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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2021 WW3?

Yellings - for ongoing predictions and up to the minute breaking news & analysis.
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There was an insurrection - no denying that - it started on Nov 3rd 2020 and completed on Jan 20th 2021.
Join the resistance union..
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We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

Please note - Yellings is often under legal / administrative threat AND IF WE ARE SUDDENLY TAKEN DOWN, SEE WWW.M8Y.COM AND/OR WWW.2-INFO.COM - (latter is deliberately blank at this time) - please note these down. There was a transient outage on Nov 30 affecting all 3 sites, so best we also point out - our telegram channel repeater, as a backup info source.

Analysis 178/ Dec 6 - Why is Shooter Ethan Crumbley's Parents being targeted?

Ref Michigan Shooting Suspect’s Parents Plead Not Guilty, Say They Weren’t Trying to Flee ( and Parents of Michigan Teen Shooter Ethan Crumbley Charged with 4 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter (

We don’t agree with the way the law is gunning for the parents. If for a moment, we assume the law in the US (or most countries) has a scintilla of sense (despite that we see it is as corrupt as F), then lets look at the logic of why taking aim at those on the periphery is a nasty, sick way for a society to operate..
If society is going to find blame outside of the simple fact the kid is a "wrong un", then they should also target producers of violent video games and films. What about the incel movement? Or a political system that is saying it is alright to cheat, vandalize, and rent mobs to assault people to the point of brain damage and death? What about a media judicial system that safeguards black people who drive full speed into crowds of peaceful children and little old ladies while swerving from side - should we penalize his parents and the black community at large?

What about the school? "At 10:00 a.m. on November 30, 2021, his parents were called into Oxford High School for a meeting with teachers about his behavior." -- that was 2.5 hours before he killed 4. If they knew about his behavior, did they not have a duty of care to avoid such a backlash from a clearly unhinged little sh.t?(REF)

And what were the parents supposed to do? Murder the little sh.t to prevent such an occurrence? Beat the hell out of him? No, they loved him and took him on trips to a shooting range. OK, we get that doesn't look good but I took my young son to a shooting range because he had a fascination with weaponry (which I deemed to be healthy). Hands up all other parents who took their son (or maybe daughter) to a shooting range?

Now I see they are going to charge and try him as an adult - well make up your mind, are the parents responsible for him or is he an adult?

I understand the parents were said to be fleeing - they say otherwise (who wouldn't want to go to ground to get away from the press etc?). Following this unhinged, untethered and ungrounded chain of logic, the justice dept saw fit to set $1m bail. This level is criminal (and a retaliatory act before any judgement has even been reached). If the Justice Dept does not see that and does not substantially reduce bail, they are guilty of criminal negligence to their duty to logic under natural law.

But it is the Principle that matters here!

We don't expect lefty loony illogical illiberals (including most lawyers) to understand principles, but here it is anyway...

In the 2nd link, the prosecutor says "I want to .. send a message that gun owners have a responsibility". Another raving woke-fried logically impaired lefty lunatic. This speaks of "retaliation", "set an example", "deterrent", and "punish" - in other words using administrative terrorism to terrify other gun owners by savagely and disproportionately overreacting to anyone they catch.

We do not have a right to judge and then torment the judged - that is a divine right. Okay, so that is a belief, but it has logic too. To take the logic of retaliation, deterrence and punishment to it's absurd conclusion, we have the right to beat up little old men that hold us up in traffic, perhaps to shoot them if they cut us off. We have the right to flog miscreant employees. But no, we only have the right to protect ourselves.
You can understand the parents of the deceased wanting to lash out, but the state? This dates back to public floggings and sick sadistic public executions (still going on in Afghanistan today) bearing no relationship to the supposed evil the perpetrators acted with, but designed to deter, sicken, terrify, enrage others.

That's not right, that's not human, that's not civilized.
No, this is just mob rule, an administrative lynching - the clerical equivalent of repeatedly punching someone in the head until you feel better and your red mist subsides.

For more Analysis - See Daily Analyses Updates (scroll below or click here)

Great Video if not a little idealistic(earlier vid moved)

See Analysis 163/ below.
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If you type "Yellings" into any search engine (just type that word, no quotes), you will find that, except for Google, we come to the top of every search page (Bing, Yahoo, Duck, Yandex). Google doesn't even have us on the first 5 pages. This can only be deliberate bias.

Regarding global market share(REF), Google have 92%, Bing is second with only 2.1%. With help from you, our precious visitors, and word of mouth, we've done OK even with only 8% visibility -- Until ThursdayThis is 88% in America(REF) -- good to see 4% more Americans have taken the Red Pill.

As stated recently, this Google silencing is caused by deliberate search result tampering, illegal because they are not offering the unbiased search facility they imply in their advertising. A politically biased search engine is NOT a search engine. They do the same to Sidney Powell.
Stop Using Google Please!
For Now, Please Use Bing or Duck.
Wood, Flynn and Powell have already asked this, as have many

We are not promoting anyone, but so far we find Bing as good as Google, and as yet unbiased. Duck is as yet too immature.


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Incremental Analysis November on:

..for earlier, see Situation-Updates-Archive.

Update to #177/ - The BBC Wades in with Woke Precision on Vaccine Lunacy

Well - what perfect timing! We were just trying to get our head around perverse liberal "anti-logic" when the BBC gave it their best shot to demonstrate what we mean with Mandatory vaccinations: Three reasons for and against - BBC News - let's overlook the glaringly evil use of the word "Mandatory" for a minute and see if we can find a scentilla of logic.

Let's summarize..

