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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2021 WW3?
See Daily Analyses Updates (scroll below or click here)
for ongoing predictions and up to the minute breaking news & analysis.

We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.
Unreleased CNN Doc Featuring AOC LEAKED to Project Veritas
- Compares Jan 6th Insurrection with Sexual Assault
-July 27th-

-This video, just posted by James Okeefe -

-was just removed by Youtube on the instructions of CNN, so now it's here thanks to y2mate-
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If you would like to help us, or partner us to mutual benefit, here's a number of ways that can be done.. (click to expand)..
  1. First, please know we are genuinely throwing our weight behind American Patriots. No one on earth can or should tolerate the level of fraud, oppression and evil seen recently. So if you can help or would like to trade with us, please consider doing so in the spirit of Good Faith. We've been turning down big studio contracts that amount to $3K per week (and far more if we pursued the IPR aspect as we have done in the past) to fight this alongside you. We are able to be a little more bold as we have our base and servers in the UK. It would be nice if we could be helped. Money is just money. Freedom is everything.
  2. If you would like to trade links with us, ie: you promote us by displaying a link, then we would be delighted to reciprocate and promote you. This is not so much a commercial arrangement as just "Patriots helping Patriots" as our friend Just Jodie would say.
  3. If you see an avenue for us promoting your goods and services, please contact us. Our audience is not huge (thanks to google quashing 95% of our visibility) but the number of people that visit and actually read for 10 minutes to an hour would fill a very large church each week. We have a "Quality Audience"(thank you patriots). This is only good for people with a product that has national reach such as a mail order company. We will of course ask you not to make us do a hard sell, nor betray our morals.
  4. If you would like to syndicate our analysis or Kinesis forecasting, we'd be happy to discuss and come to a reasonable, even cheap, deal.
  5. We use very powerful predictive techniques (ie: HERE) which can be applied in other fields including financial. If you are interested, please contact us. We have learned that what we cannot do is invest at the same time as predict. That's a given. We've been around a long time successfully predicting Gold price patterns back in the 80s, but as said, we have learned that absorbing oneself in the technique and investing using the technique are two different pursuits that cannot be easily mixed. It's a matter of teamwork.
  6. If you would like to invest in the internet in general, see next.
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Price not negotiable (as these are already heavily discounted below normal). 

If you wish to do it through my company (details below), we would charge VAT at 20%. 


We're Linked up with Telegram
Noticing we have a small but growing following on Telegram, we decided to link all our stories here to also show on there. It kind of acts like a superior timeline.
Coming Soon: We are also planning to echo our daily Analysis there as well, but our major articles will remain firmly rooted to Yellings.
The Link Is


By some coincidence, we read Shock Jock Hal Turner has just had a Security Breach today(as HERE) .. just hours after we too were dealing with what turned out to be a very MINOR breach. More of an attempt really, which we spotted live on our geeky monitor wall and immediately sealed off all our test ports.

Here's the Geolocation for our hacker...
ip: ""
type: "ipv4"
continent_code: "EU"
continent_name: "Europe"
country_code: "IT"
country_name: "Italy"
region_code: "57"
region_name: "The Marches"
city: "Jesi"
zip: 62011
latitude: 43.39542007446289
longitude: 13.21222972869873
And here is what they were trying to inject ...
OPTIONS sip:nm SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP nm;branch=foo
From: <sip:nm@nm>;tag=root
To: <sip:nm2@nm2>
Call-ID: 50000
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0
Contact: <sip:nm@nm>
Accept: application/sdp
..So that last part shows they were trying to upload an application, and then obviously run it. Just another day in the life of a digital freedom fighter ..

PS: this is the shit we are up against. Bloomberg Report on Hacked Hardware. Great move globalists... Make all your local talent jobless, replaced by super-hackers from regimes with ZIL morality because hey, they're cheaper (with a little help from child slave labor). Meanwhile, good brains rot. The welfare queue is full of Einsteins, but the bureaucrats live the easy life having added nothing to progress.

