any search engine (just type that word, no quotes), you will find that, except for Google, we come to the top of every search page (Bing, Yahoo, Duck, Yandex). Google doesn't even have us on the first 5 pages. This can only be deliberate bias.

Regarding global market share(REF), Google have 92%, Bing is second with only 2.1%. With help from you, our precious visitors, and word of mouth, we've done OK even with only 8% visibility -- Until ThursdayThis is 88% in America(REF) -- good to see 4% more Americans have taken the Red Pill.

We can only assume we have suffered further deplatforming, this time by the Domain Name Server network perhaps.
Or you are seeing old pages or finding the connection too slow.

If you do suffer such problems, please advise.

As stated recently, this Google silencing is caused by deliberate search result tampering, illegal because they are not offering the unbiased search facility they imply in their advertising. A politically biased search engine is NOT a search engine. They do the same to Sidney Powell.

We need our own conservative network! The technology is fairly easy and cheap, but we need to do this. And sorry to ask, but we need funding! We will have to discontinue most of our services, our Analysis and forecasts
will be scaled back accordingly. The plan we had to monetize this site so we can keep going has now fallen apart -- ie: The viewings are too low to self sustain. 

In the meantime..

How is it that Google still have 92% when half America voted for Trump and Half the World know Google is politically biased? Please remind everyone...

Stop Using Google! Please!
For Now, Please Use Bing or Duck.
Wood, Flynn and Powell have already asked this, as have many - so why is 88% of the USA still using Google?

Sorry but America is on fire and apart from you my dear visitors, too few seem to care and they just keep using the enemy's search weapon, albeit America is doing so much better than the international community at 92% of submission to the Cabal's Google.

We are not paid to say this, but so far we find Bing as good as Google, and yet unbiased. Duck is as yet too immature. We need to start lobbying Epoch and others to get the word out there. We wrote to Trump asking he say Don't Use Google. Reply not expected.

Regards, Ed. Hope to see enough increase in viewings to get back to full speed soon.


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      1. Incremental Analysis Sep 13th on:
        1. 157/ Oct 17 - YOUR  CSU - Civil Societal Union

        2. 156/ Oct 16 - YOU Need to UNITE and take ACTION
        3. 155/ Oct 15 - What evidence do you require other than that of your own senses?
        4. This is a taste of what is coming...
        5. 154/ Oct 13 - War and Politics - where is the connection?
        6. 153/ Oct 12 - The beat stops. Big Brother has Landed.
        7. 152/ Oct 11 - 💀Breaking - China Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct
        8. 151/ Oct 10 - Transenstein
        9. 150/ Oct 7th - Did Biden just admit he is a Traitor?
        10. 149/ Oct 5 - War & Peace!
        11. 148/ Oct 4 - End of the World?
        12. 147/ Oct 3 - Are we taking La Palma seriously enough?
        13. 146/ Oct 2 - Should the West attack China to defend Taiwan?
        14. 145/ Oct 1 - Is the Quest for "Proof" becoming a "Trust PsyOp"?
        15. 144/ Oct 1 - Bastard Trust PsyOps
        16. 143/ Sep 30th - Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy..
        17. 142/ Sep 29th - Parallel Societies...
        18. 141/ Sep 28th - Beware Trust PsyOps
        19. 140/ Sep 27th & 28th - La Palma, Kinesis Forecast..
          1. These elongations look like a saddle or two hills stretched over a fortnight(3rd & 5th rows)..
        20. 139/ Sep 26th - Freedom is in a MSM headlock!
        21. 138/ Sep 25th - La Palma Volcano causing Tsunami Risk - New Chapter.
        22. 137/ Sep 24th - La Palma Mega Tsunami Risk. Closing this chapter.
        23. 136/ Sep 21st - Letter From ‘The American People’ To ‘The Arizona Senate’
        24. 135/ Sept 21st - So Obama was a fake too?
        25. 134/ Sept 20th - Kinesis Forecast
        26. 133/ Sep 19th - And so La Palma erupts.
        27. 132/ Sep 17th -- 💥Boom💥! Trump Hits Them With TRUTH!
        28. 131/ Sep 15th - The Return Of Trump Is Getting A BIG BOOST...
        29. 130/ Sep 15th - Canary Islands Tsunami threat high - Updated 03:30 EDT (08:30 UK)
        30. Advisory: What to do in case of a Tsunami Announcement?
        31. 129/ 🔴 Sep 15th - Canary Islands threat of a Mega Tsunami - Updated 05:45 ET, 10:45 UK
        32. 128/ Latest On Canaria threat of a Mega Tsunami
        33. 127/ - Sep 14th - threat of a Mega Tsunami increases
        34. 126/ Sep 13th - threat of a Mega Tsunami eases (Updated)..
        35. 125/ Sep 13th - Xi's China To Send Ships
      2. Yellings Battle Cry!
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00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

Incremental Analysis Sep 13th on:

..for earlier, see Situation-Updates-Archive.

Oct 19 update - very unwell presently (nothing life threatening - but very painful), so given all articles come through myself as editor (ie: currently there is no mechanism by which our other contributors can add data), and I am barely able to hold a mouse, there may be a 2 or 3 day slow down. However, we have started a new article here (which we hope to add more to later) .... titled Satanic Child Abuse(HERE), we explore (with a critical eye and no emotion) some of the more lurid claims going around about the Royals and elites.

While we tie ourselves up in environmental regulations, China is taking advantage! This article is too good to miss ...
[from a future viewpoint]"Few of us would be able to read the histories of the 21st century, given that they are likely to be written in Chinese, but assuming that some kind of translation is available to a few westerners who, like Cornish-speakers today, gather in pubs to keep alive their own languages, the years 2020-21 will go down as the great turning point. First, there was Covid, which may be deemed to be the moment that the locked-down masses of the West recognised the superiority of authoritarianism over democracy. Then came COP26, the conference at which the West agreed to its own economic self-destruction".

OpEd: We used to say a cleaner environment won't be much use if we run out of money to defend it. But now it is really happening - our Woke Bureaucrats are our enemies and handing our freedom to our foes on a silver platter. SACK THE BLOODY LOT and put Greta in an Asylum where she belongs - she's poisoning our woke socialist youth to make their decision making process dumber than it already is.
For more, read The Telegraph HERE.

158/ Oct 18 - YOUR  CSU - implementing your Comms & IT ..

Continuing our series on Civil Societal Union as an urgently needed defensive infrastructure..

Focusing in on point 1 of the 4 key points in #156/ - ie: 1 Comms of 1 Comms, 2 Money, 2 Structure, 4 Security - lets look on how we suggest YOU implement this.. First be reminded EVERYTHING ELSE (credit, structure, and security cannot exist without it).