  • FOR: Vaccines save lives
    • LIE #1 right there. It is not a vaccine (it is in fact gene modification).
    • Well on the face of it they do, but if it aids spread then it prevents herd immunity and will kill people who cannot be immunized.
    • BBC: "Historically, immunization campaigns have seen huge success, eliminating diseases like smallpox or drastically reducing mortality levels in others." That is true of vaccines. This is not a vaccine. It singly fails to immunize. Do keep up BBC.
  • AGAINST: There will be resistance
    • Well of course. It is experimental, never tried before "vaccine" (in fact, gene modification).
    • People have a right not to want their life to be saved.
    • For balance, the BBC put the biggest beefiest Zee Zee Top dude they could find. Where are the dozens of doctors who resist?
  • FOR: We've exhausted other options...
    • LIE #2 right there. We have tried Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin - and not only do they work, they build superior natural immunity which prevents spread and DOES protect others.
    • BBC "Covid has been with us for some time, but then so have vaccines." .. Stop gaslighting BBC. This is at best Gene Therapy and it has never been done as a protection against a virus. 
  • AGAINST: ...or maybe not just yet
    • I don't even know what that means.. You'd have to read it yourself - just woolly gibberish.
  • FOR: End the cycle of lockdowns
    • LIE #3. People will still get sick as has been demonstrated in very highly vaccinated countries, people will still die, and the only way to prevent the spread is lockdowns as the mRNA gene therapy simply isn't preventing transmission - in fact it is accelerating it.
  • AGAINST: It could prove counterproductive
    • Here, the BBC make an interesting argument ... that it has and is destroying people's faith in the medical system which may mean we can no longer expect the kind of eradication we saw of smallpox. Unfortunately, the BBC then add their lies and gaslight with classic lines like "When people have what we call conspiracy theories or they have misbeliefs or misunderstandings, [such schemes] will only strengthen their opinions.". Nose in the air, they march off like they just said something inherently and deeply true. But they did not say truth. THEY LIED. People have informed evidence, despite the strong attempts by MSM and Tech to censor it. It's not conspiracy theory, it's facts and a large body of evidence that this is not safe, not effective, and is something sinister at the very least along the lines of Big Pharma racketeering.
Did you find any logic, statistics or proofs in ANY of that article? Did you shudder that they could so easily talk about mandating (vaccine by force) an experimental gene therapy and so blithely write-off people's rights and concerns as implying they are a little bit dumb?

Analysis 177/ Dec 5th - Vaccine Lunacy

It was bad enough that we had the massive MSM cover up of the November 2020 Coup, enabled by their loopy liberal lefty lap dogs (the rank and file of administrative bureaucracy), but now there is worse ...

Now we have the ludicrous Vaccine cover up - again enabled by their loopy liberal lefty lap dogs. The new plague is not Covid, but the pandemic of leaking Liberal brains -- they repeatedly defy logic, and through some kind of mass hypnosis, liberals lap it up.

Here's a short list of mind warping, oxymoron, logical torts...

  • You need to be vaccinated to protect the vaccinated - WHAT?
  • You will be vaccinated by force - for your own good - WHAT?
  • By not having the vaccination, you are being selfish - WHAT?
  • We must vaccinate infants who react worse to it than covid - WHAT?

Studies show that the vaccine makes it easier for your body to shrug off some Covid but..

  • It does not stop you getting it
  • It makes you a super spreader
  • You can ignore the studies that say naturally acquired immunity is better.

Their thinking is "We don't want vaccine hesitancy, so let's"..

  • muzzle entire troops of doctors online
  • sack critics and ruin their careers
  • censor anyone linking the death rate from sudden heart attack in sports to the vaccine(EG)
  • tell people that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are dangerous (despite being administered to perhaps billions, including myself, to prevent malaria)
  • ignore the Nuremberg ruling at the end of WW2 that states that no one should be forced to receive experimental drugs
  • lie about vaccine side effects and produce no tangible
  • cover up hospitalization rates and the causes, lie about what people are really dying of
  • impose Remdesivir, a drug that failed safety tests in the treatment of Ebola, as a treatment for Covid patients in hospital
  • mandate it - inject you by force - send you to concentration camps (as they are in Northern Australia)
.."There, that should make people less hesitant!"

Let's be reminded of a fantastic example of the spectacular, jaw dropping, gravity defying intellectuals and how they gaslight you with complete bilge -- Criticizing prominent footballers questioning links between vaccines and the FIVE TIMES average sudden-death rate in any given year, this "intellectual" arsewipe, Professor Keith Neal, a specialist in the research of the epidemiology of infectious diseases at the University of Nottingham, said it was "totally irresponsible to make these unsubstantiated comments, as opposed to getting them properly dealt with"(REF).

Their logic can be summed up as this. "It's black". "Funny, I thought it was white". "Don't argue, we know better - you do not have a degree in our Liberal Brainwashed education system, so you do not have an opinion". "Can I see the statistics?". "No. You would not understand".

And the wicked thing is they are getting away with it. Infants actually are starting to get "vaccinated". People really are being massively coerced. You have to take a vaccine passport with you in many countries. How long will it be before the unvaccinated are tattooed with the Star Of David? And now they are talking about another 5 years of 6 monthly boosters (or 3 monthly if imbecile Savid Javid, UK health secretary, gets his way) -- and Bill Gates just saw his shares skyrocket... again.

Analysis 176/ Dec 3rd - Welcome to Earth. Run by a secret society of ... Pedophiles

I'm just reading through File Downloads – Epstein's Black Book ( .. I'm speechless. Some random interesting names..

  1. All the usual suspects - Bill Clinton, Duke of York (Prince Andrew), Ghislaine
  2. Missing suspects - Gates, Zuckerberg - all known to have had affiliations but not in the book.
  3. Random spots..
    • Bernie Ecclestone.
    • Conrad Black
    • Mick Jagger
    • Solman - Saudi Prince
    • Sotheby’s dynasty spawn
    • Alec Baldwin
    • Viscount William Astor (dynasty of Titanic fame)

And Trump! We know he has since said he pulled back from the Epstein world but we don't know all of it. We do not see his name on the Lolita Express manifests (Epstein's private plane). This leads us to be reminded that we don't KNOW these names had a nefarious connection -- perhaps some of them just thought Epstein was a great socialite and party organizer? But when they went to his island and saw some of the satanic symbolism... surely? We are yet to see a definitive list of those on the Lolita Express and until then we should not judge.

