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2020 USA Election Rigged -- 2021 USA Under Siege!
Get out your Megaphones! Get out your Boots!
1 Full Day remains!
Give Trump YOUR Support!
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. This site is not monetized. Hope we are helping.

Our aim? Collate the evidence in one place, grade it, cite it - show the magnitude of this fraud! Safely on our UK Servers!
PLEASE DONATE BIGLY (top left)! Look around the site - you will see we are 100% dedicated to righting this wrong. Our Western way of life is in peril.
At Yellings, we too are under siege by Google etc search manipulation. We are in danger of retaliation. We NEED more funding.
If you can not afford to, we completely understand - perhaps mention us to friends and in comments! Help us to help you.
We provide a unique roundup of events and evidence for historical preservation leading, we hope, to justice and jail for the perps.
If not stopped, they WILL strip ALL your rights and assets - make no mistake. Donate (or Invest if pref - see Contact).

Thank you so much to those that have donated - please keep it coming

When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when the media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.
And they have ALL YOUR detail
America - We have 1+ days to fix this!

Breaking News
We are hearing More exciting news and covering it with live updates under here. Lindell of MyPillow was seen leaving Oval Office with notes showing words "Martial Law if Necessary". The White House FLAG was LOWERED - and a state of emergency has been declared all over the US. Please see Actions folder and be prepared for Jan 18/19/20.
12/30 11:25:04 2000 ....MORE....
It's coming.. We are hearing this from multiple sources

Summary by Lt. General Thomas McInerney

Fox's great roundup
No Evidence? See this:

(and see Hard Proof here)
Totalitarianism is just around the corner. Help us to help you prevent it! Please see the Donate button in menu
A PLEA to the Joint Chiefs of the USA
Biden, who will be succeeded by Harris, is courting China and communism.
now have the evidence before you that China interfered. You know that China is increasing military drills and liaises with Canada and is in Mexico (as anti-Trump article confirms). You know they are now a superpower. You know prima facie they have been systematically eroding our manufacturing might.
Look at the evidence of election fraud and interference Here and here.
And if China closes in, your careers are gone, your assets seized, families imprisoned.
Surely you will not sit by and let that happen?
Surely you will help Trump uphold the Constitution?
Surely you have not been so brainwashed by 4 years of Left Propaganda to think Biden will do this better? That he will not defund you?
Surely you see that a divided nation, whose eyes are wide open to the stolen election, is a dangerously unstable, weakened nation?
Please Step Up and tell Trump You Support Him!

Election Fail:
Prima Facie fraud occurred. The law prevented the evidence being heard. 80m voters were thus denied. They are now being PURGED and PERSECUTED. Worse, the plan involving law, tech, MSM, BLM, Antifa is revealed as ushering in a Covid Led GREAT RESET where the WEF's Schwab, Prince Charles, and many others are now OPENLY stating you should lose all your rights and literally get sent to a concentration camp if you do not comply. BE AWARE - this is not a drill - not fiction - not sensationalized - this is NOW! (cited in links).

Mr Trump - Be Encouraged:

(unless you have already)

We need you to be brave, principled, once more!
There are 1+ days left to literally SAVE THE WORLD
Get defense on board, organize the army to manage a full investigation
Please SIGN THAT ACT and know your country is behind you.
Apologies if, as some think, you have it all under control already!

Patriots, if DT cannot find a path soon, it's up to us!
Gear up in case! Fingers Crossed for DT

  re 10 reps voting for impeachment Jan 13 See List of THE TRAITORS here.  

You know conservatives are a people of peace so we ask you to take care, De-escalate, but continue to protest! Here's how to that digitally..

In every comment section and on every broadcast REPEATEDLY ENCOURAGE PRESIDENT TRUMP to SIGN THE INSURRECTION ACT. Arm yourselves with the electronics to broadcast it repeatedly at high volume but in a peaceful manner. Chant it so the world can hear you! Get Amateur Radio Enthusiasts to BROADCAST IT AROUND THE WORLD (the internet may be going dark shortly) without using the colluding Big Tech swamp creatures.

If on a march, any attempt by authority to physically block your peaceful protest is an act of violence - we here can only ask you to use your wisdom and dignity to avert escalation.

While you are there,

This is YOUR beautiful country. Don't let it slip into the hands of a Covid led Great Depression and don't let them lead that to the Great Reset and take everything from you.

I believe Trump is just WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU -

If you took the red pill, you will know we are living through and witnessing a profound turn of events of epic proportions of the likes of which this planet has not seen before.
More below.

The purges and persecution are starting. The far left are too dumb to see they have set fire to their own house. Big Tech, Shareholders, MSM -- they will come for you FIRST once we conservatives are out of the way. Salwal who was sleeping with a chinese spy has just been appointed  The far left are dangerously dumb and we need to play them at their own game.

We need to shut down Far Left speech. We now brand Big Tech and MSM as far left purveyors of toxic hate speech and THEY should be banned AND purged as their incitement is explosively dangerous for the USA and ALL free people. How dare they rip us for riots when they threaten millions with their brain washing and persecution?

First, lets watch Jan 19, 20.

Latest in Timeline...

12/30 12:09:12 2000 ....MORE....