Here are some points.
Tier 1
Generally, you should be aiming for a comms mesh that can allow you begin to organize yourselves without ending up being on a CIA database. Hence, such communications are very two tier. The first tier is where we assume you still have access to electricity and computers. While ever that is the case, you need well conceived simple node to node communications.

Tier 2
The other tier is much more worrisome. A complete comms blackout (you know the one where dippy Simon Parks says "don't worry, it just means the Whitehats are in control - just wait". We are seeing the same PsyOps disinfo from telegram channels including ones professing to be McAfee, Keanu Reeves, John Durham, Mel Gibson, and lately even Sidney Powell (whose channel appears to have been hacked).

Well, that is the worst possible advice. "Don't worry, sit back, while they come and slaughter you" ..... Darwin would be thrilled to see how well the mechanisms he described work!

A war could break out and you could find yourselves under Marshall law "overnight" and at any time. Your internet will be switched off, the servers as well as the local exchanges.

There is, as we have been lamenting, a total lack of preparedness for such an event. Once they turn out your internet and mobile networks, they can pick you off one by one - armed or not.

Worse, if you rely on software to generate your "comms mesh", be aware they can "brick" or spike your PC (esp Microsoft OS's) and likely have done already - made to fail if not coupled to the internet for long enough (which is what Mandatory W10 updates do already .. which is a warning in itself). They may simply cut all power.

So we want to share some "belt and braces" communication methods. Means of warning yourselves if your neighborhood is being invaded for example..
  • Print out Morse Code (print it out in case your computers and phones are bricked - see the simple chart above).
    • If you are technical, consider creating something to interpret the binary of our basic alpha-numeric character set (just from 32 to 95). It is more intuitive, easier to build into computer programs, and if slow enough, can be deciphered by the human ear (as can Morse). Build your device using something that cannot be hacked such as an arduino.
  • Equip yourselves with these methods of communicating..
    • torches (nothing quite like morse over directed light - hard to detect).
    • sound (a simple computer program that generates and "reads" sound).
    • infrared (too technical for this discussion but electronics people will understand)
  • Keep power bricks charged in the event you may be able to set up a comms mesh using your mobile phone WiFi
    • (hot spots etc - beyond the scope of this discussion - a programmer will know how, but by the time .
There are many ways of discretely communicating from house to house or road to road. Remember, we are looking for "private" methods. A good shortwave 2 way radio is great but it is also like painting a bullseye on top of your house. Don't forget, there will be those in your neighborhood more than happy to "shop" you (summon patrols and point you out so they can get essential food etc), so aim for one to one.

At some later point, we may discuss blue prints (that we have already worked on and prepared) for such communications, but in the meantime, be inventive. Think about using the power grid, spark transmitters, even the plumbing grid.
To ensure there are one to one grids of communication, you need trust. You may have already noticed we are thus jumping forward to Structure - you need to identify people who you can trust, find ways of identifying each other which cannot be traced back to YOU. The simplest way is for everyone to adopt pseudonyms, but without management that will easily get out of control, you need some kind of simplified blockchain identity.

And so you find yourself back at square one. Who will fund all this for you? Who has the time to do this?

Remember - DO it Fast and Do it Big! There is no time to waste - we may have already lost but we must try. It's up to YOU now.

157/ Oct 17 - YOUR  CSU - Civil Societal Union

If you examine the 4 key points in #156/ - 1 Comms, 2 Money, 2 Structure, 4 Security - one by one, you will see each point depends on the implementation of the point before it.
First in brief -
  1. You can't organize without communications
  2. You can't trade, reward, sanction or operate without control of your own credit system
  3. You can't unite without a Social Structure - a set of rules that can be communally guided
  4. You can't be safe without a reliable security "guard" system
Now lets look at how this works..

Communications is everything. In this list it includes all things "IT" (info technology) including a reliable means of storing and accessing info. Obviously a credit system cannot function without that. Nor can you organize or be secure without it. But it must be done inclusively and robustly. For example Gab are doing 3 things wrong... Aside trying to 1/ make it exclusive to christian conservatives (exclusion is never a good ploy over inclusion - it is also ignorant of people's right to seek spiritual guidance [or not] as they see fit and just begging for persecution), it is 2/  making a system that is dependent on the internet, and the internet is not in their control - it can EASILY be switched off. Finally, 3/ It's also like putting your microphone in your bedroom - everyone can hear everything you say.

So, perhaps surprisingly, Communication is the HIGHEST PRIORITY. Nothing else on this list works without it. So what is NUMBER ONE priority? SECURE COMMS! Note we have said it does not need to be encrypted - better not to be. Encryption itself attracts attention. It also allows the demon of secrecy to destroy us from within .. Of course some communication and data storage does need to be private - but do not make the mistake of encouraging this.. just encrypt in your own syntax or code what needs to be. People have a right to criticize the use of keeping secrets and that must be made a virtue. Keeping secrets is sometimes a necessary evil, but it is an evil - it is a double edged sword - a power for both good and evil.

Then we have Money - a system of credit. How can you regulate Structure and Security without it? Your union, your organization, MUST abide by a rule to ONLY use whatever becomes your DeFi .. your universally accepted Decentralized Finance credit system. If you have people prepared to step outside of that bond, they must go - be banished (at least until they show such remorse that it is possible to reunite). Without that bond, your mission to reunify will fail. Of course a system of credit as described cannot work without strong, reliable communication.

Structure - How does this depend on Money? As a union that is sworn totally to non-violence, how else can you manage, restrain, enforce, reward and push back from wrong? Money is used to moderate and thus allow structure to materialize. Within this structure there must be hierarchy, rules, honor, devotion. There must be opportunity, turnover and a lack of stagnancy. Those appointed to positions of authority must be recycled frequently.

In this ideal Structure you MUST hold logic, analysis and reason above all else. Reject those charismatic, attractive people with pearly loud voices take control of meetings. If necessary, reduce your communication to lettering (electronic text). Do not allow forthright people to dominate meetings. Allow time for decisions to be made - hear the evidence, sleep on it, then as one vote and decide.

And finally, Security. There must be zero tolerance to intimidation - especially physical .. YOU must reward those soldiers who can civilly face down spontaneous aggression and uncivilized usage of excess force, and at the same time allow them some latitude - you cannot expect a soldier to switch from a powerful protector to a calming reasoned voice - so as long as their actions are lawful, they must be allowed slippage. YOU must empower them to hold a peace. People who have uncontrollable rage cannot be used, but they too must be respected and held in reserve for when the time comes that passive resistance needs a "boost".