Update - some links that back this up..

Op Ed: My crude attempt at rationalizing..

I'm sure I am not alone in reveling in the raw power of Gangster / Mafia movies, especially in my youth. The alluring mix of violent control iced with a moral code, "honor among thieves". I remember thinking, swept up in the moment after watching Scar Face and God Father, "I could do that". In a moment of fictional aftermath, I would wonder .. "All you have to do is believe you are making a better world, be ruthless, follow the mob ethics, never betray your own, be kind to all but your sworn enemies"..

All you had to do to "make it" was to exhibit the traits of gentlemanly intellect, mob honor, pragmatic respect - and you were in! And actually I found that in business(100% sans violence, which I abhor), that was pretty much how it worked at my lowish level of success.

Sadly, the real world is much more grotesque than that - so much more so than I ever dared to imagine.

All you have to do to make it is show you are a psychopath with a bent for children. That makes you one of them.

The elite are not bound by a moral code or a secret handshake.

They are bound by pedophilia.

And pure Evil.

Watch the waters!

Dec 2nd Update - EVERYTHING

WAS LIVE - Lavrov to Press. Summary - warning NATO to listen to Russia and to stop being Two Faced.

Today will be remembered as the day everything started kicking off. Massive warnings of WW3 directly from Russia(See our timeline). Putin had tried, in a speech, to do a deal with NATO (ref HERE). I assume it was along the lines of NATO, you get out of the Ukraine and we will disappear back into the mist. Anyway, Russia clearly feel snubbed from the stories we have post5ed on our timeline and is basically offering one last ultimatum. Listen, Act, or Kablouiee.

We added to our Ukraine Background Analysis the following...

What might Conventional or Nuclear War mean?

First, lets point out that the possibility of atomic war has been made by numerous parties, one example being Prelude To Atomic War in April 2021, and all stem from the increased talk of "small theater" use of small strategic nukes, not some global conflagration. That said, if there is a war in the Ukraine, it could easily escalate, especially if China and N Korea see it as an opportunity to also invade Taiwan and S Korea -  people forget N Korea has the largest navy in the world, albeit perhaps nowhere near as modern.

Ironically, the introduction of antimissile technology (eg: Israel's Iron Dome) has made such strategic nuke use more thinkable by military leaders.

More ominously, with Putin and Xi getting closer, they may deliberately launch an attack in all theaters at once. However, that is unlikely given that China is not well set up for war. It's armies have no combat experience. It also has "the 3 Gorges Dam" which makes much of China a sitting duck for a missile attack. Mind you, we in the West have La Palma which could see half our coast lines washed away if they targeted that Island. See Yellings - Climate.

In any event, it may not be nuclear at all. We pointed out in a much earlier analysis (in April) that Putin, being the master chess player, will not start some kind of conventional 18th century offensive charging over the hill, he will just have his special forces parachute straight into Kiev, and then, like the Taliban, the bulk of his army will just saunter in. This will make Kiev into a giant human shield - try bombing an army that is occupying your capital city! To be sure he will start a tit-for-tat skirmish in Donbas to lure out Ukraine's Army.

And to add spice to the mix, La Palma just suddenly abruptly stopped venting at both main vents (ash and magma jets) after an awesome night of fire and brimstone.. Update 1700 GMT - back in action. Why did it flat-line for a period? A curious coincidence.. This happened just after the lights went out briefly at 2 separate meetings for Blinken and Lavrov - HERE. An Omen?

Watch the waters! (& watch our timeline!).

Dec 1st - Update, La Palma

La Palma volcano update: Activity remains intense / VolcanoDiscovery - Shallow swarming with relatively high seismic bursts and explosive eruptive exhausting.. (just as we thought it was getting quiet). RSAM (internal audible pressure indicator) irregular and high-ish.

Update noon GMT: RSAM worsening, constant audible explosions from volcano cone, heavy quake swarms at a depth of 10km (ie: as large as M4, which at shallow depths, not tectonic but magmatic, is impressive). Our interpretation - significant magma thrust (still well below ocean floor) which will break through and invade the more fragile steep flanks (this island rises 6.4km steeply from the ocean floor) in the next few days resulting in large quake followed by voluminous eruptions and small landslides.

Chance of Megatsunami in the next 4 days is low at about 0.5% (but would you fly in a plane that had a 0.5% chance of not making it?). Size could be anywhere between a larger than normal tide or something very significant if the energy splits the island as it did Krakatoa (which is much smaller and shallower than La Palma).

A New Moon on Friday night will be at one of it's closest elliptical arcs (closer = higher gravitational distortion) .. Due to its impact on tides, it is likely to be climactic just before the new moon peak (8AM GMT, 3AM ET). Note that the results are always felt Before .. so expect things between now and then.

Background and live charts - Yellings - Climate. Live Youtube stream HERE.
Update to Booster Analysis
These Are The Symptoms Of The Omicron Variant We Know So Far | HuffPost UK Life ( - the symptoms are more mild than earlier Covid, with fatigue and muscle soreness, but NO OXYGEN LEVEL DROP(ie: no pneumonia).

Quote: "Other South African doctors have also shared Dr Coetzee’s assessment, saying symptoms are mild.".