WHO ARE WE? May 22nd 🧐
Apart from my small but great support team, I, the editor, am based in London but am from "somewhere else". If you are really curious, click HERE for a recent featured video from Just Jody - near the end, she mentions where (and gives us a great plug as only Jody can do -- most positive person on the planet and yet educated, switched on, and knows just what is going on and how dark it is.. don't let her deliberately jovial ways fool you! She refuses to get dragged down and she is thus an inspiration to us all!). She says, most kindly, that I am very patriotic considering I'm not American. The reason for that is not just just because I'm nice 😀, not just because this is a global conspiracy reality, but is also because I've traveled everywhere (almost) and have several American friends, but also, my father was in the Airforce in WW2 and fought alongside your fathers, later in the foxholes in Guam and other Pacific Islands when it became solely a ground war (so yes, I was a late baby). My father won a gong for that and was so disgusted by the violence he saw, he marched into the local headquarters and gave it back.

My father has a little message (from beyond the grave) to his American friends... He says he is sorry (I think) for nipping into your camp stores and "lifting" a few cushy mattresses. He was a bit of a rebel! He also says thanks for the grenades which he used for "fishing" (they stun the fish which all float to the surface) but next time, please warn him not to be standing waste deep in the water because those little dangly things men have really don't like it.

Where I'm from, most TV was American and our cultures were very similar and often intertwined. Many moons ago in London, I was talking about immigration to some Brit friends and said it is ruining Brit culture, but as I am not Brit myself, i was asked whose side I would fight for in the event our countries were at loggerheads. My answer? "I'd like to think I would form my own opinion about what side is in the right or wrong and choose the side in the right." That's what I am doing right now.

As soon as I saw D Trump in 2016, at first I was swept up in the TDS foisted on us by the MSM, but quite quickly came to realize that all this criticism was mostly unintelligible hate, mockery and gaslighting. I then started to see the great things he was doing and became a big fan. Indeed, I find him clever and stately. After the terrible way the press treated him on his state visits here (our Muslim Mayor even permitted huge dirigibles to be bandied about with mock trump images -- I can't imagine we'd be allowed to do that with their leaders), I quickly realized that the UK and Europe is "bathed in lies" and that the hypocrisy exhibited by our lefties, especially our so called educated (brainwashed) youth, is an embarrassment to us all.

Finally, hoping for Trump to get re-elected and complete his great works, I watched the counts coming in on November 4th and (a) couldn't believe the lies the MSM had spun about how popular Biden was and (b) realized that despite the lies, Trump was on course to win by a landslide. Then impossible things were starting to happen. I watched live in eye popping disbelief as the fabled jumps went from Trump to Biden and then I knew the lies, obstruction and mockery were far more damned serious than just a bit of hate and denigration. Something was very very wrong and I was witnessing Prima Facie Evidence of it. My own eyes do not lie but the media were just going on as if "nothing to see here". So I stopped everything and created this website. Unfortunately, the deeper I dug, the darker the picture became. That level of evil must not be allowed to persist in this world. It is EVERYONE'S duty to fight and fight hard for this because this is the freedom our Fathers fought for and our Uncles died for -- and they are stealing it!!

Britain has only just come out of the EU and the reason I voted out was because I could see back then the EU was provoking Putin over the Ukraine (by funding their coup in 2014), and I wanted for my son never to be commanded by those corrupt arsewipes to have go into armed conflict to help them further their corruption. Then I saw that YOUR children were also at risk of being ordered  to go to war at Kamala Harris's whim -- that was the most perverse injection of foreign intervention you will ever see. The roots of that potential Commander In Chief are not even remotely American and she cannot possibly understand what our fathers fought for and why. She is about as stately as a pole dancer and cerebral as a chiwawa barking "you're racist" at everyone, and yet she is next in line to command your sons and daughters into the slaughter fields --- and it seems her Cabal is trying to start those wars right now.