Finally, The power that is used by the corrupt state is targeting us one by one, picking us off. We must return concept that in spades - through organization, we must pick out our targets and reverse the power (using our credit system and structure - not violence which must be used only in defense.

Security is paramount and yet, as it requires communication, a means of credit to enforce, structure - then Security clearly relies on the foregoing three.

This is how you can thrive and combat the overwhelming levels of corruption that has descended upon us.
Copy this and learn it in case we at Yellings are silenced!

Quick Kinesis Forecast Update - Oct 17th
Kinesis - the analysis of gravitational interference on the generation of mood changing hormones, and the impact that has on us through leadership and mass hysteria...

Did you feel the love yesterday? Did you feel the blessing of giving or receiving? As per #Oct 12th, we just passed the first peak as Jupiter trined the Sun (abundance helps life). This is followed by Jupiter trines Mars peaking Monday 18th. This is the positive and busy phase that we promised.

It's also a time of over-confidence from those in high places as stories such as Hal - Uh Oh! China Just Got Deadly Serious About Taiwan - Loading Armor on Ferries and Chinese military spotter plane enters Taiwan’s ADIZ | Taiwan News | 2021-10-17 10:03:00 show.

However, the main reason for this quick update is that on Wednesday 20th, at 1500GMT, approx 10AM ET, there is a full moon. La Palma will explode, falling into the sea, causing a Mega Tsunami massively impacting the Western and other nations bordering the Atlantic. OK, that's a poor and disingenuous use of Kinesis as the chances are very low, but the fact is that the gravitational distortion of the Earth being precisely BETWEEN the Sun and Moon has the capacity to trigger something of this magnitude. It's a bit like putting a drunk in a fast car. He or she will probably make it home, but stats show the risk is elevated. That full moon will especially impact Putin, suggesting new beninngs for all Libras, so news from Russia will be worth watching Wednesday and Thursday.

In other news, Mercury STATIONARY at last! (It has ceased it's reverse motion - the classic sign of muddled communications, travel woes, mistakes, breakdowns). It resumes forward motion on October 20th with secrets revealed and reasoning exposed until November 3rd.

The main takeaway is the lovely overlapping Trines featuring Jupiter trine Mars on Monday. Possible global warring and more energy and abundance for you.

156/ Oct 16 - YOU Need to UNITE and take ACTION

We and YOU have to up our game. We devised an initiative called CSU - Civil Societal Union - an alternative social structure but this is stalled due to lack of funding and time. So this is the plan - do with it what you will. YOUR future is in YOUR hands.

See the source image

Yesterday we warned what is coming, we warned of impending DOOM and warned against disbelief, and we posted the video of the Nun at page top (or see HERE) so you can forward it to others (especially in the US) and help people understand the gravity of the situation. Now we want to list what YOU need (you being anyone in the West who is not a blinkered socialist and sees the writing on the wall) if you want to be rise above our sinking global ship..
  • Comms - You can't organize without communications.
    • What do YOU need? A means of uninterruptible idea exchange with both short and long range capability. It does not need to be secure - it is better that people add their own ciphering.
    • What has been done? NEXT TO NOTHING. Frank Speech, Gettr, Telegram, Ourselves, Gab etc etc are already shadow blocked by Google, and when they want to, those in power will just throw a switch and blank them out like they did to Parler.
  • Money - You can't trade, reward, sanction or operate without control of this
    • What do YOU need? A DeFi currency - not crypto (too easily hacked, blocked, traced).
    • What has been done? NEXT TO NOTHING. Crypto has gone "mad" and China has even banned it (which will happen all over the West soon enough)
  • Structure - You can't unite without a Social Structure - a set of rules that can be communally guided
    • What do YOU need? A hierarchical structure that includes security, justice, fire fighters, technicians and builders, health givers.
    • What has been done? NEXT TO NOTHING. Actually, Gab has been looking at an Alternative Christian society - we warn against anything that is exclusive.
  • Security - You can't be safe without a reliable security guard system
    • What do YOU need? A way that well equipped reservists can be organized and called out.
    • What has been done? NEXT TO NOTHING. We are sure there are some well hidden movements, but you will note that each of the foregoing points (Comms, Money, Structure) are needed to protect these protectors.
It is important that this is within the law and can function within the legal framework that is already in place (it's important to stop trying to use the existing law too, but we must not go against it). To this extent, such an organization would be like the Scouts, YMCA / YWCA, or even like a corporation.

Don't do this "half mast" - this has to be done thoroughly and robustly with significant investment. Seth Holehouse said recently "we are winning" - that is incorrect. We know he is trying to give hope, but the situation is significantly worse than it was a few months ago. Abandon the belief that someone else will fix this - only YOU can.

Copy this or learn it in case Yellings is silenced! What would we know? As a skilled senior project manager (and s/w engineer), it has been my business to plan major events and installations. Populate your new social structure with people who can analyze and think, not people with pearly strong voices (we made a habit of throwing such people our of meetings as decision committees always come up with stupid ideas rammed through by the biggest mouth - we made it part of our terms and conditions that any decision made in a meeting was subject to a latter review - by me!).

Tomorrow, we will publish WHY it has to be this way.

155/ Oct 15 - What evidence do you require other than that of your own senses?

Ref feedback received from someone who had just read 143/ Sep 30th - Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy.. (
"What evidence do you require other than that of your own senses?"
The Muppet Christmas Carol GIF

He says "My subject line is a quote from a 1984 film adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The line is spoken by the ghost of Marley to Scrooge, who steadfastly disbelieves the indisputable evidence that Marley is right in front of him, communicating a warning of dire consequences, lest positive action is taken without compromise or delay. As most of us know, everything turned out very well in the end. That was fiction, your excellent post summarizing the unfolding timeline of horror surrounding Covid and the far reaching political, economic and social upheaval is REALLY happening! It seems there are many who choose to ignore their own senses. I wonder, and worry how this might all end."

Reminder of Anatomy of a Super Conspiracy..
Click to expand🔎retract🔍:
Ref World faces another pandemic if it doesn't solve riddle of Covid's origins | Daily Mail Online..
After the release of this interesting but misguided article, we feel we can help them in their quest to find Covid Origins...
It's very simple.
  1. Fauci created a virus that would be "like" the next pandemic so he could create a vaccine in advance.
  2. He told his friends including Bill Gates so they could invest in the vaccines. Gates founded Moderna.
  3. The Obama administration said it was too dangerous and disbanded their research.
  4. Fauci sent all the blueprints to Wuhan and then gave them US research grant funding.
  5. Xi hated Trump and is well known to have funded the Media and Democrats via Black Rock etc.
  6. Xi's PLA naturally took an interest in Wuhan. Trump could not be allowed to "drain the swamp".
  7. When the first Trump Impeachment failed at the end of 2019, Xi's PLA released Covid "by accident".
  8. This was to derail Trump's popularity in election year and later to usher in fraud-friendly "mail in ballots".
  9. When they discovered Trump was STILL going to be re-elected, they rigged the election.
  10. But they got sloppy and the world found out voting machines were a complete sham.
  11. So now, as protests escalate, they are releasing more virulent Covid variants.
It's all about control. These are all facts according to the evidence here in our timeline and on our site.

