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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2022 WW3?

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There was an insurrection - no denying that - it started on Nov 3rd 2020 and completed on Jan 20th 2021.
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We Share our Focus on tracking both the election BIG LIE and the War Threat summarized Here.
..When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong.

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May 2022 294/ - URGENT: install TOR to be able to see websites blocked by the Cabal

📯🔴Tor Project - Anonymity Online  -- Urgent - install this to be able to see websites blocked by the Cabal.

If you really want to know what is going on, do not trust ANY websites in the US or EU, as even the good ones are under attack from legal intimidation. If you go to Russian sites such as or even Chinese sites, yes you will get bias, but you will also hear a lot of news about America that no one else is telling you. 
For your own security, please install it very soon before the tor project website itself is blocked. It's free and acts like a VPN obscuring your searches and browsing so your ISP (Internet Service Providers) can't see where you are browsing. This is much better than "Incognito".
Nb: It is ALSO a really important step towards the Comms Mesh discussed in Yellings - ActionTime ( The latest Cabal trick is that  they issue your ISP (Internet service provider) with a court order to block certain sites. This happened in the UK to  This is likely to be the start of a roll out blocking Rumble, Truth Social, even Twitter.
Remember, Yellings is closing down soon. Banned, blocked, shadow banned and now legally intimidated, we've done all we can and we will be moving towards prepping technology.
You may think Musk is a knight in shining armor and that 2000 Mules just blew the lid on Nov 2020, but the Cabal won't give up on their Major Marxist Takedown of the West that easily. Musk will likely be silenced and 2000 Mules banned and ignored, just like all the prior reveals. The Ukraine is a diversion to exhaust the West's arms. They won't Nuke, they will invade. Be vigilant!
Ed Update: Since writing this on May 9, both Fox and NewsMax has already banned all mention of 2000 Mules, and now Musk's takeover is being scrutinized by the FDA. Telecom will be next to die! Watch.. (Note how they just ceased their Web Preview - for the same reason we are off the Web - legal intimidation).

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Breaking News

05/07 12:15:52 Access Blocked RT U;L🔴🔴 When I go to Russia's premier press Russian Times, this is what I see: "Sorry, this website is not available through Sky.
We are required by Court order to prevent access to this site in order to help protect against copyright or trademark infringement."

That is of course a trumped up charge. This is VERY SERIOUS folks. The only Russian gov site left of note is and when that is gone, our governments will be able to say whatever the hell they like and we reporters will not be able to cross check.
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

Earlier Analyses are Archived Here
Timeline Latest Peek
05/17 09:01:19 Ukraine Update 17 May - DM Infographic U;L🏮 For a full military update, see DM article HERE. Includes intriguing segment on Putin the 'meddling colonel', Russia killing it's own wounded, and more worryingly: "Video also shows nuclear-capable Iskander missiles moving towards Finland amid growing NATO row"
00/00 11:25:04 1000 s MORE....

Incremental Analysis January 2022 on:

..for much earlier analysis, see Situation-Updates-Archive..

May 17 2022, 295/ - The Marxist Take Town starting with the Ukraine..

In summary, the concern is that there is more to the Ukrainian conflict than meets the eye. It just does not add up unless we add in the Jeff #Nyquist Scenario. Then we start to see a terrifying possibility which is more credible than the incongruent conclusions most are coming to. Yellings would not suggest there is a high percentage chance of things going down badly for the West, but it is certainly a concern that should be considered.

First, let it be said that I (editor) am blessed with the advice of a very clever and insightful military strategist, mainly self taught it must be admitted, who will remain anonymous of course, along with myself. I am often blown away by his airy accuracy and wisdom. Just to put this in context, as soon as I told him the breaking news that Putin was invading, is immediate response was he's going to get a good beating then because he has no idea how bad his armory is maintained and help amateurish his troops are. Within days, that became a prediction that was spectacularly accurate.

The Jeff Nyquist Scenario

For the original synopsis, Man In America interview, and references, click #Nyquist Scenario.
In summary, Nyquist thinks George Soros is a Russian shill paid for by Russian oil money - which Nyquist says is the only thing that can explain his extreme wealth from such humble beginnings. If this is true, then a slew of other truths or high probabilities follow.

Because Soros is something like the founding father of the Davos Cabal (WEF Davos World Leaders annual summit, and the Marxist YGL - Young Global Leaders Community (including: Blair, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, NZ and Oz prime ministers, the young Finnish prime minister - and many hundreds more + Gates, Bezos, Zuck, Jimmy Wales, Google execs etc - more at end article), simply put, this would mean Putin actually controls the Davos Cabal and controls all those leaders from the YGL community.

Note that by "Putin", we're talking about a leader who ascended from the FSB (the modernized KGB) and is thus the head of a Soviet Marxist think tank that Nyquist considers still exists (along with ongoing ambitions to "Marxify" the world). Nikolai Patrushev (Or Nikolai Petrushev) may even be the more dangerous leader, not Putin (who may be just the frontman). Note also Putin to transfer power to 'outright villain' as he undergoes cancer surgery - YouTube - ie: Nikolai Patrushev! (That is if Putin isn't only feigning being sick).

If Putin is at the top of this enormous pyramid with its myriad tentacles controlling the West via his young global leaders, then the Ukraine situation is nothing like what it seems.

The Ukraine's President Zelensky, a Russian Jew, has gone against his own kith and kin by siding with a Nazi battalion as well as fighting against his own people. All of the world leaders have gone to visit him have close affinity with the YGL community. Incidentally, we have video (in our timeline) proving that Putin himself was a product of Klaus Schwab's Young Global Leaders - the video shows Schwab boasting just this. We also hear rumors that Biden was a member.