So that is who we are! Move over America, there are loads of us here in Britain (including one of our contributors, a Scot) and around the world who will do whatever it takes to drive the corruption out of our ruling strata. I remain anonymous as it will slow down the kind of treatment Julian Assange got -- I am prepared to take some risk for this cause but we all need to take care. This is the West losing our values to totalitarianism and tyranny driven by a few fat, rambling elites. Let's lock shoulders and do this together!


..Stealing the most powerful republic in the world is that easy!

Fox News HERE says "Top US Diplomat SIDESTEPPING CLAIM US HAD INTEL on the media building" [that Hamas were in it]. This means the Cabal (and the MSM) was suppressing this to fuel anger against Israel to make the war spread. THE CABAL Wants WAR! For more, see today's Analysis.
May 16th! FLASH about YELLINGS follows..
We at Yellings are under ATTACK.
As of Thursday / Friday, our visitor rates dramatically dropped by 2/3rds.
We're only getting a third of
our usual hits a day. Update Tuesday 18th - up to nearer half what we used to get.

Update: We have to thank our core viewers - yes our hit-rate has slumped, but the 3rd that remains is you, the quality visitor, who sits down and reads things. That is very heartening and we thank you so much for your loyalty.

Back to the "problem"..
This from D Trump..
Donald J. Trump 11:21am May 5, 2021
What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country. Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.

If you type "Yellings" into any search engine (just type that word, no quotes), you will find that, except for Google, we come to the top of every search page (Bing, Yahoo, Duck, Yandex). Google doesn't even have us on the first 5 pages. This can only be deliberate bias.

Regarding global market share(REF), Google have 92%, Bing is second with only 2.1%. With help from you, our precious visitors, and word of mouth, we've done OK even with only 8% visibility -- Until ThursdayThis is 88% in America(REF) -- good to see 4% more Americans have taken the Red Pill.

We can only assume we have suffered further deplatforming, this time by the Domain Name Server network perhaps.
Or you are seeing old pages or finding the connection too slow.

If you do suffer such problems, please advise.

As stated recently, this Google silencing is caused by deliberate search result tampering, illegal because they are not offering the unbiased search facility they imply in their advertising. A politically biased search engine is NOT a search engine. They do the same to Sidney Powell.

We need our own conservative network! The technology is fairly easy and cheap, but we need to do this. And sorry to ask, but we need funding! We will have to discontinue most of our services, our Analysis and forecasts
will be scaled back accordingly. The plan we had to monetize this site so we can keep going has now fallen apart -- ie: The viewings are too low to self sustain. 

In the meantime..

How is it that Google still have 92% when half America voted for Trump and Half the World know Google is politically biased? Please remind everyone...

Stop Using Google! Please!
For Now, Please Use Bing or Duck.
Wood, Flynn and Powell have already asked this, as have many - so why is 88% of the USA still using Google?

Sorry but America is on fire and apart from you my dear visitors, too few seem to care and they just keep using the enemy's search weapon, albeit America is doing so much better than the international community at 92% of submission to the Cabal's Google.

We are not paid to say this, but so far we find Bing as good as Google, and yet unbiased. Duck is as yet too immature. We need to start lobbying Epoch and others to get the word out there. We wrote to Trump asking he say Don't Use Google. Reply not expected.

Regards, Ed. Hope to see enough increase in viewings to get back to full speed soon.