It's not difficult to find out where Covid came from and what happened, but it is difficult to stop the bad guys from suppressing and modifying the truth.

The cabal is ratcheting up the pressure with persecution, covid tyranny, political prisoners, disbarred lawyers, intimidation beatings, and so on. As the Audit results become better known and as the vaccine and other measures get exposed as "useless", as evidence grows of their literally satanic behavior, you might think the Cabal will simply lose, but they will not roll over. They are real and their fightback will be biblical - expect assassinations, curfews, marshal law, indiscriminate jailing. But long before that, a diversion war has been a long time coming. China is in the cross hairs. And yet China has planned it.
This is why we keep repeatedly calling for action from someone who can afford to act. We can't. Sadly smaller donations won't help, so we no longer ask for them (but we are very very grateful to those that did - you enabled us to carry on at a difficult time).

This is a taste of what is coming...

  • A WAR is imminent
    • Warnings everywhere that another Bio Weapon drop is on it's way,
    • Martial Law will be asserted to strip you of all rights and weapons,
  • Persecution has started
    • people are in solitary,
    • one of our political prisoners in DC was nearly beaten to death recently, left brain damaged,
    • the "insurrection" select committee is a show trial - people are being forced to snitch on others (and then the others are jailed),
  • Serious Totalitarianism
    • Australia finding people into serious debt ($5,000) if not vaxed by Nov 13,
    • Vax mandates everywhere, covid spreading faster,
  • More Social Decay
    • Supply chains drying up
    • Jobs being lost
  • Communications worsening
    • D Trump is only heard by his hardened fans
    • Trust PsyOps are getting more devious
    • You are very lucky if you are reading this because Google has shut down 90% of our audience.
Ending in YOU AND I DEAD?

We are not fear mongering - we're trying to stop this madness. Tomorrow we are going to provide a list of the ESSENTIAL ACTIONS THAT SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE to avoid all this.

Ref Donald J. Trump, [14.10.21 22:37] it would seem that even POTUS has been duped by a trickster ... Quote:
Today, the highly respected Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, is having an event on the big findings from the Arizona Audit. He has invited the RINOs on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to participate. If they have nothing to hide, and if this was the "most secure election" in history, they would show up and answer the many questions raised by the audit, like how there were over 17,000 duplicate mail-in ballots and why they poured in after Election Day, how there were over 6,000 more ballots than there were envelopes, or why some were stamped "verified and approved," even though they had no signature, which is against the law.

Maricopa County has refused to answer these questions (and so much more!), and instead "shoots the messenger." Tune in to Dr. Shiva’s open forum ( from 12-4PM EDT. We must fix our elections to save our Country!

These massive irregularities and corruption are now in the hands of the Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona. Everybody knows what the right answer is, both in Arizona and other places!
This "infiltrator" Shiva is a sign of EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG about the conservative movement. He is, we allege, a COMPLETE FRAUD and we embarrass ourselves by any association with this trickster. Wikipedia states...
"V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai (born Vellayappa Ayyadurai Shiva,[2] December 2, 1963)[3] is an Indian-American engineer, politician, entrepreneur, and promoter of conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and unfounded medical claims.[4][5][6][7] Ayyadurai holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a Ph.D. in biological engineering, and is a Fulbright grant recipient.[8]

In a 2011 article published by Time, Ayyadurai claimed he invented email as a teenager in the late 1970s. Historians strongly dispute this account, however, because email was already in use in the early 1970s. Ayyadurai sued both Gawker Media and Techdirt for defamation for disputing his account of inventing email; both lawsuits were settled out of court.
It is our belief and allegation, from what we have read and learned (subject to your own research - you will note we are being careful as Shiva has obviously learned the art of manipulating the legal system), that indeed he did not "invent email", but he merely created an App which was called "Email". Wikipedia again...
"he created an email system to emulate the paper-based interoffice mail system then in use at the medical school.[15][16] In 1982, he registered the copyright for his software, called "EMAIL", as well as for the program's user documentation.[17]"
Email itself was, as we understand it, created by the US military who, by the way, created the TCP/IP protocol that was designed for modems working as slow as 1Kb/s and was so robust, it is even today the backbone of the internet and networks working at literally 1 million times that speed (Gigabit Ethernet). At the heart of Email is the HELO protocol (as we call it - unsure if that is it's true name) involving POP3 and SMTP servers which sit atop TCP/IP. On that note, even Timothy John Berners-Lee, the so called inventor of the world wide web, also has a tenuous link - it would seem he did create the first server /  client coupling using the rudiments of the HTTP protocol that it still uses today, but in reality this too was only a "coating" that exploited the really clever bit - TCP/IP - which had already established server / client hand shake protocols. He and Shiva are akin to the guy(s) who wrote Happy Birthday and then claiming they invented music.

For what it is worth, we had read these points long before Shiva weaseled his way into the favor of My Pillow's Mike Lindell and somehow managed to become a spokesperson for the Audits. It is our allegation that Ayyadurai is a Walter Mitty and First Class Dickhead. (You have to cringe when Mike Lindell lauds a young Indian migrant, visibly younger than the internet, saying "you invented email" and the gullible audience laps it up. What an utterly preposterous claim!).

154/ Oct 13 - War and Politics - where is the connection?

People ask - why do we keep publishing stories about imminent war?
  • Put simply, the US has fallen under a COUP.
  • We call the coup makers simply the CABAL.
  • Europe and the UK fell under the spell of the Cabal some time ago.
  • The UK's attempt to leave the EU was an effort to free itself, but it has not gone well, with suspicions that Prime Minister Boris has been "controlled" and with diktats, oppression and political ignorance on the rise even still.
  • The Cabal wants war because it wants (in no particular order)..
    • to disarm American civilians (through martial law),
    • depopulation, mayhem
    • declaw the US
    • focus to be shifted from their election rigging etc.
So to summarize, the US coup is complete. We are now in phase 2. End game. It's all part of the big picture. This is what we are here to fight now. It is not possible to reverse the election fraud as they have total control of the media, tech, law.

