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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2022 WW3?

Yellings - for ongoing analysis and breaking news regarding the ongoing Global Marxist Take down.
The US to be invaded ~ 9/25/2022

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The West is under a full scale Marxist Attack with the US to be invaded on ~ 9/25/2022.

May 21, 2022, updated June 11:


Dear Readers - the final straw was legal threat and coercion on top of egregious shadow bans.
We are now just concentrating on the pending invasion of USA.

Why are we still here? Well, there seems to be no hurry as the USA's "ministry of truth" has folded for now. We're going to move the content elsewhere and somehow block EU traffic because their "ministry of truth" is in full swivel eyed fascist loon mode. We continue partly because the USA is at Defcon2 in our assessment (even though Biden idiotically has it at Defcon4), and also as we just wish to keep logging the final chapter of the Global Marxist takedown. The West has about to October (at the latest) to exist after which NATO countries will be attacked and the US must be invaded (by China, North Korea, Russia) before the Midterms to prevent Trump's re-ascending to power by controlling the Senate) at the end of which time it will either cease or triumph - extermination or victory.
Refer to the #Nyquist Scenario.

Old Message:
We enjoyed compiling the information that will be of historic importance to unpick this mess, even though we got no money in the last 6 months due to the blocks and bans. We didn't mind discovering that we could never travel to the US again unless the swamp gets drained. However, we are not martyrs and we cannot go to jail for you.

Buy the site and you do the job if you are brave enough - currently ~$5K. is for SALE
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Thanks & Bye. It was a pleasure, but we now focus on self preservation and prepping tech.
There was an insurrection - no denying that - it started on Nov 3rd 2020 and completed on Jan 20th 2021
Join the resistance ..
--CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Full Blueprint!--
We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, pentagon, agencies, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

Please note - Yellings is often under legal / administrative threat AND IF WE ARE SUDDENLY TAKEN DOWN, SEE WWW.M8Y.COM AND/OR WWW.2-INFO.COM - (latter is deliberately blank at this time) - please note these down along with - our telegram channel repeater.
Kinesis - Wartime Forecast  👉 HERE
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I Bring You Hope!
John McAfee.

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..Stealing the most powerful republic in the world is that easy!
Google Shadow Ban
If you type "Yellings" into any search engine (just type that word, no quotes), you will find that, except for Google, we come to the top of every search page (Bing, Yahoo, Duck, Yandex). Google doesn't even have us on the first 5 pages. This can only be deliberate bias.

Regarding global market share(REF), Google have 92%, Bing is second with only 2.1%. With help from you, our precious visitors, and word of mouth, we've done OK even with only 8% visibility -- Until ThursdayThis is 88% in America(REF) -- good to see 4% more Americans have taken the Red Pill.

As stated recently, this Google silencing is caused by deliberate search result tampering, illegal because they are not offering the unbiased search facility they imply in their advertising. A politically biased search engine is NOT a search engine. They do the same to Sidney Powell.
Stop Using Google Please!
For Now, Please Use Bing or Duck.
Wood, Flynn and Powell have already asked this, as have many

We are not promoting anyone, but so far we find Bing as good as Google, and as yet unbiased. Duck is as yet too immature.


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Breaking News

06/19 10:46:16 Nuke-Warning-Kharkiv-For-Americans-Hal.mp4 🔴⭐ Nuke-Warning from Gonzalo Lira in Kharkiv, Ukraine - an Important Message For Americans-Hal. We particularly draw your attention to Mr Lira's last few sentences. The only difference is We Know Why there is Lethargy in the US (& Europe)... Because it has been at the receiving end of repeated Psychological Operations.

But America, as you are in immediate peril, you must for pity's sake fight your way out of this gloom and awaken the Generals and even the MSM. This is "the final Marxist takedown" and it is WORSE than Lira so eloquently says. Lira gives us the local military situation but he doesn't understand the background. For that, you have to study Nyquist and HIS THEORY about "the end".

It is concisely this: This is ALL being run by a Cabal from the Soviet era that never went away. It's public face is Schwab, WEF, Davos, and "The Great Reset" with its public boast of having infiltrated have political establishments all over the world including Canada, France, Australia, Russia itself and so on. They intend to paralyse the US or even invade and begin genocide Before the US midterms (to prevent "China Joe" losing power). The actual date this begins is most likely Sept 25.