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Incremental Analysis July 16th on:

42/ (27th) -- The drivel coming out from the supposedly Official McAfee✅🇺🇸 "dead man's switch" channel at is wearisome. I see even CodeMonkeyZ Ron Watkins has had a guts-full and quietly sidelined the channel. Is it just some geek having a wet crypto dream, or is it actually peppered with essential passwords and crypto keys that someone out there understands❓ It may be essential to mask the keys that well, but I suspect it is more likely some needy attention seeking nerd who gets off on making thousands of people try to decipher keyboard diarrhea. How arrogant do you have to be to waste so many people's time? Surely the real McAfee would have the wit to just say what needs to be said and stop "phuckin" with people's heads❓ We'll suffer the drivel a little longer to see where this goes, but if this channel had anything to offer, it would have done so by now. Even the fact that it is 31TB (Terabytes) of information, when considered properly, is simply excessive and finding usable detail in that would be like like finding a needle in a haystack. Is McAfee still alive? YES. Is McAfee a showman and a bit of a fraud? YES. That's our best guess right now.

41/ (27th) -- Kinesis Forecast Update where we use intertwining gravity fields to forecast the collective mood impacts they have especially on the masses...
Thu 07/29/2021, 0900 ET .. Jupiter opposes Mars -- Abundance versus Energy (or vice versa). This is a sign of imposed change. Then the big event... Sun 08/01/2021, 1700 ET .. Mercury laps the Sun -- New beginnings in communication, while more auspiciously, both those precisely oppose Saturn -- a classic Good versus Evil forecast signifying change. This happens one day after the regular moon angle (Sat ~ Noon) that could well spark off some impulsive angst in diplomacy. This is followed on Tues 3rd by a positive, confident and calming trine (which may include arrogance) between Venus and Uranus - Wealth and Technology on good terms.
For context, we have just come through a very similar pattern. There was a opposition between Jupiter and Venus on Thurs 22nd which followed into a sequence of Confidence that peaked on Saturday 24th - and what did we see? Coordinated rioting across the globe! (Tip: Earlier, we said "As with our Analysis #24/ (on the 21st) -- the markers for the week and slightly beyond are Monday, confidence..". Well that was our mistake). The graph at #24/ (which hasn't changed) clearly shows the confidence peak on Saturday 24th that followed the opposition on Thurs 22nd.

So what can be deduce from this sequence? The 22nd clearly focused people's minds on the need to oppose covid tyranny, and the trine on the 24th gave them the confidence to riot. Now, looking at the same graph, look at the whale sized opposition group we are heading into on Row 2. Again this is followed by a confidence burst on Tue 3rd Aug. Expect more of the same? Probably not, especially as it also involved new beginnings on Row 1.

Incidentally, we too felt the impact of Mercury opposing Pluto (communications opposing birth and death) on Sunday night / Monday morning 26th. That was maybe a sizable motivation to write of our frustration in Analysis #39/ ..
Very long term novelty forecast - On the August 8 2025 (4 years away), major planets form a star of David signifying (in brief) positive change and harmony but involving war, evil, depth, technology and energy. Everything is off the charts around then. See right-->

40/ (27th) ☀ -- Credit Card Interest Rates dropping?

This in from Simon Parkes just now..  He says "Had a letter from your credit card company recently? From 15th October credit card companies will move the interest rate away from the standard 17.5% / 22.5 % to Bank Base Rate which will be about 1%. That's right.... The Good Guys Financial Reset is here - Not conspiracy Theories - It's in the mainstream... Just read what you get when your credit card company writes to you. Only they don't make a song and dance because it's not their initiative - and they offer no reason why they are doing it."

Well, if he's right, this will be big! If he's wrong, well.. Mr Parkes is wrong about a lot of things, and tells us he's slept with an extra terrestrial etc, but he get a s thumbs up👍 because we believe he runs a charity that helps lost people, especially youth recovering from being trafficked.

And if he's right? That really does mean a lot of things... Someone is in control of the financial system. Possibly an initiative to offset the financial chaos of the lockdowns.

39/ (26th) ☀ -- Sorry for lack of analysis updates today. We are (a) busy and (b) frustrated. Our precious list of souls who visit us frequently and donate are revered, but between us, somehow you and we are not managing to overcome the Google 92% embargo -- that's right, 92% of people are still using Google (that means, assuming half voted for trump, at least 84% of Trump voters STILL USE GOOGLE). This is despite the fact Google scissor us out of the search results plus undoubtedly thousands of other Indie websites. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? YOU, our sacred visitor, should be equally angered by this.