Now, if this is the truth, and it isn't just more in the Hoaxathon Chapters of Pharma Fantasy, THEN IT ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT Be treated with vaccines or boosters! (This is a sign of something we've reported in the past, that all nasty viruses mutate to the state of the common cold - ie: they evolve to be less lethal! I can vouch I have read this somewhere, but cannot find a citation). More Quote from same article..
Dr Unben Pillay, a general practitioner in Gauteng province, where 81% of the new cases were reported, said in a press briefing yesterday: "We’ve seen a sharp increase in cases for the past 10 days. So far they have mostly been very mild cases, with patients having flu-like symptoms: dry coughs, fever, night sweats, a lot of body pains.

"Most of these patients have been treated at home. Vaccinated people tend to do much better. We have not seen a vast increase in hospitalisations, but this is still early days. Hospitalisations often come several days after a rise in confirmed cases."
This is nature's way of inoculating us against the harsher earlier versions. We get sick, perhaps akin to a 'flu, and we recover and - voila - we have natural immunity PLUS Herd immunity. WE SHOULD LET IT SPREAD!

WE SHOULD STOP VACCINATING as that seems to enhance our ability to pass on the earlier
variants, and thus presumably this one. Whereas the unvaxed acquire natural immunity from any illness and they act as buffers!(Herd immunity).

👉Spread the news so we drown out the doomsayer voices of the Big Pharma Fascists!!!

Analysis 175/ Nov 30 - The Booster: a personal perspective

For the record..
I had dual AstraZeneca (AZ) 6 months ago - I wanted my adult children to visit without fear of contaminating us. Just about everyone in the UK is vaccinated. We wanted AZ as it was developed by Oxford University (charity) and distributed as a non-profit venture by AZ. It seemed incomprehensible that Big Pharma are pumping us full of badly tested dangerous rubbish and we figured even if they were, the Oxford AZ was a safer bet. I figured that if we are poisoned on mass, the survivors would realize and rise up (even more so if you know you are about to die).  I researched and knew of the risks, and I discounted a lot of the risks as exaggerated nonsense (remember "you will be dead in 6 months?" Well, I assure you word of my death has been greatly exaggerated (to quote Mark Twain I think).
But how things have changed!
I have since seen doctors and professors queuing up to tell us how bad it is while Youtube and Facebook stay faithful to their pharma fascist mates and keep playing Whacamole censorship with their posts. We've seen it said that the worst of the toxins leave our body in 6 months - and so what do they do? They introduce 6 monthly booster shots. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) has said boosters are unnecessary for healthy adults - ref Boosters for all adults, conflicting advice - YouTube and on our timeline on Nov 21 (in the video, the WHO quote is in the first minute, @ ~40s mark). Then we have stories like this -- WORLDWIDE SURGE OF SPORTS PEOPLE SUFFERING SUDDEN HEALTH ISSUES AND DEATH ( and my own free thinking son deciding against the 2nd jab after seeing his sister have a rough time after the second (recovered in days), and I begin to be convinced - the incomprehensible is definitely happening.

Add to the above that we now have proof the world's leading doctor on the subject, Fauci, [noting our disclaimer]..
  • made Covid in a lab and gave it to Wuhan after Obama banned the experiments (and admits this to Sen' Rand Paul),
  • conceived of the "antidote" and gave antidote information to his mate Gates (and maybe Pfizer etc),
  • hands out huge grants to the likes of Gates' Moderna ON TOP of their gargantuan profits,
  • has a history of experimenting with aborted baby parts,
  • approved Remdesivir after noting it kills people (quite quickly),
  • imposed dangerous Remdesivir on hospitals.
Fauci and most Pharma Boys now agree it does not stop Covid, it just reduces the impact - which of course makes the pandemic endemic! (ie: everywhere, thus preventing herd immunity, whereas if they did not vax people under 35, they get covid, acquire superior immunity - and herd immunity would occur).

Let's not forget that this is not a vaccine - it is an RNA modifier, in essence a gene changer in the same way they make GMO crops. (Update: As if Hal is reading my mind, he just released this... FORBES: Yes, the Vaccines Change your DNA). For sick people, the idea is not so bad, and has great possibilities in future for combating cancer, but to ram it down our throats "as a precaution", especially on our youth, without having fully tested it, when they know it actually propagates Covid preventing her imunity.. that's insane.

Currently, there is no real pressure to get booster shots in the UK, but there will be. Oops, no - I drafted this 3 days ago (just editing now) - since then, we've had the Omnishambles Variant - So this is the update (citations in our timeline)..
  • Dictators around the globe are now moving to redefine fully vaccinated to include "must have had boosters"
  • Savid Javid (our Pakistani health minister - born in UK but parents from Pakistan - father was a taxi driver)
    • Savid Covid Javid now wants boosters every 3 months
  • Just ONE fortnight ago (Nov 11), the authorities in Hong Kong found someone on a plane from Botswana with Covid.
    • Hong Kong is now very much controlled by China.
    • How and why did they know to sequence it?
    • Within that fortnight, they have identified 34 genetic mutations and declared that the current vax is 40% less effective. Wow!!
    • How has it spread to almost every country on earth in that short time?
  • The authorities are already pulling back fearing a backlash from an increasingly skeptical public.
My attitude is this..
Until the authorities can show they are being completely transparent, allowing and encouraging peer reviews, and give us complete provable stats on vax casualties etc, including complete provable independent well funded studies on the effects of alternative remedies, then I will never have anything to do with these Lab Coat LIARS. In short, STOP LYING YOU PHARMA FASCIST BASTARDS.
I would go as far as to say Big Pharma needs to be completely disbanded and all their patents revoked. There is precedent to this when a US president disbanded AT & T who had monopolized the media (I'd need to check to get the facts right, but that definitely happened). But I'd go further and relieve them and their friends and heirs of ALL their ill-gotten gains, try them and assuming they are found guilty of profiteering and abusing patent law, have them sent to the electric chair (actually I'd put them in solitary for life as I believe in zero violence).