So create posters, stick them everywhere, start night time laser shows, high powered speakers, skywriting, whatever it takes to reveal the truth: that the Biden regime is treasonously paving the way for INVASION and is controlled by a Soviet era cabal. These plans have long been in the making - including Ukraine to partially disarm the West and divert. We will soon see the blockade / invasion of Taiwan along with stock market crashes quite probably within days. They will not stop at Taiwan. Not my theory - review the cites & leaks HERE and the cites they lead to.
05/23 14:04:51 Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS- Wuhan Lab Did Gain of Function Research on . . . Monkeypox 🔴 This is the last piece of the jigsaw folks.

Hal backs up his news release with a link from science direct HERE. If these minor outbreaks turn out to be more than just a little media overreaction, then China has effectively declared war on the West because there is no hiding what they have done and their intentions.

Not to boast, but to reinforce the soundness of now concerns, we were coming up with scenarios like this months ago... Predicting that an all out assault on America would be preceded by yet another burst of pandemic!
05/07 12:15:52 Access Blocked RT U;L🔴🔴 When I go to Russia's premier press Russian Times, this is what I see: "Sorry, this website is not available through Sky.
We are required by Court order to prevent access to this site in order to help protect against copyright or trademark infringement."

That is of course a trumped up charge. This is VERY SERIOUS folks. The only Russian gov site left of note is and when that is gone, our governments will be able to say whatever the hell they like and we reporters will not be able to cross check.
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

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Timeline Latest Peek
2022/07/02 20:15:13 MARIA ZEEE - JEFF NYQUIST - WHERE IS AUSTRALIA HEADED - WorldNews 🔴 This is a very hard hitting truth bomb from start to end. Just the first 2 mins will leave you aghast. This is the truth Writ Large... As Zeee says ... Not enough people are talking about it!

And now we even have MSM BBC and Silly Milley talking about it...
Taiwan: China attack not imminent, but US watching closely, says Gen Milley - BBC News - "China is clearly developing the capability to attack at some point" - Milley (but he just thinks it is Taiwan that will be attacked). If they were so worried about the losing Taiwan's tech, why not "buy" the companies and relocate them tp the US? A: Because they are paving the way for Xi's attack on the US.
2022/06/30 15:03:19 Rand Paul- This is the danger of a one-world government - YouTube 🎥 Davos Cabal exposing itself! .. If they succeed, the following will come to our shores (if not Genocide)...

What Its Like To Live in N Korea: All from their own media!!
Daily NK ..
• Pyongyang authorities stop young people at random to inspect their cell phones
• N. Korea sentences young woman to two decades in prison for distributing S. Korean TV shows, movies
• Hamhung university students mobilized to work on farms despite pandemic
• N. Korea's efforts to dissolve and merge trading companies are hitting snags
• Malnourished soldiers providing little help to N. Korea's agricultural areas
• Hyesan residents receive little support from the government while under home quarantine
• Around 20 residents of South Hwanghae Province die due to starvation
• Pyongyangites quarantined at home complain of water shortages
• N. Korea orders Unified Command 82 to intensify crackdowns on anti-socialist behavior
• Recent lectures in Hamhung refocus attention on anti-reactionary thought law
• Rason takes action amid reports of children collapsing from hunger
• Fear of being blamed may help explain N. Korea's questionable COVID-19 statistics
• Farmers in N. Pyongan Province arrested for stealing rice seedlings
• N. Korean loggers die amid push to provide wood for housing in Pyongyang
• S. Pyongan Province authorities forcibly mobilize street vendors to weed fields

This is not an exercise. We are nosediving into this. And this is the BEST CASE SCENARIO. The worst case is Armageddon (see HERE). The signs of this coming are so vivid, they are starting to scorch my retinas. You know what to do!
2022/06/28 09:55:50 2001- Roswell Smoking Gun, the Ramey Memo - Article - Think AboutIts 👇 At Yellings, we don't usually get involved in UFO research, but this is significant. Indeed this may be the most significant evidence we've ever seen because it can be largely verified unlike the plethora of photoshopped blurry rubbish on the web.