My colleagues and I, from a highly successful engineering & software company, have sacrificed everything for America's future. Yes it is the West's future, OUR future, but America is very much on the front line. We residing in the UK have some isolation from what is to come. But your compatriot Americans will be forced to run into the machineguns first as YOU are in their cross-hairs. And their first salvo, Bioweapons, has already been unleashed.

We know how to help Americans survive, how to combat the coming wars, and for months we published some of it FOR FREE. Our savings, our pensions, went out the door to save Americans. We are one of the few to bring you genuine news about "the coup" and nothing else, despite that we get threatened, we run a risk of incarceration and torture, we (including uninvolved members of our extended families) cannot travel through America anymore, and we are financially ruined.

And yet for months we have received no donations except one kind chap who gave us $10 a month ago (you know who you are and we thank you!). We see the daily stats and we have diabolically clever algorithms that tell us that on average at anyone one time, at least one person is reading (not just skimming or holding us in the background in another tab) for an average of 20 minutes ea (1hr 20 mins a week, or around approx 500 unique visits a week). It's not a lot, but it's more than the average church congregation.

And yet (a) no one donates and (b) sadly, all your efforts to promote us seem to come to nought - we know you try, but we simply must report it is not working.


From past experience we know this cry will achieve little, or even the opposite, so now we are simply asking WHAT IS THE AVERAGE AWOKEN AMERICAN DOING?

To Our loyal readers -- we need to redouble our efforts.

From here it looks like Lethargy. Lazy selfishness has taken over all side of America. It looks like the average American, conservatives included, are so hung over from sucking at the teet of the fatted calf that they just go about their daily routines like it will never change. It did for Jews in 1939 ... they lie in mass graves. Other than yourselves who have had the motivation and spark to find us and read up, are those other Americans so blind they do not see?

Methods we have tried for fundraising:
  • Selling domain name products at less than half price (merchandising)
  • Inviting investment into our conservative social media initiative (specifically
  • Selling (via donations) access to vital survival information and software
Methods we have refused for fundraising:
  • Selling Trump Coins
  • Selling T-Shirts.
  • Advertising (online gambling and porn are the only decent payers)
It is pathetic. Even Trump has resorted to Shylock type pay walls "Do you agree the media hates President Trump?" - You click it, fill out 10 items, submit response, 💥crash into a pay wall💸 .. that's just misdirection from his IT people (I doubt DJT is aware). Why are Americans doing NOTHING without being drained of the odd coin which is only possible by such demeaning tactics? Why do I and my colleagues have to sacrifice ourselves to the capitalist beast of misdirection etc, behaving like Shylock or used car salesmen, just to survive to bring America safety and security? Americans all pay your 5 to 50 dollars a month on an internet connection, most of which goes straight to Cisco (who basically own the internet), but they do not forward it to content providers (they should) and our compatriots can not even spare a extra buck to bridge that funding blockage. Do they deserve what is coming? And what is coming is not pretty. I hope you, who at least did visit us, share our frustration. Updated 27th.

38/ (25th) ☀ -- Are you in an abusive relationship?
Someone in Australia posted this in the context of excessive Covid authoritarian rule...
You may be in an abusive relationship if they:

·       Stop you seeing friends and family
·       Won't let you go out without permission
·       Tell you what to wear
·       Monitor your phone calls or emails
·       Control the finances, or won’t let you work
·       Control what you read, watch and say
·       Monitor everything you do
·       Punish you for breaking the rule, but keep changing the rules
·       Tell you it is for your own good and that they know better
·       Don’t allow you to question it
·       Tell you that you are crazy and no one agrees with you
·       Call you names or shame you for being stupid or selfish
·       Gaslight you, challenge your memory of events, make you doubt yourself
·       Dismiss your opinions
·       Play the victim, if things go wrong, its all your fault
From the Workplace Mental Health institute.

