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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2021 WW3?

Yellings - for ongoing predictions and up to the minute breaking news & analysis.
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There was an insurrection - no denying that - it started on Nov 3rd 2020 and completed on Jan 20th 2021.
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We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

Please note - Yellings is often under legal / administrative threat AND IF WE ARE SUDDENLY TAKEN DOWN, SEE WWW.M8Y.COM AND/OR WWW.2-INFO.COM - (latter is deliberately blank at this time) - please note these down along with - our telegram channel repeater.

Jan 16 212/ - Russia did WHAT?

All this feeble propaganda blaming Russia lately... Russia was betrayed! Russia is right: The West promised not to enlarge NATO & these promises were broken — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union - Russia was cheated by two faced Clinton!

And here's a voice in agreement.. Very good, worth a listen! Hal's Roundup of the Russian Situation.

Are we pro Putin?


  • He has jailed his opponent, Nalvany, basically *for life*, in one of the harshest jails ever .. now there is some mitigating circumstance as Nalvany was taking foreign money to oppose the Russian Regime. But still, should such harsh treatment be metered out?
  • He has broken the Russian Constitution to the extent he is now on his 4th term as president in a max 2 term presidency constitution. To be specific, he used a loop hole. He became Prime Minister after his first 2 terms which apparently "resets the clock" according to their constitutional "rules".
But Russia loves him and he has brought reform and relative economic stability. On balance, we think Putin is neither "evil" nor deranged.. He's a tough nut that seems to be the right fit for his country.

It's not our business to judge, nor to dictate a country's needs.

Jan 15 211/ - Untested, unapproved, ineffective Vaccine; Money overload 

Untested, unapproved, ineffective Vaccine:
Think about these two headlines..

These two headlines are dichotomous. How glaringly obvious is it that it is immoral and illogical to force (severe coercion is same) people to take an untested, unapproved, ineffective non-vaccine? It makes no sense, and Dr. Robert Malone's conclusion: Dr. Robert Malone warns of "mass formation psychosis" amid COVID pandemic (, starts to be increasingly credible. Excellent analysis here Mass Psychosis: The Frightening Truth No One’s Talking About - YouTube.

Money overload:
Ref Assets of world’s largest investment manager hit record $10trn — RT Business News - This is why Russia is not bothered about sanctions - because the US$ based world money system is teetering on collapse. There is far too much money in circulation, and like the tall tree phenomenon, (where trees evolve to be taller than other plant species so they can hog all the sun), the money always ends up in the pockets of the Gates and Soros. This gives then unbelievable clout in swaying politics etc.

Think about a trillion .. it is a million million. If the average house in London is $1m, and there is a million of them (just at a guess), then 1 trillion is close to the property value of greater London (less the central districts). Same possibly goes for LA, Chicago, etc. BlackRock, a single company, owns 10 cities???

In the case of BlackRock, the money is probably mostly in assets, especially buy to rent properties. That is clearly worse and is part of the Great Reset problem.

Jan 15 - Is Ron DeSantis a Trump replacement?

..Is DeSantis just another career politician who believes in a jackboot stomping in your face? If the above is true, we need to remind Ron what's what. People don't rise up in protest if they are content and don't feel cheated. At the moment, protest is our only counter measure against a gaggle of tyrannies (masks, mandates, electoral fraud, woke-extremism).

As for the source, whatever else you think of Russell Brand, I have not seen anything to suggest he is not well researched. Yes, I am glad Ron DeSantis is at least right wing, but he should not, IMHO, replace Trump simply because Trump was cheated out of a term in office and should be allowed to continue his policies.

..Edited on 15th after some kindly protest from our reader base. Yes, I was angered that Ron "invoked the Capital Riot" to increase oppression as it seemed to me, but I realize that in general he has shown great sense of character and morality, so there is probably more to this than meets the eye.
In other news... ..

Djokovic deported on the grounds of public health, as if the unvaccinated are lepers.