Although the image in the article has been highly refined, and we don't know where it came from as none of the images we've seen have sufficient resolution, we were able to verify it by looking at numerous other images on the web and noting that it is definitely from the same source. Bonus curiosity.. Mystery deepens as spacecraft crashes into Moon creating a double crater

• Russia threatens Lithuania with 'serious' consequences
• Massive Show of Force; China Sends 29 War Planes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone
• Lithuania Warned - in Writing!
• Covert Intel - "Attack against broad swaths of NATO"

Europeans are starting to wake up! 'Stop NATO,' protesters chant at massive rally in heart of EU (VIDEOS) - cannot see this in other MSM. "demonstrators packed the streets of Brussels on Monday... expressing anger at the rising cost of living..., many condemned the US-led NATO alliance and its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict" In otherwords, Biden & NATO are paving the way for this invasion.

What to do? Wake up the US military - the generals. Make & put posters everywhere, start night time laser shows, high powered speakers, skywriting, candlelit vigils - whatever it takes!
2022/06/21 15:57:27 Kaliningrad- Russia warns Lithuania of consequences over rail transit blockade - BBC News 🔴 When the MSM's BBC picks up on a story like this, you know it's serious. Yes, this is a continuation of our campaign to help alert America (& Europe) about an impending attack on the West, an attack that will become open and possibly nuclear as soon as September 25th, whereby either by Holodomor, Financial Ruin, Nuclear Armageddon, Land Invasion, or likely ALL these things (as the Intel says), the West is about to be eliminated.

Important! This is not our theory, this is the theory of
Jennifer Zeng, Lude Media and Jeff Nyquist, plus numerous others. They are respectively the public face of the gigantic CCP leak that states there is this war is coming, the front for a Chinese defector group, and the geopolitical analyst, who has stitched this all into his own theory that they (China & Russia) are planning this war.

Whatever you believe, the events of the last two years is a perfect storm and is yet to reach its conclusion. More on the history and the playing out of a super conspiracy, HERE.

• 'Casus belli' (cause for war): What Kaliningrad blockade means for Russia
1000/00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....


Wartime Kinesis forecast:

Graph of gravitational interactions over next few months..

Kinesis - the analysis of gravitational interference on the generation of mood changing hormones, and the impact that has on us through global leadership and mass hysteria... For more on this Pseudo Science, see Kinesis-Forecasting (

Ref above graph, This is a one-off forecast because we have some extraordinary gravitational influences on the horizon that you need to know about. These are perhaps the biggest markers for war ever seen. It might seem trite to add some pseudo science into the mix, but you need all the help you can get.

A little background: Between Yellings own analysis of the facts ( not including kinesis ) and that of Jeff Nyquist ( click #Nyquist Scenario ), it would seem 99% probable that most Americans will not see another Christmas (unless at this very late stage, someone, can somehow, stop it). We are less sure about the outcome of Europe, but it seems also 99% probable that Europe (inc UK) will be at least conquered along with Africa and Asia. South America is likely to side with Russia and China although ultimately they will become subservient.

The following links and comments will help build the picture..

  • The West is deliberately depleting its ammunition & fuel, while starving itself - good analysis HERE.
  • The bombshell interview with Nyquist that has really woken people up just a couple of days ago HERE.
  • Nyquist on Bannon's War Room (more detail on this leak) HERE.
  • The background interview with Nyquist and Man In America HERE where this theory of a US invasion started.
  • The warnings started in 2012 by Nyquist HERE.

The leaks suggest the intention is to engage the US in war before the Midterms thus delaying that election and keeping "China Joe" in power.

If we were to put money on when a war would start, it would be late September, probably Sunday 25th or Monday 26th. The reason for being so precise is simply that this is a new moon and the Chinese are known for going with such moon phases. Referring to the above sideways scrollable graphic, it is also during a large spike in confidence boosting Trines on the 3rd row and more particularly massive opposition's on the second row. The next new moon is Tuesday October 15th, but (a) that is too close to the midterms, (b) that is a month later than the leaks suggest and (c) the Kinesis shows a major disturbance at end of September, not October.

However, what really marks out such bold predictions are the sequences going throughout August and September and trailing off through October / November.

  1. We have a long pattern of emboldening Trines on the 3rd row from now up until the end of November.
  2. We have a powerful persisting Quintile between Pluto fate, life and death and Jupiter power and abundance. This dominates during July and August. Quintiles bring us high intellect, restlessness and posturing. In this context, that would appear to be planning.
  3. This is concluded by an overlapping set of oppositions on the 2nd row building throughout August and peaking in September.
  4. The background to this is a very significant persisting square running throughout many weeks between Uranus and Saturn.