So why would Putin want to persecute himself? Why would he arrange most of the western world to be at odds with his Russia?

The Jeff Nyquist scenario simply concludes that China will invade America and Russia will invade Canada. He stated these things in his man and America interview. Does this mean that Russia will take on the rest of Europe? Quite likely. Keep in mind that even Boris Johnson, UK prayer Prime Minister, has links to the Davos Cabal and certainly Macron is a product of it, meaning that the two biggest nuclear powers in Europe apart from Russia can be neutralised or at least made to stay well clear of any conflict between the super powers.

How might this be seen as a conclusion to a plan that involves a very messy war in the Ukraine?

In J.R. Nyquist On World War 3 (1 of 7) - Coming Nuclear Attack - YouTube Jeff Nyquist said at 0:58 "There is the work of Anatole Galitsin KGB, defector who said that Russia was planning a spectacular collapse to change their system to bring liberalism and democracy but as a deception to disarm the West psychologically and militarily and to prepare the way for a sudden turning of the tables. He called it a weakness in strength dialectic it" - In this same video, timed to start at this abridged Sunsoo quote: "When you are strong, appear weak. When you are weak, appear strong. Hold out bait to entice the enemy, feign disorder, and then crush him".

Do you recognize any of that in the situation in the Ukraine? Yes, me too! The only thing that has changed is that in more recent predictions, he has concluded that they do not want to turn America into scorched earth, but rather use it as a green basin.

For more on that, carry on down to "the minutiae of the plan" section below.

"As if to confirm our worst fears, Congress’s nuclear war advisor, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, has suggested that the "whole point of Russia’s war in Ukraine could be to drag the West into World War III…."[xi] " -- Russian Nihilism and the Coming Order, Part I – J.R. Nyquist Blog (
If you like his post, go to where this link starts (if youyare using Google Chrome or Edge) - Ie: start at "So far, Russia has not made use of its real firepower" .. The preceding is frankly irrelevant and wordy bloat, but then you quite suddenly get the full impact of what he is really trying to say..

Reasons why Nyquist may not be right

It just seems too fantastic and complicated... usually, the simpler explanation is the correct explanation.

We know the Davos cabal does exist (albeit perhaps by a less contentious name) but it may not be quite as sinister as the various scenarios would suggest. I think it's very unfavorable that any single community should have such influence over global politics, especially if it exhibits Marxist behavior (including extreme authoritarian measures such as chipping, tracking and tracing people) but that doesn't make it evil.

In particular, there are strong rumors that Schwab's grandmother was a Rothschild. If this is true, that provides a credible alternative source for the fantastic amount of money and influence that Schwab has. Also, George Soros may simply be wealthy because of his own intellect and his Jewish Connections(we come mack to that later).

Top oligarch is secretly recorded saying Putin 'has blood cancer' as experts match his limp and extreme Covid distancing to recovery from surgery ( - But this we feel is part of the deception. See The Minutiae of the Deception plan below

Reasons why Nyquist is likely over the target

George Soros

George Soros may simply be wealthy because of his own intellect and his Jewish Connections albeit, he is a Hungarian Jew who is known as a child to have betrayed his fellow Jews in Hungary to the Nazis, albeit there is a lot of debate about the extent to which he was coerced and had no choice.

It's therefore hard to know why he would be so altruistic and wish to fund social experiments (as he calls them) such as Black Lives Matter(this is common knowledge), and allegedly Defund The Police, Antifa, plus of course input to the financing of the YGL community. Unless of course we consider that is actions are a mainstay of Marxist manoeuvring which includes increasing chaos, PsyOps, infiltration, et cetera.

The Telegram paradox.

How is it that, the Russian started social media platform (still owned by Russians who claim to be independent and now based in Dubai) has avoided all Russian Media Sanctions? How is it that it shows no bowing down to government censorship in Europe or USA - the fabled "ministry of truth"?

An organization as extensive as they have requires massive funding. Russian oil money levels of funding.

Could it be that Putin wants to know who and where we are? Telegram is well known as a safe haven for conservative and free speech seekers.

Potted history - The Russian founders first made an old platform in Russia for Russians called VK. They sold it and moved out in 2013 to first Germany then Dubai claiming they wanted independence from Putin (good ruse). In 2017, it was reported they still had developer in St Petersburg - a fact that YGL#s Jimmy Wales has scissored out of Wikipedia - we had to go back to a Nov 2018 version of Telegram (software) - Wikipedia to find that. And this is what Cite 33 directs to.. What isn’t Telegram saying about its connections to the Kremlin? | The Outline - Sept 2017...

..Look at that last panel of this clip from their site. Now listen to this clip... (simply asserts the above with more detail).

The Minutiae of the Deception plan

In the detail of the plan, you have deception .. Top oligarch is secretly recorded saying Putin 'has blood cancer' - Daily Mail Online..

This is nonsense and is more likely to be yet another disinformation operation. In the now famous picture in which Putin appears to be gripping a table, we can reveal that in fact he was tapping his thumb in a relaxed manner on the video (although the overall pose does look awkward). Moreover, there is no hair loss. And no one operates on blood cancer these days(albeit they used to extract / replace marrow through the leg bones). And what about the "strongman" act that is so common from Western Europe? Does that involve being seen with a bevvy of doctors behind you? No. Is this a classic Nyquist reveal of a Soviet plan to "bait the enemy, feign disorder, and then destroy him"? For more on that theory, see the Jeff Nyquist video about World War three in our earlier analysis.