37/ (25th) ☀ -- Big Pharma needs dissolving, McAfee Update, Patent Abuse ...
  • 💥 Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19 ( -- Big Pharma & Big Tech LIED about this and KILLED people 
    •  Comment:  More proof that Big Pharma & Tech suppressed cheap remedies. They sent 100's of thousands to their death in the knowledge they were denied access to simple life saving remedies. If Big Tech claims they just went by Big Pharma, then (a) it was certainly a catastrophic dereliction of duty to not double check, and (b) we'd like to see the written order from Fauci to deny the people this remedy.
    • We read (but have no yet found proof) that India decided to use Ivermectin etc to stem the flow of deaths before the Vax was supplied -- if that point is proven, that is more proof. 
    • Final point -- this treason and is mass murder, straight up. NIH (Fauci) and Big Pharma (eg: Gates who is Fauci's friend) created the virus in a lab, gave it to a dictatorship (China) who then weaponized it against us, then the originators(Fauci/Gates etc) profited from it while killing people by withholding other remedies. These people really do need to be made to suffer for the rest of their existence, and all trace of their wicked genes be neutered from the Human DNA chain.
  • 🏮 ACCESSING MCAFEE FILES MEGATHREAD! Get in here.... again! : conspiracy ( -- McAfee Update
    •  Comment: There is a hill to climb! Quote from above link.. "Things we need: 1/ 31tb+ of storage space in a centralized location(s) if turns out we are unable to just access the database and pull from it without it being fragmented. A trusted person could set up a donation fund for us to contribute to to get the necessary storage if it comes down to it, and I do mean trusted, maybe multiples of these. 2/ People with knowledge of swarm, or interested in learning how to navigate and use swarm."
    • Bless McAfee, but he is a typical cryptic geek.. All we got was a link to Etherium to download Swarm.exe, which does nothing without documentation, and the link to documentations says "Nothing here yet, do you want to contribute?" OWTE. As yet, we have not even been advised the "manifest key"(like a filename). Anyway, we are seeing the odd message trickle through -- see our message feed top left with Trump & McAfee posts.
    • More background (history) about his count has emerged.. A mysterious countdown relating to John McAfee’s possible deadman switch has reappeared after being taken down : conspiracy (
  • 🤔 Hal Turner - COVID VAX - U.S. Supreme Court Case - "new and useful . . . composition of matter," Can Be Patented -- Ie: - Covid VAX Can Be Patented ..
    •  Comment: The Patent system has been abused for decades. There is no logic in law anymore, just abuse for greed. Patents were supposed to be the copyright of a process, so as to allow other people to see and understand that process(once patented, the process is made public), so as to protect and encourage investment(which was written into the Patent Office blurb). It does give ownership of a product or entity regardless of how it was made.
    • One of the more shocking abuses we've seen is some Patent Troll in Israel patenting 3D operating systems. This means no one can make a computer that has 3D at it's core. The idea was that 3D is the process by which an OS is useful instead of here is how we will make a 3D OS (something which is entirely absent from the Patent). This is a bit like Patenting an Air Purifier as a process to make Air and thus patenting the air we breath. That, by the way, is reasoning by "absurdio ad reductio" -- taking a concept to it's absurd conclusion to see if it is a sound concept -- but as said, there is no logic in law anymore.
    • See also Hal Turner Radio Show - CEO Of UF Health - First to Get Vax'd in Florida - DEAD
Ps: Don't forget to see D Trump's speech HERE. Link time to start after 30 min intro. At 1:04:42, something curious is said... "Biden didn't campaign, the Cabal campaigned". To our knowledge, this is the first time he has publicly and directly acknowledged the existence of a CABAL! Anyone who's been saying Trump doesn't seem to know what is really going on, oh yes he does, so this is very good news for us!  (By the way, just before that, there is a major stream fail. It looks like your computer but it was a recording fof an earlier fail and it goes on for about 30s. Its starts up again Here).