Tragically, when the coup became blindingly obvious, Western conservatives simply sat on their hands and waited for some fabled "Q", 107, whitehats, audits or whatever. We conservatives did a lot of protesting, but what or who were we appealing to? A corrupt law? A brainwashed unaware? Either way, the Cabal soon figured out how to deal with it. We the aware often see hundreds of thousands - people teeming through city streets like an ant invasion... and the Cabal simply turns the cameras off and no one knows about it - not even our own kith in different regions.

Indeed, conservatives(as in political, not religious) all over the West did nothing. They/We did not invest, donate, unite... and this has always been our Achilles heel as conservatives - we are individuals and we like it that way. This however is not the time to go to ground - our way of life is in peril. We at Yellings never anticipated how easily conservatives would fall under the spell of Trust PsyOps( - it has led to delays spanning more than half a year while the Cabal ratchets up its control.

Those of us that are awake must accept the new reality - we are now fighting a rearguard action. Our only hope is to start a private inner society - like the Masons, the Rotary Club. But this will need the resources of a kingmaker. So far no one has come forward.

Kinesis Forecast Update Oct 12th
Kinesis - the analysis of gravitational interference on the generation of mood changing hormones, and the impact that has on us through leadership and mass hysteria...

As the last series of stressful conjunctions wane, we can look forward to a positive and busy phase starting with a cheer this Friday as Jupiter trines the Sun followed by Jupiter trines Mars. These will bring a period of high moods with a touch of over confidence for the world's leaders.
  • Mercury still going backwards! (a classic sign of muddled communications, travel woes, mistakes, breakdowns). It will resume on October 20th ushering in a period when we can expect to see secrets being revealed and reasoning exposed until November 3rd as it retraces the arc it has already traveled just weeks before.
  • On the 23rd of October, the Sun Enters Scorpio followed by Mars on the 31st.
    • This will give Biden's birth chart a rather unwelcome boost - unwelcome for us as he will be energetic and in a warring mood.
    • He will need it because, as Jupiter trines Mercury on the 31st as well, Xi is due to throw the next pandemic at Planet Earth.
      • That's not a prediction, huge new anti-pandemic measures have been mandated by Xi, to be ready by end October, as we analyzed HERE. As there is no new pandemic, we can only assume he knows something we don't. It may be his retaliation for Taiwan or who knows what, but be reminded that contagious diseases mutate to be less harmful, not more.
      • This all also coincides with Saturn (evil) challenging the Sun (life) on the 30th and 31st which will have low impact on us but is likely to be seen as a threat by world leaders.
  • The trines will be felt right through until Monday Oct 25th and will coincide with feelings of sexual energy from Sat 16th.
    • During this period we also have some mild challenges and global displays of posturing but personally, the period will be dominated by the stronger trines.
Finally, we have a half moon tomorrow (Sun Square Moon) which will bring with it easily avoidable arguments(simply don't get drawn in) and a full Moon on late Wednesday 20th giving the same impact (easily avoidable arguments) on the day after. That full moon will especially impact Putin so it news from Russia will be worth watching. Good news for those born in Sagittarius - Venus is visiting and tomorrow it will make you a little naughty as it aspects Saturn with a sextile. This is an interesting (but brief) aspect for all of us bringing harmony where there is conflict.

153/ Oct 12 - The beat stops. Big Brother has Landed.

We never tire of trying to get our heads around what happened. 1984, a fiction, is now reality. I am reminded of The Beat Goes On (Sonny and Cher?).. well, it doesn't - it stopped. It has been stopped by the Cabal as violently as a needle torn from vinyl.
It is worse than ever imagined. Business, incomes, livelihoods, food supplies, medical procedures, travel... All ruined by a disease that has 98% survivability.

And the Truth is no longer existent except for those of us awake. Big Media, thoroughly controlled by the Cabal and CCP, have silenced Trump, Conservatives, Massive demonstrations globally and even yesterday's walkout of air-traffic controllers, pilots and Amtrak drivers.

Do you think we, the aware, are winning? Here's a snapshot from just the last 2 days of "brutal" levels of socialist behavior..
News Item
How the MSM / Law / Masses reacted
Vengeful No action taken
Other-Topics Ignored
Climate Ignored
Media-Irregularities Blanked out
Big-Pharma He's still there
Covid The great unaware don't even know this is going on
Big-Pharma Gas lighting
Wokeism Mind bending
Climate You are not welcome to even discuss it
Covid More gaslighting
Editorial-Opinion Do the unaware even know we are on the brink? They will find out when Martial Law is upon us - which they will embrace.
Editorial-Opinion Not on Rep's radar
Breaking Totally ignored
Legal-activity A RINO Is doing more than we are.
Logic-Defying-Law Doubling down on us
Covid Blanked or Threatened or both

But it's not just the Cabal.

It's the masses of Enablers who are Socialists, Activists or just unwitting Communist Proponents due to their allegiance with a party laughably called the "Democrats".

They think they are saving the planet from dirty industrialists (who these days are all champagne socialists anyway), but instead of saving us, they are making the planet far worse through their blinkered refusal to accept logical debate on things like photosynthesis. It is this bigoted stubborn logical haze that is blinding them to the truth about Covid, masks, GMO "vaccines" (down to encouraging the use of it on children), real environmental safeguards.

Their ignorance of, and shutting down of, any logical debate has escalated to the point where now "it's alright" to use the law illogically and without precedent, "it's alright" to "guide" the election process away from those so called nasty Reps by just nudging the ballot boxes a little, maybe re-scanning the odd batch or throwing their ballots away..

We mustn't hate them, but we must continue to urge them to seek truth and stop branding us conservatives as racist, sexist, or another ist they can use to shut down logical debate.

The real culprits continue to be the Cabal which includes everyone controlled by them - including Tech, Media, Law, Politicians.

The balance of power has shifted.

Money is Power. This power-shift occurred over decades, but got particularly vigorous during the 2008 Credit Crunch. The elite already knew that the fantastic volume of legalized counterfeicy would end up back in their own pockets. Why? Because the rich always get richer -- they invest and the returns swell their already abundant resources. We cannot function without that investment, and us individuals do not have a enough of the stuff to get significant returns on.

So how did wealth swelling get so out of control? Because the governance of wealth creation ceased to function. Politicians and wealthy lawmakers, including those Cabal-Controlled, were able suppress the legal systems that normally monitor monopolies.

Hence, aside Unix and Apple, there is only one Operating System in the world in the category of Microsoft's - the only opposition is Linux which flourishes because it cannot be picked off by Patent vultures, because no one owns Linux.  Facebook - the only social media vendor of it's kind. Youtube - mysteriously able to circumvent what is crippling bandwidth costs for anyone else trying to stream video. Google - 92%+ of the search engine market. Big Pharma not an obvious monopoly, but through the practice of aggressive Patent abuse, they monopolize and divvy up their respective "territories".