The Uranus Saturn challenge is in itself a classic marker for war. This is a bit like a Epitaph to the same massively powerful Uranus Saturn challenge that persisted all the way through 2021 bringing wars and revelations of evil throughout. This faded to insignificance throughout the first half of this year but it then starts too sneak in again in August. This is the green and brown line () that is seen to peak in late September on the 4th row. This is like a bookend to this troublesome aspect that has been persisting for many months. After this peaks in late September, it will not trouble us again for decades.

The general prevalence of Saturn (the evil teacher) and Pluto (fate, life and death) from right now through to September and October is also a marker for war.

The gravitational interactions are giving us several warnings. In particular, right now  ( May 28th ) we have a long positive double-dip Trine between Pluto and Mercury (communication).. This is a classic marker for warnings with which we have seen from Nyquist, ourselves and many others. Interestingly, Yellings has not been looking at Kinesis recently and was not aware of this when making such strident warnings as we have of late where we have dropped all pretence at trying to comfort an audience and we are not no longer drawing our punches(see our timeline but mostly in other chat channels on telegram). Curiously, we see that double-dip Trine between Pluto and Mercury again in late September -- is this the final warning or is it the sky taunting us with a "I told you so"?

Other warning signs right now (May 27/28) include Venus challenging Pluto. Moreover, for the next two weeks, Mercury challenges Saturn in a powerful persisting square. There are more markers for warnings throughout the next few months.

If I believed the skies could talk, I would say they just said YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Here is the Reality, the Action based Hope

There is still three months to wake up the generals, but they will have to be well awake and making sweeping changes before the end of that period - no ifs or buts.

Remember, there is great contrast in the skies at the moment. Both extreme positivity and intense challenge. These things could equally apply to the fall of the cabal and a military tribunal to sort out the deeply corrupt Marxist Democrats and swamp followed by a change in the White House. However, the reason Yellings is taking a stern tone is because despite the amazing efforts of some great patriots, the situation is presently so dire, there is only one possible outcome that logic can foresee, and that is not the fall of the cabal.

Everything that has come before was all part of the master plan...

  • debasing western manufacturing
  • owning significant shares in western media, big tech, Hollywood
  • driving the woke narrative through the education system
  • sending gain of function biotechnology to Wuhan
  • repeatedly demonizing and attacking Trump
  • releasing Covid
  • cheating Trump out of an election
  • installing cabal puppet Biden
  • faking Jan 6
  • flooding the US with immigrants + Woke apocalypse
  • lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates
  • throwing away 80 billion in armory in Afghanistan
  • Ukraine invasion
  • Ukraine weapon loss
  • sanctions that will ultimately end up starving and bankrupting the West
  • quarter of a billion people in China ruthlessly locked down
  • pending gun control
  • pending loss of sovereignty to WHO
  • pending monkey pox

...Notice how the events are now coming thick and fast?

It doesn't matter whether you think Putin, Xi, Gates, the Rothschild's, or Lucifer himself is behind all this, what we do know is that there is a Marxist movement that openly tells us it's going to bring about something called The Great Reset, chip us all like dogs, take away our rights and property. This same Marxist body fronted by Schwab openly boasts about having infiltrated governments around the world and installed puppet leaders including Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, NZ and Oz prime ministers, Tony Blair + Gordon Brown(UK), Mitt Romney + governor Newsom + many other big tech and political figures in the US, etc...

And this is what they want to do. Take down the West and use America as a Grain Basket. Russia takes Europe & Canada, China takes the USA, North Korea takes back the South.

They want your land for farming and they neither want Americans on it, nor enough Americans left to ever be able to counter attack or seek revenge. Every single American, including the fat cat military industrial complex generals, the RINOs, the NIH, will be eliminated except for perhaps 5% who will remain as slaves and another 5% that escape. You might think that the Chinese will treat you well, or at least according to the Geneva Convention, but that is to imagine they think like you do. Racially, they are completely different and intolerant. You can be sure they will be well indoctrinated to think you are a despicable subspecies. And as you look completely different to them, there will be no hesitation, just elimination and the remainder hunted down. Remember that recently they had a Chinese made film depicting China and America going to war and of course China winning, and it was a huge box office success in China.