36/ (24th) ☀ -- Undoubtedly the big story today is that the masses are rebelling! The video above is just a small subset! (More on our Telegram channel). This story is freaking amazing... Hal Turner Radio Show - SHOCK! Protective Detail of France President ALL Resign over COVID Restrictions; will no longer protect President Macron .. not sure how true it is, but you have love the French .. this is the kind of thing they would do!

And McAfee (or probably a fan) has started a youtube channel! We particularly enjoyed this one (someone has put a lot of time into this)... You may want to subscribe and check out the rest of his channel!

As I do my research, especially on McAfee's Discord Page, a rant emerges in my mind... Do you know one thing that really pisses me off? Everyone online has a serial killer mindset and has to leave cryptic clues.. Will people just SAY what they KNOW without setting a Cluedo plot peppered with half finished messages? Those that are not cryptic serial killers are jamming all the forums with incredibly irritating GIFs.. About 1 message in 50 has any point to it, any usable input. The things I go through for you my dear reader...

35/ (24th) ☀ -- We updated African Leaders versus the WHO Vax under #28/ as we just uncovered new information. 7 leaders affected -- 5 died, 2 survived assassination attempts. Click the link. 3 who died were presidents, the other 2 were prime ministers. The broad connection seems to be that they all opted out of the WHO Covid Vax service. There is no specific list detailing this but you can see in the chart  that we have given some evidence of it in each case.

34/ (24th) ☀ -- No news is good news. Only slight concern is E-4B "Doomsday Plane" Just Made A Highly Unusual Visit To Secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport ( .. rumored to be to do with Lloyd Austin's visit there (does "Lloyd J Austin III", to give him his full title, think he is the President now?). this is 1 of several Command and Control 747's in the sky. More background here -- The History Of American Presidents Flying Aboard Doomsday Planes ( In other news, McAfee releases pretty horrific compilation of child abuse warning videos Here. Unsure who is narrating, but it is not he.

33/ (24th) ☀ -- A couple of big ol' scary stories coming out.. Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order - YouTube and Hal Turner Radio Show - UK Lets Contract for Temporary Dead Body Storage Services "In case of excess deaths event" .. As we commented under the story tiles, the retired officer says "Something is going down" PREP! but we would add -- take this with a pinch of salt but also heed it as a friendly warning. View the video and see what you make of it. Analysis #33/ coming shortly). The second story is Quite Scary but most likely because we have new bioweapon releases (sorry, we mean new Covid strains) and the locals are getting a bit fed up with lockdowns, which have thus just been lifted.

As with our Analysis 24/ (on the 21st) -- our Kinesis Forecast tends to confirm something is going down.  The markers for the week and slightly beyond are Monday, confidence and potential for military hubris, Thurs/Fri Harsh Change, Monday 2nd(Aug) large Harsh change +  Welcome change.

That said, the biggest pointer is "Reason". Looks like McAfee is dumping the goods and now the Biden Regime has TWO good reasons for a distraction war. The first was of course the AZ Audit. Unlike the hard preppers and doomsayers, we do not see a civilian apocalypse(even if China invades with a preemptive strike). Why? Because they want your land and infrastructure, and they don't want to have to clean out all the dead bodies first. Hungry citizens will riot too (you will be glad you kept your guns).

Footnote:  Operation Civil Societal Unison(CSU) as a Path To Peace & Safety is on the back burner again. In the meantime, see our Prepper page. We may update this advice again soon (and will advise in the top ticker if so).

32/ (24th) ☀ -- We hear all 30+TB of McAfee's "dead man's handle" has been dumped and is available through SWARM.  We heard through McAfee's Discord a/c(here) .. We are investigating.. (31TB is 31x the average gargantuan 1TB hard drive in your modern computer, so it will take a while!!).