Situation as it stands.

We now have a situation where Big Pharma can brazenly lie about alternative treatments to the extent they have probably let a million go ti a premature death in the West, and possibly many more million around the globe (especially in India).

The MSM brazenly blocks news of protests and promotes destructive divisive information about race, destroying what was a model for humanity a country that did not start slavery ended it in just a century. Slavery, we must remind you, was started by Africans raiding prized "White Slavs" from the Slav states of Europe (remember Yugoslavia?). That's where the word came from.

As they brazenly take political prisoners and reintroduce systematic torture against our foes, thereby undoing all our predecessors fought for in the name of peace and freedom, we must consider our position. We are one step away from behavior control (it's already here with returning of the political beliefs of protestors, usually by cruel methods.

Big Brother Has Landed.

And we at Yellings tried every trick in the book to either contribute, encourage, precipitate and guide the precipitation of a fightback or even do some of it ourselves - but we cannot. YOU NEED ACTION. Someone needs to fund it.

152/ Oct 11 - 💀Breaking - China Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct

Ref China Braces for Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak: Leaked CCP Documents (, and noting their URGENT status on the directive, and noting that a deadline is set for then end of October, you can be "damned certain" this is the only POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION of this otherwise nonsensical panic measure.
See the source image

This will be China's response to Taiwan. They know they cannot take us down militarily with their low spec weapons and cardboard warships - even with Russia's help (which is exceedingly unlikely to be given), unless they turn to WMD's like advanced Covid.

China got clean away with their last Covid Bio Nuke Drop at end 2019 - why? Because they have complete control over the West's media, law, big tech, and even our military. This time they will not - we must destroy this insurrection - but how to do it?

BEAT DOWN (metaphorically) THE DOORS OF ALL OUR MILITARY, LARGE AND SMALL, AND MAKE THEM KNOW CHINA IS DOING AS ABOVE! The rank and file must make leadership aware. They should then add 2 + 2 and come to realize their health, and that of their families, is absolutely under enormous threat. There's no point in the Military Industrial Complex and it's controlled Generals having all that money if you, your kin and your progeny are DEAD!
What can you do? SPREAD THE WORD! On Twitter and on Youtube as well as Telegram, Gettr etc.

Kinesis Update 11th, 0300 UTC - Late on Sat 9th Oct 2021 (21:00 UTC) we saw a spectacular triple conjunction (alignment - click  #Forecast Update Oct 6th for graph) of the Sun, Mars and Mercury(slowly reversing through the sky from our perspective). This means decisions, renewal, resolve, perplexity - it's positive but its effects will not be easily absorbed. Its power is high but its message unclear.

For us individually it brought tensions, conquests, treats, anxiety, hope -- all contradictions and a savory smorgasbord of conflicting emotions. For our Global outcome, it is equally confused and hard to predict .. and the effects will be felt TOMORROW. In summary - CHANGE. We do not know how the impact on global leadership will filter through... it is almost the perfect random reset. Monday will simply bring SURPRISE!

Update from La Palma, Oct 9, 1438GMT - live stream ticker.. Socialist dumb focker thought police turning a potential debate on the dangers of La Palma into a talk about gardening and weather.
  • Moderator - Melanie-Jane Bradley -- "​this chat is for this volcano only - no religion, politics or food talk 😉 and definitely 100% no fear mongering yes guys I'm talking about the ones who keep bringing yellowstone up".
  • Earlier
  • Moderator - Wen Hop - "​@tony t you're aware, I presume, of the definition of "beating a dead horse". Think about it for five minutes, please."
  • JZ Dutchman - ​[message deleted] (plenty of these!)
  • Socialist enabler - Smarter Thanawaffle - "​ Rebecca this is a privately owned forum. free speech does not apply."
Well, we haven't ever compared it to Yellowstone, and we wouldn't, but we have, along with many other Scientists including those referenced by a BBC documentary, pointed out the danger it poses because of it's uniquer structure which gives it the potential to "calve" like a glacier and cause a Mega Tsunami. For background and BBC ref, see HERE.

These things SHOULD be discussed. There is nowhere else to comment below a live event as Youtube has a monopoly.

151/ Oct 10 - Transenstein

What sort of sick Transenstein phuckup is this?

 Elliot Page - Bing - formerly Ellen Page, prior to having a prosthetic cock sewn into her groin (or whatever it is she did), said this: "When I feel strongly about something, I'm not so quiet". Well, neither are we and we feel strongly about someone who was gifted such a good feminine form she was a famous actress, trying to twist what you are - I am offended by the immodesty, ingratitude, arrogance and the "in your face" Frankenstein you have become. - was that "not so quiet" enough for you? Am I offended? Or maybe just cross that she is sending out a phucked up message to our youth.. And to everyone.

Update from La Palma, Oct 9, 1715GMT - live stream ticker.. "The front of the fajana (lava shelf solidifying in the sea) could break if it continues to advance towards greater depths".

Remembering, this island has very steep underwater slopes for 2km down, any such breakage could easily cause a minor tsunami - but we don't know. The violence of it may take away a large chunk of Island and produce something life changing for the West. For background, see HERE.
🌋Moment of Cone Collapse at 02:24(La Palma time), 8th Oct. Action starts at 45 seconds and lights up the hillside and night sky(audio is quiet but there). It's hard to imagine the savage heat and energy released...

-(Source REF - these links are live and change or get deleted)-
Update 1520GMT - A bunch of jolts - last big one 90 mins ago at M3.9, 12km deep. As per the pattern of the original eruption on Sep 19, the quake swarms got shallower nit the shallowest so far are only 6 - 7km. The thing is that heralded an eruption, but now it is already erupting, what should we expect? A much larger eruption? For background, see HERE.
Taiwan Update 1400GMT Oct 8:

China's mouthpiece calls for airstrikes to kill US 'invaders' in Taiwan | Taiwan News | 2021-10-08 16:43:00 - this contradicts the calming tones of the story we just published on our timeline (from the same paper) where Xi appears to have shrugged his shoulders. On our timeline we said this...
US secret troops in Taiwan 'no threat,' but could 'bring China's reunification closer' -- Unbelievable - ALL mouth and NO trousers Xi has simply backed down (this is Xi's official mouthpiece press). He's been hammering out the threats and now, this the most obvious incursion, gets ignored. He knows his mil' hardware is toys and cardboard, and so do we. China is industrious but couldn't design its way out of a wet paper bag due to the way they teach their kids(no room for independent thought) and the fact that Emperor "Chin" 2000yrs ago genocided ALL INTELLECTUALS (and everyone related) in an act of such overwhelming devastation that it changed the gene pool in the same way we selectively bred non aggressive dogs and cows with huge udders, etc. I guess Xi is the outcome!
..Controversial? No, we're not trying to insult anyone, it is simply true.