This is the exercise of arbitrary power overruling a court judgement. Australia has become a nasty, authoritarian state.
And contrary to what you may think, I don't like Jock-o-itch .. just another Olympian Robot using all the resources afforded by his success to refine his talent and cling to his "in your face" numero uno status, keeping out new blood and wrecking the competitive element of this "sport". In this respect, he is no different to the great monopolists like Gates, Zuck, Google, Dorsey etc. Without governance, power will always generate more power and life will always descend into polarized landlords and serfs. In the case of Jock-o-itch, it is less malign and simply sport destroying annoying.

Jan 13, 210/ - We await Armageddon

Trying to figure out Putin's next move will require the mind of a chess player, an analyst and a planner / strategist. Fortunately, I am all 3 sort of. I'm not very good at the former, but I was a great software analyst and pretty handy with project planning too - and until the EU hegemony muscled in on my patch, my company was doing rather well.

So to start with, lets look at Putin's objectives
  • Peace - he has always paraded his love of Peace and Security - even mentioned a passing like of religion.
  • Power - obviously he has wealth and power in mind, and he does not want to let it go
  • Status - there is some evidence to suggest he wants to leave a positive, glowing legacy
  • USSR Reunification - this is not a serious objective one assumes, as it would mean doing what the EU has done to the rest of Europe and that would take a lot of agreement or annexation. Bulgaria is looking like it wants this, Crimea already has, and Ukraine obviously doesn't (or at least it's EU puppet Zelensky doesn't). However, it is something Putin talks about a lot.

How might he achieve this?

  1. Annex Ukraine - this seems almost puerile. It is one troublesome state and invading it will probably cause more grief than good.
  2. Launch War against NATO - in itself, this will not work. Russia has a lot of nukes, a good airforce, but its army and navy is behind, and simply pasting Europe with nukes will only achieve a mess.
  3. Launch War against the US - in this regard, he will clearly get a lot of help from China, North Korea, Iran.

Putin likes America but he and China have both stated a distaste for the arrogance and warmongering of the US (which is mainly founded in its defense superiority). This US "problem" mainly stems from the Cabal Swamp having invaded America's upper echelons. Putin has lectured on this (see #208/). One could even see that America is run by the CIA and FBI who in turn have a large connection to Big Tech and the Davos Cabal, meaning that US politicians are just puppets. Indeed, that Swamp seems to be our enemy as well.

So this is where we think this is all headed. Russia and China are looking to declaw America. But how?

Look at these past headlines and reveals..

Will there be large scale "kinetic" warfare? It's possible, but we suspect Putin will do what the US did in the 60's to 90's when they crippled the USSR financially. Now, Russia and China will cripple America financially and strategically, infest it with corruption and Woke, deplete it's manufacturing might and pull out from the dollar. They will probably release a low grade bioweapon into the bargain to accelerate the process.

Oh Wait... That's been going on for years already.

It's an open future, but as we have said many a time, this may be Putin, Xi and Kim's best chance to clean house - 

  • Step 1, launch combined attacks on Taiwan, South Korea, Ukraine simultaneously, drawing out navies and other forces, then neutralizing them.
    • That may be as far as they ever go - thereafter, they may just tell a weakened America to "sit down" and force the US to gradually disarm.
  • Step 2, blind America by taking out it's satellites and radars etc.
    • This may take place with Step 1, or even before it, but it will definitely be the next step if the US does not "sit down". Satellite erasure will be achieved by digital warfare.
  • Step 3, paste the US Silos, Area 51, Washington DC, infrastructure, and invade a completely rudderless US.
    • China in particular, is itching to do this. It may even be doable with conventional weaponry. A word on the ultimate deterrent, nuke submarines ... they are becoming irrelevant as more and more under-sea high tech locates them (underwater drone swarms etc).

How should America avoid all this? Peacefully - reinstate Trump and return to diplomacy. We hope that is Russia's aim and we think Putin will soon announce everything he knows about the Swamp, including the election fraud and their control mechanisms(see #208/), to facilitate that.