Highlighted Links and Videos

Hello USA - Today 1/16 we say SOON

Whether you are Dem Lib or Rep Con, whether you do or don't like Trump,
you should be very PREPARED right now.
See our Actions folder and prepare

Your new leaders are OPENLY calling for retribution against 75m voters. POTUS has lost the ability to communicate to you via the following means..
  1. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  2. MSM (CNN, ABC, etc etc)
  3. His email handlers have shut his access to his supporter network
  4. Search engines have been optimized to avoid him
  5. Parler, free speech twitter alternative, is now entirely deplatformed by Amazon's Servers.
    1. Parler was also taken off Google Play, and thus Android, and now Apple (making it impossible for Apple phone owners to visit). For more info, see top of https://yellings.com/@Media-Irregularities/
Why? It is claimed he incited a crowd to attack Capitol Hill on Jan 6. Here's what's wrong with that lie:
  1. He didn't. Instead he repeatedly insisted on peaceful protest
  2. His last 2 tweets on 1/6 were pleading for peace and dispersement - they were quickly erased by Twitter so that you would think they contained more incitement
  3. Mounting evidence (denied by MSM of course) has found agitators were involved (see our pages)
  4. Video shows known Trump supporters attacking agitators to stop the vandalism
  5. The riot that ensued killed 2 (3 more from natural causes). BLM riots killed 17 up to June 4th 2020 (we can't find figures after that)
  6. The fallout from BLM and defund the police has left 100's dead from escalating violence 
But this is your biggest cause for concern...
  1. Dems are openly calling for persecution of Trump supporters. If you've ever been on line, they've got you. They want to
  2. Leftists Suggest "Re-education Camps," "Firing Squads," Banning Talk Radio to "Deprogram" 75 Million Trump Supporters 
Anyone with a modicum of intellect will know, as does Dem McCarthy, that if you disenfranchise, prejudice and persecute 75m (thought to be 80m) you will have instant civil war, so some such as McCarthy are backing away.

The Dem/Left influenced law, justices, RINOs. MSM, and Tech etc refused to hear, then hid, discredited and erased evidence of fraud. In doing so, they have aided and abetted fraud. Trump did not lose any cases because none were heard. Let that sink in!

And think about how much persuading the MSM would need to drop a red hot story like this? And Big Tech which is fast losing traction to rival announcement and search platforms such as Parler, DuckDuckGo? Countless alt-media sites (like this) are now thriving because the MSM chose to ignore what could be the biggest story since ww2, that would have bankrolled them for decades.

So! America, what will you do?

Your heads of Defense are apparently not on Trump's side (albeit I hear the Navy and others are) - how long do you think they will last as the country slides into socialism or worse? Even the Big Tech mega wealthy -- do you really think Socialism is going to let you keep all your money and power? What happens to such people in other socialist countries? They get poisoned, irradiated, disappeared, jailed... Look at Jack Mar, Putin's opposition.. Their families are maltreated, beaten, robbed, ruined. And soon you WILL be reporting to Ms Harris, a wonderful person but with deeper roots in Asia than in your country. And she will have the right to send your children to war on her chosen crusades. How can she have a deep understanding of the freedoms and pride that Americans have fought for, that are written into the constitution? I have never quite seen such a good use of the phrase "turkeys voting for Christmas".

But you as individuals can act and, to be honest, you must act when you look at the atrocious concerns above.

Far be it from us to suggest you do anything but keep safe and act lawfully (We can't endorse the crooked law enablers of voter fraud, but acting lawfully seems a moral and just position). You can act positively...
  1. encourage other information outlets, like this one (which will be disappearing IN DAYS if we don't get far more traffic)
  2. create alternative communication networks
  3. create alternative water networks
  4. join alternate search engines and media platforms
  5. stock up on food & fuel etc
  6. invest in alternate electrical systems
  7. buy & sell only to and from conservatives where possible
  8. open alternate food networks
  9. pressure our traditional suppliers such as McDonalds and Starbucks to assist our cause
  10. form pressure groups
  11. push back (legally) against regulation and tax
Be socially active and network! A conservative trait is quite rightly to conserve our space, anonymity, privacy and concentrate on working for and earning our own freedoms and wealth -- but these are not winning strategies when we note the opposite of these things are enabling the left to rise. We need to come together. To be as active as they are. To communicate and support each other.

And be aware ... FCC Reminds Broadcasters of Need to Comply With Emergency Alert System After Facebook Bans Trump ! I don't see Trump doing anything more without help, but if those people such as the DOD Department of Defense start to realize what is in store for them and their families... You need to be vocal about that until they listen. You need to be aware that a Biden Impeachment is the next logical step after Jan 20th.


Where is all this leading?1/10/2021

  1. Anti-Trump propaganda
  2. Terrorists Rioting
  3. Vote Machine & Count Fraud
  4. Media bans talk of Fraud
  5. Tech deplatforms dissent from Dem
  6. Judges deny standing
  7. Law practices partisanship
  8. Erasing Evidence
  9. FBI & CIA now investigating Reps
  10. Persecution, Impeachment
Powerful forces are USURPING POWER RIGHT NOW.

All original and/or non-cited material in Yellings.com is copyright and, for avoidance of doubt, should be assumed to be fictional. Our linking to external sources is not an endorsement. See About menu for more information. Thank you!