150/ Oct 7th - Did Biden just admit he is a Traitor?

Copied from our Timeline today - 🔴Biden's Cryptic 'Taiwan Agreement' remark leads to Taipei reassuring that US Commitment Rock Solid --
Hong Kong
                          Businessman: Joe Biden Election Would Mean
                          Chinese Communists ‘Won Against Free World’ —
                          ‘Game Over’

China Joe told reporters - "I’ve spoken with Xi about Taiwan. We agree, we will abide by the Taiwan agreement. That’s where we are and I made it clear that I don’t think he should be doing anything other than abiding by the agreement." As Joe referred to this as reminding Xi to abide by the 'Taiwan Agreement', everyone is asking (including the linked story) WHAT AGREEMENT? Is this evidence that Biden IS INDEED on CCP's SIDE (but he's so catatonic, he let slip?).

Here's what 's wrong with that..
  • When did he speak to Xi? That's a big event - does he do this regularly?
    • For example, there is a planned virtual meet to be scheduled soon which is all over the web -- and yet he just picked up the phone for a chat?
    • Sounds like the Biden / Ukraine collusion conspiracy - see our Yellings - Biden Ukraine.
  • It sounds like a conversation the Cabal agreed in a meeting with Joe and Xi it it.
    • It sounds like they are divvying up countries - eg: "You look after me and you can have Afghanistan, Taiwan, and when the time is right, America".
    • Who else was in the meet? The Rockefeller clan? Soros? Macron?
Update, La Palma Volcano, Oct 7th, 1545GMT - The New Moon yesterday did not have any significant impact on La Palma as we mused at #Forecast Update Oct 6th, but they have had their biggest quake yet at M4.3. In this fragile island, even a deep and relatively small quake is a concern - it means more magma, possibly MUCH more which could indicate the island is even less stable than feared (might do a Krakatoa and break the island in two) -- ref Here.

Throughout this we have been concerned about the inaction of the authorities (except ion the Canary Islands). If you, as a pilot, had a motor that was making strange noises, would you just shrug your shoulders and take off anyway? If you did, there is a 99% chance you will be fine, but you wouldn't risk your passengers over that 1% would you. And yet here we have a 1% potential of a "Mega" natural disaster that could kill millions of Americans along the Eastern Seaboard. No committee has been set up and the MSM are shtum. As a result, we have this seeping evil of Socialist muddle-think leading to suppression even of discussion - eg: The current livecam HERE has moderators telling you not to do fearmongering and saying the the chances of a bad outcome are virtually nil. Eg "Nightbot - ​Data does not support tsunami risk for this eruption. Learn more. & This topic has already been discussed. Please refrain." (Approx 1630GMT).

Here's their latest quakes...
Thursday, October 7, 2021 14:26 GMT (59 earthquakes)
Oct 7, 2021 3:26 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 14:26 GMT)
5 minutes ago

38 km
More Map
Oct 7, 2021 2:24 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 13:24 GMT)
1 hour 7 minutes ago

14 km
3.6 km (2.2 mi) La Palma Island, 14 km southeast of Los Llanos de Aridane, Spain
More Map
Oct 7, 2021 2:18 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 13:18 GMT)
1 hour 13 minutes ago

11 km
2.1 km (1.3 mi) La Palma Island, 14 km southeast of Los Llanos de Aridane, Spain More Map
Oct 7, 2021 2:14 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 13:14 GMT)
1 hour 17 minutes ago

11 km
1.3 km (0.8 mi) La Palma Island, 13 km southeast of Los Llanos de Aridane, Spain More Map
Oct 7, 2021 2:04 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 13:04 GMT)
1 hour 27 minutes ago

33 km
6.7 km (4.2 mi) La Palma Island, 18 km southeast of Los Llanos de Aridane, Spain More Map
Oct 7, 2021 1:51 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 12:51 GMT)
1 hour 40 minutes ago

34 km
8 km (5 mi) La Palma Island, 7.9 km south of Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain
More Map
Oct 7, 2021 12:17 pm (GMT +1) (Oct 7, 2021 11:17 GMT)
3 hours 14 minutes ago

35 km
4.6 km (2.9 mi) La Palma Island, 12 km south of Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain
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Kinesis Forecast Update Oct 6th: At this time - US(Wst): 0300, US(ET): 0600, UK: 1100, Ukraine: 1300, Taiwan: 1900 - we have just had a New Moon in Libra. Traditionally that's a "sign" of new beginnings. In Kinesis however, it heralds a significant gravitational distortion which brings higher tides and could have an impact on fragile geological structures such as La Palma. In terms of mood, minor tensions but nothing significant. As the Chinese are great followers of such things, it should be noted that they consider this cycle to be a good time to start aggressive actions and reprisals.

The more significant occurrence is the coming series of conjunctions wrapped around the Sun, Mars and Mercury. New beginnings all round! As all this is in Libra, it points to DECISIONS!

In this graph snippet, you can see the impact is so intense, "it goes off the chart"..

This starts tomorrow with peaks on Friday and Sunday. Global effects likely to filter through by Monday. For more detail, click #Oct 3 Forecast Update or see Yellings Here.

Update, La Palma Volcano, Oct 5th, 1930GMT -

See #147/ below for previous synopsis. For background, see HERE.
Digital model of the eruptive cone at the
                      volcano (image: @Pg_Scarlato/twitter)
Digital model of the eruptive cone at the volcano
Extract from the live feed HERE(Tues 5th)..

"Earthquakes continue to occur and have been slowly increasing in numbers and magnitudes approaching magnitudes of 4.0 now. During the past 24 hours, there have been 31 quakes of magnitudes 3.0-3.9 and 47 quakes between 2.0 and 2.9, while smaller quakes cannot be detected due to the volcanic tremor noise.

While most of the quakes are still 10-15 km deep under the central area of the volcano, a cluster of new, deeper quakes has appeared at depths around 35 km under the northeastern flank. What these mean is uncertain, but they might reflect even deeper magma intrusions in the upper mantle, perhaps suggesting that a magma supply system is establishing itself from a very deep source. That in turn could mean that the eruption could be going on for a very long time.

Watch the Waters.

149/ Oct 5 - War & Peace!