If you, our readers, can get someone to take up the concept of something like our suggested, non profit CSU (Charitable Structured Union), using the independent system of credit it describes, it would actually be possible to sanction these people to the point of making them powerless over you.

✨Mini Kinesis Update - Nov 30

We made a major forecast recently (HERE & Here in case you missed it) but right now we must report on a significant occurrence .. a lingering Double Hexagonal angle. - where there is a Trine (a third or 120 degrees) link between Mars and Neptune cut in half by Venus forming a 60 degree link between these two and to both of these two. This is a major signal of hoped for Wealth, Love, Energy, Emotive Depth and Secrecy. Note it is only "hoped for" and only your patience, wisdom and measured energy can make it come true as it is coupled with a Sun Mercury conjunction promising hard fought progress. But don't be dismayed! We merely try to add a tinge of realism to a spectacular stellar promise.

As for global implications.. Hubris and a desire for progress .. which is an obvious concern.

Due to the involvement of Neptune, we must add simply...

Watch the Waters!

Update 174/ Nov 29 - Lin Wood falls out, Conservative Coalition flying apart

It seems Lin Wood, M Flynn, Sidney P, Dan Crenshaw, Patrick Byrne, etc  are all falling out with each other. It all starts with someone finding a connection between Flynn and Pegasus.

Frankly, it's all a bit beyond me. Lin seems to need to chill a bit more. Flynn does seem to need to answer some questions.

It all seems to have stemmed from this..
Israeli firm NSO Group spent millions trying to woo the US government and gave huge payments to Washington lobbyists, consultants and lawyers to push its Pegasus spyware software before it was used to hack reporters’ phones.. Excerpt..
  • The Pegasus Project revealed that NSO Group tapped some of Washington’s most influential figures to burnish its image
  • They included Michael Flynn in the months before he became President Trump’s national security adviser
  • And Rod Rosenstein advised it on a legal case after leaving his post as deputy attorney general
  • Details emerged amid continuing fall-out from news that the cyberintelligence company helped governments spy on opponents and journalists
Be reminded that Pegasus is the undetectable software from Israel that can hack the supposedly unhackable iPhone. They compiled a list of 50,000 phone numbers that might have been hacked.
The warring words between Lin and his foes (and his foe supporters) are Epic!! Starts with (a poorly cited hit piece on Flynn) and goes through hundreds of posts up to (the last post  I saw before publishing).

It just gets worse - Lin secretly records Patrick Byrne talking to him - then publishes it; Then accuses Flynn of reciting Occult prayers; Then there's an image of a confidential text message showing Flynn criticizing Trump(next)... 

Boys boys! (actually that is a valid criticism of Trump, but should not be aired).

Op-Ed: I believe this tawdry in-fighting is what happens if we start getting too passionate about anything, especially when we throw our beliefs into the mix with all the passion of a newly wed, and then start judging others as to how they should seek spiritual guidance. Obviously I would be horrified if Flynn was  reciting Occult prayers but as the tract in question is from the Bible, I suspect there is a simple misinterpretation at play. One of the worst posts I have ever seen (reposted by Lin HERE) attempts to judge the worthiness of leading conservatives by the number of times they mention Jesus in their posts. Naturally, Lin comes out on top of that list. This is about as low as it gets and I can tell you, I am deeply unimpressed - What God thinks of that remains to be seen, but this comes close to taking his name in vain IMHO. As a conservative, let me say what I think about God is between me and him. That's not for everyone, but some things should be kept private, or as a wise friend once said, sometimes we just need to hold our own counsel.

In particular, Lin has a long record of posting personal discussions and things said to him in confidence and that needs to stop - that will always cause disharmony. Indeed, we think that even the release of the videos of "the whistleblower" was an indiscretion -- see Yellings - Conjectured evidence. The reasoning was difficult - Lin was being accused of being unhinged and so he released the tapes and to some extent that is reasonable - and also very valuable to the public including ourselves. However, we think the whistleblower was very unimpressed.
As an aside, we think the release sparked a great deal of Damage Limitation Control... We remain convinced that the tape was in fact James Clapper (former Director of National Intelligence, as last link) and that someone went to the trouble of deep-fake video overlays to try and prove it was not Clapper. Our reasoning is in part because of the absence of quality videos of JohnHereToHelp (later revealed as Dr Jon McGreevey, complete with most of his testimonies re-released without pixelation but in terrible quality - suggesting there was video tampering). That is not relevant to the indiscretions discussed above, but we thought we would update on that while we are on the subject of JohnHereToHelp. Back to the topic at hand..
If anyone reading this on Telegram or Yellings ever has some connection with these very public figures, including Trump, please remind them of the 3 D's. Diligence, Dignity, Decorum. Our leading lights seem to be losing their sense of Direction and Discretion (2 more D's).

Analysis 173/ Nov 28 - The Truth about the Ukraine's Coup in 2014

Ref 🏮 Putin's Ukraine obsession may spark a Major European war -- We have to keep correcting the gaslighting .. and dispelling MSM Disinformation.

It was the EU who started a violent coup in 2014 that exiled a former Russia friendly president as he would not sign an EU agreement that started all this. See Revolution of Dignity - Wikipedia where all is revealed in the first 2 paragraphs. Do you now see how big the MSM lie is?

There is of course more to this than meets the eye -- We have moved the bulk of this article to Yellings - Biden Ukraine.

Nov 28 - Oliver & the Omicron Variant - the BS variant

Nov 27th - Covid O'micron is my red line.

After UK's Johnson sets out more measures to fight new COVID variant | Reuters , and knowing that while the Gates funded BBC and other MSM press were bashing shit out of Boris for not locking down quickly enough in 2020, it turns out that  he was right to push for herd immunity because that is what saved us from high infection and mortality rates right now. Another thing we liked about him was his pragmatic push back against manic Green Fascism.