We seem to be stuck without a "manifest key" as yet. However, has surfaced as a replacement for the website - COUNT DOWN (which remains down). The timer above is now counting down at the same rate as that new link at which point we are hoping to see a live video up-link? We shall see..

31/ (23rd) ☀ -- ref  McAfee's "dead man's handle" .. detonated. Seat belts fastened. Death? Life? Chocolates? Or maybe a nothing burger? We'll let Ron tell you the latest..
CodeMonkeyZ, [23.07.21 06:42]
The mcafee countdown timer website seems to have had their domain name pulled by their registrar.

Someone is panicked.

CodeMonkeyZ, [23.07.21 08:44]
No idea why the McAfee drop didnt happen.
They did get deplatformed an hour or so before the drop, so it is plausible they are delayed a bit to make up for that?
Not sure. Could just be a random marketing campaign for NFTs that nobody is going to buy.
The website - COUNT DOWN is still there but now has an annoying cloudflare capcha wall providing DDoS protection (against Distributed Denial of Service).

30/ (23rd) 💥 -- WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Of course you are most welcome..

Right now you are in a small, select audience of, on average, 20 folk who are actively monitoring / reading this page. If Google were not actively censoring their searches, there would be 400. Let that sink in. Google is used by 95% of all people to find websites. Google will not allow you to find this website. That means, you, in the 20, are of the 5% that used other means to get here. YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!

Meanwhile, this is the reception you will get if you use EDGE and try to go to - COUNT DOWN ...

Of course that is total BS. If you feel so inclined, click "more information" and report that it does not include phishing links. (Remember, this only applies to EDGE).

Anyway, the point is that in less than 3 hours time(see above count down), McAfee's "dead man's handle" is about to detonate. And NO ONE will still be here.

"They" (the demonic underbelly / cabal / CIA / whatever) are running around like headless chickens desperately stamping out fires, trying to stop McAfee's "dead man's handle" .. we know this because of the worldwide disruption to the internet reported below (#29/). We do not know if McAfee, or his estate, is pulling our legs, but we can see .. prima facie ... that "they", the demons, are taking it very seriously.

29/ (22nd) 📢 -- Lots of websites crashing. Remember our 2 sister websites for emergencies are and All our sites are currently slow. -//- Someone is taking McAfee's "dead man's handle" very seriously. His original site created 2 days ago (posthumously or otherwise) at - COUNT DOWN has been deplatformed / erased.
We continue McAfee's "dead man's handle" count down above!(Here). His telegram a/c still loves but stopped posting a few hours back.
From RT on Telegram
RT, [22.07.21 17:14]
⚡️Reports of German news websites going OFFLINE – including Stern, Bild:

"Huge disruption: Many German websites cannot be reached - FOCUS Online also affected," Focus posted on Twitter

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RT, [22.07.21 17:29]
[In reply to RT]
⚡️⚡️MAJOR INTERNET OUTAGE: Multiple websites have GONE OFFLINE including Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Amazon and AT&T and dozens more

Most of the commercial segment of the Internet in the US has stopped working due to Akamai experiencing an ongoing DNS issue - early reports indicate 24,00 websites are DOWN.

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Watch out for news on this! Remember -- count down expires at 3am ET, midnight tonight PT, or 8AM UK ST. This may be the big one. Sorry I could not come up with your alternate internet in time... No investors, no helpers, no product. Sorry. If this is the big one, then they just played checkmate. You can have all the guns, food, cars you like, but with no comms, game over. Of course we can all blame Google for basically running us out so we could not get the message across, but what about those that do visit here? We tried to warn you. Bye, nice knowing you all😎. Relax, I'm sure this isn't "the big one"...👋

28/ (22nd) 🔴🔴 -- Madagascar President Survives Assassination Attempt -- this will be the 4th president associated with warnings or conflicts from WHO for not rolling out the vaccines, who has died or was targeted to die. Here is our updated table of ..

African Leaders versus the WHO Vax..