The dichotomy of beautiful tranquility versus the ugly brutality of war(ref)
War And Peace

Unfortunately the Cabal's actions are gathering momentum. Project Great Reset is well underway and their next step is to further weaken America. We who are awake to the great coup of Nov 2020 have unfortunately not been able to reverse or even dent their machinations. We all follow Trump very closely, but the greater masses have almost forgotten he existed. We have made progress, but nowhere near enough or quickly enough to stop the rot. If we were closing in, you can only begin to imagine what the Cabal would unleash on us. So now we have a war coming. There are those who are maintaining the major outage of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook was just a dry run to shutting down the internet(ref)... we shall see.
Yesterday, we said Oct 4th War Update: Hal Turner Radio Show - It's Official: Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China -- this has been slowly brewing for sometime and we examined it in #146/. Unfortunately for Taiwan, there doesn't seem to be much preparedness assistance from the US. See also Hal Turner Radio Show - China Massing Troops Along India Border; India Says Responding in-kind with "large deployments" .. unsure what the Indian border activity is about, and it can be probably dismissed. In addition, we listed the following ..
  1. Taiwan declares preparing for war with China
  2. China sends 52 (updated to 56) warplanes over Taiwan - most ever
  3. Iran and Turkey face off with military build up
  4. China Massing Troops Along India Border; India Responding in-kind with -large deployments
Since then we have had time to analyze things. 

Unfortunately for Taiwan, there doesn't seem to be much preparedness assistance coming from the US. Xi will attack as soon as someone makes a mistake and downs one of his posturing airborne sorties. He is avoiding being the instigator. There will be one of two outcomes..
  1. It would seem Xi's best (and most "ruthless") attack plan would be to paste the hell out of Taiwan in a "if we can't have it, neither can you".
  2. the US will counter-attack and, under China Joe's guidance, it will be botched. If the US looks like winning, there will be more bio warfare. It will be another Afghanistan 2.
We think there are two agendas driving all this.
  1. The Cabal wants mayhem, close control over the populace, depopulation (through a sinking lid policy more than rather extreme theories of killer jabs). Anything that weakens the US strengthens the Cabal.
  2. China wants to stop Taiwanese technology helping the West more than it helps China. Indeed, without Taiwan (and without S Korea), suddenly China is the only global supplier of chips and PCBs.
Of course the US does make some chips and PCBs, but not nearly enough for a global market. India is starting to go strongly into high tech as well, so that may be their reason for China massing at their border.
However, China will not be allowed to win. Why and How?
If there is one thing for sure, the world is becoming more racist. This is not along black & white lines but East Asian and the rest of us. It is mainly driven by Xi. Neither Russia nor the Cabal will want this, because it is self evident Xi wants to rule the world through race lines. If you want to imagine what they will be like as task masters, think what the Japanese were like in WW2 and what he is doing to the Uighur and other minorities. So we are sure that right now, Xi is being used by the Cabal as the useful idiot and similarly, Putin is only siding with Xi while it is beneficial for Putin's peaceful hold on power.

We anticipate therefore that Biden will be overthrown along with Milley etc, and replaced with a new leader, not Trump (unless WE can influence that) that can take us forward to a win against China. It is just possible that Biden is a lot more competent and controlled than he looks and that the Afghanistan debacle was a deliberate ploy to make the US look weak and draw Xi into overconfidence and into a conflict he cannot win. Don't forget there are factions within China that don't like Xi too - a war is always the last bastion for a leader to retain popularity and power.

It's just possible that Xi knows all this and he will just keep on wearing Taiwan down, but that will only strengthen Taiwan. That's why we think Xi will make a move but he will just look for small gains and will not take on the US.

When the time is ripe, US and Russia will team up to stop China and here is why:
  1. No one just "drops a bio nuke" and gets away with it.
  2. If it was released by accident, that too is a good reason to de-claw the dragon -- a country that incompetent with Nukes is something we must not allow.
  3. A godless dictatorship that unabashedly oppresses any hint of religion is dangerous due to its lack of moral compass.
Where does the La Palma Volcano feature in all of this?
Well, it's a natural disaster waiting to happen and it will catastrophically impact all countries bordering the Atlantic. It may not happen for a thousand years, but if it does, it will happen during an eruption as we now see. If the powers that be are smart, they will already have subs patrolling around there, because one decent conventional "earthquake bomb" from Xi into the side of it and the US and Europe will be greatly weakened - and any talk of Xi doing it will be impossible to prove and suppressed as usual by the US's CCP owned media.
War is coming. See our Yellings - ActionTime page.Watch the Waters.

Kinesis 2100GMT, 1600ET, Oct 4 -

How fitting that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down while Mercury (Communications) is partying with Jupiter (abundance)? Still down nearly 7hrs later.. God is telling us what is what he does not like.

148/ Oct 4 - End of the World?

Here's what happened / is happening TODAY...
  1. Taiwan declares preparing for war with China
  2. China sends 52 warplanes over Taiwan - most ever
  3. Iran and Turkey face off with military build up
  4. China Massing Troops Along India Border; India Responding in-kind with -large deployments
  5. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down in a major outage happening right now (started 17:09 GMT, 1209ET, ongoin 30m later)
  6. La Palma jetting lava 500m - taller than WTC -- several M3+ quakes and "quake swarm" (hundreds of small quakes).
Watch the waters....

Oct 4th War Update: Hal Turner Radio Show - It's Official: Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China -- this has been slowly brewing for sometime and we examined it in #146/. Unfortunately for Taiwan, there doesn't seem to be much preparedness assistance from the US. See also Hal Turner Radio Show - China Massing Troops Along India Border; India Says Responding in-kind with "large deployments" .. unsure what the Indian border activity is about, and it can be probably dismissed.

147/ Oct 3 - Are we taking La Palma seriously enough?

Update Oct 4th, 1130GMT - A vigorous Quake Swarm is ongoing at depth - between 10 and 15km, all between M2 and M3.7. This is greater than the swarms that led to the eruption on Sep 19, but it is considerably deeper. Explosive phases are coming and going. In the past, we had the exact same swarm pattern well before the eruption which gradually got shallower until it was at ground level (within the vertical island walls) and then the eruption occurred. This time it is already erupting, so one can only conclude there is a more intense eruption on the way. Our interpretation of all the articles we've scanned is that the quake swarms are caused by lava forcing its way under great pressure into the rock, and with it's heat then weakening and cracking open the rock. This is a fragile island as noted below, and such activity, despite pressure already being eruptively released, does not bode well. The new cone apparently collapsed (REF) at around 3AM GMT, although this cone is new and has been changing and morphing throughout.

"Concentric wave pattern" clouds from pic-in-pic of live stream from TV Canarias / Sky