But since then the fat clown has gone all lefty swivel eyed loon (he is supposed to be a Conservative) and he is clearly looking to ram Boosters down our throats on the back of this latest plandemic move. In 2 weeks, the planet went from isolating a different strain (how do you do that in 2 weeks? Especially if it was in Botswana??) to Big Pharma looking to come out with a new inoculation (already???) and Covid Bovid Boris wanting to mandate Boosters.

What do you do? We and others (eg: Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud who predicted the coup early 2020) have been crying foul for over a year now and nothing has been done to organize. Is there no one that will stand up and say this is all bullshit? Or more to the point, is there anyone that would follow them to the death if they rose up?

Here is my message to the elite... LET US GET SICK, GET NATURAL IMMUNITY, and STOP LYING to us about alternate remedies. (And if that means bringing back firing squads for ALL BIG PHARMA PERSONNEL, under the rule of law of course, then so be it).

Analysis 172/ Nov 26 - CabalX starts Bio WAR as World panics over 'super mutant' Nu Covid strain

For #171/ Nov 26 - Kinesis Storm to end 2021, Leviathan Changes in 2022
See Daily Analyses Updates (scroll below or click here)

Ref Growing list of countries with curbs over 'super mutant' strain — RT World News..

Call it what it  is!

Well, we warned of this on 11th Oct in our timeline - "10/11 14:06:04 Breaking - Cabal Prepares to deliver New Bio Attack by End Oct" (ref China Braces for Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak: Leaked CCP Documents (

Remember this? (from above link)

They are playing this coup by the numbers. We have been pretty sure they were going to drop nastier bio nukes for some time but this is the reality.
Tip: We call those behind the Davos Cabal orchestrated Wuhan outbreak (from China) the CabalX to deflect from the idea that the Chinese people would do such a thing. Ie: It wasn't in China's plans, but we found the idea of a plandemic going back many years documented in Rockefeller research papers etc.
Why are we so sure? Because:
  • CabalX planned for it as above. Xi demanded it be ready by end October. How else can you interpret that?
  • All deadly infectious diseases evolve to the state of a common cold (ie: to ensure they survive in a Darwinian governed reality, it is not in the virus's interest to kill it's host or be so virulent we all lock ourselves up for ever).
  • Covid 19 has only been around 2 years - that's an awful lot of mutations.
  • This has crossed the world in 2 weeks - See ‘Worst ever’ Covid variant: What we know so far — RT World News
  • Because this is CabalX's way of punishing the US over Taiwan (they said they would make us pay).
  • It started in Botswana Africa where there is a low instance of Covid and low inoculation counts (we believe)
  • CabalX knows it cannot win a kinetic war with the US
  • The Cabal is losing the initiative with falling MSM ratings, falling Biden approval, raised awareness of election fraud.
  • They've been practicing Martial Law levels of lockdown in Australia and Austria and they are now good at controlling the Big Tech communications channels.
  • Boris Johnson UK PM said a while back he could not rule out an Xmas lockdown (and he is now imposing Booster shots).  In this overly long and windy, but well researched video HERE, you will see that Macron and Boris are to redefine Vaccination status to INCLUDE BOOSTER SHOTS - in other words they will be mandated. (Go to between 4:00 and 4:07 minute mark to see citation).
..Ask yourself, what else could it be? The world is so virus averse, the 'flu has almost disappeared, and yet Covid just keeps going from Strength to Strength.
Ladies and Gentlemen - this is not a drill - WE ARE AT WAR. There will be no curfews or Martial Law, just super aggressive lock downs as they practiced in Australia and Austria.

The next step will be stronger more deadly vaccines, and they will be mandated by force. You won't even know they are coming to sit on you and jab you until you hear the splinters flying off your door. Watch as prominent conservatives just mysteriously vanish from the limelight... Rudy & Sidney already gone, Lin Wood soon, then Seth Holehouse. Telegram, Gab, Parler will go soon. Purges have already begun (Jan 6 prisoners) but they will spread.

I don't know if CabalX will actually invade - we know they envy America's lush farmland, and we know they already own massive tracts of farmland in the USA (including Bill Gates "biggest farm in US", and of course Gates is owned) but invade? There probably won't be much point.

By controlling our military, media, law, politics, they do not need to declare war or invade. The invader never declares war - only the defending side does. So they will just keep going on their current plan until you are dead or enslaved, by one step at a time.
Anyone ready to get going with CSU yet? - CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Full Blueprint!

If you Wait, it's too Late.

171/ Nov 25 - Kinesis Storm to end 2021, Leviathan Changes in 2022

THANKSGIVING forecast for 3 months

(Img Ref)

Something very dramatic is on the horizon - a horizon that is full of change, progress and hope. And it is HUGE! To get a sense of scale, we include a compressed scrollable graph of Kinesis interactions showing much of the year prior next..

As you scroll to the right, you will see at a glance on the top row that nothing has happened on the scale of what is coming in December and then again in Feb & March 2022 (where it is even bigger)! It is so big, even we find it intimidating, but not frightening - because it means INTENSE PROGRESS and if it is progress for so many of us, then it might mean the Knock Out of the Cabal Leviathan, especially early next year.

Scroll the above graph sideways and you can see the mountainous humps full of powerful Gravitational Kinetics on the top row.

Unfortunately, around Xmas, the conditions that led up to the Israel Gaza War, including the build up by Russia in Ukraine, repeat over for at least a week either side of Xmas, but with less power than in May, so we don't predict any major outbreak of war, but something is likely to give. For us mere mortals, the 4th row marked "Titanic Challenge"(a title that was intended for global powers) will resolve as a friendly challenge inviting to be overcome, with a satisfying result - this will involve technology and lessons. However, this will be laced with the larger influence on the 1st row which is intense progress involving, money, love and fate - birth and death.

Xmas will be a hectic time but just to keep us all looking forward, there is a sublime period of Harmony in late January lasting well over a fortnight and involving money, love and technology, surprise.