Preppers too will be hunted down. I would stop short of saying prepping for your own remote survival is desertion, but it is not going to help you in the long run and it is certainly not going to help the US win. If you have the wit and way-withal to survive, use it to save your homeland - wake up the military heads - force a military takeover to expel the Marxist usurpers by uniting, communicating - hold candle lit vigils, use sky writers and laser shows, put pamphlets through doors, stick them to lampposts - back Musk as someone finally takes on the Swamp head on.

Right now, you need to start working as if your life depends on it, because it does.


Earlier we used the wording "Right now, you need to start fighting as if your life depends on it, because it does" in the last sentence just above. We reworded it as you can see above. Here's why: 

Beware of being provoked into a civil war. If this kind of leak repeats, you can rightly begin to suspect that the leaking is deliberate and intended to frustrate us through a perceived inaction by the US military complex. That frustration may lead to violence. First, from a moral point of view, of course we don't want that. Second of all, that may be exactly what the cabal wants. Regardless of how the chess pieces are moved, avoid violence and avoid anything that may lead to civil war. But we DO want you to work HARD at communicating your frustration and "educating" the great unaware.

What can I do?

Spread the word! We recommend :-

  • Bumper stickers, sky writing, posters on lampposts, laser shows
  • Start "Wake the up" street parties and candle lit vigils outside military facilities, courthouses. etc
  • Adopt a simple "mascot" or "symbol" of resistance - we recommend a Yellow Flag, but whatever
  • Join Twitter because it is currently uncensored (that may change) but full of sleeping liberals who you can have rational discussions with (if they turn nasty, block them).
  • Don't make it about Trump. My experience on Twitter is that liberals are "hard hypnotized" by all the psychological barbs and there is no getting through to them. Defending Trump will cause them to retaliate with incoherent mockery and cursing abuse which gets us nowhere
  • Do point out that Biden is sleep walking us into an invasion and that 2000 Mules, as the visible tip of the iceberg, proves democracy was subverted.
  • Get TOR (masked browsing that gets past the bans).
  • Start new websites and copy what we and others are saying. Why? As we have been banned by all apple devices, by ISP's (the people you use to bring the internet into your home) and removed from all search queries on google - we cannot afford to keep creating new websites.
What should a poster read? Eg:

NOTICE! We have Intel that Biden is sleep walking us into an invasion by China, Russia & NK by October! Any media that has Chinese share holders is blocking this info.

Survival techniques that will also help America:

  • Ham and CB radios.Create very old fashioned party line type telephone systems
  • Torches, generators, tools, water, fuel, matches, self defense equipment, medicines -- all the usual
  • Barter among yourselves using cash (or an easy distributed digital currency if one can be found to be reliable and stable enough)
    • Right now, we recommend going to a bank and withdrawing "UK pounds sterling" as it has been made hard to counterfeit, is reasonably stable, and is one of the few relatively independent powerful countries left on earth. Why? Because the Marxist US hegemonies may crash the dollar (they already are). The Euro is also possible but is also controlled by Marxist hegemonies.
  • Do not offer your services to anyone who is not "in the resistance"
    • If you cannot use a currency as suggested above, use favor bargaining. Literally use IOUs.
  • Get cameras and equipment to help police perimeters
  • Organize yourselves into mini societies with security, justice, dispute resolution, and task allocation systems
  • Switch your battery powered computers to dual boot and include Linux (phones, Microsoft PC's, etc will be bricked).
  • Seek out new communication means - consider Elon Musk's Starlink - to get an earth station, it will cost around $99 a month, $500 investment in hardware - very high bandwidths mean you can re-distribute to hundreds of others. It will be difficult to switch off or block this type of comms link.
  • In the event you fear imminent invasion
    • do not use the internet.
    • take down street signs and house numbers.
    • Barricade doors and windows
    • keep your "ears to the ground" and be prepared to leave at a moments notice
  • If you live in a city
    • See Nuclear Explosion |
    • Note: We were confident that cities will not be attacked - that is changing as we understand that Nyquist has uncovered studies that indicate the fallout could be managed.
This is a mini version of our CSU - Charitable Structured Union, Full Blueprint! ( Download it on PDF here and keep it in case you need some ideas in future.