America should be looking to create a society within (CSU) in case that does not happen, or in case it is needed to pave the way for Trump.

Nuremberg-style trials will follow. Gates, Dorsey, Zuck, MSM heads, Chief Justice Roberts, half the Dems, will be tried for treason.

But if no one acts to create a CSU of some sort, expect Step 3, and expect it this year.

Watch the waters.

Jan 12, 209/ - Emergency Kinesis Forecast

Kinesis - the analysis of gravitational interference on the generation of mood changing hormones, and the impact that has on us through leadership and mass hysteria...

Ref - Hal Turner Radio Show - BREAKING NEWS - URGENT: RUSSIA DECLARES NATO TALKS "FAILURE" SAYS WILL USE MILITARY MEANS - we agree. Not least because the Kinesis agrees..
..That is not a happy chart. Here's the analysis ..

The black vertical line is "now" and each column is a week. On the 1st row, we are moving into an intense conjunction with Life and Fate egging each other on, climaxing this Sunday. There are no oppositions on the 2nd row so that's good.

On the 3rd Trine row, you can see we are moving into a very strong, warm period of confidence, but unfortunately, confidence is not what you want from warring leaders. This is also aided by similar confidence boosters on the 6th and 9th lines (Sextile and Novile). This will continue for some time.

On the 4th row, we have a "gaggle" of squares including the remnant of the major square that plagued us most of 2021 ... that's the Saturn / Uranus, green / brown, gently declining slope, which depicts evil and technology clashing. From past experience, this can actually instill caution into our leaders, but it also raises the stakes and the pressures. This will fade as can be seen.

Then the 5th row means posturing and restlessness. Never a good thing when you have a big red button in front of you. The 7th Septile row indicates heightened emotions which normally has little impact but there is a lot of activity there. The 8th row can be ignored today.

All in all, an iffy time, but also has the power to bring good change.

Jan 12, 208/ - The West is controlled by Satanic Pedophiles - Ivermectin etc CURES COVID

Yesterday, we learned that Documents in a "TOP SECRET" Folder at DARPA Prove Ivermectin etc CURES COVID -- proving the US Defense is ALSO controlled by Big Pharma, The Cabal and The Swamp. Details..
Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Interferon "Curative" of COVID-19. We revealed yesterday from a number of sources, mainly Project Veritas, but this has the screenshots in a more digestible way. US, your Dept of Defense is your ENEMY and Clearly run by the SWAMP! Ref1, Ref2, Ref3, Ref4. The original PDF (Veritas watermarked) is HERE and the offending paragraph is the middle lower paragraph on P4.

So why did they withhold this information?
As almost an aside, we now have the CDC openly admitting they LIED about the number of deaths from Covid - The CDC Finally Admitted What We've Known All Along! (
NATO, the EU, the Davos Cabal (Gates, Soros etc) and the US Defense / CIA / FBI etc are all one organization. They constitute individuals united by graphic acts of evil - think Epstein but worse. It is unknown if Xi is a part of it, but it is clear he is playing them like a fiddle.
Consider 2 more news stories that show how ridiculous this is all getting....
The world will not survive if we do not find a way to kick them out, and I am hopeful Putin will do just that. Why? Because before Trump, Putin actually said this was going on (REF (

About that "The West is controlled by Satanic Pedophiles" assertion..
We have often referenced the above linked-in article, and maybe at times the intended message has been overstated. However some of the fact checkers, eager to deny such a message for reasons unknown, have unwittingly endorsed it - It seems we have no evidence he said the words "The West is controlled by Satanic Pedophiles" but the fact checkers have shown that was pretty much the intent of his lectures.

This is the key lecture on which various fact checkers have latched on to - Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States - YouTube, he did not say the quoted phrase, at least not in This lecture, but he has come close.

Links ..
As an aside, Putin's adherence to Christian ethics in this speech should bring a feeling of comfort to many. As another aside, it is curious that the term "fact checker" has so quickly fallen into contempt.