A reminder to those new to Kinesis, it's mechanics are explored in Yellings - Kinesis Forecasting - remember, the longer an influence persists, the more the applicable mood changing pheromones etc are produced. It's a little like brewing -- the longer it brews, the stronger the effect.

170/ Nov 24 - Vax / Kill Shot Scandal - Analyzed

Skip straight to #Scandal Conclusion.. if short on time.

In the story we headlined yesterday, Hal Turner Radio Show - Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia - Bottles have Code #'s for Placebo, Vax, or KILL SHOT (put in our Breaking News Nov 23 2021), we annotated and summarized this as follows..
Scandal in Slovenia - vax, kill shot or placebo depending on bottle Code number -- As Hal says, if Verified, this will rock the world! The whistleblower is a Chief Nurse and said she personally witnessed the vaccination of politicians and tycoons and they all received the Placebo. As you can expect, the MSM is shutting this story down.
This is an interesting coincidence - earlier we just released this story - Russian WWII survivor operates on herself after doctors refuse to give her cancer treatment — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union, and we annotated and summarized this as follows..
Russian OAP Woman operates on herself after doctors refuse to give her cancer treatment -- (won't treat as she has Coronavirus which is bullshit as she would be dead at her age if she did). This raises a query that has irked us for months.. Why is Putin following the Lefty dogma with the vax and not using his own discretion? He answers to no one, so why? FYI, in Nigeria they basically refuse to vax - no pandemic.
We had already speculated that both Russia and China are using placebos extensively. This story gives that thought more credence. We reason they are doing this to encourage the West to think the vaccine is safe and effective, but only in the West are we getting the real one.

Proofing.. Lets review Hal's story (fact checking WITHOUT the bigoted MSM bias)..
Okay so a lot of digging and we have found that the video is from Facebook Here(still up, better link with related videos is HERE), but the woman in it is not (but may have been) the head nurse that we found on Linked In. We found the FB link by searching and finding the story here Telegram: Contact @Fall_of_the_Cabal - where it was forwarded yesterday from a hidden account. The video caption translates to "The health profession about the crisis. ➡️ source: eighth generation" (from Zdravstvena stroka o k.rona krizi ➡️ vir: osma generacija).

Is the video genuine? At 1:24 in the FB video, she says something about a Placebo, but says "Placebo" more clearly at 11:36+. This is the only way we can be sure this is the video in question as I don't know anyone who speaks Slovenian. She is certainly talking about Corona in the first 20 seconds. She also says Slovenia at approx 8:19 and 9:15. HotCopper Here has an article with a link to the same video in which the writer suggests his/her Slovenian is a bit rusty .. that may be a joke, but adds a little more credibility to the video because his text is different to the other texts (not a direct translation). So basically, there is a video on this subject and we found it.

Next is greyed as it is somewhat unnecessary reading, and is superseded by the #Update.. below. (But we leave it in to give you a measure of how carefully we reviewed and researched).

Next a review of the video - a quick scan of the video reveals she does not bring out any bottles as described in the articles, albeit the beginning of the interview is clipped off. (So that's a negative along with the interview being in front of hay bales). However, the video seems to be relatively professional - steady and edited to include frequent zoom changes and skip pauses. A total of 3 different people hold the mic for her. It seems what she is saying is of interest to someone and it was indeed an event attended by a few people who probably are journalists. The words Click Like Subscribe Get Notified appear in English at the bottom at about 5sec mark, so this was likely on Youtube or similar at some point.

Our first fact checker in English is here - Scandal in Slovenia with placebos for politicians instead of vaccines: zero sources from Ljubljana. He says - "First, the original version can be found on Facebook and the date dates back to last July". In the version of English I speak, that means July 2020. Fact checking the fact checker reveals it is July 2021 which is not long ago. Such a story from a Slovenian source is likely to take some time to get noticed. The rest of his critique is based on incredulity and "why has no one done anything?" Clearly he doesn't realize the entire Western world is under the boot of a Cabal. It's a bit like saying we know Biden is legitimate because nothing was done about any election theft. Anyone, like you and I, who did the slightest of watching on alternate news knows everything was done but it was all censored.

The above was based on this HERE written in Italian. A quick translation of that article shows us nothing new. We think this was Hal's source.
While we were reviewing this all, the link that HotCopper gives ( is now being resolved differently (by FB) to Zdravstvena stroka o k.rona krizi... - STOP Lažnivim Medijem | Facebook which is better as it has related videos.

From that we found out her Youtube video - in July 2021 - and her name! It may be elsewhere but Youtube offers superior reviewing video controls. Unfortunately, there is no transcript - which we would have translated and confirmed. This is the auto-translated video description..
Vera Kanalec, a retired nurse with many years of experience, tells us in the second part the truth, which is so much concealed by the media, manipulates us. She tells us honestly how her work went, her experience, how we've been a test bunny for many years... The follow-up to the video has been moved to BitCHUTE or THE FB channel STOP LYING MEDIA due to YouTube's stint (forbidden truth), where it clearly has a link between cep and their side effects (autism, leukaemia, cervical cancer,...) Link follows THE CONTINUATION OF THE VIDEO on BitCHUTE VERA KANALEC 2. PART LET's TELL THEM THE TRUTH - banned version on YouTube ( We prepare many honest testimonials from people in both health, education and education, public administration, hospitality,... as well as people with post-vaccination consequences who have had enough lies and persuasions and are willing to sincerely share with us their experience. Follow the YT channel OSMA GENERATION and we wish you all well.
From her name we can do a search for a biography, but nothing comes up suggesting she was a head nurse. However she is certainly prominent and described HERE as the chairwomen of a self-help group for relatives of people with dementia, the Spominčica Association. Furthermore, our searches did lead us to find Search - BitChute which lists most all of her videos. From here, we found the original unabridged video HERE that led to the truncated FB one. This one WAS posted then removed from Youtube(so now we know what she was saying was worthy of cesnorship). Here is it's description on Bitchute auto-translated..
Vera Kanalec, as a retired health worker who monitors the current situation, tells us openly what the corona virus we have known since the 1960s. Frankly, about how the virus is transmitted, how dangerous it is, how many have actually died. Frankly, about how the media misleads us and manipulates us, in order to create the general psychosis of the nation and, on the other hand, the big profits of the narco mafia. It tells us what's in vaccines, what is a placebo, what are the side effects.
Finally, we found this (in Slovakian)  -- Video testimony, former head of nurses Vera Kanalec: vaccines divided by codes, placebos for important people. Using auto-translate again, it still includes some unprovable suppositions (eg: Head Nurse) but the rest is said with much less rhetoric and exaggeration. Extracts follow (quotes in italics, our points in [])..
She explains the reasons with her presentation in a video, in which she testifies to information of fundamental importance about vaccines, and among other things she explains the numerical markings on the packages of the vaccines (on their codes) with which the composition of the vaccines can be identified as follows:.[at last we see that someone has watched and understood the speech, and there was never any attempt to show us vials, just to explain the categories..]
  1. number 1: it is a placebo vaccine (reserved for the "selected");[no mention of only going to politicians and selected could simply mean just that - people selected for placebos in trials]
  2. number 2: it is usually an mRNA vaccine (or, as some doctors call it more accurately, mRNA gene therapy);
  3. number 3: [3rd category of vial] it contains, in addition to gene therapy with nRNA, other substances that trigger oncological diseases (cancer, etc.). And that is in line with the previous statements of Dr. Sean Brooks (of whom we have spoken  here  ), of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (of whom we have written   warnings here ), and who briefly assess and warn about the side effects of vaccination:[Our interpretation of this is that it is a harsher version of the "vaccine" but certainly not a deliberate killshot]
They then go on to describe the side effects. It is unclear if these side effects are only applicable to Vials in category 3, especially as we have a large body of evidence to suggest these side effects apply to all mRNA vaccines.
Scandal Conclusion..
Vera Kanalec is a great Truth Warrior, and while we we see no displayed 3 classes of vial and a kill shot, she is definitely discussing the use of Placebos and presumably also discusses a lower quality category 3.

Mainly by virtue of the lurid descriptions and absence of vials, we think the story that Hal gets his sources from has been exaggerated to the point where credibility is lost in its claims of kill-shots and placebos going to politicians and the wealthy. However, if we could get it translated, especially the follow up only on Bitchute here (which they apparently never risked putting on Youtube - as said above in the part #due to YouTube's stint), then we think it would contain some good quality bombshells. Our questions are -
  1. Were the placebos only administered in trials? If so - that is normal.
  2. Was the lower quality vial 3 also just part of the trials? If so - that is to be expected.
Finally, it most certainly adds to the increasing body of evidence that Big Pharma has taken a turn towards the dark side and is putting profit before any semblance of morality.

However, it does not support our own (not Hal's) belief that China and Russia are only (or are mainly) injecting placebos. We still believe that but without proof at this time.
Side note on research...

Bing is annoyingly useless as it chucks up crap (basically lists results with significant search words in your phrase missing), and of course Google is weaponized politically to hide results they don't want you to see. We know this because all you have to do is google the word Yellings .. just that word, and we are not on the top 5 pages of results. Do the same in every other search engine and we come right to the top - first item on Bing for example. This is because we add data daily and Yellings is the brand name we use - this is enough logic for any search engine to place us prominently, so we know Google is deliberately blocking us. We (Yellings) are also shadow banned on Youtube.

169/ Nov 22 - ⚡ Biden Harris Soros BLM HATE made Black man drive through Marching Band.

As per BBC here. This is the prior convictions HERE (2021CF004596 Case Details in Milwaukee) of the Perpetrator who drove through a Christmas Marching Band -- leaving 23 taken to hospital, 5+ dead (unconfirmed), who is understood to be Darrell Brooks, African American, born Feb 21 1982. Of the SUV - "The car did not slow and appeared to try to hit as many as possible, per witness video seen by CBS58"- Ref. The perp "has posts on his social media in support of BLM causes, George Floyd,"  & etc - Ref.

This was clearly a racially motivated attack. Outrage required.

Caution - very violent, tragic (but not graphic) videos Here of the incident.

Ridiculously, in this day and age I have to start by vigorously defending myself in no uncertain terms - I am not racist. I can prove it by showing my charity work in Nigeria (whom by the way I have found to be the least racist people in the world.. it never enters arguments, it is never blamed for wealth or poverty, they are just color blind and proud). And for the record, our "pet project", CSU - Charitable Structured Union, is color blind and agnostic.

But I will admit to being what I call "culturist". I will round on diseased cultural values that promote race baiting, segregation, positive or negative discrimination, religious violence. It seems our media and political elites have polluted our society with these things to the gills.

This horrific hate crime comes hot on the heals of numerous black on white outrages (we've recently started to keep a record with videos and documentaries on it -- all of which are deleted from MSM, Facebook etc, and none of which we can publish here to ensure we are seen as "clean"). Ever since the BLM riots and the take-the-knee madness, it's almost like "open season" on criminality if you are Black, a Black sympathizer, whether it be on their own, on Asians, or on whites.

Until we change the lefty narrative of the G Soros funded BLM and Biden Kamala knee taking BS, the hate will continue & this will keep happening. The narrative needs to be "Whites did not Start Slavery, Whites STOPPED IT" - source, Yellings - look at the history. (The word Slave derives from the white Slavic countries that were repeatedly raided for white sex and worker slaves by North Africans, Arabs and Turks) - source ..
Professor Thomas Sowell.