Jan 11, 207/ - Do not go thou ignorantly into that Dark Night..

Belief in Q or there being a plan is fine, but we will never let it stop us from doing and acting as much as we can.

Remember, the Bolshevik Trust PsyOp that was a false flag by the Russian communists way back in the early 1900s? They spread word that there were good generals that were fighting back against Marx etc and were sure to win. So people sat back and relaxed and did nothing. This ended with the Tsar watching helplessly as his children were shot to ribbons followed by himself. That's a solid fact.

Be aware, use these things as motivation and encouragement if you like, but realize that Q needs your help (or to join battle at least!).

Fun fact -- Many think Trump is Q and we know Trump is working against electoral fraud. We also see Trump is pro vax so we are not expecting his help there. So what are we all marching and protesting in the streets about? The Vax. What are we NOT all marching and protesting in the streets about? The Fraud.

Think about it. PsyOps work!! We need to know it will take more than one man and a plan to save us.

Jan 9 / 10, 206/ - WW3 Updated, Kazakhstan attempted coup

After yesterdays lighthearted take on WW3, today..
What we actually think will happen

Despite the preceding ominous news from Hal (who himself described as unverified), we think diplomacy will chug along with tit for tat missile placement - eg: Russia has already threatened to put missiles back in Cuba. All sides are increasingly encroaching on other's airspace and territorial waters.

If so, the outcome of that is truly in the lap of the Gods as it will be just a matter of time before someone makes a mistake.

Or, what we think is a possibility is that Putin will stir up a skirmish or a standoff, and when he thinks he has the world's attention, enough focus from the world's media, he will expose Biden, the media, the CIA etc, and the pedophile rings in high places as cited previously("The West is controlled by satanic pedophiles" REF - and said he would name names if they didn't clean up). We believe Putin would rather peace and by "correcting" America's diplomacy, the world will return to a safe detente.

But we do not know, and Hal's warnings are highly credible. Worse, we see some signs that Putin himself is part of the Cabal swamp.

Update 1:
We wrote that yesterday - now we already see it being said by Russia - Hal - Only Hours After US-Russia Preliminary Talks, News Goes From Bad to Worse: Russia Says May Deploy Intermediate Range Nukes in Europe. As said in our first paragraph, Russia threatened this some time ago, so it is not surprising.

As said above, we are entering a new highly unstable phase.
Update 2:
Ref Kazakhstan crisis ‘attempted coup’ – President — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union , yes, we agree totally. It was indeed and looking at an earlier article from Hal (Here) it was very much a Swamp Cabal US thing.

This is why yjhe rather conceited and idiotic question from the US Swamp was asked -- US wants to know why Kazakhstan called on Russia for help — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union.. either someone in that system is very very thick, or this was (obviously) Gaslighting - inserting a false presumption into a question. Ie: The Biden Cabal would have the world believe it had nothing to do with them when indeed, we now see evidence the MI6 was involved which means the EU's same mechanism that caused the 2014 Ukraine coup.

Obviously calling in the US or EU would have completed the coup and Russia would have 2 enemy strongholds at the gates. Instead, Kazakhstan has already neutralized the threat according to the above links.

As Kazakhstan is perhaps the earth's largest source of Uranium, as well as being very strategically placed, imagine what a win that would have been for the Cabal.

This sordid affair tells you all you need to know about the enemy within - the Davos Cabal. As for the MI6 involvement, like the CIA in the US, it appears to be completely out of control. The infamous James Bond film series and it's MI6 super spy lead character (rumored to soon be a black woman - Jamie Bond) has just lost half it's US audience at a stroke.

As usual, the MI6 connection has been erased from all MSM press.
Watch the waters!
Jan 9 - WW3 Fun facts
After reading
We thought it would be nice to laugh at adversity - Let's keep it light. WW3 Fun facts
  • Half moon at 1pm US EST, 6pm GMT. Gravitation pattern is a precise 90 degrees. Challenge.
    • Unfortunately, the Chinese consider these half moons to bode well for the launch of hostile acts, either bureaucratic or kinetic
    • Venus going backwards, just eclipsed the sun. Don't know what that means, but it's not good.
    • Some good solid squares coming up - usually means challenge, but also makes leaders cautious
  • If you are looking for it all to kick off in the Ukraine, you are looking in the wrong place.
    • Putin may start with an diversionary invasion there or Xi will do the same on Taiwan, or both, but that is not their focus.
    • The main thing to know is that it may start conventional, but the instant Russia is cornered, nukes will be used.
    • Israel, Iran, North Korea, Europe are also pockets of concern. (NK = largest navy on earth, albeit least high tech - List of countries by number of submarines (
  • The place to look is in the sky above you. The UK / Taiwan diversions are just that.
    • Don't worry, they will not nuke cities (unless Biden is dumb enough to nuke theirs)
    • Don't worry, they will not nuke nuclear power stations (as the radioactive fallout will literally kill toe planet)
    • Don't worry, they will not use EMP's for the same reason as above
    • China and Russia will act together
    • China and Russia know it will be difficult and pointless to wage a conventional war.
    • Russia knows invading Ukraine is not a solution - it's a band-aid on a cancerous lump that will just keep growing
    • China probably will get an advantage by invading Taiwan, but you can be sure South Korea can be invaded at the same time
    • Despite China seeing advantage by invading Taiwan,Xi is just crazy enough to blow us all up.
  • In short, Russia and China have never seen such a good point in history to conquer the West.
    • The hypnotized / mesmerized lefty goons they have installed around the West have crushed our economies and our will with Covid mania
    • Supply chains are collapsing and Europe has Gas shortages
    • The US has somehow fallen behind in hypersonic missile programs
    • Western armies have more brain-shrunken lefties and "yes sir" folk than ever since the vax purges and wokenism (no disrespect to the ones that do not willingly go with this).
    • Putin has publicly said he believes "The West is controlled by satanic pedophiles" REF (and said he would name names if they didn't clean up)
  • What will they do?
  • So look to the sky's as
    • satellites start to fall out of the sky
    • your phones and internet stop
    • your petrol stops and your electricity is rationed. Don't worry, they will leave you some things as they don't want to inherit a smelly mess.
    • hypersonic small nukes take out Cape Cod and other major Radar Installs
    • hypersonic small nukes take out Navies that someone sent nice and close to our foes
  • At this point, with the US blinded, there may be a pause as there are demands for a nuke-free resolution, but if Biden fights on, all hell will break loose.
    • The mid-US Silos will be turned into Swiss cheese
    • So will China's and Russia's, but they have already factored that in.
    • Scotland and France will disappear as they are just annoying. Oops, I guess that's not funny... I mean that they are both major bases for nukes.
  • And then the Chinese will literally just invade while Milley and Austen are offering everyone a free sex change operation for every two boosters.
Meanwhile, wealthy conservatives who did NOTHING to start a new secret society, to fund a resistance, to make a comms mesh, will suddenly wish they had.

Cheer up! You'll be a long time dead. That was one of my father's most repeated sayings.

Or, Cheer up, it will never happen. We know this because wealthy conservatives are not dumb and they did nothing, so I guess they are right.

Tomorrow, we will say "What we actually think will happen".

For more Analysis, Breaking News etc - See Daily Analyses Updates (scroll below or click here)

See Analysis 163/ below.
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Regarding global market share(REF), Google have 92%, Bing is second with only 2.1%. With help from you, our precious visitors, and word of mouth, we've done OK even with only 8% visibility -- Until ThursdayThis is 88% in America(REF) -- good to see 4% more Americans have taken the Red Pill.

As stated recently, this Google silencing is caused by deliberate search result tampering, illegal because they are not offering the unbiased search facility they imply in their advertising. A politically biased search engine is NOT a search engine. They do the same to Sidney Powell.
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